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Is it safe to say that the Emperor's ultimate goal was to have humanity ascent into a completely psychic race, somehow pacify the Warp into the Realm of Souls once more and lead mankind to live in the Immaterium and create a utopia where humanity would live forever in peace?

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The Emperor's goal was to allow humanity to evolve in a species of psykers who could resist the temptations of Chaos.
That's it.

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As far as I'm aware theres no fluff that talks about calming the warp although it seems logical. The Emperor's Imperial truth may have been an attempt at that however misguided that was.

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the emperor's ultimate goal was to make chaos fanboys buttmad as fuck

And if all the hilarious retcons and justifications to demonize him are any indication, he accomplished that goal fairly handily.

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>All this HURR DURR
Fuck off troll.

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t. buttmad Chaosfag

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Pretty accurate

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Implying I have a reason to be mad.

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>Chaos will never be more than "that shitty meme faction that's only relevant because GW writers want to feel smart by have the faction powered by sin win" to anyone

That seems like a reason to get assblasted. Even the DEldar are more respected than Chaos.

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>Reaching this hard

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I don't need to reach to state the truth Anon. Even Trayzn can be taken more seriously than Chaos.

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>Even Trayzn can be taken more seriously than Chaos.
>Not reaching

Show us on the doll where Fulgrim touched you Anon.

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He's right though, Chaos is the ultimate in generic BBEGs. Its motivation is literally being evil.

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>He's right though
>Chaos is the ultimate in generic BBEGs.
>Its motivation is literally being evil.

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Think about it: When was the last time the Imperium won at everything? We’re losing at tech, we’re losing to Tyranids, we’re losing at everything. This isn’t Chaos. I use Chaos because it’s greatest abuser of all. Chaos abuses us more than anyone. I hope they still hate me after this speech by the way, but I don’t care.

We’re going to start winning with our military, we’re going to knock the hell out of the Nekrons. We’re going to start — we can’t let it go any further. It’s too bad. It’s too bad. We are going to start winning with our military. We are going to take care of our psykers. We are going to have new weapons. We are going to build a webway, and we are going to have Magnus pay for it.

We are going to have great education — right now we are way down at the bottom of the list galaxy wide, but number one in cost per pupil. We’re going to get that changed around a lot. We’re going to get education taken care of. We’re going to do it locally — no more religion of the god emperor. We’re going to be proud of our educational system, because right now it’s so bad, it’s so broken and there’s so many people making so much bureaucracy out of that system. So, we’re going to win with education.

We’re going to win at every single level. We’re going to get rid of the Inquistion, we’re going to win on Cadia, we’re going to start winning on every level. I say it kiddingly, but I mean it 100 percent: We’re going to win, win, win! We’re going to win so much, you’re going to get sick and tired of it. You’re going to say “Mr. Emperor, we can’t take it anymore, we’re winning too much! Please, we don’t want to win that much anymore, we can’t take it, Mr. Emperor!” And I’m not going to care — we’re going to keep winning! Because we’re going to make Humanity great again. We’re going to make it greater than ever before! I love you, go kill some Orks!

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Let's be real: no one at GW ever really thought about the Emperor having an end-goal, because it was never the point of the setting. 40k is always going to be poised on the precipice of disaster for everyone, and nothing is going to change that until GW decides they need to rebrand everything to make a hip new wargame.

But to actually try and answer your question, I don't think the Emperor as much had an endgoal as much as he was trying to solve a bunch of problems. Some solutions would take longer than others, while some were hasty and hacked together, but the Big E seems more like a guy constantly reacting to events than actually going along a plan that he'd formulated thousands of years ago. His job is to protect humanity from the gods of the Warp, and he's been trying as many solutions as he could until the galaxy started falling down around him just after humanity had gotten to a fairly good point.

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