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First for Skitarii

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Second for Plastic Sisters by New Years.

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Op of the other thread here, use this one, the other is already tainted with bait >>50229328

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Delete your thread then, Anon.

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Any fellow Dark Angels players that could rate this list for an upcoming match versus Tau. I am not expecting anything bigger than a Ghostkeel but definetly a Commander, ~9 Crisis Suits and probably some broadsides. Not sure what he has up his sleeve as this is my largest match against him.

Lions Blade Detachment:

Core- Demi Company

Chaplain - 105
>Jump Pack

6x Assault Marines - 102
>Jump Packs

5x Devastator Marines - 200
>4 Missile Launchers

3x5 Tactical Marines - 145 ea
>Razorback w/ Twin Linked Assault Cannons

Auxillery- Ravenwing Attack Squadron

Ravenwing Attack Bike - 55

Ravenwing Land Speeder - 75
>2 Multi-Meltas

Ravenwing Strike Force:

Librarian (Warlord) - 110
>Level 2, Bike

Librarian - 110
>Level 2, Bike

Techmarine - 115
>Servo-Harness, Meltabombs, Power Axe, Bike

Ravenwing Command Squad - 250
>5 Black Knights, Apothecary, Ravenwing Banner

5 Ravenwing Black Knights - 200

2x3 Ravenwing Bikers - 120 ea
>2 Grav Gun, Combi-Grav


We will most likely be playing a Maelstrom Mission so I am hoping my bikes can be a big enough threat for the demi-company to go and hold objectives.
I am probably going overboard with the biker HQs but I wanted to take advantage of the psychic phase (rolling on Interromancy) while still having a smashy character in the command squad. I couldn't squeeze in the Interrogator Chaplain.
Still I could drop a RW HQ and some Meltabombs for another MSU Grav squad (or maybe 3 Black Knights)
I am not fielding any Darkshrouds to cut back on the cheese since he wasn't going to field any big suits.

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What if you really could attack the Crab Tank's weakspot for massive damage?

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Good first. I vote this thread to survive.

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all i got

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Thanks my man. Love me some Skitarii

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I don't think you can do that, or something changed and I didn't realise it?

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I've done it before, just delete the OP as you'd delete any other post. Should get rid of the whole thread.

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(`/|24><|5 |/|/|-|3|/|!?!?!?


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Already done, thanks.

Friendly reminder that there is nothing wrong with the army you choose as long as you show respect for your fellow players.

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Hello, does anyone have any starting tips for an aspiring Ork player?

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I'm sorry, anon.

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Love your models, the game is a pile of shit only collect what you think looks cool/fun
Don't be a sperg, you will lose a lot but nobody likes a sore loser
By the same token don't sperg out over your army, yes every player has heard an Orkbro scream WAAAGH before your shout isn't new or funny
Most importantly have _____fun_____

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So I just finished my first unit of Kabalite warriors for my dark eldar force after being away from the hobby for years.

At this point im not sure if I should get a getting started box for bigger games or try instead to build a smaller kill team force as I haven't played a game of warhammer in my life, only collected the models.

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OP from the other thread, works right now can be play as the owner wishes it, sadly they are in a bad shape right now on competitive play, but on the upside that allows you to play as you wish since internally most units are balanced with each other.

Just be careful with a meme recommendation of nobz in a naut.

Also it depends on how much are you willing to spend on them.

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>A mungest
Holy shit I'm triggered.

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The Start Collecting set is a good deal that saves a bunch of cash, and gives you a legal (but rather shitty) starting army when combined with the troops you already have. I'd recommend it anyway because it'd give you a bit of variety for a Kill Team list and you can easily scrape up about 200 point between a small squad of Warriors in the Raider supported by Reavers.

That said if you don't feel ready to commit that much cash at once you can hold off. Try to play a few starter games and see how much you enjoy it.

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eh I've already dropped 200 into paints and everything getting my first unit ready. Might as well drop in another 100

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How does this sound for a skitarii army?
3 starter boxes
3 ironstriders
1 Infiltrator unit

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Sounds good

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How many points would a coconut gun cost?

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Are kill team games fun? Skirmish 40k seems cool.

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Free, it uses the lasgun profile with 18" range.

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They're ok. The ruleset isn't fantastic, but it does at least work.

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But units carrying coconut guns get to roll 2D6 and take the highest when making run moves.

This is to represent the guardsmen using the coconut guns to propel their bodies by shooting in the opposite direction that they want to go.

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New player here. Is it at all possible to make a decent Daemons of Tzeentch list without a lot of summoning?
I've built my army and played a couple of casual games with friends, and I'm sure I'm making a lot of mistakes and whatnot but it seems like Horrors are only good as meat shields and Flamers pretty much have to stay in reserve to deep strike or they're never gonna get anywhere close enough to use their weapons.

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Does anyone have books 7 and 8 for the legacy of russ series?

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Newer Tau player here, what is Interromancy?
Usually the powers are in the big rulebook.
What makes it good against Tau?

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Interromancy is the Dark Angels psychic discipline of interregation, and relies in Ld checks, iirc.

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Herald on discs shooting. 4 heralds on discs with divination and tzeentch primaris. I was casting misfortune then presc and then WC3 flicker fire with the paradox staff. grimnoire if you want as well as some screamers.

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What's the best relic for a shooty SM Captain? Any chapter. He'd be hanging out with MSU tactical squads.

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the only one that shoots obviously

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Has anyone done a Space Marine chapter that acted as support for local Imperial Guard? Like they follow the orders of Segmentum Command?

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There's tons of chapters that go around helping out local regiments, and they might listen to the Segmentum Command, but they would probably not take kindly to being ORDERED to do stuff.

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Doubtfully, since Space Marines are beholden only to the Emperor himself.

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Why do Yiffs hate the thought of Russ being the one to want to hunt down Magnus/being the one to trick the Emperor into allowing him to hunt him down, rather than Horus? The original fluff had it so that Russ convinced the Emperor to let him slay Magnus instead of bring him in, iirc. I actually think that's cooler than Horus telling Russ that the mission's changed, and to kill Magnus instead of arrest him.

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Warden of the Blade link anyone?

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For millionth time. From the novel,b Horus told Russ that Magnus was beyond saving. Russ tried to arrest Magnus anyways. He didn't want to kill him because he was his brother and nobody loved him more.

When Russ arrived he had his men do what they were orderted to do. His men set out destroying the city and its stores of heretical knowledge. An order from the Emprah and punishment for Magnus.

The Thousand Sons couldn't bear seeing the destruction of their precious knowledge so they disobeyed Magnus's order of standing down and attacked the SPESS Wolves. As this was happening, Tzeentch reactivated the Flesh Change, causing the TS to turn into spawn right in front of the Imperials which damned even more in the eyes of the Imperium.

Magnus could no longer stand seeing his legion getting butchered so he changed his mind over letting himself captured. He embraced sorcery and attacked the Woofs. This forced Russ to engage him and bring him down. Despite Russ later words about the fight, the downed Magnus noted that tears formed in Russ's eyes indicating that he felt sorrow at what he is about to do. He wanted to take his beloved brother back alive but now his brother was truly lost to the madness of sorcery. He had to put down.

So...who is to blame here?

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Tyrant's Legion is basically the exact opposite of that, if that helps at all


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I blame Russ.

"I said bring me Magnus here so i can slap his red ass, not burn his world from the orbit and then kill enything that survives witch your's axe."Emprah

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>This forced Russ to engage him and bring him down.
>He wanted to take his beloved brother back alive but now his brother was truly lost to the madness of sorcery.
I seriously hope you're not his deluded. The reason Russ went for the kill was because he was completely outmatched and was getting blown the fuck out.

Seriously Russfag be honest. Magnus was single handedly holding back the Custodes, SoS and SW army during the duel. He had Russ dead to rights when Russ's familiars attacked and then it took Russ gettinga 'lucky' strike to give him an opening. However Magnus during this whole fight was casting his greatest spell to get the remaining TS off Prospero and save his library.

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You completely dodged anon's question. All anon said was that he wanted to know why Yiffs hated the thought of Russ being the one to want to hunt down Magnus like it was in the original fluff, rather than Horus, as anon thought it cooler that way.

Typical Yiff, getting triggered over the wolfiest of things! I bet you didn't even realize that I wrote wolf twice in the fisrt paragraph.

You checked, didn't you?

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>, not burn his world from the orbit

Burning the city knowledge stores was an order.

>I seriously hope you're not his deluded. The reason Russ went for the kill was because he was completely outmatched and was getting blown the fuck out.

By the chiseled glory of the C'tan's abs, speaking about blind fanboyism. I am talking about when Russ had Magnus broken and helpless before him.

You went something utterly irrelevant.

>> No.50230589

>You completely dodged anon's question.

I am not dodging anything nor I am fan of woofs. I am just correcting the whole "Russ was duped by Horus". Horus's words didn't change Russ's mind over arresting Magnus. It was the situation on the ground and what he saw that made him see that Magnus was lost forever.

It's like you guys keep saying the sky is purple. The sky is purple. And have been doing it for a long time to the point that I have to scream that the SKY IS BLUE!

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>You went something utterly irrelevant.
Kek cant even follow an arguement. You said this.
>He wanted to take his beloved brother back alive but now his brother was truly lost to the madness of sorcery.
>He had to put down.
And I told you why you were wrong.

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No, you didn't. You went into a fight analysis when I was talking about what happened after it.

When Russ had fucking madness broken before him and was having an internal struggle about what to do with him. In the end, Russ reasoned that Magnus was lost and had to die. Before the final blow was struck, Magnus tore open hole and flung himself, his legion, and the woofs 13th company into the Eye of Terror where Tzeentch's word is law.

>> No.50230665

Had Magnus*

>> No.50230722

So in the end, Magnus choose to save his "Thousand Sons" over answering for his crimes in front of the Emperor and remaining loyal.

Tzeentch showed him his future where he is a withered corpse strapped to a blazing throne forced to endure an eternity of pain. So this makes me think that him deciding not to get arrested wasn't entirely for his sons sake.

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>When Russ had fucking madness broken before him and was having an internal struggle about what to do with him.
>Implying Russ wasnt looking for an excuse after Aghoru
>"This is not over. Blood of Fenris is on your hands, and there will be a reckoning between us, Magnus. This I swear upon the blade of Mjalnar"

>Russ tried to arrest Magnus anyways.
Russ yelled at a demon for a little while. His action were to show up and immediately carpet bomb an Imperial world that had their defenses down. I cant imagine why the TS would fight back with all they had after that can you? Besides justifying your action because of what you forced someone to do is asinine.

Dont forget Russ then genocides the remaining population of Prospero after the TS leave. He wasnt their with mercy just bigotry and hatred.

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I seem to recall BoP saying the same as Collected Visions, where Russ was ordered by the Emperor to purge TS.

>> No.50230809

There was a video from GW that said otherwise that came out post BoP.

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Three Renegade Knights and a CAD with a Stompa in it, what should the leftover points be filled with?

I'm thinking more AV if possible actually. With all those big things to point anti-tank at, it follows logically that Deff Dreads or Kans would take a while to work up the priority list, and can run forwards in the mean time.

>> No.50230863

thats only true vs armies with low-moderate Anti tank.

anyone with heavy anti tank is still going to kick your ass.
go with some infantry so your army isn't si hit or miss with victory determined by how many meltaguns your opponents list has.

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>can fire in spurts
>if it shoots ya, it's gonna hurt

10 pt special weapon upgrade for Guardsmen. S4 AP4 Assault 3

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Quick question.

Are the Forge World rules for the Raptors SM chapter still valid?

If not, is there a Space Marine faction that reflects their shooty, stealthy, tactics?

>> No.50230914

It should be an upgrade for Space Marines because they're bigger, faster and stronger too

>> No.50230916

Dob't see why they wouldn't be, but it'd be worth talking to your opponent or tournament organizer about it if you aren't sure.

If in doubt, Raven Guard. Or Fists for their rooty-tooty-point-and-shooty skills.

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No, play a real chapter.

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When the FUCK did Russ ever love Magnus????

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So I started to play a few months ago, and I am having problems with progressing with my army. People that started at the same time as me have finished armies, and I seem to be buying new stuff all the time, and the army is still not finished. I tried looking up what others people play, but I don't like the lists. They are either full of FW or are only technily my factions, because 2/3 of the armies are made out of ally. Can any help me with list building. Right now I have this
3xDV sets
1xchaos starter set
1xmauler fiend
7xspace marine bikers
10x chaos terminators
1x Bloodthirster, which I use as a DP.

Any pointers would be great. a Working list made with those would be awesome, tips on to what to buy to make playing fun would be great too.

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>Russ reasoned that Magnus was lost and had to die.
And this is where he failed. Even Magnus destroying the Webway Project didnt elicit this order from the Emperor. Russ deciding that the powers used against him 'after' he started his attack means they deserve death is on him. As is decided himself to kill another Primarch and his legion.

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well the thing is he saw changes, like the flesh change in two other legions, and he kind of a did wipe out those two. If dad sends you to check for squirls and then tells you to shot them twice, the third time your not going to ask him, if you have to shot the squirl or not. Even if in the end it may end up being your aunts runty dog.

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>> No.50231045

yes that is what we call gypsy kids here. Because they says "Sqóirl, Sqóirl" while begging.

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You play Orks for the fun of it. Of course, you could say the same for every faction, and if everyone had this view, the game would be a lot better. The difference is that you simply cannot break the game with Orks, whereas you can with the top factions.

There can be benefits to this. For starters, you will NEVER see someone across the table from you roll their eyes at the sight of your army and sigh. You will NEVER cop flack for playing Orks; on the contrary, people are downright keen to fight you because they so rarely see Orks, and they know they're not going to be facing some bullshit allied combo or ridiculous psychic power, or even an underpriced Super-Heavy. it's going to be a good old fashioned scrap, and the fact that they have an overwhelming advantage no matter the army they field is also a morale boost for them, be it subconscious or not.

You also have complete freedom. Want to field all Walkers? Go for it! Want a horde of Grots scampering forwards? Right on! The advantage of being a dog-shit tier codex is that you can field pretty much whatever you like and your effectiveness doesn't really diminish. So just go with whatever you like.

Now, that being said, if you want to focus on what's effective, here's a short list:

MANZ (preferably in Bully Boyz formation)
Mek Guns
Biker Boyz
Warboss with Mega Armour and Lucky Stikk
Grots for troops slots

>> No.50231105

>like the flesh change in two other legions
There no information about the 2 missing legions.
>and he kind of a did wipe out those two.
Kek. Sure he did. Why was he unsure until Wolf King that Primarchs can die? (He thought he'd killed Magnus)

> If dad sends you to check for squirls
This metaphor is terrible. Magnus was to be brought back to Terra but Russ listened to Horus's orders over the Emperors and ruined what could have been salvaged. There was no third time there was this time and it was bungled. If it was to be an arrest thats not how you go about it. It's the equivalent of an American cop arresting a black man by yelling STOP RESISTING as he beats him to death.

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>> No.50231149

Are crimson hunters any good or more of a subpar choice?

>> No.50231160

Are csm rhinos that good? My friends don't use many of those. They use a lot of razorbacks and drop pods, and maybe 1-2 rhinos max. The thing is that their rhinos have scout and cost no points. CSM rhinos have some crazy cost of 40 something points.
But I could try them out. What units should I run inside those rhinos?

>> No.50231171


You don't take rhinos because they're good, you take rhinos because they let your units safely move 12" a turn.

That being said, CSM rhinos aren't terrible with the havoc launcher on them, and iirc they can mount combi weapons, which is pretty sweet.

>> No.50231173

Do link.

>> No.50231199

Havock launchers are those one shot heavy bolters? I have problem with hiting more then 2 models with them.
Do you know a good csm counter to centurions? Everyone here takes them and multiple librarians, and they just blow my stuff ignoring cover and LoS. I was thinking about maybe runing more spawn, but the models cost so much, and I would be realy low on scoring models.

>> No.50231218

>For starters, you will NEVER see someone across the table from you roll their eyes at the sight of your army and sigh. You will NEVER cop flack for playing Orks

My meta is some sort of bizarro world. I play Orks and have been called a min-maxing try hard by a few people. The primary complaint is about warbikers.

For the most part, they're new players, or people that have been "in" the game for a while but don't actually play many games. We usually play Maelstrom missions and for the most part I keep the bikers alive via boost+jink to snag objectives. That and they make tactical or positioning errors that I capitalize on.

I try to help by basically giving them tactics to counter my army, but they usually just get pissed about my shit being "OP". Hell, I've been told that Ork shooting is too good. Granted it was a Space Yiff player that marched his dudes through an open space with no cover in wide view of tankbustas and lootas.

Guy that runs the LGS doesn't help much either. He's always bitching about "cheese" and browbeats Tau, Skitarii, and Eldar players (even the friendly ones) to the point that they don't want to play or intentionally build terrible lists to avoid being labeled a tryhard.

>> No.50231248


Sounds like your meta is a bunch of shit.

I play sisters mostly, and I remember my first encounter with Grav Cents after I came back from a long break. It legit almost made me stop playing because it was bullshit.

Anyway, I'm not sure for CSM. Havoks are the 5/5 small blast, yes. They're also twin linked (reroll scatter) and 48" range. Obviously, they don't deal with Cents. They're not very good at melee, so you can tar pit them pretty easily, which is my usual plan with sisters, just watch for the Librarian obviously. Otherwise, plasma or a DP with a Mace I guess. Roll Bio and smash them with him.

You can mass a lot of sorcerers to counter their Librarians, and you guys can go to ML3, unlike them. The Sorcerer Cabal is really good, which is in the Black Legion supplement iirc.

>> No.50231281

I think my meta is normal. Most people play marines of some sort, then some play eldar, tau.

the problem with Sorcerors is that GW have not made any models for them, and my store is doesn't allow proxy.

>> No.50231300

>my store is doesn't allow proxy
Not even if the model is a GW product?

>> No.50231301

Im sorry your opponents are bad, anon. Enjoy rare ork victories.
Sprint spawn into them, my dude. 12"move, demon saves.. cents can't melee for shit. Cultists are fine too, but slow. In general, any daemon ally would be your friend here.
Alternatively, obliterators, noise marine blastmasters, Plasma anything, forgefiend are all nice ranged options.

>> No.50231313


>no proxy

Conversions aren't proxies, but regardless, CSM sorcerers have models. They're just out of stock it seems. Check ebay or something. Failing that, next week, the old CSM sorcerer model is coming back mto, and its a great model.

>> No.50231317

And to emphasize, anything is gonna be good to melee cents with due to their slow and purposeful preventing overwatch and sweeping

>> No.50231328

Start Collecting Dark Elder boxes are really good, huh?

>> No.50231343


Nothing in Dark Eldar is really good.

However, the box is a good buy, yes.

>> No.50231353

Well they allow to proxy if the model is big. Lets say I bought a bloodthirster and there is no DP sold at the store. then they are ok to use it. But If I try to make my own librarians out of normal csm bikers or lords, they won't let me play.
Won't those only be sold in GW stores, because the closest GW store is 2 countries away from me.
I tried rushing centurions with spawn, but they have 3 units of 3 vs my one unit of 4 spawn. They kill me with re-rolls even when they wound me on +6. In general I find it crazy that marines can take 2 units of scouts and then load up with centurions and a knight, when csm have nothing comperable to beat them .

>> No.50231367

>Im sorry your opponents are bad, anon. Enjoy rare ork victories.

I was enjoying the hell out of them for a while, but it sucks getting badgered about being a min-maxing tryhard when I'm kneecapping myself just by playing Orks.

>> No.50231397


Yea, your store sounds like a bunch of fuckwads, I'm sorry. If you make a biker/termie/marine look like a sorcerer, and they won't let you use it as a sorcerer while they're spamming Grav Centurions on you, then they're not worth playing with, man.

Anyway, the made to order models are online only, so you order it straight from the GW website. I'm planning on getting a bunch of tiddy 'Nettes myself.

Here's a list:

>> No.50231398

>>3 squads of grav centurions
Sorry anon. I didn't realize the full extent of what was happening here. This isn't your fault. Find new people to play with. Do these people at least have their 21 model army painted and based? I'm trying to build a mental image so my hatred is more direct.

>> No.50231435

Look at it this way, there's literally nothing you could possibly do to make your army easier to win against. Even if it's boys on bikes, boys with rockets, boys with whatever, it's just a bunch of overcosted 6+ save guys with no leadership.

As someone who's been repeatedly accused of cheese for winning using bolters and heavy bolters, I like to think I understand some of your struggle

>> No.50231442

Mike Pence looks exactly like Roboute Guilliman.

>> No.50231444

Yeah, I can't order stuff online. So it aint for me.
Well we don't play big games. I know that normaly people have more knights or more centurions, but mostly play smaller games 1000-1250pts for speed, as you can't keep a table here for longer then an hour.

What does based mean, because am sure it doesn't mean what I think it means? And the models are painted, we have people here who work at paint studios, and the store owner is big on painting. He has a bronze award from the 90s for painting some sort of chaos fantasy model.

>> No.50231451

Lawful evil.
The empire truly is metal.

>> No.50231452

He's race bannon, get it right.

>> No.50231458


>cant order online

Why is that?

>3 sets of centurions at 1000-1250

Holy shit dude. Gtfo of there. You're playing with pure cancer.

>> No.50231469

>Why is that?
Can't pay for stuff online. Does GW give the option to pay for stuff when they deliver it ?

>> No.50231482

>>more knights
>>more centurions
>>most people
I think this is a platos cave situation anon.

Also based would just refer to the base of the model being finished.

>> No.50231484

>but mostly play smaller games 1000-1250pts for speed,
>3 x 3 Grav cents

Either you're baiting or you're playing with the literal embodiment of everything wrong with the hobby currently.

>> No.50231485

And at 1k pts its not 9 centurions. Its 4-5 and scouts and the rest points in librarians. I also don't have anywhere else to play, this is the only store that runs GW stuff in my city, and am not going to travel 3 hours to a different city to hope that maybe someone will want to play someone from another city. 6 hours there and back aint worth a 1 hour game.

>> No.50231486

Get a prepaid card. Easy as hell.

>> No.50231496


Why can't you pay online? Can't get a reloadable/prepaid card or something?

And no


That's not any better, man. That's shitty. See if you can find more chill people to play with in your store or something. That's bad enough to be bait.

>> No.50231498

>Can't pay for stuff online
Why? Should you not be on this site?

>> No.50231547

There are no such things here. You can order stuff online, if you have a debit card, a credit card. And all of those require you to have a bank account, or have a job, or be a university student or a priest.

Don't have a credit card, can't have debit card, as am under 18.

>> No.50231556


>under 18

You can't actually be here, my man.

>> No.50231590

>can't have debit card, as am under 18
I had a debit card when I was 15, when I got my first job.

Also, if you're under 18 you can't be on this site.

Sorry about the incoming ban.

>> No.50231608

>Captain Uriel Ventris and his battle-brothers descend on the world of Sycorax to cleanse it of the ork menace that has plagued it for centuries. But when the battle goes awry and all contact is lost with his fellow captain, Fabian, Ventris and his warriors are pushed into a fighting retreat. As the greenskins slowly overrun the Ultramarines positions, hope of survival rests on Mount Shokereth. But a mystery surrounds this ancient edifice, a secret lain dormant for millennia.


I am going buy the short story. Anyone wants to guess what secret Uriel will uncover? Can anyone call it?

>> No.50231628

>implying ultramarine companies other than the 2nd exist
psh, can't fool me

>> No.50231659

well in order to work here when your under 18, you either have to live outside of a city, and no one wants that, or have a special goverment permit to do it. And it takes you either being some sort of genius working for the goverment, or giving a HUGE bribe, and then the only work you can get is working for local goverment or state.

>> No.50231668

Where the hell do you live?

>> No.50231672


>> No.50231689



>> No.50231694

Just say Russia.

>> No.50231707

yeah, how about not. Belarus is not under the anti Russian embargo, so my parents can get money from Russia, while I eat delicious polish apples and drink Czech pork ribs.

>> No.50231850

>Yay, Tempest blades!
>Oh. Ultramarines.

>> No.50231900

You got me, have my (you)

>> No.50231933

People don't rate them, but I like defilers.
Choppy, shooty and an invuln save with IWND.

>> No.50231948

bike - 20 points - lets 1 model move 12", slightly tougher and slightly better shooting.

Rhino - 35 points - lets 10 models move 12" and not get shot, maybe take damage from an unlucky explosion at worst.

>> No.50231956

He's hugh mungus. :^)

>> No.50231987

is this really a thing?
> Legends don't burn down heretics

>> No.50232033

Guys, do you like my carnife pose?

I ended up going with claws and devourers. Im thinking of making the next one either a straight dakkafex or another one like the first.

Also, do you think cunts would sperg out if I put sycthing talons on for looks and stuck 2 extra devourers onto the devourer arms for looks if i do make a dakkafex?

>> No.50232042

Oh, I see my tablet likes to rotate things 90 degrees when I upload them. Great. I am everything i hate.

>> No.50232047


I had made an OC DOUGHNUT STEEL Chapter based on BA and it makes me feel dirty now.

It was just a regular successor chapter, but the Chapter Masters are all Chaplains before being elevated. They search for a cure to The Black Rage. This means they work with Corbulo a lot. This has lead them to basically loot any archeotech they can find in the hopes it has a solution. This has, both fortunately and unfortunately, attracted a Inquisitor Ordo Xenos to them and it's a constant battle to not give in to either Red Thirst or Black Rage. Which is why Chaplains lead it. Since they can keep the DC in control.

Not that I painted shit. I just like BA but I couldn't really justify them doing all that shit.

>> No.50232061

Guys I think it's necrons. Am I smrat?

>> No.50232065

Necrons. Ventris has been SPOOKED by the Nightbringer.

>> No.50232095

Could be Eldar or Chaos.

>> No.50232148

>But If I try to make my own librarians out of normal csm bikers or lords, they won't let me play.

Holy fuck what?
GW doesn't make a sorcerer on a bike and the HQ models are almost all mono pose.

Model has a force weapon, a robe and something like a psychic hood or a familiar, it's a sorcerer.

Model is painted black and has a crozius then it's a chaplain.

Model has a servo harness of some fashion and an axe / hammer, it's a tech marine.

Bloody hell.

>> No.50232155

Holy fuck that warboss is amazing.

Why won't GW make a kit for a warboss that big.

The current ones just look like Nobz.

>> No.50232167

How about this list?

Imperial Fists (850 points)

- Lysander

- 5 Cataphractii Terminators, /w Heavy Flamer, /w Land Raider (Multi-Melta)

- 5 Tactical Marines /w Missile Launcher (+Flakk)

- 5 Tactical Marines

>> No.50232205


Fug, how do we get Hiroshimoot to get one of the back end devs to add some code that reads the orientation of photos created with phones, so we don't have to keep editing them and resaving them to avoid equator posting.

>> No.50232207


Kromlech can help you there.

>> No.50232222

It's likely bollocks mate.

GW doesn't block you from playing. There is no GW mandated policy on such things. Quite the opposite. A douchey manager or Red shirt can.

Stop believing shit you read on 4chan as gospel fucking truth.

I got given £1,000,000 worth of free 40k stuff at my local GW!

Because a Warboss that size would be bigger than Ghaz and Ghaz is suppose to be huge. I do expect a bigger model update for Ghaz during ToE.

>> No.50232245

He's using a FLGS not a GW, the anon sated the closest GW is 2 countries away.

Ghaz has a well detailed sculpt, but he should have been twice the size the whole time, which yes would make him dreadnought size and that's about right fluff wise.
I don't play Orks, but have a few that I got for my wife.

And finally, sick quads brah.

>> No.50232247


>combat doctrine- grey knight combined with blood angels

>> No.50232255

>There is no GW mandated policy on such things
There is, in fact, a GW policy that blocks you from using minis that aren't a certain percentage GW bits. I forget the exact number.

If you try to be cheeky about it or use straight up 3pp minis they can and will ask you to leave.

Source: me at WW no it wasn't me that was asked to leave

>> No.50232262


>loved ones get you some 40k stuff
>its for the wrong army

the absolute worst

>> No.50232278


I like how it has gotten to the point people aren't just complaining about the fact it's Marines being overplayed, or even a specific chapter, it's specific COMPANIES. I wish other factions got that level of exposure.

>Oh really, The Shrieking Blade?
>That Aspect shrine is soooo overdone

>> No.50232286

Oh. Then that's just as fucking retarded. They have no right to ban conversions unless he's the manager of the FLGS. Though it doesn't sound fucking friendly.

I want Ghaz to be big. If rumours are right, Abaddon is getting a new model. So I expect Ghaz to get one too. His model is cool, but he's just too small. He needs to be big. I've always wanted Orks to have Big'un Warboss. Which is basically a massive Warboss. +1S +1T +1W statline. Make it an upgrade option. Though this means it cannot go on a bike or some shit and gets Very Bulky. So you can run your OC Boss as a big guy. It's always the worst thing about the rules. You can't factor in stuff like characters being bigger than others and so on.

Yes I know, it has to be 80% Citadel. But the guy seemed to imply it was just a conversion of Citadel models.

But it turns out it was a FLGS anyway, which makes it utter bollocks.

Which makes no sense. They're primary Terminator Armour force with their 'elites' being Power Armoured? They use Force Weapons on everybody? Who knows. Simple is best. I made an OC Treasure Hunter Inquisitor. Working on a Marty Sue Ad Mech force linked to the Inquisitor though. Basically a hidden super mega ultra giga Forge World that's filled with the best Xenotech and Archeotech minds in the galaxy. With a Death Watch Fortress nearby ready to step in if shit goes wrong.

Designed purely to make weapons that hurt xenos more and to research them to make their shit better.

>> No.50232307

In 5th edition when I got them for her, Orks were not a bad army.

>> No.50232383

Anyone else going to sign up to the new GW community website this week?
I think I'll scope it out to see what the other posters are like.
I'd rather post my contributions here and on /wip/ so I expect I'll just lurk.

>> No.50232493

it probably wont be much different to here but with more retarded lists

>> No.50232532

Hey im pretty new can anyone give me tips on painting Genestealer skin and a nice colour for the carapace other than black?

>> No.50232551

Mite be cool. But you'll probably get banned for going "That list is retarded" or "OC DOUGHNUT STEEL is Mary Sue bullshit".

>> No.50232555

does anybody have a scan for these rules?

>> No.50232556

>tips on painting Genestealer skin
Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWHtci5sSl4
And remembah to thin ya paints and keep a nice fine tip on ya brush

>> No.50232561

you can flip it and go for a darker toned skin like a darker purple and then a lighter carapace, but in general any deep tone colour with highlights will look pretty solid. Check out schemes for Nids in general to get some ideas and just apply it to your cult instead.

>> No.50232570

There is no delivery time to be lost!

Dispatcher Brothers!

Shipping Marines, today the order is at our door! We know our duty and we will do it. We deliver for our honour as Blood Ravens Express,
as Shipping Marines, and we ship in the name of the Emperor!

And if we fail to deliver this day we fail to deliver in glory, we fail heroes deliveries, but we shall not fail to deliver, no! It is the customer who will taste
satisfactory deliveries and no missed slots!

As you know! Most of our Dispatcher Brothers are stationed in space, Prepaired to delivery strike! Our perimeter has been
prepared in the even that our customers should be so bald and so foolish. We have placed numerous tracking numbers, allowing for
multiple simultaneous and devastating defensive delivery orders!

The Codexs USP names this maneouver Steel Orders. We will descend upon the customers, we will overhelm them - we will leave none
missing their package! Meanwhile our customer service forces will ensue the full defense of our headquarters


>> No.50232619

Grotsnik and Gazzy team up with the MANz in their wagons and charge down the field, with mobile tankbusta support.
Lootas sit back with the mek gunz and dakka up and down the field, with the blitzbommer hitting anything too far away.

I'm mostly taking Gazzy and Grotsnik so my MANz don't piss themselves and run away straight up. Also are the killkannons on the battlewagons a waste?

>> No.50232626

Hahaha! Great meme my man!

>> No.50232845

>Any fellow Dark Angels players that could rate this list for an upcoming match versus Tau?

>> No.50232853


>guns on shipping containers

Pretty cringe. At least make them heavy stubbers.

>> No.50232889

Guys I'm heading to a 850 tourney next month. Please critique my list.


Tank Commander Punisher /w multimelta sponsons
Exterminator buddy /w multimelta sponsons


2 x Veterans in Chimera (one /w 3 x Plasma, the other /w 3 x Melta)

2 x Wyvern

It's exactly 850. No named characters, max two fliers, no superheavies/gargantuans, max two detachements. I could ally in either my BA or SW.

>> No.50232902

Well atleast there is no sku-
>There is skulls

This is why I love 40k and Imperium.

>> No.50232912

Too new to help with your army but maybe you can help with mine.

I bring a Librarian on Space Marine Bike with Mastery Level 2 riding with three Black Knights and my two troops are five Sniper Scouts with Camo Cloaks and ten Tactical Marines that take a Melta and Combi Melta + Meltabombs in a Rhino.

It comes into 500 points exactly, the rest of my collection is just an Attack Bike and Landspeeder which I understand can be run like you have it in the formation.

>> No.50232914

Gravhammer will fuck your day up, but there's not much that can be done about that.

Not sure about the exterminator. I'd probably take an Eradicator or a LRBT, especially in a no-fliers meta.

>> No.50232919

you have alot of armor and almost no troops, swapping a wyvern out for more veterans or even just normal guardsmen would be decent

i would mix and match your plasma and melta veterans, that way both units can fight more threats, plus if one dies you dont lose everything

>> No.50232937


>diluting the efficiency of a squad in the mad belief that versatility is key


>> No.50232944

For moving to 750 just toss in your Ravenwing Attack Squadron with Multi-Melta on the Attack Bike and Dual Multimeltas on the Speeder.

Then you can either double (6) your Black Knights or make it a 5 man squad with an Apothecary.

>> No.50232958

efficiency is fine if the unit can actually survive a turn of being focused, which the veterans cant

>> No.50232983

If that's what you believe then don't take veterans, they're worthless.

Plasma and melta is a terrible combo that can't efficiently threaten heavy infantry or heavy vehicles, you're paying out the ass to pop transports.

>> No.50233003

Anyone got any input?

>> No.50233019

dont tell me, tell the guy that made the list

>> No.50233081

Well my hopes are that in a 850 point game the grav hammer simply can't hit that hard.

About the Exterminator: since his main gun is twin-linked, he can actually hit stuff (especially hopefully fliers). Of course the other variants would be cool, too. But I have the Wyverns to root out stuff relying on cover and with sheer weight of shots also MEQs (which I think will be the primary targets of the Eredicator/Battle Tank).

>> No.50233086

Warden of the Blade link or pdf anyone?

>> No.50233101

hello fellow BA players, i`ve got a question

How many Death Company marines are too much for a 1000/2000 points match ?

>> No.50233126

That pic is retarded. Your death company has 37 more attacks than my unit but 18 shots of grav is going to shit on them.

>> No.50233130

>super mega ultra giga Forge World that's filled with the best Xenotech and Archeotech minds in the galaxy
If your 40k OC ever contains something that's 'the best' of its kind in the setting, then it's almost certainly shit.

>> No.50233134

At 850, he can have two ten man Dev squads for ablative wounds/splitting targets, plus the Assault Marines with Meltabombs.

>> No.50233140

18 shots, wounding on a 3+
12 wounds
5+ feel no pain =8 deads
well, you are right, grav will do quite some harm to them.

>> No.50233146

>image about bragging to have more attacks than your HQ
>18 shots of grav kill them
>on your HQ unit

You're not wrong but that statement is just irrelevant for the image.

>> No.50233147

The guy you were arguing with, wasn't me, but I'll agree, that I'd rather have more specalised than versatile squads. That is mostly based on experience of my marines, so your point with guardsman being flimsy may be very valid.
I, too, think that I'm week on the troop side, but dropping a Wyvern wouldn't do me any good, since I can only buy normal guardsman in a platoon which costs at minimum 130 points, the cost of two Wyverns. Alternatively dropping a Wyvern gets me a single Veteran squad with either a mortar or a heavy bolter. I think a Wyvern will be both more surviveable and putting out more damage than that.

>> No.50233148

It should only be given to one guy in the squad. Because then he gets to be the gun member of the coconut crew.

>> No.50233173

>decide to use LRC in 850 point game
>enemy has 1 Melta and 1 Lascannon
>lands Lascannon shot at BS3 through 4+ cover
>rolls 6 on damage table

Just fuck me in the ass.

>> No.50233176

Dang, I forgot meltabombing assault marines. I was thinking along the line of "He can either fuck up the Vets or the Leman Russes, but then the surviving ones will fuck him up, too."

>> No.50233177

Named Characters and Termis in Landraiders are probably a huge waste of points.

You will only have 16 bodies and the ten footslogging tacticals are dead.

>> No.50233184

So THIS is how they'll explain Horus coming back in 40k!

The Horusians are an EXTREMELY Radical Inquisitorial faction who wish to create a second Warp-powered Horus, who, if being able to control this power, could be a second Emperor and unite Humanity once more.

>> No.50233190

>doesn't know shipping containers with guns are a thing

>> No.50233210

>STR 7 AP 2 rapid fire can't efficiently threaten heavy infrantry
>Str 8 + 2 D6 AP1 can't efficiently threaten heavy vehicles.

Explain yourself?

>> No.50233216

HQ unit? I was thinking Kataphron Destroyers.

But that pic just annoyed me cause it made a impression that having 4 attacks is something special. Its more or less "Kill more" thingie and overkill on most parts.

Sadly enough, death company is just not a very good unit.

>> No.50233225

that's not what the horusians want to do

the horusians are basically just radical thorians that see the chaos gods as the only way to get a resurrected emperor

>> No.50233230

Is MWG the reddit of all battle reports?

>> No.50233231

He means when you mix both in one unit.

>> No.50233273

is the tournament objective based or kill points? if its kill points then yeah the wyverns will serve you better

>> No.50233321

It's a mix of maelstrom and eternal war missions. Granted the vets would be obsec, but I don't think it'll matter much. It would only become relevant when an enemy is on the same objective with my unit. A situation where neither the vets nor the Wyvern will survive.

>> No.50233340

So I've got a Chaos Lord Terminator with a combi-bolter and chainfist, with Mark of Tzeentch for that 4+ invuln.

Is his ascension to a Demon Prince worth it? I've never rolled it before, but I don't know how to use DPs anyways. Would he still be useful in the same rolls or would I have to drastically change my tactics?

>> No.50233342

Rereading my post, I realized I wasn't really clear. It seems to be a homebrew mix of maelstrom and regular missions in one game. Similar to ITC, but very simplified.

>> No.50233357

FLGS is having a 850 points, no Unbound/Allies/Named Characters/Lord of War/Titankiller tourney this weekend. Unsure about how to interpret the vehicle rule:

"Allowed are up to 4 vehicles or monstrous creatures, 2 of which with a maximum armor of 11 or 4 or more wounds"

Does that mean things like Land Raiders are fair game, as long as I don't bring more than 2 (as if that'd be possible)? And the wording with "maximum of 4 or more wounds" is also pretty fucking weird.

>> No.50233361

the issue isnt so much of lacking obsec, its just lacking unit count

having armor is all well and good, but if it gets tarpitted or killed you lose such a huge chunk of your unit count that the loss of being able to fire at multiple targets and taking multiple objectives is felt more than someone running MSU

>> No.50233380

maximum 4 wounds or hull points, also no armor side can be more than 11 (which is kinda dumb, why dont they just run with the killteam rule of no combined AV over 33)

land raiders violate both rules, so no they are not fair game

>> No.50233383

If you're looking for a good batrep channel, The Legion Wargaming is really good. The narrator has nice storytelling skills (he always describes kills with flavour without getting too over-the top) and pretty much never make's corny jokes.

It's a more cinematic experience as opposed to just rolling dice and laughing. I like it.

>> No.50233393

Ah, so 2 vehicles can have max 11/4, rest has to be under 11, gotcha.

>tfw can't even field a single dreadnought

>> No.50233409

all vehicles have to be 11/11/11 max, and cant have more than 4 hull points, its per vehicle, not a sum of all vehicles

all MCs cant have over 4 wounds

doesnt matter if you take 1 vehicle or 4, they all have to be under 11/11/11

>> No.50233433

This is fucking retarded.

>Wraithlord A-OK
>Dreadnought? Get that WAAC shit out of here
>Y'Vahra is absolutely fine :^)

>> No.50233447

I'll look into it

>> No.50233451

But dropping Wyverns wouldn't do me any good. If I drop one I'll get one foot slogging unit of vets instead, if I drop both I'll get either two footslogging units of vets (both with at least with a heavy bolter or mortar to maybe actually do something apart from sitting on an objective and pray that nothing comes their way and murderizes them) or I'll get a minimum platoon of two ten man squads and a five man command squad with absolutely no upgrades.

>> No.50233459

Are there separate codices for certain regiments of the Astra Millitarium?

>> No.50233476

I would definitely drop the Techmarine and pick up another grav squad unless you can fit in more Black Knights.

>what is Interromancy?
Pic Related

>> No.50233483

my LGS is going a tourney in jan with much less ab-usable rules like >>50233433 example

>1500 point
>No LoW
>No GCs
>No superheavies
>No Forgeworld
>No formations/decurions
>FOC (CAD, Realspace raiders, etc) only

Should be fun, i'll either be running a breacher/devilfish heavy team and a gunfort backline as tau, or a grand master + purifier + interceptor GK nemesis force

>> No.50233494

Do Space Marines use bigger bases now? I bought the Kill Team box and there's 2 kinds of bases included.

>> No.50233496

There is a seperate codex for militarum tempestus, giving them some cool orders (also some new warlord traits and formations). Also in Mont'Ka there are some special warlord traits, tactical objectives and relics for cadians.

>> No.50233505

Yep, they do.

>> No.50233520

>statted as a Monstrous Creature
It's a fucking box

>> No.50233559

Yeah, first time actually going to that store, was hyped to finally field my fresh SM army, including a Forgeworld LR and Venerable Dreadnought. Guess it's time to go footslogging.

I really should've bought myself another Razorback kit to use for a Rechlusiam squad, since I can't let my Chaplain have fun with his Honor Guard buddies in their new sick-nasty partywaggon.
Hoping to get along with everyone to get some private games going at the local tabletop 'club' instead of the store.

>> No.50233567


Death Korps and Elysian Drop Troopers both have their own armylists featured in Imperial Armour which you can use seperate from the IG codex

>> No.50233717

>grand master + purifier + interceptor GK nemesis force

How are you planning on moving the Purifiers?

>> No.50233731

>When a company knows how bad their vehicle rules are they give non-living things a Toughness

>> No.50233754

either deep striking or rolling for gate of infinity, couple that with homing beacons on the interceptors

>> No.50233795


vehicle rules are being phased out in the new edition anyway.

>> No.50233836

Bikers have a 4+

>> No.50233852

Weight of fire. Even 3 plasma/melta arent good enough most of the time. 6 shots of plasma will do average 2 wounds on TEQs.

3 meltas might do single penetrating hit on ~AV12 tank.

Neither is really that great.

>> No.50233869

The smaller bases are for Fire Warriors. The one large base is for the turret.

>> No.50233872

It's statted as an artillery piece

>> No.50233880

>no Dreadnoughts
>no Vindicators
>no Predators
>no Drop Pods
>no Dunecrawlers
>no Deff Dreads
>no Hive Tyrant
>no Carnifex
>no standard Tau Commander
>no Obelisk
>no motherfucking Chimera

>every (Dark) Eldar except for tanks and Wraithknights allowed
>Karamazov a-ok because W 4 but neither a vehicle nor monstrous creature
>Kastelans perfectly fine

This is fucking atrocious. So many bread-and-butter, iconic units can't even be fielded because they have exactly 4 wounds or 12 armor ANYWHERE, no matter what vehicle it is. These limitations are pretty much worse than Kill Teams vehicle rules, and that one is meant to be an infantry game.

What the hell are steel rain focused chapters even supposed to run? Or any vehicle-based ones that would normally field something like a single dreadnought at least? Hell, Imperial Guard basically has no choice but to go meat-wall with mortars.

>> No.50233884

Not the guy you were originally replying to, but care to enlighten me on your math? I have trouble following it.

>> No.50233889


just threw together a list of the idea

Librarian (ML3, hammer, stormbolter, liber daemonica)
Grand Master (Soul Glaive, Psycannon)

Purifier squad (4 sword 4 incin 2 hammer)

strike squad (2 psilencer 8 sword, tp homer, rhino with storm bolter)

Interceptor sqaud (Incin, hammer, 3 sword, homer)
Interceptor sqaud (Incin, hammer, 3 sword, homer)

Dreadknight (heavy incin + psycannon, greatsword, teleporter)

1500 points on the dot, the strike squad and purifiers split into combat squads, giving me 14 base psychic dice, the rhino can move pretty fast with the amount of snapfire shots it can shit out with the stike squads inside

the librarian and grand master would be with the purifiers, i could swap the strike squad for terminators and have the GM join them instead, but i prefer more models and paladins are out of the question cost wise

>> No.50233898

>Orks have a decent/good unit
>"waaaaa Orks are so broken"

>> No.50233905

Did the fact trigger you?

>> No.50233917

6 shots
4 hits
3 wounds
1 invulnerable save
2 dead

>> No.50233930

No, I'm triggered because I can't have nice things and when I do, people act like it's the most broken thing in the game

>> No.50233971

>It's an "Orkfags are triggered by benign statements" episode
I miss the days when Orkfags were bros. Now it's just a bunch of whiny cunts that start shitposting the minute someone says anything that could even be construed as challenging their pity party.

>> No.50233975

Got you. Since you wrote "wounds" I assumed you didn't factor in saves.
As for the meltas: even a single penetrating hit has a 1 in 3 chance to blow the thing up. And if it doesn't, it's at least out of the game for one turn (shaken/stunned) or permanently crippeld.

>> No.50233988

Not him, just did the math.

>> No.50234035

Yes but if I shoot something, I want to count that my target is dead or neutralized enough to being no threat to my battleplan anymore.

This is why I usually used 2 squads of meltavets in 5th edition to scrap a single rhino/razorback. And usually I had either 3rd meltasquad in range or Hydra hovering on the background to finish the job that my dice had utterly failed.

Consistency is a very big thing in this game and a factor most players shrug off. But it hasnt ever failed me to apply some good'ol overkill on anything so stuff that needs to die, dies.

But back on point. 3x BS4 Meltaguns isnt very good anti-tank, atleast in reliability.

>> No.50234070


I feel like Dark Eldar are the bro's now I never see a deldar player complain about shit despite how shitty their armies are.

>> No.50234082

>get paid
>decide to spend all night finishing my miniatures up so I can buy a getting started pack the next day
>work until 12:30 and head to bed
>get up today and call the store
>its closed on mondays

who the fuck closes a hobby store on mondays fuck that shit.

>> No.50234095

Hard to stay positive when they've neither worthwhile allies or current ed FW.

>> No.50234104

people who open the store full hours on a weekend on account of the fact that people will be at their jobs anyway

>> No.50234114

Lotta one or two-man private hobby shops do that, shitloads of players wanna have a game on saturday or sunday, far less on mondays so they use the day to relax, take inventory ect.

>> No.50234210

Skyhammer Demi-Company
1 Captain or Chaplain
3 Tactical Squads
1 Assault Squad
1 Devastator Squad
0-1 Command Squad

Restrictions: Everything must start the game in a Drop Pod

What should the command benefits be?

>> No.50234232

auto arrives turn 1 but you lose the match for using house rules

>> No.50234233

Isn't this every SM list?

>> No.50234234

>read Warden of the Blade
>daemons possess a Imperial cathedral
>It starts to grow fleshy parts and begins to rise as titan sized monster
>It uses its towers as fists to demolish everything it its path
>the Grey Knights go fill Shadow of Colossus on its stony ass

Has 40K crossed the threshold of being too silly yet?

>> No.50234242

>Bought a paint on my way home
>Can't find it anywhere now
>Think i've dropped it somewhere

>> No.50234251

>being upset over £2.55

>> No.50234252

Objective-clearing, shock'n'awe tactics

1. Rerolls to-hit, to-wound and to-armorpenetration 1's during the turn unit unloads from drop pod. If target unit is within 3" of Objective, rerolls to-hit, to-wound and armor penetration.

2. Drop Pod Assault is ignored. All pods from the formation come either first or second turn, decided during deployment.

>> No.50234268

but i want to finish my FUCKING MODEEEEEELS

>> No.50234276

What? That sounds awesome!

>> No.50234281

go back to the store

>impyling the models are ever done

>> No.50234293

That's ridiculous.
Please share it.

>> No.50234299

After I am done with it. I might.

>> No.50234303

Nope, got a DEldar/Harlequins/Corsair player that fudges movement and argues all the time. He's considering getting Wraith models for CWE because it'd be "fluffy" for his Kabal.

>> No.50234321

Crimson Hunters are one of the best Air Superiority Flyers in the game. Best taken with the Crimson Death formation but even by itself will usually pull its weight.

>> No.50234345

How do I highlight silver? I'm painting DOOM EAGLES and using the old Mithril Silver as my basecost. Also, is Stormcast Silver a good replacement for the old Mithril Silver? I recall Runefang Steel being a little watery compared to the old paint.

>> No.50234347

>finally finish model
>based, layered, primed, cleaned, sealed
>realize the basing isn't done in a few spots
>mold lines on the feet
>missed a few spots when painting
>that heart break when

sometimes it's best to just keep it moving. then there's also touch ups or fixing to do

>> No.50234353

I love their models and I love their lore. I've never been under any delusions that they're some kind of galaxy ending threat that deserves to be broken on the tabletop.
That position can be reserved for our stuck up prick kin.

>> No.50234369

You don't.
You've essentially painted yourself into a corner.

>> No.50234378

If I really absolutely need that tank gone now, I can focus it down with more than the melta squad. Apart from the Wyverns everything in this list could at least theoretically hurt AV 12. But I don't think overcommiting is a good thing either. As said before, one pen is enough to disable the enemy tank for one turn. I think it would do me more good focusing on scoring objectives and shooting more immediate threats, than to ensure that thing is really, really dead.
Also my reasoning behind takeing one plasma, one melta squad was that the meltas would proof most efficent against vehicles, while still being able to hurt MCs and vice versa for the plasma.

>> No.50234404

If you had two 1$ Mcdonalds cheeseburger and someone stole them from you, you would put that mofo into the ground so hard.

Sometimes its not about the money.

>> No.50234434

except no one took it from him

>> No.50234453


>> No.50234463

Sometimes thats worse that you just fucked up by yourself. No-one to beat up.

>> No.50234482


i dont understand where this conversation is going

So this guy lost 1 paint either at the hobby shop or on his way home and is sad or mad about it?

does that really warrant so many replies?

I would prefer if we continue bitching about Tau or talk about how great those necrons are

>> No.50234493

Can anybody suggest a good bandaged head? I want an IG veteran with a bandage and no helmet.

>> No.50234498

If meltavets hit a tank the chances are it's disabled, athe least for the turn. Doubly so in melta range

What do you use for your guard AT?

>> No.50234500

Take a normal unhelmeted head and make a bandage using greenstuff

>> No.50234507

For a Tau 1000 point list is a bunch of missile pods and maybe 1 or 2 fusion guns enough anti-tank? 14 armor sorta dicks me over, but most lists I'd be playing against I imagine wouldn't be running landraiders, but I'm not an experienced Tau player so it's hard for me to say on the whole what I'd be struggling to beat

>> No.50234531

Exterminators, Armoured Battlegroup Vanquishers (primary there for anti-MC/GC) duty, heavy artillery carriages, knight warden, vendettas, Vultures BRRRRTing rear armours.

Personally I find meltavets to be too easily disabled.

>> No.50234532

land raiders arnt too common for you to care, leman russ tanks are far more common

just have 1 or 2 suicide melta crisis suits and deepstrike them behind it, bye bye leman

>> No.50234550

Are Ravagers any good for DELDAR?

I feel like 3 dark lances are pretty sweet but they are so fucking brittle im afraid of never using it past turn 2

>> No.50234575

If anyone has the old Forge World Hydra (NOT the GW remade one), can you tell me the diameter of the internal hole, and the diameter of the circle the hole is within?

>> No.50234595

... are any good units good for Eldar?

>> No.50234608

Squandered my bantz with a typo. Destroy the fucking disgusting degenerate space elf biological garbage.

>> No.50234635

Corpsethief Claw is actually pretty damn disgusting formation.

>> No.50234654

Can Vultures and Vendettas be taken by Militarum Tempestus? Can Vultures be used in the air assault formation?

>> No.50234656


I feel like they are good depending on the terrain board

im scared though DELDAR are my first REAL 40k army

>> No.50234673


unless the forgeworld unit entries say it can be used with MT, then no

the formation specifically states valkyries, so no

>> No.50234675

No and no.

>> No.50234685

Plastic servitors when?
I wanna make my tanks live longer without having to deal with finecancer.

>> No.50234718

This is what I go with when I pull out my GK, it does pretty well against other mid-tier armies.

Nemesis Strike Force
>Librarian; ML3, Soul Glaive, Multi-Melta
>Grand Master; Halberd, Psycannon, Bone Shard of Solor

>Terminator Squad; Psycannon, Hammer, 4 Halberds
>Terminator Squad; Psycannon, Hammer, 4 Halberds

>Interceptor Squad; Incinerator, Hammer, 3 Halberds, Teleport Homer
>Interceptor Squad; Incinerator, Hammer, 3 Halberds, Teleport Homer

>Nemesis Dreadknight; Teleporter, Hammer, Gatling Psilencer
>Nemesis Dreadknight; Teleporter, Hammer, Gatling Psilencer

1500 exactly. Alternatively you can drop the Melta gun and give the Dreadknights Psycannons. It's fun, and 11 Psychic dice can put in some good work.

>> No.50234722


I fucking hate the monstrous creatures and stuff, i might pick up some wracks but i love the more clean units the DELDAR have.

>> No.50234731

Wait what, Librarian with Multimelta? What how is that legal?

Also give Dreadknights psycannons. Its almost pointless to take them without the Psycannon+H.Incinerator combo.

>> No.50234739

HQ (195pts)
Commander (195pts)
XV8 Commander Crisis Suit (110pts)
Cyclic Ion Blaster (15pts), 2x Missile Pod (30pts), Puretide Engram Neurochip (15pts), Shield Generator (25pts), XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit (25pts)
Elites (191pts)
XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (67pts)
Crisis Shas'ui (67pts)
Fusion Blaster (15pts), 2x Missile Pod (30pts)
XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (67pts)
Crisis Shas'ui (67pts)
Fusion Blaster (15pts), 2x Missile Pod (30pts)
XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (57pts)
Crisis Shas'ui (57pts)
Flamer (5pts), 2x Missile Pod (30pts)
Troops (202pts)
Strike Team (101pts)
8x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle (72pts)
DS8 Tactical Support Turret (10pts)
Missile Pod
Fire Warrior Shas'ui (19pts)
Pulse Rifle
Strike Team (101pts)
8x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle (72pts)
DS8 Tactical Support Turret (10pts)
Missile Pod
Fire Warrior Shas'ui (19pts)
Pulse Rifle
Fast Attack (181pts)
Pathfinder Team (181pts)
MB3 Recon Drone (28pts), 2x MV4 Shield Drone (24pts), 6x Pathfinder (66pts)
Pathfinder Shas'ui (21pts)
Pulse Carbine with Markerlight
2x Pathfinder with Ion Rifle (42pts)
2x Ion Rifle (20pts)
Heavy Support (229pts)
TX7 Hammerhead Gunships (156pts)
TX7 Hammerhead Gunship (156pts)
2x MV1 Gun Drone, Disruption Pod (15pts), Ion Cannon, 2x Seeker Missile (16pts)
XV88 Broadside Battlesuits (73pts)
Broadside (73pts)
Seeker Missile (8pts), Twin-linked Heavy Rail Rifle, Twin-linked Smart Missile System

Sorry if format is weird, first time posting a list. What do you guys think?

>> No.50234753

Fix your format, not even going to read that.

>> No.50234758

Holy shit that's hard to look it, I will definitely find a different way to format it next time I post a list

>> No.50234771


Well either by new years or may next year. More things point to the end of December though.

>> No.50234780

From an Old Archon to a New:
>We're pretty weak right now honestly, we have some pretty nice things such as the Corpsetheif Claw and Venon MSU spam
Post the list senpai

>> No.50234781

+ or -

or just space more, like this

>> No.50234786


Best allies they have are Chaos Space Marines and Khorne Daemon Kin.

>> No.50234787

Have you emailed Forge World customer support?

>> No.50234799

Green or blue plasma for my white winter DDPAT Tau?

>> No.50234805

Why would Archeotech bring in an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor?

>> No.50234822


It's not a problem with parts not fitting. I'm trying to make a custom turret piece for it. I highly doubt they'd be willing to help in that matter. Besides, they discontinued that model, so they probably don't even have the numbers on hand anyway.

>> No.50234823


I dont have a list right now, literally just started Warhammer 40k again last week after 4 years due to a break up. Not wanting to spend all my money on drugs like the last time I decided to spend it on a different kind of drug.

Currently have 1 unit of warriors and buying a starter set tomorrow.

>> No.50234824

On the subject of fire warriors, how come they turn out like FUCKING SHIT.

I can paint Space Marines, Guardsman, Orkz and CSM allright but these Tau guys just aren't working out.

I tried going for the T'au sept but they just look like arse, any tricks?

>> No.50234826

Combi-Melta, not Multi-Melta. Sorry, mistyped.

Also, I dunno about the Psycannon/Flamer. The Flamer is great against hordes and anything short of Marines, but the Psycannon is kinda weak. S7 is good, but limited number of shots is meh. Not bad, just not worth it imo.

I like the Psycannon for spraying down Nurgle stuff, any MC besides Tau goes down pretty quick against it- 3+s don't block everything, and even TEQs can go down against 12 shots.

>> No.50234838

As said, none worthwhile.

>> No.50234839

>Librarian with Multimelta?

not him, the one that made the original list

he means combi melta

>gatling psilencers

why tho, you are only ML1, why cast force instead of sanctuary?

not sure why you would put the glaive on the libby over the GM aswell, the libby stacks well with other relics like FNP+IWND for perils or the extra sanctic ability

boneshard is nice but its adding anti-daemon power on an already insanely anti-daemon army is pointless unless you have literally nothing better to put there

>> No.50234859

Keep in mind that this discussion evolved around my list for a 850 points tournament. While I don't argue your suggestions would prove more efficient, they also cost a lot more points.

>> No.50234871

Ah ok you're already doing better than me, since i usually bulk buy a 1-1.5k, and then work through it slowly
>Start here https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Dark_Eldar(7E)
>Then see what your local meta is in terms of points/armies
>Build a list in theory, post it here - generally people are helpful and respond with feedback
>Tweak, build, paint and play

>> No.50234881

> deep striking
Sorry Anon, Purifiers (and Purgation) do not have Deep Strike.

>> No.50234893

>I highly doubt they'd be willing to help in that matter.

You should try if you can't find the answer. You don't need to tell them right off the bat that it's for a conversion to directly copy a model of theirs; you can spin it as a "unique" house-rules conversion if interrogated.

I would imagine they'd have the dimensions on file, in case they ever had to make the model again, or just for record keeping, perhaps even for customer support.

Good luck.

Because really old stuff would come from a period before the Imperium where human colonies and empires worked with aliens or used alien technology. Particularly remarkable technology would also be classed as "archaeotech" even if it was entirely alien, so next to the Mechanicus, the Ordo Xenos are the main guys checking these devices for heresy.

>> No.50234902


Well, Chaos is worth it for the Renegade Knight.

It's a better Lord of War for the points than the regular Codex Stompa is.

>> No.50234942

in that case just via gate of infinity or stealing the rhino

>> No.50234953

>Gatling Psilencers

The people in my meta love big, tanky models. Taking down a Daemon Prince or Unclean One is pretty great, not to mention bursting away Tyranid MCs turn one.

The Soul Glaive is really just habit, I suppose it would go better on the GM but Reroll to hit and wound makes a 3 vs 4 to hit rather irrelevant. Plus psychic fuckery means he can get really Killy really fast.

The Boneshard is a hit or miss, if I'm playing Daemons the GM is basically unkillable (especially Khorne), but if it's something else than sure it's useless, but 10 pts. is an okay risk for me.

>> No.50234971

Objective Captured:
>All models from this formation have the Objective Captured special rule. Objective Captured has all the benefits of Objective Secured, but allows Objective Captured models to pick up and move Objectives as detailed in the Relic Endless War mission.

>If an Objective is ever within 3" of a Drop Pod the player may embark the Objective inside a Drop Pod. So long as the Objective is embarked the Marine player controls it and it cannot be contested.

>> No.50234972

I would have thought it would all be on the Ad Mech, since it deals with technology.

>> No.50234976

Yes they do, Jump Infantry have universal Deep Strike

>> No.50234977

In my experience Fire Warriors look best when you carefully edge highlight every section of armor plate.

>> No.50234995

I think it's less over the money and more he has to go BACK OUT and get the paint.

>nearest place for me to get stuff is half an hour. If I lose a paint after just going out and being pumped to paint it's gunna be over an hour delay.

>> No.50235006

Admech would steal xeno tech if they were tempted enough. OX types would make a smarter (or else more "pure") judgement.

>> No.50235037


Thanks man appreciate it!

These are my current warriors, having trouble with a few things, mainly thinning my paints (my pallet isn't very good, I dont know if you need a specific pallet paper for it or not), the metallic paints on my guns (WHY THE FUCK IS THIS NEW PAINT SO WATERY I LEAVE FOR 4 YEARS AND COME BACK AND ALL THE METALS ARE HALF WATER HALF PAINT) and im having trouble painting flesh (tried with one guy and failed miserably if you can see him)

Also is my edge highlighting okay? Feel like its pretty shit but its hard getting that good edge on. Probably going to redo some of the models today.

>> No.50235038

Neither Purifiers or Purgations are jump.
INTERCEPTORS are Jump Infantry.

>> No.50235048

Show me

>> No.50235051


Okay so the gloss and the flash kinda fucked up how they look, I swear they look better then that in person.

>> No.50235054

My bad, that's what I get for not paying attention

>> No.50235101


What are Corsairs? I hear about them a fair bit but don't know where they come from. Are they a forge world army?

>> No.50235102

Your highlights are way too thick

>> No.50235133

No problem dude, always nice to see people play my favourite faction
>shake paints well b4 using
>water down until milk like iirc

Yeah i'm the same with phone pics, only through effectively being banned from /WIP/ did i manage to learn how to format properly
>Pic was my first Talos model, not hobbying ofc, like 6 months ago

>can still never get skin correct

>> No.50235139

My friend said that a techmarine from a loyal space marine chapter would be very conflicted fighting against a cult mechanicus group.

My argument is that although Techmarines are loyal to the Omnissiah, their primary loyalty is to their brothers first, as they as Space Marines first and Techmarines second.

My friend's argument is that Techmarines are split between their loyalty to the Omnissiah and to their brothers, which is why Techmarines are often outcasts in their Chapters.

Which of us is right? Are either of us right? If so, how?

>> No.50235142

Is an army composed of Wytches and Hellions viable at all?

>> No.50235145

CSM should have a low model count but extremely strong individual units. Sort of like Evil Marines+. Them blessings of Chaos got to do something, yo!

>> No.50235158

I swear Purple and yellow colour scheme is the biggest naturally propagating meme on /tg/

>> No.50235178

>My friend's argument is that Techmarines are split between their loyalty to the Omnissiah and to their brothers, which is why Techmarines are often outcasts in their Chapters.
>Which of us is right? Are either of us right? If so, how?
That last bit is almost verbatim from the codex.
Which allegiance outweights the other is hard to say.
Decide on a case to case basis.
If the Mechanicus puts their own interests over that of the Imperium at large, I have no doubt a Techmarine is not gonna be too conflicted.
If the Chapter is gonna have to destroy technology, which the Mechanicus tries to protect they are probably not gonna be happy.

>> No.50235186

Yeah, forgeword Eldar space pirates, faster than Deldar, weirder than harlequins.

>> No.50235188

Commander (1) - 195pts
-Crisis battlesuit, 2 Missile pods, Cyclic ion blaster, Shield generator, Puretide Engram Neurochip, XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit
Strike Team (9) - 101pts
-DS8 tactical support turret with missile pod
-1 Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Pulse rifle
-8 Fire Warrior: Pulse rifle

Strike Team (9) - 101pts
-DS8 tactical support turret with missile pod
-1 Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Pulse rifle
-8 Fire Warrior: Pulse rifle
XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (1) - 67pts
-1 Crisis Shas'ui: 2 Missile pods, Fusion blaster

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (1) - 67pts
-1 Crisis Shas'ui: 2 Missile pods, Fusion blaster

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (1) - 57pts
-1 Crisis Shas'ui: 2 Missile pods, Flamer
Pathfinder Team (12) - 181pts
-1 Pathfinder Shas'ui: Pulse carabine and Markerlight
-6 Pathfinder: Pulse carabine and Markerlight
-2 Pathfinder: Ion rifle
-1 MB3 Recon Drone: Burst cannon, Homing beacon, Position relay, Turret Mounting
-2 MV4 Shield Drone: Shield generator
TX7 Hammerhead Gunship (1) - 156pts
-1 TX7 Hammerhead Gunship: Ion cannon, Twin-linked smart missile system, Two seeker missile, Disruption pod

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits (1) - 73pts
-1 Broadside Shas'ui: Twin-linked heavy rail rifle, Twin-linked smart missile system, Seeker missile

Posting again in a (hopefully) less disgusting way. Pardon my newfaggotry

>> No.50235202

Yep Forgeworld. Insane mobility on most phases and even enemy turns, low Ld and regroup on Ld -2. They can take relics from all Eldar, and use CWE equivalent vehicles (Their D isn't as strong) and Venoms. Their farseers have a more deadly Perils chart as well.

>> No.50235206

998 points, probably should have added that. Hindsight 20/20

>> No.50235209


Fuck I didnt even know it was a meme, just went through some Deldar pics and picked a scheme that wasn't being used. Its orange, was planning on making it a more red orange later

>> No.50235226

That's just it, noone does it on purpose, but we've more than 12 or so armies with that combo.

>> No.50235229

>If the Chapter is gonna have to destroy technology, which the Mechanicus tries to protect they are probably not gonna be happy.
This is exactly what is happening in our campaign.

There is an STC on a planet that has rapidly growing Tyranid and Ork armies on it. The planet has an STC, but it also has nuclear reaction bases that can be used to destroy most of the planet.

The Cult Mechanicus are trying to keep the planet alive because there is an STC on it and they can't carry it off world.

The Space Marines were told to activated the on-surface nuclear facilities self-destruct codes to kill everything on the planet (Tyranid and Ork infestations rapidly growing).

Where would the Space Marine techmarine (Ultramarines, to be exact) put his loyalty in a situation like this? I know it's a hard question to answer.

>> No.50235232

You're both right, but the Techmarine would side with his brothers unless there was either some sort of inter-chapter civil war like that of the Moirae Schism. It would be extremely unlikely for any of them to be fighting against Cult Mech in the first place, unless the chapter were Hereteks/Excommunicate Traitoris, in which case the Techmarine would likely side with the loyalist portion of the chapter and fight alongside the Cult Mechanicus.

But yeah, Techmarines are outcasts in their chapters, and even more so in 30k.

>> No.50235239

Add Neuroweb System Jammer on that Commander then. Enemy unit 12" from Commander Gets Hot with their ranged weapons on their shooting phase

>> No.50235241


>> No.50235252

A Techmarine is basically that really smart guy from your high school circle of friends that went to some super good college and got a really fucking good education while the rest of your clique stuck together through college, being in the same clubs and shit, who then eventually comes back after college and really missed you guys but you just kind of moved on with things and he tries to get back into the group real hard but doesn't really fit too well anymore because he was away for too long but would still help his original high school bros out rather than the guys from his college, while also most likely getting full support of his old friends if anyone tried to trouble him.

Unless your high school friends were huge fucking asshats all along and you were just happy to get the fuck out of there but had to move back after finishing education and ran into these fuckers again and you end up working in the same company, like it or not, even if they couldn't really stand you either.

>> No.50235269

its usually my black knights that tear my friends Tau list to pieces. Its just a matter of devastating anything with markerlights and whoever has smart missile systems.

>> No.50235270

>>50235252 meant to quote

>> No.50235271

in your case, because triple secondary colour is as bad as triple primary.

>> No.50235272

Blessings upon thee, Apothecary

>> No.50235274


Purple and yellow are royal colours, its a self propagating scheme ingrained into our collective consciousness.

>> No.50235284

So what about this case: >>50235229

>> No.50235305

The Chapter obviously
You are a Marine first, Mechanicus second: Family > Friends

>> No.50235314

Why are Skittari and the Cult mechanicus two separate armies with two separate books?

It just doesnt make sense especially considering the getting started set has a HQ unit from the cult.

>> No.50235320

because GW

>> No.50235329

Techmarine would likely REEEEEEEEEEEEE at the situation and try to convince command to help the Cult Mechanicus, as even a rumour of STCs are no joke. Even a fragment of one is a big enough deal for Forge Worlds to send in the Titan Legions.

>> No.50235334

Preisthood and the Soldiers
>Hurr why are Priests and Knights 2 seperate factions

>> No.50235338

What? The getting started skiitari has an HQ from cult mechanicus?

So you can't even make an army with the getting started kid?

>> No.50235352

>Techmarine would likely REEEEEEEEEEEEE
I can't get the image (and sound) out of my head.

>> No.50235353

it's a formation

>> No.50235362

So I'm in a tough spot with my roommate/fwb/it's complicated.

She's not only not a gamer but is hostile to me gaming. It's "creepy/not normal" and she hates I have a display case and all that.

I'm downsizing my collection anyway, but she's at that "I want it *all* gone" state, and asked to choose between her and gaming.

I said gaming. Because if she gets to control one part of my life like that, she'll go for everything else, and she's all "fine."

Has anyone here dealt with a partner walking out on you over 40k, assuming no issues with budget (super careful with that) or presence (I don't talk about it with her/drag her into it as she's clearly not interested)? Have you been able to salvage things or do you just cut the cord?

>> No.50235370

Technically you can play them unbound, and IIRC there's a "datasheet" for the contents of every box.

>> No.50235373

Yell WAAAGH all the time. Two of my buddies play Orks and the games wouldn't be fun without us yelliing WAAAGH!, Blood for the Blood God!, and the For the Empra'!. If you're playing Orks you probably already don't take the game super seriously so love Your Dudes and have fun.

>> No.50235384

>that one ms comic of a couple whispering, edited for 40k
If she can't accept you with your hobbies, then drop her

>> No.50235386

GW didn't want to wait so they could release them as one force.

>> No.50235387

Your roommate i a gigantic bitch, if you give up 40k she will just go after something else

>> No.50235390


If this was a gf I'd still tell you to kick her to the curb, but if she's only living in your house and letting you fuck her, go Exterminatus that beeatch.

>> No.50235393


Tech priest dominus is from the Cult and its rules are in the cult rulebook, Skiitari doesnt even have any HQ options.

>> No.50235395

She sounds like a bitch desu
Don't stick your dick in crazy, anon

>> No.50235396



It's a control thing.

>> No.50235401

That would trigger loyalist players.

Ideally, the basic CSM would be cheaper than a loyalist marine due to a lack of inbuilt Chapter Tactics and ATSKNF, but with a variety of reasonably priced Veteran Skills and Chaos blessings to make more elite CSM.

The current system of "pretty much the same cost base but vastly worse with expensive and shitty Marks" is pretty much the worst possible system.

>> No.50235402


>> No.50235409

Take some advice from Echoes Act 3

>> No.50235418

Reckless Abandon is probably the single easiest shit test for 40k players.

>> No.50235430

>even enemy turns

>> No.50235438


Look I had a controlling GF and she made me choose between my friends and her or gaming and her or something else and her.

She wants attention, and you give a fair bit of your attention to those models. Don't sacrifice something you enjoy just for a woman, someone better who understands will come along I promise.

If your partner is walking out on you because of a hobby (you seem to be on top of everything in terms of budget, time, and not annoying her with it) she is the one with issues not you. You seem well adjusted from what you've been saying.

>> No.50235472

Today is the day my Commissar executed Marneus Augustus Calgar.
My Commissar joined a squad of recruits.
Calgar joined some Vanguards/Sternguards ( i always forget which one is which )
Calgars friends all die due to Eldar shenanigans, but my recruits are nearby, so he joins them,so that he has a meatshield protecting him.
Then, in the next round my enemy shot at the recruits, killed many and made them fail their moral ( i rolled a double 6 ), so i let my commissar shoot one of them. I rolled a d6 and rolled another 6, so my enemy gets to decide which model gets shot.
Of course he decides that Calgar gets shot to improve the moral.

TL;DR Shooting the Chaptermaster of the Ultramarines improves the moral

>> No.50235479


Holy fuck, did he live?

>> No.50235488

>tfw waiting for new thread before starting a new topic
Worst time of the thread.

>> No.50235492


Which forge world book are they in? Dont feel like downloading them all.

>> No.50235497

nope, a commisar removes the model from the game, no saving throws allowed.Neither is feel no pain, eternal warrior, having 2871276 bazillion wounds or anything else. Commissars dont fuck around

>> No.50235501

Spend the time making a proper new thread instead of this last wave of shitty phoneposts

>> No.50235510


Here I will help you by replying to his post, hope its a good one.

Also yeah create the new thread then, this one is going to fill up fast.

>> No.50235525


i got a girl problem but they love that i have a hobby.

>> No.50235533

It can work but every game I've played with my wyche/helion army has ended with me almost tabled but ahead in points.

>> No.50235555

Commissars remove AM models, Calgar isn't AM

>> No.50235561





>> No.50235572

>thread name as name not topic

Close, but no cigar.

>> No.50235575

>Shitty cover
>No subject

>> No.50235576


>> No.50235655

The iron hands combi relic is good
Salamanders shooty relic is cheap fun,
One from main codex is pretty solid
Imperial fists is "fun"

>> No.50235771


One of my first models to the left for reference.

>> No.50235799

Well smearing them with black ink/was doesn't help.

it kills the contrast between tan undersuit and orange-yellow armour.

>> No.50235845

Well how DO I fix it then?

>> No.50235879

Orange highlights on the "panels".

At this point in the paint-job, now that it's washed already, I'd say just putting some subtle highlights on the edges of each individual panel could make it more apparent that the orange is a separate colour from the tan uniform beneath it.
On future models, perhaps a slightly brighter shade of orange could be the answer, or else more pronounced highlights before the wash is applied and the subtle highlight thereafter?

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