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Still no oops all spells addition

>Active Legacy Forums

>Current Legacy Metagame

>Find/Browse basic lands by their art (Updated through Duel Decks: Jace vs Chandra)

>Top 5 Breakdown (May 26, 2016)

>Miracles: The Match-Up Everyone Should Know

>Utilizing Cabal Therapy (Old but still good)


Common Legacy - Decks You Should Prepare to Face
>Delver variants (Grixis, Izzet, BUG, RUG)
>ANT (Ad Nauseam Tendrils)
>Death and Taxes
>Eldrazi Stompy
>Shardless BUG

Uncommon Legacy - Decks You Should Know About
>LED Dredge
>TES (The Epic Storm)
>4-Color Loam
>Nic Fit
>Sneak n Show

Rare Legacy - Decks You May See On Occasion
>High Tide
>Food Chain
>12 Post
>Pox Control
>Blood Moon Stompy variants
>Sneak n Breach
>Stax (White or Black)
>Deadguy Ale

Mythic Legacy - Decks You'll See Once a Year
>Doomsday Fetchland Tendrils (DDFT)
>Nourshing Lich
>Non-Eldrazi Moon-less Stompy variants
>Spanish Inquisition
>Ux Omnitell
>The Cure (Kavu Predator + False Cure)

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Non-Legacy player here. How do y'all sleeve and shuffle your $1000 decks?

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You double sleeve if you are paranoid. Consider, however, that my legacy deck is my deck for life. I don't care if my cards lose value because I won't be selling them; I'm playing with them. I just treat them like any other cards.

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It's a pun because I didn't add oops to the decks list

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If you don't win on turn 2, suicide or make a new deck?

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Apropos of something in the earlier thread, I'd played a Counterbalance-less Miracles casual deck for a bit around early 2013, and someone had asked what it had in it. Caveat: I'd never intended to play the deck competitively, and I wasn't thinking of the Miracle cards as anything but value cards in a shell based on other stuff. The shell was something like this:
4x Gitaxian Probe
4x Serum Visions
4x Ponder
4x Brainstorm
4x Thunderous Wrath
4x Temporal Mastery
2x(?) Devastation Tide
4x Wee Dragonauts

I didn't have any Tops at the time (and I've only got one now), but those would be a natural inclusion. Dragonauts would probably be better replaced by something like Swiftspear or that Izzet guy some Delver lists are playing these days. Throw in some countermagic, Mentors, and (maybe) Terminuses, and that'd be a start. Anyone ever tried anything like that in a competitive setting?

Also sad there's no All Spells in the lede again. Make Legacy great again! I didn't vote.


I double-sleeve, but I do it wrong (both sleeves facing the same direction). Not too worried about the cards, though. If one plays with cards, one should be prepared for them to receive some scuffings.


With All Spells? No, just wait another turn and once they overextend, Therapy naming Force of Will and combo off.

So what are /tg/Leg/'s Dream Decks? What would you put together in Legacy and/or other formats if money were no object? In b4 "all of them."

I really like Painter, S&T, and Reanimator. Painter just looks like one of those decks that could only exist in Legacy (a red contol deck that turns everything blue in order to win). S&T and Reanimator both do stuff I've just always liked; bring out boss dudes for cheap and go to town.

I've been wanting to put together TPS in Vintage (proxied, because I'm poor). Just built a terrible Commander deck—commander is either Atogatog or Cromat.

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Well I've always wanted to build miracles but I already have that done. I've always wanted to play and build
Esper Stoneblade
Shardless BUG
And Pact-spanish Inquistion

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I double sleeve, ultra pro tight fit and then matte black dragon shields over top. Will always double sleeved expensive decks from now on since one time I spilled coca cola all over my miracles deck and the second set of sleeves saved them

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I double sleeve. Any old perfect fits work for the inners. I like Dragon Shield Mattes for the outers. I shuffle fairly gently. I have a special technique.

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I've seen images of your deck, dont lie to us

>upside down ultra pros

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Double sleeve, shuffle as normal, if a little more carefully.

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KMC inner sleeves, dragon shield matte outer.
I riffle my lands deck and Tabernacle because fuck you.

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I already have everything for my favorite decks in Legacy

I guess if I had to pick another one to just fall into my lap it would be Aluren

My real dream though is a Survival unban.

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Found an eBay listing for a full-foil Dredge list, ends in 4 and a half hours

4 ichorid
4 putrid imp
4 mana confluence
4 faithless looting
4 cabal therapy
4 careful study
3 breakthrough
4 gemstone mine
4 cephalid colosseum
4 Lion's Eye Diamond
4 Bridge from below
4 Golgari Grave-Troll
3 Golgari Thug
4 narcomoeba
4 Stinkweed imp
1 elesh norn
1 iona
1 Dread return
1 flame-kin zealot

2 firestorm
1 ancient grudge
2 lotus petal
4 abrupt decay

Reserve is at 1.3k, SCG prices put it at 2K
Should I try and get it?

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My deck isn't (wasn't) $1000, but
Dragon Shield Matte
KMC Inners

>> No.50219369

Everything in the listing is original set, Ichorids are signed by rk post, putrid imps are jap foil, the firestorms are signed by artist and the ancient grudge is jap too
Oh and it has a few RK Post Zombie tokens.
I'm gonna bid, and if I win get a personal loan. YOLO.

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honestly, if money were no issue, if probably just pimp the rest of my deck as much as possible. beta duals, foil foreign onslaught fetches, all that shit. and white-bordered elves.

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single sleeve because i'm not a soft cunt like everyone else.

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I changed my ways, pal.

still sleeve them upside down

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The reason I double-sleeve with both sleeves going the same direction is that I've had a devil of a a time getting the KMCs into matte Dragon Shields when they're going in opposite directions. Creased sleeves, etc.

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You have to sleeve stuff slightly differently in Dragon Shields, look it up

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There's a technique that works well for me. You put the card in the innet sleeve, then push that just a bit into the outer sleeve until it would get fucked up if you push any more. THEN pop the outer sleeve open a bit, put your finger in and lay it on the inner sleeved card. Use the extra surace area to push the card in without the inner sleeve getting fucked up. Be firm but gentle.

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what's so hard about not having drinks near the deck?

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Fucking do it bitch.

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Update on this
1 hour left, still winning at exactly his reserve
Let's see if I get sniped.

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Well I'm not going to bid so good luck.

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KMC and KMC perfect fits.

>> No.50220549

Honestly, I wouldn't even be mad. It's currently $2000 of cards at $1350 (USD)

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>What are your dream decks?
Vintage: Shops/MUD, Oath, and Monastery right off the bat. Top three decks (excluding Dredge) in a format built to do dumb stupid stuff all the time. Plus I really like Oath of Druids.

Legacy: Deadguy Ale, Stoneblade, Show and Tell, Lands, ANT, and Lich. I don't know how to play ALL of these decks to their maximum potential but I do know I like playing all of these decks. Except maybe ANT. I'd have it just for giggles.

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Oh hey Dredgeguy
With the dredge list I'm bidding on, how would you change it, and what SB cards would you reccommend?

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Guys I won
Time to get a loan!

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Move Elesh and Iona to the side, focus on the FKZ plan in the main. Up the Dread Return count by 1 and jam another Golgari Thug. Unless the list is miscounted that should put you at 60 cards main and 11 cards in the side.

Up Lotus Petal and Firestorm to 3 each, though you don't have to do this if your meta doesn't have a lot of DRS and combo decks. I straight-up don't like Abrupt Decay at all in Dredge but a lot of players use it so that's up to you. Either go full playset of Ancient Grudge or cut the whole thing and add 4 Nature's Claim. The latter is better against Leyline and RiP, the former is better against Grafdigger's Cage.

For Dread Return packages in general I like Iona, Elesh Norn and either Ashen Rider or Blazing Archon. The former is better against Lands (Glacial Chasm, Tabernacle) and the latter shuts down Eldrazi and creature-oriented strategies.

Iona and Elesh to the side
+1 DR
+1 Golgari Thug

-1 Ancient Grudge
+4 Nature's Claim
+1 Ashen Rider or Blazing Archon
+- Lotus Petal and/or Firestorm

>> No.50221035

FKZ should be in the main while the disruptive reanimator targets should be sided in.

>> No.50221038

This is my list that I had written up before, with a couple of changes to SB

>> No.50221062

You can safely cut a Dread Return. 2 is all you really need in the 75. Up your Golgari Thug count to 4 if you do.

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It's not but the extra sleeve helps protect the cards from damage more

>> No.50223098


maybe it's just me, but I feel like double sleeving somehow looks better. with the slight extra thickness, my cards just look snug.

>> No.50224743

Now that I just got home and looked at my deck, yeah I think your right. Deck looks and even feels way more important and cool than my other decks

>> No.50224786

I don't double sleeve my modern deck. It's not worth as much but I don't want it to feel like it's as cool an important as my legacy decks.

>> No.50225838

>hue cards

>> No.50226150

Yeah I only double sleeve my legacy deck, thought about triple sleeving it a couple times. Then I remeber my friends triple sleeved deck... and how it's harder to shuffle then a double sleeved commander deck

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quick Q
is there any way to tell if a black lotus is fake? me and a friend picked up 8 boxes of cards today and we found one, looks really damn convincing that we thought it was real at first.

found a ton of other good shit, gonna trade later with him.

>> No.50226914

You could always try the bend test, shining something simple like a phone light under the card to see if it has the signature blue wavey ink. I'm sure there is more ways but you can always try out your Googlefu. I've had a judge check out all my old expensive cards to make sure they are real, could always try that too if you have a judge near you

>> No.50227445

ok, ill bring it to my next fnm for them to check

>> No.50227727


You don't need the Putrid Imps. I haven't run them in over a year, and on the rare occasions I dig up Dredge for a weekly, I have no trouble without them (i.e., any problems I have aren't as a result of not having PImps).

Maxed Ichorids, Thugs, and Breakthroughs are really important. They increase your odds of blowout dredges and decrease your reliance on mulligans and Narcomoebas/Bridge from Below. At this juncture I'm not running Zealot, Iona, or Elesh Norn in my maindeck. I only run one Dread Return main, but I keep 2 in my sideboard.

The difficulty of going with the FKZ plan is that the cards that facilitate it decrease your consistency. That doesn't mean you shouldn't run it in your sideboard; it means that, unless you're in a T1-combo-heavy format, you probably will benefit more from consistency than you will from the inclusion of Zealot and his pals. I run a Griselbrand and a Dread Return maindeck, but I'd probably cut G-Brand if I could find a black creature that's more versatile. Griselbrand lets you dredge out everything (EVERYTHING) and win, but you often don't need to do that any more than you need a Flame-Kin to sandbag the opponent.

I've never liked Firestorm, but I know that I'm in the minority on that position. I've been testing sideboard Force of Will occasionally (3x; I'm penniless), and it's good.


Excellent taste, good sir!


Objectively correct.

Current listenings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSUYWm0P6ms

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Holy shit I haven't been here in months. Surprised doomsday guy is still making threads. Good job lad

>> No.50227987

Thanks senpai. I think I still make the most threads but we have several other dedicated legacyfags who do too. Definitely the best general on /tg/

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>Dude on Cockatrice is looking for someone to help him test ANT vs Eldrazi
>I copy/paste a list from a recent legacy league 5-0 on MTGO
>Proceed to win every single game except for one because I accidentally mulliganed

It's a complete joke, Eldrazifags explain why your deck isn't on complete autopilot and how it actually rewards playskill

>> No.50228378


>how it actually rewards playskill

It doesn't against Storm.

I can see arguments about how it does against other things, especially its really terrible matchups (Lands, Painter, Reanimator).

Generally, though, it's a pretty linear and simple deck to play. T1 Chalice/Thorn/Chalice and Thorn; T2 Thought-KNazi, T3 Smasher and the like are essentially just value plays that beat value decks like Jund or Shardless. Having access to "you don't get to play Magic" cards is the only thing that puts it in the Legacy universe, and as much as I think those are awesome cards (however much they screw me), that doesn't make the deck any more than a testament to terrible design.

I'd play the deck myself if I had the money, just to try it out, but yeah...

>> No.50228821

>double sleeving a commander deck
People do this?

Good to see you too my dude.

>> No.50229692

One of my friends double sleeved his EDH deck, but that's because it costs about as much as a legacy deck.

>> No.50230185

I bought perfect fits accedentally thinking they were regular old shitty clear sleeves, so I decided to sleeve my $270 Gitrog deck

its my most expensive, I don't even play legacy :'(

>> No.50230989

Personally I'd double sleeve any deck worth over $350, or $500 for EDH, but I'm both poor and clumsy.

>> No.50231055

Thought this would be the best place to ask

My neighbor gave me some magic and 40k stuff and I'm trying to identify a lot of it

I don't have the space to keep all of it, but the piece that was most interesting was the 1995 deckmaster box. Open and disheveled, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a resource for finding complete deck lists for things like this. That and if it's even worth trying to sell, by piece or as a lot

>> No.50231094

Stupid question: is there a magic the gathering equivalent to YGOpro?

>> No.50231115

So, Deckmaster doesn't actually mean anything, they were going to have a "Deckmaster" line of card games that are all different, but they ended up making it expansions for MTG.
On the individual cards, along the right-middle of the card there's a symbol, you can identify the sets by that symbol. The 1995 sets use the symbols in pic, with the snowflake having the better cards of the three.
For individual card prices you're best looking at a site like TCGPlayer or StarCityGames

MTGO (Magic: The Gathering Online) is the official one, $10 signup fee, and you need to pay for events and packs.
XMage is unofficial and 100% free, with a proper engine for priority, and everything else
Cockatrice is also unofficial and free, but it's all up to the players to handle the rules.

>> No.50231147

Ah, I see
Maybe I was a bit unclear, but by deckmaster I was referring to a specific box set like this and I can only find one set called just "Deckmaster"
I was hoping to find a list of cards in the set so that I could sell it off all at once (whoever had it before just used the box to store all of their cards I'm guessing as there are a few editions mixed in)

For the most part however, there is no set symbol, so I'm thought they belonged to this specific set or something
I know fuck all about mtg and I'm sure it shows

>> No.50231175


If you're seeing if you can flip something off of ebay, you don't need to lie about it.

>> No.50231210

it was just the first picture I found when googling
I'm really just wondering if there's a place I can find a full list of cards for this set as I don't even know what to call it as it lacks a symbol

>> No.50231731

It's turn 1 and you're on the play. Tapping your Underground Sea, you cast Cabal Therapy targeting your opponent. What do you name?

Easy Mode: They have red sleeves.

Normal Mode: Your opponent did not actually look at their hand before deciding to keep.

Hard Mode: Your opponent watched the end of your last match. He mulligans to three during the first round before conceding, and now in round 2 has kept a hand of seven.

Lunatic Mode: You're playing Vintage and your opponent's deck is in blue Ultra-Pro sleeves.

>> No.50231791

I'm no expert but those are either cards from Unlimited or Revised, I believe. Search the cards on TCGplayer and look at the prices for those sets. I don't know how to tell the difference, I only know that white bordered symbol-less cards are usually from those two sets. Old, but probably not worth much.

>> No.50231832

Try again.

>> No.50231855

Care to elaborate?

Those sets are from 1993/4 I think, and these are 1995, so I don't think it's either of those

>> No.50231862

>I'm no expert

I mean, I did warn you

>> No.50231873

The guy who thought the cards were from the "Deckmaster set" is actually more correct right now than you are.

>> No.50231894

Do you have any useful information or are you just going to keep telling me how terrible I am at magic?

>> No.50231904

What would that be called?
It's not a set, but it is a predetermined "set" of cards from a specific box

>> No.50231928

It should be basically effortless to figure out these cards are from the 4th Edition Gift Box which comes with two random starter decks. All of the cards are from the 4th Edition set.

>> No.50231949

For some reason I thought 4e cards had set symbols. Also, I didn't know they had gift boxes back then, I guess you learn something new every day

>> No.50233341

Guys I need a shitbrew and it needs to be modern legal

>> No.50233430


>> No.50233452

I got you f a m

>> No.50233642

>DDFT Guy asks about shitbrews
>excited I get to post my Aetherflux Reservoir deck again
>"modern legal"

>> No.50233887

Actually I was thinking about trying to brew a modern aetherFlux deck. But I should probably take this to the modern thread

>> No.50234017

Easy mode: Brainstorm or Bolt, depends on how I'm feeling,
Normal mode: Git probe/Street wraith, blind keeping 7 tells me theyre on Manaless.
Hard mode: Mindbreak Trap
Lunatic Mode: Null Rod

>> No.50234115

>Lunatic Mode
I name Flandre Scarlet and combo off with U. N. Owen Was Her? blasting in my ears.

>> No.50235754

>Hard Mode: Your opponent watched the end of your last match. He mulligans to three during the first round before conceding, and now in round 2 has kept a hand of seven.
Probably LED. I think most turn 1 kills and nut draws probably stem from that card.

>> No.50236605

Does anyone here have a stereo typical type of player they hate?
I personally despise the try hard commander types who jam in as many combos as they can. Wouldn't you rather have fun in this unique format or are you just going to bring down everybody else because you want to win?

inb4 legacy players

>> No.50236717

Can any of you guys explain to me how this cards works? If I play it does it go into my graveyard after use it, like an instant, or can I use it each turn?

>> No.50236772

Assuming I'm playing Doomsday...

Easy mode:
Force of will. I'm a combo deck and I don't really try to get in people's heads pre-game.

Hard mode: they're probably on manaless dredgeSo name gitaxian probe.

Hard mode: I'd still think manaless since he let me have the play. BUT here I think i'd name force again since we're post board and I'll get at least 1 more turn.

Lunatic mode: name doomsday. Only madmen use ultra pro sleeves.

>> No.50237540


Read the card. You pay 8 mana and tap Aladdin's Ring to activate its ability. Whereabouts does it say that you have to sacrifice or put it into your graveyard afterwards? That's your answer.

>> No.50238707

I play Loam Pox and I've been looking around for stuff to stomp Miracles as there's a bunch in my metagame, and I decided I want to try Contamination out.

I do have one question though. Can anyone explain how Contamination interacts with Riftstone Portal?

>> No.50238990

It would go by timestamp. So if you got Contamination out first and later on got Riftstone Portal into the graveyard, Portal overwrites Contamination's effect. The reverse is also true.

>> No.50239303

To stomp miracles as loam Pox lad you need Garruk Relentless or Worm Harvest :3

>> No.50240183

It's so... beautiful!

>> No.50240346

He wouldn't dare...

>> No.50240364

>white border Lotus Petal

>> No.50240377


>> No.50240442

Hey /MTG/ I'm just getting back into mtg after a long time. Is my green deck still any good? What are some good green ramping cards that have come out recently?

>> No.50240596

How about now?

>> No.50240617

I hope you rot in hell for all fucking eternity.

>> No.50240648



>> No.50240837

You are mistaken. Timestamps are not relevant in this situation. Contamination's second ability does not apply in any of the layers. It is a replacement effect.

>> No.50240848

The ritual is complete.

>> No.50240997

You fucking mad man

>> No.50241143

Just listening to Ne Obliviscaris and defacing some magic cards. Nothing to see here!

>> No.50241181

I think you mean "improving"

>> No.50241294

I think so. but SOME of us don't understand

>> No.50241583


>> No.50241601

And when I'm done I'll single sleeve it in upside down ultra pros and post a pic here

>> No.50241888

Modern cuck here, I have a belcher deck but I want to actually have a chance to win small tournaments (not gp level, 30-40 man). Im interested in ANT and 4cLoam since they are reasonably affordable for me (I have all the LEDs/Loam is almost all modern playables that i would use anyway) and arent d&t which has exploded everywhere. What should I go into?

>> No.50242031

Storm, definitely Storm. Loam is for losers.

>> No.50242489

I vote storm.

>> No.50242550

Loam, have some decency.

>> No.50242869

Cheerios of course.

Toss nuCheerios in a control shell and go to town.

>> No.50243055

Good job.

You didn't even make it past Patchy, retry game.

You both missed it.

He tells you that last match he received a penalty for marked sleeves no pattern and had to resleeve. He is now using black sleeves.

>> No.50243144

i'm not sure what youre on about m8

>> No.50243269

God's work is time consuming. This is all I got done tonight. Will post more as I complete them.

>> No.50243404

Please don't

>> No.50243490

Change your calendar page retard.

>> No.50243557

You're not my dad!

>> No.50244234

Nigga I made it to that clock bitch on Normal I'll have you know I'm a god damn wonderkid at vidya

Pic related

>> No.50245402

Anyone got a budget 12 post list floating around? I'm assuming mono green is the way to go for a budget build

>> No.50245438

What the fuck are you doing? White-border cards are aids.

>> No.50245549

Wewlad, I just want to play a good deck. Not my fault that people are turboscrubs.
Ever since I started playing competitively I just can't bring myself to make a suboptimal deck. Also the reason why I only have 2 EDH decks

>> No.50245639

Nice fake LED :^)

>> No.50246048

Does anyone know where Infect Guy got his white-border inner sleeves? I want some for reasons

>> No.50246085


>> No.50246184

Don't they only do black border? And don't they look like shit with older cards because of the terrible quality control?

>> No.50246233

Quality control remains terrible.

Personally I would hesitate to get any design sleeves reliant on both their manufacturer and the card printing process to not fuck up.

>> No.50246351

>Easy Mode: They have red sleeves
Red sleeves could be burn but it's more likely to be any number of other decks, Brainstorm is always a good choice and is much more common in the format overall than Lightning Bolt.

>Normal Mode: Your opponent did not actually look at their hand before deciding to keep.
Force of Will, assuming Manaless Dredge.

>Hard Mode: Your opponent watched the end of your last match. He mulligans to three during the first round before conceding, and now in round 2 has kept a hand of seven.
Sphere of Resistance, assuming Lands.

>Lunatic Mode: You're playing Vintage and your opponent's deck is in blue Ultra-Pro sleeves.
Force of Will again because it's the most represented non-restricted card in Vintage. With cheap-ish blue sleeves you might expect Merfolk, and they run the full set of Force so that's covered.

>> No.50247034

How shit do you have to be to not win tournaments with Belcher?

>> No.50247045

so if I'm reading the oracle text right, rifstone portal does nothing if I have contamination going?

>> No.50247154

[Judge] Yes. Riftstone portal gives them "T: Add G or W", and Contamination replaces the outcome with black mana instead of G/W/whatever else they can tap the land for

>> No.50247335

no way senpai, they look much better now. I especially like the LED and SDT.

>> No.50247840

they're not sleeves. I took an eraser to them.

>> No.50248026

I could've sworn someone in here used inners with white borders
Either way, Bordifies look shit judging by the photos and i don't want to eraser my cards, however much playing a whited dredge deck would make folks sperg out

>> No.50248060

Eraser takes a long fucking time, not sure how infect guy had the patience. I used acetone and painters tape, and an eraser just for cleaning up stray marks. It only took a sort of long time.

>> No.50248069

I'd rather my cards all be NM original prints, tbqh

>> No.50248172

I kind of didn't have the patience. I originally meant to do the become immenses too but gave up after I finished the elves. I had an scg stream running while I did it.

>> No.50248327

I intend to do my whole deck. One of my teammates did it to his nic fit deck and it is beautiful

>> No.50248382

I'm gonna have to buy some acetone

>> No.50248396

what's up black people, trying to get into legacy...should i build b/r reanimator so i can actually win or should i stick with nic fit so i can have fun losing?

>> No.50248420

B/R reanimator is on a tear recently. Definitely go that route as long as you're not too afraid of graveyard hate. It's pretty cheap too.

>> No.50248436

Get painter's tape too. And practice on a cheap card or 2 before you go for your fetch lands or something because you need to scrub fairly hard, but too hard and you could damage the card stock. But I just put a bit of acetone on a paper towel and gave my cards a scrub and they came out pretty good.

>> No.50249351

i love white bordered cards but augh some of those aren't str8 m8 use a ruler or something

>> No.50249407

I used painter's tape but you end up with a tiny bit of bleed through so it's rarely perfect.

>> No.50249580

You're retarded. That's 4th Edition.

>> No.50251056

Bump. What was the least fun game of legacy you can remember playing?

>> No.50251335

First for elfu is welfu.

On the draw vs. Miracles:
He plays Top.
I play Deathrite.
He casts Ponder, shuffles, makes his land drop, passes.
I combo out with Glimpse and attack with a lethal Hoof.
>le ebin 1 mana instant speed skillful boardwipe is on the top of his deck
He then slams counterbalance and I lose the game.

I've had this happen at east three times.

>> No.50251426

I know how you feel. Seems like every game I play against reanimator is like that.
>rip their hand apart
>will win next turn as long as they draw dead
>they skillfully top deck "1B: draw 14"

It happens.

>> No.50251557

Yeah Miracles sucks dick to play against sometimes. Take it from me, I am an EXPERT.

Pretty much any game against Leylines has been totally bullshit for my decks. Makes me sad when someone goes "Terminus your Zombies" or "Top, fetch, Top, fetch, Top, fetch, Counterbalance".

>> No.50251571

Lmao you should leave it like that to piss off everyone

>> No.50252044


Hung-over battles against Miracles are a real drag. Hell, battles against Miracles generally are a drag. I feel like playing against fast combo can really suck, but at least the game's up in the air if they aren't barfing cards. Miracles can pull ahead undeniably on the second turn but fail to actually close the game until turn 25.

I also don't like playing against Eldrazi on Storm at all. It's like you can spend ages figuring out how to turn your hand into a game-winner, and all they have to do is play A Card.


I was of the impression that Dredge had a pretty reasonable Miracles matchup. Maybe I'm wrong (I haven't had a Miracles game in months now), but I thought slow-rolling your Ichorids to force them to dump Terminus or reanimating Iona did a lot to shore up the matchup.

Anybody got goofy deck ideas they've seen people try out? What's the most ridiculous, left-field deck you've seen that worked?

>> No.50252231

Yeah we do but he Snapcaster chumped, then Terminus'd afterward with two Ichorids on the board.

>> No.50253354

>Anybody got goofy deck ideas they've seen people try out? What's the most ridiculous, left-field deck you've seen that worked?
Depending on the definition of "worked" the following has done disturbingly well (relatively speaking) everytime I've tested it against AI.

Walker Deck Wins
4 Ajani, Caller of the Pride
4 Angelic Wall
4 Authority of the Consuls
4 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
4 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
4 Karn Liberated
4 Liliana Vess
4 Ob Nixilis Reignited
4 Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
14 Plains
10 Swamp

>> No.50253573

I'm new to this general, but I have a question. Does anybody even plays legacy outside of tourneys/FNM?

I mean, if the Modern thread would be anything to go by, people treat Modern as this serious-ass format that only dicks, if would seem get into, and only sees play at a serious level, while everyone else plays standard/draft. If all the stores I've visited were any indication, this isn't true however, as most people play kitchen table Modern, just picking up cards to go along and having fun with tribal decks.

Altough, I don't know if either I didn't noticed before or people just don't do it, I've only seem Legacy on GPs or sanctioned events. so tl;dr, do people play Legacy at a more casual level too?

>> No.50253867

I've known kitchen table playgroups that were ok with playing 4c sol ring. so I guess the short answer is "yes." but when someone says "legacy" with regard to mtg, they generally mean at least fnm level events played with tuned decks constructed in anticipation of the greater competitive established meta game.

>> No.50254185

>if the Modern thread would be anything to go by
I think they let very clear on the OP that they just tlk about cutthroath. i don't understnd why people don't get it, they can play meme decks like rev 15, but that's not the place to talk about it

>> No.50254783

Oh man I got stomped the other day by someone playing Jeskai stompy. mfw he flashed in resto angel in response to the echo trigger on his avalanche riders. Could also just be the fact that T1 chalice is generally a good play

>> No.50255585

Though I understand that, it's not what I meant by the dicks part to be clear.

It's the angriest general on /tg/ by far for some reason. Reminds me a lot of /v/.

>> No.50256745

They have the same problem as /v/, but in a different form.

No (card) games, no fun, and an industry that's forgotten what it used to stand for.

>> No.50257377

Legacy is fucking fun familiaChan. Once legacy virgins get a taste they make shitty budget brews. Trust me lad it's the most fun you'll ever have. My lad took his 100$ to a scg legacy classic and went 5-3. All matches were against tier 1 decks.

>> No.50258351

Just got a sick ass masterpiece lotus petal for DDFT. Which would tilt dredge guy harder, 1 masterpiece lotus petal among an otherwise white bordered deck, or a whitebordered masterpiece lotus petal?

>> No.50258441

Playing doomsday will tilt him enough :3

>> No.50258912

If you white border a masterpiece, I'm afraid we'll have to organize a witch hunt

>> No.50258983


Really depends on the playgroup. I'm in a spot where we only get 4-8-person Legacy events every week, but I know that many of the people in the tournaments view Legacy as their primary interest. It's the only format I play with any regularity except for Commander, which I deliberately avoided until I found a playgroup that's reasonably solid and lacking in salt.

Modern's swiftly becoming the worst format. I'd have said it was Standard hands down a year ago, but now that it's got interesting cards and doesn't have Morph, I'm on the fence.


Yuck. I guess that's one more argument in favor of sideboard Force of Will, though I don't know how much that would help against dedicated control.


Definitely interested in hearing any playtesting data you can find.


This is relevant to my interests. Any idea of a list?


I think re-bordering a Masterpiece would tilt pretty much any human in Magic. It would probably look pretty rad, though.

>> No.50259299

>Definitely interested in hearing any playtesting data you can find.

Because planeswalkers are expensive($), costly (3 CMC [Tibalt doesn't count]), and powerful (many of them have a near win condition for an ultimate) opponents view them as tier 1 threats. They will spend resources with reckless abandon if they think they can take out such an important part of your game plan early. Walker Deck Wins™ exploits this and turns planeswalkers into walls. The first 3 you play will likely die. It doesn't matter, because the rest of your deck is planeswalkers.

Ajani tends to be the first out the gate. He Elspeth, and Sorin can all lay/buff tokens. Lili can topdeck whoever you need. Ob has draw and destory. Karn has exile.

Assuming your opponent realizes you are running a bat-crap crazy deck full of planeswalkers, there aren't as many dedicated planeswalker hate cards, and who plans there sideboard around facing a deck full of planeswalkers?

The whole thing is dancing on the line between "so stupid it might work" and "no, it's just really fucking stupid".

>> No.50259339

The deck looks insanely fun if it got tuned a bit more

>> No.50259511

I think it would look sick but I don't think it would go well. the foil layer goes all the way to the edge of the cardstock, and I don't know how it would interact with acetone. it might melt or whatever. So I'd have to very carefully cut the foiling away on the border or something. I don't know. sounds like a recipe for disaster. So I unfortunately think it will retain its black border.

>> No.50260084

The foil layer will stay through Acetone, that's how prople make foil proxies. If you acetone the edges it'll make them just the foil layer on white, so they look silver.

>> No.50260226

I wonder what he will do when he realises you can buy inner sleeves that have white borders - google bordifies

>> No.50260412

Are they good though?

>> No.50261652

I already knew that. I prefer they actually be white border. I prefer the way white bordered cards look. I want them to actually be white bordered.

We'be talked about them in this thread already. Quality control apparently is crappy.

>> No.50261776

Hmm I'll have to think about it. Anyone know if it works the same for the different masterpiece foiling process?

>> No.50261996

It was DDFT against Eldrazi.
I'm on the play with a solid hand. I'm on the play and drop a Top, he goes T1 Thorn. I have a Decay in hand so I don't mind that much. T2 I play another land and Ponder, he goes Thorn. Things are getting rough, but at least he has no clock out. T3 I cast a Lotus Petal for 2 and probably need to use my BW soon to wish for Shattering Spree. Next turn I Decay 1 Thorn and he drops a third. I was pretty peeved at that, but at least he still had no threat. The next turn I BW for Spree and he casts Thought Nazi.

>> No.50262120

Christ yeah that's a rough matchup. I've been experimenting with different board plans. Hurkyl's recall is worth it if you face eldrazi a lot. Since i play nothing worth wishing for in the matchup, Right now my board plan has been -4 wishes, -1 volc, -2 therapy, +1 doomsday, +1 tendrils (this might not be worth the slot), +3 decay, +1 shelldock isle, +1 emrakul if I have them. The rationale being your best bet in the matchup is to cast doomsday turn 1, either to get lucky and win on he spot, or set up shelldock/emmy and hope the they don't have one of 4 cards that ruins the plan.

>> No.50262415

Since you asked and since I'm polite enough to provide an answer, rubbing acetone on the edges of a foil card will give you a silver sheen that creates a rainbow effect instead of a white border. If you're REALLY going to pull some heresy bullshit by white bordering a fucking Masterpiece, test it on other foils first.

>> No.50263335

I don't think im going to so you can rest easy.

>> No.50264492

I can never rest easy when you're around.

>> No.50264661

Well I still plan to white border the rest of the deck so don't rest too easy.

>> No.50264880

How are fish in legacy?

I find them boring in modern but if they're more interesting in legacy I wouldn't mind putting together a merfolk list

My group is of the opinion they're only good because the entire deck pitches to fow

>> No.50265046


In a nutshell it's the same deck but now you have Daze and Force of Will. You also get True Name Nemesis as well.

>> No.50265127

That's kinda disappointing. For some reason I always think I'll enjoy merfolk if I just give it one more try but it always feels like linear aggro. On the outside it looks like decisions are abundant but really you just slam fish at instant speed

>> No.50265272

>not "no oops all spells addition edition"

>> No.50266735

>it always feels like linear aggro
Because it's linear aggro. Legacy version plays FoWs and dazes only because it's mandatory.

>> No.50266758

I think he's referring to the part where fish players always say their deck has a lot of plays and is complex

>> No.50266796

It looks like shit tho. The edges are so stained.

>> No.50266835

Yeah but Magic players always say that, loads of them are terminally insecure, lean on their perceived intelligence to feel good about themselves and can't bear to face that they're playing a childishly simple deck.

>> No.50266980

Please no bully the Folk

>> No.50267038

>Yeah but Magic players always say that, loads of them are terminally insecure, lean on their perceived intelligence to feel good about themselves and can't bear to face that they're playing a childishly simple deck.

Uh, rude! I play combo and it's actually really complex to see your line and play through hate. In fact, my deck (Doomsday Fetchland Tendrils) is said to be the most complex deck in Magic. Try to remember players like me next time you generalize so much anon.

>> No.50267108


This has to be illegal in some way or another.

>> No.50267162

Planning on buying Death and taxes as my first legacy deck, good idea or bad idea?

>> No.50267183

It's a wonderful deck in a great position right now. If you like the deck and know how it plays you should be fine.

>> No.50267230

I know how to play it, or atleast get the experience once I actually play it. Sounds nice tho, I'm looking forward to completing it.

>> No.50267254

Some deck are complex, some decks are simple. However, Merfolk, Eldrazi and so on are not complicated decks no matter if there are a few things to think about. Nothing more pathetic than someone embarrassed to admit the deck they like is simple.

>> No.50267323

manaless, creatureless dredge

>> No.50267988

Terrible, awful idea

>> No.50268533


Some days I want to play a complex thinking game of Magic. Other days I just want to attack with creatures for 2.

>> No.50268614


That's because Merfolk is Linear Aggro/Fish/Swarm type deck. What makes Merfolk better in Legacy as well is that Island's tend to be quite abundant in the format for the most part.

>> No.50268730

What was he playing?

>> No.50268908

Still looks better than black borders.

>> No.50269391

You are a cancer upon society

>> No.50269676

Blue red Eldrazi. The list that the guy win the modern pro tour with all he did was add ancient tombs. Thas it I'm srs

>> No.50270483

I'm considering getting another legacy deck?
What plays like the exact opposite of 12 post?

>> No.50270704

12 post plays very powerful cards that are over costed and takes forever to win. infect plays terrible cards that are very under costed and you spend more time shuffling than playing magic.

>> No.50270826

>more time shuffling than playing magic
Oh don't get me started...

>> No.50270919

And I could also use infect as a modern deck when people wanna play that.
Sounds pretty good.

>> No.50271122

>shuffling your deck
You guys make me laugh.

>> No.50271284

This triggered a fun memory.

>High school
>all my friends would ditch a class for an extra lunch to play
>Those Green decks - pouncing jaguar 1st turns. Ancient Silverbacks just kept coming.
>Those Blue decks - Counter spells and hand returns, single monster Tidal Kracken.
>Those White decks- hoards of 1/1s with Congregate. dump it all into Phyrexian Processor. 45/45 each turn.
>Nobody wanted to play against red. so we house ruled Goblin hoards and limited DD.
>Tuns of fun, bad games were even good games. Nobody bragged. Only 1 kid built custom decks to kill other decks.
>Every deck Mono colored.
>Unwritten rules: No rush kill, and use your biggest creature to kill your opponent(s).
>Every game 15-25 minutes, longish side, but everyone got off all there combo's. Nobody felt cheated.

>Miss playing cards with friends.
>Go to local gaming store.
>Buy a MTG Booster and then look for someone to play against with my best deck from way back.
>Look for someone older. Find college guy by himself also eyeballin the room for an opponent.
>My first victim.
>"You wanna play a round?" Flash a swamp.
>Sit and pull out my cards. My hands are a lot bigger than the cards. That's strange.
>Remember to split the deck in half but the cards don't shuffle. I forgot how to shuffle.
>Look across table, he already shuffled. "What are those?" They're called deck protectors. "Oh they make those?"
>What a nerd, he even plays on an oversized mouse pad.
>pull bunches of cards out and randomize with fingers. No land. Reshuffle and hope for the best. 1 land.
>With the cards I have I can bring the pain turn 5.
>Quickly Look at his cards on table. Eyesight isn't pristine from years of gaming. Notice there are 3 different colors.
Slivers. He doesn't stand a chance.
>Turn 4 he's got tuns of cards on the table. Informs me I'm dead. "Don't worry i'll make it happen." No, you died. "What?"

>> No.50271319


All Spells. I still love that deck, and I don't care what anyone says.

>> No.50271446

Pox is the opposite of 12 post :3

>> No.50271589

>Your cards are really old, can I see them? "If I can see yours?"
>Give him mine and watch his face. He calls people over. Not a good sign.
>Look at his. His cards are not only better, but cheaper. Everything has abilities.
>The lands even give off different colored mana.
>People asking me If they can have a match. They're lining up to take a piece out of my ass.
>Lose every game.
>Last guy went easy on me. Ends up discarding good cards because my deck is so slow.
>He puts out a phyrexian obliterator. Hey I remember that card from back in the day!
>If i deal it damage he sacs that many permanents.
>Days not a total loss.
>Tells me to put all my cards in my graveyard. Read the card. Concede game.
>Tell group I've been beaten enough for today.

I Decided to read about Magics evolution through the years. Lots of Demon cards. Lots of sacrificing cards.
Sure it's always been a theme, but its more prevalent now. See a lot of vampire cards. See a lot of blood
drinking and blood rituals. Everything I'm seeing is like the John Podesta scandal. Cheesebay. Demon
cards are reminding me of the /POL Moloch threads. Pass on game. Throw that shit away. I'll invent a
fun card game later without all the Satanic theme's.

>> No.50271887

You can do tight shit like play Standstill as well

>> No.50271941


>What plays like the exact opposite of 12 post?

Manaless Dredge, Belcher.

See you go from having all the mana in the world to playing decks that have 0 mana or no lands at all.

>> No.50272879

I like you

>> No.50273456


You could play Miracles. No demons there, and you'd definitely send those guys on tilt.

>> No.50273592


There's a proxy legacy event happening this weekend. What would you recommend to someone who only knows the barest minimum about the format to play.

In modern I play Grixis Delver or Control (used to be Twin), EDH I like playing degenerate combo decks.

>> No.50273671

Just got back from a Dillinger Escape Plan show it was fucking dope thought you all should know.

>> No.50273681

>degenerate combo decks.
oops all spells

if you want to crank asshole levels up to 11

>> No.50273773

Dragon Stompy, all guys will proxy expensive duals, B Moon will make your games trival

>> No.50273784

I'd say sneak and show but...

>> No.50273820

Honestly? This >>50273773
They're probably the easiest decks to play and learn. Legacy is a format that rewards knowledge of your and your opponents deck on top of skill.

>> No.50273946

awesome, thanks everybody

>> No.50274117

If you're used to playing Grixis Delver, you could always play that in Legacy, as they say, play what you know

>> No.50276271

>rishadan port gets printed as a JR
>doesn't get reprinted in eternal masters

Why did this set even exist?

>> No.50276645

to fill wotc's pockets with your hard-earned shekels

they really don't play the same, though.

>> No.50276677

Would anyone be interested in compiling a list of all the most backbreaking hatecards against the various Legacy decks?

I'm kind of interested in slightly more niche things e.g. Tivadar's Crusade, but having an easily accessible list of potential meta sideboard cards could be helpful.

>> No.50276842

This card saw play to great effect against lands in SCG Baltimore. It's by far better than Blood Moon and Back to Basics, ask the miracles player how his matchup with lands went.

>> No.50277311

Star of David Games isn't getting any more of my pennies until we get actually usable card reprints.

Blood Moon, CHALICE OF THE FUCK YOU, and Rest in Peace all immediately come to mind.

>> No.50277368

In terms of more niche stuff that is backbreaking
>Moat is insane vs Eldrazi
>Winter Orb does a lot of work vs Lands and Miracles. (Grixis Pyro Delver speaking)
>Massacre is brutal vs D&T
>Sulfur Elemental is great vs Mentor Strategies and D&T. Everything just dies

>> No.50277671

Is reserved boy, all it's fault of Muh Collectors and investors who want their cardboard to cost more than true money.

>> No.50277908

>Trade in extra cards I already have a playset into Card Kingdom
>Get $350 in store credit
>wait patiently until "VG" grade cards become available
>pick up 4 Wasteland and 3 Force of Wills, in their Tempest and Alliances printing
>They're in the mail now

I'm excited. I thought about waiting until after the "modest reprint" of Eternal Masters was over, but I figure it probably wouldn't drive down the price of those two staples that much, and being able to afford almost a full playset of both these cards has been on my wishlist for over two years now. Also thanks for answering the questions I've had over the months here, /legacy/.

I can't believe the Alliances Force of Will was SO much cheaper given how much better the old art is (and we'll probably see the new art re-used in future reprintings!), but I'm not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth.

>> No.50278682

Fuck yeah, i can only imagine they put on a killer show. I saw Daughters on Sunday and they were really good

>> No.50279053

Yeah it was sick. One of the guitarists landed on my head within seconds of the first song starting.

>> No.50279973

Is it really? I can't find it on the list, and if they can reprint it as a JR..

>> No.50280249

Eternal Masters was a fun as hell draft format, but agreed the value was shit. Conspiracy 2 was much better for the price, but the actual multiplayer game was cancer while the drafting aspect was enjoyable.

>> No.50280791


>> No.50280976


>> No.50281319

First for Oops did nothing wrong!

>> No.50281431

A man of patrician taste!

>> No.50281708

>fun as hell draft format
I don't know how, but every time I drafted that UB was open and I drafted the sweetest UB tempo/control deck ever. Playset of Ragers and Deadbridge Shamans, however many Memory Lapse, Silent Departure, Duress, Counterspells, and Innocent Blood. Deck was so sweet.

>> No.50282352

So I just paid 40 cents for two Chronicles Blood Moons.

What do?

Pic unrelated.

>> No.50282524

how the fuck did you manage that?

>what do
Sell them for profit.

>> No.50282531

>So I just paid 40 cents for two Chronicles Blood Moons.

U wot m8, aware me on how you did that

>I don't know how, but every time I drafted that UB was open and I drafted the sweetest UB tempo/control deck ever. Playset of Ragers and Deadbridge Shamans, however many Memory Lapse, Silent Departure, Duress, Counterspells, and Innocent Blood. Deck was so sweet.

Damn, that sounds really good. I would almost always first pick shrines due to how powerful they were in multiples, no matter the colors I was playing. I really enjoyed the U/W fliers and the R/W tokens

>> No.50282613


A local community place acquired a collection recently, and they decided to put it up for sale piecemeal. They had someone go through to dig out the valuables to sell for them.

Guess that person left behind a Legends Hell's Caretaker, two Blood Moons, and a number of Antiquities and foreign black-border Chronicles Tron lands.

Paid $20 for about 75 cards in total.

>> No.50282689


>foreign black-border Chronicles

Er, I mean, Renaissance...

>> No.50283120

Jesus, dude. What else are you going to do except sell everything for hard profit and turn it into things you want and need?

>> No.50283251

Who else here /winonturn1/?

>> No.50284585

that's a little fast for my taste. I'm more of a turn two with force and daze backup kind of guy.

>> No.50284875

sorry for being that guy, but i'm kind of new and there's a proxy tourney coming up. what should i research to throw something competitive together? or do i steal something online?

>> No.50285342

If you're in a hurry, netdeck a list to start off with, preferably something you've already got some level of comfort with. If you can, playtest that list against some lists you think are going to be in your local meta, or just online if you don't know/don't have a playtesting partner. The important thing is to pick a deck and get comfortable with it; not netdecking just loses you a bunch of time.

>> No.50285493

Haha lol wtf. Whether you're playing modern, standard, block constructed, or commander, it's never okay to netdeck. Get of ⤵your high horse, you little pathetic 2 year old SJW swine. DesolatorMagic cares about his fans, you only care about the money, cheating, and speculating on cards. As Des pointed out, you baby netdeckers should all go cheat at some other LGS, and leave us who actually respect this game alone. Did I mention how expensive it is for you losers to netdeck? I made a mono white lifegain modern deck using the card Peace of Mind and Lich's Mirror, it costs 20 dollars and wins every game agaist so called tier 1 netdecks and can only lose to itself. Have fun with your boring decks, mine are the true ways to play Magic.

>> No.50285822


>> No.50285897

Try a deck similar to the ones you're comfortable with, don't try doing anything crazy like jumping into DDFT or ANT or other really complicated decks. If all else fails I suggest a stompy deck, they're easy to play, win well, and sometimes just get free wins.

>> No.50286062

How about turn 1 with double pact back up?

>> No.50286185

Anyone else actually enjoy oops unironically?

>> No.50286273

I enjoy Manaless Dredge unironically, thats basically the same thing, right?
>Balustrade Spy

>> No.50286961

Gimmick decks don't last long for me. After I played Oops, Spanish Inquisition and Stormless Lich for a while I got pretty bored of them.

>> No.50287156

Guess I'm the oddball. Build oops a few years ago to mess with my local legacy scene and I've loved the deck ever since

>> No.50287488

Which kind is SI did you play? Because I'm going to make it my second legacy deck, and I have a lot of fun just trying to see all the paths that lead to t1 and t2 wins

>> No.50288086


I do enjoy Oops unironically. I just started getting blanket-hated bigtime, so I switched to Dredge, where I got blanket-hated again. Then I switched to Storm only to start getting blanket-hated again again.


yeah, I think I'll probably try to move the Moons because I don't play anything that really uses them. I want to hold onto the Antiquities Trons and the Hell's Caretaker (for the time being), but I should probably unload the foreign lands (I'm swimming in Tron pieces) and Counterspell. Oh, yeah: there was an Italian Counterspell (white-bordered).

One way to get into the eternal formats: go to yard sales.

>> No.50288139

Maybe play a deck that doesnt trigger people who play fair decks?
_____ :^) _____

>> No.50288191


Lol, funny thing is that I think people who play fair decks tend to get triggered by just about anything that isn't "land-dude-go-draw-land-dude-go."

Lands looks like a blast against those kinds of decks. If only I had the cash for all them Tabernacles of WastePort...

Fun fact: apparently, "Tabernac" is a really heavy-duty swear in Quebecois French.

>> No.50288382

Legacy went well tonight, only 6 people showed, so three rounds.
Beat Burn and UR delver, drew against UB tezzerator. Got killed by my own RIP, that sure was a surprise.

>> No.50288406

Yeah tabernac pretty much means "fuck"

>> No.50288646

Your fault for not playing TES and going under/not caring about the hate they can throw at you.

>> No.50288728


That's the thing, though: TES doesn't get in under hate that stops Oops.

>> No.50288750

Such as?

>> No.50288794


Force of Will, among other things. Discard on the draw, as well.

There is the fact that TES isn't as graveyard dependent, and that it can expect to have redundant win-paths more often, but that doesn't mean that the format's big bad no-funs aren't nearly as big a problem.

>> No.50288834

The thing about force is that when you have 9-10 business spells you can just sometimes bait one with an excess tutor even if you never find discard and it sucks vs natural Empty. The same applies to discard (which often comes out of not-fow decks), you have almost as many kill through Thoughtseize-hands as Belcher.

>> No.50289017

"Fuck" as in, "fuck, I just blew a grand on a piece of cardboard...:

>> No.50289487

>memedernettes angry at dredge
And they said their format wasnt a jewish scam

>> No.50290126

>grand on a piece of cardboard
More like
"Fuck, my dollar is so shit I payed %30 extra in this thousand dollar land"

>> No.50290722

It's only getting popular because everyone plays it. If everyone mainboarded 4 Relic of Progenitus it would disappear real quick just like every other Flavor of the Month deck. I don't miss Modern at all, except when I want to play Affinity.

Balls-to-the-wall in on the combo. Straight Storm, no mainboard protection.

>> No.50291908

>popular because everyone plays it.
well that's the definition of popular

>> No.50291937

It's popular because it's cheaper compared to legacy and Wizards actually gives it support.

>> No.50292644


I've seen people build lantern control for Legacy, you'd think Affinity would still be viable. Thoughtcast and Etched Champion are still pretty damn sexy for an aggro deck to have.

>> No.50292745

One of my friends won my lgs's first legacy fnm with affinity. And a list popped up in the top 8 of a scg classic a few months back. I think the deck is still viable but it just doesn't do anything better than other decks.

>> No.50292892

>yeah, I think I'll probably try to move the Moons because I don't play anything that really uses them.

I'll buy them off of you for $20, that's a ~5000% profit for you :^)

>> No.50293162

if you got a job and were forced to join a union and then the union negotiated a raise and then you retroactively got several months worth of raise all at once and the result was an extra $500 on this months paycheck, what magic cards would you blow it on?

>> No.50293525

I'd put it towards a Mishra's Workshop for my EDh deck. Last missing link between making my deck stupidly insane vs normal insane

>> No.50293580


City of Traitors. Card will only get more stupid in price.

>> No.50293769

Playset of rishadan ports.

>> No.50294078

500 clams... I'd finish out my fetchland sets as best as I could. Get my last 2 Scalding Tarn, my 1 Flooded Strand, my Windswept Heaths, and the rest of the Zendikar fetches.

>> No.50294718

Get my 3 more foil expedition flooded strands, probably start on getting foil EMN tops or get Spanish inquisition sans LED

>> No.50294809

Nukes bridges vs Dredge like no tomorrow with Ravager though.

>> No.50295082

Does anyone have the Anguished unmaking flavor text edits?

>> No.50295357


I sometimes say it when I see that a card's a lot more expensive than I thought it would be.


Yeah, but that doesn't really mean you're getting under it. You may have more ways to get around it, but the odds aren't that great. You also need to get more out of your rituals, so even if you've got more ways to go off against a piece of countermagic, you've got to get even more mana to play through it.

One advantage to TES is that you can rebuild much more effectively than you can with fast combo. Of course, ANT's better still at doing that.


I'd probably pick up another Underground Sea and/or Volcanic Island, or maybe a final Force, some Flusterstorms, or some Zendikar fetchlands. Set me up for Reanimator and open some doors for other types of decks.

>> No.50295435

Use a jeweller's loupe, that should make it a lot more obvious

What edition is it? There's comprehensive guides for stuff like Lotus

>> No.50295511

Is this for real?
This reads like one of those jokey greentext stories about the great cuckening of 2100 or a Roman going undercover as a Goth but is disgusted by their behaviour or an anime PoV post or whatever

Are you for real, mate?

>> No.50295749

tfw made a whole legacy deck out of china proxies.

Do you guys approve or hate?

>> No.50295786

>you built a legacy deck
good for you
>out of china proxies
whatever senpai

>> No.50295872

Most people don't care, just don't try to show up to any big sanctioned events

>> No.50295927

Any of the things I tought would be detectable were shot out, I also have legacy infect where I basically use only 8 fake cards

>> No.50295943

When you say "don't show up to big sanctioned events", is that a personal opinion or just a "don't be a retard and get your shit fucked" warning

>> No.50296106

What music should I listen to while I white border some more cards?

>> No.50296290

TV static for 10 Hours. I hope you die.

>> No.50296381

you got it f a m

>> No.50296393

So I was dicking around and looking into making a vampire deck
What the fuck is up with rare vampires? Why are they all so expensive?

Also, Skeletons deserve more love

>> No.50296802

Fucking casuals, man
Same thing with angels and other retard-bait

>> No.50296873

TES plays 6 discard spells main m8, it's not as different from ANT as you think.

>> No.50296894

Dang, I just thought that Bloodline Keeper was worth making a low-key black tribal deck over.
Maybe I'll go with rats, I don't really like zombies

>> No.50296923

Maybe we should talk about how DDFT is actually the best storm variant.

>> No.50296937

Is this where we talk about Pauper too? Because I don't see any thread up for that

>> No.50296967


The discards aren't what helps the deck recover or play through hate. They pick off hate, but oftentimes the opponent will have more than just one piece of countermagic (faster decks sometimes circumvent this by just playing out the combo before the opponent can find additional countermagic).

The principal advantage to TES is that you have extra "tutors" (i.e., Burning Wish) that you can fire if you've accumulated a lot of mana, which means that even if your first tutor gets countered, you can sometimes play a second one to find what you need and win. Problem is that it doesn't work if you're relying on Lion's Eye Diamond to get the mana you need (Lion's Eye can also get in the way if you're trying to do this), and the TES ritual setup isn't as good at making idiotic amounts of mana as the ANT setup is.

The main problem for TES is lacking maindeck Past in Flames, which is huge for breaking through counterspells.

>> No.50297091

only Kamigawa block Pauper Tiny Leaders

>> No.50297126

just make a new thread bro.

>> No.50297595

Basically the casual market. People love their kitchen table Vampire and Zombie decks and of course Phyrexian Obliterator.

>> No.50297646

>tfw Peregrine Drake is banned.
I'm definitely going to start playing pauper again, and with my lgs actually starting up pauper events, I'm actually excited.

>> No.50297677

I'm gonna finally assemble a battlebox, only question is whether I wait for the meta to provide me with new decks, or pull the trigger now.

I was surprised when Pauper was finally saved, but no less happy.

If only they hadn't ruined MODO event EV though

>> No.50299082

It's a bit of both I guess. If you do it intentionally, fuck you and you deserve the punishment the judge gives you.

>> No.50299441

God forbid he wants to play a card game and needs to get counterfeits to do that

>> No.50299482

Modern Merfolk player here. I just got the upgrade package to make Legacy Merfolk. I am not sure about my sideboard though. RIght now at my LGS I scouted last night and saw:

nic fit

what would be a good sideboard plan against those deck? I am thinking two each of
sower of temptation
echoing truth
spell pierce
pithing needle
harbinger of the tides

Any sideboard cards I should include? any I should lose?

>> No.50299604

good to see there's no jitte. overrated card, totally not worth it.

>> No.50300165

>good to see there's no jitte. overrated card, totally not worth it.

This needs one of those images where it's like the huge creepy spider saying "most spiders are completely harmless and help out there's no reason to be afraid"

Having not played Merfolk in a while I don't know the best cards, but you'd definitely benefit with a Hydroblast depending on the flavor of delver, but most certainly vs Goblins.

Back to Basics is another super strong hate card against pretty much all of the decks on your list.

I'm even seeing that some decks are starting to include Chalice which looks great vs Infect/Storm/Goblins/Delver

>> No.50300234

Sure, my main complaint was that you seemed to be grouping TES with the other fast and unprotected variants like Belcher and SI, which is inaccurate. TES is much, much closer to ANT than to SI, especially postboard in the relevant matchups.

>> No.50300464

probably this

>> No.50300585

if you're curious what I did end up listening to, here's the playlist:

>> No.50300673

doppelganger or bust senpai

>> No.50300752


Would Oath of Gideon be a good card in there? The two 1/1 tokens could hold off for a turn or two, and getting some of those walkers out that much stronger could be really good. Alternatively, the chain veil?

Might be a bit TOO crazy since then you're putting more cards in your deck that don't do anything, but it'd be interesting at least.

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