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>BL vs GW conflicting canon, who wins?

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whats the best way to enjoy the 40k-verse?

Books, vidya, the war game miniature hobby, the RPGs, the card game, table top board games?

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Instead of making baity titles, why don't you link to the previous thread?

What's wrong with you.

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The way you enjoy it most.
That's why there are different media.

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So how is everyone's sex life in 40k?

Do aliens ever rape/get raped?

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Asking this question again. Im trying to get a sense for the model counts of different factions/lists at different point limits. Would anyone be as kind as to provide examples/estimates or even lists, their own or others they've saved at 750, 1250 and 1850pts, thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure genestealers do.

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Okay, for your armies next codex/forge world release. What is the unit from the fluff you'd like to see most with proper rules and models? Or what unit would you like to see updated?

Tyranid Dominatrix would have to be it for myself, just a massive tyranid behemoth shitting out broods and bio-firepower

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It's grim. They always do it in the dark.

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Dark eldar are always getting it

Whwn they're not trying to kill each other

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Hey guys,

Myself and a friend are looking at joining a doubles tournament, 2k points, min 2 detachments. I will be playing genestealer cults and he will be playing harlequins and/or eldar. Will this combo work at all? If so what would you recommend to take?

It doesn't have to be an even split for points either.

We're both kinda new to 40k also.

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FW release: Thallax, Castellax, Triaros transport and Tech-Thralls from 30k, and it looks like we're getting them :)
New Codex: Combined Admech dex, Melee elites are T4, I want to see the Land Crawler, but uparmoured to serve as a cheap transport.

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There is literally a book where a SoB gets raped by a genestealer cult and she enjoys so much she comes back to get impregnated a second time.

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Guy with "Beheading" book! Please, post the epiloge!

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You go here >>50206243

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I play Sisters of Battle, so here's some examples:


Combi-Plas, Evicerator
Mantle of Ophelia, Rosarius

Command Squad
[Combi-Plas, Flamer] x4
Immolator - TLMM, Dozer

Battle Sisters x5
HFlamer, Flamer
Immolator - TLMM, Dozer

Battle Sisters x5
HFlamer, Flamer
Immolator - TLMM, Dozer


For 1250, add:

Dominions x5
Melta x4
Immolator - TLMM, Dozer

Seraphim x10
Hand Flamer x2
VSS - Melta Bombs


Add melta bombs to the troops, and storm bolters to the Exorcists.

1850, add:

Another Dom Squad and Loud Hailers to both

Retributers x10
Heavy Bolter x4
Simulacrum Imperialus

Battle Sisters x20

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Why did the Emperor let Magnus and the rest start training Librarians if he wanted to get rid of them anyways? Why did the Emperor want to remove such a potent and, at times, necessary component from the Legions? At what point post-Heresy was the Edict of Nikaea rescinded? Did it ever actually get rescinded, or did everyone just kinda awkwardly bring their Librarians back on the sly?

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I hope you are still here. Here's my magnets, same model with and without a gun and a gun to show magnets. You could magnetize both arms but my magnets were strong enough to keep it together with only 1.

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>Why did the Emperor want to remove such a potent and, at times, necessary component from the Legions?
Because he had trust issues. And bad writing.

>At what point post-Heresy was the Edict of Nikaea rescinded?
It was rescinded by Guilliman after the HH when he was in charge.

>did everyone just kinda awkwardly bring their Librarians back on the sly?
This as well though. Most of the legions didnt give a shit (see SW rune priest despite argue against the program) and BA librarians were used during the siege of terra for example.

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I bought a blood angels command squad, BA vanguard vets, angels blade and chaos raptors to start my BA army.

Who are the edgiest BA chapter I could make? Knights of blood?

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Thunderhawk Transporter. I'd like to see its rules be better able to allow the vehicles to rapidly embark/disembark rather than requiring the transporter to sit around. Also for FW to bring it back.

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Which book please? For science, of course

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Super Chaos Rhino Chassis Update.

Basically a build-your-own-Rhino-variant, starting with the core Chaos Rhino and allowing you do everything from making it an open-topped fast vehicle to an AV14 Heavy Leman Russ wannabe. For Force Org purposes, any variant with a Transport Capacity will be Fast Attack and available as a Dedicated Transport for anything that can normally take a Rhino. Any variant that loses the Transport Capacity is Heavy Support.

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SW clearly gave zero shits about the Edict. Fear to Tread tells us that the Blood Angels just folded their Librarians back into the line companies and that the Imperial Fists imprisoned theirs.

What did the other legions do?

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Not sure about every legion but World eater didnt care but ended up killing them. Word Bearers kept theirs as did the white scars.

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>Why did the Emperor let Magnus and the rest start training Librarians if he wanted to get rid of them anyways?
because black library didn't think very hard about that particular retcon when they added it in

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Now I just have to try that for my whole SoB army with only metal

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>Not 5 Exorcists on a Skyshield and minimum 20 melta/multimelta
Do you only play against orks and nids or something?

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Dark Angels also turned their Librarius into regular battle-brothers, but they were reintroduced when the Lion's flagship was attacked by daemons. I think it was in Fallen Angels? I don't remember.

World Eaters kept theirs, but mostly because their Librarius was tiny since the Butcher's Nails killed psykers when inserted, so it wasn't worth the effort to dismantle.

I imagine the Ultramarines also put their Librarians back into line companies, or whatever role they had before becoming Librarians.

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Nikaea has always been retarded since it moved away from some vague ban on sorcerery. They really should have established an actual distinction between the two and kept Nikaea as anti-sorcery but not anti-psykery.

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cast a hungry shadow

>> No.50206951

Well, you are either very brave or very stupid.

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Not the RPG.
Its made by Fantasy Flight and they just had their license revoked.
Otherwise, what you like

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When they're not trying to kill each other
I am pretty sure they do combine sex and killing each other

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In old lore he said no to wizards(making deals with the Warp), and Magnus wanted to be a wizard and a psyker.

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Youre thinking of sorcerer Anon. But yes these days there is no difference between a psyker and a sorcerer.

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At 750, I have 30 models on the dot. Ghostkeel, 6 crisis suits, 12 fire warriors, 8 drones (6 gun 2 stealth), an Ethereal, and two drone turrets.

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Taking my Salamanders to my shop today for my first 1000pt game against Imperial Guard.
This will only be my sixth game, I play two 500pts and three 750pts and the marines have been doing well.

Salamanders 1000

Librarian - 105
>Level 2, Combi Melta, Melta Bomb

Sternguard Veteran Squad - 200
>5 Marines w/ Combi Melta, Serg w/ Meltabomb, Drop Pod

Tactical Squad - 185
>10 Marines, Multi-Melta, Rhino

Tactical Squad - 200
>10 Marines, Plasma Gun, Combi-Plas, Rhino

Assault Squad - 180
>10 Marines, 2 Flamers

Devestator Squad - 130
>5 Marines, 4 Plasma Cannons

Where should I go from here? More bodies in the Devastator Squad?

I am also one Tactical squad away from a demi Company but then I couldn't use my Librarian.

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XV46 armor from the FFG RPGs. It's Tau terminator armor between Stealth and Crisis suits in size, basically.

That, or more auxiliaries.

>> No.50207456

You aren't really using your chapter tactics and you list looks like you need vulkan

>> No.50207472

honestly that looks really solid. maybe get rid of some special weapons for more devastators

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...why would you bother putting magnets and swapping bits on a metal army? it'd be easier to recast them yourself

>> No.50207529

I would love to fit Vulkan in at higher point levels.
I usually roll my Librarian on Pyromancy because it makes me feel all warm inside.
Also I did put two flamers in the Assault Squad.
My Librarian also Mastercrafts his combi bolter.

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Ork horde armies will have around 80-100 boyz at 750, 100 at 1250, and 200 boyz at 1850

I Want conversion rules for orks.

>> No.50207553

Thank you. This is very helpful.

>> No.50207563

It's a solid list, some suggestions include:
Add more marines to the dev team
Remove the flamers from the assault marines, it can deny them the charge
Give the multi-melta guy a melta gun, since it's not a heavy weapon

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Well I figure my next step would be between 1250-1500 so I could definitely fit in more Devastators.
Alternatively I could get another 5 Sternguard and put them in another Drop Pod.
My playgroup is pretty small but all together friendly.
The four usual guys I will be playing have Orks, SoB, Imperial Guard, Imperial Fist, Tyranids and Space Wolves.
So I figure I have armor to take out against most of them and they all field a good amount of models at 1000pts.

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Fuck you if you want link to the previous threads then do it yourself when you made the next thread.

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Yeah I forgot to add there was a difference back then. Still doesn't make sense. Sorcerers have to wear flaming goat fetuses and draw daemonic symbols in order to use cheap knock off psychic powers and psykers don't.

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R8 my super-mega-unstoppable-ultra 1250 gunline list!
Should I drop the Mastery level 2 on the primaris psyker?

>Imperial Guard CAD
Company command squad - 101 points
+ Lascannon
+ Volkov's cane
+ Carapace armour

Infantry platoon - 142 points
Platoon command squad - 40 points
+ Heavy bolter
Infantry squad - 51 points
+ Sarge has a Bolter
Infantry squad - 51 points
+ Sarge had a Bolter

Infantry platoon - 162 points
Platoon command squad - 40 points
+ Heavy bolter
Infantry squad - 61 points
+ Heavy bolter
+ Sarge has a Bolter
Infantry squad - 61 points
+ Heavy bolter
+ Sarge had a Bolter

Deathstrike - 160 points

Leman Russ Eradicator - 120 points

Leman Russ Executioner - 185 points
+ Plasma cannon sponsons

Aegis defence line - 50 points

>Psykana division
Primaris psyker - 75 points
+ Mastery level 2

Wyrdvane psykers - 85 points
+ Commissar

Wyrdvane psykers - 85 points
+ Commissar

Wyrdvane psykers - 85 points
+ Commissar

>> No.50207781

>Heavy Bolters
Give them Autocannons for the same price.

>Sergeant Bolters
If you can fit them in, than sure. They won't benefit themselves from orders, however.

>Executioner with plasma sponsons
Kek, It'll kill itself before killing anything else.

>ADL with no upgrades
No dangerous Terrain barbed wire to stop those melee charges?

I guess, but it's pretty short ranged for a gunline?

>> No.50207808

What armies, besides IG and Tau, can do gunlines? I like the idea of sitting behind a fortification and just pinging hordes to death. Would Imperial Fists work since they love forts?

>> No.50207824

Flesh Tearers.

>> No.50207841


Night Lords exiled their Chief Librarian, Fel Zharost, who winds up on Terra and either dies or gets recruited by Malcador; all the other Librarians were just palmed off onto their Chapter Masters/Captains to decide whether they wanted to follow the Edict on a company-by-company basis. Being Night Lords, I assume most kept theirs purely because they were told not to.

>> No.50207894

Knights of Blood(their has been declared renegades, but are still loyal)
Flesh Tearers
Flesh Eaters

>> No.50207908

How should I equip my BA sternguard? They'll be Alpha Striking in a drop pod.

>> No.50207910

Would you guys consider ork kustom mega weapons to be plasma?

>> No.50207953

Who do you think will win in next IA book? Tau vs Imperium.

>> No.50207954

that's it, but the other armies can do shooting as well you'd just have to get out of your deployment. my eldar are going to be a fast short ranged shooting army

>> No.50207958

Depends, if I want to siphon you; yes. If you want to benefit from a blood reactor; no. :^)

>> No.50208003

Which Primarchs do you think actually had sex?

>> No.50208008

FAQ declared if it doesn't have plasma in the name it doesn't count.

>> No.50208082

Imperium to counter the damocles fuckfest

>> No.50208094

As a tau enthusiast, i second this, the masturbation is getting ridiculous.

>> No.50208105

>Magnus is mad at having to be near Angron in this fanart as he is in the actual BL art

>> No.50208151

Swap the meltas for flamers, give the libby the tome relic, salamanders shouldn't field plasma we can do very little with it, if your set on it then only take the combi plasma on srgnt as you get the free master craft that can help. Swap the plasma cannons on devs for missiles you'll get far more milage. Does the assault squad have jump packs? If yes then combat squad them 1 flamer a squad, if not then they sorely need a transport.

>> No.50208177


>1 campaign that ended in pyrrhic victory

It was a welcome change from xenos being treated as lubricant for marine wank.

>> No.50208178

None or Sanguinias if his wife is still canon, and maybe Fulgrim because Slaanesh.

>> No.50208197

>Not knowing that Tau always win even when they lose in their fluff
I remember when one 360-noscoped a marine that was sneaking up on him as he was talking to an Apothecary and correctly deduced the purpise of the Apithecary and gene-seed, as well as having been the one to crack the Codex Astartes by simply studying a few if the battles they'd had against the chapter they were fighting.

>> No.50208209

>Marine wank
Not even Sicarius gets wanked as hard as the Tau commanders.

>> No.50208221

Can we all agree that it's skub? Also Tau are the real losers for being the faction that can claim the Stormsurge is theirs.

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>Dark Angels
Disbanded, Chaplain Edict enforced.
Reinstated after Daemon attack on the Lion's flagship.
>Emperor's Children
Disbanded, Chaplain Edict enforced.
>Iron Warriors
>White Scars
Never disbanded, Nikaea Judgement and Chaplain Edict quietly ignored.
>Space Wolves
You don't get it, Fenris Earth Magic doesn't count guys
>Imperial Fists
Disbanded, IF Librarians sequestered aboard the Phalanx.
>Night Lords
>Blood Angels
>Iron Hands
>World Eaters
Never disbanded, Judgement and Edict ignored as WE Librarians were already being un-replaced as they fell in battle. They become extinct during the Shadow Crusade
Disbanded and returned to the line.
Partially reinstated after the Battle of Calth.
>Death Guard
Mortarion already shut down his Librarius department decades prior to all this.
>Thousand Sons
Never disbanded, Judgement and Edict very publicly ignored.
>Sons of Horus
>Word Bearers
Disbanded and returned to the line. Chaplain Edict enforced.
>Raven Guard
Disbanded and returned to the line.
Reinstated some time after the Drop Site Massacre, un-instated shortly before the Battle of Yarant, all RG Librarians dismissed to Terra.
>Alpha Legion

>> No.50208236

>Disbanded, Chaplain Edict enforced.
I don't think the EC ever had Libbies ever to begin with. If I'm remembering correctly it was because the psyker gene was seen as an imperfection.

>> No.50208238

Is GSC forgiving to play with for a terrible player?

>> No.50208254

I bought the Kill Team box, and looking at the datasheets in the back the Tau are far less points than the marines. Is there any way I can build the Tau included in the box so they're closer to 200 points? I wasn't really planning on buying any more Tau figures than the ones included in the box, at least at this point.

Is the Breacher Team more points than the Strike team?

>> No.50208268

Star phantoms guy here again, tweaked my list a bit and looking for help from experienced space marines.
Here's what I've got:

- cataphractii terminator armor
- combi melta
- chain fist

- maybe plasma pistol, might drop

10 man tac squad
- melta
- Combi melta
- missile launcher
- drop pod

10 man tac squad
- plasma
- combi plas
- missile launcher
- drop pod

10 man tac squad
- flamer
- combi flamer
- h. Bolter
- drop pod

10 man tac squad
- plasma
- combi plas
- Missile launcher
- plas/las razorback

5 cataphractii terminators (kitted for assault, captain will deepstrike with them)
- 3 with 2 lightning claws each
- 1 with heavy flamer and chain fist
- sarge with m.c. power sword and lightning claw

- twin linked lascannons

Contemptor pattern dreadnought
- multimelta
- powerfist w combibolter
- drop pod

My plan is to have only the razorback with the combat sqauded tac squad on the table, and drop pod assault everything else in, pop chapter tactics and gun everything down thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.50208273


The Imp Fists are pretty good at bolter marine gunlines when deployed in their meta formation in angels of death, this is because they get to reroll all to hit rolls with bolter weapons and I think they get bonuses to destroying buildings.

its not competitive, but it works

>> No.50208289

Swap the plasma for a grav pistol, this means that in combat and in shooting your Chaplin forces I1.

>> No.50208309

Wow, I didn't know it did that. Will do.

Also, if my heavy/spec weapon combos on the Marines don't make sense it's because I want to combat squad them all and have msu so hopefully it's harder to kill them straight out of the pods.

>> No.50208319


That was Farsight, not some no name commander.

>> No.50208338

That doesn't excuse anything.

>> No.50208343


>> No.50208346

Leman Russ and Jaghatai Khan both for the same reasons. Imagine a Barbarian king that DOESN'T have copious amounts ofpussy available to him?

>> No.50208371

And proceeded to have the most autistic dialogue ever written worthy of cold steel the hedgehog.

>> No.50208390

Leman Russ hated the Vlka Fenryka, as well as the Barbarian aspect of it. He was quite literally only pretending to be retarded.

>> No.50208399

I think the Khan was more interested in fighting and going fast than women. Unless he could find a way to do all three then he might have.

>> No.50208421

And Russ was too drunk to do anything. Basically he was only good at drinking.

>> No.50208435

Are deep striking scions any good?

>> No.50208458

Yes, for suicidal melta squads.

>> No.50208459


The only good way to use them, yes.

>> No.50208481


Are you seriously implying commander Farsighted isn't autistic?

Its pretty obvious that he is different in that regard compared to other Tau you goofus.

>> No.50208487

So squads of 5 then?

How about with plasmas?

>> No.50208495

Maybe chaos(demon within sword) is protecting him from the Ethereals.

>> No.50208521


750, 17
1250, 22-24 depending on list (lel)
1850, no idea, no list for this

>> No.50208561


>The guy who wants to play a mobile shooty army is a faggot but the faggot who wants to deploy and just skip the movement phase for the rest of the game isn't a faggot


>> No.50208572

>more SoB news
>that autistic faggot asking for proof BTFO

>> No.50208593

Did we ever get any pictures of models for the supposed 'Chaos' update that weren't Magnus?

It implied Thousand Sons new models.

But, my main question is; when is this shit out? Next week? And by 'out' I mean available to preorder on the store, since some people think when it's actually dispatched...

>> No.50208606

isn't it a necron sword? though i also heard it's one of vauls lost swords

>> No.50208619

Not many people know, it's not a over powerd fun tactic but it does have its uses.

>> No.50208623

>How about with plasmas?
No. The reason you're taking them is to put that short ranged AP1 Melta firepower in a position you can use it. Plasma both doesn't need to be as close and has effective alternative platforms (e.g. Executioner) that you can include with the main force of your army. Small squads, melta.

>> No.50208624

This the news about the types of boxes to be expected or something more?

>> No.50208633

I'm a stupid WYSIWYG and a brave faggot

>> No.50208638

It's a good sword. Cuts hard, never dulls and I feel so alive when I use it in combat.

>> No.50208646

Usually bollocks. I was just memeing. The guy wouldn't accept it as proof anyway, despite the fact the release date matches with what the tripfag said.


>> No.50208659

>Unless he could find a way to do all three then he might have.
Catachan woman in a Land Speeder.

>> No.50208681


BoLS is the Drudge Report of the 40k community

>> No.50208687

My concern is the scale of the SoB, I haven't seen SoS next to Marines but I'm hoping modern Marines aren't relegated to being the same height as humans in power armour.

>> No.50208700

That's perfect, Anon.

>> No.50208709


Its not a Necron sword for a few reasons

It was found on a planet with deamons not Necrons, he took it from a statue and found it worked really well.

Its side effect (stealing the life force of others that it cuts down) isn't something the necrons would have the ability to do because they are not considered alive, so whats the points of having a sword that gives you life force if you can't use it.

>> No.50208716

Even so I think rumors have reached the critical mass that the question is no longer if SoB happen, It's how they happen. I'm very sceptical of the SoB in the starter set rumors for example.

>> No.50208735

That ship sailed long ago with Cadians and Catachans.

>> No.50208743

Steals the life of its user? Uncorrupted by deamons despite being on a plannet of them?
Guys it's Doom guys missing sword from the latest game.

>> No.50208744

I want the Dangles (hello ladies) to get some of the spacies toys, Cataphractii termies, Centurions, and other things they should have, what with having so much older stuff compared to other chapters.

Also Cents should be a lot cheaper than they are. It's retarded to field a full squad and even 3 cost more than the way more lethal Deathwing.

>> No.50208750


>> No.50208763

Well to be honest the life-stealing could be just some time fiddling that crypteks are capable of. It was found from a planet that had some serious anti-warp shit on it to shut down a gateway which could be necron origin.

>> No.50208772

i still don't understand why you want to make your job 50% more difficult, but go for golden demon anon

>> No.50208806


Spoilers for The Path of the Dark Eldar below, I'm just going to spoilertext the whole thing because reasons:

Asdrubael Vect's Castigators
They are Dark Eldar Wraithguard made out of captured soul stones and stolen wraithbone. They are described simultaneously as being tortured to provide power for the body, but also being tricked into believing they are fighting for their Craftworlds. When crushing Vect's enemies, they see themselves as heroes defending their homes and families against whatever their enemy of choice is. They're one of Vect's ultimate contingency plans and basically portrayed as fucking unstoppable.

Throw 5 of them in a Raider and you could have some top keks.

>> No.50208811


I mean yeah that could be a possibility but that doesn't make sense. Why would the necrons give other races the ability to live forever in their organic forms and strike down demons just doesnt make sense considering how covetous and greedy they are.


This makes sense, the C'tan could be using the sword to corrupt farsight into bringing the C'tan back together again. This could be what causes the end of the Tau empire.

>> No.50208825

I don't know shit about casting. I've read guides and it's tempting but I don't have a proper workspace to play with hot metal nor the balls to do it.

>> No.50208843

Could be just a side effect. Who knows if Farsight is sitting on some major anti-warp key/engine without anyone knowing about it.

>> No.50208856

i meant resin casting, metal casting is a tad too dangerous and labor intensive for me. i've tried making bits before and while it's simple enough they turned out terrible

>> No.50208869

Fist of Medusa Strike Force
Space Marines: Iron Hands

**Armoured Task Force** (585)

predator (115)
-lascannon sponson

predator (115)
-lascannon sponson

predator (115)
-lascannon sponson

Thunderfire Cannon (100)

Techmarine (140)
-bike, servo, ironstone

**Stormlance Battle Demi-Company** (755)

Chaplin (110)

Tactical squad (150)
-razorback w/ tl assault cannon

Tactical squad (150)
-razorback w/ tl assault cannon

Tactical squad (150)
-razorback w/ tl assault cannon

Devestator squad (145)
-2 lascannon

Attack bike (50)

**Honored Ancients** (185)

Contemptor Dread (185)
-kheres assault cannon

**Honored Ancients** (145)

Venerable Dread (145)
-2 TL autocannon

**Librarius Conclave** (330)

Librarian (110) (divination)
-lv2, bike

Librarian (110) (telepathy)
-lv2, bike

Librarian (110) (technomancy)
-lv2, bike

>trying to balance fluff, and strength while taking advantage of chap tactics

>> No.50208885

better question: how would you magnetize one-part casts

There's literally nothing to magnetize in that army, beyond maybe the HQ if you flip-flop on going with a pistol or a combi-bolter.

>> No.50208902

I like this list, this is a funny list.
Ironstone on bike

>> No.50208910

>Also Cents should be a lot cheaper than they are.
Only if they lose grav or the grav option becomes vastly more expensive.

>> No.50208934

>or the grav option becomes vastly more expensive

Needs to happen regardless.

>> No.50208950

Or neuter grav

>> No.50208975

Honestly, the anti-vehicle effect grav is perfectly fine. It's just the way that it works against infantry that's fucked, and I don't know how to fix it. Ideas?

>> No.50209001

Just make all grav weapons ap-, it's just that armour just folds and "crushes" the person wearing it with no resistance.

>> No.50209002

I'd argue the other way, grav among other things has further reduced vehicle power. Make them wound on inverse toughness with no ap so you can put wounds on MCs and such but are less useful against infantry.

>> No.50209026

thanks, but why is the ironstone funny?
It always made sense to me that techmarines would be on bikes or tracks
especially if they are IH

>> No.50209093

Their dicks are too big for a normal sized woman. They'd hospitalize anyone they boned.

>> No.50209114

Maybe Female Primarch weren't just a joke. (lennyface)

>> No.50209140

If the woman goes on top, she can decide how deep the dick goes.

>> No.50209156

He's wrong. A SoB leaves a Order because the Order is too mean. She doesn't get infected. It literally says she doesn't. She just CHOOSES to serve the GSC. She then gets taunted by Daemons and turns into a Daemon. Then dies.

She doesn't go back for another dicking, she isn't dicked in the first place.

>> No.50209160

just need to find a hardy gene-crafted wench

well, at least that's all you'd need to find before they made every primarch thirty feet tall

>> No.50209174

>thirty feet tall

None of them are thirty feet tall. Alpharius is literally able to pass as a regular Marine. Wish people would stop spouting such shit because people from /v/, /pol/ and /tv/ read it and think it's canon.

>> No.50209183

>Alpharius is literally able to pass as a regular Marine
regular marines are at a minimum eleven feet tall

>> No.50209189


>> No.50209194

>regular marines are at a minimum eleven feet tall

>> No.50209202

Just faced a Genestealer spam cult army at 1500 points and it tabled me turn 4, the ability to appear so close/infiltrate into my deployment with almost everything was awful.

>> No.50209205

>regular marines are at a minimum eleven feet tall

>> No.50209225

Yes. This is known as "typical genestealer cult".
They've got style, but they're not fun to face.

>> No.50209226

>Sanguinias if his wife is still canon
Woah what? Was this really a thing?
I tried looking it up but nothing really came up.

>> No.50209240

I tried looking it up too. Maybe we're missing the piece of lore that hinted it, or we're not looking hard enough.

>> No.50209243

The guy can't even spell Sanguinius, you going to believe what this chucklefuck said?

>> No.50209275

Hey guys, just finished a new colour scheme form Dark Eldar force im building. I posted a warrior earlier and you guys ripped it to shreds but I took your advice and tried a few new things with this one.

>> No.50209295

I think you're literally the only person who's ever posted a photo too small in one of these threads, damn.

From what I can tell, you've got a good scheme going. The orange looks thick, like the wash you used is pooling. Otherwise, no complaints at this size of image.

>> No.50209313

Funny in a good way, it just makes me think of a techmarine driving around just screaming at stuff to be fixed or the masters of the forge are going to have his hide.
"You! Your not immobilised, it's all in your head"


>> No.50209320


Yeah I had to paint over the blue on the orange so it came off pretty thick for that model. And It was my first time using Nuln oil and wasn't sure how much to put on.

Appreciate it though!

>> No.50209332

Better scheme, still need to thin your paints, the orange would look better if it was red fading to yellow fire style.
7/10 improvement.

>> No.50209348

What army are you?

>> No.50209362


So for the thinning paints i first dip my brush and get some paint on it, then dip it a bit in the water and do a few strokes on my pallet before applying to the model. Is this correct or am i doing it wrong?

>> No.50209368


>> No.50209381

I know you lost, but how'd it go?

>> No.50209383

The way Duncan does it, he dips his brush in the paint, puts that on the pallet, THEN dips his brush in the water and mixes on the pallet. That's not how I do it, because my workspace isn't large enough for a pallet to not get in the way, but it's the simplest way to go about it.

>> No.50209389

Sorry, I was memeing. I wasn't that guy.

>> No.50209400

Can't believe you've done this, anon.

>> No.50209402


Thanks, im going to do that from now on, appreciate the tip.

>> No.50209404

That's because both Alphaius was a Primarchlet and Alpha Legionnaires were tall even for space marines.

>> No.50209427

I-I'm sorry anon...

Yeah but, my point is, they're not 30ft tall. Otherwise that makes The Beast 60ft tall minimum.

>> No.50209428

haha that is pretty funny

I could just see dreadnoughts re-assembling themselves like the iron giant

>> No.50209438

Eh. Two grav cannons drop-podding next to a Land Raider have a pretty good chance of making that land raider and its cargo useless. All for 175 points.

>> No.50209440

Finished that Vultarax I was making a few days ago.

>> No.50209454


>> No.50209455

>my workspace isn't large enough for a pallet to not get in the way
I use a Pringles lid as a palette. You really should use one.

>> No.50209465

>there are Pringles reps shilling on /tg/


>> No.50209469

No, they're like 8 feet tall.

>> No.50209475

marines are around 7-9 feet tall, primarchs are around 11. custodes are around 8-10 since they're supposed to be 'in the middle' height-wise.

>> No.50209488

Feel free to use your favorite container lid. Pringles ones are just cheap/semi-free and small but not too small.

>> No.50209533

Anyone got anymore Chaos images?

I need them for reasons

>> No.50209555


>> No.50209564


>> No.50209565


>> No.50209568

>Dominus Maniple (Formation) (410 Points)

Tech Priest Dominus (135 Points) (WARLORD)
-Conversion Field
-Eradication Ray
-Infoslave Skull

Skitarii Vanguard (155 Points)
-10 Men
-3 Arc Rifles

-Onager Dunecrawler (120 Points)
-Neutron Laser w/ Cognis Heavy Stubber
-Cognis Heavy Stubber

>Skitarii Maniple (500 Points)

Skitarii Vanguard (110 Points) (x2)
-10 Men

Secutarii Peltasts (140 Points) (x2)
-10 Men
-Omnispex on Alpha

>Inquisitorial Detachment (365 Points)

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor (65 Points)
-Condemnor Boltgun

Inquisitorial Warband (100 Points) (x3)
-Acolyte (7 points) (x5)
--Storm Bolter

-Chimera (65 Points)
--Heavy Bolter
--Heavy Bolter
--Psybolt Ammunition
--Dozer Blade

>Null-Maiden Task Force (Formation) (225 Points)

Sisters of Silence Squad (75 Points) (x3)
-5 Men


Bringing this list versus either Harliquins/DEldar, CSM, or Deathwatch. Honestly I'm not sure what codex my opponent is bringing.

How is it looking so far? The game isn't going to be very serious and I've never ran a list like this before.

>> No.50209580


>> No.50209583


Keep them coming kind anon

>> No.50209596


>> No.50209602

Two different anons

>> No.50209612


>> No.50209627


>> No.50209639


>> No.50209649


>> No.50209663

And a reminder that Chaos lives even in the most devout's heart.

>> No.50209666

>Sisters of silence
>5man squad

>> No.50209710


Dark Eldar

I screened my deployment with the 9 Reavers I had available to survive turn one and H&R to charge back and killed 2 squads of his, he locked my Dark artisan in combat with some disgusting squad.
Turn 2 he destroyed all 4 of my Venoms and left my squads exposed and killed all my bikes in combat
My ravagers did nothing all game (they've since been retired for being shit).
Turn 3 he killed everything bar the Dark Artisan locked in combat, turn 4 I was wiped out by the full forced of 27 Genestealers converging on him.

It was Purge the Alien and ended up like 14-9 to him but even if it had been a tac objective game he could have deployed on them and won that way. His only advise was "take flamers", but all Deldar get for that is liquifiers and medusae which don't feature prominently in my army

>> No.50209717



>> No.50209740

>end times coming, leaks imply it might be great
>blood bowl back and it does look great

Okay what is GW up to?

>> No.50209742


>> No.50209748

They're updating all their specialist games, we learn this about a year ago. Where you bean, bitch?

>> No.50209749

Setting everyone up for disappointment.

>> No.50209763


>> No.50209766


10% price hike across the board for improved quality
Removal of a non imperial army
More huge models

>> No.50209779

>removal of a non-Imperial army

Have fun with the squats, Orks.

>> No.50209786

>Removal of a non imperial army

>> No.50209803


I only have the 7 tanks, but that does sound hilarious,

>> No.50209822

Alpha Kevin seems to be a good CEO who doesn't ignore us completly.

>> No.50209832

Nah, 10% or more price drop. And considerable sales.

Addition of more non-Imperial Armies (Likely Dark Mechanicum and Renegades, but still. Maybe Exodites.)

More Huge Models.

>> No.50209833

Good goy.. .you think that... think we actually care...

>> No.50209840

Exodites are likely because Lizardmen sell so well cause of scalyfaggots and dinosaurs are awesome.

>> No.50209850

well, thats how it looks like.
even pretending to care is better than nothing

>> No.50209853

good goy... good goy... give us, i mean them, more money, they care... right?

don't support those evil commie chinks!!!

>> No.50209869


>> No.50209873

hey, GW pays me, not the other way round

>> No.50209875


This is pretty much exactly how I figured DE vs GSC would go, and it sounds like we run nearly identical armies (DA + 4 Venoms + some Reavers + Ravagers; if you have Scourge and Incubi with an Archon + Mandrakes when the points fit, then we have the same army)

Note to self: if playing GSC bring more Covens, fuck them for bringing cheese against a shit codex, I will just tailor.

>> No.50209886



>> No.50209899

So, I'll ask again, can I read HH books out of order? I want the next months HH book, but I don't really give a fuck about the rest.

>> No.50209901

What should I focus on for my guard army to kill marines?

I use two Exterminator Leman Russ(es?), 2 Chimeras for two squads of Veterans that I usually give 3 special weapons to in each squad. (I like one with Melta and one with Plasma). Then I run two Autocannon Armored Sentinels in different units. I've been playing since the Start Collectings came out but haven't expanded too much since. (I have heavy weapon teams and commissars I do not use)

Everyone and their mom at my shop seems to be playing a version of space marines.

Wyverns look good, probably pick up at least one more squad of veteran squad. I definitely prefer a mechanical army.

>> No.50209903

make me

anyway, is that a bionicle mask ?

>> No.50209922


The former wasn't- I remember that short-story in the Farsight supplement. It was just a random Crisis Suit dude that deduced the Apothecaries' purpose and spared his life.

>> No.50209931

I'd love to just get an assault ramp on a rhino.

>> No.50209944

Well it's not like you don't already know what happened.

>> No.50209952


At higher points I run the Corpse Theif mainly instead of the Dark Artisan, but I add in some Scourges and an archon (I want some mandrakes but with an army already so weak vs ignore cover I can't justify it even though I love them). Yeah I didn't tailor it's my all comers list I'm testing vs my friends.

His list was

Flying Hive Tyrant
2 chimeras with 10 cultists
Some kind of tank
A sentinel
Patriarch with 10 genestealers and a Primus (this fought my artisan)
9 squads of whatever brand of Genestealer has 5+ invul

Apparently it gave him some kind of formation that let him do something.

>> No.50209956

>make me

Mate, there would be three hits in that fight. Me hitting you, you hitting the floor and the ambulance hitting 90. Got it, yeah?

I believe so, yes

>> No.50209957

Its tahu

>> No.50209980

Consider Coteaz from the Inquisition book so you can fuck up deep strikers.

>> No.50210064


Yeah GSC formations are fucking ridiculous, pretty sure some give you infinite summoning or similar, I don't know since I didn't actually bother reading it and this is second hand.

I actually find that Mandrakes absorbing some of the enemy's ignore cover fire can be helpful. I basically just deploy them with the expectation they will die without accomplishing anything, and then harass until something shoots them to death. Also between them and DSing stuff it can help with giving the other guy too much stuff to shoot at.
they really only kill GEQ reliably

>> No.50210085

Hey I'm working on some writefaggotry and wondered ifn y'all might be able to learn me some knowledge?

1. Whats the proper form of address for an enginseer (Mr., Master, His Excellency, senpai, etc)?

2. What's the proper form of address for a chapter master? I know a captain is Brother-Captain in a lot of chapters but Brother-Master sounds goofy.

3. Based on my reading of the Uplifting Primer it doesn't look like there's any officer/enlisted division. If a sergeant gets a promotion to lieutenant do they pull him out of theater to go to remedial OCS courses (this doesn't seem grimdark enough for the imperium)?

4. Is the 3rd Armageddon war supposed to still be ongoing?

5. Are Jokero still a thing or have they been squatted?

6. Is there any existing fluff concerning the IG equivalent of combat engineers?

7. Do Kasrkin HAVE to be Cadian?

>> No.50210093

I want to see a campaign where the Tau try to get friendly with a SoB shrine world, and end up drowning in angry Promethium.

>> No.50210098

The Cult Insurrection=Universal deployment.

The Chimeras/Sentinel/Leman Russ are his core, which basically lets them all Outflank (a regular Sentinel gets that fancy Cult Ambush)

All GSC Genestealers get invuls. The rest all sounds like he took "non-formation" auxiliaries.

Ravagers are pretty bad nowadays alas. Realspace Raiders would probably work better instead, with "moar Reavers" (whee), or even a few small squads of Incubi (The Klaivex is cheap but the Demiklaives are overcosted).

I've read about the Corsairs+Grotesques being a thing, as Grotesques with Shimmershields are particularly annoying to remove. :>

>> No.50210112

I want the Tau to suffer a pyrrhic victory but for the writers to then constantly inflate the numbers of forces they lost and in the end the victory was moot.

>> No.50210126

>Magos or Enginseer.
>Chapter Master (Name)
>The Uplifting Primer is in-universe bullcrap. Almost none of it is true.
>Galactic Space Orangutans with guns are still a thing.
>Yes. Imperial Guard Combat Engineers, and/or Enginseers. Depends on regiment type.
>Yes. Kasrkin are a Cadian unit. From Cadia. Closest equivalent are Tempestus Scions/Stormtroopers.

>> No.50210129

I would prefer to stick to my codex instead of having to buy a whole different book.

Though my friend was saying I could use the Militarum Tempestus start collecting formation because it comes with a dataslate in the box.

Basically I know I will have to deal with a bunch of Sv3 and some t5 bikes and drop pods eventually.

How would another vet squad and some artillery, maybe a third Leman Russ but the Executioner work out?

The Armies and Chapters I know that are played are DA (with half bikes), Space Wolves, Ultramarines, Raptors, Imperial Fist, KDK, CSM/daemons

There is also a Dark Eldar and Ork player

>> No.50210148

nah, could you repeat its please ?

i knew it, i would recognize that mask everywhere

>> No.50210150

Alternate version

>> No.50210153

1. tech priest
2. lord
3. probably, higher ups tend to be bloodblues
4. i don't know
5. still around, nothing's happened to them ever. well death watch did try to wreck a ship of theirs but got their asses handed to them
6. idk
7. yes but other regiments have their own special forces

>> No.50210175

Only answering the ones I know for sure.
>1. Whats the proper form of address for an enginseer (Mr., Master, His Excellency, senpai, etc)?

>5. Are Jokero still a thing or have they been squatted?

They're in a number of recent codexes. I forget which one it is or even which faction, but someone was dumb enough to shoot at one of their ships as it floated by peacefully, and were promptly BTFO by a super-weapon.

>7. Do Kasrkin HAVE to be Cadian?
Yes, but there are other IG Storm Trooper groups. Kasrkin are Cadians in the same way that SOCOM is American but other states have equivalents.

>> No.50210178

Many regiments copy Cadia in almost everything. There could easily be "Kasrkins" from other regiments.

>> No.50210180

also for 7. cadian gear and training and stuff is emulated galaxy-wide because they're so well-known/respected. so non cadians from a world that is copying their style could have their own kasrkin like units in appearance/gear. depending on training could be as good as kasrkin or worse or whatever.

>> No.50210192

It was the Deathwatch who got beaten up.

>> No.50210193


That sounds exactly like what he did.

I'm in the process of building some Corsairs and I love grotesques so that might be the route I take eventually. Thanks for the solid advice.

>> No.50210195

What does a Jokaero ship even look like?

>> No.50210202

>Corsairs+Grotesques being a thing, as Grotesques with Shimmershields are particularly annoying to remove.

How? Giving the Prince a Shimmershield is a fucking waste when he can have a 20pt Shadow Field, and IIRC Barons have to deploy with a Corsairs unit and can't leave it ("Tyrant" special rule).

I guess if you stick the Void Dreamer with them and give him a Shimmershield then you don't need a transport so long as you get that "go anywhere" power (or if you read "may select" as "pick whichever you want")

>> No.50210217


That sounds cool though my friends and I are sort of at the level of play that we know what to ignore and what to prioritise (I don't play any PuG) so unless they can actively kill something/achieve something rather than holding an objective I can't warrant taking them even if love the models.

>> No.50210253

A banana

>> No.50210260

Plasma isn't a terrible choice even for Salamanders. I have one tac squad with plasma/combi-plas for tactical flexibility. The shitty range on flamers and melta weapons is something any decent player will try to exploit if they know you're playing Salamanders. That being said he does have a lot of melta weapons for a 1000 point game. Work in a flamer/combi-flamer tac squad in there if you can to get more use out of Chapter Tactics.

>> No.50210263

Keep the chaos coming fellas

>> No.50210269

Black Legion variant for you

>> No.50210282

>dark mechanicum
>upgrade sprues for other space marine chapters and imperial guard
I would love this. but its doubtful that it will happen in the near future. (note that upgrade sprues is just something I thought up since theres already a few out there, why not make more for other chapters and imperial guard as well)

>> No.50210306


>> No.50210309

A climbing frame with a force field surrounding it.

>> No.50210325



>> No.50210342

does this have the rules/is it a supplement or is it just stories and pictures?

>> No.50210349

>> No.50210359

just stories and pictures i think

>> No.50210367


over 9000 hours in ms paint

>> No.50210372


>> No.50210390

>> No.50210415

Sorry Chaosfag bro, most of my Chaos stuff is too heretical for this board....

>> No.50210445

r8 my armylist

2 Bully boyz formations

2000 points, 50 meganobz. 100 2+ fearless wounds walking in a line up the table, putting out 4 s9 ap2 attacks on the charge at ws5

>> No.50210451

It's called girth. Also it's never just the tip, anon.... never.

>> No.50210473


Actually, here's what I want.

The Tau propaganda bomb an imperial world that has a small unit of battle sisters guarding a shrine. The local forces join the Tau after meeting with an ambassador. When the Tau forces begin landing, the Sisters make a big stink, but the IDF tell them it's fine. The Sisters request reinforcements from their order and begin to make plans to purge.

The Tau send a message to the shrine looking to negotiate, the Sisters accept, and then burn the ambassadors when they arrive. The Tau then send Human ambassadors thinking it would be better for the humans to convince them, but all meet fiery deaths. The Tau then send scout teams to investigate, but are caught by waiting Dominion squads.

At this point, the Tau send a proper force to remove the Sisters, but are met by Avenger Strike fighters as the the rest of the sisters arrive on planet. The Sisters then begin to mount an assault on the nearest city with with Repentia filled rhinos leading the armor column. Upon arrival, the repentia are let loose and begin cutting down the heretic citizens, battle sisters begin engaging the IDF, and Seraphim get into position for the incoming Tau.

I'm imaging a big city fight against the Tau with Dominion, Seraphim, and even Repentia squads hidden all throughout ready to ambush, while the sisters engage in guerrilla warfare. Imagine a Riptide lands at an intersection, take its shots on a nearby Unit, then all of the sudden, a mob of Repentia burst out of a wall and chop it down. Meanwhile, a squad of crisis suits moves to engage a unit of Seraphim that have been sweeping ground troops, but are met with a waiting unit of Dominions.

Best part is it would be pic related.

>> No.50210476

My group doesn't allow formations, sorry m8.

>> No.50210490

Ok, ill just bring my wraithguard/scatbike/wraithknight/warp spider CAD :^)

>> No.50210503


People regularly knot dragon dildos.

8th edition is apparently SoB starter set. Plus, most likely, Chaos.

>> No.50210511

Don't worry, we fixed all those units with house rules :o)

>> No.50210549

>> No.50210559

This is why you close the iris.

>> No.50210580

>8th edition is apparently SoB starter set.


>> No.50210607

You'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE.

>> No.50210608

>8th edition is apparently SoB starter set.
C'mon son

>> No.50210614



>> No.50210621

Sure buddy.

>> No.50210626


>8th edition is apparently SoB starter set. Plus, most likely, Chaos.

Maybe it will be that Shrine World Piety that got sucked in and then disgorged from the Warp as a Chaos tainted world.

The lore mentioned the Sisters apparently braved a tomb infested with Khorne and Nurgle Daemonic Beasts to retrieve relics before the Grey Knights showed up to purge the planet.

>> No.50210627


>> No.50210651


>> No.50210684

Let's take a moment to fix the most useless/OP units in the game. I'll start;

Fulgurite Electro-Priests
>Make them I5, or at least I4
>Make Staves AP3

Corpuscarii Electro-Priests
>Give gauntlets the Tesla Special Rule.

What would you fix?

>> No.50210748

Many thanks

>The Uplifting Primer is in-universe bullcrap. Almost none of it is true.

I am aware but I figured the "how rank works" section would be more accurate than most anything else. After all when it says you'll get your ass shot if you disagree with any order from anybody outranking you it absolutely IS telling the truth.

8. what do you call someone from Armageddon? An Armagedian?

Aside from loader is there any reason ratlings couldn't serve in tank crews?

My writefaggotry features an IG unit that was formed from unit leftovers at the end of a major campaign specifically a leman russ squadron (formerly of the armageddon steel legion) that lost a bit over 2 tanks worth of crewmen due to chemical weapons and has since replaced about 1/3rd to 2/5ths of their losses with ratlings.

>atm instead of portraying them as lazy mexican steriotypes all but one of my ratlings have ridiculous french accents and act like they're proud soldiers of le Grande Armee! Vive l'Emperer!
>the remaining ratling is the sole survivor of a ratling unit from a different planet and is every bit the lazy mexican

>> No.50210783

This is assuming the tanks have had ratling appropriate booster seats etc installed.

>> No.50210806

>8. what do you call someone from Armageddon?
An armageedubs

>> No.50210838

Orks: boost Initiative and WS across the board, reduce point costs for heavier units.

>> No.50210846

Balewind Vortex as a portal glyph. Is this a good idea? Considering painting one up for my friend as an Christmas gift. He bought me some stealthsuits yesterday for early Christmas gift.

>> No.50210899


Repentia get 4+ FnP and AoF let's them always assault and are only removed as a casualty at the end of the phase.

Dominions AoF gets to choose Ignore Cover or Twin Link

Seraphim AoF get to choose Shred or Bladestorm

Retributers AoF get Relentless and either Rending or +12" range (torrent for flamers)

Celestians get combi and power weapon options. AoF let's them shoot or attack twice.

Battle Sisters AoF gives Preferred Enemy or blesses an objective (same A demonic corruption)

Canoness and command squad get jump pack options.

>> No.50210936


>Lord Commissar
Give Senior Officer and Voice of command special rule. Drop cost to 50 points.

Drop cost by 10 points.

Change to S9 AP2 Large blast, ordnance barrage

>Heavy Weapon teams
Multi-laser weapon teams pls.

>> No.50210955

Literally the only problem with SoB is that AoF are one use. As soon as they're back to a quasi-psychic phase, they'll be fine.

Repentia need to be reduced by 4 points.

>> No.50210967

Are hydra tanks supposed to be incapable of depressing their turret down enough to engage ground targets?

>this would be extremely rage-induceingly stupid

>> No.50210970

Does anybody have a reference sheet for Tyranids? Haven't been able to find one for the current edition codex

>> No.50210978

I made my BA captain and command squad out of three different kits. Just bought them on impulse today.

What are you working on, /tg/?

>> No.50211008

Looks pretty well rounded, idk how the SoS play yet, but the AdMech side looks decent enough

>> No.50211027

>Why can't this AA gun shoot at ground targets?

>> No.50211040

Hydras can fire snapshots at ground targets.

>> No.50211049


That's not entirely true because they're restrictive on the unit, whereas back in 3rd, they were rather open.

Dominions can take flamers, but why would you because of ignores cover? At least TL in 5th let them reroll wounds.

Seraphim get shred, which even further negates the usefulness of inferno pistols.

Rending on the Rets is fine, but memes aside, is useless with Multi-meltas, which are already a poor choice because of heavy short range.

Celestians are useless because they're over costed battle sisters with a combat oriented AoF and no combat options.

Even 10 point repentia are worthless because they have no delivery system and no protection. In 3rd, they had a 4+ save, 5th was 6++ and full FnP and an AoF that let them get a single basing off when they died, but they are actually worthless in 7th.

It's true that sisters could be a lot worse, but they're still pretty far from their only problem being their AoF

>> No.50211099

Where can I find the Imperial Militia?

>> No.50211102


>Dark Eldar Wyches; Let them have the invul out of combat aswell, give them rend or shred base, blood brides get another wound

>Mandrakes; I don't even know, give them some sort of teleport between cover similar to their fluff?

>> No.50211106


Well in the old Eye of Terror source book, an Imperial Guard unit was using their Hydras against the enemy as things became desperate.

>> No.50211122

30k Imperialis Militia, Solar Auxilia, and Questoris Knights army book.

>> No.50211169

Pls respond

>> No.50211173


Currently making a deldar archon that I'm basing off of duke sliscus.

>Wrack bottom half including the corset, removed all visible flesh.
>Standard Kabalite torso.
>Head from the fantasy Wild Riders including long flowing hair.
>Syrabite curved blade in left hand, Harlequin Curved/reversed sword in the right hand.

Trying to find a drug pack to put on his waist/lower back. If not I'll make some Green stuff fur down his back.

My friends even offered to let me use some house rules to recreate The Duke, but I think that'd be difficult and awkward.

>> No.50211177


I get that they're optimized for AA but I feel like any difficulties that might cause in ground targets should be more than mitigated by the fact that ground targets can't juke up or down and aren't moving like 400 mph. I feel like a hydra should be able to seriously fuck up ork trukks and warbikes and the like (compared to say a pair or normal turret-mounted auto-cannons)

>> No.50211185


I think the invul and just Ap2 on a 6 would be enough. Maybe make them cheaper. Let Bloodbrides roll twice on drugs.

Give them the Daemon USR and cover hopping.

>> No.50211192


Mandrakes aren't totally useless. But cover teleport would be cool and fluffy.

Bonus points for allowing them something like this:

>From the Shadows: A unit of Mandrakes may enter the game from Ongoing Reserves, but may only deploy into cover. When deploying in this matter, the unit does not scatter. If an enemy unit is located in the cover, each mandrake which deploys this way may immediately make d6 Hammer of Wrath Attacks before deployment. After the HoW attacks, resolve deployment as follows: if any of the remaining Mandrakes cannot deploy fully within the cover due to enemy units blocking their deployment, any individual Mandrake which cannot deploy is destroyed.

Maybe that's retarded idk

>> No.50211202

Itd make sense the starter box has a female faction to appeal to a wider audience and waifufags

>> No.50211203


Im currently painting a few of my DELDAR warriors, once those are done im buying the getting started DELDAR force on tuesday and convert a few units to add some grisley ork trophies (have a spare Ork stormboys kit)

>> No.50211211

The Void Dreamer is the one, yes. Move powers in general are nice to have.

>> No.50211215

It's an AA gun, it might be able to do good damage to ground targets, but it really isn't what it's designed for.

>> No.50211224


why arnt Mandrakes good for city fighting, seems like that should be their niche

>> No.50211239


Stackable drugs? or just two seperate types

Daemon would be cool but eternal warrior would be wasted, It would be definitely give them a purpose

>> No.50211248


>> No.50211262


Mini Mawlock Mandrakes, I like it! the move between covers would be sweet and make for some nice objective grabbing or assassination attempts... maybe give them something to make them character killers since that's their fluff

>> No.50211278



This isn't 5th, man. Daemon would give them a 5++ save and fear, the latter being the important bit.

As for the drugs, I hadn't thought about them being stackable, but why not for the BBs?

>> No.50211300

I'm not disagreeing with that. I guess I'm just saying that only hitting ground targets on a 6 is way more punitive than is warranted.

>> No.50211334


My bad! Stackable drugs on the bloodbrides would be great, potential str 5 with the special weapons would be fantastic

>> No.50211359

how do I submit a question to duncan?

>> No.50211364

Yeah but giving them everything you mentioned makes them 'too good' and people will moan. AoF being changed, Repentia being reduced in cost, that's good enough. Celestines are also better WS and Ld Battle Sisters. Same everything else.

We need some slightly different units. I'd like a unit which is used like Veterans with their doctrines.

Who knows any more.

>> No.50211371


The Hydra is based on a real life vehicle that can fire both at ground and air targets.

>> No.50211374

Shooting ground things is not what it's for. It makes sense that it's bad at it.

>> No.50211375

>Tempestor can't buy meltabombs

>> No.50211378

I'm here my man. What do you want?

>> No.50211390

Duncan, Lord of the Questions, how do we contact Duncan Lord of the Paints?

>> No.50211403

>Non-melee oriented army with troops with AP2 on a 6 to wound

GSC also shouldn't have this by the way. At least not as cheap as they do

>> No.50211407

it looks awful man
not your fault, but the fault of the stormpotato chassis

>> No.50211418

How do you paint a tabletop mini to look like it's set at night, without being a ficking cheater by using a backdrop and turning off the lights?

>> No.50211432


>storm troopers are now called tempestus scions

>> No.50211447


I don't think those changes are "too good" because they're only once per game. People will moan anyway. Hell, my eldar friend moans constantly when we play.

Celestians having higher WS than battle sisters doesn't mean anything because you still never want them in combat even though their AoF says they want to be in combat. Also, remember that Celestians ARE our veterans, but they have no vet options. Instead, those options are found in the command squad.

>> No.50211453

For a killteam campaign: Imperialis Militia as a killteam with allied stormtroopers. Survivors of a Dark Age and Advanced Weaponry. For a killteam campaign.

What strategies/builds do you recommend?

I'm expected to fight Tau, IG, Eldar, DEldar (NPC), Eldar, SoB (NPC), Khorne/Chaos (NPC), Orkz, Genestealer Cultists.

>> No.50211462


>wych cults
>not melee oriented

>> No.50211465


it's only a non melee centric army because the melee options are overpriced, lacking rules and generally shit so the natural option is to try and make the army shoot and MSU of the shooting shit.

>> No.50211467

plasma pistol + 2 melta is as much as you can get out of the squad unfortunately

just make that part of a hellrain brigade and add inquisitor kazamarov

>deep strike melta unit close to vehicle
>fire at the vehicle
>kazamarov fires oribtal strike on the melta squad because he's allowed to so it doesnt scatter

it doesnt matter if it kills the metla squad, they just come back next turn automatically

>> No.50211477


>plasma pistol

>> No.50211485

There isn't a way to do it. At least, not officially. You could use his Linkiden profile or whatever. There is no actual contact thing.

My best guess is to ask on the Warhammer 40k Facebook.

That's pretty difficult. My belief is, you basically paint it black, then used object source lighting to make it 'visible' partly. So, have a fire/searchlight over part of the model.

Like pic related.

>> No.50211488

30k cannot ally with 40k.

>> No.50211492

>doesn't like plasma
>year 999.M41

>> No.50211500

>extra s7 ap2 shot, gets hot is literally nothing because your squad respawns for free every turn

>> No.50211509

the GM allowed it.

>> No.50211517

>plasma pistols
>fucking ever

>> No.50211526

Is fear special rule of any use against space marines?

>> No.50211532



>> No.50211535


So, no. It isn't. It's why people don't like it.

>> No.50211537

please provide a reason for not taking a plasma pistol on a suicide melta unit that respawns

or would you prefer to shoot that s3 ap3 pistol at the tank instead

>> No.50211541


>> No.50211553


It's 15 points, respawn or not, plasma pistols are never worth it.

>> No.50211561

Most of these are going to be bandaid-tier anyway.

Ignore cover
>most of the weapons with this is changed to "reduce cover" and they reduce any cover save by 2. Ignore cover stays on some weapons but is tightly regulated

>made into more granular by faction specific break-tables. Think like mob-rule but less retard/less punishing in most cases.
>ATSKNF removed, some goodies moved to SM break table.
>Fearless is now way more uncommon, Nerves of Steel is new USR to be "soft fearless", roll 3d6 on pinning/break/fear/morale tests and choose two lowest.
>More leadership modifiers introduced to the game to make stubborn more useful.

Close combat:
>Unit that fired assault weapons last shooting phase gets +2'' to their assault range if charging the same target (or any target if the target shot was destroyed/fled)
>each initiative "pool" rolls initiative test at start of fight sub-phase, the results are the initiative steps. Certain abilities or attacks might have fixed I step to attack
>Having better WS should be more rewarding than it is now. Duno how to fix.

>> No.50211589

Only in 30k against anyone who aren't the Death Guard or Salamanders. Even then, high Ld and other Legion rules makes it a bit hard, but you can do it.

>> No.50211590


Awesome aesthetic, awesome fluff, dies to one single Riptide :(

>> No.50211595

>hellguns are now called "hotshot lasguns"

>> No.50211600

>15 points

so for 15 points you bump your squad from 2 useful shots to 3, an increase of 50% on a unit that already costs 90 points, its going to respawn at least once during the match so that 15 points is going far further than normal

still waiting for this reason not to take it

>> No.50211606

gw kill team? how are yu doing provenances without the hq?

>> No.50211607

Most likely he wanted to turn them all into grey Knights at the end since the GK program didn't just appear out of nowhere

>> No.50211623


Well for one starters:
> All Ork Walkers.

Can can replace any melee arm with a gun arm.

> Orkanauts

Dropped to 120 points each.

Also gains the ability to swap out the pilot of either one for a Weird Boy, boosting the Morkanaut's Invulnerable to 4++, giving the Gorkanaut a 5++ and allowing the Walker to be a level 2 Mastery Psyker for the purposes of Warp Charges or casting spells. All weapons get Soul Blaze by default. Also a use for that Orkanaut head with the one eye.

Both Walkers get an Assult Ramp as an upgrade option.

Morkanaut gains the ability to replace it's KMB with any Mek Gun, including the Shokk Attack Gun.

Both Walkers gain the Effigy rule.

> Deff Dreads

Dropped to 70 points each and can be in squadrons of up to three.

Can take Deff Gunz.

> Killa Kans

Become 40 points each, and can take things like the Wrekkin Ball (STR 9, AP4, Assault D3) that Trukks and what not can take.

Cowardly Grot rolls are only a fail on a 6+.

> Regular Ork Infantry

All are dropped to 10 points or below. No reason they should be over that.

> Stompa

Becomes 400 points. That's about all it's worth at this point anyway.

Gains some of the old Apoc options like the Deff Arsenal and the Supga Gatla gets the Tracer rule back (Stompa's primary weapon doesn't scatter if the target was hit by at least one shot from the Supa-Gatla).

> Ordinary Vehicles

Trukks lose the ability to Explode. If an Explodes! result is incurred, the Trukk is simply wrecked.

> Ghazghkull

Can swing his power claw at his regular Initiative

>> No.50211627

Can't take Provenances without a Force Commander.

>> No.50211648

I think GW should rework chaos, better rules for csm and rework chaos daemons. It's look like in grim and dark future there is only khorne. In daemons codex 7ed khorne have 3 bloodthirster, one of them even has str D axe and and all his bloodthirsters are way better than greater daemons of other gods, lazy bitch on skull throne got 3 characters his 3 headed dog skultaker skarbrand rape engine. when nurgle has 2 character, and slaanesh 1. Why slaanesh doesn't get greater daemon character? rest of gods have their GD character.
I will skip the fact that khorne even get his own codex.

>> No.50211663


>> No.50211734


A plasma shot doesn't equal a melta shot, but whatever.

>> No.50211766

>Not using Plasma Pistols

>> No.50211780

sure, but consider the following

1. this squad is constantly deep striking in, rear and side armor are going to be seen more than front armor

2. a scion unit has a minimum of 5 models, only 2 of which can get melta, 15 points to upgrade one of the s3 guns to s7 ap2 is ideal, not to mention it makes that unit a larger threat to ignore

>> No.50211841

Khorne is easy to write for, and skulls and blood is easier to market than boils, pink psuedopods and boobies.

>> No.50211844

What would ou say the new Blood Bowl Orcs on their 32mm bases would count as in an Ork army?

I've the idea to make a Blood Bowl themed Ork army.

>> No.50211847

But it results in an over 15% price increase. Those 15 points could easily be more effective elsewhere. Maybe not if you're doing the karamazov thing, but other than that

>> No.50211864

Nobz maybe.

>> No.50211870

>Trukks lose the ability to Explode. If an Explodes! result is incurred, the Trukk is simply wrecked.
Just bring back the Kareen rule. I don;t care if all my boys die in a fiery explosion if they get to rocket across the map like a burning comet before they go.

>> No.50211935

a 16.67% increase in cost for that unit for 50% extra effective shots against all armor that isnt a landraider, tesseract vault etc, the cost increase is made even more efficient considering that unit will be respawning, even without me nuking it myself from kazamarov

if the 15 points save allows you to upgrade a knight, or would allow you to get an assassin or something, then sure you can drop it for that because its more effective, but after 8 matches using hellrain, that plasma pistol goes a long way over 4+ turns

>> No.50211949


>> No.50212033

Big Mek can spend 20 points to buy a Mega-Charga. When rolling for a batch of weapons in his unit with a random strength, the weapons may roll an extra D6 and drop the lowest. If it causes a double/triple, the Mek takes a S4 AP 4 hit with Ignores Cover.

Big Mek may take a Mekboy Speedsta for 65 points. The Speedsta has the following profile:

Bs 3, av 13/12/10, chariot, fast, open-topped.
Wargear: 2 Kannons. They may be upgraded to other Mek Gunz at appropriate costs. May take vehicle equipment from the ork armory as if it were a looted wagon.
Special Rule: Mobile Mekshop: Use the Speedsta to determine if the Mek is in range for abilities. For example, a Mek could repair another vehicle if the Speedsta is in b2b with it, the Mek KFF radiates from the Speedsta, etc.

Allow Kans to take a Deff Dread with the (Character) type as a squad sergeant, letting them ignore Cowardly Grots (as well as giving them Look Out Sir!).

Allow Meganobz to replace their TL Shootas with bigger guns, and to take Mega-Boostas to make them Jetpack Infantry (Orky Crisis Suits).

>> No.50212051

Orkanauts should be LoW choice in squadrons of 1-3 and be Superheavy Walkers. There. Fixed.

>> No.50212540

Trying to make a Blood Angels Kill Team and am so hung up on what would be the best to take.

Kill Team 1
>5 Death Company Marines 100pts
>5 Scout Squad 55pts
>Attack Bike Squad 45 pts

Kill Team 2
>Tactical Marine Squad 70pts
>Assault Squad 85pts
>Attack Bike Squad 45pts

Kill Team 3
>Bike Squad 63pts
>Tactical Marine Squad 70pts
>Scout Squad (maybe with sniper rifles) 60pts

Kill Team 4
>Vanguard Veteran Squad 95pts
>Scout Squad 55pts
>Land Speeder Squadron 50pts

I'm new to 40k so I guess I'll be playing Kill Team for awhile until I get my main army made.

>> No.50212722

I got the nid harpy/hive crone more because i like the model. The most you see out of flyers in my store are heldrakes. whats the better choice for general purpose?

>> No.50213463

Hive crones are better for general purpose

>> No.50213556

Out of interest what would one take a Harpy for? I can see why Crones would be general flyers. can hit air, can vomit on people, i presume you can shoot tentaclids at vehicles for some lucky haywire.

>> No.50213606

Bombing stuff? Extra twinlinked heavy weapon?

>> No.50214294

So, /40kg/. Fluff games are AWESOME.

I had a game today. It was going to be a normal game, but then I noticed that there was a massive pile of gantries and catwalks in the terrain bin.

So I flipped out a bit and re-created Big Shell.

My Opponent LOVED it. We decided to houserule it so that everything that was gantry/catwalk offered a 5+ cover save but everything ELSE was water (dangerous terrain). Then we played Spoils of War.

It worked WONDERFULLY. The game went back and forth for five turns until I got a good roll on the Kingslayer objective and pulled ahead. We both agreed to do it again in a week, it was so fun.

Anyway, long story short, I want to get some thoughts on this 1250pt infantry-only list (Can't fit tanks/vehicles on an oilrig-thing).

Tempestus Command Squad
+4x Hot-Shot Volley Guns
Tempestus Scions Squad X 2
+7x Scions

ALLIED DETACHMENT (Astra MilitarumImperial Guard)
Company Command Squad
+Veteran Lascannon Team
+Master of Ordnance

Infantry Platoon
-Platoon Command Squad
+4x Sniper Rifle
-Combined Infantry Squad
+5 squads
+5 Lascannon Teams
+5 Flamers
-Special Weapons Squad
+3x Demolition Charge


-Aegis Defence Line

>> No.50214653


Spoiler tags are [spoiler*] [/spoiler*] (remove the *s)

I don't know anything about IG so I can't help with that sorry lel.

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