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Hey can any 40k people help me im looking for some lore reading on anything about psykers and Malal.

I dont play but have been sucked into the lore by some youtube videos. I have done some searching on my own but it is limited to google and the like, deepest lore is never found on google.

What I have found on Malal is small but i did find something to read that he may be in The Laughter of the Dark Gods. As for psykers im looking more of how they perceive the immaterium.

Also pic slightly related

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lexicanum you dumb fuck
also read the source material

don't trust the ebin lolsorandom youtube vids

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Malal no longer exists in Canon due to copyright conflict.

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what copyright conflict though? the only thing that i find is that its a city in Iran and maybe like a Pakistan tv show. I do know they got copyright for the other chaos gods but not Malal

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It always kind of made me a little mad how fleshy Xeno is in this pic. She should be shiny and chrome like Lolicron.

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damnit xeno, stop being both hot and an extremely niche character immune to mass pornografication like mainstream characters get sometimes.

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also: hard to find a full archive of her adventures.
Anyone know one?
sup/tg/ went down during parts of that quest.

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The guy who wrote Malal's fluff was hired as a freelance writer, not on contract, so he retained ownership of what he wrote. GW never bothered to contest ownership and just decided to stop mentioning Malal. The 1d4chan page has more detail.

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