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Why do you serve a gilded corpse when you could serve the Greater Good? Don't you want to serve the Greater Good, /tg/?

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Loyalty to my species and a sense of debt to the Emperor for his sacrifice. Death to all traitors.

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no because i want to fuck tanks, not your shitty blue vagina forehead people

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somebody roll OP down to the juicing floor

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anon, no! She's not that kind of blueberry!

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No, because I'm not dumb enough to believe the "Tau Waifu" propaganda, because I know that you blueberries only fuck when some shriveled up raisin lookin motherfuckers tell you to. And even then, it's "consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation" shit and once a baby's ready, it's back to work.

Seriously, even if I were the kind of guy to think exclusively with my, I still wouldn't join up because even "the little private" knows that "we ain't gonna get any". So I'ld rather just stick with my reward of Lho sticks, cheap booze, prostitutes, and poker for surviving a deployment. It may not be paradise but I know it's real and some load of bullshit.

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>t. Average Techpriest

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How's a boy ta loot n' greater good?

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The Greater Good won't stop the Chaos Gods anon. Only faith in the God Emperor, and a shitton of meltas is going to win that fight.

Now repent blasphemer.

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>Betraying the Emperor
>For a filthy Xeno "Greater Good"
>Not drowning xenos in heavy ordinance
>Not dying for the Emperor

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I swear, every time we hit the snooze button, the galaxy gets even more undesirable.

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Maybe you should get the fuck out of the bed then and actually do some spring cleaning, you lazy bucket of bolts.

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Our glorious Necrontyr beds contain comfort far beyond your mortal understanding.
Like Hell I'm giving that up for a shitty mug of liquid souls and the sounds of petulant children pracing about my yard.

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There's no qt Krieger waifu's over on the Greater Good's side.

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>Kreiger waifus
Anon, Love and Kreig was a shitty romance novel written by some lonely paradise world NEET who's never served a day in his life. Kreigers are not shy, introverted, qts who fight with endless devotion. They are monstrous abominations and perversions of the human mind. Take it from someone who had to serve with 'em.

Kriegers are what happen when you take a child, and beat all the joy and life out of him, and break them into a husk of a soul. Then they take those fractured shards that was once a person's mind, and put them together into what they see as the ultimate soldier. Whatever personality they had in that broken mess, was obliterated long ago.

They are soulless, unfeeling creatures with no remorse whatsoever. They don't have thoughts or feelings in their head, just orders. During one of my battles I served with a krieger, our commissar had died 4 hours ago, and some of our greener recruits panicked and broke line. They didn't get more than 5 feet before the kreigers shots put them down. Then afterwards, the fucker starts looting them, and tries to hand out their supplies to us. The worst part about it was that what he was doing wasn't even wrong in his eyes, it was just what he was trained to do.

They don't charge into death because they're brave, they don't hold the line because they care about what will happen to the planet if the fail, they don't cover your back because of a sense of Camaraderie or loyalty, they do it because they were told, nay Programed to. They live to fight and die, any other thoughts are irrelevant to their minds.

Emprah forgive me for sayin this but, Kriegers then Kreigers have less in comman with humanity than the techpriest's bloody servitors.

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>"Kriegers are what happen when you take a child, and beat all the joy and life out of him, and break them into a husk of a soul. Then they take those fractured shards that was once a person's mind, and put them together into what they see as the ultimate soldier. Whatever personality they had in that broken mess, was obliterated long ago. They are soulless, unfeeling creatures with no remorse whatsoever."
I know right? Pretty sexy if you ask me.

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One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind those masks.

What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty...

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Do you believe in magic?

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Hey man, there's no denying that Kriegers got it going on. Besides, I'm sure I can humanize her a bit with enough cuddles and sex. If not, oh well, dating a psychotic emotionless husk is still pretty hot.

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Yeah, it has its ups and downs

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Your sex life would have more feeling and passion if you just bought a fleshlight instead.

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>live in ultramar
>everyone is cool
>network television shows aliens getting massacred in gory detail
feels good

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Just because she is emotionless doesn't mean she doesn't respond to and enjoy physical stimuli.

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>Responding to any stimulus that's not "Contact" or another one of their basic orders
Pick one

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Just let the guy bang his weird space-Prussian.

Now you've got me thinking about who I'd pick for a waifu in 40k... I have trouble being turned on by insane zealots though.

Maybe I'll find one of those Lathe world priests I keep hearing about, or a Magos Biologis.

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Why ya servin' tha "Greata' Gud" wen yaz cud be avin' a roight gud punch up?

Don't ya wanna av a WAAAGH! tg?

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>Live in Ultramar
>Aesthetic statues and marble columns everywhere

Feels good man.

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There's always Catachan waifu's. Then again, their sex is probably quick and cautious, cause every moment your doing it is an opportunity for a predator to eat you.

I'll stick to the space-Prussians though.

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Pic related

Yeah I find myself also being drawn to the Kriegers on account of being attracted to dark girls.

Eh, I'll stick with a tech-waifu. I'll try to find one who's only a little bit crazy. Or at least will help me get down with some light tech-heresy.

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I said this in the other DKOK thread, but Kriegers kind of remind me of Rei from Evangelion. Emotionless, obedient clones with a tendency to die. Maybe that's why people pick them as waifus?

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have you considered moving? the galaxy is getting a serious bug problem anyway

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I'm in Fuck Everyone Else.

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Personally I'd want to bed a Sorta.

If the Emperor approves, of course.

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Really puts things into context. I'd be utterly livid if I popped over to my second-favorite paradise world and found it had been eaten by extragalactic vermin. That shit will not do.

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B/C the greater good is not all that good for humans. I'll stick with my regiment, filthy xeno freak.

That being said, I'd still take the poster and masturbate to it in an alley somewhere.

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Grampa! What are you still doing up? I thought I got you a warm glass of CLEANSING BOLTER FIRE already!

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Go back to sleep. I want to see how low we can go.

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>all Kreigers are incapable of speech and must communicate through a mix of pantomime, grunts and wheezes.
>Give all Kreigers a flamer to charge with
>Their violent and unfriendly tendencies are mistakten for true insanity, rather than enthusiasm and pragmatism

I can see this being a thing.

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Jeez, as if they weren't already creepy enough...

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Creepy? What are you telling me pic-related is lent just the sweentes little guy you've ever seen?

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Flamer Kreiger: Mmmphhff...mmphff...mmphf

Local Commissar: Yes guardsman, keep on torching the houses...carry on.

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You don't want to serve a false corpse god either?
While we may not understand this whole "Greater Good" horseshit, we like the way you think, friend.

Let's do lunch, and talk a bit more about this.

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No because your art is shit

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It's actually pretty good to be honest famalamadingdong

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>Let's do lunch, and talk a bit more about this.

I hope early next year will be ok, because we've got them booked for a cultural exchange program until then.

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Why do you serve a greater good that does less good to the most people while venerating a small amount of individuals with all the wealth and sanctity?

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>chicks with issues
>posts a 12,000 year old man

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It's really not. It's a bad imitation of a decent piece of art.

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your private parts do not decide what gender you are. If she calls herself a female, then she is one.

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I mean valhallans seem pretty cool, but that might just be because of the cain books.

Praetorians as well. But yea I can get off to a lot of things, insane zealots are not one of them.

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>Slaanesh worshipers
>Limiting themselves to one gender at a time
Their sexuality is "More, Faster" they're girls, guys, herms, and everything else.

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Okay, Rembrandt.

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So they seek to be belial tier freaks that are more dong, tit and pussy then functional life form?

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Why die for the emperor when you can live for greater good?

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>Don't you want to serve the Greater Good, /tg/?

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>So they seek to be belial tier freaks that are more dong, tit and pussy then functional life form?
Wait are you implying you don't Anon I thought this was 4Chan

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This is /tg/.

Not /d/.

Stop getting smut in my grimdark.

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Because life ends and paradise is eternal.

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Thats a lot of heresy down there.... lets just make sure that shit doesn't spread.

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Why would I willingly serve your Greater Good, when you're already doing a spectacular job as a screen against the Tyranids for us?

Have fun being eaten, we'll make sure to put the time you give us to good use.

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...because we have blueberries?

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Why does all the fanart of the Tau have them with normal human hair, instead of that weird ponytail thing they have in the official art?

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Ay Magos, I'm back from earlier in the thread, do you know of any tech-priestesses who're avail-I mean... need to get more experience? I'm doing an... uh, outreach program, for tech priestesses.

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Because the weird ponytail thing is called a queue and it's GW's visual shorthand for making the tau look extra oriental because, in their hearts, the British are still fighting the Boxer Rebellion. Fan artists just give tau anime gaur because it's a more relevant and contemporary cultural affectation.

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Why not loyalty to yourself?

If you're going to serve a corpse and/or the greater good, why not choose the undying benevolent master of all? I'll help you forge your own destiny in exchange for your obedience. Even the Ruinous Powers can't pry anyone from my grasp.

Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm wrong.

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Pick your flavor, /tg/

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Because if the Emperor loses, the entirety of the Galaxy is fucking dead anyway and Tau are fucking retarded and can barely get into a slow-ass version of FTL travel and will never be of comparable speed to that of a drive a Tech-worshiping sodomite can build in his backyard? Don't really see them ever being able to go for Extra-galactic anyway.

Hell, the Tau as a species almost completely wiped themselves out when they were in the blackpowder age of technology, only saved by a Mysterious Warpstorm and the arrival of the Ethereals.

Honestly, you xeno-loving retards can't do simple math.

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Leechposters please go and stay go. The undying should not meddle in mortal affairs.

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Not even joking.

>> No.50085525

>Implying 40k has a winning scenario
>Implying anything in the 40k setting is even worth saving

Live for yourself, anon.
Or jump into random portals into the Warp and hope you wind up somehkw falling into the 40k version of Blood Bowl, the only Warhammer setting that's a decent place to live and worth fighting for

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Let's be honest. As they are, they really couldn't be more creepy and unnerving. If anything this would probably make them more approachable.

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explain their differences

I don't study Xenos

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I believe it's, in order from left to right, earth, fire, water, and air caste. Earth are builders and engineers etc, fire are warriors and commanders, water are diplomats and beurocrats, air are starship pilots and other void personnel IIRC.

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What, you don't like xenos?

>> No.50092062

What do you think, shit-for-brains?

>> No.50092065

Cause you should really reconsider that position...

>> No.50092087

Cause they're pretty great for dying in horrible ways.

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Does the Militarum even allow shit like that? I know Lho Sticks are allowed obviously but whores, alcohol and gambling sound like a recipe for a blamming through lack of discipline.

>> No.50092143


Yes anon, the soldiers bang hookers.

>> No.50092170

Aren't Lho sticks just another name for cigarettes?

>> No.50092173

>but whores, alcohol and gambling sound like a recipe for a blamming through lack of discipline.
Not even the commissars are THAT strict

>> No.50092179

space shore leave isn't going to be much different than regular shore leave. You just won't hear about it often because it doesn't show everyone dying in Hell War 666-Alpha.

also with regiments numbering in the million billions, there are going to be a few sets of cards and dice coming with, regardless of the attentions of the commissariat.

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The universe is a massive place and I have no idea why some of the races with FTL shit don't just bugger off to Andromeda or something.

The Necrons can literally just colonize a few other galaxies from the innumerable others there are. Why stay and fight over a lost cause of a clusterfuck galaxy? Besides "There's nothing to do there and these upstarts are pissing me off".

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Lefty be THICC

>> No.50092225

I dunno, just some of the Commissariat strike me as being that unwavering
I guess you have a point. You can be strict as you want but you can't be everywhere at once eh

>> No.50092241

>thigh gap visible
not thicc enough tbqh; water caste a qt tho

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If you have no concept of kindness or pleasure, and the only time anyone had laid hands on you was when they were trying to grapple with you when they lost their weapon, why would sex be enjoyable?

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Toss-up between Earth and Water Caste.

Earth is thiccness supreme and big titties but water caste is a mix of slender and legs which is a +++ modifier for the thigh gap. I can't fucking choose.

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>be krieger
>get comfy gas mask and coat
>set up in your comfy tench with your m8s and your heavy bolter
>sit back and relax
>gun down xenos by the dozens
Objectively best existence in 40k

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>not hailing from a feudal world and getting your medieval times on for every war you fight in
Krieger knaves, swerve.

>> No.50092342

Unless they got rid of all the nerves down there then I'm pretty sure they'd still feel pleasure during sex. Besides, it's not like they'd object, just tell them it's for squad morale and they'd just go with it.

>> No.50092361

That just looks like normal flak armor in medieval style
I mean not that that's a bad thing it is pretty cool

>> No.50092378

This galaxy's not gonna burn itself.

>> No.50092381

>Literally wanting to die in a universe where dying horribly is almost guaranteed
Dude, the Kriegers got life figured out like the Orks, just enjoy all the carnage and death while you can.

>> No.50092595

And they look good while doing so.

>> No.50092612

I like the white for the gloves, might have to take that idea.

>> No.50092692

I think there's a difference between physical pleasure and psychological pleasure. It's more extreme than how I think it might go with a Krieger, but think rape - that's not really pleasurable at all, even if your body is physically reacting. Krieger's might not respond like rape, but they probably wouldn't enjoy it.

Long story short, don't piece together a broken person for sex - go to a person that's may have some scars, but is still and has always been whole. Literally anyone else in the Imperium could give you/would have a better sexual experience.

>> No.50092767

Pretty much this. Aren't Krieger's vat-grown and indoctrinated to basically eat a meltabomb without blinking an eye if it mean taking another centimetre of land from the enemy?

>> No.50092822


>> No.50092847

>put the time you give us to good use
>good use
>literally just exterminatusing anything that the nids want

>> No.50092862

I've never heard of one doing so, but I believe there is an example in 'Dead Man Walking' of a Krieger sacrificing himself to activate a bomb to take out some heretics, among other near-suicidal tactics and inhumane disregard for the lives of others.

Vat-grown, I'm not sure. They could just be genetically engineered to grow up extremely fast, for all I know - maybe the Krieger's are literally children walking around.

>> No.50092911

Maybe with time you could piece them back together? Maybe you could add a bit of humanity to them?

>> No.50092928


>> No.50092979

And I could singlehandedly kill Abaddon the Despoiler myself, if I really tried. It doesn't mean it's going to fucking happen in this or any lifetime.

>> No.50092992

I didn't mean it literally, but basically what you said, a complete disregard for their own lives in favour of the mission.

Afterall, their schtick is that they're constantly told how they must repent for their age-old betrayal to the Emperor.

>> No.50093074

>not tsundere fire warrior waifu who fight back but you can still comfortably overpower

>> No.50093125

>that you can overpower
What's the point? This is coming from someone who doesn't even like musclegirls.

>> No.50093132

Read this classic and reconsider your wanting to fucc one. Mostly the last post hahaha punny right.

Fucking Kriegers, man.

>> No.50093133

I don't mind a little muscle but in bed I'm very domineering, so I like my girls to be submissive little slampiggies.

>> No.50093148

Tried that once. Didn't work. Do them and yourself a favor and recommend them to a psychiatric professional.

>> No.50093169

Trust me, I'm more a 'press the Armageddon Steel Legionnaire girl back against the wall and hastily pull her mask aside' kind of guy. Or really, any other guard regiments in the Imperium. If I really wanted Kriegers, I'd find some PDF regiment that copied their uniforms but not their soul-crushing behavior.

>> No.50093196

See the joy of having that Techpriestess waifu is that disassembly is just a part of the morning routine. Like brushing your teeth.

Oh which she only has half. But still!

>> No.50093209

Necromunda represent

>> No.50093253

I would join the Tau.

>> No.50093302

Does the flaming hat hurt? It the base of the brazier made of ceramic and asbestos?

>> No.50093324

100 tau'yen have been deposited in your account

>> No.50093342

There are more humans than tau. Mathematically speaking, the imperium is the largest, most sophisticated, numerous, *ahem* GREATEST good in the galaxy.

Why aren't you serving the imperium, alien? I thought your philosophy disregarded species as long as you were doing good deeds? Are you saying you put self-preservation before the act of doing good? You mean you do the EXACT same thing the imperium does? Huh, gee fucking whiz.

Get the fuck out with your greater good bullshit.

>> No.50093345

>recommend them to a psychiatric professional.

Anon, Kriegers are broken beyond repair, a Psychiatrist wouldn't do jack shit. There is literally more chance of a Servitor finding a magic top hat and suddenly springing into sentience and shouting "Happy Birthday!", than there is of Turning a krieger human. The best thing you can do for them is Blow their brains out with a lasgun.

>> No.50093358

I will redirect you to my earlier regards on the matter:

>> No.50093359

In Gaunts Ghosts many thousands of guardsmen get i think 3 or 4 days on a world used for recreational purposes, with approved bars, clubs and whorehouses.
In the Caine Novels, his men arent allowed to go to brothels, but can drink, if they dont make trouble.

>> No.50093370

Um, Anon, killing Abbadon the 'armless wouldn't actually be that much of an achievement. Maybe Kharn would work better for your metaphor.

>> No.50093383

>believing the memes

>> No.50093404

Some goods are greater than others, gue'la. The Tau Empire is the greatest good of all. Ours is an empire in ascent - your morbid death cult is one in the twilight of its decline. You would do well to remember that - those that embrace the Greater Good, now, will be favored over those that must be made to comply, later.

>> No.50093405

See >>50093345
I feel like the psychiatrist would walk out sobbing, honestly.

>> No.50093449

>commands the united forces of the most (fluffwise) Overpowered galaxy in the Universe that literally has no lose condition and can call upon infinite demons
>Can't move past Cadia because a Short, Grumpy, Cigar-smoking, manlet "Home Alone"s the shit out of him every time.

Abbadon's a fucking pansy ass bitch mate.

>> No.50093465

*factoin in the universe, what fuck brain how do you confuse faction and galaxy?

>> No.50093481

Your empire is a mere thorn in the side of a civilization beyond your comprehension.
Once our other enemies have been defeated you will be next. Every one of your
victories merely delays the inevitable, you can not win

>> No.50093505

Only heretics burn, anon.
Are you a heretic?

>> No.50093520

Holy shit, my correction is even less comprehensible than the thing it's correcting. I think I need to get some sleep.

>> No.50093526

There are reasons behind why he can't get past Creed that have been debated thousands of times before - the fractured and disorderly nature of Chaos, the fact that only recently has conquering Cadia been his main goal - but he still wouldn't be a chump in a fight, especially since fluffwise he has an elite bodyguard of Terminators.

>> No.50093531

>serve me because I'm better than you and more important than you!
And that is the kind of attitude that gets tau ambassadors fucking murdered in public.

>> No.50093546

We'll never get a regiment that's as awesome as this.

>> No.50093578

>but he still wouldn't be a chump in a fight
>elite bodyguard of Terminators.

If he has to have his Elite Terminators fight for him when he has the support of all the Chaos gods including Khorne, then that just makes him look like even more of a gigantic pussy.

>> No.50093601

Water Caste definitely. They're genetically designed to be aesthetically pleasing and are well spoken, they get invited to all the best events, probably speak your language perfectly, and outside of an Earth Caste studying xenobiology she's the least likely to be weirded out by your strange human behaviors since she has probably seen stranger things before.

If options exist outside of that super wrinkly ethereal chick put in as a joke then the Ethereal caste would also be a pretty good pick. They're pretty much exemplars of every aspect of every caste however they'd probably keep to many secrets and it'd be strange.

>> No.50093631


Assuming a loving relationship in any case Fire Cast, because damn that be perfect. But since she'd probably be a cast iron bitch i would go for Earth. Fuck it, i am become the heretic. Quickly brothers, save me from the foul xeno's post Imperial QTs.

>> No.50093654

Crazy gangster bitches in the hive cities don't get enough love

>> No.50093728

This. Water Caste basically being selectively bred bards means there's no other possible correct answer.

>> No.50093745

Nah, they're too crazy man. I don't do crazy.

>> No.50093771


What if i think i would relate better to a fellow engineer like the Earth Caste? Or i don't care if the emotional side of the relationship would be shit and we'd fight a lot because angry make up sex with the Fire Caste bitch would be fantastic? And at least i wouldn't have to worry bout either of them mind fucking me in subservience.

>> No.50093802

My waifu was originally an earth caste so I'd want one of those.

>> No.50093999

Why would Fire Caste girls be bitchy? If anything they're breeding would probably have the most focus on the ability to work together compared to any other Caste

>> No.50094049

I'm getting the impression that Kriegers are like those children that grow up abused and isolated with no social contact or love given to them, and that they don't even really have a place to start if you wanted to rehabilitate them, cause they are so far removed from humanity. I don't think a psychiatrist would cry, but he certainly wouldn't be able to have a productive conversation.

Meh, they're still qt3.14's though.

So, do you think it would be possible to create people like that in real life? Just asking for reasons.

>> No.50094179

>Be me
>Replaying Mass Effect because I hate myself
>Also my qt xeno engineer gypsy waify
>See these posts
>Immediately think to Kelly attempting to find some scrap of humanity in the wind-up tin soldier
>Kelly walking out of the room sobbing, because she can neither fix this dead, walking reature, nor can she stand to be near this man-made abomination
>This flawed, walking abortion of a once-human
>Jack being the itch thatshe is tries to pick a fight with him by knocking off his mask, stops when she see's the eyes that hold less life than the numerous corpses in her wake
Yeah, there's ome interesting scenarios that could happen

>> No.50094247

Entirely possible, just take your average african child soldier, then ensure they survive to adulthood, all the while giving them increasingly horrendous tasks to accomplish while costantly distancing them from anybody they could bond with. Boom, one brown Kreiger with an AK and no on point WWI aesthetic.

>> No.50094266

Yes, it's been done before. Establish a strong national identity and then break it down and form a martyrdom culture from the ashes.

>> No.50094308

Because Farsight was right.

>> No.50094355

Okay, but your example doesn't quite reach the levels that the Kriegers do. African child soldiers may be messed up in the head, but even the most messed up of them can be rehabilitated later. It's like that General Butt Naked guy, he may have sacrificed children to Satan in his heyday, but it's not like he does that now.

Yeah, there are some examples, just none as extreme as the Kriegers. Still, it would be interesting to try. I wonder if you could do it on a smaller scale, say with your own children. Maybe adopt some children as a single father, raise them to be absolutely loyal and willing to die, train them in the use of weapons and tactics. Of course you would have to homeschool them and keep them isolated from society unless you want the cops called on you, but I don't see I reason I couldn't do it.

>> No.50094363


She would also be forceful and determined and quite possibly stubborn. When you mix that with conflicting cultures you get fights (speaking as a white boy who spent 18 months in Korea living with a Korean.) True this is all a hypothetical narrative, and she could be quite reasonable, but for some reason i just see the Fire caste as likely to be unable to compromise/ get along with someone from a radically different culture. Pride and all that.

>> No.50094387


Addendum. If you yourself are willing to be flexible, and can be convincing enough to get her to bend on the really important things, its great. Even if there are the occasional fights, making up is worth it.

>> No.50094441

Your private parts and your chromosomes DO decide what gender you are. No matter WHAT mental illness / depravity / idiocy [delete as applicable] you use an excuse to pretend to be something you're not.

>> No.50094498

Except the 'wierd ponytail thing' ISN'T hair, IS IT you disgusting abomination? It's TENTACLES. And you know what ELSE has TENTACLES? MUTANTS AND HERETICS! BURN DEVIANT! BURN IN THE EMPEROR'S CLEANSING FLAMES!

>> No.50094508


>> No.50094578

If it has a dick, it's a dude.
If it has a cunt, it's a chick.

If taking a DNA test would say it would have a dick, it's a dude.
If taking a DNA test would say it would have a cunt, it's a chick.

What they call themselves and "want to be" has no relevance towards what they are.

>> No.50094600

Earth > Water > Fire > Air

>> No.50094674

Fire, Water, Earth, Ethereal.

>> No.50094692

Slaanesh gives zero fucks about DNA and what people were born with.

The laws of genetics are more suggestions when you are a creature of the Warp.

>> No.50094811

>Um, sir? You're kind of preaching to the choir, here.

>> No.50094884


>> No.50094936

What are primary sexual characteristics
What are secondary sexual characteristics like increased musclemass in men, greater neotony in women, wrist and bone development, male pattern baldness, paternal uncertainty, grey matter white matter differences, mental development differences between the sexes,etc

Fucking social constructivists.
I bet you read john monies work

>> No.50095220

I'd smash an earth cast girl with my thunderhammer the way Inquisitor Headbang is smashing that button.

>> No.50095669

How does it feel, being a traitor to your entire race and everything they've worked to build and hold on to, just so you can cling to the heels of a temporary growth on the fringes of humanity's galaxy? You sicken me - you gave up all the glory of humanity and the Emperor for something as small, insignificant, and easily replaceable as your life, a life that only matters to those clammy blue hands you cling so tightly to because they need a stone to step on in their own futile bid to spread and grow.

>> No.50097310

>How does it feel, being a traitor to your entire race and everything they've worked to build and hold on to
bretty gud

>> No.50098012

Probably wouldn't be hard to kitbash with Cadians and some WHFB units, Bretonnians or Empire namely

>> No.50098043

>Jack being the itch thatshe is tries to pick a fight with him by knocking off his mask, stops when she see's the eyes that hold less life than the numerous corpses in her wake

I like it

>> No.50098335

No, we read science. Jeez, do you really think that if a woman goes bald, she suddenly becomes more of a man? Get back to reality dude.

>> No.50098379

Can't wait till we have cloning technology so we can make Kriegers in real life!

>> No.50098405

>lol science worship amirite??
Male pattern baldness is a specific condition with specific hormonal triggers which do not occur in women.

So, yeah, a woman who's suffering from a significant imbalance of dihydrotestosterone may very well be a man. That is to say, not a woman and all and just a delusional degenerate that things his sexual deviancy trumps genetics.

>> No.50098471

Anon, the cloning part is the least important aspect of Kriegers. It's the breaking down a person into a soulless monster that makes them kriegers. The WW1 aesthetics come after that in importance.

>> No.50098595


>Not wanting to make a qt Krieger waifu
>Not wanting to rip out every bit of her humanity piece by piece
>Not wanting to see how much you can put her back together, if it's possible to fix her at all
>If she can't return to normal, at least she doesn't object to sex
What's wrong with all you guys on this board? Can't you see the objective perfection that is the Kriegers?

>> No.50098828

That's not the only reason people go bald.

>> No.50098878

Anon, the sex would complete shit, and the emotional side of the relationship be nonexistent.
See >>50076190 and >>50076746
These people are mindbroken to be SOLDIERS not CONCUBINES!

Although I have to admit, it would be nice to see a story about a Krieger slowly pulling themselves together and learning over time what it means to be human again, with a little help from his/her comrades.

>> No.50099223

I wonder if South Koreans or American troops ever troll North Koreans at the JSA by looking at obvious attack plans on NK in clear sight of the NK side, etc.

>> No.50099372

Except that >>50094936 specifically cited male pattern baldness as an indicator of masculinity. You know, since it's caused by an imbalance of DHT.

>> No.50099595

I'd rather serve a literal god who acts in the world than a false notion of community. Whether it's emps or one of the 4, they are literal gods. Why the fuck wouldn't you serve them over a set of vaguely defined ideals?

>> No.50099645

>believing gods are more powerful Forces than ideologies
>believing that the Big E himself believed that.

Where the fuck have you been man?

>> No.50099817


>> No.50100334


>> No.50100767

>"Although I have to admit, it would be nice to see a story about a Krieger slowly pulling themselves together and learning over time what it means to be human again, with a little help from his/her comrades"
See, that's why I don't like Love and Krieg. The appeal of Krieger waifus isn't that they're some shy introvert who warm up to you over time, their appeal lies in the fact that they are fundamentally broken human beings, having had their humanity ripped out of them through brutality and cruelty. There's no spark of life in their eyes, so sense of joy in their movements, all that is left is a soldier without a soul. But maybe, just maybe, you can bring back a bit of humanity to her. It will take years, maybe decades, but maybe one day you might get to see her smile. One day she might think of something other than her duty as a soldier. Maybe she will think of you.

>> No.50103090

What the fuck is she riding on? Is that bulky, piece of cardboard lookin, thing supposed to be some kind of Tau hoverboard?

>> No.50103380

I made mistakes, I admit that.

But I know,now more than ever.

That this is the path I must walk.

Even if it scorches my skin and crumbles under my feet.

I will never give up; for I made a promise beneath the pyramids of Tizca.

A promise I intend to keep.
All is not..yet....DUST

>> No.50103413

Tau are for nerds

real men play Guard.

>> No.50103917

I wish "Love and Krieg" had been like that. But instead it was "typical shy animu girl who is a bonafide qt3.14 with some Waaacky trench warfare habits".

>> No.50103918

>real men
>playing with toy soldiers

>> No.50103941

> An awakened Krieger's theme song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CzzZkkiJMv8

>> No.50104689

To be fair, you know when a story starts out with someone ordering a soldier through a dating site that it's going to be some cheap romantic comedy. A relationship with a Krieger would be a ton of work, it would literally be like trying to teach a sociopath empathy and love, which is certainly possible, but its not easy. Kriegers are not "dandere", they are indoctrinated sociopaths who are halfway catatonic cause of all the emotional dampening. But that's the real appeal, they make you want to hug them and say "it's okay, the war's over, you can be human again". The goal of restoring the humanity of your Krieger waifu should not be easy to achieve, but worth it. A hard earned happy ending, for a semi-tragic, yet endearing love story.

>> No.50104750

You're preaching to the Choir, and just making me wish for something that does not exist.

>> No.50104846

>the real appeal, they make you want to hug them and say "it's okay, the war's over, you can be human again"

Oh, yeah, totally, hahah, what sort of monster would think something like wanting to quickly ship them off to the next trench network halfway across the galaxy, ahahah, of course it's working their humanity back and not being an army of implacable seige artisans thats teh appeal.

>> No.50104875

Well, "/tg/ gets shit done" so let's get some shit done and make a better version!

>> No.50104899

Sure, that's the appeal of the Krieger army as a whole, but we're talking about Krieger waifus here. I would hope you wouldn't do that to your waifu.

>> No.50104933

Wut ya talkin 'bout? I loyulz to me cheef and to Gork and Mork... or wuz eht Mork and Gork?

>> No.50104945

My lawyers have advised me that I should refuse to answer further questions that may incriminate me with regards to mai waifu and field guns.

>> No.50105141


Ah hell I'm down. Before we start the write faggotry, let's establish some baselines. So far we've largely disused why the original is silly, and why the concept is stupid. IF we are to do this, if it can be done, we must establish under what circumstances we think it to be possible. No matter what it's gonna be hard, but if it can be done I believe mayhap we can do it. Fit's off th Krieger needs to be removed from the negative environment and placed in an environment where reconstruction can begin. I propose the Krieger for our story be a sole surviver, or one of the few survivors from a Death Korps unit, and that they be bundled in with the regular guard unit also fighting in whatever war this is for convenience sake since there are no death korps units for them to join. I propose a bonding period do while under fire, not the Krieger bonding to the guardsman, but the guardsmen coming to care about the krieger in a mostly platonic way. Krieger saves their life or something, or is just pitiable, so they look out for them. The ig win the campaign and are left as a garrison. Civics start coming, and building a colony. Guardsmen helps krieger to adjust to life not in the trench, and slowly humanizes them while romantic feelings develop. Worried he'd just be taking advantage of her he tries to distance himself, perhaps removing himself from her life, but she seeks him out. Cue heartfelt (or alternatively creepy if you think of how unhealthy dependent this is) moment when she explains he's all she has and she needs him. Very Slow romantic development until eventual babies ever after. Only remotely plausible scenario I see, and even then it's still fucked up. That is not a healthy relationship, but probably the closest we gonna get with a krieger. What say you /tg/? Shall we begin write faggotry? Or is it just not worth it?

>> No.50105179

Sounds a-ok to me anon.

>> No.50105328

I'm down with this idea, but I think when she seeks him out it should not initially be because of her feelings for him, but because her identity is tied to the squad. Her entire existence revolves around her dying in the field of battle, so when that is taken away from her, she doesn't really know who she is. Her purpose has always been to die in war, but now the war is over, and the only ties she has to the war is her former squad. Heck, I'd say at some points she should be violent and close to suicide at some points in the story, looking for the death she never received on the field of battle..

>> No.50105451

It's a good idea, and I know /tg/ is mostly guys and so the Krieger will probably be female but this story could also really work well with a male Krieger

>> No.50105467

Sorry, which Bruva video is that from? I've seen it twice recently but can't remember which episode that was from.

>> No.50105510

>All these possible flavours of waifus
And people still want emotioneless death-world legionaires

>> No.50105520

>yet another shitty fixfic of already shitty /tg/ romantic fanfiction
Please, spare me. The attempts to "fix" Love Can Bloom were bad enough

>> No.50105536

>not wanting to get entrenched with you're waifu

>> No.50105548 [DELETED] 

You can spare yourself by closing your eyes. It's easy.

>> No.50105589

If you fuckers take the obvious bait and make this end up like the rat-elves Thread, I will be severely disappointed in you all.

>> No.50105702

It was the one where it begins with kitten getting tea

>> No.50105770

>the crazy of a hive girl
>in the well dressed looks of space nazi
>most definitely in the back of the transport
Steel legion would be pretty high tier waifus.

>> No.50105956

Rat elves?

>> No.50106157

Praetorians would be even better. They keep all the Hiver crazy tinned up behind the well drilled Victorian stiff upper lippedness.

>> No.50106243

Bald chicks are the polar opposite of attractive. Seriously what the fuck

>> No.50106523

Give it time, you'll see the light

>> No.50106569

pretty gud m8

>> No.50106575

Rat elves.

>> No.50106610


>> No.50106674

What light.
Women should have hair. And not short hair, cut like a man (a chick that looks good with a short hair cut is like 1 in a 100000, like Shay Fox, and she has MASSIVE tits).
Bald chicks are NOT hot, end of story. No more discussion.

>> No.50106719

> not liking the buzz cut or bald looks of the fresh recruits / sisters of silence.
> not liking short haired girls.
> muh tiddy.

>> No.50106874

You sound like one of those pathetic NCOS who become drill instructors to fuck basic training whores because they can't get women any other way. Damn your life must suck.

>> No.50106918

Don't you think that there's something sadistic in wanting something to be broken in the first place, even if you intend to fix it?

>> No.50107036

I might be alone in this, but I thought the vox operator from the Armageddon game was pretty cute. Had a nice voice and everything.


>> No.50107092

>I might be alone in this
only because no one played the Armageddon game.

She was cute, but I had to stop playing (shortly after donte and the marines came in) because it bored me quite thoroughly.

>> No.50107148

That's why it's fiction though. It's not like I intend to hurt someone just so I can comfort them later. It's like the Florence Nightingale effect applied on a psychological level.

That being said, if I ever become dictator of a country I am totally going to try to create my own Krieg troopers.

>> No.50107727

just like how your chromosomes decide you have autism?

>> No.50107816

Biologically, yes.

If you don't have autism because of genetics, then you have it because of brain damage and it's an entirely different disease.

>> No.50107915


>> No.50108019

That game was tragically boring.

>> No.50108591

It wasn't a bad tactics game, there was just little to it. It's either the campaign, or the maps of the campaign - no real attempt at any playability aside from that. If you love the Steel Legion and are glad they finally got something after years of nothing, it's at least a joy for that.

See it's shit like that last part that gets me nervous in a 'please don't have kids or become a teacher' way.

>> No.50108838


Thanks for the suggestions. Unless someone else wants to step up I guess I'll give it a shot.

>> No.50109291

It's not even about the waifu at that point though, it's just for the loyal soldiers. I know I should never have that much power though, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's why I love the Constitution, it keeps a-holes like me from exploiting people.

>> No.50110669

See the problem with that is it makes it sound like if I were to leave you to your own devices, you would not be able to self-regulate. No morals about it or nothing.

Maybe it's just bad phrasing, but you scare me a little.

>> No.50110733

I am a bad person anon, I acknowledge this. But I've got rules, and following the Constitution and the Bible loyally is one of them. I'm a pretty nice guy when I don't get to boss others around though.

>> No.50110734

Not him, but does it matter if one requires artificial constructs to upkeep their morality? So long as a system is in place to govern such things, then we have no need for a conscience.

>> No.50111573

Because unlike you I don't want to be a gelding.

>> No.50111592

Where the fuck is the vagina? Is it seriously on their forehead?

>> No.50111709

>Save your breath you racist, belligerent, xenophobic and sociopath megalomaniacs. You talk about glory of humanity this, glory of humanity that. Yet you troglodytes are the ones who're archaic and are stuck in the past, you sorry excuse of an imperium and a human empire are literally stuck in what Ancient Earth would call 'the 17th century.' You brag about a careless and apathetic 'God Emperor' bringing you glory that never happens. While we humans; or 'heretics' you uncivilized savages call us, choose the Greater Good to be united against threats across the galaxy. Only through unity will people like us, our species, can survive in the long run and long term. Unity, something you uncivilized and brutish imperials can NEVER dream or wish to achieve since you people shoot yourselves on the foot. Only through Unity... Unity. For the Greater Good.

>> No.50111764

Can't you guys just shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my Penis Women and Vagina boys?

The entire point of it is the fact that it's absurd, against what is normal, and is in direct opposition to reality. It's a fetish for fucks sake, it doesn't have to adhere to biology, physics, or any other form of social recognition and grouping.
Can't you fucking autists get that? Its chromosomes don't matter cause it doesn't HAVE CHROMOSOME YOU MONGOLOID, IT'S A GODDAMN PICTURE, A FUCKING COLLECTION OF PIXELS, OF ELECTRON ONES AND ZEROS

>> No.50111768 [SPOILER] 

>Feels pretty good, thanks for asking, thanks for asking mam.

>> No.50111811

>no vampire counts in space

>> No.50111834

Dick = dude
End of.

>> No.50111941

Okay now you're just trolling cause you know it makes me fell emotions and you want to vicariously feel smug from me feeling emotions...

But I'll have you know I've been dead inside since 2003, easily. Alcohol kills the soul quicker than it kills the liver.

>> No.50112806

>I'm an alcoholic degenerate
Explains a lot.

>> No.50114240

>Your naivety is worrying, alien. We've walked far from our nest, and the nightmares we've seen defy logic. You are merely a speck in an uncaring galaxy, limited in sight and scope. You sit in your little safe corner, facing so-called enormous threats that we have to crush daily just to survive. You preach about "love" and "understanding", when entire worlds full of innocents are slaughtered by abominations for the "sin" of existing, refusing to bow their heads to invaders and murderers. Yet, your kin does not realise it, your attitude unchanging and suicidal. We might be wasting oxygen by talking to you, but remember these words: we "sociopathic megalomaniacs" have endured ten thousand years of constant war against horrors that would drive you mad with a glance. We talk of Glory to honour the heroes, the men and women who gave their lives against butchers and killers like you, to ensure this "excuse" of an Empire survives another day. We brag about our God-Emperor because He made the greatest sacrifice a man can bear, to give our species a future and a Paradise, out of pure Love for us all. What can you brag about? The "Compliance and safety" you get by slaughtering political opponents? The "benevolent leaders" that control you with pheromones? Or the lie they used to gain their power, and chain you to your position forever?

>> No.50116071

Nice drawing, Traitor. Did you make it yourself because you can't get any real pussy, or was it just the first blue-board picture you found lying around in your giant Tau fetish porn folder?

>> No.50116414

No you disgusting socialist weasel, I do not want to serve "the greater good," I want to serve humanity. My race, my people, my nation. I would rather smash my own teeth out with a hammer and then burn myself alive than side with your vile race of thieves. Every one of you should be tortured to death in a cage, and you will be whenever Cato Sicarius drags himself back to your segmentum.

>> No.50116805


>> No.50118998

>Here, instead of fighting for real, tangible things like your family, your farm, the only man keeping the galaxy from collapsing into daemons, or your race, just believe unquestionably in our propaganda and fight for really rich alie- I mean, the enlightened ethereals. Why would they have ANY interest in selling you out?
Here's a tip: if you really want the drudges of imperial society, go for the giant robot angle next time.

>> No.50119647

Where do you think the nids came from?

>> No.50119908

Necrons don't leave for a variety of reasons - some want to rebuild the Necrontyr Empire, or specifically their small corners of it. They may not even have the means to leave, due to all the stuff that may have gone offline when they woke up or had been destroyed in the interim. Some don't care what's going on in the galaxy around them and don't give a shit enough to move because they'll be left alone anyway. Some actually want to return to flesh, and this galaxy has plenty of fleshy things to experiment on, while others might not, and has lots of artifacts and lore, while others might not.

Eldar can't really leave because the webway doesn't go beyond the galaxy and they need access to the remnants of the old Eldar Empire to get more soulstones. Dark Eldar don't give a shit. Humans aren't giving up the galaxy without a fight and have no interest in leaving anyway due to religious fervour, and how even a warp jump could take far too long for them to travel safely even under the protection of a Gellar field, or to survive the time that would pass. And obviously, the Orks wanna fight and there's fighting in this galaxy.

>> No.50121104

>ITT anonymous rejects delicious blueberry pie

What happened to you, /tg/?

>> No.50121157


Humans are too afraid to go beyond the range of the astronomicon even within the own galaxy.

>> No.50121752

Backlash because of increased importance and victories in recent fluff compared to their size and relative power to the Imperium.

This is part of why I keep arguing that the Tau should just be retconned to be spread across the Eastern Fringe where the Astronomican can't reach - that way they can take part in far more battles outside their little bubble, and they can actually take a loss without getting flattened.

>> No.50122079

>implying tau have any sex appeal
Only the thirstiest of weebs would sink that low, and most of them have either fucked off back to /a/ or congregate in /cyoag/

>> No.50122184

>Here, instead of fighting for real, tangible things like your family, your farm, the only man keeping the galaxy from collapsing into daemons, or your race,
>real, tangible things
>like family, race


>> No.50122857

Alright, but that means that cuntboys are 100% straight.

>> No.50122936

If you do work on this, I would just like to say that I don't think a Krieger can be "fixed", only somewhat healed.

Like, perhaps a Kreiger can be taught to once again love, but no matter how much or for how long you help they will always be a crazy not-nazi in a mask. You can a Kreiger out of Kreig, but you can't take the Kreig out if a Kreiger.

If the standard Kreig is a car crash victim, a "healed" Kreiger would be the quad amputee that comes out after months of long surgeries.

>> No.50123213

Tell him about the self-aware terminators that caused the earth to go all "mad-max", brother.
Or that self aware titan that become a demon that had a cannon that shot more demons.
They don't even have robots as big as ours.

>> No.50123313


Thank you for your input. I agree with you.Never intended to get the kreiger to 100 percent. It's not really possible.

>> No.50123731

This day, We dedicate our lives to the masters. This day, we dedicate our lives to their cause. This day, we dedicate our souls to the eternal glory of the abyss. This day, we rise!

>> No.50124151

Cannon fodder that believes it isn't cannon fodder, isn't that cute.

>> No.50124229

So how's feel taking it up the ass from Slannesh. I would say that it's probably bad for your pride, but if you had any you wouldn't have joined the Cosmic Three Stooges plus one transsexual deviant drug addict.

>> No.50124393


>> No.50125969

What on God's Green earth is that cluster fuck of text fonts and emojis.

>> No.50126235


>> No.50126430

>Attempt to fix Love Can Bloom

What? When'd this happen?

>> No.50126979

Eat a dick, zealot.

>> No.50127122

Because fuck you and your cone-headed pricks.

>> No.50127246

yes: the kindest thing you could do for them is kill them though. sad times.

>> No.50127273

Of course gingers would join the Tau. They've no soul to forfeit.

>> No.50127294

he would get a new fuck toy or 3 every few months: what's not to like?
>if I ever become dictator of a country I am totally going to try to create my own Krieg troopers.
Why not become a cult leader or start a hardcore leftist/rightist faction?

>> No.50127311

>They've no soul to forfeit.
in-setting, the soulless are all quite devoted to the emperor

Because the emperor is the only thing in existence that treats them with anything other than complete revulsion.

>> No.50127315

>transsexual deviant drug addict.
sounds like a few of my friends from the old days.

>> No.50127374

I thought galactic chaos was our alarm clock.

>> No.50127645


see this. this is why I'm going to join the blueberries,

>> No.50127767

It was less "fixing it" and more "give it a proppa ending".
Two main attemps were made this year. One made in January which is unfinished and having less orthography than ork writing and another one made in the middle of the year completed but kind of lame.
There also a doc around the archives supposedly written by Bloomwriter him/herself that was a reboot more loyal to the events of Dawn of War, aka the Blood Ravens krumpring everyone else in Kronus.
There is a good oneshot made in the Storythread that made it into the gallery of the 1d4chan page of the main story.

>> No.50127868


Enjoy your mustache twirling Ethereals you tool.

>> No.50127880

Torchstar is 2berry4me

>> No.50127916

Because Space France doesn't allow mechas. You have any idea how many laws your race breaks just by existing?

>> No.50128518

Canonical best berry.

>> No.50130251

Sorry, can't hear you over the sounds of your fellows massacring your own citizens over a perceived religious slight.

>> No.50130277

the berry best

>> No.50131039

Oh right, you've got no reply. When fully faced with the grandeur and history of humanity, even a willing traitor like you has to feel their heart quiver in realizing what they've thrown away. You're being used, heretic - not by those of your own species, for the benefit of your race, but for aliens that only care about their race first and foremost. How quickly did they teach you the ways of their culture? How quickly did you adopt them as your own? Are your children forgetting their ties to the God-Emperor of mankind, who looked at them with mercy in this harsh universe? How long until you're no longer human, but slaves to the abhorrent alien?

>> No.50131425

So what, is she with the Farsight Enclaves?

>> No.50131573

Sorry, the Emperor had my world wiped out and all my family killed cause we don't think someone saying we should follow them because they say they know best is a very rational argumentation basis for leadership.

So nah don't really feel anything bad about that.

Enjoy your genocides though, it and talking about how racially pure you are is about all you are good at. Ciao.

>> No.50131610

Gee, cause that makes your argument look like anything other than a racist sociopath without impulse control

>> No.50131623

Yes, she's the hot-blooded young recruit with flame tats.

>> No.50131630

>Derpy Derp Galaxy so Dark Derpy Derp everything we do necessary Imperium so awesome we shit gold Derpy Derp Derp Xenophobia is cool look how edgy I am
Also if the pheromones were true how come an Earth Caste Scientist can literally disobey direct Ethereal Orders (Aun'Sho), Farsight and his men don't instantly fall under the control of the Ethereals in Mont'ka, or tell the other Tau about the Pheromones, and Shadowsun deliberately disobeys the Ethereals in Mont'ka?

>> No.50132509

And why did you and your family think you knew best? Was it 'best' to trade with xenos for their abhorrent technology, or to deny the Emperor what was due to the Emperor, for the protection of His starships and His guardsmen and His avenging angels?

If humanity does not hold together, everyone shall fall. Isolated worlds shall crumble underneath the attacks of heretics and xenos without Imperial protection, and that of the Tau is as fragile as straw, a weak crutch that shall stab you through the armpit if too much weight is put on it. Traitors and separatists cannot and will not be accepted.

>> No.50133109

Actually we were doing fine on our own, just wanting to be left alone like the Diasporex, then the Emperor showed up and told us to serve him and dismantle anything he didn't like.

We pointed out that was totally unreasonable, on what grounds did he demand this and he said; "I know better" which as any undergraduate student of philosophy can I identify as among the weakest arguments ever.

So we said no and then he had the planet and all innocents killed. Ironically we were never in danger till other humans came, thena again humans do kill more humans than about anything in the galaxy so its not too wierd.

Also what is he due? The Emperor expecting a due is simply an unwarranted demand. No-one has to be his slaves, that's an irrational argument.

>> No.50133127

How is Xenos tech inherently abhorrent? Like rationally now, so try hard, how is that an inherent rational argument?

How is the Emperor inherently owed anything? If a society doesn't want incusion in the Imperium it doesn't owe the Emperor anything.

Or are you literally just incapable of argument more complex than inherently irrational pseudo-racist drivel?

>> No.50133178

Not to put too fine a point on it, fag enabler, but racism makes perfect sense in a universe where races are actually real. Fuck the Tau and fuck their imaginary "greater good" bullshit. It's empire building, and humanity should never be subjugated to another race.

>> No.50133207

>But other races should be wiped out by humans even if totally peaceful like the Diasporex
Oh look, you can't even be logically consistent.

Also the statement 'racism makes perfects sense in a universe where races are actually real,' is ridiculous. First begin by demonstrating a necessary causal link between the existence of differing races and racism as a concept. Otherwise you're literally spouting nonsense.

>> No.50133224

Fag enabler? You mean I matchmake for homosexuals? Well nothing wrong with that. Thanks.

Also the fact that you just descend into cursing makes it seem like you don't really have an argument, just a lot of prejudice and emotion with no other means to vent.

>> No.50133238

Not the same person, I posted like yesterday. The teeth-smashing thing. You're arguing with like five people because you're autistic.

But, in-group preference is objectively beneficial for any organism, and racial preference is simply an extension of that trend. Those who sell out their species to aliens are race traitors, simple as that. Extinction is what you deserve, and it is what you will receive.

>> No.50133256

That is not an attractive blueberry.

>> No.50133266

>Actually being this autistic
Spotted the Jew. Hope we meet in the FLGS so I can clean the floor with your cuck blueberry army.

>> No.50133322

I'm a Jew too? Well as Tolkein himself said; "If I am to understand that you are enquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people."

Still a homosexual matchmaker, autistic and Jewish origin all in one? Cool.

>> No.50133330

>Well nothing wrong with that.
>I encourage peoples' mental illness
In my country, we throw people like you off of buildings. In your country, too, soon.

>> No.50133361

What are you even talking about?

Besides you'd need to provide a scientific study which establishd that objective claim before you can peddle it.

Not to mention you just fall back on psuedo-racism again so its not even worth debating you since you can't actually make rational points it seems.

You just like to fetishize extinction I guess.

>> No.50133383

Which country is my country 'oh telepathic one'? :)

Also, as I said, just a lot of emotion and prejudice, nothing of substance or actually rational in structure.

>> No.50133398

Are you literally saying homosexuality is a mental illness?

Gee and I thought /tg/ wasn't /pol/

>> No.50133401

No, it's just racism. And we aren't "debating" anything, I harangued a disgusting Tau-sympathizer in a race traitor thread.

>> No.50133454

It very clearly is. Only in countries infected with the failed ideology of secular western liberalism is this not recognized. Sort of like how they now pretend that people with gender dysphoria, which is perfectly treatable, instead ought to have their insanity recognized.

It is very funny to watch this sort of behavior from a society that has not completely lost its mind.

>> No.50133851

Oh great, it is becoming /pol/

>> No.50133905

Yeah, we are being invaded by /pol/ right now.
Most will leave after election day. Though some will inevitably stay to shitpost more

>> No.50133950

I claim this thread in the name of Abu Bakr, may Allah protect him. Take your alien fetishes back to /d/. As salamu alaykum.

>> No.50133984

Sup /pol/. Tired of the shitposting on your own board, so you found another place to drag down?

>> No.50133997

If you hook me up with one of those sweet pulse rifles instead of this shitty flashlight, then I'm in.

>> No.50134112

Inshallah. Well to be perfectly honest I was on my way to Aleppo to use some of the new stinger missiles your Hillary Clinton was kind enough to buy for me with Qatari money, when I saw much to my horror and surprise that there are people who actually like the Tau.

"Unthinkable," I said, and offered a prayer to Allah the Most Merciful. So I descended like the gleaming saber of Mohammed to destroy your thread, and to cast it into disarray. In this I was most successful! I now eagerly await my reward in the tranquil halls of the King of Kings. Allahu Akbar!

>> No.50134196

Wait...why did you think GW made Tau if no-one likes them?

>> No.50134320

For the same reason that I believe Allah the Granter of Security created sea-urchins, tarantulas and Albanians.

It is necessarily that some things be loathsome so that we may despise them in accordance with the will of Allah Al-Malik, the King of the Stars.

>> No.50136884

Wanting me Joining a bunch of vaginahead weeaboos

>> No.50136903


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