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>Gravity is reversed worldwide forever

What happens?

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Everyone dies. Next question.

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Everyone is violently propelled away from the ground at an acceleration rate of 9.8 meters a second, sustaining mild injury on colliding with low roofs or being flung out into space. Most of the human population dies, the universe loses all cohesion as it undergoes a Big Rip, and then everyone dies forever once the Earth is flung out of the life belt by the Sun's gravity.

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>then everyone dies forever once the Earth is flung out of the life belt by the Sun's gravity.
That assumes the Earth even remains whole long enough to drift.

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The biggest TPK ever.

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The sun and explodes.

Probably the earth too, but that might just have the structural integrity to survive.

It'll go flying away from the exploding sun though.

So yeah, super-ultra-TPK.

Also stay in school.

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shit dies and explodes, hopefully chunks of earth will get caught by a stronger pull for some ayy to create the first free energy engine powered by trollogic leading to an unbalance in the veil of this universe and a multiversal flood of entities and energies that fix everything forever by an unregolated use of dimensional annihilation.

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OP specified that gravity reversed 'world wide.' The sun wouldn't explode.

The earth would, though.

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Everyone fucking dies dumbass

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It would still fly away if it reversed gravitic reactions with everything else.

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pretty much, the universe fucking ends.

You can't change the fundamental laws of reality without it fucking everything up OP

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the pull is minimal tho

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>Hey guys wouldn't it be cool if


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Worldwide, not universe-wide

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Speaking of, would an universe form out if the various forces were reversed to begin with? with a repulsive gravity (and similar fields) and attractive dark energy?

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maybe, there'd be different laws of physics and matter would interact in different ways which would lead to different mechanical laws but it could work out

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Rocks fly
Everyone die

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That simply negates the cosmological consequences, the Earth would still lose cohesion and spin apart once there's nothing holding it together. You think your safe because you're indoors? Your fucking house pulls right out of the ground and falls into the sky. Maybe you're conveniently spelunking and safely underground? The continent you're on is flung into space.

Maybe, someday, millions of years from now, the fragments of your planet crash into some other world where they become fucking unobtainium floating mountains.

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With gravity<dark energy in our current universe, that sounds like a prompt big crunch.

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Despite the obvious of everyone dying, I think it'd be cool to play in a world where everything suddenly got reversed. Towers become dungeons floating over an endless void, bridges and societies form in these man-made stalactites, might be a cool backdrop.

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