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Does /tg/ have an answer to this?

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Cestree and Ribbon.

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I only recognize the middle one and that is only because that shit was nearly site-wide.

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Misogyny and right wing extremism? I guess reports are a pretty good answer for that.

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Fuck off.

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Sure. I can't load the question thanks to online gaming gaming but the answer is thus; Left has a shitty coutfit and tits too big for her body, as well as the outfit/hairstyle of helen parr making her a shitty porn knockoff of a forgettable character made for porn and right is by far the worst once it hits matters such as 'art' or 'good visual design so the answer is fuck 2 and 3 in hopes of improvement and kill 2 as it's a genetic abberration that should be systematically purged

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I don't get the reference.
Can someone explain?

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That is a mighty fine rack.

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It's a /pol/ thing.

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They're too big, personally. If you're going to give a girl breasts that big than at least give her the chest and shoulders for it.

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Talking Golden Girl as an example is stupid,in comparison to other boards /co/ has made fuckloads of waifus in the past, she's just the latest in a long line. Plus she isnt a mascot, just porn fodder.

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Cultist Chan hasn't been relevant for the past 6 years.

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I just had a revelation.
I just saw a 12 yr old with that kinda rack and shoulders. Hell, I saw like a group of them earlier.
Aw shit, she's gonna get back aches when she gets older, isn't she?
The fuck is up with 12-14yo with big racks anyway? Did the government put something in the water

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You gay son?

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It's literally something in the water along with exceptional nutrition removing the limiters on how big they can grow.

Besides, she might have back problems young but she'll grow into them.

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/tg/s got more waifus than trump's got stacks.
From xeno to cestree, our girls are whack
big titty, small titty, and deep blueberry cracks
We've even got Fucklaw in some assless chaps
Bara dwarves, sissy dwarves, bilmoe's toes
More demonic tail than your dad's fucked ho's
And even if all you want is a girl who's moe
I'm fapping to Ribbon and Cultist-chan while I write this flo.

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Sure. muh dick

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Wanting breasts that look good on a woman's frame makes me gay? I like H cups as much as the next red-blooded man, but having them on a 15 year old girl with the frame of a 13 year old just looks ridiculous.

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I'm 100% certain her nutrition is around 50% alcohol and 50% whatever it is they put in McDonald's

Man, I should really drink more water and evolve.

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It's not only something in the water. It's also all the hormones that are fed to our food. Basically, kids are entering puberty earlier than they used to.

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>And even if all you want is a girl who's moe
>I'm fapping to Ribbon and Cultist-chan while I write this flo.
How, exactly, do you think the word "moe," Japanese in origin, is pronounced?

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>doesn't like breasts as big as possible

you gay son.

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Not that guy, but there's a point when breast size is a medical condition where sexual attraction is replaced by aversion.

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Hitomi J-Cup is hot.

Black mother with breasts as big as her torso is not.

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fuck english phonetics
not only anglos have retarded rules themselves, they adopt shitty pronounciations of foreign words together with spelling
fucking fuck

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thicc is worst cancer

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>not liking women with nice thighs
Are you gay?

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Thicc is great, it's when people use it as a cry for fat does it become a problem.

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this, plus evolution, no need (biologically speaking) to grow up if you can just reproduce more, younger, in highly developed environments

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Do you see a motherfucking accent mark, bitch?

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Thicc is a healthy, reasonable body weight which would still be called Obese by insurance companies. Thicc requires some body fat be visible, but not enough to grab by the handful.

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So why isn't it written "Moeh"?

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Because like all the words that English appropriates, it's pronounced the way it would be pronounced in the native tongue - Japanese, meaning each vowel is a singular sound and usually long.

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Butchering pronunciation is a time-honoured tradition though.

Or that verse could just have something like 'ay' added after 'flo' and it'd work using the weeb pronunciation.

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If its just a female OC with a lot of art that gets reposted often then we at /pfg/ have Elsbeth.

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>Not being an assman
How's the closet been treating you?

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It's meant to have a diacritic to denote pronunciation but those are more effort than they're worth

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>I'm going to talk about things I know nothing about and post dodgy sites in response to the greentext

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Speaking as somebody who likes both tits and asses:

Girls have tits. Guys don't*. Therefore people attracted to tits cannot be gay unless they're women. This has been a public service announcement.

* With the exception of futas, which are just guys with tits, don't lie to yourself. Calling it a feminine penis when it's a ten-inch-long two-inch-thick horsecock with nuts like tennis balls doesn't make it a girl.

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In Japanese the "vowel" characters have the same pronunciation at ALL times no matter what word they're in.

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She's an awkward virgin Frenchie dork!

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Innumerable, but they've receded in more recent and jaded days

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...hey, that's mine! By which I mean, I obviously didn't write it, but I'm the one that made that particular file.


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Canadian rapper?

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>speaking as someone who makes a distinction between woman-boobs and man-boobs, but not between woman-butt and man-butt and asserting to like butts, I'm not gay I swear because I like woman-boobs.

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>Guys don't

Guys can have tits, gynaecomastia is real thing.

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Very true. /co/lette has more art of her, and is more reflective of /co/'s waifu status.

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Nearing the end, is "bass" the musical term or the fish?

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Your point being?

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is the one on the right pregnant?
she probably better be if she knows what's good for her.

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