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What's this?
"Lazy fuck"-Edition?
"No imagination at all"-Edition?
Try some more effort next time, chummer

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Which rule book is SR5 in chummer? new to shadowrun, please help dog jammit!

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It's the Shadowrun core rulebook, 5th edition.

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Well since OP fucked up, lets have a starting question.

GMs, what sort of runs do you guys like to start new teams with? Food Fight? Smuggling Runs? Gang Fights? Beating up Nerds for Ork Fratboys (No Homo)?

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>GMs, what sort of runs do you guys like to start new teams with? Food Fight? Smuggling Runs? Gang Fights? Beating up Nerds for Ork Fratboys (No Homo)?

Beating up Nerds for Ork Fratboys (all of the Homo)

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Thanks mate

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Gonna pose my question from the last thread again.
Have GMs ever experimented with ways to streamline combat resolution?
I'm considering having armor just take the average result each time to speed things up.

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that chummer got the wrong book
it's in the CRB for 4e
here's the part he was most likely referencing

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Can anyone tell me the rule books that I should read before jumping into chummer? all of them? just the core rule book? not quite sure where to start apart from working on a street samurai at my friends house

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Some variation of Food Fight if the majority of the players are new to the game, otherwise I go with a series of distraction and quiet robbery jobs to give the feeling that they're being tested and felt out by their main fixer/Johnson.

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All of them.

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it might be best to have a player sit with you while you make your chargen. it's always good to read the books but there tends to be awkward cross referencing and vague descriptions in the books. do you have someone that could guide you?

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Generally speaking, having all the books enabled won't cause you many problems. Books largely just add new gear and qualities.

For a Street Sam, I'd strongly recommend you read Run and Gun and Hard Targets. They add a large amount of gear and abilities that help make you more competent. You'll also want to read Chrome Flesh, but it's better to get a handle of how the game works before inundating yourself in all the books, unless that's your bag.

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did have someone, my gm, his studying in uni at the moment so i'm gonna spend tomorrow reading all the books by myself, wish me luck, off to bed now, see you chummers tomorrow then
t. I also wrote pic related if anyone cares

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Reposting from the other thread:

Alright, I've got some shameless self promotion here. My friends and I have started a Shadowrun actual play podcast called Crit Squad, based heavily on the animated Suicide Squad movie, not the Jared Leto one. Why listen to this one? Because we sound designed the fuck out of it. It sounds like a radio play with some dice rolls. And since I know a lot of you don't get the chance to play, it might scratch that itch, at least a little. And it's not a bunch of neckbeards talking on skype, it's actually rather RP heavy. With real live actors! You can find episodes on whatever you use to listen to podcasts, or at http://www.shortwaverad.io/Critsquad/

Episodes are released every other Thursday, since we're busy and don't get to play a whole lot. And it takes a while to add everything in, sound-wise. If you dig it, a review on itunes does wonders on our end, and it only has to be three words long.

End of ad. Commence return to /srg/.

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Thanks for the advice, just gonna start reading and rolling desu, I'll hopefully figure it out along the way

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I'll give it a look, sounds kewl

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Anybody got Court of Shadows?

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Already shared itt

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That's how i did it. I'm still not 100% familiar with all the rules, but I can fudge enough to get through the weekly games I run.

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ah thanks! I'll probly start using the armor rule. Maybe use the range one for non standard type attack rolls

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I'm kinda lost on how enchanted weapons work, /srg/ - I want to gift an enchanted sword (mostly cosmetically, but also mechanically) to one of my players (sammie) from an awakened NPC that wants to show her gratitude, but I'm not sure how that works exactly because between foci that grants benefits only to awakened characters and alchemy that apparently is a one-time trigger i'm really fucking lost

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A mundane samurai using a weapon focus is the same as a regular sword. At absolute best, the weapon focus could create a minor background count in the immediate vicinity, weakening others in melee combat. It's not really supported directly in the rules but if you have a sword with a piece of the one true cross in it, it's not infeasible.

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You know what? I am so fucking sick of you SINless creeps always shitting on sararimen for NO REASON. They aren't mindless drones working for some evil overlords, they're competent, intelligent people who actually make the world a better place and WORK HARD to do so, something you people with your guns and stupid haircuts wouldn't know the first thing about. Just because you can't hold down a real job like we do and get paid for ruining other people's lives doesn't make you some kind of exciting renegade who has all the answers. It only makes you a criminal and a scumbag who's either too stupid or too lazy to get to the top by doing a honest day's work. You all make me sick.

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I'm disappointed by the lack of JackPoint stuff in this book.

Otherwise, though, it seems neat.

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Well, excuse me for not being born with citizenship.

It's not like they're handing out SINs on every street corner. Some of the kids I grew up with would kill for a legit (non-criminal) SIN.

Some of them already have.

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Anything, as long as fucking up doesn't have any major lasting consequences (up to and including death). Then progressively bring in tougher opponents

I abuse the knockdown rule a lot. Mooks taking more physical damage than their Physical Limit usually go down and stay down.

>You all make me sick
And how many sick days can you take before you get replaced?

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>Some of the kids I grew up with would kill for a legit (non-criminal) SIN.
That's precisely the reason you don't have a SIN.
Stop blaming your problems on society instead of fixing them.

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>fixing society's problems

That's the trick, innit. You're too busy working in a cushy office to make a difference, and I'm too busy trying to not starve to death in the radioactive shithole where I was born. Funny how that works.

>And how many sick days can you take before you get replaced?

DAMN. Chummer over here is spittin' fire!

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>would kill for a legit (non-criminal) SIN.
>instead of fixing them.

chummer, you do know that in their case "fixing their problems" means killing you and your colleagues and taking their place?

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>You're too busy working in a cushy office to make a difference
You have no idea how many lives we improve here at Aztechnology on a daily basis. Our work goes way beyond the practical application of cutting edge science and technology. You should have a look at our EXTENSIVE community outreach programs before spouting that garbage.

>> No.50013508

>They aren't mindless drones working for some evil overlords
>not evil overlords

wow, those AZT mind control mages sure do their work well

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I'm considering setting a campaign on the UK, what book should I look into for more detailed information of it, including tir na nog relationships or whatever?

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I know for a fact no mage has ever subjected me to any mind control, so buzz with your paranoia. Aztechnology is a good, solid and by-the-numbers corporation with only the best interests of the population and its workers at heart, and it's disgusting that people like you would attempt to demonize it to legitimize your own hostile attitudes and crimes perpetrated against a honest business.

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>a sword with a piece of the one true cross in it

Knights of the Cross would make great opponents in SR. The objective good guys who remind the players exactly what their life entails.

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Can this even be called shilling?

>> No.50013620

>I know for a fact
how exactly
Oh wait, let me guess
"I just know", right?

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How the hell else would you know anything.
You people aren't too bright, are you?

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because I'm such a sucker for this kind of shit: Is there any viable or conceivable way to get an arm mod like this? I would drag my cybergenitals through a kilometer of monofilament wires to get an arm like this.

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>> No.50013727


What? What mistake did I make?

>> No.50013879

He's talking about the op's image, the tentacle cyberlimb. And no, you can't have additional functional limbs added by cyberware or bioware. The best is an abstraction where the many limbs work together in a swarm to perform a single function, but then it's not a cyberlimb.

>> No.50013950


well, what would it be, then?

>> No.50013976

Your boss pays me more than you make in a year to sneak in to your house and rub my cybergenitals all over you stuff.

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ZSU-57-2 calls the validity of last rule into question.

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Probably a stupid question, but: Are there any ways to increase "Judge Intent" besides just increasing my attributes?

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In a hypothetical situation my PC gets access to a forgotten frozen storage unit full of old chemical weapons (VX, VR, Sarin, etc.), how effective will they be against 2070s gas masks and other chemical protection measures? Can magic reverse neural agents that kill by suffocation and muscle spasms (eventually causing a broken spine)?
VX/VR family makes filters ineffective in popular modern masks like GP-5 and GP-7 very quickly, and is skin-absorbent.
I read something about chemical weapons in "War!", but are there any more up-to-date information?

>> No.50014294

I'm not that well-versed on details as small as that, but I do have a tip.
If you're in a black-trenchcoat game, the GM is likely sitting and cackling in his basement in his free time. The reaction that you would get in real life if you released sarin for something as petty as a corporate sabotage mission is equivalent to what you'd get if you bombed S-K headquarters in the Sixth World, and up that by orders of magnitude in a world where megacorporations don't even have to do paperwork after they kill you.
Your GM is either completely retarded or planning on playing the scenario completely straight, and in either case it's bad for your character's life expectancy. If your GM doesn't know exactly how lethal and how illegal nerve gas is, he'll likely panic and call a stop to the game (or RFED) when you release it.
If he knows, he's likely read up on the tiniest little details of elite corpsec and special forces, and is planning to dump it on you like a ton of bricks if you're stupid enough to use nerve gas.

>> No.50014582

I don't think so. But the kinesics adept power in the core book gives dice when rolling against it.

>> No.50014624


Well. That sucks. I wanted to make a face who's biggest thing was always knowing exactly what was going on, when he was being lied to, etc.

>> No.50014726

Or to redeem them. Put them on the path of hooding maybe.

Maybe you could fluff out the 'divine guidance' thing as a a mentor spirit, in case a player is interested.

>> No.50014933

Well it's still your intuition versus their willpower. And while it can't stop everything, the Con skill prevents people from outright bullshitting you as long as you get your GM to roll opposed tests.

>> No.50015137

Mission is a smash-and-grab in an isolated facility in tundra. If the alarm sounds, the S.H.I.T. (seriously, hellishly important thing) will be destroyed by the staff.
I was thinking about releasing VR (VX's soviet brother) into the ventilation system, as it's unified (for the team to crawl through, I guess), doesn't have chemical filters, and regular filtration systems will do nothing to stop an aerosol like VR.
VR has a pretty good shelf life under certain conditions, and odds are good that there is some of it hidden in the back of some old general's freezer.

It's also technically odorless (your nose stops working when you smell it) and it only becomes obvious you've been affected when you are permanently out of action due to kill-me-please level seizures.

>> No.50015239

I can't read your GM's mind, but seeing as I'm a perma-GM, I can vaguely sense the sound of cackling and hands being rubbed together in a musty basement from here.
A GM that would let that work is a bad GM. Providing the solution to the problem neatly packed up in a nearby facility and having such obvious weak spots for that specific kind of attack seems like the perfect setup for a trap.
If he didn't think of the ventilation system being extremely susceptible, he's a retard to the level where I wonder if he can breathe and walk at the same time. If he did it to set up a clear solution, he's played too many adventure games and is probably funky as a GM, because that's the equivalent of just dragging the item onto the location and waiting.
I think it's a trap. The fact that the whole encounter seems to be made to bait you into using the nerve gas is incredibly suspicious - everything seems intentionally set up to make it perfectly suited for the occasion.
Try to see if you can get an ear in the local government, get some good fake SINs or someone who can set you up with them, and for God's sakes find a way to get in and out while the nerve gas still remains.
I'm seeing a very vivid image of the GM steepling his fingers over the table while saying that yes, the nerve gas killed every staff member - but it's lingering for hours, and you're in the middle of the tundra just outside a high-security facility whose researchers have all stopped responding and where the security system has probably detected the presence of something off that can be remotely inspected.
And in the distance, the black helicopters come, and there are no witnesses and no one to call on for help.

>> No.50015291

Wouldn't one of the players have to be a Denarian for a Knight of the Cross to be summoned in confrontation to the players?

>> No.50015649

Finding a proper weekly game for SR5 is impossible isnt it.....Even more when it have to at reasonable european time......

>> No.50015849

When you're a company that produces food and consumer products, you already have a Headstart in covering up the yard evil for both of your employees and your customer base .

>> No.50015991

There is zero reason to use a nerve agent in that situation. Buy some Neurostun and leave the crimes against humanity to the 'corps.

>> No.50016566


rule 63 solid snake.

>> No.50016851

Is the Middle East as fucked up in Shadowrun as it is now? Is it a potential playground for mercenaries and contractors? What about Africa?

>> No.50017107

Yes but in a different way, yes, yes

For the M.E. check Shadows of Asia
For Africa check Cyberpirates, Feral Cities, Target: Awakened Land, Runner Havens and Sprawl Survival Guide
In both cases check the Sixth World Almanac

Remember though that many things are not elaborated due to not being N.A. or Europe/Germany

>> No.50017552


Mundanes don't get magical shit.

You don't give a magic sword to a mundane character like it's D&D - you need to be Awakened to use magical shit.

If someone gives your Street Samurai a fancy sword, it's just going to be fancy - he won't be able to use it as a magic weapon, even if it's magic.

>> No.50017608

London Sourcebook.

>> No.50017668

>not a horribly deadly neurotoxin
Having to resist 16 Stun damage every 2 combat turns for 20 combat turns in a row has a way of fucking killing the shit out of you, especially once you collapse and have no way to escape the deadly cloud.

Just because it starts with Stun and then moves to Physical doesn't mean it's not a hideously deadly chemical weapon.

>> No.50017678

Knights of the Cross involves themselves in all manner of wickedness - it's just that Denarians are especially wicked, and so the Knights are especially involved.

>> No.50017722

which is why Good GMs should reason that it doesn't go over into the Physical track
Because any Gas that kills in a few seconds in is not sold as a non-lethal weapon

>> No.50017780

By your logic, tazers and narcoject also shouldn't overflow into Physical.

In reality, less-lethal countermeasures are just that - less lethal - and can easily and regularly lead to people ending up dead as fuck, especially when used in less-than-ideal circumstances.

>> No.50017835

Shit's explicitly called out as industry standard knockout gas. You want to insist it's actually lethal in seconds because overflow rules should apply, well that's your prerogative.

>> No.50017873

no, of course they are not perfectly non-lethal. Everything could kill you
But there's a difference between "I have to empty my entire magazine in their body before they die" and "one Neurostun Grenade and a few seconds later they are all dead"
Otherwise my frag grenade is non-lethal, since you have a realistic chance to survive it. I'd even say in most cases you have a better chance of surviving it than the Neurostun

>> No.50017884

Not the guy you're talking to, but he's right, it does overflow and kill the fuck out of people. The idea's that you either send people in with chemical seals to drag knocked-out people out of the area of effect, or you have some kind of ventilation/evacuation system that can blast the contaminated air out of an area after it's had its intended effect.

That's the actual reason why the higher-grade versions of Neuro-Stun dissipate in 1 minute instead of 10 - less killy that way.

Just like in real life, knockout gasses will kill the everliving fuck out of you if you're left in them for long enough to have inhaled a dangerous dosage, and proper procedure is to get people the fuck out of there before that can happen.

>> No.50017897

Maybe Nuero-Stun is made for the Russian market. Kills Hostages Dead™.

>> No.50017903

Except that if you get hit by a taser, you need to be hit by it again before it does damage.

Or at the very least, the person using it has to shoot you again with it. One dose of Narcojet on a very resistant subject (body 5, will 5) is likely to do this damage: 12 stun, 4.5 phys, 3 phys, 1.5 phys. So a very tough target will be almost dead from one dose. An average human will instead take 13 stun (almost certainly 1 phys), then 5.5 phys, 4.5 phys, and then 3.5, dying from one dose at average luck and even with good luck not being out of the woods.

>> No.50017925

Neuro-stun only re-ups itself if you remain within the cloud. Otherwise, it does its damage and then is done.

If you're left to linger in a cloud of knockout gas for ten times longer than the average time it take to knock someone out, you fucking die.

The same way that if you're tazed ten times as many times as it takes to incapacitate a person you fucking die.

>> No.50018032

Neuro-stun has a time of one combat turn and does enough damage to put most people out. So after six seconds you've taken the ~12 stun and 4-5 physical damage. Nine seconds and you've taken another test, which nets you more damage. Twelve seconds is death for the Statistically Average Human if they get an unlucky roll in there. Fifteen seconds will kill said human unless they were really lucky.

You've got to be really quick about rescuing people, especially if the place doesn't have good ventilation and the cloud lasts longer than 4 turns.

>> No.50018034

>1 minute
>less killy
oh I'm laffin
Let's say average human. Bod 3, Wil 3, 10 Stun CM, 10 Body CM

>Neurostun is inhaled
>Human does a resistance test, rolls 6 dice (BOD+WIL, let's assume no ware or gear since he didn't notice) average two hits
>Neurostun now has Power 13
>human is knocked out

Before they could have reacted they are already out.

>Neuro-stun only re-ups itself if you remain within the cloud
Tell me, you are hit with the resistance test and are stunned. How are you supposed to leave?

>> No.50018044

expand on my cyberpunk image folder. Danka. On another note, I know blacklight is a good game to play for a future cyber shooter, but what other games are there>

>> No.50018075

>to drag knocked-out people out of the area of effect
It's a contact poison, omae, dragging the victim away doesn't stop them being dosed. If you assume overflow, it's lethal in every case outside of being dragged into a chemical shower within 10 seconds of exposure. Impossible to bill that as a knockout gas. Its not just ineffective at it's explicit purpose, it's antithesis to it.

>> No.50018143

A Speed of 1 Combat Turn means it doesn't hit you until the END of the NEXT combat turn.

That means that in a 6 second period (2 full combat turns, with all of the attendant initiative passes) you're having to resist one (1) hit of Force 16 Stun damage - it would normally be Force 15, but if you're in the cloud those two turns in a row it ups the Concentration as per page 409.

You resist it with Body + Willpower, which means your average character reduces that to 14 stun damage.

That's enough to knock your average person out with 4 Stun to spare, which then overflows into Physical at a 2:1 rate, for 2 Physical.

They can then survive about 2 more combat turns, on average, before they're getting to the point where they're going into full-on physical overflow.

That means there's an approximately 4 combat turn or 12 second window after Neuro-Stun's deployment to either vent the gas or extract the targets before there's serious risk of fatality due to being left to linger in fucking knockout gas - which, as in real life, is seriously deadly in anything other than extremely controlled circumstances.

If you drag them out of the cloud, they're no longer in contact with the toxin, especially where game mechanics are concerned. 'Contact' in no way states that it lingers on the subject's skin.

>> No.50018272

Two hits from that six seconds. Just because it doesn't take effect yet doesn't mean that the subject hasn't been in the gas.

So you've got about one combat turn if there's no antidote and you weren't going to risk a turn of the guys you wanted knocked out shooting at you.

If you have an antidote, then you've got that leeway because it'll stabilize the subject.

>> No.50018361

It's more likely whomever wrote the poison rules had no idea how the damage system works than it is they legitimately intended to create a poison that kills in seconds and call it knockout gas.

>> No.50018375

>Two hits from that six seconds.
I already mentioned that - it stacks up to Force 16 because of how the Concentration rules on page 409 works.

If you get hit twice with the same toxin before you've had time for the first hit to take effect, it just adds +1 Force to that first dose.

I'd strongly encourage you to read the actual rules, because it sounds like you might be arguing from a place of ignorance.

>> No.50018456

>as in real life
are you saying that in real life you die when breathing in for just over 10 seconds?
I kinda doubt that

>> No.50018482

>If you drag them out of the cloud, they're no longer in contact with the toxin
I don't know man, sounds like contact poisons stay stuck until inert. See tear gas: the effects don't end when you leave the area, you have to wash thoroughly or it lasts the full 2 minutes.

>> No.50018495

Didn't Street Magic in 4 have some kind of magic sword that wasn't just a foci?

>> No.50018497

Yes, "If the victim is still being exposed to the toxin when when the toxin's speed interval elapses, perform another Toxin Resistance Test, and so on each time the Speed interval elapses. For each subsequent Toxin Resistance Test after the first, increase the Power of the Toxin by +1, cumulatively."

To me that reads like this (for neurostun) : Turn one in a toxin roll Body+Will+aid, hits reduce the power of 15. Leftover power is the damage you take at the end of the next turn. Turn two, you roll Body+Will+aid, hits reduce the left over power+1. Leftover power is the damage you take, and now you're taking the first turn's damage.

For nausea gas (and no awareness) it'd work like this. Turn one, I'm exposed and make my body+will+aid test versus 9. Turn two still in the gas, nothing happens. Turn three, I'm hit by disorientation, and possibly suffering from the worse results of nausea, and then I have to make another test against remaining power+1. Three turns later again (so turn 6, the gas grenade no longer in effect), I'm probably under two disorientation effects, and two nausea effects, one or both possibly having been the worse versions.

>> No.50018502

>To me that reads like this (for neurostun) : Turn one in a toxin roll Body+Will+aid, hits reduce the power of 15. Leftover power is the damage you take at the end of the next turn. Turn two, you roll Body+Will+aid, hits reduce the left over power+1. Leftover power is the damage you take, and now you're taking the first turn's damage.
You read like a retard.

>> No.50018517

>Shit's explicitly called out as industry standard knockout gas.
No, it's called out as the gas for 'emergency containment situations.'

As in situations where the number one priority is containment, rather than situations where the main objective is nonlethality.

It's the highest-end shit you can get short of outright Physical damage.

>> No.50018578

>and so on each time the Speed interval elapses
Here's where you're misreading- only immediate poisons tick every round. A speed 1 poison ticks every two rounds, since you don't test again until you take the damage.

>> No.50018792

That'll kill too. Everyone you knock out will suffocate.

>> No.50019166

>Kurokawa, The Black River
>The bright blade Kurokawa is a katana featuring a vein of orichalcum running the length of its folded steel blade, and a hilt carved from the fang of an adult Eastern dragon. Hiro Gassan, descendent of a line of Japanese master swordsmiths, used an ancient magical formula to instill the unique enchantment within the blade.

>Kurokawa acts as a Force 6 weapon focus. The sword immediately bonds with anyone who holds it, magician or mundane, without having to pay Karma or perform a bonding ritual and they gain the benefit of the focus immediately. The blade is always active and dual-natured and cannot be deactivated except through force (such as the Disrupt Focus spell or an astral barrier). Kurokawa’s wielder, even a mundane, may become subject to Focus Addiction (See Focus Addiction, p.26–27, Street Magic), becoming obsessed with the blade.

To make this blade, a swordsmith who followed the Buddhist tradition was needed, as well as four unique radicals, several natural radicals, the tooth of an Eastern Dragon, and ten units of orichalcum. Oh yes, and a live metahuman sacrifice, who was run through with the sword, which pulled a bit of his aura into the blade, which is why you don't need a binding ritual.

>> No.50019261


I usually homerule it by upping the cost and using the Nartaki base traits for mechanics

>> No.50019346

I feel like that one runs into issues with stuff that alters the speeds of toxins. But then I thought about it more while tyring to find some stuff and ran into another issue.

How the hell do gas grenades (and to a lesser degree DSMO and chem patches) interact with doses? It makes a 10m cloud for four turns. If that's a single dose, then it should mean that nothing happens until multiple turns have passed because you haven't had a full dose. If it's multiple doses, then how many do you take a turn? It matters some for concentration, but then kinda runs into the speed issues, although less than (off the top of my head) eating tetrodotoxin to sort of immunize yourself to any faster variations of it.

>> No.50019411

I love Shadowrun, but have come to utterly detest the system such that I cannot bear to trying running it again in the d6 pool...

I remember a few years ago there was someone who mentioned they'd tried to rebuild it in the nWoD or CofD now I guess system.

Does anyone have a link to that, or a similar hack that I could take a look at?
No FATE rubbish please.

>> No.50020092

>hate dicepool
>want to do nWoD

>> No.50020392

>One dice pool system is the same as every other
How long does combat take in Shadowrun again?

>> No.50020430

Based on experience, not too long unless you have no idea what you're doing.

>> No.50020630

How big is Seattle compared to IRL Seattle?

>> No.50020954


I have a character who is built to be a superb driver and I'm looking to have them grow into a combat character. They are not an adept and have already blown most of heir essence on a control rig and alphaware wired reflexes 2.

They have a broad and not specialized set of weapon skills.

Dodge (1)
Blades (3)
Clubs (3)
Unarmed Combat (3)
Automatics (3)
Longarms (3)
Pistols (3)
climbing (1)
gymnastics (1)
Running (1)
Swimming (1)

they are an ork and have the following unaugmented attributes
Bod 6
Agi 5
Rea 5
Str 6
Cha 1
Int 2
Log 2
WiL 3

They have 2 edge and 1.1 essence remaining.

I'm looking to have this character grow in combat effectiveness as time goes on assuming they don't die.

Given that more cyberware isn't an option due to lack of available Essence, (and not having the funding to afford delta wear wired reflexes to open up void space for other beta and delta wear cybernetics and bio augs) and he's not magic, what ways are left to go about doing this?

This is in shadowrun 4e.
If you are curious about his driving
Pilot: Ground craft (5)
Pilot: aircraft (2)
Automotive mechanic (2)
Gunnery (1)
Grearhead (cars)

>> No.50021338


Dat whole back of her body.

>> No.50021393

Easiest extra dice is to hook them up with an implanted smartlink and then stick an external smartlink on all your favourite guns.

After that it gets a bit more costly. You can sink karma into raising those skills, or invest in some bioware. Muscle Toner raises your AGI, reflex recorders give a single bonus die to one skill.

Depending on what your DM will let you get away with, you can also consider paying a mage to magically buff you before a job through direct casting and maintaining or or alchemical items and a call to the mage when you need them activated.

>> No.50021521 [DELETED] 


So you are suggesting specialization in shooting?

>> No.50021591

More or less the same; cities have mostly grown up rather than out, though Puyallup is mostly an abandoned wasteland.
>I want to be more effective in combat
>Why are you suggesting getting better at shooting
>>1 Gunnery for a rigger/driver

>> No.50021616


Could we not just assume Neurostun is a light enough gas that it doesn't just hover on the ground with the unconscious guys?

I do like the idea of nonlethal gas still being insanely deadly if inhaled for too long but the description these guys give most people would be dead within 20 seconds of the first good breath.

>> No.50021741

>wired reflexes II alpha

You dun goofed

Go down lot WR Level 1 alpha and get used reaction enhancers Level 3 instead.
Very close to the same average INI bonus, better for a driver and a fuckton cheaper, both Nuyen and Essence.

Also get some Bioware Agility Booster

>4th ed
Ach fuck.
You should still check out the math, might also work there.

>> No.50021782

>not a Streetsam
>6 fucking Combatskills on the same medium level

Why, why?
This is such a waste of points. Ditch at least one firearms Skill and one, better two melee Skills

>> No.50022137


Sorry. I delete that because I worded it poorly. Then the smoke detector went off so i had to go see what that was about. Someone set their popcorn bag for too much time and nearly started a fire. After ventilating the kitchen and scrubbing the mess out of the microwave I came back here.

What I meant to ask was:

Do you belive specializing in guns over melee makes sense.

From my perspective it makes sense since shooting is effective over a wider range of distances, and since the character has no mobility enhancing augmentations like hover disc legs, and so will be very limited in their ability to close distance is when on foot, and considering the lethality of guns, it would seem to make sense to me.

However I am still new to the shadowrun 4e system and would like your opinions on whether it makes sense to specialize in guns over melee as the character develops.

it fit the character's background to have a generally medium level of competence in a variety of gun types and close range combat with blades, blunt instruments, and his fists and feet.

>> No.50022224

Sometimes people think of the character before the stat block
I know, shocking, right?

>> No.50022402

>stinky autist detected
Shoo, shoo.

>> No.50022441

The only reason to pick melee over guns is if it makes thematic sense for your character.

>> No.50022705

>6 fucking Combat skills on the same medium level
No one should do this.

>> No.50022987


Good to know.

>> No.50023622

>Do you belive specializing in guns over melee makes sense.
>shadowrun 4e
You get literally twice as many attacks per turn with guns than you do with melee in 4e. Arguments could be made in melee's favor in 5e, but not 4e.

>> No.50023663

If melee was a fucking Simple, then you could at least Run at people with it, and it'd be a lot easier.

I'm STILL not sure how the hell movement works in SR5. Like, if your movement rate is 24m, how far can you move in a given pass?

>> No.50023734

in sr5 your movement rate is how far you can move in each combat round (not counting sprinting), not initiative pass. you can use as much of your movement in each initiative pass as you want

if you move over your walking rate you are considered running for the rest of the combat turn

this has the strange, and likely unplanned, result of having more initiative passes doing very little for letting someone move farther, because the extra passes only allow you to sprint more

>> No.50023846

Another rule 63 of someone else's shadowrunner...

>> No.50024206

Dear /srg/, I come to you with a conundrum.

The rules for SR5 state in a sidebar on page 314 of the CRB that an astrally projecting magician can have their physical body moved, without them becoming aware of this happening.

What would happen to the magician if the body was moved into an astrally secured location, such as underground with no way in? Would the disembodied consciousness be doomed to drift around until they die as per the rules, or would something else happen at the moment the body was rendered astrally inaccessible?

>> No.50024218

I don't remember.
If your Astral Form is disrupted, don't you snap back into your body?

>> No.50024237

Wait, so you can just run your entire movement in one pass if you want?

>> No.50024285

They're pretty much going to die.
It's super vague in 4th/5th. Prior to 4th, if you were knocked unconscious you snapped back to your body. In recent editions, there's no such ruling, so RAW suggests that your consciousness will just lie around on the Astral waiting for your body to get eaten by shedim.
You would count as running for the rest of the combat turn, but yes.

>> No.50024315

Hey, did you see the thing that got posted about Mutaqua forcing people into being MysAds even if they were only Adepts?

>> No.50024340

Thaaaaat's because that's what happens?

>> No.50024361

No, it isn't. They become MysAds if they were MAGICIANS. If they were an Adept, they stay as just an Adept.

>> No.50024413

Oh, right. Fgsfds. Technically easyfix, but there's a lot of stuff that breaks when I do it the easy way. Might have something tomorrow.

>> No.50024445

Thanks guys. I assense a houseruling in my future.

>> No.50024446

No worries, man, just wanted to make sure it was known about.

>> No.50024555

I have a question about Optimizes Cynerlimbs, in Chrome Flesh. They increase limit for the skills they are "tuned" for, but how does that work in the case of weapon skills? Does it increase accuracy? Or are they just shitty and useless for weapon skills?

>> No.50024569

Same way it works for Smartlinks and such, increases the Accuracy.

>> No.50024587

Okay, cool. I didn't see any mention of it in the entry, so I figured there might be a general rule I was missing, or that it was just a shitty oversight, which happens a lot in SR.

One last question actually. Is there any good enhancement to get for a melee weapon? Right now I have
Gecko Grip
Personalized Grip
Quick-draw Holster
And a shock security system

Is there anything else that can apply? Because most of the other stuff seems to be exclusively for guns.

>> No.50025155

That's about the sum of it, yes. Melee weapons aren't really modeled well enough that there are things that can be easily added. Eventually a sword is just a sword.

You could get powered breakdown, I guess.

>> No.50025318

Should be fixed in the latest build, slim to moderate chance I may have missed a quality that would be unlocked by it normally, but should work as anticipated.

>> No.50025361

Can you actually put a melee weapon in a quick-draw or concealed holster per raw? I know r&g has armor which comes with melee weapon holsters.

>> No.50025495

Not by QDH core, but later books just assume you can.

>> No.50025640

I thought they were explicitly agents who worked to counter the Denarians, and prevent them from taking away free will? The Knights do all kinds of stuff because heroes, but dealing the Denarians is the actual job description.

The run could be a raid on an agent of Thomas Roxborough, who just purchased one of the Coins in a plan to use it's magic (which he doesn't understand fully) to get his body back

>> No.50025673


>> No.50025720

You can't have that gas rise, important people work on the top floors. It needs to be heavy so it smothers the shadowrunners, then flows out into the sewer tunnels and removes the vermin. Efficiency!

>> No.50025880


still can't tell if they are male or female.

>> No.50026022

Maybe they're both

>> No.50026182

Well, for that specific character it was intentional, but yeah...

>> No.50026248

>a literal ripoff of the Pancor Jackhammer's rotating cylinder

>> No.50026328

See I assumed it was supposed to be that one webley automatic revolver, which worked the same way iirc.

>> No.50026756

Looks like it, yeah

>> No.50027650

Does anyone happen to have a good PDF for a shadowrun character sheet?

I know chummer is good for making a character sheet, but I'm more interested in a more simplified PDF. I can't necessarily send Chummer files everywhere.

>> No.50027741

>more simplified PDF
as in "Only the important parts"?
There's "Formatted Text-Only", "Text-Only" and "Game Master Summary"

>> No.50027757

Don't mean a spinoff?

>> No.50027781


Formatted Text Only, I suppose?

I'm trying to get a couple people interested in shadowrun, and I want to send them some Pre-made's to give them an idea of how things work.

>> No.50027800


Go make your own goddarn customized SR5 charsheet!

>> No.50027831


This looks like it would work, but, uh... is it only in German?

>> No.50027848

Where can I find rules for something like an exosuit?

>> No.50027851

Check the header
"English Version"

>> No.50027858


Fuck you.

>> No.50027953

It's not out yet (Chrome Flesh p195). Treat it as gammaware-grade cyberware.

>> No.50028326

I'm trying to help my friend make a mage character on chummer5 with a karma build. However, when we add the magician quality, it doesn't let us add points into the magic attribute. I'm able to add points to MAG if i use priority, but not on karma. ive tried looking up and i feel dumb but i just can't figure out why i cant add to MAG. can anyone help please?

>> No.50028341

Do you have the latest version of Chummer5?
If no, download it and try again
If yes, upload the char sheet somewhere and post the link here. Yekka will most likely help you

>> No.50028418

its release 5.186.0, the latest one. the character sheet itself doesn't have anything on it since we've only just started and are stumped on the MAG.


>> No.50028501

Use the nightly version.

>> No.50028535

The nightly version worked once i readded the quality. Thanks!

>> No.50028696

Where is the best place to get Maps for shadowrun games?

I'm having a hard time finding something that would work as a good top-down map that I could use for an Online game.

>> No.50028825

I see people talking about using Doorkickers on Steam. Has a map editor. Good for mostly modern day stuff, so sadly not a lot of high tech flavoring.

Shadowrun Returns has a game editor. Has anyone ever used that?

>> No.50028838


Isn't Shadowrun Returns isometric 3D? Wouldn't really serve the 3d view one would be looking for.

>> No.50028985

>I thought they were explicitly agents who worked to counter the Denarians, and prevent them from taking away free will? The Knights do all kinds of stuff because heroes, but dealing the Denarians is the actual job description.
No. Being Good and Just and Right, and doing deeds to that effect, is their actual, explicit job description, and purpose. It's just that when Denarians are both so excessively evil, and tend to operate on such a high power level, and are tied to the same cultural mythology, they tend to get drawn into conflict with specifically each other a whole absolute fucking lot.

>> No.50029049

Yep. Wouldn't serve for the top-down view asked for, however that doesn't necessarily mean it cannot be used at all which is what the other anon asked.

At most trying to lay a custom grid over it in photoshop would be a pain in the ass. Honestly though makes me nostalgic for pic related which was one of my earliest exposure to D&D (super lite) with my younger brother.

>> No.50029056

edit to taste

>> No.50029425

Has the metropole book made it to the pastebin?

>> No.50029489

>the metropole book

>> No.50029511

the Colon Cancer book with like 3 or 4 subtitles I assume? don't think so

>> No.50029602

Okay /tg/, what will Lofwyr do now that aeder-Krupp is no longer the top corp?

Besides eating the board of directors of course

>> No.50029650

Make the Sixth World Great Again?

>> No.50029673

>there are never any games where you play a team of cyberzombies fightung insurgents, runners, bug spirits, and horrors

I dont get it.
Do i have to run this myself?

>> No.50029735


I'd play that.

I'd play the shit out of that.

>> No.50029757

Me too. Dibs on the massive gilded rice farmer hat

>> No.50029763


Can horrors actually be killed with guns?

>> No.50029779

If I could play an Adept in it, then sign me right the fuck up.

>> No.50029787

That is a good question with an interesting answer.

Im sure you can at least piss em off real good before you have to switch to hitting them with your dual naturedness

>> No.50029797

Is this happening? Can this be happening?

>> No.50029798

If by 'killed', you mean 'kindly but firmly told to frag off back where they came from', then yes, guns are enough.

Actually killing them for good would involve going to whatever metaplane they hail from and defeat them there.

>> No.50029800



If you could figure it out, I'd be interested.


Fine, you get the Giant Rice Hat, but only if I can go Full General Grevious

>> No.50029805

Wait, shit, how does cybernecromancy interact with adeptness?

>> No.50029815

This is an acceptable compromise, grevous

>> No.50029817


If you somehow have enough magic to survive move than 6 essence lost, I suppose you COULD have it.

But the odds of being a full cyberzombie AND having 6 magic, will probably be Nil.

>> No.50029825

No, no, I mean like be an equivalent power Adept, rather than a cyberzombie. Maybe do Infected to handle the dual-natured shit. Do Elemental Aura to just light your soul on fire and start stabbing cosmic horrors.

>> No.50029835


Dunno then. Have to ask >>50029673

>> No.50029846

Let's not forget the average cyberzombie is a mobile background count on top of that.

>> No.50029854

Yeah, i guess that would be okay. Sort of hard locks you into group infiltrator/scrapper though

>> No.50029869

That's pretty much entirely fine, though I could probably find a way to branch out a bit.

>> No.50029892

It is probably not happening because i have little gm experience, but goddamn am i sick of it not happening.

I may just have to buckle down and write up shadowrun cyberzombie edition if it continues not happening.

Where do i go to learn more about horrors? Is it earthdawn?

>> No.50029904

I encourage it. As long as you are cool with never being quite as sturdy as cyberzombies.

>> No.50029912

Cyberzombies are mana voids, so not great.

>> No.50029985

So, im thinking of cyberzombie/magic team balance now.

What sounds better- long term training with cyberzombies letting magic types deal with their background count without penalty, or pre mission magic infusions to make the mage superjuiced, which slowly tapers off over time?

>> No.50029996

There's a book about life in Amazonia.

>> No.50030055


Isn't there something in Street Grimoire that says that you can be attuned to a certain kind of Background count (I.E. A very old church would have a high background count... unless you're a Christian Theurge, at which point, you're boosted by it, not hindered)

If we argue that the mage was attuned to that background count, then they could probably be passed off fine, rather than not.


Pfft, so? Some of my best times have been with GM's with little experience. Besides, the only way to get experience is by doing it.

>> No.50030138

Yeah, i am thinking any theoretical adept would need to be adapted to the background count. Or juicing. Or both.

Shit, if im thinking of running this i have to figure out how much magic is comparable to a cyberxombie.

Party balance may be fucked a bit while i figure out how the 4 armed cyberblender, the walking tank, and the super adept mesh

>> No.50030154


This is just me, but, off the top of my head, I'd put the adept at 10 magic. Obnoxiously powerful, but then again, so is the guy who can thread a needle with a revolver.

>> No.50030192

>tfw you roll a non-nonsense ex-corporate security specialist and you get stuck in a crew with an anarchist shaman, a sociopath decker and former gang banger

I actually enjoy being the straight edged all business character for once, but my character does spend a lot of her time shaking her head and looking disappointed.

>> No.50030200

Obnoxiously powerful is about what you need for cyberteam

>> No.50030214

You have the ideal group composition, anon.

Shenanigans are almost inevitable.

>> No.50030233


And now I wait to hear the day that your Security specialist says "THATS IT. FINE. WE DO IT YOUR WAY." And starts dual wielding RPG's

>> No.50030257

I'm pretty much always my group's straight man too. They also enjoy making me the leader so it's more frustrating when they completely ignore me. I bitch about it to keep up appearances but it's a pretty fun dynamic.

>> No.50030352

You could do some shit with suspecting, probably. Do you think you want to really do this? I can drop contact shit if so, but I'll be asleep soonish for a nap.

>> No.50030385

Aspecting, fucking tablet.

>> No.50030398

>dual wielding RPG's
so DnD 57 in one hand and Exalted v43 in the other?

now that I think about it, in the sixth world, how popular are TTRPG? And which of them are the most popular?
Fantasy due to being easy to understand?

And how much will tech be used?
Do you think there will be "Online only" sessions where they all play in cold-SIM with the GM generating the surroundings in real time?

>> No.50030417

Coldsim VR is probably the new LARPing and Roll20

>> No.50030469

>a non-nonsense ex-corporate security specialist and you get stuck in a crew with an anarchist shaman, a sociopath decker and former gang banger
Shadowrun: Hong Kong? You just described Duncan, Gobbet, Is0bel, and Main Character-sempai.

>> No.50030522

I imagine that the 'tabletop' part of tabletop games is nonexistent, more or less. GMs would use realtime editing programs to weave up coldsim VR environments for the games to take place it.

As for genre? I bet fantasy has taken a serious blow. Between the very real accusations of racism in Tolkein-derivative works and the lack of serious alternatives to that style of fantasy, I'd imagine others would take the fore.

My money's on space opera and other high-end science fiction being the standard-bearer in the Sixth World.

>> No.50030588

Im not doing it today, work is just beginning.

If i am actually doing it, ill post again when it is more ready and dredge up some players

>> No.50030675

Neat. Once I'm awake, I can try and lend a hand?

>> No.50030687


Alright dude. I will keep an eye out for this.

>> No.50030888

Uh, maybe?
Right now im just trying to get together information about cyberzombies and horrors, to hopefully get this running under thr hood.

Also, considering what progression mechanics, if any, i could use

>> No.50031039

>progression mechanics
Since they are Cyberzombies they are property of a mega
just make it like the Mercenary anon. The better they are, the better the gear.
maybe have them start with some cyber and get more/better cyber as they progress

>> No.50031087

Who is the mercenary anon?

And yeah, i need to nail down exactly how much cyber i want them to start with. 6 essence worth at least

>> No.50031462

some anon a few months back, wanted to make a campaign where his players work for a mercenary company

>> No.50031535


This seems pretty legit to me. Something tells me they should get, like, one tier cheaper (Alpha costs normal, Beta costs alpha, delta costs beta, etc. etc.)

Just for Credits though. Essence should be the same.

>> No.50031795

I don't think essence cost actually matters other than as a rough barometer of expense

>> No.50031873


Well, there needs to be SOME limit to how much tech a Cyberzombie has. Sure, 12 effective essence is a LOT, but you want to have the illusion of fairness.

>> No.50031906

Don't Cyberzombies require to be 100% deltaware?

>> No.50031964


>> No.50032292

Obligatory reminder that the average Cyberzombie lives between 6 months to 4 years before the soul contained within either escapes or dissipates.

>> No.50032310

A cyberzombie needs about 7-8 Essence worth of Deltaware to be stable. That's a LOT of expensive ware.

>> No.50032366

Any bioware/cyberware that would let me inject venom or exhale gas? I might have an idea

>> No.50032891

>Cybermancy remains an extraordinarily difficult procedure, requiring the work of a dedicated team of magicians, doctors, and specialist technicians.
In theory, no.

>In practice, any facility capable of performing the twisted combination of science and magic known as cybermancy will possess both a delta-grade medical facility and a Rating 12 (or higher) magical lodge.
>The subject has no immune system and no vitals for the entire procedure; if sterility or maintenance of care is interrupted, even momentarily, the entire procedure is a failure.
The reality of what's being done is a bit different, though.

>> No.50032969

Never actually says that, you need a delta grade facility to make them. Really they're better of using lower grades to push their negative essence lower as that makes them more dangerous.

>> No.50033145


Well, they say it requires DNA integration and all the other fliff-flaff of deltaware to make it work...

>> No.50033342

Several pieces in chrome flesh, including fangs and venom glands.

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