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What would it be like to be in the presence or stand before a Chaos God?

Or even have a conversation with one?

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I don't think you can have a conversation with an emotion, OP.

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>Hey khorne what's going on bud?


>Cool, alright I'm gonna talk to tzeentch.

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Your very soul would be annihilated from the raw force of their personality, assuming you're standing before their true form.

This is a pretty common trend in all human religions - you simply can't stand before a god in their entirety, because gods are so incomprehensible to humans that we would literally short-circuit/explode trying to process what we're seeing/experiencing.

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This. Even the Emperor is that way. In The Beast Arises series they say trying to psychicly contact the Emperor has always ended in the Psyker's death; and even the process of soul-binding an Astropath burns their eyes out at best, kills them at worst.

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So they can't talk?

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>Emperor still insists he's not a god

Lorgar was right!!!!!!

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>dude has a fucking halo
>flaming sword
>solid gold armor with angelic designs all over it
>all of his powers have a golden aura
>literally saved his own people from a dark age and then died to save them again
>"come on guys stop worshiping me"

E-Money was a lot of things, but he sure as shit wasn't smart.

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>Finally found Tzeentch

>that's an annoying cloud. Lets try Nurgle instead.

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It would be extremely painful

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Honestly, I imagine it would be like talking to any other God. Just because someone craves chaos doesn't mean they don't have their own shit in order.

Maybe they are just like chaotic characters on the mortal realm often are. They have a motivation that just has them wanting to see the world burn. Maybe they had a more humble foundation at one point but one of the True natured gods did something horrible to them and now they just want to wreck that gods plans.

The power of a being doesn't necessarily change the form of their desires, just their ability to affect it.

> In fact, I would say a chaotic god could end up being the most organized fucker in a whole pantheon. In many of the settings I have seen where chaos is everywhere, this would be a good bet.

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For who?

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Everytime I see this picture I just wonder how those 3 marines got in this position

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Papa Nurgle is probably the only god you could manage a meaningful conversation with,
if you were wearing a adamantium hazmat suit and kept a good 500 feet upwind of him.
Otherwise your flesh would probably rot away before he even had a chance to say something.

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Tzeentch, I think you may be forgetting that the Chaos Gods ARE their respective emotions.
Khorne IS anger, hate, courage, and all related suaggressive thoughts
Nurgle IS despair, grief, fear, hopelessness, pity, familial love (when attached to despair), etc

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Don't we always assume if a God pulls you into a conversation they intend for you to survive they create some kind of scenario for you to do so? Like, translate your body or bubble you into their realm?

I don't like being committed to an idea where a god OF chaos has to BE chaos.

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Yes, but if we apply purposeful logic to the idea, we come up with something like this:

> God is an emotion.
> God wishing to spread that emotion.
> God enacts a plan to spread that emotion.

If the God has a thought process which involves a plan, they inherently have a sense of order even if it seems chaotic to others. A god who simply exists in a chaos state would have no control and therefore might as well be as nebulous as "bad luck".

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Why WOULD you want to be in the presence or talk to a Chaos God in the first place? They have nothing for you other than their blessings, which you can get while not being in their presence.

Either way, Khornate and Nurglites are often in the presence of their Gods to deposit skulls or dip their weapons in miasma, respectively.
You can't get to Tzeentch because the Impossible Fortress is... Impossible, and will destroy you if you try to traverse it and aren't a Lord of Change.
You can get to Slaanesh if you resist the temptations if I recall. Don't know if you can return from that.

Wonder instead how those 3 marines managed to win.

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It probably depends on the god.

meeting Tzeentch would probably be fairly psychedelic.
meeting Khorne would probably be almost rapturous in how awe inspiring he is.
we already know what happens if you meet Slaanesh.
Nurgle would probably be the most "ordinary", since he's pretty much just a jolly old man. he just looks pretty gross, so all you need to d is close your eyes and you could actually talk to him.

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itsallpointless. allthingsdecay. evenme. theirisnopointincommunicating. letsbehopelesstogether. youcanhelpmestoppointlesshope. don'tleaveme-Iloveyou. i'llstopyouifyouleave. oh. okay. youcanleaveifyouwant. iwon'tstopyou.
>lethargically, with supernatural willpower, you manage to keep going without stopping out of despair.
I thought smallcaps would work. guess not

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if you can get through those 6 rings of traps (yeah the joke is there and I love it) speaking to Slaanesh in a good mood must be the most rapturous feeling imaginable

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>I want others to spread me. i want X to happen, causing Y to happen, causing them to hope
>it's okay, mortals don't have to hope. they can cease. I will stop them being happy.
>OH!ooh!ohyes!ME!ME!ME!more of ME!Not enough of ME! I feel like everyone should feel more! oooooh!

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I feel like speaking to a god in their purest form would be rather easy at first.
A small, disheveled child, that speaks only in disjointed riddles. Speaking to them for extended periods of time drives you mad
A beautiful being appealing to each in their own tastes, remaining in their presence drives one to fanatic worship. Will refuse to speak to sinners, and weeps uncontrollably at their own bad decisions and actions

And so forth

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Don't mistake Nurgle's jolliness for joyfullness. Nurgle's 'jolliness' is from crossing past despair to the point of concluding that its all pointless, so you don't have to worry about anything anyway. Alternatively, the emotion depressed people feel when they finally have worked up the strength and courage to go through with suicide.

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Draigo would strut around saucily in front of them, popping off witicisms and stinging barbs, dodging every attack they made, before escaping in the nick of time after clogging their toilet with wadded yam poop.

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Talking to Slaanesh would be the best.

>hurr cuz sexy talk and she HAWT, amirite? XDDD

No. Because Slaanesh is the pinnacle of excess, the excession of perfection. This conversation would be the best you'd ever have. Every sentence uttered by Slaanesh would be poetic and profound beyond anything you'd heard before. Slaanesh's voice would be both sweetly musical and jarringly disturbing. Slaanesh would know your desires and hold forth on topics that interest you most, urging you to reach new heights by showing you just how deep your indulgence in these areas could be taken. You couldn't help but be captivated. Factor in the mind-altering daemonic musks and such, and there's little chance of you coming out of that conversation without being damned forever.

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The Silver Knight met Slaanesh in the Warp. He fell to her seduction and was damned forever.

Archaon actually met Slaanesh. She manifested her trueform and spoke to him. She offered him a place by her side. He would be her eternal champion and lover. He would be her king and she his queen.

In an exercise of incredible willpower, Archaon refused and denied Slaanesh. Archaon became the only mortal being in the multiverse who gazed upon the perfection of Slaanesh and wasn't consumed by it.

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>The Silver Knight

These are two different things.

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>A Knight who is a space marine
>Silvered Armour
>a beacon of purity and righteous (before meeting Slaanesh).
>stuck wandering the warp


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>Draigo is the only Grey Knight
>Grey Knights are the only Marines who wear silver
>Marines are the only Knights


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>>Marines are the only Knights

The story he says he was a knight from a Space Marine chapter.

And as far as we know, Draigo is the only wandering marine in the Warp who happens to be a knight and have silvered armor.

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Plenty of marines stationed around the EoT though, could be one of them. I mean yeah I read it as being Draigo myself as a way for him to just be over and done with but I can just as easily assume it's some random marine.

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desu as much as I want Driago to be turned by a trap-slaanesh I doubt it was him considering he's been recently seen in the materium fighting alongside his fellow marines.

He'll probably end up leaving the warp to assfuck Abaddon when they decide to progress his black crusade.

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>recently seen

Time is meaningless in the Warp.

M'kar, for example, is in two places at the same time. One M'kar is fighting the Ultramarines and another is fighting Draigo at the place where they first met.

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I thought the Chaos Gods were barely-sentient masses of power that gravitate and give birth to certain things in realspace.

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The emperor has been memed into godhood.
The warp is a manifestation of human emotions, the emperor gets his power from the sheer belief of his followers.

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