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>Question of the day
Is 24/7 combo really fun?

>What is Android: Netrunner?

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ (post-MWL), Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>NAPD Most Wanted List

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:
https://github.com/shyndman/ono-sendai (You’ll need to build it yourself)

>Deckbuilding Resources:
http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/netrunner/android-netrunner-deck-builder (not recommended)

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

Play netrunner online (replace the spaces by dots):
Jinteki net

Check out anon's amazing work at 1d4chan!

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>Is 24/7 combo really fun?

As much as I love myself some combos I wouldn't play them 24/7 for sure...

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Any bets on which decks are going to win Worlds?

Also, hedge funds everywhere.

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>hedge funds

Ah, sheeet someone's added to the 1d4chan and added a ton of links - thanks anon, I'm liking what I see

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Anon is doing APEX work!

Also, it would be awesome if FFG (or the artist) releases the full version of AA Hedge as wallpaper.

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Maybe? Nothing interesting to do with it in Weyland atleast, other than using it in Titan and on a High Risk Investment. Gain 3x the Runner's credits is pretty good, might make a good Sandburg deck.

Finally got my Escalation pack yesterday, time to see if Obelus' draw can be a rival for Desperado in Crim. Just worried I don't have enough economy going, even though I'm fairly certain I half my cards are econ.

Here's the insert for anybody interested, pretty short this time. Guess the guy is the one from Enforcing Loyalty? Maybe not.

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Thanks for that. Will read later today as soon as I get the time.

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Okay, looking through the edits I have noticed one thing - how much should it refer back to Original Netrunner?

The main bits that got deleted in the new edit is stuff that's basically irrelevant if you know ONR - but as it is, if you're new it requires you to read the page about a dead game to know what the fuck is going on

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It was irking me a little bit. Any reference to the old Netrunner should be in its own section "Comparison with the old Netrunner", also that reference to poison counters in Magic? Why? That's an interesting piece of trivia, but has no place in explaining the rules of the game.

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Yeah, it does have a "what's the same/different" section (as it did before), but the comparisons aren't confined to that.

There's also a couple of other Magic references which might need dealing with - though some terminology like Mill and Tutor have become really embedded in netrunner

Also 'correcting' US/UK spelling is petty and could go on all day - there's a reason it's frowned upon on most wikis.
I'm not going to change it back, but I'm just saying

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>'Just another samurai'
>behaves like dishonorable dirty ninja
>also a gurl

Who knows what her master wants to do with that NBN fella.

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Is there any way to attack some sort of note when editing, so anyone who comes in after you knows why you put something there?

Because I'm going to go in and change the "just check out a page about a dead game from 20 years ago" stuff to just putting in the gameplay and terminology, even though that makes the page a bit longer

"Samurai" have a code, that doesn't mean the code is "go up to someone and get in their face asking to be shot" - those goons weren't samurai, weren't executives and they weren't Jinteki, so respect or treating the with honour isn't necessary.

She may be a girl but she's also a g-mod, so she could be all sorts of supersoldier bullshit

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I think you can create a discussion topic so anyone is aware of the changes and why.

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You could mention that in the changes summary?

Otherwise, maybe have a placeholder paragraph until the renovations are all done perhaps?

And I daresay 'proper' samurai, from a lol-traditional zaibatsu, would cringe at that sort of behaviour, what with being a mockery of bushido and all. Gotta have *some* standards even vs filthy peasants.

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>create a discussion topic
>changes summary?
Right, thanks.

I think the traditional corporate samurai generally go the way of actual samurai - they have a code and standards and all that jazz... but they're totally willing to ignore it when shit really starts going down and the gloves come off

>tfw Jinteki.net is down

Which reminds me, deleting the part about j-net was kinda out there.
Imma add that back after lunch

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Well, yeah I guess they are only too happy to go loud(er) when their master commands it, but even that would be more like a 'proper' kill team rather then going all sneaky like.

Also, you could mention possible fan-made play modes (like onesies) as alternative ways to have fun.

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It's just me or the Shaper description feels totally wrong? From the first sentence to the last it feels like it's describing anarchs.
Going back to the Shaper description in the rulebook, the Shapers are motivated by curiosity and pride. Self-improvement is the key word here. I have no idea how he gets from that to "doing it for fun". Although I guess certain depictions of Chaos Theory and Smoke don't help.

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And btw, I have no idea what the "Voltron" faction means. A reference to pokemon tcg? or is it more magic?

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Eh, shapers do it for fun, but more often they do it for knowledge (so the Slaanesh bit is right out)

Not sure I'd agree with "bioroid Jesus" either

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You can kind of tell they were an oldfag, even if the constant "just know about a dead game from twenty years ago already, geez" didn't tip you off - it was a show where robots combined to form a big robot - that's my full extent of my knowledge of it, I've never seen it, but I have a rough knowledge of the name.

Presumably they mean "everything coming together", the way shapers rig-build

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Some faggot's been adding Zs in where they should rightfully be Ss.

I'm onto you, Burger.

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Shit, tell a lie, it's been revived/rebooted/had spin-offs made from it a few times, including this year.

Still not good if you're not an /m/ fan though

I know.
Also "specialty", and various other burgerisms, but I'm not so petty as to start an edit war on that

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I wouldn't call it "for fun", more like self-satisfaction. The feeling you get when all pieces of a puzzle you've put together actually work, there is a deep sense of pride attached to that feeling, and it wouldn't be there if it were just for fun, although they themselves might tell you that what they do is fun. It's a bit like playing Dwarf Fortress or using nodejs.

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They are arguably doing things for 'perfection' just like many an artist with unhealthy tendencies. Nothing else matters.

Just as Slaanesh prefers it.

Although technically Tzeentch can be their patron god as well, if not already taken up by some Anarchs (like that fella who is really into conspiracies).

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Pride is for chumps.

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Yeah, like shapers

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Just jumping in and not really keeping track of everything, but

Neither Exile nor Jesminder fit these though. If anything the thing that Shaper IDs have in common is their goals are usually idealistic, compared to Criminals materialism and Anarch's antagonism (berate me if I'm using these terms wrong).

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We actually don't know enough of Exile to say one thing or another. What I do know is that I have a cousin that likes to take spare parts of machines to build new machines, which I think it's what Exile does, and I think it's pretty Shapery. Again, self-improvement, self-satisfaction, curiosity, and pride.

I have no excuse for Jesminder though, even her ability doesn't feel particularly Shapery. To be honest she came in a weird cycle aswell. She certainly doesn't fit anarchs or criminals, and idealism and love for her sister are probably her most notable traits.

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She's so obsessed with the same ideology as her dear sister, who know what she did to make sure its a reality? She certainly doesn't give a shit what it would do to the plebs, but she's prob a high caste, and everyone know how they see lower caste plebs.

Sacrificing said dear sister is not beyond the realms of possibility.

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I wish Smoke were anarch. The real anarch stealth Runner.

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Going by Motivation, whatever Exile's goals are probably has something to do with his past, perhaps to avoid repeating the same mistakes, which would fit under self-improvement. Jesminder's desire to help her sister could fit under self-satisfaction. If you need a single catch-all term though, idealism still seems a good fit, unless I'm misusing that word.

At the very least it looks more like she's working behind the scenes against any targeted efforts at her sister going from the Kala Ghoda insert, so while there's no way to know if she did anything bad to further her sister's campaign, it's likely that her efforts are mostly defensive in nature (supported by her ability to avoid tags and using her console to nope stuff like Scorched Earth to the bottom of the deck).

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>but she's prob a high caste
Nah, she's adopted, though the other two Sareens probably were high caste (in theory I think it was abolished, somewhere it said "there are now only two castes, human and android" - though that may have been "clone", to drive the point even further)

>> No.49918029


Given the high-stakes nature of politics, it is not something anyone involved to come out clean, especially if they want to win in said politics.

If anything, her ability to avoid tags is offensive in nature, especially when many tag-based events (the siphons and vamp in particular) are brutal attack options. Someone gotta kick down those poor kids worried about their parent's (and their future) jobs.

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File: 4.90 MB, 4896x3264, Fear the Masses Insert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's also not the sibling responsible for Sareen's death see >>49917994 and pic related

Though I imagine they both profited from it

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Depends on how you want to see it I suppose, while you could say that a siphon is a direct attack against the corp opposing Akshara, you could also see it as disrupting their financial stability enough that they wouldn't be able launch a Black Ops operation against a beloved sister.

Jes looks pretty sad in The Price of Freedom. I don't approve of this smear campaign against her.

While we're discussing cards though, I wonder what's going on in Rigged Results.

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Strange how that NBN-aligned fella seems to be the final winner in the end, although why he isn't neutral (or crim) is quite the question. Or how NBN benefits from that endgame?


Really a damn shame RR isn't a crim card.

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Lukas bullshit

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Well he is an Alliance card, so he's not a solid NBN man

Organised crime in India, especially Mumbai, has fairly strong ties to Bollywood, and that's clearly a big inspiration - there's even a big Indian gangster called Dawood Ibrahim

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Give it to me straight anons: what's shit about this deck?


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Probably economy, also those data mines for data mines sake, are you Chronos Protocol?

>> No.49919501

What'd you do about economy?

Also I forgot: PE. The Data Mines are in there for DM's sake.

>> No.49919560

Not enough ETRs means Adonis is going to get trashed quickly, which means no money, which means you can't rez Wall of Thorns/Tollbooth. Sentries are okay I guess? Plan seems to be mind games by the looks of it, RnD lock will probably murder you though.

>> No.49919802

Swapped out an Adonis for another MedRes Fund, and the Data Mines for a Viktor and an Enigma. Is that enough?

>> No.49920013

Maybe swap the Viktor for the 3rd Adonis and Akitaro for a 2nd Enigma, since he probably won't pop up reliably enough to be useful. You're vulnerable to Mimic and Yog, but you'll probably be ok otherwise, especially if you can rez (and they stay rezzed) your big ice. I hope you can fire off a Mushined AggSec, that would be great.

Here's something to help with choosing your ICE suite in the future, maybe it can give you some ideas.

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ty, looking through the article now.

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To what expansions do you have access? Core and Honor and Profit? I'm assuming because I see no Celebrity Gift nor Trick of Light in the deck.
Viktor is good taxing ICE, but it is no hard ETR. I'd go with Icewalls replacing those Wall of Static, and going with 2 Enigmas for cheap code gates.
Nevertheless, it's not like Viktor can't work, so you have some leeway there. A Runner clicking through a Viktor to find an ambush on the other end can die pretty fast to double Neural EMP.
There is no reason to overlook Inazuma, it can win you games in front of a Komainu if you have House of Knives scored, it can replace Neural Katana easily.
If you have access to Creation and Control, Cerebral Overwriter instead of AggSecretary.
I think you can cut some ambushes for economy, 1 Junebug 1 Akitaro for 2 PAD Campaigns.

About Neural Katana, in core I think the card is supposed to go with Chum for the kill, right? It increases the strength to 5 and do 3 extra net damage for a total of 6. I've never seen it work before, but the idea is there. Just like the Chummed Data Mine, although this I've seen it, but it's not enough for insta kill.

>> No.49920659

>Core and Honor and Profit?

What's the gain in Ice Wall over Enigma? Inazuma can't win the game on its own, and swapping it out for NK seems to leave Ice dangerously thin. Truthfully I'd love to have it, but I'm finding cutting deck size difficult. Same with Chum.

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Ice Wall over Wall of Static. 2 credit save on rez for a gearcheck. Advanceable if you need it to tax.
You say that about Inazuma but Data Mine is still there. NK on the other hand will be broken for 1 by a Mimic since it's the best icebreaker in the core set.

To be honest, I think Pup took Data Mine place in the deluxe for cheap facecheck ICE that can ping the runner for net damage, and while Pup can get pretty taxing, Data Mine does a single ping and goes away.

>> No.49921020

Are there many situations where the runner will have a breaker that can walk through IW but will get stumped by WoS?

>but Data Mine is still there.
I'd removed it.

Sadly, I am against players who've got all or most of the cards.

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File: 1.64 MB, 1750x1283, 1477252636511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What an odd question. No, there aren't many situations like that. WoS is still taxing 2 credits, but if you want a taxing barrier there's no better than Ice Wall, which you can adjust. Maybe Quicksands since it boosts itself, or Eli 1.0, but those are not core/deluxe.

>> No.49921691

The quick answer is 'no', but I'll take the opportunity to mention that after deciding which kind of ice suite mentioned in >>49920013 you'd like to go for, you can then choose your ICE by comparing them to a certain baseline, which is by looking at how efficient common icebreakers can break through them. As a general rule, <=2 is cheap, while 3=> is taxing.

For Code Gates, look at Yog.0 and Gordian Blade.

For Barriers, look at Inti, Corroder, and Paperclip.

Sentry breakers can be more erratic, but you'll usually see Mimic and Mongoose, or from the core set, Ninja.

Here we're trying to choose between Ice Wall and Wall of Static. As the previous anon said, Ice Wall only 1 to rez, and Corroder can break it for only 1 credit, which means it doesn't hurt the runner's bank as much. Meanwhile, Wall of Static is 3 to rez, and 2 to break with Corroder. Both of these completely stop the runner until they find a breaker to get through it, but Ice Wall has the benefit of being advanceable, which lets you raise the cost for breaking it. At 5 strength, it costs Corroder 4 to break.

So Ice Wall definitely looks like the ice to pick. However, you must also consider if you can spare the influence cost and deck slots, as well as the fact you need to spend a click and a credit to advance it to higher strength.

These considerations is also why I suggested the second Enigma over Viktor 1.0. Both are 3 to rez, and while both are in Yog range, Viktor costs more for Gordian. However, Viktor also costs 2 influence, and the runner can click through it if needed instead of paying, which means the server is less safe. But, the other anon is right that if they click through a Viktor and run into an Ambush, they might just die from it.

So yeah, picking your ice suite is a balancing act in efficiency and purpose, and can be a fun puzzle once you get the hang of it.

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I'm sad she will rotate out.

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File: 326 KB, 341x480, med_scorched-earth-core.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She'll forever be watching over us.

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File: 261 KB, 299x417, Scorched Earth HD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We can hope, since the threat of a Core 2.0 hasn't completely vanished yet.

>> No.49923140


Come on, they can't get Scorched Earth out. No card define a faction as much as it defines Weyland.

>> No.49923185

>Weyland is defined as being a influence tax on NBN

>> No.49923415


"No card defines a faction as much" doesn't imply the card single-handedly defines all of the faction.

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>when a well-timed Levy wins you the game

>as the corp

>> No.49925473


You're going to have to explain that one.

You tease.

>> No.49926334


Maybe he had to Levy his clot and all his SMC/CC and couldn't get any out in time to stop the FA?

>> No.49927444


>inb4 a much more brutal v2 makes her grand appearance

>> No.49927479

>number of death
Confirmed for nuking the opponent's house (and hometown).

Left with not enough money to get in the server I think?

>> No.49927945


>in a special appearance, Ms Mills appeared in a snazzy white dress-suit to express her deep regrets on behalf of the Weyland Consortium of the unfortunate unplanned demolition of a significant part of Nihonjin (...)

White being the traditional color of death of course.

>> No.49928135

I thought black was for mourning and funerals while white was for purity and marriage ceremonies though?

>> No.49928533


Nah, traditional Asia color of death/funerals has always been white. Any 'proper' weeb should know this.

>> No.49928620

Anyone wanna give me some tips on my corp deck? I don't have access to a lot of cards physically, so I'm only working with what I have. This is what I've got right now.

NEXT Design Guarding the Net
12 influence spent (max 12, available 0)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Data and Destiny
Agenda Agenda (9)

3x Accelerated Beta Test
1x Director Haas' Pet Project
1x Efficiency Committee
1x Global Food Initiative ●
3x Priority Requisition
Asset Asset (4)

3x Adonis Campaign
1x Cerebral Overwriter
Operation Operation (14)

2x Archived Memories
3x Bioroid Efficiency Research
3x Biotic Labor
3x Hedge Fund
3x Successful Demonstration
Barrier Barrier (9)

3x Heimdall 1.0
3x Heimdall 2.0
3x Ice Wall ●●●
Code Gate Code Gate (10)

3x Enigma
3x Viktor 1.0
2x Wendigo ●●●●
2x Wormhole ●●●●
Sentry Sentry (3)

3x Ichi 2.0

I have 1 core, order and chaos, creation and control, upstalk, and first contact.

>> No.49929109

Checked, and you're right, black is usually west side. Funny it never occurred to me despite living here.

Biotic Labor seems at odds with what you want to do, which seems to be free rezzes and scoring behind deep ice. Maybe cut those for more economy, and some of the barriers and code gates for a couple of sentries? Why Wendigo, by the way? Odd choice when the runner can click through most of your ice. Look for a backup plan when nothing goes your way (no free rezzes, poor, etc.).

>> No.49929192

its funny you mention those two cards, I had played a few games with it on jinteki and cycled out a couple cards that i didnt seem to be using, and then decided to try those two out as they weren't originally in it. the biotic labor i thought might be interesting since with the money, i can score some of those beta tests right away, though I'd probably run into the problem of running out of credits. the wendigo I just thought I'd try cause I had the influence, and figured i'd give it a shot. haven't tested it yet so I dunno if it'll work out. I'd love any suggestions...primarily for econ cards. I'm not sure what else to really put in simply because I don't have a ton of options

>> No.49929355

For economy, PAD Campaigns are reliable as usual, or Server Diagnostics if you feel ballsy. You have the option of going silly by putting The Root in, though that could mean less ice. Eliza's can get some free rezzes in though you give up surprises, or you could go for credits with Melange.

For ice, Lotus Field is nice against Sucker decks, and NEXT Silver actually combos with Mother Goddess. IQ is pretty cheap to rez while you don't have many cards in hand. Tollbooth makes for a nice free rez target too, as is Archer.

>> No.49929446

Oh, one more piece of silliness: Precognition to ensure ABT always fires correctly.

>> No.49929907
File: 107 KB, 800x640, precognition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Part of me wants to say it's a card that was hurt by Jackson coming into being, but then it's not as if the card was hardly ever played before his release anyway.

>> No.49930128

Yeah, overdrawing and shuffling cards in later is definitely a better solution over uncertain mind games with RnD. Would be neat if rigging RnD turns into Jinteki's method of dealing with agenda flood, though I guess there's Mushin - Allele plays now..

>> No.49930771

I played a HB Precognition deck in my Nationals, and I really like the card. Beyond the ABT combo, it also protects RnD: leave a non agenda card on top and a 3/2 as the next one, next turn click 1 draw, Biotic, Biotic, fast advance it out.

>> No.49930785
File: 631 KB, 728x511, SMC art.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



He Levy'd, removing the SMC he could Clone Chip from archives. I assume he had clot somewhere in the deck

I had an Atlas token and was on 6 points (he took way too long getting all his stuff out, despite being Hayley), so when he Levy'd and didn't put down an SMC it was all over.

Damn rare that an Argus deck wins by points

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File: 240 KB, 300x419, best girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder best girl is coming to wreck your meta.

>> No.49931519


Such a *terrible* shame she won't be out in time for Worlds.


Yeah, that's usually the case when anyone loses even after a Levy.

>> No.49931804


Been, playing it a lot in my decks made to play against non-competitive players that just forgo the use of Howard, and quite frankly I like it every time.

One well timed can mean the game.

>> No.49932624


While its nice if you can pull that off, its hard to make the most out of it outside ABT priming, and 3 inf is kinda steep if you have more then 1.

>> No.49932868

I think the 3 influence is what saddens me the most about Precog. Too expensive and with limited use to splash out of faction, and in faction Jinteki has better things to do than caring what comes up first in a commonly spiky RnD. Could've been pretty fun otherwise, like a non-Power Shutdown AD deck for example.

>> No.49934158


Yeah, 3 influence is definitely a mouthful. In core I would love it to use it to deep dig for Weyland combo pieces. But that really was an unaffordable luxury. Even more so now the factions has better options.

In some slower Jinteki decks though? I still like it really.

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File: 202 KB, 900x794, 1477336115892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49936740

this imagery is crazy.
The card is pretty weird though, it fires ONCE and if the tax is paid, goes away.

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>it fires ONCE and if the tax is paid, goes away
Yeah, but in the times before the rampant runner econ of today the 2 tax might have been the difference between a steal or a whiff, especially with something like NAPD

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Ah jeez, she's going to be so annoying.

At least remind people Mercur only gets added to during runs - you can spend them however and whenever, but only during a run will it top up.

It's still obscenely good

>> No.49938891


Character Assassination (or Corporate Town I guess) has never looked this good.

And still won't be played.

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>> No.49939486


Gotta love Exile moping n the corner, totally uncaring d oblivious to what's happening.

>> No.49939626
File: 526 KB, 600x507, cybergambler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Iain in it

I still want to try corp town, I just have no idea what sort of deck to put it in.

Also I really want Matt Zeilinger to put the art up, because holy shit, it's great - with the fake city projection as well

>> No.49939867

>love Iain in it

Has that Ominous "just has planned" vibe to himself.

>I just have no idea what sort of deck to put it in.

Liked it in Gagarin asset spam. Most decks can't afford to leave it on the table, but no one really wants to pay the 6 credits to access and trash.

Been thinking about going into some variation of that deck with Mumbad Virtual Tour on centrals (mostly because I don't know what to make of that one myself, but really want to play the card).

>> No.49940058


I play Corp Town in a Spark deck built around License Acquisition. It does some real work when you actually land it.

>> No.49940321


I like the sound of that.

>> No.49940425


It's slow, but it works pretty well. Haven't updated it in a while though.

Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach

Agenda (11)
1x 15 Minutes
1x Breaking News
3x Global Food Initiative ●●●
3x License Acquisition
3x Project Beale

Asset (12)
1x Adonis Campaign ●●
1x Corporate Town ●●
1x Ibrahim Salem
3x Jackson Howard
3x Launch Campaign
3x PAD Campaign

Upgrade (6)
2x Navi Mumbai City Grid
3x Product Placement
1x Red Herrings

Operation (4)
3x Sweeps Week
1x Targeted Marketing

Barrier (3)
1x Vanilla
2x Wraparound

Code Gate (7)
1x Enigma
1x Magnet ●
3x Pop-up Window
2x Tollbooth

Sentry (4)
2x Archer ●●●●
1x Assassin
1x Ichi 1.0 ●●

Other (2)
2x Special Offer

>> No.49940497


Looks nice. I think I'll try to modify it to suit me and give it a ride this week end. Thanks.

>> No.49940548

I played it in a GRNDL Rigshooter. To trash Adam directives, Gang Signs, and bait runs against a Marcus Batty server.

>> No.49940686

What does 'net mercur' mean? Is it short for something?

>> No.49940707


Keep in mind that you often win off over-scored Beales, scoring them for 2 agenda points only tends to work out if you draw several. You can still get the runner to fear your never-advance with Acquisition though.

>> No.49940807


Most likely a reference to:


>> No.49941123
File: 230 KB, 750x600, Notoriety 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, >>49940807 beat me to it - it's a Pirate netcast, and the fact that she gets it out without being caught is why Smoke is stealth

Usually it's just about high-end gear (see again: stealth), but with the 23 seconds and what followed it's about Justice™

>> No.49941311

>see again: stealth

Or LLDS Energy Regulator.

>> No.49941526
File: 262 KB, 312x444, You know weyland would probably play this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. I hope we get something to back up that cool wall of text

pic somewhat related

>> No.49942515
File: 73 KB, 600x572, 1469813214200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm ragequitting the Exchange of Information meta and focusing on thrones this coming season instead. So this gives me the time to work on stupid stuff.

Current project : Black File Recursion

[Undecided ID]

Event (19)
3x Déjà Vu
3x Independent Thinking ●●●
3x Political Graffiti
2x Retrieval Run
2x Rumor Mill
3x Sure Gamble
3x Wanton Destruction

Hardware (2)
2x Turntable

Resource (14)
2x Councilman
2x Kati Jones
3x Liberated Account
3x Same Old Thing
1x The Black File ●●●●
3x Wyldside

Icebreaker (4)
1x Eater
2x Faust
1x ZU.13 Key Master ●●

Program (6)
1x D4v1d
2x Keyhole
3x Trope

9 influence spent (max 15-6=9, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Blood Money

Recursion turn involves using graffiti to drop the corp below 7 points, trashing Black file with Independent thinking, Recurring it with Deja Vu, and replaying it last click.
You then have 2 turns to set this up again.

But i'm not sure where to take this, i've been thinking of dropping it in val for blackmail shenanigans to prevent a corp over-scoring to get out, but this just makes the black file harder to find.

>> No.49942943

>i'm ragequitting the Exchange of Information meta and focusing on thrones this coming season instead.

Damn, has it gotten that bad? I have abandoned the card myself a few weeks ago - was fun to build when it was new, but I found it too abusable. Didn't think things had gotten that bad though, personally.

Were you the anon that was talking about doing that Black Files deck a few weeks ago? Nice to see you're still at it if so.

>> No.49943406

Exchange is pure fuckshit. Stupid card.

>> No.49944292
File: 572 KB, 1031x749, 1429141315335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49945994

In NBN with Breaking News or all of the other factions too?

>> No.49946368

Thanks for the tips, I'll mess around with it. I think I underestimate pad campaign. I kind of assume they're just gonna get trashed but I guess in reality, 4 credits of the runners money vs 2 credits of mine (if rezzed) is probably worth it for that, huh.

My only problem with the root is that since a good amount of my ice is relatively expensive, even with the stuff i have to rez it for free, I don't know if I'm going to be able to adequately protect it.

Frankly I just wish I had more cards to play around with, but as it stands, I've played a few games and am probably around 60-40 for win rate, which seeing as I'm still pretty new, I'll take it. It's also helping me to figure out how to play runner, cause my runner game kind of sucks, but watching some of these runners trample me has been eye-opening to say the least.

>> No.49947619
File: 77 KB, 838x626, Faust's natural predator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone saved my shitty loadsacredits image

Now there's a meme I've not seen in a long time.

>> No.49947660

I fucking loved flatlining people on Jinteki.net as glacier HB with snares. Nobody expected it.

>> No.49948148

The card is stupid on account of its power level being beyond ridicilis. No way it should cost 0 and 1 click. Outside of NBN though, it's niche, but powerful. In NBN, and especially with Breaking News, it is sheer skullfuckery.

>> No.49949047

Yep same guy. I'm playing around with jinteki PU DNA tracker cell portal on corp side too.

EoI is horrible. Landing a tag is far too easy and there's no prevention for EoI. It's actually cheaper for the corp to let you steal a 5-3 and then swap it for a BN than score it themselves.
It's only 1c more expensive if you biotic out the breaking news.

EoI itself should be "only if tagged, trace 0..."

>> No.49949361
File: 179 KB, 800x687, Frame Job.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trace 0
Nothing on the corp side should be trace 0.

I agree it's too cheap, EoI should maybe cost the tag as well. Maybe MWL it.

There is prevention though, of sorts - as well as tag prevention, if you just want the corp to lose then all factions have ways to burn corp agendas.

>> No.49949548

Breaking News seems like the crux of the problem rather than the card itself though, unconditional tags that stat when BN gets swapped is pretty bad. Making the tags go away after leaving the corp's score area, and have the tags be preventable would probably make it hurt less.

>> No.49949675

>Breaking News seems like the crux of the problem

Definitely to me. When anon said >>49949047
>Landing a tag is far too easy

I pretty much went "did I miss the memo, when did this happen, apart from breaking News?"

And even then. It's not as if a BN into EoI couldn't be disrupted. The corp still has to be ablmle to score and play the two in the same turn.

>> No.49949691


I'm probably discounting HHN too much, thing did make landing tags easier eventually.

>> No.49950227

HHN still requires economical advantage though, if you get hit by it you're probably in a bad spot already. Atleast we're getting more tag removal tools soon, still excited what Crim's will be.

>> No.49951624

John Henry 2.0
ICE: Code Gate - Bioroid - AP
Rez Cost 3, Strength 3
The runner may spend two clicks to break up to two subroutines on John Henry 2.0
>Do one brain damage
>The Corp randomly trashes a card from HQ for each brain damage the runner took this turn
Haas-Bioroid, 2 influence

Inspired by Little Engine.

>> No.49951755


Little Engine atleast ETRs and has high strength, making it somewhat taxing even with the money gain sub. There's plenty of better 3 strength brain damage cards available. It'd still be funny to look at the Runner's face if they read the second sub for the first time though.

>> No.49952080

Would a second brain damage subroutine before the self-mill help or hurt John Henry?

>> No.49952221


I like the base idea, but just compare with Viktor 1.0 as taxation. Why would you play this given the liability? All the worse given it's a Yog.0 target.

At 0 cost maybe. Allows you to bluff, and land that Brain damage... granted that thing is probably going to be played more like a Trap ICE - the corp will land that brain and then install over and trash to prevent the HQ danger.

>> No.49952744

2 is probably still not enough. Given that you're looking at Little Engine for inspiration, you could go:

John Henry 0.5
5 rez, 2 strength
The Runner may spend one click to break up to 2 subroutines on John Henry 0.5.
>Do 1 brain damage
>Do 1 brain damage
>Do 1 brain damage
>Do 1 brain damage
>Do 1 brain damage
>Remove all brain damage. For each brain damage removed this way, the corp may trash 2 cards from HQ to prevent it.

Higher rez because holy shit 6 subs, lower strength for easier decoder breaking and Parasite target, two subs per click because it's plenty taxing already, considering 3 subs per click, more expensive removal prevention to make stuff like "trash 5 cards, Runner keeps 5 brain damage" less likely. I'm having trouble wording it so that the Runner may remove 0 brain damage and the corp can still trash cards to "prevent" it for HQ shenanigans.

>> No.49953088

Good old Zed 1.0 after that.

>> No.49954815
File: 58 KB, 700x445, diwan_alt_art_web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything creative with Diwan?

>> No.49955412


Liked it with the usual suspects: cool Caïssa support, nice in that silly False Echo/Ankusa/Ice destruction Hayley deck (that thing can be ridiculously fun).

Will definitely experiment with it in Keung. If I have the ability to make one server threaten all your centrals, I want you to bleed money defending it.

Two obvious cards, given the common limitation, I want to see if I can make a connection with are Temujin and Cyber-Cypher. Patron and Security Testing too to a lesser extent.

Work into making one server cheap and valuable to run, make protecting that server a real tax to protect.

I like that those trash-on-purge viruses will trigger Wasteland on the corp's turn too. There's definitely something to dig here.

And now I realize I've never played Pawn with Wasteland... time to dust off the street-chess.

>> No.49957132
File: 230 KB, 1200x691, EXILE'S ELEVEN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49958746
File: 824 KB, 1250x1000, Astro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Breaking News seems like the crux of the problem
Yeah, so it seems. Damn NBN, their agendas are just way, way too good

>> No.49959702
File: 52 KB, 500x400, tfw_most_wanted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never give Smoke a relaxing backrub after one of her famous encores
>You will never make love to Smoke
>Smoke will never hack your net-ready eyes to make it look like your dick disappeared
>Smoke will never go full yandere and hack the internet itself to make sure no other girls will try to steal you from her

>> No.49959953


I'm thinking it's partly a problem of, IF you're supposed to be the FA faction, with all the tools it entails, then your FA-able Agendas need to be scaled down accordingly. Or at least the designer needs to balance synergies with other faction in-tools accordingly.

Regardless of fluff issues, imagine Breaking News as a Jinteki or even HB agenda... I don't think people would be bothered that much. Whereas from core it's been a causing issues (early game BN into double scorch might be a statistical anomaly, but try explaining that to a new player that did nothing wrong apart from not drawing a counter-play soon enough; I have a somewhat similar issue with Posted Bounty, a card I love a lot more from a design standpoint in a card pool that incorporates I've Had Worse), and things have necessarily gotten worse the more effects tied to tags appeared.

Other 2/1 or 2/0 are relatively well balanced I think (Kusanagi has still me scratching my head... Only played against once so far, but one agenda counter per supernumerary advancement token I think would have been more indicated).

Hell as much as I've complained about 3/2s, I think with ABT, the randomness makes it fair as a FA target (15 Minutes can be infuriating, but I also think it's fair).

>> No.49960211

But Smoke doesn't do shit to fuck with the system, she does it to help people and to teach. She's Chaotic Good, which is absolutely on the Shaper side of things.

>> No.49960335


Well, there's always the outlaw channel thing, though in the case of Smoke it looks more like an ego trip gone useful to the public good (report on corp crimes after the Flashpoint).

>> No.49961310
File: 141 KB, 1080x1299, 1470406822087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What decks do you guys think will win Worlds?

What decks will you guys take to fight Damon's future Corp decks at the Gunslinging event?

>> No.49961378


Hoping for a Crim to win worlds, but that's pretty optimistic, so I'll settle for FB tem.contracts instead I suppose.

More likely it would be yet another Anarch winner, although which version is hard to tell.

No idea about corp, although most likely it would be another FA seeing how glacier is crippled.

I'm betting Damon's corp would be PU, what with him being a Jinteki overlord and all.

>> No.49962555

It really doesn't help that tags themselves are really strong due to how they are the easiest way to interact with the runner's board state, and getting even one usually ends the game. All tag giving cards should be able to be played around with, not by adding silver bullets in your deck, but actually changing how you run to keep tags in mind, which Breaking News doesn't give you besides running that taxing scoring server every time they put something in, or RnD locking the corp with Jackson Howard and SAU.

Most of their other agendas besides Astrobiotics and Breaking News are actually pretty sedate, except maybe Quantum Predictive Model and Market Research (which no one uses for some reason), both of which are in a faction that has Data Raven.

>> No.49963952
File: 277 KB, 1838x1088, faustawakens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Smugbug's too chill for yandere.

>> No.49964954
File: 265 KB, 667x558, blackguard_by_smirtouille-d6hczvw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49966364

Even if a Crim deck came in high, it'd probably be Andromeda or Leela. Not that they're bad, just overrepresented.

But maybe Kahn will give us a huge surprise? probably not, with ICE itself being devalued in the meta

>> No.49966918

Had a friend of mine play my Nero deck against my BoN deck today, and I was really happy with how Obelus is working in Crim, especially with Legwork. I wonder if Vigil might be better for more consistent draw, but atleast Obelus gives you the complimentary draw even you didn't get any agendas. I feel like dropping Sports Hopper since I never know when to play it, perhaps I should just put it down quickly next time?

My BoN deck was severely poor however, hovering at 2 - 6 credits for most of the match felt terrible. Losing PAD Factory feels bad, but maybe the 2 Paywalls, 2 GRNDL Refineries, and 2 Melange Mining Corps will make up for it. And if my 2 DRTs don't pull their weight then I'll probably throw in the 3rd Paywall and Refinery to replace them, or keep it open for Preemptive Action.

If she does then it probably won't be due to her ID ability atleast. Also, wasn't Geist doing pretty well recently?

I wonder what "gunslinging" would entail. The staff using new cards perhaps?

>> No.49968979
File: 382 KB, 430x600, 1410537611220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going tag me or just for the draw?

>> No.49969197

Just the draw, I have a couple of babies as a back up plan in case I need to draw using a click too. The option for tag me is nice but I can't see myself using it regularly.

>> No.49970620
File: 228 KB, 300x419, adn40-equivocation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just realize the card is unique. Oh well, still pretty good.

>> No.49971808

This looks to be pretty fun with Find the Truth in Fisk, though 12 influence for two of each is pretty steep. You can probably manage as long as the bird suite fracter is decent I suppose.

>> No.49971859


For Fisk I'd prefer Woman in the Red Dress or even GlobalSec Security Clearance I think.

>> No.49972008

The former is 4 influence and drawing depends on the corp, the latter requires 2 link and a wasted click, unless with pancakes, which further uses up influence and a card slot. Atleast with Find the Truth you can head for HQ first, then hit RnD the second time, though that revealed draw could hurt.

Of course, you could do all of it at the same time every turn for maximum silliness.

>> No.49972145


WitRD is 4 influence, but in a connection deck you can Hostage it, so you only need one, which you're more likely to get on time to boot. Certainly, the corp can chose to draw, but then between it Equivocation and Fisk you're looking at 3 forced draw for one run (at which point investing in System Outage on top doesn't look half bad).

And yeah, GSSC needs link, but link right now is good value, and I certainly don't mind losing the click if going for a run once per turn deck.

>though that revealed draw could hurt.

Most people don't seem to care but me in deck where bluffing bypass among others is part of the way you can keep the corp in check, I certainly don't like showing everything I draw.

>> No.49972681


Nerobelus. I literally like the sound of it.


By the way, talking of System Outage, been experimenting with a deck for a while and I must say while it's still not there (though I definitely think it can be a killer against rush) and I don't know how to make it work any better, there's definitely something to it.

Anarch so far, though I've been switching between Keung and Whizzard.

- CBI Raid (with Wanton Destruction back up).
- System Outage/Ixodidae/Gordian Drip
- Optional: Diwan back up to increase the cost of defending centrals. Fester back up for trigger happy purges.

Optimally you want to be able to lock R&D to destroy Assets/Upgrade from there. You want the corp to be starved for options, being forced to draw or click for credits. Any install, any click used on an asset ability is one not hurting the corp and/or feeding you).

So far I'm having issues fitting that plan with a rig and shell that make it shine. But I'm really liking it. It's - at least for me - something completely different from usual decks. The thing has its own pace; it has a modicum of anti-econ, but is not about it proper; it has a modicum of control to it, but is not about it proper either.

I'm digging it. If anyone has ideas, I'm welcoming them.

>> No.49972892
File: 235 KB, 300x418, adn31_cbi-raid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fisk, System Outage and Misdirection for a 1c denial every turn. I love how Netrunner sometimes just writes itself.

>> No.49973029


Fisk is more what I was going about here >>49972145, and I think it's something different altogether.

Though still pretty interesting. In that Fisk configuration I'd be more interested in milling and forced discards by over-drawing and a stricter, classic anti-econ to prevent plays (problem being that you'd really want Rumor Mill against Jackson, but it's either it or System Outage).

>> No.49973297
File: 165 KB, 985x811, 1420841033031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I know, I just saw how Fisk was profiting from Titan misfortune and banking on it with a bit of misdirection.

Mechanically I'm thinking that Lamprey is just easier for the same effect if you are already running centrals. Difference being the server you're running. But given Fisk is crim we should have plenty of cards to threaten it.
Which makes me think that the best way to use System Outage would be by banking effects while not running. I have no idea how to do that though.
I haven't played Rumor Mill in Fisk yet. I was going to bring my Silhouette deck to game night tomorrow, but maybe some Fisk configuration would be more interesting.
Or maybe I should wait for Misdirection first. Yeah, probably.

>> No.49973485

>Which makes me think that the best way to use System Outage would be by banking effects while not running.

That's *part* of what my >>49972681 set up does when you're down to it. Which is the issue I guess. I have a hard time linking it to a wait-and-see strat that I can convert to a win. I can stop the corp in its track, hurt it and profit from it trying to get back on track, but I can't tie it all to a win strategy.

I've tried camping with DDOS/Run Amok but I find it doesn't need that shell. Doesn't really synergize with it.
I'm tempted to try something with Incubator (probably starting from that old Hivemind glory turn rig), but that's even more moving parts to something that's already difficult to pull.

>> No.49974388


>This page is in need of cleanup. Srsly. It's a fucking mess

Well, I had a good laugh anyway... crazy people.

>> No.49974990
File: 714 KB, 1350x949, Contract Killer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get C&C on my Argus?

Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed
54 cards
Influence: 14/15 ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●
Agenda points: 23
Tournament legal
Agenda (12)
2 Hostile Takeover
2 Oaktown Renovation
2 Posted Bounty
3 Project Atlas
3 The Cleaners

Asset (14)
1 Contract Killer
3 Dedicated Response Team
1 Elizabeth Mills
1 Ghost Branch ●
3 Jackson Howard ●●●
2 Museum of History ○○○○
2 Snare! ●●●●
1 Zealous Judge

ICE (13)
2 Archer
2 Caduceus
2 Data Raven ●●●●
3 Ice Wall
2 Quandary
2 Spiderweb

Operation (12)
3 Beanstalk Royalties
1 Hard-Hitting News ●●
3 Hedge Fund
2 Housekeeping
3 Scorched Earth

Upgrade (3)
3 Prisec

Ghost Branch could probably be another HHN or a SEA, but it's occasionally nice.

Pic related isn't amazing, but I've gotten a couple of kills with it

>> No.49975673


That's a weird one.

Part of me wants to cry at no Casting Call given Argus + Posted Bounty (AND PriSec), but that's just me. Perfectly understandable.

The choice of Argus for Asset Spam really surprises me. But going with it, no Mumbad City Hall? Allows you to get those Museums out, allows you to go get Consulting Visit to then get any operation...

>> No.49977821
File: 151 KB, 1280x996, netrunner__omni_drive_by_jumpei-d6et3gt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49979111

Hmm, you're right, I didn't consider using tutors to need less copies of a card, WitRD certainly seems like the better option now. And while I'm still iffy on GSSC, especially if you already have WitRD, at least the ability is optional, and you can maybe combo it with Jak Sinclair. Would you be able to play Fisk Investment Seminar if you lost your first click?

Having been burned (and burned) by overconfident attempts at scoring behind a single ice, you're absolutely right.

Ooh, that one sounds fun. I want to suggest using Noise since you're already using plenty of viruses, but I don't really mind seeing less of him. Maybe Cyber Threat for free runs on servers with unrezzed ice? Since the plan is forcing the corp to draw, maybe Utopia Shard and Haemorhage? I don't think you can get away with not running if so, but you can atleast benefit from every run you do make with Obelus and Turning Wheel.

>> No.49980138
File: 51 KB, 840x794, Casting Call.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have something similar with MCH and Casting, but it drops the Snares.
Might try dropping the Ghost Branch for Casting, seeing how good it is.

I find though that MCH + Consulting needs more than just that to be effective (also I always seem to get the Hall last) - my deck that uses them actually drops some assets to fit them in, and uses Midseasons and BOOM! (also Subcontract, just because) It's less reliable, I think, but still does okay.

>> No.49981789

Despite Museum and 54 cards, this doesn't really feel like an asset spam deck. With those there's usually a snowballing effect if you delay to trash any important cards, the assets in these are pretty disconnected from each other, with maybe 1-2 direct combos. Plus it feels like you'll have difficulty rezzing everything with only Beanstalk Royalties and Hedge Funds funding the whole deck. And as a side note, Cleaners doesn't work with Argus' ability since it says 'suffer' instead of 'deal'.

I think you can go for swamping the runner with tags with Ghost Branch, Data Raven, Zealous Judge, and Prisec. The DRTs are nice to have but I don't think they're particularly crucial. If you're still going for asset spam, maybe consider swapping the DRTs and Judge for something else and fitting in Public Support somehow. Definitely swap out Cleaners for credit agendas.

>> No.49982014

>'suffer' instead of 'deal'
That doesn't matter, it's the runner that suffers.

I've got a fairly low credit overhead, with no big trace I actually don't struggle for money - though I'm thinking Ice wall -> Bailiff and swapping the Caduceusii for something.

DRT is surprisingly good - raven and prisec usually provide the tag, and it's great with snare - the last window to rez before access but when they can't jack out (4.3) is great

>> No.49982254

Maybe swap Housekeeping with Paywall to profit off the runs the Runner will be making? No idea how long it'll last with 12 agendas though.

Do you usually protect your DRTs or just leave them out there, maybe sneaking a Snare or two in?

>> No.49982449

Depends on what the runner is doing. They do get trashed a lot, but that's part of why there's a museum.

>> No.49984353


Hyper-slowpoke but I got what you meant; and yeah it's very nice how stories enfold out the game as it is being played.

>> No.49985196

Intervention getting so close.

What speed of spoilers do you guys think would be best for ANR?

>> No.49985285


Still upholding my old position: nothing against spoilers, but we have a lot to talk already without them if wanted.

Don't get yourself or friend into trouble. Overall, I'd say between one and two week before packet release is probably best. That way we have packet announcement with some spoilers from FFG, then spoilers from soon to be released packet right in the middle before next announcement.

Probably makes for a good schedule. But then what do I know?

Still have to do some proper post for anon >>49974990 but need to cook for the little monster first.

>> No.49986332
File: 33 KB, 300x427, a cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only spoil things that you think will really upset the meta or that seem like solutions to perceived problems with the meta.

>> No.49986681


OK, so to try and articulate things better: reason I find your deck weird is that, as anon mentioned, it has neither the strong and fast recursion of classic asset spam, it's not set up as a glacier trying to bait taxing run - doesn't really have the ICE for that, and it feels to me a bit too... diluted for lack of better term for a kill deck.

One think to look out for is that - and that's a common issue with Weyland - you're offload so much of your econ on agendas, which is very powerful, but double-edged as a random steal can totally kill your econ tempo.

In case you're looking for another angle, probably not indicated for this, but Liz Mills spam really make me want to go all out on bad pub, with Executive Search firm support (which also allows you to go for the judge, incidentally).

Wondering if Bailiff - or Negotiator even, I like it a bit better now Mongoose is a thing - could not help as remote single ICE for added tax/econ.

>> No.49988581
File: 80 KB, 900x706, wanton_destruction_by_viviphyd-d7qu00h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49989374

Wow! Such an amazing alt-art, can't wait to pick it up in place of real prizes!

>> No.49990416
File: 695 KB, 600x601, Prisec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, yeah, it's a bit all over the place I guess, and the econ is a bit lacklustre - I mean, there's no traces, but it can still be poor.

Search Firm spam... that's an idea. A strange idea, but I'm intrigued.

I guess what I'd say it's closest to Supermodernism - it's dropped the destroyer component, because that's damn hard to pull off these days - but it's got assets too. It's not quite asset spam, but it doesn't protect the assets often either.

Bailiff is nice, but I'm struggling to find something for Caduceus

>> No.49991093

Fear not - spoiler-ken ain't spoiling shit any more.

>> No.49991212


Please don't let my comments discourage you from experimenting.

Just because it's unusual doesn't mean it cannot be made into something good.

Not to mention, I've been a bit off the general meta these past two months, so my input is probably of limited value anyway.

>> No.49992627


But lots of us want those spoilers.

Unless someone managed to hijack his handle and he is actually in many pieces from that missile strike...

>> No.49994133
File: 99 KB, 486x648, _NearEarthBroadcastHub_EmilioRodriguez.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49994533

>but I'm struggling to find something for Caduceus
You mean to replace it? Negotiator's a pretty good tax, it'll probably never fire, but outside of Mimic it's atleast a 3 credit tax on all the other Killers, which means they'll probably just pay through the program trash and give you 2 credits. You can even pump it with Sub Boost and Paperclip would still cost 3 to break everything.

>> No.49996437


>> No.49996463
File: 242 KB, 625x850, Fairchild 3.0 actually.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

C'mon dude, use a pic at least.

Hmm, DNA Tracker, the Fairchildren and Mausolus - looks like code gates are getting a nice boost in overall power level.
Just a shame ice is kind lame on its own really

>> No.49996490

Fairchildren are so bae.

>> No.49996630

Amusingly, Null-Yog crushes these giant code gates. If NBN wasn't such a POS, I'd be all over that dude.

>> No.49996692
File: 42 KB, 590x250, Fairchild 4.0 maybe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bets on a 4.0?

Simply being giant is not enough for ice.

I know this because I have a Sandburg Sun deck that makes ice humongous, and runners still get through. Might also be to do with pace though.

>> No.49996709
File: 1.28 MB, 2000x1700, Encore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did someone say smug?

>> No.49996777


He still needs carver and/or net-ready eyes though.

Wonder what other insane ICE is coming though.

>> No.49996886

Don't have any relevant pics saved.

I'm happy that of the 3 known new pieces of ice Mausolus is the cheapest while still being a pain to break. Well, kinda cheapest, since pre-advanced the subs are pretty manageable to facecheck into. Now what I want to know is how they plan to make barriers great again.

Do they get through while Sandburg is on or do they find ways to avoid the effect?

>> No.49996912
File: 894 KB, 345x460, Khan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't have any relevant pics saved.
>not having netrunner art/memes
Though I'll admit I'm biased, seeing as I just look for art when I'm bored sometimes

Yeah, they usually manage to get through - setting up to actually score takes a while.

Also stealth is pretty strong, and there's no kill package to back me up - the WP server is cool, but it means there's a lot of assets in the deck.

>> No.49996931

The one thing I dislike about this art is that her face looks so different from the ID and Notoriety. She looks more attractive on those.

Can't beat the smug, though. Flavorful because you'll be smug too whenever you play this.

>> No.49996976
File: 112 KB, 1024x933, Special Report.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Other than the heavy eyeshadow, I don't think there's too much difference - maybe a bit bigger in the nose, but not really notable - though it helps that they're both by the same guy and smugness is by someone else.

Some more new stuff

>> No.49996982
File: 68 KB, 300x424, ADS04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bets on a 4.0?
Either restricts which subs can be broken with clicks (so the ETR cannot be clicked through) or Wotan-like with it's alternative costs.

>> No.49997004

;_; rip
Georgia looks much better when she's not shouting.

What card is this?

>> No.49997030
File: 106 KB, 1024x791, Georgia Emelyov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just meant whether there'll be one

Special Report,

NBN Operation • Cost: 1 • Influence: 2
Shuffle any number of cards from HQ into R&D. Draw that number of cards.
>By the time the report of Emelyov's murder was produced, there had already been a dozen more, hitting all the corps.

She'd probably look better if the 2 pics we have of her weren't yelling and dead

>> No.49997044
File: 156 KB, 825x1154, Kati Jones alt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49997084

Atleast you'll get a mini-boost with Bryan Stinson later in the cycle, though that 'runner has less than 6 credits' requirement is going to be steep. Also, I wonder if a stealth hate card will be out whenever, like Turing or Swordsman.

There's a Fairchild-ish art revealed already for later packs, so it's almost certain. Maybe a '2 clicks to break a sub'? Though I guess that's significantly weaker than a 3.0 due to e3 Feedback Implants.

>> No.49997095

NetrunnerDB is down, everyone panic.

>> No.49997106

Never mind, it's back.

>> No.49997118
File: 791 KB, 1429x2000, chronos project alt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fairchild-ish art
This one? >>49996692

>Stealth hate.
That'd be cool - a bit silver bullet, so maybe there's a way to make it more generic ("if the runner took credits from an installed card"? Might be too good and generic)

>> No.49997324

I think so, that one was for Intervention wasn't it?

I think making a regular ice that isn't too taxing for regular breakers like Bastion or Spiderweb would be fine, except it would have something that happens when a stealth credit is used, such as "whenever the runner spends atleast 1 credit from a stealth card during an encounter with this ice, they must spend 1 additional credit from a stealth card, if able."

>> No.49997544
File: 136 KB, 640x403, Gutenberg art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of, doesn't it drop next week? where are the spoilers?

Maybe something like an anti-wraparound or "pioneer" style - "gains +1 or 2 strength for each installed stealth card"

>> No.49997581

I can see an Illicit stealth hate ice. If the runner runs quietly, the ice doesn't become known to the public...

>> No.49997613
File: 726 KB, 920x731, DINOSTAR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The stealth part is from the corp side, not the public. Net mercur broadcasting to all cats tonight! Don't miss it!

>> No.49998333


Love that one.


Took me by surprise, I laughed way too hard.


Something like the reverse if what we used to have with noisy breakers?

>> No.49998339
File: 268 KB, 300x419, 11042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you guys think of Black Orchestra in Criminal?
I'm considering the posibility of turning Paperclip and BO my staple for crim breakers, probably supported by either datasucker or multithreader. One of my biggest worries playing Crim is losing the icebreakers when I'm not playing any AI. Since Crims don't have recursion tools it would shut me off pretty hard.
These breakers would save me a lot of trouble.

>> No.49998418
File: 190 KB, 657x920, Jackson alt art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stealth's more about an untraceable source of credits (and possibly data) than it is about hiding, but as someone who likes illicit ice anyway and wishes it was better, something like "if runner spends at least 1 credit from a stealth card during an encounter with this ice remove 1 BP or gain 2c" - doesn't have to be credits, could be damage or something, just something for when the BP's gone

>> No.49998441


Good thing with Keung's breakers in Crim is definitely that the innate recursion saves you that import.

I'm thinking the faction can actually withstand the high breaking cost of Blach Orchestra better than others, both because they have the credits, and because of bypass/derezz shenanigans, though that remains to be proven (and of course Anarchs can just focus on trashing, though the money can be tougher for them).

I do think that's a possibility that's been on the radar of many, with testing still ongoing.

>> No.49998523

Even with Datasucker, 3 credits for 2 subs is pretty iffy. Maybe add e3 Feedback Implants for further support on the 3+ sub code gates? Personally I would rather import Deja Vu for flexibility on what to recur, especially since if you're meeting a program trasher deck, they'll likely have Ark Lockdown too. Plus you can re-recur Deja Vu with Same Old Thing. That said, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting a Marcus Batty deck.

While we're at it, I'm thankful none of the code gates have 'trash a program' subs yet, barring the 'resolve subroutine on another ice' stuff.

>> No.49998668
File: 112 KB, 457x640, 1464786422493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3 credits for 2 subs is what cost to break an enigma using Keymaster Zuul, which is my current "default". With enough influence I'd choose Gordian Blade, but then I still need recursion.
Last option, Peregrine, and using influence for deja vu. Datasuckers are necessary too. Expensive to install though.

I also thought about E3FI, it's definitely handy. It enables Grappling Hook as an extra tool.

For code gate - destroyer, there is Merlin and Lycan though.

>> No.49998793

Personally I went with Peregrine + Deja Vu myself, and I use Nero so the sentry destroyers scare me less. I only have a single copy though, so if I do lose any breakers, like to Merlin and Lycan, or from damage, then the game is probably lost. If you do go with Black Orchestra though, having Passport to make the central runs cheaper is probably a good idea.

>> No.49998822
File: 878 KB, 526x662, Lycan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sad times

>> No.49998881

At this point I'm never playing yellow out of spite.

>> No.49999613

I wonder what made them think the 6 rez was ok, especially when it's in range of both Mimic and Yog. Atleast Changeling makes a decent ETR sentry and Wendigo is basically a must break. Lycan would've been pretty good as 1 to rez, decent at 3 or 4 to rez.

>> No.50000424

Smoke for ID
Dagger, Gordian Blade, and Battering Ram as breaker suite (replace Battering Ram with Corroder if influence allows
3x Leprechaun and 3x Djinn to support a deck that has only three cards that *aren't* programs.
Economy based on Smoke, Oracle May and programs (Multithreader, Sahasrara, MOpus, Paricia if your opponent spams assets). Oracle May also for the card draw.
Whatever other progams will help you (SMC, there's a green virus I can't recall the name of that basically does multi-access, Misdirection if your opponent tries to tagstorm you)

Just make sure you don't facecheck >trash 1 program

>> No.50000512

Sounds like you want to lose a 7 deep stacked daemon and everything on it to a Grim.

>> No.50000538

Is there any word in terms of the first 2 cycles being cycled out on whether or not any cards are going to stay legal? I started recently and decided I would try to only buy data packs from the lunar cycle and up so that I could learn/practice the game with cards that aren't going to be cycled out in less than a year, but if there's specific stuff that might stick around, I'd drop the money on some old packs.

Mainly cause I seem to like/want the cards in those packs more...oversight AI looks like a hella fun card.

>> No.50000593

They will cycle EVERYTHING. Some cards may get reprints eventually in the cycles after rotation, probably edited for better balance.

>> No.50000633

Maybe splash a GPI Net Tap or two for emergency jack outs?

No concrete news on if they'll keep any cards from rotating yet. There's supposed to be something big during Worlds next week, so watch for that.

>> No.50001375


I think it means that among the factions, Shapers are most likely to run just for the sake of it, sort of like an art form. They aren't in it for the money like a Criminal or to shake up the establishment like an Anarch. A Shaper is more likely to try to hack a system just to see if they can.

>> No.50001899

Except GPI Net Tap is hardware. It'll get burned by Oracle May, and you can't tutor it.

>> No.50002071

Ayy, I've been thinking, there's 9 non-draft IDs in every runner faction (and Fisk), you can probably make alignment charts for each faction: one aspect pragmatic-idealist, and then have a different X axis for each faction: anarchs might be angry-lulz, for example

>> No.50002129

>Valencia: slightly angry, no lulz
>Noise: not angry, maximum lulz
>Kim: maximum angry, no lulz
>Null: not angry, no lulz

>> No.50002740

Yeah, and the pragmatic-idealist axis (or something else) does to differentiate between people like Kim and Reina, or Reina and Valencia, depending where you rate Reina, for example

>> No.50002774

I rate Reina as very angry, no lulz, maximum pragmatic.

I also rate her as hot.

>> No.50002892

So I've read pretty much everywhere that advance-able ice is bad for the reason that you never really want to be spending a click and a credit to go about advancing it. But are there examples of decks that include a decent amount of advance-able ice and still manage to be good? Throwing in cards like space camp and shipment from kaguya, things that help advance those cards passively/faster than simply clicking away at them, or that upgrade I can't currently remember the name of that gives all ice in a server +1 advancement token if its advance-able.

Maybe not a deck entirely made of this type of ice, but a decent enough mix (ice/firewalls, wormhole, orion, maybe a nebula?)

>> No.50003259


The issue with advance-able ICE is two-fold: first, as you noted you have the investment issue. The clicks, cards and to a less extent the money used to advance cards don't make for a negligible cost.

But the killer really is how widespread ICE destruction has become, or at the very least the perception of it (and to a lesser extent I guess Leela has similar effect). Going bankrupt on that non-insignificant investment at the drop of a hat really hurts, and you rarely if ever come on top in that transaction.

>> No.50003440

Really, I'm asking because chaos and control was my first big box and I'm looking to make it work. Currently this is the deck I have with the physical cards I have available to me.

Gagarin Deep Space Expanding the Horizon
15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos
Agenda Agenda (6)

1x Glenn Station
1x Government Takeover
3x High-Risk Investment
1x Utopia Fragment
Asset Asset (9)

3x PAD Campaign
3x Project Junebug ●●●
3x Space Camp
Upgrade Upgrade (2)

2x Red Herrings ●●●●
Operation Operation (12)

2x Aggressive Negotiation
2x Anonymous Tip ●●
3x Beanstalk Royalties
3x Hedge Fund
2x Shipment from Kaguya
Barrier Barrier (5)

3x Ice Wall
2x Markus 1.0 ●●
Code Gate Code Gate (8)

3x Enigma
2x Tollbooth ●●●●
3x Wormhole
Sentry Sentry (4)

2x Errand Boy
2x Nebula
Multi Multi (3)

3x Orion

General idea is to try and slow the runner down, tax them, while heading toward either the government takeover win, or the surprise junebug. So far, it's usually the junebug, because no one expects that in this deck. But I'm wondering if I could probably do this way better without focusing on advanceable ice like orion and nebula, and getting rid of cards like space camp.

>> No.50003809


Pretty ballsy agenda selection, I like that. That being said, I'm thinking with that agenda selection, you're going to have a hard time playing those Aggressive Negotiation.

As much as I can trash talk about advance-able ICE, I still really like them. Hell, I even play BWBI from time to time.

I love Wormhole, but if you're going to go all three, you might want to try and load on more exotic subroutines. ETR is always good though.

Apart from theme, I'm not certain what Gagarin does for you. Space Camp works better in HQ or Archives (and you have nothing to NA for that bluff). I'm not certain the tax from the other Assets/Upgrades is worth it.

Orion being unique, I'm finding three is overkill (might have been worth it had you played The Twins I guess to trash HQ copies for repeated encounters).

Given you only have space ICE beside ICE Wall, it's your only long time target for Space Camp. Might not be a huge issue, but I'm thinking you'll find it can be one in some games.

Last but not least, you're pretty tight on econ. Playable, but not comfortable I"d say. You can probably thin your ICE suite a bit to squeeze some more.

>> No.50004111

Sweet, thanks for the advice. Gagarin I chose namely because it helps tax a bit, pretty much guarantees I can drop pad campaigns unprotected because runners tend not to want to spend 5 credits to get rid of them, as far as I've seen. I also feel like it helps in throwing people off as to the fact that as much as I'd like to score government takeover, junebug is what usually wins me the game. I feel like if I went with Argus (the more likely ID I would use that I have access to) people would be more willing to defend themselves. I don't know for sure though, I'm very inexperienced so that's my take on it.

I agree with pretty much everything else said though, I'm definitely going to be tweaking this. I like how it plays out in general though so I definitely think its workable, and I agree that even if it's not that great, I really like the idea of advance-able ice, and so I'd like to at least try and make it work, if I can.

>> No.50004870

Ok, probably slowpoke maximus, but had totally missed that announcement (that or I was so sleep deprived I mistook it for something else altogether).


Glad to see some Tenma love.


Monster Slayer still on the boat... grumble.

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