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Find a flaw.

You can't.

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Sponsons, for one. I could go on.

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>Sponsons, for one. I could go on.
Oh, Do.

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Lack of properly sloping side armour to aid with deflections, far too tall, etc etc

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I'm not inside of it.

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Hitting people with your sword will be needlessly difficult when riding this tank.

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>Find a flaw.

Cant carry troops.

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Turret seems really small for the gun, can't have a lot of gun depression if it works like a standard cannon on tanks do.

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That's one half assed attempt at camo.

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That feeling when your the only person here who is thinking rule wise.

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>OP image has troops riding on top
2/10 made me reply

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It's the second-worst Macharius variant - sure, the Vanquisher cannons are neat, but the Omega and Vulcan are much better.

Other chassis-sharing vehicles are better: the Gorgon transports a fuckload, the Crassus is a well-armoured party bus and the Dominus is a neat triple bombard. The Preator isn't as cool (unlimited ammo though), so I guess it can make a case for only being the 3rd worst vehicle on the chassis

Then there's all the Baneblade variants, which are all better than it, but those are rarer (in fluff anyway)

The other smaller imperial superheavy chassis is worse, at least in the 41st millennium (the ones in the SM legions were cool though), so it has that going for it, though aesthetic choices are subjective - the Malc is a lot more love it or hate it.
Again though, a lot of the variants are cooler and better, especially if you include the Dracosan in those

Overall 5/10, it does the job but there's a lot fo better and cooler stuff in the imperial arsenal of superheavies.

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It literally can't aim down in the slightest

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Can't survive gauss fire.

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Doesn't have padded seats for the troops

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It's not Stormhammer.

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>When it's hard to differenciate between humans and green skins

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When you want to impress the greenskins you better take enough dakka with you.

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Oi! Tankhammer thread?
Pfff, have you no churches? You need more basilicae.

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>far too tall
I wouldn't say 'far', knock the spacekrauts and the searchlight off the turret and it's built like a Tiger. as usual GW have stuck the turret in the wrong place but that's their style.

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You just have to ride the canon!

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You just glued a bucket of turrets together and painted them didn't you?

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not enuff dakka

now dat's some propa dakka

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You don't remember ye olde Stormhammer, from before FW released the new HH model that makes more sense?

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Its like the VK 45.02 B Ausf.B
Rear mounted turret with no depression.

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you gonna need a bigger sword

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Classic Stormhammer is superior tbqh

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Never said it wasn't, only that it makes more sense by not having to raise the barrels in order to turn the turret to the other side. Or did both turrets had different enough elevation to be able to aim at both sides each?
>Top turret high fives bottom turret by clanking the barrels

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> Nonstop screaming over the vox because no matter what way the driver goes hes putting someone out of a firing arch...

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I feel the Stormhammer is so big (is it still cathedral sized?) and has so much crew that it operates more like a (land)battleship rather than as a tank
>Helmsman, set a direct course to our destination. Full speed, ramming of oportunity targets sanctioned.
>Gunners, asign primary targets by threat level, then secondary targets by proximity
>Roger that
>C o m p l y i n g
>Sí señor
>Aye M'lord
>Main turrets, concentrate fire forwards
>Roger that
>Aye sir
>Open a vox channel to those bastards. I want them to piss in fear and concentrate our fire on us
> C o m p l y i n g
>Do they really piss in fear, sir?
>That's not the first time I somebody asks me that question. Just ask the assault brigade when this is over and see for yerself. Now, I hope you alr-
>Already compiled sir, including the fuel requirements
> C h a n e l . o p e n

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>Find a flaw.
Warhammer 40k.

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It is glorious Poland artillary and design cannot be bested. Designed to accommodate squatting inside or on top of.

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>vulcan can't engage heavy armor
>omega's 'gets hot' results strip up to 3 HP
>dominus has no model
>gorgon is open topped and troops inside can't fire out of it
>crassus isn't an assault transport
>Vanquisher can effectively engage any ground target and gets twin linking just because
>third worst macharius
>third worst

Well, you made me reply. Well done.

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Cannon too far back, you'll have an issue whenever foes can strike at your front half without exposing themselves to your turret.

You're a huge target, this issue will come up often

On this matter: Front treads should have armoured cowling starting at the most forward point, you're exposing a lot of tread in a way that doesn't help you move, but makes you very vulnerable to mobility kills from the front.

Which as discussed above: Front can't make up for a lack of defense with offense, because it has no weapon mounts to the front-left or front-right.

You're probably a bit heavy for bridges and roads too, here's to hoping you packed a snorkel

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Tankhammer brother!

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I love the Macharius. I wish they were more common than Baneblades on the table.

I'm a fan of the Malcador, too. It's a nice little tank that gets people around "omg Forgeworld" by going "hold up sunshine - it's a slightly bigger Leman Russ with no special titan weapon fuckery that is a reasonable Lord of War choice for small games".

Then you break out a Valdor and laugh.

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To be fair, this isn't the official model. It's a scratch-built one.

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To be fair, sloped armour is largely irrelevant in the age of APFSDS LRP, or in this case, laser guns.

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They existed IRL for the same reason 40k tanks have them. You will notice things like the LR Vanquisher which fight in a more modern style don't have them usually.

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Slopes would still help against directed energy, it increases effective thickness.

Why he is complaining about the side not being sloped I don't know, most tanks are flat sided.

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>Find a flaw.


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>a Valdor
Chem Infernus is also fun

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>most tanks are flat sided.

And thanks to the threads and skits, they effectively have spaced armour on them, since shots hitting the sides will have to go through the skirt and the space for the wheels before even reaching the hull itself. And since hulls are low enough and tracks high enough, there's not much hull sticking above this space, so everything's protected there.

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The only flaw is a Krieg version of this reaction image not existing.

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There could be more armor on the front.

Otherwise 10/10 design of the machine god, no flaw.

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>Find a flaw in this post
shit taste

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Get out of here /swg/, I just closed you.

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Capped for posterity

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Polish flag.

What do I win?

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No turret linked stubber? Didn't someone write a book about how this was why the Germans lost the war?

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How come?
Gee t(h)anks

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>turret linked stubber
You mean co-axial?

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No problem anon. Anytime anyone posts a Stormhammer I'll respond.

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A couple million peaceful moslem refugees.

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The funny part is, Poland actually brought some in, like two large families. One tried to jump border to German and the other went back home because "It's actually not so bad there".

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Don't know how much that says about Poland.

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Start shit get hit.
That they don't tolerate bullshit.

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More like people would rather go to the Middle East than stay in Poland.

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>turrets impeding movement of main guns
>at some angles the tank can fire upon itself
>movement of some turrets can injure people emerging from a hatch
>probably needs a dozen crew just to aim all the guns
>looks like it's recently driven through deep mud

An ork would see this vehicle and not scoff at you.

You could probably disguise it as an ork vehicle as part of a surprise attack, to get it in range of high-value targets without much suspicion. Although that does carry a real risk of orks looting it and somehow making it even more orky.

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Or that there's enough people in Poland that don't want border hopping migrants to become a trend in their country.
>basing your opinion of poland from one unsourced post on 4chin
Also sharia-lovers aren't people.

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No way this thing could move with weight directly in the treads like that. Even with massive engine power, the friction would be so great that the treads would snap instantly.

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>turrets impeding movement of main guns
>at some angles the tank can fire upon itself
>movement of some turrets can injure people emerging from a hatch

Which all features you can find in real life military things.

>probably needs a dozen crew just to aim all the guns

At least early Baneblades (and surely their variants) had remote operated or automated turrets.

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Found the polefag.

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You are aware that pic related exists right?

40k's mega-tanks aren't practical at all, but they could work - only the most enormous things like Leviathans and Capitol Imperialis really fall into the "couldn't work" category, and they're big enough to have all sorts of weird shit

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Sorry to be unrelated, but why everybody dislikes Poles? Yes, I'm not from Europe.

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That doesn't really go cross country, it just moves on paved surfaces.

But in all fairness, the Macharius and Baneblade really aren't that big to begin with.

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>>at some angles the tank can fire upon itself
Here, have FW's Stormhammer broadside.

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Its more practical than this one


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True, but it's got a huge block on top - as you say though, the Macharius, Malcador and Baneblade chassis aren't that big

I was just showing that it wouldn't snap the treads even with today's tech

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Found the swede.

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I know it's not a tractor, but the dozer blade just screams Tractor in my mind

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>mfw this thread

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This is still one of my favorite russ conversions.

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>We have the enemy on our sights, commander

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Its not supposed to go cross country dipshit.
In case you didnt realize the filename thats a NASA platform for launching space shuttles, it has no ability to turn, no shocks, and is so incredibly heavy that it would be simply unable to drive on unpaved, unreinforced, and oversaturated Florida soil.
Also consider the fact that its 40k and undead robot space egypt is a thing.

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>knows poland is a shitty country
>must be a swede

Sad truth, my friend, is that EVERYONE knows Poland is a shitty country, even 3rd world terrorists.

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Are you aware that that NASA launch vehicle can only stick to very flat, heavily reinforced runways? I shudder to think what it would be like at crossing a ploughed field, any sort of slope, a river or ruined city landscape.

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>Its not supposed to go cross country dipshit.

You don't say, retard?

In case you didn't realize, anon posted it in response to a post talking about how Imperial tanks wouldn't be physically possible, because they're so big and would just fall apart under their own weight. And my point was that while it's true that the NASA crawler carries all that weight, it's also designed to move on even paved surfaces at low speeds, while Imperial tanks need to go through all sorts of terrains a much faster speeds, and something like a Maus, T-35, or T28 would make a better comparison.

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I'm just going to leave this here.

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>In any armoured warfare after 1950
With the advent of APDS, HEAT, and later APFSDS sloping for the purposes of deflection became pointless because the shots impact the vehicle at extremely high velocities and as a result effectively dig into the armour as they penetrate. It is still possible but you need an angle like 85-89 degrees from the vertical to actually pull it off. The fact that modern munitions "dig into" armour eventually led to the concept of counter-sloping which is pretty much just actively unsloped armour so that the penetrators increase the effective thickness of the armour they hit due to the fact that they "dig into" the armour.

tl;dr Trap shots and sloping in modern tanks is an overrrated concept, unless you are using extreme angling (like the upper frontal glacis of the Abrams, Leopard 2, or Challenger 2) angling doesn't matter too much really.

Granted technically speaking the Macharius is still a shitty tank due to its suspension system, the number of easy to hit hatches an periscopes on the front, dual main guns, and sponsons. Still, looks bitching and probably my favourite tank in 40k, matches the aesthetic of the Imperial Guard well without being extremely chunky like the Russ.

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Commander: Hey Carl crawl up in that pintlemounted heavy stubber!
Carl: no, I would be exposed.
Commander: but we need you Carl.
Carl: why? what am I suppose to shoot at? we've got 8 fucking twinlinked heavybolters tearing up the enemies!
Commander: Do it or I will call the commissar.
Carl: Fine!

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I think one of the main German battle tanks didn't have a turret (co-Axial) linked machine gun. This allowed the Russian infantry to swarm it in the forests and slap sticky bombs all over it.

>> No.49907856


My only point was that it wouldn't snap its own treads under its own weight - not that the NASA crawler can go off-road, not that it's a fast or practical machine, because it's neither of those things, just that we have a machine that exists today that's many, many times heavier than the Macharius and can move under its own power without breaking itself.

The sinking thing gives a good reason for 40k tanks lengths, at least, why they go further out than the bulk of the hull (they're likely still too small, but still)

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>They existed IRL for the same reason 40k tanks have them
Because they didn't come to the conclusion that it's a retarded-ass design that adds extra unnecessary crewmen to the tank?

It wasn't used on anything but WW1 tanks (the Mk IVs and the 7TV), so eh.

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...If you're relying on your co-ax to keep anfantry off you, you're already fucked.

Tanks don't operate without infantry support if they want to live.

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Built like a Tiger, ten meters higher than that.

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The new LACAL book (might be another book) lets marines take Macharius tanks as generic local variants of tanks as Lord of War choices. I assume this will be added to other army lists, which could lead to a hilarious 7" blast spam by Ordo Reductor

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Bloody commies! Comin' over 'ere, stealin' our tank designs!

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>Because they didn't come to the conclusion that it's a retarded-ass design that adds extra unnecessary crewmen to the tank?
More that they were based on warships and battleships of the time used smaller calibre guns in casemate mounts. All things considered having sponsons on your tanks seemed like a logical idea especially before turreted tanks were developed. Besides sponsons are probably nice for clearing out an entire trench line, just park on a trench and have each sponson sweep one side of the trench before moving on.

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It is such a fucking shame WW2 didn't break out in the late 20s or early 30s. Such glorious tanks.

>> No.49907953

And pray to the heavens above the guy just underneath you doesn't have nerves of steel to realize this is perfect opportunity to slap grenade on your tracks.

>> No.49907962

...you are now aware that trenches were not straight lines.

>> No.49907968

It already is. Most Polacks ARE border hopping migrants. That's why so many Poles live in England.

>> No.49907969

I say, terribly bad form those commies, what!

Definitely a museum worth a visit, I just wish I'd taken more photos

>> No.49908000

Oh I know, doesn't mean you can't clear out a section of them. Besides you still have infantry support and dozens or hundreds of other tanks. However the trench clearing was just a supposition anyway, my main point was that early tanks were based on warships and warships at the time still used casemate mounts for their secondary guns.

>> No.49908006

>don't tolerate bullshit
Spent enough time licking it off Soviet boots though...

>> No.49908021

Please read a history book.

>> No.49908049

Male tanks had cannon sponsons to reduce their height/because it was easier than a turret, female tanks had MG sponsons to give better protection against infantry attacks in trench attacks/other close situations.

Given the number of enemies in 40k who mob tanks in numbers its pretty obvious why sponsons are so popular there.

Its not like they had anti-tank grenades in WWI, not sure a stick grenade will do much damage to the bottom of the vehicle or its tracks.

Tanks still did the exact thing he mentioned in WWI though.

>> No.49908103

You're thinking of the Elefant. Which was a tank destroyer. Therefore turretless. And it was a hull-mounted machine gun that it lacked. And the reason they got swamped by Russian infantry at Kursk was that they were too damn stupid to retreat, choosing instead to try and prevent Ivan closing on them by firing their main guns at infantry over open sights.

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>> No.49908186


planes with turrets too

>> No.49908194

This triggers the Gue'la

Seriously though, those non-jetpacking mechas should had been Tau's superheavy tanks instead.
Hover baneblade would had been sweet

>> No.49908197

I can just imagine this rolling up a street, heavy bolters on both sides constantly firing and just obliterating two whole rows of garrisoned heretics.

>> No.49908212

>[maximum damage control]

You can deflect all you want, it won't save your shitty country from being shitty.

>> No.49908230

Of course not, it was developed in M41 and named after Lord Solar Macharius.

>yet Gorgons, which use the same hull, are in 30k
>lay down
>try not to think about it
>think about it a lot

>> No.49908237

Shitty ? How ?

>> No.49908243

Again, why do people dislike Poles?
This makes much more sense than
>We are the faction that realizes Titans are a waste of resources
>We now have a Titan better than a Warhound.

>> No.49908305

You can use it, there's a rule - it represents local tanks or any of the vehicles made by the spread out and disparate 30k mechanicum

>> No.49908309

Honestly would've preferred Tau without any special suits. I like their hover tanks, it's just a shame I never see any in place of Riptides etc.

>> No.49908319


And seeing as we're talking about 'uge tanks, pic related - only one of these men is not a member of that tank's crew

>> No.49908339

>Again, why do people dislike Poles?
Poles and slav in general tend to be... uncouth. They are not literally "niggers of the Europe" because that's gypsies, but still to the easiest sort to get along with.

Another side of it is that when slavs get to any First World country they are willing to do manual jobs for cheaper than the locals, because getting paid half the minimum wage is still lot of money when they take it back home. I think The States are in similar predicament with Mexicans.

>> No.49908353

>at some angles the tank can fire upon itself
You see comrade, when you mount turret like this, gunner will never shoot the inaccurate, because of fear of shooting own vehicle!

>> No.49908369

>>We now have a Titan better than a Warhound

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>> No.49908438

that takes me back

>> No.49908466


>> No.49908506

>Why do people dislike working class immigrants
It's really just that people hate the working class in general. You meet a native, there's a decent chance he's middle or upper class, but if you meet an immigrant it's like 99.9% chance he's a pleb, and everyone hates plebs.

Also Poles tend to differ pretty strongly on a lot of political and social issues from people in Western Europe, which can make the friction a bit worse.

Great people though, I've been to Poland a few times and aside from getting beaten up twice (my fault) they're swell. Very old fashioned, no nonsense people.

The immigrant worker situation is actually pretty bad for them too, all the young people are leaving to go work in these doomed socialist shitholes instead of doing what Poles are supposed to do and cranking out kids at home. The older Poles all bitch about this incessantly, but they also say that this happens periodically and that the diaspora always ends up coming home eventually.

>> No.49908521

>Designed to counter anything from Imperial Knights to monstrous Tyranid beasts...
May as well just have a bunker. If anything it's the equivalent to a imperial knight suited specifically for defense.

>> No.49908570

I know this one Polish guy who when he was like 9, ate LSD laces brownies that his older cousin had. Weird place in my opinion.

>> No.49908572

Remember when Tau were suppose to be beyond stupid big robots with massive guns?
Remember when they were suppose to rely on combined arms and air power, making mockery of slow titans?
Remember when making big mechas for Tau was stupid weeaboos not getting the fluff?

>> No.49908590


>> No.49908642

In fairness, that was mostly just a bullshit excuse to cover for the fact that GW couldn't make mecha any larger than the terrible first run crisis suits - which were basically just, "the kids are really into that Gundam Wing show, we should have one of those," the models.

>> No.49908672

Because tanks didnt start out with reactive armour and in the total war battlefields of WW1 where the tank was popularized you needed a way for the vehicle to protect its own flanks.

Youre a shitty armchair general.

>> No.49908674

They also couldn't make flyers, so how do you explain their air superiority?

Also, dreadnoughts and defilers existed back then, and they're larger than battlesuits of the time. And FW, who made their flyers, also made Warhounds. There was really no reason for Tau to be air superiority and combined arms unless it was their point. But free market decided mechas and that they got. Up the wazoo. And with retarded "it's not a walker, it's a suit of armour" rules.

>> No.49908686

Troll less learn more

>> No.49908689

I thought the idea was that you'd drive over a trench and mow down the enemy on both sides of the tank. As well as giving it protection since it wasn't very mobile.

>> No.49908698

>Also, dreadnoughts and defilers existed back then, and they're larger than battlesuits of the time
But they' are walker vehicles, not Monstrous Creatures Bullshit the Tau get, who can't suffer pens.
If Riptides were Walkers, even Jump Walkers and had dread-like AV much of the bullshit would be toned down.
But no, they're MCs with AP2 guns, invuln saves and FnP.

>> No.49908699

He doesnt know because his education system is atrocious.

>> No.49908707

Literally what air superiority? Flyers weren't in the game at the time. The first edition of Codex: Tau was fire warriors, battle suits and hammerheads.

>> No.49908712

Thats what was said

>> No.49908742

Oh. So they're worker-class (plebs) immigrants that are different enough to be singled out among the rest of europeans, I didn't know, thanks.
mfw I'm a mexi. At least I'm not a drugged cholo

>> No.49908749

No. Trenches were not straight, and there was never just one of them if the guys holding them had been there more than a week. You stop to hose down the first trench, and you will eat a howitzer shell. You stop to hose the second line, and you will also eat a howitzer shell.

The idea was to break through the trenches completely and attack the things behind them. Attacking the trenches themselves is pointless, you don't wan to kill one company in a hole in the ground, you want to get into the rear areas and destroy an entire division, artillery, supplies, airfields, staging areas, railheads etc etc etc.

Read a fucking history book.

>> No.49908763

In the lore mainly, but there were FW's barracuda and tiger sharks - they were big skimmers with extra rules

>> No.49908796

Someone at 40k realized that if a faction actually utilized combined arms and at the very least modern air power tactics they'd utterly fucking dominate every other faction

>> No.49908805

Eh, they're the most prominent and distinctive eastern europeans, so they might catch a bit of flakk meant for others, but yeah.

Mainly though it is that they're working class and price the western working class out the market

>> No.49908841

I must have missed it somehow, because all I read was:
>you needed a way for the vehicle to protect its own flanks

That doesn't translate very well to "put there as offensive weapons to clean trenches as the tank crossed over them."

>> No.49908847

...Tau can easily have a powerful list, and tailor listing is superfucking easy. If anything they don't dominate Eldar with their own Wraith bullshit and witchery, but a Farsight Enclaves list can at leat bring the talisman of Deny the Witch.
My wet dream is getting the Tyranid codex writer to do Eldars

>> No.49908850

Right. The lore which papered over why tau mecha were tiny and lame. And here we are, fifteen years later and Games Workshop can finally do mecha that does the title justice so they no longer need to pretend "MUH AIR SUPERIORITY" is why Tau don't have Titans.

Except most of their robots still look like bipedal abortions because GW's designers still don't understand the mecha aesthetic.

>> No.49908854

Supeheavies are completely scale-inappropriate for a 28mm game?

>> No.49908858

>Literally what air superiority?

The one in the fluff? The one they used to take down titans and shit. In the fluff.

>> No.49908898

>because GW's designers still don't understand the mecha aesthetic.
Thank christ and sanguinius for that, at least tau just about look like they belong

>> No.49908910

>at least tau just about look like they belong
In what? A garbage can?

>> No.49908930

This thing would look so much better as a tank, hull mounted cannon and those rocket pods on a spoiler like in Skyray

>> No.49908967

Like they belong somewhere better than a mecha anime.

Well, most of them, that Sormsurge seems like it'd fit on /m/ what with how shitty it is

>> No.49909011

Tanks were made to break the stalemate of the trench warfare, right? They enabled you to advance over the no-man's-land and reach the enemy trenches, did they not? But all your troops could not be in tanks, now could they? Some had to advance on foot behind the tanks. And even if the tanks get over the trenches with relative ease, people do not. They'll have to get down into the trenches and fight with the enemy infantry there, or else they'd get shot in the back while the tanks continue on without infantry support, right? So why is it utter bullshit for a tank with guns on the sides to drive up to the trench and fire some shots into it, distracting and suppressing the enemies there enough for the infantry coming up behind the tank to get into the trench?

>"The guns themselves offered only limited side-to-side traversal and elevation for they were intended to engage targets below the tank in a trench or at equal level with the tank."

Pretty weird for them to make guns that can shoot down into trenches and not use them for that purpose.

>> No.49909044

>doesn't know Tau pilots are superior to all the races, including Eldar, Space Marine and Necron ones

Still waiting for stories of Imperial fighters taking out big slow Tau mechas.

>> No.49909064

When even the imperium needs more Dakka!

Gebuz... imagine an Ork conversion of this. How will they fit more guns on it?

>> No.49909083

>I do not know what the role of artillery was in WWI and am going to shitpost instead of reading a fucking book

>> No.49909104

Low quality b8, m8.

>> No.49909118

>Implying any pilot can ever be better than eldar or dark eldar

>> No.49909131

God. What a terrible piece of shit design. You did a bad job, GW. Bad, bad GW. Come back when you give the Tau a battlesuit that makes sense
>comes back with Stormsurge

>> No.49909212

The guys on top are exposed to small arms fire.

>> No.49909218

>"Most Tau team leaders and fighter aces have more experience than a whole squadron of other races’ pilots"
-Death from the Skies, pg. 20

It's canon, deal with it.

>> No.49909235

More like fervient to engage the heretic and xenos
Even though they live like 60 years tops? WTF

>> No.49909254

>How will they fit more guns on it?
It's an ork skill

Actually FW still sell a load of ork guns to stick on things iirc

>> No.49909453

Perhaps you should, the British plan at one battle specifically called for a tank to stop at each line of trenches to engage the infantry in them.

>> No.49909479

Not as many as they used to, I can assure you. They needed to make more room for Space Marines vs Space Marines.

>> No.49909485

The sad thing is people will actually defend GW screwing over the fluff to make money with the whole Tau thing. But we also have to blame the stupid fucks who keep buying these giant robots.

>> No.49909499

Well, I guess they ARE the only race that dabbles in VR simulations, even when at rest.

>> No.49909581

At least Knights and Titans have a damn unique look, Tau only barely fit and just wish they were mecha

>> No.49909649

>the only race that dabbles in VR simulations
>Who are the Iron Hands
Even M3 humans do VR anon.

>> No.49910138

>at some angles the tank can fire upon itself
Feature, not bug.

>> No.49910400


Having more experience =/= being better.
There are biological limitations, also more experience than someone flying a ship for 300 years when your life spawn hardly reaches 70 is a tad silly.

>> No.49910506

According to BL imperial pilots also use VR for training.

>> No.49910560

in fairness the supremacy armor is pretty reasonable by titan standards

>> No.49910640

I find it ironic that a modernized version of these 'archaic and stupid' infantry tank designs would cost about as much as a second hand T-55 to produce in large numbers and would be amazingly effective in places like Syria.

A MK 1, Mk2, Char-B or BT-5 made with modern engines and transmissions would still only go about 10-15 MPH but would have around 150 tons of armor.

Imagine a modern BT-5:

It has 8-12 inches of composite armor. It has spaced armor made of scrap sheet metal, chain link fences and a foot of sand bags on everything else. The Assad regime replaced the useless AT gun with a breech loading mortar. It has a dozer blade and the rear has a 12 man squad of combat engineers. A half dozen of them are advancing on you.

Sure, they just have a fuckton of machine guns, a half dozen mortars, a companies worth of combat engineers and are only moving at 10 mph.

But since rebels don't have airforces good luck stopping them outside of a lucky massive IED.

>> No.49910708

>Dat -3 degree gun depression. Hope the orbital bombardment knocked out every hill around you. Or your armour is.... oh.
>Barely angled, if at all angled armour.
>Using the frame of a leman, an already sluggish tank for a body with almost twice the mass. (Good luck with even going up hills.)
>Having a cover directly over the treads, not to mention the engine block with no room for mud tracked on, so it would build up and jam up the treads in a matter of minutes.
>With the side plating so low to the ground your suspension would be non-existant.
>Giant gun, with a turret that doesn't have enough room for much of any recoil compensation, so you will have to reset your sights after every shot like the old starships.
>Turret so far back, that you would have to overexpose yourself to get a shot in.
>Giant ass silhouette so you will quickly be spotted and shot.

Try again.

>> No.49910727

Also, with as large as the loading breach would have to be for those cannons, I doubt you have much gun elevation either.

>> No.49910847

shit, didint mean to say russ. Point still stands though, The tread's proportions are all kinds of fucked up.

>> No.49910992

>2 man chibi IG las-cannon tank destroyer/Stug III

Fast Attack choice:
Hyena Tank destroyer squadron
Cost: 40
Unit size: 1 Hyena Tank Destroyer
AV: 12/11/10 2 HP
Weapons: Lascannon
Special rules: Fast, tank, Measured Shot

Up to five additional Hyenas: +40 each
Each Hyena may take:
Smoke launcher for +5 points
Heavy Stubber for +5 points
Camo netting for +5 points
Targeter for +5 points

Special rule: Measured Shot: If the Hyena has not moved on it's previous turn it may fire it's las-cannon as if it was twin linked and may reroll failed armor penetration rolls. If it chooses this option it may not move in it's next turn.

>> No.49911056

The turret is physically impossible even if it was unmanned, stop trying to justify it.

>> No.49911058

The same flaw tons of imperial vehicles have. It's ground clearance is zero because it has no suspension.

>> No.49911206

Underrated post

>> No.49911263

Unless it's some sort of future hypnosis/advanced VR

>> No.49911298

>Remember when Tau were suppose to be beyond stupid big robots with massive guns?
>Remember when they were suppose to rely on combined arms and air power, making mockery of slow titans?
>Remember when making big mechas for Tau was stupid weeaboos not getting the fluff?

Yeah then they got their asses handed to them by the titan legions and barely stalemated with mass manta deployment.

You cannot stop the mecha curse.

>> No.49911712


Why does it have an aircraft searchlight when it's clearly designed to fight ground targets.

>> No.49911873

Death Korps are scared of the dark.

>> No.49912061


>> No.49912164

Ey, baws deez humies want to know a flaw in dey tin can. Iz sees a flaw;


>> No.49912690

Are the Baneblade novels any good? I'm looking for RAW TANK SEKZ

>> No.49912787

While we're on the topic of tanks, does this look trustworthy?

>> No.49912871

Only one way to find out!

>> No.49912914

I have an hour to decide shiieeeet

>> No.49913320


I'm just another armchair general anon with no experience, but I imagine a "da boss" figure whose sudden death would be harmful to the orks morale, whose tactical ability / cunning is important, or might result in infighting as the remaining orks scramble to succeed him. An attack might even be made as a "false flag" attempt to convince the orks' leading faction that a rival group of orks was attempting a coup, making them succumb to infighting at a bad time. It could also be a large unit or group that is important to the orks' plans and capabilities.

Then the Imperium's forces could take advantage of the relative disarray, fighting a group of orks that is either weakened, lacking in clear leadership (can't be quite as cunning without a boss), or in the midst of internal conflict (their guns are pointed at each other instead of at da humies).

>> No.49914077

Lots of shot-traps in the armor.

>> No.49914168

I want to get a TOG model and replace its turret with a Kv 2 turret.

>> No.49914228

You guys remember when the artists for koyfish forgot that certain baneblade chassis had a fixed hull mounted gun platform and accidentally made a baneblade/t110 hybrid? I want one of these soo bad.

>> No.49914260


>> No.49914291

It is a plastic/part resin scale model. It would get completely ignored or kicked aside by regular infantry. That or ceremonially crushed under actual tank tracks. It is worse than useless, it takes the defenders time to paint that could have been used to improve defensive bastions. ..... Oh wait, I'm not on /k/, carry on then.

>> No.49914310


What are automated guns for 500 Alex.

Combined with servitor skulls and compact reactors, they're extra shooty bits with virtually no extra cost. Only the Lemon Rust uses manned sponsons.

>> No.49914333

I don't care for the color. Maybe if those guadsmen were kitted out for the desert like their tank is painted for.

>> No.49914361


Why is this not a thing?

>> No.49914435

Mont'Ka was such a clusterfuck of art, with some good pieces and others irredeemable terrible.

>> No.49914446

A number of real life tanks could literally drive circles around it.

>> No.49914895

Orks should have this as an option

>> No.49914903

Well yeah, it's a model.

>> No.49914955

Big, flat sides.

>ATGM love you long time.

>> No.49915029

Good to see the Christ lovers are still up to their old tricks.

>> No.49915058

Looks like something the Soviets would have built in the early days.

>> No.49915116

Taufag here. While I like the Riptide, broadside, stealth and crisis suits and don't particularly mind the ghostkeel, that mobile weapons platform and the Tau'anar or whatever its called. I wish they had gone in a different direction like Auxilleries or other vehicle types instead of the last three..

>> No.49915126

post more glorious tank model kits
are there any good armoured recovery kits, i am canadian army mechanic and can never find ARV or TLAV kits. leopard and m113 recovery variants

>> No.49915128

And Kroot.

>> No.49915258

I think they do strap gretchin to their stuff for protection

>> No.49915488

I would have killed for a big ass drone with a big ass railgun like the Peace Walker's Chrysalis.

>> No.49915513


My combat database begs to differ.

>> No.49915699

Because Mantas were not designed for that sort of work. Then they developed anti-titan flyers. Or just shot them with hammerheads. Their whole doctrine has been flexibility and not holding onto ground, but now they do hold onto ground and make big rowboats to do so.

So when can my Guard get their super-heavy sentinels?

>> No.49915779

What do you think a Warhound is?

>> No.49915835

And neither are poles

>> No.49915848

Not part of Imperial Guard.

>> No.49915854

A lot of dudes are on the OUTSIDE of that armor for some stupid fucking reason, how's that?

>> No.49915865

There are lot's of things you can strap to a tank to increase protection, spare treads, logs, reactive plates, people.

>> No.49915882

>"What is tank desant?" for 300 thrones.

>> No.49915898

So? They're still super-heavy sentinels.

>> No.49915918

It's not a unit in IG codex. If every faction needs to be the same with big rowboats, lets have some IG super-heavy walkers then. And Marines ones. Super-heavy walkers for all!

>> No.49915925

Also they complain about discrimination but are worse themselves - e.g. They took over an agency and put an advert for workers stating no British, they open shops with no English writing, they have killed lots of children due to drink driving etc oh and they moved into the white areas of the country

>> No.49915959

Tau mature quickly so the pilot is likely flying at age 8-10 and by age 40 is still top peak physical
Compare with human who starts at 16 and by 40 is on the decline
Space marines are not the majority of humans

>> No.49916036

Those are what are commonly referred to being as the PBI or the poor bloody infantry.

>> No.49916343

Literally every single anime gif/webm I have seen posted on /tg/ just makes me dislike it more. How can people actually watch this crap and then have aunerisms defending it is beyond me

>> No.49916635

Nobody can help it, if you hate fun.

>> No.49916694

So, cleanup crew.

Fuck off idiot.

>> No.49916829

>4x TLMM
>5x TLHB
>and that's just the
>secondary armaments

Muh dick.

It's great to see weathering done by someone who may actually have seen weather-beaten machinery IRL, too. Nicely done.

>> No.49916947

It's known as the Destroyer tank hunter. Mounts a laser destroyer instead of a straight lascannon.

>> No.49916951

It actually is.

>> No.49916969

So why aren't all tanks made like pills if you want sloped armor?

>> No.49916975


>> No.49916990

Thatos no at all like >>49907668, which is smaller than a chimera and mounts a regular lascannon instead of a bit laser destroyer. It was made as a lascannon sentinel conversion a long time ago.

>> No.49916998

>not at all
>looks exactly the same
Pick only one.

>> No.49917004

>just a hull lascannon
it feels like it needs something with a tiny bit more oomph, otherwise it feels like a heavy weapons team on roller blades.

>> No.49917094

It's an old conversion to counts-as a sentinel (or armoured sentinel now I guess)

>> No.49917106

Since the genestealers have bought back the great big killy prow rule, how long until GW wises up and gives us a mine-flail tank, primariily designed to flail infantry. Take a land raider, stick a rotating drum with 24 thunder hammers attached it it on the front, call it a day.,

>> No.49917175

>Wehraboo shit + anime girls

>> No.49917188

In what possible sense is committing a third of every tank in each squad to each of the three trench lines as the main point of the assault a 'cleanup crew'. The whole point is indeed to attack the trench so your own infantry can capture it with as few casualties as possible. Battle of Cambrai, go look it up.

And next time don't insult people when you yourself are being ignorant you child.

>> No.49917269

>It's another 'let's take one paragraph of lore and desperately cling to it despite disagreements with the rest of the lore, while also making assumptions to keep the sentence as undeniable as possible'

And a single Tactical Marine would paste Farsight, Lelith or a Bloodthirster in a fight any day of the week because Space Marines are the best warriors in the galaxy.

>> No.49917283

GW really needs to put the Salamander back into production.

Also does anybody make a good autocannon turret for the Chimera other than Forge World?

>> No.49917311

GW has some of the shittiest tank designs of all time but this one does look pretty nice.
The dkok lemun russ look pretty good as well.

>> No.49917681

>literally being too stupid to appreciate a good panzerfechten

>> No.49917712

It's a webm where they are doing gunkata with tanks, I havent's seen the Lolis & Tanks anime, and I find it strange how a single webm can irritate your hemorroids so much. In any case, since nobody responded I already got myself Baneblade, Iron Harvest and that other one, Stormlord or something. Maybe I'll get the new one later, I don't know, and I won't know because people are more concerned about an asian cartoon of girls driving tanks than talking about a Baneblade's tank porn.

>> No.49917743

>Implying there were no planes with turrets in WW2
>What is the Bristol Beaufighter?
>What is the Wellington, The Lancaster, The B17 etc, etc, etc?

>> No.49917790

I don't mind Poles, worked with a few of them, get drunk and bullshit regularly with a couple. I was just accurately responding to his comment about 'migrants', Poster seems to think that only brown-skinned migrants count as migrants, when Poland's main export happens to actually be migrant Poles.

>> No.49917821

>eldar/dark eldar pilots.

>> No.49917854

>endless possibilities for what to do with tanks, especially if it's animated
>nah lets just have little girls drive the tanks and make it look like they are fighting, got to lure in the pathetic weebs and chink manchildren

>> No.49917891

>Expecting them to do with tanks different than they did with Shipsluts and AirplaneJanes
Hope is the first step down the road to dissapointment, anon.

>> No.49917903

i think he meant something like pic related. it had no forward facing guns, only the turret

>> No.49918053

I hope you are trolling.

How underage do you have to be to be butthurt by a generic anime doing generic anime things?
It's like being surprised by a bird flying, or a dog barking.

>> No.49918118

Irrelevant against laser guns and other weird shit

>> No.49918138

Both of you need to fuck off to tanknet and learn about tank armor before blabbing

>> No.49918148

It doesn't travel on paved roads because it would destroy them. It actually travels over gravel.

>> No.49918436

Yeah, the Bolton Paul Defiant is what I actually meant when I wrote Beaufighter, not sure how I got the two muddled up in my head, but my point was that the anon I replied to seemed to think that there were no planes with turrets in WW2.

>> No.49918763


>> No.49918963


>> No.49919121

take a fucking shot of bleach you retarded fudge packing manchild

>> No.49919148


You just defended that stupid anime and think you can call him that? Its moronic, they keep wasting good concepts by stuffing little girls in.

>> No.49919168

how small must those guns be if they're being fitted on a turret ring that small? Also, does it not have a commander's cupola weapon? Or a coaxial?

>> No.49919173

>Item Location

Yeah... no. It looks like a pretty bloody good cast though.

>> No.49919200

>i'm completely triggered by little girls and refuse to look past them
>even though the show avoids pretty much all the tropes that are associated with the genre
>But you lack the mental capacity to do even the slightest amount of research before you drop your pants and shit out your opinion
>waah waahh where's my super grim dark tank combat anime

>> No.49919239

>infantry protection.jpg

>> No.49919267

>being so butthurt that I don't like your animays

>strawmanning this hard

Also what a great video. It has like 4 completely different artstyles smashed together and it actually looks fucking stupid

>> No.49919357

It does have a coax. It's the other gun silly.

>> No.49919530

>i'm completely triggered by little girls and refuse to look past them

But everything past the little girls is just as shit as the little girls. There's not a single redeeming feature in the whole thing.

>> No.49919565

Gravel is one form of pavement.

>> No.49919584


>> No.49920398

>, they keep wasting good concepts by stuffing little girls in.
Ugh, who the fuck wants to watch a tank anime with regular men? That's what real doccumentaries and movies are for, man. Like Fury, I absolutely loved it as a movie (even if what happens is pretty obvious), but I wouldn't give a fuck about it if it was an anime with regular accurate grown male protagonists, unless it was REEEEEEEALLLY well made.
Maybe with some boobs.
Boobs or little girls let you know it's not something to slave over.
>>waah waahh where's my super grim dark tank combat anime
...is there one? I don't really watch anime, but I'd definitely watch that.
Have this, the birth of a Baneblade

>> No.49921562

Lol, that tank exists. Go read up on some tanks before you start mouthing shit like you know anything

>> No.49921627

lol, [triggered]

>> No.49921649


>> No.49921968

Two flaws. First off, there's charge type ablative armour piled on top. Those are Kriegers, they'll charge the enemy. Second off, that's not a Macharius Vulcan.

>> No.49922705

The depicted events actually happened once in the Korean War. Obv not as dramatic, but it did happen a single time out of the history of armoured warfare. Cut the weebs some slack.

>> No.49922796

>he's never heard of desantniki
Tanks carrying infantry on their backs, who then typically dismount when battle is joined (unless the crew compartment gives a nice lip to take cover behind, see pic related) is a good cheap way to make up for the fact that not every infantry formation is going to come with IFVs/APCs.

The tactic was most commonly used in WW2 when the idea of an IFV was still taking form, and in modern times it's (mostly) outdated; some very brave Middle Eastern fighters use it because IFVs are a luxury many of them do not have.

I imagine that in the 41st Millenium, where war is more constant and not every infantry formation can have their own supporting armor, it's a more commonly used tactic. The picture of that Macharius is actually likely to have one of the regiments who do it most; Kriegers don't have a great deal of infantry carriers, but they sure do have a lot of infantry and a lot of tanks.

>> No.49922852

That's a neat idea, and I hate to be that guy, but is this really a necessary unit when Sentinels can carry lascannon?

>> No.49923103

>share my opinion on two clips
>get like 10 replies bitching at me without a single argument
Yeah mate, I'm the one triggered.

A chink tank rammed an American tank in hopes of turning it over. Their cannons happened to collide because they were aiming at each other a second ago.
It's nothing like the clip, where they are fucking fencing while doing sick 360 donuts

>> No.49923436

Love the Macharius so much. Building my Vulcan one at the moment.

>> No.49923862

Problem is the "moderate rebels" in Syria have an unlimited supply of American made TOW missiles, there's videos of ISIS sitting on crates of them with hundreds of more crates in the background. They use them for everything now, even shooting at jeeps or at bunkers where they're very ineffective but it's not like they paid for the things. There's even a video of them using 30 of them to demolish a building and chop down trees. Not a military objective, just a bunch of bored men with "free" missiles who decided to use them up before the next shipment arrives.

WW1 tanks would not last long in Syria.

>> No.49923971

>they are fucking fencing while doing sick 360 donuts
That only means they were unprepared.

>> No.49924240


Treads are exposed to the heaviest incoming fire. Easy immobilization.

>Find a flaw
>You can't.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel anon. These are tanks designed by liberal arts majors.

>> No.49924437

>Again, why do people dislike Poles?

I'm Texan, and have literally heard nothing about Polish hate until I met a British exchange student who did nothing but shit-talk the polish girl in our band who I happened to be dating, and honestly don't really get it other than the, "foreigners aren't people," attitude that tends to simmer under the surface of all of Europe.

We hate Europeans more than anything else here in Texas. The ship that carried our fear of Mexicans sailed a long time ago - they're already overrunning the Valley and the urban areas.

>> No.49924727

Why does this is image zoom in on infantry protection as if it isn't a joke.
No the russians didnt use men to stop rounds hitting their tanks.

>> No.49924767

I see your sword than and raise you a fail tank.

>> No.49924821

most of us in the UK don't hate all poles, we just hate the benefit scrounging, vodka drinking (24/7) do nothing sit on their arse all day poles.

>> No.49924827

>"foreigners aren't people," attitude that tends to simmer under the surface of all of Europe.
Basically, we spent centuries battling and hating people just over the border, it's only after ww2 that we started acting all buddy buds with each other. And old habits die hard.

>> No.49924838

An Imperial Deffrolla, meant for killing minefields, used for wrecking plebz. Say, where are 4chan's tank threads? /k/? I mostly keep to /tg/

>> No.49924841

>I payed for this.

>> No.49924859

I always wondered what would happen if they used those on a crowd of people.

>> No.49924875

>Their cannons happened to collide because they were aiming at each other a second ago.

Not so. They jousted for a bit before the American tank backed off, reloaded, and shot them.

>> No.49924900

Treadhead threads on /k/ are for armor.

>> No.49924908

Somewhere in Geneva, department of international treaties, a folder would spontaneously combust.

>> No.49924929

Nah, Hillary would just delete it.

>> No.49924989

>>endless possibilities for what to do with tanks, especially if it's animated
Like what, move around and shoot each other?

>> No.49925314

I still like the bit where they took out the Maus.

>> No.49925637

Not enough dakka

>> No.49925758

You're only stating the obvious, anon. I'm parking the Stormlord, we gotta make up for lost dakka.

>> No.49925882

You know, I might not be a Magos Artisian or anything, but there's technically room for another Vulkan Mega-Bolter on that design.

>> No.49926053

Cogs and bolts, anon, it's fine the way it is.

>> No.49926067

You can use them as anti-infantry in company of heroes.

>> No.49926099

The level of retard you have to be to watch Girls Und Panzer is incomprehensible to the normal human.

>> No.49926151

But I don't watch it you double nigger! I snatched that up from the filename thread and posted it in the tank thread to get some tank porn.
And nobody answered my request, so I went and got the baneblade novels.

>> No.49926201

Eat shit and die normal slime

>> No.49926324

Why is it /tg/ keeps taking the goddamn bait

>> No.49926336

this desu.

>> No.49926384

t. Shitlord

>> No.49926399

Baiting successful!
Not that anon

>> No.49926517

orktmus prime

>> No.49926521

>Anyone better than eldar pilots.
You can have your opinion, but I must point out that it is retarded.

>> No.49926529

Help us, God Emperor....

>> No.49926547

It's like rocket jumping for tanks.

>> No.49926559


The turret is on the wrong end of the tank.

It hurts my autism so bad. For some reason artists, game designers and modellers keep sticking the turret on the ass end of tanks.

It doesn't belong there. Its just not right.

>> No.49926595


>> No.49926613


You do know that Iran makes an EXACT COPY of the TOW missile, along with several other American weapons... right?


>> No.49926628

>exact copy
Fucking thing is probably a glorified bottle rocket.

>> No.49926641

I E D s
I wouldn't like it if they were actual bottle rockets and they worked

>> No.49926686


The TOW is from the later neolithic (also known as the 60s) which helps.

>> No.49927101

>calls canon fluff an "opinion"
>doesn't know of >>49909218

>> No.49927569

Your stupid, outdated tanks would get eaten alive by RPGs and TOW missiles.

>> No.49927595


>> No.49927609

They call it infantry protection for a reason

>> No.49927719

First of all "perfect tank is perfect" and OP knows this.

>> No.49927801

I too thought about the Merkava, but refrained from posting when I saw more than 1 google result.

>> No.49928214

I always wanted to see a quadrupedal version of this. I reckon it'd look slightly better

>> No.49928415

Quad tanks are nice

>> No.49929213

This may or may not be an accurate comparison. The reason the Merkava and other front-engined tanks work is because the extra bulk of the engine at the front helps protect the crew from penetrating shots from the front. The Macharius may or may not be front-engined, I cannot tell. If it is, then per pic related and other reference shots, its exhaust pipes are funneled pointlessly all the way to the rear of the tank.

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