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Old one got too big.

Let us start this train again!

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Made me hue

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I the closeup shots of the nails you can see that the tips are blunted and have something covering the tips as well.

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They're only blunted. Doesn't take away from how impressive it is though.

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It's not that impressive. Learn2surfacetension.

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>They're only blunted.
Look closer. There's some kind of resin on those tips.

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The tips appear to be expanded to me. If that's the resin, then the nails themselves aren't blunted, just coated.

The balloon is harder to pop. How does that make the rest of the video less impressive?

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Can't unsee chest penis.

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I'm not seeing it.

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You're looking too hard pal, go jerk off. That shadow isn't even remotely penis-shaped.

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Mods! MODS! Where can I get spanks like that?

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>I knew that Teleport Onto Sword spell was a bad idea.

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Depends. How firm is your rump?

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That's because you're a fool who wants to see penises where there are none.

And if you think that shadow resembles one, then you have some deeply bizarre and misinformed ideas about human anatomy.

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Does anyone have the woman pinning the little kid manga page
the woman says "i roll to pin" or something

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It' so strange to me that I know what this means.

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>reusing characters
Two can play this game!

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What's a changer of ways?

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what does it mean?

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Greater demons of Tzeentch, Chaos god of change, mutations, sorcery, plots and hope in both Warhammer settings.

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I looked it up lexicanum said that Tzeentch himself has the title of "Changer of ways" and it says his a greater demon under his service is known as "Lord of Change". So I was thrown off by the "a" which implies there is more than one "Changer of ways"

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Now that's some snazzy cosplay.

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Gotta love game trailers that present the player characters doing things they blatantly cannot do in-game, and never will.

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I thought fate points worked the other way. Or is the guy with the BFS the one with the points?

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>we really need to talk to Ciri about her interdimensional teleporting

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speak for yourself. I took out plenty of aircraft as a light assault

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Counterargument: Brawler
Is proficient in shields as a weapon on top as a protective gear, it has an archetype specialized in beating the shit out of people with shields while still having the defense bonuses, Shield Champion I think is the name.

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Can martials murder stroke in pathfinder?

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how many windows are there

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I can practically FEEL the player's anger from way over here.

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I saved that literally yesterday.

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It's funnier because that's entirely true, except for the part where there would be a further hearing.

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Its because you know the sound of it. An inarticulate squawk that only escaped the throat for a moment before choking back into grumbling profanity

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Anon pls.

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And the creaking. Don't forget the creaking, as his knuckles turn white and he clutches the controller far too hard, pondering for one long moment how stress-releasing it would be to chuck it to the nearest wall. But the moment passes, and he doesn't. Grumbling incessantly under his breath, he soldiers on.

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Wait, the Souls franchise was handed over to Bethesda?

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>I need special training to smack someone with a shield
You're pointing out a problem, not a solution.

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Not the same person, if that's what you mean.

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>3rd Party
Not even, medium sized payer character with the right build can grapple Tarrasque RAW.

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The Fact that a Fighter can't do that normally is the Issue.

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Wait, how the fuck did you get slashes in your filename?!

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Why just reuse characters when you can redo a whole campaign for a new group?

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I can do it by just putting in a "/" the same way I would with any other character. I'm using a mac. What type of computer are you using? However, for some reason I can't put in a Colon (:) in mine.

Apparently I can also use Zalgo Text generator to make fucked up text and use that in my file names. As long as there is no ":" of course.

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Windows. No /slashes/ allowed in filenames, for obvious reasons.
Though come to think of it, I've never tried a \backslash\...

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To be honest even changing the group isn't necessary, just change couple names and the setting and wait a year or two and the idiots will be think that they'ren't playing recycled material.

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Can you please spell out those obvious reasons? I don't know how software works.

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An old screencap of a story where a guy goes round a friend of a friend's house and they end up playing Catan on the back of this guy's sex slave. Weird shit.

I've been here too long.

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I get that all the lore is wrong, but I don't know why this image was made. Is it a troll attempt or was the creator serious?

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Slashes denote folders.

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/slashes/ are used by the system for file directories, like so:

Now imagine if that filename was C:/Documents/totally_not_porn//tg/related/Slaanesh. It would mess things up pretty badly.

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Mind to elaborate ?

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Rokugani justice, and Rokugan/Legend of the Five Rings in general, are (loosely) based on feudal/Sengoku era Japan. Social class is everything, trivialities such as evidence and witness accounts are easily dismissed (if they were taken into account at all). It is entirely possible for a high-class samurai found holding a bloody katana five feet from a dead body to get away by just saying "it wasn't me", particularly if the dead person was someone unimportant.

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I'm not sure if why the word "the" is before hitler. More importantly, this isn't a clear sign to me. Probably because I've never played this game.

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I hope that you'ren't trying to imply that testing your blade on the peons is a crime.

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Technically, it's "wasting the resources of your Lord", particularly if it wasn't done on your own domain. Hardly something a magistrate would concern himself with, but then there's always weirdoes, like those Dragon Clan guys.

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I assume in part of Japan's history the Samurai didn't even need to say "it wasn't me", because for at least one time period in Japan, it was perfectly legal for a samurai to just cut down a disrespectful commoner and not bother to tell anyone.

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What the everloving fuck is this.

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It is fair to say that Japan was and still is culturally pretty fucked up place.

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It totally was. Just look up "kiri-sute gomen".

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How does it compare to Russia (both past and present)?

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Fucked up in different ways, but overall a better place to live. Both past and present.

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Though, of course, just because something's legal doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Especially considering many other people might not concern themselves with "legal" and "illegal".

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>Moreover, the samurai who exercised the right had to prove the correctness of his action in court by producing a witness. Punishment for the incorrect exercise of this right was severe.
> A samurai visiting a different feudal province had to be extremely careful, especially if it was in Edo, the seat of the Shogun. Wrongful executions of commoners from different feudal provinces were seen as an offence against a feudal state.
They couldn't just do it for shit and giggles, really.

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That was apparently the level of the law, but if someone told me the enforcement of it varied, I wouldn't call them a liar.

My favorite part of the wikipedia article is Samurai committing ritual suicide before the verdict was even handed down. Reminds me of "More weight!".

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letter, not level.

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>committing ritual suicide before the verdict was even handed down
If they knew it was coming, doing it before "officiality" would have been honourable, i.e. taking the matter into your own hands insted of being ordered to.

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>war crimes were in fact war crimes, unless you do them to your own people

seems pretty typical of any country in any period really

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>I'm not sure if why the word "the" is before hitler.

My guess is that anon isn't a native English speaker, and assumed it's correct because hitler is singular or something like that. I've seen a lot of weird-sounding errors like that from international students.

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Looks like regular cheap nails to me.

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Reminds me of that meme where a fighter and an orc kept rolling low on their attacks, so the GM narrated that they were unintentionally hooking up and eventually married.

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kinda true for any community without hugnazimods

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Tongue-in-cheek all the way. The joke is that no matter which race you play as in an Elder Scrolls game, you pretty much always play the same.

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Can I get an explanation of this image? Was the judge mind controlled? Was the joker involved? Is this a delusional dream sequence?

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>Thinks nails come to a needle point after they've ben hammered through a board.
Anon.. .i'm sorry to tel you, but Nails are't even sharp when they come off the manufacturing line. They're hard and Pointy, but not really "sharp". You won't stab yourself sticking your hands into a barrel full of nails.

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I love this, just recently started a campaign as a Pact of the Chain Warlock, I'm more useful to my party for having the familiar than for my spells.

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It's a very fun show too, btw.

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Now I wish I had that one gif of that succubus that walks up to a demon, then turns into a wizard and stabs him to death.

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Interesting, don't believe I've seen that one.

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>all that Sabagebu

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This one?

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Where's that one .webm of Pink just casually headshotting Purple after Purple came to apologise?
My files are a mess.

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That's the one!


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Kek. Gotta love mtg file names.

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>not knowing whether your room has been "done" already
>not knowing how many people have "done" your room
>no records to track who has "done" a room and when
>a room might be pure because everyone thinks someone else "did" it already
>a room might look unused but instead be "done" by loads of people

These days, the doing of rooms is in a sad state of affairs. It makes you wonder how people can even stay motivated to do their rooms with such a dearth of information.

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A comic strip isn't a meme, you mouth breathing sped!

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Hot of the press.

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It's a good year to be a Nanoha fan.

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Didn't mean to quote, sorry.

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Shhhh, I won't tell.

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The fighter can do it, but it takes a feat.

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That's some hentai, right?

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Member when filename threads on /tg/ used to be about /tg/-related things?

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>/tg/ related filenames
you madman, that's genius!

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What is this, sause plz!

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Quite possibly.

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>recently replayed BG1
Oh boy, I sure do know that feel. 18/20/18/9/18/9 is totally worth it

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Sir, I'm afraid, I have to ask you for some source.

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After 1 minute of googling, Venus Wars.

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Second one is Murcielago: A lesbian Alucard expy and a loli solve crime, violently.

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You're overthinking it. Adding "the" before a singular name is just a joke like "the Demogorgon".

>> No.49904819

several lolis, actually, there's gofast and there's bunnygirl

>> No.49904820

It's actually very warm and sweet.

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the original That Guy

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Why does hentai have the best dialogues?

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Because modesty is antithesis to wit.

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Little Witch Academia 2.

>> No.49904976

Have a literal wall of them

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Fix that filename this instant or I swear to the Dice Gods I will hunt your ass down.

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The Fuck Up Fairy strikes again!

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I don't think my browser can handle this.

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Reminder that this aired on the fucking Disney Channel.

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>people still repost my shitty collage
This is a nice feel.

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>those whomp lines mixed in
Keked hard.

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>morale rolls

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>> No.49905255

Still less stupid than some of Mike Sparks' shit that I've seen.

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Venus Wars

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I've seen that image before, but this is the first time it's actually made me laugh

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Ya see, this one bugs me because literally everything in that video, martial classes in pathfinder can do by the rules.

>> No.49905529

Well fuck my ass and call me shirley. I thought that was a /d/ event.

>> No.49905538

So is this a show about sociopathic bitches? Because that's what they all come off as

>> No.49905583

Not really but the MC is excessively violent and completely remorseless, which is the only thing that carries the show.

>> No.49905619

>rule 4
years from now on a clear night you'll still be able to spot my sides in orbit

>> No.49905621

Due to some fuckery, the concept of "The Truth" becomes broken. As a result, all over the world any little thing that people believe in starts becoming real. The World starts shifting between being hollow and being flat, one of the Hindu Gods shows up to start doomsday, Batman actually starts to become a specter because some people still don't believe he's real, etc.
In this case, enough people believe that a man's word is bond that Killer Croc is allowed to get off scott free.

>> No.49905629

I don't know enough about tanks to get why this is stupid. Someone pls explain.

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>> No.49905699

Is that another Protomen one?
I don't get it.

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>> No.49905822

>Has 1 page that can be summed up as 'do whatever the fuck you want' and never brings up gender again.

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>> No.49905859

I don't get it

>> No.49905862

Bringing up the subject is not acceptable, neither is disclaiming or apologizing.

>> No.49905871

>>>>>>emotional damage
please tell me this is a tabletop where you can sass someone to literal death

>> No.49905877

So why even bring it up in the first place?

>> No.49905911


It has four different caliber guns, and three of them are absurd rate of fire style guns, its a 180mm revolving gun, you have to assume the recoil compensation is decent because the turret ring looks small as fuck, you have to somehow fit the autoloading mechanism in that small as fuck said turret ring, ammo stowage is horribly impractical, its a front mounted turret, it has a raised engine deck meaning you can't shoot behind you very well, can somehow cram 8 fuck faces in it, massive as fuck engine, 90kph top speed, and that's ALL at 81 tons.


Thats my quick overview with it.

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Fresh off the presses

>> No.49905928

Because it shuts the SJWs up while not bothering anyone except the king autists.

>> No.49905929

What is so strange about it?

>> No.49905953

Not quite tabletop, but there's a game called Renowned Explorers where the battle system lets you beat people by physical force, befriending, or sassing them so hard they burst in to tears/shit their parts/rage quit.

>> No.49905955

as terrible as i am sure this is. sauce?

>> No.49905961

You know what shuts SJWs up? Not pandering to them. What they gonna do, bitch about it over the internet? They do that anyway. It's like pouring some water on you so you don't get wet when you go outside in the rain.

But hey, if they can keep selling their stuff while pandering to people who most likely don't even play the game, by all means. Free market and shit. Also, don't remember to accuse your customers of being racists and sexists if they don't buy your products, that's always a winning strategy.

>> No.49905965

That's not how you use a crutch. Like not at all.

>> No.49905972

Don't recall the full name but that's the thing with Megumin the Explosion Mage

>> No.49905976

wrong post?


>> No.49905983


It's actually really good. Konusuba.

>> No.49905987

Whatever, king autist.

>> No.49905990

right post, follow the reply chain upwards

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>> No.49906006

You would be wrong because it's actually really good. I know, I was fooled as well first.

>> No.49906021


We thank you for your contribution and hope to see you again soon.

>> No.49906032

they look like some characters from league of legends i think

>> No.49906063

....those are both girls, anon.

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>> No.49906075

needs a better name

>> No.49906083

>green Mugi.jpg

>> No.49906087

Well maybe if you stopped acting like a mentally deficient crybaby I'd stop calling you an autist.

>> No.49906099

So people know they haven't missed the gender modifiers? To piss in the face of the deserving? Shouldn't really matter either way, unless you have that special brand of bigotry-fueled persecution complex that's so fashionable nowadays.

>> No.49906129

Honestly, Diogenes is more This guy than That guy

>> No.49906154

Diogenes is totally That Guy.
Plucked chicken thing was fine, but shitting in theater is over the line. Even if you're quiet about it.

>> No.49906159


>> No.49906184

Ugly Americans was a good fucking show.

>> No.49906190

Also pissing on people, masturbating in public, and eating in the marketplace

>> No.49906223

Crutch isn't even in the top 50 of the weird things that have been stuffed into a cunt.

>> No.49906241

The main gun is ridiculously large, arbitrary caliber (181mm what the fuck) and is also rifled even though modern tank guns use fin stabilized ammunition which is unsuitable for rifled guns. It's also am autloading revolver cannon, which is going to be bulky as fuck.

Instead of having a single remote controlled turret with a machine gun it has 2, which is bizarre because that gun would normally be controlled by the commander, so this arrangement would require extra crew to be used properly, these guns are also in a random caliber (7.92mm).

It has an entire fucking IFV turret slapped on the top for some fucking reason.

>> No.49906244

Specifically yours or a hypothetical one?

>> No.49906297

>> No.49906312


None of them are black.

>> No.49906357

>None of them are black.
It's a shadowrun joke

>> No.49906404

I'm not sorry I hurt your feelings. Maybe go cry about it on your tweeblrbook?

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>> No.49906437

>that special brand of bigotry-fueled persecution complex that's so fashionable nowadays.


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>> No.49906477

>Free market and shit.
Actually, free market puts a massive amount of pressure on good PR and pandering as many people as possible to sell to them.

>> No.49906478

Shhhh, don't tell them that, they aren't supposed to know!

>> No.49906514

I mean, they can do all that.
It's just that they won't be able to kill anything post level 15 or so.

>> No.49906545

>level of the law
I am sorry to be the baron of bad news, but you seem buttered, so allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies, and are more than just ice king on the cake. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite.

So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality.

I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go.

Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the fax, instead of making a half-harded effort. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it's a peach of cake.

Anyway, pic related

>> No.49906626

This one doesn't seem as funny to me, mainly because it's a perfect demonstration of exactly what cogfop is, but on those virtues I like it.

>> No.49906659

>> No.49906664

I'm sure that, for example, a car company can start advertising their trucks as the gayest Muslim friendly cars in America, but how much do you think it'll actually increase their sales?

>> No.49906692


>> No.49906700

It's also about knowing your target customers. You just don't sell gayest Muslim friendly trucks in America. You sell them in Germany and Sweden.

>> No.49906711

Those kinds of decisions about branding and inclusiveness are more complicated than you'd think.

>> No.49906723

For the inevitable source:


>> No.49906771

>I'm sure that, for example, a car company can start advertising their trucks as the gayest Muslim friendly cars in America, but how much do you think it'll actually increase their sales?
But you just don't say your trucks are the gayest Muslim friendly trucks, you also say they arewoman friendly, minority friendly, fat friendly, retarded friendly and that they increase your dick size by 4 inches, make ridiculously handsome and fit, and give you the power to make women orgasm with just a look.

>> No.49906790

>> No.49906793

It's XKCD.
If you don't get it, that just means you're not a pod person yet.

>> No.49906795

>> No.49906812

Well, the Brits still use a rifled gun on the Challenger 2 but they're weird.

>> No.49906843

Konosuba is written by a very masochistic woman and knowing that can be quite enlightening about why things go like they do.

Its actually a parody of generic hero and fantasy stories and protagonists and is really really great because it manages to do that WITHOUT falling into the usual pitfalls of the current anime "meta" of forced self referencial humor and shit like that, and thus manages to be a parody of everything currently wrong with anime as well.

It's lewd without being so for the heck of it.
The world is generic and uncool on purpose but the show and the manga do a great job of playing that on purpose as well and showing how funny and interesting it can be if you think that generic stuff through to the end instead of using it for shallow jokes and scenery.
The characters are all useless and hate themselves and each other for it, but unlike in other anime they are not edgy whiny bitches about it and you can actually feel how they still like each other like a family.

Also, in essence, the writer lets us into her masochistic magical realm in this story, so be aware, the main girls are treated like shit in exatly the way some women like it without being stupid enaugh to fall into the trap of haning with actual assholes.

What you are seing in that gif is a scene where a group of succubi have opened a brothel where they sell lewd lucid dreams where you actually feel what happens in exchange for a few minutes of your life. The interesting thing about is that they are actually just genuinely trying not to starve or get slaughtered by paladins and have no ulterior motives.

>Its a parody of unispired fantasy worlds and edgy missunderstood heros that are capable for no reason what so ever without making all the mistakes stupid "parody" animes allways make
>Thus it defies expectations and is genuinely good
>It's secretly the female author's magical realm, but in a non-annoying way

>> No.49906904

Forgive me, but you and the other anon both made similar point, why is such a large gun impractical and a autoloader so odd. Doesn't every tank nowadays have large guns and autoloaders?

>> No.49906912

Your point?

>> No.49906940


If the product doesn't say "straight white men only", how is it exclusive? Other than someone on the internet bitching about the commercial not having guy in a dress driving it to pickup her multi-racial kids before going to a handicap orgy full of fat lesbians?

There's mainly two types of people who are interested in the sexual politics of D&D: Magical realmists and people who don't play the game. One is not your target demographic, the other everyone just ignores.

>increase your dick size


>make ridiculously handsome

Not body positive!

>give you the power to make women orgasm with just a look

Rape culture!

>> No.49906956

Why did you take the bait?

>> No.49907007


>> No.49907039

So... sociopathic bitches?

>> No.49907066

>>increase your dick size
>>make ridiculously handsome
>Not body positive!
>>give you the power to make women orgasm with just a look
>Rape culture!
Not if you put a note saying it doesn't and just heavily insinuate that rather then saying that outright. Really, is very easy and shallow when you get down to it.

>> No.49907072

more like "Sociopathic Bitch"

>> No.49907081

Heavy Object

>> No.49907169

What the actual fuck
This is like Changeling: the Dreaming meets Exalted.

I actually kind of want to play this now, just out of morbid curiosity.

>> No.49907173

How would you insinuate it while being body positive, feminist and not rape culture?

>> No.49907196

You're really bad at this stuff. When you make a commercial, typically you show both men, and women driving. Maybe a minority in the same commercial, maybe in another similar commercial, and typically yes. A White male. If you show only women driving the car, congrats. You just advertised your car as a women's car.

If you show only rich people, or poor people, or black, or white, or orange, etc. You'd make it less likely to cross lines. This isn't even SJW, it's how it works. If there was a way to include everyone, and everything in your commercial without looking pandering, and without putting people off, every company would do it. When most SJW were in diapers, that's how a lot of commercials worked too.

For D&D, I doubt there's a LARGE demographic, that sat there, and went. "Well, shit it says something about genders." and put the book down. To be honest, I didn't even read that part, until /tg/ made a deal out of it, and it was too late by that time.

>> No.49907205

Strike that, it's even weirder. This is some Spirit Science level bullshit.

>> No.49907233

Whoa, a system, for my Jews are from the future, and Martians literally made us into a male species campaign?

>> No.49907241

What was this channels name again? I loved listening to him ramble on about how white men came from mars and disrupted the pure jewish realm of earth with their warlike minds.

>> No.49907258

Spirit Science.

Remember to buy your crystals!

>> No.49907270

May thoth bless you with his feminine guidance.

>> No.49907273


You wanna put a bangin' donk on it

>> No.49907277

>How would you insinuate it while being body positive, feminist and not rape culture?
By saying you for all for that and putting some effort in saying that. Marketing is kind of like that.

>> No.49907281

Wait, so Darkness is the author's magical realm? That's hot.

>> No.49907316

Was named, silly!

>> No.49907318

I miss Decu.

>> No.49907398


It would take some kind of tactical genius...

>> No.49907432

You don't get this do you - SJWs don't hang out on /tg/ because it's 4chan, but if you looked at any other fansite you'd see that they're everywhere. They play rpgs simply because they want to pretend to be a different gender and when D&D wasn't 'progressive' enough, they bitched about it.
WotC put the gender disclaimer in as a way of saying 'We've got rid of the cheesecake art so we're not sexist, now leave us the fuck alone'.

>> No.49907435

I was going to say it just keeps getting bigger and bigger, but then realized that that statement is probably already in there somewhere.

>> No.49907451

This explains much.

>> No.49907470

Sauce? That looks hilarious.

>> No.49907516

>If there was a way to include everyone, and everything in your commercial without looking pandering, and without putting people off, every company would do it.

And if you don't pander, someone in social media will make a big deal about it.

>> No.49907554


Which is why you see so many of those screencaps where a company will fire back at negative reviews and talk about how shitty that person is.

>> No.49907582

>They play rpgs simply because they want to pretend to be a different gender

People seem to be perfectly able to do it without D&D.

>when D&D wasn't 'progressive' enough, they bitched about it.

By saying "no, you can't be anything other than a man or a woman"? Other than saying "do what you want", what else did it do to be more progressive?

>'We've got rid of the cheesecake art so we're not sexist, now leave us the fuck alone'.

Imagine if they had done it because of Christian puritans finding the art to be sinful.

>> No.49907643

>Imagine if they had done it because of Christian puritans finding the art to be sinful.
That happened, man. Several times, in fact.

>> No.49907648

Humanity has declined. The first episode has bread committing suicide. In a funny way, of course.

>> No.49907679

Sauce plz

>> No.49907694

> Imagine if they had done it because of Christian puritans finding the art to be sinful.
>he doesn't know about Christian DnD mass book burnings of the 90s
Link very related.

>> No.49907705

And the world was made more equal and progressive because of it. Go white Christians!

>> No.49907728


Sorry, I think you may have misunderstood my intentions there.

I wasn't supporting SJWs, I was just explaining why WotC and other companies pander to them. They do play rpgs and are in fact taking over most of the hobby. Considering how threatened this board and the few other decent fansites are by this, I was simply shocked by how much you underestimate them.

The companies are pandering to them (or in WotCs case, being indecisive about whether or not to pander to them) because it gets them more money. We've already lost the battle - you can't start a game on Roll20 or at a FLGS without being forced to play with an SJW.

>> No.49907739

>he doesn't know about Christian DnD mass book burnings of the 90s

What do you think I'm referring to?

>> No.49907751


>> No.49907768

Thanks man

>> No.49907798

>> No.49907814


>> No.49907820

>metagame vs roleplay.jpg

>> No.49907828

>> No.49907830

Increasing the bore diameter of a gun doesn't inherently do anything to improve its performance since almost all ammunition for a tank gun uses a sabot and is much narrower than the actual bore diameter. It's completely pointless unless you're trying to use it as an artillery gun.

The only reason to have such a large caliber is if you intend to shoot a fucking massive round, which means you need more propellant to achieve a useful muzzle velocity, which means the barrel needs to be longer to accommodate the increased propellant burn time and thicker to withstand the increased internal pressure. This means a shitload of extra weight and means the ammunition takes up more space, as do the mechanisms of an autoloader.

You're basically adding a tremendous amount of weight and consuming much more internal space for no apparent reason. It's literally putting a big number on something to make it seem more impressive.

>> No.49907877

>We've already lost the battle

One day they too will grow up and realize made up words are just words and their OC donut steel characters are just edgy teenage crap.

>without being forced to play with an SJW.

Is there like a mandatory SJW dispenser in the corner that deploys one to join any game that's being set up? Or are you saying that one of the players is likely to be an SJW, because I don't care. You don't have to cater to their every need if you don't want to. Hell, I know plenty of people who just fill my Facebook feed with lefty social justice crap and in real life they're perfectly reasonable people who don't go on tangents about issues that don't touch them in any way.

>> No.49907910


>One day too they will grow up...
And will this stop them being trannies? No.

And as for the thing about being forced to play with them, anyone who disagrees with their beliefs is kicked out, so most players are just mindless drones who won't play without a tranny SJW because it makes them look 'exclusionary'.

>> No.49907929


There's that buzzword again. Anons on 4chan take "social justice" to include any- and everyone who supports equal rights. They caricaturize this image of some reactionary far-left Tumblrina pushing for censorship and the abolition of firearms, then they run it into the ground and try to convince others that this encompasses any- and everyone who has socially liberal values.

So by my virtue of merely having no problems with gay people or black people, I must necessarily be a foaming-at-the-mouth nu-male who spends all of his free time on social media propagating white guilt. Yet I'm opposed to all forms of censorship and ratings board, I own several firearms and I'm not a feminist.

I'm not sure what you even mean by "pandering" in this case, but developers merely including more diverse characters in their games is not going to have any negative impact on said game, nor is it part of some mastermind agenda to promote feminism, white guilt, or whatever other nonsense conspiracy those tinfoils over at /pol/ and /v/ insist is invading "their" hobbies.

>> No.49907935

Enlarging the gun size can be used to counteract your disadvantage in the shell quality (for one example of this see the Yamato-class hotels), but of course it also comes with its own share of problems that might be even worse than the one that you tried to counter (Hotel sisters are a fine example for this too).

>> No.49907993

Even when this is what you're doing you still have the tradeoff of increased weight from the necessary increase in weight from the corresponding increases in barrel length and thickness. Which is much more limiting on armored vehicles than it is on warship.

One of the things with tank guns vs battleship guns is because tanks shoot APFSDS you can increase the diameter of the penetrator substantially without increasing the bore anyway.

>> No.49907998

>> No.49908011

>all trannies are SJWs
>all trannies remain a tranny and won't transition

That's bit presumptuous, isn't it?

>anyone who disagrees with their beliefs is kicked out, so most players are just mindless drones who won't play without a tranny SJW because it makes them look 'exclusionary'.

I'm sorry for the community where you life, I've never had any such problems anywhere I know. I don't know a single person who even identifies as a progressive or an SJW. A friend's girlfriend is, when she's mad, very vocal about stuff she doesn't like, but she's got issues and knows it herself.

>> No.49908016

>> No.49908022

Is it defensive mimicry?
The wings look like a head of a snake.

>> No.49908029

Is he just dumb or is he a proper true blue lunatic?

>> No.49908031

>> No.49908044



>> No.49908060

>> No.49908068

Cool, we have a buttload of them at work, does that mean i'm a Wizards aide?

Also it would help to get the point across if there where some form of size reference so people who do not know these moths kan tell that each of the wings is the size of a grown mans hand

>> No.49908076

>> No.49908101

The opposite actually, the jews were from space, but had to come to earth because they were too focused on their female energy to reach "higher forms of consciousness".
Martians however fucked up Mars because they focused too much on their male energy and came to Atlantis on Earth but fucked up again, dragging both space Jews and the perfect (and probably white) earthlings.
In his mind, male and female energy and not good or bad, they must be "balanced". They doesn't even relate to actual male and female, except when they do, but they don't.

Now if only I had the slightest idea what "energy" we're talking about...
It's amazing to talk that much and yet saying so little.

>> No.49908106

>> No.49908129

If he stopped smoking his magic mushrooms he probably could have a decent career at the politics.

>> No.49908140


>> No.49908168


I'm really only deeply familiar with the Abrams, but I'll try and step in to give you an answer.

In short, no. The M1 Abrams, amongst others, doesn't have an autoloader. It allows them to transition to specialty ammunition instantly, and while the autoloader and the guy loading the gun take up similar amounts of space, the guy can do things other than load the gun, and can also be replaced if damaged by another crewmember, unlike an autoloading system. Fundamentally, the only advantage an autoloader really could give you is making fire more rapid. Which is really not a problem tanks need to solve, they don't spray down their targets, they've only got room for 40 or so shells.

And while tanks main guns are large caliber, nowhere near 181 mm. Having a larger muzzle doesn't mean more powerful at this point, and combining a bore size that large with a firing mechanism that has no inherent recoil control means that you have to massively cut down on muzzle velocity to compensate. Which cuts down on range and accuracy. 181mm is such a huge increase over the standard 120 or 125mm that everything uses nowadays that it's an entirely different class of gun. The ammunition also weighs more and takes up more space, AND will be harder to fit efficiently.

Everything is a trade off. If someone claims that they don't have to make tradeoffs because they're just better, they don't know what they're doing. The problems with the tank in the picture can't simply be solved by throwing money at them, you can't bribe physics.

>> No.49908183

>generalize the opposition
>chastise them for generalizing

I don't have a problem with anyone. I do question the need to raise them above all else. I thought the whole goal was to have everyone be equal.

>> No.49908211

How can you criticize our tanks when many of yours aren't even equipped with tea-making facilities?

>> No.49908228

So, it is a overdesigned mess that fail in fundamental ways ala a german WW2 tank?

>> No.49908263

Oh definitely. What is kinda funny about the tank is that it DOES look like something the krauts would try to build.

>> No.49908285

That's a nice story Anon, I hope that girl is doing well.

>> No.49908345

This weapon kind of makes sense if the intent was to shoot a fuckhuge HESH round.

Though apparently that is not the intent.

>> No.49908356

>> No.49908453

It's amazing that this is just like how imagined them.

>> No.49908485

Well he's quite good at "feel good" speeches and somehow manage to juggle with ALL the bullshitiest ideas simultaneously. From chakras to Thoth, including some scientology ideas or the moon being alien-made... Everything you can think of and so much more.
So yeah, I guess he could.
> Solving all the world problems with the power of positive thoughts!

>> No.49908500

Maybe it IS them...

>> No.49909199

This spider is some weird shit. It has a super-long neck so it has a place to keep its super-long mandibles which it uses to impale and hold prey at a safe distance while the spider waits for it to die. As seen in the pic, once the prey is hooked, it lowers one of its mandibles.

>> No.49909322

what's it called?

>> No.49909333

Assassin Spider / Pelican Spider.

It eats other spiders.

>> No.49910171


>> No.49910276

dubs confirm cute.

>> No.49910284

Avernum spiders best spiders.
Yes, even the one that tries seducing you.

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