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anyone know a .pdf free version of Fragged Empire RPG system? Can't find it anywhere and I really need it. Thnks anon

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Does she have four elf ears?

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Nephillim are where it's at

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Really hoping for a god-sent soul to have a link for the system's Core Rulebook

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Yeah I've got it on my phone but it's too big to post. Will try and put it on a share.

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This guy knows what's up.

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Here is first edition. It's missing all the stuff from the latest Protagonist Archive which came out in ver1.1 and I'm not giving you my ver1.1 because it's got my name watermarked on it and I'm a faggot who doesn't want people to know my real name.
It's worth a buy though, it's a pretty book.

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anon, it says I need a key to decode it

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Ah fuck I'm sorry, I misread the prompt.

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thank you so much anon
luv you with all my heart

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skim through the fucking book nigger, there's a link right above your own damn post.

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fuck you, give me the elevator version

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I'm at page 21 dammit. Post apoc sci fi is the gist I get.

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>resource points, influence points and spare time rolls to gain/improve things rather than arbitrary number value of gold/credits
>Gene splicing and augmentation heavily involved.
>Racial tension
>Galactic exploration/rediscovery based

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3d6+skill vs TN, Classless, Leveling, Abstract currencies, Strong political overtones. Tactical combat.

Post-post-apocalyptic, Four races that are the senetic Scions of Humanities Genetic Scions: Corp (most human-like, culture dominated by greed and deception), Legion (a bit like Krogans if they were ape-shaped), Kaltorans (Space Elves with Assassin Creed esque genetic memories), and Nephilim (masters of Biotech, can snowflake their bodies as much as they can afford). Neph are feared for being on the other side of the last war. Legion were made just to fight in said war, so figuring out how to live their lives now that it's over. Corp are not that good at fighting, and just want everyone to get along, so they can take their money at the same time. Kaltorans know SOMETHING happened that was bad, and think it's gonna happen again.

Now go Space Opera.

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Fuck, now you've gone and got me interested.

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fuck me that does sound pretty interesting

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I like the system and setting, but the one thing that kind of throws me off about it is how to gear/loadout system works. It just feels too xcom-like for my tastes.

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How so?
Because of the standard 'Slots?' for hands, weapons, outfit and accessories?

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Exactly. Its not exactly flexible enough for my liking.

Although I'd play the fuck out of a Guardians of the Galaxy-type campaign.

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Yeah but with all the modification types available, it's not hard to get around that. I've been tempted to house rule that but it means balancing is a bit tougher.

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Here ya go. I went digging and I found the original playtest for the Protagonist Archive in it's full unbalanced glory with the 4 new races. It's only a fraction of the full book but gives you a taste of what's in it.

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link isnt working

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Always remember.

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Really? It is for me.

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I nearly wholeheartedly agree, Though I rate the space hippies below the Kaltoran.

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The Twi-Far are interesting enough to get away with being space hippies.

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Only because of the schizophrenic voices inside their heads from smoking all that dank Faren.

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Gotta say I'm too interested now in this setting. Looks a bit shadowrun-ish at first glance but with biopunk instead of cyber. But I have a question: why is it called "Fragged" empire? Is the word just a synonym with fuck like frak or frell in some other SF shows or it has some other meaning?

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Turns out that they included the definition of the term, which has something to do with killing off a leader by their own soldiers in a fashion that looks like an accident (such as a dropped fragmentation grenade at their feet) during a battle.

It’s an interesting use for a term that I had come to associate with videogames where Fragged meant to kill something, and it’s a neat bit of trivia.

(Taken from a review)

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Yeah pretty much. It's all on the first page of the book.

>A term used to describe the assassination of a leader during wartime by their own soldiers, usually in a manner that could look like an accident (eg: dropping a fragmentation grenade at their feet), commonly during the heat of battle.
>Can also describe the manipulation of the chain of command to have a subordinate deliberately killed by placing them in great mortal danger, such as sending a soldier or unit on a suicide mission.
>>Did your people kill their creator?
>>Were you betrayed by your creator?

>Denoting the process or state of breaking or being broken into smaller disconnected parts. Used to describe both physical and metaphysical breakdowns.
>>Will society’s broken nature be its downfall?

>A popular term used for killing someone in a computer game.
>>Because this is a game where you kill people.

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But it's not all about killing stuff, right?

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Is it possible to play without miniatures?
If it's not, it's possible to simulate something like miniatures in roll20 or RRPG?

Still didn't read it, but here is everything I got in exchange to the answer. Hope I get the best answer possible (but I'm not really charging it).

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Forgot the fucking link.

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It's possible but from having played with and without I would say that it really isn't reccomended to play without. Positioning and cover are really core to this game's combat system.

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Holy shit people actually talking about this. Finally something that isn't pathfinder...

So, what's everyone's fighter weapons?

If you want a good fighter, a Nephilim partner is a great idea; even though there's no strong hits, being able to do simpler shit like get a lock-on or just launch your seekers is a great help to a solo pilot.

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You want facing and positioning as anon has just explained.

You can get by without minis no problem, but you wanna know where you are in relation to the enemy ship - movement's a big one - and rangebands matter a fair bit too.

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So how about roll 20?

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How do you mark a skill as trained in the Character Sheet? I can only add points. Does that count as trained?

Also, all untrained skills get -2. If they're default 0, they become -2, right?

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it offers grids, you can have tokens you rotate on there, so it works.

That's all you really need.

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I believe for trained you just change the -2 (or -1 for certain kaltoran skills) to +1 for trained. wasn't there a checkmark or something, or is that just the error-filled fillable on roll20?

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Thank you very much.
What a beauty.

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No checkmark. Default 0.

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you see those hexagons on the left with +1s in them?

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yeah, but it's racial bonus. I can't check it.

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you'll have to fill out manually then

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If you look at the pre-filled ones on the website they have a jpg tick on the hexagons. It's not fillable on the PDF though so I ended up using an excel spreadsheet with formulae on it to calculate all the numbers for my first character sheet. Some guy on the subreddit put one up there and I just added in the rest.

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How many people in this thread have actually played games in the system? What characters did you play and what did you get up to?

I'm currently playing a Nephilem. The character is obsessed with implants and is going full cyborg with reckless abandon. I've built the character with A big focus on movement and qm having a lot of fun with it.

So far just done the Ghost ship Carthage campaign scenario which the GM is using as a jumping off point for his own story.

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/tg/ anti-elf threads never met such heresy.

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Kaltoran hacker on the run after he joined the Republic of Desire to try and get back at some Corps then bugged out when shit got real. Hasn't communicated with his family since so if they track him down they won't fuck up his family as payback so he's gone full nomad.
the session got canned after the first session so now I'm just about to DM for the first time for some friends.

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You... Double elf!!

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Remnant best race

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You miss spelt worst.

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