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What is the highest quality /tg/ related Youtube channel and why is it Bardic Broadcasts?

Can anyone possibly match this dorf loving son of a bearded neck?

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>and why is it

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Certainly not the highest quality, but there's a charm to T the Writer.

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Hm... personally, I'm rather impressed with Alfabusa's work. Nothing you'd take seriously or acclaim as the best /tg/ channel there is, but Production Quality is decent enough that it gets an honorable mention.

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I personally like itmeJP's RollPlay stuff, but it's a YMMV thing.

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watching that right now

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Which series? Currently watching through Swan Song (for the 3rd time) and had just finished the Feast or Famine one-shot.

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im watching the court of swords im on week 7 part 4 i cant wait for geoff to join

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I couldn't really get into Court of Swords.

I like the setting Adam put together and the players individually, but the way the characters interacted together just felt really off for me. But, that may just be because they were still getting use to the character's voices.

I'm wondering if season 2 (week 9+ ) would be a decent jumping on point.

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i agree i was on a break from it i still miss west marches and this is their next big thing so fuck it it might get better

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ItmeJP and Roll20 games are probably my favorite. They both seem to have the best video/audio quality which I appreciate.

I liked the pre TPK court of swords, but haven't watched much after Geoff joined, is it better?

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>I couldn't really get into Court of Swords.

Yeah, me neither. The setting was neat, but then I just lost interest. I think I'm just burnt out on 5e. There are so many weird and interesting games out there, I don't want to watch people just playing
5e anymore, I know the system by heart now, and any time it comes to rules or character creation I doze off.

Which makes me extra disappointed that the check from Wizards apparently arrived, and now the official Roll20 stream is all "Check out the latest 5e Adventurer's League Modules!" constantly. The Apocalypse World 2e one shot was nice break, but it was just a one shot, and now we're back to more of the regularly scheduled 5e D&D modules that I couldn't care less about.

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I've said this once, and I'll say it again. Nerdarchy is a channel worth checking out.

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Bardic Broadcasts is pretty much tops, yeah.

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I-is that beard real? I-i kinda want to touch it.

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i second this, so so much.

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Love this guy, never thought anyone could make critical tg reviews so funny

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>Bardic Broadcasts
>rarely updates
>very little content
>what little there is is mostly uninspired unboxings

Look I really enjoyed the Heroquest video too and the guy seems like he's a fun person but that doesn't actually make the channel good.

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I think these guys are good too

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They have reviews
and lets plays

They were on one of the biggest boardgame fairs in Essen and even have a own community fair.

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Like his videos
but he rarely fucking makes one
should've atleast make weekly one about him ranting for them youtube dollars

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>mistaking quality for quantity
Go watch some gamer grrl e-beg for stuff on her Amazon wish list

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His more recent unboxings are actually pretty great. The older you go, the less inspired it is, though. I was like you, thought heroquest was great but wasn't interested in unboxing at all, but he actually makes many of them pretty entertaining.

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Wish I had the time/money/people to turn my channel into a good /tg/ channel I'm stuck doing vidya shit and painting tutorials (commission painter) till I get more cameras and dependable friends or money for shit to unbox.

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He's definitely the groggiest grog that ever grogged the internet

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Matthew Colville has some great videos about running d&d

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Agreed, definitely glad he cut himself off from the Alfa Legion which became cancerous except for the original members like thunderpsyker, Nostalgia, Karl etc

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Counter Monkey is awesome, but he might offend some newfag casuals.

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to bad Spoony is fucking horrible with releasing vids and has a bad habit of rambling onto different tangents. I know it isn't scripted but it wouldn't kill him to have reminders to stick to the point/story he is telling, not ramble on too five different topics.

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Does he even make videos anymore about ttRPGs? Last I saw he was making shitty let's plays.

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MtgGoldfish is the only one I watch regularly.

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What happened to the Alfa legion, anyway? I'm only familiar with Alfabusa's current works

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The Gentleman Gamer

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Mathew Colville

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I think depression killed him and his zombified husk just does let's plays and like a yearly Reb Brown film where Reb Brown is like a 15 second cameo or something.

He probably has run out of stories and shit and probably can't get a group together anymore. I feel bad for him really. He should honestly do more content as like produced videos and stop interacting with his fan base. It's really not doing him much good clearly.

Also agree with this guy >>49822732
He should get one (1) piece of paper and fucking write down his talking points, so he can be a bit more concise.

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It was very strange going from the Heroquest vid to considered and eloquent reviews of anime titty figurines.

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>tfw Robbie has cancer

Well this morning's gone to shit.

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Most of the original guys started to fuck off, those that stayed tended to isolate themselves from the rest of the community. That combined with the fact that one of the sub-groups was larger than the rest combined whilst also being hated by some of the older people basically caused the place to implode.

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>mistaking quantity for quality

See thats your problem you've literally done the same thing but the other way round.


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Tolarian Community college isn't bad once you realize that The Professor is trolling.

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he's a pretty chill dorf
anyone know his name or twitter account

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I personally like DnD Threshold a lot, the sessions are short compared to most other YouTube groups and there's a lot of roleplay over combat. The world is pretty interesting too, though the players can be really shy and awkward at times.

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from what an old alfa legionnary, faggots would show up and talk about experiences and shit

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i prefer actual plays which take place in person as opposed to via the net.

any recommendation, guys?

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>Maggots from meat
>Weevils from rye
>Dragons from stars in an empty sky


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Only video thats popular was the Heroquest
It was only popular because e-celebs that actually played the game shared it to their normie viewers and normies swarmed it like some fuckers that pretend they're nerds a word that already lost its meaning

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Web DM. Fat guy is a very chill and down to earth DM.

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There's Critical Role, which is done by a bunch of voice actors and is typically an in-person game (except for the occasion when a player or two are off doing their own thing due their line of work and have to skype in).

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Yes, REEEEEEE. Fucking normies need to stop messing with nerd shit.

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Funny thing. I'm currently in a campagn with people whom first contact to role playing games came from actual play videos and podcasts from internet.
That stuff gets "normies" into the hobby and more people is always better.
Especially with hobby that requires multiple people to work.

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I try to watch gameplay sessions like rollplay and forgotten fates but goddamn they are typically so cringeworthy.

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You tell him, anon!

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currently listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkSobp6AdPU
it's a good stream: properly edited and with good audio. thanks!

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Tabletop with will wheaton

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His reviews of sleeves/boxes/binders is based. Rest is cringy, his gameplay is quite bad for someone with his experience in not an entertaining way.

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what do you think about titansgrave though?

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Source: me, an original Alfa Legion person who still does stuff for TTS.

Basically what happened is that the Veterans, which were a group of people back in the olden days who made Alfa Legion content (videos, mainly, although we also worked on an RPGMaker game, got halfway through, and fractured because of interpersonal conflict and a waning lack of interest) and voice acting (Karl, Fresh, etc), basically sort of split off from the Legion proper since the majority of it was/is cancerous shitposting.

What happened next was that a group of people within THAT group decided to try to take the Alfa Legion away from the memery, and actually come up with lore for it's home sub-sector of Scandavus (which is basically a parody of, well, Scandinavia). This is where things got bad, because this caused inter-personal conflict because people tried to make roleplaying groups, where important/noteworthy members of the Legion got to run their own factions.

This divided the community up further, got people SUPER butthurt, and a falling out of multiple parties meant that the lore project fell apart, with most of the content creators either giving up on the Alfa Legion as a thing, or working on Text-To-Speech.

Basically, the people who still make videos are Eliphas the Inheritor, Bruva Alfabusa, Karl the Deranged, and Gunner (try Inquisitor Gunner, although his videos are kind of outdated). ThunderPsyker makes retrospective reviews of the Dawn of War games, Fresh does voicework for Alfa, Karl, Eliphas, and Thunder, as do Anchors and Dr. White.

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I though everyone on /tg/ HATED Wil

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Nope, there's at least two folks in this thread who don't hate him.
Tabletop's alright.

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I swear to god I'm going to look this up and it's going to be more aspie American faggots with unbearably awkward voices spewing autism that it is literally impossible to listen to, isn't it?

This goes for 95% of TTRPG podcasts and streams in my experience. I like the Roleplaying Public Radio guys.

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I'm sorry we have so many autists
t. american

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he looks like i did before summer started. like, eerily so

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I don't like Wil. Tabletop is ok in spite of him
Me likem the Dragon Age RPG episodes with Chris Hardwick

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Thanks anons. I kinda suspected it was due to internal disagreements but this helped me figure it out a bit more.

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I hated tabletop every since they censored the word 'Slave' like its fucking offensive. Like every slave in history was black.

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Secoding based colville, especially good for new DMs or people knew to TTRPGs in general

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Tabletop Minions is a pretty C O M F Y channel

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I really dig their 20min videos. Tiny insights here and there I hadn't considered. They seem like good people. I like Emma's table play, too. Good game sense.

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I kinda like LindyBeige. He's a Britfag that knows a lot about medieval weapons and culture. Pretty sure he plays tabletops, too

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i also like fear the boot, they're equally easy to listen to.

nah, wil is okay

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Thieves World basically remains my go to story to send people when I get the "So what's the big point of playing an RPG" question from some noobie in my group.

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this dude is my spirit animal. I can only hope to have a beard as dorfy as his.

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Fuck, is Spoony still around? I stopped watching his stuff when he got sick and just became depressing to watch. That must of been five or so years ago.

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Shut Up and Sit Down because Quinns is gorgeous senpai.

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just listening to their GM advice. while i am not big on D&D, it's interesting to get a sense of their mindset.

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>He's a Britfag that THINKS he knows a lot about medieval weapons and culture.

I have more time for Lindy than a lot of others on this board but he's wrong a lot of the time.

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Any decent human being loathes him and everything he stands for.

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Hear hear!
How does he dare to introduce new generations to role playing games, such acts should be declared as crime.

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Next time, are you going to say "I've said this twice"?

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ew, take better care of yourself anon

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Same. It gets more entertaining when Geoff joins (not surprising), but I still keep getting the feleing that Adam made a really interesting setting and the party could still just be from literally any generic D&D setting. No one has really engaged with it. And the constant running away and failing to accomplish anything in the first season just got kind of boring to watch.

Right now I'm hoping the Blades campaign is good.

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And he also seems to think that knowing a lot (in his mind) about medieval weapons and armor means that his opinions on anything else have any value whatsoever.

Watch the "In defense of the English alphabet" or whatever he called it, where he literally makes up how he thinks a Chinese dictionary works and then argues against it. Completely from his ass. Or listen to him talk about climate change.

>> No.49842177


Oh man. He completely misses the point why people complain about spelling in English, and then gives that terrible made up example you mentioned. I guess he sort of addresses the real complaint later on though, but his defense is still basically "yeah it's fucked up, but at least our dictionaries aren't crazy like the ones chinks have"

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he is good but he is a sjw.

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>Right now I'm hoping the Blades campaign is good.

Me too. The one John Harper has been running since the early playtests (over on his Youtube) is fantastic. Adam plays a ridiculous sociopathic street thug who is just great.

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I think he's too obviously dickriding the SJW market for most of /tg/.
Also he's too professionally intertwined with Felicia Day, who is incredibly fucking irritating.

>I don't like Wil. Tabletop is ok in spite of him
>they censored the word 'Slave' like its fucking offensive. Like every slave in history was black.

These things, basically.

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>Roleplaying Public Radio
I too like RPPR.
They're just about the only actual play group(s) I can bear to listen to.

Well, most of them, anyway, and many of their hangers on.

I think basically, having Caleb Stokes as a formally educated story writer does great, great things for the level of plot and characterisation that those games tend to have, especially when he GMs.

Tom, on the other hand, is the epitome of the irritating autist RPG player in roughly half of the games he's in.

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lol no

Dude is a reverse Rennaisance man, ignorant about just about every topic

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I Hit It With My Axe is good shit.

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Esper the bard is pretty high tier.

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