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Do you actually know any RPG gaming groups that don't consist entirely out of pale-white nerds ?

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The only all-male-white group I played in was kinda bad. All the other groups I've personally seen or played with have had one or more ladies and/or at least some nonwhites. Usually the gender and race balance has been pretty solid here in east coast 'Merica.

>inb4 racist, sexist shitstorm

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Well, the FLGS I go to is full of normal looking normies that think they're pale-white nerds even though they aren't.

Does that count?

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My very first group as a kid only had one white guy in it.

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I live in the midwest, so my games are typically dude-heavy, though I'm in an urban area so racial diversity is a little easier. I don't honestly notice any difference in traditional RPGs, White neckbeards are really fucking bad at story games, though.

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So just you?

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Forgot to add "Where are you from ?" in the OP.

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No, my groups usually have at least one nerdy person of colour or nerdy girl. Usually more.

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yep, but being in so cal helps. bunch of mexicans, two asian dudes, a black dude and a white chick.

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My friend is a african-american albino, how fucking dare you imply he's not black you bigoted shitlord.

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I'm in commiefornia, so yes. There's enough asians, mexicans, and indians about that an all-white group would be somewhat strange.

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I'm not white so anyone one I've ever been in.

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I'm native american and most everyone in my group is a white male besides my wife, but none of us are really "nerdy" honestly at most glance you'd think most of us are dudebros

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Not really.
Does most of said pasty nerds being literal faggots count?

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No. Because I live in one of the proper European countries.

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Does /tg/ stand for traditional games or tumblr generalizations.
Getting sick of this shit.

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My group is one pale white nerd, a handful of Jews and a hispanic guy. Great adventures.

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>tfw when you live in eastern europe and see non-white people just on tv.
Just fuck my shit up.

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Aren't jews white ?

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The only RPG groups I've been in lately were online, and I've never even seen so much as a photo of most of the other players. I know that some of them weren't 'white' (there was a Chinese guy at some point, and a Navajo) or Western (there was that Brazillian guy), but that's about it. No idea about their sexuality, either.

And really, why the hell should I care? When I want to play an RPG, then all I'm looking for is other people who also want to play an RPG and who know what they're doing.

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Of my three groups all are male and all are pretty much white or white looking, I do have the black friend who shows up every now and then.
Hipster, downtown Brooklyn btw

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From USA here, our GM is a Native American and great at what he does.

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>eastern europe
I'm pretty sure that living in Eastern europe is more of an issue than seeing non-slavs.

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Yes and I regularly do so. What difference are you expecting that to make?
And I'm the only one that isn't pale, but I'm Italian, so I'm still a whitey.

New York

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>a native american telling tales in a circle
He is a living cliché

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My first group had two gypsies, a chink and a genuine subsaharan nignog. Fuckers liked two things in life, šljivovica and clean runs. Unfortunately, the former had a tendency to impede the latter.

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>Do you actually know any RPG gaming groups that don't consist entirely out of pale-white nerds ?

My group consists of pale-white bodybuilders, does that count?

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Go back to Tumblr. Your kind aren't welcome her trigglypuff.

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My current DM is a transgender woman. One of the players is gay. I'm heteroflexible.

We're all still honkies, though.

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Yes, my first three groups

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Shouldn't you be on /v/ raging about furries?

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Very few. There's a direct correlation on how shitty the group is to how many them are white and are fine with having a penis.

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I say no, because if you call them white, they'll say they're jewish.

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What kind of gyppos, true dark skinned roma or those irish that pretend to be gypsies and are just trailer park white trash?

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Shouldn't you be circle jerking with other hambeasts in your safe space?

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Mine isn't but it's two girls, three guys.
Some of the other uni groups are more diverse or whatever.

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White people claiming to be jewish people aren't jewish, the real Jewish people were black.

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>entirely out of pale-white nerds ?
So females included? Yes no?

My wife games tomorrow and her group is exclusively women

Today I'm going to me group which include a black and two asians, then yes three whites- including myself. Speaking for myself, I am hardly pale.

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It means he likes traps, I think.
there's nothing wrong with that

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Do (very pale) Greek-Americans and Italian-Americans count as white?

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You didn't even try.

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Here in Brazil the games are pretty diverse, since everyone here either is a SandNigger or a full Black this is pretty common even in the worst hobbies, like wargaming, etc...
And there's plenty of Women playing too

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please fax me a copy of your manifesto prior to you doing whatever it is you're planning

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which would make him gay

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And look at the bastard's haul!

Seriously, our bait dodging game is weak.

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Shouldn't it be bi then? I mean, fucking traps is gay as fuck, but the dude himself would be technically bisexual.

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I lived in South Korea for over five years.

The teacher-heavy gaming groups I played in almost always had at least one Korean and at least one lady.
The soldier-heavy gaming groups I played in almost always had at least one black guy.
And even the white guys in these groups were all farflung expats from the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Germany, Poland, and all over the USA.

Then I moved back to the states. I've found gaming groups here to be far less diverse (white midwestern guys that have never been outside of the United States, many have never been outside of the midwest) and yet these people make a much bigger deal out of diversity. I mean, they make a much bigger deal of paying lip-service to the idea of diversity.

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There's a black guy in my group, but he's intelligent and a weeb so he apparently doesn't count as black.

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nah, the dude don't like men, he isn't bi

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/tg/ loves bait, no matter how many times we deplore it

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I have two regular groups: I run a weekly/bi-weekly Mutants and Masterminds campaign, and I play in weekly a Pathfinder campaign.

In M&M group I have: one white/Chinese guy, an African American guy, one white/Hawaiian guy, and a Korean/white girl.

In my Pathfinder group: Chinese/Japanese DM, Filipino girl, Japanese girl, white guy.

I myself am Japanese/Hawaiian. We're all from Hawaii and we've all been friends for years.

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While the group I'm DMing for is primarily white and male is always diverse because I'm a grill
I also go to a RPG club and you see all kinds of people there, 90% of very nice and fun people as a matter of fact. and a 10% autism quota but that's to be expected

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I'll stay just to annoy you. Thanks for the bump, hope to see you in my next thread.

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Thanks, but I'll pass. You go on without me.


One was a programmer with dual degree in compsci and linguistics, the other was a trap who did belly dancing at an unspecified bar downtown. Both earned about three times what I did working as an assistant at the university.

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But liking traps means you like men to SOME extent, making you by definition bi

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>not liking girls with dicks


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Never change, crazy black people, never change.

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>being this much in the closet

Question mark times ten

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I like traps actually but girls with dicks aren't real except for trans people inb4 >trans >girls

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When they work they aren't real roma anymore.

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>tfw even the black girl who plays with the pale white nerds is a pale nerdy black girl

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Technically, yes. In practice, he fucks women and things that look like women.

Hey now, black people being weebs is one of the only stereotypes I have found true.

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that's futa not traps faggot

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I've never ran a group without at least one mexican or black person at the table, because the mexican person was always my most devoted in terms of attendance and when depression hit and I lost the will to leave my house the black guy next door was already really heavily engrained in the crowd I pulled more local players from, as well as being a close and valued friend of mine. Rolled dice with an Asian persontwice, Hawaiian once, and the first Asian time was only Asians, being led on an oriental adventure DMed by me, captain white bread. It actually got stupidly high praise, and they still message out of the blue to do it again.

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Being a hetero man really only means that you're attracted to feminine features. So if something has 95% feminine features, your subconscious sexual instincts will just say "eh, close enough".

The penis doesn't mean quite as much as that you think it does.

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Basically, yeah. If it looks pretty and feminine and has dat booty then I'm into it. I don't consider myself bisexual because I am not attracted to conventional masculine physiques or personalities. But whatever, get super defensive about your own sexualities and call me gay or a fag.

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What are you?

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I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that OP's a master baiter.

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Yes, nearly every group I run.

>> No.49800876

My group is all white males save for a white woman and a Hispanic guy whose dad is white

Literally tumblr.

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the same shit

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He's probably master baiting right now

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Yes, my group. It has a jewish-mexican guy, 2 white guys, and a trans Indian person. I'm not joking.

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I think it depends on how feminine-looking the trap has to be for you to be attracted to it. If they look like a flat-chested girl with a dick, you could probably still call yourself heterosexual. If you're attracted to a kinda girly-looking twink, then you're probably bi

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The thread is mostly people detailing their play groups and not much else though.

>> No.49800910

>trans Indian

What were they before they were Indian?

>> No.49800916

They were brown, had awful taste in clothes and could give practical advice about picking pockets. That's close enough.

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How about something on this level?

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>tfw most of /tg/ is so new they fall for the bait

>> No.49800938

No, there's always a fag, usually the GM, who brings his gf. Whether this has been a good thing or not has varied.

>> No.49800942

Apache attack helicopter.

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>all-white group would be somewhat strange
>strange in a white country
Jesus Christ!

>> No.49800970

This board is worse than /co/ in terms of tumblr shit

At the risk of sounding like the proverbial aforementioned dreaded out -of-touch white male... why the fuck does having a diverse group matter? I DM but I don't have like a diversity quota on who plays in my groups and I don't resent myself or anyone who plays in my group because of it

>> No.49800977


Seems like a bit of a downgrade.

>> No.49800990

To be fair, in California whites are 30% minority

>> No.49800991

How is that even implied?

What if I like chicks AND dicks even when they are not attached?

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I'm the only nonwhite person in my group but I'm the GM.

>> No.49801006

That pdf is interesting. It does miss the opportunity to talk about political or religious discrimination though.

Apostacy or atheism might be heavily discriminated against in many cultures.

In contrast, in certain Marxist dystopias religion might be banned.

In some countries only a few religions might be officially legal and even then might have heavy state interference.

Someone who even speaks the word "union" once might be fired immediately in some places.

Someone who proudly proclaims themselves a Fascist or a Marxist might be justifiably fired (read the Communist Manifesto if you don't believe Marxism is despicable.) However, freedom of religion might protect even religious institutions that campaign for Kill the Gay bills or that support terrorist organizations. Societies can have religious biases that protect religions from legitimate criticism.

>> No.49801014

>North commiefornia
>white country

nigga this place is majority asian, I swear

>> No.49801019

>At the risk of sounding like the proverbial aforementioned dreaded out -of-touch white male... why the fuck does having a diverse group matter? I DM but I don't have like a diversity quota on who plays in my groups and I don't resent myself or anyone who plays in my group because of it
Nothing wrong at all. OP is just a master baiter

>> No.49801033

That's literally just a girl drawn as a boy and vice versa. There's a lot of sexual dimorphism in that picture, the girl even develops double D breasts

So if the reason you are really attracted to it is because of the possibility of a penis then you might be bisexual dude

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I love the dick and you are a faggot m8

However, fitting yourself into a limiting group such as straight or gay or even bi is silly. If its cute its cute.

This doesn't mean bang whatever though. Follow the Jack Harkness rule.

>> No.49801049

You've got a decent point.

I wouldn't call it bisexuality unless there's sexual attraction to masculine features as well. But then again; even the girlier twinks usually have subtle masculine features. And that's a turnoff unless you are a little bi-leaning.

>> No.49801051

What does anything matter? Different people bring different things to the table and this actually brings down the old tired stereotype that only BBT Bazinga fuckers play RPGs.

On the other hand you are also able to hide the thread if it triggers you.

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>the girl even develops double D breasts
Padding and breastforms

>> No.49801065


pick one

>> No.49801073

Bruh, Northern California is more than just the Bay Area. A lot of the North is country as fuck

>> No.49801074


I just quit a group of all white dudes cause they wouldn't quit making rape jokes about female characters (not to mention their racist and transphobic jokes in other contexts).

If y'all think "SJews are ruining gaming" and want to remain completely oblivious to the feelings of others, fine. Just don't complain about the lack of women in gaming, because you're part of the problem.

>> No.49801095

Because if your group of friends doesn't look like the burger king kids club then you're a bad person

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>> No.49801118

How is that a bait?

>> No.49801120


My long-suffering GM is Filipino American, and he's probably second-best GM (of the few I've played with). I also just left a group of mostly white people because they kept halting play for half an hour to do stupid crap like trick some guy into drinking pee or something.

>> No.49801122

Bisexuals aren't real, anon. They're like Bigfoot or straight drag queens.

>> No.49801129

>y-y-y-your the triggered one!

Clearly. But the BBT show is ethnically diverse already so what point are you trying to make?

>> No.49801131

Bro, you think I got the money to leave this place and learn about the world?

In all honesty, it's not that important, unless your 'diverse' players are super into their home culture and want to bring some of their own mythology to the table.

>> No.49801134

Does that mean we need a cripple too? I'm not installing a ramp in my basement.

>> No.49801140

Seems fake and it will no doubt attract a passionate response from someone

>> No.49801147

It is? I don't watch that shit but as far as I know is 3 white dudes and a jew

>> No.49801161

Oh, wait, one of them was from India or some shit right?
>Googling this fucking shit up

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>> No.49801168

>your race and sexuality matters more than your personality and interests when it comes to what you bring to the table
Damn, i'm pretty even /pol/ would tell you to ease up on your bigotry.

>> No.49801170


>not real

If you believe that then I have a bridge to drop on you.

>> No.49801187

My current group that I DM is: 1 Vietnamese girl, 3 white guys. 1 of the guys is asexual so he's a little strange.

My previous group though was all women and it was honestly pretty good.

>> No.49801188

I'm Native American, so I think that means every group I've been in hasn't been all white. Mostly standard needy types though. Some variety has come and gone.

>> No.49801214

That's what you take from it? Instead of "different people with different backgrounds and situations have different life experiences"?

>> No.49801229

How is that necessarily ethnic? I feel like an upper middle class Asian/black/white are going to have a more similar background than someone of the same race from a lower class background

>> No.49801238

It's not fake. I live in the rural Midwest. People here are backwards and awful

Now *this* is bait

>> No.49801245

My gaming m8s at college were mostly not all all white males

Admittedly, they were MOSTLY white males, but not all. Aside from an odd two, we usually had 1-2 females, and I guess one of our guys might have been called asian? He was pretty americanized, I don't know where you delineate things like this.

>> No.49801250

>Just don't complain about the lack of women in gaming, because you're part of the problem

>> No.49801257

I've had precisely one cishet person in my gaming group over the years.

>> No.49801275

How is black nerdy guy from a first world country having some radically different life experience than his white friend? Would all asian gaming group be worse by not having one white dude thrown into it? You are reducing people to their race. That's racist as fuck.

>> No.49801276

the fact that talking about how gaming lacks diversity is nigh-guaranteed to start a flame war just goes to so how bad things in the community really are

>> No.49801303

Talking about diversity in any community starts a flame war.

>> No.49801305

all my players are gay and trans actually

>> No.49801308


I never said is necessarily ethnic, that's all you son, I repeat: how would a table benefit from having different people? Because they have different life expirience
I'm pretty sure that. regardless, they have a different outlook on society. Your life is not the same is you live it as a man, or a woman, the way you react to things and the way people expects you to react to things does differ. The same with ethnicity, you see people differently and people see you differently. Not necessarily better or worse, just different

>> No.49801313

Most of the gamers I've met have been sexist shitheads. I would say it might just be where I live, but judging from shit like Gamergate, it seems to be a problem with the community as a whole

>> No.49801360

That's all becouse of the right wing death squads who murder every PoC that tries to get into gaming community.

>> No.49801413

If it isn't bait and you actually believe this you would not come to this site which has the title "cathedral of mysgony "

>the fact that talking about how gaming lacks diversity is nigh-guaranteed to start a flame war just goes to so how bad things in the community really are
hey buddy you just stop over here from tumblr.
Do you forget where you are?

>> No.49801417

First sentence and it already goes tits up.

>Much digital ink (and blood) has been spilt talking about diversity representation in tabletop gaming
>Blood has been spilt

Loving this bait though OP. Top notch. Love even more how everyone took it but ran away with it and made it a conversation about attraction to genitalia. Never change/tg/, you take bait so much better than I.

If you were trying to be serious OP, my gaming groups are;

Myself, a half Native American, as GM, a black man, an Italian man (immigrated when he was 7), a half indian half black girl, and two white men.


A homosexual white man as GM, myself, two black guys, a white girl, another gay white dude, and a white transwoman.

Met the first group from a school friend years ago, and the secomd from the transwoman taking me to this ultra conservative shirt and tie gay club to meet her friend, the gay gm, who at the time played MtG and now runs games. We just got done with a GURPS supers game with the first group and the second group is halfway through a magic girl campaign. Shit is cash.

Tumblr can suck my ass, they wish they were as diverse and accepting of faggots and niggers as me.

>> No.49801421

Also traps.

>> No.49801422
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>in my /tg/
>using that as an example.
>using them as an example of "sexism"

>> No.49801433

But jack wanted to screw a poodle in one episode, how does that fit in with that test?

>> No.49801453
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My group has an Asian in it.

>> No.49801454

Actually, it's being facetious

>> No.49801469

Was decent bait at first, but now you're trying way too hard.

>> No.49801476

No, it's because gamers are racist as fuck and shout down anyone who calls them out for it

Ain't nothing preventing me from posting here so unless you've got an actual coherent argument against what I'm trying to say you might as well piss off

>> No.49801481

I'm living in center of Syberia. It's hard to be a diversed when everyone around you is white and only chance for you to see a blacks are only porn and internet.

>> No.49801482

I am a poo in the loo, there's an asian guy and a hispanic guy here, too.

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