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Looking for advice for getting from 1250 to 1500.
Wasn't looking to pick up 'Greenwing' stuff but definetly making a proper Ravenwing Strikeforce would probably help.
Will have to take bodies away from the Biker Squads but I still don't know if I will have the points for the Mace of Redemption Interrogator Chaplain on a Bike.
Would a Lvl 2 Librarian or a ServoHarness Techmarine be a better, cheaper experience. (Obviously put on a bike)
So I took the advice that was given to me a couple months ago and dropped my Deathwing Knights for the Ven Dread.
Since then I also beefed up the regular Bike Squads and added Attack Bikes to them so now I can combat squad them out of the formation.
The extra 250pts since the 1000pts I started with has been better.
Having a lot more bodies has helped my army a lot.
Mostly playing against my Dark Eldar, Tyranid and Imperial Fists.
I have my first match against CSM this weekend and I know he plays a nurgle based army so hopefully we will get a good game in.
This is the 1250pt list I am bringing for our game.

Deathwing Strike Force

Terminator Armour Librarian (130pts)
>Foe Smiter, Force Axe

Five Deathwing Command Squad Terminators (250pts)
>Cyclone Missile Launcher, Deathwing Apothecary, Deathwing Company Banner

Venerable Dreadnought (160pts)
>Multi-Melta, Powerfist, Drop Pod

Ravenwing Attack Squadron #(310pts)

6-man Ravenwing Bike Squad and an Attack Bike (235pts)
>2 Grav Gun, Combi-Grav, Heavy Bolter on the Attack Bike

Ravenwing Land Speeder (75pts)
>Typhoon Missile Launcher

Ravenwing Attack Squadron #2(115pts)

Ravenwing Attack Bike (55pts)

Ravenwing Land Speeder (60pts)

Ravenwing Attack Squadron #3(285pts)

6-man Ravenwing Bike Squad and an Attack Bike (235pts)
>2 Grav Gun, Combi-Grav, Heavy Bolter on the Attack Bike

Ravenwing Land Speeder (50pts)
>Heavy Bolter


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Volkite for 40k marines soon confirmed?

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>He sweeps them

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>METAL kasrkin

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This is quite surprising, as I thought this would happen.

Think about it.

Abaddon gets there, just about to kill Emperor, then the Prophecy of BA is fufilled and it's Sanguinius, Horus is nearly killed but flees. So instead of a quick strike, he's forced to enter a protracted war where he's already used his element of surprise.

So it would essentially revert to the status quo, instead of "1 min to Midnight" it'll be forever on "Midnight" now.

Makes sense.

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those prices doe

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>Old Guard models
>Prostro board game out on 22nd
>Buying mate's Scions for £160

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Daily Reminder that when it says "40k Rules" for Custodes and SoS, 40k = 31k-40k.

SoS don't exist in 40k and Custodes don't do any fighting, they're ceremonial. Therefore these rules cannot be applied to them in 40k.

You do realise that's NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS, right?

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Wait until the 13th BC makes it to Terra

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I can finally get sly marbo, the original meme character

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>melee race

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think we'll see an Angels of Death update to include some of the BoP shit?

>released April 2016

eh nevermind

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I'll fucking cut you.

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the box set will contain the rules
but chaos will still get nothing

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How do infantry platoons work with reserves? Say I give a special weapons squad outflank with my warlord trait. Just that squad can outflank, right, and not the whole platoon?

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Do Kroots wear Spacesuits when they board an enemy vessel from their Warsphere?

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>letting the enemy get in close enough you can board


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>40k marines get volkite
Can you imagine how much the chaos players w-

Oh, they already are!

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They count as separate units still so yes.

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Literally lol'd.

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What do people use to cut models (tanks and dreadnought) in too for modelling bases?

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Try me, faggot

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They do for sure? I'm looking it up and people are sperging out for pages claiming they all roll reserves as 1 unit (and the entire platoon has to be either in reserve or fielded), they all roll reserves separately, this faggot is even arguing to the death that each unit counts as a troop choice on the FOC

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They are separate units but the guards special rules mean the platoon has a whole only counts as one troops choice.

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>implying you'd have the balls to call in an airstrike on yourself
>implying you're as badass as that Russian


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razor saws

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thought so. Thanks.

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Anyone have experience with Chinese recasts? I've been playing for almost 15 years now and I haven't bought anything new in a couple years. Looking to maybe get some Krieg guys from China. Can't justify paying those kikes one more cent.

Any experiences or advice is appreciated.

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and they have super high taxes
a squad of cadians over there costs 35€ a 40% price increase compared to prices over here
a squad of kasrkins will cost about 35€ here if the prices scale the same which isn't that steep for 10 metal models imo

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>35€ for 10 cadians
>tfw my first purchase in warhammer was 20 cadians for like $17 from a games workshop


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Do you guys have any suggestion on how to convert a krieg to hold a plasma gun without buying a whole weapon set just for one single plasma?

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>Abaddon marches to Terra
>He smashes through, using surprise
>He lands on Terra
>He marches through
>He batters aside the defenders
>It's Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Blood Angel survivors (several chapters wiped out on Baal, Dante + 1st Company + 2nd Company leave to defend Terra)
>Smashes them all aside
>Destroys all and downs the Warlord Titans (why aren't they Emperor Class's defending it?)
>Breaks in
>Him and his Elite kill the BA's defending the room
>Dante and a few flee into the Golden Throne room to defend it
>Dante duels Abaddon
>Abaddon injures him, or kills him, perhaps living him dying so he can see him kill the Emperor
>Abaddon is about to strike the Emperor down when Sanguinius kicks Abaddon back
>Abaddon gets powered by Chaos to defeat Sanguinius without turning him into DP
>Sanguinius holds him off
>Suddenly hidden doorways open and SoS and Custodes rush out en masse
>Custodes are lead by a huge Custodes
>They manage to push Chaos back
>Abaddon rages but refuses to retreat
>Custodes Leader and Sanguinius nearly kill him, but Chaos spirits him away to prevent losing the leader they've spent so much time on
>Chaos fleet retreats as huge army of Iron Hands, White Scars (led by Khan who gets promoted after Chapter Master dies defending Chogoris)
>Terra is held at massive loss and the forces prepare to counter attack, Sanguinius is made Warmaster (like many wanted during GC)
>Fear of other attacks on Terra is adverted when the Custodes leader reveals himself to be no other than Rogal Dorn
>Meanwhile, Raven Guard infiltrate dozens of areas to be able to strike back at any attempt to defend planet by Chaos
>Salamanders manage to find all but one of the remaining items, realising the last one is in the EoT, which is suitable unguarded to get

Eventually, Vulkan returns when all items are found. Corax returns to help his sons in darkest hour. Ferrus Manus wasn't actually dead, it's was a illusion cast by Slaane Daemon in Fulgrims Sword. Khan returns.Etc

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They haven't rolled reserves as 1 unit since the end of 5th ed.

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get the plasma gun
cut off the hands around the plasma gun
get a krieg
cut off the lasgun around the hands
glue the plasma gun in

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Alright, seems fair enough man, one last question, as i still have to order some of those fw goods.

are the krieg arms attached to the gun stock like with the cadians?

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I haven't played since 4th

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>sanguinus is made warmaster
>not the lion

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You forgot about Alpha Legion

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The Heavy Rail Cannon Array is powerful enough to be used more than the regular pulse drivers.


>> No.49788096

Depends on the kit, some have 2 arms attached to the gun, some only 1 arm and others with only hands.

>> No.49788124

Powerful enough to be used as often as the regular pulse drives

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I'm in the process of the exact same thing tbqh, though I haven't made my order yet
Unironically check reddit, theres one exactly for this

>> No.49788163

It's really good, but I could definitely see the uses of the Pulse Driver over the Railcannon depending on the situation, it's not a clear replacement.

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>Ferrus Manus wasn't actually dead, it's was a illusion cast by Slaane Daemon in Fulgrims Sword. Khan returns.Etc
Wasn't there a part in the HH novels were fulgrim gives Horus the severed head?

Alternatively: there is a ship full of beheaded living iron hands trough the use of forbidden DAoT technology, he might be hidden there and fulgrim mistakenly took the wrong head

Alternatively 2: one of fulgrim perfect clones of Ferrus manage to escape the sex lai.

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Does anyone have a really good and fluffy Vostroyan
Firstborn 2,000 point army list?

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carapace vets and carapace command squads

grab some vehicles


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>the lion
>the primarch who's only friend was Leman Russ because both of them were equally retarded
Lion fags get BTFO

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I may get a game in this weekend. This may be my silliest army experiment yet.

++Black Crusade Detachment [Primary]++
+Chaos Warband+

Disc Lord of Tzeentch w/ Sigil, Powerfist/Lightning Claw, Scrolls of Magnus & Spell Familiar - 235 [Warlord]

Bike Sorcerer w/ ML 3 & Last Memory, Spell Familiar, Force Axe & Bolt Pistol - 175

2x Chaos Space Marines: 5 Marines, Meltagun, Champion w/ Combi-Melta, and Rhino w/ Dirgecaster - 135 x 2 = 270

2x Chaos Terminators w/ Combi-Melta/Power-Axe, and Champion w/ Combi-Flamer/Powerfist - 122 x 2 = 244

2x Chaos Bikers w/ 2 Bike-Mounted Meltaguns, and Champ w/ Power Axe - 105 x 2 = 210

2x Helbrutes w/ Plasma Cannon: 110 x 2 = 220

+Spawn Auxiliary+
2 Spawn - 60

++Daemons CAD++
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch on Disc w/ ML 3 and Paradox - 145

HQ: The Blue Scribes - 81

Troops: 10 Horrors - 90

Troops: 3 Nurglings - 45

Fast Attack: 3 Screamers - 75

Total: 1850

Battle-Plan: The Lord and Sorcerer have the option to either start in the Spawn unit, or in Bike units, or run solo, depending on terrain distribution/enemy weapons; the Spawn are "in case of Grav", while Bikes are "otherwise". The Herald starts in the Screamer unit, while Blue Scribes rolls Malefic. He'll use his Jetbike status to move-cast-turbo.

I took a Disc rather than a Bikelord of Nurgle mostly for "fluff", but the extra attack is nice, and Jetbike moves are handy; being able to move over enemy models lets me avoid "Bubblewrap" scenarios. In a pinch, it lets him Turbo for objectives too. The Scrolls of Magnus/Familiar was because I didn't want to buy a "second" sorcerer, that was outside the BC detachment. 60 points is still effectively cheaper than the 95 points one would spend on getting an extra ML 1 Psyker with Bike and Spell Familiar.

One thing I'm contemplating is dropping the screamers. This gives 90 points, of which 45 can go towards replacing the Nurglings with a 2nd unit of Horrors, and letting me fiddle around with more options. Thoughts?

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pulse driver is good at deleting big swaths of models but the cannon array is better at targeting superheavies and looks really cool

>> No.49788320

who the fuck writes these rules? Why is GW making 40k fuckign retarded?

>> No.49788388

The Lion would've been Warmaster originally if it wasn't for Horus.

>> No.49788392

What's wrong with them?

>> No.49788393

If one person buys this, somebody else buys another super-heavy or some other bullshit model to try and counter it, and then so does the rest of the group

It's marketing. It's why Lords of War are in the "standard" game instead of in apocalypse codecies. If you wanna make the game fun again just ban Lords of War in your group.

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>$100 for an IG heavy weapon squad

>> No.49788418

Warmaster's primarily about public relations.

If not horus, it would have been sanguinius. If not sanguinius, he probably would have left it to malcador because robute and rogal (the next best choices) trigger the autist primarchs to much.

>> No.49788420

Also, my Sorcerer rolls Ectomancy for "Move" spells. I don't mind Last Memory's costing me a Psychic Focus in this case. Since Chaos doesn't get Hit and Run, I'd rather a power that lets me target enemies in close combat.

One thing I'm contemplating is that the Screamers themselves don't do too much on their own, but they're a threatening summon, especially if brought from Incursion.

If I drop the Screamers, I get 75 points to work with. 45 points lets me turn the Nurglings into a second unit of Horrrors, leaving me 30 points. 18 points lets me add a Horror to both units, while another 12 points let me give my Bikers the Mark of Slaanesh; if I did this, I would replace the Champ Power-Axes with Lances. The main drawback to this would be my Lord is stuck with the Spawn due to incompatible Marks, and my Herald would have to lurk in a Horror unit until I found it safe enough for him to split off, or I got a Screamer unit ready for him.

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>lion fags being this delusional
Everybody knows hawkboy is better in every aspect to that savage retard

>> No.49788507

"Had he been the first one he'd found, Jonson believed he would have been the Warmaster. The Lion believed that Horus would inevitably be defeated and that the Emperor would need to choose a new Warmaster very quickly if the Great Crusade was to continue. He asked for Perturabo's support. The two Primarchs reached an understanding -- Jonson granted permission for the Iron Warriors to take possession of the siege guns at their convenience -- on one condition, of course. Perturabo raised an eyebrow, inquisitively. Jonson made his brother promise that the siege weapons would be put to good use. Of that, Perturabo assured, they most certainly would be utilised in that regard. "


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this is >>49788393

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Not that anon, but the biggest issue with the Ta'unar is that it's too cheap and is a gargantuan creature instead of a super-heavy vehicle, which is a buff. The shield system is probably the cheesiest thing about it though, since it negates deathblows like that.

But I think the worst thing is that it's better geared at taking down regular armies than other titans. In a titan vs titan fight it would probably lose, even with the new array, but in a super heavy vs. standard list it would slaughter the opposition so it's better in the hands of a cheese player. Regardless though I doubt anyone here would play against it without their own titan to fight against it, which would probably beat the ta'nar unless you're playing orks or tyranids, but that's not really a shock, is it?

>> No.49788599

I can get a Calth box for like $80. That's impossible to pass up, right?

I love the look of 30k Thousand Sons with the red and silver. If I got Calth and that box, would I be pretty good spot? I mean, I don't know anyone who plays 30k, but I could use them as a counts as for 40k or what's w/e.

>> No.49788602

>lion and russ were friends
Are you retarded or just watched too many animes where people who hate each other become best friend rivals ?

>> No.49788610

What are important colors for the mechanicus other than Red?

>> No.49788647

probably silver for the metal bits

>> No.49788673

On the talk of Superheavys is there any point to taking a Baneblade* as a Guard player or is it better to go with knights?

Looking at the Ta´unar it´s not that much more exspensive to take in a list then a Baneblad*+sponsons and I have a hard time seeing the Baneblade* winning against it, heck I have problem with seeing the Baneblades* take on a Imperial Knight and those are cheaper if I understand it right.

*=Any Baneblade version.

>> No.49788679

Also Z and CCON are sellers that have then you gotta find one of their catalogs and details
I hear CCON is better quality, Z is cheaper but still aight, I dont know myself though, I do know you've gotta be willing to work on the models a bit more with regards to flash and mold lines

>> No.49788684

Typically reds and metallics of any dull or brass kinds.

>> No.49788701

FW will be so pissed if Volkite gets rules for 40k again. They'll shaft not only AdMech, but marines too!

>> No.49788705


>unless you're playing orks

Well if Forgeworld is on the table, couldn't Ork players build a Stompa capable of countering it for only a hundred or so more points?

I've seen some Ork players make a somewhat cheap Stompa with enough guns to make a Warhound and Reaver look underarmed.

>> No.49788718


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File: 99 KB, 873x627, gw-99111399007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The bulk of the priesthood wear it. It's really only the guys going to war that wear red.

>> No.49788750

>The Lion is a CIA Arms Dealer

>> No.49788763


To be honest, any of the Baneblade variants probably won't do as well as Knight or Titan will if you're fighting another Titan, Super-Heavy Walker or Gargantuan Creature.

Even the Shadowsword can have some difficulty given it's only a Large Blast D weapon with one shot on a platform that is likely as good as wrecked if that enemy Titan, Super-Heavy Walker or Gargantuan Creature should reach it.

One advantage to them is, unlike Knights and Titans, they can't be locked in combat or tar-pitted, not that this hampers Knights or Titans much when they can have D strength close combat and Stomp attacks.

>> No.49788779

Yeah I've emailed CCON and I'm waiting for a response. Trying to get a hold of Miranda or whoever to potentially pick up some Krieg.

I'm surprised there isn't a larger following for this stuff here. This is a much more conducive environment for it than reddit.

>> No.49788787

Are you aware these are metal, made to order, specially for you cast models? Are you aware those are in NZ dollars?

>> No.49788821

>Jonson believed he would have been the Warmaster
So the Lion was equally an arrogant, delusional lionfag as his wanky fans.

Sanguinius was the obvious second choice.

>> No.49788824

I dunno myself, also be in mind that chinks are chinks so they might be unresponsive for a while, and they might not be great and comprehending shit
Also I'd get Z's catalog too, seems a few people on there bought of him

>> No.49788825


Nah, the Deathblow reduction isn't cheese, because it has it instead of void shields.

Lose 3+D3 wounds on a 10 wound model, lose your invul to the end of the turn? You aren't surviving two of those, and it's easier to wound after if you hit it with the D first.

Meanwhile a unit with Void Shields such as a Warhound? Can survive several D hits if they aren't removed first, and they're spare hull points that grow back.

Ta'unar is undercosted for sure, but specifically having a "half one Deathblow" gimmick isn't the worst aspect of it by any stretch.

>> No.49788848

>It's really only the guys going to war that wear red.
So... the entirety of all the models you would be putting on the table to play a wargame, then, barring some weird scenario which includes civilian AdMech caught with their pants down?

>> No.49788872

I find it particularly damning that he has this delusion as he is fatally misjudging Perturabo, showing how much of a terrible Warmaster he would have been.

>> No.49788875

he asked which colours are important to the mechanicus

not which colours are important to the mechanicus specifically waging wars

>> No.49788891

Pretty sure it's actually dependant on the Forge World as per the newest Codex, unless I'm mistaken and it's the war-colours that are decided by one's territory.

Either way, >>49788848 martian red is virtually universal somewhere, it's the symbolic colour of the Mechanicus. Metallics are often also incorporated, though usually on the actual bionics over the robes.

>> No.49788902

fluff question

is anyone aware of the armageddon steel legion ever being deployed to a conflict other than armageddon?

i get that its a big important ongoing conflict ect ect but i cant find mention of them ever fighting anywhere else

>> No.49788914

So, let's say I'm writing a set of houserules for my club to cut back on the amount of ridiculous cheesy shit people can do.

What is a simple change that prevents any and all 2+ re-rollable invuln saves? One which doesn't have some clunky ultra-specific "re-rolled dice only succeed on X" rule.

Furthermore, what armor values should be given to Tau MCs and GCs when converting them to Walkers/SHWs?

Where do I begin making Eldar fair? What's the most OP thing about them?

Is there anything besides the above that needs fixing?

>> No.49788920

They weren't just founded for that conflict were they?

>> No.49788921

>as per the newest Codex
newest shmodex

anyways I can't remember wear I heard the white robe thing. Might have been inquisitor, might have been the original rogue trader. It was never really expanded on or mentioned again because mechanicus were always just kind of in the background, aside from techmarines and enginseers.

>> No.49788939

>>Abaddon marches to Terra
>>He shmashes through, using surprise

Stopped reading there, never going to realistically happen.

>> No.49788953

This. For all his prowess as a warrior, Lion was a fucking idiot when it came to being a leader. It's like the difference between a Space Marine Captain and a Company Champion - your best fighter is not necessarily the guy you want in charge.

Fair enough, I just assumed he was asking in regards to painting his models, which would almost certainly be things meant to be waging war.

>> No.49788965

Fair enough, but yeah, the new Codex suggests that each Forgeworld has its own 'colours' that show up on most robes, for whoever asked the question I'd recommend looking up stuff like the War Cohorts of Metallica and Lucius to see the general trends, such as the inclusion of martial red somewhere.

>> No.49788977


They were involved in Medusa V, a conflict against an insurrection to Imperial rule near Armageddon and it's believed the Minervan Tank Legions are descended from an Armageddon regiment that was awarded the world of Minerva as a Right of Conquest after a pitched battle against a Chaos Sorcerer and his renegade warband.

They're also active in the Armageddon sector as I believe one of their artillery regiments was on Minerva during the recent conflict where they inscribed every shell with the name of a Maytr from Hive Hades, hoping to earn the slain a measure of vengeance.

>> No.49788984

Are Custodes stronger than Space Marines?

Surely only the best of the best can be the Emperors Bodyguards

>> No.49788989

Start Collecting boxes in Europe: 65€

Start Collecting boxes in US: 165$

Now I'm not good with money conversion and stuff but the course isn't so bad that those prices would be equal, right?

>> No.49789006

>Furthermore, what armor values should be given to MCs and GCs when converting them to Walkers/SHWs?
T6 = 11
T7 = 12
T8 = 13

individually, yes
fluff-wise they are worse than marines when it comes to teamwork

>> No.49789010

They're half way between Space Marines and Primarchs.

>> No.49789044

yes, but marines have more numbers and squad strength. custodes are built to work as individuals or in extremely small numbers.

>> No.49789057

Those boxes are around 55€ in Sweden.
I don't know how the fuck they decide the prices.

>> No.49789066

its possible i guess but the whole 3rd war for armageddon seems odd to me, how its supposed to be a big manufacturing hive world but their regiment is mechanised and all the fighting seems to take place in ash wastes (iirc) it just seems odd that if the wars in a constant stale mate that it hasnt led to a more trench warfare oriented conflict

ah ok cool ill look into that cheers

>> No.49789086

Add shipping costs, add EU export policy and related taxes and is comes pretty much to that.

Stuff for 'murrica will probably get considerably cheaper after Brexit when UK gets their individual trade deal with the States. Also because you will probably become more important market for them (depending on how much reminder of the EU shafts UK on trades with the mainland)

>> No.49789102

Considering I'm from EU and not the US I really hope that nothing gets more expensive.

>> No.49789116

Houserule 1:
You cannot Reroll Invulnerable Saves. The end.

Houserule 2:
Tau Armor equals toughness+4=side armor
side armor+1=front armor
side armor -1=front armor
Houserule 3:
No D-weapons in non-apocalypse games. I actually like the Eldar D-template just because I saw someone model their wraithguard to look like maids with vacuum cleaners. But that hardly makes them fair.

Recommended Houserule 4:
Make Grav a template weapon or something to that effect. This reduces the range and number of wounds to a much saner level.

>> No.49789131

I meant Side armor -1=rear armor. Goddamn me!

>> No.49789212


The fighting takes place in the Ash Wastes, Equatorial Jungles and at the gates and ruins of Hive Cities.

Most of the Armageddon continents are Ash Wastes and this is where the majority of the fighting takes place. Most of the Hive Cities are heavily industrialized for the purpose of cranking out, among other things, armaments.

As for the trench warfare, that isn't easy to accomplish on Armageddon unless it's likely surrounding a Hive City.

One does not wish to hang out in the Ash Wastes, which are volatile and virtually inhospitable.

They're also heavily infested with Orks, as many of the Ork Rok landing sites are found there.

In addition, roving bands of Orks, Speed Freaks, Dakkajet-Bomma skwadrons and Stompa Mobs are rampaging in the Ash Wastes (in fact at one point the Stompas were so numerous that Sentinel Teams had to be equipped towards hunting the over-sized scrap totems down).

>> No.49789317


>Battlesuits are walkers patch houserule

Highest degree autism. At least redo the statlines properly and on a case by case basis if doing that.

Or better yet, take the opposite tack and buff other walkers into MCs.

>> No.49789324

>"My Grav Kataphrons do 25 wounds to magnus, please take your invuln :^)"

Why even bother releasing this shit

>> No.49789342 [DELETED] 

are there any good books/sources that detail the conflict and other guard regiments involved? as i remember seeing a big list that included the mordian iron guard, elysian drop troops and death korps amongst others but dont recall seeing any info on what they got up to other than just being there

do you know if the yarrick books are worth reading if im interested in the armaggeddon war/steel legion or are they mainly just bout yarrick and his vendetta against ghazghull?

>> No.49789347

>What is a simple change that prevents any and all 2+ re-rollable invuln saves? One which doesn't have some clunky ultra-specific "re-rolled dice only succeed on X" rule
Make it so that any rerolled save (or Feel no Pain or Resurrection Protocol) can only succeed on a 4+ or worse. Yes, it's clunk, but there's not really a better way to do it. I guess you could have any save (or Feel no Pain or Resurrection Protocol) that would a 2+ rerollable is instead a 3+ rerollable.

Rather than convert MC/GC's to vehicles, just unfuck their pricing and durability. The big issue with the Riptide is that it's undercosted and that it's so durable as to be immune to small arms fire. It takes something retarded like 500 boltgun shots to kill a 'tide on average. MC are supposed to trade a vehicle's immunity to weapons below a certain strength threshold for not having to worry about the Vehicle Damage Chart. Drop the save to a 3+, drop a wound or two, don't let it buy the Feel No Pain, and make it choose between the Thrust Move OR the Invuln OR a second main gun. Or just jack the price way up. Stormsurge just needs a slight price bump and a couple core changes to the rules.

You also need to unfuck the Markerlight Chart. 2 ML for Ignore's Cover is too much. Make it something like 1 ML for -1 to Cover Saves and 2 additional ML per additional point of cover reduction.

Eldar? Bikes go back to 1 in 3 for weapons, WK goes up at least 100 points, Distort weapons lose the D.

You completely missed Space Marines. Double the cost of Drop Pods, remove the free shit component of Gladius (give it something else, maybe some army-wide buff based on whether the Warlord is a Captain or a Librarian or a Chaplain), completely rework Grav Weapons. Make them entirely dedicated to killing big monsters or vehicles, with weaker secondary use as killing heavy infantry. Or something else, just as long as they aren't the best gun for every purpose.

More coming in follow-up post.

>> No.49789378

>implying Magnus will have an armor save and not just a bitching invuln
Even if he has an armor save, which he probably will, he's going to be rocking at least a 4++. Maybe even a 3++ depending on how expensive he is. Plus FNP from being a GC.

>> No.49789399

ah ok i see, i guess i didnt quite realise how difficult the ash wastes where to operate in and i suppose the added shelter of being fully mechanised makes a lot of sense.
out of interest are there any good books/sources that detail the conflict and other guard regiments involved? as i remember seeing a big list that included the mordian iron guard, elysian drop troops and death korps amongst others but dont recall seeing any info on what they got up to other than just being there, the mordians in particular seem ill suited for such a conflict

do you know if the yarrick books are worth reading if im interested in the armaggeddon war/steel legion or are they mainly just bout yarrick and his vendetta against ghazghull?

>> No.49789403

he actually has a 2+ 3++ but no FNP, he is only a MC. T8 W9

>> No.49789413
File: 340 KB, 1920x1080, _IG_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lord Macharius

>> No.49789481

Personally, I like the idea of the Riptide's Nova reactor being an automatic success for the turn, at the cost of burning out that subsystem for the next turn. For example, activating the Nova Shield gives the Riptide a 3++ for that turn alone, but prevents the Riptide from having **any** Invulnerable Save in the next turn, etc. For the Riptide Wing, the Networked Reactor Array lets a nearby Riptide suffer the Burnout effect instead.

I personally feel that would give it more of a "timing" tactical incentive, rather than it being "I'm always going to roll Nova Shield except on the one turn when I am in range for Hailfire."

>> No.49789514

Kill Team Question. I'm running a Skitarii Kill Team, and I'm curious how Omnispex work in this system. Is it only the model that is carrying the Omnispex that receives the -1 cover? And if so, can I give an Omnispex to someone with a Special Weapon? In normal 40k, I always have it modeled on a different dude, but there is nothing that says a Plasma Caliver dude can't be the one with the Omnispex, right?

>> No.49789527

wow, time was not kind to these minis

>> No.49789539

with all this horus heresy stuff taking flight
I want to see some dark age of humanity shit. or some unification wars stuff. having a box set with thunder warriors vs techno-barbarians would be the sickest shit ever.

>> No.49789568

ur set to NZ m8, US price is $85

>> No.49789707

Moving on to the core rules.

Units can only contain units from a single faction. No more retarded super-friends shenanigans.

Completely rework Stomps. I'd just make it a a single attack at half strength with no AP against every model in base contact. Then just make it so that Super-Heavies can always just choose to walk away from non-Super-Heavy combatants, but it provokes a single free auto-attack from each model they're walking away from.

D weapons only roll on the D chart against Super-Heavies. Against everything else they're just a Strength 10 hit that causes D3 wounds/+1 on the damage chart.

Change up how scoring works. Objective Secured is gone. All non-vehicle units are scoring, unless an enemy model is within 3" of the objective.

Slight alteration to dangerous terrain. It goes back to armor saves allowed, unless you are a bike, a jet bike, or a cavalry unit. Vehicles never lose a hullpoint from dangerous terrain and only suffer from Immobilization on an additional roll of a 1, otherwise they just stop moving for that turn.

Artillery loses the dumb "the whole unit is T7 thing." I'm not sure how to compensate to prevent artillery crews from just getting massacred on the first turn. Maybe let other same-faction units crew them?

Do some balance work on psychic powers. Invisibility needs nerfed, pyromancy needs buffed. While I was at it, I would add the astartes powers to the core list, and then bust each discipline down to a much more tightly focused D3 table. Rolling for random powers is okay as long as you can at least have a rough idea of what your psyker will get. As they are now, most disciplines is an arbitrary assortment of witchfires and blessings and the occasional malediction. Probably just can Conuration powers entirely.

There's more, especially, for the other codexes, but this seems like more than anyone will care to read.

>> No.49789723

I want to believe. Any other details, especially in regards to psykery? He at least has EW, I assume.

>> No.49789725


>the mordians in particular seem ill suited for such a conflict

In once instance they were used to rally the Hive Citizens for the defense of their city alongside them.

In some cases this was through press-ganging.

As a result, they quickly ran afoul of some of the more devious elements of Hive society and many a Mordian Guardsmen failed to return from their task.

> do you know if the yarrick books are worth reading if im interested in the armaggeddon war/steel legion or are they mainly just bout yarrick and his vendetta against ghazghull?

A few of those pertain to his time battling other foes, such as Chaos and Tau infiltrators.

However, the core of them are dedicated to his battles against Ghazghkull Mad Thraka.

The Space Marine battles books have some bits with the Steel Legion, including Helsreach and one battle where they storm the Gargant yards the Celestial Lions failed to destroy sometime beforehand.

>> No.49789728

>The big issue with the Riptide is that it's undercosted and that it's so durable as to be immune to small arms fire. It takes something retarded like 500 boltgun shots to kill a 'tide on average. MC are supposed to trade a vehicle's immunity to weapons below a certain strength threshold for not having to worry about the Vehicle Damage Chart. Drop the save to a 3+, drop a wound or two, don't let it buy the Feel No Pain, and make it choose between the Thrust Move OR the Invuln OR a second main gun. Or just jack the price way up. Stormsurge just needs a slight price bump and a couple core changes to the rules.
The only thing wrong with the Riptide is the Ion Cannon upgrade only costs 5 points.

>> No.49789764

personally i feel kike thats the way to go for many them.
a dreadnought is pretty much an imperial wraithlord, MC would suit it.

something like a sentinel is fine as a current style walker, its very much the tank on legs thing.

>> No.49789775

interesting stuff, i guess ill keep looking and piecing things together.

cheers for the info

>> No.49789800

Don't forgot, being a MC it has smash making it ap2 at initiative.

>> No.49789816
File: 422 KB, 1159x1037, Valhallan_sniper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>28 days to arrive
worth it

>> No.49789835

ws2 i2 to be precise.

>> No.49789842


I support keeping the Walker rules for very unweildy mechs unable to turn to effectively defend themselves, such as Sentinels and Stormsurges, then making everything else MCs.

>> No.49789844
File: 53 KB, 400x400, TETSUOOOO!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw someone mention somewhere something that will happen sometime called Age of Emperor?

Is this a real thing?

Also, are laser-cav motorcycles a thing in the Imperial Guard?

>> No.49789851

Jesus.....a lord of skulls and warhound cost more then something that out shines them twice over.

>> No.49789860

ws 2 means nothing against anything less than ws 5 and even at i2 it still strikes before most of the weapons that can hurt it.

>> No.49789882


Not a huge issue, if you combine the sheer bulk of it, it's shit WS and low quality of attacks for points invested.

A Riptide that gets stuck in melee is probably going to spend the rest of the game there.

>> No.49789888

>Artillery loses the dumb "the whole unit is T7 thing." I'm not sure how to compensate to prevent artillery crews from just getting massacred on the first turn. Maybe let other same-faction units crew them

the artillry piece provides cover (and good cover at 3+ or 4+) for and even block LoS too its crew even though they're the same unit. If you don't have LoS too a crewman your shot resolves against the pieces T7.

>> No.49789904

He specifically asked to give the battlesuits armor values. I'm not going to search through the entire Tau codex and evaluate every damn walker on a case-by-case basis just for an example post. Here's a quick-and-dirty solution, work out the details on your own.

Also, why would a sentinel no longer need to worry about immobilization, exploding ammo caches, or crew whiplash?

>> No.49789920


>Outshines a Warhound
>Outshines 4 large blast D's behind void shields

If you duel them, the Ta'unar only really stands a chance if it's within 24 inches, equipped with the melta arms, and gets to go first.

>> No.49789949

its not so much a rumor as pure fan speculation.

>> No.49789958


>Also, why would a sentinel no longer need to worry about immobilization, exploding ammo caches, or crew whiplash?

It has two hullpoints and AV10 all round or 12/10/10. It's dead before most types of vehicle damage become super relevant.

That'd only be about say, T5 W2 4+ for scout, 3+ for armoured.

>> No.49789990
File: 676 KB, 1080x1920, Dreadnought - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to any and all BA players out there, I just started collecting them and scored a cheap death company dread and was wondering if they were effective at all on the table? how do you field them if at all?

>> No.49789996

It's still gonna get swept by a dedicated melee unit.

>> No.49790020


It'll clog some up. Just... Not remotely an efficient way to use it. A dedicated melee unit which has locked a riptide out of the game relevance is doing it's job.

>> No.49790027


It's really just rumors and speculation at this point. There was a blog that mentioned it and it had a pretty alright track record when it came to leaks. I don't have a source, sorry.

>> No.49790074

What's a good 40k podcast?

I've been listening to long war and I can't take it anymore. The dude with the husky voice keeps talking like he's a gangster about little plastic men. It's fucking ridiculous

>> No.49790092
File: 296 KB, 700x368, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rumours: "They're bringing back the entire back catalogue on a to order basis!"

Reality: Limited runs of specific old ranges. This week, some guard stuff.

>> No.49790095

AV 12 is T9, its completely immune too S5 or less.
Even AV 10 is T7.

>> No.49790105

Are they only listing them on some of the countries?

>> No.49790106

In his defense the SW fluff says russ always liked the lion, and misinterpreted his hatred for just the way he treats his friends
Russ used to fight everyone, that's what jocks do

>> No.49790120

>brettonia fans getting hyped up for it
>"see, they didn't just squat us! we're coming back, GW love us again!"
>it's guard

So painful to watch, someone should just put them out of their misery.

>> No.49790131

would chariots be better or worse as cavalry?

it's just the first week, hopefully they'll swap through the different ranges

>> No.49790138


They'll get a week.

>> No.49790139

>Start collecting
>Get the Tau beginners set
>Paint 1 squad
>Immediately wish I'd gone with the Necrons

damn it /40kg/ please find it in your hearts to convince me I made the right move

>> No.49790145

>Rather than convert MC/GC's to vehicles, just unfuck their pricing and durability.
No, fuck that. They're clearly walkers. Mechanical constructs are not creatures. There's no reason a lascannon shot into the fuel/ammo sources should be stopped by Feel No Pain because "stimulants".

>> No.49790147

Now you're just highlighting the fact that an unwieldy 2-legged chicken walker can dual a Tau battlesuit 1v1 and win.

>> No.49790159
File: 232 KB, 800x800, 1473548779191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know where I can pirate a copy of Shadow of Ullanor?

>> No.49790175

>he is only a MC
>Magnus, Legendary Daemon Primarch, Chosen of Tzeentch, 10,000 year old Warlord of an entire Legion, can be removed by a Stormsurge making a stomp attack.

>> No.49790183

...You've chosen a powerful army that's easy to learn?

>> No.49790199

It's your own fault for getting into the blueberry meme

>> No.49790202

Best faction to bait (you)'s and rage from autistic kids in 40kg.

>> No.49790207
File: 10 KB, 285x188, 1448929061017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And the problem is?

>> No.49790214

The point is, it's armed up to it's teeth in guns and still gets to be ap2 in melee.
My walkers of ap- in melee without weapons, weapons that they pay for.

Anything less than a powerful dedicated melee unit is going to get fucked up by the riptide., Things like ogryns and incubi who survived to get to the front lines only to find they cant bypass it's saves or they're too weak to wound while it ignores their armour and, at least in the case of the incubi, wounds on 2s.

>> No.49790228

well, if nothing else at least I can piss people off then

something something shoot you before you hit me

>> No.49790242

Here's a list of things that should be Monstrous/Gargantuan Creatures:

Big Tyranids
Big Daemons
Big Dark Eldar Fleshcraft Constructs
Big Wraithbone Constructs

Here's a list of everything that should be a Walker:

Literally every-fucking-thing with mechanical legs that is equivalent in size to the things above.

If you unironically think giant Tau suits should be anything but Walkers you're a fucking retard.

>> No.49790243

In the fluff those cunts usually get #rekt everyday anyways

>> No.49790248

Thanks to the ally matrix you can collect and field both!

They're AoC if I remember right which basically makes them best buddies!

>> No.49790259

How much is 37 nz in usd after shipping from gw? Is there some sort of math?

>> No.49790264
File: 332 KB, 610x381, 1470296871851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>grotesques as monstrous creatures

>> No.49790267


Yeah if nothing else you ebay it for a tidy profit.

>> No.49790271


use a currency converted ya retard

>> No.49790279

He's talking about the talos/chronos ya ninny.

>> No.49790294

The grotesque is as much a flesh construct as the talos

>> No.49790311

Guessing you're in North America? GW unveils new releases on their site for our site on Saturdays.

>> No.49790314

And this is the reason why muh feelings are bad metric for rules making.

>> No.49790335

Confirmed for ignorant retard. Ion Cannon is almost always worse than the Heavy Burst Cannon.

>> No.49790350

It doesn't work like that, new Zealand gets their ass expanded by shipping
But nvm I found it

>> No.49790363

Kastelan Robots shouldn't be Walkers because they aren't vehicles.

>> No.49790367

I wonder if my LGS will order these for me.

>> No.49790374

Making them MCs would actually be a downgrade, you wouldn't be able to take them in squads, hide ICs in their units or put them in transports.

>> No.49790392


Yea, I could, but I might use it as an excuse to. Actually play Thousand Sons, even if I have make up some fluff.

>> No.49790393
File: 247 KB, 2197x1465, latest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So has anyone gone on a Forgeworld shopping spree ever since the whole Brexit thing happened? Pretty tempted myself, but the GBP still looks like it's dropping.

>> No.49790395

Neither is your mother, but I'm still gonna drive her wild.

>> No.49790402


>> No.49790412

I'm tempted, pound went from double a cad to about half

>> No.49790413

They're just as much a vehicle as a Riptide. They're more of a vehicle than a Defiler.

>> No.49790431

Yes sir. Thank you.

>> No.49790448
File: 8 KB, 382x384, 1447730783603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then make it super grotesque

Like warhound titan size, with the same break dance pose

>> No.49790457

No, seriously, you're an ignorant retard. The HBC churns out better results than the Ion Cannon against almost all targets. If your opponent isn't a moron that bunches up his MEQ's outside of cover, then the HBC is hands-down the better weapon option.

>> No.49790470

No it isn't.

>> No.49790536
File: 40 KB, 593x321, Kasrkin squad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least I can finally get my Kasrkin now

>> No.49790547


Or a Soul grinder...

>> No.49790556

How can you be a vehicle if nothing rides it?

>> No.49790578

Great, guess I'm eating Ramen for the next couple of weeks again.

>> No.49790597

These may be the only metal models I would ever want.

Now if I only I had a debit card...

>> No.49790610

I would rather have giant hulked out wracks.
>Deldar allows him/herself to be transformed in to the hulk
>duel wielding splinter cannons like a blasphemous cross breed of the hulk, skeletor and schwarzenegger

>> No.49790625 [SPOILER] 
File: 27 KB, 394x392, 1476493736721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A small fee

>> No.49790628

Ask any daemon engine.

>> No.49790642

>can't decide if I want to paint my Chaos Space Marines as Death Guard or Thousand Sons
Can someone help me

>> No.49790647

Maybe Daemon Engines shouldn't be vehicles either, then. If there isn't a crew (and therefore is not actually a vehicle), then getting things like "Crew Shaken" or "Crew Stunned" is just silly.

>> No.49790674

Flip a coin. It's how I make a shit load of decisions.

>> No.49790694

>he doesn't have 30 kasrkin from when they used to make them


>> No.49790705

To be fair, maybe there should be more categories than "Walker" or "Monstrous Creature".

A lot of the things in the game don't exactly behave like either when you think about it.

"Daemon Engine" and "Construct" should be their own type of vehicle to cover things like the Daemon Engines, Eldar Wraith Constructs and Tau Battlesuits.

>> No.49790708

fuck yes. I use them as Veterans, so I can finally load up.

>> No.49790725


Is this the part where you tell us you don't actually own either of the cult models?

>> No.49790729

>Things like ogryns and incubi who survived to get to the front lines only to find they cant bypass it's saves or they're too weak to wound while it ignores their armour and, at least in the case of the incubi, wounds on 2s.
Yeah I see your point.
Whole thing needs a re-design from the bottom. Would be nicer if things were made simpler/quicker than spending even more time looking at rulebooks.

>> No.49790753
File: 3.24 MB, 3840x2160, WP_20161014_15_25_41_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Played my first game of killteam today what did you do thread?

>> No.49790761

Is the general consensus on Gargantuan creatures firing that they get to fire 2 weapons or all weapons?

>> No.49790768


Please base your guardsmen.

>> No.49790775

All weapons.

>> No.49790797

Waiting for Martian Ironearth. Doing Klendathu theme.

>> No.49790825
File: 53 KB, 498x476, 1416292817362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>have money
>should buy new brushes and paint
>end up buying more models


>> No.49790830

>Blood talon with built-in heavy flamer
>Blood talon with built-in meltagun

Magna-grapple gives it "Move Through Cover" allowing it to be dropped out of a Storm Raven without taking a Dangerous Terrain test.

>> No.49790836

I like your plan

>> No.49790915

Hurrican Matthew Sucked all the moisture from the air and created a massive umbrella of grey clouds that covered the sun. For two whole days the Floridian West Coast was cool and dry. I took advantage of the good weather to give my newest Leman Russ an undercoat. So now its time for paint! Space Shermans, hoe!

>> No.49790945

Fuck I'm gonna buy 2 squads of kasrkin with 2 sets of special weapons. Or do I do 1 squad of kasrkin with 4 special weapons? I already have one squad at home.

>> No.49790978

Worked on my Ven Dread.
So far so good.

>> No.49791003

Should I play a Nurgle based CSM army with allied nurgle demons
Or should I wait till the thousand sons codex comes out and ally in tzeentch demons

>> No.49791065

Mostly finished a marine for my own custom chapter. Too sick to do much else unfortunately.

>> No.49791074


Personally, I'm waiting for Thousand Sons because I already have a shitload of horrors, and I was thinking about allying a CSM cult anyway.

>> No.49791092
File: 1.58 MB, 3264x2448, 9MhKH6J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assembled some Operator Marines for my raptors.

>> No.49791109

>pieces of sprue still on the model

>> No.49791119

Kind of looks like he's about to blow up some bus full of people.

>> No.49791148

Umm I don't think ERA is authorized on power armor no matter how effective (read as redundant) or awesome that would be

>> No.49791170
File: 79 KB, 673x955, Valhallan_Trooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Decided to start a valhallan army.
Rip wallet, but I don't give a fuck

>> No.49791174
File: 1.86 MB, 3264x2448, Tx6BIdn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not ERA, they're Tactical Packs. Him and the rest of my sternguard are completely covered in MOLE and other types of tactical packs.

I also assembled my first Leviathan. I have taken to naming him FATMAN, and he will be painted up tomorrow.

>> No.49791224 [DELETED] 

Its a cool idea but to be honest i feel less is more here,

>> No.49791266

Its a cool idea but to be honest i feel less is more here, the packs on the front of the chest look kinda cool but on the shoulder pads and the backpack it looks a little silly, like hes been turned into some sherpa. it probably would look better if you could move them to the thigh armour. that atleast makes more sense as well. i cant really imagine him trying to grab ammo off of his pauldrons and backpack, too impractical.
not trying to judge hard or anything just some constructive criticism

>> No.49791292

I kinda actually want it to look completely ridiculous. Like someone who has been told that he's going down to a planet to operate on there for like a week, but because he's a a genre savy bastard, he packed 2000 extra bullets because he knows the week long operation is going to get extended for a whole year.

Having bullets in your pauldrons isn't really for you though. They're much easier to get to if you're one of his squadmates. I have a buddy in the marines who describes to me how he likes to pack shitloads of extra ammo, and he just has his squadmates pat him on the shoulder whenever they take a mag from him in mid firefight.

>> No.49791312

The Space Wolves stuff that seems to have been announced for HH so far all seems to be closer to fluff Space Wolves rather than tabletop Space Wolves. In other words more like actual Space Vikings rather than The Wolves Of Wolfity Wolfness that they have become in tabletop. Will they hopefully bring this change over to 40k, too and not just 30k? Making everything too wolflike make Space Wolves just look goofy rather than the badass Space Vikings thing that initially got them so much love from fans. Yeah the whole "the wolves are actually mutated humans since there are no wolves on Fenris" thing makes it a bit more intriguing, but even then that doesn't account for just how much the focus has turned the guys into Space Furries at this point.

You don't even need to wait for Thousand Sons technically. A CSM Cyclopia Cabal combined with Tzeentch Daemons is VERY powerful. But waiting for Thousand Sons will probably give even more options for the CSM side other than just sorcerors.

Another reason I would also say to wait is that currently if you would go Nurgle your only real options for the CSM side is still Nurgle Biker Lord with more bikers which is still just inferior to the SM biker tactics and thus not all that Chaos.

>> No.49791318

I have 20 cultists, 10 chaos space marines, 5 chosen, a sorcerer, a hellbrute and a chaos lord

>> No.49791326

Been reading some 90s Rob Liefield X-men stuff recently?

>> No.49791338
File: 3.32 MB, 3840x2160, WP_20161014_17_55_08_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also played a 1500 point game against Eldar. They brought D cannons. Bad stuff happened.

>> No.49791341

I honestly have no clue what you're talking about. I've never read x-men, or any comics really.

>> No.49791376
File: 111 KB, 600x607, bloodpouch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rob Liefield is a comic book illustrator/author who's known for overthetop character designs in terms of guns, pouches, random embellishments regarding those two, etc. Also would make characters ridiculously muscly with impossible physiques and didn't know how to draw lower body stuff.

>> No.49791394

Why no USA?

>> No.49791401


>> No.49791422

Gonna be building a Chaos kill team and I'm looking for suggestions for plastic kits with great bits.

So far I have:

1x CSM Squad Box
1x Tac Squad Box
1x Death Watch Kill Team Box

What other boxes should I add for some great bits?

>> No.49791463

I wish they sold prepainted models

this shit fucking sucks I dont want to paint anymore, just buy and play

>> No.49791481

Possessed kit is great for daemonic bits for your macaroons. Dark Angels Veterans are great for the robes. Not much else in it though.

>> No.49791494
File: 572 KB, 410x574, 1475301376622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tiny table
>not blasting the knife eared bastards away with artyllery

Get a wyvern or buy/recast/convert some sweet FW heavy arty

>> No.49791548
File: 51 KB, 1280x720, 1476382873780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't know of the Russ and the lion love-hatred shenanigans they had for each other
New fag detected.

>> No.49791674
File: 3.13 MB, 3840x2160, WP_20161014_18_49_50_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would anon but that's what the tanks were for. Also I already had a 1500 pt list ready and didn't want to list tailor. Charging is fun too.

>> No.49791725
File: 33 KB, 600x620, __99110105050_ValhallanSquadNEW02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Valhallans really need a model update.

>> No.49791744

Out of the metal guard ranges they're the best model wise, the mixed colour schemes GW displays don't help but they look great irl.

>> No.49791754

I love me some Kasrkins too.

>> No.49791762


They are bringing them all back but in stages. They said the entire back catalogue.

>> No.49791793


> Ramen

You mean noodles, stop being autistic.

>> No.49791806

>These products can be found in the 'Made to Order' section. They will always be available for at least 48 hours, but the more you buy, the longer we'll keep them on sale! As we don't start making them until we receive orders they can take up to 28 days to dispatch.

Bringing them back for 2 fucking days, man I really wanted some kasrkin as well but it's not happening this month. Hopefully the "more you buy" thing keeps kasrkin up permanently.

>> No.49791810

Literally everyone just calls them ramen, dude, because that's the fuckin brand.

>> No.49791826

I want to fucking buy Lord Solar Macharius, but I don't get paid until wodensday of next week. FUCK.

>> No.49791833
File: 33 KB, 459x265, TyranidWarriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


God damn they better bring back the goofy looking Nids.

>> No.49791857


>triggered by instant noodles

gear down big rig

>> No.49791896

So, does anyone here ever play the game using Tabletop Simulator?

Tried it these last few days, works surprisingly well.

>> No.49791920


> Literally everyone.

I don't.

> Because that's the brand.

Yep, just like I use my Logitech to write this message on my Dell, anyway I'll catch you later since I'm going out in my Ford to get some Games Workshop and possibly some Tropicana.

>> No.49791925
File: 413 KB, 1037x778, IMG_6586[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The old tyranid warrior design was great. I always thought there was something creepy about it.

Less like a killer dinosaur bug and more like an alien god or the jockey in Alien.

>> No.49791935

yeah played a couple games

Obviously having your own models (and the right models for WYSIWYG) is preferred, but this is infinitely cheaper and much more convenient

>> No.49791964

Would you take them in drop pods, Lucius or regular? Or exclusively storm raven?

>> No.49791966


I wouldn't hold your breath, the molds for them will be shot.

>> No.49791995

hopefully along with those who made them

>> No.49792009


I actually started to assemble some more deldar. Currently, I'm really miffed about the utter lack of special weapons.

>> No.49792016

get scourge

>> No.49792056


This means they'll produce a limited number of the best selling models on this list, ie. they'll keep a few in stock and ship in 24 hours.

Everything else will take a month.

>> No.49792060

The plasma gun model is so sexy

>> No.49792131

Where the fuck do you live that everyone doesn't call them Ramen?

>> No.49792144


>Stop being autistic
>Says autist making something out of nothing

>> No.49792188


>> No.49792215

What are some changes you want to see anons?

>Vox-casters allow for unlimited range for orders, may or may not require line of sight
>An order to give re-rolls of 1 to hit
>Haywire changed to 4/5 glance 6 pen
>Grav with either lower availability or lower rate of fire
>Missile launchers worth anything, maybe frag large blast krak small blast, maybe heavy 1 AP 2
>Gargantuan creatures made to be less survivable than super heavy vehicles instead of laughably more survivable
>Gargantuan creatures removed from the game
>Super Heavies relegated back to Apocalypse only

>> No.49792217

Termi sorcerer with a force ax. Boom, dead. Let a Termi squad serve as ablative wounds until he fails his 5++ and you ID him.

>> No.49792225


I have a box of Scourge. That's the problem. Wtf am I supposed to do with 1 of each weapon?

>> No.49792230

Got any options that aren't nearly double the cost of the riptide itself?

>> No.49792247

Iron Warriors. IV Legion best Legion.

>> No.49792270

>Missile launchers worth anything, maybe frag large blast krak small blast, maybe heavy 1 AP 2
I think giving vanilla launchers a flakk/skyfire variant would be fine.
Flakk as a large blast that hits flyers (and only flyers) would be nice for flavor.

>> No.49792279

Need help getting back into the community.

Really like BTs and Guard, was thinking mechanized guard vets with BTs as allies, maybe a crusader squad inside a land raider?

>> No.49792282

Bought Dark Vengeance I see. I once made the same mistake.

>> No.49792283

>Wtf am I supposed to do with 1 of each weapon?
Buy three more boxes so you can have four 4/5 units.

>> No.49792310

One thing I would like is rebalancing Psyker rules in general.

>Psykers get 2 powers per Mastery Level, but they must select them at Army Creation rather than pre-deployment.
>Characters get 2 Warp Charge per mastery Level, but they may only use *their* own Mastery Levels (no using units as "batteries" for your real casters).
>Psyker Powers use a "degrees of success" system rather than being "all or nothing", and Deny The Witch "removes successes" rather than being "all or nothing."

>> No.49792313

Give him a magna grapple, blood talons, a storm bolter, and meltagun, and run him as Cassor the Damned to save an elites slot and gain the ability to rip and tear in challenges.

>> No.49792319

Sounds solid. Mechanized vets are awesome but don't underrate regular guardsmen for sheer numbers, special weapons teams, and heavy weapons teams either.

>> No.49792385
File: 47 KB, 1120x816, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



We shall take away.... their metal Kasrkin....

>> No.49792404


>Wyches get Rending against non vehicles, 4+ poison in melee, run +charge
>flyoverassaults from raiders
>DARK eldar don't snap shoot inside a jinking transport
>deldar can disembark and assault after flatout

>> No.49792413

Bump this?

>> No.49792418

I don't know about disembarking after flatout, but disembarking and assaulting after 12" sure. I don't think they should have to fire snap shots at that rate eitehr

>> No.49792420

So.. maybe thinking

Command Squad/Commisar (?)

Vets w/ Carapace & Meltas, Chimera x3

Crusader Squad, fully decked out w/ Chaplain all inside Land Raider

Tanks? More templars?

>> No.49792437


Just saying that Deldar are all about speed Bf the rules hinder them got going fast. Are you really going to tell me that Warriors have trouble shooting shit while the raider dodges fire?

>> No.49792448

I really like their old designs themselves, but the way the models turned out just looks, well, old at this point.

A re-model based on this design but using the better detail available now would be pretty sweet.

>> No.49792529
File: 77 KB, 557x379, fail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get away from my kasrkin

>> No.49792534

I'd stick the commissar elsewhere; he gets more use where people can use his leadership and stubborn, and the vets will definitely get better use from it, especially if they're gonna be on the frontlines with those meltas.

Don't be afraid to stick some scary assault unit in your land raider either; it'll draw fire away from the chimeras with big bad meltas, and ideally what you put in the land raider won't be completely helpless without the land raider. Loving the Chaplain in there for example.

Looks like a good start, I don't think you could go wrong with more Templar and maybe a Leman Russ or two. With an Executioner or Punisher for example, your opponent would probably feel claustrophobic pretty fast, and if he chooses to deal with those and potentially let even one chimera with 3 meltas through the cracks it could be his doom

>> No.49792541
File: 271 KB, 1200x1600, 02-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some fluffy vehicle choices for an Emperor's Children force? I'm building an 1850 list and the only vehicles I currently have are two Rhinos and an allied Soulgrinder with Phlegm upgrade. Definately need anti-armor and anti-air. All three Elites, Fast Attack, and Heavy slots are open.

>> No.49792548


Soul grinders are AA, though.

>> No.49792559

Yeah that's one thing I hate about the rules. I could see the cruising speed cause snap shots for most open-topped transports, but Dark Eldar are pretty much fucking pirates and you know they know what the hell they're doing when they're on those things. I GUESS I could see jinks causing snap shots but eh. The more I think about it the more I agree with you. God knows they need something at least.

>> No.49792569

I've got it at like 1495, this is just a ballpark for points of course, not going to run some of these units un-upgraded

Company Command Squad, bare bones

Vets, Grenadiers, Chimera x3

Russ Squad-

Punisher x2

Black Templars-

Chaplain, crozius, in LR
Crusader Squad, maxed out, Land Raider

>> No.49792570

>TFW you remember what White Dwarf Article this image is from.

Anyone else remember the "movie" marines list?

>> No.49792625

holy shit

>> No.49792670


Deldar are supposed to be zooming all over the place at a million miles per hour. Like you said, they're pirates, and their plunder is your ass. Sometimes literally. Sometimes extra literally by taking just your ass.

When they make an attack, it's hard and fast. They don't slow, down so those dudes can carefully take their time and aim. Fuck that! This is SPORT for them. They love making kill shots are mach 5!

What about those fuckers that want to kill you up close and personal? They're not going to slow to a stop and daintily hop off the boat. Fuck no. They're on too much cocaine. They're going to jump right off that shit and stab you in the eye with a knife while the driver tries to snatch your dick with a hook hanging off the starboard bough and then kill your friend with it.

>> No.49792675
File: 95 KB, 663x768, 1472887890830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good point. I need some armor though. Could you recommend Contemptor Dreads or anything from Imperial Armour 13?

>> No.49792685

Wouldn't count on it. Why don't you just buy them on ebay and strip the paint? Would be cheaper than what GW would sell them for.

With stuff that old, they probably don't have the moulds any more. You couldn't buy those even when they sold bits/back catalog.

>> No.49792690

In any game I have fielded my Furioso Dreadnought against my friend's CSM/Nurgle Daemoons army it has never fallen. Now add 3-4 more attacks in melee and make the thing really REALLY fucking pissed off. That's what I assume a DC Dread is like, had I not already glued together the furioso I would have done a DC. Had I not run out of spare funds to buy more models, I'd have bought the Chapter Ancients pack to run 2 DC, 1 Furioso, and a Librarian Dread as a monster hunter.

>> No.49792692


Nope. Don't know FW because the price were always a huge turnoff.

>> No.49792699

primaris psyker with force axe in conscript blob

>> No.49792788

If you're looking to save money, just pick up a Calth Contemptor and convert it. The Chaos Contemptor is a pretty good melee and gun platform.

Fleet helps it move around the board and charge into combat easier as well.

Having the 4++ against glances really saves it's ass most of the time too, not to mention it's Front 13 is a bitch to hurt.

>> No.49792794

Big fan of Z. Bought a bunch of stuff from him. His models will require a bit more cleaning of mould lines, but anywhere there's a significant mould mismatch, he'll just chuck in replacement parts free of charge. Big fan of the quality. Painted up they're totally indistinguishable from GW.

>> No.49792802
File: 190 KB, 693x1023, MovieSpaceMarineArmylist-bookpage1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49792803


Is Z's email still the same as it always has been? It's been two years since I ordered from him, and I still have his email. Just want to make sure he didn't change it or anything.

>> No.49792809
File: 165 KB, 720x1024, MovieSpaceMarineArmylist-bookpage2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49792819


How fucking terrible is it that a Movie Marine list in today's meta is a low-tier army that would get thoroughly trounced?

>> No.49792821

Who is this mysterious Z and how can I give him money for cheaper FW models?

>> No.49792852

How's this for a low point tau army? Trying to keep things fun for everyone, tau have a bad rap at my lgs
Formation (1000pts)

Drone-Net VX1-0 (224pts)
··Drones [4x MV7 Marker Drone]
··Drones [4x MV7 Marker Drone]
··Drones [4x MV1 Gun Drone]
··Drones [4x MV1 Gun Drone]

Hunter Cadre (776pts)
····Commander [MV1 Gun Drone]
······XV8 Commander Crisis Suit [Command and Control Node, 2x Flamer, Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite, Puretide Engram Neurochip, XV8-02 Crisis 'Iridium' Battlesuit]
····XV8 Crisis Battlesuits [3x MV1 Gun Drone]
······Crisis Shas'ui [Burst Cannon, Early Warning Override, Flamer]
······Crisis Shas'ui [Burst Cannon, Early Warning Override, Flamer]
······Crisis Shas'vre [2x Burst Cannon]
··Fast Attack
····TX4 Piranhas
······TX4 Piranha [Fusion Blaster, Point Defense Targeting Relay]
······TX4 Piranha [Fusion Blaster, Point Defense Targeting Relay]
··Heavy Support
····XV88 Broadside Battlesuits
······Broadside [Twin-linked High-Yield Missile Pod, Twin-linked Smart Missile System]
····Strike Team [4x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle, 2x MV1 Gun Drone]
······Fire Warrior Shas'ui [Pulse Rifle]
····Strike Team [4x Fire Warrior with Pulse Carbine, 2x MV7 Marker Drone]
······Fire Warrior Shas'ui [Pulse Rifle]
····Strike Team [4x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle, 2x MV1 Gun Drone]
······Fire Warrior Shas'ui [Pulse Rifle]

>> No.49793009
File: 2.00 MB, 3114x2685, 20161014_195018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys ready for Armies on Parade tomorrow?

>> No.49793025

What is the adequate ratio of Deff Dreads to Killa Kanz in a Dread Mob list?

>> No.49793068

Ok, I can get a Betrayal at Calth for $85. If I wanted to play preheresy thousand sons, how good of a Start is that? How good good is it with the upcoming set?

>> No.49793084

Get it. You can sell it off in pieces if you want anyways, it's worth it.

>> No.49793091

Did you just give some Ork Perturabo's hammer?

>> No.49793098
File: 388 KB, 1751x948, 20160615_232110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49793184

When you buy from him, you're agreeing not to advertise his service. Pretty strange, I know. What I can tell you though is browse the yoyhammer subreddit. Lurk around there for info. The skulking around will pay off. Literally.

>> No.49793193

Praise be to the Primork

>> No.49793201

>gimp ass leg
How does that even work on the battlefield..

>> No.49793212
File: 34 KB, 564x405, 6026710cb0095a9918ed90b674b97b4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its just up a ways

>> No.49793229

I want to paint some space marines on the cheap. Where can I find some knock offs?

>> No.49793246


Kanz are awful now.

>> No.49793248

Oh.. okay. Well the Emperor demands Xenos be purged regardless but at least he isn't both mutant and alien. Continue.

>> No.49793262

You retard, warmaster was all about running the Great Crusade. The high lords of Terra were created for PR and government. Thus, it was more about tactical genius and not who everyone liked the best. Horus and The Lion were considered the two most skilled tacticians (Although Dorn, Guilliman, Khan, and Sanguinius all were potential candidates as well) in the end it came down to Horus and The Lion. Horus being the Emprah's favorite obviously got the job, much to the chagrin of the other Primarchs. The Lion, oddly enough, was rather quiet on the subject. Although he tried to make a play for Warmaster after the HH got going. Supposedly, Guilliman even admitted that Horus and The Lion were the the only ones that were really worthy to be warmaster.

>> No.49793271

How do you mean?

>> No.49793574

>FW will be so pissed

Serves them right.

>> No.49793601

>had 300€ stowed away for FW
>gonna spend it all on made to order kasrkins
hah the losers !

>> No.49793618
File: 77 KB, 575x500, 1299200878369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we have a rough idea of when we're getting Thousand Sons? I've had an army for years but never use them because they're terribad. New rules is gonna be great.

>> No.49793631

Yeah nah

>> No.49793636

They aren't getting new rules, just new models, just like how kharn didn't get an update.

>> No.49793648

Then pay someone to paint your shit.

>> No.49793660


Not really? They've always been stupidly over priced and useless.

>> No.49793671

That's super depressing.

>> No.49793683
File: 62 KB, 450x800, FB_IMG_1476112723929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they aren't getting new rules
Yes they are
you can see this by the way the top of the magnus box says thousand sons

>> No.49793755

These savages will continue to spread ignorance and stupidity regardless of the evidence.

>> No.49793778


I am getting it, that's not a question.
Just wondering how much well off I'd be in terms of 30k

>> No.49793873

Is there any points to Titans, especially the bigger ones, when you have spaceships? It just looks like a big target for orbital strikes.

>> No.49793904

when you need to capture a planet instead of exterminatussing them fully , yeah

>> No.49793915
File: 1.64 MB, 1024x768, Smacking up orks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

punching giant bugs and orks in the face. making an even bigger robot. pleasing the machine god. making big guns. making big fists. being a man made god of the battle field

>> No.49793983

Fuck... I have zero. Impulse control.

I stopped into my LGS after work because they're open until 2. I just wanted to get some primer, but wound up spending $75. Help me...

Hey, at least I'm only one DP away from a Tetragon...

>> No.49794049
File: 41 KB, 171x189, 1476292865443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this delusional
Just like how khorne berserkers had an update in khorne daemon kind right? Face it anon, at best they'll get some bland shitty rule to summon more daemons of Tzeench or generate more warp charges.

>> No.49794082

Khorne Daemonkin came out alongside a new Bloodthirster model, and that got three new datasheets. Thousand Sons are coming out alongside Magnus and new Rubricae.

I play Thousand Sons and Black Legion; I get that GW is good at fucking over there customers. But you're just being retarded.

>> No.49794083

I started painting my Deldar Kill Team, now I just have armour highlights and basing to do!

>> No.49794129

Can chapter ancients formation run death company dreadnoughts? I don't have the book but battle scribe doesn't allow them in the formation

>> No.49794135

I went with harlequins for my kill team only to face a guard mob backed my auto-cannons, really made me think how much our two armies.

>> No.49794207

So, question: has Forge World released any rules for playing the 30k Mechanicum models in 40k? Thallax Cohorts, Mymidon squads, et cetera.

>> No.49794209
File: 107 KB, 400x395, 1434265076177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment anon, but okay, walk the path of the fool if you wish.

>> No.49794217

>Krak missiles have 2d6 pick highest Armour pen.
>Cover as hit modifier (down to minimum of 6 to hit.)
>AP reworked as Sv modifier.
>No FNP against fleshbane/1 less vs Poison
>ATSKNF rerolls their test on shit they they currently ignore
>Empty tranports cannot have ObSec
>Furious charge affects HoW
>Pistol users may make their bonus attack with the weapon's profile in melee, gunslingers may make all of them

>> No.49794271


>> No.49794323

>Krak missiles have 2d6 pick highest Armour pen
So they got ordinance now eh?
>Cover as hit modifier (down to minimum of 6 to hit.)
Sounds good
>AP reworked as Sv modifier.
This is gone for a reason
>No FNP against fleshbane/1 less vs Poison
>ATSKNF rerolls their test on shit they currently ignore
This rule was thought so this army was for beginners to go easy on the new blood and should stay like that
>Empty tranports cannot have ObSec
Fair enough but I think this is more to prevent scoring drop pods and that would be solve easily if they got FAQed into not being able to be scoring
>Furious charge affects HoW
>Pistol users may make their bonus attack with the weapon's profile in melee, gunslingers may make all of them
>non unwieldy power fists with strength 7 or 8 ap1 for blood angels
No, this is shit

You're also pushing your anti marine agenda a little too much there anon.

>> No.49794385
File: 3.05 MB, 924x1376, 0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chose the lord of decay. No more will you feel pain, no more shall you fear death! All things die. Embrace your destiny with grandfather Nurgle...

>> No.49794394

It was in a thread or two back, as a pdf.

>> No.49794399

Buy the Deathwatch marines kits, those come with spaces for packs/pouches.

>> No.49794403

>No more will you feel pain, no more shall you fear death
no mor shall you, run, overwatch or go to ground

>> No.49794404

Is a Lord of change and 3 tzeentch princes cheesy in a single list? Would I be better off getting another DP for the Tetrad, and then using the LoC for a CAD attachment?

>> No.49794417

That's a new meme anon

>> No.49794428

If it a 4k list?

>> No.49794438


I don't have 4k worth of daemons, no.

>> No.49794439
File: 54 KB, 600x620, Pouches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're getting Rubric Terminators and choppy Rubrics and all kindsa shit.


>> No.49794466

>They're getting Rubric Terminators and choppy Rubrics and all kindsa shit.
Oh you poor soul, your hopes shall be crushed just like Magnus.

The shit converted marine in anon's picture is the meme, not the death watch army/miniatures.

>> No.49794509
File: 622 KB, 1600x1287, Freebooterz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know if the portraits of Badrukk's Boyz in the Ghazgkull codex are part of a large piece?

>> No.49794526

Oh okay.

And reliable as fuck people have said so. I want to believe, anon.

>> No.49794569

Thousand Sons are already one of the worst units in the game. Shit can't get any worse for them. inb4 hurr what if they make them a billion points each with WS/BS1?!?! Even if all I get out of this release is the ability to take a Sorcerer and a single squad as an Allied Detachment for my Tzeentch Daemons, that's still a massive improvement over the current system.

For all the shit that KDK gets, and rightfully so, for not altering the CSM statlines at all, if you're going to be running pure Khorne CSM anyways, KDK offers a pretty substantial boost over baseline CSM. All CSM really offer for Khorne is the Axe of Blind Fury, and it's easy enough to ally in a Juggerlord if they really want it.
I don't really play KDK, but here's what I'd do to try to fix them without completely rewriting their book:
>all CSM squads get their Marks, Champion, and CCW's for free; this drops the basic 8-man CSM squad to 104 points, Berzerkers are dropped to 128 and get free Chain-axes
>War Engines get a formation, 2+ Daemon Engines, grants the following benefits; sixes to hit in melee or with non-blast/template shooting weapons generate an additional hit, any template or blast weapon that inflicts three or more wounds may be immediately fired up to one more time that turn
>Defiler bumped up to AV13 and six attacks
>Detachment gains the Command Benefit "Eager for Battle: Non-monstrous creature units from this formation treat all vehicles as Assault Vehicles after the first turn and may declare charges on the same turn that they arrive from Deep Strike"

>> No.49794582

Multiple people with literal 100% accuracy have told us that new Rubrics are coming. Ignore shitposters on /tg/.

>> No.49794697

New rubicaes are coming, that's a fact, just don't expect them to become crazy good, who knows perhaps they even get an ye old wraithvision kind of rules to nerf them even further.

The best you'll get will be shooting and CC version and I don't believe they'll get the CC option.

>> No.49794763

>>all CSM squads get their Marks, Champion, and CCW's for free; this drops the basic 8-man CSM squad to 104 points, Berzerkers are dropped to 128 and get free Chain-axes
>>War Engines get a formation, 2+ Daemon Engines, grants the following benefits; sixes to hit in melee or with non-blast/template shooting weapons generate an additional hit, any template or blast weapon that inflicts three or more wounds may be immediately fired up to one more time that turn
>>Defiler bumped up to AV13 and six attacks
>>Detachment gains the Command Benefit "Eager for Battle: Non-monstrous creature units from this formation treat all vehicles as Assault Vehicles after the first turn and may declare charges on the same turn that they arrive from Deep Strike"
>those rules
I love every CSM releated update because it always crush repeatedly your WAAC wishing with extreme prejudice

>> No.49794906
File: 128 KB, 1600x1066, DSC00393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fluffy vehicles for EC
Sonic Dreadnoughts, Contemptors and Sicarans

>But it's all FW!
Yes, our life sucks.

>> No.49795093
File: 101 KB, 515x657, 12806171_1319565678060709_5197450846208843585_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And of course Hellblades.

Gotta go fast.

>> No.49795286

T8 is AV 12. Wraithlords used to be AV 12 Dreadnoughts and are now T 8. S 6 also wounds T8 on 6s and glances vehicles on 6s.

>> No.49795350

New thread when

>> No.49795358


Fucking start it yourself, it takes about 15 seconds to do, lazy cunt.

>> No.49795394



>> No.49795530

His point was that even though Khorne Berzerkers were made better, they remained useless. Anon is assuming the same will apply to Thousand Sons. The best case for Thousand Sons (the unit) is they become tax as part of a really powerful formation.

The new formations and rules will probably just mean more powerful daemons, cultists and/or Sorcerers if Daemonkin and the lates CSM releases are anything to go off.

>> No.49795569

Not terribly so. At least when compared to Kairos, Belakor (providing 2+ r-erollable Jink saves) and 3 Tzeentch Princes.

But even if you include 2 Chaos Knights in your list, it is still going to be shit if you also include 1000 pts worth of Orks.

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