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Oh shit! dark magic ressurection makes people gay for elves!

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>dat hot brother on sister action

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Why would you make such a shitty thread for a good series?

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And don't ask me why leaks are a day early, let us just be thankful for them.

now go hug your siblings like I know you want to, anon.

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because there are early leaks but no raws yet.

The really spoilery stuff is the final page though, which in the /a/ thread isn't spoiled and is literally the second post because /a/ is like that sometimes.

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Reminder that that's him.

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Blew the "lesbian elf" load too early apparently, kraws are about.

Apparently Farlyn is straight up hairless from the eyebrows down.

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>being that thirsty

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hehe it's already translated and around on batoto and such.

This kills the stupid theories that imouto is not imouto. Has a scar from childhood from an injury she recalls. Also just look at how she acts with her brother. She gets just as excited as him. Not to mention her power set still fits (seeing ghosts). The real question is why she's full of mana, vigor, and ability to use magic more effectively. There may still be a side effect.

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>nothing bad happened

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It's clear that some stuff is going down next chapter...but it may just be "antagonist meets the party".

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She's a Dragon Sorcerer now.

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Okay, it's been a couple months, but wasn't Marcille making a really big deal about how you need all the parts in order to make the resurrection work? There are clearly plenty of missing parts from the dragon between the explosion and dinner.

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It just changes probabilities of resurrection success.

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but who the hell is that?

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He was in the painting. The one with the feast where the king died. Probably the dungeon master dude, or something.

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Oh, now I recall.


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I hope they don't actually eat Ken.

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Elves are lewd. LEWD!

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Translations are out: http://bato.to/reader#5a3223bafb102a05

You can't even really blame him, it's not like Sword-chan could penetrate the dragon's scales.

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>linking batoto

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thanks for dumping kind anon!

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The chapter is out on batoto you mong.

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and now they're gonna eat the dragon.

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>three dungeon meshi threads at the same time
Can't handle!

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I'm guessing one is at /a/, but where's the third?

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This series is so fucking good.

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>where's the third?
Another dump from mangafox /a/.

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oh boy here we go

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it's cute that farlyn and laius are pretty much exactly the same

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oh nooooo

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>Marsilla loses both Farlyn and Laius
>To each other

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>I'm out of mana
>cue Nasuverse crossovers

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They used the dragon body and forbidden dark magic.

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Marsilla confirmed evil.

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>When you combine wincest with elf sex first time

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Way better than some evil, stinky elf.

Imouto is just an upgrade.

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What would be god substitute for Red Dragon?

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What would be god substitute for Red Dragon?

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Yellow dragon

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The souls of the innocent.

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beef, by the look of it

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>god substitute for Red Dragon?

Well, there's Tiamat's main head, right?

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oh god my sides

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Probably peat smoked bear or heavily disinfected komodo dragon.

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Absolute madman!

Absolute MOE imouto!

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Well, they are siblings after all...

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>the sword reacts to monsters
>It reacted to her

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>Eating kensuke
The traitor is getting his Just Deserts

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Well that's really fucking creepy.


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There's obviously something going on with the resurrection spell, but kensuke's just shy. He's only really okay with laius.

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Is sanade better healer than imuto?

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Behead all those who don't support the Farlyn-Laius-Marcille incestuous OT3.

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my heart

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>How dare he mess with a mage's hair!


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Funny thing how the party of this kid could wreck Laius party.

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>You, know I bet she's one of those Dark Elves!
>I hope this doesn't drag them into an even deeper mess.



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Does this mean that the series will end when Farlyn becomes the puppet of the dungeon master and she and Laius fight and get trapped inside a hole for days and Farlyn kills herself to provide food to Laius, who then out of instinct starts eating her while crying uncontrollably?

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No it didn't.

Firstly, it just poked its eyes out and didn't even look at Farlyn, it retracted when she tried to touch it.

Second, Kensuke's a coward, why the fuck would it go out if it thought of Farlyn as a monster

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Literally leapt out of her heads.

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Aaaaand, translator's site.

They basically just link to Mega (>>49786587) and Batoto (>>49786577)
They've also got an RSS feed: https://ehscans.wordpress.com/feed/

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with the added irony that laius crys so much on her meat it ends up oversalted.

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could also be reacting to her being overcharged with mana.

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because some weirdo picked him up

the only other weirdo we've seen pick him up is laius, who also has retard strength

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And that's the only thing he can think of in the end while surviving off his own sister's flesh and realizing that along the way the adventure turned away from a rescue mission to his personal quest to satisfy his curiosity, with Senshi leaving the dungeon for good to became a normal cook, Chilchack disappearing off the face of the earth and cursing his old compatriots and Marcille turning herself in for using dark arts, thinking that it was because of her meddling in the dark arts that caused the tragedy

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That last face

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Loli Farlyn showed up in an earlier chapter, right? Which chapter was it?

>> No.49787404

Chapter 26.

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"Did you eat any merfolk?"

"No, we didn't"

So, Laius and Farlyn would both eat sentient tool using monsters if given half a chance.


This is way too well written for it to just drop "And everything was fine" and/or "Farlyn is now half dragon" this soon after, the resurrection.


It'd be neat if the next arc is just them scrounging for cash.

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My sides. They really are siblings.

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Man, if only that had found some kind of treasure casket while dungeon delving.
It's a pity they haven't. Because if they did j sure they wouldn't just accidentally toss the gold and gems away.

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Well, guess that one got nipped in the bud. I was thinking maybe the loli behind the door looked really similar to Farlyn, but the hair is radically different.

>> No.49787615

Aeriously. Senshi was a prick for that.

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>wanting to turn the manga into grimdark shit
How about no

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For the pizza. Crackling Pork skin with a nice combo with the pizza.

Oxtail for the soup and chuck for the meat

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I love this amoral elf.

>> No.49787860

>loving a heretic non human

>> No.49787992

I'm not a 100% sure on Farlyn, its too neat if the story goes 'Marcielle uses FORBIDDEN MAGIC and resurrects Farlyn and everything is hunkydory'

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>And what the hell is a dark elf, anyway!?

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Legit teared up at this page

>> No.49788031

Surprisingly accurate.

>> No.49788068

Its terrified of things that are powerful and potentially dangerous, not monsters. Kensuke knows that its safe around Laius, Senshi, Marcille, and Chilchak. Farlyn is an entirely new person and pumped up with mana. Also Kensuke's right to be scared as Farlyn does want to eat him

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Go shove it up your ass, Pelinel.

>> No.49788637

laius face in top left.

frog clothing drying in the background. hope they use it again.

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I want Laius and Farlyn to fuck the elf.

>> No.49788987

The face of a brother about to teach his sibling a new trick.

>> No.49788997

Marcille looks so cute in her pajama, I want to cuddle with her.

>> No.49789072

she's spoken for!

>> No.49789141

The elf may be long lived, but Laius was first, and will be last.

>> No.49789177

Marcille gives off a really unhinged vibe here.

>> No.49789225

>that stitching
And once again I'm reminded of just how much of a goddamn madman Laius is.

>> No.49789257

its not even sitching, its just how she grafting his leg back on with magic

>> No.49789261

He's grown up a bit since last time. If he meets Laius, just seeing his reaction ought to reveal a few things about the paintings and the workings of the dungeon.

>> No.49789293

What happens if you leave the circle, Marcille!?

>> No.49789385

Just seeing his scar and how his sister sacrificed herself for him (and the rest of the party) clearly indicates that both siblings value each other more than their own lives.

>> No.49789416

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.49789417

Farlyn's stacked.

>> No.49789464

Oh my god, even Liaus the gourmand wavered at the thought of eating the same meat now holding his sisterfu together.

>> No.49789511

Why is this series so goddamn amazing?

>> No.49789561


>The regret on his face about missing out on eating those amphibimans.

>> No.49789564

It was written by a female mangaka

>> No.49789587

I know that much. I'm a fan of her other work.

>> No.49789634

>"Did you eat any merfolk?"
>"No, we didn't"
>So, Laius and Farlyn would both eat sentient tool using monsters if given half a chance.

They must have come from a family of cannibals.

>> No.49789672

Actually, what is her other work? Is it porn?

>> No.49789701

From what I've seen, mostly a bunch of short stories.
Here are some samples in this convenient thread here. >>49772865

>> No.49789737

>not wanting grimdark in everything
What are you, some kind of non-faggot?

>> No.49789787

She's done a few fantasy series before. I suppose you could call them anthology series. The ones I think have been fully translated are Hikidashi ni Terrarium and Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue. Another series, Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue, is at least partially translated. I'd highly recommend all of them, if you like Dungeon Meshi and want more.

>> No.49789825

>The ones I think have been fully translated are Hikidashi ni Terrarium and Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue.
>Another series, Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue, is at least partially translated.

>> No.49789857

Sorry. Ryuu no Kawaii Nanatsu no Ko is the one that's fully translated. Ryuu no Gakkou wa Yama no Ue is the one that's partially translated. You see why I would mess that up.

>> No.49789858

How powerful is Farlyn now?
Is she like a walking nuke or something?

>> No.49789887

Probably a Dragonborn Sorcerer now since she obviously used quicken spell earlier.

>> No.49789889

>onii-chan, i want to eat your sword!

>> No.49790141

Doubt this is based in 5e. Even if it was, quicken only reduces a spell to a bonus action, not a reaction, which is what it seemed like she took.

>> No.49790189

it's not porn but the short stories are amazing

>> No.49790211

>> No.49790551

>we should probably erase the magic circle
>doesn't erase the magic circle

>> No.49790626

They got most of it.

>> No.49790636

They are still around, I guess they thought they could wait the morning to do it. It's not like many people are going to be around at night this deep in the dungeon.

>> No.49790673


Marcille is so thirsty for her oh my god.

>> No.49790703

It's cute


>> No.49790759


Could be that his painting self was just an illusion. Towards the end when he caught Laius in the painted world he started to shape change.

>> No.49791115

We know from that chapter that you can duplicate yourself inside the magic paintings anyway.

>> No.49791263

How menacing....

>> No.49791310


>> No.49791349

Guys, I have this ever-growing feeling of unease gnawing at me... I legit can't tell if Farlyn came back wrong, or if she was always this peculiar. It's creeping me out.

Th-the mangaka wouldn't hurt us like that, would she? Would she? I'm scared.

>> No.49791353

Made me think of this. Don't think I've posted it since Terry Gilliam died. Or maybe that was Robin Williams, I can't recall.

>> No.49791379

She's alive and healthy and she's got new dragon powers to top it off. She came back righter than she was before she was eaten.

>> No.49791380

I told all you aspies this guy is the sorcerer that made the dungeon.

It's also obvious that Farlyn is more powerful because the dragon used to resurrect her.

>> No.49791414

She used to chase insects into bushes anon.

>> No.49791441

She always wanted to do this magic and finally got to, of course she goes full autism on it.

>> No.49791479

It's not based on 5e, but everything this lady makes is drentched in forever DM.

>> No.49791624

Nip female authors are the best. Just look at konosuba.

>> No.49791902

And the answer to the question we've been asking since Red Dragon V came out is provided! That's actually a pretty neat bit of worldbuilding. Guess it was forbidden for a simple reason after all.

>> No.49791906

Magi too. Female mangakas have the best waifus.

>> No.49792180

Thank you for posting this anon.

>> No.49792200

Remember that this is Laius's sister.

>> No.49792245


>> No.49792315

I'm guessing it's because they aren't usually swayed by simple girly moe-ness, and are thus compelled to give their female characters a good amount of depth.

>> No.49792371

Find a good butcher here in Australia and you can get Crocodile.
It's got a mild, gamey taste

>> No.49792415

I find it odd that apparently both Laius and Farlyn have been hiding the "I want to eat monsters" thing for a presumably long time. Marcille knew Farlyn long before she ever met Laius, yet was still surprised by both of them being gluttonous sociopaths.

Still, the fact that Farlyn's weirdness lines up perfectly with Laius' own madman ways says to me that she wasn't changed by the resurrection. Laius' family is just like this for some other reason.

>> No.49792441

>Here come the Yuri doujins

>> No.49792517

>/tg/ has a necromancy thread

>> No.49792576

Every time.

>> No.49792579

They're just gonna draw her wrong.

>> No.49792640

>nearly died because of dragonfire
>decides to use burning dragon as an oven

Laius-level madman here!

>> No.49792646

Which one?

>> No.49792680

They're farmers, they're used to eating animals and they don't think of monsters as dangerous abominations.

>> No.49792731

>yfw Marcille is one moral quandary away from becoming the BBEG

>> No.49792744

That doesn't explain his (their?) morbid fascination with monstrous anatomy. I get how physiology can be cool and all, but seriously, Laius is the type of guy who would perform a vivisection if given an opportunity.

Also, farmers still have taboos on which animals you can and can't eat. Do western farmers eat dogs?

>> No.49792764

If she doesn't end up being a villain by the end of the manga I'll be pissed. Half of the shit she's saying is literally "The ends justify the means"

>> No.49792777

Not really. If anything his actual actions are nothing more than a zoology nerd having a field day in a dungeon.

>> No.49792790

Farmers don't eat dogs because they're friendly, that's sort of the opposite problem.

>> No.49792795

"Our White Mage Imouto shouldn't be this cute!"

>> No.49792799

Dogs are only friendly if they're bred to be friendly, and pigs can be friendly too.

>> No.49792807

And some people keep pigs as pets too, what bearing does that have on anything?

>> No.49792811

Laius says pretty much the opposite in an earlier chapter. He lectures Senshi on how monsters are dangerous and you can never tell what they're thinking, so you can't trust them to be anything but monsters.

Of course he picks up his living sword around that time so he kind of undermines himself while at the same time reinforcing the point, so there's that.

>> No.49792826

How many words for idiot does the Halfling language have?

>> No.49792847

It's roughly 40% of the spoken halfling language

>> No.49792849

Brutal. Lauis ain't even trying the sword's bullshit.

>> No.49792860

Everything Laius says about monsters applies to wild animals.

>> No.49792863


>> No.49792874

I mean it did try to kill him at the last second.

>> No.49792893

Dungeon Meshi is inspired by Wizardry which is more inspired by 2nd Edition

>> No.49792898

Worldbuilding idea cribbed.

>> No.49792911

>Delicious brown elves

>> No.49792972

she couldnt even sacrafice a dog

>> No.49793003

She did sacrifice a dog. She just had a bit of a mental breakdown once she realized it hadn't been necessary.

>> No.49793030

Sauce please.

>> No.49793101

/tg/ is literally the only place I can find this said.

>> No.49793113

maybe she's like reed richards.
someone pointed out that he's not a bad guy just because his friends and family are there for him, like some kind of moral compass.
they kinda played with that idea while making the ultimate version of richards, the maker.

>> No.49793124

it totally looks like those kind of hentai where the girl gets raped to no end, man.

>> No.49793128

This image speaks to me on so many levels.

>> No.49793134

You mean 1st edition. Wizardry predates 2nd edition by 8 years.

>> No.49793143

And thats exactly why my dick ask for sacue.

>> No.49793160

Marcille a lewd.
Farlyn a lewd.
they complete each other.

>> No.49793168

I mean AD&D 1st and 2nd edition are pretty much the same just with the chapters switched.

>> No.49793186

Maybe but all that needs to happen is for her to find a tome of seriously evil spells and pretty soon she'll be sacrificing babies to bring world peace.

>> No.49793195 [SPOILER] 

And then they broke it by doing THIS
(Spoilered because horribleness)

>> No.49793211


>> No.49793255

Marcelle and Farlyn are pure, you shut your mouth

>> No.49793300

I hate to break it to you, but they're both lewd for each other.

Someone should write a thing about Farlyn trying to find out what an elf tastes like by tasting Marcelle...lewdly

>> No.49793391

Thank you but i am dissapointed that it isnt porn.

>> No.49793596

You only say that because of the hand holding

>> No.49793599

Also they kiss

>> No.49793612

Relevant, again.

>> No.49793788


FUCK. I was wrong. I was wrong about everything!

>> No.49793809


Is that shit even canon now?

>> No.49793835


Not porn, but all high quality.

>> No.49793839

>That mess Marcille made healing Laius' leg
>Remember she treated Chilchak's concussion the same way

>> No.49793880


>> No.49793920

And also Senshi's injury. I think it was a broken arm? In any case healing that made a rather loud crunching sound.

>> No.49793993

I thought the concern was the dragon digested (and would at least partially be made from) his sister.

>> No.49794070

Her inner monologue indicates she didn't do it because she didn't have the heart to sacrifice an innocent animal.

Honestly, the people clamoring for the series to go grimdark make me wonder if we're even reading the same manga.

>> No.49794150

Did anyone else originally think the halfling was a tomboy...It took me a few CHAPTERS to figure it out, I'd still hit it

>> No.49794220


Y'know, he seemed a bit out of it this chapter.

>> No.49794263

No. Yes. The Ultimate Universe is gone, along with that Ultimate Tony Stark, but THAT Reed Richards survived, and remembers everything.

>> No.49794270

Besides Ultimate Reed and Miles Morales, is there anyone else left from the Ultimate universe?

>> No.49794312

He was hitting the sauce pretty heavily. It's nice that he's planning ahead for what they'll do after they leave the dungeon though

>> No.49794429

of course she's spoken for

>> No.49794463

A Happy polyamorous relationship is NEVER ok.

A destructive and unhealthy love triangle would be.

>t. Moralfag

>> No.49794576 [SPOILER] 

Read 'White Rain' by Yoshitoshi ABe Yes, 'Everyone Dies Texhnolyze' ABe

>> No.49794605

I know she's exhausted, hence the bags under her eyes, but it seriously looks like she was going to go full dark mage there.
Technically she did.

>> No.49794667

>A Happy polyamorous relationship is NEVER ok.
Fuck you it's cute. 'Sides, the way I see it Marcielle and Farlyn have just roped Laius in to help them have kids.

>> No.49794689

We don't eat dogs because society said 'don't eat dogs', not because they cuddle up to us.

That and poison liver.

>> No.49794700

I'm going back to tumblr. Their shipping isn't as stupid as this.

>> No.49794721

>Source Gunnerkrigg.com

>> No.49794845

>she sees your dick

>> No.49794854

>Conveniently ignores the other speech bubbles, the expression, and the fact that she admits to doing it in the next fucking panel

It's like you aren't even trying. I know you want you waifu to be pure but seriously man you are really reaching here.

As for clamoring for the series to be grimdark also fuck off, just because we want consequences to actually happen to people that fuck with bad shit does not make something grimdark. To use blood magic/necromancy and get nothing more than a chiding with a slap on the wrist is a complete cop out.

>> No.49794857

>We don't eat dogs because society said 'don't eat dogs', not because they cuddle up to us.
That works a bit diferently. A lot of culutres has domesticated dogs and grew dependent on them at some point. This caused dogs to co-evolve with us and start developing evolutionary traits that made us like them more. In other words, dogs program us to like them, we dont eat dogs because we (at least europe and a lot of african/american countries) often consider dogs to be part of the familly and not just pets

>> No.49794862

>internal thought is "I haven't!"
>tells the party they have not to lose face

>> No.49794863

Justice is served! On a slice of pizza!

>> No.49794877

>That dog
>That poor dog

>Thinks that killing a dog when it doesn't work would help her save face

Seriously man reaching real far.

>> No.49794895


>> No.49794914

Yeah, Laius accomplished both his goals here. Rescuing his sister and also eating the dragon.

Part of me really wants him to run into some Mindflayers just to see them running in terror while he tries to gnaw on their heads.

>> No.49794917

m8 the whole scene is showing she doesn't actually know shit about mandrakes outside of what she read in school

>> No.49794919

It's considered taboo because dogs where useful back in the day and killing them meant you killed a creature that could help you hunt animals to eat or heard sheep. Now they are so ubiquitous to our society that it's taboo to do so even though dogs don't serve much of a purpose anymore.

>> No.49794930


>> No.49794931

I'm sure Laius will be willing to teach her about his man drake

>> No.49794934


>> No.49794941

Same thing with horses. They're barely needed in modern society yet it's still a taboo to eat them.

>> No.49794953

>J... JAM IT IN!

>> No.49794959

Only in some societies.
You can buy horse ham in Belgium.

>> No.49794984

I've always wanted to eat horse. But there's literally no place in the US you can get it from without importing. It's actually illegal to sell in some states.

>> No.49795083

Anon, that's from a cape comic. Canon only exists for writer's individual runs in those.

>> No.49795103

Everyone who wasn't dead in that show was in hell, Anon.

The world the cartoon is set in is roughly modeled after Dante's Divine Comedy.

>> No.49795119

It's still legal to butcher and eat cats in a few parts of Switzerland as well.

>> No.49795190

No but some Russians do

>> No.49795210 [DELETED] 

One of us.

>> No.49795212

That is not internal dialogue you mongoloid.
She's screaming

>> No.49795229

In italy we eat horse regularly.
It really only forbidden in those countries that have jack shit of control over food products and can't guarantee that the horse you're eating hadn't been pumped full of hormones and steroids

>> No.49795250 [DELETED] 

I don't know how to make transparents.

>> No.49795269

>ps adds a background just because

>> No.49795281

Third time's the charm.

>> No.49795298

>That is not internal dialogue
>She's screaming
are you blind, or what

>> No.49795347

There's farms in Australia selling the meat and recently it became legal to hunt them again for pest control as they started migrating ner urban areas where they can eat Aborigines who sniffed some more fuel/glue near water.

>> No.49795376

Turns out a mandrake that screams itself out tastes better so they admit that there is likely truth to the harvest method.

>> No.49795470

Go to Bosnia and order some meat. 90% of it is Dog meat.

>> No.49795748

>I find it odd that apparently both Laius and Farlyn have been hiding the "I want to eat monsters" thing for a presumably long time.
But Farlyn hasn't really been hiding her interest, it just hasn't had the chance to express itself this way before. If you think back to the flashback story of how Farlyn and Marcille met, Farlyn's clearly been a huge dungeon/monster ecology nerd for basically her entire life.

And Marcille clearly realized that, since she says she was afraid of Farlyn being into the monster-eating.

>> No.49795774

Horrible lies, the 2E DMG is a castrated ghost of the 1E DMG.

>> No.49795811

Slav here, though not specifically Bosnian, we have a saying that roughly translates - When times are dire, best friend will make your meal. Hopefully I don't need to explain.

>> No.49796122

They like to pretend it exists for longer.

>> No.49796134

>Switzerland confirmed for Dwarf Fortress

>> No.49796153

Pigs can be friendly. Westerners eat pigs.
Dogs can be friendly. Westerners don't eat dogs.
It doesn't follow that an animal's friendliness is tied to the taboo against eating it.

>> No.49796216

>times are always dire in Slav countries

>> No.49796375

So does this mean the series got renewed? Do you think it'll have a decent-length run?

>> No.49796421

Dragon Meat.

>> No.49796451

What? It was never cancelled.

>> No.49796564

horsey meat is good

>> No.49796593

>It was never cancelled.
No, but it wasn't clear (to me anyway) if the comic would end after they got Farlyn back -- I figured she only had a contract with the magazine for 2 years, or however long it's been. But now it seems like she's laying out a lot of new plot threads, so maybe...?

I don't know a lot about how things get serialized in Japanese comic books, so maybe I just had the wrong impression the whole time.

>> No.49796610

I think the magazine it publishes in was on hiatus.
Nothing was cancelled.

>> No.49796642

I wasn't referring to the short hiatus, that was just a skip of one issue at most, wasn't it? I was talking about the fact that the plot seemed to be coming to a natural rounding-off point, but now she seems to be moving forward with it instead of just tying off loose ends.

>> No.49796727

It runs as long as long it's popular and I'm pretty sure this is Harta's more popular publication. Prepare for a long ride because manga generally takes ages to finish or at the very least seven more chapters since the current chapter concludes Vol. 04 and they need seven more chapters for Vol. 05.

>> No.49796737

With the way world has been built so far, with Living Portraits and information of elven fuckery it was pretty clear that saving Farlyn would be end of Act 1.

>> No.49797272

So I am expecting Farlyn to tech Laius some healing spells.

What class does that make him?

>> No.49797308

From Wikipedia:

>Volume 1 reached the 11th place on the weekly Oricon manga charts[6] and it was the 87th best-selling manga volume in Japan from November 17, 2014 to May 17, 2015, with 315,298 copies sold.[7] As of August 16, 2015, it had sold 381,614 copies.[8] Volume 2 reached the 3rd place on the charts[8] and, as of September 17, 2015, had sold 362,906 copies.[9]

>The manga was chosen as the 13th best manga of 2015 in the Book of the Year manga ranking of Da Vinci magazine.[10] The 2016 edition of the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! guidebook ranked the series at number one on its list of top 20 manga for male readers.[11]

The story will carry on for a while, seeing how popular it is.

>> No.49797311


>> No.49797333

>doesn't get powers bestowed by some godly force

>> No.49797345


>> No.49797358

Now now, Laius isn't stupid. Just eccentric.

>> No.49797542

Seems like the better option for pest control would be to leave the crocs alone.

>> No.49798198


>> No.49798236

Paladins aren't clerics.

>> No.49798303

>Isn't this a complex issue with the possibility of cannibalis-
>Nope, we're gonna eat the dragon. Rules of nature.
God, I love Senshi.

>> No.49798326

Paladins are clerics with a codex. I feel baited.

>> No.49798401

Depends on what you define "cleric" as.

Do they have to worship a god?

If yes, then Paladins aren't clerics. In any edition.

>> No.49798422

So what race/class should I play if I want to eat all the monsters in fifth edition?

>> No.49798424

In vidya terms, he'd be a Paladin. In tabletop terms, he'd just be a fighter in a class-lite system who has studied healing magic. "Paladin" implies more than just "fighty knight guy who can tank and cast white magic" in a tabletop context.

Paladins are not clerics. Paladins are holy warriors with "divine" magical powers -- whether or not that divine magic is bestowed by a god in the same way a cleric's magic is bestowed by a god depends on the edition.

In 1e, 3e and 4e that was the default assumption; in 2e the default assumption was that they got their power from their stalwart allegiance to the cosmic forces of Good and Law; and now in 5e they get their powers from their oath, either in the name of a god or in the name of said cosmic forces.

It's not even confirmed that divine magic in the D&D sense even exists in the Dungeon Meshi setting -- all we know is that clerics can make holy water, which can then be used for exorcism purposes. We do, however, know that Farlyn studied at the same wizard school as Marcille. If I remember correctly, that wasn't the only place Marcille studied, so Farlyn didn't necessarily learn her white magic at a school that also taught dark arts, but that's still a possibility.

>> No.49798465

He came with them to cook and eat dragon and that's what he's going to do, moral issues be damned. Look how happy he is taking his cookware to the dragon's corpse.

>> No.49798640

Dungeon Ranger.

>> No.49798810

Magic seems to have some sort of biological component to it. From what we saw in Farlyn's flashback chapter you need to be born with the ability to use it. I doubt Laius is capable of casting any spells.

>> No.49798846

It's his goddamned life dream to grill a dragon, isn't it.

Jesus, Senshi.

>> No.49798920 [SPOILER] 

I think it is just magical potential. I have always assumed that most people have a mana pool, albeit a small one when compared to dedicated casters or gifted individuals. Kind of how everyone has a presence in the warp in WH40k.

>> No.49799549

Oh god it's genetic

>> No.49799577

Delicious dark elves

>> No.49799753

Well he is rather apathetic towards killing his sword. Normal people might've gotten attached

>> No.49799791

Kensuke DID just bitch out and run away a few hours ago.

>> No.49799873

I'd breed an interest in eating monsters into my family if you know what I mean?

>> No.49800839

>it's genetic

Maybe it's just a human thing? Senshi, Laius and Farlyn are all humans and they all like eating monsters.

>> No.49800862


Pretty sure Senshi is a dwarf.
What with the beard and all...

>> No.49800911

Senshi's a dorf. Other dorf identified him.

>> No.49801675


Senshi's a dwarf, and early on in the story it was established that eating monsters is considered a deviant act and is outlawed by most countries. Also it's not a good idea, since monsters, for the most part aren't edible unless you process them right.

>> No.49801688

I don't recall that it was deviant. Just unusual.

>> No.49801727

It seems he's tried to learn before. I think anyone can learn magic, but some people, like Farlyn and her spirit sight, can be born more magically gifted.

>> No.49801786

Kind of sounds like he was somewhat screwing around the first go. Wouldn't surprise me if there was too much joking around and acting out injuries.

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