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Picture says it all.
40K rules for Custodes and SoS?

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Sweet baby jesus mang.

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Now im not sure if i should get a second BoP box, an aquila strongpoint or a leviathan dread..An army of sisters tempts me.

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These are not manly tears. Im crying like a little bitch right now.

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>Geigor Fell-Hand

Are you serious? Why create this new guy when we already have Bjorn the Fellhanded?

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Because this is set in 30k, where Bjorn is just a standard tactical.

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Ahzek is a misprint, it's supposed to be Geigor Fell-Hand versus Albert Ahriman.

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technically incorrect

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how strong will each custodes supposed to be?
arent they supposed to be individually superior, but weaker as a group?

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>geigor fell hand
who dat?

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Yes. Each is to a Space Marine as a Space Marine is to a Guardsman. Expect 5s where Marines have 4s and Guardsmen 3s.

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£95 for 5 sisters. Come on

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I'm intrigued by the stuff saying they'll have rules for 40k. They'd be a nice addition to my SOB force and pretty fluffy.

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>Bjorn in all but name

Who are you trying to kid, GW?

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Probably W2 A2 as well, possibly artificer armor and definitely power weapons in melee.

>SoS get plastics before SoB
Sistersfags on suicide watch.

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>On suicide watch
If anythung it is really a good sign for them ya fungus.

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Even accepting that, why another guy with a Wolf Claw that is called Fellhanded?
Give him a different weapon, or at least give him a different title. Morkai's claw, Frost nail, something like that

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>Addition to SoB
>pretty fluffy.
Only if you're doing a Second Siege of Terra End Times scenario.

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How long until the Sisters and Custodes get their own release?

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The only way SOS could come back in a big way in 40k is with Leman Russ.

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What a great time to be 40K/HH fan.
Primarchs, plastic primarchs, BoC, BoP, and tons of more models.
And to think I was about to quit my money spending on this plastic cocaine almost two years ago.

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>'Leman my son, you have been tasked with repopulating this army of mute warrior women.'
>'Also they're all Blanks.'

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Funny thing was that the old witch hunter codex allowed to put so much anti-psyker shit that it could count as SoS. Even Inquisitor retinues as those bitches with ruby eyes.

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Gimme me some sisters of silence

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Maybe this is the setup story in which bjorn becomes the fell handed when his hero secret waifu geigor fellclaw gets killed by harryman.

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or maybe they're besties who got matching arms for completely platonic reasons

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BoP is when Bjorn loses the hand and comes to the attention of Russ, so perhaps they're going to do some sort of plot along the lines of Geigor getting killed at Prospero, and his fell-hand winding up in Bjorn's possession.

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Nobody wolfguard champion.

FW has given rules to total noob dreadnoughts, adjutants, dead people and edgelord moritats who've gone MIA. Refusing to make 30k rules for Bjorn and dropping him into a nobody tactical marine is very, very weird.

It feels like BL wanted to make a story of how Bjorn became Bjorn from a private to the boxnought he is. And you can't start the story before the Heresy, so forget everything you thought you knew. Bjorn is now a nobody and you get to feel excited about all these other nobody characters they literally pulled out of their asses to have special characters for the various legions.

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Saturday morning cartoon plots don't write themselves.

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Damn I have High Hopes for the more than likely istvaan box.

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>istvaan box
>once MkII-VI get plastic kits
>10 tacticals plus a character for each legion present

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Istvaan boxed set:
another 30 fucking marines
2 boss dudes
1 plastic sicaran battle tank

>all the pants on the internet were instantaneously filled

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istvaan 3 would be the same, but with a dreadclaw instead of the sicaran.

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Maybe, just maybe, Greigor was the real name of Bjorn, but he changed it when he was inducted in the wolf guard. Or even when he was interred in the dreadnought.

As far as we know, Marines usually change their names when they reach higher positions in the chapter's hierarchy

>Inb4 proof.
It was stated in the 5th ed SW codex that wolf lords usually change their names when rising to the position, and in the Tankred comic the protagonist changed his name no less than two times

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They're not gonna put anything that can't be used in a small scale board game into the box. Just infantry and walkers. They could make a plastic rapier kit and then use that to replace the Thunderfire cannon in 40k, so they don't have to make a plastic kit for that.

It's a bit of a shame GW wasted the MkIII on the Prospero kit when it would have been the perfect thing for a Phall box on both sides. Still, not complaining, the faster I get my plastic MkIII crack the better.

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I wonder if the SOB are going to get pushed aside for an SoS army.

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is anyone else sad the Prosperan spire guard werent included?

I'd like me some imperial-guard styled decorative soldiers dying martyr deaths.

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The novels would indicate he was Bjorn even as a bolter tactical.

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Actually really excited for the SoS just from a modelling standpoint, they look baller.

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>is anyone else sad the Prosperan spire guard werent included?
>Army getting models
>except FW's special snowflake SA

T3 is suffering.

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FW have mentioned Spireguard on the list of units at Prospero, but I fear they'll just be Solar Auxilia in Gold and Crimson uniforms and not unique looking men as they should be.

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unique looking shit was a mistake

HH is best when it's genrics fighting generics

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Bjorn gets his Lightning Claw when Grigor gets wasted. Turns Bjorn from random tac "7 into the Fell-handed. It's really where he starts to make a big impact. At the start of the Heresy Bjorn's just a marine with promise.

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Don't get me wrong, I'd love remakes of the original plastic Imperial Army men from the Rogue Trader era.

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That Greigor looks comically stupid, is that a Tartaros terminator arm slapped on PA marine? Calth specials were so much better, too, not even filing and cutting is going to make him into something useful, too much yiffwolf on him.

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I'll probably buy a sprue of MKIII marines from that set. What do you guys think is the best use of them? I was thinking Sniper Veterans w/ boltguns and a Heavy Bolter guy.

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I wonder how much these SoS will go for on Ebay. The marines don't interesr me.

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>that last line about stocks and investment

Do they basically mean that if it sells well, they'll keep pumping out releases of related materials, i.e more Custodes and SoS?

>> No.49780808

i think it means if the stockist orders more stock, they'll get shit like bigger posters or lifesize cutouts to help move the product

>> No.49780835

Isn't that a little one-sided?

>> No.49780839

I meant as a single release, not tied up in the game.

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Life size Emperor/primarch body pillow.

>> No.49780856

I assume 20 of the Veterans are for the Thousand Sons, also it implies that the Thousand Sons all have psionic powers for the purposes of the board game.

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>People laughing at SOB fans about getting hyped for plastic sisters after the bin joke
>Suddenly plastic SOS's pop up which make the rumours 100% more valid

lel I can hear the reeeeeeees from here

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Someone clarify for me? I thought Custodes never left the Imperial palace. How do they work in 40k?

>> No.49780902

We've known about the SoS for ages.

>> No.49780905


They'll retcon it to Custodians occasionally leaving the Palace on missions of absolute vital 'If we don't do this the Imperium is doomed' importance, perhaps on the instruction of the Emperor Himself.

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Are the Sisters of Silence linked to the Sisters of Battle, besides both having titties?

>> No.49780925

Someone attacks the Imperial Palace.

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I figured they were at least the inspiration for the SoB for the ecclesiarchy. They fulfill similar roles too. Anti psyker bitches.

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they both have sisters in their name
that's about it

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Not really, other than that they're both vaguely connected to the Inquisition.

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Yep that's that. SoS were mai ly ised as anti psyker measures and to cart them i to the Black Ships of the big I, and SoB do the same thing and more, since they are basicallyunder the order of the Eclesiarchy and aren't blanks.

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Nope. He nicks it from an armoury later.

>> No.49780950

custodians can leave terra if something is deemed to threaten the safety of the emperor- besides, during the HH the emperor was alive and kicking so his bodyguards had a little more freedom.
i think in this scenario they're meant to represent the emperor in the stead of a chapter. to oversee his will be done, so to speak. how that conflicts with 'bring the 1ksons to heel' / 'burn the planet thx horus' without them saying anything is anyones guess.
pic related my custodes

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well, appearently they worked well enough alone while guarding lorgar. I imagine they do super sekrut snowflake duties when required.

>> No.49780952

Reeee, and so forth.

>> No.49780957

I don't feel like that's the narrative in my basement games.

>> No.49780961

at the sart of the heresy bjorn is literally a fucking nordic tribesman

>> No.49780967


What? Those Custodians were told by the God-Emperor Himself that your 1500 point tabletop skirmish is vital to the entire future of the Imperium.

>> No.49780973

Rumors of SoS have been around for a while now, this is hardly surprising.

SoB came from the Daughters of the Emperor, which were hardcore combat training nuns on some backwater planet that Vandire hired as his personal bodyguard. After the Reign of Blood they became the Ecclesiarchy's military arm. They're not really "anti-psyker".

In that SoS were formed well before the Inquisition was a thing and SoB were monitored by the Inquisition regarding their adherence to the decree passive, yes.

>> No.49780974

breacher squads and (cunt) destroyer squads.

>> No.49780981

I'm more oissed by the fact that he's holding the damn helmet. I bloody hate bare head so I'll have to slaughter his arm, replace it, and give him a mismatched helmet.

>> No.49780988

>[muffled "REEEE" in the distance]

>> No.49780996

Gonna use 20 for SW breachers and 10 for DG support squad with volkites.

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Mono-pose is nothing new.

>> No.49781010


Well it IS a pretty standard pose.

I wish GW would do some "both hands resting on sword pommel, blade down, front and center" pose. It's more disciplined, badass, and less "look at me I'm so casually badass and edgy watch me rest a single hand on my weapon".

>> No.49781014

It's fine on multiparts, because you can just use a different arm.

>> No.49781015

When given the chance to make anything you'd be surprised how often people just make the same thing over and over.

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>Warped REEEEE

>> No.49781027

>REEEE from beyond

>> No.49781028

>already have 30 scions
>you can re order kasrkins for 2 days only starting tomorow
fuck you let me blog in two threads 4chan

>> No.49781031

Kranon looks cool as shit, though.
Easily the best of the posted examples.

>> No.49781037

If I buy him one day, I'll just try to cut off his sword arm and keep the swprd to make it look like he's properly wielding it though. With that he'd be golden for me.

>> No.49781042

i think it's more about sticking a sword blade into the ground but also about all having the same pose.

>> No.49781045

For a second I thought those kekstodes were Stormcast Eternals.

>> No.49781056

How are you gonna convert the boarding shields?

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>> No.49781085

Be happy that you get a not-Bjorn mini at all.

>> No.49781088

I am reaaaaally tempted.

Would love to use some Custodes in a Solar Auxillia army as shit kickers instead of Ogryns.

>> No.49781115

I meant more that it's rumored that the SoS were folded into the inquisition after its formation and the SoB are the chamber militants of Ordo Hereticus.

>> No.49781123

Kranon's sword is almost a character of its own, though.

>> No.49781131

If you do that he'll be invariably holding his sword a bit awkwardly, a much more elegant conversion would be to put a spear in his hands.

>> No.49781134

Is there a pre order link? Can't find it on the gw site.

>> No.49781157

I'm sure if you're Loyalist you can use them, like how the Knights Errant are available for all Loyalists.

I kinda wish that the Traitors could have something similar, maybe not exactly the same, but having those sort of characters/allies is always something I enjoy. And seeing how it's only Word Bearers that get Daemon buddies I'm not sure what these Traitor allies could be.

>> No.49781171

Didnt they later mass fabricate Lupercii or some shit?

Also, I want to preorder this.

Besides Solar Auxillia, I might do some Iron Hands in that flat grey fresh from the manufactorum ceramite they had shown last book.

>Man, I am happy.

>> No.49781175

dunno lol

Probably look into 3rd party shields or wait for FW to make conversion kits.

>> No.49781177

Agents of the Warmaster, like a daemonic coterie following a rogue Psyker, a travelling Gal Vorbak chaplain to spread the faith and powerfist the loyaleeeests, a build-yourself-a-character like the Knights Errant like a Warmaster's Chosen

>> No.49781181

I didn't mean remove it. Just reposition it so thay he looks ready to use it,which would make him a lot more dynamic

Like this one, I presume? I thought about turning the guy into a SM commander by removing the spear anyway.

>> No.49781182

>SoB are the chamber militants of Ordo Hereticus

Were. For a short period of time because of Wardian levels of fluff rape to force Hereticus and Sisters into the same book.

>> No.49781188

That's what I do with IF

>> No.49781197

Yeah something like that, plus if you keep the horns he'll look like a 40k version of Marvel's Loki.

>> No.49781206

Sounds amazing and fair.

Also rogue.....rogue trader!

>> No.49781212

Speaking of, they need to hurry the fuck up with those Ultramarine boarding shields and power sword arms so I can get my sword and board on.

Yeah, any of those would be cool as hell.

>> No.49781227

There's one Agent of the Warmaster that I can think of that's "available" right now, by which I mean it's an exclusive model that you'll have to get from ebay or china - the Expeditionary Navigator

Can't think of any others though

>> No.49781246

When will this release?

>> No.49781256

This or next month.

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>> No.49781265


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>> No.49781279


It could have easily gained much more in a different pose

>> No.49781298

I think I prefer the model's pose to the one in that artwork.

>> No.49781306

Having parts of models that stick out way past the base is really annoying.

>> No.49781329

Do you think his horns become a problem when he wants to pass under doors?


>> No.49781337

So if a genestealer rapes a sister of silence with his tiny barbed dick how can she tell anyone when she is vowed to silence?

>> No.49781343

>a daemonic coterie following a rogue Psyker
Probably just for Solar Auxilia and Imperial Army, maybe let one of their major HQ choices get psyker levels and a squad of daemons as a bodyguard unit.
>a travelling Gal Vorbak chaplain to spread the faith and powerfist the loyaleeeests
Use that Zardu Layak and his Blade-Slaves
>a build-yourself-a-character like the Knights Errant like a Warmaster's Chosen
Replace Paragon Bolter with Master-crafted Bolter and the Master-crafted power weapon with a daemon power weapon. And Preferred Enemy (Loyalists), Oath of Moment could be change to something that alludes to the Dark Gods, ie. Malice, Slaughter, Change, and so on. By Falsehood Cloaked could probably be changed, I'm not sure to what.

>> No.49781345

See, that's what I meant with the sword. Maybe even out it a little lower to keep the pistol as his focus point.

>> No.49781355

Sign language.

>> No.49781366

Hand signals or click code for the vox according black library

>> No.49781371

He probably has a personal havoc marine with a multi-melta (the only one they didn't throw away after falling to chaos) follow him around at all times and enlarge doorways for him before he enters.

>> No.49781390

Ah yes of course, I read your original post as sword hand instead of arm. Yes if you do it that way it should work well, though I still feel the spear would fit better.

>> No.49781408

No bjorn starts becoming officer material after prospero

>> No.49781427

yeah because prospero happened at 39,999, right

>> No.49781525

Bjorn is 10k years old m8.
He's the longest living entombed dreadnought.

>> No.49781597

>custodes and sisters
>30 tactical
>tartaros termies

>> No.49781628

No fuck YOU
Tartaros is objectively the best termie armor

>> No.49781630

You already have calth ones you mong.

>> No.49781663

I'll take 4++ over sweeping advance any day

>> No.49781670

How can someone be objectively so wrong?

What is it with people and their love affair with FW's OC donut steel crap?

>> No.49781686

Wonder why FW had to start giving terminator variants different stats but not PA variants. MkIII doesn't get 2+ armour because it offers the best protection, so why do they need to give cataphractii 4++? They could have just let all terminator variants use the same stats and have people pick the ones they like the most like with PA.

>> No.49781703

I keep forgetting 30k has different rules for the separate armors, it's objectively the best LOOKING
I think it's the closest thing to saturnine armor we're going to get, also indomitus just gets boring after a while its nice to mix it up a bit

>> No.49781718

>fluffy addition so SoB
Silly anon, the Sisters of Silence hate the Sisters of Battle. They're blanks who follow the Imperial Truth as Space Marines do.

>> No.49781746

>closest thing to saturnine armor we're going to get

Afraid FW will want to stop making money? Saturnine has already been mentioned in fluff and feature in HH art, so they're bound to get models at some point.

>indomitus just gets boring after a while

I have not seen anyone field Indomitus in 30k. It's wall to wall Cataphractii and Tartaros. I made 20 Indomitus just because I wanted to be that guy (and because I had 10+ AoBR ones lying around).

>> No.49781763

Inquisition has no chamber militants anymore, only the Red Hunters who have been their personal chapter since M32.

>> No.49781768

I don't play 30k so all I see is indomitus and a few cataphractii mixed here and there

>> No.49781779

Dumb bastard. This is a brochure for flgs so expect it to be up for Christmas

>> No.49781781



>> No.49781814

I don't think giving MkIII 2+ is mechanically balanced.

I don't know what I'd do to represent its increased protective ability if I was going to distinguish armour marks mechanically, but it definitely wouldn't be that.

>> No.49781877

Nah dude, he has a guy bend this horns for him

>> No.49781995

>Ah, come give your grandpa a big hug!

>> No.49782015

It's on the cover of November WD so it should be out in the next couple weeks.

>> No.49782112


>> No.49782907

Bizarre it's Geigor the Fell-Handed when he looks exactly like Bjorn at a battle where Bjorn was present and also called Fell-Handed.

Almost makes me think it's a typo.

>> No.49782917

Video on facebook shows all the models

>> No.49782923

Stronger, but not ridiculously so.

Sisters of Silence are more dangerous desu, they can fuck you hard if you have even a small amount of psychic potential (which all Astartes do).

>> No.49782949

>> No.49782964


>> No.49782965

Nex week boyos!

>> No.49782969

>Have to pay good money for shitsters of silence

Take 'em out and gibe more Terminators.

>> No.49782983

>Silent REEEE

>> No.49782992

Yea, Bjorn uses a bolter and a power axe during Prospero.

>> No.49783002


>> No.49783007

>Approx 60% added value

>> No.49783013


>> No.49783016

But when are 1kSons getting rules?

>> No.49783027

> totes gonna paint them all blue woth red hair

>> No.49783032


(pls Bligh pls)

>> No.49783037


Book 7 should be done around now. Now they send it to the printers which will take around 2-3 weeks for a full run.

>> No.49783043

SoS will fit nicely into my DG army. GET FUKKED WITCHES.

>> No.49783055

Then we have to wait for a scan anon to upload it

The most frustrating part

>> No.49783057

>Oath of Moment could be change to something that alludes to the Dark Gods, ie. Malice

>> No.49783074


>> No.49783096

Wait so how would splitting this box even work? Wouldn't the 1K Sons half be getting shafted considering that I don't see the SoS or Custodes being available to them?

>> No.49783105

>All is not yet dust
Okay, props to whoever wrote that speech of Ahriman's, that line actually got me good. I'm actually pretty hyped about this.

Whoever wrote that has a pretty good understanding of Ahriman's character.

>> No.49783123

what FB page?

>> No.49783144

>Wait so how would splitting this box even work?

>20 Marines
>5 Termies

>10 Marines
>5 Janitors
>5 Shitsters

Would be my guess.

>> No.49783164

Warhammer TV

>> No.49783216

>2-3 weeks
12 weeks. It takes 12 weeks to make those books.

>> No.49783221

Are the Custodes in Terminator armour?
They look pretty chunky.

>> No.49783229

I bet its artificer, 2+

>> No.49783230


Well that's how I feel, and my feelings are more valid than your feelings.

>> No.49783236

They have catathractii power armor.

>> No.49783241

No, they got their own termies

>> No.49783280

Oh look stormcast eternal liberators!

>> No.49783281

I thought they fought in the nude now

>> No.49783303

More like Retributors tbqhfam

>> No.49783353

Very old fluff said that they most the armor AFTER Empy got on the Golden Throne, i.e after the HH.

>> No.49783376

A joke carried over from really old fluff
Back when squats and lizardmen were a thing and ultramarines were from the second founding

>> No.49783392

Original fluff said they gave up armor after the Heresy as they felt they didn't deserve to wear it

Like 2nd edition or so they said they wore black armor.

>> No.49783393

Less chunky.

>> No.49783396

Ahh, so more Fanon that'd been reinforced via osmosis, oops

>> No.49783405

Heres the most recent image of a custodian from 40k

>> No.49783415

Oh shit, on the topic of lizardmen I love spear bolted and might need those custodes for my space slann conversions

>> No.49783432


Those yours?

Got the rules for them?

>> No.49783435

Sorry phones playing up again

>> No.49783448

No jump packs, only has MKIII armour, and I play traitors so SoS and Custodes are pointless.
At least the Tartaros termies look alright.

>> No.49783456


Well the original model was shirtles.

>> No.49783458

Really disappointing tßh. Especially compared to >>49783435

>> No.49783475

Motherfucking beautiful!

>> No.49783547

>Plastic Iron Armor

>> No.49783565

I bet perty would fucking ADORE bionicle

>> No.49783575

I'm going to paint a Custodes model in Blood Raven colors

>> No.49783593

You can mix and match with legionaire numbers, but Sisters and Custodes are always on the Wolves side.

>> No.49783603

they won't wear skirts and capes into battle like retards

>> No.49783632


>> No.49783652


>> No.49783707

They really do look like sigmarines, they have zero stature similar to high elves.

>> No.49783733

>Custodes are a legion specific elite unit for Legion(loyalist)
>traitor AL can steal them

It's the legs

>> No.49783745

Because that never happened before in 40k? Or because it would diminish the camo they get from their shiny golden armor? Or because it would hinder them using their gunspears?
They look look like sigmarines with different helmets. Not bad, but just boring. I'd rather use the ones made by scibor or the max mini heads (iirc).

>> No.49783749


>> No.49783852

So will they release all these models in plastic or they would be FW resin?

>> No.49783893

If they ever do emps he'll be plastic
Geedubs will wanna sell him to as many people as possible

>> No.49783901


>> No.49783906


FW has already confirmed they are doing the Big E.

>> No.49783918

For once forge worlds bandy legs will be an improvement

>> No.49783968

How do you even start trying to do rules for him?

>> No.49783984


I imagine he will have some weird rules. But the way I would do it is make him immune to any attacks that don't originate from a chaos god infused Horus.

>> No.49784009

Well there are rules for gods in AoS. Would probably something similar.

>> No.49784015

>another 20 years of complaining about boobplate in an unrealistic setting


>> No.49784018

>the bolter magazine acts as the "hammer" part of the polearm

>> No.49784032

>another 20 years of GW not giving a fuck and making stuff that was originally concepted in the 80's
feels good

>> No.49784081

>originally concepted in the 80's

>> No.49784115

If you have him in your army, you win.

>> No.49784118


Hopefully they don't make them in a similar way. Those gods are incredibly easy to kill if you have anything that dish out mortal wounds.

>> No.49784175

Custodes might make nifty alternatives to whatever those EC tartaros terminator units were. Highly decorative big dudes in strong armour (tartaros is basically bulky artificer armour with refractor field).

>> No.49784191

Do sisters of silence even exist in 40k? Are there any mentions of them after the heresy?

>> No.49784200


>All is not yet dust

What did he mean by this?

>> No.49784205

>bolter piece is a decorative Godwyn/Ultima

Confirmed for best.

>> No.49784209

Bjorn uses an axe or sword at this point, he only gets the lighting claws after the battle

>> No.49784238

Meta, it's a joke on how he turns 90% of the legion into dust soldiers. In that context he was just using fancy speak for how they hadn't lost yet.

>> No.49784242

I hope the kit comes with a spare helmet for my Slaughterpriest.

>> No.49784246

It's a play on the 1kSons "All is Dust" thing, which refers to the Rubric of Ahriman turning all the non-psychic Sons into dust, trapped in their armour.
I think it's supposed to play on the hopefulness Ahriman had. Prospero has not yet been destroyed, and they have a chance to fight back (the city hasn't been reduced to dust), but it foreshadows the Rubric.

Sort of tragic really.

>> No.49784249

In 40k the thousand sons chant is 'all is dust' whispered frequently
Ahriman trid to save them from mutation after the heresy, but turned them to dust inside their own power armour

>> No.49784256


>he has the models


>> No.49784264

Wonder how long before someone makes a culexus assassin army using just SoS models.

>> No.49784277


>You'll never be sodomized by a sword as a heretic by a SoS in the name of the emperor

>> No.49784303


>Falling for the "What did he mean by this" meme bait

I guess it at least shows you're not retards that browse /a/.

>> No.49784310

Yet Cataphractii gets 4++, Tartaros gets to Sweep and Indomitus gets to eat a dick, all for the same price.

So why not give PA the same treatment? MkVI can be 4+ with acute sense, because it's got shit protection but good sensors. MkV can have the negative effects of hardened armour. MkIII has 2+. MkII and IV can be the standard.

>> No.49784318

>plastic tartaros terminators

>> No.49784331


Mk IV would be the one with 2+. It shouldn't be that drastic, but it had the best protection.

>> No.49784341


>mk3 2+

Nobody would ever take anything else. Just give it hardened armor like breachers

>indomitus gets to eat a Dick

If you're using indomitus in 30k you deserve to eat a dick

>> No.49784346

>tfw when you're still pretty new to the modelling part of the hobby and have no idea why people are so excited about the possibility of plastic figures

Is it because they're cheaper or something?

>> No.49784356

Do you even fluff? MkIII has the best protection, it's built for fighting in places where there's no cover. MkIV is just the new standard suit.

>> No.49784364

A kill team with SoS or Custodians

Stat me

>> No.49784365


it's because this is the first time in 30 years were getting models and rules for customers and sisters of silence

>> No.49784369

Does anyone have this in a resolution thats good for posters?

>> No.49784373

>Indomitus gets to eat a dick
Indomitus gets to look the coolest

>> No.49784378



The box above, not counting the sisters, Custodes or heroes, would be well lover $400 for 30 mk3 marines and 5 Tartaros terminators

>> No.49784382

How's that elitism working for ya?

>> No.49784392

Plastic is cheaper, doesn't need as much work, on average, as resin and plastic usually means you can get it from someone other than FW direct or a recaster.

>> No.49784400

chris wraight its a hack that writes masturbation.

>> No.49784408



Cataphractii are cheaper than normal terminators on eBay and actually fit the setting.

>> No.49784431


"Mark IV armour was envisioned at the time to be the ultimate and final type of Space Marine armour, able to offer the best protection in a variety of conditions."

Taken from Lexicanum. Which cites Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two.

There is a reason why Horus was trying to get all of his legions equipped with the stuff. There is also a reason why Sigismund risked 60 titans coming down on him during the mars civil war just so he could get 10,000 suits of MKIV

>> No.49784437

he has the angel of evangelion as a logo?!!!

thats cool.

>> No.49784442

>and actually fit the setting
mkVI and indomitus are the OG heresy armors

if they don't fit the setting, nothing does

>> No.49784447

Are those suppose to be Custodes on the right?

>> No.49784458

I'd imagine a lot of the older Legions would still mostly have suits of either Mk II or III.

>> No.49784467

>actually fit what I imagine is the setting


>> No.49784472

man I love that gold on the thousand sons.

I was thinking on getting 5 to six of the MKIII and convert them into Honor guard for my Blood Ravens.
With custodes weaponry!

>> No.49784492


Nearly everybody is still Rockin' Mk III at the beginning of the Heresy.

>> No.49784493

Do they also come with thunder hammers and storm shields?
I feel that would make them AWESOME.

Or how would you field them in 40k to take advantage of their fleet?

>> No.49784504

Well, that's basically just II with more armour on, so I doubt you'd notice the difference much.

>> No.49784511


Rogue trader era heresy was the potato indomitus but all the artwork from after that had different terminator armor, which was eventually consolidated into cataphractii

>I dont shave the crux terminatus off my 30k terminators and run Mk7

>> No.49784514

>Do they also come with thunder hammers and storm shields?
Why would they? storm shields aren't in mass production yet.

>> No.49784527


Only the fists and salamanders are using prototype storm shields so far

>> No.49784535

could I give them in 40k?

or there arent rules for those yet?

I cannot think how to paint them as blood ravens because of the countless variations that I could pull.

>> No.49784549

Yet FW fluff mentions indomitus as existing during the Heresy and the Gorgons are based on the Indomitus suit.

>I dont shave the crux terminatus off my 30k terminators and run Mk7

Nice strawman there, thought of it yourself?

>> No.49784556


I doubt it. It would make Cataphractii entirely pointless.

>> No.49784570

It's a matter of common sense
Why would they bother create a mold for SoS then not use it to make SoB when they literally just have the same body type
Double the money for less the effort

>> No.49784576


Tartaros are perfectly legal in 40k, they're just normal terminators with the same options.


Yes the Indomitus exists in 30k and was the inferior replacement to the other two armor sets. As jewy as it sounds, FW evidently wants people to use the other two armor types instead.

>> No.49784594

Dangit, didnt even know about that meme
> learning a little more about4chan every day

>> No.49784597

no way, because kataphraktii are great for lightning claws spam. Whilst the tartaros can concentrate on storm shield and thunder hammer.

>> No.49784599

>"This armour was ideal when cover was minimal and combat was a matter of frontal assault. The most visually brutal and imposing of all the widely produced armour marks, the Iron Armour was a heavy, modified Mark II design. The Iron Armour's structure has augmented frontal defence and incorporates additional ablative plates, and is intended foremost for use in boarding actions, tunnel assaults and void warfare, although it is considerably heavier and more power hungry than its contemporaries."
>"suit specialised for situations where heavier frontal protection would be advantageous, such as in the close confines of spacecraft and mining complexes."

Hey, I can quote lexicanum too.

If MkIV gets 2+, then so should V (which used MkIV armour materials when available).

>> No.49784617

>was the inferior replacement to the other two armor sets

Even though FW fluff says it was developed alongside the Tartaros and Saturnine and the three were pretty much identical.

>> No.49784627

>and was the inferior replacement to the other two armor sets
actually of the three (cataphractii, tartaros, indomitus), indomitus is the oldest/most widespread

>> No.49784631


>nice strawman

Any time I've seen Indomitus in 30k it's some shitter who is just running his 40k marines as whatever legion is OP at the time.

I wouldn't care if someone got rid of the crux and just ran indomitus, but someone with that dedication will typically just get 30k models.

It's worse than using 40k rhinos and boxnaughts (completely passable and most people do it) but better than someone using regular 40k marines as HH legionnaires

>> No.49784654


Huh, makes sense. New stuff in 30k could still be better than the older model.


Wait which one of these is true.

>> No.49784662

Well Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armour has exactly the same rules as regular old Terminator Armour so sure go nuts.

Only problem really is that there aren't any models of Tartaros Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields other than pic related.

>> No.49784675

tartaros is newer than indomitus/cataphractii, as it was made alongside maximus armor

>> No.49784688

this is a great bummer then.

>> No.49784704

They'll probably have the same limitations as Cataphractii terminator armor, so just standard loadout plus chainfists, lightning claws, power swords, and heavy flamers

>> No.49784719

They'll be limited to whatever comes on their sprue. Can't say for sure if there's any options we haven't seen yet.

>> No.49784725

Which mark of armour is this?

>> No.49784734

except that tartaros sergeant is holding a volkite weapon
facebook com/ WarhammerTVteam/videos/vb.230219510706368/268377870223865

>> No.49784747


>> No.49784752

That's MK1 Terminator armor based on the original mini.

>> No.49784762 [DELETED] 


Looks like Hardened Mark III

>> No.49784810

what rules do we want for saturnine big shoulders armor?

can reroll failed saves, cannot have an armor save worse than a 4+ except against AP 1, 3 wounds. Very bulky.

>> No.49784811

Fanart of the Saturnine Pattern aka Rogue Trader-era Termies

>> No.49784828

It can have Void-Hardened, but that rarely matters

>> No.49784839

Don't dornfags and girlymen get them

>> No.49784864


Volkite in 40k, then? I hope CSM/Thousand Sons get it, not vanilla marines again.

>> No.49784877


With pauldrons that big, how about just making it a 1+ armor save?

>> No.49784882

probably maybe

>> No.49784885

Would those mk3 armors suffice for a descent Iron Warrior list? I never got in to the whole 30k when plastic hit the grid, due to being mk4 armor being "out of fluff" so to speak. But mk 3 is close enough ey?

>> No.49784911

Fists and Sallies get Storm Shields, the Ultras don't, but they have Mary-Suzerains who are ridiculously good and have artificer armour and boarding shield

>> No.49784932

Of course Mk 3 would work. IW would look great.

ride the ironfire anon

>> No.49784933

Mk3 is the preferred mark for Iron Warriors

>> No.49784936


>> No.49784975

I've always wanted this.

I assumed they'd be in a later daemonhunters/witchhunters codex, though.

>> No.49785000

October 22nd

>> No.49785028

Oh god no, my LGS has a BoC box still sitting around, one of each and a few tanks would make a perfect starter army. I thought I was done with GW.

>> No.49785039


>> No.49785044

Mk IV was the most versatile, hence "best protection in a variety of conditions."

Mk III was tougher, but lacking in situations that required mobility or better targeting aids.

>> No.49785150


This is an IW dream come true. the box with MSRP discount from your FLGS is worth it for the mk3 alone, plus the tartaros terminators are perfectly fine in IW

>> No.49785220

I have Salamanders, which are they more likely to use? Tartaros or Cataphractii?

>> No.49785244


Both. Their legion specific termies use tartaros but they have plenty of access to either.

>> No.49785279

Stopped playing years ago. Why are they releasing these sweet things now?!

>> No.49785282

>no Mars pattern rhino hulls or MkV castaferrums, even though both are depicted and mentioned in FW books


Also, what's wrong with GW's MkIV and VI marines?

>someone with that dedication will typically just get 30k models
>buy a box of models and assemble them
>spend time and money getting rid of the crux and getting reaper autocannons and power weapons for your models
>pleb tier 40k


I'll be over there, with my indomitus squads, having fun. Take care.

>> No.49785288

MkII or MkIII with Cataphractii is the iW Standard, anon.

>> No.49785292

What about the power armour?

>> No.49785310

Yet FW book says Indomitus, Tartaros and Saturnine were all developed around the same time.

In 30k they can Sweep.

>> No.49785321


I meant using 40k rhinos and dreadnoughts are completely okay.

And if someone converts their indomitus with combi bolters, no crux and reaper auto cannons I would be happy to play them

>> No.49785345

Tartaros hands should be the same size as power armoured marines, so just get some Vanguard Veteran thunder hammers and storm shields and put them on the tartaros suits.

>> No.49785349


Loyalist legions (besides RG) tended to have mostly Mk3/Mk2 but had access to Mk IV in more limited but not rare numbers.

Everyone had plenty of MkV by the middle of the heresy.

>> No.49785385

They switched CEO.

>> No.49785390

>combi bolters

Then I'm afraid we can't. None of the options available had the iconic twin-magazine look from old art/models, so I just used twin-magazine storm bolters. Also, they're the only ones that are .75 caliber and not some .70 or .60 caliber babby bolts like in the tigrus and phobos.

>> No.49785482


If you have spare combis from the BaC box they could fit the normal termie hands pretty well with some clipping.

An indomitus squad with a reaper and a plasma blaster would look pretty dope

>> No.49785513

Can you use 30k in Kill Team?

>> No.49785531

And they keep the former CEO (who still has managerial power) out of the decisive board meetings by scheduling them to overlap with his planned vacation.

>> No.49785544

Phobos combi has drums not magazines and is .70 caliber. I only accept .75 for my troops.

>> No.49785586


No, they're not on the list of allowed factions. 30k uses Zone Mortals instead.

>> No.49785609

>30k uses Zone Mortals instead.

The HH equivalent of Kill Team is Strike Forces, ZM is another type of game.

>> No.49785638

I'm sorry, every tI'm I read that armor name I think of the I-Rex from Jurassic world

>> No.49785648

That's pretty damned clever, if true. Citation?

>> No.49785651

Damn I love that crab shell look, then again I just love terminators

>> No.49785675

well I'd be fine with it personally, if squad size wasn't messed with, kept the crappy leadership rules, and you kept it to sterngaurd/vanguard vet comparatives.

30k isn't exactly ment for small squads so I don't think you'd get much out of it beyond giving some of the legion specific dud units a chance to work.

There used to be a kill team heralds of ruin supplement for HH. not sure what happened to it.

>if you just want to know if you can use old marks of armor count as 40k versions, yes that is fine with pretty much everyone.

>> No.49785833


ebin meme

>> No.49785960

>MkVI can be 4+...
3+ rerolling Armour Save rolls of a 6

>MkIII has 2+.
3+ and if the Armour Saves is a 1, roll an additional die, on a 5+ the Armour Save is successful.
(72% to save vs 66% of 3+ and 83% of 2+)

>> No.49785980

If I have 20 marines, the contemptor, termis, and HQs from BaC, and say 20 marines, termis, and Ahrimahn from this; what else would be worth picking up to get into 30k running SoH? I also have 6 rapier laser destroyers with marine crews

>> No.49786204

Oh my god, is that a Volkite Charger? Because Plastic Volkites makes me moist.

>> No.49786355

>that tiny tiny hand

>> No.49786438

it's 30 in each box. So, that's 60 marines. Ultimately, I would suggest getting at least 1 FW tank, like a Sicaran or a Spartan to at least give you some decent support. And if you can afford a flyer, it would never go amiss.

>> No.49786453

Giant plasma cannon, you mean.

>> No.49786518

I'd say get a rhino or two, a pair of dreadnoughts, and one or two battle tanks. A Sicarian or two would be ideal

>> No.49786768


>> No.49786924

no they're supposed to be marines... This was from before they'd starting fully concretising what the horus heresy/great crusade looked like (or indeed, consisted of) and so it was all a bit more up in the air and up to the artists etc

IIRC this is an update of an earlier artwork (from rogue trader days?) of the same scene and I *think* that contained more 'normal' terminators...

>> No.49787001

it's just heavily romanticized

the fight didn't have a bunch of onlookers, it was a 1v1 slugfest until the imperial fist terminator busted through a wall

>> No.49787017

They were thought to be destroyed, but the ultramarine recently recovered the stc needed to contruct them

>> No.49787052

Can I just use my 40k chaos rhinos or would that not be allowed? I want to give 30k a try but I don't want to start a second marine army.

>> No.49787185

Yeah, mars pattern rhinos existed back then

>> No.49788100

People always harp on the Crux but it existed as a veteran honour during the Horus Heresy. People just need to remove the aquilas.

>> No.49788243

that wouldn't be a retcon. it's already been suggested by the fluff.

though IIRC they would normally disguise themselves as some regular marine chapter and let them take the credit because custodes "don't leave terra"

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