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Which Space Marine chapter has:

>the best fleet
>the best guns
>the most vehicles

Also which one is the best in melee?

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Best guns probably belongs to Grey Knights, depending on your definition, thanks to their ready ties with Mars itself as well as a lot of Archeotech/Xenotech/Psytech from their Inquisitorial relationship.

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Grey Knights always seem a bit more melee/psychic focused.

Probably Ultramrine's for "best/most numerous", seeing as they're the demo paint chapter for all fucking models. Any first founding chapter or chapter FW has a boner for, really.

Best in melee would probably be something like Wolves, Blood Angels, or Templars.

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epic meme bro the new hot shit is The Hanged

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He asked for the best melee chapters, not the best yiffing chapters.

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and the Angry marines are an old and dead meme

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Probably the Iron Hands. Although the Balck Templars might be better at melee.

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No u

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>best fleet
Star Krakens. Though of non-homebrew chapters, Space Wolves probably, seeing as how they have an entire fleet and the entire Belisarius navigator family to get them places quickly.

>best guns
Salamanders at close range, Imperial Fists at long range

>the most vehicles
Aurora Chapter hands-down, some Iron Hands successors too most likely

>best in melee
Blood Angels probably, though Space Wolves and Carcharodons are contenders

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>Best in melee would probably be something like Wolves, Blood Angels, or Templars.

but which one of them is THE best you stupid cunt?

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>the best fleet

Think this is Ultramarines or one of the other large first-founders.

>the best guns

DA due to relics, Minotaurs due to money, BA/IH/Salamanders due to artificers, Blood Ravens due to stealing Primarch-owned relics.

>the most vehicles

Most likely White Scars due to necessity. Especially as bikes are vehicles in the lore.

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Executioners obviously, last time I checked none of those chapters have low ranking sergeants that can one-shot hive tyrants with their chainswords.

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>the best fleet
Grey Knights, canonically the fastest ships in the Imperium, and best warded against the Warp.

>the best guns
Grey Knights

>the most vehicles
Grey Knights

>MISSING: best armor
Grey Knights

any other answer is wrong. Even First Founding and Minotaurs don't come close

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We'll that's hard to say. They're both good at melee with certain units that excel at it. The Blood Angels have their black rage afflicted death companies while the Space Wolves have the wulfen. Who really knows?

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Best Fleet is a tie between the combined might of the Space Wolves and Dark Angels. However Dark Angels are more likely to be united as a single fleet and be assisted by the Unforgiven due to the hunt for the Fallen.

It think Salamanders have the best weaponry on average due to their chapters focus on not only understanding but continually improving their own arms and armor. However Iron Hands and Dark Angels both have vast armories of dangerous weaponry themselves.

Most Vehicles would likely go to White Scars since every single soldier not only has an attack bike, but I imagine they have a fair number of spares and variations for each officer as well. Not to mention their jets, land speeders, and sped up tanks.

Of course I may be remembering wrong and for all I know Ultramarines outclass everyone everywhere in everything.

I believe the currently defacto best melee fighter in the setting is the current High Marshal Black Templar, though I forget why I think this.

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>bunch of guys from the legion based around building walls
>but they said fuck that and made their symbol a pair of axes, AXES not swords and became the IF legion equivalent of the Flesh Tearers while the Sword Brethren jerked off to Sigismund's huge sword tang instead of actually being good at melee
>Templar Brethren actually use shields instead of MORE MELEE WEAPONS in their other hand

Sounds about right.

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Grey Knights might have the best ships for their purposes, but they are neither the best for every role nor numerous enough for the fleet itself to be considered the best.

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>only 666 marines
>more vehicles than "fuck the codex astartes" sized chapters

What, do they strap a Rhino to each foot to use as rollerskates or something?

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What about the Imperial Fists? They have the Phalanx which is probably on par with the rock.

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Perhaps but to my understanding it never leaves it's orbit above of the Imperial Palace for any reason. So I'm not sure it counts when compared to the very active use of the Rock as a part of the Dark Angel battle fleet.

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Fluff wise,

>best fleet
Black Templars because the entire chapter's in the damn Eternal Crusader fleet and they have the most numbers. Dark Angels would work, too, but only after taking into consideration their sorta consolidation of their successor chapters unlike Templars which are one huge Chapter

>best guns
This can go many ways, but probably between Salamanders and Blood Ravens depending on whether you're looking at the crafted stuff or found relics respectively. I would say Blood Ravens cuz Chapter Master gear, Primarch gear, Adeptus Custodes gear, fucking anti Titan guns, etc. crazy shit.

>most vehicles
Black Templars again. While they may not proportionally field as many vehicles as someone like White Scars or Iron Hands they still have the numbers game on their side.

In game,

>best fleet
Star Phantom's reserve rules are fantastic and good for lots of drop pods.

>best guns
Overall the Imperial Fists because the vast majority of Space Marines are bolters an the IF chapter tactics improve just those.

>most vehicles
White Scars by far. A Scarblade Strike Force can have EVERYONE on either Bikes or Land Speeders.

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666 is the number of the chapter (oddly enough since chapters don't actually have numbers), not the number of Grey Knights. There is supposed to be a little more than a thousand of them, like with regural codex adherent chapter.

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>the best fleet
Either Dark Angels, Imperial Fists, or Space Wolves. All three hold the contender for best naval power.

>Best guns
Also a tough choice. Dark Angels have plasma up the wazoo, but IIRC the Iron hands have some conversion beamers, which are fuckin powerful. Imperial Fists are also the best shots.

>Most Vehicles
IIRC some Iron Hands Chapter has a FUCKLOAD of vehicles. Sons of Medusa maybe? Invaders? Although it's also a bit of a tossup, as the White Scars technically have a lot if you count bikes. The Ultramarines also have way more tanks than should be Codex.

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>This can go many ways, but probably between Salamanders and Blood Ravens depending on whether you're looking at the crafted stuff or found relics respectively. I would say Blood Ravens cuz Chapter Master gear, Primarch gear, Adeptus Custodes gear, fucking anti Titan guns, etc. crazy shit.
Stop this memeing RIGHT NOW

Blood Ravens do NOT have Primarch weapons. It's a game mechanic thrown in, but there is never confirmation that those things in the game actually are possessed by the Blood Ravens, not to mention you will not necessarily unlock them either. No, the Blood Ravens do not have Forgebreaker, and they do not steal equipment either. The notability of the Blood Ravens is that their have a lot of psykers, which they use like Farseers according to Index Astartes.

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Blood Ravens steal Carnifexes and Gargants on daily basis.

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Nice try, Diomedes, but you can't hide Forgebreaker forever.

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>Space Wolves
>Salamanders or Dark Angels
>Iron Hands or Blood Angels
>Blood Angels

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Don't the IF bring it along as backup during the Soul Drinker series? iirc doesn't the final confrontation takes place aboard it?

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Ultramarines, all others envy them

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>Best Fleet
Either IF or Red Hunters because Inquisition.
>Best Guns
Salamanders, with Iron hands in second and Red Hunters in third because Inquisition.
>the most vehicles
I dunno. Might be Red Hunters because Inquisition, Iron Hands, or Blud Rehvans because of all of their gifts.

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If you count their association with Mars and the Inquisition in terms of ships that they can bring to bear then maybe the Grey Knights, but if you are talking about which chapter just has the best fleet on its own outside of calling in support then Spaces Wolves are the kings.
>Best Guns
Best is an odd word, probably either Grey Knights because of access to the psy/psi guns and special ammo or IF because they have better bolters
>Most Vehicles
White Scars, assuming you consider bikes to be a vehicle, since they are not in game terms but are in real life terms.

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