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Short story on the worldbuilding process.

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Thats come good quality easternese comic mangos.
Especially the thrown out potential.

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Top notch (and actually /tg/-related).
Now I have to go write some politics for my setting.

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More from the same author, Ryōko Kui, who writing Dungeon Menshi and is really big on world building.

This one's theme is actually a multi piece work about the defeat of the "beast king" and what came afterwards, during and then before.

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Fucking SJWs trying to defend ratnigs. Bunny Master Race, gas the Shrews, We Wuz Rodentz an Sheit, moles aren't real mammals, Hasen uber alles.

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Kobolds in their natural environment, killing livestock in a NPC peasant farmer's field.

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End of the hero's after story. Next chapter is about the BBEG he killed, or rather how he became the BBEG and about the princess the hero rescued and was to marry, which caused the war which killed the hero.

Can keep posting if someone wants.

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Would appreciate if you keep posting, I love this author.

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OP is from "Terrarium in a Drawer" while this is from "Ryuu No Gakkou Wa Yama No Ue" which seems to be a worldbuilding exercise to explain the final chapter where it's a guy and his centaur wife in a modern'ish era talking about ancient history.

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K. Here's the BBEG "Beast King" and Princess's story.

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I'd definitely like to see more.

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this author is the best

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Thanks for posting, this is a real treat.

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That's cute kinda.

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Last of the translated chapters, the rest seem to follow the same theme and advancing the timeline.

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>Refugees welcome
I can't see this going wrong

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>Ryōko Kui, who writing Dungeon Menshi and is really big on world building
You can really see that in Dungeon Meshi.
Which reminds me:

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Double the waifus?

Is the Dorf coming back?

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Laius sister is a comfy waifu.

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>waifuing an imouto

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She's Marcille's waifu, not Laius's

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Mole master race reporting in. Remember it took five different countries to just push us back to our borders. Other species just can't compete.

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Maybe if you like waifuing the girl from the ring

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>bunnies are greeks
>rats are armenians
>moles are turks

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>Still, whenever I close my eyes, I can still vividly feel
>The joys, anger, and grief of thousands or millions of living breathing animal-peoples, trying to make it in animal land

This feeling is too true. Once you invest days and days into a world, the "feeling" that it's alive never goes away.

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This, so much.

I created a world since I was in high school and about 15 years later, the world kinda grew up with me. When I think back to the beginning of that world, a wave of nostalgia as I remember all the characters and their descendants.

Even to this day I remember all the events with great clarity

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She should be Chilchack's waifu

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whoa hey it's actually fantastic

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>Author of Dungeon Meshi
>Manga about a comfy Centaur Waifu.

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Her realistic style is awesome.

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Do you also know that feell wehn you offer your finished world for a criticism and the critics tear it apart?

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Not that anon but yes actually.

Sometimes criticism is important for a world's development, without it you can never see any of the glaring faults or failure of logic the world might have.

If creating the world is that important to you, then making sure that it is the best it can be. While you can't always please everyone, taking good points is always a plus.

It's like a piece of artwork when you start out; feedback can help alot in the improving the work; unlike an artwork the world can always be retooled and reworked to your hearts content.

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Top left girl is the top tier class of person to have at your game table.

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Have any more of her things been translated?

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Kobolds are twice as bad at rat people!

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I remember this when it was written by Jeanne-Marie de Beaumont.

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The visual metaphor with the sitting order is great.

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Terrarium in a Drawer is fully translated.

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I like this... But it hurts me.

What the fuck have you done to me, /tg/?

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sounds like world war 1 and 2

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>those top left two panels
>anon shows someone his worldbuilding.jpg

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Well that escalated quickly.

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That's why you don't ever get involved with royalty.

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>while this is from "Ryuu No Gakkou Wa Yama No Ue" which seems to be a worldbuilding exercise to explain the final chapter where it's a guy and his centaur wife in a modern'ish era talking about ancient history.
I want to make sweet, tender love to the author
Also, have any of you guys read Made in Abyss?

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>note to self - pray to Tezuka that kui Ryoko doesnt contract japanese flu.

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Don't jinx it, faggot

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that finger is friggin' huge

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Gosh, it's no wonder the crone wasn't welcome if this is the sort of crud they pull. How she even was allowed an audience is beyond me.

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You have to be some sort of drooling inbred fucktard to not treat a wizened old crone with the proper respect.

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>Implying M*se roaches deserve freedom

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I like how she doesn't move, and the beast comes to her instead -- Lima syndrome rather than Stockholm syndrome. Real interesting twist on the Beauty and the Beast story.

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Funnily enough that world went through a number of wars; started out pretty small with just a race war then eventually galactic scale ones planets at war with each other.

Then it ends with xcom stuff with humans from a warped dimension invading. Humanity finally got tired of warring after that debacle and that's pretty much the end of that

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I guess that explains the hero's shell-shocked state in the previous story.

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You don't fuck around with sacred hospitality.

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Where is Gaston?

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Here's an other story by the same author. First part is "Spring"

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Oh bother.
I don't like where this is going.

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Remember to always neuter and spay your humans

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>guest artist: Leiji Matsumoto

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Doesn't really seem like she's forced to be there. Does it count as slavery if you're free to leave at any time?

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I fucking know this feel. I know this fucking feel so fucking much. I had this happen all the time in high school, I would pull some crazy ideas and my teachers would say it was "Too complicated for high schoolers."

Even though it was WRITTEN by a high schooler, an autistic high schooler who shitposts on 4chan while in his late 20s. Sure, it had some difficult concepts but I wasn't trying to replicate Nasu Kinoko.

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A short story.

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>human living among elves

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Wow, Dad is a dick

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You can leave, but can you survive?

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He was right though, as soon as she brought in another character her story ended.

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Families getting torn apart are also common in short stories.

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Dad's only trying to prolong his own life because he realize he's not even the main character in a short short story.

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Jesus, you could replace the tiny woman with a dog and nothing about this story would change and I would still feel sad about it.

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Directed by Mighty Shag-a-man.

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It's stories all the way down

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Her short story, is a story told by by her father to extend her life by making her story more interesting. And it end when he stops telling it.

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>implying she won't keep on living since now we know the story

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Wrath of the Dragon.

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This will not end well

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>Male Marcille visits Laiustown

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It didn't. Remember to thoroughly cook your dragon meat.

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Oops. overshot. Was supposed to stop at 55.

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So is this one of those early drafts of Zootopia?

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Rat country was a paragon that other virtous nations could only strive to achieve before those fucking Moles came in and shit it up like they shit up their own lands. Buns could learn a thing or two from the noble Rats.

And besides, isn't the fact that they're all rodents really all that matters?

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Keep going.

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Look at the no need to be so angry line>>49793557 & Here >>49793468
Also the teddy bears.
Those two stories are the same.

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This is all a metaphor for how the Japanese murder dolphins every year right?

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I thought it was about how Shintoism is declining.

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Oh wow... my mind is blown.

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Did we miss a page of this?

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Collection of short stories, some are very short.

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its more than that. While the text does say "forced her to do his bidding" its obvious that she is taking charge and he's confused and awkward about the whole deal

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I think the text is the story being told by the bard while the images is what actually happened.

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Man, wish my sub-conscious would guilt trip me in my sleep to do chores. Seems really handy, if annoying, like a built-in nagging wife.

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Kinda hungry now so going to stop for the day.

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Thanks anon.

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Oh god, the feels.

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Despite the cries of Stockholm, Disney's Beauty and the Beast is quite similar. Belle hardly even wants to recognise the beast until the staff plead with her and even then, Beast makes the first actual steps towards them coming together.

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This isn't funny. Don't make light of institutionalised bigotry. You bring shame upon yourselves with your disgraceful words.

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Thanks, all these stories are fun reading material.

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Well that was miserable.

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This comic is an interesting commentary. I like this guy.

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How can eating shapes look so appealing?

Also thanks for the dump

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Careful what you wish for. Mine does and it's hardly a solution to anything.

It just means the situation is bad enough that sleep isn't even an option anymore.

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T. rat

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>Terrarium in Drawer storytime
Today is a very comfy day. Thanks anon.

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Gas the shrews, Rodent war now.

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Love the punchline.

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These are great.

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Bonus points to whoever figures out the inspiration to this story before the final page.

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I've read it previously, but it definitely surprised me.

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+10 points.

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>Alignment threads

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Well guess I need to do some chores now.

I think I'll clean the floor.

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> implications of last image

Well, that went dark quickly.

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Image limit reached, guess that's it.

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Shit that's a cute-ass story.

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You have the source, anon. You can very, very easily track down the rest.

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>What if Nerv had actual standards.

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It's not the same, friend.

>> No.49798162


Chilchack's married to the job.

>> No.49798166

Fair. There is a little something to reading it as it's dumped I suppose.

>> No.49798176

Chilchak has maybe my favourite sneak attack moment from anything ever. Dude's a PROFESSIONAL.

>> No.49798308

>an entire short story dedicated to explaining a common cultural phrase
Now THAT is world building

>> No.49798320


Is that the same guy who kills the beast in that story? They look different.

>> No.49798354

Shrews aren't Rodentia though, their Soricomorphs, and are actually closer related to Moles than to Mice

>> No.49798693

I've been trying to think of literal examples of idioms to include in my setting in order to give them excuses to be idioms in "another world".

So far I have a Wizard who has a ghost living in his tower writing his books for him, and haven't progressed much farther than that.

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Holy kek

>> No.49798778

Is there an official translation in English that I can buy somewhere? These are some great comics, and I'd like to support his work.

>> No.49798853

As soon as I read that last frame, I simultaneously laughed in relief, felt a wave of goosebumps like I'd never felt before, and felt tears well in my eyes. This is amazing stuff, anon, and I thank you and commend you for posting it.

>> No.49798907

Doesn't look like it. Dungeon Meshi seems pretty popular, so if it gets licensed the rest of her works might also get picked up, but for now it seems your only option is to learn some moon and import them.

>> No.49798983


Well, if I can grasp a child's knowledge of Spanish and Esperanto, I can learn Japanese. Time to get cracking!

>> No.49799009

Guys, I just had the craziest idea!

What if Ryōko Kui and Kaoru Mori were to co-write a piece?

>> No.49799154

I would cum buckets.

>> No.49799226

This was a shit comic.

>> No.49799654

You are a shit comic.

>> No.49799694

Read the rest of that story.
fuck, that was good

>> No.49799880

Name of all the mangas and you get a hug

>> No.49799948

All of these are from Terrarium in Drawer, I think.

>> No.49800118


Dude didn't choose the Rogue Life. The Rogue Life chose him.

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Hmm. In the science fiction community, there's something called a Shaggy God Story, named after the Shaggy Dog type of joke. Apparently, aspiring science fiction writers tend to write strikingly similar stories about two astronauts landing on a new world, only for their names to be revealed as Adam and Eve, or something along those lines. SciFi publishers get an inordinate amount of submissions following that general plot line.

But for the life of me this was great.

>> No.49800929

>they were all her
Oh gosh

>> No.49801079

That term is a lot more popular than the SF community.

>> No.49801332

I just love the guy because I can empathize with his hatred of mimics. Fuck mimics.

>> No.49801658


Mimics are the bane of every Rogue. My GM was so fond of putting them down, thinking I'd forget, I just got in the habit of throwing daggers at every chest I came across and then having to kill it myself, because I ended up being the fightiest one in the party, and I always scouted ahead, AND we were stuck in endless narrow hallways.

Fuck mimics.

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>> No.49804345

The hero in the Beauty and the Beast story was helmeted, so we couldn't see his features.

>> No.49804543


He also looked like he had a different body type, and what little we could see of his face made him look a little older.

The circumstances also seem a bit different than what is described in that hero's homecoming story.

>> No.49805306

Real and Bard perspective
Just like how the pet and wild human's appearance differed in both story.

>> No.49805525


>Kobolds are dogmen


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>> No.49806312


Not just aspiring sci-fi writers:




Destination: Void's "You must decide how to WorShip me".

Even "To Marry Medusa" to some extent, given what humanity becomes by the end of it.

>> No.49806617

Because corporations think you don't want to read that.

>> No.49806748

That's pretty common in Nipland fantasy. I think it's because that's what they looked like in Wizardry.

>> No.49806882


I enjoy that he's pretty much only there because he's contractually obligated, which is actually a great motivation for the only sane character in a party.

>Why are you even with them?
>The fighter's check cleared

>> No.49807469

Nah, it's obvious that he cares more than he lets out.

>> No.49807546


Yeah, but you got to let a professional have his pride. That's what separates the walking corpses from the real dungeon crawlers. I know, you know, I know that you know, you know that I know, but neither of us will say shit. Because that's just how shit is and both of us know that that shit? Is real shit.

>> No.49807580 [DELETED] 

Sayings in general can be a nice way of giving yourself an idea of how a particular culture is supposed to think. You can just write 'em down and then fill in the gaps:

A proverb among the lower class in a large trading city:
>The only thing more lowly than a whore is her customer

A commandment from holy scriptures, which a certain Paladin order places a lot of emphasis on:
>Rebuke not the heathens about who sin in ignorance, disgracing no one but themselves; rebuke instead the hypocrites among you who sin knowingly, disgracing also you.

>> No.49807592

Sayings in general can be a nice way of giving yourself an idea of how a particular culture is supposed to think. You can just write 'em down and then fill in the gaps:

A proverb among the lower class in a large trading city:
>The only thing more lowly than a whore is her customer

A commandment from holy scriptures, which a certain Paladin order places a lot of emphasis on:
>Rebuke not the heathens about you who sin in ignorance, disgracing no one but themselves; rebuke instead the hypocrites among you who sin knowingly, disgracing also you.

>> No.49807595

It's not exactly that. He's not only there for that - he almost certainly had competing offers - and despite playing the straight man a lot he likes the party. He didn't leave with the others, right? But it'd be an insult to his and their skills, his and their professions, for him to disregard the business side of things.

>> No.49807646

I thought kobolds were lizards?

>> No.49807732

They were dog-people in D&D editions before 3e (and, by extension, in Wizardry and Dungeon Meshi).

>> No.49807755

Huh. Why are they lizards now then? Is it that they came up with gnolls and needed something to do with the kobolds?

>> No.49808108

Basically they had both Lizard like attributes and Dog like attributes at the start.

As DnD progressed, in the west they got taken more towards the Lizard direction while the Japanese latched onto the doglike traits instead.

Since DnD always had to be translated into Japanese, that meant that the Japanese translators could take liberties like this to better sell in their market.

>> No.49808309


Honestly, I kind of like them being little dog men better.

That said, i'd love to see artists do a modern take on the Canine/Reptilian aspect of the old bolds.

>> No.49808323

Sounds like an incident!

>> No.49808682


The reason he didn't leave with the others was revealed to be that he was the only one who insisted on being paid in advance.

That's not to say he doesn't give a shit about Laius and his sister and the(don't call me a Dark) Elf, or the crazy Dwarven hobo they picked up along the way, it's just that a major reason he's there is because it's his job and his professional reputation is at stake.

>> No.49809728

I've always prefered them being mammalian as well, but I was raised on non DnD based rpgs, mostly eastern.

5th edition goes a little bit in that direction, if I recall. The kobolds there have distinctly doglike snouts, and wouldn't look too far away from wolfmen if you gave them fur.

>> No.49810438

Thanks for giving me this.

This guy, whoever he is, seems to have some storytelling talent, one way or another.

Saving the name Ryoko Kui for the future. I need to watch this.

>> No.49810568


Went and downloaded the whole book. it's fucking brilliant.

Brings to my mind some modern french comic storytelling that breaks the rules a little bit. Like Manu Larcenet or something. It oozes some kind of ambition, like drawing and telling stories isn't simply a day job, in and out.

Reading it and having a beer right now. Super goddamn comfy. I can't thank the original poster enough.

>> No.49812033

I fucking knew it

>> No.49812061

>This guy

>> No.49812561


Birth of a PC

>> No.49813361

I didn't know they had Salmiakki in Japan.

>> No.49813568

Thanks for the dump anon: I hadn't read any of Ryokos stuff outside of Dungeon Meshi and Short Short Story until now, so thanks for showing me this.

>> No.49814943

>this guy

>> No.49815362

Read Dungeon Meshi, by the same author. It's less setting-focused, and more character-focused, but it's great, and thematically even more /tg/-related than this stuff.

Ryoko (諒子) is a girl's name btw.

>> No.49815783

Dogs in japan, lizards in the US and rats in the UK.

Originally they were all 3 together.

>> No.49815792


Didn't know that, but all the better.

Top tier storytelling in any case, and I haven't read very much of that from female comics authors lately. Kaoru Mori comes to mind.

>> No.49816067

Mori currently writes for the same magazine as Kui (Harta, called "Fellows!" when Mori started writing for it) Maybe that magazine's shtick is artsy setting-focused manga?

>> No.49816720

right in the feels.
thanks for the storytime.

>> No.49816968

Molefag detected.

>> No.49816984


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