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40keks thread.

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These posts are so unfunny you made me quit the internet for tonight.

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>Brand-ass new greentext.

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are they trying to say Infinity is better then 40k? because that is factually untrue

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Fucking YIKES.

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We cant rely on old memes forever

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Better rules..better models..better players..better community..

I'd say in every way infinity is better than 40kids

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Why not "Take the noose!" or "Cut the knot!" or "Cut the noose!"

He could have made a decent chapter if he didn't give up so soon.

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Fuck off you two laughs only

Ariadna is the only good faction weebs GTFO

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>Comparing 40k to SJWs,

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Klingons disagree.

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>forgetting the Clones

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Pouring out a bottle of skub for this poor unwitting cinnamon bun.

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>translation please

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my fucking sides

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fucking classic

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Come on, at least post the whole thing.

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This guy was too good for this wicked world.

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Hahahahaha, wow! Le cuck confirmed!!

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The funny part is people actually spent time creating these?


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Completely useless without the necron codex at hand.

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>tfw you're the first post in a new screencap

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>better community
>his fingers are so fat he can't even reply to the right post

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I fucking love this one. Just the amount of times it crosses the line.
>too soon?

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Speaking the same language to each other... The lulz

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one thing which I don't like about 40k is how it just keeps in MASSIVE numbers without any though. Hello, planets are not a infinite resource. They are a finite resource.Also, GW seems to have no expertise on hydraulics.

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Is Chapter Master still around?

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GW has no expertise except "cool"

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What heresy is this? You motherfuckers need the god-emperor of mankind

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Is ... is that Dickbutt on the clipboard?

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40 keks?

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something I made in a drawthread awhile back

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People who are good at math and scientific scale are generally able to find better-paying jobs than working at GW.

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Good for Division

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You use it to solve problems afterall

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Reminder that it is actually fluffy for them to get it wrong, if we are to believe that what is printed is what the people in universe believe/write. In theological scripts from classical and ancient times numbers were not meant to be accurate, but to convey certain references and ideas about scale, which is what the numbers in 40k do quite well.

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>When you're so shocked your helmet changes models

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What a fuckin' reference

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kek for the kek god this is good

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My sides, why did you have to kill them?

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>>Ariadna is the only good faction weebs GTFO
I like you anon.

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Berlusconi is secretly a Slaaneshi Chaos Lord, isn't he?

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Nah, just a regular dickhead with too much money.
If he was Slaaneshi, he'd actually be attractive, not look like a guy you'd cast as a creepy uncle.

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Foes anyone have the screencap of the retard marines?

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oh baby

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>inspired to design

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So aircraft should be designed by ladies? That said I like the brick ships a bit, me think of a big ol metal fist on rockets

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It happens now and then, usually slowly with lots of double checks for chaos taint, and then often covered up as rediscovered archeotech

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>synthwave intensifies

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Fuck you man

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I know, what a waste of perfectly good skub

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This has no right to be this funny.

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what is it a reference to?

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hey, those are my renegades, didn't know anyone has saved that picture

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I couldn't help myself. Too much character to ignore.

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I know right, wish I had a pic of them saved on my computer, some of them are fully painted (minus the base)

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Hey I found a pic, and of mothafucking Matt in the background looking rad as hell

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Too pure

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"You were just babies then!" she said.
"What?" I said.
"You were just babies in the war — like the ones upstairs!"
I nodded that this was true. We had been foolish virgins in the war, right at the end of childhood.
"But you're not going to write it that way, are you." This wasn't a question. It was an accusation.
"I — I don't know," I said.
"Well I know," she said. "You'll pretend you were men instead of babies, and you'll be portrayed in the movies by Frank Sinatra and John Wayne or some of those other glamorous, war-loving, dirty old men. And war will look just wonderful, so we'll have a lot more of them. And they'll be fought by babies like the babies upstairs."
So then I understood. It was war that made her so angry. She didn't want her babies or anybody else's babies killed in wars. And she thought wars were partly encouraged by books and movies.
So I held up my right hand and I made her a promise: "Mary," I said, "I don't think this book of mine is ever going to be finished. I must have written five thousand pages by now, and thrown them all away. If I ever do finish it, though, I give you my word of honor: there won't be a part for Frank Sinatra or John Wayne.
"I tell you what," I said, "I'll call it The Children's Crusade."
She was my friend after that.

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38 of my keks were used on this post

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holy shit, this is so good!

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>Only I know the truth

>Perturabo not understanding the birds' autismal rage
Suspension of disbelief broken

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>liking skub
/tg/ is dead

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Why the fuck is there a section from Slaughterhouse Five just sitting here

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A Fish Called Wanda.
Great comedy from the 90's with John Cleese and Kevin Klein.

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>purity seal sitecut
Every time

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>Not even one of the humor posts
>Still lost my shit
I'm laughing because it's true

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Are you retarded? There is a fuckload of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, plenty for the Imperium to lose, regain, and exterminatus without ever seriously impacting the number. Most of the time GW actually UNDESTIMATES numbers, with planetary campaigns involving less men than in fucking Korea or the Imperium inhabiting a laughably tiny portion of the galaxy.

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Your crop is bad and you should feel bad.

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Huh. Didn't know why it let that pic through with >>49752374 around.

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>Butthurt Sisterfag actually drew this

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Ehh, I'd be butt hurt too if my army wasn't given new modles and was repeatedly shat on

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Who's Lortra?

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Not just that.

10 pewter guardsmen of a similar age are £21.

10 pewter sisters are £50.

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Did the Ultramarines have any reason to distrust the Word Bearers before the invasion? Sure they bombed their nice city, but wasn't the HH still unknown at that point?
Better pic would be Eldrad yelling at stupid Monkeigh then going to parlay with Fulgrim and his Slaaneshi Daemon sword

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>New Warboss

Every time.

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Lotara Sarrin, naval commander of the World Eaters flagship during the heresy. Awesome enough to earn the respect of Angron himself despite her being wholely human.

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Wait this is a little confusing, what exactly is going on here?

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Lotara and Kharn are trying to bang and Angron is interrupting them. What's to be confused about?

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Rather than being inspired by, it's the only imperial plane actually named after a bird. That's why he used it. Valkyries, Lightnings, Thunderbolts.. nothing else fit for the joke he was making.

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>she smells nice
>that massive rebreather

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Battle cry should have been "Loose the noose!" and they should only fight using tactical lassos/nooses.

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>often covered up as rediscovered archeotech

like the land raider, for instance

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Laptogs of the false emperor!

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The noose is loose!


>> No.49757727

he's talking about the cable

notice how he is deliberately averting his eyes from the exposed and naked wiring, because that'd be rude

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That Sororita power armor status pretty warm and they never take it odd in the firld. They even slwe in it. The filter just isnt up to code for that caliber of smell.

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Turbo lewd

>> No.49757881

aaaaaaah is that babby malal outside the window

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>You will never be a sororitas servitor helping a sister out of her armor after a battle
>You will never get to scrub her sweaty body clean and clean off the blood and char from her armor

>> No.49757919

servitors aren't conscious entities anymore

>> No.49757936

I think you mean shota chiorboy

>> No.49757939

>implying that's not what novices do

>> No.49757963

she smell of promethium/spoiler]

>> No.49757974

In the morning?

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What makes me mad is this is a good concept for a chapter aside from TAKE THE KNOT, needs more workshopping

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All. Night. Long.

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Nice pic.

>> No.49758084

>Aquilla lander
Its litteraly a ship shaped like a bird.

>> No.49758095

>robot 40,000

>> No.49758130

A betteer choice in my opinion would have been an eagle, or even a double headed one if you are too worried about people not making the subtle conneection that Aquila is latin for eagle. The Aquila fighter is arguably the one most likely actually inspired by a bird.

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God tier

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Would he?... Would he really?

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Nah, outside the fluff which Warhammer takes by far, Infinity has objectively more balanced rules and objectively more detailed miniatures.

>> No.49759823


Calling out GW for its lazily designed, over priced models is entirely legitimate.

>> No.49759987

a pity that detail looks like shit

>> No.49760126

my sides

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>> No.49760159

is he hopping mad?

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anyone want me to dump?

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>this is what you want
>this is what you get


Hardware is something that doesn't seem out of place as a 40k movie like Event Horizon.

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>> No.49760384

A lot of the PanO and Yu Jing stuff looks cool. Outside of that there are less options for cool looking units for sure unless you wanna cute asses.

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I don't know what kind of Slaaneshi cultists you get in your spiral arm, but let me tell you: no.

>> No.49760566

This is so fucking cute. Like, this is my new head cannon. Every century (space marines have huge lifespans, right? I don't actually know) the space marines have a holiday where they celebrate the Emperor and write letters like that too him, which the Custodes read to him; Skull-Christmas.

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too bad that comic hasn't updated in a while.

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>> No.49760715

I just now noticed he's holding a burrito...all this fucking time I thought he was holding some kinda space accordion.

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>> No.49760809

>> No.49760835

>I thought he was holding some kinda space accordion.
He's not?
Holy shit you're right.

>> No.49760865

Bruva Alfabusa needs to animate this idea

>> No.49760892

Because it's a 2000 AD movie, and those two worlds are really closely entwined.

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>> No.49761210

Which one is your favorite?

>> No.49761259

Go to bed, Clem.

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>> No.49761297

>tfw that image ceased to be true six years ago
>tfw is was the greatest update ever

Christ, how time flies.

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>> No.49761374

Now it's more like

"I like my codex like I like my women / broken, slowly fading, and HIGH ON SPEEEEEEED"

>> No.49761394

What the fuck is this?
Is that a lost Krieger or some shit?
What is he taking pictures of?
Who is that person?

>> No.49761427

It's like he doesn't know about Fistmas

>> No.49761438

>> No.49761453

Please tell me the tale of Fistmas, Anon-kun.

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>> No.49761569

He was ordered to observe and report.

When he reaches the mountain, he will be picked up by his squad, deliver the contents of the camera to his superiors, and await purge orders at their pleasure.

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>> No.49761658

What the fuck sort of order is "Observe and Report"?
That isn't an order for a Guardsman, that's for sure.

>> No.49761705

you're god damn right, it's a shame.

an unhinged killer has to reserve his urges to purge when among seemingly pure and protectable creatures.

idk why but it feels sweet

>> No.49761756

>> No.49761775

Guardsmen have scouting detachments too.

In any event, what kind of Kreiger would refuse his orders on the basis that "it's not something for the Guard to do"? If the Commander has ordered you to take pictures of sexy monstergirls and bring them back to him, then by the Emperor that's just what you're going to do.

>> No.49761807

So is he actually really handsome under that facemask?

He's probably thinking "What the hell is going on. This shit is so surreal."

>> No.49761820

Yeah, actually a Kreiger would be the best regiment for the job, come to think of it. They're obedient enough to suppress kill-urges but stoic enough to not be distracted by cute xenos.

>> No.49761839

I'm not saying the Krieger is failing in his duty; his Commissar is for not properly ensuring that the Commander is not issuing stupid orders.

>> No.49761856

the story hasn't been updated since may, and we haven't seen his face, so we don't know.

I'm sure he's an upstanding gentleman. but he's a krieg soldier so he's most likely 14.
inb4 shotacon is my fetish

>> No.49761861

But do loli models cost less?

>> No.49761868

>> No.49761952

Binary is "Do you love, brother?"
Hexadecimal is "Be strong, Castellax." in both bubbles.

>> No.49761965

>an unhinged killer has to reserve his urges to purge when among seemingly pure and protectable creatures.

No need to cause unnecessary antagonism. Need to collect data on xeno species and deliver information to the Imperium for judgement. Can't do that if locals turn hostile and are actively hunting him.

>> No.49761973

>> No.49762000

>> No.49762010

Sorry, I was mistaken. Second hexadecimal bubble is actually "Be strong for the Omnissiah."

>> No.49762016

Binary is "Do you love, brother?"
Hexadecimal is "Be strong, Castellax." and "Be strong for Omnissiah."

>> No.49762041

I almost woke up the house with my sides entering orbit

>> No.49762071

Emperor's Teeth, this comic is hitting ALL of my fetishes...

>> No.49762086

ok, I was wondering if I should continue or if this was getting weird.

>> No.49762103

>> No.49762114

Nope. Continue. I want to see how far this rabbit hole goes.

>> No.49762124

> this was getting weird.

We were once called /d/-lite and would get erotic dryad fiction involving pollination (among other things) on a semi-regular basis up until Summer 2010. Proceed, anon.

>> No.49762148

>I am going to get shot for heresy, nobody's going to believe me
>even vith photographs, vtf is ze commissar going to say?
>I don't even believe me. Am I a heretic? Am I hallucinating all zis from corruption?

>> No.49762152

Ah, the good all days.
Now it's all gone; the Weekend Smut Thread, the "Elf Slave, Wat Do?" threads, the LCB threads, everything.

>> No.49762154

>it's been six years
God. I need to get out of this place.

>> No.49762155

>> No.49762177

I'd complain about post timers but they serve a bigger purpose fighting against cancer than the occasional dump on a thursday

>> No.49762201

>> No.49762210

I just realized his lasgun lacks a bayonet. Not a krieger

>> No.49762213

he's stoic like master chief.

>> No.49762225

>Remember: You're here forever!

>> No.49762227

grenadier art didn't have bayonet.

not sure why he acts all friendly, though.

>> No.49762228

probably sheathed it as to not scare the loli~ I mean Creatures~

>> No.49762241

Like the skull-gasmask wouldn't do that? Ah well, under that reason, I guess it fits...

>> No.49762248

I didnt make it, I never got the proper version

>> No.49762253

I'm just pumped for when he gets back to his ship and they declare a Holy Exterminatus on this planet.

>> No.49762258

>not murdering them on sight is considered friendly

You're making me giggle anon

>> No.49762281

Sooooooo does the snek know he's going to kill them all or what?

>> No.49762282


also we just hit image limit, so I guess that's it

but you can get updated and the rest of the comic here~


Have a good night anons!

>> No.49762310

Nazimod killed off a lot of the spontaneous creativity you find on anonymous imageboards. I moved to this board in November 2009, and it felt like I was in the twilight of a golden age for the board. Though things started to settle again in late 2010. /tg/ was pretty hype for stuff like DoW: Retribution in the oncoming spring, First Heretic was highly anticipated, Dark Eldar codex being the most amazing release in years, and even spillover from /a/ over Panty and Stocking's finale.

Fall 2010-2013 was a nice Silver Age for 4chan in general

Yeah, I'm pretty sure /tg/ is gonna celebrate its 10th birthday sometime early next year. It's somewhere between January-April.

>> No.49762336

well, what reason does he have to turn back and kneel before some xeno/mutant?

>> No.49762361

Reconnaissance for the incoming exterminatus
The authors a monstergirlfag, but i hope he hardens his heart for the emperor and gives the accurate depiction of exterminatus

>> No.49762363

It's like you don't know Sanguinala

>> No.49762370


>> No.49762380

Anyone want to make a new thread?

>> No.49762383

He could be equipped with a scouter and sees no threat.

or (and the most likely scenario) he was given a prescription of prozac before deploying.

>> No.49762403

Depict it from both sides, the harsh cruelty that had led the imperium to so eagerly wipe away mutants and xenos of their breed, but also the tragedy that the genuinely innocent of any race must be scoured away in the wrath

>> No.49762406

Okay, I just read through the series, and did anyone else notice the streak in the bottom right hand corner of the sky in the last panel?


>> No.49762418

They could be considered abhumans. A lot of different breeds, but there's stability within each breed.

And some of them can fly and swim fast! Those are some useful abhumans!

>> No.49762447

considering how diverse they are, they may teeter on the same level as Beastmen, harsh and cruel treatment as 5th class citizens at best

>> No.49762458

Stop trying to defend them, anon. Felinids are bad enough, we don't need more.

>> No.49762496


Duke got cease and desisted and let the code go public. Some other people picked it up and made it "Interstellar Army Simulator" or something, and then released it alongside a mod that turned it from 40k with the serial numbers filed off to actually 40k. What they forgot is that GW gives no fuck about actual laws and just threatens people too small to even show up in court with legal action, so GW totally did that, and since they can't afford to fight a legal battle even if they are very likely to win, they shut down too.

>> No.49762531

why does GW have to be headed by scumbags?

>> No.49762597

because copyright laws in the UK say that if your not aggressive in protecting your copyright then you can lose it.

>> No.49762703

/tg/ shall forever walk a fine line between hatred of furries and love of monstergirls.

Just as we walk a fine line between HFY and xenos poon.

>> No.49762719

its why they look the other way with the "Mod" made for "Space Army Simulator"

>> No.49762793

US copyright law is broken like that too. I think US copyright law might be even worse since apparently over here if you don't defend it you lose it.
It's fuckin' bullshit is what it is

>> No.49763984

Yes, but you have to wash off the hotglue first.

>> No.49764865

maybe its a magos biologis' abhuman wildlife park and he knows he'll get in trouble if he purges

>> No.49765134

That's pretty heretekal, but not out of the realm of possibility.

>> No.49765603

>They didn't realize the kreiger was a man, much less human
Oh my god this is amazing.

>> No.49765886

So when will shit hit the fan and the guard goes on a murder spree? Because if this does not happen i will be very disapointed

>> No.49765897

Except 40k has vastly better customization, so everyone shit doesn't end up looking the same.

>> No.49767659

Not as necessary in other games since you don't have to field 300 guardsmen.

Malifaux, for example, the average game has <10 models per side on the table.

>> No.49767707

>flesh gets burned off/rots away
>beard is still there
whew lad

>> No.49768023

...So whats even the fucking point if you're just going to slap a single fucking model on the table and act like you're doing anything worthwhile?

Try being a real man, you beta faggot

>> No.49768045


>...So whats even the fucking point if you're just going to slap a single fucking model on the table and act like you're doing anything worthwhile?

Single model? He said less than 10, not one.

>> No.49768055

And when I drop >10% of my goddamned army on the field, it means something.

>> No.49768071


And a single model in Malifaux can mean quite a bit too.

>> No.49768090

Some games are skirmish based, don't be a bitch.

Killteam was created as a way to try and pull some of those players to 40k. This isn't that hard of a concept that these games exist.

>> No.49769352

Everyone gets a squign!

>> No.49770822

Are those the All Guardsmen Party fallen members?

Who is the marine?

>> No.49770861

In a skirmish game, 10 models is 10 units. They do different, independent things. Their exact positions are crucial.

In 40k, a whole squad is actually 1 unit. Those tac marines are just hitpoints that reduce the number of attacks the unit puts out.

>> No.49772526

And thus a pretty cool thread dies.

>> No.49772548

An Emperor's Scythes scout who got impaled by a 'Nid because he tried to go balls-out when the AGP was his backup.

>> No.49773075

Kill Team is a skirmish game, genius.

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