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If mankind could free Prometheus using thermonuclear weapons on his chains, should we?

What would the Titan have left to teach us?

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He could teach us TRADITIONAL GAMES.

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Of course we should. The dude did us a huge solid, we should set him free.

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Yes, we should free him. We owe everything to Prometheus; without him we would be huddling in caves at the mercy of monsters roaming the dark, instead of being able to fight back.

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Poor fucker has been playing "do not cry a lot when the eagle eats your liver" for around 3000 years.
I am not sure if I would like that game.

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We should be praising him rather than that dumbfuck Jehovah.

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I don't know if he has anything to teach us, but we should free him nonetheless.

At the very least, we can learn together how hard a Titan can party.

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Pretty sure Herc already busted him loose during his wanderings, anon.
Sorry to burst bubbles.

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It's not a question of if he has anything left to teach us... It's not even a question of if we owe him for granting mankind all he has.

If you saw a man tormented and tortured and knew his only crime was compassion in defiance of the laws of arrogant egotists who tormented those beneath them for fun, wouldn't you free him?

And besides, cut him from the rock and let us show him what we have done with his gift.

Zeus's thunderbolts and storms may wreck a region, but we can erase a city in an instant, from across the world. We could end all creation in a flash brighter than the sun.

And we have forged ships of steel, jets that have screamed faster than sound. We have tamed the beasts of the world and even the elemental force of electricity itself. Every one of us holds access to more knowledge than could be imagined. We have looked into the beginning of the universe and the smallest particles of matter and the ephemeral strings and waves of energy and spacetime. We have lifted beyond this world and walked on the surface of the moon itself.

He gave us a single flame and we can show him an inferno of human brilliance; a beacon beyond imagining that with every generation, every year, every month, week and day, we build greater and greater, until it will be seen even on distant worlds beyond the reach of titans or gods!


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How are we planning to direct the atomic blast to obliterate his chains without killing him in the process? At least as a bare minimum, have people waiting with guns for when the eagle next arrives.

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Yeah Herakles already saved him.

But I think mankind has to remind it self of the important message the Myth represents.

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>What would the Titan have left to teach us?

I don't think there's a single being we have a bigger moral obligation towards than Prometheus and what he did for us.

Especially if you fall into the belief that Prometheus sired our species- which would make him the sole progenitor and father of humanity, would you let your father be chained to a rock and tortured by a bird?

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Its really a huge loss for the West we dont have the full trilogy from Sophocles.

Reminder as well that Sophocles in his plays says Prometheus did not only give us fire, he also gave us civilizing arts, such as writing, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, architecture, and agriculture.

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Aeschylus I mean. Fuk

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I thought Herakles already did that.

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>But I think mankind has to remind it self of the important message the Myth represents.
That gods are dicks?
What other underlying message is there?

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>Yo FUCK eagles

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>An anti-eagle message

Aeschylus foresaw his own death confirmed

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Prometheus remains trapped since even our best technology couldn't break his chains but modern humanity did find him and have been attempting to make him more comfortable/open communication.

PCs are the translators hired to speak ancient greek, ambassadors, scientists, inventors eager to test out even more powerful explosives this time, military ready to gun down eagles, etc.

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>mankind declares war on the greek gods
That sounds fucking metal.

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>In 458 BC, he [Aeschylus] returned to Sicily for the last time, visiting the city of Gela where he died in 456 or 455 BC. Valerius Maximus wrote that he was killed outside the city by a tortoise dropped by an eagle which had mistaken his head for a rock suitable for shattering the shell of the reptile


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Heracles took care of it a long time ago. It's cool.

Also, since Heracles broke the chains I'm pretty sure we don't need nukes. Like, one of those robot arms from factories would probably be enough.

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>The people who actually serve to better Man will be tormented by those who seek power over Man
>One should remember to strive to become or aid those like Prometheus while venerating their contributions to Man as a whole, and usurp or destroy those who think themselves to be as Gods

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>implying /lit/ is capable of discussing literature without causing an aneurysm in any sensible brain unfortunate enough to bear witness
Next you'll say /v/ is full of people with whom one should discuss videogames and expect a decent conversation.

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The author of Hyperion already wrote this. Although it wasn't really mankind by that point, our descendants had undergone a singularity straight out of Eclipse Phase and were physically and mentally barely recognizable as having human ancestors.

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Jehovah is nobody's name :^)

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Hyperion with the shrike? Or is there another hyperion out there I don't know about?

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Yes. And then go to Olympus and nuke the gods to death.

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Keep him tied, use his blessing/curse as a supply of spare organs.
Between moral obligation to someone who helped us before and the possibility of further exploitation for even more gain, it's quite obvious which choice mankind would take.

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There's only so much you can do with one liver. Even if it is a Titan liver. Not to mention he'd be a lot more helpful in an alliance against the gods than if we just fucked him over for the sake of infinite liver.

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That's a fuckin' sick song.

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Surely a Titan liver would be universal? An infinite supply could save a massive volume of lives and mitigate suffering.

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Is there any more stuff like this? I've got goosebumps

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I don't think that's the message.
It's more like " nature is cruel and unjust, so if there are gods in charge they, too, must be cruel and unjust."

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>We should be praising him rather than that dumbfuck Jehovah.
Who say's we aren't.

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The author of Hyperion. Not one of the Hyperion novels. They are called Illium and Olympos.

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Except, you know, the existence of Prometheus (a benevolent god-like figure) throws a monkey wrench into that interpretation.

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Doesn't mean a thing, Hercules held up the entire fucking sky, man had biceps so swole they were conceptual.

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More than that, Prometheus actually created humans. Fashioned them from clay and went to Zeus to lightning them to life, but Prometheus is looked to as the father of humanity. That's why he stole the fire in the first place, because he took pity upon his children.

Shame how often that gets overlooked, in favor of the theft of fire.

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>What would the Titan have left to teach us?

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If he can improve human understanding of spite and retribution, I will be very impressed.

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It is not about what he has to offer us. It is about repaying debts, showing that we have seen what he has suffered for aiding us, and we deem it unjust.

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Yep, all you have to do is go into any HFY thread, sift through the 99% crap, and eventually you'll find gold like >>49725236 .

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Legit, post and song had me struggling not to shed tears.

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A Titan liver would also be Titanic. Approximately the same size as a human's entire body. Not suitable for transplant.

Besides, we owe Prometheus and should be rescuing him, not adding to his torment.

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That is PRECISELY how you get a mutation pandemic isn't it?

Oh sure, everything SEEMS normal for a while, but then subject zero or a precursor mutagen serves as a catalyst and a wave of sleeper agents awaken.

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What's going to happen? Everyone ends up healing faster? All children of recipients have slit eyes?

I'm sure the people receiving the organs know the theoretical risks and will take them over potentially dying while on the waiting list.

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Prometheus isn't in charge now is he?

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Prometheus is already free, zeus forgave him after a while.

Read your myths, faggots

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Don't fuck with the gods. It's not our place. Diomedes could have struck down Ares, but knew it was seriously wrong and so didn't.

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oh boy, here comes the stupid fuckiung fedora.

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It was here long ago. Some of these posts, I swear. HFY needs its own containment board.

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Stop sending bits of /tg/ culture you personally dislike to the gulags, fucktards.

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Couldn't they just sever her spine for anesthesia? She won't feel a thing while it's cut and apparently it will grow back eventually.

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Hush, Anon, you're ruining the martyrdom complex.

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But then what will we use these gulags for?

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There was a David Brin short story along these lines, let me see if I can find it.

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thread derailment in 5, 4, 3

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Ok, it was called The loom of Thessaly.

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What did we do?!

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Might end up hindering the healing process while the spine is severed, like a paraplegic losing function to parts of their body. Even if it negatively effects results by 10% I'm sure she'd rather try to donate as much as she can.

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oh shit run

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