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We're happy to welcome new contributors. If you'd like to have a read of the project (and please, don't pitch an idea without having read anything!), there are a few possible starting points. The main page is:

While the Primarchs and the Legions are firmly locked down at the moment, we welcome any and all with ideas for Successor Chapters, Xenos Empires, Great Crusade Era Factions, Ork WAAAGHdoms, Eldar Craftworlds, Imperial Army/Guard Regiments, Knight Houses, Mechanicum/Mechanicus Forgeworlds, etc.

Want to know how to get into the Successor Chapters?
Welcome to the only two links you need!

For real though, take a look at the Imperial Army!

The forces of Lost and Damned need some love, and no one is writing for them! Get in on the ground floor!

Know what I said about grounder floor and no one writing?

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>tfw no IRC details in the OP


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These are from /tg/ drawthreads, which fall under Fair Use for us to use at the project(Unless they were posted to DA first or, you know what just google check them to see if they have a CC or not) but you can use them as the basis for your page, oh yes!

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So, any ideas for how to fix the Augurs?

Also I guess now that the Storm Bringers are a Successor Chapter I will take them once more.

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Link to old thread >>49688522

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Beyond the aging factor for Voidseer? No, but I think that solves so many of their problems.

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>How am I struggling to replace the VII? Genuine question. Always looking to do better
You're trying to replace a legion. We've been in an endless cycle of making legions, abandoning them, and replacing them. There has always been at least one legion that was a thorn in our side since before I joined the fun.

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So going with him aging and what I suggested from that? which I will need to find cause I cant remember it off the top of my head.

Also maybe some less Edgelord names?

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>So, any ideas for how to fix the Augurs?

What were the basic ideas behind the Augurs to begin with?

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>lampshading of moustache twirlers
>they can see the future
>the warp destroys you and has a cost

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If I was doing it, I would just have Voidseer aging (due to Warp degradation) and see if that solved the problems.

>Edgelord names
In the history of the project, I can't think of a single time that changing the name of a thing helped. I can, however, think of many cases in which name changes accompanied a descent into incoherent blather.

Your call, though.

They are naughty wizards. That may seem too simple, but starting simple and broad is very helpful with Legions.

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I think we can keep the names the same, it just seems to see what new people complain the most about.

My suggestion was two breads ago, I'll have to go looking, but it hinges on Void not being Immortal like his Brothers.

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By the way I think if you can't summarize your legion in three lines of terse ironic greentext then the concept needs to be tighter.

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Also I still think Void should become Nagash and rather than Skaven they need to be Vampire Counts.

And for the fuck of it have a unit based on the Gal Vorbak, but rather than being possessed they infused themselves with harnessed Daemonic Energy.

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I think you were talking about having their gene-seed carrying the curse of age. Someone was, anyway. I didn't really care for it.

>Vampire Counts.

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I dont like the Vetrovnak. But I wasnt meaning having them as Vampires, just that sort of attitude compared to the Skaven one they have now.

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OK. The attitude stuff on their page is OK for how they act after the Legion is thoroughly corrupted, it just needs to not be right there to begin with. If I was to single out a problem with the Augurs right now, it's that the page doesn't spend enough time on the Solar Warriors.

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Yeah alittle more focus on them as not Cartoon Villains could help alot.

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That'd be a pretty good point to build from and it's not like you have to worry about stepping on toes with the Vetrovnak because they're nothing at all like the VCs in attitude.

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Their current Sacred Band history portrays them as the premier assault squad of the Unification Wars, so why not go with that?

They're heralded as the best close-quarters combat unit, but as the Unification Wars come to a close and the Great Crusade begins they get pushed aside as Primarch after Primarch gets discovered and reunited with their respective Legions.

The discovery of Roman Albrecht ruins the Solar Warriors psychologically as the finest swordsman the Imperium will ever see soon develops his Legion to a commensurate caliber, leaving them with nothing. Even worse, when they finally do re-unite with their own Primarch, they find out that the Voidwatcher doesn't share any of their martial virtues at all.

What the Voidwatcher does share with his sons however, is a desire to restore them to their rightful place as the best warriors in the Imperium. And all they have to do is let him cast a "little spell" on them to get their mojo back.

What remains after the Decimation bears little resemblance to the Solar Warriors that came before, their once pristine, alabaster armor charred black by the psychic energies wrought upon them by the Voidwatcher.

Only the Black Augurs remain.

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I feel I should point out after a generalization that I dont like your dudes, is that I dont like how they seem to be completely unstoppable.

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Back to the Reformation, as I understand the Traitor situation after the Scouring they kick back and wait for someone else to do the hard work of knocking the Imperium down a peg or two. So the OU Black Crusade of 781 just isn't going to happen.

But that's a good thing, because it means the Vetrovnak's major invasion can take place in the 8th century of M31 - a few hundred years after they started probing the Milky Way, which seems like a short delay for nigh-immortal beings. Before doing more on that, some stage needs to be set. All of the following IMO, JAI, ETC.

The Hektorverse Temple of the Saviour Emperor isn't going to differ radically from the OU's version, at least in its origin and initial expansion. However, once it starts spreading across the stars it'll be running into Marian cults inspired by the life of Maria Vespa. If they were only dealing with one or two, that wouldn't be a problem, but vast reaches of space, especially in the Segmentum Obscurus, venerate the Star of Morning. Despite Maria's martyrdom, her cult is pretty popular in the Imperial Guard assigned to the region and it's not looking like the sort of thing that can just be brushed aside.

I guess at this stage we need personalities. Let's suppose that both of these trans-stellar cults are Organised Religions with heads to their churches. The Temple of the Saviour Emperor is based on Terra under a Cardinal or something, while the Marian faith focuses on Convents and looks to the Abbess Palatine as their spiritual superior.

Enter the Administratum. Yes, things are looking better for the Imperium than they have since the Great Crusade and it's likely that the odd sector has been reclaimed. But a gigantic war between two groups of ridiculous religious fanatics would throw that out altogether. To stop that happening, the Administratum establishes the Adeptus Ecumenes, a secular organ devoted to acting as an honest broker in a dialogue between the faiths.

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>I dont like how they seem to be completely unstoppable.
I'm working on how they become completely stoppable.

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That's fine.
Also couldn't the same be said of most other factions? Writ large most all of them are unstoppable without heroic sacrifice from the Imperium. So having the Vetrovnak appear as yet another unstoppable force poised to roll over the galaxy works completely in theme with the rest of the antagonist factions in 40k.

Of course they aren't by any means unstoppable but I can see why you'd think that since I've been playing up them up by presenting them only at their best or when they hold all the cards.

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Violence is a good way to stop anything. Examples: HH, Beast, all 13 black crusades, Wars on Armageddon, Tyrannic Wars, etc.

On the subject of post-heresy threats not present in the OG, Morkai. If we're for reals going into M31 finally then they could be a thorn in the Imperium's side.

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I think what that comes down to is that we are familiar with the 'unstoppable' other factions and have seen them being stopped before. These maybe our special snow flake marines, but they are still Marines.

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True. It is something I need to work on and I'll get to it sooner or later.

For now though I have an appointment with my shower.

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Discussion between Templars and Marians is - terse. To a good, Emperor-fearing Templar, Maria Vespa is at best a devout daughter of Big E who boldly fought Chaos and then got a bit silly and was rightly killed by the Astartes, at worst just plain heretical. To the Marians, the Emperor is a great guy but let's be honest he's not the only game in town. By the time that the Vetrovnak invade, the Ecumenes haven't achieved much more than getting the dispute to be more about shouting than bloodshed.

Actually, that's quite an achievement. Good job, Adeptus Ecumenes.

Before we go further, another quick diversion into the substance of these cults and their doctrines on war. The Templars we know pretty well. They venerate the Emperor and trust to the protection of Him and His Avenging Angels. Certainly, a Templar might take up arms in the Emperor's Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy, but the heart of the faith isn't militant. The Marians, on the other hand, venerate a figure who arrived without her own armies and inspired the common people to fight alongside her. Their Convents engage in serious martial training and often act as de facto Imperial Guard recruiting centres. So whereas Guard regiments drawn from the Segmentum Solar have a sprinkling of Templars in their ranks, there are regiments in Obscurus that are Marians from top to bottom.

And when the Space Vampires turn up, these regiments become extremely important. The Vetrovnak have a definite weakness in fighting proper, unenhanced humans - it's against their programming to use lethals means in such encounters. Adding to that, the Terrible Secret of Faith seems to shield the most devout from the Vetrovnak's crowd control arsenal. Now, against a regiment with a few handfuls of devout Templars, that's just a nuisance. But when faced by Marian regiments, it All Goes Terribly Wrong.

And there are Persons of Inquisitive Nature who take notice.

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The Adeptus Ecumenes undergoes a minor administrative reshuffle during the Vetrovnak Incursion. (Or, if that's not clear enough, the Inquisition goes in and overhauls it.) Rather than simply trying to broker a compromise between the faiths, the new Ecumenes pushes its own solution: that Maria Vespa be recognised as the First Saint of the Imperium, a powerful ally of the Emperor who arose to aid the Imperium during dark times. They also start work on recruiting the cream of the Marian warrior crop into an elite corps to be unleashed on the Vetrovnak. Yes, faith is a wonderful armour, but why not Power Armour as well? The Inquisition's new project bears fruit and the Sisters of Battle spearhead the Imperial repulse of the Space Vampires.

As an added bonus, I'm thinking that Maria Vespa is executed at the order of Augustin Carron (a Space Marine), so we get the inter-service hostility of the early Sisters of Battle along the way.

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Komra are pretty stoppable, though. Or perhaps it's just that they spend a lot of their history getting whipped by other factions.

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No, that's not my issue. It's their name.

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What's the problem with their name, comrade?

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I endorse this.

Bloodseer, check it.

>> No.49718255

Looks good. So they go from Paladins to Sorcerers?

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Thanks, I will now expand on my reinterpretation of the Black Augurs.

>>lampshading of moustache twirlers

Obviously this means that the Sacred Band of the Solar Warriors are derived from the sires of Frankia's nobility.

Trained in swordplay from birth, the XIVth Sacred Band would distinguish themselves throughout their service in the Unification Wars as the premier assault force among the nascent Legions.

The blue-blood which ran in their veins fully expressed itself in the chauvinistic attitudes with which the Solar Warriors treated their allies and enemies.

Towards the end of the Unification Wars as the Sacred Bands became the "old-boys network" within the new Legions, the original Solar Warriors establish a pseudo-feudal organization within their Legion with themselves as the nobility.

But what the Great Crusade requires from its Astartes is not what the Unification Wars needed from the Sacred Bands, and the Solar Warriors, described by their rivals as a "Legion of duelists," begin to flounder.

As Legion after Legion reunites with their Primarch and grow greater for it, the Solar Warriors are seemingly drowning in their attempts to prove their superiority.

The discovery of Roman Albrecht, sweeps through the Imperium on 831. M30, especially the story of his besting the Emperor in a duel.

This news paralyzes the Solar Warriors, and for five years they slog through world after world like the VIth Legion.

Finally, they are called to muster and present themselves to their newly-discovered Primarch. At first, they think the old man that steps in front of them is merely the gene-sire's herald, after all who ever heard of a mortal Primarch? And this mortal was visibly bowed by age.

The reunion could not have been more akin to a funeral if the Solar Warriors had tried. Utterly disappointed in their father, leadership inevitably cedes over to the Voidwatcher.


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The Voidwatcher's attempts to reform his Legion are met with significant political backlash from the old Sacred Band and their sycophants, who believe that even after all their setbacks, they are still better fit to lead the Legion than some dithering mystic from some backwater, Primarch or not.

Tensions mount within the Legion, and a civil war is only averted by the Voidwatcher's understated diplomatic ability. He offers to restore the Solar Warriors to their rightful place, but only if they allow him to perform a spell on them, with the caveat that if it fails, he will unofficially cede back control to the original members of the Sacred Band.

Having been inculcated with Imperial Truth, the Solar Warriors are confident of their chances, and consent only to allow the Primarch to demonstrate for himself how unfit he is to lead them.

The true nature of the Decimation, as it would come to be called, would never be known as the Remembrancers the Solar Warriors had hidden within their ranks disappeared with a large number of the Astartes. All that is known is that the snow-white armor of the Solar Warriors was charred black by the energies that poured forth from the Voidwatcher, and that the Primarch himself had seemed to grow and swell during the course of the spell, what was entered the now-infamous hall as a bowed old man stepped out as the equal of any Primarch in stature and radiance.

The newly christened Black Augurs marched as one behind their Primarch, numbering only half of what had gone in, and it did not escape the notice of other Legions that were paying a close attention to their brothers that those who marched out with the Voidwatcher were the same Astartes who had marched in with him in allegiance against the now-disappeared Solar Warriors.

This new Legion would proceed to carve its way through the Galaxy at an incredible rate, shocking their brothers into a competitive mania.

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I'd argue that not all the old Sacred Band would have stood against him or rather died in the Decimation, because removes the purpose of the Voidwatcher vs Bloodseer duel.

>> No.49718690

So instead of sorcerers, the Black Augurs are now haughty French duelists who use their psykery like steroids. Individual combat prowess and exceptionalism are the hallmarks of their combat doctrine, like a fusion between the Emperor's Children and the Dark Angels, and they are organized like a self-contained monarchy with the Voidwatcher as king.

>> No.49718709

Sure thing, easy fix. They can function as the noble class between the Voidwatcher and the rest of the Legion. What do you think?

>> No.49718722

I like that fusion.
To go more with the Dark Angels theme they could form the Inner Circle or the Court of the Voidwatcher.

>> No.49718766

Great! I'm really glad you like it. Now if you'll excuse me, it's currently 3:10 a.m. where I am and I must pass out now. See ya'll later today. Much later.

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Oh I created a page for the Storm Bringers of the wiki. Nothing there really right now, just there for when I slowly start piecing the Chapter together.

>> No.49718781

Have a good one.

I too will be heading off.

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We'll likely need a few other cults to go along with them as well as how the Mechanicus feels about the Adeptus Ecumenes since their faiths would ostensibly take part in the whole dialogue process.

That fusion is pretty cool and fairly distinct.

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Sure. The Confederation of Light (or equivalent) would probably get treated more kindly in the AU and coming up with small-h heresies is usually good fun.

I'm not 100% on the interaction between the tech priests and the Ecumenes, though. I guess Mars would have a representative but stand somewhat apart from the councils, as they're not really prepared to give up their traditions?

>> No.49718847

Well techpriests that belong to minor cults might see the Ecumenes as a chance to get their more orthodox brothers of their back.

>> No.49718874

That's a good point. They'd probably have separate councils for Imperial Cult and Machine Cult problems. Which is great, because it lets us do two different trajectories of secular authority interfering in religious affairs.

>> No.49719424

OK, here's a start on the alternate origin story for the Sisters of Battle:


Hopefully this will please people who want the sons of Lumey to engage in a bit of religious persecution.

>> No.49719617


Think Skaven, but as Space Marines.

>> No.49719657


And what happens to the Imperial Truth in all this? Does it just give up the ghost and let Religion take over? Does it let these people use the Emperor's name to go against the Emperor's teachings of rationality and truth and preach the false idea that the Emperor was a God when he specifically said he wasn't and spoke out against false faith?

>> No.49719691

Can I get away with saying, "It's just like in the OU"?

Probably not, as GW doesn't really answer your questions. I think it's a matter of the Imperial commanders picking their battles and choosing to secure the borders, rebuild Sol, etc. rather than worrying about the mumbling of superstitious types.

>> No.49719725


The OU doesn't care to point out. Basically as far as it's known the Imperial Truth just up and vanished one day and worship of the Emperor replaced it. Which is untrue and wouldn't happen.

More likely after the Imperial Cult has taken root those who espouse the Imperial Truth would bitterly decry it and fight a long and painful rearguard until by M41 only a few die-hard holdouts would be left like Ciban.

>> No.49719830

When I suggested the idea of the Adeptus Ecumenes in IRC it was specifically to find a way create a conciliatory compromise of a solution to that very problem. If they were to go around stamping out every outcropping of everything remotely religious it'd end up buring the Imperium to the ground in a never ending mole hunt.

The pragmatic thing to do is to try to control this growing religious sentiment through approved avenues and create a method for the approved "benign faiths" to reconcile their differences so they don't resort to killing each other or festering underground and turning to malignant.

So the Adeptus Ecumenes gets to slap a gold sticker of "not harmful at the moment" on faiths so the military can spend its precious time and resources rebuilding everything. As the centuries roll on the Adeptus Ecumenes becomes less secular watchdog and more interfaith mediator as the inmates inevitably come to run the asylum as it were.

It's like the Imperial Truth lives a hell of a lot longer in this AU thanks to the Adeptus Ecumenes protecting it but it will still be marginalized or be forced to adopt a facade of religiosity or ritual to avoid complete persecution.

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#/tg/ Heresy

>> No.49719919

Preeetty sure we were using #hektorheresy

>> No.49720086

If I want to pitch a potential Loyalist Chapter all I gotta do is to follow the template from 1d4chan right (and read all the other stuff)

>> No.49720095


Go ahead. Though you might want to pick one of the more established Loyalist Legions (i.e one that isn't going to change radically any time soon) before you start.

>> No.49720130

I archived it. I would know.

also, when the threads started getting used, I didn't find a whole lot when I searched there for #hektorheresy, but I did find a few under #/tg/ heresy

>> No.49720155

Oh, I thought you were referring to the IRC channel.

>> No.49720161

This is actually fairly in line with my and Uriel's thoughts on the subject.

>> No.49720173

oh, I saw suptg.thisisnotatrueending and immediately thought archives. Sorry, just got up and the sleep I got was less than restful.

>> No.49720196

Nah it's fine.

Regarding earlier ideas about the coexistance of faith along the Imperial Truth I could see some people viewing the Emperor denying his divinity as being a sign of humility (regardless of the truth on the matter).

>> No.49720218

I don't think this was a "people want to see Lumey do this" as much as it was "we thought this was the case, didn't you say this was the case? we could swear you said something about it."

Yeah, I agree. the idea myself and Uriel had was a result of a more extremist cult trying to kill the Emperor because he needed to be freed into the warp, therefore completing his sacrifice to mankind and making everything better, so the HLOT had something like the IRL Council of Nicaea to create a uniform religion and get the beast they couldn't beat under their own control.

>> No.49720488

You don't have to read all the other stuff - but it helps. My advice:

1. Skim the Loyalist Legions looking for a gene-sire. If you find a Legion that seems like a good fit, read up a bit more about them.
2. Get a general idea formulated and post it to a thread for feedback.
3. Apply feedback, create a more finished version.

>> No.49720614

Alright here we go,

>Chapter Sigma

>The Chapter Sigma are a codex-compliant (unofficial) First Founding Chapter. Formed from a warband of loyalist blackshields during the heresy, the warriors of Sigma Chapter would pledge their alleigance to Gaspard Lumey and the Imperium, reforming themselves to fit the Institutorum Astartes.
Uniquely the Chapter Sigma also strictly follow another piece of combat doctrine, referred to as the Codex Mathematika, or simply the Mathematika. Treated with suspicion by many due to their presumed traitorous origins, Sigma Chapter continues to fight on in the name of the Imperium.

>Chapter History
The origins of the Sigma Chapter are muddled in the chaos of the Heresy. Originally operating as a nameless warband under the command of Warsmith Napha Sigma, the Sigma Chapter took part in isolated campaigns throughout the galaxy against the traitorous forces. Much of the work done by the Sigma Chapter is now lost to time, battles over nameless star systems and planets which ultimately amounted to minor skirmishes in the grand scheme of the war.
Nevertheless, the entirety of Napha Sigma's warband stood in defence of Terra during the Siege. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, almost two-thirds of the warband met their deaths at the Eternity Wall, including Napha Sigma himself, eviscerated by a Lord of Change. The survivors were forced back within the Ultimate Gate, expecting to meet their ultimate end as well, however they would endure, as the psychic scream of the Warmaster ended the Siege of Terra.
During the Imperial Reformation, the warband was recognised for their sacrifice and efforts during the Siege of Terra and granted permission to become a full chapter.

>> No.49720621

>Notable Members
>Warsmith Napha Sigma
A quiet and reserved tactician, Napha Sigma led his force of blackshields during the heresy and penned the Codex Mathematika, a distilling of combat behaviour into a quantifiable number. Slain by the Lord of Change Sa'loxir'ath during the Siege of Terra, the Sigma Chapter have worked tirelessly to banish this Lord of Change whenever it returns.

>Chapter Master Quan
The current chapter master, Quan is a veteran of numerous battles against the enemies of the Imperium. Once considered brash and unreliable over 2 centuries ago, Quan has had his fiery temperment tempered by the crucible of war. Unique amongst the chapter masters of the Chapter Sigma, Chapter Master Quan only has one censure band remaining, a reminder to him that he cannot tolerate even one failure.

>> No.49720633

>Chapter Combat Doctrine
The Chapter Sigma closely follow the guidelines of the Codex Mathematika during combat operations, which assigns value to all facets of combat, including damage to enemies, harm to self and collateral damage. Each Space Marine has been extensively trained to maximise the sigma value of these combat calculations, to acheive the greatest possible effect with the least effort.
This has led to backlash against their tactics when they allow enemies to retreat because the cost of total annihilation was too great, or when they let civilians die in order to assassinate an important target.
The chapter has a great amount of flexibility, with captains serving as the first of equals, and the chapter master considered as the first of firsts. Ordinary marines are encouraged to counteract their commanders if they have judged them to have made a miscalculation, due to the flexible and subjective nature of the Codex Mathematika.
Apparently due to a quirk in their geneseed, many psychically-gifted aspirants either perish during the implantation procedure or see their gifts diminished to the point of uselessness. As such, librarians are highly valued amongst the Sigma Chapter, totalling between 2 to 5 usually. As such, the chapters librarians are highly prized and tend to serve support roles, far way from the heat of combat. The value placed on the librarians is extremely high, with entire companies willing to sacrifice themselves for a single librarian. Due to those dangers, the chapter rarely confronts the forces of chaos which would threaten their librarians, except in the case of the accursed Sa'loxir'ath.

>> No.49720638

>Chapter Beliefs
The Chapter Sigma are heavily influenced by the Codex Mathematika, which prioritises the maximisation of success. They employ a unique form of punishment, in the form of censure bands. Following 10 years of service in Chapter Sigma, a marine is judged to have sufficient experience to make appropiate judgements, and will receive three censure bands. Should the marine make a grevious mistake which threatens the safety of his brothers, his chapter or the Codex, he will be stripped of one band. Once a marine loses all of their bands, they are punished in an ultimate, irreversible way, the removal of their chest Progenoid. This is considered the ultimate shame by members of the Sigma Chapter and the third-censured will usually join a Censure Company, where they undertake risky missions that may result in the total loss of gene-seed of their other uncensured brothers.
The Chapter Sigma also greatly despises the hero worship of specific marines. Upon death, the deeds of each space marine is added anonymously to the Hall of Deeds aboard the flagship Sum Infinite, a chronicle of the sum of successes and failures of the chapter.
Only the chapter master and head chaplain are privy to the greatest secret of the chapter, the last page of the Codex Mathematika which contains the identity of their true primarch. As such, the two are rarely seen together, for if both were to fall without the chance to pass on their knowledge, the chapter would lose the most important part of their history forever.

>Chapter Homeworld
The Chapter Sigma are a fleet-based chapter, operating primarily from their flagship Sum Infinite. They have no fixed base of operations, preferring to travel wherever they feel that they are needed.

>> No.49720728

I could see that happening. The Eyes of the Emperor are taking the same kind of path from disconnected small actions to the Siege of Terra on Legion scale. Perhaps Chapter Sigma has some ties to the sons of the Vardhana?

Nit-picking stuff:
They're probably Second Founding, in that they would have been acknowledged as a proper Chapter along with the other Chapters that came out of the original Legions. (In the OU, that would be Chapters like the Black Templars, while the First Founding is the Imperial Fists.)
The Lord of Change needs a name.

>> No.49720924


So we have a Second Founding Chapter, the original idea was to have them from a traitor legion (was thinking XIII, Napha Sigma being all srs mathematics would have set himself apart from the jokers). Lord of Change that kills Napha Sigma is Sa'loxir'ath, from >>49720621

This is what I've imagined the chapter logo to be, a simple circle that (almost) sums up.

>> No.49721127

So are these guys blackshields?

>> No.49721206

I like your logo.

One thing to keep in mind though, Loyalist chapters from Traitor Legions/geneseed is definitely in the top 5 "Don't Ever Do This" things as far as fanfic goes.

I've seen people propose such things for the OU Legions here on /tg/ and elsewhere a hundred times, and it rarely goes well. It's simply not necessary to be Loyal Traitors, and always sets you apart as someone who's trying too hard to be special.

I'm not going to say it's impossible, but this is a road that many other people have trod before, to their peril. Just be very honest with yourself regarding whether or not that idea truly benefits your narrative.

>> No.49721221

IIRC, Fundamentalist Guardsman tried something similar.

>> No.49721311


Like... What? Really? Why not just squats?

>Saint of the Adepta Sororitas

Uh, Maria was the mother of Jesus, not Jesus himself.

>> No.49721331

Yep, blackshields that kinda popped up during the chaos of the heresy

I see, we'll stick to nobody knows but the select few then

>> No.49721359

Keep in mind that Loyalist Chapters still have to tithe their gene-seed to Mars.

There are many secrets that Chapters and the ravages of time can keep. Being descended from Traitors unfortunately isn't one of them, unless you assume a large, high level, fairly implausible conspiracy.

And that always makes a writer's story sound forced/Deus Ex Machina, you know? I'd hate to see you start from such a difficult position.
The other alternative is the "Redemption in Death" storyline that always plays well into the 40k universe.

It's entirely possible to have a small group of Loyalist Traitors bail out of their Legion, so long as you respect the setting's narrative and have them die out fairly quickly. Don't extend their timeline all the way from 30k to 40k, have them simply refuse to recruit new Marines, and whenever their natural end comes, they meet it honorably and with courage, in service to the Emperor.

"The sins of the fathers shall not be passed on".

That would be a decent option for you, should you find it entertaining.

>> No.49721518

>Why not just squats?
Because I can't see a people self-identifying as "squats". It would be like calling the space elf faction "Knife-ears".

In the OU, the Sisters of Battle venerate a powerful psychic being known as the Emperor of Mankind.
In the AU, the Sisters of Battle venerate a powerful psychic being known as Maria Vespa.

What's the problem?

>Maria was the mother of Jesus
Maria Vespa doesn't have any children. You're thinking of someone else.

>> No.49721551

First off, this: >>49721359

There are Chapters which may or may not be descended from traitor stock in 40k of the OU, I think this could potentially be a bit of fun with a Chapter, as long as you leave it to hints and clues within the writing of their origins.

However, that is also after 26 foundings, where the HLOT and/or Inquisition might be more tempted to say "well, we do need X skill set not currently employed by our Astartes forces. Let's run these guys as an experiment under close Inquisitorial observation and see if they can work this time."

How about Keebs?

>veneration of saint X
How about we keep it as veneration of the Emperor with the saint in question being their ideal? Like monks of the order of St. Francis, or nuns of...

Do nuns follow specific monastic orders?

>> No.49721553

>the original idea was to have them from a traitor legion (was thinking XIII,
You could get away with that if Shakya Vardhana claimed them as his own and don't explicitly state their actual heritage. (Just say that they were Blackshields who aligned with the Eyes of the Emperor and that the Primarch said that they were as much his sons as any other warrior who had fought for him, or something like that.)

This gives them an authoritative sponsorship to stop meddling early on, though their actual paternity could become important later in the story. As a bonus, you don't need an explicit reason for the Vardhana to have claimed the Chapter Sigma, just that "fate required it".

>> No.49721567

Well I figured it was not a secret thing to Mars, kinda a 'well most of you died to save Terra so we're all square' deal.

What's dangerously heretical is that they still respect their mystery primarch

>> No.49721571

Shit, my bad, forgot to get to my point on that:

If this is going on during and immediately after the Heresy, I don't see that as a possibility, especially with the number of traitor legions that didn't really have to cut their numbers down.

Don't forget, suspicion is everywhere, and Lumey and the HLOT are just trying to stick the Imperium back together with spit, gum, and duct tape. Having an entire chapter of guys who represent the astartes that literally just tore the Imperium in half so hard it took decades to fix might not be so welcome an idea.

>> No.49721592

>Because I can't see a people self-identifying as "squats"
40K is the answer to all your problems.

>In the OU, the Sisters of Battle venerate a powerful psychic being known as the Emperor of Mankind.
>In the AU, the Sisters of Battle venerate a powerful psychic being known as Maria Vespa.
They think he's a god.

Wait, so they don't venerate the Emperor?

>> No.49721600

Sure. Let's rename the Eldar as "Keebs".

>How about we keep it as veneration of the Emperor with the saint in question being their ideal?
I suspect that I didn't express the thought properly. My pitch for Marianism is that Maria Vespa is regarded as inferior to the Emperor but greater than all of the other Saints and other jibber-jabber of the Imperial Cult. The Sisters of Battle would regard her as their special patron, but still see the Emperor as the God of mankind.

>> No.49721607

Oh second thought, it would be easier story-wise if nobody knows who the fuck they came from, only that Vardhana took them on as allies

>> No.49721608

>They think he's a god
They think she's a saint.

Really not seeing your objection.

>so they don't venerate the Emperor?
They do venerate the Emperor, see >>49721600.

>> No.49721655

Okay, so essentially keeping her as the matriarch of the monastic order type dealio.

Also, Shadowrun makes an appearance in our list of references within the project!

Uh... I think this is letting the idea backslide a bit. Because as of the Heresy, especially during the Siege, they know who all the Legions are, and who belongs to who, so this idea implies that either they are Loyalists who have been unaccounted for (which, at this time ALL the loyalists are accounted for, because they need them desperately), traitors who are unaccounted for (which is kinda important for the Imperium to know where and who their enemies are), or worst case scenario, just shy of outright calling them a fragment of a Lost Legion.

Let me be clear:
I like the idea of Blackshields, and I would like some Knights Errant or something similar to the OU to help kickstart the =][=, but I think having an entire Chapter show up out of the blue to do it might not be the greatest way to go.

>> No.49721695

A unit of Blackshields might be Marines who had gone mad when Tiran died or Acharya who returned to the fold late. If the Vardhana was to say that they're his men, it's unlikely that he would be directly questioned.

>> No.49721749

I'd have thought Lumey would take the time to really question something like that. I mean, it's rather suspicious for another primarch to show up with an entire extra chapter. He might not question Vardhana, but I'd have thought he would keep a close eye on them.

>> No.49721793

Adding one chapter won't take the Vardhana one over for the Siege of Terra, and by the time Gaspard gets there, the Eyes will be well under establishment strength.

>> No.49721846

>Okay, so essentially keeping her as the matriarch of the monastic order type dealio.
Basically. They gotta jump through some hoops to arrive there, but Maria Vespa will be just a little bit more significant than Alicia Dominica. My notes are up at:


Some of that repeats what's in long-hand on the Maria Vespa page, so if there seems to be a contradiction the page represents my more considered thoughts on the matter. (Although like anything on the wiki I will change it if problems are pointed out.)

>> No.49721852

Alright, I'm gonna parse through the Heresy article to see where I can stuff the Sigmas. The main idea behind them is that back then it was pretty obvious that they were from a traitor legion but were loyalist, kinda Dantioch style.

After the heresy Mars gets together, checks that they're clean, honours their sacrifice by letting them live, with some minor adjustments to their geneseed so that they won't have the psykers to do dodgy warp stuff *hint hint wink wink*

Over the years people have kinda forgotten about them and just assume that they are from some loyalist stock, especially since they tend to be loners whose main defining trait is that they really really hate this particular Lord of Change

>> No.49721872

>I'm gonna parse through the Heresy article
It's not really worth your time, sorry. There are issues with the Traitor Legions that prevent the Heresy from being mapped out in detail at this stage.

>> No.49721934

Alright, thanks for absolutely clearing everything up.

Well, there's this: >>49721872
And it's got Lumey and a few other approvals. I like the idea, I just have a bit of an issue with implementation. Given, there's a lot of stuff that one or two people don't agree with that stick. It's a group project, so that happens.

That being said, Lumey's assessment does take care of a good chunk of my issues, and I could be completely behind it with a bit more nerfing. Maybe the idea presented earlier about the Chapter not continuing their gene seed or something similar. But, again, this is so far just me. Other people might weigh in either for or against. Don't worry about pleasing my palette.

>> No.49721989

Well given that they are supposed to be a pragmatist chapter, it could be that any new geneseed is derived from another Loyalist legion, probably the Eyes since they got disbanded.

That could be the reason why the punishment for failure amongst the Sigmas is premature removal of Progenoids, a callback to the price they paid to continue on.

>> No.49722014

By pragmatist chapter I mean that they don't care where their geneseed comes from as long as it lets them serve effectively. Though other legions may not be happy to give them geneseed.

My original idea had them also have a reputation as sort of lapdogs of the Inquisition, semi-permanently seconding two companies for the works of the Inquisition in exchange for the Inquisition not poking too far into their past.

>> No.49722028

>Eyes disbanded
People are desperate to undo that and want the Lost Legions to fill the Chamber Militant instead, so there might be bona fide Eyes of the Emperor successors. But that wouldn't really interfere with what you're suggesting. (For example, the Sigmas could be given the gene-seed of Acharya so that those genetic lines could be taught the humility that their sires had lacked.)

>> No.49722194

Right, so for the new lore, how does this sound

>The warband meets Verdhana while conducting operations against traitors
>Verdhana speaks with Warsmith Sigma, is convinced of their loyalty and takes them along for the ride, calls them his honorary sons
>Siege of Terra, most of the warband gets wiped out including Sigma who faces a Lord of Change (Sa'loxir'ath) who threatens to reveal their true legion
>After siege, warband is basically kept confined while they are examined for purity and heresy. Lumey gives them the thumbs-up to become a chapter, with the condition that they follow his codex absolutely and that any new marines come from loyalist genestock
>Following the Codex Mathematika penned by Warsmith Sigma before his death, his warriors decide that the loss of their genetic legacy is worth the opportunity to continue the fight for humanity
>The symbolic removal of all their Progenoids following the foundation of Chapter Sigma remains today as a punishment for severe failure
>Even today they remain under suspicion from the Inquisition, but nothing untoward has been discovered except for the possibility that their genestock has been modified to prevent them from having psykers

>> No.49722371

Actually, thought of something during math. Does Lumey arrive before or after the traitors breach the gates of the Throne? Because that is how we've got the Justicars revealing themselves, by holding the line at the doors so that the loyalists can retreat, then keeping the gates open while doing an about-face and opening fire when the traitors get there.

>> No.49722408

Disregard, that doesn't matter, because Verdhana would have already seen these guys were loyal in the future and would stick up for them.

Then again, if they were traitors, but it was fate, he wouldn't do anything to change it.

Fuck, I hate 4-dimensional characters.

>> No.49724050

So, Im thinking of the Storm Bringers chapter and what their rules might be like. What does everyone think of them having a rule like the old True Grit rule as part of their Chapter Tactics?

And then for a formation or Decurion rule have them able to make a disordered charge after Rapid Firing?

>> No.49724816

Yo Alex, I got a couple things for ya.

1 edited/updated planet, and 2 new ones.


I need you to assign them a Segmentum though, and of course you can change the names and such to your tastes. I also didn't assign any planetary images, I thought it best to leave that to your judgement.

Lemme know what you think.

>> No.49724844 [DELETED] 

Daemon Prince Warmaster would probably be a doubly spooky mix of Slenderman and the Silence from Doctor Who

>> No.49724852 [DELETED] 

tfw you post in the wrong thread and 4chan doesn't let you delete posts fast enough to avoid your shame being noticed

>> No.49724945

I think the change is overall good, but I think being kinda haughty and old world puts them too close to the Lions Rampant.

>> No.49725002

I've just read over the Lions Rampant page, and nothing there indicates them as being haughty or "old world."

>> No.49725026

Didn't they start as literally haughty englishmen on bikes or something?

>> No.49725038

And besides, the posts above are only an idea of a reinterpretation of the Black Augurs, nothing there is set in stone.

Bloodseer, as the Legion's main writefag, is the one who actually decides anything about them.

>> No.49725046

I think they were "haughty" in the sense that "They are Englishmen". I don't know if it went much farther than leaning on that trope.

>> No.49725059

Uhhhh, maybe they were, once upon a time. But know they don't seem to be so you'll have to ask their writefag.

>> No.49725158

Shit, I should probably re-read the wiki and not bank on my knowledge of the project that's almost a year and a half old.

Also, just a thought, the whole change from Righteous Paladins to self-Absorbed Sorcerers reminds me of Thurim from Requiem Chevalier Vampire. The bit where he finds the hammer specifically reminds me of the new decimation.

>> No.49725180

I believe you wanted rules for EZ?

The EZ are a mash-up between Black Templars and White Scars [Sans Bikes].

Proto-Chaplains lead initiates on trials by fire and focus their zealotry driven brothers.
Covering fire is often given via air-support, often after escorting flying transports.

In concept, "Get to the front, smash them, go over the top and cause mayhem."
Otherwise, Break Morale by going after champions and commanding officers.

>> No.49725191

Strategos, you are the main writefag for the Eyes of the Emperor, yes?

If so, I was wondering if there was an equivalent to the "Untouchable" caste within the Legion as well.

Specifically, this line really interested me: "the Legion's medicae carefully inspected the gene-seed of a fallen Brother to determine whether the warrior's life had purified or debased the material and destined his successor for another caste."

I wondered about what would happen to a Neophyte if the gene-seed he receives belongs to a Legionnaire who already belonged to the bottom class, but then debased it even further. Would the Neophyte be assigned to a Punishment Battalion or an equivalent?

Many of the OU Legions had proscriptions against the use of large amounts of Destroyer, Seeker, and Moritat units. Would the Eyes of the Emperor's have an "Untouchable" caste exclusively made up of such "dishonorable" units?

>> No.49725290

Based on the opinion I derived from a quick skim of the Zealots' Organisation and Doctrine section, I would've thought the EZ's rules would be more a mix of Night Lords and Sons of Horus, what with their Fear tactics and Command Decapitation strategy.

>> No.49725317

In regards to what i posted earlier i was more thinking of Second Founding Chapter tactics.

But i like the look of that for the EZ

>> No.49725355

Most custom legions are just "they do everything because they're cool and I made them"

>> No.49725379


>> No.49725478

No one must know

>> No.49725520

Looking at it i like that more for the EZ

>> No.49725558


>> No.49725601

>Lemme know what you think.

I think you should writefag for more than just planets.

>> No.49725665

Meaning what, exactly?

>> No.49725756


>> No.49725777

*If you aren't already.

>> No.49725950

Golgy, don't make me go upside your head.

I never got Sons of Horus, their tip of the spear stuff.
I get the concept but I don't know how they go about it.
But I agree, maybe it's better explained that way.

>> No.49726066

>I never got Sons of Horus, their tip of the spear stuff.

The Sons of Horus' combat doctrine largely revolves the idea of "going for the throat" or "cutting off the head" of the enemy force, that being, a strategy of killing off the enemy leadership as completely and rapidly as possible.

>I get the concept but I don't know how they go about it.

A strategy that prioritizes the engagement and destruction of the opposing force's command elements over everything else, and tactics shaped to target and kill the line officers of their enemies.

At least, that's how I understood it.

>> No.49726079


Well, I did write the War Scribes, though they've had significant edits from Lumey about 5 or 6 months ago, if that counts.

>> No.49726170

I meant in physicality, the way I imagine Zealots going about it is a combination of assault marines and air-support, making them more effective Shock troops.

Then following up the decapitation with a hammer blow.

>> No.49726199


Air support has never been given any mention, mainly because it can't be relied upon. What if the air support is grounded for whatever reason? Is the Legion unable to advance then? It should be able to fight regardless of atmospheric conditions.

>> No.49726243

>Well, I did write the War Scribes, though they've had significant edits from Lumey about 5 or 6 months ago, if that counts.

So you are the primary writefag of the War Scribes? Cool, I will look them over and give you my unsolicited opinion.

>> No.49726275

Yes I am (Been here since thread 1, lol), and yes, that's fine. I will warn you though, they are and have been and will be in a state of flux. What is true now is likely to be modified tomorrow.

>> No.49726282

>I meant in physicality, the way I imagine Zealots going about it is a combination of assault marines and air-support, making them more effective Shock troops.

>Then following up the decapitation with a hammer blow.

Same difference with the SoH, honestly. Though they relied more on mechanized Tactical and Despoiler Squads to do the job.

>> No.49726378

Rhinos and Drop-pods, that's all I can say, it goes without saying that legions are expected to have some tactical flexibility.

>> No.49726424


Rhinos, Drop Pods, Thunderhawks, Stormbirds, Storm Eagles and Fire Raptors, all are merely a means to an end. The end being getting a Zealot force within bolter and blade range of the enemy command elements.

>> No.49726542

So... You know how I said I was stepping out of the /tg/ heresy lore for a bit? I lied. I got bored and started writing the Four Horsemen by way of four fallen Knights, one for each chaos god.

Once I've got a rough done, I'll post more details.

Pic somewhat unrelated.

>> No.49726552

I am now officially a name-fag, yay.

Do you still remember the initial ideas of what you wanted the War Scribes to be? The more recent portion of their edit history is by "Lumey," who hasn't shown up on the threads
so far.

>> No.49726570


They were the Technology Legion. Archeotech, overwhelming firepower, a massive navy. How that translates to battlefield doctrine is a mystery though, you might have some thoughts there.

>> No.49726595

Nope, Lumey's been with us and commenting for a few threads now.

>> No.49726604

Any main theming or just some generic knights to fill out the roster a bit?

>> No.49726630


I'm interested.

>> No.49726697

The idea is to stick to the original (earlier edition) chaos god's lore. Back when Khorne wasn't just "murder the women and children too," he was honor and martial pride. Back when Tzeench was also hope and change, back when Nurgle was also acceptance and peace, back when Slaanesh was passion and inspiration and pride. In the modern lore, Papa Nurgle is the only one who's held on to his good sides, and even then only just.

The idea behind the Four is to have four firmly chaotic knights who nonetheless hold true to ALL the ideals of the chaos gods, not just the easy ones. Sort of legendary figures for the chaos side.

Their working titles are:
>The Reaver (Khorne)
>The Reaper (Nurgle)
>The Reader (Tzeench)
>The Raper (Slaanesh)

Obviously, none of them will keep those names.

>> No.49726723


Hopefully the Raper would get a new name. Unless he's supposed to be this guy.


>> No.49726727

Lumey is Strategos.
Welcome back.

>> No.49726808

I remember them, more or less, but they were always rather fragmented. Once upon a time the Legion basically went head to head with the Admech directly in open warfare, and Arelex died at their hands.

At one point, the Scribes were basically the AirCav Legion. And before that I tried a Napoleonic Warfare slant. Before that was "Archaeotech Everything, Everywhere".

None of it quite worked like I'd hoped.

>> No.49726828

>Old god ideas
This has been discussed. At length. I think the compromise we came up with is that they are beyond our understanding, and so there are those that uphold the old ideas and those who go with the new shit.

>> No.49726858


The Legion needs a good centre. A specific style of Warfare that fits them best. Maybe the new guy can think of one.

Really, I'd like the new guy to look at all the Legions and how they make war and see where our weak points lie so they can be fixed.

I'm putting a horrible burden on him aren't it?

>> No.49727035

>They were the Technology Legion.

Sadly, this is no longer tenable. Multiple Legions are already described as having outsized stores of equipment and Dark Age of (Technology*2), as well as regularly fielding Terminator formations. Furthermore, some Legions boast inexplicably close ties to the Mechanicus and the Forge Worlds, and so are granted either prototype equipment or custom-made, Legion-specific wargear.

AirCav is now the realm of the VIIth Legion so that's a no-go.

Can you expand on the Napoleonic Warfare slant?

>The Legion needs a good centre. A specific style of Warfare that fits them best. Maybe the new guy can think of one.

I had an awful idea about Necron/Mordian- inspired Space Marines once if you think you can stomach the thought.

>Really, I'd like the new guy to look at all the Legions and how they make war and see where our weak points lie so they can be fixed.

I can do this, in time. But any changes to the content are made only by the Legion's writefag.

>I'm putting a horrible burden on him aren't it?

Nope, not really. If I considered it a burden at all I simply wouldn't be here.

>> No.49727055

>Can you expand on the Napoleonic Warfare slant?
They were just super polite while they killed you.

>> No.49727065

>no longer tenable

How so? Plenty of legions in the OU have all that shit, but the Iron Hands are repeatedly referred to as the ones with the best tech.

>> No.49727077


I'm glad to hear that. You're the first to really have a good knowledge of the technical side of things, how Legions make war and so forth. Something that in my mind has been sadly lacking for a while among most of the Legions. Problem is that so many Legions seem to either have a very narrow style of warfare or two or more Legions share the same style. That needs to be sorted out.

>> No.49727094

>The Legion needs a good centre.
They have one, though. The War Scribes are a giant hive gang painted up in rosy colours. That conception guides everything about them, from the emphasis on small unit tactics to the Primarch's fetish for large-huge warships to their theft and hoarding of fancy technology. Even the pedantic accounting by the tops is derived from that source.

This isn't a very glorious concept, nor is it necessarily what Arelex-anon had in mind. However, it was how I managed to anchor the various elements that were on the theme when I started editing it down.

>> No.49727106

>I'd like the new guy to look at all the Legions and how they make war and see where our weak points lie so they can be fixed.


>> No.49727113

I know, the "we don't know what we're doing" meme has to die.

>> No.49727126


Do you think there isn't a problem there? Because I think there is. We have Legions with very vague styles of warfare, or even no style at all like the War Scribes.

>> No.49727143


Which is the exact same thing as the Entombed. They are experts in Zone Mortalis Combat, which is Hive Warfare (Among other things). Again, two Legions doing the exact same thing.

>> No.49727181

So, if you think that, why are you asking someone else to go through and identify problems? This seems (at best) lazy.

>The Entombed are gangsters
I've never thought so, but perhaps other people would see it differently.

>> No.49727199


Because I'm obviously not qualified. Better to get someone who is.

>> No.49727250

100% of all people on earth don't know what they're doing. We're all just retarded monkies who learned to talk. That's why we have other people to give us feedback and perspective. I for one welcome our new anon critic.

I've actually always seen the War Scribes and Entombed as foils to each other. They take very similar concepts and run with them in VERY different directions. They remind me of me and my brother: extremely similar at face value but once you get to know us we are very, very different. There's even an old idea that Golgothos hates Aralex he refuses to admit he even exists, and when they fight on battlefields together he manages his strategies as if they weren't there, leading to artillery landing on the war scribes and shit because according to the Entombed's strategic maps there isn't anybody there.

>> No.49727264

Which new guy are you talking about? We've picked up a few.

>> No.49727283

>They were just super polite while they killed you.

That feels more Eyes of the Emperor to me, so that's a no-go as well.

The OU Legions did not have multiple Legions capable of fielding Dark Age of Technology*2, that was largely the Dark Angels, and only because they were the 1'st Legion. Terminators were also firstly supplied to the Legions that were the most vocal supporters of their development. Likewise, Horus, as the Warmaster, specially cultivated ties to the Mechanicus and the Forge Worlds to make sure that the future-Traitor Legions would have the best gear.

The Iron Hands had the best tech because their Primarch placed the most emphasis on it out of all the Legions, and also cultivated ties with the Mechanicus to provide his Legion with that tech.

It's not the same.

>> No.49727290


The Foils are usually supposed to be op opposite sides. See Raven Guard and Alpha Legion (Sneaky Operators), Imperial Fists and Iron Warrors (Siege Specialists), or Space Wolves and World Eaters (Ferocious Melee Fighters).

>> No.49727304


The First Legion here doesn't have any of the Terran Archeotech. They have lots of infantry and Artillery instead.

>> No.49727335

Off the top of my head, the Raven Guard also have their access to idiosyncratic technology and we have yet to see the full panoply of the 30k Legions. In any case, the Legions do need to have ties to Forge Worlds even if they're just receiving Power Armour and Bolt weapons from them.

That's wrong.

>> No.49727348


>As their warriors set off into the Solar System, the Wolves of Dawn fought with Terran-manufactured weapons and armour, often ancient relics from the bitter wars of the Age of Strife. The Emperor would later command some of these items be surrendered to the Tech Priests and mass-produced for the Legions as a whole, but some of the First Legion's arsenal was simply too idiosyncratic or impractical for such methods. Thus, when the Heresy began, the Heralds of Hektor had a great many technological surprises to spring on their Loyalist brothers.

I consider this Terran Archeotech.

>> No.49727365

>opposite sides
Well yeah. They're both high-tech heavy infantry specialists. One hates the mechanicum, and one loves it. One believes in progress, the other has a romanticized view of the past. One is rational, the other is spiritual.

If that dynamic isn't fleshed out or apparent enough then maybe we can work on it. If that's not the kind of dynamic people like or had in mind, then maybe the War Scribes should indeed have re-clarified combat doctrines.

>> No.49727374


So the Heralds have Molecular Acid-Bolts and Grav Land Raiders and Portcullis Mobile Void Shield Generators and Stasis Rockets?

>> No.49727397

Not to mention the Dark Angels and Space Wolves.


>> No.49727413

Space Wolves (Furious melee, actual fucking sorcerers, teamwork)

Thousands Sons (Midranged warfare, actual fucking sorcerers, teamwork).

>> No.49727445

The Space Wolves are a foil to everyone that's literally their thing.

>> No.49727462

The Lion and the Wolf is one of the oldest rivalries in 40k lore. Are you the same anon who claimed that they weren't qualified to judge things?

>> No.49727469

Why does he have Frostmourn?

>> No.49727477

You would be better answered by their writefag.

>> No.49727483

>The Lion and the Wolf is one of the oldest rivalries in 40k lore.
I know. I was just pointing out that the Space Wolves do actually have a traitor side foil. A foil that in many ways equates to them more closely than do the Dark Angels.

>Are you the same anon who claimed that they weren't qualified to judge things?

>> No.49727485


You mean Balenight.

>> No.49727518

a better question is, why is Lemon Ruse, a fucking primarch, the same height as an unmodified human female?

>> No.49727526

>So the Heralds have Molecular Acid-Bolts and Grav Land Raiders and Portcullis Mobile Void Shield Generators and Stasis Rockets?
Not necessarily. When laying out the Legion page I had weapons of mass destruction in mind (because at the level we're writing that's more notable), but if someone was to press the case that a particular Herald character needed some flashy piece of kit to put them over I wouldn't stand in the way.

>> No.49727530

Why does he have NOTfrostmorne?

She's standing on a rock? Or a wolf.

>> No.49727554

>Why frostmourne
Because people at GW played Warcraft 3, but realized having their ice-fur-frost-knight-sorcerers literally be Deathknights was going too far.

>> No.49727564

When will they learn?

>> No.49727581


Those are all the Terran Archeotech Weapons mentioned as being part of the armory of the First Legion. And you seem to underestimate how powerful they are. Molecular Acid-Bolts can punch through even Power Armour as though it were paper, while Stasis Missiles freeze enemy combatants in place for short periods or even (On a big enough missile) turn an entire city into a snapshot.

>> No.49727582

I've tried to read the DA books like 5 times and I've gotten bored every fucking time

>> No.49727588

>Necron/Mordian- inspired Space Marines


>> No.49727590

Manlet confirmed

>> No.49727604

>Green pauldrons on the Lion
Bitch please.

>> No.49727623

Which new guy?

>> No.49727733

Even on Terra, the Dark Angels and Heralds of Hektor fight in different campaigns. They expend and acquire different resources along the way.

And again, most of the campaign histories are not at a skirmish level. If someone wanted to write fiction from that perspective they might feel differently, but for my own part I find long fight scenes intensely boring no matter how many gadgets are involved.

>> No.49727745

More just the facepalm about having several people who are legit studied and/or experienced in tactics and/or strategy, yet asking the new guy for advice in that field.

>> No.49727855

Again, which new guy were you guys even talking about? There's been more than one new guy in this thread alone, and we've picked up half a dozen over the past few days.

>> No.49727895

I think that Vaguely is the "new guy" in question.

>> No.49727931

Yup, and you're Lumey.

>> No.49727975

This is me.

>> No.49728045

There's nothing with getting a fresh pair of eyes to look over a problem-area, even if those eyes aren't experts regarding the area.

>> No.49728109


>> No.49728110

Nobody is objecting to you taking a look and saying what you think.

What we're rolling our eyes at is Mastodontii/Captain Copy-Pasta/Lore once again saying that we don't know what we're doing and need someone to come in and sort this out, when by his own admission he's been the most destructive presence in the project by repeatedly submitting plagiarised material and lying about it. He even went to the length of pretending to quit and coming back under a new name in an attempt to get more copy-pasted content into the project.

>> No.49728138

>plagiarised material

>> No.49728150

I swear to god, one day I'm going to make up a big warhammer 40k battlefield composition, like one of those ones they always have in the first few pages of the codices. It's going to be a bunch of space marines fighting tau or something, and with no explanation of reference to the fact, I'm going to have an ork with some blue pauldrons taped to his armor fighting alongside them.

>> No.49728173

Has that copypasta issue still not been resolved? People were arguing about that before I bounced out back in *April*.

>> No.49728205

Yeah, that shit happened, it was bad, he's not adding material (officially) anymore, can it be dropped, please?

>> No.49728220


Who? What?!

>> No.49728252

It's a long and very old story at this point.

>> No.49728257

The Mastodontii were axed because they had large sections of material copy-pasted from the Forge World books.

There was an entire scene on a Traitor Conclave that was copied over and namechanged.

We still have copied material on battles in the Heresy, but it needs to be rewritten anyway.

I could go on but this makes people unhappy.

Aubrey has him writing the new Eternal Zealots stuff. Which, judging by history, means that we want to start thinking about a new original Traitor Legion.

>> No.49728259

>Past plagiarism
Oooh, here's a story I haven't heard yet. Do tell! I'll make popcorn.

Man, keep it up, I'm saving half this stuff. Lets get more AdMech if you got it.

>> No.49728296

It's not really a very good story. There was a project contributor.

He turned out to have been copying text from Black Library books and from the Horus Heresy book series directly.

Things got heated. He apologized. He copied stuff again.

He left. Mostly. I guess now maybe he's back in some fashion, I'm not sure.

And that's basically all it is. Chewing over old bones won't be very helpful or productive.

>> No.49728297

>Aubrey has him writing the new Eternal Zealots stuff. Which, judging by history, means that we want to start thinking about a new original Traitor Legion.


>> No.49728317

And he's also not posting anything to the actual site, so that it can be peer-reviewed and double checked for said issues.

>> No.49728327

WOW I'm coming late

About to hop on the Crimson Eagles page.

Anything that I've missed of importance?

About using the lost legions for the GK/DW equivalents? The VII Legion? Major changes?

>> No.49728364

>he's also not posting anything to the actual site

>> No.49728404

Oh. No.

Suddenly I have even more work to do.

>> No.49728453

Huh. Last I knew he was still putting everything on the discussion page so it could be checked over.

>> No.49728473


Lumey, I don't know if you saw this question >>49725191 or not, but it's something I'm really interested in finding out about.

>> No.49728500


That's a lot of stuff, is it all copy-pasted? Please no.

>> No.49728521

You're missing the bit where he came back under a new name. Copied stuff. Got very politely told that, as it was probably an honest mistake, he should just check over his work and remove the plagiarised material before asking someone to take a look again. He got rid of the example and said it was fine. I read through the next few paragraphs and pointed out more copy-pasta, at which point there was a long discussion about how this was totally unacceptable.

>I trusted Captain CopyPasta
Well, there's your problem.

I did see it and I don't have strong feelings either way. If the Eyes are being disbanded then it's probably worth doing. If they're not, then I think I'd want to keep "The Untouchables" as an option for a Successor Chapter.

(that said, I might change my mind later)

>> No.49728524

I'm looking right now. If it is, I'll ask wikifag to ban him, because that shit's against the terms and conditions.

>> No.49728555

>That's a lot of stuff, is it all copy-pasted?
The first three or four times we went around this block with Captain CopyPasta, he refused to identify what was original material and what wasn't. His writing method in the past has been to mix up his sources and he often used relatively obscure texts.

My rule of thumb with his stuff is that if the writing is bad, it's probably original. Unfortunately, that doesn't get rid of the need for rewriting.

>> No.49728567

Guess not

>> No.49728576

Which begs the question, if you knew it was posted, and needed to be checked, why bring it up now and in this manner?

>> No.49728589

>If the Eyes are being disbanded then it's probably worth doing. If they're not, then I think I'd want to keep "The Untouchables" as an option for a Successor Chapter.

What do you mean disbanded? And disbanded into what exactly? Their page has nothing on them being disbanded.

>> No.49728591

No, not really.

>> No.49728613

Okay, thus far I'm not seeing anything, but that doesn't mean much: The scholarly plagiarism checkers I've been using to search also didn't recognize it when I literally copy-pasted the opening few pages of the first Horus Heresy book into them, so it seems that GW material isn't in any of the systems I've been using (no huge surprise there).

I'll keep looking, but at first glance, I can't tell.

>> No.49728641

>Lets get more AdMech if you got it.

Here's my best AdMech pic.

>> No.49728650


So I had an idea but I'm not to confident in it.

What if the Crimson Eagles fall to Malal?

>> No.49728678


Plz no.

It's a touchy issue for many people, and it's not necessary for anyone's story. It doesn't add anything to the narrative.

>> No.49728683

>Starting a witch hunt
Struck a nerve, huh?

>> No.49728685

I never answer those questions because I don't know what other people consider important.

I had no idea about this "peer-review" business, I just thought that Aubrey was doing something incredibly foolish and was going to look it over in due course. (If you look at the edit history of the EZ, you'll find me doing a first pass.)

But, as you probably know by now, if the Captain is around this project he's up to no good. You might not intend to help him by saying that we don't need to rehash this, but never the less that attitude is what allowed him to keep causing damage.

He's well aware that his plagiarism passes the scholarly versions and tried to use that to get people to accept the stuff. That particular identity was copy-pasting into the Crusaders until I caught on around May.

>> No.49728697

Uh, Y-Yeah, sure... Good idea, but maybe we should '''not'''

>> No.49728716

Considering their democratic nature, I expected the Crimson Eagles to shatter with at least one warband going to each Chaos god.

>> No.49728750

Call it whatever you want, but plagiarism is going to be a major taboo among any group of creators, be they writers, artists, or whatever. There's a reason that plagiarism will get you fired in most academic jobs.

>> No.49728788

Red alert folks, we have some definite plagiarism in the Eternal Zealots page.

>> No.49728813


Yeah, we'll just leave it at "nobody can do Malal justice to everybody's expectations, so we just leave it alone."

It's been brought up many, many times.

Could you be more specific?

>> No.49728850


Khorne: (Adjective) Warhawks
Tzeentch: Something with owls
Nurgle: Crippled Eagles
Slaanesh: (Adjective) Raptors/ Raptors of (Adjective)


>> No.49728853

Scratch that, pretty sure it was a false positive. I used a plagiarism checker I've never tried before, because it seemed to have a much better variety of search parameters, but it also has an absurdly low trigger threshold. I'm going to run it through some more and see if I can track down the original source here.

>> No.49728892

If there's plagiarism happening, then there's plagiarism happening and it should be reported. If you have actual evidence.

Definitely don't want to jump the gun like that, it gives credence to the "Witchhunt" label. Do be careful before opening the drama-box.

>> No.49728972

>Crippled Eagles
Vultures, perhaps? Crows?

It's complicated. Running their stuff through the scholarly plagiarism checkers I usually use does nothing, as none of GW's material is in their databases. So, I use third party free plagiarism checkers, almost all of which lit up and claimed it was plagiarism, but none of which actually refer you back to the original source. Most don't have an option to see the source at all, and those that do just google it for you.

>> No.49728994

I'm not sure that it's really a witch hunt. We've known for ten days short of two years (!) that the Captain is a "witch". Josman is just doing a review of the material that (according to Sneaky) was meant to be reviewed anyway.

Reporting it to the site admin... well, I've never felt the need to go that far, but I'm not feeling any inclination to stop it happening either.

>> No.49729116

>Vultures, perhaps? Crows?

Ha, that post was just a joke. The Crippled Eagles were an actual military group made up of Americans who fought in the Rhodesian Bush War.

>> No.49729121

I'd go with something about ravens or crows instead of owls myself.

Alright, you had canceled out a pretty decent spiel about that stuff.

I was going to say that he was waiting for us to check up on it. He's basically only posted a couple of things to House Accolon to accomodate the new EZ stuff and the rest of it was just talk and discussion pages.

I know how you feel about the plagiarism shit, and I also get that it's stuff we can't tolerate. But I'm also saying that his knowledge of the Lore and insights have also been helpful, even under his ban on contributions.

I also believe that we shouldn't jump to any conclusions on this, and we should check it first before jumping the gun, and to an outsider, it might seem like you're reacting to an oversight or minor annoyance by going thermonuclear and throwing some pretty major accusations.

Vultures could work.

>> No.49729134

>Don't start a witch hunt
>Go easy on him.
No, fuck that. If someone might be plagiarising you go after them until you know, one way or another. Plagiarism is immoral, against Terms and Conditions on 1d4chan, and in a case like the one we're discussing that applies to copyrighted material, it's illegal. If you think it's happening, you find out, and if it is, you stop it and blacklist whoever did it. It's actually kind of shocking to me that you didn't ban him from the project as soon as you found out.



>> No.49729147

That dread looks fucking sick. Flying stealth dreadnoughts when?

>> No.49729194

If anyone wanted proof, I can link them to discussions in the archives. There's a nice exchange in the first round where he gets asked why he copy-pasted material into the Crusaders, says he didn't, and then gets given excerpts of the material he lifted.

People literally threatened to quit if I even brought it up in public the first time around and every time I've been told I'm over-reacting, causing drama, etc. Despite what people have been saying, I can't actually ban people from this project.

>> No.49729208

Go to the write faggery section and find Praise to Chaos on the wiki then toss some of them toward the unborn gods rather than going with malal.

>> No.49729257

I was there both times, actually.

And I'm saying we should be going into this calmly.

>> No.49729275

I'll also forward the info to a buddy of mine who has read and owns every book BL has come out with. Including the CS Goto shit.

>> No.49729286

>I'm over-reacting, causing drama, etc.
Dude, in most groups of creators, plagiarism is seen as just about the worse thing you can do. In most academic jobs, plagiarism is a one strike you're out kinda deal. It's against the Terms of pretty much every creative site. Overreacting? Bullshit.

>You can't ban people.
Yes, but wikifag can, and if someone is violating the ToC by plagiarising, then you can report them.

See above. I don't know how many creative groups you've worked with before, but for most of them accusing someone of plagiarism is like accusing them of heresy (the original sense, not the comic EVERYTHING IS HERESY 40k sense).

>> No.49729291

Golden Tyrant and Ashen Mother really deserve some boys. Although Golden Tyrant might be Krenz.

My mood hasn't changed from exasperated.

>> No.49729322

I have felt the same way but as I said above we've been around this block a few times. If you want to see me fresh and firey on it, check out the archives >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/35658638 (I'm posting as M. Grenouille)

>> No.49729353

It's serious, but it's also one of those things that requires evidence. I doubt he'd be stupid enough to do it again, because that would legit be one of those "okay, we're done here," situations. But again, evidence. There's a reason I've been kicked out of jury selection.

>> No.49729369

Quick question since I'm a newfag.and also to move the topic away from plagiarism

When we write stuff are we responsible for putting it on the wiki, or is someone else responsible to ensure things don't messy.

>> No.49729373

I wasn't tracking that, but thanks for the direction.

I was just throwing out the idea.

The Crimson Eagles loyal to Caligor first and foremost wouldn't fall to chaos. Some time after the heresy there would be a civil war like the dispute of iron in which the legion would fall into Chaos Successors, Renegade mercenaries, and the OG Crimson Eagles who want to free Imperial Worlds from the Imperium, even if it costs those worlds

>> No.49729383

Decision making time boys.

Is Voidwatcher's end game

A) sucking all the Black Augurs souls like Slaanesh over the millenia and then becoming a god.


B) Tearing his way back out of the Warp as a Necrodermis Nagash

As Voidwatcher's original anon, I now lean towards the latter.

>> No.49729413

>Lets get more AdMech if you got it.
I'm working on a Mechanicus+Entombed short story but I write slooooooooooow and edit slower.

>> No.49729420

>B) Tearing his way back out of the Warp as a Necrodermis Nagash
I like option but you're gonna need a reeaaaaaal good explanation for it happens.

>> No.49729423

Nagash nigga, is this even a question?

Also Augur/Eagle conflict after the Heresy?

>> No.49729429

>I doubt he'd be stupid enough to do it again
That's what I thought when he came back as Terraine/JE. But he did it anyway.


>> No.49729430

>I doubt he'd be stupid enough to do it again,
>do it again
>I know Mr. Jones is a sex offender, but we let him keep working at the daycare, because come on, would he be stupid enough to do it again?


>> No.49729432

>wasn't tracking
Unless you've been following the thread for 2 years, you wouldn't be. Hell, I think I even suggested the IR be a Malal oriented Warband at one point or another.


>> No.49729441

Por que no los dos?

>> No.49729445


>In the Warp

>Where Necrons fear to tread

How, exactly, is this done?

>> No.49729463

I think it's more like he has to become necrodermis to enter realspace?

>> No.49729477

Lumey, I'm telling you, if you have solid evidence that this is the same guy who plagiarized earlier, report him to wikifag. He's breaking the ToC, he's dragging the project's reputation through the mud, and he's technically breaking the law. I haven't been on this boat for very long, so I haven't seen his origial misdeeds, or I'd report him myself, but if you have the evidence...

You can never have too much Nagash.

>> No.49729492


>> No.49729499

>Voidwatcher's original anon

Reveal yourself Primarch! Bloodseer and I want your opinion on these >>49718465

Also, Bloodseer is now the primary writefag of the Augurs. You cool with that?

>> No.49729509

So, IR and CE, best bros, friendly rivals, bitter enemies?

>> No.49729528

Both sounds good.

Well he's got his xenos weapon, which I always just saw as your run of the mill warscythe but maybe it's more than that. He's still got it when he gets tossed into the Warp after dueling Blood. The Necrodermis reacts, uh, violently to the effects of this. Ends up bonding with his body, but it's also what saves him from being consumed. Somehow soul sucking is involved, and after ten thousand years he's free. Queue crashing lightning and squealing guitars as he pulls himself out of some kind crazy ass warp rift.

Of course, this is all End Times stuff so it's kinda moot talking about it, but I just wanted to make a decision about it.

>> No.49729562

Does the soul sucking involve sacrificing all the Augurs

>> No.49729570

What cultures HAVEN'T been covered by the other legions?

>> No.49729579

Yeah I'm in.

>> No.49729591

I agree with your points, but I don't do unilateral. If there's a majority of project people who want the guy reported then it wouldn't be hard to string him up, but the project's reputation is going to be what its members want it to be.

>> No.49729602

The Inuit. The Zulus. The Australian Aboriginals. The Jedi.

>> No.49729603

Not every culture needs a Legion, not every Legion needs a culture, IMO.

Some of ours riff off of other cultures, but several do not.

>> No.49729621

Depends. How would Kilgore feel about a nihilistic, emotionally dead sociopath who believes civilization and any form of societal order is an abomination which prevents people from realizing their full potential, therefore wishes to destroy all of realspace to create a perfect universe of nothing but strife?

>> No.49729636 [SPOILER] 

This isn't about this project or this group. If the guy is breaking ToC and the law, he needs to go. Alright, then just refer me to his past misdeeds and I'll do it.

>> No.49729649

Im with the why not both.

I gave it last night. Here >>49718668 and here>>49718722

Also Im not really Primary, just been vocal.

I think the Soul Sucking affecting them could involve sacrifice and that's what was stopped in the duel, but now he's slowly doing it like Slaanesh. It give the Augurs a Dark Eldar feel and could lead to interesting alliances there. Also the Augurs could suck people's souls and be Soul Reavers.

>> No.49729661

Pretty sure the Law isn't gonna give two fucks about this.

>> No.49729662

Yall might wanna do that on SKype or IRC so that documents and citations can be shared.

Probably best not to burn out a thread with posts about that. And probably best to minimize any public drama, I think.

>> No.49729676

And yes, do that shit on IRC rather than crapping up this thread with bureaucracy.

>> No.49729687

Arabs? Persians? Africans? Canadians?

It was originally going to, but I guess he had to settle for the long game.

It's great, though I'm not 100% about dueling being their thing. Being the best one on one warriors maybe, but dueling specifically just sounds weird in my head. Also French. Isn't Lumey already French? I always pictured them kinda Teutonic, the Solar Warriors. Like a shiny version of the Black Templars.

>> No.49729693

>who believes civilization and any form of societal order is an abomination which prevents people from realizing their full potential, therefore wishes to destroy all of realspace to create a perfect universe of nothing but strife?

Ultimate freedom. I could see Caligore eventually going full Heart of Darkness towards the beginning of the Heresy.

>> No.49729722

>just refer me to his past misdeeds and I'll do it.
That's basically the same as reporting the guy myself. And as far as I can tell from the non-committal noises here, the majority attitude is "don't make a fuss".

>> No.49729750

>I think the Soul Sucking affecting them could involve sacrifice and that's what was stopped in the duel, but now he's slowly doing it like Slaanesh. It give the Augurs a Dark Eldar feel and could lead to interesting alliances there. Also the Augurs could suck people's souls and be Soul Reavers

That's actually a pretty interesting angle. Especially given how they break up after the Heresy. (if they still do that in this new version) The Covens all kinda fuck off to do their own thing. I imagine most of them would be trying to acquire as many souls as possible, to stave off their own being drained or as pyramid scheme type thing going back to Void. Which itself kinda reminds me of the Hive from Destiny and how their Worm Gods work.

>> No.49729761

Well, Kurtz was a bit of an influence on the IR and Merrill from the get-go, with a bit of the mentality of both Kurtz and Martin Sheen's character in the opening scene.

Mix in a bit of Albert Camus, Tyler Durden, and the Joker, and that's what I was going for.

>> No.49729765

Evil Raptors are go?

>Heart of Darkness

Damn shame you've already got your heart set on American culture. I doubt anyone's ever had a Legion with Belgian overtones, lol. That'd sure be original.

If there is evidence, then convict. Done and done. Just make sure the evidence is solid, is my viewpoint on it.

>> No.49729780

Whether or not the law cares about this is irrelevant. It's not a matter of bureaucracy as you pout it, It's a matter of integrity, both personally and as a group. He shouldn't be here. I do agree that the clerical work should take place behind the scenes though, and as such...

See my above comments as to the moral side of the matter.

You want to post the relevant information on one of our 1d4chan userpages so I can collate it and present it to wikifag?

>> No.49729810

>Being the best one on one warriors maybe, but dueling specifically just sounds weird in my head.

Dueling is pretty much the same as a one-on-one fight, it could be anything from two fancy guys shooting each other with flintlocks or sticking each other with rapiers. But it could also be closer to the Norse tradition of "making the square."

>Also French. Isn't Lumey already French? I always pictured them kinda Teutonic, the Solar Warriors. Like a shiny version of the Black Templars.

But if they're not French, then how will twirl their mustaches?

>> No.49729822

My personal feelings are that we did have an issue with him, we resolved it with a ban on him actively contributing to anything for quite some time, and we are currently reviewing the shit he just posted. If it comes back dirty, then we do what's necessary. If not, we can have that discussion again.

>> No.49729904

Fair enough on the first point. I guess I just mean less fencing and more one on one knight fighting. Less pretense/ceremony, more violence.

As for the second one, they only start twirling when they become the Augurs. Before that they stroke their mustaches.

>> No.49729907

This confuses the hell out of me. Some things you don't give people a second chance for. If a "creator" is plagiarizing, you fucking ban them. Look at the ToC of any creative site, I guarantee you'll find that plagiarism is against their ToC. If a professor plagiarizes in a paper, they can lose their tenure or get fired. If a scientist does that, they'll lose research grants. If a writer does that, good luck getting published. So why are you trying to pass this off as no big deal?

>> No.49729924

>Damn shame you've already got your heart set on American culture. I doubt anyone's ever had a Legion with Belgian overtones, lol. That'd sure be original.

>> No.49729984

>My personal feelings are that we did have an issue with him, we resolved it with a ban on him actively contributing to anything for quite some time
That synopsis confuses me, because I'm not sure when you think the ban took place.

We had issues with him in early October 2014 and despite the matter being pretty thoroughly explained he continued editing and plagiarising until I put the heat on him the next month. There's a fairly long gap after that, then (after changing IP) he started editing again in March of this year. When I made contact with him, he claimed to be new and only admitted that he was the same old guy after plagiarism came up again in May. He never really stopped making edits after that, as you can see from the Terraine contribution history.

>> No.49730015

>"Whoa there son, I just wanna let people vote fer ther gov'ment officials and such. Don't gotta go crazy with it, now."

All joking aside he'd probably bust his balls for such an outlandish proposition. Caligor just wants to topple the Imperium and REMOVE XENOBAB

>> No.49730033

Oh, I would like to say I really like the Augurs more as psychically powered melee rather than straight up sorcerers and sneaking. Makes me picture Chaos Warriors.

>> No.49730034

*Disclaimer: Dates and Times may be somewhat misremembered*

Back in the day, people chose the path of forgiveness because we didn't all want to get into a giant shitfit. He did apologize the first time he was caught, and we accepted that. The second time he was caught people were pretty mad, but there was also *other* shit going on at the time, and a lot of the anons had left, so the rest of us were somewhat loathe to go to war amongst ourselves again.

Captain disappeared for a while, we thought shit was fine, then like Lumey says, he came back. Then he was gone again. If he's come back now, we will drive him off again. This is 4chan, nothing stops him from posing as a new anon *every week from here till forever* if he wants to.

Now, I don't think it's unusual for a bunch of people working on an unpaid project, alongside people they will never meet IRL, to not take plagiarism with the same "HERESY!" mindset as a group of college professors might.

So I agree with your sentiment, but I disagree that we need to be this riled up about it.

>> No.49730081

After his homeland gets nuked Caligor get real fuckin dark, until after the Emperor is struck down, then he becomes a little more focused

Also which spelling do ya'll prefer Caligore/Caligor?

>> No.49730119

To be fair, dueling as we know it did start with axes and longswords.

Most of your arguments also revolve around professional projects. In which case, I agree with you fully. This is most definitely not a professional setting, we're doing this for "poops and giggles." And the guy in question also provided a fuckton of background info and frames of reference from the original for us to base our decisions on. His value as a source of information and someone to just bounce ideas off was always much greater than his creative input.

Well, the idea was that he was never the most stable of individuals, and the events of the Crusade just kind of let things get progressively worse for his mindset. There was a bit of the Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness "going native" theme in there.

Your Primarch. But if you want to know more info on Merrill as an individual, read the wiki page

>> No.49730127

Who's plagiarizing.

>> No.49730133

>we didn't all want to get into a giant shitfit
I was quite happy to get into a giant shitfit. "Born and raised in a brair patch!"

>> No.49730150

I will say, though, if he pulls the "I can't help it" schtick again, I wash my hands of the matter entirely.

>> No.49730157

Fair enough, lol.

>> No.49730227

Look, If you guys who were collectively assfucked by him the first time around don't want to do anything about it, I can't really do anything either, because I don't have the proof I'd need unless you lot would provide it. Maybe I'm just bringing too much of my professional life into an informal context, but plagiarism is a capital sin for any creator. If he starts plagiarizing again, I'm reporting him to wikifag.

>> No.49730261

Who are we talking about?

>> No.49730293

You remember Captain Copypasta?

>> No.49730295

The Many-Named-One: Mastadontii/Copy-Paste Captain/Lore.

>> No.49730297


>> No.49730308

I do not.

>> No.49730313

I just found out that the peer review story was made up. Give me a bit of time to get my sources together.

>> No.49730329

I remember Mastadontii.

>> No.49730354

mfw drama instead of content

>> No.49730355

You're doing the right thing.

>> No.49730406

Wouldn't be a Hektor Heresy thread without it!

>> No.49730443

At least it's happening for a good reason for once.

>> No.49730447

First off, this edit:

It contains (at least) a good slice of text from Forge World's third book in the Hektor Heresy series, "Extermination". I'll quote passages from p61 to make it clear:
Page 61:
>As the Great Crusade progressed, the Imperial Fists rose high in honour and in the favour of the Emperor. Ever dependable, they were often used to reinforce flagging campaigns, to hold crumbling fronts and break deadlocked sieges. The Emperor also frequently called on both Dorn and his sons to fight beside him, bestowing this honour on the Imperial Fists more than on any other Legion. When the Imperial Host descended on Ophelia VII, the Emperor led the assault at the head of 100 Custodians and 10,000 Imperial Fists. Again at Askanisa, the Emperor called on not only Horus and the Luna Wolves, but Dorn and the Imperial Fists to form his vanguard in breaking the Shrouded Dynasties.
>High in favour and honour though they were, the Imperial Fists' status did not sit well with some of their brother-Legions. The animosity between the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors was well known, but Perturabo and his Legion were not alone in their resentment.
>It was, perhaps, this quality which caused the Emperor to pass over Dorn as Warmaster when he withdrew from the Great Crusade.
>But even as Horus took up the reins of the Great Crusade, Dorn was invested Praetorian of Terra. Even as Horus would push the Great Crusade on, the Imperial Fists would withdraw with the Emperor to Terra.

>> No.49730468

On the plus side, Black Augurs now look like this in my head.

>> No.49730484

It's a good look.

>> No.49730521

I am 100% on board for this. Chosen are actually a pretty neat central focus for a chaos legion, now that I think about it.

>> No.49730524

This is less than useful. That account is no longer active. We need evidence that the current suspect is the same as the one in that case. Do you know of any instance in which he confirmed that the two are the same person?

>> No.49730528

Golgy, a lot of his stuff was about the Entombed soooo....

Pic related: Your Legion Page when all is said and done. Sorry.

>> No.49730548

>a lot of his stuff was about the Entombed
which stuff?

>> No.49730566

That's not necessary, I just need to find the plagiarism I spotted from his other accounts again.

>> No.49730581


Do you still want me to submit it to wikifag, or are you doing that now?

>> No.49730602

By the logic presented at >>49730524, we'd have to prove it was plagiarized.

Did he admit his ID on the old forum we tried? Or was it purely in Skype?

>> No.49730633

The transition of them being paladins becoming Blackguards is really pleasing. Them having a weird feudal system within their ranks even cuts down on the whole space Skaven problem they've been having.

I'm also up for changing the names, so long as someone else actually does the changing on the wiki.

>> No.49730698

Well, the edits were enacted by the user Terraine. If you know this guy, then your Legion is clear, but if this is just one of Canon Cthulhu's alibis then the Long Decline history section, Organisation and Doctrine, and Notable Members sections are all possibly tainted.

>> No.49730709

It's worth noting that testimony could also be affective. Even if we don't have solid documentation, if enough people can personally testify to the fact that the accounts are linked, wikifag might take that.

This is some good stuff you guys have been coming up with. If you give me the excuse to go back and change the voidwatcher's combat rules to a mix between a Warcraft style Deathknight and a Blackguard, I will be very happy.

>> No.49730747

I can probably access my Skype logs, but I'd rather make this relatively easy on wikifag.

>> No.49730749

I agree with the Paladin to Blackguard aspect. Its a good change and lets them keep their Psychic prowess. Additionally it could help with their dedication to the Gods, with each Coven deciding on its own whether to be Undivided or dedicated to a specific god.

>> No.49730803

Let me fish up the old Black Augur story I wrote.

This was back when the Augurs were, what, 1k?

>> No.49730805

It also kinda ties back into some old, old stuff that got discussed regarding Augur tank crews or pilots. They tie their psychic abilities into whatever skill they hone. Usually frontline melee combat, but also more technical stuff. Augur fighter aces would probably be pretty scary.

>> No.49730817

I think the lowest they ever were was supposed to be 10,000. Down from 100,000. Hence Decimation.

>> No.49730840

I'd think this would make things easier for you as well. You're talking about going back fucking months of discussions for that.

I'll be honest, I miscommunicated myself. I thought you got pissed about the comment and were dredging shit up from way back when, not realizing there was shit going down at the moment till you posted the link that he had, in fact, gone live with that shit.

Decimation means one out of 10 is killed, not the other way around.

>> No.49730847

For the Cal and CE Pages should I make entirely new pages? I'm editing the CT And Camaxtii pages but I can't change the URL or page name

>> No.49730882

Well I dun goofed then.

>> No.49730887


iberation of the Augers

Towers of corpses were laid out the wake of Traitors as they pressed ever further towards the heart of the Imperium, Terra. Istvaan had been a resounding success for the minions of Hektor's rebellion. They had wiped out scores of the Loyalists from their own Legion's ranks and crushing the capability of their enemies. All according to the Warmaster's design of course. Still the true test would be achieving victory at Terra. The Silver Cataphracts with their bloated numbers and bastardized Imperial Army along with the disgustingly virtuous Steel Marshals would be kept from arriving immediately by the machinations of his Sorcerors. By manipulating the hatred for both Legions, Hektor was even able to use Sebastian Rex to further hinder them. He saw no reason to concern himself with the chopped up remnants of those bested at Istvaan. Half of Mars would be rebelling once news spread of his victory. All this meant he needed only concern himself with the gem of Sol, Terra.

"Warmaster!" A Marine called out across the war room, one of his own Heralds.
"You may speak," He said without an ounce of concern.
"It is Arelex! He's gone mad!"
"I shall give you a moment to make sense."
"The War Scribes have emptied their vaults. They burn every world which even holds a single traitor. Their ships make way to intercept our's. I hear reports of all their vessels having the ability to attack us mid-warp!"

This was indeed a problem. The assembled staff, representatives from every Traitor Legion and his own Captains were driven to deep contemplation over this startling news. Hektor thought of a solution immediately. He rose up one hand in gesture to the Marine, "You may go." To the rest of the war room, he said aloud, "I must speak with my brother. He will be able to do deal with this problem on his own. He'll relish the opportunity, no doubt."

>> No.49730908

The fleet was making its final preparations, deciding who in the aftermath of the massacre would go where. Which Legion would best serve on some different front than in Sol, or where in that assault they would be placed. What Company would take what ships with them and so on. Meaningless details to the Warmaster who saught only to bring ruin and death in the name of his new patrons. He rounded about a corner on the 'Stare of the Void', flagship of the Black Augers. It brought directly into the sparring room of the Legion.

Here innumerable sorceries saw place in the Materium, daemons which had not been in the realm of reality for thousands of years finally were brought forth albeit on the tight leash of careful summoning. In the midst of it all stood The Voidwatcher, wrenching forth more from the Warp than any other in the room dared. Hektor marched up to him uncaring of the petty magicks weaved about him. "I have need of your services," He said in a calm, collected voice. He knew what to say, how to say, exactly when to say it.

"Ahaha!" Voidwatcher's voice boomed in the hall, drowning out the screams and explosions. His face with filled with manic glee. His words still carried across the room even as he spoke,"Truly there has never been a better time be alive? What services of mine do you need, oh blessed of the Dark Gods!"

"The Scribes have finally wizened up. They bring all that stored weaponry and knowledge so expertly hoarded but rarely used. I hear that perhaps they have the ability to assault us in the middle of our jumps. If they collide with our fleet it could mean delaying our entire offensive long enough for more to get to Terra in time. I want your Augers to deal with the Scribes. Your new abilities have given you the means to be more than a match for them and their rigid doctrine."

>> No.49730913

>Sebastian Rex
Yup, it's old.

>> No.49730916

"Do you hear?" The Voidwatcher declared as he rounded about in a circle, opening out his arms wide to his assembled warriors. "We have been called upon! Tasked, demanded, instructed! Are you even listening?" With a flick of his wrist the veil between worlds was torn asunder, sending a few howling into its shuddering embrace before it closed with a snap of the Voidwatcher's fingers. "I want you all to hear me when I say we will do what the Warmaster asks of us! I will show him and everyone else our new might! Warmaster! I answer your request, and I say that I will bring to a halt the entirety of the Scribes with only three of my Black Augers!"

Hektor did not look amused, or even surprised. He stated flatly with his cold stare fixed directly on The Voidwatcher, "Only three, you say? Are you sure this will be sufficient?"

"Oh they're the three most powerful Sorcerors second only to me, but yes, three. Come forth! Do not be meek here, there is no place for that."

Out of the masses of Legionnaires came three distinct Augers. One was clad in head to toe with glowing runes which gave off faint purple hues. "This one I name as Koromis. First among of the first Company."
Another was in the regular Legion colors, but carried with him a heavy tome which was shackled with chains to his belt. In place of any grenades or even regular weaponry were similar tomes. "This one I name as Saevor, Chief in knowledge among all practitioners of the arcane!"
The last was an Auger only wore gauntlets and armored leggings of his Legion. All of his armor from the belt up was removed. In place of his protective suit was a winding mix of runes which had been carved into his flesh, with an all-seeing eye cut into his chest being the most predominant. "This one I name as The Dreamwalker. He is the most...intimate of all with the Empyrean, haha!"

>> No.49730927

None of them impressed Hektor, but then again no one impressed Hektor anymore. He gave them a passing wave, "It matters not who they are. So long as they serve out their task." The Voidwatcher continued to madly giggle as he considered the destruction that would be brought forth by the trio as they appeared before the Scribes. "Well, I do not wait and neither does the Warmaster! Go forth and wreak chaos! Hahaha!"

Koromis was spoke first, "I believe we should do as our Primarch says before he grows bored fantasizing."
"I wholeheartedly concur," Saevor replied. The Dreamwalker only nodded in agreement.
With a tap of his staff Saevor opened up a stable portal through the Immaterium.
"How is that possible?" Koromis asked as he looked into the madness that was the Warp.
"Practice. Reading. Lots of reading. Then more practice. After all that, luck. Come. It will not stay this way for long and you do not want to be here once something on the other side notices the wards are failing. We will move quickly and intercept our prey on the other side."
"I do not understand, are you just opening a gateway into the Warp? Won't we need a ship?"
"Do you doubt my abilities?"

As they argued and bickered on the exactness of Saevor's spell, The Dreamwalker merely gave sigh before marching into the presented portal. The two stopped their discussion immediately, racing after him. The wound in existence closed shut shortly after. With the most visible tearing of the seams between our world and the one above, the Sorcerers eagerly began to test it again with their many magicks. Sending off great gusts of weird fire or summoning forth ever larger daemons.

>> No.49730937

"Follow his steps precisely," Saevor said, marching in tandem with the lumbering Dreamwalker. The group pressed on by the uncountable oddities and horrors they passed by. Koromis was the most taken aback by it all. He always figured an order to sorcery, a delicate nature in which one must be exact in their wording and rune-making. A simple mistake could spell disaster! He thought this as some empirical edict of order to it all. It was actually because the power from which sorcery springs forth is a mad hive of emotions and thoughts waiting to explode in fury.

"I assume this is your first time being immersed in it," Saevor said after a long silence between the Marines.
"Yes. A different thing when you are engulfed by it. Seeing it daily, facing it, forcing yourself to not be afraid, to shut your head to the voices...but having it all around you. I have no idea how we haven't gone mad already."
"Oh, that is because in part of the spell. We will get to our destination so long as we keep walking."
"What, in any direction?"
"How does that-"
"Do not question it! I have tested this spell time and time again...with fresh initiates mind you. But more than half made it to where they were going, which is a remarkable success rate if I will say so."

With that well spring of hope to draw from they sped on. Eventually they had stop as a gargantuan daemon swam in their path, freezing in place lest it decide to test Saevor's wards. Time seemed to have no meaning in this place. Koromis's helmet display said not a second had passed since passing from the Stare, while Saevor's read that five years had gone by. In vain they tried to time the passing minutes, only to come to about seventy hours before losing count and giving up. The hearty meal Koromis ate before departing to the sparring room still felt fresh in his stomach even.

At last, the madness came to an end as The Dreamwalker came to a halt. It no longer felt safe to move forward.

>> No.49730951

Holy moly macaroni. This is old as fuck.

Didn't Alexandri write this?

>> No.49730955

"This is our destination. I feel it."
"I thought you said you only practiced with initiates?"
"Silence, will you? I must concentrate for this. I shall warn you both, there is no telling who or what will be on the other side."

The fabric of everything was tested, though it wasn't nearly as weak as before at the sparring room. It held on despite the hushed incantations from Saevor. A small opening barely big enough for a needle to fit into was torn free. The Dreamwalker readied his fist, punching straight into it. Ethereal energies coalesced along his arm, wrenching the hole further apart until it was a tear large enough for them all to slip into.

Saevor thrown into a wall upon passing. Across the room, Koromis landed face first into metal grating, breaking it apart completely with his bulk. The Dreamwalker was able to take control of his descent by sending a blast of energy to propel him away. The room they had happened to land into was a simple hallway aboard a voidship of some kind. It then occurred to The Dreamwalker to speak.

"Saevor," He said with a voice as broken as cracked glass. "Where are we?"
"Ah. We are aboard the Scribe's flagships. 'The Grand Chronicler'.
"Why are we here of all blasted places?" Koromis said after removing himself from the floor.
"Did you honestly believe we would be able to take on the whole Scribe's Legion on our own? Voidwalker has become corrupted in the head. We are going to compromise this ship's Warp Drive. It should be big enough to even draw in some Cruisers and Escorts. That should be suitable enough."

>> No.49730971

The Dreamwalker was about to just walk on, but he stopped in the middle of his step. A thought had occurred to him. In his usual brittle tone he asked his comrades, "How exactly, are we going to get to this warp drive?"
"I. I have no idea," Saevor remarked, astonished.

Koromis was not the first among the first for any reason. His mind was already twisting with the intricacies of a plan. He sped off down a hallway with the words, "Stay here! I'll be back!" As the minutes past the sounds of gunfire echoed down the halls. Koromis did indeed return to that very spot, with a trembling crewman in his hand. He threw him down onto the ground before their feet. He was short for a human, wanting for a proper meal every since he was a child. The Augers stood above him by three feet each. The armor Koromis wore was scratched with the rounds of the fool's pistol, which only managed to scratch the paint but did nothing to the faintly shimmering runes.

"I know what to do. I have made a deal with this one," Koromis said with barely contained excitement. "He shall tell us the lay out of this ship, and in return will be spared. Now, explain to my comrades exactly what is where." The squabbling idiot gave his best in describing the vessel's precise structure. After he was finished, Dreamwalker made a swiping motion with his arm which sliced the crewman in a downward arc. Koromis continued with his carefully constructed strategy, "Dreamwalker, you head to the bridge causing as much havoc as you can. That will attract their attention immediately. Saevor and I will head straight for the Warp Drive. We meet back up in the hanger, and head out the way we came in. If something has happened to Saevor in that time Dreamwalker, we will leave on the nearest ship away from this place."

"Better than my plan of unleashing a bunch of Daemons and hoping for the best," Saevor remarked with sarcasm dripping from his voice. Dreamwalker again only nodded. A plan was born.


>> No.49730982

"I fear for our Legion," Parax remarked to his brother while presiding over the Great Chronicler's bridge. It was a truly impressive room with a broad space for the hundred or so souls occupying it around the clock yet this amazing spectacle had diminished in its grandness over time. The recent events such as the palatalization of their Primarch and subsequent depression followed by his unveiling of weaponry all thought to be forbidden had every on edge. What world would they be forced to burn next, on the orders of their beloved Primarch?

"I fear for everyone else. We failed, Parax. We failed in our duty. We can only hope to atone in some small measure by planning a way ahead. With our knowledge, there is nothing we cannot conquer!" His fellow Marine on watch was Qor, ever hopeful and optimistic in the Legion's coveted values of forward-planning and technology.

"Think for a moment if our fleet is unable to stop Hektor's?"
"We are not stopping him, Parax. We are delaying him. We fight until we can no longer, then pull out. All has been planned, you need not worry yourself."
"I am just fearful that-"

A broken up scream barked out over the vox, "Help! Help! We can't oh fuuu-aaaaagh!" The whole room was suddenly abuzz with calls for help, cries for mercy, and soon every Marine was training their weapons at the door. The Captain rose up from his chair, straddling an ancient concussion weapon. "No matter what happens!" He said, addressing the bridge crew. "We do not let this place fall!"

"Could it be, Qor? Traitors in our own Legion?"
"If it comes to that, we will do what we must..."

>> No.49730999

The silence that followed was too much to bear. It persisted in the air long after the last Rating had died fighting whatever unstoppable wave had ripped them apart. The human officers prepared best they could, but all knew if it came to a fight between Marines it would surely end with them being only a minor nuisance at best. Second after second passed with each member of the bridge waiting with bated breath for the doors to buckle open as some one, some thing, broke through.

But it never came.

Instead something materialized behind the Captain who barely had a moment to respond before a rending tendril of pure energy drove into his chest, pushing out his entire torso straight out of his armor.

"Return fire! Keep to your defense parameters, maintain your lines of fire!"
"Where did it go?"
"There it is!"
"Careful not to-"
"Shit he's on top of me-ghgrssk-"

The whole bridge was brought into pure mayhem. The figure continued to teleport between them, ripping each Marine apart before they could reevaluate the situation properly. Parax finally gave up, firing indiscriminately in the vague direction of the beast. He killed at least a dozen humans caught in the crossfire, but he could swear one shell at made its mark. It had wasted every other War Scribe in the room, leaving only Parax and Qor among the few living.

>> No.49731010

"We stand back to back," Parax said taking up his position, picking up a bloodstained bolter from a fallen Marine. "that way he can't sneak up on us."
"But, I don't remember this tactic being discuss-"
"We must forgo tactics Qor! We can't plan around something that has no plan! Now shut the fuck up and keep yourself focused!" The grace, the honor, it was all meaningless to Parax now. He could feel the cold reality of the situation creeping up upon his mind. There was little chance of getting out of this place alive. He could at least try to go down wounding whatever foul creature of the warp this was.

It appeared before him, dressed in flesh-tattoos that emanated mystical energy. The figure stood with a cocky grin, pulling back with both arms before sending them out in a great arc. A flurry of whips constructed out of pure Empyrean spawned forth, rending metal as if it was flesh. The spray was indirect, ruining absolutely everything in its path. Parax ducked out the way, pulling Qor along before it ripped them both to pieces. He let loose his twin bolters, sending a heavy spray of shells at the Sorceror's direction.

Whoever it was flickered out of existence once more before the missiles struck him. Parax and Qor scrambled to their feet, only to be faced with their assailant again as he gave a warp-fire punch into Qor's helm. It split in two, a great gout of flames sprouting up as a crown. He thudded to the ground, shaking the plating with his great weight. "Bastaaaaaaar!" Parax gave into the bloodlust, pulling out his combat knife in the blink of an eye. It shot out at the mystery attacker only to have the tip break apart before hitting his flesh. The wards crafted into his very flesh crackled with malice as their work was done.

>> No.49731019

Pls halp

>> No.49731028

"You fight well," It remarked in this voice that sounded as if a hundred kicks had been delivered to his throat. "I am happy to be able to live this moment with you. I have finally found something to live for."

Parax didn't care about what he was happy about, or anything for that matter. His eyes burned with a hatred for all! Why did his Legion have to succumb to their fate? Why was their Legion was weak? Unable to even give the Traitors a proper battle? And now, his best friend in the entire War Scribes had been destroyed by sorcery! The notion drove him made with hate. He pulled out a chainsword from a dead Sergeant, revving the blade in defiance.

"All things must end. Goodbye, Scribe." The figure reeled back his arm to throw it at him again, foul energies already growing steadily. With a scream of defiance Parax rose up towards his foe, sending his chainsword in a great swipe to rip him apart. Normally this would not have mattered yet this exact second the wards flickered, weakened by something far more powerful. It tore into the Sorceror's side, causing his attack to go wide and rip a hole into the hull. The ensuing pull of the vacuum took them both out into the void.

Parax was glad at last.

He had killed his foe.

>> No.49731042

What is the nature of the problem, exactly?

>> No.49731054

Disregard, re-read your post. Yes, make entirely new pages. Somebody will eventually put in the order for the CT to be exterminatused.

>> No.49731067

Roger. Thanks

>> No.49731082

Alright folks I got time and willingness.

Who wants some fiction. Some prose. Some STORY in this universe.

Throw me a prompt, anyone.

>> No.49731180

Something involving a mortal and astartes interacting. We don't get a lot of that. Maybe one of Hektor's bodyguards talking with one of Pallas's handmaidens. What do a space marine and a genetically modified servant and courtesan talk about at a wedding? That's for you to decide.

>> No.49731196

Who all are invited to the wedding?

>> No.49731227

"Pallas's handmaiden"

>> No.49731240

Marines just fucking around in a Land Raider Generation Kill style

Probably Crimson Eagles

>> No.49731244

Presumably not too many people, since Pallas and Hektor got married before any other primarchs had been found.

If you want something to focus in on: What would a space marine bodyguard who's never been socialize talk about with a genetically perfect handmaided who's been trained all her life to read people? I've always liked that unique brand of confident awkwardness you get when astartes interact with mortals socially. I'll always love ADB for showing us what happens when a stormtrooper hugs a black templar.

>> No.49731275

Could combine both of these
to just get a could SoH cruising around in a land raider with a couple of Pallas's handmaidens, bitches booze and blow.

>> No.49731289

Well, perhaps instead of mortal I should say "Not an autistic supersoldier who was never socialized and brainwashed."

>> No.49731296

>I'll always love ADB for showing us what happens when a stormtrooper hugs a black templar.

Wh-whut happened.

>> No.49731387

He was burned at the stake for being a witch?

>> No.49731399

OK, I've dredged up what's on my Skype and I'll stitch it into a document a bit later on. Unfortunately a lot of what's there requires additional explanation. I think other participants had private conversations with Terraine that were more clear-cut, but what I have is there or thereabouts and so I'll send it over to wikifag in the next couple of days.

If this is who I think it is, write about Antoine meeting JDO on Destino.

>> No.49731415

Jesus. Did you find him saying he was Terraine already?

>> No.49731433

Awkwardness, mostly. An eccentric stormtrooper name Andrej hugs Reclusiarch Grimaldus. He's literally too stunned to know how to react, basically just seizing up, paralyzed. A charging carnifex won't phase a marine, but a hug? Like deer in the headlights.

I salute your diligence sir.

>> No.49731513

It helped that I knew which day to skim over.

>> No.49731514

This is indeed Alex but I don't want Anons to be intimidated by walls of text with a name on them

I'm doing the Handmaiden story, then the JDO and Antoine story, then if I get more info by the time I'm done, some Crimson Eagles stuff.

>> No.49731529

>Handmaiden story
You da best, senpai.

>> No.49731547

No, you're the best random citizen.

>> No.49731585

No one quotes that movie.

>> No.49731648

If there are any other numberfags lurking, take a look at these rules (points value balancing pending) and tell me what you think.


>> No.49731649

Whatever happened to the novel sized story about the one Augur Alex? I kid.

>> No.49731690

Rewrites to everything that killed my drive as multiple stories I had cooking were snuffed out happened.

>> No.49731693


>> No.49731694

Dunno about the numbers, but I think you have the last two Knights both representing Tzeentch.

>> No.49731743

The points values mean literally nothing right now, I haven't calculated them at all.

Yeah, good catch, that's just an oversight on my part. Anna should be Slaaneshi, not Tzeenchian.

>> No.49731760

Aw yeah son. All kinds of lore potential here. I look forward to reading the rest when it comes out.

>> No.49731785

Also, I hadn't seen that Primarch template thing you've gotten there before. That's pretty cool stuff.

>> No.49731814

Good shit

>> No.49731879

All Primarchs are psykers right? Even slightly?

What should Caligor's gift be? Like Perturabo always saw the Eye of Terror and Curze had visions of the future?

Maybe he has supernatural luck?

>> No.49731882

>Nurgle Knight does D6 auto wounds/hull points per turn

Is that a typo or did you lose your god damn mind? Or is he just going to cost as much as a Reaver Titan?

>> No.49731884

The skies crowded with traffic as every last official, commander, nobleman, and superhuman raced to the beating heart of the burgeoning Imperium. The murmurs of a war with the Red Planet had been calmed for the day, as they now abound with the most pedantic of gossip towards the loveless affair being conducted today. Galetia kept her nose above it all, but caught a few snippets. Some were complaining that this was all a ploy to get close to Hektor by Pallas. The genewright's ambitions put a general sense of unease among the Terran nobility especially. Marriage for political gain was their trade, their credit and craft. Naturally they were buzzing with critique and judgement on this union of the Sun and the Moon.

Of course all of them lay silent when the Mistress of Luna herself showed. Galetia had seen it at least twenty times today but it had not lost an ounce of the charm. Muttering aristocrats and warriors struck into a dumb gaze as they saw the immaculate beauty of her creator, Pallas Eugenesis. The bride to be, to the Primarch of the Imperium. The sole son of the Emperor! What a prize Pallas had managed to pluck from the hands of fate, from destiny itself. Galetia continued to muse on it as they strode forward.

Galetia, like many of those whom Pallas surrounded herself with was an artificial humanoid. Forged by the Mistress's hand, Galetia was the sum of multiple strains of genetic heritage making her the perfect biological servant. She was fifty years old, though one might believe her to be far, far younger. She wore a flowing dress that matched Pallas's, designed to show off their forms to onlookers. Why not flaunt absolute perfection? It seemed that Hektor himself had no qualms with that.

"I honestly have no conception of how you do it," Galetia remarked as they entered the towering halls. It mystified belief the scope of the Emperor's fortification nor could Galetia believe the reports that it was going to expand to ten times its grandeur soon.

>> No.49731954

He's supposed to be a jungle commando guy, right? How about something related to hunting? Perhaps tracking, hiding, or a spidey-sense style dangersense? Or maybe he's really, really, psychically good at taunting people, so his one liners are always on point.

Itbalances out with his low WS, A, and I. Plus he's SO. SLOW.The idea is that he's this reaper figure, slowly creeping forward in a cloud of toxic black list. He'll take forever to reach you, but if he gets there you're dead, end of story. As steady and implacable as death.

>> No.49731989

Wait, when does Pallas die?

>> No.49731991

After this story is done well need a new thread.

>> No.49732010

"Do what, servant?" Pallas responded with that echoing voice that never failed to impress. It was perfection, every vocal cord in the right spot to invoke power and femininity. The gaze of the Mistress passed over with an appraising slant, measuring up her Handmaiden. The position had been held by Galetia for only four years, but her service had been sufficient thus far. It did not appear to Pallas that she was a sycophant. If there was one type of person Pallas would breed out of existence, it would be them. Their onslaught would only increase manifold thanks to this agreement with the Emperor's progeny.

"Being in the presence of most powerful entity in the galaxy," Galetia said with demure grace, not matching Pallas's gaze but not shirkinga way, "with his genetically perfect son being your husband to be - who happens to be the second most powerful entity in the galaxy. We are in the presence of living gods, nearly."

Pallas chuckled amused by the observation of a noteworthy if lesser being. "Yes. It's enthralling isn't it? Power pools around them, my creation. I intend to be there for it. I intend to be there for Luna. And if you are fortunate, you might share in some of it too."

"I could never!" Galetia said, showing the proper amount of submission that Pallas reveled in. There was nothing worse than an uppity, ambitious peon. "To even meet the gaze of the greatest genewright in all of humanity would stun me beyond words."

There was a silence that pervaded the room.

"Look at me," Pallas ordered curtly. Her tone was dead, completely nullified of the liveliness it once held.

"I-" Galetia was in the process of speaking up, but her creator took hold of her chin. The difference in stature was palpable, as a grown mother was to the infant. Their eyes met, the powerful gaze nearly driving Galetia mad. "I am sorry, I beg forgi-"

"Clearly you are not struck speechless as you said you would be."

Silence filled the hall once again.

>> No.49732011

>genewrought metahuman servant named Galatea
Someone watched too much JL:U as a kid.

>> No.49732020

What do you guys think of expanding the Xenos stuff. I want to write some stuff for the Tau.

Btw, nobody has answered my question on actually posting stuff up >>49729369 sorry

>> No.49732032


>> No.49732062

Put it up yourself, ideally, but only after its gotten some approval from the community.

What is that cartoon?

>> No.49732066

It would be best if you do it I imagine. Sometimes others will, but not often. So get your wiki-fu on.

>> No.49732077


>> No.49732086


>> No.49732112

Is there anything more despicable than a french weeaboo?

>> No.49732127


>> No.49732135

Seen it? Would you recommend?

>> No.49732143

Not being able to fuck cartoon girls.

Also, the Voidwatcher.

>> No.49732155

Is this a cartoon for kids? Because she looks really curvy. I can't be the only one seeing that.

>> No.49732180

Dem hips are one of Wakfu's hallmarks, yes. It is quite widely known.

>> No.49732201


Yes it is a cartoon aimed at children.

Yes I would recommend it.

And yes, you are seeing dem hips.

>> No.49732206

Right thanks, I'll put up a revised version of my donut steels in the next thread and if everyone's cool with it I'll put it up

>> No.49732233

Cool. I look forward to it.
Speaking of which, we need a new thread. I'd create one myself, but I'm on mobile right now.

>> No.49732250

I'll do it.

>> No.49732296

Show must have an r34 page a mile long.

>> No.49732316

Galetia had never stepped so severely out of her boundaries than now. Previous blunders of previous Handmaidens seemed to pale in comparison to the magnitude of this colossal mistake. Those eyes of her's, wrought with some of the very same makeup of Pallas's stared up with a plea for mercy. Seeing it growing inside of her creation, Pallas spoke quickly, sufficiently, and to the point.

"Why are you still here?" Her voice took on an edge reserved for failures and enemies alike, "You've made it apparent to us both you are defective. Your last task as my Handmaiden is to appoint a successor. Their success will reflect on you. That will be all."

Pallas turned beginning to stride deeper into the sanctum before stopping. Without any other motion, she called back to the still shocked servant. "I don't want to see you during my moment. You will wait outside. Do not enter the procession."

With that, Pallas Eugenesis walked on. Leaving in her wake more broken dreams and a shattered soul. Solemnly, Galetia collected herself before walking out of the Terran Palace.

>> No.49732370


New threads niggas

>> No.49732371

Oh you would not BELIEVE

>> No.49732383

>write us some mortal on marine interaction, maybe based around the wedding!
>gives zero marines or mortals
Well thanks anyway fampai.

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