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Why would anyone join IG? Unless you fight some rebels, cultists and maybe Orks every enemy you see is a death sentence. Chaos? Fucked even if you win the battle. Dark Eldar? Even those pirates see you as easy pray. Necrons? Might as well commit suicide.

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Alright, somebody give this man a Primer before commissar hears this blasphemous talks and shoots us all.

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They are not volunteered, they are conscripted by imperial tithe.

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>Join the IG
Haha! Good one anon. As if anyone willingly joins to die in the name of the Emperor!

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They are chosen from the planets defence forces usually the best as its a great honour to fight for the emperor.

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Because the vast majority of the time, you ARE fighting Rebels, Cultists, and Orks. All of which you are actually better equipped than.

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Many planets have the draft. Other planets have mandatory military service(Cadia and Vostroya are examples of this). Some regiments are conscripted from criminals.

And as for volunteer regiments? Money, glory, a sense of duty, the chance to go off-world and see the galaxy for yourself, all the normal motivations. Getting sent a warzone filled with soul-stealing horrors is just an inherent risk of the job.

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>Why would anyone join IG?
Because the alternative is immediate execution for being a traitor and a heretic who takes and doesn't give.

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A) Propaganda. They don't fucking tell you "if you meet a necron you don't stand a chance". They don't tell you about necrons period. You're told your part of the strongest race in the universe.

B) Planets have at tithe. If they don't get volunteers, they conscripted.

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Not to mention better living conditions and similar life expectancy for low-level hive worlders.

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Most people don't even know what half of those things are.

As far as they get told they're gonna fight a bunch of intimidating looking but in fact inferior lifeforms.

You only learn how bad an idea it was once you're balls deep and at the point the Imperium ain't letting you out unless you die or do your time.

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Even seeing a Space Marine or Eldar of any flavor in a lifetime is incredibly rare for an average Guardsman. I believe Necrons would be even rarer.

So basically you'll likely be sent off to fight either a Hive Fleet or Black Crusade.

>Hive Fleet
If you're in the direct path, you're fucked. If you're dealing with a splinter, you might be okay.

>Black Crusade
Honestly, you might hear stories of Chaos Marines, but you're never going to see one up close. Mostly you'll just be fighting cultists or traitor regiments. If you're near the Eye of Terror though, Daemons could be a very real possibility, then you're fucked.

Either way, it's better than working 18 hour shifts on a Forgeworld eating corpse paste.

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>he didn't join the guard to rid the galaxy of disgusting untermensch by grinding them under the holy treads of the emperor's panzers

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>do your time

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Is the Steel Legion the best IG Regiment?

Yes, yes it is.

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There are retirees mentioned in a number of books. They usually served outside of the front lines and did a mediocre job so no one would think they were worth keeping.

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Wait, I think they're only mentioned in Abnett books.

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>tfw Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts books were what got you into WH40K in the first place.

I really want to eventually make a Blood Pact themed army.

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I like his stuff but I doubt it's fair to base the idea that guard can retire on a sole writers' work.

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Imperial Guardsmen are the best of the best, the setting likes to grimderp about the meat grinder but these guys really are exceptional soldiers.

Most of them are picked or volunteer because being an Imperial Guardsman is a pretty damn good job; you're fighting rebels, cultists and the occasional Ork warband (all three of which have inferior weapons, tactics, armor and logistics than you) while you get to live in what is far better conditions than your typical shitty hive world or death world.

The mixing of cultures and worlds is also a huge incentive, as people can now share their stories or societies with people they might have never known existed. There is also the perk that you are first pick for colonizing new verdant worlds.

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are sunny days, and the people that see them most often are the Guard.

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Guard do retire just not as a bunch of grunts. Often after conquests high ranking officers may be offered stewardship of a recently conquered planet as a governor or whatever. If resources aren't pressing he may be allowed a detachment to act as the core of his guard or starting of a PDF.

1) serve many years in good standing
2) be on a front that is not burning through veterans/officers at an alarming rate
3) do some galant shit while taking a planet

On any major conflict however you won't really see this nor is it common at all amongst the dedicated world regiments (ie no retired Cadians, Catachans, or Kriegers) as their entire planetary culture is warfare.

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Because you have two options:

1. Join the imperial guard and get killed by the orks, cultists, rebels, Nids, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Space Marines on the wrong side of a disagreement, Necrons or imprisoned by Tau.


2. Get shot in the face and/or back of the head by the guy in the big hat with a face like beef jerky.

...Actually I guess the latter really is just analogous with suicide already, isn't it?

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Lots of guard come from the really shitty parts of hive cities.

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In the Imperial Guard series it was mentioned that soldiers who have served 20 years can begin to lottery out.

It was like one in a hundred, though.

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You're both right.

A planet simply needs to provide a tithe of what the Imperium demands of them. How they provide that tithe is up to them, so long as it meets expectations.

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Daily reminder that the Imperial Guardsmen of Valhalla fought the beast's WAAAAGH and stopped it.

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>‘Nonus,’ he said.
>Maruc clicked his tongue, not quite tutting. ‘I’m not sure I’ll be able to get used to that.’
>‘It’s not that difficult, I assure you.’ Septimus handed him one of the pistols. ‘Have you ever fired one of these?’
>The older man scratched at his unshaven jawline, which was well on its way to being buried beneath an itchy grey beard. ‘Of course not.’
>‘Well, this is how you do it.’ Septimus raised his pistol, mimed the activation, and dry-fired three times. ‘It’s not difficult. These were designed for use in the Imperial Guard, so they are far from complicated.’
>Septimus raised an eyebrow. ‘Yes?’
>‘Don’t you be mocking the Guard, son. They’re heroes, one and all.’
>Septimus smiled. ‘Your perspective tends to change when your masters decorate their armour with Imperial Guard skulls for months after each encounter with them.’
>‘I wanted to be Guard, you know.’
>Septimus let it drop. ‘As I was saying, keep this weapon with you at all times. Hell’s Iris is a particularly unpleasant port.’

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