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Lore wise how can they be even defeated in a straight up fight? They have the best guns and toughest basic troops what's stopping them from pulverizing everything they see?

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My necron knowledge is a little lacking. Why are they seen as such a threat compared to Chaos, Tyranids or the Orks?

Didn't they get their ass kicked by the Tyranids during the Shield of Baal campaign?

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>what's stopping them from pulverizing everything they see?

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Well Anon, That's because the Necrons are the Galactic equivalent of the crazy old man who sits on his porch all day, with a drink in one hand and a shotgun in the other, who spends his time reminiscing about the good old days, complaining about how the world's gone to shit and how nobody respects their elders anymore, and scaring the shit out of\horribly maiming any kids that dare venture near his property. The Necrons would rather spend their time being grumpy and disgruntled, and only move when the grox droppings have hit the ventilator and they need to clean up the mess.

And if Old Man Necron really were interested in legitimate galactic domination, then that require him to get out of his rocking chair and get used to actually moving again. Then he would have to, go inside his house, find all the really big guns he's hasn't used in a long time, get back in touch with all his other old Necron pals to see if their up for a campaign, find his robot arthritis medication, pack some spare mechanical dentures, and get his old, but damned good truck ready to roll.

By this point, a combination of electronic Alzheimer's and selective memory out of laziness would have made Old man Necron forget why got up in the first place, and sit back down to fall asleep instead.

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>>49673469 Cont.
The other, more meta reason, is that if the Chaosfags, and the Bug-fuckers to a lesser extent, were ever to discover the fact that their Factions were not the big bad, center-of-attention, end-all be-all that they pretend they are, their collective asses would be filled with such intense pain, that they would explode with the force of an atom bomb, condemning the word to a butthurt-pocalpse...
...well, that and the fact that the GW fluff writers have a massive boner for Chaos.

Which reminds me, you really shouldn't have this thread, Op. About a week or so ago, there was a thread exactly like this, it got fucked up by a few butthurt chaos wankers pickin fights with the Skeletors for even implying that chaos isn't invincible no matter how badly they perform. I remember there was like a hundred posts just arguing about whether some Necron, non-warp, space drives were sub-light or not.

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>necron fan, can confirm

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Yeah this thread does run a high risk of Chaosfag bombing.

Honestly, I like to believe that level of threat is more of a sliding scale in 40k, and every faction at least has at least a SLIM shot at overall success.

At the bottom would be the Tau, Eldar, Imperium, and at the high end would be Chaos, Tyranids, and such.

However the scale is fluid, so when a WAAAGH like Thraka or The Beast picks up the Orks get to put on the Biggest Bad hat for a time. And when the Necrons get an update and more tomb worlds start awakening with all their superscience goodies THEY get to wear the Biggest Bad hat for a time.

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This image gives me a bonwr

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the odds of them dusting off all their super weapons, uniting under one solid leader, awakening enough of themselves, and formulating some kind of goal beyond shoot all them bugs are the same as the odds that the nid main swarm arrives, every ork joining a single WAAARGH, all of chaos becoming united long enough to break out of cadia, and the eldar forming their new god

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Do Necrons still collect blanks and turn them into Pariahs? And if not, how do they view blanks nowadays?

For example, a Necron is on his merry robo-skeleton way, genociding people and what not, and has happened to come across a bunch of refugees. However, as he rounds them up, he notices that although they're about to meet their doom, they are still keepig as far away as possible from a little girl. Finding thus queer, the Necron Lord walks over and finds that upon further inspection, the child is a Blank. What does he do?

I ask this, because one of my favorite stories in the Oldcron dex, was when during the middle of a Necron invasion, the Nightbringer suddenly appeared before a bunch of mortified peasants. However, instead of butchering them, he instead scoops up a Blank girl, and disappears into the night.

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10/10 analogy

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>Lore wise how can they be even defeated in a straight up fight?

Lore wise they are little match for the fury of the Emperor's Space Marines.

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no explicit mention of pariahs, although crypteks are mentioned as being interested in blanks for their own experiments

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Pariahs aren't mentioned anymore but everyone's really hoping for the comeback.

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Speak for yourself faggot, Pariahs were always terrible.

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You, I like you.

Also, have some necron art.

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One of the Sisters vs. Necrons books has a converted for shits and giggles Sister Necron.

This is honestly much more horrifying, because nobody likes blanks but everyone likes sisters.

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I doubt I could have explained this better if the Emperor himself required it. It's a shame your heretical knowledge and my casual blasphemy will get us both Blammed by Commissar Ian.

Pic related.

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I remember reading that Imperial guardsmen were issued plasma weapons to better combat necrons during the Orhpean war.

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So answer me this, and I am asking from a point of honest confusion, not a place of picking one side or another.

During the heresy there was the Dark Mechanicus and their chaos tainted robots, and they continue this tradition with daemon engines and so on. One of the big things about the Necron is that they have no souls, being straight machine, and thus can fight chaos with their bullshit-tier mastery of physical science.

Is there any explanation to fix the logical divide in my head? On one hand we have chaos corrupting the pocket calculator simple machine spirits of Imperium tech or straight up possessing the gears, whereas on the other we have perfect living metal with consciousness inside it giving the warp a big middle finger. Add to it that the Necron have ways of using realspace physical science to cut off the warp, but there is also mention of Mechanicus technology that mimics or flat replaces the squishy meat parts of psykers (all totally heretekal of course) to let machines use the warp, and I'm now extra confused.
Or am I just being naive for expecting internal consistency?

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Nothing says Necrons cannot be corrupted except non canonical ffg fluff.
If solar radiation and bad code can fuck them up then so can Chaos energy.

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Now I may be as fucked off as you, but it was my understanding that everything in the Mechanicus at some level was controlled by at least part of a human brain, al la servitors, due to the whole "robots fucked our shit up so no more unmanned shit - Empy" declaration.

Thus, chaos has at list a fragment of human emotion left to corrupt, enabling corruptible machines.

But I have a non-zero chance of being completely wrong and full of shit, so idk.

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Oh. Well, darn. What do they think of Blanks then? I always liked the idea that the Pariahs were seen as the Necron's successors and the continuation of their kind,

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In the sense that when C'tan-related energy and Chaos-related energy come in contact bad things happen, but not in the sense that a Necron could turn to Chaos.

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>In the sense that when C'tan-related energy and Chaos-related energy come in contact bad things happen

Not true, and Necrons run on their own energy, C'tan are just their slaves.

>but not in the sense that a Necron could turn to Chaos.

If they can be physically changed, they can, then Chaos can corrupt them.
Chaos has corrupted things like stars before.

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I figure it's a matter of competency.

Redundant systems, tech that keeps the warp out being used to protect other tech that has the back up anti-warp stuff on it that also protects the original anti-warp bits and so on.
If something as small as a chip or bit of grey matter gets corrupted in an imperium servitor, shits lost, atomize it and start over. Necron gets a bit of Chaos on him? Triple redundant repair and correction systems kill it before it can get a foothold and repair the area before sending out an error report to let them hotfix patch however it got in.

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I think you're just picking at details here. When I said C'tan energy I was trying to give a name for the general energy Necron tech runs on, given its unique propensity to react when brought into contact with Warp energy.

>if they can be physically changed
Well yeah, if they undo their biotransferrence thing, sure, they'd probably be about as susceptible to Chaos as the Tau are now. But CURRENTLY they're a legion of soulless, anti-warp robots.

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>About a week or so ago

I remember that thread. The one with the citation where Chaos is canonically and explicitly the galaxy's greatest threat to the IoM, and has been since RT. Something, something, Warp wrecks anything not a Gellar field or powerful Sanctioned Psyker, something, Crons and Tau defenseless, etc. Good times.

I play Orks, btw ...

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>When I said C'tan energy I was trying to give a name for the general energy Necron tech runs on, given its unique propensity to react when brought into contact with Warp energy.

But it doesn't do that.
Necrons use physical energy whether that be heat, light, electricity or whatever. It does not have unique reactions with warp energy.

>Well yeah, if they undo their biotransferrence thing, sure,

No, even in their current forms they can be changed. See Flayed Ones.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't new-tau and new-crons SLOW AS PISS?

Like there's almost a 0% chance that they will manage to ever attack the Imperium again due to the fact that the 13th Black Crusade and the Tyranids will have come and gone long before they manage to travel into a new imperial star system, right?

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Nah, Tau have new drives and Necrons have Dolmen gates.

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Zero reference other than Crypteks wanting them.

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>Chaos has corrupted things like stars before.
Stars have in immaterium presence. Necrons Don't.
The whole point of Necrons having a giggle at Chaos is that there's nothing on the immaterium side to be corrupted. Everyone else and their tech is matter and souls that leave echos in the warp. Necrons ain't having none of that soul garbage.

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Imperial robots had souls. Most necrons do not, but for those that do, there is nothing technically preventing them from falling to chaos willingly.

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>...well, that and the fact that the GW fluff writers have a massive boner for Chaos.

Well yeah. Chaos being the greatest threat to the Imperium isn't an opinion. Its just the fucking books.

Of course I find it stupid that it says Tyranids will destroy everything unless all the races of the galaxy unite against them (does that include CSM, dark eldar, and necrons or do they just mean humans, eldar, orks and maybe tau?), and it is also implied that Emps dies-> Chaos assimilates realspace.

So if you take both statements as literally, indisputably true, Tyranids probably eat everything and the material world melts away.

Personally I think what Emperor fails ->daemonpocalypse means is that if he fails to guide mankind to a higher level of control over psyker powers, that the Chaos Gods will hijack mankind's psychic evolution and they will start being possessed, or go insane etc., en masse. So that if Tyranids, or even Orks or Necrons or whatever killed enough humans, there would be no daemonpocalypse. I don't think the Emperor has to necessarily be alive to avert this and so that I don't think the world is going to melt into Chaos without him.

But I'm probably mistaken.

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>Stars have in immaterium presence. Necrons Don't.

Supposing that's true, Chaos has corrupted blanks before.
Chaos is never said to need to corrupt something via its soul, Chaos energy can travel into the physical universe directly.

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>The whole point of Necrons having a giggle at Chaos

They don't.

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As I said, GW fluff writers have a MASSIVE hard on for Chaos, despite being one of the most boring, played out, and especially undeserving of the big bad crown. I'm not denying that Chaos isn't Over-Powered (fluffwise) to bejeebus, I'm just saying that there other villians more qualified.

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To be the Devil's Advocate, imperial robots have a bundle of artificially created, living organic brain matter, do they not?

Personally, I think chaos corrupted human tech had an intentional or serendipitous flaw built into it or it was purposefully altered.

I would personally say no such flaws were built into necrons, but that its also safe to say that daemons and chaos could cause mental problems in necrons, as necrons can already develop mental problems.

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>I'm just saying that there other villians more qualified.

How can they possibly be more qualified when Chaos is more powerful than them?

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By being more interesting.

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Cool moving goalpost and personal opinion.

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That's too relative.
Besides big bads do not need to be interesting, they must be threatening above all.

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>and has been since RT
That one always gets me to giggle.

If it ain't imperial, ork or eldar (or miscellaneous alien fauna), it's newfag edgy fanfiction trash.

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Lore wise Ward threw them a curve ball by making them disjointed and unorganized. Most tomb worlds wake up and

A) Are completely disoriented/malfunctioning/oblivious to the bigger picture
B) Are too prideful and arrogant, standing independent rather than unite with other tomb worlds
C) Have conflicting opinions and goals amongst themselves.
D) Give so little of a fuck that they don't mind taking a couple aeons to set stuff in motion. They can beat some races by simply outliving their whole race.

tl;dr There is no straight up fight because frankly the Crons can't be bothered. Sometimes for their benefit, sometimes to their detriment.

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>Moving Goalposts
Hard to move them when I'm not even playing. I'm not here to try to convince you otherwise. Chaos is a boring one trick pony of a big bad that gets too much leeway to fail because, "well we're immortal, enternal, and multi universal so fuck you we win".

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Truthfully, threads like these always turn into fan vs fan wank offs.

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A tyranid is fine too. If you think about it, tyranids were in RT before Kayoss, and Kayoss at the time was more implied to be more like miscellaneous otherworldly xenopredators.

RT era tyranids were implied in at least one book to offer a more graceful end for mankind (being turned into searchlights and lawn chairs etc. by the oldnids) than what the Chaos Gods have in store.

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>A tyranid is fine too
oh right

I kinda filed them under "miscellaneous alien fauna" in my mind because they only had that one entry in the bestiary.

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So... what were some events where chaos got fucked up... or where they performed badly

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Everything in the universe has some reflection in the warp doesn't matter if it's alive or if it's a pebble in a riverbed

It's why when Chaos corrupts it affects everything (see Daemon Worlds), Necrons and Necron tech were all made to fight the Old Ones and as such are purely physical constructs with no warp reflection.

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>everything has some reflection - doesn't matter if it's alive or a pebble in a riverbed
>necrons are purely physical constructs with no warp reflection

Bit of a contradiction there.

Only living beings with souls reflect into the warp. Inanimate objects have no presence in the warp. Animism isn't a thing in 40k, despite what a Rune Priest might tell you. Daemon worlds are the way they are not because the all the rocks and dirt and shit on the planet is possessed or has a soul, it's because it was pulled into the warp and twisted with Warp energy.

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necrons are more organized are able to follow an agenda other than bash shit to bits
nids avoid necrons, but i would consider nids a greater danger because of how many of them allegedly exist
don't require psychic presence to materialize fully within our realm
pretty much this, it had to be done otherwise the oldcrons would have fucked everything tits ups (like the nids should have if they were ever to fully arrive to the galaxy)

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All of those are inevitable. Except the Eldar one, lmao thanks for losing all those souls Eldrad

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>Animism isn't a thing in 40k
a great deal of fluff would say otherwise

Even lasguns have machine spirits. This is canon, not Admech bullshit

>> No.49676283

Yes but that's a human machine, not a rock.

>> No.49676504

>Even lasguns have machine spirits. This is canon, not Admech bullshit

Got a source that isn't Black Library?

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Space dementia

>> No.49676639

I think the necrons just feel secure with where they are at this point also they have to deal with the flayer virus in the new books

Essentially they can't really expand due to a massive plague that makes their population into unthinking monsters (even by necron standards).

They don't want to engage in any expansion that isn't well planned out.

Anyways thats "new crons"

Oldcrons should have fucked up everything.

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they're the only real threat to the nids, which are most likely to win the galaxy if you think about it

>> No.49677037

We already had this discussion on the Nids thread. Any time some faction's "gonna win in the end, just a matter of time" I stop listening.

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well I mean I doubt there exists much to stop hive fleet leviathan

>> No.49677191

One of those admech firewalls would melt an entire hive fleet.

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Yeah, I like how many possible endgame situations there are (If GW ever advanced the setting)

>Orcs unite
>All the Necrons wake up
>The rest of the Tyranids arrive
>Emperor kicks the bucket and either comes back with a vengeance or spells doom for humanity
>Tau are allowed to survive long enough that their unusually rapid advances in tech put them in the lead

>Chaos will exist as long as fresh souls are being thrown into the grinder.

>Eldar are doomed but that's the point

>> No.49677221

I'm not big on Warhammer lore, but didn't Chaos try to do that Black Crusade thing 13 fucking times and never once succeeded?

Isn't that the reason Abbadon is considered a joke?

>> No.49677235

500 Ultramarines and one or two Deathwatch killteams is sufficient for a single tomb world

>> No.49677241

Orks, just for example, may very well be an unintentional saviour of the galaxy, and are essentially functioning as the galaxy's white blood cells against the nids.

The only reason shit gets done at all in 40k is because people don't stop and fight on every fucking planet, but tyranids sure seem to, and even fucking orks can beat nids sometimes in a battle of attrition.

>> No.49677242

They retconned them all into "just as planned" every time to make chaos look more credible.

>> No.49677256

nah, he was just pretending to be retarded

>> No.49677268

>I'm not big on Warhammer lore, but didn't Chaos try to do that Black Crusade thing 13 fucking times and never once succeeded?

Nearly all Black Crusades are successes. They aren't usually "lets destroy Terra."

That being said, Abbadon is autistic in the extreme and often captures a toy and then breaks it almost immediately.

>> No.49677276

They changed it because they got tired of chaos being the laughing stock of the setting.

Now chaos literally cannot fail ever.

>> No.49677286

How in the fuck are Chaos boring and played out? They're far and away the most unique faction in 40k, far more then any of the alien races who could've just as easily come from Star Trek or any other sci-fi franchise (admit it). Chaos are uniquely 40k and that's why they get so much attention, stop being so butthurt over the fact some other faction's getting more attention then yours.

>> No.49677291

>them all

Name fucking three, specifically, that were retconned into "just as planned."

The only one that I am aware of that was the subject of a major retcon was GW arbitrarily handing victory to the Imperium in the 13th Black Crusade because of its tiny and now defunct specialty game, and then realizing "wait that's retarded" and leaving it in the air.

>> No.49677305

They're just the bad guys from Doom, anon, don't get ahead of yourself.

>> No.49677314

is one of his captains making off with the Worldkiller and getting it torpedoed by a Lunar class Cruiser still canon?

I thought that was hilarious.

>> No.49677318

>Now chaos literally cannot fail ever.

Chaos forces are wiped out all the time, dude.

>> No.49677321

Well less retcons and more "damn we better flesh this stuff out to make chaos look less pathetic". They still have a load of great fuck ups throughout them, like the crusade where a warband that immediately after being given control of a battlebarge blew up their escorts, shot at the rest of the fleet a bit then fucked off into the warp.

>> No.49677329

As far as I know but yes, that was the specific event I was thinking of.

>> No.49677333

>They're just the bad guys from Doom
But they aren't.

>> No.49677378

They're demons from Hell.

>no we changed the names tho!

Fuck off.

>> No.49677380


>Well less retcons and more "damn we better flesh this stuff out to make chaos look less pathetic".

Not seeing it. The idea that Chaos is pathetic or whatever just stems from "Abbadon thirteenth black crusade? that must mean he's tried 13 times to destroy the planet Earth" and "black crusade" thus becomes synonymous with "attempt to destroy the planet Earth." At which point things sound very goofy.

That being said, Chaos (as in the primal force, not the CSM specifically) was pretty much always going to win from the get go in the end, and there's no use being salty about it because the Realms of Chaos books established a huge portion of 40k's lore and setting in general as well.

>> No.49677382

Newcrons got rid of too much of what made the Necrons a compelling and viable force (fluff wise) in the 40k verse.

They made a Faustian bargain with the old ones of the material universe in order to exterminate their sworn enemies only to have their shit pushed in by the Eldar so hard the entire race slips into a coma (feat. Eldar god beats on the strongest ctan like a bongo drum then throws him in a dungeon).
They wake up several million years later in complete shambles, their empire broken up into warring factions grinding away their limited supply of warriors they can't even make more of. What's worse is that they don't even seem to have a meaningful purpose. Exterminate all life? Pointless when all the c'tan have been sharded. Survive? They're not under any real threat nor do the vast majority of them even have enough of a sense of self to want to live. Return to fleshy bodies and souls? Lmao.
If that wasn't bad enough, it turns out a large portion of them are suffering from a highly contagious plague that turns their space Alzheimer's into space dementia. If THAT wasn't bad enough it turns out their projects to seal off the immaterium were failures and there doesn't seem to be a strong reason why they don't get corrupted by chaos (oh god gw please no).

And while every other race have viable paths to victory the Necrons seem almost hard coded to never rise above their mindless, soulless station.

Personally, it would've been better if, after the defeat of the old ones, the Necrons had gone into civil war, with one side expressing the themes of the Newcrons while the other continues the legacy of the old ones. At least that way you get to keep the best of both worlds without defanging the Necrons and turning them into a laughing stock.

>> No.49677405

Are you aware that 40k actually predates Doom by a fair margin?

>> No.49677417

Oh, so this is the chaosfag bomb mentioned earlier.

>> No.49677421


As far as I know, "humans are about to evolve into a psychic race which, and if we don't winnow out the failures and rejects of that process via sanctioning, their brains will explode into portals that unleash hellish apocalypses" doesn't much to compare.

The way Chaos is a dark mirror of humanity shows up plenty in fiction, but its got more depth to it than demons do in most fiction, especially since it is the excesses and realities of the Imperium that creates most of its problems with Chaos.

>> No.49677435

there's so many forces beyond the warp and beyond clear cut definitions in 40k, plus all the technological possibilites shown by eldar, necrons and even humanity, that the clear cut End Times statement of "Chaos was always going to win" does not fly.

>> No.49677441

That's fairly irrelevant considering how much 40k has taken from other franchises as they've went along. Starcraft had a clear effect on the tyranid aesthetics for sure.

>> No.49677447

Notice how butthurt they get when you point out that Chaos is just equal parts Michael Morcock and a heavy metal album cover.

>> No.49677466

Are you aware that 40keks is completely derivative and pointing out that something borrowed from it is both
a) massively hypocritical because GW is incapable of original thought and
B) massively unlikely due to any material in question likely drawing inspiration from older material. You know, like the bible, dune, and starship troopers.

Case in point, gee dubs C&D'ed a developer for using the term "space marine", a term popularized by a novel in 1959. Good try though.

>> No.49677478

They sent out a couple of strike squads to control a bunch of relays for a superweapon, then they activated it and blew the tendril to pieces, they never really lost anybody either, the only one that was really "lost" was some cryptek who fucked up
tomb world was safe.

>> No.49677486

Do necrons have a way to make more of themselves? They can't reproduce anymore because they're not living beings.

>> No.49677493

>That's fairly irrelevant
It's irrelevant that the game you're accusing them of ripping off came out long after 40k was first released?

But they were accusing 40k of ripping off a game that hadn't actually been released at the point when 40k started, the exact opposite of what you appear to be accusing me of.

>> No.49677494

Eh, I gave up trying to figure out where that line falls. You've got War in Heaven fluff saying Necrons and C'tan shat all over the Old Ones because they were immune to Warp shit, and Tyranids steering clear of Dyson spheres full of C'tan because even the Hive Mind doesn't want any of that. But then on the table Necrons are exactly as vulnerable to psychic shit as anyone else, unless they have a Gloom Prism around, and even that's only about as effective as shouting, "I roll to disbelieve!" Then there are the Cadian Pylons, which are supposedly keeping the Eye of Terror from expanding, but they don't seem to keep daemons from leaking out or sorcerers from doing their thing on the surface of Cadia itself. And then you had the Pariahs, which were somehow even more soulless than the Necrons (but not as soulless as Culexus assassins?), and even though they're not around anymore the crypteks still want human blanks to experiment on.

Or to put it succinctly, Chaos and Necron immunity to it are both entirely plot-dependent. There is no overall right answer, it's all local to the particular story. Just like about 90% of 40K fluff.

>> No.49677496

New fluff has scarabs chewing down on everything to get the resources to make new necron bodies upon which "souls" are downloaded onto.

>> No.49677507

Chaos wasn't a thing in early 40k.

>> No.49677511


"Chaos was always going to win" refers to that it was always set to win from its first appearance in the fluff, not that there aren't other possibilities.

There is a STC (on a daemon world) that would give control over human psychic development introduced in the Skitaari book, for example, and that and human psychic evolution is a credible shot.

Its not accurate at all to put all win conditions on the same level -- in the absolute best case scenario for the Eldar, for example, they form their own god that could hopefully beat Slaanesh, weakest of the four chaos gods. That's not in a million years comparable to the win conditions of Chaos, Tyranids, and the Imperium.

>> No.49677527

Chaos is a lot more beatable and less inevitable in Moorcock's work than in Warhammer. The Lords of Chaos, for example, are more like Greater Daemons.

>> No.49677532

The first Realm of Chaos book came out in 1988.

Doom came out in 1993.

That guy was wrong.

>> No.49677533
File: 71 KB, 803x688, WhatARetard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Even lasguns have machine spirits$

>> No.49677541

Are those scarabs able to eat tyranids, too?

>> No.49677549

Tyranids are biomass, they can't make metal bodies out of them
Same goes the other way around

>> No.49677553
File: 1.91 MB, 741x1074, Necron message.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plot armour and mary sues.

Any Necron lore which isn't forgeworld or pre newcron protray them as bumbling evil bad guys in a monster of the week kids cartoon that gets foiled everytime.

That and 99% of the time their Gauss weapons hit space marine shoulder pads, never anywhere else.

>> No.49677554

Necrons combine Tyranid advantages (absorb all metal on a planet and make fleets from it) with Space-Marine like combat power, age greater than the eldar and technology similar to that of the Dark Eldar. They also have Greater Daemon-like beings on tap. They also can die repeatedly and be fine.

They are also basically everywhere.

>> No.49677565

Are you serious? Oldcrons fucking infiltrated the goddamn Imperium and could pass as peoples, presumably wearing meat suits. They didn't have anything on par with scarab nonsense (probably their most BS powerful element) but they were still brilliant and pervasive.

>> No.49677571

Bit of a shame, really. I would love to see an eating contest.

>> No.49677575

lasguns are the guardsmen of the machine-spirit world

>> No.49677582

And the Book of Enoch came out in 300 BC.

Demons from hell are the oldest of all possible hats, man. 40K steals shit, it's part of the charm. No need to get all flustered.

>> No.49677583

well, they just have to share a space marine. Necrons get the armor and nids get the squishy bits.

And the Emperor gets the soul :3

>> No.49677591

I think that the inevitable events that are going to happen in the far future of the galaxy are:
>nids full arrive
>take all the biomass
>nids left to the next
>necrons avoided
>remain alone in the milky way
>beep beep boop beep.

>> No.49677598

You should probably compare Warhammer's Chaos via its sources, then you'd have a better idea of what GW invented and what it stole on the subject.

>> No.49677611

Nids can be part of Crons plan. If nids eat all life then nothing else feeds the warp. Nids leave and Crons are the only thing around. Crons win.

>> No.49677612

> giving more depth to concept of sin begets evil
Anon, having demons be literally created by sin and evil as opposed to the usual figurative way isn't exactly adding a whole lot of depth. Especially not for a concept that is about as old as Christianity it self.

>> No.49677622
File: 775 KB, 1920x1080, Necron-characters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which is why I said any lore which isn't forge world or Pre newcron (Newcrons came after Xenology) protrays them as incompetent.

Oldcrons (yes, this also includes Xenology and that "Inquistor") and the Maynarkh dynasty are the only Necrons which have been portrayed in such a way that the'yre a big bad threat.

Don't get me wrong, the World Engine was a huge threat but once the Astral knights crashed on it? Necrons were fighting each other, no phasing out, Lords being cut down by chainswords. The only redeeming Necron Character in the World Engine was Judicator Metzoi who tore anyone he came across multiple new arseholes.

>> No.49677630

They could probably still get some good stuff out of them. If they can't just use their bullshit magic science to pull straight matter->energy conversion, they could probably still extract trace metals and other useful elements. Then they can throw the rest in a pocket dimension for the Flayers to play with.

>> No.49677635

>And the Book of Enoch came out in 300 BC.
And the daemons in 40k bare very little resemblance to them, you're really grasping for straws here.

I'm not trying to argue that chaos are entirely unique it's just it seems insane to me to describe them as being "boring and played out" when their competition are elves IN SPACE, orcs IN SPACE and the bad guys from Starship Troopers, do those factions just get a free pass?

>> No.49677663


That's pretty much how the Eldar see it if the Tyranids aren't stopped.

>> No.49677669

[citation needed]

>> No.49677670

You may wish to read the basic Elric saga, the Book of Enoch, the sections of the Bible pertaining to fallen angels and demons, and Realms of Chaos, and get back to us. If you want, I can give you cliffnotes, since you don't seem to know much about any of the above.

>> No.49677688

Oh okay, NEWCRONS are the incompetent ones, I misunderstood.

Yes, they have almost supreme power and most lack in wisdom.

Personally though, I think necrons not being -necessarily- an apocalyptic level threat fits due to them not being orks, tyranids, or chaos. Seems a bit unfair for someone who isn't one of the original big three bads to lead to exterminating mankind.

>> No.49677690
File: 559 KB, 1380x1008, Tyranid_Hive_Fleets_Galaxy_Map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly, that's my point.
And this answer somehow the OP question, they don't need to fight straight anyone. They can just wait.

>> No.49677696

I love the idea of Eldar wanting to stop the Nids less for the safety of the galaxy and more for keeping the Crons from winning

>> No.49677700

Oh, way older than that. Even just in the Semitic tradition, demons go back way before Jesus. Just look at the Nephilim. They were literally born from sin (humans getting it with angels, a big no-no). And as an extra layer of parallel, old Jehovah hated them so much he performed the first recorded Exterminatus.

And I'm sure if you looked at older religions you'd find similar stories.

>> No.49677711

Even eldars could be right sometimes.

>> No.49677714

And over the ashes of what once was the Milky Way, something could be heard:

"You didn't win! You didn't win!"

>> No.49677737
File: 10 KB, 514x296, Planet_killer,_remastered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like to think humanity would scrap together a Doomsday Machine and unleash it on the tyranids before they blinked out.

>> No.49677741

>literally born from sin

The comparison is really, really non applicable. By that logic, bastards are "literally born from sin."

>> No.49677754
File: 77 KB, 500x281, 500full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sure wish we had one of them doomsday machines...

>> No.49677782

humanity has like a thousand doomsday machines and could probably use them on the nids if the writers actually wanted to kill them off

>> No.49677785

>God said don't do this
>we did it and now there are demons everywhere

I don't see how that could possibly get any more literal.

>> No.49677810

The Doomsday Machine pictured/mentioned is a thing from the original Star Trek. Enterprise comes across this ancient autonomous ship that just crawled across the galaxy consuming whatever it came across via an anti-proton weapon.

It had just spent countless millennia consuming planets, ships, and whatever else it came across. The hungriest caterpillar.

>> No.49677817


GW loved Chaos and hated how everyone made fun of them for all their Black Crusades being failures, so they retconned the Black Crusades into each having specific objectives rather than all of them having galactic conquest as their goal. Unfortunately, GW is also committed to never advancing the setting, and the current state of the setting is that Chaos has a few scattered fiefdoms spread throughout the Imperium with their only real concentration of power being the area in and immediately around the Eye of Terror. So instead of the Black Crusades being galaxy-smashing confrontations that Chaos always loses, they are instead bullshit-small campaigns targeting a single world (out the Imperium's total of either a million or an ambiguous millions depending on source) that Chaos usually wins.

>> No.49677824

there are 100 billion planets in the milky way at least

>> No.49677842


>I don't see how that could possibly get any more literal.

Start an analogy that doesn't make bastards "literally born from sin" then.

>> No.49677847

>it seems insane to me to describe them as being "boring and played out" when their competition are elves IN SPACE, orcs IN SPACE and the bad guys from Starship Troopers, do those factions just get a free pass?

Hey, hey...the Orkz are Namekian Orcs in space. If your gonna accuse them of being rip offs, at least know what they're ripping off.
Orkz get off the hook because
A. Rather than being the typical "muh noble savage" or brainless monster, they're a bunch of Cockney Hooligan thugs, who'll take whatever's not nailed down if they think they can make something out of it, (which is a side of Orc I ain't seen anywhere else) &
B. They retain their original humor in a setting that has begun to take itself a bit too seriously.
Now I've never seen starship troopers, but I do know the concept of the mindless eating machine has been one that has been hated ever since locusts have been fucking with farmers crops, yet it is much less tired than "ooh, we're demons who feed on evil"
Now the Eldar, Elves in Space they may be, do bring an interesting behavior that their fantasy counter-parts seem to miss. Like their Tolkien-copycat brethren, they are a dying race. But unlike them, they aren't dying for vague thematic reasons but for the rather concrete reasons of "oh shit, we partyed so hard that we created hermaphroditic, drug-addicted demon, and now our civilization has gone to shit and we're now a bunch of washed up old has-beens being shown up by the monkeys and the blueberries". Their fall is their own fault, and are so extremely bitter about it, that they take out their frustrations on any non-Eldar around them. This is why they're such a bunch of unrepentant assholes: it's a species-wide childish reaction to frustration and that's what makes it hilarious.

>> No.49677849

>Anon tries to warn us that Chaos wank will ruin this thread
>tfw Chaos wank ruined this thread

By the Emperor.

>> No.49677859

And most are pretty useless

>> No.49677866

>do those factions just get a free pass?

No, they don't. I just don't often have Ork fans tell me they're a deeply nuanced and not just a bunch of meatslabs who run around and hack at folks with chainsaws.

>> No.49677875

Then give us an example of three Black Crusades that were verifiably for the destruction of the planet Earth and were retconned into something else.

Another retarded reimagining of history is the notion that Chaos forces are getting smaller rather than bigger in the lore.

>> No.49677895

>any perspective that isn't Abbadon the 'Armless is chaoswank
>no matter how hard you point out the way certain other factions could also win


>> No.49677905

>Black Crusades
Rest in peace necron thread.

>> No.49677906


>You, I like you.

Really wish people would stop saying this on 4chan. It's absolute cringe.

>> No.49677914


I like you.

>> No.49677931

You. I like you.

>> No.49677937

Yous. I like yous

>> No.49677942

You, I Like, You

Also using the word cringe as an adjective, go back to YouTube you Leafy wannabe.

>> No.49677952

Uggg... the cringe factor is strong in this thread.

>> No.49677960

You. I like you.

>> No.49677969

I like you.

>> No.49677975

You noticed the "you, I like you" as reddit speak and then dropped the ball by doing your own reddit speak via "cringe". Kindly lurk more or fuck off.

>> No.49677981

You remember the name?

>> No.49677985

Generally if you don't want people who like a faction to talk about their faction, you shouldn't start bitching about them and their faction.

>> No.49677995

I cringed. Hard.

I don't get why everyone on 4chan has to be socially maladaptive.

>> No.49677996

Chaos fags are like /pol/lacs. They shit up threads, then flop on the floor crying and pretending to be the victim when they get called out.

>> No.49678011
File: 186 KB, 717x880, image_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't like it here you can just go back.

>> No.49678018

As a /pol/ack, I deeply resent being compared to a chaosfag, it would be less insulting to call us all anarcho-communists or libertarians.

>> No.49678021

Go back to your containment board.

>> No.49678028 [DELETED] 

A good summary of your position is "I really dislike XYZ fans. Maybe if I repeatedly bitch about XYZ fans, they won't respond to my bitching!"

>> No.49678035

ease up faggola, he ain't causing any trouble

>> No.49678047

But the xyz fans didn't respond to the people criticising them, they just acted in the exact manner they where being criticised for.

>> No.49678051

A good summary of your position is "I really dislike XYZ fans. Maybe if I repeatedly bitch about XYZ fans, they won't come to this thread and respond to my bitching!"

>> No.49678077


It's been said that there's a whole lot of machine spirit types out there. Land Raiders and ships might have advanced ones that even get to the level of semi-AI because they incorporate cogitators into their systems. But even basic tech like a trench knife might be considered to have a machine spirit.

When it gets to the basic mechanical stuff, it could just be that the "machine spirit" is animistic personification of regular maintenance. That trench knife will cut well for you if you keep it clean from rust, and might not cut if you don't keep it sharpened. Your armor will protect you, but will do so much better when you've taken care of it and made sure it fits correctly. A Lasgun that's charged, cleaned, and maintained (and not had its charge packs dropped in a fire to charge) will stay true to its intended purpose and serve its wielder well, while one that's abused could fail. In this way, a machine spirit might be a simple concept taught to neophytes about how to think of equipment maintenance, and consulting them might be simply running diagnostics and looking it over (while humming the instructional hymn) and appeasing it would be proper care.

There's also the reflection that objects have in the warp, but this is rarely an issue outside of select artifacts and special pieces that have some significance or history attached to them. A combat knife has to spill a lot of blood, or spill some very important blood, to have a significant reflection in the warp.

>> No.49678088


You are liked by me. I like you. That is to say that; you, I like you.

>> No.49678089


If non-fawning replies to your blanket statements don't please you, then don't make them.

>> No.49678117

usually with explosives.

>> No.49678128

You. I like you.
My nigga.

>> No.49678134
File: 2.73 MB, 393x200, this thread.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49678297

40k runs on pretty solid science for the 80s, I'm not making any excuses for not retconning as we understand more about the universe or even saying we didn't know that much about the universe in the 80s but it is understandable. The whole space marines eating brains thing wasn't even that farfetched.

>> No.49678316

Not that anon, all this time I thought that shit was a corruption of the "you funny guy, I kill you last" pic of Ahmadinejad from years ago.

>> No.49678481

But 99% of a space marine is shoulder pats...

>> No.49678617

How did the Ultramarines defeat the Necrons on Damnos?

Most of my 'lore' knowledge comes from /tg/ and the video game, however from what I understood once the Necrons reawakened and took over a planet the fight was pretty much over. Like in dark crusade if you stopped them reanimating early then they could be stopped, but once their war machine was running, between the reanimation and teleportation, then there was fuck all you could do as there was always another lord and the soldiers fought without moral so no head could be cut off to stop them.

So I was reading about Damnos and how the space marines got rekt hard but then 25 years later they come back and win? Shouldnt the have just been shot out of the sky then swarmed when they crash landed?

>> No.49678644

The Space Marines did a sick ass training montage in those 25 years.

>> No.49678655

Winter Assault: Eldar Won
Dark crusade Space Marines
Soulstorm Imperial Guard.

All of this was confirmed in DOW 2 and DOW2 CR

>> No.49678673

Shouldnt the Necrons basically have recovered the planet at that point anon? Like having monoliths and plyons and all their shit above ground at that point? Am I just underestimating how hard the ultra's bro'd out?

Ah wat?

>> No.49678885

Silent King states that if the nids keep eating the "lesser" races an awakened and united necron front wont be enough to stop them.

Sure they have the best guns and tech, but they are so fractured and many are fucked up from their sleep

>> No.49678964

Actually I see no reason why necrons couldn't just convert biomass in metal by swapping electrons and reforging it on a atomic level

Same goes for nids, they eat stones and metals all the time, pyrovores are made to specifically melt down metals and rocks for consumption, they just melt it all down into goop and reforge it into what they want

>> No.49678972


If you read the rulebook, it's clear that Imperium's territory isn't solid, they have hundreds of light years of wilderness space between sector often. Most of the galaxy in fact is no man's land. This is why there's a million worlds, most are empty or full of orks etc.

>> No.49678974

>Nids leave
>Crons left
>Webway Harlequins and Dark Eldar left
>Maybe some ork spores on a random moon or ship left
>No bodies for crons
>Crons sad
>Chaos starves
>Dark Eldar have no playthings

Galaxy is desolate and depressing

>> No.49679068

>Nid players
>mad that they are not the bestest
Anyone who still plays Nids after the last two codexes is an honor ork.
Their lore got reduces to "shit happened, then they lost".

It's (aside from Chaos fags) the Tau and Necron fags that can not shut up how thier guys are the bestest evur.

>> No.49679097

>Return to fleshy bodies and souls? Lmao.
>If that wasn't bad enough, it turns out a large portion of them are suffering from a highly contagious plague that turns their space Alzheimer's into space dementia.

These two seem connected. The propably could evade the space dementia if they would return to the flesh. But without souls that is not possible anymore.
Their bargain fucked them up on the very long run.

>> No.49679100

Trying to argue that the things who are virtually guaranteed to win are "losers" requires some very fancy mental gymnastics.

>> No.49679107

>nids eat so much biomass they form a
>necron wake up
>"look at all these bugs squatting on our lawn"
>dig up ancient anti-krork superweapon
>turn nids into pets
>future ruled by nids and necron

>> No.49679190

I have 2 friends that play 40k, I play nids, friend plays orks, other friend plays eldar and has a wraithknight...

The matches aren't always fun

>> No.49679212
File: 188 KB, 1024x677, tmp_19584-necron_sleeps_by_plumporange-d95jsyb1537492466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come into daddys arms lil' space bugger

>> No.49679523

>best guns

They have neither D-cannons or Rail-Rifles or Blackstone Fortresses. They have no unity or cohesive leadership. Their navy is fuck slow and scattered. Every single loss is irreplaceable and they are slowly decaying mentally. They're a mid boss.

>> No.49679900

Every black crusade ever.

>> No.49680006

To be fair, the Tyranid codex mostly says "Yeah, we lost a few Hive Fleets. Those don't matter at all, they're scouts to test the galaxy's strength so the main fleet is better prepared." Those loses don't matter.

Honestly, as a Nid-fan, the hatred towards Chaos being the main badguy is really understandable by Tyranid and Necron players. It's because Chaos doesn't really deserve it. Tyranids and Necrons are threats because they're smarter, better prepared, and out play the other races. They have massive boosts due to the former's numbers and united across their faction and the latter's superior technology and replenishing supply of troops that put them head and shoulders above the rest.
Meanwhile, Chaos is only a main threat because of bullshit. They're not more technologically advanced, they're certainly not smarter, being mostly a group of barely contained psychopaths, they don't have a numbers advantage or utilize special tactics. But because they have access to goddamn magic, they can just win anything they want when the writers feel like it cuz "lol, 10 billion daemons show up cause a ritual was done right, you lose."
tl;dr Tyranids and Necrons are threats because they're better at the conventions of warfare, Chaos is a threat because bullshit.

>> No.49681100
File: 66 KB, 659x609, 8740032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the best summary I've ever read.

>> No.49681268

You know, the entire time I was typing that, I just this image of an old, country bumpkin looking Necron, shaking his fist at a tau, imperial gaurdsman, and an eldar, screaming incomprehensible gibberish while shooting his Gauss gun drunkenly at them as they run away as fast as they run away as fast as they can.

It's a shame I cant draw for shit, so in my imagination that will have to stay.

>> No.49681281
File: 144 KB, 470x341, Skynet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49681319

>really hoping for the comeback.
Pariahs were always bad, you don't talk for everyone. Just a minority.

>> No.49681470

Men of Iron were a thing that happened

The imperium as such does not utilize any full AIs, though there are machine spirits, and its really unclear what the machine spirits are, although we know in the case of titans they can be enormously strong and basically overpower the will of the princeps so

>> No.49681522

A lot of multi meltas.


>> No.49681525

It's a shame Leviathan didn't stick in further up and ram right into the Eye of Terror

>> No.49681568
File: 143 KB, 354x378, IMG_0283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People made a 40k thread and DIDN'T expect chaosfags to stroll in and wave their dicks around and smear their vile feces all over the thead
>People made a Necron thread specifically and didn't expect that
>People made a threat level thread and didnt expect that
>Good fucking lord, they made a 40k necron threat level thread

You should have known this would happen when you got into 40k.

>> No.49681570

>"lol, 10 billion daemons show up cause a ritual was done right, you lose."

1. Necron overlord pushes button on a Necron tec waffle iron
2. Waffle iron activates warp defense protocols.
3.Every psyker, every demon and everything even slightly magic drops dead due to tech shenannigans.

>> No.49681664

Here's the problem I think the newcrons might have with the nids, and a conflict thats really poorly explained in the lore of 40k

Ya see, we know a few things about the nids

We know that they come from beyond the galaxy. This implies they've already eaten at least 1(one) other galaxy, if not more.

This means their numbers are simply put, beyond our comprehension, the fleets we've seen so far? These are scouting fleets, the vanguard, the main wave of the nids hasn't even hit yet.

Now this wouldn't be troubling in lore, except for one thing.

The Shadow in the Warp

For those that don't know, as the Nids approach you, they block out the light of the Astromonican, and likely drive all of your psykers absolutely batshit insane with the sound of thousands of little buggers chittering in their ears. Forever.

This means that the nids use the warp to communicate with eachother. The whole race is one psionically linked gigantic organism. Behemoth was it poking us with its index finger, and now its hand is starting to close on the galaxy.

To which we must consider, what happens to the Chaos gods, the eye of terror, and the Daemons as we know them as this massive swarm of minds comes and utterly blots them out. Presumably this will kill the chaos gods. If they cannot be worshipped then they have no power.

Ostensibly, the Necrons are fine with all of this.

Except the nids avoid the necrons. Like the plague.

The necrons have Null Field Matrixes, which disrupt the warp and make it inaccessible, this predictably, fucks with nids, If the Necrons were to complete the great work of erecting these, they could probably block off the entire galaxy from the Nids.

And that just won't do for the nids. They've likely swept through this galaxy once before, given that many creatures on worlds across the galaxy kinda.. Seem like Nids. Even in places where the nids have been NOWHERE NEAR.

>> No.49681686

Basically, these two races eventually have to throw down. Because the Necrons are the only real threat to the Nids. The Necrons are a -tangible and real- threat to the Nids.

And the Tyranids will be forced to wipe them out, there can only be one apex predator.

>> No.49681757
File: 92 KB, 500x345, 1445860261638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, give them some credit for accurately predicting it on the third post.

>mfw he's glued himself to 40k again for the forseeable future thanks to lack of attention in AoS threads

>> No.49681834
File: 95 KB, 624x885, papa smurf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Necrons are the only real threat to the Nids
>the Necrons are a -tangible and real- threat to the Nids
I think you're forgetting about the real apex predator of the stars, who has personally humiliated every major power in the setting.

>> No.49681870

Ah yes, I forgot about the [Your Favorite Faction here]

>> No.49681878

>Necron are totally a thread to nids
Yeah, like that one taco that gave you a hard time shitting.

>> No.49682013

>This means that the nids use the warp to communicate with eachother
No it doesn´t, a lot of animals make retarded amounts of noise in ways they themselves can´t even register.

>> No.49682019
File: 995 KB, 1185x1628, 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Warmaster Malefica Arkham. Given his performance earlier in the war, I still reckon Abby wanted this to happen and considered the loss of the Planet Killer - which was later rebuilt anyway - an acceptable tradeoff for a fourth Blackstone Fortress. Although that plan didn't quite work out.

>> No.49682068

Ask in a drawthread. Someone might pick it up. I'd like to see that drawn too, but also can't draw for shit.

>> No.49682072

Nids do not evade Necrons like the plague, they stay away from their worlds if those harbor no life. That's it.
Not worth is fighting skeleton grandpa's only for some minerals.

>> No.49682089

This post overestimates what both sides are able to do.

>> No.49682155

They mostly lose in their own codex.

Crunch wise the army lost their 3 base concepts: numbers, adaptability, and close combat.

Compare that to the newcrons, marines, tau, eldar.
The only ones getting the same treatment are the orks.

>> No.49682266

you can put warp stuff in a machine. it originates from normal fleshy living things' souls like other warp stuff.

you can also put AI in a machine but it makes fleshies uneasy.

>> No.49682547

>>49673469 Said it best.
There's too much infighting and sitting around to pose a serious threat to the galaxy. Sure, we lurk around, sometimes even start a couple genocides, but really don't do much in comparison. And that is entirely because if were active in the galaxy, then Chaos wouldn't be the Big Bad, especially with all of our anti-warp shit.

Now, one thing that's interesting is that Necron generals can pretty much wipe the floor with anyone, except Orks. Orks were made specifically to fight Necrons, then got out of hand.

So if Chaos had its plot armor stripped away, everything would basically spiral down to "Orks v Crons," with humans, Eldar, and 'Nids basically background noise.

>> No.49682632

Meanwhile Necrons have tombworlds inside Mealstorm and Screaming Vortex. Normal non-deamon worlds. Because technology can and would conquer warp-related bullshit when applied properly.

>> No.49682675

>background noise
Nids are going to win eventually, orks are just billions of tasty shrooms to them

>> No.49682676

Not if that AI operates on organic cortex-plate, which is basically an artificial brain almost tentirely composed of gray matter. Hnce whu robots and land raiders could be so easily corrupted and possessed.

>> No.49682685

>I play nids

>> No.49682695

So why are Nids losing to Orks in Okatrius war?

>> No.49682713

Also why Greenstealers and Bugboyz fight alongside Orks against Nids?

>> No.49683917

The Nids literally communicate with eachother via psi. The Shadow is the warp is all of their -talking- overwhelming the astromonican and psyker's minds

>> No.49683929

They're not. They're just stalemated

Even if the Orks win another fleet comes, having learned and adapted from that war.

>> No.49683999

This discussion happens often.

>Nids invade
>Run into Orks
>Causes big fight that brings in more Orks
>Dead Orks feed the hive
>New Hive Fleet Arrives
>Oi dats a big fight
>More Orks
>Nids adapt to Orks
>Orks get bigger and Meks get more creative
>Stalemate of a larger scale
>Orks have eternal fight
>Nids have unlimited food
>Everybody happy

>> No.49684112

but eventually the orks will run out of biomass, the nids won't

>> No.49684137

don't orks reproduce by getting killed

>> No.49684150

The spores also seem to gain mass through...nothing really. They simply grow

>> No.49684192

if they work like fungus then they ahve to gain it from roots in the ground initially.

>> No.49684224
File: 452 KB, 1120x1594, 106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Throughout their lives, but most heavily at the end of them.

>> No.49684227

It's a common misconception that orks need to die to produce spores, but really they and all other orkoids are constantly billowing out spores everywhere.

One thing that's not touched upon much either is the fact that the spores are psychically linked to the orks, and will only grow into what the mob is lacking in until it's sensed that they've got that covered. We've already had DEldar create orky weedkiller, it would be interesting if someone tried to break that psychic connection to the spores.

>> No.49684239
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>> No.49684248
File: 492 KB, 1112x1622, 108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49684261
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>> No.49684289

I love when some nerd puts effort into this shit. Its great

>> No.49684491

hi, i have a couple little lore questions.
Do we know how nids travel in outer space? how fast do their fleet go?
How did the chaos awakening go? i know eldars awaked slaanesh before the HH but in HH's ore it is said chaos was still dormant.Did slaanesh got to sleep after being awakened? IF dso what did the eldar do to him?Did they actually create him? If so why do i remmeber some source saying chaos gos always existed? Is it some warp fuckery?
also what's chaos end game? destory all galaxy and die with it? or rather enslave it to fuel themselves?Why is it that i possessed both chaos daemons and marines codices and neither specified their goal?(it only said they wanted to kill humans, does chaos really want to suicide?)

>> No.49684501

also yes of course this has little to do with op, but i thought this was better than wasting a whole thread for these stuipd questios

>> No.49684567

"A Narvhal is a Tyranid Bio-ship that fulfills the essential role of allowing all the vessels of a Tyranid Hive Fleet to travel faster than light. This ability makes up for a Narvhal ship being small, innocuous, and having almost no weaponry or armour.[1]
Tyranids do not travel via Warp jumps, such as the Imperium does, and so instead rely on their Narvhal ships. Through the use of monofilament spines clustered along a Narvhal's bow which can interpret a wide range of sensory input and even a broad spectrum of gravimetric signals, a Narvhal can detect the presence of a planetary system at an incredible distance away. It can then somehow harness the system's gravity to create a corridor of compressed-space through which Tyranid vessels can travel towards the system at a swift rate. Whilst slower than proper warp travel, this method is infinitely more reliable.[1]
However, strong gravitational forces cause interference with a Narvhal's delicate senses. And so on final approach to a system, a Tyranid fleet can no longer use a Narvhal's ability but must resort to slower conventional propulsion whilst within a system's borders. This will often slow their arrival by years or even decades.[1]
Disastrous side effects are caused by this method of manipulating a system's gravity. The ensnared planets will often experience earthquakes, solar flares, tidal waves or other natural disasters in the period between a Narvhal harnessing the system's gravity and the Tyranid fleet actually arriving. For the Tyranids this is of course another weapon as the defenders will be busy and disorganised dealing with their own planet turning against them.[1]"

>> No.49684595


I think it's an issue of bang for your buck. If you're a nid and you want hydrocarbons (which is what most organic matter is made out of) you're not gonna get that many needed elements from rocks. You can use the iron and silicon and stuff for specific needs, but the majority of your bodies are C, H,O,N.

>> No.49684615

thank you very much

>> No.49684675

>complaining about how the world's gone to shit and how nobody respects their eldars anymore

Well no one respects them because their nerfed to fuck in the meta.

>> No.49684725

can you tell me where exactly did chaos corrupt a blank. i wanna read it

>> No.49684739


They stick the daemon in the blank's skin or some shit and they become a super demon blank assassin that's going to assassinate the emperor. It's fucking terrible.

>> No.49684752

usually orks lost to nids most of the time

>> No.49688183

The Eldar did create Slannesh, but apparently the immaterium exists outside of regular time, so the chaos gods can pop in at whatever time they want. I remember in the last 40k Necron threat level, the one that got Chaos bombed into oblivion, one of the Chaosfags was talking about that, and how it allowed for Tzeentch to do shit like becoming the inventor of Phsykers, despite not having been created in the time of the war in heaven. It didn't really make much sense, but then again that's pas for the course for GW fluff.

>> No.49688215

wait till they find a second world engine

>> No.49688754

Someone cap these.

>> No.49688781

>Well Anon, That's because the Necrons are the Galactic equivalent of the crazy old man who sits on his porch all day, with a drink in one hand and a shotgun in the other,
This bit of fluff is exactly why I chose to play them. I wanted to be the crazed old coot shooting rock-salt at the local kids for getting to close to muh property.

>> No.49692317

>Implying theres only one more out there
wouldn't be surprised if theres a whole fleet of them hidden somewhere

>> No.49692382

This thread again.

Always fun.

>> No.49692670

World Engine and Astral Knights say hi

>> No.49692805
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>> No.49693385

Wasn't there something about the Chaos Gods eating the galaxy if the Emperor is killed? Or am I horribly misremembering a completely different piece of fluff?

Also complaining that Chaos gets more attention than the other threats is silly because the Emperor Vs. Chaos conflict is the absolute core of the setting, so of course Chaos is going to get more apocalyptic love.


>> No.49693631
File: 1.19 MB, 1680x1050, Necrons rise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn't there a line about how the current level of tech the Necrons wield is only a little warmup, the tip of the iceberg? And when they are fully awoken, the World Engine or technomagic that snuffs out stars would be least threatening stuff they could field? Or am i wrong here?

Also, regarding the whole "no unity among Necrons": Aren't they supposed to obey to the Silent King? Sure, there may be a lot of infighting among the Lords, Overlords and Phaerons, but in the end they all answer to Szarekh. Sort of like the Imperium and the Emperor.

>> No.49693792

>Aren't they supposed to obey to the Silent King? Sure, there may be a lot of infighting among the Lords, Overlords and Phaerons, but in the end they all answer to Szarekh. Sort of like the Imperium and the Emperor.

Nope, he broke his command protocols so no Necron need obey him. Some will still do so anyway, but Necrons have a long seperatist culture.

>> No.49693895

That's implying that machine spirits are actually souls and not just semi/sentient machines. A AI probably wouldn't how up in the warp either.

>> No.49693915

Some Necrons talk.
What do they sound like?
What do they look like when they're talking? Do they open their mouths? If they do, do their jaws just flap up and down?

>> No.49694162

The Spear was special in that he had a biological Animus Speculum in his body.

Animus Speculum consumes and draws warp energy into itself and then throws it back as negative psychic energy. That's how the daemon and warp corruption stuck to the spear. The daemon allowed the Spear to have a link to the Warp so that he can draw endlessly on the warp and convert it to negative mind bullets.

This would have never happened to a normal pariah. So he is a bad example.

>> No.49694258

According to Matt Ward, in the last days of 999 41K, the Necrons went into a state of complete silence. As the galaxy is tearing itself, the Necron are quiet. disappeared from the galaxy scene.

What is happening to the Necrons? They gonna get squatted?

>> No.49694401

>probably has a metallic sounds, but not booming like a space marine, should sound understated
>whatever fits, there arent really hard and fast rules, considering some crypteks look like spiders, so moving mouths of varying articulation is possible, although a voice coming out of their general direction, with little indication they are that it is them is possible and 2spooky

>> No.49694416

Their mouth pieces doesn't move when they talk. However, sometime when they scream, their mouth pieces snap open.

To the marine who heard Necron speaking their native language, it sounded grating and it conjured images of desolation and dust.

>> No.49694980

Two interpretations: either the Necrons think the Galaxy is a lost cause and are preparing to go to sleep again, or it symbolizes the Silent King taking command.
Based on that, it sounds like their language involves a lot of wheezing and long breaths.

>> No.49695083

>it symbolizes the C'tan Gods taking back command.


>> No.49695289

Hey Blood Ravens, how's that gene seed of yours doing?

>> No.49695330

>tfw when a post you make is actually screen cap worthy
I know that things like pride, namefaggotry and claiming intellectual property are anathema to very concept of 4chan and make you look like a massive faggot, but it's still nice be able to see that you did something that doesn't suck balls.

>> No.49696477

that was the biggest bullshit I ever read. It survived more blastings than most demons and space marines. I though the character was mary sue. Also why was that Vindicare assassin such an idiot? "best sniper" in his clade and he didn't look through his scope well enough to shot the right person. Primarchs are larger than normal marines, how do you mess that up?

>> No.49697567

"Machine Spirits" are fragments of AI from the Dark Age of Technology that infect everything capable of holding code and, for some reason, have a warp presence

>> No.49697724

What? They aren't? Nids started to win so Eldar came and fuck bombed a few star systems to starve the nids. Nids eventually started to push back again so Ghazzy came back to help reinforce the orks and now they are at a stalemate

>> No.49699372

Ork players have this weird delusion that just because Ghazghul leveled the playing field, that means the Orks are winning Octarius. Despite the fact the Swarmlord himself is there and is gonna out-strategize the shit out of the Orks.

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