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Who here actually likes the Tau?

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>that gif

I like tau. I like shooty armies and their aesthetic is cool.

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Combined arms, cool tech, an army that's not a ragtag mob that needs politcal officers to function. Of course I like them.

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Me. I unapologetically, unironically enjoy the tau. Their fluff, their aesthetic, their play style, their rules, etc.

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The only turn off for me is the melee thing, everything else is rad though.

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Imagine how awesome it would be if they brought in the demiurg to be allies with them (space dwarves) they mine space for....stuff. Dwarves running around in terminator level suits with thunder hammers and siege shields, or siege drills.

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ya i dont mind the tau. i like em.

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Well until there's another shooty faction with flexible hard hitting elites and cool robots who aren't grimdark retards, I'm sticking with Tau.

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They're pretty neato, seeing them while passing by the GW store at a mall actually got me into 40k

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I don't play the game, but I'm into modelism and I ended assembling and painting my little bro's Tau army, I kinda dig them.

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I liked the Tau before the recent fluff (mostly 7th Edition) making them, in my eyes, far too unbeatable, while also killing the Auxilliary fluff and hyping up Suits to be the bestest technological designs ever capable of being made to do anything amazingly.

Not sure if that counts.

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I love having an alien army that I can engage in trench warfare with and shooting the fuck out of them.

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By the Emperor.. I want to purge this thread...

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I'm pretty sure there's only two kinds of people as far as enjoying Tau are concerned.

One, the people who are Gundam fans and can only see that far into them by being oblivious, intentionally or not

Two, the people who play tabletop with them who are only in it for the next 0 effort top tier army, or who are in it to make others rage

My experience has only led me to meet these two kinds of people. People who say they enjoy the space commie aspect and the "quality" of writing in their books fall under the second category

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Any army that lets the Guard affix bayonets is okay with me

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>My experience has only led me to meet these two kinds of people.
You hang around shhitty people then.

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I like their tanks and basically everything smaller than a Crisis Suit.

>Best looking tanks in 40k.
>Fire Warriors and Pathfinders have a cool style.
>Drones are awesome.
>Not technologically retarded.


>Not technologically retarded, but still for some reason make their "greatest" war machines bipedal walkers (that aren't walkers though) instead of anti-grav based.
>Crisis Suits are meh, might be passable with a not retarded foot design.
>Literally every other suit is pants on head retarded.

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i hang around /tg/ when talking about 40k stuff mostly
but i guess you're still right

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the tau do not and will never belong in the 40k setting

remove tau


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The tau seem pretty chill.

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And the only ork players I have ever met were very quiet kids and assholes, do you know what it mean?
Absolutely nothing.

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I've played tau for 6 years, 7 this Christmas, yeah I like 'em, but in recent fluff they've been screwed over, they should develop hyper tech bullshit because they don't have enough worlds to build tonnes of low quality shit like guard. And I really don't think any battlesuit should have got bigger than the upgraded XV88. If the tactics relied more so on advancing fire warriors with flanking XV8'd and Vespids, with kroot appearing out of forests, or gliding into battle then holy cow would they be more fun to play against

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Also the Orwellian theme needs to be played up more, oh you thought you were saving the people of Kaurava from certain death, nope forced sterilisation programs like in SG1, and when the population riot they're massacred and replaced by tau colonists overnight
dark Eldar experimenting on tau is another theme that should be played up with hypno therapy and civil wars

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I love tau. I love giant robots and having an army that feels like it's made up with professional soldiers. I don't really play though just collect and read.

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Hurr Durr 1984 Tau is dumb, but if you insist, it should be clear delineation.

>Aun'va leads the Ethereal council and believes that to survive, the Greater Good must be decided for the people, rather than something everyone strives for as a united whole and willingly sacrifices for.
>O'Shovah discovered this perversion of the Tau'va and rebelled. He doesn't know what the right path IS, but he knows it's not what Aun'va is forcing on the Tau.
>Aun'shi is one of the few Ethereals (much less an influential one) who holds to the old beliefs of the Tau'va and strives to keep the empire true to its original path. He doesn't openly rebel, because he does not think that splitting the Tau like that would serve the Greater Good, but remains a thorn in Aun'va's side, who can't vanish him, due to his popularity with the Fire Caste

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Who /4 riptides/ here?

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I do, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons:

Ever since their arrival, 40k fags have been whining about how they don't fit in with the rest of the 40k universe. And it's this collective asspain is why I like them so damn much.

Plus they're one of the few armies that actually use guns to kill people at a distance, as opposed to just using them for something to do while charging towards the inevitable hand-to-hand clusterfuck.

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I like Kroot
Kroot mercenary min-codex when

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I like them because they're a tacit admittance by GW that the 40k setting fuckin sucks

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I like 4th ed tau.

I don't like the current glut of suits.
I liked it when Tau was about being the Star Trek federation faction with races working together.

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I love them but only because they are the only ones trying to advance technology and are the only ones that actually try diplomacy.

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Kroot are great. Its like the Tau version of CIA backed south American death squads.

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I like Farsight

but his anime squad is funny as fuck

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I like it when they get their shit kicked in. Does that count?

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I prefer kreat Knarlock with riders though.
Also, new units? Would there be a place for a kroot vehicle?
I want some sort of elite viet-kroot predators to fight Marbo. Mercenary equipment options and pseudo shamanistic look.

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I thought the DoW tau are ebil too thing was pretty dumb honestly.

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I do. They make all the other factions look incompetent. If I could change 40k I'd make the Emperor Tau and have them stomp everything in their great crusade.

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I want them to be full real politic. They won't fuck you up for no reason or by pure hatred, but will if there is a point. They may also be nice and generous, but for totally utilitarian reasons. They would also believe in soft power: can't get [planet] to join the greater good? Well, if there is no rush, get a trade deal for now, we will see in time...

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I'm actually not a huge fan of their battlesuits or most vehicles, but I love their drones, guns and infantry armor.

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I too shall mimic the majority here, as I enjoyed the old Tau when they weren't just Riptide and Battlesuit spam.

Viable Piranhas and Demiurge auxiliary squads when?

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Beside some of their vehicle design they're pretty cool. They definitely need to improve fluff tho.

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Tau Bismark, fuck yes

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The empire better fall apart because of some fool thing in the ghoul stars then. With Tau Bismarck fired by a Tau Wilhelm.

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Pretty much this. The high-tech feel of their stuff is fun for a change in 40k. I like stealth, crisis, and broadside suits but the seemingly endless stream of new super-heavy prototype suits is a bit meh.

Having fun with them in Armada especially the Demiurg ships.

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They're not animu enough. I'll add some samurai armor to mine once I get to Tau.

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Where does this lie that Tau suits and mecha look like Japanese mecha come from?

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I want to see some filthy human traitors filling out the ranks from conquered worlds.

Some quick breeding race of auxiliaries who specialise in suicide vest charges would be good too.
One death killing many.
For the greater good.

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so basically a tau version of penal legions but without criminals?

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Made up of believers.
People who, when it came to drinking the blue kool aid drank the whole jug and demanded more.

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I've always liked the Tau. I thought it was neat that they were the good guy underdogs who were clearly in over their heads. It was a good little splash of variety. Big shooty guns are always fun too.

I'll never understand the people who feel the need to take sides on these things. I think all the 40k factions are pretty cool with their own unique selling points.

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I very much prefer to not play glorious Space North Korea.

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Space Japan.

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I'd like to see even fire warriors becoming their rarely deployed elite force with their armies being mainly auxiliaries with the rate they're expanding.

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Nah, it's Space North Korea.

Not enough casual warcrimes to be Space Imperial Japan.

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Hate the tau, love the kroot.

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Since when the fuck has the faction embodying the aspects of Imperial Japan, Ancient Han China, and Modern Best Korea been the "Good guy underdogs"?

They have better propaganda, and you fell for it pretty heavily man.

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I stopped playing 40k right when the Tau were brand new, and I liked them more back then. Back when they were a big fish in a small pond, that had no idea what they were walking into. Back when they were firewarriors, kroot & skimmers, with suites being elite units brought out for emergencies. Back when it was implied they'd get all kinds of diverse alien auxiliaries, so you could proxy the various unnamed minor empires at the fringe of the empire.

Now, reading through their fluff its like ascended fanboys have been pushing fanfiction wank for the last couple years.

WTF happened? Did Matt Ward decide he liked blue xenos better than blue marines?

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When I was first introduced to Tau and their lore, I thought it'd be a great combination Tau core units and their allies. More than just Kroot and Vespid allies everynow and then.

If only they were more like the Covenant...

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>army is able to take DNA of races it's has killed.

It's such a cool concept that's wasted in fluff and lore.

Tau were totally bottom teir underdogs originally. Not just in the fluff either.

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>>Best looking tanks in 40k.

>not liking space panzer VI

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Love their models, hate their fluff.

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>panzer 4

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What's wrong with their fluff?

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I like the Tau!

They're like the covenant of 40k

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The Tau came out around the time that Gundam Wing was being aired on the Cartoon Network in the UK. To the younger players, who are never fully aware that the entire setting is a deliberate knock-off of various 80's sci-fi, this similarity was a huge deal.

Over time it became a meme that combined with general saltiness about anime culture to produce some really shitty posts online and cringeworthy rants instore.

The meme mostly died away as a source of raw emotion during in the 4th and 5th editions, when Tau were a bottom tier army that was barely supported.

Then it came back saltier than ever from the 6th edition onward, when buttmad tournament losers needed an excuse for their failure.

And that's the history of Tau shitposting.

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As someone who only knows about 40k through cursory glances into the lore, the Tau are the most appealing because MECHA.

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Tau are great

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I like the Tau, but I'd like more evidence of their Benefactors pulling the strings behind their good fortune. You can even keep the mystery and just leave suspicions among the higher ranks of the Inquisition.

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Different Anon, but I personally hate modern (note: pretty much explicitly modern) Tau fluff on most levels for a plethora of reasons, the main ones being:

>They get away with far too much shit in a similar manner to Space Marines (which is also bad), performing risky or outright stupid manoeuvres, advances in technology or otherwise general acts while not only being punished for it, but being granted praise for their ingenuity
>They used to be tenacious underdogs but, in modern fluff, have explicitly been shown to be capable of not only holding their own against, but outright defeating any threat that comes their way, including Necrons, Space Marines and Eldar, painting their military (which is constantly improving) as nothing short of top-tier
>Their military is top-tier for entirely logical reasons, but this in itself is a problem when compared to the general narrative, their commanders are amazing, their troops are amazing, their technology is amazing, their tactics are amazing and their philosophy is basically proven to be right, superior to all others, this has no place in a narrative about conflict
>A lot of the older Tau fluff is slowly being phased out in theme, a drastic lack of auxilliaries and their once unique combat/tactics being replaced by 'Suits suit suits' that can perform any role, removing the need for clever tactics and writing, while additionally spamming the words "perfectly coordinated strategies," every other paragraph, how this can be considered good writing for conflict is beyond me
>They've gotten the Ultramarines treatment, retconning some losses into victories, other losses into pyrrhic victories, pyrrhic victories into resounding victories and adding more of such to their timeline, effectively, the Tau went from a believable struggling race to an almost undefeated powerhouse in the space of a Codex due to some completely unnecessary changes

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Ironically, the opposite of the likes of Necrons and Tyranids. Who went from galaxy threatening big bads to just as likely to fail as humanity or eldar.

>> No.49619703


I can appreciate that. So their victories should be more hard won, with the feeling their naive optimism is being replaced with grim pragmatism?

>> No.49619712

It almost seems like a faction-war has been brewing within GW's writing department, with favoured factions of the small team of consistent writers retconning some races into the ground and ascending others to be the new powerhouses, even for the cases of Necrons and Tau, who have completely switched roles in the narrative (to a degree) for virtually no reason.

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Tau fill the role that humans fill in most scifi opera: young, brash and energetic race new to the scene of the galaxy quickly advancing in rank and power.

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Naive optimism is fine, there is absolutely no issue with the general themes, philosophies and ideas of the Tau as a faction. The only problem is their naivety is never punished these days and often carries them to victory. They have basically no weaknesses and those they do have are virtually never mentioned (hypothetically every time the Imperials attack a Tau planet they should gain void superiority no problem, forcing the Tau to be clever, but no, the Air Caste hold on and let the named Commander outplay the Imperials every battle because he's above logical consequences, for example) which is further pushed into the ground by everything about them being described as practical, helpful, logical or generally superior.

They also need to get the same treatment as anyone else when the big threats like Necrons come to town, not 'tenaciously push the invaders back' or whatever.

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You're talking 6th/7th edition fluff, man. Once upon a time GW intended them to be genuinely well intentioned, like some naive Star Trek federation that stumbled into the wrong neighborhood.

They've since become a mix of Orwellian/Brave New World dystopian, but I remember those old days. That was actually when I still played them. I still think it's neat now, but I had liked that contrast.

Inb4 forced sterilization- that meme got one mention in a game from a franchise that also brought us Khornate sorcerers.[/spoilers]

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I personally believe GW gave them the ultramarine treatment because retards were constantly spouting about them being insignificant.
Congrats you all played yourselves and now they are truly a threat to be reckoned with.

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Minus the xeno coalition thing the Mechanicus is far more like the Covenant then other factions.

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>mfw I just started playing Tau a few months ago
>mfw I have no interest in any suit bigger than the Broadsides
>mfw I fucking love the Piranha
>mfw I will literally never win because I refuse to use Riptides
>mfw I have no face

I wish auxillaries were worth a shit now. I love the Kroot I do have but I'd love an army of them with only mild Tau support instead of them only being a troop choice.

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I enjoy the aesthetic of Fire Warriors and the vehicles. The suits look weird to me, but Riptides and Ghostkeels look fine. The superheavies and the Crisis suit just look weird.

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on all levels except physical, Imma ork
I say, tau are ok

>> No.49620700

I'm just disappointed that GW refuse to apply the grimdark to them too.

They're Space North Korea! That should be grimdark as fuck!

>> No.49620714

I don't see it

>> No.49620735


Heavily regimented militaristic culture, caste system, deification of leaders, obsession with "The Greater Good".

>> No.49620774

Is this not the political situation already?

>> No.49620814

the thing is north Koreas propaganda is to distract from how shit the country is while the tau have pretty good standards of living and the government is overall well run their propaganda sounds more like Victorian era propaganda to promote the mission to civilize savage and bringing enlightenment ideals

>> No.49620838


That's the point I was making. If GW wanted them to fit in by painting them with a bit more grimdark, it wouldn't be a huge reach at all, and everyone (myself included) who complains about how they stand out too much from the other 40k races would be satisfied.

>> No.49620856

I used to play them back when I played 40k in 2007ish. What's changed since then?

>> No.49620931

Tau are pretty cool. Especially Red Tau.

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To be fair, the narrator of Dark Crusade and Soulstorm was a imperial scholar. He clearly was biased against xenos.

>> No.49621673

Yeah, but on the other hand?

Fuck you whiners.

>> No.49621796

The Orwellian part of the Tau is dumb. What we really need is more story of ill-fated Tau naivety.

>> No.49622062


I never got why people thought Brave New World was dystopic. Sure, it's a bit of a false utopia, but the vast majority of people are happy and productive, the government appears to be operated by intelligent, reasonable and well-meaning individuals, and those unhappy or unwilling to go along with the status quo are offered the choice to join one of the more remote yet comfortable enclaves full of similarly-atypical people where restrictions are relatively lax. It's not perfect, but it's a far cry from 1984.

>> No.49622341

They're the only thing in 40k I do like.

>> No.49622576

I want less Orwell, more space samurai.

Mass Fire Caste starvation in times of peace while the Earth and Water Castes grow rich, an entire Sept committing soduku because an Ethereal gets a chill up his spine, and complex politics based on falsifying family trees.

I mean, the Third Sphere is basically the invasion of Korea in the 1700's.

>> No.49622628


They should represent what Mankind was during the beginning of the Dark Age of Technology. In all its glory and horror. Closer to Brave New World than 1984. Use cloning, genetic engineering, AI in every corner, medically clean and all of that. Without overt oppression or brutality but unnaturally efficient and something it feels like wrong.

>> No.49622677

I one Riptide, only because I like the model.

One of each Battlesuit is fine.

But muh waifu are Piranhas and Ghostkeels.

Visible pilots really do it for me as a modeler.

The Imperium is space Better Korea, as stunted tech shows.

They're Bretonnians. Lileath is their patron.

I prefer white and black. Or orange and black, with black as the dominant color.

>> No.49622684

I like their models a lot but the playstyle bores me because all you can really do is just shoot, the assault phase is just a second movement phase. That and the codex just seems to be gearing them to be a more static army more and more instead of a mobile one.

Their models are great though, and forgeworld gives them a lot of cool stuff besides the biggest suits

>> No.49622689


>> No.49622710

But all their new stuff is mobile. Even their terrain hovers.

>> No.49622736


Only bad Tau players go static.

>> No.49622774

So who's the better xeno army, Tau or Eldar?

>> No.49622818

Tau is the second best choice after pic related.

>> No.49622897

See everyone wants Viet Cong Tau vs Catachans, but the weird thing is the roles would actually be reversed from the actual Vietnam War.

The Catachans would be the ones subsisting on cold rice and rat meat and setting up guerrilla attacks, while the Tau would be the superiorly equipped but mentally under-prepared outside invaders.

>> No.49622991

Tau. Better models.

>> No.49623011

Blueberries are alright in my book

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>> No.49623082

>Who here actually likes the Tau
Only deviants and heretics
like me

>> No.49623106

Based WGE.


>> No.49623170


>> No.49623688

Because it was a shallow happiness that lacked in struggle or fulfillment. It was meant to show that there is more to being an accomplished human than just being "happy".

>> No.49623755

Just got back from Uni,
>>49619667 hit the nail on the head. My problem is that, despite the fluff constantly putting forth the idea that they are young, naive, and while advanced, not as much as the other races, even though they have the best weapons, best armor, best tactics, best leaders, and always have the least devastating losses.
It just doesn't add up.

They fluff is also back and forth about how they actually travel, seeing as they don't use the Warp.
If they actually have FTL, then they would rule the galaxy already. If they don't, as I believe, then how the fuck are they always winning and conquering planets? It should take years for them to arrive and correspond with the Empire.

>> No.49623771


Yeah, but most of those people living in 'shallow happiness' didn't care and were quite upset when denied it. Those who did care were quite happy to go off and live in the areas where they had more control over their lives: the reservations or the "colonies" where the two uppercrust male characters were sent by the administrator. It's just that the majority of people didn't particularly seem to care about being accomplished, they just wanted comfort and reliability.

>> No.49623828


The other races don't have the best tech. They only have the rusted pieces of advanced technology left from the corpses of much advanced than they will ever be.

>> No.49623839

Basically, the Tau have the third most advanced tech in the setting, but its close. They have the best strategic leaders thanks to AI, sims, and perfect preservation of knowledge.

They just don't have numbers. They've had fantastic triumphs over small groups of foes. The only impressive achievements are against Tyranids, which was solely due to their advanced tech.

>> No.49623861


>> No.49623865

I mean, Eldar can sing mech parts into existence, Deldar can fully regenerate from a hand, the Necrons use reality warping to travel, Orks are mechanically blessed and, if given enough time, can create limitless weapons, and the Tyranids evolve and mature at an obscene rate.
Eldar and Imperium are the only guys with leftover tech.

>> No.49623907

I like them, but I also say that about nearly every faction. Just a weird, fun addition to toy with.
Very neutral enemy in the rpg, very good if you want to bring 2deep4u shit like everyone thinks they are doing absolute good and that everyone is flawed as fuck. Or run a really happy go lucky anime type game of the heroes fighting the big bads. Kinda shitty that every cunt makes a run for their guns because they are poorly balanced.

Do hate cunts who play them because le ebin trolle. Its not actually that I care its the fact that they are so pitifully self congratulatory over their unoriginality. Just play the game nigga, have fun. You're not actually a better person because you can make retards cry.

>> No.49623923

Gue'vesa definitely need some love. I'd like to see humans living up to their potential as a client race rather than just being diet guardsmen

>> No.49623957 [DELETED] 

That's not what I'm asking at all. I'm asking why people say they look like Japanese mecha when they fucking don't.

>> No.49623991

Does it make more sense to use Imperial Guard, Militarum Tempestus, or something else as Gue'vesa.

>> No.49624028

Well see as much as it obviously isn't what GW does nowdays, I still beleive some sort of balancing must be kept to put them bellow the other races.

So making them diet guardsmen would be probably the best.

Or really expensive guardsmen, I mean the tau got way, way less humans to throw around than the imperium by a long shot.

>> No.49624037


Imperial guard with the some pulse carbines.

I mean, damn. Imagine taking the sheer numbers of an actual Emperor-sanctioned IG force and arming them all with something equivalent to a Super Hellgun.

>> No.49624049

I love their big mech suits, fire warrior gear, hover-tanks woth big guns and their drones. Their aesthetic was the first thing that caught my eye when looking into 40k.

>> No.49624142

That's not what I'm asking at all. I'm asking why people say they look like Japanese mecha when they fucking don't.

>> No.49624162

God no, if you want to cheat just bring a hammer and smash your enemies troops instead.

Just rule a bunch of guardsmen with carbines with firewarrior rules.

>> No.49624292

Congratulations, you discovered the central dilemma of the book!

>> No.49624328

They didn't care because they were conditioned and drugged into not caring. Before they were even born. The world had stagnated entirely.

>> No.49624444


I just want to sneak in the IG rear guard where they keep their Deathstrikes and used it in a False Flag attack.

>> No.49624548

Well that's because the Rambo archetype is already backward, he's the one who fight more like Viet Cong to begin with except not dying.
But what about Viet-Kroots like in >>49612884

>> No.49624581

My faith in humanity dies a little when people pine for A Brave New World.

>> No.49624596

I like the concept more than the execution.

Their mecha aren't weeb enough either.

Even superior FW suits are making the best of a bad job.

>> No.49624666


That despite seemingly having all the trappings of a classic dystopian future, the setting of Brave New World is actually a pretty nice place to live and more or less a functional utilitarian society with enough human decency to still account for outliers in an agreeable fashion?

It's probably because I read it in highschool that I'm a bit confused by peers' interpretations of the book.

>> No.49624722

There have been short stories and a novella about that conflict.

The Tau ended up winning with the help of the Kroot. However, the Kroot tribe feasted on the Catachan and acquired their genetic memories and drives including their rebellious nature. The Kroot are implied to have rebelled against the Tau and taken the place of the Catachan's as the enemy on the planet.

>> No.49624762

The whole point is veneer. Hedonism and fitting in aren't all there is to human happiness, true happiness. Humans need some amount of struggle and pain, something to pit themselves against. It doesn't have to be war or anything negative, but we need something to strive for rather than perpetually just enjoying a Last Man-style society.

>> No.49624773


I'm not sure it's pining so much as recognizing that not all people are driven to succeed or base the quality of their life in terms of accomplishment and ambition. Some - perhaps even the majority - just want to live comfortably and with only enough difficulty to make leisure time more pleasurable. Is it okay to deny them that when it's both feasible and sustainable? BNW definitely seemed a post-scarcity society, after all - limits on availability were artificially enforced based on citizen class, if I recall, but everyone was conditioned to enjoy their own caste.

>> No.49624778

I'm building mine as dimiuge to get some sharper more empire sw lines in there prob gray and red just waiting on new steam dwarfs from aos to salvage kits and mix the kits use the steam golum as wrath knight and prob the jump packs as vespid drones with the skitari drone head dudes and a bunch of gene cult drills and scientific equipment for fire warriors and pathfinders they are basically choas dwarf tau that use drones to do everything so light build afue launching drones by hand like USMC and have them controlling gun drones on same base hardest thing will be to make standart tau droned look like a earlyer experimental demiurge version but hopefully lots of antine and little arms dragged along undearneth to make them look like starwars empire Stokes back one will work. For the fliers I'm using the gun wall disks and making them into huge dimurge UFOs with some necron bits to get the flat surfaces tau can be cool but their wider varient fluff just isn't explored yet because rick priestly never got time yo expand it. Copying stuff from gates of antaires is ptob the direction he wanted to tale because that rule sets basically tau 2.0 with d10s it was his effort a a imperium2 that was more open to kit bashing and gw wanted to keep 40k imperium vs xenos so he quit. Dreadfleet was prob just his effort to build ships he wanted he didn't care in the end was annoyed LOTR was 25mm and not 28 so no one could kit bash so he left. Its unsurpisong his last book was chaos dwarfs and the start of the endtimes for FW they where Hus army's tau and chaos dwarf and when they ditched them he left and his wife stayed to collect the inhereteence

>> No.49624818


Logan's Run is even more insidious. The only thing stamping on the human face is an idiot grin. There's no one at the top, even the computer has no will of its own and the creators are long dead and forgotten.

>> No.49624824

If you want a positive look at a post-scarcity society I recommend Star Trek, not Brave New World.

>> No.49624840


You've got a good point, but I think that's true only to a varying degree for any given individual. Some people are natural rebels, others are content to live placidly. Regardless, a world in which the biggest of societal woes is a lack of strife seems pretty damn good in my book. There was some degree of artificial struggle in the form of the encouraged inter-class jocularity and mostly-needless professions, too, if I recall.

>> No.49624864

Fucking Filthy Space Communists! I actually like them

>> No.49624894

>Humans need some amount of struggle and pain, something to pit themselves against. It doesn't have to be war or anything negative, but we need something to strive for rather than perpetually just enjoying a Last Man-style society.
Why? Who are YOU to decide what other people need or want?

>> No.49624921

You're retarded.

>> No.49624934


Does Star Trek illustrate the life of a stock-standard Federation citizen well? I admit I'm not too familiar with the setting as a whole. Wouldn't most of their administration be automated, meaning that the majority of bog-standard laborers are represented in service industries? Or is their post-scarcity taken to the degree that nobody actually needs to work unless driven to do so?

>> No.49624940

That's the whole point of Brave New World, is the government has decided on behalf of everyone that the only thing that matters is happiness, and anyone who disagrees are shoved off into little savage conclaves!

>> No.49624963

Fahrenheit 451 is another one of the style of Logan's Run and Brave New World.

>> No.49624978


I thought the Government asked people what they wanted and the people had responded "comfort and security," while those who didn't like it were given the reservations or were shipped off to the more liberal/eccentric communities to leave the main population stable. One of the two guys seemed pretty optimistic about getting sent to the colonies with their "similarly-enlightened" thinkers.

>> No.49624982

I think they are neat

>> No.49625013


Nobody likes Tau. Not even the people who play them.

>> No.49625055

Such a shitty book.

>> No.49625230

This discussion just reminded me, does anyone have that bit of fluff about a Catachan assault on a riptide or maybe some other suit, but I'm pretty sure it was a riptide where they start tearing up its joints with their combat ""knives""?

>> No.49625294


>> No.49625398

I liked them more when they first came out, when they relied more on air power and auxiliaries, instead of massive robot mechs. I love giant robots, but it feels like in focusing heavily on the riptide sized suits, they've missed a lot of oppurtunities for other army variants: tons of potential alien auxiliaries beyond just kroot and vespid, automated drone armies, expanded rules for guevesa would all be amazing.

>> No.49625412

Tau were vastly better back when the biggest suits were broadsides and they were not so overwhelmingly powerful in the fluff.

The Hammerhead should be their main frontline combat vehicle, not giant suits.

>> No.49625505

>Just play the game nigga, have fun. You're not actually a better person because you can make retards cry

That really ought to be included in the first page of the rulebook as a golden rule. I like the way you approach this.

>> No.49626145

I want kriegers to face of against the tau, forcing them into grueling wars of attrition.

>> No.49626468

I got into 40k after buying a secondhand starter force consisting of some fire warriors, vespids, and kroot auxiliary a couple years back. I've played casually with them but was really waiting for an expansion of auxiliaries like guevesa/demiurg before I got serious about it... Seems like all they're ever going to get are more mechs.

>> No.49626515


They're not my favorite army, but they're a perfectly good addition to the setting. I wish GW would keep adding actually new factions instead of just new branches of the Imperium.

>> No.49626668


Slaugth and Rak'gol armies when

>> No.49628389

At least the genestealers got new minis.

>> No.49628779

I would like Tau if they dialed the "We're so peaceful and tolerant and accepting" aspect of them down by about 20%.

What bothers me about modern Tau is that nothing really backfires for them. They constantly win big victories while losing extremely minor ones, and they never suffer any long-term consequences for actions that have doomed millions of other races.

The new Genestealer codex has a bit about how a Tau world got corrupted by Genestealers (because they, and I quote, viewed alien cultures with "tolerance and acceptance,") and it's heavily implied the massive cult uprising on the world was stopped by an infected Ethereal. THAT'S what I want to see - the naive ideals of the Tau running face-first into the Milky Way Galaxy and the Tau having to scramble to try and adjust to the insanely harsh reality of 40K.

As is, though, they just stick out like sore thumbs. The noblebright aspect of the Tau is an entirely valid (and I would argue it's even needed) perspective in 40k, but it can't just fly in the face of the established rules of the setting without suffering at least SOME major repercussions that all the other races have had to pay at some point in their existence.

>> No.49628854

>NEETS defending BNW

>> No.49628874

I don't mind the Tau. I believe they fit the 40K universe just fine and I actually like their aesthetic, especially their suits and the uniforms of the Fire Warriors. I don't much care for their auxiliaries because they contrast too much but they're tolerable. If I ever did a Tau army it'd be devoid of Vespid, Kroot or anything else though.

What really annoys me about them are the fans and the people that hate them. They cause more of a stir than anyone else.

>> No.49629111

THANK you, anon!

>> No.49629234


>> No.49629390

Don't worry anon, by how codex are coming back from death, a codex kroot doesn't look so far fetched now that cults are a thing, who knows perhaps GW is already working in one or even better a codex for all the tau auxiliaries kroot, vespid, niccassar and demiurg, without a single fucking giant robot

>> No.49629448

Sounds like Spess Wolfwolfwolfs

>> No.49629541

My god, genestealers are 40k skaven.

>> No.49629561

>It needs to be about 20% more aggressive
But yeah the Tau need a good asskicking every now and then, and then come to a totally wrong conclusion afterwords, like after they killed 'slaanesh'.

>> No.49629579

Tau would be badass if they dropped the act and started being more honest about their motives. Then they'd basically be the Principality of Zeon.

Or turn up the grimdark savagery up a notch and have them regress to their bloodthirsty ways. Then you'd get the Fire Warrior guy or Khornate Tau. Farsight Enclaves comes close but they still have that retarded "muh being the good guy" vibe.

>> No.49631071

I think that kinda removes the humor of the faction. New players coming in would just see another faction of berserker psychos, except with a japan-mecha theme. The whole Orwellian Greater Good is part of the shtick.

>> No.49631078

>What bothers me about modern Tau is that nothing really backfires for them. They constantly win big victories while losing extremely minor ones, and they never suffer any long-term consequences for actions that have doomed millions of other races.

That's the root of the problem with current Tau fluff there. They dont need to be more grimdark as a faction. They dont need to be brainwashing people, or sterilizing populations or turned into Space North Korea. They can exist as a naive, well meaning culture thats honestly pursueing the greater good. One thats thrown into a cold, cruel, unforgiving galaxy that echoes with the laughter of dark gods. THATS where the Tau's grimdark comes from.

The Imperium is ancient and vast, its been fighting the long defeat for millennia. There's no betrayal, no Eldar dickery, no Ork brutality, no Dark Eldar depravity, no mind raping lovecraftian existential horror from the warp that they havent already endured hundreds of times over. it may be new to individuals, but mankind has already weathered the worst the galaxy can throw at it.

The Tau though? The poor bastards have no idea whats lurking in the darkness. They dont know what horrors await them.

>> No.49631143

I wonder if all future societies will be as Brave New Worldish and alien to us, if we were ever to live in one. Just imagine a medieval peasant sent to today's world. You will hate the future as much it hates you.

>> No.49631260

The Tau are also suffering from getting too big. Their original small size raised the stakes in a setting where thats very hard to do. Every victory has huge, every defeat terrible. Genestealer cults? Ork Waaghs? Deldar Raids? Awakend tomb worlds? For the Imperium, thats tuesday.

For the Imperium, a clash with the Tau might be page 137 on a current events report on the regional sub-director's desk.

For the (old) Tau its fucking Stalingrad.

There's the potential for any event to be far more meaningful for (old) Tau than 90% of the shit that happens to other factions. Making them this large, rapidly growing empire loses that desperation.

>> No.49631324

I don't know how true that statement is, it's a very pessimistic angle. Modern society has all the medical/various scientific advances, true, but we also have things like instant global communication, freedom of information, and wide varieties of entertainment ranging from the deep to the vapid.

And we did this without the result of gene-engineering, or mandatory government drugs, or soylent green, or slavery. In fact our media serves as a sort of conceptual spring board that lets us test our ideas about the future to see what we like the look of or not (Gattica, Star Trek, Equilibrium, Road Warrior).

For all the bumps and near-extinctions, humanity has been on a solid upswing not just in terms of "oh we have all this fancy tech, time to sit back and do nothing" but rather figuring out what we really want as individuals and as a species.

>> No.49631387

There's also a degree of alienation and isolation that was unfound in previous societies. Before, you had your tribe, your village, or at least your neighborhood.

You never had so many people so connected, yet so alone as you have today. Even with comforts, ammenities and advances, somebody from era's past might very well find today horrifying

>> No.49631600

Wouldn't it be more interesting if they were psychotic barbarians without the influence of the ethereals? It would easily tie in with the standard tau lore as well, as they only really started advancing and stopped warring each other after the ethereals appeared. I think it'd be funnier, fit in with 40k grimdarkness more without actually making the tau empire itself more grimdark and adds another layer of brainwashing stuff to the faction.

Farsight sucks.

>> No.49631636

I don't think the faction needs more internal grimdark, they need to be good at jaxtaposing against more grimdark factions. There are already so many factions in 40k that are just naturally psychotic and manipulative.

>> No.49631676

Tau are really great, especially when you compare them alongside to the other factions.

>> No.49631697

>You never had so many people so connected, yet so alone as you have today

I'd respect that line of reasoning more if I hadn't heard it 1000 times. People still have plenty of meaningful social interaction, it's an integral part of our society. Individuals who are incapable of this are viewed with as much pity/discomfort as they always have been. As evidenced by /tg/, a board you'd think would be full to the brim with such "alone" "disconnected" people, yet have clear boundaries as to when someone shows up at a game session who clearly has no sense whatsoever of social conduct.

Also it's all optional. Sure, we use things like the internet a lot professionally, but nothing's stopping you and your friends from using your free time to go grab a smoothie and play some basketball, rather than be shut-ins (not saying you personally, just a conjecture)

>> No.49631816

But it's not really internal grimdark, more "yeah we were savages but then we got brainwashed by a superior race! Greater good woo!". It wouldn't change the "modern" tau empire in any way, other than making the loss of ethereals more serious.

That also gives us another reason for why it would fit into 40k well, the lore (and rules once upon a time) has the tau go a bit mental whenever an ethereal dies in battle, that could easily be framed as the mind control wearing off a little and bringing out their primitive psychotic side.

>> No.49631852

I dont think the Tau can be naive when it is clear that the Ethereals are someone's else agents. Sure, the average Tau will know nothing about the dangers out there. But the Etherals should know suspiciously more. Most Tau dont know about Chaos. The Ethereals do know.

>> No.49631880

I like the tau models, but fuck playing against them on the table. Anti-fun army to the extreme that creates assholes who think they are the best tacticians.

>> No.49631928

I love 'em. I think they work very well when they're played as a naive, Star Trek Federation-like faction that has wandered into the 40k verse and is about ten minutes from getting horribly fucked up.

I think they should be likable and pitiable in equal measure. They really think that friendship can beat the C'tan, or that tolerance and reason will destroy Chaos.
Through their tenacity, they manage to pull some victories off. They even look like they're winning. But this is a universe that is not kind to the naive, and they are headed towards some very, very hard choices in their near future.

Also, there should be *hints* of darkness with the Ethereals, but it should never be something as overt as mass sterilization and re-education camps. The Tau are refreshing as a faction whose average citizen would be horrified at news of war crimes, as opposed to the average Joe Imperial who goes to see a public burning once a week. The Ethereals can be pulling some nasty business in the shadows, but it can't be Space North Korea and all of the good stuff is just propaganda.
It has to hurt when the Tau fail, or become more and more like the Imperium to survive.
On fucking point anon.
The Tau I remember were significant because they gave the Imperium a bloody nose. They were a very big fish in a very small pond, impressive because they went toe-to-toe with the big dogs and came away standing. Not because they stomped all over a major faction, but because they survived when everyone before them would have generally gotten exterminated.
I loved a reference in an old White Dwarf to how the Tau are a faction who, upon encountering an ancient derelict space craft emitting a mysterious transmission, would probably split up into smaller teams to make searching it go faster.

>> No.49631995

Just because you hear something a lot, doesnt mean there's no merit to it.

While i cant remember a lot of specifics, I did a fair amount of reading on depression, alienation, isolation, ect back when my army bro's were killing themselves left and right.

I really dont want to go full /pol/tard, but there are some troubling trends in modern society. People reporting fewer close friends, less trust in their neighbors & communities. The prescription rate on antidepressants. Marriage & nuclear families being in shambles as institutions. The hikkimori phenoninom, which isnt just confined to Japan. ect.

We may be familiar with these things, and not see it as a big deal, but it could easily be seen as wrong and completely fucked by somebody from a different culture or earlier era.

>I loved a reference in an old White Dwarf to how the Tau are a faction who, upon encountering an ancient derelict space craft emitting a mysterious transmission, would probably split up into smaller teams to make searching it go faster.

I had forgotten about that blurb. Makes anyone familiar with space hulks go "oh fuck. No...."

>> No.49632123

Well then I consider the fact that I live in a time where debate is not stymied to be a boon.

>> No.49632782

This combine my feels about the tau.
It's hard to me to understand why someone likes the tau and W40k grimderp at the same time.
I like the tanks but the robots looks poor designed compared with other one settings and games.

The worst about them for me is their marysue status.

>> No.49632857


holy shit I think you're onto something here...

>> No.49633285

There was a Kroot-specific minidex back in the day. I put together an army for it. Basically the rules were focused around the Kroot developing adaptations based on what they'd eaten.

It was a really fun, really hard-hitting army, but man was it fucking made of tissue paper if ANYONE shot at it.

>> No.49633536

I like the Kroot.
I hope they become an independant army so one can play them without the blueberries attached.

>> No.49633549


Kroot and Tau stand as one.

>> No.49633944

I used to be indifferent towards them, but the 'super ultra mega super tacticians folded over 100 times who win when they lose' retardation from Warzone: Damocles has turned me off of them something fierce.

The OG Damocles Crusade was an interesting exploration of the Imperium discovering that the Tau were a lot more resilient than they first appeared, but they still kept the air of being small fish in a very big pond - especially since what ultimately caused the Crusade to be abandoned was a giant Tyranid invasion that required all hands on deck. The new stuff completely abandons that and seems to be trying to put them on the same level as the other major galactic powers, but it falls flat on its face because to do that they have to make the Imperium even more unbelievably retarded than it already is half the time.

>> No.49633992

Wouldn't 0 effort power gamers choose Eldar instead?

>> No.49634030

is this what I think it is

>> No.49634096

Gunline is extremelly boring no matter what kind of amy is forming ir - gunline guard and gunline crons aren't fun to play with or against either.

Enter Enclaves. Fuck fire warriors parked behind ADL with missilesides behind their backs and kroort snipers infiltratingin in the center of the table. Have everything mobile, jumping around cover, outflanking, deep striking. Fuck Riptide - get YVahra and gump on the enemy face with flamers. Fuck pathfinders - zip around with Tetra squadrons.

>> No.49634103

The Tau are the good guys. Shonen Good guys to be exact. They are the plucky new protagonist who grows stronger and learns after each fight and dazzles his/her friends and enemies with her/his hidden potential.

Also they are going to inherit the galaxy from humanity. They are in the same position relatively to humanity before the Fall. Humanity will have their fall (13th Black Crusade/Chaos Apocalypse) and the Tau will pick up the pieces.

That's their purpose in the setting.

>> No.49634156

Except the storyline would never progress beyon 999M41. And Q'orl are more likely candidats to inherti galactic superpower role after the Fall of Mankind

>> No.49634171


No codex, no relevance.

>Except the storyline would never progress beyon 999M41

Fantasy progressed.

40K rumors say that they will progress the setting and bring back the Primarchs. It began with the 13th Black Crusade series.

>> No.49634198

>Fantasy progressed.
No. Fantasy regressed.

>> No.49634211

Progressed to something marvelous.

>> No.49634221

Something pointless. Literally.

>> No.49634247

These thighs disagree.

>> No.49635279

They need a lot more client races protectorates vassal etc
While the Tau themselves are quite capable and have plenty of power its still not really enough to take on the imperium but if there power came from uniting all the scatter races they can find in the eastern fringe it makes more sense for them to be a galactic power in a short amount of time

>> No.49635622

You should work for GW if you think drivel like that is a good idea.

>> No.49636067

The kroots are more interesting than the tau.

There's a severe need of enforcing more auxiliaries, more blanche's influences in the design and way more grimderp.

Also sone fluff that don't make them restricted into an isolated and condensed sector of space where all of them live and where each loss could be so catastropgic that they have the biggest plot armor of the setting.

>> No.49636090

I love building and painting crisis suits, but I don't care about most of the other units. Maybe I'll find an excuse to use the models in my traitor guard army one day...

>> No.49636094


>> No.49636104

They could just reproduce, you know. Their life cycle is shorter than that of humans, and their reproduction rate is state-conrolled, combined with state-provided medical and educational servise to ensure the well being and health of their children. Seeing as positive-saldo reproduction is exponential, Tau can breed at alarming rate if they want to (i.e. Ethereal declare 4+ kids per female policy)

>> No.49636109

>40K rumors say that they will progress the setting and bring back the Primarchs
Kill me now

>> No.49636132

it has already begun

>> No.49636145

even then it still take time but if they also absorb other races orginizations and nations into the empire it allows them to grow more power full even faster

>> No.49636190


And adds new technologies to the bunch. Didn't they get their widespread Ion weapons from the Demiurg?

>> No.49636219

I like Tau. I play with them. I like their suits, their infantry, their tanks, their aircraft, their DoW buildings... they have th' 'clean future aesthetic' that I love.

I wish we had more options as Auxiliaries.

>> No.49636222

this is another thing new tech additions from the other people they bring in

>> No.49636265

But why?

>> No.49636411

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