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It is Khorne again edition

>General's Handbook pdf is up

>OP image album

Old thread:

New release when!!!

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What is the best thing I can buy to start death alliance?

I like spooky mix of vampire counts.

Which of the start collecting boxes is best to intro me into spoopy undead hyjinx?

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What units should I have for my high elf - empire collation?

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Depends on if you like Dem Bones or Spoopy Ghosts

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I like both but I have a mantic army box of 40 skeleboners 20 graveguards 30 zomboes and 20 ghoulies to work off atm.

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Royal warsphinx is one of the best death hero choices anyway. So that is a good start. Would you list what you got so we can help craft a list? Also if you know what your opponent has.

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Not super familiar with tomb kings units but a player at my lgs has bloodknights that he he chain buffs into oblivion, I play stormcast

Step 1. Deny the charge. Whatever you do they cannot charge you down unless you have a damn good save

Step 2. Don't swamp them in crap units, they heal when they kill things. Make them fight elites.

Step 3. Blood knights are expensive, using them cuts down on his model count. Killing the knights will hurt his army. Additionally he won't have much protection for his HVT units
Step 4.?????.

Step 5. Win!

I would recommend settra, the screaming skull catapult, some skelly warriors, big baddies like the giant and sphinxes. And a few other buff/debuff heroes you have access to. Also consider using carrion birds to deny his charge, their sacrifice will allow you to capitalize on a stationary enemy.

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Are there any special rules for AoS like Kill Team or tips for small point games (≤500pts)?

I want to run one with using Starter Set and Storm of Sigmar (probably the first one would be enough). I mean, I still want to play by using all of them but also want to try making a lists for pitched battles before I spend money on Khorne Bloodbound Start Collecting box to complete 1k pts list.

I tought about these lists for 500pts. Are they balanced enough?

Khorne Bloodbound
>Bloodsecrator ( x1)
>Bloodstoker ( x1)
>Blood Warriors (1 unit x 5 models)
>Bloodreavers (2 units x 10 models)
>Khorgorath ( x1)

Stormcast Eternals
>Lord-Relictor ( x1)
>Liberators (2 units x 5 models)
>Retributors (1 unit x 5 models)

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If I'm msu, are freeguild handgunners or xbows better?

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overall crossbowmen are the better choice
also, call me retarded if you like, but what is msu?

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Multiple Small Unit

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Generally, especially for 40k, there are 2 winning strategies.

The deathstar and MSU

Deathstars are a huge expensive super buffed destructive nigh invincible unit, which is the crux of your entire army.

MSU is multiple small units (or some say multiple scoring units) where the idea is just saturate your opponent with many many redundant small units and flood the board with targets.

Both have their pros and cons, and some armies favor one type over another.

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work might have to move me to germany soonish
> thank fuck i get to leave before brexit makes the country implode
is AoS and warhammer in general popular over there?

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thanks guys
yea still crossbows with a general in that case, but both only really start to shine in units of 30

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>muh brexit apocalypse predictions

Pretty much already proven wrong there, dumbass.

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I feel like 10 handgunners will be better honestly.
5 3 -1 rend seems bad at first compared to 4 4 rend on 6, but if they don't move it goes to 4, which is most likley going to be what is happening.
4" isn't going to make much of a difference anyways like your dick hauahuahauahauau
But yeah if you go to 20 or 30 xbows because with that many models you'll need all the range for them to hit.

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'sup /aosgen.
I went to an Aos tournament today. 1k points, general handbook rules.
I usually chill at my local GW because the players there are incredibly friendly, but wanted to broaden my views and meet some new players.
Its has been an horrible experience,
Horrible, horrible experience. Never saw so many Waac and Those Guys. they literally came out from every that Guy pasta from Aos memes, like, screaming bell+fateweaver bad.

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>It just says two dice roll unmodified, not specifically two d6

Any tournament that allows this shit doesn't deserve you anyway, anon.

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see your point there
but jokes on you
I dont have a dick

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sword or axe for a daemon prince?
also is there any reason not to give him wings?

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could we have some more detail from this day?
sounds like a story

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you have no idea, and thanks for the support.
I was skeptic on all those That Guy stories, and i was shocked when they came to reality
They came literally from pastas
Obese manchildren with filthy, greasy neckbeard, complete with fucking edgy Anonymous shirts and fedoras
one guy argued he could do a skill ad infininitum because, and I really mean it, "the rules don't state i don't". Im not kidding. he fucking said it, multiple times. And people defended him. in the end i stopped arguing because the retard was becoming offensive and i didn't want to lose my temper over a fedora idiot in a game store.
On another game i activated Inspiring presence. the guys said the next turn "you can't prove it happened". it led to my defeat(skaven, lol). Another guy began to chat about unrelarted things(not even aos) with me while his opponent was moving, and the oppoent snapped with "ITS A TOURNAMENT, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHAT".
Evveryone was so focused in winning(with the grand prize of less than 100 bucks...)that they forgot to have fun. A guy bought his army just so he could exploit a bad wording in the rules, and protested when a few guys pointed out it was literally cheating.
bad experience overall. Im okay with a little competition but the guys here were insane.
In the end I bought Krosmaster 2.0 just to give a sense to my whole trip there.
>also is there any reason not to give him wings?
because you don't like their look.
but in the end no, there's no reason not to have wings.

Also, unrelated thing: anyone have some experience on bringing miniatures on an airplane? I'm going on a trip to Notthingam and it seems just right to bring some Aos love there.
i have magnetize bases and I usually carry them in metal tins.

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>the rules don't state i don't"
"the rules don't state I can't"
sorry for the typo
it was crazy tho

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you used a command ability and he said that you cant prove that you used it?
what did he want you to write it down? get the csi team to analyze the cctv?

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What are the differences between the stonehorn and thundertusk?

Which one should I use for what rider?

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One of the biggest things with my local club is that we made a rule "no podium prizes" this means at all of our events AOS, 40K and 30K the only prize for winning is a dinky certificate or tiny trophy, all the real "prizes" are for painting and sportsmanship or raffles. This has butt devastated the faggot brigade that trolls around events in our city and we now have such a awesome dude turn out at our events and the aspie that guys are shunned, it is glorious. I can't recommend no podium prizes events enough.

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> holy shit stormcast art that actually looks good


>> No.49610397


>One of the biggest things with my local club is that we made a rule "no podium prizes"
I know, right? At GW we play with no money, just for fun, and everyone's(well, almost everyone, some 40k players are still assholes)is a complete bro. Last time he gave us for winning a certificate with fake blood hand prints on it, and I think he's doing gold, silver and bronze statues using the promo stormcasts for the next one.
I will never move again from that place lol.
there is a LOT of good stormcast art.
In 4chan you only see the shit tier ones, and "aos art is bad"is mostly a meme.It has high and lows, as fantasy and 40k do.

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Reminder that there will likely be Steamhead Duardin vs Grot Sky Pirates in the future.

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More art for the art gods

>> No.49610460

lgs? HVT?

their charge is crazy ... they get D3 damage on it ...

definitely using carrion and a royal warsphinx!

fck i hope im not too late ... i am using the royal warsphinx


Royal Warsphinx – 340;
+1 to wound if line of sight (Command), roll D6 if > or = to unit size D3 mortal W on charge, Master of Black Arts (wizard now), Cloak of Mists and Shadow (teleport 12’’ from original location and 3’’ from enemy, once), DO NOT FORGET 8’’ FIERY ROAR
Liche Priest – 120; heal Warpshinx D3 wounds on 6+
Casket of Souls – 160; +1 casting for Liche if 18’’, can unbind
Necrotect – 100; double shoot SSC, DEATHRATTLE 8’’ gets 3’’ extra move and re-roll to wound of 1.

2 x 3 Skeleton Chariots – 280; these guys can shoot … 2 shots a piece
30 Skeleton Warriors w/ Blade – 240; with hand weapon, state in beginning of game

Screaming Skull Catapult – 120; -2 Bravery even if enemy doesn’t take damage

Royal Warsphinx
Casket of Souls

3 Ushabti – 120

notes are just for me in the game so i dont forget shit... still have 520pts left

my opponent will be using most likely vargheists, flayers, crypt ghouls & horrors, blodo knights of course, vampires (on an abyssal terror too) etc

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eh fair enough
i do hope the celestial vindicators replace the golden twats as the poster boys, kinda like the dangles are doing in 40k
they seem to have the best stories, best characters and best art

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napoleon on the righ tbe like 'mec, ce que le baiser est cette merde?"

>> No.49610562

> go forth smelly hobo, durthu's not that tough

>> No.49610960

If the grot sky pirates carry over the Orky, cobbled together vehicle aesthetics I will buy the entire range to go with my Ironjawz.

I'm so happy that I can collect an army of great Orky minis and play them in a game without being ass-blasted off the table.

>> No.49611082

"What the fuck is that shit" = "C'est quoi ce bordel"
It's not a literal translation, but it's what us french use instead of "wtf is that shit"

please don't ever write "mec, ce que le baiser est cette merde?" ever. Yes it's that ugly.

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Where abouts was the tourny? They sound like die hard wfb and 40k grognards that all turned to aos. Its a shame this game is all they have that they focus so much on winning like it somehow validates them.

No idea about miniatures on a plane, i would think it would be ok but who knows these days. As long as you dont bring a hobby knife, but then maybe they think you can mix the glue from your miniatures into an explosive paste to rain down toy soldiers over the skies of engerland.

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I was hoping there was going to be a space marine in the background, pretty dissapointed anon.

>> No.49611361

Sorry lol
Used to be quite good at french as well, shamefull display

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Bases for my Skaven. My choices are
>Full scrap yard, Clan Skyre that steals everything they can salvage to repurpose
>Wooden plank boards, counts as Clan Skurvy
What do you guys think?

>> No.49611576

The thing that gripes me about that art is the Relictors head is way to small, it looks like he's got an actual skeleton head

>> No.49612154

Would any of those fit with the mats/table you play usually?

>> No.49612175

Oh shit son, what are you doing?
Chariots needs to be one unit of 6 to get the most out of their refusal to die.
Less of your bros will die if you use Deathless minions for a 5+ ward save, though I love the trollishness you can do with a teleporting warsphinx.
More big blocks of skeletons and some ranged game will help you. Try to get the drop on those blood knights at range to negate their cc prowess. Another block of skellymans with spears to get more attacks out of them and a batch of archers (preferably 20 for double shots) will do good imo.

>> No.49612200

And a minus bravery debuff won't work so well against undead, consider exchanging it for some more skellymen blocks or archer cav.

>> No.49612336

Scrap yard all day everyday.

>> No.49612349

Are there any Grand Alliance PDFs/scans yet?

>> No.49612365


Both inferior lesser clans who fled-scurried from the Horned one's warp-light.

The best battleground's are those built upon the foetid half-decomposing corpses of the Great Corruptors enemies

Get a real Clan, flea-biter. Join-seek Pestilens today!

>> No.49612499

thanks for the input ... a -2 bravery would drop the bloodknights to 8... hopefully kill a model .. 7. A failure on battleshock is more likely now.

So you're saying i should be running more infantry units, along with a bunch of archers?

>> No.49612576

Get necropolis knights

>> No.49612605

nigga i cant...got the game this weekend coming up

any other tips, m'lady?

>> No.49612716

Grand Alliances pdf will never be a thing.

Those are just the same pdf you can find on the website, just printed (which, honestly, is extremely cheap).

>> No.49612814

>Not using Technology to kill-zap your enemies
Plebeian clan right there

>> No.49612991

>Advocating tech-heresy

Let's see your machines fix-mend a broken jaw, Skryre-worm.

>> No.49613087

More KNIGHTS! Deus Vult!

>> No.49613111

Also banner is useful, keep it close. You also want the sphinx with the arm blades, he wrecks.

>> No.49613122

i dotn have them :(

is there another way i can DEUS VULT to beat disgusting VC?

>> No.49613140

nice trips ... which banner are you referring to? the herald?

>> No.49613154

Khalida is a good hero to hold with Archers. Also your tomb guard are better than his graveguard

>> No.49613164


>> No.49613169

>regenerate one additional model

>> No.49613170

really? why is that?

do you think i should run khalida then? heroes so far were: royal warpshinx, necrotect, liche, casket

>> No.49613183

ok ... just which playing style should i go and with which units? i NEED to beat this guylol

>> No.49613224

The base stats are just better imo. Not as deadly as stormvermin with an extra attack, an additional point of rend and 6s dealing double dmg, rerolling ones to hit and being immune to battleshock, but with the right buffs, anything is good.

Give me a couple of minutes and I can get you a list.

>> No.49613244

ok, thanks bud.

>2000pts AOS Gen. Handbook
>Tomb Kings only
>Do not have Necro Knights or Necrosphinx </3

thanks a lot

>> No.49613290

What is your total collection

>> No.49613298

Specifically archers

>> No.49613321

I am goign to be guessing here but ... 20 to 30? I am able to run my skeleton warriors as archers too, we're not too stringent in my group

>> No.49613361

Can you run your royal sphinx as a necrosphinx?

>> No.49613383

naa they wont be that lenient lol

>> No.49613390

ALRIGHT, still need your collection

>> No.49613396

its 2000pts so im scared of seeing crazy shti like zombie dragons and terrorghiest

>> No.49613421

You will. Thankfully your shit is undead so it has bravery 10 all around. What models do you have, so I can write this thing out.

>> No.49613443

you asked only for archers... but sure, i dont have much ....

1 Khalida
30-40 warriors/archers
30-40 tomb guards
3 ushabti
1 tomb scorpion
1 warsphinx
20-30 tomb guards
1 tomb king on foot
1 tomb king in chariot
1 necrotect
1 liche priest
1 liche priest mounted
1 casket of souls
3 carrion
4 tomb swarms (useless)
7-8 skeleton horsemen/archer
5 or 6 Chariots

what else ... pretty much that's it?

Shame for me that I only have 3 ushabti lol ... they went from awful to best unit lol

thanks for the help man, i appreciate it.

>> No.49613452

i put tomb guards twic elol ... just say about 30-40 tomb guards

>> No.49613509

can you run the tomb king in chariot as settra?

>> No.49613535

cuz you really need settra.

>> No.49613536

fuck ... i would like to but i dont think they'd be ok with that ...

i hea rsettra is amazing now, huh?

>> No.49613544

see my painful reply....

>> No.49613580


>> No.49613583

Has anyone tried to paint their tree-revenants in black and white and clip out the leaves for a trve kvlt black metal aesthetic?

cause I feel that's where their true potential lies.

>> No.49613597

ya i know .. he's essentially a god now lol

>> No.49613628


>> No.49613638

lol i know haha ya he's good bro XD

>> No.49613644

Sigmarines look amazing when they're by themselves, but look like shit when there's several of them side by side.

>> No.49613656


>> No.49613676

The fuck does ebin folkbenis neckbeard garbage have to do with trve kvlt BM?

>> No.49613718

still making a list with the shti i have?

>> No.49613778

List first, strats later.

General: High Queen Khalida-120pts
-Trait: Ruler of the Night
Lord: Royal Warsphinx-340
-Artifact: Tomb Blade
Lord: Liche Priest

20 Skeleton Archers -200
20 Skeleton Archers -200
6 Chariots -280

20 Tombguard 320
20 Tombguard 320
1 Screamingskull Catapult 120

>> No.49613843

Lord? Bitch we 8th edition still?

Lol thanks for the list... ill await your perfect strategy

so i guess no necrotect for double tapping with SSC? And no ushabtis huh?

>> No.49613860

I'll give you a second option in a sec

>> No.49613884

i like that list desu. ok but please tell em what its supposed to do lol


>> No.49613887

yo /tg/ restarting up on AoS for a league at my FLGS we're starting from 750 pts

hows my list looking
Thorek Ironbrow (140)
Kraggi (20)

Dwarf Warriors x 10 (100)
- Shield & Double Handed Dwarf Axe
Longbeards x 10 (140)
- Shield & Great Axe
Thunderers x 10 (120)
- None


War Machines
Cannon (180)

Dispossessed Artillery Battery (40)

Total: 740/750

>> No.49613958

Heres how you form, since you never told me if you guys were doing deathmatch or a battleplan.

You want khalida's buff on archers, catapuls, and use your tombguard to tarpit his shit. Sweep in with your chariots and use your warsphinx's Tomb Blade to heal itself and/or the chariots/tombguard. Keep your shooting buffed, and you should have him withered down in a few turns.

If theres an objective, the chariots are your fetchers/contesters

>> No.49613975

Also, he doesnt have shooting. Use that to your advantage

>> No.49613991

He doesnt.

thanks breh, i am going to assume to keep khalida out of combat? And the trait you gave her is the 5+ save?

>> No.49614007

yeah the 5++

>> No.49614022

Now i should essentially wait back and fuck him up as much as I can? how should I run chariots... 3X2?

>> No.49614042

You said you had a second option? this one is quite interdasting though

>> No.49614048

chariots are 3x2, but if you are running for the objective, move up your block, but set up your tomb guard into the sides of your archers, like an L shape.

>> No.49614112

Yeah if its objective base, you should switch the chariots for skelehorsemen and use those to distract him. Use the remaining points in your 3 carrions to litterally cockblock him. Keep them flying high the whole time, but preventing enemy units from passing through (His bloodknights, skeles, shit that can't fly) since he can't move things within 3 inches of an enemy model.

>> No.49614121

Sorry its just a normal death match...

Sooo my TG are shaped as an L around my Archers?

Do you think those Archers are enough to whittle down the blood knights and monstrous shit coming my way?

Which units should I prioritize?

>> No.49614153

Kill the bloodknights with everything you've got, then worry about other stuff, or charge them first, and don't worry about them for the rest of the game.

>> No.49614173

KEK alright. 80 attaxks at 4+ should do the job, i hope...

Any tips on my magic? Which spells? On whom? Etc

>> No.49614220

List over by 20 pts... Fuck what can I remove

>> No.49614270

>Implying your smelly ass will be in range after being shot-zapped by my Storm Fiends
Top Kek

>> No.49614345

So I'm doing the math and can a 30 skeleton unit with the support of a Wright King w/ Infernal Standard, a Necromancer, and the Death Command Ability + Ruler of the Night potentially take out Archeon in a single charge?

>> No.49614351

To make it 1980 i can drop one unit to 10 tg and then throw in 2 Ushabti

>> No.49614385

First of 9 Stormfiends, airbrush died so I've got to wait a bit to start my next babies.

>> No.49615111

They're gonna batch about 20 pts?

>> No.49615133

Bitch *

>> No.49615227

What's the basis of a skyre list? I bought the sc box for a local warlords group and made the screaming bell and warp cannon. I was thinking a few mobs of stormvermin, 1-2 units of fiends, and some clanrats to round out the weapon squads. Seem reasonable?

>> No.49615266

If you only roll Skryre, your Stormfiends become battleline. There's no reason not to use them. Pump out mortal wounds and watch your opponent refuse to play you.

>> No.49615390

Well I don't want to be unplayable lol, but I figure with the limitation of warlords I won't be able to get 3 units of fiends. Plus how good are fiends in practice? They have an awesome scroll but can they really afford to be battle line troops?

>> No.49615666

For 1000, run one unit, and a unit of acolytes.

>> No.49616623

For the Lady!

>> No.49617308 [DELETED] 



>> No.49617332


>> No.49617884

If I want to summon something when using the point system I know that I need to "put away" those points. But do I need to follow the min/max amount of what types of units to bring?
For example: I have 2 leaders on 1000p game, does that mean I cannon summon a daemon price or any other daemon with the hero trait.
Or am I just limited to battle line daemons?

>> No.49617948

treat it like deep strike reserves in 40k/30k. You buy the unit and then it comes on later in this case via your summoning spell.

>> No.49618028

You can. Points put away can be spent on any type of unit.

>> No.49618085

Ok thanks for the info

>> No.49618402

Are chaos spawns any good? I am planning on buying some, mainly because I like how you can just build them any way you can.

>> No.49618709

they're actually quite good, sometimes the random attacks thing can fuck you over but most of the time they're an excellent choice

>> No.49620101

What you guys tell me about your armies/character/your dudes?

>> No.49620228

The bloodhorn herd hails from a region of scroched woodlands in the realm of beasts known as "The Ash Woodlands".
The herd is ruled by Kraagarr Twinblade, and the bray shaman Gorax Spirithorn. Kraagarr and his herd has also made use of a long forgotten and ruined keep as a base.
A freeguild watchtower has been built near the forest and is equipped with a fire beacon to alert the nearby human kingdoms if there are movement inside the Ash Woodlands.

Would you like to know more?

>> No.49620456

Sure, why did you pick a free guild city as your main antagonist?

>> No.49620495

Becuase one of my friends that I play the most against is playing as freeguild (empire).

>> No.49620535

But we still have Ogors, tomb kings, Vamp counts, and chaos warriors (and possibly some shadowblades in the future)

>> No.49620662

>>move to Germany to escape supposed UK economic collapse
>>Deutsche Bank folds and bankrupts Germany


>> No.49621315


>9 stormfiends

I hope you die too

>> No.49621545

I'm brand new, never played AoS before, are they really as bad as the internet says?

>> No.49621679

Which is generally better worth their points, the celestial hurricanum or the luminark of hysh?

>> No.49621742


Depends how you build them


Hurricanum is legit auto take in most order lists but the luminark is quite good tko

>> No.49621886

Is the mage worth it?

>> No.49622364


The Mage doesn't cost any points, it just takes an extra leader slot

So absolutely

>> No.49622390

What's the way to build them? Grinder,warpfire, doomflayer?

>> No.49622492

This is wrong. You set points aside, during the game you buy models from your summoning pool, meaning you can summon in whatever you want from your collection, for whatever seems best for the situation.

>> No.49622891

What do you guys do when you make a list? Like ratio of infantry to ranged to cav to heroes to monsters to archers?

>> No.49623039

I set a theme for my army, usually some type of fluff backstory. And then build a balanced force around that type of story. I usually have serious WAAC lists and fun casual lists for fluffyness.

1. What is my backstory? What is my armies strength/weakness?
2.What do I want to do with this army?
3.what am I missing?
4.what models do I like?
5. Finish!

Steps 2-3 let me create a force that can be competitive against other players using similarly powered lists and the other steps let me make an army that I enjoy the look and flavor of, which I think is important

Waac list steps
1. What do my opponents play?
2.what are my best units?
3.what compliments them?
4. Am I balanced or one dimensional?
5. Do I have any extra points?
6. Triumph table vs. Another unit
8. Playtest and repeat 1-7

>> No.49623234

Man if you and an opponent would have to go through all of this, the table at any store would already be taken. This looks, specialy the is it balanced part, like a mulitple days of talking, unless you can strongarm someone in to playing the way you want.

>> No.49623273

I build my army before I ever get to the table or I build it over time, I don't tailor my list to my opponent on gameday. I know most of the players at my flgs so we all have an idea of what we bring.

Did you think I stand there with 500+ models in a box and painstakingly select each one in the shop?

>> No.49623330

Does anyone know what the skulkers of runestruck pass battalion gives? I can't find the rules for it anywhere

>> No.49623722

So I am making a super casual 1000 pt list, but I don't want to be wiped every game, how do I improve this

Celestial Hurricanum with Battlemage: 320

2x10 Freeguild Handgunners: 200

Organ Gun: 120

2x gyrobombers: 160

>> No.49623773

Oh, and 200 pts for 3 demigryph knights

>> No.49624526

Brand new retarded nurgle list for 1k:

--Herald with Favor of gods and great destroyer
--20 plaguebearers x2

--3 plague drones
--1 soul grinder with talon.

>> No.49625507

So that Steamhead Duardin rumour that had been doing the rounds, is that still on the table or has it been busted to pieces?

>> No.49625628

No busting yet. There are 2 separate rumors for it. One is that steampunk dwarfs are coming, and the other was it was supposed to happen in september. Obviously the latter has been busted, so we only know some guy saw sprues and thought squats were coming back, but then took a closer look and saw they were for aos.

We likely wont see them until spring of next year, because it's all 40k and 30k right now for the forseeable next couple months.

>> No.49626388

that's actually pretty uber, with the exception of maybe the Organ Gun. x10-20 Swordsmen w/ shields or Duardin Ironbreakers or some Stormcast Liberators (Prime w/ GrandHammer) could be handy to screen your Handgunners/hold/assault an objective.

A GunMaster with a MW Long Rifle to keep an eye on your Organ Gun while taking some sniper shots would be handy, as would a Life Wizard and another spellcaster, like a Beast Wizard to Mystic Shield then cast the +1 to Wound spell on them once they're in combat.

A Steam Tank is well worth its points & would fit in with your Ironweld theme. Google Nuln Province if you want your paint-scheme to evoke the Old World-that-was.

A Freeguild General on Griffon with the Rend-2 Hammer is also well worth his points and is a majestic yet affordable model.

Shit, this is super-competitive advice . . .

>> No.49626455

Clarification: cast Wildform on your DemiGryph's, & Mystic Shield whatever is stuck in deepest.

Lifesurge is great to cast on the Steam Tank or General on Griffon once they get in the thick of it--always prioritize Monsters/Hurricanum/big things with a Damage Taken tables for heals, as it also replenishes their effectiveness.

>> No.49626636

It's in the Balance of Power campaign book.

>> No.49627244

>We likely wont see them until spring of next year, because it's all 40k and 30k right now for the forseeable next couple months.

Blagh, really?

Please tell me the 40K spam will at least continue pumping out interesting armies like the current Cults rather than spam more muhreens.

>> No.49627279

We can at least expect plastic custodes in a new BaC box set.

But remember AoS got an entire summer of releases, now 40k is getting the winter, then it will resume for AoS again in the summer.

>> No.49628567

For reference, all the rumours told us we would be getting Sylvaneth in June.

The leaks are often a mixed bag in which the contents are accurate, but the timing isn't.

Next months White Dwarf comes with a download for Grombrindal in Warhammer: Total War, so it is possible it may be a Dwarf themed issue, which would make a Dwarf release this month/next month somewhat likely.

>> No.49628604

>Next months White Dwarf comes with a download for Grombrindal in Warhammer: Total War, so it is possible it may be a Dwarf themed issue, which would make a Dwarf release this month/next month somewhat likely.
Don't count on it, because the feature of that issue is the new BaC box.

>> No.49628663

>Get home from work to see my Gorechosen arrived
>So hyped for the new minis that I painted one completely before realized I forgot to prime them and how off the paint job looked

Enthusiasm is a hell of a drug

>> No.49628732

My sides.

>> No.49628834

Working on scourge privateers
And lost all motivation

Should i just sell my soul to davy jones' paint brush or watch pirate movies while painting

>> No.49628860

Listen to pirate shanties while playing

>> No.49630697

So I havent touched a miniature wargame since I was 12. I want to play age of sigmar really badly.

What is a decent army for sylvaneth 1000pts? Can i bring in other units from non sylvaneth? I've beeb trying to read up on the general rules but I wanted to know what you guys think.

>> No.49630796

You can mix any Order armies with sylvaneth, but you generally want to stick with the same. Usually there are special rules that only affect units with a certain keyword.

>> No.49630799

>Can i bring in other units from non sylvaneth?
Yes. Just keep within the Order grand alliance, so no chaos, death, or destruction models. Keep in mind, however, in doing this you cannot claim the sylvaneth allegiance and all the benefits therein, only the grand alliance order allegiance.
>I've beeb trying to read up on the general rules but I wanted to know what you guys think.
Try and find some players near you at a gamestore and ask for a demo game. They can teach you how the game plays and you can get an idea of what sylvaneth models you want based on looking at their rules.

>> No.49630839

Just watched a fun match of 3v3 hero characters using AoS rules. Does AoS encourage this kind of skirmish level of play? The only time I enjoy moving models separately is at skirmish sized teams (entire warband is 7-12 models). Infact, that's half the reason why I don't enjoy 40k.

>> No.49630867

Can you clarify what you mean? AoS can be played at very small scale, like only 2 units and a hero, also pdf related was a thing, which is pretty much kill-team AoS

>> No.49630941

are you talking about those battle reports miniwargaming did where they had like 3 heroes per team and they fought each other in a ladder system to see who would come out on top?

Yeah, AoS can do games like that with very little houseruling. It would be considered under the open play style.

>> No.49630955

That is exactly what I was meaning, skirmish kinds of rules where you can use different models in a small team. Nice to know AoS supports Warband sized games too.

>> No.49630985

AoS is a game that can scale down as well as scale up very easily without needing to do significant houseruling or changing of the core rules. It's actually pretty elegant.

>> No.49631073


Thanks for the tip, theme I'm going for is nuln color scheme with new dwarven and magi advisors, would like to stay away from stormcast.

I was considering Ironbreakers instead of demigryphs, but figured the extra mobility would be good.

Would I want to swap out the hurricanum for a gunmaster, life wizard, and general?

>> No.49631208

What's the best General for a Khorne bloodbound army? They're a buff centric army so I'd assume it's the one with the best command ability but I need to know which

>> No.49631259

Archaon the Everchosen

Aspiring deathbringer gives an extra attack in a small bubble around him

If you're running Chaos Knights, Chaos lord on Daemonic mount.

Make sure you have a bloodsecretor, whatever you do.

>> No.49631293

so the juggernaut and mighty lord are no good?

>> No.49631385

they're good, i'd just rather run the others. Juggernaut doesn't perform as well as you would think.

>> No.49631746

Which would make the best gift for someone's birthday? My go to is valkia since the person REALLY likes that model but it's eternally out of stock

>> No.49631897

Shop for it on EBay, it's too great of a model to pass up. I'd try as hard as I could if I were you.

>> No.49631990


>> No.49632193

>wanted to start TK in 7th when all their new models came out
>didn't have the money then
>shop closes
>years pass
>new shop opens
>AoS looks fun
>TK are discontinued

Fuck this gay earth

>> No.49632203

I did manage to find a SHITLOAD of derppernaut lords. Shame there 40k

>> No.49632680


>> No.49633080

Mfw I had to buy my entire bretonnia army second hand or from china

>> No.49633317

Almost the same, but I had a 1000 point army for whfb, and found a Green Knight for normal price in an old bookshop. All I need (or want, really) now is some grail knights, questing knights and the fat enchantress. I know that the bookshop had the enchantress as well, but it's in another city many hours away. I hope they got some other oop stuff as well.

>> No.49633510

Call them and ask them to save it for you

>> No.49633791

Well, I'm trying of getting rid of mine, so if you live in Europe...

>> No.49633845

Nope, US. Damn. You have stuff I like.

>> No.49634262

demi-g's @ Move 10" are decent mobility for sure.

Depends on the game size & other factors, but I would advise having more than a single melee unit--give your opponent more than 1 thing to fight!! A FG Gen. on Griffon would look nice on the field alongside the demi-G's, don't you think?? Also either a squad of allied Ironbreakers or a Steam Tank to defend your gunline . . .

>> No.49634373

Anny good tier sylvaneth army on 1000pk vs. Chaos-nurgle??

>> No.49634415

I got a Fey enchantress, 5 questing and a King leoun for about 20 usd from China, 7/10 quality wise.. Pretty good deal IMO...now I got all The different Bretonnia Lords ready.
I actually played TGK in a tournament a few weeks ago, he did better than you'd expect

>> No.49634963

Wargamingroom has some, just create an account

>> No.49635009

In matched play (that is the version with points), you can only take models from the same Grand Alliance, so you can use any Order model with Sylvaneth, however this has some downsides.

Namely, it prevents you from having the "Sylvaneth" allegiance for your army, which lets you able to pick spells from their own lore of magic for your wizards, as well as giving your general a special Sylvaneth only command ability, and access to Sylvaneth only magic items.

There is an exception to this of course, and that is if the non-sylvaneth unit is part of a Battalion (for example, the Gnarlroot Wargrove battalion lets you take a single Order Wixard), then the Sylvaneth Allegiance is not broken, and it still counts.

>> No.49635051

Also have been playing Brets, a few things to remember:
>tar pit and hold objectives with men at arms
>knights of the realm are seriously underwhelming if they don't get the charge, and if they are less than 10. You need the 2 attacks, and everything seriously lacks rend.
>run archers with the paladin, 5+ to hit as a baseline just won't output the damage you need it to.
>King Louen is great, but his best attribute is the immune to battleshock, so keep him alive and kicking ass.
>Last time I ran the trebuchet, I wasted 220 points. Not a single point of damage.

>> No.49635097

Havent gotten around testing louen yet. He seems a bit squishy. i find The kotr 16 man squad pretty gud, especially with The 5+ Fnp from a damsel.
Yeah I often find The trebuchet under performing but im going to test it with The peasant formation for reroll 1s to wounds

>> No.49635554

While I wait for the green stuff to dry on my new Herald, I realize I didn't give a name to my Host of Slaanesh yet.

>search wiki for names for Heralds
>find "Lustfury"

Post you armies with their name for inspiration.

>> No.49635836

Use the Path to glory name generator

>> No.49635857

Also, here is a previous post of mine where I tell about about my beastmen army >>49620228

>> No.49636044

What this guy said. I have the Path to Glory on me at the moment, so if you want to roll up a name go a head.

>> No.49637114

Easily the best AoS art there is. Nothing can top it.

>> No.49637407

I don't know man, this one is my favorite.

>> No.49637432

Anyone wants to have some names rolled for their chaos characters? I have nothing better to do at the moment.

>> No.49637523

If GW asked you to do a 2nd pass of the point values in the Generals Handbook what would you change?

>> No.49637558

Stormfiends now cost 360, up from 300
Retributors now cost 260, up from 220
Kroak now costs 360, down from 540

Reinforcement units cost 50% less

>> No.49637747

reinforcements costing 50% less is a terrible idea. if they do that, they would have to remove the summoning spell from some of the warscrolls or doubling their points costs at least, because then you would be looking at half-price mournghouls or other levels of retardation. Summoning in the GHB is fine as is.

>> No.49638030

This. Summoning is good as it is.
>pick what works best for the moment, defensively or offensively.
>keep your glass cannon unit safe until perfect time to shoot load.

>> No.49639056

There may be good news. Maybe. This rumour does come from Faeit, who if you don't know just throws everything at the wall to see what sticks, so we'll have to see.

>> No.49639234

I will enter a trance of ecstasy if Bretonnia come back made to order.

>> No.49639321


>post yfw AoS is doing so well they bringing back the old line they squatted

>> No.49639621

I'm not exactly going to be upset I can finish my Tomb Kings.

>> No.49639802

clearly this will be in metal thou. or FW resin. would love some resin tallerns

>> No.49639916


Price worries me, here. If they charge $35 for something mass produced, just imagine mto.

>> No.49639934

Alright aos gen, although this may be more of a question for /wip/ rather than here I'm pretty sure you all know more about dragons. So I'm converting a female vampire Lord on zombie dragon and want to see which you think looks better. With her as in this pic, or the next I will post.

>> No.49639958

Or this one, she would be a bit lower after I remove the spines

>> No.49640201

Second one. Less 'drive me closer' more regal, as a proper aristocrat should be.

>> No.49640494

I would love this

I could finally collect a Tomb Kings army with my 50% staff discount

>> No.49640585

From GeeDubs? If so, show proofs

>> No.49640619

its not really a secret that gw employees get 50% off

>> No.49640659

If this is true I really want to see the faces of those who have spent way too much on necrosphynxs off of ebay

>> No.49640832

Sweet. This >>49631746 guy could get his valkia

>> No.49641054

As seraphon, what's the best use of a bastiladon?

>> No.49641120

give it mystic shield and a rerollable save (skink priest or thunderquake starhost), equip it with an ark of sotek and throw it into the enemy army, spit snakes

your enemy wont be able to kill a 2+ rerollable save that ignores rend and every turn you deal a bunch of mortal wounds

or use it as an artillery piece with the solar gem in conjuction with a stegadon and snipe units as they come to you, then charge when they get close

>> No.49641168

I've been doing some reading on AoS because I really prefer the single unit per base to the formation per base in WHFB, but I have some questions.

How do you keep the game balanced with no point system?

How has the game done financially, or has it been seen in tournament play?

How are the novels compared to WHFB / The End Times? This setting seems notably less dark. Not that thats bad but I'm just curious.

>> No.49641286

>How do you keep the game balanced with no point system?
You and a like minded friend have a conversation and gauge what you feel is a balanced or exciting game. You may not want to go for balance and try something like a small elite squad of dudes trying to survive against an enumerable horde of mooks for 3 turns type scenario. But if you two just want the best balance, just play matched play from the GHB.
>How has the game done financially, or has it been seen in tournament play?
It picked up some momentum slowly for a while, then it really shot through the roof in popularity after the GHB. Now there are several tournaments ran in the UK and europe, and in the US the ITC has picked it up and tracked rankings. So it's definitely doing well right now. But this all varies with your local meta of course. Whether there is a local hatred toward it or openness depends on the crowd.
>How are the novels compared to WHFB / The End Times? This setting seems notably less dark. Not that thats bad but I'm just curious.
There is a difference in tone between WHFB and AoS. WHFB was more of a dark fantasy/swords and sorcery, and AoS is more of an epic or high fantasy setting. But there is plenty of darkness in it. Just read the Flesh Eater Courts battletome. But right now the stories and novels are more focused on the battles between Chaos under Archaon vs the Stormcast Eternals under Sigmar. It also depends on who you talk to. Some would say best novels written, and others would say it's at an all-time low. One thing to note, however, is this is a long running progressing story. So unlike WHFB, which was a static setting, this is going to be an ongoing story, so things will change and expect the status quo to alter frequently.

>> No.49641314

That actually sounds pretty cool. Thanks.

>> No.49641377

No problem. One thing we would all recommend is every player should buy the general's handbook (GHB). It's cheap (25$ us) and has everything you need to play, except all the unit rules, which are free.

Rumor is GW plans on using this as the yearly 'edition' book. It has the points values for everything up to the time of its publishing. And every year, they print a new book with all the points values updated and adjusted based on feedback from tournament organizers. This way they can update everything at once to try keeping things moderately balanced instead of one codex at a time. I really wish 40k would do it this way.

>> No.49642239

Is there any synergy to be had mixing Sylvaneth and Seraphon? I really like both.

>> No.49642396

Not really. The only synergy you can expect is the grand alliance order allegiance relics and abilities.

>> No.49642776

That's a shame. I the only rules I've read so far are my sarus warriors and my spite wraiths, both of whom affeact leadership and hoped I could make a themed army.

>> No.49642831

I don't think the witch hunter is grim dark enough, I want to make a 28mm scale of this guy.

Do you guys have any recommendations to what model to base the conversion of?

>> No.49642847

Lokir felheart

>> No.49642878

Gideon Lorr.

>> No.49642908

I don't see why not. Both those units can affect the same enemy unit and the effects would stack.

When people mention synergy, they usually mean buffs and benefits between units and their heroes.

>> No.49643853

I've been painting my ogre army and I feel the nuln oil overtaking me.

Send help.

>> No.49644204

Seems pretty good to me. As long as both people are in agreement do whatever the fuck you want, whether it's a group of adventurers fighting a group of baddies or two ork clans sitting down to have a tea party.

>> No.49644437

The thing is, Valkia is still a part of their webstore, Hell, last month's issue of white dwarf came with rules for using her in gorechosen. She's just a VERY popular model so it's hard to get her in stock

>> No.49644466

What? i can't find anything about it on google

>> No.49645028

Warpfire. 2d6 Mortal wounds per models. Or, if you're dead set on Melee, Grinders motherfucker.

>> No.49645062

Does anyone know in which book I can find the Skaven Clan Skyre formations?

>> No.49645090

2d3 not 2d6

>> No.49645098

*2d3, jesus, that's a HUGE mistake. Thank you anon.

>> No.49645138

>Take formation that lets you take 3 Warp-Grinder teams and set up 3" away
>Take 3 squads of Stormvermin with Warpfire
>Kill Nagesh or any big nasty T1

>> No.49645178

What would the AoS version of the Tau look like? how about the tyranids?

>> No.49645228

in aesthetic or playstyle?

>> No.49645296

A race of golems made of mud that recently gained sentience. Due to their fragile nature they learn to harness the same magically charged crystals that gave them their sentience into weaponry.

>> No.49645469

Also all hits scored against them in combat don't need to roll to wound and score mortal wounds

>> No.49645499

I also like the idea of some of them fucking with their composition, making their bodies harder and larger kind of like the mechs. It's a risky technique so only the truly brave go through with it, also fluffing out a reason why they all wouldn't just do that.

>> No.49645909

most would be the fine cast as those are easier to make

the plastic frames would cost more i'm sure

>> No.49646297

I have a question. I'm considering jumping ship from 40k before it sinks in further horrible-ness, how good is Slaanesh in Age of Sigmar? My interest would be a small model count, 100 or less (cheap), focused on Slaves to Darkness with maybe some Slaanesh stuff thrown in. What's a good army build for this?

>> No.49646441

Slaanesh is fucking fast. Turn 1 charges are a given. Also rolling those 6's are going to carve right through anyone. Overall, pretty scary to fight, although your models can't take too serious a beating.

>> No.49646675

What's good small army composition though? Should I get the get started playing set, and just buy a bunch of those?

>> No.49647862

Please. I have a bunch of old chaos lying around, a couple of sorcs, an exhalted champ, a lord and a few chosen. All tzeentch.

>> No.49648491

You could probably run any hero, as long as you have a Bloodsecrator to power up battle line.

>> No.49648511

I was specifically talking about Slaanesh daemons. But slaves to Darkness will basically function the same, although a little slower and are a little more resilient. I'd look at the Host of Slaanesh faction, as most exclusively Slaanesh mortals and daemons are now their own seperate faction that can buff both mortal and daemon units.

>> No.49648836

I know it's been talked about, but which faction is the most unique and rarely played in AoS?

>> No.49649024

I have not seen a slaanesh or tk player yet. Clan moulder skaven is also a shot. Gitmob grits aren't common either

>> No.49649125

Ok, sorry for responing so late. You still here Anon?

>> No.49649313


>> No.49649326

Ok, for the first guy, roll a d66

>> No.49649356


>> No.49649368

Try again for Lord.

>> No.49649375

I just relized, to make this easier, roll 3d66 at once

>> No.49649385

Rolled 23, 34, 56 = 113 (3d66)

Isn't it dice+3d66? Dunno if I get this right.

>> No.49649399

Ok, so your lord's name is:
>Sor'Vald Lord of Acons

>> No.49649504

Do you have any more characters to roll?

>> No.49649604

Rolled 37, 12, 7, 52, 40, 40, 11, 66, 46, 29, 36, 2 = 378 (12d66)

Two sorcs and an exhalted champ.

>> No.49649642

Sorry, I just relized why rolling so many dices doesn't work. It's better to roll 2 d 6's instead for each sylllable

>> No.49649914

All in the Chaos Allegiance book.

>> No.49651849

>how good is Slaanesh in Age of Sigmar
I'm currently the undefeated champion in my city, with my Host of Slaanesh.
Slaanesh is amazing. Not easy to use, but once you get how to be the aggressor (you are the one who charges), there is very little that can get in your way.

>Slaves to Darkness
The Slaanesh Slaves are the middleway between Host and normal Slaves.
You are fast, but not that fast.
I strongly suggest you to take the Lord on Daemonic Steed from the Host as your general anyway, because that Command Ability is gold.
A big unit of Chaos Knights with Glaives that can be activated twice in melee? Yes please.
If you manage to pull it off the turn you charge, the damage they can do is impressive.
Not as much as the "Hunter Seekers Missile" combo (Double attack from a KoS and +1 to hit from the warlord traits on a Seeker units, then run and charge on turn 1 where it hurts the most) but they don't die as easily.

In alternative, the Lord of Chaos will make your men move faster, which is awesome if you use big blobs of heavy infantry.

Hellstriders are strange. They can be awesome or they can stay there and die.
If you are a bad person, remember that nothing stop you from having both the banners in the unit, and they became that much better with that.

After that... well, they are not different from normal Slaves of Darkness.
It all depend from how much Slaaneshi are you willing to go.

>> No.49652593

Eyo AoS general:

I am in need of advice. There is a 1day aos tourny coming up this weekend and i need advice as i don't know how to finish my list. Using the vanguard force org and no proxies.

I'd like to play a khorne list but with only 4 char slots im struggling a bit.

My current list is:
2 bloodsecrator 240
1 bloodstoker 80
1 Wrath of khorne bloodthirster 300
2x 20 bloodreavers 360
30 bloodletters: 300.

This leaves me with 220p which i was thinking of using for bloodwarriors.

The plan being to just flood the board with models and having too many targets for my opponent to take out.

Im tempted in having a skull cannon but i don't own one (can buy one if i need it though)

Your thoughts /gen/ ?

>> No.49652645

forgot to mention it is 1500 points

>> No.49652726

gluing together my daemon prince, literally have one component left, the weapon arm
so what shall it be /tg/?
axe or sword?

>> No.49652772

Why two bloodsecrators?

>> No.49652830

to increase the area of effect and they stack.

30 bloodletters with the chance of hitting on 2s with a 4+ mortal wound chance each with 3 attacks.

>> No.49653446

Axe looks cooler to me. You can just claim its one or another in the actual game.

>> No.49654086

Would it be good to use Slaves to Darkness for cavalry, and take troops as daemonettes? Or are there any formation-like things to follow?

>> No.49656196

If you go only Slaves to darkness, your Chaos Knights become battleline, but if you want daemonettes as your battleline tax, then this doesn't matter. Go for a Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount to boost that Calv tho

>> No.49656290

Admech skitarii are the base for alot of kitbashes with coats. They also have flitlock/steampunk pistols.
I saw a conversion just like that un a facebookgroup recently.

>> No.49656874

Found it

>> No.49656899

Forge Mechanicus ist the name of the guys fb page.

>> No.49656954

Gaunt Summoner with familiars 120
Ogroid Thaumaturge 160

10 Chaos Warriors 180
30 Marauders (kairic acolytes) 180

Chaos warshrine 200
Burning Chariot of Tzeentch 160

How does this list looks for 1k points? I've no idea what is competitive in AOS and made a list out of models I own.

>> No.49657079

Is there anywhere I can find a good run down of the army styles for AoS? I play 40k casually but always was more a fan on fantasy than scifi and the simplified rules make it seem easier to get people into it.

Already got the 4 heroes from the Gorechosen box but I don't want to commit to Khorne Bloodbound or Chaos just yet, although I think I can mix and match units and heroes from any army within the same alliance?

>> No.49657150

That's not based on Skitarii at all. His torso, right arm and his coat are all from the plastic Commissar.

>> No.49657182

When are we gonna get more support for Tzeentch and Aelfs stuff?

I am curious what they are waiting on since outside Archaon, Tzeentch's overall trolling throughout AoS and the Aelves not losing at all to Archaon/Chaos has both very hyped up lore wise.

>> No.49657862

>and the Aelves not losing at all to Archaon/Chaos
Given that the realms rules by Aelf gods have fallen to Chaos, how'd you figure they never lost?

>> No.49657969

Stormcast: slow,low model count, shock and awe based gameplay that synergizes incredibly well with itself. Hits like a train if you roll 6's

Bloodbound: buff.buff.buff. murder everyone. Your foot soldiers (chaos/blood warriors) are damn good and are made better by the cheap buffs you can vomit. Even your cheap reavers can dump bucket loads of dice at your opponent.

Slaves to darkness: basically whatever flavor of chaos you want

Ever chosen: if you have the cash to field an army of archaeon and varanguard...I've got a wishlist you could fulfill with the money you save buying an army with more than 3 models

Nurgle/pestilens: Nurgle is heavy survivability, slow not overwhelming in combat, but nigh unkillable. Pestilens are the opposite, super high damage potential with no survivability. All pestilens have the burger keyword.

Slaanesh: SPEED! Turn 1 charges? Yep. Winning combat if you charge ? Sure. Capping objectives at war speed? You got it boss

Sylvaneth: ok, this one I don't really know. Your big units are phenomenal (except drycha who's great in some cases) but your battleline sucks ass. You can teleport every turn

Dwarves: exactly what you think, they're slow, heavily armored, stout little bastardy with gnarly tech. Think gimli with guns

Fyreslayers: angry.fucking.dwarves. minus the guns. Hard to use solo, strong with other armies.

Ironjawz: cool models, unfortunately you have like 6 units. Good news. The models you use are great in combat. Megaboss is an army into himself, gordrakk is horrifying anywhere near anything that isn't seraphon.

Seraphon: incredibly versatile, you can summon Amy unit for any situation, your magic is solid to great and all of your units are decent to stellar. Plus dinos riding dinos. Plays however you want.

Let me know if you want specifics on any race, I know I left out death because I'm not experienced with them.

>> No.49658043

I was talking more about Malerion and Ulgu. Unless there's some bit of the lore I am way behind on, they still have a hold on Slaanesh, right?

>> No.49658102

Probably the hordiest horde army around, and with banners and the alliance ability your basic spookers take about twice as long to get finished off than they should. Too bad your battleline is pretty trash without spells or certain command abilities applied, and you REALLY don't want to lose any of your heroes

>> No.49658166

Any chaos or destruction particularly good with lower unit counts?

I'm a lazy painter and like the elite but each loss hurts type of play

>> No.49658228

That's storm cast in a nutshell. Chaos is much less so, as they benefit from having large (and by that I mean 10 or more) models per unit ratio that are chain buffed into godhood. You could create an elite force (varanguard, chaos warriors/chosen) but your batteries tax will soften the blow. Also you sink a decent amount of points into buffs, which can hurt you if you don't want reavers/marauders

Destruction has the iromjawz and beastclaw raiders (ogres). Ironjawz have fairly small model count but aren't necessarily elite, they're hyper strong in close combat but lack some of the other stats you look for in pricier units. Disregard that for megaboss and mawkrusha, they're just good.

Ogres might be right up your alley. Your models are expensive, tough as Shit, and if you use stonehorns or thunder tusks, better than most units at their preferred role. Your unit selection is limited, but a 1500 point list of beast claw raiders is like 15-20 models

>> No.49658416

Guess it's worth mentioning I tend to stick to skirmish size games so I tend to cap at around 750-1000 points.

May check out Ironjaws just because I always wanted to make a proper ork army.

>> No.49658417

>Sylvaneth: ok, this one I don't really know. Your big units are phenomenal (except drycha who's great in some cases) but your battleline sucks ass. You can teleport every turn

Sylvaneth make up for their kind of meh stats with the fact their entire army can do the "ambush" style of combat well, since even the basic Dryads are really dangerous in Sylvaneth Wyldwoods, and the army has a bunch of special rules to do things such as spawn new Wyldwoods, move existing Wyldwoods, teleport from one one forest to the other, or deploy any of their units from any Wyldwood on the board at any point in the game, instead of deploying at the start.

They have access to a few large battalions that let you theme your army to focus on different play styles (one that gives you better spellcasters, one that makes your Tree Revenant weapons stronger etc), but I suspect this is something every army will get eventually.

>> No.49658469

guys, i was the fella two days ago asking about AoS Tombkings against Vampires

This is the list:

1 Royal Warsphinx
1 Liche Priest

6 Chariots
20 Skeleton Archers
20 Skeleton Archers

20 Tomb Guard
20 Tomb Guard
1 SS Catapult

thanks again for the list, Newfriend ... this list comes out to 2020 (game is 2000pts)

anyways, i had to drop 10 tomb guard and throw in 3 Ushabti to make the points equal 1980.

I did some number crunching and the SSC is awful in damage output, especialyl without the Necrotect ... plus Khalida's ability doesn't affect it .... i was thinking of removing the SSC and adding 5 Skeelton horsemen archers or a necrotect for boosts... what do you all think?

thanks a lot

>> No.49659055

Games workshop ran regiments of renown at Warhammer world.
100 points, all from battleline units.

The rules

Pretty solid starting point. I think if you added in some of the stuff from the path to glory campaign system but substituted full squads for single models you could have some fun with it.

>> No.49659710

anyone got any fluff on the candlemen or the freeguilds? Beyond whats written on the website?
I know there's some in godbeasts but haven't had a chance to look through a copy.

>> No.49659727


>> No.49659957

Good choice. The models are pretty great. Even the 'Ardboyz are a pretty good plastic kit. Well the Warchanter needs a little bit of conversion to not look silly, but he's a cheap hero with a strong buff. The Weirdnob Shaman is one of the best looking models I've seen.

>> No.49660080

hey guys im a GW employee. believe me or dont, i dont really care

the Made to Order rumour is true. basically GW is going to bring back a bunch of retired kits for a limited time and if they prove popular enough they will bring them back into regular production. So if you want to see Tomb Kings or Bretonnians come back then make sure you buy that shit or they'll be squatted forever

the program starts oct 15

also the allegiance rumour book is true as well

>> No.49660118

same info as BoLS.
up your bait game scrub.

>> No.49660600

This is literally all we know, and we know there was once a great lantic empire that spanned the mortal realms, and was all but destroyed during the age of chaos.

So I imagine in the future, when they get around to updating the freeguilds or even decide to add brets, everything will trace their roots back to the lantic empire, and we will know more about it.

Candlemen may be a term for subjects under the great empire, because i believe lantic refers to Lanterns, or of the lantern. We'll see. The main story hasn't got to the order mortal humans yet.

>> No.49660617

>also the allegiance rumour book is true as well
Neato! Any idea when that will happen?

And any idea on when we will get our grungni steampunk duardin?

>> No.49660969

>Warseer still dead


>> No.49662124

Hey lad. Drop the cata and put your tomb guard you dropped. Ezpz

>> No.49662150

>tomb kings are back

>> No.49662208

My tourney list from back when i played skaven was 34 models

>> No.49662359

Candlemen are specifically a collection of Devoted of Sigmar tribes living on the Tauroi Archipelago in Aqshy, see Godbeasts.

>> No.49662957

What was the list?

>> No.49663049

Skryre battalion 200
1 Archwarlock140

1 Warlock engineer 100
2 Lightning cannon 180

Warlock engineer 120
3 Stormfiends 300
2 Warpfire thrower 80
1 Warpgrinder 100

6 Stormfiends 600
10 Skryre Acolytes 120
10 Skryre Acolytes. 120
1 Doomwheel 140

37* models

>> No.49663065

Can any of you guys here confirm something for me? I played my first game of AoS recently, it was a demo game that had me playing the starter set Bloodbound. I really enjoyed it, but mentioned to my mentor that I'm more of a Tzeentch guy. He suggested that I play Slaves to Darkness and bring the Tzeentch stuff from Silver Tower. He said that the Silver Tower models can be used in normal games of AoS.

Is this true? Can I really field a Tzeentch aligned Slaves of Darkness army with Tzeentch stuff from Silver Tower? If so, where would I find the AoS rules for the Silver Tower models?

>> No.49663076

>9 storm fiends

Dude I ducking love stormfiends, but that's just mean. How'd you kit them out?

>> No.49663107

The six with the Lightning gauntlets, 3from the pop-up battalion with warpfire throwers

>> No.49663123

Yes you can, iirc none of the silver tower models are exclusive to silver tower. You can find all the unit rules on the sigmar app, it even has a silver tower section.

Some tips for a new player as someone who started a few months ago.

1. The starter set is a great value, gw stores have a battle brothers program. Get the starter with your friend and you each get 15$

2. Don't feel chained to bloodhound because you got the starter set. It's a great intro bit feel free to branch out.

3. The age of sigmar app is great. Seriously, download it. I also recommend battlescribe

4. If you want to play sigmar in a balanced format, I, and everyone else r ecco mend you buy the 25$ generals handbook. Completely worth it.

5. Slaves to darkness can be any chaos god you want, or none of you prefer. Tzeentch is a little lacking on new models but is rumored to be getting support. Remember you can take anything in the chaos alliance.

6. As a more direct answer to your question, the grand alliance book or requisite battletome will list the rules for the silver tower model, if you prefer that over the app

>> No.49663127

I've seen them have rules and point values, someone will link.

>> No.49663138

Hmm I plan on running six in my list and having one be the dakka squad of 3 ratlings with other being 2 warpfire and doomflayer/drills. They'll be magnetized so I can use whatever suits me best.

Stormfiends are such cool models, even if everyone at my lgs hates them. Also

>20 acolytes
Goddamn that's 120$ for two units

>> No.49663185

Are beastmen just cannon fodder in AoS? Becuase I have a ton of them from WHFB, and I do not have the time and money to start a new fantasy army, so am I screwed?

>> No.49663186

I'm actually going to be buying something from my local shop. Lord Heldrath's Chaos Deathtide (I think it's called).

It comes with 1000pts (roughly) of Slaves to Darkness, which is what I need for the Age of Sigmar Ladder League my Mentor is running.

I don't have a smartphone, so I can't really get any apps.

I'm very loyal to Tzeentch due to playing a Chaos Chosen in Age of Reckoning and Tzeentch being the most prominent of the Chaos Gods due to Chaos players being aligned with Tzeentch. Even made my 40k Astra Militarum army into Tzeentch worshipers using stuff my brother did use from his Chaos Razorback kit (he plays Nurgle).

>> No.49663251

Did anyone remember to save the warscroll for that limited edition SCE figure they had recently? I forgot what he was called, but he holds a 2h sword and is helmetless.

Anyone have his warscroll?

>> No.49663258

If you like tzeentch and slaves to darkness you can't go wrong with that set. Let me reinforce this however, chaos warriors are stupidly fucking good for their cost. I advent seen them run as tzeentch followers yet, but as khorne and nurgle units in big blobs of 30+ they're terrifying. I would reccomend picking up another wizard in the future as well as some tzeentch flamers and or pink horros (free wounds)

>> No.49663274

Not really interested in Khorne and my brother already claimed Nurgle, so that leaves me with just Tzeentch or Slaanesh.

>> No.49663359

Oh I wasn't trying to sway you, I just meant under those marks they've been incredible, I'm assuming they're similarly powerful under tzeentch. Most people overlook the warriors

>> No.49663463

I'm looking for good 1000pk Sylvaneth
To fuck some chaos
Anny advice?

>> No.49663536

has anyone tried kit-bashing an Errant Questor yet? any advice??



FYI the Silver Tower Tzeetchies & spider-grots don't have their own rules yet for AoS, you just count/run them as Beastmen I think. If you don't want to wait you can get pick up the Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting! Box & paint/mark them as Tzeentch. Make sure you run a Chaos Sorcerer Lord if so, he has one of the best buff spells in the game--a 30-man group of Chaos Warriors with it kick ass for BattleLine!

>> No.49663558

Shot in the dark here, don't know much about sylvaneth


>Treelord Ancient

>10x dryads
>5x tree revanants
>5x tree revanants

3x Kurnoth hunters
10x spite revanants

Bring at least 2 wyldwoods.

This gives you the devastating ranged power of the hunters coupled with sufficient bodies to try and chew through the smaller 1k armies you'll be facing

>> No.49663939

Tzeentch marks reroll saves, which, aling with 5+ mw save makes them stupid tough. Would halberds + shields be the way to go?

>> No.49664040

Do you guys often roll on the random terrain table in order to determine what a terrain piece is before you play a game?

>> No.49664246

Nah. Spider-Grots have rules.

>> No.49664996

anon, you're not technically wrong
>beginning the 15 of October, GW will restart producing OOP models in a way similar to certain forge world's models: they are made only on demand without stocks.

>> No.49665292

My God, I could get Settra and Grail knights...

>> No.49665330


For a 200% mark up.

>> No.49665859

>FYI the Silver Tower Tzeetchies & spider-grots don't have their own rules yet for AoS, you just count/run them as Beastmen I think. If you don't want to wait you can get pick up the Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting! Box & paint/mark them as Tzeentch. Make sure you run a Chaos Sorcerer Lord if so, he has one of the best buff spells in the game--a 30-man group of Chaos Warriors with it kick ass for BattleLine!

Everything in the Silver Tower box has rules for AoS. It's just some of them (like the birb men) are basically fancy beastmen, but then things like the Ogre dude are just stupid powerful

If you are going to double up any of the battleline, you will probably get more use out of a unit of 20 Dryads than two units of 5 Revenants, since Dryads get a buff at 12 models.
It means you would have to cut some spite revenants and replace them with something else though.

>> No.49666013

So, ebay prices.

>> No.49666072

How would you feel this list would do at 1500?
Mixed Deathrattle/TK

Wight King w/ infernal standard - 120 - Leader/ General
Necromancer - 120 - Leader
Tomb herald on steed - 120 - Leader
Necropolis knights x3 - 160
Necropolis knights x3 - 160
Chariots x3 - 140 - battleline
Skeleton archers x20 - 200
Skeletons w/ spears x30 - 240 - battleline
Skeletons w/ spears x30 - 240 - battleline
1480 pts.
General buffs skellys with CA, herald follows knights and chariots for rez buff. Necro can go either way if I put him on a steed.

>> No.49666249


I would say not necessarily, but the Brayherd units absolutely rely on synergy and numbers if you don't supplement them with other stuff like Warheads or monsters.

Personally I don't like mixing factions but they do make good chaff for heavier chaos forces. Gors/Ungor are fast, cheap battleline units that can tie up enemy units while your other slower stuff gets into position. Not to mention Ungor Raiders are one of the few shooting units chaos gets.

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