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First for GSC breaking the meta.

>> No.49562283

First for the Patriarchy!
The Genestealers will rip and tear the other armies once more!

>> No.49562307

but isn't breaking the meta a good thing? put some fear in shooting armies and shake things up

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Plastic Harker/New Catachans/New Cadians when?

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>dedicate to Khorne
I'm not sure I can combine Destroyer of Cities with MoK, and the model is a full blown siege dread.
>Ectoplasm Forgefiends
The plasma cannons are expensive and sheer dakka helps with BS3. I'd take a third hades autocannon if I could.

>swapping out basic special weapons
>keeping the same unit composition
>"nurr list tailoring"
Nah fuck you man. I'm not going to keep throwing plasma at a 4+ horde just for the sake of it. For fuck's sake they still fulfil the exact same role, CSM in Rhino harass enemy infantry and the Chosen create area denial with the threat of special weapons vomit. 8/10 troll for making me reply in new general.

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Nth for fuck strains need to learn basic stats

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...So, stealers really don't have any options in this book?

>> No.49562390

before sisters at least, i guess GW doesn't see the market in making new astra or conversion kits. maybe no one on the design team is fond of them lately

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>thinks he can justify his bullshit tailoring
Yeah, naa you are a cunt if you do this. you say this is an all comers list then tailor it. What a wanker

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>Destroyer of Cities with MoK
why wouldn't you be able to? DoC just swaps your weapons out, ded. of khon give rage and rampage, its the best!
the cannons are free brah, they only cost if you buy a third one

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>GW making Battlemats confirmed

>> No.49562451

>tries to list tailor
>accuses others of being trash
Do you tell your opponent what you do before you play, or are you a lair as well as a cheat?

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Do they need anything other than Flesh Hooks? Even those have became more redundant because of the Cult Ambush

>> No.49562465

They only lost:
>Adrenal Glands (Furious Charge), but they get that when attached to Pat
>Broodlord, but Broodlord effectively got buffed, moved to the HQ slot, and renamed to Pat
>Toxin Sacs. Only thing Genestealers "truly" lost.

Question: Did Purestrains get moved to 32mm bases with GSC?

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That's a good thing, right?

>> No.49562503

>That iron

>> No.49562506

>Adrenal Glands
>Toxin Sacs
>Things that are grown by the hive fleets
Makes sense for them to lose them

>> No.49562572

Looks like it, though its a good move for them.

Those arms made actually getting into b2b contact on 25mm a pain. At least now things will be a little easier.

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I was wanting to play knights and wanted to know if Dark Angels would go good with them. Has anyone done this before? Have the knight be the big gun while the angles get rid of any thing that hurt it while still being good units.

>> No.49562596

Available for the low price of $149.99!

>> No.49562598

Awesome. I got like 40-ish Genestealers from Space Hulk. Might have to get them up and running.

And I agree, 25mm were way too tiny for their models

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It's not a terrible combo.
What aspect of Dank Angles were you thinking?


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But... thats wrong size isnt it? thats 4'x4' and normal games are play 4'x6'

>> No.49562618

For real though?

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It's a KillTeam table.
Probably both an experiment and a way to make KT a more easy entry for new players.

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Death wing because terminators are what I love about space Marines in general. Plus being able to drop them were I need them is nice

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So all the stuff from GSC has been leaked but I cant find 2 things that I need to ally my IG some sweet meleemashers:

Hybrid Metamorphs
The ambush formation that rolls multiple dice for Cult Ambush.

>> No.49562662

>pick desert colors for basing contrast as the only options were snow or desert
>have desert fat mat and terrain
>GW makes desert planet stronghold mat

Desert master race

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Where exactly do you draw the line when it comes to being prepared vs. list tailoring? If you know you're going up against a horde army, is bringing more flamers than usual an acceptable practice?

>> No.49562687

Do we know what the Webber and Web pistol do yet?

>> No.49562691

Personally, unless its a special scenario, i say any changes are tailoring really: you bring a good all comers list, or whatever the meta is, and leave it how you wrote it. My local has a rules that you have to write your list and give to an opponent before the game.

Unless its some fucking 4 knight faggot
then you can got for it

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Soooo, anybody got the full dex?

>> No.49562697

12/16 range, str 3/4 both are small blast, ap=str of target

>> No.49562701

Always ask your opponent. That we he can tailor his list too. He playes IG? Suprise, all tanks! You know he might bring tanks and he knows you know? Ha! All infantry!

In the end just inform your opponent about this and decide if you want to tailor lists or not. Two-way tailoring makes the game more fair.

>> No.49562704


>Not having a mountainous desert planet theme

Best of both worlds

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>> No.49562710

Pistol is S:3 small blast and rifle is S:4 large blast. Both have a rule where AP is opponents strength

>> No.49562720




Enfeeble lowers strength does it not? These guys say current strength.

>> No.49562724

that's pretty neat, specialized good, makes eldar have a bad day for sure
not sure how often I would take those over the seismic cannon

>> No.49562729

>I'm facing Tyranids, so I'll bring more flamers than usual

>I'm facing that Tyranids dude, but I know he plays mostly big creatures, so I'll pack more plasma/grav than I would ever do against any other Tyranid.

>> No.49562740

>Roll enfeeble
>Enfeeble Space Marines
>AP3 Webbing time

Spiderstealer hooo!

>> No.49562752

Was just thinking that. in fact -1 str fucks over almost everyone bar TEQ and MCs

>> No.49562755

When GW will start making battlecarpets? I want personaly step/lie on burning/sodomized/daemonic world.

>> No.49562763

I play like>>49562691

Only exceptions is if I bring my Anvil Strikeforce I'll let my opponent know I'm bringing more vehicles than usual.

>> No.49562765

All 'normal' games around here are played on a 4 by 4. 4 by 6 sounds like apoc.

>> No.49562798

Sounds like a lot of effort just to take down maybe one or two marines per shot.

>> No.49562809

Enfeeble brings down T as well no? if so then 4 webbers could whipe a squad. not amazing i will admit, but certainly amusing.

>> No.49562824

I think changing squad weapons like >>49562378 wants to is okay, when you start swapping out entire units because they're more effective against specific foes that's crossing the line.

Way back in 4e there was a Tau player that had a literal notebook full of army list variations for specific foes and tactics. You'd say "I play X" and he'd flick through to his anti-X list and that'd be what he'd play. I wonder where he is now and if anyone ever punched his smug fucking face in.

>> No.49562827


You're absolutely right, it's still kind of a neat trick though. We don't usually see stuff that goes off of a modified stat.

>> No.49562844

...What? What manner of normal games you play, 1000pts? 6x4 is normal size for 1500-2000 games. Apoc is even bigger.

>> No.49562848

And considering if the webbing team takes causalities you can Return to the Shadows to replace them.

Especially if you roll a 5 for double shooting.

Effective? Not terribly. I'd give them a C
Hilarious tho, bunch of mutants appearing from a sewer, webbing up a squad of marines and then jumping away... like an evil spiderman

>> No.49562859

Since the plastic modular table are too expensive and unpractical for most people, and seeing the success of other companies with their battlemats, I say it's very probable we'll see all kind of mats soon enough.

GW will destroy all the other companies by share distribution power alone if they do so.

>> No.49562908

This was back in the days when tau were arguable the most taliorable lists, with all those spcial weaons

>> No.49562911

Speaking of which, is 1,5k doable on 4x4? That's about the biggest I can get at home.

>> No.49562949

Still can't decide between adding Space Wolves, which would be a nice change of aesthetics, or a Lion's Blade Strike Force, which would feel more fluffy and less WAACy, to me current Raven/Deathwing army.

Any suggestions for either option?

The Spacewolves would probably end up being in their Start Collecting formation with a beefed up TWC unit and ThunderWolf Lord with the eventuality of a wulfen pack.

The Lion's Blade would probably be small Tac Squads shoved in Rhinos because they are the only SM Troop Transport I like.

>> No.49562979

Is it possible to choose named commander (like R'Alai or R'Myr) in Tau Retaliation Force or there can be only Generic/Farsight?

>> No.49562981

I wouldn't do anything over 1000pts on a 4x4, and even that is far from ideal.

>> No.49563002

>1,5k on 4x4
That shit ain't even drive up and shoot at each other, that's deploy and shoot at each other.

>> No.49563003

If you currently have ravenwing and deathwing, then supplement your army by getting the parts for the lions blade. It will give you more flexibility in the future.

Also DA have fast melee bikes, good shooting and can easily use many of their models to run a 30k version of themselves. If you are going to start another army, don't make it another marine army.

>> No.49563010

Wolves and danks hate each other, so stick with more emos than furries

>> No.49563022

>Wolves and danks hate each other
Isn't it more of a friendly rivalry? Unless GW has changed the fluff again for more $$$.

>> No.49563025

Thanks, haven't played the game yet so forgive me for my dumb question.

>> No.49563027

only what the formation specifically says you can bring.

Forgeworld (usually) says its all okay to include their speical characters as replacements for their generic counterparts in formations, but you'll need some sort of proof of that (usually they respond to emails)

>> No.49563046

when it first happend it was a friendly rivalry, but its deepen over time and they really don't get on. this isnt new

>> No.49563056

There's no such thing as a stupid question.

>> No.49563061

I'd say it's more like just a rivalry. Period.

They'll work together.

Plus now that the Danks having began bombing the Fenris System

>> No.49563062

That whole charge on turn one is pretty legit

>> No.49563069

Sisters and Eldar BTFO : The gun

>> No.49563071

You will show me your favorite paintjob of Tyranids right now or I will SHOOT every Felinid in Carlos McConnell.

Don't try me motherfuckers, do it.

>> No.49563075

Hilariously, with the rifle and enfeeble you can ID sisters and eldar

>> No.49563076

>getting the parts for the lions blade
>use many of their models to run a 30k

Although I havent seen 30k in my area I was going to get [email protected] because I thought those tacticals looked cooler than the regular ones.

They just have honorable combat whenever they meetup. When it comes down to the Emperor's Work then everyone does their part.

Its a rivalry but they do have a lot of "cultural" differences.

>> No.49563081

Keep your hate-speech out of here frog-poster :^)

>> No.49563082

No. Burn the mutant, and the frogposter

>> No.49563089

>I will SHOOT every Felinid in Carlos McConnell

>> No.49563092

Someone has begun fielding sisters of battle at our store. What is it like to play against them?

>> No.49563095

I am probably in the minority of taste but I really liked those cell shaded tyranids. They look like something out of a comic book.

>> No.49563097

Nice try GW. This is only 20 bucks at KMart and is the best battle mat ever

>> No.49563114

Its like facing Guardsman that worship fire and melta. Those walker things can be pretty brutal.

Basically if you have AV all over the field you may get fucked, same if you have a horde army.
They mess up my Ravenwing wit their templates but they fold like paper when they get shot at.

>> No.49563120

>that guy who always takes cover behind the cows

>> No.49563146

Is it worth grabbing Traitors Hate for a Crimson Slaughter CSM army?

>> No.49563148

OC Tau content coming through.

Criticism, advice, questions, etc... are all greatly appreciated.


>> No.49563154

>with bolters and enfeeble you can ID sisters and eldar
fixed that for you

>> No.49563155

>I will SHOOT every Felinid

>> No.49563161


>> No.49563173



I'm trying to build the fluff and crunch for a new unit.

>> No.49563181

Definitely not.

CS can't use the most important bonus of the detachment, and the Possessed formation has a Deamon Prince, so you can't use it.
It's a shame, that would have been very interesting.

>> No.49563182

they're highly effective msu with 6++ everywhere and lots of flamer/melta in rhinos

>> No.49563187

One list to conqer all.

>> No.49563189

>Playing Tau
>Being a fucking Weeb

>> No.49563197

Can I get some help on this list idea lads? Comes to about 1000 points right now.

Chaos lord in Termi armour
4 Chaos Termies with MoT and lightning claws

5 Termies
Power fist

5 Termies
Power fist

3 Hellbrutes
1 Plasma cannon
2 other weapons.

What should I be looking to add to this to flesh it out and what weapons should the other 2 dreads get? Going for a pick up games list, something that can win but doesn't instagib the other army on turn 1.

>> No.49563224

>everybody who plays tau is a weeb
>surely there are no incorrect assumptions about me because of the faction i like

>> No.49563230


Your list seems really easy to out maneuver.

>> No.49563236

I'll bite.

Can you go over the differences between this and XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit?

Because from skimming through. It looks like you took the best of the Y'vahra and merged with the best of the classic (+1 W, option for 3++)

>> No.49563242

>Anybody not liking orks

>> No.49563243

Loved the scheme since it first appeared in... third or fourth ed. The one with a billion biomorphs

>> No.49563267

why play orks when I could punch myself in the dick? The entire Ork codex is just a bunch of punches to the dick.

>> No.49563277

>AP3 versus Orks


>> No.49563284

Single Canister for the Plasma Flamer is AP3 not AP2.

Your Nova Reactor gives you an option for a Jink Save OR a 3++... aka the 3++ is superior in every way. I'd personally drop the 3++

>> No.49563286

I'd personally say the ork codex is reasonably written.

The issue is that the metagame sucks because there's no driving "theme" they excel at in order to be a good WAAC tourney army.

Every unit is "alright" and nothing works perfectly together.
It's like a real military.

The super-duper niche themed armies that are only good at 1-2 things are the real anti-hobby armies.

>> No.49563294

>Da Emperor's Greenest
This is the greatest thing I've ever seen

>> No.49563295

>Your Nova Reactor gives you an option for a Jink Save OR a 3++... aka the 3++ is superior in every way. I'd personally drop the 3++

Not him, but why drop the better option?

>> No.49563304

I personally love the idea of an ork themed guard army.

With diggas and blood axes in the fluff it's likely happened at least once in universe.
Orks that support the Imperium at least.

>> No.49563327

>play daemons
>no one has any idea what to expect

>> No.49563335

Yeah, I drew a lot from the Y'vahra because I hate gun line tau and I wanted it to have the mobility to get close to the enemy.

One of the things that kind of bothered me a bit about the Y'vahra was imagining it just flying around turning off tanks with the haywire effect rather than absolutely destroying them like a melta would. Its kind of trivial but it was enough to make me try to create something.

I'd also like it to be potentially be something stronger so I can stay away from things like the stormsurge when fielding more expensive units.

>> No.49563338

Because you like them.
The only valid reason to play any faction

>> No.49563348

Orks are the most normie faction.
What assumptions could you make?

Tau are literally weeaboo-material.
Mecha suits, stereotypically pseudo Confucian mentality, etc...

>> No.49563376

Couple reasons.

Because the only Riptide with the 3++ is the classic

His seems to be based off the XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit which Nova is a 3++ in close combat only.

I've always personally attributed the 3++ to the little shield arm the classic has.
His has two weapons (presumably one on each arm like all the Forgeworld variants)

Also just looked... his variant has a 4++ for attacks outside of 12", making even the jink kinda useless

>> No.49563398


There's a big problem with Orks, the codex became: No fun allowed the book.

You can't even play the fucking established klanz and i don't even mean 'Chapter taktikz' so let alone play any homebrew or any alternate ideas

Want to play Goffs? Okay, but their mob rule punishes you even more and the formations are all shit
Snakebites? Lol nope, Squigs/Cyboarz don't exist
Evil sunz? No biker Troops and we took out Wazdakka because Fuck you
Blood-axes? too bad Kommandoz are terrible.
Defskulls? Okay to be fair Lootas are decent, but enjoy spamming one unit + maybe some Tanks
Bad Moons? Do i even need to bring up Flash gitz.

>> No.49563399

Thanks for catching my error on the Plasma Flamer.

The jink save could stack with its existing shield save while the 3+ would replace it. The main reason the jink is there is because it came with the Y'vahra rules and since I'm basing it off that it'd make sense to keep it there just for the sake of consistency.

>> No.49563440

I saw that. My biggest gripe is right now it looks like a XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit+1

+1 W, better Novacharge options, double Flamers, so 4S6 AP2 Templates a turn (At -1 Toughness at that)

Only thing left to be seen is 4 18" Meltas are superior to 3+d3 S8 AP3 Haywire hits.

Personally If I were you just the XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit an option to replace the Haywire Gun with eithe Plasma Flamer or your Meltacannon.

And make the -1 T the Nova Charge for the Plasma Flamers

>> No.49563472

>doesn't instagib the other army on turn 1
You got that part right. I don't know about the winning part, though. It's a very janky list. Footslogging & naked deepstriking termies en masse isn't exactly a recipe for success.

>> No.49563473

You're from the 40k Facebook page, aren't you
I swear on me mum I've seen this stupid fucking idea before

>> No.49563508


>most overpowered, unfun to play against, underpainted, and lore polluting race needs yet another gundam suit: the fan fic


>> No.49563531

I'm totally home ruling this for Tyranid strangler weapons. Just to see what would happen.

>> No.49563534

Ever read Deff Skwadron?

>> No.49563545

What do you mean naked?

That's why I have 500 points to play with to fix this. Maybe some bikes?

>> No.49563564



You got everything else right, but skyhammer exists.

>> No.49563567

That makes a lot of sense, I'll probably put it under the XV109 category and just make it additional weapon and nova reactor options.
Nope, didn't know there was a facebook page but I'm not surprised since slapping meltas on a y'vahra seems like a pretty logical progression.

>> No.49563598

Also you said you based it off of XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit. But its shield generator is 5++ to 4++ for attacks WITHIN 12", which is why it has the option to Jink to get a 4+ Save for attacks outside 12"

but yours is 5++ to 4++ for attacks OUTSIDE 12"

Is this intentional?

>> No.49563602 [SPOILER] 

I'm not even joking :^)

>> No.49563650

>Complaining about ap3 when cultists can infiltrate 1" away unleash 20 hand flamers and then charge turn one

>> No.49563655

Yes, it just made more sense to me that a projectile originating from farther away would be easier to stop just based off of my understanding of ballistics. I Probably shouldn't try to apply logic to 40k but I figured I might as well since I'm already messing with everything else.

>> No.49563667

>unleash 40 hand flamers and then pin the survivors***

Don't forget the alternative

>> No.49563705


>*infiltrates behind you*
>*Unsheathes hand flamer*
>"pss, nuthin' personl human"

>> No.49563730

Do the older knight models come with all the bits to make the newer variants, or do I have to buy specific new models to get certain weapon set ups?

>> No.49563741

Old model = old kits
Get the updated. Comes with the bits to make all Knights

>> No.49563747

Have you thought about maybe designing a tank, or an auxillary, or....something other than another MC or GC suit?

>> No.49563782

Better yet, /tg/ played with the idea a few years ago of Orks loyal to the Imperium, getting around in a ship that's an Ork's best approximation of a battle barge, and their achievements were chalked up to a strange, brash chapter of Space Marines with a green livery.

>> No.49563793

Do Storm Bolters use Special Issue Ammunition?

>> No.49563800

Lets try this exercise.
Lets take all these fuckoff huge tau suits, and convert them into a TANK profile, like they should have been in the first place

>> No.49563815

No, but tac. termintors should be able to

>> No.49563835

Better yet, let's take all these fuckoff huge Tau suits, throw them in the trash, and replace them with the aircraft Tau were originally supposed to use instead.

>> No.49563838

I haven't actually, but new that you mention it they both seem like they could provide an opportunity for some interesting new units.

>> No.49563849


No, which is stupid, because Sternguard have to pay MORE to get storm bolters when they get special issue ammunition standard bolters for free.

>> No.49563877

Green Tyranids don't get the love they deserve

>> No.49563884

I'd like to see them start providing options for Destroyer Missiles on aircraft because it makes sense and I don't really want to field anything bigger than a MC but I'd still like some D strength weaponry.

>> No.49563898

Holy shit anon, that better be upwards of 300 points, how did you think this was balanced? I'm saying this, as a Tau player

>> No.49563941

Xeno Irregulars - 4 Points Per Model
WS1+D3, BS1+D3, S3 T3 W1 I1+D3 A D3 Ld4+D3

Xenolock Rifle:
S1+D3, AP-, 24" Assault 1

Of Questionable Worth:
At the Start of the Game roll a three D3's one at a time. Add the first result to WS, I, and A. Add the second result to BS and to the strength of the Xenolock Rifle. Add the last result to Leadership

>We cannot Fail our Heroes
>add +1 Ld to the Irregulars for each Tau unit within 18" of the Irregulars

For the Greater Good!
>Anytime a Friendly Tau Unit is charged within 12" of Xeno Irregulars. Before the Charging unit moves, but after Overwatch, the Xeno Irregulars may attempt to charge and intercept the attackers. The Attackers cannot Overwatch the Irregulars.

>> No.49563985

>escalating to D strength on aircraft
No. D weapons outside of Apocalypse was a fucking mistake.

>> No.49564001

The OG nid scheme, and still the best. This is what they should have brought back in 4th instead of the shit they did for Leviathan.

>> No.49564005

I meant the bits for all the different weapons, while there are different kits for all the new main variants are sold as separate kits (eg crusader or gallant)

>> No.49564030

>that much bookkeeping
fuck that shit, keeping track of renegade leadership is irritating enough

>> No.49564038

>Anytime a Friendly Tau Unit is charged within 12" of Xeno Irregulars. Before the Charging unit moves, but after Overwatch, the Xeno Irregulars may attempt to charge and intercept the attackers. The Attackers cannot Overwatch the Irregulars.

That's a really cool rule, I hope Tau get more auxiliary species

>> No.49564056

>that much bookkeeping
>I play Tzeentch Daemons and bring a whiteboard to write down all my rando generated crap.

I guess I've gotten used to bookkeeping.

>> No.49564059

>No subject

When the second thread starts you'll be to blame.

>> No.49564066

I was thinking 350 to 400 points. It's got more shots than the standard y'vahra but I figured armored ceremite would give IoM vehicles a better chance of surviving this than they'd have against haywire.
That's probably true, but unfortunately the arms race has already begun and I'd rather have the missiles on something like a barracuda rather than the tower of derp that is the stormsurge.

>> No.49564079

That too. Eitherway. get rid of the fuckoff huge suits

>> No.49564092

But in a arms race the stormsurge would preform the worst.

>> No.49564099

>those hormagaunts
>those zoanthropes
While some of the older models were nicer, there were some seriously goofy minis in the old tyranid range.

>> No.49564108

>would give IoM vehicles a better chance of surviving
Anon, what DOESN'T the suit do well. Like Jesus Christ, why does it have literally everything good? Why does it have an AP2 flamer that can fire twice at a 6" torrent? And, it flies around like a FMC, with 5 wounds, T6, and a 2+/4++, and can buy FnP? What drugs are you on?

>> No.49564112

>he doesn't like lawsuit hormagaunts
shit taste famalam

>> No.49564115

>> No.49564124

>Apocalypse had swallowed the system’s worlds, spreading its ruinous touch over everything these mortals had sworn to protect. Calamity was rendered down into reams of scrolling data, whispered reports, and holographic projections gathered by the flagship’s sensors. It was not the ravaged devastation of the ork, nor the voracious consumption committed by the tyranid hive fleets. Artemis and Sekor both had served alongside the Inquisition, and they knew the after-effects of cyclonic torpedoes when they saw them. All life on each of the planets had been extinguished. Their surfaces had been set aflame, burned away to glass and barren rock. It could have only been the result of the rarest and most extreme of measures taken by the Imperium.


>A weapon of last resort used when all other conventional measures had failed, exterminatus was invoked to kill a world in the case of overwhelming infestations by xenos or daemonic cults. To perform such total destruction of a world was a calamity. To invoke exterminatus across an entire system was beyond belief. Yet the proof of it surrounded Artemis as the Claw of Damyrov made its way to the system’s core.

Extermintus....rare? did GW ruin 40K?!

>> No.49564129


>> No.49564131

Those hormagaunts are a thousand times better than what we have now, what are you even saying?

I'll give you the Zoanthropes though. And the Warriors for sure. The old Hive Tyrants actually weren't bad but the new ones are a faithful adaptation to the modern aesthetic so I have no problem running them. Carnifexes are a toss-up, both are amazing models and it's hard to choose.

But the old gaunts, horms, lictors, ripper swarms, and stealers are 10/10.

>> No.49564139

Orcs are pussy Orcs.

Ranged weapons a shit.

>> No.49564145

It says 40k General...

>> No.49564151

Old news, bruv.

Post something we haven't seen like the actual page for Subterranean Uprising or Doting Throng.

>> No.49564166

>One by one, he felt them die. It was a grievous thing, to watch a comrade fall in battle. To see the men and women you had bonded with through hellish trials go limp within the storm of bullets and blades. But to experience it as a physical sensation, to feel the link they shared with you sever without warning – that was something else entirely.

>Balas, Patriarch of the Knights of House Merovic, felt every one of his brothers and sisters die. He felt their armour shatter against the howling gale of exploding bombs and boiling acid. He felt the hot wind rake their skin as they were dragged down. He felt the tear and bite of hundreds of claws and crude blades as their sacred forms were carved open. He felt the cold void that took their place, when their hearts beat their last.

>Balas was linked to his Knight through the archeotech of its throne mechanicum, as were the others of his lineage. Damage to their hallowed armour manifested through neural interface ports and spinal sockets as physical pain within the bodies of the pilots. They felt every blow, every glancing strike, every deep cut. When another Knight fell in battle, it rippled across the others of its order, wracking them with spasms of agonizing sorrow. Balas felt this over and over, as the xenos stole their light from the world.

>A spasm of white-hot pain assailed Balas as he thrashed upon his cockpit throne. He was bleeding so profusely from a dozen points he could taste the metal in the air. His battle cannon was starved of ammunition, little more than a cudgel now as he smashed it into the hordes of gnashing aliens. His chainsword was so caked in inhuman gore that its teeth could no longer turn.

>> No.49564167

the imperium doesn't just lay waste to worlds that are potentially useful, dicknuts
if there's a chance they can use the planet after retaking it, they won't blow it to pieces because they're besieged on all sides and need all the resources they can get
stop being a 15 year old

>> No.49564171

That's the Name field.

>> No.49564172

Yeah, I screwed up.

I shall commit Sudoku.

>> No.49564181

>not using superior laminated flash cards and psychic cards

i feel like a magic player between this and all the cards for malifaux

>> No.49564184

>His family was gone. His noble house was reduced to ash and ghosts, their windswept voices joining the choir of those ancestral warriors who had taken Balas’ Knight into battle before him. Spitting the chips of a broken tooth from his mouth, Balas waded half-blind into the boiling mass of his foes. Xenos died, obliterated by his weapons and crushed beneath his clawed feet. Balas wheezed, blood spilling down his chin as he raged, determined to drag as many as he could down into the darkness with him. He could not see the Space Marines for whom his house had died, but it was not of consequence any longer.

>Balas would be reunited with his kin, and he would not have long to wait.

>They fell.

Female Imperial Knights? Since when? Is this something new?

>> No.49564187

>Why does it have an AP2 flamer that can fire twice at a 6" torrent?

That's the profile of Forgeworld's XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit's Phased Plasma Flamer. He just copied it.

>And, it flies around like a FMC,
So can Forgeworld's XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit

>with 5 wounds, T6, and a 2+/4++, and can buy FnP?
+1 Wound than Forgeworld's XV-109 Y'vahra Battlesuit, but otherwise the same.

>What drugs is he on?
Forgeworld mostly.

>> No.49564191

Have you not seen the Y'vahra's rules? Because I pulled basically all that from the Y'vahra which is only 230 points.

>> No.49564193


>> No.49564195

I play both Tau and Orks. Does that make me both weeb and normie?

I like giving my Orks spare weapons like missile pods or ion cannons

>> No.49564200

There's female everything except space marines, why is this surprising.

>> No.49564214

Have you never heard of Riptides?

>> No.49564217

>That's the FW profile
Yes, I know. But, that one is 4 wounds, on a whole frame built around getting close. This fucker can just shit on everything.
I sure did anon. But, the difference between your suit, and the Y'vahra? That one actually dies pretty quickly, compared to the fun suit that you're just tacking more stuff onto.

>> No.49564230

I sure have anon, the normal riptide looks tame compared to this.

>> No.49564231

How do you deal with duplicate powers / gifts?

>Don't tell me duplicates...

>> No.49564238

I wish for Blood Bowl 40,000 to exist and to be good.

>> No.49564240

Tau and Space Marines are normie factions.

Orks are whatever you call Dark Souls fanatics.

>> No.49564243


>> No.49564251

>I sure did anon. But, the difference between your suit, and the Y'vahra? That one actually dies pretty quickly, compared to the fun suit that you're just tacking more stuff onto.
Not him but at 80 points more doesn't the cost justify that?

>> No.49564252

So Age Of Sigmar Soccer then?

>> No.49564254

One sheet per Psyker.

>> No.49564255

Storm Bolters are Assault weapons and maybe in the wicked mind that wrote their unit Entry assault is broken and needed a nerf

>> No.49564259

O youre right, my bad.

>> No.49564265

Female orks are in the fluff way back in time.

At one point all orks became pregnant near the end of their lives and walked off to birth and die, making the entire faction female.

It's old fluff but it's there.

>> No.49564267

>Done... but it's set in the Warp. The best team is the Stormcast Eternals and they are now ported into 40K... as the thing the Tyranids are fleeing from

>> No.49564272

It'd actually be 120 points more.

>> No.49564275

I was talking about Imperial stuff.

>> No.49564277

>It's old fluff but it's
Been retconned to dust.

>> No.49564278

Some new from the recent Deathwatch novel

This bloke (picture related) killed the Overfiend of Octarius, the second largest Ork in the galaxy. The Ork Empire of Octarius is thrown in disarray as the Orks started fighting each other while they fighting the Tyranids.

They had their literally who marine guy kill an established character. This is unforgivable.

>> No.49564280


It's Forgeworld with a "clix" style random minis system.

>> No.49564286

>"as the thing the Tyranids are fleeing from"
>people still thinking this is a thing

>> No.49564288

Ah. I see thought you meant you had a set of cards for each power / gift.

I've been meaning to do a set up like that. But once I finish more of my army.

>> No.49564295

>They had their literally who marine guy kill an established character. This is unforgivable.

Has a mini>Has no Mini

>> No.49564296

>Paying 80 points only nets you the extra wound
What about the Lance melta weapon, the grenade whatsit, shooting EVERYTHING at -1 T (So you just fuck Hive Crones and Fateweaver in the ass if you're in the air, or just assfuck any T5 multiwound models.)

>> No.49564329

And the shitty "made by the old ones" fluff hasn't been touched on in a long time either.

>> No.49564332

Well aware there is no canon weight to that statement, but you're forgetting that Monkey's Paws are a hell of a drug and fuck shit up when you use them.

>Tyranids running from Stormcasts is the price for a good Blood Bowl 40,000 game

>> No.49564334

Exterminatus has always been rare. The Imperium doesn't use it unless there's absolutely no nope of the world being retaken in the future, or the cost of using it is offset by the chance to kill an enemy that might go on to slaughter dozens of other worlds. It's just overplayed in the fiction, because it's such a dramatic, climactic event.

>> No.49564346

You mean The Outsider?

>> No.49564354

We had Age of Slam

>> No.49564360

Except when Tyranids are involved.

Tyranid fluff sees more uses of Exterminatus mentioned than basically every other Faction combined. There were something like 200 of them issued during the first wave of Leviathan alone, and 80 just against genestealer cults in the past 100 years from the current point on the timeline.

>> No.49564370

I didn't realize the Y'vahra could shoot at stuff in the air. I'll have to adjust that so that, that is no longer the case. Also I didn't intend for it effect Instant Death but the rule already existed and I just copied it in so I'll have to fix that.

>> No.49564383

That's true. But if the Tyranids win on a world, it's lost forever to the Imperium anyway. So Exterminatus became something of a standard scorched earth policy to deny the victorious swarms biomass.

>> No.49564389

No. All that "Tyranids might be running from something" shit was a throwaway line from the 4th ed Codex from an Imperial scholar just outlining all the worst possible case scenarios involving Tyranids.

The Outside is a separate thing entirely and it was said that Leviathan was FOLLOWING it, not running from it. And that's not even been mentioned in ages so it's probably on the retcon pile with all the other stupid shit that tries to connect Tyranids to C'Tan/Old Ones/any other already existing source instead of letting them just be a Faction that originated on its own in another galaxy like was the original intent.

>> No.49564391

Anon, do the Tau REALLY need another giant suit? Why not make some Auxillary races, or some vehicles that aren't ass?

>> No.49564405

Yeah, not saying it's a bad thing, just pointing out that if somebody's exposure to 40k fluff is mainly through the lens of the Imperium vs Tyranid facet of the overall universe they're going to think Exterminatus is a more common thing.

>> No.49564431

Nope, but this is more about me wanting to know that tanks are actually getting blown up rather than just having their power turned off.

>> No.49564452

>No. All that "Tyranids might be running from something" shit was a throwaway line from the 4th ed Codex from an Imperial scholar just outlining all the worst possible case scenarios involving Tyranids.

Omniscient narrator, you mean. The thing was copypasted in the 5th ED and 6th ED nid codex.

>The Outside is a separate thing entirely and it was said that Leviathan was FOLLOWING it, not running from it.

This Tyranidfag is so triggered he is making stuff up.

The Oldcron codex shows the Dyson Sphere the Outsider is speculated to be sleeping in on a space map. The Space map shows movements of Leviathan's tendrils also. Guess what? The Tendrils are giving the sphere a wide berth. They are literally smashing into reach other's path to get as much space away from it.

This can be explained by the fact that some C'tan produce a great psychic shadow that might disturb psychic activity. The Hivemind being a psychic construct wouldn't want its tyranids near that thing.

>> No.49564463

>The Outside is a separate thing entirely and it was said that Leviathan was FOLLOWING it, not running from it.

Not even that. Leviathan just diverted its path around the Outsider's dyson sphere. Because, despite what people seem to think, the Hive Mind isn't dumb and it's not going to mindlessly attack a giant lump of non-digestible metal just because that's what's closest.

>> No.49564481

Now re-release that grass mat you had. That shit was one of the best grass mats I've seen and I'm kicking myself for not getting one in time.

>> No.49564484

>Omniscient narrator, you mean. The thing was copypasted in the 5th ED and 6th ED nid codex.
5th and 6th ed are Cruddexes, their canonicity is objectively a joke.

>This Tyranidfag is so triggered he is making stuff up.
>implying I'm triggered
>implying their wasn't an old, now outdated source of fluff that said there were sightings of Leviathan following an unidentified spherical object of unknown possibly C'Tan origin
I don't remember what book it was, may have been 3rd ed nids, may have been buried somewhere in the fluff section of 4th ed or 5th ed main rulebook.

>> No.49564488

>the Hive Mind isn't dumb and it's not going to mindlessly attack a giant lump of non-digestible metal just because that's what's closest.

The Tendrils didn't just pass it. The Imperials noted that the fleet made significant changes to their paths to avoid the thing.

If it was a harmless celestial object, then the Tyranids would just pass it by without altering their flight paths in such a noticeable way.

>> No.49564502

Technically, all Orks are female anyway.

Unless one is injecting genes into another, there's no males. By definition the gender that pays the high energy tax of producing the bulk of a new life is female.

There can be species of only females, there cannot be a species of only males.

>> No.49564521

>5th and 6th ed are Cruddexes, their canonicity is objectively a joke.

We are dealing with facts, not opinions here. That line is copypasted from one codex to the next.

>I don't remember what book it was, may have been 3rd ed nids, may have been buried somewhere in the fluff section of 4th ed or 5th ed main rulebook.

Triggered enough to make things up.

There is only one source for it and it's the Oldcron codex. What's in it is exactly what I said. The Tyranids weren't going after it. They were avoiding it.

>> No.49564551

Orks have spores on them that appear in the form of warts on their skin. The warts contain foetuses of all Orkiod lifeforms. They are basically walking life seeds.

But there is a problem. How it's possible for the Orks to maintain a healthy genetic diversity with that mode of reproduction?

>> No.49564555

>The Imperials noted that the fleet made significant changes to their paths to avoid the thing.

Yes, which is why I said that they diverted around it.

>> No.49564578

Orks seem like the most fun faction from a hobby/modelling standpoint. It's a shame about the gameplay.

>> No.49564587

they have to update them eventually

>> No.49564592

>Orks have spores on them that appear in the form of warts on their skin.

I thought their balks were spore sacks. >The warts contain foetuses of all Orkiod lifeforms. They are basically walking life seeds.
Right. Female. Like trees.

>But there is a problem. How it's possible for the Orks to maintain a healthy genetic diversity with that mode of reproduction?
Constant rapid mutation, partially caused by environment. They adapt to planets after all.

>> No.49564602

Anybody have fluff-book from Overkill pdf/epub?

>> No.49564604

Instead of just passing it by any thing else

>> No.49564611

>That line is copypasted from one codex to the next.
Which removed it from the original context and only serves as further evidence that Cruddace didn't actually read the things he was regurgitating, which is why it ended up all inconsistent and nonsensical in his hands.

>> No.49564629

not soon, since the GSC conversion pack for cultists is based on the current cadian kit.

>> No.49564632

>But there is a problem. How it's possible for the Orks to maintain a healthy genetic diversity with that mode of reproduction?
Same way they know how to buidl plasma reactors, gun and lay ambushes even if they've been spawned in a damp cave on a uninhabited world, genetic engineering.

>> No.49564638


you know bretonnia and tomb kings enjoyed their update last year

>> No.49564659

No, they'll keep going untill every bit of the codex is replaced with FAQ's, supplements an errata.

>> No.49564679

Actually, what DOES 'work' for Ork list builds nowadays? Comparatively, I mean, since they're still bottom of the barrel regardless.

>> No.49564710

Mek Gunz, MSU Meganobz in trucks.

>> No.49564718

I couldnt wait till Saturday, so I started making some wrecking crew style acolytes with some spare Nob bits, and Overkill cultists

>> No.49564731

Bikes, loots, mek gunz with kmk and lobba, ork-decurion with waaagh-council, Stompa and Kustom Stompa.

>> No.49564737

Those look pretty well painted, anon, good on you.

>> No.49564780

Autism question incoming:

What's the precise color scheme of the Deathwatch?

Kill Team Cassius seems to have the right pauldron with the badge of the chapter, with a black trim.

NOTE: The badge of the chapter is NOT what the marine normally has on the left side, but the actual logo of the chapter. This is well seen on the Space Wolf character, that has the logo of the Space Wolves chapter, not that of his individual company (that is what he'd normally wear). This is also why the veteran sternguard Ultramarine doesnt have a white trim on the shoulderpad, instead the black trim all share.

HOWEVER, looking at picrelated, all Deathwatch guys seem to have the pauldron they originaly wore before becoming deathwatch, with no black trim, meaning company colors are still displayed.

Is this a fuckup by GW? Which is it? Chapter logo + black trim on the right, or original left shoulderpad on the right (with all the appropriate original company colors etc...)?

>> No.49564803

Varies, in lore they occasionally litteraly take the cauldron from their old armour and move to the DW suit.

>> No.49564814


Ouch, pretty limited huh.

>> No.49564821

Left arm is silver for DW (current chapter), right arm is parent chapter, no other organizational markings.

>> No.49564830

Consider that Killteam Cassius existed over 250 years before current point in the 40k timeline.

You can easily headcanon that, during that era, Deathwatch used the convention displayed on that Killteam, but over the following centuries at some point they altered it to what is now shown.

>> No.49564857

Honestly Genestealer Cults can have a high level of kitbashing / conversion potential as well

>> No.49564859


Id actually prefer the black trim version, because that way the right pad is ONLY indicative of the chapter, not of rank within that chapter.

Also, it'd make sense for the chapter symbols that are assymetrical, since the DW box comes with symbols that would otherwise be backwards if fitter correctly to non-DW marines.

>> No.49564870

And better rules.

>> No.49564884


Orks are extremely repetitive.

Chaos, IG, anything Space Marines, Tyranids and the new Genestealer Cults all have massive converting / modelling potential.

>> No.49564895


True, but I think Orks in tone encourage more variety and light-hearted "fun". If that makes sense.

>> No.49564946

I agree. I think the real heart and soul of the Ork faction is supposed to be light-hearted mayhem. You get a lot of players complaining about "randumb" tables for Orks but really they should have fucktons of those, it's just that those tables should have more effects that are enjoyable for the Ork player and less shit like Mob Rule that just punishes you.

>> No.49564971

Can genestealers infect jokaeros?
Would being multilimbed and having an instinctive knowledge of digital weaponry produce as disastrous results as it sounds?

>> No.49564983

The Warhammer youtubers group is doing a 6 months group build. Every model must be converted in your army, 1 unit a month and then the middle 4 months have extra needs (a character, a monster, a warmachine etc.).

Any one else taking part? I'm considering doing Chaos. Do 5 CSM with after market parts, some terminators and a hellbrute.

>> No.49564992

Pop culture references.

>> No.49564999

Oh definitely. Genestealer Cults have more a "grimdark" feel than Orks.

>> No.49565017



>> No.49565045

I'm tempted to get these guys again and, together with some extra bits, make them as if they belonged to their original chapters.

I'm atm removing all the retarded helmetless heads and replacing them with fluffy helmets.

>> No.49565057

Probably can. But do Genestealers infect non sapient creatures?

Thought I read that Jokaeros were non-sapient

>> No.49565066

Looks like Bandit Technical from Borderlands 2.

>> No.49565160

Are griffins just worse whirlwinds?

>> No.49565219

>But do Genestealers infect non sapient creatures?
the ymgarl ones infected the worm-like creatures on those moons, I don't know whether they were sapient but I don't think.

Regardless of what's the fluff I'm going to convert a hound hybrid for my cults arbitres

>> No.49565241

It would result in autistic shut-in hybrids.

They would never rise up and wouldn't draw in the main fleet because that would mean interacting with others.

After a few generations they would have invented volcano cannons that fit inside a jacket button.

>> No.49565250

How bad off are the Blood Angels nowadays? Would it be a mistake to start them in a casual meta where I'd often be playing against Necrons, Eldar, and Tau?

>> No.49565252

>Regardless of what's the fluff I'm going to convert a hound hybrid for my cults arbitres

Rule of cool

>> No.49565271


>> No.49565320

>4'x6' is apoc
Son yall must be playing like 1k Knights very Knights out there, here the monthly 6k apoc game is 8'x6' sometimes larger if we can muster another table

>> No.49565350

looks good so far.

>> No.49565429

>But do Genestealers infect non sapient creatures?
I have no idea about what canon says about that, but it wouldn't make sense if they couldn't. Their purpose is to highlight worlds rich with life for the Tyranids, would the sapience of the life matter?

>> No.49565475

Thoughts - is upgrading to psychic mastery 2 worth it for GSC HQs?

25 points for an extra die and power...

I'd only be running the Patriarch and the Magus.

>> No.49565501

>Thoughts - is upgrading to psychic mastery 2 worth it for GSC HQs?

It's almost ALWAYS worth it on ANY psyker, so I can only assume it will be just as useful on them.

>> No.49565502

Felinids are still canon right?

Also did anybody save that one bait pic?

>> No.49565515

Thanks. I'm kinda new to the game and still figuring things like this out.

>> No.49565519

They're the weakest Chapter but they aren't unplayably bad or anything, especially considering as Imperials they have access to the biggest and most effective ally toolbox to handle any problem through Inquisitors, Assassins, IG, etc.

>> No.49565523

thoughts on interesting genestealer cult conversions?

was thinking about making some aberrants using ork nobs

also looking for ways to modify the guard minis to make them look more interesting and above everything else something to make the sentinel look more of a mining machine

>> No.49565527

Yes and always. GSC's own lore of spells is very good. You also should always take the relic familiar giving you +1 spells.

>> No.49565552

So, regarding the earlier Tau suit homebrew, I also had a homebrew for Orks and wanted to know your thoughts.

Mekboy Speedsta:
BS 3 FA 13, SA 12, RA 10, Type: Chariot, Fast, Open-Topped.
Equipment: 2 Kannons.
Point Cost: 65. Taken as a Chariot for a Big Mek.
Options: May replace the Kannons with any other Mek Gun, paying the appropriate difference in points.
Special Rule: Mobile Mekshop: The Big Mek may measure from the base of the Speedsta for any abilities including using a Promethium Fuel Relay, radiating a KFF Field, making repairs with a B2B vehicle, etc.

The idea is for it to be a highly customizable platform which can either be taken "cheap and cheerful" as a fast Predator-equivalent, or upgraded to practically be an Ork MBT (give the Mek a SAG and have him target stuff) or mini-Command Barge (as you could always just give your Mek Mega-Armor)...but you don't get T5 base nor do you get a Phase Shifter.

>> No.49565554


Use 30k rules. You'll have a slightly competitive army.

>> No.49565558


ML1 is not terribly useful as far as Psykers are concerned, mostly just nice when you can get a lot of them for the extra warp charges they provide.

ML2 lets you take multiple disciplines on the same Psyker, or increase the odds of rolling a desirable power in a specific discipline.

>> No.49565583

Np, biggest reason it's good is redundancy.

Take Biomancy for example it has one great power (Endurance), three good powers (Iron Arms, Warp Speed, and Enfeeble), one mediocre power (Lifeleech), and one crap power (Hemorrhage).

At mastery 1 you only have one die to get the power you want if you roll Lifeleech / Hemorrhage, (by comparison) your Psyker is trash.

Now with level two you have two chances (rerolling duplicates). Not perfect. But in general the higher the level the easier you can "guarantee" you generate the power you need/want.

>> No.49565602


Why not just classify it as a vehicle?

>> No.49565663

If I don't really care about having to win all the time, are Tau actually fun to play? I like the robot suits and most of the FW sculpts. But if they're just shoot jump shoot, I'll probably just do Tyranids instead.

>> No.49565664


Did they get their glut of rules yet, or just the initial formation and whatnot?

>> No.49565680

They are actually jump shoot jump so you are in luck.

Tau can be ran casually but if you are going with a full suit build it won't be easy and people will judge just by seeing the army laid out.

>> No.49565682

They have legion rules and Rites of War, just no legion specific units or characters yet.

>> No.49565696

change it to a transport vehicle, and change the mobile mekshop to read "if a mek is embarked, it can..."

>> No.49565709

I play exclusively with my friends who won't give a shit what the army composition looks like. But if it's inherently OP without even trying, I'll just stick to Nids.

>> No.49565715

Is anyone actually planning to roll Biomancy/Telepathy on their GCult? As far as I'm concerned Broodmind is just too fucking good to not take every time. Summoning free squads of guys with all the expensive upgrades you don't want to pay for, which can then replenish themselves with Return to the Shadows and the Decurion bonus, mindcontrolling Stormsurges and Riptides to shoot their own friends, buffing squads of 20 guys with +1 Strength and Rage, or debuffing enemies WS, BS, I and A all in one go, it just seems like a much better all around toolkit than rolling Biomancy and hoping you get Endurance or rolling Telepathy and hoping for Invis.

>> No.49565735

A patriarch tricked out for combat might roll biomancy and hope to roll iron arm or warpseed, but generally Broodmind is the better discipline I think

>> No.49565757

It's a personalized battle-platform and workshop for the Big Mek. I felt that keeping most special rules and options on the vehicle itself minimal while integrating it with the pre-existing options for the Big Mek give the most modeling/gameplay flexibility with the least amount of "special rule" exceptions. Do you run it "cheap" as a disposable tank hunter, as a KFF "command tank", or as a war chariot or so? A lot of that depends on the Mek himself though.

>> No.49565769

A blob of invisible purestrains sounds pretty good

But for a magus broodmind is the only way to go

>> No.49565777

But think about it - do you want Iron Arm/Warpspeed on your Patriarch, or +1 S and Rage on your entire unit of 20 genestealers and Patriarch?

Or, let's say you got the best possible rolls on both tables, would you rather Endurance for 3+ FnP in Acolyte Range (very very good), or summoning another 8 genestealers with scything talons for free (136 pts of models)? That one's a tougher call but unless your FnP saves are saving 9 or more genestealers a turn that you would otherwise lose, I think the summoning is better, not to mention the utility of instead grabbing Neophytes with special/heavy weapons or Acolytes with armourbane gear if you need to crack a vehicle, etc.

>> No.49565795

>in Acolyte Range
*Iconward range.

>> No.49565805

Summoned units arent part of formations nor detatchment. They dont get d6 free guys per dissapear.

>> No.49565839

Barracuda seems not bad.

>> No.49565841


It was ruled that termagants spawned by a Tervigon count as being part of that same detachment, I would imagine summoning works the same way.

>> No.49565857

Biomancy seems really good with the Patriarch. And telepathy could give a shooty unit of Hybrids invisibility to cower behind from a Magus - or Biomancy's Enfeeble can make webbers supper effective.

>> No.49565864

Pretty sure return from the shadows and cult ambush are USRs that don't require a special detachment, and everything you can summon has them

>> No.49565869

precedent was set in the tyranid FAQ when summoned gaunts in a CAD got objective secured

>> No.49565878

the respawn from ongoing reserves is a detachment benifit

>> No.49565885

Orks are more normie than Ultramarines or most any SM faction?

>> No.49565911


Summons are awesome but we should remember that they're also WC 2/3. Genestealers are a 3.

I'd rather keep my CC machine healthy and have my more expendable Magus doing the summoning.

>> No.49565917


Yeah what the happened to the manta? I thought that was the tau choice to fight off titans.

>> No.49565918

Maybe replace the sentinel's chainblade with the drill from the Ork Killa Kan set?

>> No.49565935

£1020 price tag is what happened. Rather pay £200'more and get a warlord Titan.

>> No.49565953

There also Tiger Shark AX-1-0 to deal with titans.

>> No.49566013

Hrm. Well, I'll look into 30k rules but for the time being: any advice on how to run Blood Angels under their 40k rules?

>> No.49566059

>Tiger Shark AX-1-0

I see what you did there forgeworld.

>> No.49566070


If you think Artemis is a literal who you know jackshit about 40k.

Artemis has been around since forever m8, he's one of the most well established space marine characters and the only character the Deathwatch had up until know.

Just because your waifushit marysue orkshit monster died doesnt mean Artemis is a literal who

>> No.49566117

Summoned daemons units dont get obsec in CAD.

>> No.49566119


Will you ever stop complayning about Stormsurge? It's not like flyers belong on the normal tabletop. It's a skirmisher game, the most powerful flyer outside apocalypse should be an helicopter.

>> No.49566126

He is an Inquisitor RPG character that nobody saw as important until they brought him back and set him against established characters like Eldrad and the Overfiend.

>> No.49566130

Tiger shark has been discontinued hasn't it?

>> No.49566132

Again, source the rules text.

>> No.49566140

maybe if orks were a melee race that wouldnt have happened

>> No.49566145

>chinaman doesnt reply to your orders

>> No.49566150



>> No.49566162

Sup. Got a new neophyte hybrids box a little early. Any questions?

>> No.49566168

I don't say anything about Kevin. Only about Shark.

>> No.49566177

How many of each special weapon it come with?

>> No.49566184

Is that a meme from that thread the other day?
Otherwise I don't know what you're getting at.

>> No.49566185

Bummer, I just ordered some new weapon arms and a Lucius pattern head for my warlord Titan from CCON. He got back to me in 30 mins.

>> No.49566193

Do an unboxing here.

>> No.49566198

At the back of the instructions it has the rules for them, can you take a photo of it?

>> No.49566205

They show the sprues at the GW website you know.

>> No.49566211

is there any link to CCON catalogue and possible email address? i just have (i think) Z's

>> No.49566213

Same as >>49566185
CCON is a total bro, and he has a 30% off sale till 10/5.
Still trying to decide one what I want.

Really tempted to by a bunch of tomb blades so I can run 2x5 of them. Also I need Destroyers so I guess I should see if he has those.

>> No.49566240

He changed emails earlier this year because too many people gave out his.
His gallery and password for it is in those.
I think the last person to get their info on here gave tits and got themselves and the fag that shared it a 1-day ban
I was that faggot.

>> No.49566262

You want info, go to yoyhammer on Reddit. Those bitches put out like crazy.

>> No.49566276

Not really, i just got fuck old email adresses.

>> No.49566284

Be'kan a best.

>> No.49566292

Apparently they cracked down recently since we kept sending all our retards to them.

>> No.49566301

Obviously one of each.
Sorry, already assembled them.

>> No.49566310

Is there an easy way to convert these epubs to PDFs?

>> No.49566325

Ok then have fun.

>> No.49566339

Open them in an ePub reader and take screenshots and then combine the images in acrobat.

>> No.49566359

Well fuck, feels bad not being part of "muh secrit club"

im just envy of all those people praising chinamen.

>> No.49566387

How about become New Chinamen? They will start to praise you.

>> No.49566404

>Is told where to get info
>"Nah, I'm good

>> No.49566432

>Well fuck, feels bad not being part of "muh secrit club"
kek. i bet it does. :^)

>> No.49566440

>Is told where to get info

too bad those info are outdated and almost two years old, and as i understood those contacts (along with the successive ones) have been changed or shut down

>> No.49566464

You know Reddit isn't anonymous and if you can stand not being a complete asshole for 5 mins, you can message someone and ask nicely for contact info?

>> No.49566473

What do you think of the kit? How well do the models go together, what sort of range in poses does it offer, and are the parts easily kitbashable with the IG infantry boxes?

>> No.49566482


>> No.49566492

So GSC are almost done with releases right? Who's next? Or are they going back to AoS? Hope they do DE

>> No.49566494

senpai I meant the rules

>> No.49566499

I think the aquila or whatever is in the chest also varies. In the RPG books covers I saw it golden but other designs has it silver.
Weapons in many displays were shown as red but I think this is not compulsory and may vary with the Watch Station armory

>> No.49566506

>p-pls j-just 1 spoonfull
just buy from FW you broke faggot.

>> No.49566507

im sorry anon, but why saying that the current means of getting a contact is no longer avaible is asking to be spoonfed?

>> No.49566533

They'll probably do more 13th Black Crusade shit. If they leave that hanging at TH/AB then they're in for an absolute shitstorm

>> No.49566540

>So GSC are almost done with releases right? Who's next?
Genestealers are two weeks.

After that I'm guessing Curse of the Wulfen 2 so guessing CSM releases (if any) and maybe a decurison for GKs

>> No.49566544

Probably AoS. They have still a lot of stuff to be released and 40k needs a breather now that we got one completely new army to play with.

Deathwatch wasnt a new army, it was just Sternguards - The Army.

>> No.49566553

Next month we're getting an Icon Bearer character, the Goliath, and some cheapish IG/GSC combo-boxes.

>> No.49566565

When I talk with friend about Shas'O R'Alai and R'Myr, he confused them with daemons because of their names.
What do you think about creating daemonic Riptide variant?

>> No.49566610


Death company with 10 power mails, in a drop pod.

Two units of three bikes with two grav guns and a combi grav. That's more shots than a 5 man centurion squad and cheaper.

Librarian with a force staff. S6 is much better than ap3. Also you can glance walkers.

Just simple stuff.

>> No.49566617

>Nova Reactors are actually Daemons.
>Not enslaved or trapped, just chilling.
>It's a nice change of pace between being shoved into machines (like Warpsmiths do) so they're content to chill
>They're waiting until the Tau build enough and then they'll go full Incursion.

>> No.49566630

I was able to get info a week ago regarding contacting Z and CCON of Reddit. It's definitely not no longer available.

>> No.49566647

>Anything for GK's
God, I hope so...

>> No.49566652

and gsc is
i win the tactical objective game
the army

>> No.49566667

Did a bit googling about this. Unless they have answered this in FAQ, rulebook only says "units must always belong to a detachment"

But this creates a weird problem since almost every detachment in this game can summon daemons and so daemons would get some very weird rules from those.

So like always, when in doubt, its better to go with the choice that is less-extreme and makes more sense.

>> No.49566673

Aren't they going to be doing the battle of prospero soon?

>> No.49566674

you are wrong.

these daemons have seen the superiority of the greater good.

>> No.49566679

>Structural Analyzer

>> No.49566685

Does anyone know of any good ways to model flames onto a model?

>> No.49566694

They make appearances in both Curse of the Wulfen and Traitor's Hate/Angel's Blade so I'm assuming one or the other will give the Sons of Titan some love

>> No.49566715

I could bet my 3rd ball that they will get their own decurion-detachment in some Curse of Fenris book.

>> No.49566728

got an uber-powerful book some editions ago

neglegted for the next 4 editions or more.

Welcome to the sucky side


>> No.49566734

I agree. Something awful and bloated.

>You ready for the Nemesis Dreadknightwing? 3 Dreadknights and gain Shred in close combat

>> No.49566754

greenstuff them

>> No.49566785

It's great. Having the choice between shotguns and autoguns is really nice, and the weapons are really different between each other. Poses are tricky, you gotta pair the upper bodies with the right legs, but with some liquid green stuff you can easily put them wherever you want. I'm kitbashing the remaining bits right now with some Cadians, arms fit but the heads won't unless you saw off their necks.
Sorry pal, here you go.

>> No.49566799

>No subject
How is it people still fail to make these threads correctly.

>> No.49566816

>Codex Daemonhunters released in 2003. Not terribly good

>8 years later in 2011 in 5e Codex OP as Shit came out.

>about a year later 6e came out, ushering in the age of flyers and the 360 heldrake, vendetta spam, and necron flying circus

>7e Grey Knights was the 5e codex with FAQ added and options taken out.

>Folks still butthurt to this day for less than a year of being top dog.
>Tau/Eldar been top for years

>> No.49566877

>Daemon possess suit and hiddenly overcharge Nova reactor to kill pilots and consume their souls
>Wait untill gathering enough souls and/or willful pilot to corrupt him
>Sudenly went AWOL to Anus Terribus or wait for enough amount of suits to suddenly take the planet and make it Hi-Tech Daemonic World

>> No.49566941


>increase cost and stats
>add wargear
>make it Lord of War like Papa Smurf and Knights

>> No.49566942

I just dug up his contact info and password from the archive. It took a moment, but it's not impossible.
It's such a shame that it has come to this cloak and dagger shit. I remember when anons were helpful and gave tips to noobies. Though I can't blame them for not wanting to share the contacts

>> No.49566953

Nah, they'll get the standard "Charge from deepstrike, because fuck balance" That everyone with terminators is getting these days. Only these will be 2W termies that can also liquefy your arse with their nova first.

>> No.49566963

Recasters literally told their customers they don't want randos contacting them. Besides, openingly posting contact info is what got the best recaster shutdown.

>> No.49566967

Orks provide good possibility for doing conversion based on pop culture.

>> No.49566978

Personally, I would've loved charge from Deep Strike instead of Run and Shoot with the Nemesis Strike Force.

>> No.49566997

>personally i wouldve loved OP rules
im shocked

>> No.49567043

Any news of the next Dark eldar codex? I started adding harlequins to my army but I hope DE gets new shit now.

>> No.49567089

the change in email would explain why i haven't had a response in over a week from his old ones.

>> No.49567098

No news whatsoever.

But with current way GW releases shit, they might be the next thing around the corner and we would be none the wiser.

Altough i beleive next thing for 40k is Curse of Fenris pt2 which probably includes Grey Knights, more space wolves and Tzeentch.

>> No.49567103

They're getting a new codex any time soon, go for it.

I'm doing the same with Cegorach jest + heroes path, that way I can bring one of each of their units.

>> No.49567135

Charge from deepstrike is far too far in the opposite direction of shooting vs melee.

Instead of shooting denying melee by killing them before they get there, they charge before they even get a chance to shoot. GSC have the best of it, they are likely to win any combat they take part in easily, then unless their opponent is fearless, they can overrun and wipe a unit in one turn.

>> No.49567158


How do these guys get shut down if they're located in the backass of China or Russia?

>> No.49567176

mebbe stuff like paypal accounts or something.

they are ruining the hobby anyway, let them die

>> No.49567181

If I'm not mistaken, the Webbers take up the special weapon slot, like grenade launchers and flamers. Seismic cannons are heavy weapons, with the stubber and mining laser.

>> No.49567182


>charge and kill unit
>left standing in the open

>> No.49567193

I imagine they need some kind of licence to sell to other countries

>> No.49567198


Charging $50 for a single plastic fig is ruining the hobby

>> No.49567208

that doesnt matter when youve already killed all their scary units
>why cant my unit of terminator armored psykers with force weapons DS and charge on turn 1
gee, i wonder

>> No.49567219

Most of these guys don't have the resources to deal with being sued, once they receive a C&D from GW they shut down rather than risk being taken to court.

>> No.49567231

part of that money is for designing them and if you want them to continue doing that....

Pirating rulebooks is fine, I do *not* want them to continue writing rules after all

>> No.49567232


I play SoB, so I don't really have any scary units on their own. It's a team effort.

>> No.49567235

With the amount of units they will have getting either turn 1 charges or turn 1 double shooting, they can alpha strike a good part of any army except armies with insane suitability like Decurion Necrons.

And shooting is even worse in that regard
>Shoot and maybe kill unit
>Left standing to be shot/charged
>Zero chance of remaining safe in combat with weakened unit

>> No.49567237

You really must not get out much if you think Russia and China are some sort of wild west with absolutely no laws whatsoever.

>> No.49567255

Why is it okay to have AP2, Ignores Cover guns that can delete assault units before they can do anything, but it isn't okay to have assault units that can charge after Deep Striking and delete shooty units before they do anything? Especially since the assault units still have to take Overwatch fire, may fail their charge, and have to DS close enough that they could mishap?

>> No.49567269

Go for your warlord and it's a free point
Go for your pipe organs and that's all your long range AT gone.
Although, to be fair, SoB aren't the kind of army you want to be up in the face of.

>> No.49567277

not him, but I didn't really expect China to give a shit about UK copyright/IP laws

>> No.49567286

>Why is it okay to have AP2, Ignores Cover guns that can delete assault units before they can do anything
if your assault unit doesnt have an invuln save or enough wounds to tank that shit, its a shitty unit.

try to understand basic game mechanics.

>> No.49567288

Snag a return address from a shipment, dox for name or information, mail out a subpoena.

>> No.49567304

Because technically those assault units could do something, they might move, or run, they could shoot something the turn they come down.

A shooting unit that gets charged first turn (Assuming you had first turn) gets an overwatch attack, then gets removed from the board.

>> No.49567309

They don't, GW is the one sending their lawyers.

>> No.49567319

I want this for DE or harlequins so much.
>DS from webway portal with agonizer equipped archon supported by a cast of player

>> No.49567324

So, why is it okay that 90% of assault units in the game are unusable garbage?

>> No.49567325

I did, the picture in >>49566685 is what i got. I feel like it could be better

>> No.49567344

Shit, I play DE, too. Assault Grenades on Archon/Incubi would be just great.

>> No.49567348

So that gunline fags can bitch about how broken assault is so they can continue to just roll dice and watch you shovel models off the table

>> No.49567354

GW isn't issuing a C&D to the country dumbass.

>> No.49567358

>So, why is it okay that 90% of assault units in the game are unusable garbage?
its not, they need to be buffed.

by the way, grey knight terminators arent on that list of 'unusable garbage'

theres a difference between buffing certain melee units, and letting a unit of terminator psykers with force weapons and hammerhand deepstrike and charge on turn 1.

>> No.49567381

Unless they have a librarian, they'll only get force OR hammerhand.

>> No.49567394

I actually went through this a while ago and nothing really breaks if summoned daemons are part of the detachment they were summoned out of.
I think the worst offender was perhaps the daemonic tetrad?

>> No.49567402

Just impulse bought this since it was discounted for 160 burger bucks, what should I even build?

>> No.49567405

yeah... because grey knight players dont take as many level 3 libbys as they can, since its not like the 2nd best unit in their book.

>> No.49567438

Depends. Are you going to play them as what?
Basically its best to magnetize them so that you can build any weapon you like.

Best option as renegade knight is 2x Gatling Cannons so the other knight is stuck without it.

Also the box only comes with single Gatling Cannon so you cant built that anyway.

>> No.49567440


Whatever kind of Knight you need from the codex. Depends on the army you want to field. You should probably magnetize something as versatile and costly as a Knight though.

>> No.49567458

I thought summoned daemons count as scoring troops but not part of a detachment/formation

Bound/un-bound only matters at the list building stage.

>> No.49567507

Thats how we personally play it in out group(s). ITC and ETC also play it out like that that they are whatever choices they are but dont get any formation bonuses.

>> No.49567514

I can fit maybe 2 Librarians in a list that doesn't leave me with less than 20 models.

>> No.49567523

I guess that's fair, I'll take a look at magnets for them. Any idea what size I need?

>> No.49567556

Just the Kustom Stompa rather, the regular Stompa is overpriced garbage.
Buzzgob's Mek stompa is also great, really sad to see though, that what was likely a massive pricing error is now almost reasonable with the recent powercreep.

The concept crashes with the Junka though. If you're going to do a Speedsta, better focus on the SPEED part and make it some kind of crazy hit-and-run tankshocking rocket powered drag racer thing with a penchant for blowing up spectacularly.

>> No.49567611

if you dont spam babycarriers you can fit in more libbys

>> No.49567734

Give them time...

>> No.49567736

>2 Baby Carriers is spamming

>> No.49567743

I don't, sorry. I'm sure there are guides to magnetizing Knights, though. Good luck man.

>> No.49567793

hows that fifth edition salt working out for you? Dreadknights are really nowhere near the cheesiest bullshit that you see these days.

Though really I feel like giving grey knight terminators assault out of deepstrike would really only be okay if all termies could

>> No.49567801

Yea just google it, there's a pretty in depth tutorial on some blog somewhere.

>> No.49567806

Its cool, thanks again.

>> No.49567845

Sweet, I'll track it down when I get home then and go over it a few times. Think I'm looking forward to playing around with an Errant most.

>> No.49567904

I mean, isn't that the actual rules?
I remember seeing it somewhere.

>> No.49567914

So Death Masque includes one Deathwatch Upgrade Frame... I guess this is for upgrading standard Marines to Deathwatch Marines but how many Marines does that work for? Like, is there enough for one box of Tactical Marines? Maybe two?

>> No.49567932

Just check a picture of the sprue man. At least ten normal marines afaik

>> No.49567947

Letting all terminators make disordered charges out of Deep Strike would be perfectly balanced and go a long way towards making them viable.

Three level 3's, three lightly equipped Terminator squads, and two Dreadknights is only 1400. What the hell are you running that will leave you with sub-20 models at 1500+?

>> No.49567975

I run an interceptor squad, and a Librarius conclave to make it 1850.

>> No.49567989

Which interpretation? Neither one really is. Its one of those things that has no clear rules for it.

>> No.49567998

probably a dumb question but what would you reccomend to buy first: this kit or the 5 hybrids one?

>> No.49568008


>> No.49568009

That deamons are part of your army as a points scoring unit but are not part of any existing formation.

In an FAQ somewhere, maybe the new daemons FAQ?

>> No.49568021

Anyone know whats in the next white dwarf?
(Any cool miniature or something??)

>> No.49568023

There is no clear ruling on where summoned units land other than "all units must belong to a detachment" but that refers to army building.

the new FAQ ruled in favor of summoned units being a part of the detachment where they were summoned from in the tyranid FAQ, but trying to extrapolate that across all armies is a tough sell for some.

>> No.49568029

If you can get it, the Deathwatch Overkill box.

>> No.49568048

how much would I save with that?
are the snapfits easy to convert to make special weapons?

>> No.49568061

seriously this. I fear the HQs will be very expensive on their own.

>> No.49568072

>Alright squads 6 and 7, your job is to stand in front of the 20ft high wall and stop the nids from scratching the paintwork, don't worry you'll have some waist high sandbags though.

>> No.49568082

would take the snapfits as they are, you can make special weapons from the others. Al othe box does include grenade launchers

>> No.49568111


it's a comic about 'muh dark angels'

>> No.49568165

price already leaked at 37gpb.. so porbably 60Euro / 80 usd / 50000000 Kangaroo dollars


>> No.49568253

>Space Marines crying because their grav-heavy list doesn't do shit against the horde
>Flamers and Heavy Bolters actually have a use now

>> No.49568257

Ridiculous. The HQs alone are worth half the DWO box at that price. That's outright insanity.

>> No.49568278

I have $3000 for when that comes true.

>> No.49568287

That's because they want to sell box

>> No.49568307

37 pound are more like 45-50 €
but then we are talking about gw. [email protected] in HH-boxes is mega pric increase too

>> No.49568328

The 3 HQs are 50€ in a Box.
You WANT the Box at least once if you plan on playing Genestealer Cults.

>> No.49568369

Well you are already having all three HQs if you bought any DWO-boxes.

>> No.49568405


With Deffskulls, Evil Sunz and Bad Moons you'd be spamming a lot of shooting and vehicles wouldn't you?

It mentions they all have a lot of Meks, Vehicles Walkers and or Artillery in the lore.

>> No.49568466

Deffskulls could do anything

Evil sunz dont use static units or walkers because they are too slow. This is why Gunwagons need to re-exist as big gunz mounted on trukks.

Bad moonz are pretty shooty, i'd expect dakka-battlewagons to show off their wealth rather than cheap shitty looted wagons

>> No.49568502

Where do I go from PCS, two squads and a LR?
Is combined arms even viable or do I have to choose blob or mech?

>> No.49568516

Sorry wasn´t clear my bad...I meant overkill.
You want the overkill box.

>> No.49568546


>Go for your warlord and it's a free point
Celestine is almost always the warlord, so you have to kill her twice for the VP. She's also good at mulching 3+ units and usually surrounded by Seraphim. The whole package can melt hordes with ease.

>Go for your pipe organs and that's all your long range AT gone.
Very true, though we have enough melta to make up for it, especially if you're behind our lines.

>Although, to be fair, SoB aren't the kind of army you want to be up in the face of.
Yea, we're a very 6-12" army.

Honestly, what I really hate are podding Grav cents. I usually just assault them with something and tie them up for the rest of the game because they have no power weapons.

Drop pods shouldn't come in on T1

>> No.49568561

GSC need a lord of war, and named characters

>> No.49568594

deffskullz hate tank hunters. they destroy the bestest bitzes

>> No.49568600

4 chan the magical place where SOB are good.
What's the last tournament they won again ? 1991 ?

>> No.49568613


>Evil sunz dont use static units or walkers because they are too slow.

We've seen a departure from the lore then as it mentioned they were one of the Klans that Gargants could be found heavily among in Titanicus.

I think there is also an image of an Evil Sunz Squiggoth (not the fastest of transports out there, and a book series featuring an Evil Sunz Mek and his mob who disavowed building vehicles in favor of Walkers like Stompas.

>> No.49568641

>named characters
They already have few from Ghosar Quintus. They are valid choices in GSC-army.

>> No.49568698


New thread!

>> No.49568708


I never claimed to be a top tier army, but they're a solid mid tier army. No one plays them because no one wants to buy 20 year old pewter models.

>> No.49568715


Nothing can kill the 'Ard Boy deader than its own codex.

That dude from yesterday nailed it: nothing is a good buy for Orks because there's no fucking point. An eBay seller dropped some NIB Nobz to under $14 and I didn't even blink.

>> No.49568776

If we get a Grey Knight decurion but nothing for DA, then watch the news for suicide bombings of GW headquarters.

>> No.49568788

Combined arms is okay, a lot anti AV-14 is fast (including deep strike as 'fast' here) short range shit so bubble wrapping Russes with large amounts of cheap infantry is fairly viable and they still end wasting all plasma (or equivalent) shots on guardsmen anyway, grav-spam, is a little too long range to reliably deal with that way, as cron-shit is also not really that easy to keep out of threat range, and anything with stomp shits all over any attempt to throw guardsmen in between the choppy monster and the russ but against mid power level lists it should do okay, and neither blob nor mech stand up well against the more competitive lists anyway so knock yourself out.

>> No.49569081

Gunwagons do exist though. In fact, there's too many various unit entries spread out all around for various stuff like that. Guntrukk, Flakkatrukk, Gunwagon, Flakkatrakk, Looted Tank, whatever.
What we need is a update where they just put in two entries that can pick pretty much any weapon, and at a reasonable price, no more bullshit like paying 60 fucking points for a Supakannon.

>> No.49569127

You could always do something fun like artillery emplacements, and enjoy T7 guardsmen as bubblewrap.Just make sure you have a blob or two nearby to soak up anyone trying to deepstrike or outflank and charge the Arty in melee.

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