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Zero effort edition.

>Rules databases

>FAQ’s and Errata (outdated but official)

>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).

>Forgeworld Book index

> The Black Library

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1st for somebody actually thinks taking a Cadian Battle Group is a good use of the Cadian Supplement Formations, and then complains about the size of the core choices.

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does anyone have a file of all the GsC leaks?
I'm trying to get them in order
>and my nid boner
Flyrants and Genestealers, what else could you want?

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walktyrants and guard are cooler than flyrants

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Rak'Gol codex when?

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I think I'm retarded but how do I build 5 raptors from Crimson Slaughter? Instructions only provide for 3 and also ask for the same piece to be used twice

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>hvy venom cannon
I mean I like Swarmlord and pals that inControl runs
If there was a delivery system for swarmlord and guard, would be the best

>Ohh shit you mean guard like IMPERIAL guard not tyrant guard
I guess its cooler but walkrants are so bad compared to flyrants

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When does the digital codex come out?

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They will get the same melt into the shadows rule as the GSC but they can do it as an assault move as well.

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why aren't they just a kind of Tyranid?
I mean I get the lore differences and they are legitimate
but they both take the same general archetype of sci-fi design
>I wish nids looked a little more Rak'gol

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What do you guys think about the Steel Confessors?

There's not much out there, true, but the bits I've found have been pretty damn fascinating. The secret creation, fight against the Tyranids (machine vs monster was a cool thing), all very interesting.

Your thoughts for a penny?

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If you're actually asking, idk. If you're rhetorically answering me, I mean I've seen the links. back when the deathwatch shit was being leaked everything was posted in every general for like 3 days

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I made the initial mistake of assembling my first hive tyrant as a Swarmlord instead of a flyrant with devourers. I'd probably win more with the flyrant, but there's something super satisfying about running the Swarmlord with some tyrant guard and just BULLDOZING whatever he gets into combat with.

Jesus Christ is it expensive, though.

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dey kool

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Been thinking of a replacement to the Ork's shitty leadership rule:

Mob Rule

Add up the number of wounds in a unit of Orks, minus 5. This is the Mob Rule number. The Mob Rule number can be used in place of the unit’s normal leadership value for the purpose of any leadership test. If the number is more than 10, the unit have the Fearless special rule. If the number is 20 or more, the unit have Feel No Pain (6+), stacking with other Feel No Pain. Add an additional +1 to Feel No Pain for each successive 10 after 20 in the Mob Rule number. Feel No Pain cannot go beyond 2+ in this way.

The Ork unit add +1 to their Mob Rule number for every 5 shots they fire in the Shooting Phase against a valid target within range (even if said target cannot be wounded/glanced), until the start of their next Shooting Phase. Some weapons count as two shots for each single shot, such as the Rokkit Launcha. These weapons will be marked by the ‘Lookz Good’ special rule. Weapons mounted on a vehicle that an Ork unit are embarked on count towards this.

If a vehicle that an Ork unit is embarked on makes a Flat Out move, add +1 to the unit’s Mob Rule number for each inch that the vehicle moved, measured from where the vehicle started the move. This modifier lasts until the start of your next Shooting Phase.

Wounds and shots made by Grots or Squigs do not contribute to the Mob Rule number.

(So basically, the bigger, faster and more shooty an Ork unit is, the more deadly they are)

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whats that like a turn 4 charge?
sounds satisfying
>60 TL s6 shots per turn on a 24"moving 360 degree shooting platform
5 flyrants feels so good
so god damn good

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So I'm a noob to WH40K (and tabletop games in general) but I really want to get into it because of the space wolves and name an army of them, how would I go about it?

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Orks needed to be more boring to play

less busywork needed

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>Zero effort edition
Which one was that?

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Furfag McYiffshit

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Why no nid 7th?

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>Newfag thinblood nids talking about shooting platforms
These kids have no idea how proper Tyranids are supposed to play.

Back in my day we were the most feared assault army in the game for good reason and that's just how we liked it. This Flyrant meme is going to die with the next Codex and God I cannot wait for that day

Until then I'll get by on my now properly fairly statted genestealers.

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So I've got 6 full units of Ork Kommandos cos I'm a crazy blood axe boss.

I'm going to use the GsC rules to run them.

Do you think anyone would object?

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Look on the GW store for the Start Collecting! box for space wolves. Those boxes, while varying in usefulness between armies, are by far the best values you can get when buying 40k figures, and are a good entry point. Past that, you'll just need some sprue cutters, plastic/super glue, a couple brushes, and the paint.

Learning to paint, if you haven't done minis before, can be a little bit of a learning process, but there are plenty of guides out there to help you.

Good things come to those who footslog.

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nope. I wouldn't

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sounds radical. Which units would proxy as what?

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Oh boy, I really can't wait for the inevitable flood of "No, no, this Codex REALLY represents my army better than my actual Codex does. It's got nothing to do with it being newer and more powerful. Really. Honest." posters jumping on the bandwagon.

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Leman Russ simply arrests Magnus instead of wrecking Prospero and the Thousand Son's shit for no real reason other than being a retard

What changes in the lore.

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scything talons and a sword+whip

fuck powercreep, even if the new tyrant guard are fucking beautiful there is literally no reason to ever take them

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mfw GSC are going to kick the shit out of Eldar

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Can anyone identify the chapter of this dude?

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I prefer my version:

All ork units are fearless so long as X number of wounds AND/OR hull points worth of models is within Y inches of the unit. X and Y to be decided upon balancing the faction.

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I think the patriarch would be my Kommando warboss, the magus would be my weirdboy and their familars would be squigs or Grots.

The goliath could be a trukk or wagon or looted wagon.

I'm not sure about which unit best represents Kommando boys, but the cult ambush rules are perfect.

The add d6 when the return from ongoing reserves is the blood axes running away and coming back with more boys

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hey man I want to run 46 genestealers and warrior primes too
but when you have to play all the 40k formation bullshit and basically counter it by just taking advantage of the brb unit types

I've grown to start liking the salt, fuck it I guess
>star playing kill team HoR its a better game
>>playing a broodlord 9 genestealers at 200 points, so good

no they don't
you get shot off the table if you're playin anyone who can build a 7e list
>why make a "for fun" list and only get to play 2.5 turns because you get tabled every game? that doesn't sound fun for anyone

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To be fair GSC and orkz both have very similar themes and orkz have a garbage unfun codex.

>> No.49554993

Too longwinded. Rules have to be simple to be effective.

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But these Genestealer Cultists REALLY DO represent my elite Leman Russ army better than the IG codex!

Well, they would if I didn't have the Emp's Fist company with two maxed-out techpriests. Besides, GSC can't make 5-12 Leman Russes FLAT OUT FOR 12+D6 MOVEMENT!

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The miniwargaming youtube channel just uploaded a discussion on the Start Collecting: Space Wolves box. I would recommend you watch that and get that box. Also look at 1D4Chan Space Wolves tactics page.

Also, you're a fucking furry.

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How? I can only order my tanks to go 6+D6 after a leadership test.

>> No.49555068

Just kidding about the footslogging, man. It's just something I do for fun nowadays in casual games vs. my friends.

The swarmlord is pretty interesting, at least, with his ML3 and the bonus to reserve rolls, but obviously not as competitive as a flyrant.

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Thousand Sons join the loyalists, and Magnus + Emps mind fuck Horus together before anything terrible can happen?

>> No.49555171

Combined in one turn: You get 6 inches in movement and then an additional 6+D6 movement.

It's not very practical for much, but I've used it to frustrate a player running CM-Smashfucker sans-bike (he ran out of points) by using this order plus liberal use of difficult terrain to put distance between myself and him.

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inControl would beg to differ
>confer PE to 1 unit in 18" radius
>>to your barbed heirodule

>> No.49555210

Oh that makes more sense.

Yeah I haven't found much of a reason to use that order much unless there's something I can actually out run in a heavy tank that didn't get shot down.

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Reminds me of Gremlins...

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So my two mates I play with just picked up a flytant army and some necron croissants respectively. Weve never used flyers until now and my AM force is 90% pieplates. Whats a good AM anti air besides $60 Hydras?

>> No.49555239

Holy shit you can field a fuck ton of Chaos Cultists for pittance
A unit of 20 is like 100 points what the fuck

>> No.49555244

Get some thunderbolts

>> No.49555257


hiveguard work, its just that theres better alternatives

>> No.49555271

Not familiar with them. Care to explain what they are?

>> No.49555284

hive guard work
tyrant guard to not

>> No.49555300

>A unit of 20 is like 100 points what the fuck

You get what you pay for.

>> No.49555313

It's basically a last minute Objective Capping Ability. But even then it has to be against something that isn't infantry. It would be much more useful if you could use it to tank shock in the shooting phase, for a 12-18" Strength 10 ram attack! But nope. Just a repositioning tool.

>> No.49555329

LOL! Your cultists still can't outhorde our conscripts! 3 ppm motherfuckers!

>> No.49555335

space hellcats, forgeworld model

>> No.49555403

Those are incredibly cool also twice as much as a Hydra

>> No.49555406

I'm doing an Inquisitional Army of Militarum Tempestus Scions, Crusaders, Malleus Inquisitor, and Jokaero right now, but I want to add another detachment to round the army out a bit more. I'm torn between SoB or Cult Mechanicus/Skitarii.

>> No.49555407

This meme. I like it.

But I don't have a heirodule D:

>> No.49555411

>there is literally no reason to ever take them
They can be interesting if you run them without a Tyrant. My opponents tend to overlook them when they advance on their own since they are usually seen just as extra wounds for the Tyrant

>> No.49555419

ooops misread that. my bad.

>> No.49555443

The new FAQ lets Tyrants leave their unit of Guard, so they can be used to help Tyrants survive alpha strikage and then be used as strong melee units.

>> No.49555448

Why would Neophyte Genestealers ever take a Chimera? If anything it makes them less effective than footslogging or using a minecart.

>> No.49555512

T6 and a 3+ really isn't that durable, though. Yeah they won't be instant death'd, but they only have two wounds despite being the size of dreadnoughts.

>> No.49555523

Give the Sisters their Glory Boys back.

>> No.49555530

you didn't ask for an option less expensive than the hydra, just other than it

>> No.49555548


Too similar to doom eagles and red knights or something like that.

Silver and white dont go well.

Silver with black pauldrons and red trim and logo would go miles better

>> No.49555554

How well would autocannon teams work in a pinch?

>> No.49555573

>despite being the size of dreadnoughts.
No they aren't

>> No.49555577

Rules are abstract representations of a fictious universe and its inhabitants. Get of your high horse, knob cheese

>> No.49555594

Well, the Silver and the Beige work well, but only when the green segregates them. Otherwise the blend together. So you could do that color scheme, so long as the knees, pauldrons, and any other Beige bits are outlined by green.

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None of those are Grey Knights

>> No.49555624


Minecarts are open topped, Chimeras aren't. Also 12 front armor.

>> No.49555651

is there a digital version of warhamer 40k that isn't vidya garbage?

like a digital simulator of warhamer 40k?

>> No.49555666

Only the Truck is Open-Topped and the other one has 12 front.
I take it that Chimera has room for 10+ passengers?

>> No.49555673

Math it out. 2 Shots hitting 1/6th of the time means you have a 1 in 3 chance of hitting for each HWT you recruit. Each hit is strength 7 so assuming front armor 11-12, you have about a 1 in 6 chance of glancing/pinning a flyer per autocannon team.

A Command Exterminator can do a bit better: 4 shots twin-linked means at least 1 hit per shooting on average. But your paying a lot for the tanks in terms of points.

Really this is the problem with the Air units from a buyer's perspective: Either you buy a unit dedicated to killing it and suddenly you have purchased a product you only use in some, not all, Warhammer games for this army. Alternatively you don't buy it and are forced to spam heavy weapon snapshots at the enemy flyer. And as an IG, you better hope no one's running death from the skies because none of your aircraft can skyfire!

>> No.49555680

If there was GW would go out of business.
That said there are model packs for Table Top Simulator that cover the majority of the armies, but they all suck, with most of the assets coming form DoW and some really bad custom models.

>> No.49555683

They are. Have you not seen the new tyrant guard? Should I take a shitty late-night comparison shot?

The difference in height is a couple of millimeters, and thanks to their flaps they're almost as bulky.

>> No.49555702

>GW will never sponsor/develop an online 40k sim
>GW will never pack model boxes with redeemable codes for that unit
>You will never get to watch your dudes on the screen while you paint/build them

>> No.49555706

12 to be exact. Enough for 10 vets, a commissar, and one other character or 6 Ogryns.

>> No.49555708

that's a shame.

I imagine if someone made a digital simulator of the game with original armies, it will make mad dosh, right?

>> No.49555722

>or 6 Ogryns
not anymore, ogryn take up 3 slots each now because FUCK you

>> No.49555730

If a Detachment says 0-1 Command per core does that mean I don't need to add any of them?

>> No.49555754


>> No.49555766

that is what the 0 in 0-1 means

>> No.49555770

The problem is that if they want to make money off of a 40k table top video game beyond the traditional $60 price point of a video game, they would have to charge people the same way they do now. Only instead of selling high-quality plastic models that actually exist in the real world, they would have to sell product keys for the same price for things that don't exist. Something hackers would have infinite of on day one, and something no real person would buy. If they charge only the $60 with no micro-transactions there would be no reason to play the actual table top game anymore, as every unit in the game is now free.
Either way its really bad for GW.

>> No.49555810

I figured out I may as well make an android version with original armies.

40k game seems perfect for a mobile microtransactions model.

I imagine something similar to LOL heroes could make dosh.

In any case, it's a golden oportunity for some indie game using tablets and phones online features.

>> No.49555816

I could see someone making a version for a college capstone project. It'd be cool to see the units not only animated, but with the rules coded into the game to avoid cheating. So if you moved infantry the game would lock you at 6" or less. If you had difficult terrain a little box on your UI would show the dice roll, and the results would automatically be applied to the board.

Shooting would be a blast as dice fly across the UI at the bottom of the screen and simultainiously all the units on the board fired their weapons.

You could pick which additions, supplements, and missions you wanted to use in the pre-battle screen.

Army Painter from DOW revamped so that you can paint your "general" army scheme, and then select individual units in your army to get deviant paint schemes to make them special or characters.

A map maker would be mandatory too.

>> No.49555821

>The difference in height is a couple of millimeters
So Dreadnoughts are little over 5 cm tall? I'm kinda disappointed to be honest

>> No.49555834

Well I guess it would be cheaper buying them en masse for both points and dollaroos than an aircraft. Flyers just feel kinda cheap desu and that still doesnt solve the flyrant problem.

>> No.49555842

I'm guessing then that you think nobody in this hobby actually likes modeling their armies? Because modeling armies in a computer even with army painter has nothing on a physical collection.

>> No.49555865

Flyrants are just aircraft but vulnerable to small arms. Oh, and they melee, which sucks for you.

>> No.49555870

they're both a tiny bit under 60mm, if you include a (non-scenic) base

It's less that dreadnoughts are small, and more that everything else is getting upscaled. The bulldog tyrant guard are pretty tiny and make sense at 2W, while the plastic ones are making the most of the new (at the time) 50mm base but have completely unchanged stats.

>> No.49555909

I would imagine that GW wouldn't like this as they would see is as the game cutting into physical model sales. Something they care about more than the game aspect.

Not even GW has data on who buys their models and for what reason. My assumption was that more people play the game for the game aspect and would forego the modeling for a more convenient way to play the game. And for clarification, I am against a 40k table top video game, as there is no real way to do it justice.

>> No.49555950

>while the plastic ones are making the most of the new (at the time) 50mm base but have completely unchanged stats.
Because it's a dual kit, Hive Guards stand upright while the old Tyrant Guards didn't

>> No.49555954

>Looking at Genestealers release longingly
>Have to save money so Im not getting onto them at the moment
>Get home to find a $5000 check for me

Sweet emperor give me strength

>> No.49555963

>Not even GW has data on who buys their models

Do people really believe this? That a company just doesn't seem to have any idea on how well their products sell? That GW just has absolutely NO fucking idea what the community is like?

Because that's a bunch of shit.

>> No.49555968

I'm the Kommando boss from before. I'll be getting some gene cult guys to run an actual army, but I just feel that the whole feel of the gsc rules really represents a blood axe.raid, shit you can even add human mercs (guard) in and be a proppa un-orky blood axe

>> No.49555977

Orks are fearless when in combat


>> No.49555987

Both Dawn of Wars are superior to modern 40k as both games and as depictions of the 40k universe. You're also a delusional faggot if you really think video game sales would cut into tabletop sales. Dawn of War has brought tons of people into the hobby; playing a video game and playing a game with physical miniatures in person are entirely different activities.

>> No.49556014

I know that feel. I've just won my office football tipping competition where the cash prize is big enough to buy everything I need to put a nice little cult together

and I'm in Australia so that's a lot of dollarydos

>> No.49556020

could have bulked the guard up a bit, though

>> No.49556026

Kirby proudly proclaimed that they didn't bother with market research, and it jives with all the other indications of their business.

Seriously, they didn't even bother to really acknowledge social media until this year. It takes some serious rock hugging to wait until 2016 to start trying to engage with your consumers on Facebook.

>> No.49556036

We're talking about porting the table top game to a video game format. Not a spinoff RTS series. We're talking about invalidating the tabletop game entirely by making everything about it available in a more convenient format that you can access from anywhere.

>Because that's a bunch of shit.

It really isn't.

>> No.49556039

Because Kirby's fucked off.

>> No.49556050

Be strong, boys. You can do it. Don't give into Chaos's temptation.

>> No.49556058

Is it possible to fit all Chaos Space Marines into one book? The degree of difference between a Khornate Berzerker warband and a cabal of Thousand Sons Sorcerers are far more divergent than any of the loyalist chapters are from each other (with the exception of the Grey Knights). It just seems like the number of options required to actually do any of the Chaos subdivisions justice would be staggering.

>> No.49556064


>> No.49556093

No, but while it isn't really practical to put every Chaos marine into one book it is also pretty difficult to separate them and still give each book enough content. Yes Thousand Sons sorcerers are very different from Khorne berzerkers, but there isn't really enough meat to most Chaos subfactions to justify more than one book.

I guess the supplement codices sort of did that but apparently they aren't doing them anymore.

>> No.49556115

And look how the times have changed. Genestealer Cults have some of the most absurdly pushed rules yet, coupled with a pricing scheme that's as predatory and shitty as anything they put out under Kirby. Their FAQ's are taking ages to put out and are still rife with contradictions, errors, and just absolutely nonsensical decisions. The balance between releases is still wildly fluctuating, leaving the actual game a flaming mess. What exactly has improved? They use Facebook to give us updates on releases...just as early as we got them with weekly White Dwarf.

>> No.49556138

Does anyone know where I could get my hands on the Doom of Mymeara second edition?

>> No.49556139

Do one book for each "Daemonkin" and one book for Renegades (Chaos Marines that haven't gone full Chaos yet either due to choice or due to relative youth). Black Legion gets a supplement that lets them combine shit from the Daemonkin books alongside Renegades.

>> No.49556170

Rules are fine, there's a fuckload of extra bits and customisation options to justify the price and to call it preditory is ridiculous because it's a luxury hobby, not fucking food and water.

>> No.49556200

That'd be nice but people have been asking to split up traitor legions and renegades for years now.

But Genestealer Cults just got some attention and a release so who knows what could happen now?

>> No.49556225

GSC are just chaos distracting the Imperium from the real threat: the tau.

>> No.49556258

Come to bed, Kitten. You're drunk

>> No.49556281

>Rules are fine
Opinion discarded. The rules are in the worst state they have ever been in. The scale is a mess, a quarter of the factions in the game can't even begin to have a competitive game against the top quarter, the core rules are extremely bloated with do-nothing rules and awful formatting. How can you see the FAQ's that they're putting out and spawning more issues with and try to claim that the game is fine?

Eh, I'm a CSM legion player and I just don't think there's enough granularity in 40k to really distinguish between OG legionnaires and more recent renegades. The only real way to distinguish them is to let them buy veteran skills and maybe some tiny stat alterations (+1 WS/BS, +1 LD, +1A). At the most that just requires letting legion lists take Chosen as troops, which doesn't need an entire book.

In my opinion, the bigger issue is that Marked marines aren't different enough.

>> No.49556282

Forge World

>> No.49556346

No, no, the rules for GSC are fine. The general rules for 40k are a shitshow.

>> No.49556357

>That pilot suit
>that paint job
I have the biggest warboner right now

>> No.49556433

what color should I use for DKoK greatcoats? I want to use the FW scheme. Is there some IA book that details which paints they used?

>> No.49556434

But again, playing online and in person are two very different experiances. In person, you can make up new rules, ignore ones you don't like, create your own special missions, and show off your pretty miniatures and terrain to other people. A video game, even one I proposed here>>49555816 would not fully scratch the itch. Many of your games would be anonymous, you'd see more cheese as cheesy players no longer have to look the other player in the eye and tell them their cheese, and things like fluffy armies just wouldn't exist in the competitive anonymous online community.

>> No.49556502


Acolyte kit is definitely predatory, but the rest of the line is surprisingly reasonably priced.

>> No.49556520

I mean it is a double kit, but I get what you're saying.

>> No.49556605

Run them in cover with that stealth mofo.

>> No.49556620

Why isn't there more fanart of this

>> No.49556632

No but if you email FW they'll probably tell you. Or just use Vallejo German Panzer Grey.

>> No.49556649

For 95 points, does the Ork Fighta have any advantages over the other Ork flyers other than how cheap it is?

>> No.49556667

Just out of curiosity, how do you guys feel about how GW prices their products?

>> No.49556683

Its fine, 50$ a month for a kit isnt expensive.

>> No.49556689

Worse than others for the same quality.

To be fair, they have goddamn excellent customer service.

>> No.49556700

For some reason I cannot grasp where this conversation has gone or where it is going, but, the original question was how well a video game port of the 40k table top would do. To which I answered, not good. In the hypothetical world where I am GW chairman, I would say no to your proposal as I would view it as direct competition to our table top game.

Mostly they're fine. Could be better, as made example with the Start Collecting Kits, and some other bundles.

>> No.49556707


What armies do you play where you can spend $50 a month and continue to grow it.

>> No.49556717

>Math it out.
assuming they jink, you get 25/144 chance to glance or pen per autocannon team, if they don't jink it's a 25/72 chance

>> No.49556721

Thousand sons are getting something soon right?
I want to play CSM but Tzeentch themed

>> No.49556737

Skitarii and Inquisition aren't on the best terms. Remember that the Inquisition are firm Ecclesiarchy guys. They would be more likely to be seen with either the SoB or Deathwatch. Even better, get Grey Knights and take Sanctic Daemonology on your Lv3 Librarian get Stronghold before watching your opponent cry as he has to chew through your 15 point 2++ Crusaders.

>> No.49556738


This. While some things are expensive for what you get ($50 for a single limited edition 32mm resin faggot?!), I don't purchase every month and dropping $50-200 on something I really like and want is no big deal for me.

What is a real outrage is how much car parts cost. If I buy a shitty wing from China on eBay it'll cost $300 but will crack from simple wind downforce and won't fit for shit. If I want a super durable genuine carbon fiber perfect fitment wing, I have to pay $2000 to buy one from Japan and another $100 to ship it. And that's just for one wing. I still need tires, wheels, larger brakes, a tune and flash, a turbocharger, side skirts, and possibly a vented hood, turbo headers, and oil cooler.

>> No.49556748

Don't buy something for 2 months, now you have $100!

>> No.49556752

We just need a codex to group up alien auxilaries.

>> No.49556757


Because there's no point in buying anything

>> No.49556780


I guarantee your painting skills are not good enough to be painting one kit a month to a high standard. If you have more than a single unpainted box right now, then it should be apparent to you why your question is stupid. Stop buying shit and start painting.

>> No.49556787

You do realize that Thousand Sons are already the best God-themed units, right? I mean, for 1 point more than Sternguard, you get:

5 guys
Free Force weapon+ML for your Sgt.
AP3 Boltguns and 4++ as standard (No Get's Hot, like Sternguard)

Why do people keep on saying that they are over-priced, then proceed to praise Sternguard?

>> No.49556822

Probably. They're definitely going to play a part in Warzone Fenris 2: Heretical Boogaloo, and Atia has confirmed they're getting a new kit soon as well. Perhaps it will have rules for Tzeentch Daemonkin, or the Thousand Sons might be the first Legion to get their own specific rules in nearly a decade.

>> No.49556829

Jesus I can feel your pain through that sentence, I'm sorry man.

>> No.49556831

Sternguard arent slow and purposeful? And they have other ammo types and can take combi-weapons plus the usual special and heavy weapons. Also they have access to droppods.

>> No.49556839

I'm trying to keep it low points, or have the ability to keep all three detachments at lower point games. Aren't Gray Knights super expensive? Are SoB good for anything instead?

>> No.49556844

Sternguard aren't used for their ammo, they're drop-pod combi-weapon suiciders. Though at this point, GravSkyhammer is better at that.

Thousand Sons aren't quite so bad as people make out, but they're expensive and in a role that is already covered by a lot of stuff (MEQ-killing).

And while 4++ is nice, they're still one-wound models. And your single Mastery Level HAS to go to Tzeentch, which is the worst psychic tree.

>> No.49556883

They know that most players just looking to bulk out their force will split DW: Overkill and get 16 Neophytes, 12 Acolytes, 4 Aberrants, and the characters for probably $140 (AUD).

The kits they've put out are priced to supplement the core set, not supplant it. You can buy a single Neophytes and Acolytes box and outfit 3-4 squads each with the bits inside, since combining them with the not-really-snapfit Overkill models is easy.

The price for the Goliath kit is much harder to justify though. $100 for something probably a bit smaller than a Chimera, with basically the same battlefield role? C'mon.

>> No.49556907

60$ US, 35£.

Your fault for living in a prison colony.

>> No.49556910

>In the hypothetical world where I am GW chairman, I would say no to your proposal as I would view it as direct competition to our table top game.
Because you're an idiot. So you'd fit in just fine with the GW board.

>> No.49556937


>> No.49556945

Sternguard have vastly greater versatility, as well as Chapter Tactics. For example, Imperial Fists let them re-roll to hit on their 4 different kinds of special ammo.

Raptors Tactics lets them switch to 1 shot and gain rending... Which by raw does stack with the special ammo. So choice of Poison 2+ Rending, or Ignores Cover Rending.

>> No.49556994

Thousand Sons are just as bad as people make them out to be. They do one job okay (killing marines that are standing around in the open like tards). They do one job poorly (trying to go after MC's with the force weapon). They suck at everything else.

How many guys do you think Sternguard start with?

How the fuck is a 58 point one-wound Psyker who wastes his roll on one of the worst psychic tables in the game (Orks and Pyromancy are worse, that's about it) even remotely close to free?

Sternguard do have Gets Hot, but they also get +1 S on that ammunition type and a plethora of other ammunition types for when their target isn't MEQ's standing around in the open like tards. They also have widespread access to ways to reroll their shots or get Ignores Cover.

Sternguard haven't even been that good for a couple years now, and they're leagues ahead of Thousand Sons. The only Cult unit that MIGHT be worse than Thousand Sons is Berzerkers. Noise Marines are Blastmaster pillboxes in Rhinos are decent, and MSU Plagues are also close to being okay.

Seriously, where do you delusional fucksticks come from?
We're almost certainly getting updated with Wulfen 2. SadPanda and Atia have confirmed that plastic rubrics are inbound.

>> No.49557024

Video games=/=table top. Full stop. You can already literally play 40k on vassal or tabletop simulator and 40k hasn't died.

>> No.49557071


>> No.49557087

10/10 post. Still don't feel sorry for you though.

>> No.49557096


Sisters are great if you feel like paying for metal models. A unit of 5 in an immolator (Razorback with TL heavy Flamer or Multi melta) with 2 special weapons will run around $105-115 before shipping.

Sister have 2 things in spades: meltas and fire. Their basic troops get access to a heavy flamer (two normal flamers is better with current rules edition) with a squad min of 5 like CSM, which nice when they get a TLHF or TLMM razorback as a dedicated transport. The FAQ also brought back the fire point it lost in the 5th edition mess.

A common basic troop is:

Battle sisters x5
Flamer x2
TLMMolator w/Dozer Blades

Which is a measly 130 points. You can also go with meltas for 10 more points, or my old classic back in the day of 10 in a rhino with HFlamer and a Melta.

They also have Dominions, which are scouts with 4 special weapons. Once per game, they can ignore cover, son the big thing is sticking 4 meltas in a TLMMolator and either scouting or outflanking, which is 170 points

Their jump infantry comes stock with a pair of bolt pistols and 2 models can swap for hand flamers and get shred once per game. They usually fly around with Celestine, who is an infantry murder machine. Heavy flamer, S5 AP3 I7 attacks, 2/4+ save, and can revive once per game.

In the heavy slot, there's the classic Exorcist that launches d6 S8 Ap1 shots at 48 range, or Retributers, who are their dev squad. Sisters don't have fancy rockets or Grav, so what is the point of Rets? Once per game, they get rending, so 4 heavy flamers rolling up is even more scary. Alternatively, 4 Heavy Bolters make for a cheap firing squad.

>> No.49557180

How many points is a WS5 MEQ with the ability to always attempt to rally and to act normally when they do rally worth in 40k?

How many points is each of the following worth on that MEQ?
+1 A and Furious Charge
+1 T and Feel no Pain
+1 I and Run+Shoot or Charge
5++/+1 Invuln

Current working price is 13 PPM base with 3, 5, 3, and 2 for the Marks.

>> No.49557185

>but they also get +1 S on that ammunition type
vengeance rounds are S4

>for when their target isn't MEQ's standing around in the open
or MEQs in cover

sons are worse against non-MEQs, but better against MEQs until you factor in the pods and combi-weapons

>> No.49557192


>> No.49557212

What is the most brutal 500pt astra militarum list? Leman Russ? Melta vets? Pure blob?

>> No.49557220

Grey Hunters are only 14 points now, and Sisters do need a price decrease.

>> No.49557235

When did Techmarine Servo-arms lose the whole "makes one additional attack with the arm" thing? Why did they remove that? Were techmarines really that much of a CC powerhouse?

>> No.49557249


They used to be 11, then they lost all their faith powers and went to 12 points, but hey that 6++ save :^)

>> No.49557259

AV14 could be tough at 500 points depending on how many meltaguns they have.

>> No.49557346

I feel like ten would be a reasonable cost for them, but they'd have to lose the double weapons at 5 women.

>> No.49557360

So, given that the guard ally with Genestealer Cults now, does that mean it's perfectly legal to play Cypher in a genestealer army?

>> No.49557372

I feel that feeling that you're feeling. It's all I can do, though, to not jump on GSC--I'm a whore for Lovecraftian themes, & a "let's get eaten first" doomsday cult is right up there.

On the upside, the fact that not even Dr. Robin "Math is just your opinion" Cruddace could fuck with the quality of the cult release gives me hope for the next Ork codex. Shelving Orks until then.

I like the idea of that Kommando boss running them with GSC rules, though.

>> No.49557383

I haven't written a list for it yet because it seems like 500pts is just rock paper meltas.

I go blob guard? oh look they have 4 heavy bolters.
I go melta vets? Oh look they have 4 auto cannons.
I go AV 14? Oh look they have 4 meltas.

Maybe 2 melta vets, 1 CCS w/ plasma, and a hell hound if I could fit it in would be versatile enough and a stupid amount of av12 at 500pts.

>> No.49557399

You can literally ally anyone with anyone else. It's all perfectly fine.

I don't see Cypher in the Imperial Guard Codex though, so he's Come the Apocalypse, not Allies of Conveniance.

>> No.49557458

He's not in the IG codex, but his datasheet says he counts as an HQ in an IG army (among others, but that's not relevant here) but does not take up a slot, so he's technically part of the IG army he joins.

So it would be perfectly legal for him to join a unit of infected guard, and somewhat tactical crunch wise as he has infiltrate and shroud.

But fluff wise that's an abomination.

>> No.49557460

>the fact that not even Dr. Robin "Math is just your opinion" Cruddace could fuck with the quality of the cult release
I'm almost sure he had nothing to do with the release, which is why it was great. And I have a strong feeling that the people in charge of this will be doing Tyranids proper when the time comes.

>> No.49557497

>Lord Cypher

Does Cypher have a band of other Fallen that follow him? Does he lead his own warband? Honestly I don't recall much about him.

>> No.49557500

I haven't had a good experience playing 500 points as IG, I can't think of a list that's very versatile with a mix of infantry and armor at this point level.

A Hellhound would be nice but you could fit in a Wyvern instead if you can't afford the fast attack to put everyone in a Chimera. My current list is a CCS equipped like my Vets, 2 Meltaguns and a Chimera, with a Wyvern to a clean 500.

I wonder how 2 Armored Shield formations would do at 500 points, since that's 2 Lemans and 2 Infantry squads with a Commissar each. Might do better than just pure tanks

>> No.49557514

Anon talk me out of buying GSC and hoping Dark Eldar get patched

>> No.49557525

>"our day has finally come"
>it's time to stop memeing in the sewers of an imperial shitworld
>we're now ready to overthrow the corpse worshipping fools above us
>been preparing for centuries
>mobs and hordes of miners with power tools and autoguns
>a couple low level scout tyranids
>it's time
>bust out of the sewers all at once
>all over the battlefield, 3 inches away from the enemy sometimes

>see this

What the fuck are we doing father? f-f-father? (the patriarch is on a hive ship fleeing the planet)

what a shit army

>> No.49557533

>4 heavy bolters.
Woah, 5 dead IG a turn, whatever can a man do to stop them from killing 25 points of Guardsmen a turn?!?

>4 AV12 vehicles at 500
No, John, you are the cancer. Anyone who try-hards at 500 is a faggot that you shouldn't bother playing with.

>> No.49557551

Would a standardized design system work for 40k? And by that I mean stats, wargear and maybe USRs all having a specific amount of points tied to them. It would (in theory) stop some nincompoop at GW from giving the latest Eldar model a WS of 10 with the unit in question costing 15 points.

>> No.49557564

There's something off about those knights. It's a good concept and whatnot, but the airbrush job just seems so lazy. It looks like each panel has its own light source.

>> No.49557571


That hurts far more than it helps because then you'd have people spending 100 points for a troop tax and filling out on everything else because their weapon cost efficiency skyrockets.

As it stands, you pay 80 points for a squad with 2 weapons. You'd have to pay 120 points for 2 weapons if you needed 10 models, which is even worse when you figure that the 80 point squad can fit inside an Immolator and the 120 point squad can't split into combat squads. At that point, you'd be better off taking 2 squads, but then you have to factor that you'd also need a transport. At the end of the day, you take 2 50 point squads and Max out on Doms, Rets, Celestians, and maybe command squads.

Speaking of Celestians, there is no reason they're 14 fucking points a model. Yes, they have Ld9 and two attacks, but those 2 attacks are worthless because S3 with no weapon options.

>> No.49557575

1500 Pts

Space marine
Captain (125 Pts) FgGren, KrGren, Bolt Pistol, Combi-melta, Melta Bomb, Iron Halo, Artificer armour
2x Tactical squad (200 Pts/ea)
- Space Marine: FgGren, KrGren, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Melta gun
- Sergeant: FgGren, KrGren, Bolt Pistol, Combi-melta, Melta Bomb
- Drop Pod: Storm bolter
2x Scout Squad (60 Pts/ea)
- Scouts: FgGren, KrGren, Bolt Pistol, Sniper rifle (4)
- Sergeant: FgGren, KrGren, Chainsword, Sniper rifle
Command Squad (200 Pts)
- Veteran: FgGren, KrGren, Bolt Pistol (3), Meltagun (3), Company Standard
- Apothecary: FgGren, KrGren, Chainsword, Narthecium, counter
- Company Champion: FgGren, KrGren, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield
- Drop Pod: Storm bolter
Venerable Dreadnought (160 Pts)
- Venerable Dreadnought: Multi-melta, Power Fist, Storm bolter, Searchlight, Smoke Launcher
- Drop Pod: Storm bolter

Allies IG HQ
Command Squad (100 Pts)
- Veteran: Flak Armour, FgGren, Lasgun (2), Regimental Standard, Vox-caster
- Company Commander: Flak Armour, FgGren, Refractor Field, CCW, Laspistol
- Veteran Weapon Team: Flak Armour, FgGren, Lasgun, CCW, Lascannon, counter
Allies IG Troops
Platoon Command Squad (35 Pts)
- Guardsman: Flak Armour, FgGren, Lasgun (4), Vox-caster
- Platoon Commander: Flak Armour, FgGren, CCW, Laspistol
2x Platoon Infantry Squad (55 Pts/ea)
- Guardsman: Flak Armour, FgGren, Lasgun, Vox-caster
- Sergeant: Flak Armour, FgGren, Laspistol, CCW
2x Heavy Weapons Squad (75 Pts/ea)
-Flak Armour, FgGren, Lasgun, Autocannon (3)

>> No.49557582

Yes, there are even rules for them (well, kind of, they just use CSM champion rules but they still technically exist)

>> No.49557584

I hate Awaken Realms and Den of Imagination so much. The lighting is a mess and they flood coolminiornot with this shit.

>> No.49557588

delete this

>> No.49557595


Nope. It's pretty bad, and that's by the standards of Ork Flyers, all of which are bad.

>> No.49557600

Are you actually suggesting we have no way of killing those?

>> No.49557605

>See a paltry three knights
>attack them in such numbers your corpses clog their pistons and immobolize them
>attack them in such numbers until they run out of ammo and you're able to rip the knights out and drag them to purestrain genestealers for rape

>> No.49557609

I find their stuff to look too airbrushed. No one else I talk to finds their stuff this way and it sucks.

>> No.49557632


If you want to use this and stay fluffy, you can just use a 'counts as' proxy that uses Cypher's rules but is a something more cult-y.

His rules are all pretty easy to fluff for a genestealer hybrid in power armor with 2 pistols, so something like an infected inquisitor could actually be a pretty bad-ass way to go.

You could also use his rules to represent an infected canoness or something, since that new GSC novel makes infected sisters canon.

>> No.49557636

No, because the value of something changes depending upon the circumstances of the rest of the army. Anti-tank shooting is not valuable in an army that can spam meltaguns, but is very valuable in ones that cannot. Anti-air is valuable to an army with limited dakka, but armies that can offer lots of dakka can rely on numbers and don't value dedicated anti-air as highly. Fire warriors won't ever take assault grenades for 3 pts a model, but genestealers will.

>> No.49557638

Is that even possible?

>> No.49557643

>most models barely primed
>no LOs blocking
>not even trees on the tree stands
>not even an attempt at hills

Jesus fucking christ it physically hurts to look at, I can't even describe it. I want to paint right now so that my models never suffer this pain.

>> No.49557646

probably not

>> No.49557649

Is playing mechanized cancer?

>> No.49557658

Battle Sister Squads are actually excellent units right now despite their bizarre PPM cost relative to marines. If they want it dropped to follow the pattern of SM costs, they should see their weapons options changed like SM weapon options were changed.

As it stands, every MEQ army pays ~80 points for a single weapon. Sure, they get +1 S, T, and I, but those don't matter as much in the current 40k. It's all about how many special weapons you can fit in. Scatter Lasers, Knight Titans, Riptides, none of them care that the Marine has +1T.

>> No.49557665

Spamming mechvets and a Wyvern at 500 is cancer. How cancerous mechanized armies are is kinda all over the place.

Leafblower style lists are still a bitch to play against for a lot of armies, and the top SM build is essentially Razorwire.

>> No.49557667

What would you say is THE absolute worst change the lore has ever suffered.

>> No.49557669


>> No.49557670

>>4 AV12 vehicles at 500
>No, John, you are the cancer. Anyone who try-hards at 500 is a faggot that you shouldn't bother playing with.

I think we have the answer.

>> No.49557671


I should hope not

>> No.49557684

>Fire warriors won't ever take assault grenades for 3 pts a model, but genestealers will.
Flesh hooks are supposed to cost 1ppm.

3ppm for something they should have as a special rule is fucking ridiculous.

>> No.49557704

What exactly is the point of having the initiative penalty for charging through cover if every unit that would ever care about it gets to ignore it?

>> No.49557708

Look at this mess. It's like they decided to use every fucking colour at once.

>> No.49557715

I don't think it's the worst change but I'm still puzzled about the chaos undivided retcon. Supposedly Be'lakor is the only undivided daemon prince so where does that leave Perturabo and Lorgar?

>> No.49557720



>> No.49557722

Cool idea in theory, but holy shit that looks god awful

>> No.49557723

>3ppm for something they should have as a special rule is fucking ridiculous.
That's a bit beside the point I was trying to make. Even at 1ppm the fire warriors aren't taking assault grenades, because they aren't valuable to fire warriors.

>> No.49557724

Compare it to pic related.

>> No.49557733

It should affect plenty of units.

It should not affect a unit that is based around the entire concept of lurking in labyrinthine difficult-to-navigate terrain and using its superior speed, agility, and reflexes to ambush its prey in a sudden lightning strike faster than they can react.

>> No.49557739


I don't know, what's the point of Fear if every army who ever cares about it ignores it?

>My Orks all get assault grenades for free
>We're I2
>Meanwhile we're the one army in the game that is actually affected by Fear

Sucks to charge any MC and be hitting on 5's nearly half the time.

>> No.49557746

to penalize units that have to make a charge through cover, but are not typically assault units. It would be a better rule if there was really a purpose to ever assaulting with a shooty unit

>> No.49557747

In perpetual limbo because changing them from undivided guts their lore.

If they have to keep the whole "Be'Lakor is the only Daemon Prince anointed by all four powers," I'd like to see Perty stay unascended and Lorgar become his own daemon prince through the combined efforts of thousands of years of the worship of the Word Bearers. The Word Bearers novels even have the Mark of Lorgar showing up on people.

>> No.49557757

What armies ignore fear besides Tyranids, Daemons, and Space Marines? (You know, the three that it makes perfect sense)

>> No.49557764

I feel like that doesn't fit Eldar, but it really looks much better than the other one.

>> No.49557776

It reminds me of the one out of the Dawn of War II trailer, which is great

>> No.49557779


No, I'm agreeing that I would much rather pay more PPM for getting smaller squads with more weapons.

The WD Codex was a fucking nightmare because they went to 12 points and had a min of 10 for BSS. The real punch in the tits was that they could take Immolators as a DT, but obviously couldn't ride in it.

As it stands right now. The BSS really isn't bad sure, but they aren't great either. One of the best things they have (Heavy Flamer and Flamer) doesn't even work in 7th because of the wound rules.

>> No.49557788

It was mostly the skull motif that I'm refering to, the colour scheme looks great.

>> No.49557789

Space Marines encompasses like half the factions in the game at this point. A special rule that does nothing against half the factions in the game, generally does nothing against most of the rest, and only really hurts a single faction is a shitty rule.

>> No.49557803

When should I consider replacing (or not) my heavy flamers with chemical flamers (Template Str 4 AP 5 Shred, Gets Hot) at no points cost.

I'm thinking the chemical flamer is better all the time, except against low toughness targets.

Also they're going on sentinels

>> No.49557817


I like it. Looks like almost a portfolio of a painters skill all wrapped up in one model.

>> No.49557818

BSS are a good unit. 140 points for an Immolator and 2 BS4 meltaguns is pretty good deal for anything that isn't Eldar or Gladius.

>> No.49557822

Space Marines are one Faction. Regardless of how many slightly different flavors they put out, its all the same shit in a different color scheme. And yes, a Faction built around the identifying special rule "And They Shall No Know Fear" should be immune to Fear.

There's still plenty of other shit affected by it. IG, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, AdMech. It's not just Orks, so stop being a fucking baby.

>> No.49557832

It looks like shit on the same model.

>> No.49557839

In terms of pure wounds inflicted, the Chemical Flamer is pretty much always the better option. The real decisive factor is the AP. Does your meta have large number of 4+ units that you can't deal with using other units in the list?

>> No.49557856

>And yes, a Faction built around the identifying special rule "And They Shall No Know Fear" should be immune to
Does anybody argue otherwise?

>> No.49557866

Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and Deathwatch are all different factions. Stop being a fucking baby and trying to ignore facts that hurt your position.

Fighting shit like Daemons is supposed to be disorienting even for marines. Rename Fear to stop Space Babies from crying about being affected by it, but the rule should either go away or affect astartes.

>> No.49557870

The technique is better than anything I could ever hope to do.

But that many colors and designs on one model? It clashes too much.

>> No.49557878

See the assblasted Ork poster directly below you.

>> No.49557896

That was my point. It's a skillfully painted model, it just looks shit.

>> No.49557897

Space Marines still make up over 50% of player armies.

>> No.49557922

I'm honestly not sure, I just moved and don't know what I'm going to be playing against. I had kind of just assumed that most places are dominated by space marine variants

>> No.49557925

>Awaken Realms

>> No.49557940

>Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and Deathwatch are all different factions
Not that Anon, but if all those were in one codex, wouldn't you see the same amount of Marines, just less codices? I don't see your problem, unless you want SM out of 40k.

>> No.49557941

>the dude inside isn't even painted

>> No.49557962

Black Templars getting retconned to love librarians.

>> No.49557970

According to some stats people post on the internet, maybe, not according to any of the many LGS I've ever actually attended.

>> No.49557971

> Airbrush/10
Holy shit I fucking hate Awaken Realms. This isn't even good quality airbrushing. There's no true distinct style to his model, just.. Plebian airbrushing strokes that are overly huge and so drastic that they ruin the model.

Also, what the fuck is wrong with the base? It couldn't possibly be any plainer if they even tried? If I was getting paid 130$ to paint up a flyer, I would at fucking least do up the base with rubble from my enormous collection of sprueboards, and then make it pretty with lots of metals and powders.

>> No.49557977


No doubt, though I "only" have 8 models with melta guns (note they're $10 each), which are dedicated to the Dominion squads, so my troops get the Flamers. Sometimes I double up on Seraphim instead, which lets me take 2 melta BSS squads or Melta/Hflamer for something more rounded.

SoB 1500

St Celestine

Battle Sisters x5 - 4 squads
HFlamer, Melta
TLMMolator w/Dozer

Dominions x5
Melta x4
TLMMolator w/Dozer Blades

Seraphim x7 - 2 Squads
2 Hand Flamers

Exorcist x2

Retributers x5
Heavy Bolter x4

>> No.49557981

That's not the worst part
Look in the cockpit

>> No.49557983

Holy shit man, they figured out how to use an airbrush. That definitely is a high quality model.

They EVEN poorly traced existing lines with the airbrush freehand, and that makes up for those lines being patchy and shit, right?

>> No.49557986


I didn't say other factions were immune to it, I said Orks were the only faction affected by it.

IG don't care because they're going to shoot you. Anything that causes Fear that gets into CC with them is going to wipe the floor with them anyway.

Eldar Have good leadership and godlike shooting. They pass tests much more often and can always opt to shoot the Fear-causing thing.

DE, fucked if I know. Haven't seen one of them in years.

Tau, see IG.

Ad-Mech have shooting and good LD.

Orks have shit LD and rely on close combat due to unreliable shooting, and having no ranged weapons that can reliably down MCs. That means we fail Fear tests often, which is just one more annoyance on top of low initiative, poor selection of melee weapons and average WS.

>> No.49557997


The greatest offense there. The singular and plural to Eldar is Eldar. People always seem to get this wrong.

Another they always get wrong is Jedi and Sith. It is one Jedi or many Jedi. It is one Sith or many Sith.

Really tickles my autism I swear, unless the person isn't a native English speaker.

>> No.49558009

Has there ever been any examples of a named Space Marine Captain outside of the 1st company wearing Terminator Armour?

>> No.49558015

It looks ridiculously fuzzy. Like what happens if you get oil on lenses.

>> No.49558037

What paints did you use for your flyers Armageddon-kun?

>> No.49558057

> Not painting the inside of the cockpit
> proceeds to not paint the canopy to compensate

>> No.49558065

>That will be $122.70 plus tip.

>> No.49558078


Karak Stone and Eshin Grey, or vallejo Light Brown and US Gray

>> No.49558081


>TL burst cannons instead of TL SMS.


>> No.49558088

Just getting into 40k going Dark Angels, planning on going bikes and terminators, with a chaplain on bike as my commander. Any advice or suggestions?

>> No.49558091

There's no such thing as a wrong selection of wargear.

>> No.49558093

Do Space Marines carry knives into combat or do they prefer to use their fist?

>> No.49558099

space marines carry combat blades as part of their standard issue kit, but are equally capable with just their hands

>> No.49558110

> No washes on ANYTHING
> Unpainted gemstones on front hull of the fighter
> Canopy poorly attached to model, literally still has part of the sprue that stops it from connecting properly
> Various dust has been bonded to the model
> 4 colour scheme at "Level 4 painting"
> More unpainted gemstones behind the cockpit
> Unpainted maintenance pannel

>> No.49558133

Is it possible to make cute looking SoB at 28mm?

>> No.49558140


What's the melee weapon of choice for soldiers not carrying big swords/axes/etc? Do Firewarriors carry knives or taser prods? What about other armies?

>> No.49558148

If I can make catgirls in power armour, sure. Why not?

Also, Rogue Trader Darling riding upon an extremely busty centaur soon.

>> No.49558155


>> No.49558172

Do Scions really suck?

>> No.49558178


>> No.49558186


>> No.49558187

But manface

Slightly better

>> No.49558188

They're meh. On their own they lack versatility.

>> No.49558206

no, they're just overpriced

giving them the rules from cruddace's 5th edition stormtroops would make them a lot more interesting

>> No.49558209

you mean the troops with ws2? they probably just club enemies to death

>> No.49558245



No if you actually play Steel Legion.

Having three squads of badly painted Cadians in Chimeras, all with 3 melta-guns each, is an abstract kind of cancer.

>> No.49558250

I'd imagine either taser prods, or attempting to maneuver their weapons into firing at point blank.

>> No.49558251

Thanks man I've always wanted to do an Armageddon paint scheme for my vehicles. Those look great

>> No.49558264

Except taking TL Burst Cannons over TL SMS.

>> No.49558268

Oh yea, I have also finally decided on my scheme for Darling's Monstergirls.

So I'll be using these colors in total for the models
> Screamer Pink
> Leadbelcher
> Caledor Sky
> Stormhost Silver
> Caroburg Crimson
> Drakenhof Nightshade
> Nuln Oil Gloss
> Teclis Blue
> Lothern Blue
> Soulstone Blue
> Pink Horror
> Emperor's Children
> Changeling Pink

So my plan is to go for no less than level 4 quality on all my grenadiers and special characters. This army is going to blur the line between hardcore shitposting and serious army for serious people.

>> No.49558269


>> No.49558287

That's pure shitposting. Your monstergirls, and those shitty Halo Raptors, that I called out as shitty the first time you posted them.

Good job, you shitposter, you.

>> No.49558289

Underrated post

>> No.49558305

Oh yeah last question then I'll leave you alone. How did you paint up your engine?

>> No.49558311

>mfw he's seriously going to do it

you know what? you are way past terrible idea but i slightly admire your commitment to this terrible decision

>> No.49558313

You really seem butthurt by the simple fact that my scouts have helmets? Great, so we don't easily lose initiates to snipers. You obviously prefer "BUTCH HARDCHEESE" faced scouts.


>> No.49558315

exterminator isn't terrible at anti air/monster hunter.

>> No.49558335

it has potential if they just did one or two patterns instead of 16

>> No.49558358

I don't like them because they don't look very good, and that you're trying to make them look like Spartans.

>> No.49558363

Looks like something a tattoo artist would do.

If he wants it to just sit on a shelf and doesn't care about the game then I guess it would make sense.

>> No.49558379

I don't even give a fuck about halo, halo is a shitty game that only manchildren fangasm over. I just liked these helmets, and they fit fine on my scouts. They're the only helmets I've found so far that work well with scouts, and enclose the head fully.

>> No.49558414

Finally found one of these and bought it. Dunno if it's worth the $20, but whatever.

>> No.49558428


started with a flat black base
drybrushed boltgun metal over the metal parts
sycorax bronze over the copper details
then a very generous slathering of nuiln oil over everything

>> No.49558430

Okay then. Must be the combination of Raptor colour scheme and those helmets making it look so much like it.

If it's not intentional, okay then.

>> No.49558433

Kinda harsh there Raptor guy

>> No.49558460

Cheers mate

>> No.49558540

Firewarriors have knives, but their knives are actually some sort of wedding ring, so they don't use them for stabbing. They just beat you with the butt of the gun and kick you with hooves.

They don't come equipped to enter melee outside of some basic martial arts training.

>> No.49558564

Smashfucker prime

>> No.49558608

Genestealer cult on a knight world. Cult Knights

>> No.49558610

Oi, get a load o' dis git. He forgot his choppa

>> No.49558667

Question about Slow and Purposeful.

I talked to some of the guys at the local shop and they said that the "if a unit contains AT LEAST ONE MODEL WITH THIS SPECIAL RULE" bit was meant to JUST carry over the negative parts of the rule.

Yet RAW it reads like it's supposed to give pseudo-relentless.

My question is whether I could get a Cataphractii captain in, say, a Devestator squad and let them move + shoot with their lascannons.

On the one hand, the negative way makes sense: why should they be able to shoot while moving all of a sudden?

On the other hand, the positive way also makes sense: They're moving more slowly, so they can't Overwatch, but they're still moving.

What say thee, tee gee?

>> No.49558686

RAW it reads like it's conferred to the whole unit, like fearless or stealth.

>> No.49558701

the thrones would probably tell them to go fuck themselves and remain dormant

>> No.49558703

hmmm. i guess it would be easy enough too just take a knight or two as allies and keep them away from.the GSC units for the game.

>> No.49558711

If you really want to know how Cataphractii is supposed to work now, you should look at the 30k rules. Unfortunately, GW's gonna take their sweet time doing any errata for 40k Cataphractii probably.

>> No.49558736

They are wrong. RAW they get all the effects of S&P.

>> No.49558741

Plastic Harker when?

New Catachans and Cadians when?

>> No.49558750

Have we got this goddamned AdMech IA yet?

>> No.49558765

Yup, because no release date has been announced nor has it been officially previewed by FW outside of an event, /tg/ has somehow obtained a copy.

I have it right here, but I'm gonna just keep it to myself.

>> No.49558776

It'll probably be available for early sale at the Amsterdam Forge World Open Day this weekend.

>> No.49558786

should just have your friends follow this >>49558711

>> No.49558812


>> No.49558817

Would it though? They are still human (4th gen are mostly human) and sure the throne would give them mixed messages but that hasnt stopped knights turning before e.g. chaos knights, or wraith knights (I kid)

>> No.49558830

I have some combat patrol games coming up soon, and was wondering which list I should take:
Chapter Tactics: Raven Guard
List 1:
6 VanVets 3x Stormshield 6x Power Mauls
5 Scoots Cloaks, 4 Snipers, Nihilus
7 Tacticals Combi-Flamer and Flamer

List 2:
Librarian ML2, Force Sword, Jump pack
6 Assault Marines Jump Packs, 2x Flamer, Combat Shield, Lightning Claw, Melta Bombs
1x Tacticals Flamer, Combi-flamer

>> No.49558841

What is combat patrol? You mean kill-team?

>> No.49558847

Its like kill-team, except at 400 points instead of 200

>> No.49558877

>They are still human
they're non-human, which is why they're called hybrids

There are ways of influencing a knightly house into fighting for a cult without just making hybrid knights. The whole point of the cult is to influence positions of power to create confusion when the time comes. Having a hybrid/traitor war councilor or planetary lord ordering knights to go into battle against loyal forces would be right up their alley.

>> No.49558881

Heres the rules for it, forgot to include them.

>> No.49558918

Looks like fun, thanks for sharing. I didn't even know this existed.

It appears to me it doesn't use kill team rules, so squads are treated as squads like in regular 40k?

>> No.49558924

Yep, regular squad sizes.

I tried it out, before, and it is pretty fun.

>> No.49558952

This is so much better than 500 pt games where bad people bring russes, land raiders, riptides and the like. Can't wait to try this out.

>> No.49558977

"Genestealer Cults" novel :


"Casts A Hungry Shadow" short story.


Just a piece of suggestion. After finishing the prologue in the novel, read the short story before continuing the novel.

>> No.49559038

there are human members of the cults. Human parents and siblings of the hybrids are just as heavily indoctrinated.
You could have one of them actually piloting the Knight.

>> No.49559069

That's called pillow shadding, and it looks awful. It's like an early 20's flash game made by someone who just found out what gradients are.

It's really disgusting to look at.

>> No.49559082

Care to share your best model with a timestamp :^) ?

>> No.49559090

The Knight machine spirit would reject the tainted pilot

>> No.49559107

>They are still human (4th gen are mostly human)

No, they are not. They just look human but on the inside they are mostly alien.

>> No.49559113

>Human parents and siblings of the hybrids are just as heavily indoctrinated.
No, that's not indoctrination. They get brought to and kissed by the stealers.

>> No.49559123

Is this retard serious?

>> No.49559124

So I had a look at your lists and it seems to me you can't take storm shields on your vanvets since it would give them 3++ where the max in combat patrol is 5++.

Not sure I like the flamers in both your lists, maybe you want to cut down on those. For example, your tacticals in list 2 don't need flamers because your assault squad already has them.

>> No.49559170

>They get brought to and kissed by the stealers.

Yep, according to the Ordos Xenos guy and his Tech Priests in the novel, kissed humans (after a while) are no longer entirely human. The infection changes their genecode.

However, when the cult human members were subjected to the corruption of Chaos, Chaos burned the infection from their bodies and replaced it with itself. Goes to show that Chaos corruption is far more dangerous.

>> No.49559180

that's because chaos corruption is fucking magic, while genestealer infection is ostensibly natural

>> No.49559182

They have librarians now?

>> No.49559191

I had completely forgot about the 3++, dont even know how. Maybe instead of the Storm shields I drop a tactical as well and grab two more Veterans?

I like having the flamers so I can Combat Squad the Tacticals and have them go after the secondary objectives while the Assault Marines can charge and hopefully burn a few down before charging.

>> No.49559202


They just developed a respect for them and other loyalist psykers like navigators and astropths, IIRC.

In the Beast series, the newly founded Black Templar certainly were hostile to Librarians of another chapter. So this behavior might have been phased out or lessened over the years.

>> No.49559210

if that was the case chaos and renegade knights wouldn't be a thing.

>> No.49559211


You know those are specific customers demands right ? if we don't do it, another painter will and it's a loss for us.

>> No.49559221


We'll pick up your slack, loser.

>> No.49559225


>> No.49559232

The Knight machine spirit gets corrupted/tainted too.

Can genestealers implant machine spirits too? No? Then there you have it.

>> No.49559236

So a customer asked them to leave the Eldar pilot unpainted?

>> No.49559250

Its a customer demand to want overly-airbrushed shit with far too pronounced edges?

>> No.49559281

You can only combat squad squads of 10, so keep that in mind, plus you don't get to spam grenades like in kill team, so transports will laugh at you unless you can charge them with your power maul vets.

>> No.49559285

Aegis Defence Line, works a treat.

>> No.49559298

>Hey can you paint something for me in this colour scheme?
>Oh, and while you're at it, just mindlessly airbrush colour onto random parts of a black model
>And then put a hard contrast onto every edge as the only form of actual depth, thanks

>> No.49559304


We have a full refund policy and send many photos before sending the models.

If a customer don't like what he have when he unbox, he can also send it back to us for a full refund, or have something fixed.

We can paint something 100% brush if the customer ask for.

In that particular display level Tau army, lots of pictures where send for each model to be validated by the customer.

>> No.49559317

I mean, it looks nice but it's just too much.

>> No.49559325

Sweet, Ill keep those in mind. Ill try thinking of a list thats probably better suited, but thanks for the help!

>> No.49559329

Reply to this.


>> No.49559337

No prob, good luck with your upcoming games!

>> No.49559340

still better than paying 600 usd for literally unpainted model

>> No.49559352

Anyone come across a Mastodon recast yet?

>> No.49559373

The reply is the reply you quoted, if it wasn't what we were asked for, it would have been a full refund no question asked.

>> No.49559386

So I guess you make good business selling gilded turds to tasteless customers with money. Sounds fair enough to me.

>> No.49559388

Man fuck vultures

Vector Dancer on an imperial flyer is unfluffy as fuck

>> No.49559389

Some model come in already assembled by the customer, nothing we can do for that.

>> No.49559398


And you post marines poorly painted by your dog because ?

>> No.49559409

So the customer specifically asked you not to paint the gemstones, the inside of the cockpit, the canopy, and the maintenance panel? Did you charge extra for the dust?

He's raptors anon. Be glad he's posting marines and not monstergirls.

>> No.49559476

Did two combt patrol lists for an upcoming monthly event.
Not sure if list 1 can pull it off or if it's just conceptually flawed.

Any pointers for polishing to do is welcome, my collection is big enought to add pretty much anything allowed in Combat Patrol.

>The thematic first choice

+++Badrukks Privateer Patrol (400pts) +++

+ HQ +
Da Kaptin - Kaptin Badrukk, Da Freeboota King [2x Ammo Runt, Warlord]

+ Troops +
ABB (Able bodied boys) - Boyz
10x Boy [10x Slugga]

Swabbies - Gretchin [10x Gretchin]
Runtherd [Grabba stik]

+ Fast Attack +
Boarda Boyz - Stormboyz [5x Stormboy]
Stormboy Nob [Big Choppa]

+ Heavy Support +
Da mates - Badrukk's Flash Gitz

>The more pragmatic second choice

+++ Deffskull biker Combat patrol (399pts) +++

+ HQ +

Big Mek [Choppa, Gift: Warboss Gazbag's Blitzbike, Slugga]

+ Troops +
12x Boy [12x Shoota]
Trukk [Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram]

+ Fast Attack +
Warbikers [4x Warbiker]
Warbiker Nob [Big Choppa]

Warbikers [4x Warbiker]
Warbiker Nob [Big Choppa]

>> No.49559481

Trying to work out my first Tyranid list (1500pts). I have 90pts left and a vague idea of good things to take, but I'd appreciate some input on which upgrades I can give them.

2x Hive Tyrant (Wings, 2x TL Devourers) - 460

30x Termagaunts, Tervigon - 195 + 120

Hormagaunts (2 x 10) - 100

2x Zoanthrope - 100

2x Malanthrope - 170

Sporocyst - 75

Trygon - 190

The idea would be to have a large OS blob moving up the field covered by the Malanthropes and with a little luck, the FNP power, then to bunker down with the Sporocyst while spread over a few objectives.

The Hormagaunts would be held in reserve and come out after the Trygon to contest objectives late game.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

>> No.49559483

To be fair, some of their stuff is pretty nice. I really like this lord of change of theirs, the GW paintjob on the website makes it look hideous but this really makes it look like a model I'd be glad to own.

>> No.49559513

You have too many fast attacks in your second list, the limit is one.

>> No.49559514

Oh they definitely can have some good paint jobs, but when a lot of it is just "Baby's First Airbrush", it ruins it for you, even when you see the good stuff.

>> No.49559536

One plus a swing (elite/fast/heavy)

>> No.49559566

We use the.. [email protected] rules.
Not sure if theres a difference between that and real combat patrol.

>> No.49559575

anyone have a copy of space hulk 4th edition pdf and some missions?

>> No.49559578

Ah, I was thinking about warhammer world combat patrol rules.

>> No.49559581


>> No.49559636

I can't imagine they make money on the good jobs. Gotta make the really pretty ones for advertisement so they can make dosh on the quick airbrushings. Besides, the kind of people who pay for paintjobs don't know what looks good anyway.

>> No.49559690

They are close but a few differences mainly on 3w swarms/troops being permitted as well as terminators but hindering psykers more.

>> No.49559706

I know what looks good, it isn't the stuff I paint.

I do all my conversions and gruntwork on sprue/moldlines myself

>> No.49560015

They haven't?
What makes you think they have?

>> No.49560060

Thats a funny pic since if those are really spore mines, those sisters are already dead.

I play sisters and this slightly triggers me.

>> No.49560183

That's some good zero effort right there, i feel my eyes watering.

>> No.49560193


Back. Cheers anons. Ended up going with Band of Brothers.
Hammered through it though, might try cheers?

>> No.49560241

Aren't blood claws and wolf scouts still shit?

>> No.49560303


>Minecarts are open topped

Right, so why would you waste points on a Chimera then?

>> No.49560321

Not sure of the discussion (putting purestrain stealers into transports?) but there are few things to remember here:
a) Goliath cant transport Purestrains nor Patriarchs
b) Being inside a transport prevents using Cult Ambush (or Hide In Shadows).

So best option is just footsloggin the 'stealers and hope to roll 6 in Cult Ambush.

>> No.49560323

Chimeras are tougher to kill and bring two heavy weapons instead of one - there may be situations where a Multilaser and Heavy Flamer are preferable to a Twin-linked Autocannon. They may also be cheaper.

>> No.49560340

Goliath is 50pts, Chimera is 65pts. Also Goliath Rockgrinder is 65pts too and sports a 36" lascannon. Theres pretty much no point using Chimeras in GSC-lists.

>> No.49560366


No point except you can use them to take a Guard themed core...

Except the other core option costs about the same points wise and gives you ambushing MSU...

And you can just ally guard and take whatever guard units you like. (Probably something for anti-air, honestly.)

>> No.49560376

GW would sue them for mad dosh, you mean.

>> No.49560401

How hard do you reckon it'd be to make two Tauroxes into a limo?

>> No.49560403

How can they update Guard and still keep them feeling like an army of normal dudes?

>> No.49560410

>band of brothers

>> No.49560419

Regimental differences and some points tweaks, honestly.

There's not much else they need - this is coming from a mono-guard player.

>> No.49560421

how would you used IG as say allies of convenience in a 1850 pts list ?

Command squad + 2 veteran squad all in chimeras + anti air ?

>> No.49560430



Fuck off tourneyfag, or if you ain't, start playing a normal points size a human would think to play.

>> No.49560438

Whatever gets her done, I say.

>> No.49560450


>> No.49560454

Anyone else see goliath and be like 'When is medusa and griffin coming back'?

I mean griffin is wyvern, but still! Medusa needs to be GW-vanilla again.

>> No.49560496

I agree with this, even though it means I'll have to transport more models!

I was thinking about having a chart consisting of 3 levels of perks; you have 4 regimental points to spend on these perks (whether it's 4 minor perks or 1 major perk with a minor, or any combination).

>> No.49560513

best points to play imo

>> No.49560542

The thing about anti-air is that dedicated anti-air units are total garbage if your opponent doesnt sport flying units nor skimmers in crucial roles. I personally solve my anti-air problems with weight of fire and rerolled hits. That is usually enough to make flyers/FMC jink and drop their damage potential, and impact on the game as whole, dramatically.

>> No.49560581

Oh and slight exception to this rule: Onager Dunecrawler. The thing is so beastly in its role that allying yourself 5 skitari vanguards (55pts) and an onager with Icarus Array (125pts) is not a bad deal.

>> No.49560608

Please, the Tau's master plan is to wage a war of attrition... Against an empire 10,000,000,000,000x larger than theirs. They are no threat, especially considering that now they have a war on 4 fronts, with Hive Fleets Kraken, Behemoth and Gorgon all coming their way.

Face facts, IC, Tau are fucked. They have literally no idea how completely outnumbered they are. As in, the smallest enemy still outnumbers them 10,000,000 to 1.

>> No.49560642

Problem with Skitarii is that they have no HQ choices, so if you want to bring them, you need to either make them your primary detachment or bring an entire army. No Allies formation for you.

>> No.49560677


This how you sound.

The Tau made a lot of statements about the size of the Imperium and how it defies belief. The Tau said numerous times they cannot win against the Imperium in a war of attrition. So they must use clever tactics and strategies to cripple the behemoth that it the Imperium and then drive it off forever.

Guess what? They succeeded. The Imperials were defeated and driven off forever. No longer will the Imperium threaten the Tau. The human Imperium is in its last days and it no longer has the strength to endanger the destiny of the Tau.

>now they have a war on 4 fronts, with Hive Fleets Kraken, Behemoth and Gorgon all coming their way.

Nope, bullshit.

The only Tyranids threatening the Tau are Leviathan, if Farsight doesn't destroy their infestation quick enough.

The rest of the hive fleet you named are dead or broken.

So as far as I am concerned, Tau ascension is assured.

>> No.49560719

Against an empire 10,000,000,000,000x larger than theirs.

You have a citation for that number?

>> No.49560733

Not him.

The Tau Empire is an empire of 100+ worlds.

The Imperium is an empire of a (more or less) million worlds.

>> No.49560739

You know, you can just use their own Skitarii Maniple-detachment instead of allied detachment which is min of 2 troops instead of 1HQ/1troop of allied detachment.

>> No.49560748

Wolf Scouts annoy me... Or at least, GW annoy me with their need to make Ultramarines the bestest. Wolf Scouts were always WS+BS4, because it made sense.

When you join the Space Yiffs, you start as a Blood Claw, then go up to either Grey Hunter, Swiftclaw, Longfang or Skyclaw, then after that, you can become a scout. Space Furrs Scouts are better than regular scouts, because each of them is a veteran of hundreds of battles.

Space Marine Scouts are their greenhorns. Each battle, this is either the first, second or third battle they would have been in. They are made scouts to give them a taste of battle without actually partaking in the front-line heavy assault shit, just to get them used to combat. And yet, Gdubs says "Yup, these guys who just learned which end of the gun the bullet comes out of are obviously going to have equal skills to the guys that have been doing this shit for 100+ years. Wolf Scouts are only worse than reg scouts because they can't be Troops, but Gdubs never changed the Doge Scout rules to compensate for the fact that they buffed regular scouts. Thanks to everyone now having to run these very specific decurion detachments, that's not so bad, but the next Yiffs update, Wolf Scouts better get buffed. Either make them cheaper or give them BS5 as standard, because, again, these guys are hardened badasses, not the fresh-from-bootcamp guys that the regs are. The only other thing that I would accept is them buffing Blood Claws to WS+BS4, because Blood Claws are to the Pound Puppies what the Scouts are to the regs.

And I say this as a White Scars player, because, dammit, I want the game to represent the fluff to a reasonable extent.

>> No.49560779

Long fangs and Wolf scouts are about the same seniority, scouts are the ones that feel best on their own or with people they only need to point, and nod at while fangs like to hang around others and grumble about youngins.

>> No.49560799


If someone says "1850" around here, it means they built a tourney list. Everyone else plays to more organic numbers, like 1500, 2000 or even 1750.

I tend to make up a new list every time I play for variety, buy and bring about 4000 or so points so I can vary shit.

But if someone says 1850 I know it's time to either find someone else to play against, or if it's a slow day, bring all my broken shit.

>> No.49560803

>Blood Claws
Dude, for 12 points each, you get MEQs that get 4 S4AP- attacks on the charge. 15 of them charging out of a Stormwolf with a Rune Priest that just popped Prescience and Misfortune will mince anything. Seriously, I have seen that fuck a Wraithknight to death. They are like if Khorne Berzerkers were good.

>> No.49560806

really LF and WS should be BS 5, along with tacs and vets. but apparently only characters get BS 5, Thanks GW

the solution, is as usual, to play HH

>> No.49560813

>WS 3
>have to buy an over priced transport
okay buddy

>> No.49560823

Nah, 1850 tends to be a "I'll bring my Tourney 1750 list with a little added something I love, but never usually get to bring"

>> No.49560825

That's not exactly ten trillion times as many though, is it?

>> No.49560832

Ok buddy.

>> No.49560854

WS3 doesn't matter, especially at I4, because 90% of the units in 40k are bellow BS7 and/or I5, meaning that 60 attacks that hit on 4's (Plus rerolls if you get prescience and Rending if you get misfortune) will completely fuck anything short of a Land Raider to death.

>> No.49560871

So anything that an actual combatant hits you on 3's, which is a bit deal. bigger if the unit is I5 or greater.

>> No.49560888

>hurr durr I am literally autistic

>> No.49560908

the fluff states 100 space marines can conquer a solar system.

The game say 100 space marines are BTFO by couple tyranids tyrants /eldar/tau

>> No.49560926

>the fluff states 100 space marines can conquer a solar system.

A world. The fluff says a single company can conquer a world.

>> No.49560927

The fluff gravitates wildly in what it says marines can do.

>> No.49560931

Ah yes, the typical tyranid swarm that regularly turns up.

>> No.49560936

Easy, though you'd only really need one. Just use plasticard for the stretched section.

>> No.49560947

At least I don't pull numbers out of my arse to make a stupid point.

>> No.49560993

You do realise that Knights die to Genestealer charge?

>> No.49561000

fuck wyvern.
I want my griffons.
Now that FW discontinued theirs.....
Maybe a combi kit

>> No.49561002

Yes, but with Blood Claws mobility, what are you doing fighting things with I5? Plus, they are still Marines with a 3+. They are still going to beat MoS Chaos Space Marines (which are the only I5 guys you will want to try and fight). I mean, just going by law of averages 10 MoS CSM, assuming they take their CCW, get 21 attacks when charged, hit on 3's, means aproximately 14 hits, wound on 4's means 7 wounds, 3+ means 2-3 dead.

Let's assume 3, for arguments sake Blood Claws then hit back with 48 attacks. Hits on 4's meaning 24 hits, wounds on 4's meaning 12 wounds, saving on 3+ means 4 dead.

CSM just lost 68 points of guys, whereas Blood Claws only lost 36. Add the Rune Priest and you have a CSM team that are either dead or running and if they aren't then they will be next turn (Which is even better, because then they can't get shot)

People like to give Blood Claws shit, but they are so powerful for how little points they are, each. I mean, how many other 12 point-pm squads do you know of that can do shit like that?

>> No.49561011

You know that when you boast about an easily accessible 'full refund policy', everyone picks up that you really mean "we have a shitload of fine print that bails us out of any customer dissatisfaction"

>> No.49561018

10 genestealers with 40 attacks (Talons) do average 1,6 hullpoints to a knight.

Knight then kills 1,2 and starts the stompfest.

In the end genestealers might scrape off 3-4 hullpoints before they are driven off or killed by stomps. 5++ helps them a lot.

>> No.49561020

That flat white on shiny silver looks really jarring. Otherwise I like them.

>> No.49561033

Do you have any idea how many planets there are in the galaxy? When you consider that the Imperium own 85% of the planets, you kind of start to understand exactly how many people the Imperium have at their disposal. And we aren't just talking about habitable worlds, the Imperium loves their uninhabitable shitholes and love throwing civies onto them to see if they live and most of them do. So, this is EVERY planet in the galaxy, churning out meat for the grinder. How do you think the IG lose 10's or trillions of guys a day and still keep going after 10,000 years?

>> No.49561040

Why only 10? Use 50% of Knight points.

Knight dies in 2 combat phases.

>> No.49561054

not around here.
In my GW store its the usual points for pick up game. Maybe some tourny guys introduced it, but nowadays its the common size for all.

>> No.49561055

How do you think the Emperor can have 1000 psykers for lunch every day for 10,000 years? When you consider that psykers are less than 1% of the Imperiums population.

10,000,000,000,000 may be pushing it, but it's not a complete over-exaggeration.

>> No.49561067

Considering the stealers cost less than half the points of a knight thats fine.

Also if they have talons and charge they'll have 5 attacks each.

>> No.49561106

10 genestealers with talons ARE ~50% of knights points.

>> No.49561241

So lets say 20 genestealers get a turn 1 charge off using cult ambush, who wins the fight?

>> No.49561267

Even so, shaving off all but 1 or 2 HP on a Knight is a pretty good deal. Most things in GSC have s4 and rending so killing Knights is not a problem. With furious charge you can down one even faster.

>> No.49561291

If you dont know exact or eve approximate numbers use words.

Wrong numbers make you a liar.

>> No.49561299

Might as well say the Knight hits all of his attacks and stomps then.

Otherwise it's more likely that the Knight gets a turn of shooting in and blasts a fair few of them with a battlecannon/thermal lance/gatling gun.

>> No.49561301

Its hard to calculate. Knight might be in cover so that would shave off 1-2 genestealers before they strike. But 20 genestealers, if they all manage to strike and they pretty much can. will do ~2.96 hullpoints of damage.

Then the combat is decided how much and how well the knight stomps. Getting 3 good stomps on a 20-stealer unit might yield up to 10 dead bugs. That much stealers lose combat so heavily that its almost guarenteed they run. And after that knight has ~1/3 chance to catch them with sweeping advance.

Oh and if the knight is Castigator then he pretty much wipes out the stealer unit in one round.

>> No.49561318

20 without talons - 80 attacks, 53 hits, 9 rending, 3 get through.
Knight kills, say, 8.
12 left, 34 attacks, 22 hit, 4 rends 1 or 2 get through. Gens are spread out aruond Knight so less die to stomps, say 5. 8 left. 24 attacks, 16 hit, 2-3 rends, 1-2 go through, Knight is dead or almost dead.

>> No.49561330

Even better when they have Wulfen they can show off to

>> No.49561346

5 acolytes with 2 rock saws are 90 points. That unit puts out 6 S8 (S9 if near the icon bearer) armourbane attacks on the charge. Or 12 chainfist attacks for 180 points (which gives you enough ablative wounds that the saw guys should survive the knight's attacks). Obviously they're getting stomped at the same time as the rock saws attack, but is that not the best way for the genesteler cult to deal with knights, just send suicide saw units at the fucker?

>> No.49561368

You are right, this is the best way to deal with heavy armour as GSC.

Acolytes in general are very good unit and that ambush formation is retardly good.

Metamorhps are also very good since they can have S6 rending.

>> No.49561506

The way to got with metas is a mix: I7 rending is nothing to sneeze at, and neither is ws5. replacing the rending for ws6 is garbage mind

>> No.49561522


Yeah, hitting HQs on 3s isn't worth having no AP whatsoever.

What did the saw, drill and cutter do again? I know the saw is a Chainfist.

>> No.49561556

one is on a 6 take T test or get ID'd, the other is exchange all attacks for 1 str 10 ap1. kind garbage, though the latter is 5 points cheaper, so a powerfist for 20 points

>> No.49561578

Saw is chainfist
Cutter wounds force T test or die
Drill can drop all other attacks for a 10/1 hit.

>> No.49561600

Smells like a multi wound/shit save MANmissile.

Each can drop 4 chainfist attacks basefor 50/model

>> No.49561614

With cult ambush, and up to 20 bodies, its far better.

>> No.49561628


Cutter... Sounds kinda worthless, things you want to try to instant death will only fail on a 6, weaker shit is ID'ed by a powerfist anyhow.

I guess you could pick it for trying to ambush Wraithknights and hope for a lucky extra D3 wounds? Meh.

As for swap all attacks for a single slightly better one... Why do they keep doing that? Why the fuck would you swap, what is it, 3 S8 attacks? For 1 S10 that'll prolly miss a lot of the time?


>> No.49561659

Take the formation that lets you roll three ambush dice and pick the highest for the Primus's unit.

Put the Primus in a unit of 20 acolytes with 8 power fists

Dead Wraithknight.

Survivors still there to try to kill shit.

>> No.49561666

>Why do they keep doing that? Why the fuck would you swap, what is it, 3 S8 attacks? For 1 S10 that'll prolly miss a lot of the time?
If i needed to kill something T5 and it needs to die NOW, i would take my chance and poke it with that S10 rather than multiple S8 attacks.

>> No.49561702


If I was the last model in the unit, maybe. But that's sadly niche enough a case that it's honestly better to just chainsaw all day long.

>> No.49561713

Its also 5 points cheaper, and you dont have to use the str 10 thing, just think of it as a 20 pt powerfist

>> No.49561721


This is my favourite thing about Codex Genecults, mechanically.

It passes the "can I design a unit to murderfuck a Wraithknight in one turn?" Test, several times over.

>> No.49561783

>undrilled barrels

>> No.49561903

>One is a TL S5AP5 18" 4 shot weapon, stock with the vehicle
>Other one is a TL S5AP5 30" Ignores cover 4 shot weapon and is an upgrade
>Such upgrade costs 0 points
Are you sure about that?

>> No.49561910


Acceptable proxy for a Valkyrie?

>> No.49561913

CAD - Iron Warriors

Warpsmith - 125
Aura of Dark Glory

Sorceror - 110
Mastery Level 3
Heretech Discipline

10x Chaos Marines - 217
2x Plasma Gun
Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher

10x Chaos Marines - 250
ADL with Quad-Gun

5x Chosen - 222
5x Plasma Gun
Rhino w/ Combi-Plasma, Havoc Launcher

Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought 165
Destroyer of Cities

(Heavy Support)
2x Rapier Battery - 150
Conversion Beamers

Forgefiend - 175
2x Hades Autocannons

Chaos Predator - 87
Havoc Launcher


I think I've got it hammered down. Boon of the Iron Beast is the power I'd actually be hoping for, to buff the Predator and fire the Havoc Launcher with PotMS. Everything else except Electromortis will be fun to use.

This is supposed to be a casual take-all-comers list, but how do you think it would fare against GSC? Warpsmith, Forgefiend and Dread would spit out enough dakka and templates to scare blobs of Acolytes and they're the obvious target for saws; the Rapiers are screaming to be ambushed so I'll probably deploy the Autocannon squad in a way to screen them. Plasma would all be swapped out for Flamers as well, obviously. Point savings could be spent on a blob of Cultists with autoguns, I guess.

>> No.49561932

I'm still confused by this. Did they get the ranges the wrong way round or something? Or do I just not understand the subjective maths of it?

>> No.49561940

>1:100 scale

>> No.49562031

10/1 can splode better than 8/2
And it can snip bikerlords through EW.

>> No.49562063

Give the Forgefeind ectoplasm. bs 3 really hurts you with non-blast weapons, and the Gets hot is not a problem.
naked preds with nothing else aren't very good.
if you can find the point consider dedicating the dread to khorn: it can be fluffed as a very bitter rampage, and is worth its weight in gold

>> No.49562101

10/1 is crap when you have to give up 2 attacks for it. the Snip dosent go though EW

>> No.49562104

>the Gets hot is not a problem.
>mfw the first time I fielded a Forgefeind, it killed itself on the first turn

>> No.49562119

>Plasma would all be swapped out for Flamers as well
>list tailoring
ugh, just stop

>> No.49562142

>muh anecdotes
that is a 1/12*1/12*1/12 chance, so not a problem

>> No.49562171

Remove from play doesnt bypass EW?

Hmm might be, not like I get anything with EW myself so never saw need to doubt my opponent.

>> No.49562182

>mfw the first time I fielded a Forgefiend, it killed itself on the first turn

1/6 chance to get Hot
1/2 to lose a HP due to vehicle heat save
1/12 or 8% to lose a HP per shot

1/216 or 0.463% to roll 3 Gets Hot in a single shooting phase

1/1728 or 0.058% chance to wreck yourself each shooting phase.

>Sorry dude sounds like you got unlucky.

>> No.49562193

Isn't the rule, the models suffers instant death? if not then it does get though EW. still its only a 1/6 chance for a T5 model to fail the test

>> No.49562196

>Chance is unlikely so it is irrelevant
Do you also believe that bolters are incapable to hurt Flyrants?

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