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Board game general must live on!

~remember Jaipur guy edition~

>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?

>What games have you purchased most recently?

>When did you first get into the hobby?

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?

hope these aren't too generic/lame! I'm never really OP

I also have a lil survey style series of questions which im a bit unsure about, just figure i might as well ask since im personally curious, but i don't really know if anybody else would be and im not really expecting many replies to these since they are a bit more personal.




>Other hobbies?

love u goize

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>>49474541 (OP)
OP here with my answers

>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Death Angel
Eldritch Horror
Five Tribes
Welcome to the Dungeon

I'd also like to get Arena Roma II but have been finding it difficult to hunt down a reasonably priced copy.

>What games have you purchased most recently?
For Sale
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Jaipur (bless)
Battlecon: Devistation of the Indines
Android Netrunner

>When did you first get into the hobby?
Towards the end of May, not really sure what happened... I guess I kinda just found it lol

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
(I should add that $ is not a factor aka don't choose something coz you payed a lot for it and it'd be easier to re-buy the rest lol)
Oof I asked this question thinking it's probably the most interesting one I could think of, but damn I haven't really considered how I'd answer it. Oops
Well.... I'd say Cosmic Encounter because everyone who's played it with me really liked it,Level 7 Omega Protocol because I still haven't played it and it looks like it's got amazing potential, aaaaanndd for the last one I guesss hmm idk I guess mascarade because it can hold many players. Althouuugh I have a feeling it'd be Kemet if i did own it (soon... soonnn)

Student/Taking photos at parties
>Other hobbies?
idk man... i like vidya, working out, movies and music. Oh oh and reading anything science :)

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>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?

Right now, nothing seems exciting. Maybe the new mansions of madness when it comes out in France...

>What games have you purchased most recently?

The prodigals club

>When did you first get into the hobby?

When they released the first "doom" board game back in 2004. Love doom (vidya) and always had a passing interest in dungeon crawly games.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?

Tough. Well, let's say Shadows of Brimstone first, because I spent so much money in it and it's got enough variety to be replayable. Then I guess pandemic because I love me some coop... And finally I guess I'd need some kind of competitive game... Shogun (Wallenstein) because I love it and I guess if I had only 3 games in my collection, I'd get to play it often.






Had to quit my job (toy store employee) earlier this year. Currently unemployed and quite depressed about it.

>Other hobbies?

vidya (mostly retro games), tv shows, doom 1 & 2 modding, toy collecting.

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Does anyone have nicknames for things in games?
In Scythe, we call power "bug," popularity "love," workers "dudes," and oil "earl."
In Castles of Ludwig we call the role and wooden signifier of master builder, "master blaster." We also call the game itself "Mad Castles."
We call Loot 'N Run, "Mummy Madness."

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Oh, and the colonists in Puerto Rico we call "slaves."

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in for sale instead of 1000 dollars we say 1 shekel

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The stats in Eldritch Horror are now "pump, book, hand, eyes, brain" at our table.

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anybody know a good game thats along the lines of arena roma 2?

both arena roma games are super expensive right now and i was hoping to get something similar instead. any ideas?

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>>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?


>What games have you purchased most recently?

Zombie Dice. We don't see the appeal.

>When did you first get into the hobby?

2008, when a coworker invited me over and we played catan and axis and allies.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?

Chinatown, Shogun, Cosmic Encounter


West Coast


I sell third party toy accessories to collectors.

>Other hobbies

Tabletop game design, writing, sculpting, vidya.

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>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Triumph&Tragedy 2nd edition upgrade kit
Welcome to Centerville
Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain
Imperial Struggle
Colonial Twilight
Ariovustus (Falling Sky expansion)
Bayonets & Tomahawks

All of them are GMT P500 games and the last two haven't "made the cut" yet, but seeing as Ariovustus is a COIN expansion it's probably garaunteed to make it, and B&T looks to be making the cut as well.

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Falling Sky, though calling it a recent purchase might be a bit of a stretch.

>When did you first get into the hobby?
About 2005 maybe? The council for our student's section at uni took the decision to buy in a bunch of boardgames for our rec rooms, it went downhill after that.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
Dominant Species - great euro that still has a degree of player interaction, supports up to 6 players.
Triumph&Tragedy - (relatively) quick and light grand strategy WWII block wargame for 3 players. Absolutely fantastic.
Twilight Struggle - don't think this needs much explanation.

>Other hobbies?
MMA/grappling (mostly as an observer/fan atm), working out, boats.

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Is this better than pandemic? The expansions seem really fun, especially the submarine one

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>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
all currently available Ashes expansions

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and I love it, feels good to have a safety blanket if I get rid of my MTG collection

>When did you first get into the hobby?
depends, my family bought a bunch of board games but it was mostly disposable garbage apart from HeroQuest, which I still have

otherwise I got back into the swing of things about a year and a half ago

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
Duel of Ages II - best hex-and-chit game I've played, ridiculously fun and amazingly well-written rules
Cave Evil - pure, refined Ameritrash that is absolutely metal as fuck
Shadows of Malice - best co-op game I have

IT, fixing all kinds of shit that breaks
>Other hobbies?
vidya game modding (especially doom 1/2), composing cacophony

my nigga, almost tempted to guess who you are, though I've barely been active in the doom community lately due to IRL eating up my time

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Nah, you cant possibly know me. I havent released a single mod yet. All the mods I did so far were private, for my friends.

Well, you may know me as the "hot sauce guy" who made the Revenant Hot Sauce a couple years ago. And if you've been on the doom generals on /vr/ in the last few months, you may have seen a couple screenies of my "Zombies" doom remake (of the old TC) that is still heavily WIP.

What about you ?

(sorry about the digress

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ah yeah, I think I've seen the Zombies screenies though I have been lapsing on keeping up with the /vr/ threads pretty badly as of late

there's two mods of mine and another I contributed to that are in the /vr/ infograph, namely OMGWPNS, Endless Survival and UDMX, along with countless other stuff like Mock 2

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>jaipur on a train


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Noice, I need to give these a try. To get back on topic, have you heard anything about the nudoom ffg game ? I already have the original, descent 2.0 and imperial assault so I'm not feeling like buying ANOTHER game based on the same system, but on the other side... It's fucking doom.

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My current game library is shit, lost most of my stuff in the move to my new place with my fiance'. All I have left is Talisman lol

Buffalo, NY
Chef, board game dev
>Other hobbies?
Only hobby right now is turning this game into a reality. Hopefully I can use this thread to get feedback (last one was very helpful! Thx guiz)

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Crap rotated image, my bad. This is my game 'The 12 Towers'. Been working on it for almost a year. Basically it's heavy PvP, lite RPG. Think Talisman + Risk + MTG - time consuming crap

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A true patrician

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Not just a train, anon...
Glorious maglev master race

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>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Letters from Whitechapel. want a game for halloween, and currently this is my top pick. I was really close to pulling the trigger on Fury of Dracula, but my group tends to shy away from super long games

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Citadels is currently in the mail somewhere. was supposed to be here last week but shit happens I guess. also got 7 Wonders and Big Book of Madness within the last 2 weeks

>When did you first get into the hobby?
last year. I had been hearing about how board games were actually good for a couple of years, but towards the end of last year I saw someone play a game of Pandemic and I knew I needed it. of course before I even bought my first game I did tons of research, discovered rahdo, and had a wishlist of like 50 games. luckily I've not gone off the deep end on actually buying them.

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>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Citadels, Letters from Whitechapel, Tragedy Looper expansion. On the fence about Battlecon Trials, but it's too expensive for what I'm getting.
Hopefully Abecorn pulls through and I get some trades, including the first two I mentioned.

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Specter Ops.

>When did you first get into the hobby?
I tried out Bang and some other games at a cousin's house around 2014, which got me interested, and soon after found Catan and Dominion for like $15 total. Ended up playing Catan from 9PM to 6AM.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
Tragedy Looper, Chaos in the Old World, not sure about the third.

Upper NJ
>Other hobbies?
Video games.

>Does anyone have nicknames for things in games?
In Cosmic Encounter, the ships are "Nipples". The game is also known as "The Nipple Game". Also often confused with Race for the Galaxy, as which is "That Alien game with the phases"

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I highly approve of OPs pic. OP doing the lord's work. Also, kudos on what you have so far in your collection. Ti3chick/10 would play with.

>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?

Nothing, I am poor and am hardly playing what I bought while employed.

>What games have you purchased most recently?

Sushi Go, and Valley of the Kings: Afterlife, while my wife bought codenames the same day. Sadly, apart from playing them on vacation in P.E.I., I haven't really gotten together with anyone to play games, and the wife is often out of town for work or staying late for overtime these days.

>When did you first get into the hobby?

2007-8ish? The /tg/ club in CEGEP played a lot of Catan and Munchkin, and friends that came over after school for magic the gathering slowly gravitated with me to playing boardgames that I would buy. Had a club president that introduced my friends, gf, and I to Puerto Rico and Twilight Imperium 3. Rest is history.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?

Innovation for couple games. TI3 because yes, and then Chaos in the Old World because that isn't coming back.



Unemployed due to contract work ending. Back to autumn job hunting for me!

>>Other hobbies?
Guitar and piano playing, video games, reading, LEGO,

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In one of my first board games, Pillars of the Earth, there is an extra black meeple for when a player buys the "Otto the Blacksmith" upgrade card. To not lose him, we would put him on the board near the bridge, assuming that was a great place for Otto to live. After a few games, I discovered we had an extra green meeple. Rather than keep it in the box, we decided lonely Otto needed a wife, and so the green meeple went with him to live, now under, the bridge. She was then dubbed the troll. We mused about updating the Otto card so that when you bought him, you got him and the troll, but decided it would be too op.

Shit man, I haven't played that game since around 2009-2010.

Yea, everyone knew what the little brown discs working on the indigo plantations represented. Colonists my ass.

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>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Maybe Discworld or Avalon But not sure.
>What games have you purchased most recently?
Fury of Dracula.
>When did you first get into the hobby?
Played m:tg long long time ago (5th edition was the first one I played), then decided to start playing board games about year ago.
>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
1. StarCraft: BW: TBG
Because it costs an arm and a leg
2. Chaos in the Old World
Probably best game I have
3. Fury of Dracula or Nightfall - rest rest would be easily replacable
>Other hobbies?
Reading, guitar, /fit/

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but that doesn't make sense since the university would create a new "slave"

doesn't really work like that. it's just social commentary on how iberians aren't white.

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>>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Zombicide Prison Outbreak, Pandemic Legacy, Mage Knight and both TI3 expansions are in the mail. Not much more cash left this month to buy things, though I'd like to get some of the GW-FFG stuff (FoD, Death Angel+expansions and Team Manager expansions, Diskwars) before stock runs out. Planning to go all-in on Kingdom Death's upcoming KS, but my wallet is in terminal condition. Also, Dominant Species.

>>What games have you purchased most recently?
See above. Also Dungeon Petz, Rebellion G54 and Terra Mystica.

>>When did you first get into the hobby?
Jan 2014, I reckon

>>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
CitOW, because it fucking rules. Puerto Rico, because it's sucha a solid design. Dunno about the third, probably TI3.

Biologist, working on ecotourism
>>Other hobbies?
/tg/, vidya, music, cooking. Wanna learn coding, drawing or shooping skilz.

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I just bought Millennium Blades, what should i expect from this shitty game?

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>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Not sure on next, right now waiting on Star Trek: Acendancy and Cry Havoc, and a couple kickstarters.

>Most Recent Purchases
Finally caved and picked up a copy of Epic to take camping. Fantastic decision, that stupid little box is magic on cocaine and speed.

>First get into the hobby
I first started looking for unusual and interesting stuff probably after a grandparent gave me a copy of Star Trek: Klingon Encounter, a ridiculous old VHS game, probably around 2003. Didn't really take off until around 2008 though.

>Throw out all but 3?
No idea, favorites are super subjective to daily whims. Probably Netrunner, Tannhauser, and Heroes of Normandie just due to expense involved in reacquiring them.

>Age? 28
>Location? Idaho
>Occupation? Robotics
>Other hobbies? Fencing, Shooting, LAN Parties, Airshit, Climbing, Horse and Motorbike Trail Riding, Sometimes RPGs. Some light vidya modding when necessary to make something work for LAN.

>> No.49521299

> Epic
I want to justify getting this game so much, but when I played it with a friend and our respective wives/gfs, my wife gave it a neutral shrug. She never has liked tcgs or magic, so I guess the thrill of the game's mtg on speed is lost on her.

Nearly broke my heart, it does.

>> No.49521576

CCG: the simulator.

>> No.49521616

If you bothered to buy it, then you must not have thought it was that shitty.

That is one pricey mass of cards.

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>It's actually true.
Too fucking meta for me.

Also talking about Card games. Do you guys play traditional card games too sometimes?

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personally i play more traditional card games than other stuff

>> No.49521711

For years, hearts was the de facto palate cleanser to end a game night. We often had 4 people left at the end of an evening, wife, best friend/band mate, mtg buddy, and myself. We would play a round or two until it was the early morning, and finally call it a night.

They were all great at reading signals, card counting, and could quickly tell if someone was in range to shoot the moon, if someone was fucked, etc.

I flailed like a fish out of water, to the amusement and sometimes frustration of all.

Somehow managing to shoot the moon against them are some of my proudest moments for those evenings.

I miss those evenings

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>bought recently
MoM 2E expansions, Las Vegas, and Medici get here tomorrow
>planning to get next
A Feast for Odin (if it comes back in stock soon), maybe the Las Vegas expansion (fuck me it's only available overseas), Strike (also only overseas), Mechs vs Minions (if it doesn't sell out immediately), Inis
>first into the hobby
It was a slow build. Somewhere between January 2014 (first board game purchase as an adult) and March 2015 (first meetup)
>other hobbies
>welcome to centerville
I was interested in that when it was announced, but I think I saw rahdo do a prototype runthrough and I was completely uninspired. Citybuilding games fascinate me but none of them do what I want from them
you really have to have Magic/TCG experience to get a kick out of it
Not for a few years really. My sister gifted me a cribbage board last Christmas but I still haven't touched it

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Inlaws occasionally drag me into Pinochle is about all.

>> No.49522602


>What's in your cart

Nothing really. I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got right now. I was going to pick up fury of Dracula, but fuck spending a premium on people trying to capitalize off of the games now "super ultra out of print rare never coming back ever" status. There's always Level 7 Omega Protocol.

>Most recent purchase
AVP hunt begins. Prodos is a shit company, and I heard the 1E rules are shit but they updated them to be pretty decent now. Got it for the minis and because the store had a 25% off everything sale (which wasn't worth it because I paid 97 for it, CSI has it for 85, oh well)

>Hobby origins
I was probably 8 and thought key to the kingdom was the coolest looking game I'd ever seen.

>Keep 3
Thunderstone, dungeonquest, the others seven sins

Now for a question of my own.

>You've got a game you like, and holy crap it's got a ton of expansions. Why don't you just put everything in a plastic tub instead of lugging around 2 boxes filled with crap that are getting more and more beatup the more you travel with them?

>> No.49523126

>y u no plastic tub?
but I do...

>> No.49523144

>game you like with a million expansions
Cosmic Encounter lives in a cigar humidor now.

>> No.49523252


I won't lie anon, ive just never seen anyone else do it, thought it was just me. Myth, Talisman, The Others, Thunderstond, RE Deckbuilder, etc etc have a shit ton of expansions, and I'm about to do some consolidations on my stuff


I've been eyeballing plano tubs. I already use them when I cut my own foam for wargame minis. Seems like they'd work pretty well for this kind of thing.

>> No.49523315

Yeah, plano is good stuff. I just had the humidor sitting around doing nothing, and a game that smells perpetually like cedar is always nice.

>> No.49523751

I don't have that many expansions, bur A:NR, Thunderstone and Mage Wars are in 3 ring binders, Starcraft + BW is in plano boxes, MegaCarc is in a new box with dividers, Neuroshima Hex + 10 armies are in individual tuckboxes and a few spacewasters (Dixit, MachiKoro, Las Vegas, Splendor, 7 Wonders) were relocated to a single box.

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Minimum effort bump

>> No.49525547

I don't play physical card games often, but I've got euchre and durak on my phone and play them whenever I've got a couple minutes to kill

>> No.49526073

I say it ironically, its still coming in the through the mail so i need to hype myself up for boardgames.

>> No.49526084

Social question time (sort of bump)

>Do you host gaming events? Why not?

>What kind of food do you serve? Or what kind of food do your friends serve?

>Do you drink at events? What kind of drink?

>You meet up with your friends for a game night, what do you do besides board games?

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A wholly unique game with mediocre art. Set aside an evening because your first playthrough is going to take like 3 and a half hours.

On a side note, I don't understand why L99 keeps working with that artist, his stuff for the Battlecon Extendeds was fucking awful.
Left side of each column is the default.

>> No.49526333

>he hasn't seen the original art for War of Indines

Now that had some atrocious poses and body parts, anon.

>> No.49526457

If I had to replace War's art with either original or Extended's, I'd have a hard time deciding.

>> No.49526587

Coolstuff has a bundle of netrunner core set, upstalk data pack, and the source data pack for 40 bucks. I've been wanting to get into netrunner for a while, and this looks like as good a way as any to do so. Is this a recommended deal? Anything else I should throw into the cart? I tend to be one of those people that like to get everything available, but I don't need to do it right away. But if there's packs that are really well recommended or something, I wouldn't mind getting them all together.

>> No.49526928

>I tend to be one of those people that like to get everything available
Don't get into Netrunner.

>> No.49526964

I initally wasnt going to buy it because of the artstyle that looks like it's imitating anime.
I dont mind anime shit but christ its art is a huge turn off.

>> No.49528033

That's academics figuring out more efficient shipping and usage.

>> No.49528272

>New edition of Mansions of Madness gets a price hike
>Still has lots of physical content
>Nice figures
>Good art, lots of cards and tiles
>Sure app development is part of the cost
>price hike from $60 to $90 is still a lot

>Expansions come out
>An okay amount of figures
>An okay amount of tiles
>$50 MSRP

Jesus. FFG is really trying to stretch the 'luxury item' thing to it's limits. I mean I know a lot of people are gonna get it anyways cause Cthulu, or FFG, or whatever their lusts are. But for the base game+1expac is $140. That's the cost of four board games. Four GOOD board games.

>> No.49528400

>Do you host gaming events? Why not?
As a last resort, game night with the 4-5 people every now and then, no random people or large group meetups. Not more frequent because roommates are annoying.

>What kind of food do you serve? Or what kind of food do your friends serve?
Usually a pizza break between games, or nothing at all, and we'll go out for fast food afterwards.

>Do you drink at events? What kind of drink?
The drinkers usually bring their own beer. One of them bitches, whines and moans because he loses at heavier stuff when drunk, so that's a turn-off. I'm the rules guy, so I usually stay sober til we¡re done playing.

>You meet up with your friends for a game night, what do you do besides board games?
Chit-chat, listen to music. TV or movies distract people and slow the game flow. I dislike phone addicted people who spend more time looking at a tiny screen than interacting with people around them.

>> No.49528629

Recurring Nightmares has all the stuff from the 1st edition base game, while Suppressed Memories has everything from two 1st edition expansions, so that's probably why. Still pretty expensive though.

>> No.49528708

We call smithy from dominion "shmitty mcaw"

>> No.49528736

Thats the reason why i dont feel like buying it

>> No.49528895


That's precisely the reason why I won't be buying a lot of stuff from ANA/FFG. Luxury items my ass.

>> No.49528896

subjective, but overall I think people enjoy pandemic more. Especially with expansions.

>> No.49528971

for some reason I thought you were like, 40 or something. Maybe it's the name.

>> No.49529012

ask Netrunner general


hope you're rich.

>> No.49529044

Same here, but it was because the awesome game room in his pics suggests a pretty comfy income, which younger people just into the workforce don't usually have.

>> No.49529119


>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Dunno, probably a euro as my collection is sorely lacking in that department

>What games have you purchased most recently?
I have Valley of the Kings: Last Rites coming in the mail

>When did you first get into the hobby?
Hmmm, around 2013 I think. While we were taking a break between RPG campaigns one of our players brought over Zombicide. After playing through that we looked into what other cool games were available and the rest is history.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
Chaos in the Old World, Fury of Dracula, Forbidden Stars. Those would be the 3 hardest to replace.


Down under

jack of all trades at a photocopier dealership

>Other hobbies?
vidya, RPG's, drawing. reading


>Do you host gaming events? Why not?
no, my "house" is too tiny

>What kind of food do you serve? Or what kind of food do your friends serve?
we all bring some beer and snack food

>Do you drink at events? What kind of drink?
yes, just beer usually.

>You meet up with your friends for a game night, what do you do besides board games?
RPG's or just drink and shoot the shit about whatever/

>> No.49529372

Yeah, I'm hoping I can replace Gears of War with it as I missed out on the original Doom board game, and I have no interest in GoW as a theme. Don't have any other dungeon crawlers with a similar system but I like to keep my collection as varied as possible

I'd love to do a PnP test of this, hit us up with some files when it's ready to go!

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File: 2.96 MB, 3519x3519, pic1312072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>RPGs or roguelikes where you either lay tiles at the start of the game or lay tiles as you play the game, making a map to play on

Suggestions? This motherfucker looks A+++ but out of stock everywhere.

>> No.49529895




Ontario, Canada

I own an electronic cigarette company.

>Other hobbies?
Photography, mechanical keyboards, watches, Magic the Gathering, programming.

>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Elder Sign expansions. I have Gates of Arkham and want the others. I also am tempted to get the Pandemic expansions (the good ones at least, In the Lab and On the Brink).

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Elder Sign, really liked it. Mascarade too.

>When did you first get into the hobby?
One month ago.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
Mascarade, Love Letter, Pandemic.

>> No.49529936

it's more story than game, great for kids but adults will probably find better games like the FFG ones.

>> No.49530027


doesnt this game only have like 8 tiles

whats the fucken point

>> No.49530111

>>I just had the humidor sitting around doing nothing, and a game that smells perpetually like cedar is always nice.
> +5 points for good smelling game
> -10 Points Gryffindor for not serving Scotch and Cigars while gaming.


>> No.49530113

1E had half the plastic and cardboard of 2E, and 1E's MSRP was 79.99 in 2011. What's the problem here?

That said the MSRP for the 2E expansions was really disappointing. Given that the plastic molds haven't been updated they really should've gotten it down to 40

>> No.49530200

On the Brink is a must-have, the rest are optional.

>> No.49530288

>tile-laying roguelike

>> No.49530393


Doesn't OTB require ITL? I'm gonna skip State of Emergency.

>> No.49530448

Nope, just need base game to integrate OTB.
It's more roles and event cards, which by themselves give a ton of replayability. Then there's legendary difficulty, the mutant strain, the bioterrorist and the fifth disease.
It just adds a lot of variety to it.

>> No.49530548

Shadows of(over?) Brimstone looks good, though you might need another house to play it without removing any tiles.

>> No.49530923



>> No.49531036


Doesn't OTB add solitaire?

>> No.49531395

>see A Feast For Odin
>the feast upkeep and physical covering of the maps tickles my fancy like I'm paying it $80/hr
>none of my friends can into that kind of resource management or worker placement

Why am I cursed

>> No.49531489

How is Castles of Burgundy? It's got good reviews but honestly doesn't look fun.

>> No.49531990
File: 9 KB, 211x239, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone has a scan of the storybook for mice and mystics ?

cant seem to find it anywhere online.theres a translated Italian one but thats all i could find.

yes the publisher's website has the first chapter,but they dont have anything other than that.even the payed ones arent the original story.

if you own this game could you please scan it.thanks tg.

>> No.49532168

which ones should i get?

Im greentexting the ones im more leaning towards NOT getting. Putting a * on the ones im more sure about getting.

*Beasty bar
>Neuroshima hex
*Isle of skye
>Ghost stories

Above and below

>The captain is dead

>Shadow hunters

Ive learned how all of these are played and have seen reviews and gameplay videos of them, so im not lacking in understanding what each is like as a game; im more curious what fellow anons think about them.

Im particularly hesitant about above and below, pandemic, and patchwork. They all seem sorta hit or miss, although "in theory" or "on paper" seem great. Not sure if im conveying what i mean well lol but hopefully some of you can give your opinions on it

Got another question for le thread:

>What are the best underrated/little known games? In particular, games that you think are amazing or at least worth recognition, but expect very few of us here to have heard of.

I think its a really interesting/helpful question although it may not be easy to answer.

Beasty bar is what inspired this question. I dont think its the most amazing thing ever, and it pretty much does what guillotine did, but it still looks like a great light filler, and i think it fits the criteria as i dont expect many to have known of it.

>> No.49532179


I think you're looking for jaipur, my friend.

>> No.49532249

>Do you host gaming events? Why not?
Quite often. Why yes? For me the trouble of inviting people in and cleaning up the mess is less than going to people. Plus almost no one invites me.
>What kind of food do you serve? Or what kind of food do your friends serve?
Tea, coffee drinks and party food - chips, crackers, buiscuits and the like, sometimes fruit if it's hot as hell. People usually bring stuff with them.
>Do you drink at events? What kind of drink?
Rarely, mostly beer or water/tea.
>You meet up with your friends for a game night, what do you do besides board games?
Mostly chat, lookup stupid things on the computer.

>> No.49532934

>Tfw you finally win at Forbidden Stars
Took me 4 games, but I finally eaked out victory in the seventh round. Now to beat my friends at Chaos in the Old World...

>> No.49533266

Sorry, I have no idea about Arena Roma

You can play base game solo, just play all pawns by yourslf

Rosenberg's games are (mostly) brilliant, but not for everyone...

...as are Feld games. I like CoB a LOT, it's such an elegant game mechanically, with a mix of luck and strategy that's just right for me. Alas, point salad and dry theme repel a lot of people.

>Neuroshima Hex.
Great game, I'll always recommend it. App is probably better, though. Speedier, less fussing over upkeep and initiative during combats.

>underrated/little known
I got my hands on Helionox by chance, and goddamn, it's such a great game, and a really innovative deckbuilder.
Amazing artwork and theme, variable player powers, worker placement elements. Plays 2 player vs, semi-coop or solo.
So glad I found this little gem.

All the people that turn me down, make excuses or just plain don't show up when I organize make me wonder if there's something wrong with me.
>after game night
OMG anon, this was such great fun! we should do this a weekly thing
>next week

>> No.49533306

>All the people that turn me down, make excuses or just plain don't show up when I organize make me wonder if there's something wrong with me.

If you don't have to don't invest emotionally in people that aren't invested emotionally in you. Sure sometimes any company is better than no comapny but try to expand your circle of friends into peope that actually appreciate you.

>> No.49533325

>Make me wonder if something is wrong with me

I know this feel too anon. Too bad we don't live near eachother for some gaming.

Does /tg/ have a table top sim group? Could get some good games going on there

>> No.49533376
File: 248 KB, 735x1024, 3wwl6tswy9hp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?

Either patchwork or blood rage, I cant decide. I mostly play at 2 with the gf

>>What games have you purchased most recently?

Cosmic encounter+Incursion. Hasnt hit the table yet despite my best efforts. Trying to get 5.

>>When did you first get into the hobby?

3 months ago

>>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?

-Scythe collectors edition because its a great game that works at any player count.
-7 wonders duel because its my favorite 2 player game
-Roll for the galaxy because its awesome. But I can see cosmuc encounter replacing this

Camera Assistant/junior op swing
>>Other hobbies?

>> No.49534877

>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Few cheaper options. Appreciate any suggestions:
- Neuroshima hex
- Mission: Red planet
- Ultimate warriorz
- King of Tokyo / King of New York (this and ultimate warriorz as something easy for my nieces and still kinda cool for adults)
- Jamaica (I feel like I could play it on all family meetings even with my 60 yo mom)

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Zombicide: BP. Mostly because my gf got hyped, but I got excited about it a little too.
In the end, after several games we both agreed that it's kinda meh which is sad because it was more expensive that all games currently in my cart connected.

>When did you first get into the hobby?
1 month ago with Zombicide so I can't say I'm into hobby already.

Brasil / Poland
Software dev
>Other hobbies?
Wargames from my homeland company. But level of complexity turns off ANY potential players.

>> No.49534986

>Do you host gaming events?
Game nights / days and small LANs at my place, bigger LANs at my work.
>What kind of food do you serve? Or what kind of food do your friends serve?
Pizza for LANs, sometimes pizza for game nights, sometimes the wife makes something indulgent.
>Do you drink at events? What kind of drink?
Nah, about half my players are mormon because lolidaho, and the place we do LANs is right across the street from the best local brewery so the drinking stays over there.
>You meet up with your friends for a game night, what do you do besides board games?
Probably just vidya, maybe a ttRPG if one's running.

No wrong way to get into netrunner, go with whatever you want at your own pace. First two cycles are within a year of rotating out of competitive play, so could skip those if you want, but they're still great for kitchen table play.

Nah, just about priorities. If I haven't massively improved that table and game room (and probably moved it into a nicer house) by the time I'm 40, kill me.

>smoking around your expensive cardboard

>> No.49535209


>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?

siege of the citadel when/if it comes out

>What games have you purchased most recently?

Dead of Winter

>When did you first get into the hobby?

20+ years ago with a local edition ofTalisman

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?

Dead of Winter; Forbidden Stars; Firefly (or Battlestar Galactica)

As to why - they're my best/favourite games at the moment.

>> No.49535377


I'm out of town right now, won't be back til Friday night. Spam this request in the next thread. If you haven't gotten it by then I'll hook you up

>> No.49535482


Whoops, forgot my trip


>LAN parties

I've been talking to some friends about having one in January when it's cold as balls. Save money on hearing because everyone's rigs are on. Get too hot? Open the windows. Call it winter wonderLAN and you're good to go.

A pity most of my board gaming and wargaming friends are not vidya friends, so I usually hybrid party it up.


>gang beasts
>ultimate chicken horse
>knight squad

Normie friendly, works fine on same screen, and support controllers.

You going to dreamhack Austin next year btw? My crew just recently got their tickets.

>> No.49535635

>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Either Letters from Whitechapel, Fury of Dracula 3rd or some other game with a hidden movement component.

After that I'd love to get Jaipur to have another game besides Patchwork that suits 2 players (but it was sold out when I last wanted to order it).

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Uhh, all of them but the most recent recent was Dead of Winter.

>When did you first get into the hobby?
I've been interested in boardgaming for a while but I've only started buying games for myself and my GF about 3 weeks ago.
Spent about 300 eurobucks. No ragrets.

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
Pandemic: Legacy, because I love tense coop games.
Ticket to Ride, because it's very easy to teach to new players.
Mysterium, because I enjoyed Dixit quite a bit and it's essentially that with a goal.


Germany and Austria


>Other hobbies?

>> No.49535727

Yeah, the winter ones always go a little smoother in the temperature department. Definetly even the big LANs get a little hybrid, usually some social/party games like Two Rooms and a Boom or Mafia de Cuba or the like around midnight-2am.

Still haven't tried out ultimate chicken horse, but we've got a hugeass 16' projector screen in one separate room for that kind of stuff. The usual playlist in there is something like
>Gang Beasts
>Samurai Gunn
>Nidhogg / Eggnogg
>Knight Squad
>Real Human Basketball
>Hidden in Plain Sight
>Mariokart or smash bros or whatever else someone brought a console for.

I'd fucking love to get the crew down to dreamhack one of these years, but they're leaning towards gencon for 2017 right now.

>> No.49535869


Noice list, will have to look some of those up.

Bummer about your friends. Of the two, I'd lean waaaaay more towards a LAN con than a board game one. Last year was amazing. The bass, the lights, the music, the unlimited free monsters (which after about 3 in one day starts to look like a very poor decision), the people. I meant to do big things in the tabletop area for DH2016, but I was in a rush to leave the house and practically forgot everything but warhammer fantasy rpg 2e, which was a mess. All sorts of big plans for 2017, I can't wait.

>> No.49535993

The D&D board games:
Castle Ravenloft
Wrath of Ashardalon
Temple of Elemental Evil

WarhammerQuest (Original and the new Silver Tower)

>> No.49536048

Yeah, my preference would be dreamhack too, easier to add /tg/ to a /v/ con than other way around, and they're more focused on the actual gaming than being a retailer and publisher event.

>> No.49536055


List your top 3 cooperative board games!

List your top 3 competitive board games!

Finally, your choice for Best Board Game of the Year!

>> No.49536227

It's alright. I found it dry but since you can regularly find it for $20 it's probably the best value in eurogames

>> No.49536246

Shadows of Brimstone
Escape, the curse of the temple
Legendary : Alien
Ticket to Ride
I had to check because I wasnt sure I played anything from this year. Turns out I only have played Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. So that.

>> No.49536400
File: 1.27 MB, 1587x1656, 12towers-democards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks, been working hard day and night to get the next (and hopefully final...) edition ready to go and test. Won't be on the shelves for some time, but I'm hoping to get some demo ones printed by the end of this year, and I can ship them out to players that want to test and review it.

>> No.49536429

LotR LCG or Gears of War
Forbidden Desert
Five Tribes
Have played nothing from 2016

>> No.49536533



The Others Seven Sins

>> No.49536638

How can I get a demo copy? Understood it won't be the final shelf version but I'd love to help out

>> No.49537089

Eldritch Horror
Space Alert (or Space Cadets)

Millennium Blades
Thunderstone Advance

Tough choice between Scythe and Millennium Blades. But I'm going to give it to Millennium Blades for how god damned unique it is.

>> No.49537602

thanks alot man,ill make sure to post in next thread

>> No.49538424
File: 587 KB, 700x968, 24422721670_bf88873f4e_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


about the same age as me

>lives in portland
im roadtripping up there soonish to visit my cousin

>got into hobby 3 months ago
I started in june

>interested in filmmaking
so am i!Also was getting into acting but i recently put that on hold so i can focus on school, still interested in it though.

Id be down to play cosmic with you :0 i know this isnt /soc/ but... i do have kik if ur at all interested in chattin lol


>> No.49538525

Id love to test and review your game

>> No.49538931

I'll test your game anon
I'll even pay for shipping

>> No.49539066
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, sunless sea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This might be a bit of an odd question, but I'm curious what people think.

I know that netrunner currently has a decent competitive scene going and gets a lot of play for a card game that isn't MTG. I've been interested in playing for a while but haven't gotten into it in part because there's already so many cards and being good at the game seems to rely pretty heavily on card knowledge. I've also been interested in picking up Ashes for a while, which I know also has the LCG format, and frankly the theme of the game interests me more than the cyberpunk style of netrunner, and the fact that it's still fairly new and therefor has a lot less stuff to learn about makes me more interested in picking it up.

My question then is whether or not any anons think that ashes will ever have some sort of dedicated competitive scene of any sort. I'd love to get into a competitive scene for SOMETHING that isn't a TCG, and if ashes has that potential, then now seems like a good time to get in on it. But if I'd be wasting my time, I'll just jump into netrunner and try and learn as I go.


>> No.49539242

Ashes might get serious at some point, but it's launch has definitely been at least an order of magnitude softer than netrunner's. Unless plaid hat put some serious muscle behind it, I'll be surprised if organized play for it gets common. Shame though, it's a pretty cool game. I'm not big enough into the MTG-esque mechanics to like it more than the more accessible and much faster Epic, but it's pretty good.

I hear you on netrunner being intimidating to get into though. We're near a rotation point which should ease that a little, but it's still a pretty big cardpool and the game takes real critical thinking to play well, can't get very far by just grabbing a decklist, shuffling, and going on autopilot. Which of course is a good thing once you're over the initial hurdle. I'd say grab a core set and see how that bounces off you. If it turns out you really like it you can start buying in at whatever pace you like, if not you're not out much cash.

>> No.49539396

Epic is fun, but I can't take it seriously enough. I was never competitive when I played MTG (was too young, really) but the fact that Epic basically plays the same way but as if every card is a Mythic powered card, while fun, is just too swingy for my tastes. Fun to break out here and there; I especially like showing it to people who've been playing MTG for years and watch their faces look on in horror and amazement as I tell them every bullshit card costs 1 resource.

It's a shame about ashes, because I think it's a rare case of dice rolling done right, the back and forth nature of it is interesting to me, and while this shouldn't be as big of a decider for me as it is, the artwork and production value is just fantastic. But when it comes down to it, I just really don't get the opportunity to play games one on one very often. The most that happens is me and one of my friends will play a round or two of something light-ish and quick like carcassone or yomi while we wait for our other guy to show up at game night. So I generally don't go for 1v1 games (otherwise I'd have bought everything under the sun for summoner wars by now, which I love the idea of but know I'd never get to break it out).

I'm definitely going to try netrunner regardless. The mind-gaming nature of it is just too enticing to me, I love that shit, but I'm going to have to put in some effort if I want to play with anyone besides my room mate every once in a while. I work a retail job and the only game shop near me that does tourney's for it is several towns away, so making the trip to and from is never going to be an easy thing to plan for, but hopefully I like the game enough I can make it work. Thanks for the input.

>> No.49539937

man, I desperately want to play ti3 and I'm pretty confident I'd love it, but there's no way in hell I could ever convince my group to play a game for 5+ hours

and none of the "similar but 2-3 hours long" games look even remotely as good to me.

>> No.49540347

It'll depend on if the deal with Asmodee/F2Z goes through or not; FFG (and now ANA) has been pretty serious about getting competition scenes up for all their games, if Ashes comes under the umbrella I can't imagine why they wouldn't try to pimp that IP too. Same guys who ran the vidya industry in the last decade, they want strong games they can churn out lots of expansions for and promote without having to develop new systems, and Ashes definitely falls into that category.

>> No.49540674

>Same guys who ran the vidya industry in the last decade
Really? The exact same guys, or do you just mean greedy assholes?

>> No.49540704

guess it should read "Same as the guys who..."

>> No.49540740

No I mean the current head of Asmodee was a bigwig at Vivendi when they were buying up stuff in the early 2000s.


>> No.49541233

That explains a lot...

>> No.49542352

too much really, the two current theories are they will try to monopolize as much of the market as possible and then a.) raise dem prices to maximum to rake in the profits or b.) sell out to someone like Hasbro or Parker Bros for mega-bucks. Either way is pretty shit for the hobby desu.

>> No.49542701

should mention that as a part of plan a.) they will drop any IP not deemed profitable enough, and shill out content endlessly for the more popular ones.

>> No.49544110

Can someone give me a rundown on LCGs? I'm thinking about getting into the new Arkham Horror one that's coming out, as I figure it'll be easier to start with a new one.

>> No.49544826

The main contrast between LCGs and TCGs are that new cards don't come in booster packs, they come in standardized packs (and sometimes big boxes with more cards) where the contents are predetermined, which means you can get the card you want by buying a particular pack.

The Arkham Horror LCG is a co-op game like the LotR LCG by the way, not a competitive game like Netrunner or Ashes. The main draw is that you can play multiple scenarios as a campaign, and some decisions in earlier scenarios will affect the rest of the scenarios. The investigators can also change between scenarios, either improving (add new cards into the deck using experience points), or deteriorate (trauma, weaknesses, etc.) For expansions, other than the usual new cards, new encounters, and new investigators, you can expect them to have new scenarios that progress a campaign further.

>> No.49545265

>Just got paid and have enough for Mansions of Madness
>Was gonna pick it up as an october game for the group
>They're sold out everywhere
Fuck. I coulda gotten it for $85 a week ago and now it's $120. Knowing fantasy flight, it's not gonna be back in stock until next year.

>> No.49545285

Don't feed Asmodee.

>> No.49545425
File: 147 KB, 985x685, sadfee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll just save the money and hope I snag a copy of Mechs vs Minions instead I guess.

>> No.49545429

I honestly don't get what people see in those dungeon divers anyway. Just run a campaign.

>> No.49545486

I have a hard enough time getting everyone together for boardgame night. It'd be a miracle the day I get my friends together to all learn an RPG system that's not pathfinder or 3.5.

>> No.49545561

Hell naw, you can buy 3 good games instead.

>> No.49547154

well he specifically said he's not getting it because it's 120

should have jumped on it a few weeks ago when barnes and noble had 40 or 50% off one item. could have gotten it for $50

>> No.49547921

Easy setup, don't need to read/memorize 1400 rules, little preparation time, single-session, can be played even if none of the original party members come to game night, no DM power tripping or magical realm, scratches the itch without committing to a 6 month campaign.

>> No.49549711

Everything but the DM stuff can be solved by using a simple system and running one-ofs.

>> No.49550557

I recently discovered a vassal version of Freedom in the Galaxy, which would let me play now that I grew up and moved out and don't have acess to the board anymore (nor space to play it, to be honest)

Does anyone know where one could download a copy of the rules online?

And does anyone have countermix information? I know that you are supposed to be limited in how many of each type of unit you can build, but Vassal just lets me pop guys out indefinitely.

>> No.49551850
File: 854 KB, 2200x1400, boxart-final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This guy again, I'm thinking about getting a simple website up to document the games progress, and get some followers/game testers involved.

What's a decent and/or free-ish site host? Considering Enjin for now, it's crap, but familiar.

>> No.49553492

I hope that isn't your final box art, those towers look like they were done by a high school art student.

>> No.49553499


lol it's not, and I know it's crap. Something I was experimenting with a few months ago.

>> No.49554362

Good luck anon.

>> No.49554403
File: 43 KB, 500x375, risk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I know the general opinion of Risk here, but I have to know: is Risk 2210AD big box worth $50 (plus shipping) or should I just get the smaller box priced at $30? The difference is lower quality in tokens/moon map (thinner and printed on one side), B&W rule book, and no plastic container included.

Here's the story. My group used to play 40k, but lost interest and made the transition into board games. First I tried to get them into Twilight Imperium, but it proved to be a bit too much for them. I then tried Axis and Allies (first 1942, then 1941) and again it was too much. We then tried a store copy of Risk Lord of the Rings and they fuckin' loved it. Did a bit of research and found that the best iteration of Risk (next to Risk Legacy--just wouldn't work for our group dynamic) is 2210AD and now I'm in the process of buying a copy.

>Risk is based on luck
I know.
>Risk is trash
I know.
>Play Twilight Imperium
I wish.
>Play something else
Gimme whatcha got.

>> No.49554766

>Play something else

>> No.49555186

Blood Rage, Chaos in the Old World, and the upcoming Cry Havoc are good Risk replacements too, especially the latter two; there's just something so much more visceral about rolling dice to resolve combat.

>> No.49555409


Think Chaos in the Old World will get reprinted one last time? It's like $120+ for base and $100+ for the expansion--a bit much at the moment.

Diggin' the mechanics of Kemet and it doesn't seem too complicated for my group.
Still need to check out Blood Rage and Cry Havoc, but the models in Blood Rage are a huge plus.

>> No.49555450

there are rumors that there will be one last reprint of the more popular games which would include chaos in the old world and fury of dracula, but that may be bs

>> No.49555817

Yeah, I figured Kemet will be your best bet because it sounds like you want something that's a bit less luck-driven. It also scales well with all player counts so that should be worth factoring in if your group varies in size.

I haven't played the three suggestions that the other anon made, but a common complaint I've heard about Blood Rage is that there isn't enough combat. Chaos in the Old World and Cry Havoc are both games with asymmetrical factions and require maximum player count to get the best experience.

>> No.49556000

Any Small World players? What's the best expansion?

>> No.49556481
File: 2.29 MB, 670x503, 1475001584860.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dice. I fucking love dice. Dice are expensive as fuck but I love them. I love plain dice with pips, I love obnoxiously colored dice with pictures. I love throwing a million of them into a bag, grabbing a handful and rolling them.

What are some games where you get to roll an absurd number of dice that's not Warhammer? I have Quarriors. That's where I really started to feel the itch for dice. I need to more roll dice. Quarriors is too short to satiate my need to roll fucktons of dice.

>> No.49556526
File: 156 KB, 1024x899, pic2373650_lg[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Roll for the galaxy has some dice.

>> No.49556575

Dice Masters, Seasons, Cthulhu Dice, Roll for the Galaxy, Dungeon Roll, King of Tokyo, Elder Sign, Imperial Assault, X Wing (a lot FFG games have custom dice)

>> No.49556732

New Eldritch Horror expansion coming.


>> No.49556758


Frag has some damage rolls of 6+ dice, which feels amazing.

>> No.49556766

pandemic the cure, roll for the galaxy, fuse, lords of vegas, liar's dice

>> No.49556771

Titan, Shadows of Malice, Frag

>> No.49556898

and of course I forgot bang the dice game and dice town

>> No.49557156
File: 8 KB, 250x247, 1397537973166s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to play Descent solitaire
>"one player needs two people"

Why is this allowed?

>> No.49557345

Have you looked into Forbidden Stars? It might be just what you are looking for so long as you only have 4 players or less.

>> No.49557737

Just got Fury of Dracula as a surprise gift from the girlfriend. Holy shit I'm in love with this game.

>> No.49557888

Neat, but I think most people who are into the Arkham series are overdosing on the TCG hype.

>> No.49557936
File: 200 KB, 1920x1080, 14466264_10210513250697396_652824029_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got about 300 bucks to spend, what should i get? Preferably nothing more than 60 bucks.

Here's what i have so far (posted this in the last thread) plus pic related

Might be kinda hard to see but i have all the expansions for cutthroat caverns and i have netrunner plus 2 data packs

Death angel
Welcome to the dungeon
Eldritch horror
Five tribes
Liars dice

Here's a list of what i'm considering to get next but i'm more so hoping for new suggestions, rather than opinions on these. This info is just to give an idea of what i'm planning to already add

Neuroshima hex
Beasty bar
Ghost Stories
Isle of skye
Above and below

>> No.49558314

god i hope CitOW gets a reprint, i only just got into the hobby recently so i discovered the game way late and it looks pretty rad.

>> No.49558345

how is fuse? it always seemed like one of those interesting yet difficult to gauge till played type of games. any good?

>> No.49558503

I hate TCG's and co-op LCG's, my only cause for trepidation towards Dreamlands is giving FFG money. Gonna have to find this second-hand, somehow.

>> No.49558579


I'm in the same situation.
Decided not to get it despite the low price since I heard that Eric Lang hinted in an interview a year ago that he's trying to improve the game's mechanisms.

I wonder if he was referring to Rising Sun at the time.

>> No.49558634
File: 429 KB, 480x270, 1473148108918.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have an impulsive personality, usually to do with money
>played Love Letter and decided "wow I really like modern board games"
>bought Elder Sign + all xp
>bought Pandemic + all xp
>bought Eldritch Horror + all xp
>bought Jaipur, Forbidden Desert, Coup, Descent 2e, Betrayal at House on the Hill + xp pre-ordered
>don't have a single fucking friend to play with

fuck me m8, this is close to $800 of boardgames. They're all still sealed.

>> No.49558644
File: 78 KB, 240x240, 1459886931114.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49558676

well you can play all those co-op games solo, but you should also look into the world of solo board games

I know >reddit, but it's easier to view the list here than on bgg

also who the fuck did you play love letter with and why can't you play these games with them?

>> No.49558681
File: 628 KB, 1203x837, pic3112623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kind of enjoyed Kemet. The complexity was just right and it was fun, but the theme was dull and uninteresting. Inis looks similar but with a theme I'm more attuned to. Thoughts on this game?

>> No.49558743


wow look another $80 reskin

>> No.49558753

I kind of zoned out during susd's rules explanations because I couldn't stop looking at the art work, but it seemed closer to cyclades than kemet

>> No.49558907

Looks like boring shite. I really don't understand the hype behind it.

>> No.49558985

The art.
Does look kinda shitty though.

>> No.49559112

I'd say more that it's Matagot which is arguably the best design studio under the Asmodee group and tends to put out games with longevity; art is very nice but I'm not even sure it's in the top 3 for the year.

>> No.49559168

Perfect excuse to find friends

>> No.49559194
File: 3 KB, 102x125, 1475106274357s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have spent an equivalent sum on 1 game + expacs.
>Still buying more shit.
>Most of my friends are moving away/dead.

>> No.49559327

>$800 on a single game

That's gotta be Warhammer

>> No.49559355

Kingdom Death.

But close enough.

>> No.49559647

Why do people keep calling DLC "expacs?"

>> No.49559662

Could also have been M:tG
Looks like he's got more sense. At the very worst, KD:M is gonna be a nice collector item.

>> No.49559681

>Downloadable Content
You wouldn't download a cardboard

>> No.49559692

i actually did pirate the puerto rico expansion

>> No.49559694

I don't mind so much with KD. It's a fun game and it's easy enough to play even solo.

Still unstoked I don't get to play much Archipelago though.

>> No.49559840

>Betrayal at House on the Hill xp pre-ordered

Damn, you really fucked up.

>> No.49560167

>What's in your cart right now/what are you planning to get next?
Hands in the Sea

>What games have you purchased most recently?
Star Wars: Rebellion

>When did you first get into the hobby?
about 3 years ago When I get my ass in college

>If you had to throw out all but 3 of your games, which ones would you keep and why?
X-wing, if whole bunch of ships can be considered as 1 game
Twilight Struggle, forever #1 game IMO
Chaos in the Old World, for it OOP again
>Other hobbies?
Vidya, Animu, WW2, Sci Fi Novel

>> No.49560177

Shadows of Brimstone. Roll handful of dice once you got good weapons in your hands. Sometimes you even get to roll D8's or specialized 6 sided.
Then most characters have some kind of reroll power. And then you've got reroll tokens too.
If you love rolling speciality dice btw, there's fucking formula D that holds a behemoth of a 30sided die (that you should refrain from rolling on most tracks but who cares...)

This is pretty damn good too.

>> No.49562433

Any Neuroshima hex fans here?
Do you consider any expansion army as a must have? One that is not visibly better or worse than the base four.

>> No.49563139

Most armies have a unique feel, I love Neojungle, Dancer and Doomsday Machine.

>> No.49563462

Bklood Rage has great models, but it's really more of a drafting game with dudes-on-a-map bolted on as a side mechanic than a proper risk replacement. If that's cool with you go for it, the game's still not bad, but it's easy to misalign expectations with what it actually does.

I'd go for kemet.


One day I'll get around to picking up frag. Maybe if they ever reprint the damn expansion.

Good GF. Sleeve that game's cards ASAP, you won't be getting replacement components anytime soon.

Ta-Seti for Kemet definetly.
Neuroshima Hex is great, but the app is the best way to play it if you've got a smartphone or tablet.
Rex if you hit six players regularly and want more politics and backstabbing than Kemet.
Epic for scratching the MTG itch on the cheap while mixing in a small bag of cocaine.
Chaosmos for something really unusual.
Mafia de Cuba or Mascarade for social deduction.

>All these co-op's
>Betrayal at house on the Hill
Holy balls. At least you can play some of them solo.

Just not sure it can compete with kemet for table time in my group. The restrictive nature of drafting was the worst thing about blood rage, and I suspect Inis will have similar issues. Might still get it for the pretty components though, wife is into gaelic culture and art and speaks the language a little.

>> No.49563918

speaking of kemet, are there any other games that have used the combat system? it's so simple yet satisfying

also do you think it'd work in a game that's not as driven by combat? mulling over ideas in my head for a crusader kings 2 like game using the card system from concordia for the actions of your advisers, the kemet combat system, and then a lot of the feel from fief without the bullshit

I don't know if it'd work since you probably wouldn't be fighting as much as in kemet

>> No.49564180

There's an increasing number of games that use SIMILAR combat systems, where resolution is deterministic, but with hidden information about the nature of dedicated resources and more than one potential objective. Cry Havoc's hype is riding almost entirely on a system like this that has you actually committing troops to three separate combat objective in every battle. Forbidden Stars uses a combination of present troops, die rolls, and card play on a given round. Rex/Dune use hidden dials on which players commit a number of the present troops to be sacrificed, attach a hidden leader to add strength, and commit to play one or more additional cards to influence combat.

>> No.49564445

Are there combat games on a scale like Risk, with deterministic combat like Game of Thrones or Kemet but with more strategy necessary. (Preferably with a mythology or historical theme?)

I dislike Cyclades and Kemet since I feel the combat is not really in the focus of these games, rather you win or lose on the god tracks/development cards. I actually want war my enemies into submission.

>> No.49564523

Anyone pick up Ambition yet? If so, is it worth it?

>> No.49564599

Honestly, Kemet would be my instinctive recommendation there, I've never heard anyone complain that there isn't ENOUGH combat in Kemet. I'll think on it though, there's almost certainly something out there I'm forgetting.

Could always just import Kemet's cards into Risk and replace the dice with them.

>> No.49564686

Kemet's amount of combat certainly is acceptable, but

a) I feel like it lacks a higher strategic element. Attacking back ass areas with a few troops in it can net you points because you win the combat, which is weird. Positioning is quite frantic and feels to fast for a wargame and more like a more abstract game.

b) the cards you can buy (don't know the english name) in red white and blue are so powerful that a good card combo will be impossible to stop just with military.

Dont misunderstand me, Kemet is an okay game, it just does not satisfy my urge for a large scale wargame.

>> No.49565281

I just got around to playing twilight struggle for the first time.

It's fucking amazing. Holy shit.

>> No.49565417

I get you.
Problem is most of the grander scale stuff still uses dice for resolution.

>> No.49565578

So basically I'm stuck with tacking on card mechanics onto 80s hex and chit wargames?

>> No.49565609

I've heard that flash point is much harder, and people want to win co-ops.

That being said, Pandemic legacy is better.

>> No.49565626

>legacy games

fuck that

>> No.49565819

If you liked Devastation, and don't mind waiting 10~ months, they're kickstarting Trials of Indines right now.

If the wait is too killer, War of Indines Remastered is also baller.

>> No.49565893

It's similar feeling but different enough. That being said, Pandemic has a sense of logic to it's progression that both helps both escalate it and make it more predictable the closer you pay attention. It is a more well thought out game in that regard. Flashpoint is chaos with it's dice. It either feels really easy or really hard depending on how many rolls you get that just place a harmless smoke token and how many end up actually causing explosions and bouncing off hotspots.

Also flashpoint has some major balance issues. The driver is horrifically over powered, but taking him out makes the game feel really fuckin hard to win. Some classes are also worthless, flat out doing other classes jobs better.

>> No.49565914


>> No.49566502

i feel the same lol feels like we're in the minority though somehow? or am i wrong?

I know bgg ratings are retarded but its number 1.... and that means something...

I just dont get legacy games... i mean they seem like they COULD be cool, the general idea behind em n all... but its all fucked up coz you basically ruin the components and then after 15 games you're done and its useless... not saying i have a better idea of how to go about making a legacy type thing but it just seems stupid to me and the issues seem easily avoidable

>> No.49566576

There's 2 reasons why people like you and me are in the minority, in my opinion.

1) A lot of the new crowd is okay with it, in an age of micro transactions and pay to win, a board game you can only play a few times is fine.

2) It's a novel concept. Honestly, there haven't been any new GOOD mechanics in a long time. This is something completely different, and novelty always sells.

>> No.49566760

I'm absolutely fine with the concept of Legacy games as long as a consistent group plays it, and the payment is split.
If you can get the max amount of players together for, say, Risk: Legacy, and they all agree to pay a share, that's like $8 a person; much cheaper per hour of entertainment than movies.

>> No.49566853

Maybe. There's also an arguement to be made that most groups won't play any 1 game for 15 times anyway.

I just think that it runs counter to what board games SHOULD be. I think having limited runs of a game is silly. I would never buy a DVD I can only watch 15 times, for instance.

>> No.49566915

But you WILL buy a DVD you can watch inlimited times, and then watch it three times before it's lost forever in a pile of junk somewhere. I think it's mostly a psychological thing.

>> No.49566964

Here's the thing: How many times do you truly play a game? Peoples interest in a game is not infinite. Playing Pandemic Legacy our 16 times was more playtime than I've gotten out of Flashpoint or Risk or Mice and Mystics or half the games on my shelf. Sure it's over and I would need to re-buy it to do it again, but in trade of that I had a game that actually encouraged me to play it 16 times by changing up, deteriorating from our past mistakes while adding mini expansions every new month we played.

>> No.49566973

Oh I agree. I'm just saying that personally, I would never buy the limited DVD. It's a matter of principle. Give a company an inch, and they'll take a mile. I'd hate to see board games turn into the money sucking abominations that video games have.

>> No.49567013

I think that once I'm done playing pandemic legacy, I'll use one of dem "reset kits" on BGG and then gift it to someone who doesnt believe in the hype. So they can try it with an open mind.

>> No.49567395

That's a really flawed statement in that there is no reason to limit the DVD while there's actually a gameplay reason Legacy games work the way they do. Sure you can argue companies got money signs in their eyes when they saw "A game you'd have to rebuy to play again!" started getting popular, but the idea couldn't exist very easily without it and does feel worth it when you really quantify your enjoyment of other boardgames.

>> No.49567502

There's no real reason for it in legacy games, either. At least not what from I can see.

Instead of stickers, use dry erase boards with covers, or post it notes. Instead of tearing up a card, remove it from play going forward.

>> No.49567597


The reason is very psychological. It add stakes. When you know what do you do is final, you dont play the same.

Like, when you're playing some kind of videogame, you'll go out guns blazing, because there are no real consequences to your character's death.

But if some crazy asshole made a game where dying meant the game was locked. Well... It would suck, that's true, but it would make the experience a lot more exhilerating.

But, once again, that's a very psychological thing, some people dont see the appeal, and I must say I had my doubts before me and my buddies started playing Risk Legacy. But fuck me, it's pretty thrilling.

>> No.49567633

And never put your game away at risk of smearing the marks? Make setup a pain in the ass by reading a buncha notes with every setup? More importantly, the fact that this game isn't designed to be played more than once. The fact that this game has spoiler warnings is a major part of the game. You can make it replayable if your put a little bit of resources into it, but you don't actually gain much by doing that. Half the fun is during a round reaching the half way point and being told you have to now stop, open up a buncha shit you've never seen before and reassess your strategy around a mini expansion pack being added mid match.

>> No.49567690
File: 250 KB, 800x600, 57927-2-1424438101[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But if some crazy asshole made a game where dying meant the game was locked.
Witcher 3 max difficulty, Fallout: New Vegas: DUST Survival Simulator.
The latter is btw.

>> No.49567710

>The latter is amazing btw.

>> No.49567768

Arkham Horror or Elder Sign or Mansions of Madness, tips appreciated. Group can absolutely dedicate to an afternoon-late evening gaming session of many hours.
Last was Betrayal at House on the Hill, eagerly awaiting the expansion.
HeroQuest when I was a kid.
>Throw out
My collection isn't big enough yet, really.
The exciting world of Ice Cream delivery.
Horror movie viewing and reviewing. Driving for pleasure.

>> No.49567826

I see Eldritch Horror mentioned here as well, so now I'm deciding between 4 games...

>> No.49568087

Mansions of Madness is gonna have to wait unless you wanna pay scalper prices. I guess you can pick up first edition, but might as well wait. Eldritch Horror is thematically a little less appealing than Arkham Horror to some, but the gameplay is way better. Arkham is bogged down with a lot of complexities that don't amount to really adding anything. No clue about Elder Sign.

>> No.49568183

Watching some gameplay on Eldritch Horror at the moment. Seems like the sort of thing I might be after. Whole world and "removed the annoying stuff from AH" seems like a good adjustment.

>> No.49568484
File: 1.74 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a parcel today. Shit's mummified with cellotape.

>> No.49568512

Dragon dildos?

>> No.49568524
File: 1.85 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now, that's some careful packing. Not even bothering with it. Box cutter time.

>> No.49568541
File: 1.68 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not this time, but soon, anon. Couple thinner boxes in this one.

>> No.49568578
File: 1.95 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Paper wrapper spoiler. Does the shitty picture get it?

>> No.49568598
File: 2.07 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, screw the paper.

>> No.49568618
File: 637 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But wait! There's more!

>> No.49568655

How much you pay for these bad boys.

>> No.49568710
File: 2.06 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I paid $50 + shipping for both. I figured they were secondhand because they were cheap.

>> No.49568736
File: 2.28 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought as long as they were complete and in relatively good condition I'd made a good deal.

>> No.49568783
File: 2.18 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I lucked out! They were new in shrink! Almost felt guilty tearing the plastic off the boxes.

>> No.49569101

Out of all of those, Eldritch is probably your best bet. MoM is a fun horror dungeon crawler, but prices will be high for a while due to a new edition. Elder Sign is ok, but it's basically Cthulhu Yatzhee. Nothing wrong with that, and it's good for getting that Eldritch Horror feeling when you've only got an hour to play. Grab the phone app for a decent feel if you want, it's pretty good.

>> No.49570290
File: 105 KB, 694x530, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So which of these is more recommended for the base game?

>tfw just bought TI3.
>tfw I have no idea what I'm doing.
Send help.

>> No.49570615

I've never played ti3 so take this with a grain of salt, but I've only ever heard people mention shattered empire as being essential

>> No.49570650

Shattered Empire has the alternate strategy cards which rebalance the game (Imperial being the largest offender), race-specific tech, a fighter nerf, pieces for 8 players, 4 new races and a ton of systems and options.

It's considered the more necessary of both official expansions just because of the strategy cards, but it's packed with content.

>> No.49570698

Thank you kindly.

I remember people mentioning "The /tg/ guide to TI" is that just helpful hints from random people or do we have some kind of fancy pdf or anything like that?

>> No.49570775

STEEV is pretty knowledgeable about the game, as was TI3 Chick, but she doesn't come here anymore.

>> No.49570796

thank god for that.

>> No.49571850
File: 358 KB, 1552x1564, 1440218328366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This may be a bit specific but figured I ask here.

For people with Cthulhu wars and other big sized board games, what kinda bag do you use to lug it around? I'm thinking either a giant duffel or a hiking backpack but afraid it's gonna be so bulky and uncomfortable.

>> No.49572158

Problem is not the game box, but the oh, so fragile miniatures, and you'll very likely end up with 2 or 3 bulky bags, depending on how many minis you end up carrying.

You can probably focus on bringing the necessary minis, pieces and cards for the specific scenario you're playing that evening and leave the rest home. It's also safer for the minis.

There are sponge-lined army carriers available in different sizes, dig up a bit, they're not hard to find.

>> No.49572238

Pull in races from both expansions to start, use cheat sheets for technologies instead of the damned cards, play with just a few people on a two ring galaxy, go light on the optional variant rules to start. Strategy cards are up to your preference but you'll want to graduate away from Imperial I before too long. Mess around with it.

I'd say more but I'm already pushing my luck posting less than ten feet from my wife on anniversary night.

>> No.49572479

Thanks, I appreciate it,

Go be with the missus! I'll try to remember to ask you about it next time you're around.

>> No.49573909

Don't use hiking backpacks, man, I made that mistake... the rigid frames will fuck your boxes up, guaranteed. Lined duffel bags are way better, and yeah, they're gonna be bulky and uncomfortable.

>> No.49574814

Shattered Empire is expansion + rebalance, Shards of the Throne is "you like everything? here's more of everything!"

>> No.49576089

Shards also has the full scenario for pre-fall Mecatol where one player gets to control the Lazax, which is neat thematically, at least.
Haven't played it, so I don't know how well it works.

>> No.49576819

Terribly, it can end in one or two rounds depending on which races are being used and their placement.

>> No.49577541

General question:
Does /bgg/ sometimes play with the tabletop simulator on steam?
I'm thinking about getting it but I'd like to know if some fa/tg/uys play it too every now and then.

>> No.49577564

there's a group for people with tabletop sim, but I don't know how often it's used

>> No.49577584

there's a /tg/ steam group, link is on the pastebin.
dunno how active it is, but hey, it's there. you could surely get a game going by spamming here, game finder threads or making a TTS thread

>> No.49577964

Thanks I'll probably get it since it seems very versatile.

>> No.49577984

well it regularly goes on sale for 10 bucks, so just pick it up then. at the very worst it's a good tool to test games before you buy them

>> No.49578043

>Arkham Horror or Elder Sign or Mansions of Madness, tips appreciated. Group can absolutely dedicate to an afternoon-late evening gaming session of many hours.
I've only played Arkham Horror and it is far too easy to figure out. Don't buy it, nor its expansions.

>> No.49578070
File: 587 KB, 2000x2000, 0246593_PE385560_S5[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I keep everything in the trunk of my car, which admittedly does a number on the boxes. From the car to the venue I just carry them by hand or inside an Ikea tote which is shaped well for games.

When I had to do longer treks at university I just had a large rolling luggage because that's what I had on hand at the time.

>> No.49578733
File: 84 KB, 344x500, Networks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most recent thing I've played in The Networks, an economic drafting kind of game where players build their audience and improve their TV network from public access drek to media empire. It's kind of got a Suburbia-ish kind of vibe: The kind of economic game where the end goal isn't to have the most moneys.

In other news, I might officially be done with Shut Up & Sit Down. They did a review of Ticket to Ride, a half joking 'okay this is the obiligitory TtR review', and the very first comments where how Problematic the box art is.

That said, Paul's thoughts on what the heck the trains from Thomas the Tank Engine are were at least amusing.

>> No.49579193

uh, I'm not seeing that comment about the box art

they didn't mention it in the video, and no commenter on either their site or youtube seems to have brought up the box art either

>> No.49579338
File: 67 KB, 669x497, problem wangs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nvm found it

>> No.49579695

Thinking about it a bit more, this might be an example of one of those universal rules of the internet: don't look at the comments sections.

In attempting to open up tabletop gaming to a larger audience, the SUSD crew sometimes forget that a lot of people online shatter like crystal if they encounter something unusual or off putting.

Going back to the Thomas the Tank Engine things, a mystic-industrial dystopia where the government puts the souls of criminals and 'enemies' of the state into trains and other vehicles would be a trippy setting.

>> No.49579999

Someone should probably recommend that they just off themselves. Can't get triggered if you're dead.

>> No.49581742


Yeh, people are just looking for an excuse to get that sweet moral high ground rush, they need to get their fix with whatever real or imagined injustice they come across. It's like they want to receive martyrdom without all the gruesome death bit so they can confirm how superior to every other insensitive human being they are.
SJWs are just like fucking Vegans, the guilt-tripping cunts.

>> No.49582194

Now you're just making me mad about Runewars.
>Let's do a Battlemist remake that fixes the problems with TI:3!
>But we'll cut down the factions to match our bullshit Terrinoth lore and no one will want to play it!

Seriously, would it kill them to release a 5-6 player expansion for the game that adds dwarves and barbarians?

>> No.49582238

Eldritch Horror. Mansions of Madness is amazing but sold out. Arkham Horror is a bit too procedural, to the point where you feel like the real challenge is learning the game from the poorly organized rulebook. Edlritch Horror streamlines Arkham Horror and changes up the goals of each game so it isn't just "Go around putting out fires until you've closed enough gates to win the game."

>> No.49582633

Yeah, settled on Eldritch Horror. Gonna look today for it in some of the local stores.

>> No.49582643

fast forward to Petersen, pale and emaciated on a hospital bed
I *wheeeze* hope *hack!* anon *gasp* is happy now.

>> No.49583253

This might be a bit of an inopurtune time to ask, but since you mentioned it...

...how is Runewars? I've wanted to get it for a long time but I've heard too many mixed things. Generally either someone really likes it, or doesn't like it at all. I've also heard the expansion is somewhat needed as it fixes things but I don't know if that's accurate or not. I'm ok with that being true, but it just means I'd want to get both at once, which is a decent sum of money.

TLDR: sell me on or dissuade me from buying runewars.

>> No.49583684

Help me /bgg/

I've got someone coming over who hasn't played anything heavier with Celestia. I don't have any place to hide Kingdom Death. How do I not look like a freak while still getting a roll on that intimacy chart?

To remain on topic, I just played Food Chain Magnate and enjoyed the fuck out of it, but dominated the game because I was the only one with access to one isolated house and I farmed that shit for all it was worth.

It ended up being close in the end, but there was a lot of moaninf and groaning about how he game was over on the second turn. Has /bgg/ had similar experiences with it?

>> No.49583874
File: 78 KB, 636x571, 1466464596351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Had to sleep but thanks for the advice. I commute to my gaming friends, hence why I don't just put everything in the trunk of my car.

I noticed the same thing with a hiking backpack I used before, my poor box corners :(. It seems like a bulky duffel is still the best way to go.

>> No.49583907

Cut down my cart to these and im pretty sure im gonna pull the trigger on this order

Isle of skye
Arctic scavengers
Ghost stories
Above and below

And dont u try to stop me.
Im running out of space for these games
I already have 30 within just the past 3 months
I have probably only played about 7 of them

People are starting to tell me i have a problem :l

>> No.49583943

you do anon. we all do.

>> No.49584040

Patchwork is good, but as someone who owns Arctic Scavengers, I recommend against it. In my opinion, the drafting decisions it offers on any given boardstate simply don't provide enough choices to be truly compelling. I like the theme, and the expansion content is good, but I don't feel like it's enough to save a flawed core game.

>> No.49584564

2210 is great, and really i think just go for the cheaper one, when you get in to the game you wont care either way.

>> No.49584821

So what are your thoughts on the networks? Recently stumbled across it and was thinking of buying the PnP version.

>> No.49585355
File: 50 KB, 800x530, 3093420-businessman-committing-suicide-through-hanging[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49586149

God damn...
A sad day, my friends.

>> No.49586328

What's wrong Jake, haven't made any friends out in West Hollywood? Why are you spending your Friday night spewing low effort bullshit rather than just playing good games

>> No.49586401

i have to write a simple number base conversion program in c++ to later be converted to assembly, then go to work until 12:30, if i didn't have work believe me i'd be a gamin'

>> No.49586713

Ah jesus godamn christ. Well fuck it, I didn't want to buy any COIN games anyway.

>> No.49586824

Anybody play pic related? Just ordered it along with Codenames, Captain Sonar, Sheriff of Nottingham and Scythe (finally found somewhere in AU that wasn't gauging that much). Trying to branch out from eurogames.

>converted to assembly
gcc -S prog.cpp

>> No.49586844

it's fake you mong

>> No.49586852
File: 82 KB, 525x400, Mission Red Planet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the image like a drongo

>> No.49586884

mission red planet is on my short list of games to get. I've enjoyed all the faidutti games I've played, so I'm confident I'll enjoy it

also scythe is a euro yo. by all accounts combat isn't super prevalent

>> No.49587310

Mmmm yeah anon thats one ive been shakey about... read through some bgg reviews and a lot of low ratings say that the game plays out the same every time and generally stuff following what youve said; that the core game is flawed somehow... its a shame, i thinks its one of those games that you really WANT to like, ya know? Delicious theme, interesting mechanics, not to mention the idea of having that showdown or skirmish or whatevee... it all seems... idk, i guess it just seems like it has a lot of potential that it may not be meeting...

On the other hand there's all those people who love it and say its their favorote deck builder....

With all that i feel a bit stuck about arctic scavengers... i have dominion and wanted to upgrade to a thematic and more interesting deckbuilder (thunderstone would be perfect if it wasnt oop... rip) and i thought arctic scavengers would fit the bill.... eh idk i may or may not get it... but UGH it looks super cool lol

Im also not 100 about ghost stories and mexica, so if anybody has experience with these i would appreciate your input :^)

Everything else on the list i see as must buys at the moment... above and below could be more hype than its worth though so if someone knows a game that does what it does, but better im all ears!

>> No.49587349

Thunderstone is getting a revamp next year, might as well wait

Does anyone know if Rattus is back in print?

>> No.49587571
File: 570 KB, 680x523, Black-Plague-mit-Logo1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats peoples opinions on this?

I have been a long long time wargamer and wanted to find somehting hobby related I can do with my gf that doesn't involve spending a lot of money. one piece models that are fairly high quality for me to paint is a bonus too.

rules seem easy, any major drawbacks to black plague compared to other modern day zombie games? are the rules basiclly the same across the different versions?

>> No.49587592

Does anyone know when Near and Far is going to be released? I picked up Islebound last week, and my friends have played 2 games so far. First round was only alright, because we weren't really sure what to do with ourselves, but we just played it again tonight and loved it, now that we had more of an idea about how to play. I've always liked the concepts behind each of Ryan Lauket's games, though islebound is the only one I've played. I saw near and far got kickstarted a while ago, but I haven't seen any release info.

Also, are there any of his other games I should look at? I know above and below is supposed to be good, but frankly I feel like I'm all set in the worker placement category of games, and islebound works as a sort of "mid-range" euro anyway.

>> No.49587597

Oh come the fuck on, why?!?

>> No.49587615

What do I do with my life while I wait for level 99 to finish the millennium blades expansion? Cry?

>> No.49587688

>Scythe is a euro
I know. I'm trying to branch out, not go cold turkey.

>> No.49587714

Play more BattleCON while you wait.

>> No.49589706


This is what happens when CEOs play eurogames, the line between reality and boardgame blurs, acquiring profit reaches Ferengi levels

>> No.49589808

I played the old version, I suppose this one is similar.
It's pretty good iirc, it takes some element of Citadels and there's several layers of influencing (shuttles, on mars, with cards). It can be either trying to play your game with everyone doing the same and thus annoying one another, or active annoyance or a combination of both. Good deal of content which looked nice, must have changed with the new version.

If you're a little bit familiar with Faidutti, and somehow with Catala, it does look like one of their work, in the sense that it takes a little bit of many of them, mix it up to see if it works, and it kinda did when I played it (only twice). I was like "oh it's like in this game" a lot of time so you can somehow pull other experiences to play it.

It's not unforgetable or really that original, especially from those two, but it's a solid mid-level game nonetheless.

>> No.49590219

In terms of complexity?

>> No.49590328

Just played my first game of death angel. Did a solo run. It was pretty cool. I won and only 2 marines died, just at the end too. So i think i got pretty lucky, but also i feel like i wasnt nevessarily suffering from ap but it definitley felt like there was always an objectively best move since i controlled all marines, so it did feel like a solvable/puzzle type thing with the factor of luck on dice rolls and card draws. All in all it was a fine game although i imagine it being a whole differrnt thing when playing with people. I mean, the way the rules describes it, everybody decides their actions secretly and although you can talk about them, youre not allowed to show the cards until everyone chooses. Im a bit lost on that; what is the extent to which we can discuss our moves? Im assuming that theres some allowance of making quasiplans but that you cant share priority numbers ? Is that it? I guess i just dont get it lol

>> No.49590403

Eh, I usually just put a really short time limit on it so the experienced players don't just play the game for the others. Its a problem with all coop games. DA doesn't really have that much to it so if you take 15 minutes to take each turn the whole experience runs out of grace quickly.

>> No.49591136

>>Slave was "trained" by the university
>>Not just brought in through a custom house

>> No.49591205

I have it and really rate it:
More starting tiles: Yes! House rule is 3 of each and pick your combo
Tiles for the bag: just a few, some interesting ones.
Objectives: Yes, these are really quite interesting, change up the strategy. New dice: yes! The black leader dice is a good boost to consumption strategies, which I found very weak in the base game.
There's nothing in in that's hard to teach, you can throw in the whole lots after1 and, or from the start for experienced gamers.

>> No.49591219
File: 26 KB, 500x308, tumblr_m4t3d7f8if1qzu29eo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of the power tiles are very powerful, enough so that everyone can grab degenerate synergies and feel good about themselves

>> No.49591683

I have no comparison to other zombicide games because it's my first of the group.

I dismissed it after 5 games. My gf who was super hyped about it at first took it 3 games longer to realis but even she admitted we won't be comming back to it for longer time.

At least there are lots of minis to paint as you said. Im half way throu them.

>> No.49592349

Yes, it's not too long, not too complex but not for total noobs either (imho).

>> No.49593747

what other classic but flawed games could be revamped in the way that captain sonar is a modern take on battleship?

>> No.49593988

Take Monopoly
remove roll and move
remove lucky cards
remove simple circuit layout
remove get out of jail free
remove parking space rule
remove pass go and collect money
remove Uncle Moneybags
remove Monopoly
play something else

>> No.49594200
File: 1.02 MB, 700x907, pic2262580[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My family is big baseball fans and I would like a game to at least play with my brother. I see a lot of good reviews for this so just a few questions:
>Do you enjoy it? What is it's main flaw?
>My family can play a good boardgame but they prefer simpler games to complicated ones that need a lot of reading, how complicated is this?
>Do the expansions make the game better? Is it the kinda expansions that just add more possibilities or is it the kind that keeps on adding piles of new rules that get really convoluted?
>It says 1-4 players, but I'd think it would just be 1v1. How does it play with 3 and 4?

>> No.49594335

>Ghost stories

Yeah yeah, some people give this game more credit than it deserves... the game ultimately comes down to dice rolls
>b-but muh mitigation.. muh strategies!
no. at the end. of. the. day. its a roll, and is all luck.
I don't get the following and great reviews for this mediocere games. i mean, it just looks like a crap game
yeeeaahhh... i haven't actually played the game, but is that really a surprise?

Am i wrong? Does anybody here give a shit about this stupid ass game?

>> No.49594848

if someone can help me out i'd really appreciate it.

>> No.49595326

I own the game but the best I could do is HD pictures. My scanner is no good. If you just want the story for like use in tabletop sim and save money on getting the game, they sell on their site audiobook readings of it for like $5.

>> No.49595367

lemme see if I have that pdf, I'll be home in a couple hours. If this /bgg/ hits bump limit, I'll post on the next

>> No.49595606

I've played the new edition and loved it. It's like citadels crossed with el grande plus little spacemen

>> No.49595747

Eldritch Horror guy here.
So found the game at the nearest retailer for $100 AUD. Thought that's not too bad and picked it up.
Man, what a blast. We got absolutely destroyed our first game, gates were everywhere, London was overrun and then Azathoth woke up and the world had a bad time.
Can't wait to see how some of the other Old Ones play out and then pick up some expansions. Are the extra boards added by the Mountains of Madness and the Pyramid one really good? I love extra boards.

>> No.49595858

I found there are two ways to play Ghost Stories

> Way I
Basically abuse each monks power (especially blue + sorcerer) and village tiles, don't attack any ghost where you need more than one dice to win

> Way II
Cheat in the most creative way possible - we basically have constests who bullshits the most. Stuff like giving the other players dice by tossing them and if there's a good result "yeah man don't roll - it's all good", creative interpretation of rules.

The game still manages to kick our ass because we're not paying attention as much but it's a blast.

>> No.49596479

Forsaken Lore is the only must-have expansion, it fills out the base game nicely making it feel like what should have come in the box. After that, just buy what looks fun.

>> No.49596722

played today
-Las Vegas (absolute blast, should be a classic)
-Medici (slow going, a lot more mathy than I expected, but drawing from the deck and pushing for bigger "lots" of goods keeps the excitement up)
-Captain Sonar (pretty shit honestly, boring)

>> No.49596794

>Las Vegas
Preach, brotha!
Underrated as fuck.

>> No.49597653

Well, I got my Talisman today. Thought Id get that classic before it goes out of print (if it ever comes to that). And It was just as fun as I remember! Had a blast in 3 epic games, 3 players 1 win each!
But all had its highs and lows, and all games had a exciting finale.
Think Ill try and get an expansion a month for this, until I´m all full. Sometimes its like... you just cant beat the classics!

>> No.49598609
File: 1.67 MB, 427x240, 1475291466188.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw it's been ages since you made it to game night and when you finally do someone pulls out Cards Against Humanity and everyone wants to play.

>> No.49598677

that sucks anon. I often get annoyed since my game group is usually just my sister and her husband which cuts out a lot of games I'm interested in, but at least they're sick of stuff like cah

>> No.49598935

I haven't ever gotten it to the table due to aforementioned lack of five player expansion, but the game fixes my biggest problem with TI:3, which was the random nature of acquiring victory points. In Runewars you send heroes on quests to acquire victory points, but every victory point you have is a physical object represented by a token on the board. This means that A: You need enough territory to support the number of Starjewels to win the game. B: Another player can invade your territory to steal your jewels.

Also, turns are based on the seasons so there's a rhythm to the game.

>> No.49599080



>> No.49599417 [DELETED] 

>My favorite
I'll say Innovation
>Group's favorite
Cosmic Encounter probably
>Design my own game
I've had a few honestly. One turned into something I realized wasn't worth pursuing (too shallow). The other two I put on hold after a few pages of outlines each. I'll have to pick them up when I'm older and more well-read, since they're both literary projects too.

>> No.49599434 [DELETED] 

Well fuck

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