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Gorechosen edition

>General's Handbook pdf is up

>OP image album

Old thread:

Anyone played the game yet?

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Which units are undercosted?

Which units are overcosted?

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Anyone have the op pic without the text on it? Also dumping the extra characters from the Sep WD and the Gorechosen manual

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Phoenix with Anointed
Any kind of Thundertusk

I only play Seraphon so I'm not sure. I think that Kroak and Seraphon Battalions cost too much.

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Some say that Dwarf Warriors are over costed and not a great battleline choice. Not sure I agree though. They're pretty solid in my experience. Especially when taken in larger blocks.

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Tomb King necropolis knights are stupid.

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Stupid good, or bad?

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Some would say undercosted, I would say perfect. 8" move, 5 wounds, 2 3+/3+/-1/1 and 3 4+/3+/-1/D3 attacks with 6s doing MW on the serpent fangs. Regen 1 per hero phase if you have a banner - 160 pts for 3.

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Any one got any cool ideas on conversions for my moon clan grot netters? I'm thinking twist ties and fish net

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Has anyone thought of using Morgul Knights for Blood Knights? They look pretty good, maybe change up the heads and shields?

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Biggest problem will be scale, these are LOTR models right? They tend to be noticably smaller than Warhammer minis so I would be surprised to see somebody using them.

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Typical WH scale on the left, LOTR scale on the right. You might be ok with it though?

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Really didn't think of that but it's true, of course. It's not for me to do it anyway, as I own a pack of the real metal blood knights, but I thought of solving a problem for others, and the MKs really do look good.

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Chaos warriors (30 man blobs of those things with buffs is disgusting and I've only seen it dropped with tons of shooting)
Prosecutors with javelins (3/3 2dmg -1 rend for 80 pts? It's a joke, especially when every unit in the army is expensive

Judicators (yes they're good but 160 pts for five is just too much, 120 or even 100 is fine)
Knight vexillor (hes great, his abilities are fantastic, except he works best when he can drop ten retributors on your dome. He only shines on higher point games and at 200 points eats alot of real estate)
Lord Kroak (he's too weak for his cost)

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Battletome: Tzeentch Arcanites when?

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Would a pure zombie army run well?
Several big blobs, supported by a necromancer and a couple of corpse carts, maybe with some dire wolves for objective grabbing?

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>Got my new WD
>not models, just some 40k comic

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The wording was first three (or four?) issues with free gift. Everyone just assumed models after the slaughter priest. Comic and DLC is a huge let down. I know I'd be happy to pay more if they did include more models/paints with the magazine.

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Nice, you even posted an old ass 5th edition Bret. That thing would look even smaller next to the newer batch.

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Someone posted a Stormcast Samurai on fb.

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These faggots are the worst Pestilens unit, worst Skaven unit, and a contender for worse Chaos unit

But it's more due to terrible design than pts costs, of course if they were like 30 pts for 5 instead of 60 you could overlook their shittiness

Skaven have several solid 5 guys for 60 pts type units, and Censer bearers are sadly at the very bottom of the pile

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> I am Salty.
> Salty about Skaven.

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Mourngoul, Thundertusk, Savage Orruks (the 2 wounds version), Seraphon in general could use some adjustment

Fiends of Slaanesh... and not much else.
High Elves in general seemed far too weak, but the player playing them wasn't that good either.

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Whenever GW feels like it

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I'm willing to bet around Christmas. A Tzeentch release in December would coincide with the thousand sons stuff in November. New Tzeentch daemons could be used in either game as well.

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>High Elves

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>seraphon are too good
>high elves are weak
Shittiest opinion I have heard in months

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Probably the most appropriately costed elite unit in the game. Strong but not super tough. 440 points gets you 30 4+ wounds and 4" of movement.

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Pretty sweet too bad the dumb ass couldn't put it down on a flat surface

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120-140 points for 5 judicators would put them in a more reasonable slot compared to right now where they kinda put this odd points gap in your list that's a bit difficult to fill

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I'm pretty salty about having 6 units in my Pestilens army and half of them are kind of shit, yeah.

At least Skrolk is fucking gr8

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Btw, do you guys think this fellow is worth anything? I got him in a lot with other stuff, looking all pro painted. All I can find online is Skrolk.

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>odd points gap in your list that's a bit difficult to fill
That is the worst. i wish more things cost 50 pts, i dunno why they insisted on doing everything in 30's

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He's the Fantasy Pestilens Lustria Plague priest. him and the Plague cheiftain are no longer available, nice looking model i use mine as a Priest.

Not really worth much beyond standard OOC metal models, he's not very old Lustria Pestilens was like 2007 i think, but some people may want him to use as a Priest with plague censer

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>regenerate one model per turn
>army banner regenerates one more model per turn
>spells to regenerate one more model
>4+save 6+ ward
>can field 12

Just way too resilient.

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Or 5+ ward with a 6+ on the last wound if you do it right. And you could always run *two* tomb heralds...

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Regenerate one model when you have five wounds a model is essentially having Regen 5 per hero phase, which can be increased to 10-15-20wnds per hero phase. It's ridiculous. You have to pound everything you have into them and pray they all die.

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No need to be rude.
That's the impression I had.

Seraphon and their ignore -1 rend all across the army was supergood and have some good tricks, but I stomped High Elves multiple time like they were nothing (but as I said, it may be a false impression because the player wasn't that good).

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By themselves they are fine, but they become too good for their cost when you combine them with teleports and +1 Hit bonuses.

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Sounds like a case of Bad Opponent. High Elves are top tier when used properly

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whats the points value used in competitive tournaments?

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All I want is Dwarf news. Here is my nearly complete kitbash/conversion of the slayer king.

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Whatever the tournament organizer specifies

>> No.49523485

I mean like the average
whats considered the standard points limit?

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It adds up to their points cost in an appropriate way. Give them a teleport and it's either at least 200 points for the Vexillor or more for hammerstrike, putting them at 640 minimum, which at that point a unit that expensive should be a serious threat to anything in the game.

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Whatever the tournament organizer specifies

I have seen tournaments play at 1000, 1500, and 2000 points. I have also seen local "Start Collecting" tournaments that only have the SC boxes.

Check your local community to see what size people are playing at. In my opinion the game works best at 2000 points

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I'd love to run a unit of 6 with a tomb herald on horse behind. Brutal.

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thanks anon

so how does this look for a competative list?

Exalted Deathbringer (80)
- Impaling Spear
- Artefact : Chaos Runeblade
Slaughterpriest (100)
- Hackblade and Wrath Hammer
- Artefact : Chaos Talisman
Bloodsecrator (120)
- General
- Artefact : Crown of Conquest
- Command Trait : Lord of War
Bloodstoker (80)
Skullgrinder (80)
- Artefact : Daemon Weapon
Aspiring Deathbringer (80)
- Goreaxe and Skullhammer
Bloodreavers x 20 (120)
- Reaver Blades
Bloodreavers x 20 (120)
- Reaver Blades
Bloodreavers x 20 (120)
- Reaver Blades
Blood Warriors x 10 (200)
Khorgoraths x 3 (240)
Wrathmongers x 5 (180)
Skullreapers x 5 (140)
- Goreslick Blades
Skullreapers x 5 (140)
- Goreslick Blades
Skulltake (100)
Dark Feast (100)

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Another day, another tzeentchian warrior for my future arcanites.

>> No.49525643

Illegal is what it looks like. You have 4 Artifacts despite only being allowed 3. You also need a second Bloodstoker as the one you have cannot fill requirements for both of your Battalions. Toss the Exalted Deathbringer and include a second 'stoker.
Then, you want to toss the Wrathmongers and Skullgrinder for another Bloodsecrator and more Skullreapers, add them onto one of the existing Skullreaper units. That 10 man unit will now want Daemonblades. Seriously, they do absolutely disgusting damage, especially if there's a Bloodstoker around to whip those self-harm mortal wounds away.
And then, if you want to use this list competitively, you'll want to throw something out in order to include a Skull Cannon or two.

In fact, if you want this list to be effective on a tournament level, you will either want to toss the entire Skulltake Battalion and get MOAR Bloodreavers or toss the Dark Feast to include some Skull Cannons and some more resilient Battlelines like Gors or Blood Warriors.

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Aside from what the other anon mentioned, I have a few points:

Why did you make the Bloodsecrator your general?

Your army is just a pile of melee with low Rend and poor mobility. Any kind of defensive line will shut you down completely - how do you plan on beating Saurus Guard, Stonehorn, or Kurnoth Hunters? Bastiladon? Phoenixes? How do you plan on dealing with artillery?

The only armies this list can beat is other pure melee armies.

>> No.49526856

Can someone recommend some cute/beautiful elf/forest spirit 3rd party model that could fit was a branchwraith in its "seduce" form.

bonus if its more of a forest spirit type than a fleshling.

>> No.49527147

seems like someone has made a gallery with links of exactly the things I was looking for.


>> No.49527600

Taking suggestions for my Stormcast color scheme. Trips, or best suggestion, wins!

>> No.49528310

why did you base them on Nature Valley granola bars?

>> No.49528848

Paint them a solid green

>> No.49529039

Paint them exactly the same colour as the games workshop Gray plastic, but add a nice golden glow to the eyes

>> No.49529206

How are Khorne Bloodbound right now?

>> No.49529755

Jumping into the game soon with a friend. He's going Sylvaneth with some Aelf. I'm torn between Ironjawz, Nurgle Daemons, and Slaanesh themed Slaves to Darkness. Which one is going to be the most fun to play without being too op?

>> No.49529908

it's nice but the edge highlight isn't supposed to be 10 cm wide.

>> No.49530026

Nurgles I would personally say. It's a hunt for slaanesh models, iron jaws are a close second to nurgles imo. Both different playstyles but both fun.

>> No.49530065

I love Valkia's lore and the "look" of the model.

But fucking shittercast makes it a shit model. The pieces are super thin and weak, and everything warps like tzeentches dick.

I'm trying to paint her up but the details are so goddamn tiny that I can't tell what's flash, what's flesh, and what's armor. Also the spear always looks like a floppy dildo because even an hour in a case warps it.

>> No.49530089

Overcosted: Anything on a jugger
>Mighty Skullcrushers
>Khorne lord on juggernaut
>Herald on juggernaut

>> No.49530101

Who bases their models before painting them?

It's going to be hell painting under the arms and around the cock-curtain

>> No.49531092

Did you wash the pieces first?

>> No.49531384

What do you guys think of this list for stormcast?

+++ New Roster (2000pts) +++

++ Grand Alliance: Order (Pitched Battle (2,000)) (2000pts) ++

+ (No Category) +

Allegiance [*Order*]

+ Leader (520pts) +

Battlemage (100pts) [Amber]

Battlemage (100pts) [Jade]

Knight-Ventor (120pts)

Lord-Castellant (100pts)

Lord-Celestant (100pts)

+ Behemoth (320pts) +

Celestial Hurricanum (320pts)

+ Battleline (620pts) +

Judicators (160pts) [5 Judicators]

Judicators (160pts) [5 Judicators]

Liberators (100pts) [5 Liberators]

Liberators (100pts) [5 Liberators]

Liberators (100pts) [5 Liberators]

+ Other (400pts) +

Decimators (200pts) [5 Decimators]

Protectors (200pts) [5 Protectors]

Battalion (140pts)

Battalion: The Skyborne Slayers (140pts)

Currently lacking the knight ventor but I do own a vexillor, although I feel his use is finished until higher points or I get more retributors.

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>> No.49532112

Is this guy worth the buff he gives enemies? His terrain spell looks really good and his buff seems ok, but that drawback seems too harsh.

>> No.49532216

Screamer pink on armour, green on details

>> No.49532626

my LGS home-brewed a rule where you can only give the ur gold to a hero
it makes him a TON more useful
the problem with the rule as is is that your opponent could give it to backfield artillery and then your fucked

>> No.49533402

This, juggernauts are very lackluster

I'd run more retributors, imo

>> No.49534558

wip slaughterpriest. i feel like the paint went on too thick on the thigh (metallic) anyone have experience scraping/removing paint from a specific section?

>> No.49534579

Use a Q-tip with some non-acetone nail polish remover?

>> No.49534637

How does Deathrattle play? Is it any good playing thr hordes?

>> No.49534911

They never die if you play them right.

>> No.49534932

With proper buffs, Skeleton Warriors can basically eat most anything. Build them with spears for the extra range, and run them in blocks of 40. I use a Tomb King as my general, with the command trait that gives a 5+ instead of a 6+ to wounds and mortal wounds. Keep a Wight King close by, use the Necromancer's spell when it's your turn, and mystic shield when it's your opponents. Also, use the Liche priest's spell. That means that you now have a unit with 3 attacks per model, a 2" 3+ 4+ attack, with each hit roll of a 6 causing an extra attack. On your turn, they can pile in and attack twice. When they get hit, they have a 5+ against rend - wounds, or a 4+ with Mystic Shield. They then get a 5+ against every unsaved wound, and then a 6+ when they die. If you have a Mourngul, keep that in front of them, as enemy units will now either hit with a -1 or -2 debuff, depending on their bravery. After all that, they get d6 models back during your hero phase. I also play to get at least 2 tomb heralds, and a Necrotect.

>> No.49535944

So, the Gaunt Summoner's "Book of Profane Secrets" ability says that it can summon daemons if within 9" of a realmgate at the start of its movement phase. What all qualifies as a realmgate? Is it only the Baleful Realmgate terrain piece? How often do games have a realmgate as part of the terrain? Is the Gaunt Summoner worth it without a realmgate on the field?

>> No.49536033

Anything with the REALMGATE keyword

>> No.49536059


Maybe a little light on direct melee hitting power but you have plenty of wizard cheese so that shouldn't be a huge problem

>> No.49536072

Is there anything else with thw REALMGATE keyword is what I want to know. I haven't found anything yet.

>> No.49536106

Does no one bother with the legion of death battalion? i've got all the models for it and i wanna focus on it being the center of the force

Maybe i should look into a tomb King, but i might convert it, i want to stay away from TK aesthetic

>> No.49536305

Are there any good youtube channels on age of sigmar?

Is Nagash the right cost? One of his 'main perks' was "Gee Nagash why does your mum let you have two summons", which doesn't actually do much any more. And that one spell thing. The magic just Isn't there.

How can i make my skelies actually hit things. I had 30 archers land 2 damage out of 60 attacks. Is running specifically beneficial scenery frowned upon? Im currently converting a Khalida. Can i do anything?

>> No.49536465

In my experience liberators have earned themselves the title of fantastic tarpits. All the games I've played, liberators rarely kill their points value , however they are able to tie up entire sections of armies simply because they won't die. By chain buffing them (hits on 3 wound on 2, 2+ save reroll 1's, 5 heals) they become borderline unkillable to anything that isn't mortal wounds while slowly chipping away at the enemy. Due to sigmars shoot into combat rule I'm not so heavily reliant on melee units getting the kills, instead allowing the expensive judicators to pick units apart or carve them up with paladins. If I had more points I'd include some dracothian guard, but storm cast are am expensive army

>> No.49536768


Yeah I like liberators, especially 10 man + blobs of them.

Dracothians are absolutely scary, especially in that list. Run 4 fulminators with a 0+ rerollable armor save against shooting and 4d3 mortal wound shooting with a +1 to hit and you'll lose friends fast. But it's worth it

>> No.49536812

I run that with an extra tomb herald and the WK with a banner for a 5+/5+/6+ save +2 rez skellybro unit.

>> No.49537708


A bunch. Miniwargaming, Guerilla Miniatures Games, Doom and Darkness. Just search Age of Sigmar battle report in youtube. You'll find a ton.

>> No.49538075

Looks really good! Perhaps i'm gonna steal that idea...

>> No.49540186

Hey guys, what color should I use to layer and highlight castellan green with?

>> No.49540262


According to the chart you can layer with Loren Forest then onto Straken Green, finished with a highlight of Nurgling Green. Shade is Athonian Camoshade.

>> No.49540288


If you want to browse it/save it for yourself.


>> No.49540702

thanks man!
I used a runelord body, warrior veteran head, a carnosaur head piece for the cape of fyrskar, some cryophoenix plumes for his mowhawk, longbeard axes and a few other bits, will post more when the finishing touches are done.

>> No.49541223

Hey all.
Been working on my minotaurs army.
For 2000 pts, is it worth it to double the bullgor stampede formation? Can you even take a formation more than once in an army? So 2000 pts would be 2 doombulls, 6 units of 3 minotaurs, 2 ghorgons and the bullgore stampedex2. With that list I can take 3 magic items which is cool. Pic is one of my converted doombulls.

>> No.49541874

Wow the khorgorath looks a whole lot better without those retarded tentacles, head, and some armor added on.

>> No.49541988

Don't know if it's worth it, but as far as I know there's nothing preventing you from taking the same battalion twice, unless the battalion specifically forbids it. I can't think of any like this but it could exist somewhere. Either way you should be good there.

I agree with this anon>>49541874
That conversion is pretty dope.

>> No.49543052

Fuck man, that's tight as shit. I've been wanting to build a minotaur army too.

>> No.49543125

That thing is looking sick my dude.

>> No.49543977

How many points do you normally hold in reserve for summoning with a Death list at each level of matched play?

>> No.49545732

Thanks, and holy shit that's a useful chart! How have I never seen this before?

>> No.49546496

Army list I'm working on (basically nurgle with heavy buffs for legacy Archaon and the Varanguard). Thoughts?

Archaon The Everchosen (320)
- General

The Glottkin (480)

Harbinger of Decay (140)

Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80)
- Artefact : Crown of Conquest

Epidemius (180)

Chaos Marauders x 10 (60)
Chaos Marauders x 10 (60)
Varanguard x 3 (360)
Plague Drones Of Nurgle x 3 (220)
Plaguebearers Of Nurgle x 10 (100)

>> No.49546710

Have the Varangaurd been worth the points for you ? I like the models but doubt I could field them too often..

>> No.49546741

Are nurglings a good thing to summon? I want to have some daemons that my Bray Shaman can summon, and I was thinking of getting nurglings, since I just like those little bastards. But how are they in the game itself?

>> No.49546846

Any good AoS books out?

>> No.49546905

They gave a poster of the chart away with White Dwarf sometime last year as well. I have one up in my painting area so I can use it for reference, it is useful as fuck.

>> No.49547444


>> No.49547977

I hear the locusts are breddy mean. Nurglings are resilient though.

>> No.49548732


Hammers of sigmar is by far the best (well the first story is) if you're interested in Stormcast that aren't just dumb fucking archetypes. Very well done, it gives the Stormcast flaws that make their heroism matter more

>> No.49549767

Hammers of Sigmar, Warbeast, Lord of Undeath, Legends of Pestilence, and Legends of Fyreslayers

>> No.49550078

Fyreslayers? Really? I read the first two stories, and they were both pretty meh imo. Are the ones after much better?

>> No.49550140

Does Death havr have any tricks or is it just summoning shit and recovering the dead?

>> No.49550241

What army let's me do this formation and walk up the board the best? I'm fine with cannons and monsters too.

>> No.49550244

Only the last story (The Volturung Road by Guy Haley) is good imo.

>> No.49550402 [DELETED] 

What army would let you field a formation like that? Well, there's a lot really, it depends on what you're looking for.

Do you want your infantry and cav to do more of the work? Go orcs, take arrer boys and boar riders.

Do you want better shooting with the infantry being there mostly to shield the shootybootymen? Free peoples or elves.

You wanna say "fuck that, fuck you, and fuck anything that gets anywhere near my weapons or my guns, and my cav will absolutely fuck you up, but pls no hit back." Go ogres.

Wanna field shittons of expendable dudesmen that all equally suck but still get the job done through sheer numbers? Goblins or undead.

>> No.49550430


Dwarfs have no cav, shoot a lot and melee a lot as well. Just not the new slayers, they have a hardon for homoerotic posing that would make jojo blush, and can't into guns.

>> No.49550458

Neat, dwarves are pretty cool too.
Do I have to sell out more money for the ironbreakers or can I just stick with warriors and miners? I hate how dwarves are like "Here are 2 different units consisting of 10 models. This one is 42 but has worse rules, and this one is 60 but has great rules. Have fun!"

>> No.49550489

ironbreakers are better tanks that warriors, but warriors are decent at it as long as they have shieldwall. But ironbreakers are better at tanking those melee heavy units. warriors can tank pretty much everything else. The advantage of doing warriors over ironbreakers is warriors are battleline. However so are longbeards, and longbeards tank better than warriors anyway.

>> No.49551309

What race has the best female models?

>> No.49551824

dark elves

>> No.49552341

Why are Putrid Blightkings better than most Khorne units in close combat

>> No.49552463

Thanks for the details!

>> No.49552611

>simplified game
>easier and better enjoyment
>less things to complain about
>slower generals

im not sure if I am okay with this.

>> No.49553125


>slower generals

You should check the glacial pace of /whfb/

It's a bit of a release slump currently, not much to discuss as of right now. If you have any questions though we would be happy to assist you

>> No.49553148


Because they're the skulltaker/paladin equivalent

And they're not more Killy than most units once some mandatory buffs are applied

>> No.49553480

Depends on the Khorne unit. Skullreapers will wipe the floor with Blightkings by simple virtue of being 40 points cheaper for a very similar unit.

>> No.49553500

Can /tg/ help me decide on my first army? I've been looking around, and I think I've narrowed it down to a few options. My choices are Seraphon, Beastclaws, Ironjawz, or Skaven. Preferably, I'd like an army that isn't gimped by a budget as I'm a poorfag student.

>> No.49553540

Beastclaw would be the cheapest simply because it has the smallest model count of all those armies.

>> No.49553627

Ok so about a week late but played at an AOS event and here are some pics. My spooks did well and had lots of fun. The event was just a 1000pt starter as most of our players were new, any a few pics of the armies on the day

>> No.49553662


>> No.49553685

Nurgle vs lizards

>> No.49553707

some rattle rattles

>> No.49553753

some green and gold stormcast!

>> No.49553767

my spooks creeping around some ruins

>> No.49553783

more red punchy lads

>> No.49553799

Nurgle Bros

>> No.49553850


Red. White arms.

>> No.49554141

>slower generals

Only because there haven't been release in a while. Once the Steamhead Duardin or the Tzeentch Arcanites appear we'll pick up the pace.

>> No.49554895

am I being selfish if I just want a Stormcast unit that uses greatswords?

I like how grand blades look on liberators, I just want a full unit of that. I have no idea about rules

>> No.49555439

Do Khorne Bloodbound have the mark of Khorne so that they can pile in six inches?

>> No.49555445

reposing in the correct thread...

New anon here, from /m/

I recently acquired Age of Sigmar as my first every warhammer game, do you guys have any black and white line art for the figures? I do intend to purchase more. The Set I obtained has the Stormcast Eternals and Khrone.

>> No.49555601

There are not really any Marks in AoS but Keywords instead. All of the Bloodbound units have the Khorne Keyword though. So yes to your question.

>> No.49555625

>Soulgrinders in AoS or Fantasy

Why not get some Defilers and Helbrutes as well...

>> No.49556106

Absolutely wonderful!

>> No.49556145

Two questions: Does the game actually play fast and simple enough to be beer and pretzels, and are the campaigns possible/any fun? I heard the Generals Handbook had rules for it.

>> No.49556307

Dwarf Warriors will hold their own pretty well, but Ironbreakers simply never fucking die.

Then there are hammerers. With the right buffs, a unit of hammerers will happily make a hammerer shaped hole through the enemy army.
Irondrakes are capable of doing the same thing, but at range instead of in melee.

>> No.49556388

It plays fast and simple enough for beer n pretzels, but there is enough hidden tactics in there to make it advanced enough for players to chew on. The GHB does provide several options for campaigns, and I could find myself playing any of them.

Regardless the GHB is a cheap book and is a must purchase for anyone interested in playing any style of game. We cannot recommend it enough for new players.

>> No.49556389


Hammerers die pretty easy though. And they have a huge bullseye on their faces. I like taking large blocks of warriors with smaller units of IB/H/LB as support. Quarrelers and Thunderers shouldn't be underestimated either. Especially with Runelords giving them better rend.

>> No.49558426



These are great! How were your games?

>> No.49558869

I do not, don't know about other anons though.
Enjoy the game so far?

>> No.49559039

1st game minor win
2nd game major win
3rd game a minor loss
was only my 3rd game of AOS so I was playing pretty conservatively but holding people units up with spirit hosts and smashing the enemies key buffing characters or small units was a great tactic. Way to many people think pushing up the mid is the only option but with the new handbook and objective based scoring you get pull of some cheeky shit. Was impressed with the cairnwraiths 2 damage per wound and rerolls against units with more than 5 dudes.

>> No.49559056

If I want to take mainly beastmen breyherd, and want to add 3 bullgors, do I do an allied attachment thing with a leader or just take them? They take no slot unless they're battle line for warherd, and my army is breyherd

>> No.49559103

Just take them. As long as you fill your battleline requirements and dont go beyond the other limits, your entire list is legal with whatever.

>> No.49560626

Battle report in a single picture; my Khorne army against their Skaven nemeses. The scenario was Gifts from the Heavens (on turn 2 a meteor falls on each side of the battlefield, you score points equal to the current round number each round you control a meteor). Only 800 points as we were short on time.

The photo is taken from the Skaven's side of the battlefield.

>> No.49560648

Closeup of the Chaos Knights, MVPs of the game. This combat started on round 2 with 40 Clanrats against 5 Knights and lasted the entire battle.

>> No.49561605

Chaos knights can be a pain, were you using glaives or hand weaps?

>> No.49561636

Would it be lore friendly to have insane/corrupted Sylvaneth dryads?
The idea I have is that over time a large forests has been tainted by chaos. And this has driven the dryads the inhabit the forest to gradually go insane. And the local chaos forces have learned to "steer" the dryads into the direction of the enemy they are facing.
Basically I want an excuse to use dryads in my chaos army, because I like the models

>> No.49561788

Glaives. Hit like a falling anvil, stick around like a... stationary anvil.

>> No.49561791

Chaos vanquishes all.
I'd allow it. It'd have to be something that had gone on for a while, though. Plenty of other Sylvaneth have come out from the other side of Chaos conquests uncorrupted - maybe you could say they'd been cut off from the support of Allarielle, Drycha, Durthu, Kurnous, etc. Which would still work if you only ran Dryads w/o Treelords, Hunters, Revenants etc. I also like that "steer" element of the backstory - no, they're not full-on allies, they're just using them the way they use maddened Spawn. It makes sense.
Be prepared for a lack of support though. Those Dryads are going to die quickly.

>> No.49561833

Starting age of Sigmar, are 15 white lions a good start? found a cheap set online for 30 of the old metal with fill command.
Rules seem good.

>> No.49561861

Anyone has tips on how to deal with wood elfs and chaos using dwarfs? We play 1500-2000pts normaly, objectives games most of the time, we also run some house rules to limit the number of shoting units, and warmachines. This was done as a balacing thing to make people stop bringing units after unit of range dudes. No more then 10% of the list can be armed with range weapons with a ranger longer then 7", and while it worked great for our small community as a whole, it kind of a nerfed my dwarfs. Because when other people moved on to cavalery and monsters, my army has no access to any of those. It is mostly a speed factors, specialy vs wood elfs with their whole board of wood, I just can't reach objectives fast enough, and offten have to use bad units like gyrocopters just to contest stuff. And going first when opponent gets first turn in phase 2, is mostly an auto lose for me. So anyone has any tips for dwarf players?

>> No.49561890

>muh low Fantasy

What are Chaos dwarves
What are Skaven
What are juggernauts

/whfb/ is that way faggot

>> No.49561955

friend has only used the hand weapons. The skaven player should have taken advantage of his retreat and charge rule to get into your secretor, but he probably didn't even know.

Yep, love the models. Look for the white lion Hero next

im not a dwarf player, but fyreslayers have a tunneling unit that you can use to contest an objective.
Main problem with dwarves is their mobility

>> No.49561965

What I had in mind was that the chaos corruption had been tainting the very soil for hundreds of of years. All while the dryads had been screaming for help to their kin. But the rest of the Sylvaneth did not want to risk loosing a great deal of their own just to save a few from their chaos fueled agony

>> No.49561982

I don't really care that they will die quickly. I just want some cool models for my army

>> No.49562087

Not him, but Soulgrinders are too much.

There are always been some weird/steampunky stuff like your examples, but Soulgrinders are clearly too sci-fi and don't fit in.

>> No.49562243

That works. I'm guessing it's a remote part of Ghyran, which is why they don't have much support. No-one close to them to grant support, they're doomed.

I like it. It could also give the Chaos dudes a big ol' villain gloating speech for if you're facing down enemy Sylvaneth, if you feel like it - although if you are, that'll open up a whole new can of worms with regard to your Dryads' willingness to slaughter their former compatriots. But if no-one else in your area plays Sylvaneth, you won't need to worry about that.

>> No.49562629

Are there dryads/Sylvaneth living outside the realm of Ghyran? Like for example in the realm of beasts, shadow, light, metal, etc?

>> No.49562858

I don't like the male striper dwarfs, they are not my thing. I like the how old school stuff, where dwarfs looked like they should, not that stupid new stuff.
Were there any news when GW is going to update the regular dwarf armies ?

>> No.49563199

Yep, every realm except for azyr I believe

>> No.49563305

you realize oldschool dwarfs had slayers, right?

>> No.49563827


theres rumors of steam head stuff being released in the winter/spring

>> No.49563876

Can I still use repeater bolt throwers?

>> No.49563906

Expect the spring more than the winter. To many rumors are pointing to more months of 40k and 30k stuff

>> No.49563916

Yes. If it's in the GHB, it's legal for use

>> No.49564681

But they didn't look like stripers.

>> No.49565383

>Yep, love the models. Look for the white lion Hero next
Thanks, now I have 15 white lions and a repeater bolt thrower. What should I get now? I need battle line and a leader

>> No.49565881

Anyone played Gorechosen yet?
Seems like a neat little game to play with friends that don't have armies of their own.
Was mainly thinking about getting it for the minis for my Bloodbound (~40€ means 10€/Hero which is nice) but does anyone have experience with the actual game?

>> No.49565992

Make one of your white lions into korhil (compendium warscroll). Just beef him up with bits and have him stand on something so he stands out from the rest of the army. Or just about any high elf hero will do too.

For battleline, the elf factions are hurting right now because they havent gotten an update, and there are very few elf options for battleline. If you want to stick with the elf theme, you will have to look into the darkling covens. bleakswords, darkshards, and dreadspears are all battleline.

If not, stormcast eternal liberators with shields are good solid battleline units and they are willing to ally with any order faction, so it fits with the fluff to have them ally with your white lions. And they are cheap right now as they come in their own cheap box sets and the starter set.

>> No.49566368

Alright, that sucks.
I did some digging and you CAN take high elf battle lines, but only if you make your army dedicated to the faction.
So sword masters, Phoenix guard, and spearmen.
I have a blob of now 20 white lions, what would be best to support them on the flanks? Preferably at a size of 10.

>> No.49567074

Okay fuck how about this
1 lore master -general
1 arch mage on horse
2 squads of 10 phoenix guard with full command
1 squad of 20 white lions with full command
Phoenix temple allegiance
Is this legal and ok for a starter? Phoenix guard stay on flanks of white lions, mage cast mystic shield on what is threatened while lore master uses his reroll on white lions or what is needed.

>> No.49567546

can ironbark wargroove bring 2 magmadroths or are there some limitations to what "allies" u can bring in formations that allow them..

I guess as long as it contain one keyword its okay?

>> No.49567550


Can't do Phoenix temple allegiance because you have non Phoenix dudes, so you have zero Battleline currently.

>> No.49567877

Hey guys check out this Devoted of Sigmar list I ca up with

War Alter of Sigmar
Sigmarite Greathammer

War Priest
Sigmarite Warhammer, Sigmarite Shield

War Priest
Sigmarite Greathammer

Witch Hunter
Two Baroque Pistols, Blessed Rapier

Flagellants x30

Flagellants x20

Pilgrimage of Wrath battalion

Total is 980 points

>> No.49567905

And here's another one as I thought there werent enough Flagellants in the first one.

War Alter of Sigmar

War Priest
Warhammer and Shield

Witch Hunter
Pistols and Rapier

Flagellants x20

Flagellants x20

Flagellants x 30

1000 points on the nose.

>> No.49568080

For Fantasy i'll give you that. Soulgrinders don't work, the steam-punk aspect is downplayed, Chaos dwarves basically didn't exist, skaven show more restraint, until ET at least and more importantly, the model is too big, loud and has no base.

But in Aos it's the perfect unit.

We fully embrace fuckhueg models, and it's lack of a base makes use of the model-to-model measuring. Finally we now have magical Lightning warriors, and soon fully steam-based Dwarves with golems and shit, SG's fit into the 'who gives a fuck it's metal' theme that aos has going

Not to mention Soulgrinders are the perfect unit for a daemon player, useable in both 40k and AoS, both being decently strong in either game

>> No.49568337

>I did some digging and you CAN take high elf battle lines, but only if you make your army dedicated to the faction.
Meaning your entire army must be only that faction for those to be battelines. So by taking white lions, those ones you listed are NOT battlelines. That's why I suggested the darkling covens units, because they are battlelines regardless of what factions you are taking.

It seems super restrictive now, but GW is slowly getting through all the factions and will most likely add some new aelf units that can be battlelines in the future.

>> No.49568451

Reminder that the Lantic Empire is dead, and the future Free Peoples factions will likely trace their roots to it, like the Holy Roman Empire of old.

>> No.49568682

Maybe I should fluff my brets to be part of a Lantic empire? They're supposed to be from Hysh. By the power of my local ebay equivalent, I now have an almost complete army after a bit of cutting and cleaning. All I really need is a Fay Enchantress and some grail knights, maybe a small squad of Questing knights just because I like the models. Also for fluffiness I'd add a griffon lord, some crossbowmen and a luminark. A sort of mixed Free people army, might do good as a Lantic expy.

>> No.49569019

They can stilll be from hysh, as the greatest of the lantics was on hysh. They were a knightly order of the lantic empire, one of its last remnants, seeking the next worthy kingly hero who can usher in its glorious return.

pretty cool desu

>> No.49569030

No one?
Well I was gonna get it anyways.

>> No.49569465

Not played it yet, but the general consensus is that the mechanics are pretty tight and that it's best played with 4 players

>> No.49569798

get a box of Dwarf Miners, nigger, 120 points for a tunneling unit with 8" blasting charges if you include the pony-drawn cart.

also you guys got carried away limiting ranged troops . . . no one wants to face constant gunlines, but it's not like Bugman + Quarrelers or Grimm + Thunderers are core/BattleLine for you. A unit of Longbeards giving you another Command Ability + a horde of Warriors with 2Hers + Shields work fine for that.

Play Matched Play as is. & don't be a dick and spam Runelords or ranged units in general. If they can't handle a bit of Dwarf shooting then give every unit a Runelord's +Rend prayer in protest.

Your gyrocopter "air cav" isn't worth the points or dollars ATM.

Ironbreakers > Hammerers for their points BTW.

Try to get the High Elf half of The Island of Blood and you're well on your way, man! Run them as compendium/legacy High Elves FWIW. Archmage's spell that gives a 6++ forcefield seems handy.


maybe just use the models and proxy them for something else???


hearing good things if you have 3 other bros to play with


LoreMaster's spell only works on 1 single model, like a dude on a dragon or griffon. Use him for Mystic Shield-duty for now.

Any StormAnons/Bros tried using Skyborne Slayers + HammerStrike Force + Knight Azyros + Lord Castellant in a 2K game??? Seems like a good combo to me!

>> No.49569828

Also get a Mistweaver Saih off ebay/whatever, she has a fun 24" spell if you're fighting lower Bravery units, or just use her for an 80-point Mystic Shield'er.

>> No.49570388

Last thread or the one before had a guy review it I think, said it was fun. Look it up?

>> No.49570824


Hammerstrike + Skyborne slayers is god tier but the azyros doesn't do anything since its teleport homer doesn't work with the rules for either battalion and they don't even need it because they can set up close to the enemy anyway.

Castellant is auto include as usual. When making a list consider asking yourself whether you should take 2 or only need 1.

>> No.49571781


After months of playing the Silver Tower and receiving no shards, having my Drakorath Chieftain grievously wounded multiple times, and generally under-preforming during every fight, I finally I stole not only the final shard we played for (Realm of Fire), but my champion ALSO betrayed the two Eternals he was allied to and killstole the Gaunt Summoner on the Realm of Fire final stage and won the game.

Instead of killing the Gaunt Summoner, I elected to take its offer of a boon for Ultimate Power. Now i'm using this as the backstory for my newly acquired (birthday present!) Daemon Prince.

Now, given his tale, should I dedicate him to Tzeentch?

>> No.49571979

Crunchwise, you shouldn't. You really shouldn't.

But that fluff tho
I can't decide man.

>> No.49572177


I can just align them however, dark gods know the default is painfully generic.

But I was going to convert it into a Changer of Ways.. might still put a bird head and other things on it, say its undivided until I want to play it as a Greater Daemon.

>> No.49572446

it IS ultimate power so the fuck could have been made to a greater daemon. Though if it's gonna be tzeench I'd wait on it for a bit since tzeench MIGHT get a plastic one of those soonish

>> No.49573532

Wait so if I do I certain allegiance I can't have any other units outside that allegiance?

>> No.49573574


Correct. You have to have all of your units come from one of the four Grand Alliances, Order, Chaos, Death or Destruction. Therefore you can always have allegiance for that alliance. If you want to have any of the more specific allegiances, you have to have all your units be from the same faction, be it Brayherd, Rotbringer, Dispossessed, whatever.

>> No.49573610

If your entire army is from one faction, you have the option to choose the allegiance of that faction, or the allegiance of the grand alliance.

If your army is mixed of different factions, you can only claim the grand alliance allegiance.

Some battlelines are only open if your entire army has certain keywords.

>> No.49573636

For example, you can run a Skryre list with some moulder shit, like Stormfiends and a hell pit, but taking a hell pit forsakes the Skryre allegiance, so you HAVE to take a chaos battleline (warriors of chaos, clanrats). If you drop the hell pit, the Stormfiends are battleline for a Skryre exclusive list.

So you have to pay battleline tax. If you do an exclusive list to use the better battleline from that faction, that's allowed. Dipping into multiple factions means you have to fetch battleline that isn't exclusive to the unique factions.
If that makes sense.

>> No.49574353

I wanted to a pure high elf army...
Guess I need to sewrch ebay some more

>> No.49575385

It should be noted that the errata has provided a single way around this - if a warscroll battalion has units from multiple allegiances in it, the units in it all count as having the allegiance of whatever category it's under. This allows that Sylvaneth + Stormcast battalion to be part of a Sylvaneth allegiance army.

This isn't very common, though - the only factions I can think of that have these mixed-faction battalions are the Sylvaneth and Everchosen, and the latter don't have a lot of Matched-play-legal ones, afaik.

>> No.49575688

The green and gold looks surprisingly good.

>> No.49577467

The new ogre book has a formation with Ironjaws in it.

>> No.49577473

Where does the Sylvaneth novel go?

>> No.49577596

After Wardens of the Everqueen, I would say it's around the same time as Bladestorm

>> No.49579890

Battleline is stupid.

>> No.49579930

It really is, that's why I don't bother with it

>> No.49580046

>let's port troops choices for 40k for comp aos because balance
>good idea! Let's do it! But we also need to remove from models because they're old and don't sell well
>suddenly some factions have very few battleline choices that are either allegiance locked, oop or retarded expensive
>Ah fuck it, just sell sigmarines

>> No.49580178

It's a flexible way of doing core tax without being too restrictive. Even units within battalions can count as battlelines. I wish 40k did it this way.

Also note the aos model range is not complete. When they get around updating all the factions, we will see more battlelines and allegiance options. So right now it sucks a little, but i think gw made it with future plans in mind.

>> No.49580336

>Playing matched play

>> No.49580430


>why do I have to take traditional core choices
>why can't I take special units as core with no restrictions

Hello spear men, my old friends

>> No.49580693

Bruh. High elf spearmen are battle line

>> No.49580735

Steam dorfs when?

>> No.49581547

Did you read the part that mentioned oop

>> No.49582116


Isle of blood spearmen are pennies on the dollar

And high elves are mostly a legacy army now. The new army for them isn't out yet but will be able to take white lions/Phoenix/Eldritch as supporting elements

>> No.49584096

So don't use it

Matched Play is just one format, the book tells you to use houserules at your own discretion

>> No.49584102

Friendly reminder that Throgg is in the fluff, don't fret fellow monster bros!

>> No.49584881

A friend of mine is getting started into AoS. So I let him look through my GHB while he also browsed through the store and AoS app.
And the army he wanted to play was Shadowblades. I have no objection to why he choose it. It just looked cool for him to be able to use horse riders and assassins. But what do you guys think? Is it a unique choice, have you ever played with or against shadowblades before?

>> No.49585072

A lot of the factions are incomplete, like the shadowblades. So your friend can start collecting shadowblades, but don't expect to make a 2k point army out of them until they get more kits. He would likely want to do some of the other self factions with it

>> No.49587444 [DELETED] 


>> No.49587617

>use the Necromancer's spell when it's your turn, and mystic shield when it's your opponents
Pretty sure you can only dispel in the opponents phase, not cast.

>> No.49587728

There is some truth to his statement though. If I go first in a round, I will mystic shield over other things just in case my opponent wins the initiative next round, depends though.

It all goes to my strategy.
>If you go first in a round, play defensively
>If you go second in a round, play aggressively

>> No.49588055

This, shadowblades might get something when the elves get more expanded on them.

Also remember the lore masters buff might not seem great, but it's flat OP on a bolt thrower

>> No.49588666

What would you guys buy to make of undead army using the Mantic Undead army set thing into a playable AOS force?

I havent ever played AOS


I was planning on making a VC army before WFB died. I wanted a spooky vampire/necromancer castlevania feeling army.

Was plannign on buying a bunch of reaper ghosts/wizards to use as stuff too.

>> No.49588873

Sure man, go for it. Mantic undead is the best in their range. Just don't expect to be able to play them at a GW store or sponsored event, but other than that you're golden. Nagash don't care where the dead come from.

>> No.49589020

Any advice on a list?

>> No.49589045

No idea. Don't play death, nor have I played against it. I'm sure someone will pipe up about them.

>> No.49589180


Cannot unsee massive pube trail...

>> No.49589628

Depends on what you want go, but look for synergies. If you want lots of skeletons, make sure you get a necro/wightking.

Flesheater courts is also breddy good, with a new battle tome to boot.

Look into the tomb kings models for powerhouses and bigdick models. Necrosphinx, necropolis knights, and Settra are all very good models, and most of your ranged options being TK as well.

>> No.49589647

>Also remember the lore masters buff might not seem great, but it's flat OP on a bolt thrower
Thanks mate. What high elf leader is best for buffing large units then?

>> No.49589877

Look into the dragon sorc and Lord, I haven't checked out their list. Maybe Tyrion or Teclis?

I personally run a dragon cavalry list, so I don't know much about those large buffs. There's a mage that has a ward save bubble somewhere.

Keep in mind that you have access to all order units, so if you want, get some glade guard, paint them like you're painting your high elves and profit from having some of the best base shooty units in the game. Your battleline is the spear dweebs, so maybe rolling some glade guard or Judicators would be beneficial, since they also count as battleline.

>> No.49589895

Even better, the wood elf Waywatchers are also battle line, and are deadlier than the gladeguard

>> No.49590167


They're also 80pts for 3 models.

>> No.49590645

Any of you Anons got any cool campaigns/narrative games going on?

>> No.49590898

what would be the best khorne bloodbound hero to take in a slaves to darkness army?

>> No.49590933

If your guys have the mark of Khorne, can't go wrong with a Bloodsecrator

>> No.49591237


Don't take him as your general though. Get a hero with a good command ability for that.

>> No.49592029

Lookin for some feedback on a orc based destruction list:
1x30 sav archers
3x10 sav orruks
1x1 sav big boss (general)
Bellowing Tyrant
tal of prot
1x1 kunnin battalion (featuring all above)
1x1 manik weird nob
Col of Dom
1x1 Bonegrinz battalion (all above)
5x5 Ironjawz Brutes
1x1 Iron Fist (featuring brutes)
1x1 Megaboss
Battle Brew

>> No.49592205

>The old battle-tomes still left pissing in the wind months later

Yeah that book was totally coming out in September rite guise

Where the fuck are Muh Relic items GW

Muh artifacts

>> No.49592350

>Rumor turns out to be false
>News at 11

>> No.49592428


>Implying there was any hope of it being real as soon as Traitor's Hate leaked,

I wanted to believe.

>> No.49592465

It could probably still happen, as a lot of rumors are based in truth. Like the steam dwarfs, that seems pretty solid and think it is likely to happen, but people just assumed September.

Again, right now there is a 40k spree going on right now, and we likely won't see aos stuff until the spring. You have to remember that in the summer it was all aos all the time, and 40k was feeling left out. It's fine though, taking breaks like this gives the meta a chance to catch up and settle.

>> No.49592574

>but people just assumed September.
Mainly because it would have been a perfect simple release for mid September

Drop the book, suddenly the 8 or so outdated tomes are on the same level as the post Sylvaneth books. As long as they do this before Steamhead dwarves then everyone is in the same place and no faction feels left out.

>> No.49592655

Other than death who have had no new models for aos... And only one battle tomb...

>> No.49593265

More mouse pad!!!

>> No.49593308


>> No.49593716

What vids this from?

>> No.49593727

I want some generic terrain stuff like fields/hills and deserts, just with the warhammer flair.

>> No.49594037


on facebook

>> No.49594048


>> No.49594270

Don't we all

>> No.49594489

>just without skulls

>> No.49595192

what bases should I get for sylvaneth.

want something textured

>> No.49595724

Hows this look?
Wouldnt mind going competative but im not that fussed
Daemon Prince (160)
- General
- Sword
- Flying
- Artefact : Chaos Runeblade
- Command Trait : Lord of War
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (140)
- Runesword
- Artefact : Crown of Conquest
Chaos Warriors x 10 (180)
- Hand Weapon & Shield
Chaos Warriors x 10 (180)
- Hand Weapon & Shield
Chaos Knights x 10 (400)
- Chaos Glaives
Chaos Spawn x 2 (120)
Gors x 20 (160)
- Gor Blade & Beastshield
Gors x 20 (160)
- Gor Blade & Beastshield
Gors x 20 (160)
- Gor Blade & Beastshield
Chaos Warhounds x 10 (80)
Cygor (200)
Godsworn Champions of Ruin (60)

>> No.49595787

>want to get into AoS
>can't decide between Stormcast, Nurgle Daemons, Nurgle Mortals and Seraphon

any recommendation? I've painted orks before which were pain in ass due to gorillion of stuff like belts, shoulderpads, shirts, skin all in diffrent colours. something easy and fast to paint get extra points

>> No.49595800

Try this, but maybe without the green slime stuff

>> No.49595844

Nurgle rotbringers sound good for you if you wanna have an easy job with painting
There's never gonna be more than thirty models, plus you have mighty rhodes to help you out

>> No.49595870

Do I run them with deaemons or chaos warriors? Because I saw them included in both forces.
Thanks for the links - really helpfull stuff.

>> No.49595892

I'd say avoid anything chaos then. Nurgle is full of gribble nasty details, Khorne is belty and chainy, Tzeentch is a shitstorm of details and colors.

Stormcasts and Seraphons will allow you to go as simple or complex as you want with paint scheme. Ironjawz are pretty easy compared to Orks if anything because they are such a low model count army. 'Ardboyz are pretty much Orky marines and I love them.

>> No.49595965

Bloab rotspawned + nurgle deamons from the start collecting box to summon = tons of fun
Alternatively morbidex formation lets you drop nurglings everywhere, nurglings are quite easy to paint, but bloabs the best maggoth rider bar none

>> No.49596321


Yeah fuck off with the sympathy grubbing triple dots, Deathcuck.

If you could follow a simple post-chain you'll see your Flesh-eaters are included in the list of 'out-dated' Battletomes, you'll get your update, or maybe none of us will, but you're no worse off than anyone else.

>> No.49596377

thank you, that looks neat.

I actually meant pre-made stuff, but I will give this a try.

>> No.49596967

Cool but I play 72x72" and thus these are useless to me.

>> No.49596984

72x48 of course. duh.

>> No.49597394

Order - 5 battletomes, the release of the whole stormcast range and all the new slyvaneth and stripper dwarfs;
Chaos - 3 battletomes and a load of new khorne models and promises from the silver tower
Destruction - 3 battletomes and the new ironjaws models

Death - 1 battletome, and no new models!

Death players have a right to feel unloved, it's not about following the chain, death has had nothing new, whereas the other three factions have had loads. It's deaths turn. So you can go eat a bag of dicks, cunt knuckle.

>> No.49599112

I hate you. You are utter cancer, a tumorous blight on everything you've ever touched and every single person you've ever met. Please, kill yourself.

>> No.49599192

How the shit do you all take pictures of your models?

Everytime I use my phone for it the details are either blurry or completely in shadow. I've even got a lamp I can position over them.

>> No.49599202

Maybe, just maybe, there's a difference between an actual Camera and the "camera" in a phone, no matter how many megapickles they have?

Just a thought.

>> No.49599226

says someone who doesn't take pictures of his models.

>> No.49599227

Guys, this may sound crazy but.. I miss my hardback army books, Lore and stories intertwined with snippets and actual information, pictures, charts...

There was something special about having a favourite army book to refer to.

Now i've just got a fucking PDF.

>> No.49599266

Actually, says someone who understands terminology like CCF size, Focal Depth, Aperture Size, Exposure.

Feel free to try and cunt about facts though.

My main camera at the moment is nothing professional, just a D3300 with 65mm glass but get this;

I've got a brand new nokia lumia with a 21MP camera.

I've got an ancient D40, at 12MP.

Guess which one takes the better pictures.

I'll give you a clue, it isn't the fucking phone.

>Muh megapixels is all that matters, right?

>> No.49599287

>I can spout buzzwords
>but I don't know what megapixels are

>> No.49599305

still not seeing pics of painted models anon, but I sure am seeing a bunch of wank about fucking cameras.

>> No.49599330

When I take pictures people pay for them.

Are you going to pay me? Didn't think so.

>> No.49599342


If you think Focal Depth and Aperture Size are "Buzzwords" about photography then that's on the same level of fucking ignorance as thinking "Wheel" is a buzzword about cars.

They're basic parts of photography, the building blocks of it.

Jesus christ, you're on a website right now where you could just pop over to /p/ and see how fucking stupid you are but you're not going to are you?

Okay, fine, To answer your question in the way you wanted when you asked why your fucking phone isn't taking magazine quality photographs;

"Durr, I dunno, Maybe it's broken lol? Make sure you buy apple next time!"

>> No.49599389

Still not seeing any models camerafag.

>> No.49599411

oh god the tism is so strong it will consume this thread is a self centered shitposting black hole. Kill yourself my man!

>> No.49599428

>Actually, says someone who understands terminology like CCF size, Focal Depth, Aperture Size, Exposure.
They're buzzwords because you're using them without context or explanation.

As if saying "Look at me everyone! I said these BUZZWORDS therefore I know what I'm talking about!"

That's be like proclaiming to be a computer expert by saying
>Actually, says someone who understands terminology like ram, cpu, gpu, motherboard, hard drive, ssd

>> No.49599472

>claims to be camerafag
>doesn't know how good phone cameras have gotten
>doesn't know lighting, backdrop, and distance effect photography
>can only say hurrr get a actual camera durrr

>> No.49599521

But they aren't advanced topics anon, anyone talking about photography should be expected to know what focal depth is.

Look, I apologise for my tone, you're quite right I was being a massive cunt and I am sorry, I don't really know why I flew off the handle like that and made such a shitty post.

Please believe me though, there are genuine mechanical reasons why a digital camera, even one with Equal or Greater "Megapixels" will not take as high quality photographs as a DSLR, there are far more factors in play than simple megapixels.

A fixed focus, fixed aperture quarter-size phone CCD simply can not do things that something beefier with a full size CCD can, despite having more pixel area.

The CCD is the component of most digital cameras which is actually light sensitive, it is the part which the lens focuses the light onto in order for it to be registered. It's closest analogue in a film camera would be the film itself. A very important component and unfortunately there are NO mobile phones available with a full size CCD.

Again, I apologise for my tone and accept that I was being a huge cunt.

>> No.49599529

some factions will likely NEVER have battleline choices simply due to their nature Aleguzzler anyone?

>> No.49599542

Honestly I'd drop the megaboss and brutes so you can get the bonesplittaz ultra save

>> No.49599558

If you run the glottkin as your general youo can do a mixed nurgle daemon/mortal force really well, since his command ability only cares if the model has "Nurgle" and nothing else

>> No.49599627

How are lizardmen faring?

I've not actually played in years but thinking of coming back and I see there's been a lot of changes. I'm perfectly willing to wade into all that that, just want to know what's happened to my little lizards.

>> No.49599736

How have you got 3 battalions?

>> No.49599873

Your little lizards are made of stars and kick serious ass now

>> No.49600600

All lizards but slann died.

Slann now conjure all other lizardmen out of memories and stardust because they're lonely and have big plans that they're too fat to be able to complete themselves.

They were actually considered quite OP until the general's handbook finally fixed summoning.

>> No.49601406

Hey bruv, there's lots of tips on taking pictures in the WIP thread, but here's a quick way to do it: put the mini down on a white sketchbook, opened so the other page is the backdrop. Have a light overhead, and turn off your flash, stabilize your camera/phone and it'll already look better

>> No.49601419

Buy your book? It's not hard cover but it's not a pdf either

>> No.49601583

As far as I can tell I can run the meta-battalion from the bonesplitterz because all it requires is a slightly oversized kunnin rukk which I have, but desu all its giving me is col of dom and +1 bravery when I kill a monster so no big loss if I can't

Im not a huge fan of the bonesplittaz allegiance abilities since bellowing tyrant gives my 180 shots a +1 to hit which also gives them a +1 to trigger another shot, and the 1d6 movement is just amazing compared to what is basically just ignoring rend since everything has a 6+ save and a 6+ against motals and some pretty meh command abilities

>> No.49601784

What is best way to make a spooky force in this game?

I hate that death factions are all separate. Haven't read rules yet though. I have always dreamed of doing VC in WHFB.

At the moment all I have to work from is the 80 dollar Mantic undead starter.

40 skeleton warriors
20 Grave guard equivalent skeletons
30 zombies

20 ghouls

10 mummy looking guys that are called wraiths.

was thinking of buying some bat swarms and ghost swarms from reaper minis

a spooky necromancer and some generic vampire minitures too from reaper.

Would this be a viable force for fun games?

>> No.49603048

Factions are separate, but nothing is stopping you from mixing and matching however you want.
Vamp and necro makes a good starter hero team, and you can't go wrong with a 40-block of skellingtons. Maybe run the mummy guys as tomb guard? They are tough units that sit well on objectives.

>> No.49603160

You sound like a right bellend mate.

>> No.49603405

I have to ask

Are the criticisms of Age just the usual hyperbole from players of previous editions, or are the rules really that bad?

I know 'different' and 'bad' tend to be synonymous but there is a clear separation between the two.

>> No.49603456

>Watch multiple Battle Reports every week
>Study all the rules
>Read the tactics
>Play a lot with multiple adversaries, make a lot of practice
>Never forget any rules of your guys
>Browse /tg/ everyday, to keep the mind fresh and read people opinions and suggestions
>Simply play well, clean and precise

>People accuse my faction of being OP, never recognize I'm a good player

Here, Pepe.
Another Scotch, please.

>> No.49603499

Age of Sigmar is an awesome game, the best GW ever done imho.

You may not like it, and it's fine, but try it with an open mind.
There is a reason why it's growing at this rate.

>> No.49603580

What army?

>> No.49603585

Uh really? The responses been almost universally negative. But hey people hated 4th edition DND as well and I personally thought that was an improved over 3.5 most respect.

I'll have a look thanks.

>> No.49603806

Host of Slaanesh

>> No.49603821

super easy rules, takes a few mins to undersand how it goes. No bullshit stats like weapon skill, balistic skill and few others that overcomplicated everything. No initiative that could possibly kill all your guys in YOUR charge, before they even had a chance to swing.
As for me, switching form 40k to AoS was best decision I've ever made. Finally I'm having fun.

>> No.49603839

>The responses been almost universally negative
By ex-fantasy player, yes.

Everybody else seems to love it.
I've never sold so much fantasy stuff and saw so many games in my club in years. New players every week, every friday they meet to play and socialize. It's awesome.

>> No.49603902

My Free People will always be Old World Empire Nordland.

>> No.49604280

What there is no weapon skill or ballistic skill at all now?

Wow talk about radical changes. Anything I could think of that could be more drastic would be dropping the dice entirely to change over to a card system like maleifaux.

>> No.49604715

People who barely played WHFB are just salty that the game they spent no money on went away, and continue to complain about it to this day.

AoS is a very different game to WHFB, but the rules aren't bad, just different. When played properly (that is to say, using one of the god knows how many scenarios instead of playing Deathmatch), it is entertaining.

>> No.49604817

Dang, it's nice to see that you can make idiots believe that what I analyzed as a subpar army to be overpowered.

I have to make mistakes so my opponent wins so that I can keep playing with them.

>> No.49604846

This is a typical warscroll. You'll see the weapons stats on the top, with movement, bravery (instead of leadership) wounds and saves.
Heroes are more of a support base that buffs your core troops more than a big beatstick (except the monster riders, who are beatsticks) who synergises buffs and debuffs. Almost all troops work off each other in some way, instead of just building them up in big blocks and sending them up the middle of the board.
Example is a necromancer, wight king and a unit of 20 skeletons with spears. Basic skellies are one attack each which hit on 5+. If the wight is your general and uses his command ability, gives +1 attack to the skellies, and a unit of skeletons gain +1 attack each per 10 in the unit, and +1 to hit for beinh near a keyword Death hero. Necromancer can magic them to attack twice.
So instead of a weak block of 20 skeletons with one attack and 5+ hit, you can get skeletons with 3 attacks each hitting on 4's, attacking twice. That's the kind of strategic synergy you can build in AoS.

>> No.49605331

What do you play?

>> No.49605752

guys ... i'm facing Vampire Counts. I play Tomb Kings.

Please give me tips on how to beat him. 1500pts from the General Handbook.

I know he always runs Blood Knights, crypt ghouls, etc ... any tips fellas? be it units to use or strategies in game.


>> No.49605812

Some good stuff to use is Necro knights and sphinx if you have them, buffed blocks or skeletons and skelly archers also do well imo. Chariots with a herald will be impossible to remove from the board.

>> No.49605867

SO i dont have necro knights ... i got a warsphinx, which i can run as a royal one.

i was thinking of a lot of shooting with the horsemen/archers? and you think chariots will do well because theyve done FUCK all for me, desu

i have to win this game... i've been talking a lot of shit, and him as well.

>> No.49605971

I fucking love Seraphon, but I wish this army had a better battletome with unique command/battle traits, artifacts, treasures, spell lore, and combination battalions.

Is there any word about them updating the older army battletomes?

>> No.49606004

Used to be overpowered, then the GHB brought them in line

Some of their units and battalions feel overcosted but they are still a top tier army.

>> No.49606023

AOS is easily the best thing GW has ever made

The rules are a simple base but it has proved to be a powerful infrastructure that they have built an amazing game on top of.

40k should take a lot of lessons from AOS

>> No.49606046

please help here:


>> No.49606055

I can relate

Everyone at my local store just keeps pouring attacks into my Bastiladon. Instead of retreating their units they just keep them locked in melee for the entire game...

Nobody brings artillery or any kind of deep strike units. They all just clash in the middle of the table and roll dice brainlessly until the game ends.

I have lost 2 games in 6 months. Feels bad man.

>> No.49606065

Do you have Settra?

You need Settra.

Tomb Kings is top tier but only if you use Settra.

>> No.49606111

no i dont ... fuck

any other tips? opinion on mass shooting? chariots? royal warsphinx? i just need to kill his faggy blodo kngiths

>> No.49606148

This is more whfb related, but would a high elf prefer to all to the empire or the dwarves if they were forced to choose one?

>> No.49606174

Fuck I mean ally

>> No.49606230

In AOS all the Order factions regularly ally together to fight back against Death/Destruction/Chaos. Azyrheim is a city built by the combined efforts of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves.

AOS is all about Your Dudes so your high elf can ally with whoever you want, just make up a reason.

>> No.49606768

Anyone know what would make a good bretonnian paladin? I have been needing to convert/buy/get one for a while now.

>> No.49606915

Make sure your phone camera is set to macro mode for getting in close.

Have light sources above and to the sides of the model.

Have either a solid white, or solid black backdrop (like buy a sheet of black or white posterboard)

Those 3 steps alone will improve your photos tremendously.

>> No.49606948

Let me put it this way, a lot of AoS players are hoping 40k gets the same treatment fantasy got, and for many good reasons.

>> No.49606960

Wargames foundry early medieval foot knights (set 1,2 and 3) are actually old GW (80's) foot knight sculpts. Should be perfectly legal to use in GW shops even.

>> No.49607001

You know I read your thread of responses and those replies, and I have an idea that you are a good photographer that knows his stuff about photography.

But you're still a cunt. That's the problem here.

>> No.49607083

New thread

>> No.49607517

Thank you. Time to go use "illegal miniatures". Nyahahahaha.

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