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What's your opinion on this?

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surprise at the white evangelion being below the green one

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It's pretty STANDARD pricing.

Do ho ho.

Seriously though, it's pretty normal. Pre-sale prices. People just want to get ahead of the curve before prices spike. The funny thing is that most people get it wrong, and these stores make a fucking killing on people who get it wrong and buy cards at possibly 200-1000% their value after the metagame is established.

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Saheeli really suffering from that Planeswalker tax. She's gonna end up at like 2 bucks at most. Dovin seems shockingly low, by which I mean fairly close to regular pricing. People seem to overlook how strong the card is just because of how bland and boring it is.

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Aetherworks Marvel is cheap, will wrap the format more than Collected Company. Sahelli is shit tier, Sky Sovergein is pushed and will see heavy Standard play, like Avacyn.

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Those prices are inflated. I bought two playsets of Sanctums for $22 shipped.

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I think Channel Fireball is correct in saying that the Green one is just too much stats for too little mana, and is probably the best of the 5. I've got a feeling R/G stompy is going to make a comeback

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$16 is probably about right for a 8/8 trample for 5.

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Very likely. consider the gold 2 mana 4/3 and the bear of paradise.
what I'm wondering is if there's gonna be aetherflux control or combo decks

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i'm going to try making the modern saheeli combo deck. so i hope she goes down in price more.

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What is this meme? The copy of Saheeli will not be an artifact. You need a way to untap Liquimetal Coating.

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So that's kinda cool. What support cards would you reccomend to make sure you can pull this off T3 reliably?

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>smuggler's copter almost up to $10 a pop

damn am I glad I pre-ordered when they were 99 cents

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"Except it's an artifact in addition to its other types"

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Except that it's an artifact in addition to its other types?

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the copy of saheeli will be an artifact due to saheeli's -2. It specifically says the new token is an artifact in addition to other types.

-2: Create a token that's a copy of target artifact or creature you control, except it's an artifact in addition to its other types. That token gains haste. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step.

for a reliable turn 3? probably simian spirit guide and pact of negation. but if you just want consistency in the deck, cards that tutor for those pieces (1-3 mana transmute cards) or cards that just do the same thing. argent mutation to make the original saheeli an artifact to start the combo, and possibly splashing black for disciple of the vault to double up on altars. splashing black also opens up kolaghan's command which goes really nicely with liquidmetal coating.

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I'm picking up all the copy of the manalith vehicle I can

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>3 card combo consisting of 3 individually shitty cards

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Is it just me or have Planeswalker prices in general gone up a shit-ton in the past 2 years? Even Elspeth wasn't this much at the height of her popularity.

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That would surprise me. I think after standard settles the other gear hulks will surpass it simply due to instant effects instead of having to wait for combat.

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>he thinks those cards are bad

but if you were being serious, there are other combos with Saheeli.

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How is this a combo? You don't have infinite saheelis in the yard and -2ing won't put them there.

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>altar of the brood and liquid coating have any use bar the combo

MAYBE saheeli is kind of playable on her own but even then

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>Sun titan in hand
>Saheeli in GY
>Other Saheeli in yard or on the field
>-2 copy sun titan
>Sun titan copy reanimates Saheeli in yard
>Planeswalker uniqueness rule kicks in, sac original Saheeli
>-2 new Saheeli, copying sun titan.
>Repeat until your opponent cries.

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>2 Saheelis in graveyard (technically 1 can be already in play)
>put Sun Titan in play
>use Sun Titan trigger to bring Saheeli from graveyard to play (if you already had a Saheeli in play, put it in graveyard)
> -2 Saheeli copying Sun Titan
>Sun Titan copy comes into play, trigger brings the Saheeli in the graveyard to play, sending the Saheeli currently in play to the graveyard
> -2 new Saheeli copying Sun Titan
>repeat until infinite Sun Titans artifact copies with haste

liquidmetal coating is very useful if you have anything that destroys artifacts. just red and blue have a ton of cards that make liquidmetal coating great to use on your opponent's permanents while setting up the combo.

as i mentioned before, a lot of people are splashing other colors for more consistency. people are considering black for disciple of the vault, so you might as well kolaghan's command their lands. some are considering green for ancient stirrings, which opens ancient grudge.

the only card that doesn't help much outside of the combo is altar. and if it really bothers you that much to play a card solely for the purpose of winning the game, then run the sun titan combo in a gifts ungiven/uburial rites deck.

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>Sun titan in hand
I missed a step, if he's in the hand you have to play him first. Alternatively if he's already on the field you have to -2 Saheeli to start.

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Saheeli will get plenty of usage as an artifact copier, in limited alone you can easily produce infinite thropters using saheeli and whirler virtuoso.

She'll be the amazing cloning combo woman.

And liquimetal coating isn't so bad if you play grixis and splash k command as >>49490826 said

There are far harder things to do than make a playable control-into-combo deck in UBR during an artifact block.

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Dovin's problem is that he is a 3 loyalty planeswalker for 4 mana

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His +1 lets him protect himself as he enters, to an extent, and he seems to be designed for play in a control deck, which should keep him safe.

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>tfw i want nissa for my gitrog edh deck
>tfw no job

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Problem: Planeswalkers suffer from the legendary rule. When there are two with the same name in play, only one can remain. You see this happen in Jund when they'll replace a Liliana of the Veil that's already used it's -2 for a fresh Liliana of the Veil to use it's -2 again.

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That didn't stop Garruk Wildspeaker.

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Prices will plummet seeing as the set will be opened to high heavens due to KLD Expeditions.

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they are not called expeditions

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It works the same way as the examplr you gave. Sac old saheeli, let the new one copy itself, go infinite.

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The legend rule doesn't matter here, you're killing them before any of the planeswalkers would get a chance to use their -2 again.

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There's an easy solution, anon.

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Frankly I am going to call all of the future Masterpiece series cards '*setname* expeditions' since that is what they are: expedition rarity cards given a fancy name.

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Might wanna go with a couple Trinket Mage to search up the Altar, maybe some Etherium Sculptor to plop down pieces easier?

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Got this in my box today.
How much do I get ?

Will price increase or decrease ?

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>tfw got Nissa, Skysovereign AND Spirebluff at the prerelease

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the white hulk looked like a terminator space marine.

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>The most boring gearhulk is the expensive one
>A "Draw a card, discard a card" creature is 9$

I want standard to burn

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The normal is at $13, so he should be about $10. and drop as Baan drops to 3-4.
People forget that the pre-release promos are NOT weighted to have fewer mythics like regular packs - so in essence there's 8 times as many mythics as there "should" be.

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thats only half the reason its good, the other half is it dodges removal, flies and is just 2 mana for a 3/3 essentially.

its a very powerful, but boring card.

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A guy at my prerelease opened mana vault in his sealed pool, and got a mana crypt in his prize packs.

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