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>Macha is back and isn't actually dead after all

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I'm sorry, but does helmetless Macha has the same face-stripes that /tg/ gave her way back in 2007, in the drawfaggotry that we produced back then?

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good good I can almost taste the fresh OC heading our way

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She does.

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I don't think it's a stretch of the imagination to assume some of the people designing DoW III's Macha were inspired by the innumerable images of her floating around the internet.

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>/tg/ managed to get the face stripes cannon

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>A good two thirds of Macha art is porn
>Internet Macha is demure yet somehow still slutty waifu-bait who nevertheless can't laid.

Let's hope there's a limit on what they took away from internet inspiration.

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Well, they did put this in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrrCY7dgaqs

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Can we claim this as getting shit done?

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One of us.

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I wonder how Chink's doing. Hopefully not dead.

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I don't think so. Most someone in their art design department browsed /tg/ at some point and thought the face stripes were a good stylistic choice. So he pitched them and because they are a genuinely good look for her everyone ran with it.

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He was doing some patreon porn game last I saw

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That was how she was described in the book you goof. It's the other way around.

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Okay so all these fuckers are coming back.

Wheres my lovable Assault Sergeant?

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So they keep bringing back dead characters trying to pander to nostalgia because everyone is shitting on DoW3?

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Macha never died

Taldeer was the one aka /tg/s true waifu

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So why did the Blood Ravens send both Hairgel and Thaddeus on a crusade?

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It was Azariah that did it.

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I love the Blood Ravens and all but even if Retribution was meh I thought that was a good end to their story.

Some other unknown chapters could have used the love

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>Dawn of Eldar Pt. 2 the Electric heresy

I could get past the graphics and maybe the gameplay



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So its come down to this the Dark Angels are our only hope for 40k video games

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Not until cultist-chan captures the canon for khaaaayossss!

(with at least one cutscene that involves her doing a shakespeare soliloquay in full cultist speak)

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why isn't that shaped like eldrad's head?

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So is DoW going to be good shit or just shit?

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Looks good to me. People complaining about the art style don't play 40k.

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I really dont know or care

Deathwing is our last hope.

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Only extremely dumb or masochist people play the mess of tabletop game.

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>"My lord, are you here to help with the daemon incursion?"

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>Doesn't think they'll rebuild their ancient glory

She's in the wrong place.

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I don't get how the art style differs beyond those cartoonish blood stains.

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>Not until cultist-chan captures the canon for khaaaayossss!
>(with at least one cutscene that involves her doing a shakespeare soliloquay in full cultist speak)
Plenty of people would gladly shell out money to see that

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I forgot all about those 10 feet jumping terminators, my bad.
As a generic RTS? might be good
Will it convey what 40k is about? Probably not, their devs don't really seem to know 40k lore, technology etc and are going by their interpretation of the universe where terminator armour can jump... They seem to be targetting the game at an audience that doesn't know about 40k since it's a bigger pot than those that do.
The art style is something I don't like, they say they want to capture what TT is all about, clean bright models (when in reality you're lucky is little timmy thins his paints, let alone primes his models) The art style is simplfied so anyone with a shitbox can play it so it means more $$$ for less $$$

It's honestly too early to make a solid decision, some footage looks promising where ironically the footage on offical channels make the game look shit but it's safe to say the game itself wont be anything like the gritty trailer they first released.

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Damn. I thought that trailer looked surprisingly thought-out.

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Blood Ravens are the face of DoW. Wouldn't be DoW without them. Plus they got an Imperial Knight now. They're moving up in the world.

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So is Tarkus a captain now?

Cyrus must still be muh scouts

Jonah is Chief librarian

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>Taldeer was the one aka /tg/s true waifu

Damn straight. She is true queen of mad bantz in 40k. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HYidC-zg9Q

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>Taldeer is back as a wraith construct
>Biel-tan colours

u wot m8

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finders keepers

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>Macha finally got her waifu and forced her to be part of beil-tan

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I can't find any mentions of Taldeer on dow website

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>talkin' all that shit

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>Wraithknight Taldeer is another unique unit, this time specialising in cutting foes down with an oversized blade. Taldeer’s primary function is causing disarray, rushing into enemy ranks and disrupting their formation by making them dead.

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Good. The amount of luck that introduced into engagements was nonsense. They all looked shit except the Warp Spider one anyway.

>Flank retreating unit with wraithlord
>Only kill one model because sync kill
>Can't kill unit because it's stuck in invincible sync kill
>Have to retreat before it gets out of invincibility
>My own unit gets stuck in sync before I can retreat
>Assault units have time to catch up and surround it so it can't escape

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>queen of mad bantz
Thule, gorgutz and eliphas had considerably more amusing bantz.

And if we're talking about her debut game, sturnn, varnus, gorgutz and even crull blew her out of the park.

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>Competitive faggots

You lot ruin table top and video games

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>Macha is back and isn't actually dead after all
Whos is Macha?

:google search:

Macha is an eldar in Dawn of war. I can't remember her. So, whatever.

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I hope this is PC gamer fucking up not Relic not knowing their shit.

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>Not getting served

Pick one monkeigh.

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>The defining aspect of games ruins games

Dense fucks like you ruin games, not people that like good design.

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>The defining aspect
fucking KYS

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I think its supposed to be Taldeer on the left.

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Games can be great even when they arent competitive

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>We are your end, alien.
>If ye mean at the end of me pointy stikk, I's right dere with ya, Ha!

>You call THAT a wound?! Men, to me!

>I made meself humie, and I'm gonna unmake you.

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are you still unhappy that nameless tyranid warrior #39087 is more capable than taldeer

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What the fuck is that black and red thing on the back then?

>> No.49479493


You need a dictionary more than a game, fuckwit.

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I meant left from Macha's perspective.

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>Wraithknight is piloted by Ronahn and Taldeer

Seems to be plausible.

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If only England had a goalie like you.

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you need a facial reconstruction with a power mace faggot

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>Wraithknight Taldeer is another unique unit

Wraithknights require twins. A single person can't be a WK. Unless they've decided Ronahn is her twin.

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Hold up a sec. What?

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See >>49479536

>Tensions are high between Macha and Gabriel, with blood spilled on both sides, but she knows the needs of fate may force distasteful alliances once more.

Are Gabe and Macha gonna shack up again?

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You'd be surprised how many /tg/ memes end up in the official stuff

>> No.49479708


>Hairgel and Thaddeus get marked heretics
>Gabe fucks xenos and becomes chapter master

>> No.49479719

about twice actually
and FFG is barely official

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Think again. Also, face stripes were in the books.

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Avitus is the canon traitor. Hairgel and Thaddeus are mildy corrupted and send away into penitent crusade

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>caring about official lore

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>Caring about unofficial lore

>> No.49479828


>caring about 40k

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We better get details on who they stole the Imperial knight from.

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>Beep beep

>> No.49480046


Pretty sure they were gifted it by a knight world

>> No.49480058

>>caring about official lore
>>Caring about unofficial lore
>>caring about 40k
Good post. Agreed.

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>Blood Ravens land on a Knight World while on the way to Acheron
>'Greetings, Imperial Knight. Would you like to join us on a rouing hunt for xenos?'
>'Why of course my good Battle Brother. Allow my servants to begin moving the Knight.'
>'No need for that, my good woman, we already have it aboard!'

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Brother rescuing his sister's soulstone and teaming up for giant mech action is fucking fantastic

>> No.49480081

The High Court of House Doolb Snevar, obviously.

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Back up you bags boys.

The Dark Angels are saving Warhammer 40k video games

>> No.49480699

Considering he had nightmares of what Kyras did to her since Dark Crusade to Retribution, that would be the case.

>> No.49480977


I'm both saddened and excited by how much better this game looks, in terms of adherence to lore, style and gameplay, than DoW III

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the wraithknight dragging his sword after half-interesting, half-retarded.

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maka or ma~cha? i cant into gaelic

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>> No.49481054


>The flamer pushes the genestealer back

Holy shit

>> No.49481151

I've always said Maka.
Then again, that's my mouth-canon and how my slav'd latin brain reads it.

>> No.49481163

>maka or ma~cha?

Fucking elves.

>> No.49481176

Macha (Irish pronunciation: [ˈmaxə]) is a goddess of ancient Ireland, associated with war, horses, sovereignty, and the sites of Armagh and Eamhain Mhacha in County Armagh, which are named after her.

>> No.49481231


Match-cha-cha - eldar have a weird double-consonation thing, like welsh but less alien.

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the cultist chan shit is by far the worst cancer created by the reddit colonists here

>> No.49481365

Oh no, anon. That's not Reddit. That's pure, 100% homegrown cancer.

It's right up there with Bearington and skub.

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Why would she be dead?

>> No.49481401


>not knowing Taldeer is a red head too


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FPS about IG when?

>> No.49481623

>disrupting their formation by making them dead
Flawless tactics.

>> No.49481642

Never. IG are boring as shit from a marketing standpoint. Why push an IG faggot on a poster when you could have a SO BADASS space marine instead?

>> No.49481644

If it's gaelic, wouldn't it be "Mah-hah" or "Mah-khah" (like loch)

>> No.49481649


As expected by the Farseers. Their ability to discern the most optimal strategy at any moment is truly impressive.

>> No.49481678

>FPS about IG when?
There's one about Tau infantry. It goes against the usual canon of the setting but is a decent game overall.

>> No.49481698


but I posted Storm Troopers

>> No.49481707

But Space Marines.

>> No.49481742

>IG are boring as shit from a marketing standpoin
Enemy at the Gates: 40k edition?
Basically Cawadooty reskin.

>> No.49481768


COD 4 had a cheat code where all bullets were replaced with lasers it was almost like it

>> No.49481782

Macha (Irish pronunciation: [ˈmaxə])
means something like


>> No.49481789

Nah. A regular Guard FPS should be an Arma-grade milsim with non-shit controls. Autistic levels of realism and lethality, shitloads of guns and attachments, and a fuckton of different regimental uniforms.

Stormtroopers already got their vidya.

>> No.49481800

>non-shit controls
pick one

>> No.49481811


Heeven hyor hargumeent haz bin khahptur'd fhor Khaaaosss!

>> No.49481825

Just add pew-pew effects.

>> No.49481829


>A regular Guard FPS should be an Arma-grade milsim with non-shit controls. Autistic levels of realism

Fuck off /k/ the other parts were fine but no milism shit.

Maybe a game like Rainbow 6 Siege it has a good mix o f realism and arcadism

>> No.49481848

>just like all other cases of "get shit done", /tg/ is trying to claim the work of others as their own
Ouch, the ironing

>> No.49481856

He is right. It's only a game because there's an objective and a chance to win or lose that objective. You can't name a game that doesn't have that.

>> No.49481876

do the twins have hot steamy wincest sex in those machines?

>> No.49481895

>Basically Cawadooty reskin.

Why push a generic guy when you could push a badass brand-happy space marine instead?

>> No.49481899

>R6 Siege
>Not classic R6
>Or Raven Shield
>Or even GRAW

>> No.49481901

>make game like Hitman (Agent 47) in various 40k locations
>player gets choice between Culexus, Callidus and Vindicare for each mission
>Everson unlockable by game progression
>Maerorus DLC

>> No.49481907

i miss Eliphas banter from dark crusade. i never forgive them for raping his character so badly in DOW2

>> No.49481940

>A regular Guard FPS should be an Arma-grade milsim with non-shit controls.

Nah, what you'd do if you wanted to actually have a fun game is make it so that players design and build a roster of Guardsmen to play as with different loadouts and specialisations or special abilities, and then every time you die you respawn as the next member of your roster until you run out.

Then have some mass battle mode where all the roster are on the field, most of them controlled by AI until you die and get to choose who else to hop into.

Basically play up that "only 999/1000 guardsmen died? What a truly glorious victory!" element of the guardsmen.

>> No.49481949


Torquil will return someday.

>> No.49481956


Why would the imperial guard even be like that?

>> No.49481961

You'd want an "aesthetic simulator". One which simulated how people think lying in mud and blood while monsters roar out of the black night and your flashlight's broken and you've pissed yourself feels like.

Uplink's a good example.

>> No.49481963

>implying it won'g be a 4 player co-op with one of each assassin
>implying it won't be an action game where the team fights through various environments to fight a big monster at the end

>> No.49481986


The guys behind Deathwing make an IG expansion


>> No.49481996

I haven't played Deathwing.

>> No.49482001


Looks more promising than DoW 3 sadly

>> No.49482031

They wouldn't, barring maybe groups like Gaunt's Ghosts. The point is that R6 Siege is a poor choice for IG inspiration. The old Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games, while still unfitting for the Guard, would at least be a hell of a lot more appropriate given their larger scale, greater lethality, and greater emphasis on squad command.

>> No.49482041

i cant wait for this game to come out and be a total disappointment so you idiots can learn to judge stuff after actually playing

>> No.49482044


Storm Troopers then or Catachans

or literal copy and paste MGSV but with a 40k skin

>> No.49482048

Verdun but spookier and bigger?

>> No.49482060

Not really, the company made the shitstain that was Blood Bowl 2 and Battlefleet gothic so i have no faith in them

>> No.49482075


Are Warhammer games just in the hopelessness of terrible to subpar?

>> No.49482084

Still not seeing why anyone would pick Siege for inspiration instead of the older Tom Clancy games.

>> No.49482092

Since some of the DoW III team browses /tg/, I suppose so.

>> No.49482105

I poisoned four men for bringing up that disgusting meme.

>> No.49482111


I just use Siege as an example since you could have say a Catachan and Kariskin working with a Space marine scout or some ork kommando

Its retarded but it can work in a siege like scenario

>> No.49482112

Cause he's busy getting raped by demons

>> No.49482115

who knows, maybe they will actually end up being good i cant see the future, footage looks interesting but i am not putting any faith in them

>> No.49482119

Well, developers were given firm instruction to keep the games close to the source material.

>> No.49482174

There's two ways you can go with IG: impersonal slaughterhouse, like you described, or very personal knife-fight, like the other anon described.

You'd naturally end up a daemon-prince of Khorne or something at the end of it, though.
The thoughts behind Verdun with the levels and structure of Dark Souls.

>> No.49482185

>bloodbowl 2
Heretic scum kys

Back to >>>/v/

>> No.49482204

BB2 was alright, it just had a few moments of pure retardation.

>> No.49482208

Battlefleet died because stopped giving a flying fuck about the game and the fact the game was overall very dependent on RNG, it was a shit game dude, it had a lot of interesting concepts and i liked the story but they just didn't work together

>> No.49482225

>shitstain that was Blood Bowl 2 and Battlefleet gothic
>Battlefleet gothic

>> No.49482226

I definitely think RNG is an element developers should ignore in GW games.

>> No.49482354

Blood Bowl 2, Battlefleet Gothic and Space Hulk are all made by different people, I think your mistaking the publisher for the actual creators.

>> No.49482375

well fuck, i am sorry

>> No.49482691 [SPOILER] 

Xeno thread?

>> No.49482706

I eat stewed blueberries.

>> No.49482729


So rude!

>> No.49482738

No Anon, not rude, lewd.

>> No.49482820

>> No.49482842

They could just make it like Red Orchestra

>> No.49483103

Im excited more for EYE 2: Actually 40k this time.

>> No.49483201

>people complaining about shitty graphics never played the game in which you can paint your own miniatures
Shill harder man, talk about how "good" the walking animations are.

>> No.49483224

I wish we can have an EYE 2 after spacehulk.

With even more crazyness.

>> No.49483603


If death wing is good then those French fucks

>> No.49483763

Looks like all that time spent around the blood ravens caused macha to pick up a few of their habits regarding "gifts"

>> No.49483840

Vance - Motherfucking - Stubbs keept her alive for she was the best whore he had

>> No.49483869

Don't you mean Caerys?

>> No.49483950


Gabexmacha OTP

>> No.49483969

Fuck i had to look it up, These knife eared piece of shit all look and sound the same

>> No.49484063


She sure got shafted taldeer and macha are waifu status but not her

>> No.49484618

Reminder Taldeer winning Winter Assault is canon

>> No.49484713


It was a mix of Orks,eldar, and Imperials

Chaos lost

>> No.49485283

Wait, is she a wraithlord or a wraithknight? Because the implications of a secret twin taldeer sounds...... interesting.

>> No.49485945

>Major Eldar character in DoW2 is literally her brother.

>> No.49487101 [DELETED] 


At not point is never even implied Ronahn was her twin. Even in the article is just states the WK is Taldeer, not Taldeer and Ronahn. My money is on them not really caring about the fluff. DoW doesn't stay faithful to details like that.

>> No.49487127


At not point is it ever implied Ronahn was her twin. Even in the article it just states the WK is Taldeer, not Taldeer and Ronahn. My money is on them not really caring about the fluff. DoW doesn't stay faithful to details like that.

>> No.49487306

my legs are ok/10

>> No.49487578

At first I read that as Bant colors. I've been spending too much time in the MTG threads.

>> No.49488202

FFG is better than the official lore

>> No.49488370

>isn't actually dead
She died?
Honestly the first I ever heard about that.

>> No.49488373

So Taldeer uses the titan guns to kill the Necrons then escapes, Gorgutz unites the orks, destroys chaos, and then can into space, while the guard takes back what's left of the planet?

>> No.49488382

>DoW doesn't stay faithful to details like that.
GW itself doesn't bother, why should they?

>> No.49488398

No that's where the meme comes from. Like SSSIIIIINNNNDDDDRRRRRRIIIIIIIII and Metal Bawkses.

>> No.49488596


She never died. OP is getting mixed up with Taldeer.

>> No.49488620

Didn't she die in a Goto novel?
I don't think it counts.

>> No.49488626

She canonically died on Kronus in Dark Crusade.

>> No.49488645

Thaddeus and Hair gel were on a crusade in the EoT as of DoW 2.3, they should be heading back now though since it was Kyra's that sent them on it

>> No.49488654

Taldeer is still "alive" too, she's a wraith Knight now so they recovered her soulstone

>> No.49488661


>Not wearing her Ghost helm

Bitch, the fuck are you doin'? Exarchs and Autarchs not having their war-masks triggered me in DoW2, especially the Banshee autarch. Why do relic keep doing this when it's important for their powers?

>> No.49488669


>Not Wraithseer

Fer fook sake.

>> No.49488682

>. Why do relic keep doing this when it's important for their powers?
Sexy elves.

>> No.49488690

To make them recognizable, I guess. The three different farseers in DoW1 are fairly indistinct since they all wear the same helmet and pretty much have the same voice. And removing the helmet is a lot harder than actually coming up with more than one personality to apply to all Eldar.

>> No.49488707

>and pretty much have the same voice.
Taldeer in Dark Crusade literally had the same VA as Macha doing the same exact voice. Not sure why they got rid of the really high voiced lady that did her in Winter Assault.

>> No.49489482


If they were twins then they wouldn't have had a choice on the path, they would have been signed up for Revenant duty straight away and then when one of them died, Wraithknight duty unless the live one pussied out.

Simply put, Taldeer wouldn't have made it to be a farseer despite being from Ulthwe, she would have been piloting titans whether she liked it or not.

Muh lore.

>> No.49489533


She'd need to be dead first. It requires one dead and one living twin.

>> No.49489557

because it's made by people who care about 40k lore beyond just knowing some internet memes like Relic

>> No.49489571

>wraith knights are literally eva units

>> No.49489581


It would, but they are Revenant pilots before as part as a gemini squadron meaning she would have never been able to go on the path of the warlock and then farseer since there is no turning back from the farseer path.

Not to mention you can't take more than one path at a time. Twins are rare for the Eldar, so rare that they don't have a choice for their paths. They are put on it against their will most of the times since only them can be put into a wraithknight and the best place to train them in working together and controlling a huge 2 legged construct is a Revenant.

>> No.49489602

FFG lore is much better than shitty BL books.

>> No.49489618


>> No.49489786

>guise the graphics are meh because we want it to run on as many computers as possible, shit artstyle is there to help you get an overall grasp on engagements and make them more clear and the horrible animations will help you differentiate the units
>proceed to go completely overboard with particle effects for everything
The devs should be shot imo

Or maybe because she has them in the books too? Waifufags are cancer

>> No.49489803

>reading game tie-in novels

>> No.49489811





>> No.49491017

No it's not you retard.

>> No.49491410


The original fanartists clearly did, and you think yourself above them?

>> No.49491471


>original fanartists
>they were all universally garbage at art and had stupid ideas
>expecting me to suck their dick like they're holy

All you oldfags are assholes and idiots. Assholes for shoving your ancient shit down everyone's throats like it's gospel, and idiots for thinking it was ever great in the first place.

This thread only proves me right, over and over.

>> No.49491733

You alright m8?

>> No.49491764


>> No.49492166

I actually agree with you, but I think you're bitching at the wrong people here.
I'm >>49489786 and I obviously think most of the posts here are pathetic and cancer. And I'd say >>49491410 isn't praising the drawfags, regardless if he likes them or not.

As the other guy said, the fanart featuring Macha with the stripes comes from the books. Either the drawfags read the books or just stole from other artists who did. You obviosly think /tg/ is le epikk gets shit done, but sorry to burst your bubble.
I actually didn't even read them, but I know she has them in the books

>> No.49492227

I was just making a joke about the quality of tie-in novels for game franchises. Christ. Cool your tits.

>> No.49492692


*tips fedora*

Nu-/tg/ is so fucking obnoxious holy shit. Counter-culture wannabes who hate old things because they're old, rather than ever offering valid reasons to do so and are only here to shit all over what made /tg/ great back in the day, that /tg/ has been coasting off of for almost a decade.

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