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OP's being a Huge Faggot Edition

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About half of those would fit right in in a SR campaign, yeah. A Homeopathic Assassin would be really easy to make as a character, just using the core rules.

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Aaaand a last one from me

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god fucking damn it
Some one post the original copy pasta

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I still need to know where this comes from.

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Hahaha. "Do you Catan" popped in my head the minute I saw the thumbnail

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i dont get it? whats up

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Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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Games within games within games.

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The sorcery makes you play a mini-magic game using your cards, and the enchantment makes it so that whenever you finish the mini-game whenever anyone casts another instant/sorcery they have to cast the mini-game sorcery.

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i was legitimately hoping it wouldnt work like that
so do you drop the enchantment in the sub game and then the main game after that, and then chaos ensues?

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im such a faggot i read it left to right.
I-I need to get off the internet for a while

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I don't get it.

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UA is a game based around a conspiracy theorist-y vibe, so the joke is that these events aren't correlatively linked, but causaly linked.

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ahh, thank you.

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dunno about that vid, but I'm pretty damn certain it's making fun of the gunplay in the movie Equilibrium

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It could get worse, you know.
You could also have cast Hive Mind

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Fuck off with your edgelord furfaggotry.

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This one got me

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Is this what being triggered looks like?

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I don't understand why you are upset. Show me on the doll where the skeleton touched you?

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I guess it's a furry skeleton too.

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I'd let that enchant my dick

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It's on youtube. Some asian "Wong" guy. Also made VideoGame High School or something

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Every time I see this, the file name gets longer.

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i see this reply every time the filename gets longer.

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>implying you've seen it more than twice
t. the guy who posted it last thread

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>implying that the filename was the same length for a long time, and has only gotten longer recently
>kind of like your dick

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> Some asian "Wong" guy.

Did he have black hair and slanty eyes?

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Freddie Wong.


No. Most "triggered" people I've seen aren't this obnoxious.

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>Fuck off with your edgelord furfaggotry.

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it's been "nothing happens if you put your dick in it" for quite some time. It's gone through quite a bit in the last 5 threads or so.

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Every time I see this thumbnail it looks like he's screaming.

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With the single line for a mouth? Looks more like he's crying to me.


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That's why I said thumbnail. Also, he's the same sex as you are, so as far as I'm concerned he's a he.

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I love it, have some more.

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You obviously don't understand the concept here.

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Have you even seen "The Code" by Spoony?

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This is a gift for you!

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That filename was around months ago as "flaming weapon enchant"

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If the paper *whiffs* through the spirit's head and agitates the gaseous form to leave a trail like that, wouldn't that indicate that it in fact corporeal, just not solid?

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Actually yes. Good observation. The general idea that they're willing to experiment with whatever I am throwing at them is just awesome.

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Dammit, I thought Atomic Robo had good science!
>reread this sentence
>realisation dawns

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What would happen if you told that you liked it because it was attached to her? Or because it wasn't in a jar?

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Do not leash the awoo.

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Eye of the Storm says they may copy the spells, they aren't required to

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I don't get it, is it a reference to that one old story where the guy gets bricked inside a room in the sewers?

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Maybe when the awoo stops being a dirty dog

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I know this is 4chan and half of the shit posted here is faked and comes from the feverish minds of a bunch of neckbears, but motherfucking Christ on a candy bike,man.

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>36 caliber
Isn't there like one model of ye olde revolver that uses this and essentially nothing else?

Also was the original writer trying to make this an edgy caricature or did they actually write this thinking it was cool?

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>not "ERP done wrong"

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I'm convinced it can't be a mistake that these 2 are so similiar

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>google this
>realise that I already read that

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>not "that ass is money"

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Is that bionicle?

>> No.49463693

yes, Bionicle had a ton of comics early on

>> No.49463736

what was it?
and was it good?

>> No.49463737

>int based characters in a combat game

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Alfie something something, by Incase
There is honestly only one thing I can say about this that will do this justice
Came for the porn, stayed for the plot

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Well first she'd feel utterly terrible for messing up, and then she'd try and get an artificial eye that matched as closely as possible.

>> No.49464535

bingo. Especially as that episode ends with James stuck in there. Mot even let out. Just his horrified face with Ringo Starr calmly saying "I think he deserved it. Don't you?" as the credits roll.

>> No.49464644

I should hope so because you don't have to look too close to see that the speech bubbles are photoshopped

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>Players realize they can get stat boosts by sacrificing to dark gods

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...now I'm very, very curious what movie that is?

>> No.49466332

Fake screenshot by Liartown USA I think.

>> No.49466336

you know those prospects with things like "Chicken Whispers"? That's him
Also made the Malediction Prophecy ones

>> No.49466393

This fellow

>> No.49466513

Damn, what's the movie called again?

>> No.49466533


Don't be a Menace, it seems.

>> No.49466567

thanks anons!

>> No.49466569

Thank you.

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A better filename welcome

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I just noticed that the vise-grips he's using there have no rubber shielding. He is officially playing what may well be the universe's most dangerous game of "Operation".

>> No.49467017

It's a booty made of booty

>> No.49467043

Doubt it
The resistance of those wires is most likely lower than that of his body+Knife+Pliers

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Yes, global warming is a hoax. Has nothing to do with the proportional amount of funding, though.

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Hey it's that guy from the DnD movie...


It's not acting. The guy's really just that way?

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Huh, apparently your tagname follows you across boards. Interesting

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You must be new here.

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"Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood"


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>be GM
>roleplaying NPC-PC interactions
>player interrupts me in the middle of a sentence
>says some dumb-ass shit
>it sounds like something he would say in character, if a bit stupid
>respond appropriately
>"Nah it was just a jape bro"

I try to give people their "are you sure", but the least you guys can do is say something to the effect of "lemme say this out-of-character,,," or "O-O-C for a second..." It's not hard to signal when you're in- or out-of-character, that's what I did for years as a player.

>> No.49467780

I once read about a houserule where everything said out of character had to be accompanied by holding your hands next to your head in antlers formation.

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>Punisher 2099
Who knows?

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Well in this case it's actually emotionally painful for her since she's got to play and win through the least fun methods possible to get her dad out of debt.

>> No.49468335

What's it from

>> No.49468532

What's it like, being an archaeologist?

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please title this

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