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Probably Old Links Too Edition

>Rules databases

>FAQ’s and Errata (outdated but official)

>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).

>Forgeworld Book index

> The Black Library

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First for true rulers of the galaxy.

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Continuing from last thread where it went unnoticed.

Can anyone tell me if this is a decent tourney list? Rules are only 1 CAD, no super heavies, and no gargantuan creatures.

Necron CAD: 1849 points

Overlord; void reaper and phase shifter : 135
Cryptek; Chronometron, Staff of light: 90

5 Lychguard; Dispersion shields and powerswords, Night Scythe transport: 280
5 Triarch Praetorians; Rods of the covenant: 140
Triarch Stalker; Twin-linked gauss cannon: 135

5 Immortals; Tesla carbines: 85
10 Warriors; Ghost ark transport: 235
20 warriors: 260

3 Canoptek wraiths; Whip coils: 129
5 Canoptek scarabs: 100
3 Tomb blades; shield vanes: 60

Monolith: 200

The plan is to put the Lychguard and overlord in the nightscythe, run them to the enemy, survive a turn of shooting with 3++ and start wreaking havoc with the void reaper. My cryptek will stay with the 20 man blob to give them some sweet support and walk up with the stalker and gark to give them +1 bs and some healing should they need it. The praetorians and wraiths will keep the enemy from focusing on the blobs and the scarabs will try to eat any vehicles the blob doesn't want to shoot at. The monolith will move up on the side for some sweet artillery and to be generally pretty terrifying.

Good list or complete shit? I'm pretty terrible with list building

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Yes, it's the decryption error one without Traitors hate, angels blade, killteam or deathwatch.

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Let's settle this.

WHICH ARMY HAS THE BIGGEST BASE OF WHINERS!? Justified or not, who bitches the most?


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why are nipple marines their own codex?

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>Orks are a melee race

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Monolith is not so good, I'd replace it with a doomsday ark or annihiliation barge if you want some fire support.

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If I don't have any of those would it be better to keep it or fill the list out with more boys?

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Do any of you faggots even own armies?

I doubt anyone in this thread even has 2000pts+ of models to show from their collection.

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5k orks, 2k csm/demons 1500 aspectdar

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Dug through my history, found the link with the new epubs


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Also, in return if someone could either render those into pdfs or give me an epub viewer than didn't look like tiny unreadable garbage I'd be most thankful.

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Readium-PC, Kobo-Android

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Making a Death Company list, how did I do?

I'm trying to make each squad capable of taking on any type of enemy I might encounter. Outside of the Dread and the Stormraven, the only way to get melta into the army is through inferno pistols.

Lost Brotherhood Strike Force 1850 Points

Death Company Command – 250 Points

Death Company Chaplain – Jump Pack, Crozius, Inferno Pistol

Death Company Chaplain – Jump Pack, Crozius, Inferno Pistol

Death Company Strike Force

Death Company Chaplain – Jump Pack, Gilded Crozius, Reliquary Armor, Inferno Pistol
180 Points

Death Company Squad – 10 Marines, Jump Packs, 2 Inferno Pistols, 3 Power fists
335 Points

Death Company Squad – 10 Marines, Jump Packs, 2 Inferno Pistols, 3 Power fists
335 Points

Death Company Squad – 10 Marines, Jump Packs, 2 Inferno Pistols, 3 Power fists
335 Points

Death Company Dreadnought – Blood Talons, Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, Magna Grapple, Drop Pod
180 Points

Stormraven Gunship Dedicated Transport – Twin-linked Multi-melta, Twin-linked Assault Cannon, Hurricane Bolters, Extra Armor
235 Points

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More immortals, you have plenty of warriors for sitting on objectives.

Or a Spyder if you have one.

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"Because that's how they've always been" is the commonly accepted answer.

Its not like they couldn't be rolled back without major disruption. Angels of Death (and detachments/traits/relics for each chapter) makes it even less difficult

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is there a way to make that work with a two-page view? single pages on a widescreen monitor looks bleh

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Dunno, i have a second "portrait" screen for reading, browsing and spread sheets.

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Would it be better to have 1 squad of 10 or 2 squads of 5 with each having a different gun?

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I have a really old picture of most of my Marine company, none of it painted as it was in the process of being stripped down.

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Buy an e-reader second hand cheap

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Every time I've tried to use the option with a 40k epub it doesn't work, though. Am I crazy? Or retarded?

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i got 4k or so of daemons. i'm about done with the army now as far as buying goes. painting wise i have a good deal to go, but now i'm a bit better and it's tempting to do touchups. oh and everything needs to be sealed

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But no Pics?

Good luck with the work load, what chapter are you going with.

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That's one Thicc Necron.

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Ultramarines 4th, the Crusader has the FW doors, might be hard to notice with the garbage quality. Will continue with them after college.

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I think the ripping strips the code line that make two page spread an option

>But no Pics?
I keep my minis at the club unless I'm working on them.

They're a bitch to haul around in a bike.

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>I think the ripping strips the code line that make two page spread an option
Well, damn. At least the GW e-books actually have book formatting now instead of the hot garbage they shit out at the end of 6th/start of 7th edition (SoB "codex" for example).

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1 squad of 10, all gauss blasters.

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From /toy/ with love

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is it just me or does always have high quality shots and sets?

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Making a 500 pts list with some fluff
Librarian with a 5 man tactical squad in a rhino, and a skitarii battle dominus maniple

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/tg/ approved.

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>That servo skull


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Imagine if we had legit 40k lego

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>40k lego
>needing specific sets of lego to make anything

No fucking imagination anymore. We had plain blocks and we liked it.

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Well we could stop complaining about the prices of GW stuff then I suppose.

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Just did a count of my orks.

100 slugga boyz 600
70 shoota boys 490
70 gretchin 210
45 lootas 630
35 nobz 700
25 flash gits 550
17 bikers 306
10 kommandoes 100
10 tankbustas 150
7 killa kan 245
6 mek gunz 72
5 stormboyz 45
3 buggy 105
3 warboss 180
3 big mek 105
2 dakkajet 220
2 looted tank 130
2 trukk 70
2 battle waggon 220
1 deff dredd 80
1 mega dredd 195
1 meka dredd 175
1 stompa 770
1 ghazgkull 225
1 badrukk 110
1 wierdboy 45

Totals to: 6728

And I've more shit coming.
For the Hoard!

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Well shit it seems as though I've misplaced 6 of my black knights.

The whole army is still a WiP since work has been crazy the last few months.

I was going to add an MSU Lions Blade with Razorbacks to my collection but since games slowed down I didn't bother dropping the cash to add more to my WiPile.

Seriously where the fuck are my other 6 Black Knights

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>Seriously where the fuck are my other 6 Black Knights

They ran away to hide in shame

>> No.49452871

I for one welcome our new proletarian overlords

>> No.49452890

Can't take a picture right now, so have a year old one, most everything is painted now and not pictured is one hierophant (from chinaman)
A list since it's hard to see what's going on
2x flyrants
1x Swarmlord
1x Tervigon
1x Zoanthrope
15x Genestealers
1x Broodlord
60x Hormagaunts
40x Termagants
12x Warriors
21x Rippers
3x Raveners
2x Trygon/Mawloc
1x Exocrine (missing his head)
1x Hierophant

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Kids got their hands on em?

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On the contrary, it is you who is missing something: evidence.
All forms of the machine cult, including the dark mech, are hoarders of technology, not likely to share it. Moreover, there is no evidence that the dark mech ever perfected graviton to become grav weaponry. Unless you can provide evidence they did, there is no reason for CSM have the option to take grav because they have no widespread access to it.

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Forgot pic

>> No.49452916

better dead than nid

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>> No.49452934

Oh and one Carnifex

>> No.49452939


>1 mega dredd
>1 meka dredd
>7 killa kan
>1 deff dredd

I look forward to the day they throw things like that in the Troops section and quit cluttering up Heavy Support like they do.

>> No.49452951

Coincidentally a package just showed up for 6 black knights from Russia...

>> No.49452956

I'll be honest with you guys, I'm really considering buying into Genestealer Cults.

Any reason why I shouldn't?

>> No.49452967

Good meme friend

>> No.49452968

You want mega dredd troops?

>> No.49452979

Hmm I think in wanna loot that vehicle.

>> No.49452989

>Doesn't include my pic with the blue marines

>> No.49452995

They look like ass and xenos made them retarded

>> No.49453008

Why does GW hate the Blood Angels?
We waited two years for an update and when it finally came it was worse than the Chaos book.
I like it in terms of fluff and some of the crunch is good but the Demi Company was phoned in and several things were not updated, our Vanguard Veterans being particularly awful still.

It really feels like someone at GW has it out for us.

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>Do any of you faggots even own armies?
Of course.
Ive got about 2500 points worth of marines, and 2100 points worth of crons.
I'd post pics, but I'm currently on a buisness trip with no access to my models or pics of them.

>> No.49453014

So I just went onto Lexicanum for the first time in a while and see that

a) it's now owned by BoLS
b) the sign for English has an American flag next to it which triggers me

Why do they have to ruin everything...

>> No.49453020

Well they weren't trying to take my car, I just checked. If anyone in my army needs to hide in shame its the Deathwing Knights.

None yet, and my only pets are in a cage. Actually looking everywhere now and can't seem to find them. Its been over a month since my last game so I hope they arent gone forever.

Yeah if I can't find them I am sure I will go the China Route which sucks because the ones I misplaced were almost all done and painted.

>> No.49453022

>We waited two years for an update and when it finally came it was worse than the Chaos book.
No, no it's not. In any way shape or form.

>> No.49453023

I'm new to 40k and to my knowledge it is looked down upon to not paint your minis. THAT IS A INSANE AMOUNT OF UNPAINTED ORKS!

>> No.49453024

The point being there was no blue paint on the original badly painted IG.

>> No.49453033

Not really, accept the warmth of the Hive Mind into your heart my son.

>> No.49453035

Still no PDF version of Angel's Blade?

>> No.49453036

Same, if the cults get access to most Leman Russ variants then Im just going to buy some HQs, some cultists an mix all my genestealers and russes into a genestealer cult.

>> No.49453037

>b) the sign for English has an American flag next to it which triggers me
As it should be. One day all pathetic yuropoors shall be rendered irrelevant.

>> No.49453038

>they look like ass

No, fuck you, they look great, you have terrible taste.

>> No.49453050

>bangles players still whinning
>while deldar, nids, orks and csm still exist
>even after getting the better book in a CHAOS campaign

>> No.49453051

Free VotLW and ObSec on your core choice is worse than the Red Thirst and Sons of Sanguinius?

Fuck you.

>> No.49453052

Its way better than the chaos book. Its just not anything special.

BA, like a lot of other books too, needs to complete overhaul not a polish on the turd.

>> No.49453074

/tg/ exaggerates that, I've had 5 various flgs with moving around a fair amount and they've all been okay with any amount of unpainted shit provided some painting was been done over time.

>> No.49453075

Right that's it. Take that cargo ship with next months releases on back to Liverpool.

>> No.49453076

At least Chaos' core choice is much better than the BA Demi Company.

>> No.49453078

On top of >>49452840 i have well over 2k+ Necrons that I still havent been able to get rid of.

No good picture of them, they just gather dust on my shelf.

>> No.49453090

Still haven't made one? Wow, you're a piece of shit, huh?

>> No.49453093

He wouldn't be a CSM player if he didn't whine at every opportunity.

>> No.49453094

I buy used lots, most of the work is still stripping shit.

Stil haven't picked a colour scheme so can't start priming yet.

>> No.49453107

>metallic vehicles

>> No.49453112

Assault from deep strike termies
Everyone already has ATSKNF so free VoTLW is a meaningless comparison.

>> No.49453113

Well that's sad, pretty sure I saw you on /wip/ a couple of months ago, why'd you abandon your crons?

>> No.49453134

Nearly done on my start collecting box! What should I work on next? I'm thinking I want to expand with a second melta squad, a plasma squad, and a valkyrie.

...also, are valks better with missiles, rocket pods, multi lasers, or lascannons?

>> No.49453137

Not even a CSM player. Vannila marines actually. But the statement that tratiors hate is better than angles blade is completely wrong.

>> No.49453138

looks like some kind of double barreled turret in the background

an alt build for the truck?

>> No.49453153

You do have to admit that calling Angel's Blade better than Traitor's Hate is retarded. Also calling out CSMs when >>49453008 is whinier than any CSM I have ever encountered is absolutely ridiculous.

>> No.49453159

At work. Just started 40K about 2 months ago. So far I have a 735 pt. IG Army. I'm at work so no current pic.
x1 Lord Commissar
x2 Veteran Grenadier Squad + Meltas + Autocannon
x1 Kasrkin Stormtrooper + Grenade Launchers (subject to change.)
x1 Vanquisher + Multi Melta Sponsers, Lascannon
x1 Valkyrie + Missle Pod + Lascannon

>> No.49453170

Cleaned up version.

>> No.49453176

I tend to go multi-laser+pods, the missiles being ordnance means that you're snapfiring everything else if you fire them.

>> No.49453181

Rocket pod + multilaser, heavy bolter sponsons if you're feeling generous. The missiles are effectively a one use krak missile with tank hunter that makes you snap shoot everything else, and suck balls. The lascannon doesn't synergize with any of its other weapons.

>> No.49453183


Yes actually.

Troops or Elites.

But Troops if they could be slotted there.

>> No.49453185

Yeah LD 9 and Hatred ARMIES OF THE IMPERIUM (more than half of the existing armies) is really useless.

Also Chaos got its own Assault from Deepstrike Formation so why are you complaining?

>> No.49453187

>implying we couldn't then complain about Lego's prices

>> No.49453196

Im >>49453159
I went with rocket pod because I can do pic related with it.

>> No.49453207

they are gay

>> No.49453217

Yeah the lot is no where close to painted. That said it does have a ton of metallics in its scheme. They are all primed with the Army Painter Platemail. Here is a WiP pic of the Doom/Night Scythe that is further along.

>why'd you abandon your crons?
You probably saw my friend who was going to buy them off me. I was letting him play and paint them but then he changed his mind and went to Ad Mech instead.

Necrons aren't my playstyle and I dont enjoy their fluff so I had hoped to reinvest whatever I got for them into a Lions Blade for my Dark Angel's. I've tried to set up a couple trades online that never come through. It is closer to 3k than two and I wanted [email protected] and ~6 razorbacks/rhinos so I could at least be on my way to the battle company.

>> No.49453226

>Also Chaos got its own Assault from Deepstrike Formation so why are you complaining?
I'm not complaining. I'm not a CSM player, so I have no reason to complain. I'm just pointing out you're an idiot.
Also, yes CSM did get their own assault from deep strike formation, which is objectively worse than the BA one. Also, hatred imperium is sure helpful vs eldar, tau, crons, daemons, etc, right?

>> No.49453227

Oh shit that's actually a pretty cool scheme, Anon.

>> No.49453231

Post pics from games you've played recently

>> No.49453242

Assault from Deep Strike with no way to control when they come in, if they'll mishap, and is on 2A no AP models. Yeah, real helpful.

(Taking warp talons in a raptor talon is retarded because they still don't have grenades).

>> No.49453253

>mfw I wish to start a cult but I can't pick up a 3rd army since the other 2 are still WIP

>> No.49453263

How did you get that smoke effect?!!?

>> No.49453270

Oh yeah. Ordinance. Bleh. Okay cool.

Wish there were vendettas and vultures in the tempestus Codex. The vendetta especially would be superior for the command squad. Does GW suddenly hate including them because forgeworld bits?

I really like the air cav formation but pure valkyries is required.

>> No.49453284

If I had to guess, metal wire in the center, then push foam onto it, then glue the rocket to the end of it.

>> No.49453285

I'd guess, steel wire core then that shit used to make model trees and bushes.

>> No.49453289

>he didn't buy overkill and start two new armies at once because fuck limiting your potential projects

>> No.49453290

There does seem to be a gradual move to again not including options that there is no GW kit for. Pretty sure the DW Razorback has less options than the Vanilla one.

>> No.49453296

Anon that is 200% totally sick

>> No.49453315

>Oh shit that's actually a pretty cool scheme, Anon.
Thanks I thought it looked cool too. The Necrons got a blue glaze on them so they look almost metallic blue.

>> No.49453349


>> No.49453358

Nice. And that anon's a fucking idiot.

>> No.49453364

>>49453284 >>49453285
Brass Wire with clump flock superglued to it, and then a 50/50 water/pvc glue mix coated to add ridgedness and form everything together.

>> No.49453373

What a soothing purple hue.

>> No.49453407

5k of SM
4k CSM
5k Daemons
3 knights
3k HH Death Guard
1.5k renegades of vraks

And pic related wip. Someone stop me

>> No.49453414

Any comments or advice?

>> No.49453419

Why did I say PVC? PVA is what I meant.

>> No.49453448

Are there any standardized guides/agreed upon methods for calculating the specific points value of any given rule/model? I ask because I've been making rules for the various '/tg/ Heresy' primarchs and legions. I'm balancing things as well as possible, but I'd like a more concrete system than the guesswork I'm doing now.

(Also just for the record, I realize how it's nearly impossible to calculate the actual points value of command benefits because of how much the size of games can vary, I'm more looking for a guide for calculating gear value, armor perk value, etc).

>> No.49453450

maybe downgrade a few fists to power mauls, the range on those melta pistols is really small but since you have a lot of 12" you should get a chance to use them; get to playing and see how it does

>> No.49453503

not really, but i would start by comparing the common types. meq and geq are costed the same among the books

>> No.49453506

I'm 99% positive GW themselves have said they don't have a formula for points costs.

>> No.49453526

There was at a time, tough GW has moves away from it by attaching special rules, army rules and whatnot.

>> No.49453560

I'd be careful of mixing your shooty bits with melee ones, since you end up risking the shooty guys in a melee where they aren't helping and if you want the buffs from Jump Packs you can't get 12" move range. That's something you really need with inferno pistols.

>> No.49453573

That's largely what I've been doing, comparing the costs of various things throughout the codices to come up with trends of cost, IE 5 points per extra point of strength on a weapon, 15 points for AP3, 30 points for AP2, special rules like Blind, Concussive, etc costing 10 points on average.

The real hand ones to calculate are special rules like the ones the primarchs have. The fact that Horus costs the same in a 2000 point army as he does in a 4000 point army, despite the fact that his command benefits are applying to (roughly) double the number of models.

Looking at forgeworld's rules, it looks like they balanced the primarchs' point costs against a 2500-3000 point army, so that's what I've been using.

>> No.49453626

Any Chinamen doing Tau Orcas by any chance? Please?

>> No.49453667

Nope, sorry.

>> No.49453670

Im not a tau player, post a picture of what you are lookin for and I can tell you if I have seen it from the recasters I use.

>> No.49453674

I wish anon.

>> No.49453694

I have more but this is just my vanilla space marine stuff. Not even all of it, actually

>> No.49453731

Look at all that


>> No.49453733


Shoebox troop transport. Really cool model.

>> No.49453813

Are there any other chapters that has their heads far up their own ass and loving it as much as the Black Templars?

>> No.49453828

Nope, i only have about 1580 points worth of models started exactly today last year, that pic is pretty old about a month or so ago done complety new bases and painted all of them.

>> No.49453831

Space wolves, maybe? Possibly Ultramarines, depending on who's writing them.

>> No.49453834


Any of them doing the Thunderhawk Transporter?

>> No.49453836

>Not Mantas

>> No.49453839

>heads up their own ass
How so?

>> No.49453841

That picture is so blurry, it looks like you put a watercolour filter over it.

>> No.49453876

Not him but how in the hell is that blurry? You might seriously want to get your eyes checked

>> No.49453884

Got raped second game ever

>> No.49453894

We are the Emperors chosen, we alone hear his voice, we carry his will as no primarch ever did.
Out cause is Justice, our actions are Law and all who would gainsay are heretics and taitors.

>> No.49453912

The light makes it look kinda wierd from what i noticed, but not really blurry

>> No.49453917


Its neat, but I prefer the landing craft to the battleship.

>> No.49453925

The camera seems to have a hard time defining crisp edges.

>> No.49453930

Guess that might be what it is.

>> No.49453932

Seeing as everyone who just got a bunch of new loot seems to be moaning about it, I shall join in. As Admech are part of the Blood Angel alliance to fight Chaos (according to the blurb on Angels Blade) couldn't we have got a transport or maybe a new formation for Deep Strike? I love my army, but I need some METAL BAWKSES for my metal men. Almost the only thing I don't like about them is mobility and durability on my Vanguard and Kataphron.

>> No.49453946


Stompa is mean when you use it right.

>> No.49453960

Kustom Stompa is only stompa

>> No.49453975

>We are the Emperors chosen
Technically not incorrect

>we alone hear his voice

For a long time they were the only canon secularists in 40k and are the only "chapter" continuing the great crusade.

>we carry his will as no primarch ever did.

>10,000 years of purging non humans and traitors from the emperors galaxy
>primarchs all died or betrayed him at like 300 years

>Out cause is Justice, our actions are Law and all who would gainsay are heretics and taitors.

Nothing wrong with this except spelling.

>> No.49453995

And I do know that it wouldn't be in the AB or TH books, but maybe a dataslate? Something like a converted Rhino or Drop pod to hold expendable Skitarii, so less guns, three fire points on the rhino or some autohits on landing for the drop pod to represent the less durable Skitarii being bashed around? I'm fine with it being expensive, don't want a reprise of Flesh Tearers taxi service.

>> No.49454028



>> No.49454068

actually i heard at my local gw the other month 4 sisters players showed up all at once on a sunday while hardly anyone has faced daemons

>> No.49454070

>transporting, playing and mounting a 28 pound model that you need to store in the garage
For what purpose

>> No.49454075

Vulcan was at the second siege of Ullanor, the the BT got tired of waiting, assaulted without a plan or consulting the coincil or chapter master, forcing the rest of the last wall to follow them into the trap or let them die alone.

>> No.49454080

Okay so Genestealers can loot vehicles, have good cheap Melee troops, an open topped vehicle and industrial equipment like saws and drills.

How does it feel to have a half decent Ork codex on the way in?

>> No.49454106

they are angry and do stupid things =/= heads up own ass

>> No.49454107


Yeah, Definitely two barrels, looks like a zoomed in version of the truck but with a bigger gun, different weapon option?

>> No.49454113

Tried to clean this up, looks like another new hybrid varient in a welding mask

>> No.49454126

And a industrial saw

>> No.49454169

So considering we've seen this vehicle AND the one in the trailer, is it a double kit?

>> No.49454170


I meant the one in the background but yes, big industrial saw too

>> No.49454172


probably those meta-morph shits

>> No.49454191

Maybe a armoured and open topped version

>> No.49454192


probably just an alt gun, or thats the only gun and the profile shot just fucked up our view of the thing

>> No.49454193

It actually bodes well for Orks.

>> No.49454222

I assume that's for the 3 armed industrial laser type dude from the Overkill box. So they have a choice between a ranged and close combat weapon.

>> No.49454228


Well the regular Stompa is okay depending on what you're fighting.

Like against the older Super-Heavies and Gargantuan Creatures like the War Hound, Revenant and Brass Scorpion it can pull it's weight admirably.

It's just in the new day and age of Knights and other Super-Heavies that hit just as hard at half it's cost that it runs into issues.

> Kustom Stompa

Is now the grain that all Stompas are measured up to.

Unsurprisingly, the only other two Stompas pale in comparison to it.

>> No.49454230


wait nevermind, just got a good look at the trailer truck, its much better armoured.


>> No.49454239


It's a redneck assault buggy with two double barrel shotguns

>> No.49454243


I'm going to spend so much fucking money...

>> No.49454257

Me too.

And this is before they show us the new flyer.

>> No.49454279


It certainly sets a precedent for taking vehicles from other groups and using them by just adding an upgrade sprue to them.

maybe they can do that for a bunch of imperium equipment so orks can have knockoff versions of mediocre equipment for a higher price than the original


>> No.49454302


If there is a limited edition codex, which I suspect there will be... It'll sell out so fucking fast.

On the facebooks it's the older guyer wigging out over this (and others but it's noticeable) some people have literally been waiting 22+ years for this... those guys have disposable income

>> No.49454312


>> No.49454384

How about that infantry guy above the vehicle? Never seen that silhouette

>> No.49454405


>inb4 this is the second coming of the imperial knight craze

>inb4 geedubs makes twice the money they were expecting from this

>inb4 genestealer cults get a codex in 8th before CSM

>> No.49454425


yeah now that you mention it, he's got some weird ass collar around his throat

>> No.49454454

is giving all your TWC powerfist/stormshield a bad idea? because im going to do it

>> No.49454457

>8th before CSM

Traitors hate isn't a codex?

>> No.49454477

Better to take a few TH/SS to suck hits and then wolfclaws to let tem hit lots, fast and with rerolls.

>> No.49454478

Stormshield? Nope. Powerfist? Yes.

>> No.49454488

>Using TWC

>> No.49454494

Right? You don't think, that sweet collar gives him Synapse?

>> No.49454496

It's a supplement.
Unusable without the parent CSM dex.

>> No.49454521

im going to use some wulfen arms on some of them for extra wolf.
sure its a ton of points but it means they can rape anything to death

>> No.49454527

Requesting Ork version with randomization, redundancy and being fired up as key points.

>> No.49454544

Give me a quick rundown on orks being fired up.

I am not privy to the meme

>> No.49454592

How long did it took for the Imperium to utterly twist the whole Imperial Truth and science into the Imperial Cult?

>> No.49454597

Someone on the FAQ why Orks hit themselves at strength 4 despite being strength 3 because it makes no sense.
The answer was "they're really fired up!"

>> No.49454608

>Daily reminder of where your space marines came from.

>> No.49454609

Orks hit at s3 normally, s4 when charging, when they fail psychology they hit eachother at s4, GW FAQ stated it was working as intended because "they're really fired up".

So they hurt themselves better than they hurt the enemy.

>> No.49454613


>> No.49454625

Please don't pollute with wigger trash.

>> No.49454672

not my husbando

>> No.49454682

orks are wigger trash so it fits

>> No.49454684


>because it makes no sense

After reading about how the Kustom Force Field works in relation to taking hits and rolling saves, I was under the impression you were doing something wrong if you expected anything in 40k to make sense.

I thought this game was based on things being non-sensible?

>> No.49454689

Give me a formation based on this picture.

>> No.49454693


What's the purpose of this? It's not like it's an insult or something.

Also probably things like Starship Troopers.

>> No.49454700

>fuck aiming, just pose and fire in random directions, men!

>> No.49454704

I sense meme potential

>> No.49454718

Can someone explain to me what 6:30 to 6:40 means?
I mean, english is not my main language, but the whole sentence is kinda weird.
What's the deal with spitting back at the word and accusations? Some reference to Monarchia or an older way of expression?

>> No.49454724

Right after the Horus Heresy.

In The Beast series, there's an Iron Warrior who mocks his ex-friend who became a Black Templars Dreadnought for doing just what the Heresy was all about, and who's only retort is that he has seen the light of the Emperor's Divinity, and that He must have not told us for a reason.

>> No.49454728

I've got some 10k CSM (I think, I haven't tallied up my post-Traitor's Hate purchases).
2k AdMech
3k Tau
2k Necrons
2.5k Renegades

Only half of the CSM and Reneagdes are painted. The rest I'm probably going to pay a buddy to paint after I get my tax return.[/spoiller]

>> No.49454729

you're a month late anon

>> No.49454741

Deathwatch "Caestus" Kill Team
1-5 Commissars, at least one with power fist
Deathwatch Veterans
0-1 Chaplain
All form a single unit
"Be just and fear not": The entire team doubles their attack characteristics if they've suffered a wound, this stays for the rest of the game.

>> No.49454773


I think it's implying that the Word Bearers were, at some point, accused of lacking devotion to a religious cause and their quest to obtain it was the very thing that lead to their corruption.

I believe it refers to the events before the Heresy concerning Lorgar.

>> No.49454782

Righteous Faith:
1-2 Commissars or Lord Commissars
1-4 Chaplains from Codex: Space Marines, Codex: Dark Angels

Be Just and Fear Not:
All friendly units within 36" have Fear, Fearless, and Zealot, as well as reroll failed charge rolls, and reroll ones to hit in close combat.

How's this?

>> No.49454803

Needs moar barges and warriors.

>> No.49454805

I love it when people make a reference to that plot point with the Heresy. Though it makes me question exactly how they know the Word Bearers started it and not Horus.

My personal favorite was during a Grey Knight novel, where an inquisitor is introducing himself to Bjorn and mentions the God Emperor. Then Bjorn says something like:
>God Emperor? Calling him a god is what started this mess.

Again, makes me wonder how he even knows that, but it is a fun little detail.

>> No.49454812

Only 50 years later, sonny. But a fine choice too.

>> No.49454814

I lost embarrassingly hard against ORKS on Sunday. In my defense, it was the first time I'd played since 5th edition, but still, it hurt. The game was called after the turn 3 because all I had left was a grounded Lord of Change getting triple charged, and a Daemon Prince with one wound.

How do I into Daemons? Specifically Tzeentch? Everything I read was like "Yea just summon a bunch of shit! Get a bunch of horrors! It's cheesy op!" but I tried that, and I just couldn't get enough bodies on the table for a bunch of units banking on a 5+ save.

I don't really want to abandon the after finally finding a place to play, but fuck man that was just painful.

>> No.49454826

I wasn't directly quoting it, the exact qoutes a bit different, but you get the gist of it.

>> No.49454828

2500 in imperium (sisters knights assassins and inquisition)
5000 in csm/heresy guard
3000 in daemons.

>> No.49454841


>"36 inches fearless zealot better 'ere we go better hatred for 115 points

try 12", then its balanced

>> No.49454864

>Yes, techpriest?
>What does a Warlord need a gigantic power fist for?
>When the time comes, we'll know.

>> No.49454878


You might want to look into some formations and some of the Forge World options.

Forgeworld wise, I believe there is a Nurgle Daemon Prince that is part of the ruin storm that raises all Invulnerable to +1 or something.

>> No.49454886

Punching other Titan sized things and smashing huge structures and walls.

>> No.49454891

I'd be okay with that.

>> No.49454902

Adobe digital edition

>> No.49454908

If a lord of skulls, stompa, or ffs a dual melee knigh gets into you and all you have is a single S10 attack, then you will know what it is for.

>> No.49454910


I own roughly 2k worth of Sisters.

Not shown are 5 immolators and 2 exorcists.

>> No.49454911 [SPOILER] 



*incredibly jealous

>> No.49454939


they have the D by default.

>> No.49454964


I think any techpriest that asks that has clearly never seen an enemy Titan class threat before.

>> No.49454977

They have 3 S:D attacks base.
Their strength is litteraly S:D

>> No.49455026


I did look at them, actually, and I am actually surprisingly close to being able to field a Warpflame host. Really, another box of horrors and some flamers will do it. If I wanted, I could actually do it if I use some of my old Dryads. Keep in mind that Horrors comprise the majority of my daemons (almost 40. Some got lost somewhere). The only things that aren't decidedly Tzeentch are my Princes.

The other formations require so many more models, or at least the ones from WZ: Fenris.

>> No.49455027

Is that a pic of that one Farseer who got his hand chopped off by Imotek or is that supposed to be something different? It would be weird for a Necron weapon to spill blood like that after-all.

>> No.49455037


yes, yes it is

>> No.49455041


Don't a lot of the threats they'd be swinging against have equal or higher weapon skill and a higher number of attacks?

I recall there being at least one Ork Stompa variant that gets as many as 10 Destroyer attacks in melee and Khorne super-heavies that can get even more.

>> No.49455056

actually those sold pretty well, so they either sold a bunch or enough. i believe a few clubs bought them rather then individuals

because everything wants to punch you in the face, gotta be ready.

ohh it's the tzeentch anon, finally got in a game eh? for tzeentch you might wanna get some flamers and screamers in there to avoid getting beat. if you're summoning you'll want some fighters


>> No.49455075

Where's the information about the various Scion regiments located?

>> No.49455082


I believe Necron weapons aren't as cauterizing as they're made out to be at times.

In Dawn of War they spill blood and I believe in the books they're depicted as doing such as well.

I believe in the novel Night Bringer when the Star God in question sheered off an Ultarmarine's hand, it wasn't exactly clean.

Deathmark weapons also cause one to bleed from various orifices of the face, but that is unrelated I suppose.

>> No.49455159

Doesn't matter. GCs and SHW only hit the warlord on a 5+ no matter what, everything else only hits on a 6.
Plus, it has a 5++ save, can never be locked in assault, has 6 void sheilds and 30 HP, is immune to haywire and psykic attacks and has AV 15. Oh, and it's stomp is a 5" large blast.
Warlord battle titan doesn't afraid of nothing

>> No.49455206


>Warlord battle titan doesn't afraid of nothing

Did they ever fix that bit in the list of things that hit it on a 5+ that didn't include Walkers?

I found it odd Super-Heavy Walkers hit on a 5+, but regular Walkers didn't have that penalty.

>> No.49455219 [SPOILER] 

[Spoiler]Anon's what paint do you see?

>> No.49455224


>2k points

[laughs in gasmask]

>> No.49455238


that purple is awesome, dude. Your army is going to be amazing.

>> No.49455240

No, actually.
I forgot about that.
I guess that makes dreadnoughts the king of all warhammer units, right?

>> No.49455284

>In Dawn of War

>> No.49455286


>> No.49455297

Looks like creeds tactical genius has hidden the blue paint

>> No.49455300

>dawn of war

>> No.49455304


>> No.49455313

Warlord Titans can only be hit on 5+ in melee if their opponent is SHW/Gargantuan (6+ for others). Also Warlord Titans cannot be locked in combat so he can just step back and blast their assailant to smithereens.

>> No.49455315

Hey guys, is there a place I can find the last Grey Knights codex... in Spanish? Friend of mine want to know more, but sadly he's not versed in Low Got... English.

>> No.49455351

My Guard and DA the one's closest to the camera are mine.

>> No.49455396

I have about enough stuff now to run 2 to 2.5 k of my Grey Knights + their allies. Don't have a fully army pic yet though.

>> No.49455400


>> No.49455407

It's a problem if I build my chaos space marines killteam with loyalist models? I prefer the look of regular space marines

>> No.49455423

no, just paint them evil like

>> No.49455437

I don't have 2000 yet, but I plan on increasing my Tau collection. 36 Firewarriors, 2 Devilfishes, 2 Hammerheads, 1 R'varna, 24 Drones, 10 Crisis, 5 Tetras and 1 Commander for now.

>> No.49455438

Well to be fair they're Emperor's Children. Rape is kinda their thing.

>> No.49455481

Here's some of my fists and a Knight friend. More fists, assorted dangles, grey knights and ordo malleus, and those stormtroopers with the taurox here >>49453134

>> No.49455482



jesus christ

>> No.49455494

Make flash cards of all the units and how stuff works.

>> No.49455498

>War of Dawn

>> No.49455500

Well I used Kantor Blue for it so sorry anons if it's a little dark.

>> No.49455501


thats a pretty nice paint job anon

>> No.49455503


Oh man I forgot how great this game was.

>> No.49455524

please tell me you're being sarcastic

>> No.49455528

my dear god the wait for genestealer cults is fucking agonising

>> No.49455535

I've posted an even worse picture of that guy's Tau army on /tg/ before.
Imagine 1,500 points of grey,unpainted battlesuits anon. The horror is real.

>> No.49455537

2k points isn't really that much. I've got that in SM and I'd guess 2.5k DE.

>> No.49455538

its ok anon. we just need something to laugh at till the genestealer cults drop

>> No.49455541

warlord poster here. The certificate it came with listed it as number 414, and that was about a month ago now, so selling relatively well for the amount of time it's been out.
Rule of cool for me mostly. I considered the chances of anyone agreeing to a game in the first place and so grabbed it with a centerpiece in mind. Plus that fucking megabolter acting like a storm bolter does things to me

>> No.49455569

thanks man
f u, at least I try.

>> No.49455586

Where is your blue paint faggot?

>> No.49455597

Has anyone tried the heretic astartes psychic powers and if so are they any good?

>> No.49455609


its not fucking 'eavy metal standard and is in dire need of some edge highlighting but that doesn't mean its shit

the paint job is tidy and the layers are thin which shows that he gives a crap and the red panels help to make the grey knights stand out more

also the dread-knight conversions are pretty cool and help to make the model look less derpy, even if the shitty leg pose detracts from that somewhat

there is potential anon, dudes gonna be a great painter once he masters the highlight.

>> No.49455630


literally just look at peoples opinions of the adeptus astartes powers, they're the same powers

>> No.49455654

but we don't speak spanish either... just that guy

>> No.49455661 [SPOILER] 


heres your fucking blue paint faggot

Memes have went too far

>> No.49455698 [SPOILER] 

>this kills the necron

>> No.49455716

down the 4chan aisle at the memestore next to the frogs.

>> No.49455771

Looking real nice and cohesive, anon.

Now tell me your dreadknight cockpit method or Ill make it look like you killed me.

>> No.49455836

it's just greenstuff surrounding the guy. Banner from the grey knight terminator box replaces the legs, and pretty much all the other little bits from the dreadknight box.

>> No.49455848

I feel like this should be a captcha image

Select all the images with blue paint

>> No.49455861

Are vox casters worth it in a scions army? The range for orders seems pretty small for a very mobile and deep strike heavy force.

>> No.49455885

>Killing anything

>> No.49455897

Nice green stuffing there, bro. I want to try seeing as the dread is basically required to field gk's these days, but my GS skill is poor

>> No.49455902

Voxes generally aren't worth it, since it's just a re-roll.

In the old days, when the Guard thing was to use an officer's Ld. when within 12" of them, voxes allowed units to use an officer's Ld. outside of this range (provided the officer's unit had a vox). I hope future releases makes it so that units with vox casters can receive orders from officers in a unit with a vox.

>> No.49455911

They can't even kill themselves as well as some other regiments, like Valhallans.

>> No.49455913

it was my first time using greenstuff there anon. You got this.

>> No.49455922

I'd say no. Your command squad should probably only be ordering itself when it deepstrikes in with the 4 meltaguns.

>> No.49455931

On one hand the vox caster takes up a slot that could be using a special weapon, on the other hand your Tempestor Prime only has one order which is better taken advantage of by a ten man squad than a five man squad.

Really its not worth it unless you have ten man squads that you need to perform well

>> No.49455945

That's how I play mine anon. Just seems more fluffy to me.

>> No.49455956

What's blue and smells like red paint?
Blue Paint

>> No.49456049

No one in my group has played with those powers so I have no idea but okay.

I agree with what the other anon said and that is a nice paint job.

>> No.49456050

I've got 5k SoB and 3k Daemons RAW.

>> No.49456064


Yea, I'm the tzeentch anon. It was rough. I have my counts-as Exalted flamers on the way, and I think I'll be able to spend the cash to get a box of horros and 2 boxes of flamers, which would give me a full Flamehost. That's 4 Exlateds, 4 Horrors, and a unit of flamers with enough to exchange for another flamer.

For other units, I found 9 blood letters and an old metal Nurgle command squad, so not much there.

What should I get after the Warpflame host? Furies for the Decurion tax?

>> No.49456124

>What's blue and smells like red paint?
tau pussy

>> No.49456145

Furies are good units, I swear my slaanesh furies are some of the best assault troops I have.
They're cheap, fast and super killy.

Just make sure any enemy telepathy psykers don't find out they're ld 2.

>> No.49456148


>> No.49456156


>> No.49456173


Furies it is then. Though with my luck, they'll eat a warp storm on turn 1. Did I mention my first ever table roll was snake eyes?

Anyway, after that I might finally roll into grinders or branch into CSM or something.

>> No.49456175

A forgehost is pretty solid, stick them as daemon of nurgle for that sweet shrouded.

>> No.49456195

>Heavy Artillery Carriages

Oh, nice, anon, thanks. Now I need to change my pants.

>> No.49456207 [SPOILER] 

Just wait til' you see this pimped out ride.

>> No.49456208

yeah offensive witchfires aren't that hot, more so tzeentch. furies are cheap, but eh. the burning skyhost is competitive though a daemon prince or lord of change/fateweaver would be easier on the wallet. personally i like the slaanesh chariot & seeker formation but i'm mostly slaanesh (also those extra hammer of wrath hits


they're cheap, but i wouldn't call them good at anything but catching bullets

i once gave myself -1 invul turn 2 right when i was about to launch an amazing assault into the tau

>> No.49456262

Ill probably have one big ten man plasma squad at least. I was thinking two msu melta teams, that, and the command squad with two volleyguns and the medic. Was gonna do voxes but maybe not anymore. I wanna use valkyries so I'll probably be spread out a bit.

Meltacide seems dicey for a precious order-giver

Yeah, I mean, that actually makes sense.

>> No.49456288

Only do 10 man squads with volley guns. That way they can all be effective at killing MEQ rather than just two dudes being able to shoot a tank.

>> No.49456296


I have a LoC and pair of Princes, actually, but I'm quite a ways off from a sky host. Like, might as well be 100%.
I think I expected a lot more from my psyker phase based on what I was told, and I probably managed my dice poorly. Not to mention, I wasn't sure what to take other than summoning on the LoC for Cursed Earth.

>> No.49456343

Get the models for the decurion. +/- 1 on the Warpstorm is a life-saver, especially with a reroll from Fateweaver. The +1 Strength combined with a Locus of Conjuration makes Flickering Fire not a massive waste of Warp Charge. Always try to get Cursed Earth up. 4++ (reroll 1's) is pretty durable for a "horde" army, and it can get pretty silly when the Warpstorm Table and the Tzeentch Warlord trait combine to give your entire army a rerollable 2++.

Make sure to spread your dudes out and hide one or two from each unit outside LoS so that your units can't be wiped out. A single Horror is as effective of a Psyker as a ten-man squad.

Tailor what you summon to what you need. Bloodletters make for good area denial from MEQ's, Flesh Hounds and Daemonettes are good for dropping behind cover and assaulting infantry, Screamers are good if you need to bust vehicles. Bloodthirsters and their variants are pretty much the best Possession target.

If you don't already have the models for summoning, I'd just skip it and go for more Tzeentch powers. The discipline is pretty great with an effective +2 strength.

>> No.49456370

>that screencap
Must've been babby's first colour theory class

>> No.49456382

I remember that.

He was right, you know.

>> No.49456383

Seems legit. Maybe Ill swap plasma into my command squad because medic box.

Im thinking I'll run something like a bastion with a comms, imperial fists technomancy librarian, tac and lascannon devastator squads, maybe a locator beacon pod of sternguard. Then augur relay taurox with the command team, valkyrie with a big scion squad, and two msu melta squads.

>> No.49456412

I dont have a complete photo on hand, all I got are some finished and WIP shots of my 2000 points of SW which remain half painted.

Im strongly debating whether or not to sell them all and start fresh considering i'm just not enthusiastic about the faction anymore

Ive got about $430 dollars worth of stuff msrp. Would $200 be a decent asking price for the lot?

>> No.49456475

>Meltacide seems dicey for a precious order-giver
they aren't that precious, and you're affecting four special weapons instead of just two with your singular order

Honestly, I wish they let scions take platoons in troops and gave the HQ command squads a senior officer-equivalent with a second order. Then they might be able to spread the (quite excellent) orders around, instead of just hoarding them on the dudes with the most non-lasgun weapons.

>> No.49456512

Except the sniper order.
Then you want 10 lasguns.

18" sniper best sniper

>> No.49456527

>Putting an Indomitus shoulder on a Cataphractii Iron Hands Iron Father

$200 sounds fine to me, be with +/- $20/30

>> No.49456542

right, but it's not as good as dropping four preferred enemy flame templates

>take eleven billion saves, please

>> No.49456552


Yea, I don't really have the plethora of extra models yet, so I guess I'll just avoid summoning for now. When I started daemons, summoning wasn't a thing, so I didn't exactly plan around needing 100 auxiliary models just in case.

One problem I had was that I forgot to run with a squad of summoned horrors and lost 9 to a goddamn grenade (luck was NOT on my side), so I get spreading them out. Never occurred to me that 1 horrors can do 20 horrors worth of work. I will definitely keep that in mind. That game though, I kinda got swarmed and flanked by a pair of trucks and a squad of koptas.

I'm trying to pad out the points for using the host at 1000 points, which is what we played. My Host formation is 810 points, and I think the only thing from the Decurion that will fit are furies.

>> No.49456560

Why is it heresy? Makes him fit the other Indomitus suits.

>> No.49456567

Because it's an entirely different armor mark?

>> No.49456569

this looks much better than the short n stubby Russ chassis. too much mud on the treads though.
and the flamers are really out of place.
what is it?
how do i get one?

>> No.49456570

Yeah, man. Everything about the scion Codex seems so unfinished. Like medic scions having pistols with no option to take a pistol.

Or no vendettas. Or progenium lord comissars being unable to give orders or deep strike, or no relics...
360 no scope.

>> No.49456639

>Or no vendettas.
Vendettas are shiiiit. Valkyries were fine without that add-on. I would have liked to see plastic vultures for them, however.

>or no relics
I don't mind that one. Kinda hammers home the "generic special forces army" the schola intends to create. No storied relics and bombastic characters. Just dudes with good gear and skills.

But yeah, no platoons (despite warlord traits mentioning them specifically), no more options for orders.. those sting. And I really like the codex.

>> No.49456660

It looks to me like a Malcador tank with it's turret
replaced with a Leman Russ Vanquisher turret.

>> No.49456733

>I took this huge picture just for you

Entire third company of raven guard, only thing not pictured is the company tech marine who is WIP.

>> No.49456748

Stealth Dreadnoughts!

>> No.49456817

>Ancient Rahm, entombed after a battle with hive fleet Leviathan.
>Brother Tesumah, entombed after fighting to the last holding a key objective against the World Eaters
Haven't had a marine do anu thing cool enough to share a name with the third....

>> No.49456917

That's the first I've ever heard smack talk about the vendetta and it pleases me, cause id rather stick with valk for money based reasons. Valks are cool as shit and air cav is something I've always wanted to do so I'm stoked. Painting my taurox with my tan scheme was ez pz too so this will be a welcome detour from yellow fists armor.

I know I said I wanna save money a second ago but I'm tempted to say screw the rules im fielding one anyway for sexy punisher cannon reasons.

>> No.49456940

so if I followed that mega link in the OP

would I save almost $100 in getting a rule book and two codexes?

>> No.49457033

Was making my own version of Egil Ironwolf and came across just the torso of the Iron Father kit on ebay for like 10 dollars.

So I slapped on the appropriate weapons and iconography, Indomitus arms and sholderpads ended up fitting on the model quite well, no cutting or greenstuff needed

>> No.49457345


I need to do another big shot like this to include the extra Battlewagon and Dakkajet, and some Tankbustas that have been added to the collection since then. Probably will have to wait until I finish the second Looted Wagon I'm working on.

I also have about 3000 points of Tyranids/Gene Cult that I haven't gotten around to doing a big picture of because it includes roughly 30 unpainted Genestealers.

>> No.49457363


Oh, and it has properly painted bases for everyone now instead of just the flyers and the lootas.

>> No.49457513

That thing is hideous in the most beautiful way.

>> No.49457710

I suppose it could be a vostroyan or valhallan variant of valkyrie compared to the standard apache-esque style.

>> No.49458048

No the FBI will come and arrest you

>> No.49458206

>tfw i have to be not-poor to play tabletops

i wish i wasn't black, mane

>> No.49458451

Thread archived, so I'll reply here.

He acknowledges /tg/ in Talon of Horus and Blood Reaver.

>> No.49458462

It's fine, download the codices you need. Better than playing with toy guns and getting shot by the po-po

>> No.49458481

I play Astra Militarum (1500pts currently of Cadians). However, this weekend a friend of mine is giving me a large number of Orks. 1 Battlewagon, 20 Boyz, 16 Grots with 1 Rutherd, 1 Painboy, 1 Battlewagon, 4 Nobz, 6 Killa Kans and 1 Flyer (I think it's the Blitza-Bomba). Never played Orks before, and I'm thinking about converting one of the Nobz into a Warboss just because I've played Dawn of War before getting into 40k and know that Orks need to be led by a Warboss. What else do I do with this army?

>> No.49458496

Recruit the orks into the astra militarium and indoctrinate them to serve the emperor and identify as ogryns

>> No.49458554

Or blood axe impersonators. When they die from T3, they're just playing dead from getting tagged like a good weak humie to avoid arousing suspicion.

>> No.49458564

Oh noes anon! somebody came and took everything, and left you 40k models

>> No.49458625

The blue/yellow, while clashing, fits well with the Orks.
>Warboss with the jacket
nows thats rit flashy

>> No.49458646

Bless your armageddon heart, that's a lot of camo, anon.

>>Knight Errant who tried really hard to give himself tactical aerial recon camouflage but couldn't resist a big yellow heraldic plate.

>> No.49458673


the fiend

>> No.49458754

The fact you used your MKVI shoulders with a MKVII helmet makes me sad.

>> No.49458827

I'm sorry, anon. I built and painted those marines at very different phases of skill level and sensibility over the last 7 years and Solidus Snakeus, master of imperial cqc, is definitely one of the older and goofier ones.

I'll be in the pain glove if you need me.

>> No.49458849

I think he looks badass. mixing marks of armor is a thing.

>> No.49458936

The only thing to be sad about is putting the bolted pad on the wrong shoulder.

>> No.49459016


I just wish he wouldn't use fucking auto primer on his minis.

>> No.49459033

Thanks, but I just realized from my image that I haven't based my centurions and that dreadnought and I've yet to paint a 15th marine, so I'm a hack and I have to go in the glove. You know how it is. Have a dorito I'm working on.
In my defense, I was lead astray by inconsistent and heretical artwork.

>> No.49459048

How hard would it be to turn Gargoyles into Chaos Furies? They're the ale price for twice as many models.

>> No.49459049

>Oh schizer
>Didn't realise the artillery battery would be this busy on a Sunday
>Where the fuck did I park my Basilisk

>> No.49459100

That's a sexy yellow too. I went with a weird alternate scheme for my 30k Fists, had to go with a darker yellow to fit (wip)


>> No.49459185

Neat. Cataphractii are a unit I desperately wish were relevant to Fist's 40k tactics, but twinlinked bolters in a twinlinked bolter army is disappointing.

BS5 twinlinked bolters on the other hand, that's another story.

>> No.49459193

No, all those lonely beakie heads without matching shoulder pads make me sad.

>> No.49459217

He's also a techmarine/iron priest. If they can wear artificer armour that doesn't look anything like your typical power armour, why can't they wear terminator armour that doesn't look anything like your typical (Indomitus) armour?

I made my Legion Forge Lord by mixing a whole host of terminator bits from Cataphatctii to Indomitus, GK, Tartaros, etc. Because I wanted them to have a suit that looked to regular terminators what the techmarine artificer armour looks to regular power armour marks.

>> No.49459266

I scavenged what I had to to get where I am today. The Emperor will judge me, anon. I sent 10-15 young marines to their untimely deaths in the early days of my company on an ill-advised venture to be built using suspiciously inexpensive breacher bits from a russian seller. I tried to save them, anon but by the end, they and their globby, glue warped, residue coated mutations were given the Emperor's peace.

>> No.49459278

>tfw our unit got assigned a Krieger Commissar

>> No.49459313


>> No.49459734

Aren't they 'geddons?

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