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Custodes Cleaned Up Our Links Edition

(Please provide up to date links to compile for the next thread.)

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Old Links I have been using forever:

>Rules databases

>FAQ’s and Errata (outdated but official)

>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).

>Forgeworld Book index

> The Black Library

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>Orks are a melee race!

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Rules database still broken and not getting past decrypting folder.

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still no angels blade ?

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i had the same roblem, but i solved it by logging in and then i pressed f5

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logg in to megaupload and then reload the page

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Two thread ago there was a link to a Mega without the upload error.

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Working rules mega

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Working rules mega, no login or decryption shit.

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So I'm playing traitor Guard just running regular Astra Militarum rules. Everywhere I check seems to be pretty certain that Guard psykers can summon Daemons, but I don't see how? I'm looking at their codex right now and it looks like Primaris and Wyrdvane psykers each can only draw from biomancy, pyromancy, telekinesis, and divination. No Daemonology.

So how can Guard psykers summon Daemons? Is it a separate book or what?

Thanks in advance! This is my first 40k army.

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Everyone can, you just suffer perils of the warp on ANY double.

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So just to clarify, Daemonology is available to all psykers, but they're just much more likely to suffer perils because it's not one of their listed powers?
Sorry if that's a dumb question but I am extremely new to the rules. When researching this I see people talking about psykana detachments and all that and I just have no idea what the fuck any of it means.

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Not everyone can summon Daemons. You need access to Daemonology: Malefic to be able to.

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Don't have my rulebook on me, but IIRC the 7e rulebook said all psykers can use Malefic Demonology even if this is not explicitly stated, in order to update all psykers without making new rules for all of them.

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All MEGA links decrypt. It's one of MEGA's plausible deniability tools.

For my own part the same link would sometimes work for me and sometimes not.

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Sorry, did I get you Really fired up!

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All psykers without an explicit rule saying that they don't perils on any double when casting sanctic or malefic demonology powers, it's an inbuilt part of the disciplines.

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In the main rulebook it explains that any army other than a select few can use daemonology.
Santic is anti-daemon and Malefic is daemon summoning.

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If you were in the loop you'd know there's been trouble with it being stuck in an infinite decryption loop on PC, unless you were logged into mega.

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Tyranids can't :^)

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Thanks! But still no deathwatch, kill team, traitor's hate or Angel's Blade

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I'd upload them if i could.

Well except angel's blade

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It's not a dumb question, it's unclear as fuck if you're trying to go by your codex.

All guard Psykers can cast on Malefic Daemonology (or Sanctic for that matter), but they Perils of the Warp on any roll of a double when casting.

The Psykana division that people talk about is a formation that consists of Wyrdvane Psykers and Commissars (I think 3 units of Wyrdvane, 1 Primaris and 1-3 Commissars, not exactly sure on the numbers). The Wyrdvane increase the Primaris' Mastery level by 1 for every 5 of them and cast on a 2+. If you get Perils, you can remove a Wyrdvane to negate its effects. This is very strong because it provides nearly zero-risk Daemon summoning. I would stress that this is not something you should play in a casual game, as you'll very quickly be summoning 300pts and upwards of daemons.

I hope that clarifies a few things.

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Is it odd that Orks have the most Titans and Titan variants of any faction, yet essentially only have access to three that are essentially the same type on the table?

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Too soon for angel's blade I guess

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Out of Rhino chassis, my meta does not use flayers in mass, one or two at most. Lots of terrain and LOS blocking stuff.

If someone has an idea how to fit 6 penitent I'm all ears.

+++ Furious Rose (1850pts) +++

++ Adepta Sororitas: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1850pts) ++

+ HQ (135pts) +

Saint Celestine (135pts)

+ Troops (740pts) +

Battle Sister Squad (220pts) [7x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer, Repressor [FW]]
··Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Flamer]

Battle Sister Squad (220pts) [7x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer, Repressor [FW]]
··Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Flamer]

Battle Sister Squad (150pts) [2x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer]
··Immolator [Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]
··Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Plasma]

Battle Sister Squad (150pts) [2x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer]
··Immolator [Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]
··Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Plasma]

+ Fast Attack (530pts) +

Dominion Squad (190pts) [4x Dominion with Meltagun]
··Dominion Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Melta]
··Immolator [Dozer Blade, Laud Hailer, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]

Dominion Squad (190pts) [4x Dominion with Meltagun]
··Dominion Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Melta]
··Immolator [Dozer Blade, Laud Hailer, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]

Seraphim Squad (150pts) [5x Seraphim, Seraphim with Two Hand Flamers, Seraphim with Two Hand Flamers]
··Seraphim Superior [Bolt Pistol, Bolt Pistol]

+ Heavy Support (445pts) +

Exorcist (125pts)

Penitent Engine Squadron (160pts) [Penitent Engine, Penitent Engine]

Penitent Engine Squadron (160pts) [Penitent Engine, Penitent Engine]

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Still not Angel's Blade, but it's costantly updated.

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I'm trying to convert some newer purchased 40k epub files to PDF for... reasons... but they crash out calibre, zanizar, and every other conversion software I've found. Editing the Epub file, Calibre detects numerous errors and CSS problems - but crashes out when I tell it to correct them. I've read that someone has made a custom app to help conversions but can't find any more info - can anyone offer some help?

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I have just gotten back from my first geedubs KT tournament. To put thing's lightly, I'm disappointed by how imbalanced the game is. I threw together a list of scouts and sternguard vets with Raptors, and somehow managed to table all of my opponents to win the tournament.

A few things to note. Bs5 heavy bolter and Relentless combi-grav sternguard are stupidly OP.

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No deathwatch kill team or traitors hate either

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Who would win in a fight between an unarmoured space marine and a Goomba in terminator armour?

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What weapons do each of them have? Can the Goomba Stomp?

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Isn't Goomba terminator armour just a Kuriboh's Boot?

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Is there a name for a Tau platoon? I know there's for squads and companies/brigades, but I've never heard about platoons.

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A draw. The goomba thinks touching the space marine will hurt him, but it just gives him an awkward feeling. The space marine on the other hand would never imagine that jumping on the goomba's head is the only way to kill it - and even if he did, he cannot jump that high without a jump pack.

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Cadre? I know nothing about Tau army organization.

>> No.49393732


Space marine is unarmed.

Goomba's armour has a storm Bolter and a power fist, but the Goomba does not in fact have arms.

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Hey /40kg/, I am seriously considering running the following silly list since I already have a lot of the models and wouldn't have to build that much stuff to be able to run it. The idea is that basically every single unit will either be jet or jump infantry or a skimmer. An entire army of Swooping Hawks, if you will (including Swooping Hawks: Angry Stabby Edition, Swooping Hawks: Vehicles GTFO Edtion, etc.). However, I ended up running out of points so the Lhamean will have to walk (I guess I could instead run the Warriors in a Raider to get around that).

My question is: would this be as fun________ as I expect, or would it be either OP or total crap? Would you play against it?

"Fuck Walking" - 996 pts
Primary Detachment: Eldar Corsairs CAD, 420 pts
>Prince (125) - Jet Pack, Shadow Field, Void Sabre, Seeker of Forbidden Pleasures
>Malevolent Band (115) - Jet Packs, Combat Drugs
>Reaver Band (85) - Jet Packs, 3x CCW/Brace of Pistols, 2x Flamer
>Reaver Band (85) - Jet Packs, 3x CCW/Brace of Pistols, 2x Flamer

Dark Eldar Allied Detachment, 235 pts
>Court of the Archon (10) - 1 Lhamean
>Kabalite Warriors (105) - Venom with extra Splinter Cannon
Fast Attack:
>Scourges (120) - 4x Haywire Blaster

Craftworld Eldar Aspect Host, 341 pts
>Swooping Hawks (121) - 5x Swooping Hawks + Exarch with Sunrifle
>Warp Spiders (110) - 4x Warp Spiders + Exarch with TL Death Spinner
>Warp Spiders (110) - 4x Warp Spiders + Exarch with TL Death Spinner

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>unpainted dudes
>in a kill team game

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Imagine if Stormboys and Kommandos were good.

I have fantasies about Kommandos sneaking into enemy encampents, calling in the stormboys, and launching a simultaneous multi point attack from above and below while meltabombs placed all MGS like on the enemies armour provides the backdrop lighting.

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1500 points traitor's hate


-lord of khorne on juggernaught, sigil of corruption and axe of blind fury
-5 marines, melta, rhino
-5 marines, melta, rhino
-5 raptors, melta
-3 terminators, combimeltas and power axes
-5 havocs, 4 autocannons
-warpsmith of nurgle
-3 obliterators of nurgle
-1 obliterator of nurgle
-1 obliterator of nurgle
-4 spawns
-4 nurgle spawns

probably gonna change the raptors for some nurgle bikers
also should i switch the axe of blind fury for a power fist? most of the close combat boons work better with that but i'd lose the I5 ap2 attacks

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If you want 6 penitent just drop one of the base squads

>> No.49393953

Why isn’t there a Titan power fist with three Demolisher cannons built into the knuckles?

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>but the Goomba does not in fact have arms.
Neither does abbadon, yet that hasn't stopped him from leading and failing 13 black crusades.

Don't be so ableist :^)

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Do we have a PDF/download of the kill team rules available anywhere? I have some friends who are willing to try smaller scale 40k games after years away from it so the hype is real!

>> No.49394194

This is true.

Goombella for Warmaster!

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40k is better for storytelling than DND discus

>> No.49394355

I would advise you to try the heralds of ruin kill team rules. They are much better than the GeeDub ones.

>> No.49394386

enjoy i do recommend Kill team heralds of ruin though

>> No.49394390

Where do I find the deathwatch codex in the links?

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>> No.49394437

If you're looking to get back into 40k through smaller games don't play heralds of ruin, Shits great but the games last way longer than geedubs' version and they have more extra rules than you can swing your dick at

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You don't.

Not uploaded there.

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For fuck's sake stop asking, just look through the archive. This gets asked at least 3 times per thread.

At any rate, just look through here, but please just check the archive next time-

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I might finally use my demons for the first time since 5th tomorrow. Any advise for this? Not sure which disciplines the LoC and Prince should have. I don't want to be that guy and go full summoning, but I do have another 20 horrors and another DP.

1000 points

Lord of Change
Psyker ML3
Impossible Robes
Greater Gift x2

Herald of Tzeentch
Psyker ML3
Locust of Conjuration

Pink Horrors x11
Pink Horrors x11

Demon Prince of Tzeentch
Psyker ML3
Greater gift x2

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How do you guys think space wolves would fair in Kill Team?

I just want an excuse to have a bunch of wolves running at people

>> No.49394617

Hoe don't do it

>> No.49394636

>Demon Prince

>> No.49394666

But he won't be the one asking next time.

The retards will keep doing it, they even asked when I had the links right in the OP pasta.

>> No.49394703

Yes, demons get to use them too.

Or are you anally frustrated about them not being spelled daemons?

Like magick, wyccans and wyches.

>> No.49394704

Thoughts on Angel's Blade?

I'm disappointed with the formations but the crozius relic is neat.

>> No.49394729

I think it's late.
And it should be about Storm Wardens instead

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What if I don't summon more horrors? I recently realized that I'm less than $50 from having a warp flame host with 4 units of horrors, 4 exalted flamers, and 1 unit of flamers. A box of horrors and flamers should do it.

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Album from an apoc game that was organized on our local FB page. The store is around 20 mins away from me. It was months in planning. Apparently 188k points.


>> No.49394878

How many points was the Emperor Titan?

>> No.49394906


That's kind of cool but why is there so little terrain and so many unpainted dudes? I mean even some damn soda cans would have made things more interesting.

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File: 82 KB, 555x526, 1453927168306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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They had to change venues like 3 or 4 times. The original venue had some insane terrain. They borrowed terrain from the store I went to today with my friend and our match was on little to no terrain.

>> No.49394938

GW Kill Team is going to be the most intuitive as a way of getting back into actual 40k, but as a game itself it's really not that good. HoR games do take a bit longer but they're much better for it. The campaign rules are really good, too.

>> No.49395014


Who would win 1v1, an Emperor class titan, or the actual Emperor?

>> No.49395023

The actual Empero, at full power.

>> No.49395069

>they will never jam Big E and the Golden Toilet into a giant psychic Emperor class Titan

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So I plan on picking up some eldar models for a KT event around november. Here's the list I had in mind, but I think it might be too strong?

200 pts eldar

5 rangers - 60
5 windriders - scatter lasers - 135
total: 195

Even if it is too strong, the plus side is there is no reward for winning the most games, just getting the most games in. There's also a reward for coolest pose, as well as best painted kill team. I'm going to try for those last two.

>> No.49395201


Would he though? He's not all powerful, he couldn't even mindbullet Orks (big ones granted), and can he tank all those titan busting shots?

>> No.49395235

He let the Orks beat him as a test of loyalty to Horus.

He wanted to see if Horus would save him, instead of letting him die to try and take power, before making him Warmaster.

>> No.49395253


If you're going to an event where you ask yourself "Is this too strong?", you should not be taking even a single Scatterbike to said event.

>> No.49395408


He almost certainly wouldn't win in a straight up in-an-empty-field slugfest, but would have all sorts of situational advantages otherwise.

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File: 163 KB, 776x1200, DA STOMPIEST.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ded killy, dat is

>> No.49395598

Did anybody get the new Shrike Novel by George Mann?? Is it any good??

>> No.49395631

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask but



>> No.49395638

How hilariously OP are bikes going to be in KT?

This guy's list got me thinking and basically a jetbike or DA list should be able to rape almost anything that costs the same in points, given the inherent restrictions on most stuff.

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File: 262 KB, 2048x1536, 1471888440376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Tau version of a platoon is a Cadre.

Basically, all Fire Caste are sorted into teams (la'rua). This can be anything from Strike Teams with pulse rifles, or Crisis Teams. Usually, teams are bonded together in a sort of marriage ritual call a ta'lissera. They get a fancy knife from this that the squad leader holds and takes into battle.

When teams come together, they form a Cadre (kau'ui). Cadres come in a rainbow of different varieties. The most common version is the Hunter Cadre which is roughly analogous to the Combined Arms Detachment table - plenty of infantry with some elite, heavy and fast support, all led by a Commander. However, you can get things like Armoured Interdiction Cadres (tank platoon) or an Optimised Stealth Cadre (recon/flanking platoon).

When three or more Cadres come together, they form Contingents (tio've). At this point, an Ethereal is pretty much mandatory since such a large Fire Caste force demands oversight. The most common Contingent is the Hunter Contingent and like the Hunter Cadre it's a pretty standard jack-of-all-trades setup.

A grouping of Contingents is called a Commune (kavaal). At this point, a Commune is a mishmash of different Septs. Apparently Communes didn't really happen until the Damocles Gulf since the Tau were getting their shit pushed in hard at the time.

Then, you have Commands (Uash'o). This more just refers to all the forces of a given Sept in a certain area, such as Fire Caste Command Terra (not that they'd ever get there). This isn't really and indicator of Tau strength in an area though. As far as I can tell, you could have a single Cadre in an area and there would still technically be a "Fire Caste Command".

Finally, there's Coalitions (Shan'al). This refers to all four Commands from each main Caste, presided over by a group of Ethereals to make sure everything runs smoothly.

>> No.49395918

Question about 'Kill Team' game, I can take 1 elite, 1 fast attack and 2 troop choices. I have to still follow the codex of the army rules for squad size, right? Like say I'm playing Necrons and want Warriors. The smallest the squad can be is 10 models, yes? If so that does kind of make fitting all that in 200 points a bit difficult if you want much else.

>> No.49395934

That's correct.

>> No.49396060

So, does anybody have some hints which black library books to read? I already read the inquisitor trilogy.

>> No.49396064


You're not supposed to take all of those things. It's 0-2, 0-1, 0-1. The point is that you decide if you want a bunch of dudes or only a few.

For example, I am thinking of running:
Eldar Kill Team (199 points)
---Striking Scorpions x5 (all stock)
---Storm Guardians x9 (1 with Flamer, 1 with Fusion Gun)
(Specialists yet to be determined)

That's only two slots out of the possible 4. I don't think most armies can run all 4 slots at 200, although people with a lot of single-model codex entries might be able to.

>> No.49396106

I'm just saying for some codexes that some choices are really problematic to take in a KT then others. Like say Grey Knights who can't take troops at all since GK terms break one of the rules.

>> No.49396137

If only Grey Knights had a troop choice that wasn't equipped with Terminator Armor. Like maybe Scout Armor Grey Knights.

>> No.49396156

Should I pick up an assassin or an inquisitor to tack onto my Grey Knights?

My main opponents are Ravenwing and Space Wolves and they both just love their god damn deathstars.

What would a good Grey Knight Deathstar be like? I was thinking about grabbing Draigo and the "new" Space Marine powers.

I enjoyed the Word Bearers Omnibus

>> No.49396182

>no troops since they all have terminator armor
>strike squads apparently faded out of existence

I'm not saying you would take them, (Purifiers and Interceptors are far and away their best options) but they still exist. Do you even play Grey Knights?

>> No.49396183

why exactly are PAGK considered universally bad again?

>> No.49396190

How's my Kill Team look?

>D-99 Extermination Squad
>1x Veteran Sergeant w/ Laspistol, Flamer
>7x Veteran w/ Flamer

>D-99 Tauros Squadron
>Tauros Venator w/ 2x HKM, Multilaser

Flamers are a distraction while my Tauros runs away and plinks anything with range.

>> No.49396213

Draigo+Sanctuary+Veil of Time= Unkillable

Or, yeah know, just don't play waacfags. Deathstars are gay, even if they don't necessarily decide the game.

>> No.49396222

No relentless

>> No.49396232

aren't all of their weapons assault

>> No.49396234

What's a good drop pod army set up for space wolves with allied deathwatch? Should I just do a CAD or take the blackmane formation? I'm going to be bring frag cannons for my Deathwatch (fuck eldar and tau)

>> No.49396272

Psycannons are salvo.

>> No.49396273
File: 43 KB, 150x150, thumb up elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Those conversions are cool and your army is cool.

>> No.49396295


They have a Troops option and their best stuff is Elites or FA anyway.

I actually do have a question though: does the Kill Teams book say anything about FW stuff? I'm guessing not. I went into a GW store the other day and asked if they have a relationship with FW yet, and the blackshirt was visibly flustered. He said they're not allowed to discuss that in store still. What the fuck, GW? I thought they own FW now.

If the book doesn't say anything about that, I wonder if people at the FLGS will at least be willing to play against those armies. There could be some problems with R&H since a lot of their stuff is HQ-dependent so I guess I'll have to look through that book again to see if it's even possible.

tl;dr I want to make either (or both) a Renegades and Heretics, or Corsairs Kill Team, since those are the coolest armies. Yes/No?

>> No.49396347

>I thought they own FW now.
There was a point where FW were not part of GW? I was under the impression they've always been part of the same.

You should make a R&H army because they're way cooler than dumb space elves and you can also use them as IG in a pinch if people are too autismal about it.

>> No.49396386

FW and GW are the same company and always have been. They don't give wholesale discounts on FW products, so shops (including GW shops) can't sell FW products at MSRP. That's why they won't talk about it. They don't want to steer you away from things they're getting paid for.

>> No.49396397

>taking unpainted dudes to a tournament

I mean c'mon it's Killteam, you only had 4 guys to paint.

>> No.49396399

GW and FW HAVE always been the same company.

>> No.49396400
File: 64 KB, 800x427, Call to arms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1000k space marines vs 1000k mechanicus
>one full tactical squad+librarian+terminator captain and a culexeus assassin die doing nothing
>One half tactical squad+2 librairans+terminator captain get stuck in a close combat meat grind for 5 turns
>Librarian kills Techpriest Dominus in a challenge, but also dies
>kill 3 destroyers and 3 breachers in close combat while being in combat with 9-12 of them (just about his whole army)
>Mechanicus player goes through almost all his Canticles fighting me
>2 librarians, terminator captain and 1 tactical marine hold out for 6 combat phases without taking casualties
>Guys only die when Breachers get S9 and the Captain gets shot by 3 grav cannons after falling back
What fun. I should have brought my Eversor Assassin

>> No.49396471

From what I remember, there was another company in North America called Forge World that was licensed to make 40k stuff, but it's got nothing to do with the Forge World we know today, which is a direct subsidiary of Games-Workshop.

>> No.49396491


Oh, my bad then. I have no idea what I was thinking of then.


Makes sense.


R8 my Renegades
Renegade Veterans, 65 points. 4 Veterans with Laspistol and Close Combat Weapon, 1 with Plasma Gun, Scout.
Renegade Veterans, 70 points. 6 Veterans with Lasgun, 1 with Plasma Gun.
Renegade Sentinels, 60 points. All with Heavy Flamer.

To be honest I think Battlescribe is misleading me here somehow since they all start off with a -15 points price modifier if you take the squad to zero. So I'll have to look at the actual book to confirm.

>> No.49396492

How faggot is this killteam? Still have 5pts left over I'm not sure what to spend on

Chapter Tactics [Iron Hands]

+ Elites (120pts) +

Sternguard Veteran Squad (120pts)
····Veteran (22pts) [Boltgun]
····Veteran (32pts) [Combi-grav (10pts)]
····Veteran (22pts) [Boltgun]
····Veteran (22pts) [Boltgun]
····Veteran Sergeant (22pts) [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

+ Fast Attack (75pts) +

Razorback (80pts) [Twin-linked Lascannon (20pts)]

>> No.49396521

If we're throwing around KT lists, here's one I'm thinking of:

White Scars Tactics
---Command Squad(All on Bikes)
----Company champion w/power sword
----x2 Biker with Power Lance
----x2 Biker with Grav Gun

Wanted to run a half/half melee army that could actually do stuff in KT. The other Idea is to equip all the bikes with ranged weapons and storm shields, dropping the champion

>> No.49396523

>which is a direct subsidiary of Games-Workshop.

No, a subsidiary company is a company that is owned by another company while both are separate entities. In the case of GW and FW they are part of one company, called Citadel, you dont invest in FW or GW you invest in Citadel LLC.

>> No.49396549

>R8 my Renegades
Its not an error, veterans are 35 points for a squad of 5 but each additional member is 10 points. I equip my veterans with shotguns and a melta but I don't think its optimal. Also remember that renegade vets are BS3 rather than BS4 so you might want to instead take renegade disciples who can take a plasma gun but are BS4 instead (also they're elites). For the scouting squad they can probably stay veterans because disciples can't get scout.

>> No.49396581

>1,000,000 points

>> No.49396608

++ Kill Team Detachment (Eldar: Corsairs (2015) v15) ++

+ Troops +

-Corsair Reaver Band (200pts) [Corsair Jet Packs (50pts), 5x Corsair w/ CCW and Pistols (50pts), Haywire Grenades (25pts), Mesh Armour]
-Corsair Felarch (15pts) [CCW and Pistols]
-4x Corsair w/ Flamer (60pts) [4x Flamer (20pts)]

On a scale of 1 to " I'm going to punch you", how cheesy is this?

>> No.49396626


Ah, that makes sense. FW has a habit of doing that from what I've seen. Good call on the Disciples, thanks for that. I hadn't noticed.

Revised list is exactly the same except the non-Scout Veterans have been replaced with:
Renegade Disciples, 75 points. Disciple Champion with Carapace Armor dual-wielding Autopistols (because it's cool), 5 Disciples with Lasguns, 1 Disciple with Plasma Gun.

I think I'll make that as a cheap/easy to build list. Why do you run Shotguns? I assume it's for charging? That actually seems like a good idea so I might switch some of the Vets to that.

to be honest I expect to get BTFO due to shit leadership and the possibility of dying to the mere sound of the enemy's approach, but Renegades are too cool to pass up as a possible kill team

>> No.49396657


Not that bad at all. You have 10 squishy T3 guys who can't be charged under normal circumstances. I was thinking of running basically that exact same thing. My only problem was deciding between Jetpacks+Haywire or adding some Blasters and Ghostwalkers.

I forget the exact list I came up with but it was basically:
5 Ghostwalkers, 1 Blaster and 4 Longrifles
10 Corsairs, 1 Felarch with CCW/Pistols, 3 Flamers, 1 Blaster, 5 CCW/Pistols

In retrospect I like the Haywire/Jet Packs idea more.

>> No.49396682
File: 36 KB, 800x800, human-shotgun-800x800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I usually outflank and shotgun charge into something because 5 guys with a melta aren't usually enough of a threat to dedicate to killing. My main opponent is tau so I can use them to tie up a broadside team and prevent them from raping me with missiles.

Also, your leadership isn't nearly as bad as you'd think. For every ld5 soldier, you'll have a ld10 (at least, probably). I usually roll very well for my initial leadership, and my renegades end up having better morale than the chaos space marines they supposedly are subservient to.

If you do end up running shotguns, I recommend the shotguns from this company called Anvil Industries. They're really cool looking and are perfect guard scale.

>> No.49396686

Nice! A close, exciting battle is much more interesting than a point and shoot slugfest. Good on you Anon.

>> No.49396700

Meant division, not subsidiary.

>you invest in Citadel LLC

What's the Games Workshop Group PLC then? I don't see Citadel LLC mention anything about GW.

>> No.49396704

So TG, what is your Local Store's Painted/unpainted ratio?

When I go, I frequently find myself the only player with a fully painted army (I only have 750 points). One regular visitor has a painted army that generally fits the three color rule, but he pays others to paint for him or buys painted units, so there's a bit of disconnect between models. A second is a well painted and well kitbashed ork army who earns all my respect just for existing, and finally I just met a new guy with the most beautiful harlequin army I've ever seen in person. Otherwise, I see partial paintings in armies of around 1500 to 2000.

I have no problem with this. Being one of only 4 fully painted armies makes me, by default, the 4th best painted army in the store! Yay, mediocrity!

>> No.49396711

Any alternatives for this model?

ny suggestions for kitbashing or something?

>> No.49396719
File: 33 KB, 255x483, Astropaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the picture.

>> No.49396724

I know they're made of tissue paper, but 5-10 haywire grenades per turn seems like it would be brutal.

>> No.49396735

Literally any dude or dudette in robes?

I used some Reaper minis for mine.

>> No.49396768

why would you want an alternative? He's a pretty awesome model.

>> No.49396798

Gandalf model from LotR?

>> No.49396824
File: 3.64 MB, 5312x2988, 20160917_214630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this suitable for table top play? This is just a color test, but the real deal would look pretty similar.

Any quick tips for quickly churning out basic dudes of acceptable quality?

>> No.49396847

Scrape off mold lines.
Thin your paints.

But yes, that is suitable. There's a loose three-colour rule for tabletop painting, which that basic scheme satisfies.

>> No.49396899

New blood, fresh sucker here. Taking this to a Tinyhammer comp, first time. 750pts Ravenwing

+++ Dark Angels 750 (750pts) +++

++ Dark Angels: Codex (2015) (Allied Detachment) (750pts) ++

+ HQ (200pts) +

Sammael (200pts) [Corvex (Jetbike)]

+ Elites (185pts) +

Ravenwing Command Squad (185pts) [3x Black Knight (120pts), Ravenwing Apothecary (30pts), Sacred Standard (35pts)]

+ Troops (125pts) +

Tactical Squad (125pts) [Plasmagun (15pts), 4x Tactical Marine (56pts)]
····Sergeant (54pts) [Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Fist (25pts)]

+ Fast Attack (120pts) +

Ravenwing Black Knights (120pts) [2x Black Knight (80pts), Ravenwing Grenade Launcher]
····Huntmaster (40pts) [Corvus Hammer]

+ Heavy Support (120pts) +

Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengance (120pts) [Heavy Bolter]

Thoughts on list? Tips and strats would be welcome too, maybe last more than 3 turns.

>> No.49397008
File: 65 KB, 337x449, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.49397017

Dip the tip (JUST the tip) of your paint brush in your pot, then dip the tip (again, JUST the tip!) in a cup of water. Now wipe the bush a couple times on a pallet (or a bottlecap, which is a decen makeshift pallet).

This mix of water and paint is thinned paint. You'll get more use out of every bottle and simultaniously get rid of overly thick paint "wrinkles" like the one on the edge of that soldier's pauldron.

Look up warhammertv for painting tutorials to show you how its done.

>> No.49397097
File: 47 KB, 698x546, 1428441018894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yfw it's somehow Leman

>> No.49397109

Listen, I don't have much time these days for painting. I can't paint at home anymore, so I only ever paint when I'm at the geedubs. I mostly build models when I'm at home, and then paint just one or two models at the geedubs. Sometimes I paint more, but today I found time between missions to paint one of my sternguard. That's the dude with the combi-grav in the picture.

When I have time, I'll paint up the sternguard to the best of my abilities. That just takes time.

>> No.49397118


>Still a yiff

wow got em'.

>> No.49397153

>I can't paint at home anymore
Why not?
>but today I found time between missions to paint one
Why not try assembly lining? At least that way you would have ended up with some colour on all of the models.

I mean, one dude's even missing a hand and weapon there, and you took them to an official tournament?

>> No.49397156

How would one make Kommandos good?

The problem both units have is they rely too much on their Nob to provide any sort of killing power. "Nob with Fist" and everyone else is an ablative wound.

If the Stormboyz could always use their Hammer of Wrath by default, it would make them at least plausibly scary. Kommandos? They need something besides "two Rokkit Launchas" for threatening tanks/Monsters. (Infiltrating Commando Trukks/Koptas maybe?)

>> No.49397192

Because I nearly shit myself every time I see my collection. I just can't paint at home because If I can see how many models I own, I instantly lose all will to paint them. I take my shit to geedubs, and I can only see just one model. Not. My. Whole. Collection.

I do assembly line some things. Like the scouts from my team. But again, I don't ever want to paint more than 5 models at a time.

>> No.49397226

Make commandos cheaper and give them BS3.

>> No.49397239
File: 65 KB, 582x668, wqst-darkoath-chieftan-e1463308120383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His hair is just like Grombrindal's and the front Custodes looks like it was modeled in the Darkoath Chieftan's stance.

>> No.49397274

That is a ridiculous excuse. Go to a psych doctor, get some anxiety meds, and get your army painted

>> No.49397285
File: 215 KB, 1024x768, 100_1168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are Cataphratii Terminator Captains worth much?
What would be a good loadout for one? I'm doing a little collection of terminator characters so I figure I should do one.

>> No.49397292


I think this will answer your questions. All of them.

>> No.49397293

Anybody have a pdf of angels blade yet?

>> No.49397295

>Any tips for churning out basic dudes
Firstly, I'd recommend getting the idea of time and quickness out of your head. It'll just lead to you cutting corners that results in the shoddiness of the mini you posted, no offense, but you want them to look nice right?

For building, I would recommend...
>wash sprues in warm soapy water, rinse and leave for a day to dry
>find an activity where you only really need to listen
>for eg. I take sprues to my PnP RPG days, or I load up youtube videos I only want to listen to, not watch
>grab a sprue, start cutting
>clip off all the bitz you want, stick them in a bag or bowl
>of course, leave behind any pieces that require number-watching
>eg. my Tempestus Scion arms need to be matched arm->gun->arm->backpack, so I leave all that shit on the sprue
>cut/scrape off all sprue connections and mold lines (this can also be done immediately when you clip the piece off the sprue)
>then grab bases, assemble up legs, torso, head etc.
>if there are still assemble-by-number pieces, cut them off, scrape mold lines, glue them in

And that way, by cutting off all pieces first, then doing all assembling, you put the tasks into a factory lines of sorts where you're not wasting time by constantly switching from knife to glue back to knife etc.

>> No.49397309

I keep my backlog under my bed out of sight, and the squad I'm working with on my shelf for this reason. It seems to help. Of course I don't get to paint every day either, maybe two or three times a week

>> No.49397349

That's really not an excuse at all, that's just letting your anxiety get the better of you. Jesus christ dude, your worries won't get any better by just sitting on your haunches and not painting that shit. Take the models you want to currently work on away from your collection if it helps, sit in front of a computer or TV, listening to/half-watching stuff whilst you work on just a small number at a time.

>I don't ever want to paint more than 5 models at a time
You don't need to since sprues/boxes usually come with just 5 mens. Like I'm building up a large Scions/DW army and I just get stuck into 5 at a time, but I assembly line that shit. Also, you only had 4 dudes to finish up there, that's less than 5...

>> No.49397402

Why are people seriously asking if they can use the Kill Team Detachment in a normal game of 40K?

>> No.49397408
File: 330 KB, 1052x505, I can't skreeonk to this shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Looking for a 1000 point game
>Friend offers to fight me using the Hellbrute/Cultist formation a coupled times over
>with around 150 cultists

>> No.49397417

Infinite Fast Attack/Elites.

>> No.49397426

Also for that paint job, it's nice and simplistic, looks nice and I find dark grey to be a nice enough colour for tabletop quality painting, as it almost provides it's own shadows and doesn't look as flat as other more vibrant colours. I would recommend...

>black undercoat, or if you find a dark grey spray that will make things even quicker but lose out on some depth of shading
>dark grey basecoat if a black undercoat was used, of course leaving crevices black
>splotch a lighter grey drybrush/stipple on for camo-y effect
>then do the blue bits

I would go further and put highlights onto the blue bits myself and pick out other pieces in different colours, such as cloth sections of the armour (though I'd probably just leave them black to begin with), pieces of equipment, grenades etc, but you could probably just stop there for an easy tabletop quality. Do thin your paints though as other anons have said.

>> No.49397467

So, "that guys."

>> No.49397472

Yes. It's bullshit.

>> No.49397476
File: 609 KB, 645x662, Iron_Hands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm using the Clan Raukaan supplement for an Iron Hands successor chapter which means lots of dreadnoughts. So I have to ask what are the most viable loadouts for dreads nowadays? I'm trying to avoid melee as much as possible so I think Ironclads are basically out.

>> No.49397488

Keep the axe of blind fury. If you want a power fist switch to a nurgle biker lord. Swap the raptors with bikers. Keep the axe on the terminator champ and put mauls on the termies. I'd run the oblits 2-2-1 instead of 3-1-1.

>> No.49397497

>Read the ragnar blackmane series of books
>Strong urge to make a SW army
>Look at models


>> No.49397507

Drop the power fist from the tac sarge, he can't charge anyways. Buy special weapons for your bikes.

>> No.49397517

>People still fret about Unbound

>> No.49397539

Not talking about Unbound.

>> No.49397610

>avoid melee

Why? Dreadnoughts are pretty scary at melee, anything short of Thunder Hammers (or similar) are pretty beastly. What's your reservation, because otherwise they tend to be easily-destructible and not cost-effective heavy weapons platforms. Fighting lots of Assalt armies?

>> No.49397661

Kommandos should become troop units, fucking scouts and veterans are troops, kommandos are slightly buffed irk boys with smaller mobs.

>> No.49397718

Angel's Blade and Red Thirst are up.
Visit /aosg/ pastebin to grab them.

>> No.49397723


He was implying "They are only interested in infinite FA/Elites formation because they are too much of a pussy to just run Unbound and put 1 bajillion FA and Elites in the list using that method"

>> No.49397735

Good, I hope FW makes a good Bjorn,

>> No.49397752

I'd take double ac dreads in squads and multi melta/pf+heavy flamer dreads in drop pods.

>> No.49397758

>TFW you have the mounting dread that Fenris pt 2 will mention Grey Knights a ton but not give them anything new

>> No.49397765

FW said that they were not going to make Bjorn, anon.

>> No.49397777

They're involved in Traitor's Hate too, and it's getting ridiculous.

>> No.49397794

Use tacticals from vanilla, I just got two space Wolves squads for weapons and to make characters/specialists.

>> No.49397821


>no bjorn non dread model

Fuck you forgeworld.

>> No.49397838
File: 112 KB, 353x890, orks are a melee race.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49397842


You are all fine, upstanding gentlemen, and I thank you for it.

>> No.49397844
File: 48 KB, 400x500, Ferric Praetorians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Entirely for fluff. The Successor Chapter I'm running is made up of the gene-seed decedents of Iron Hand Morlocks who either survived the Drop Site Massacre or were lucky enough to not be at the battle for a number of reasons. (When the chapter was founded they had less than fifty marines in total and it took a century for it to come to full Codex mandated strength) Because Ferrus Manus and his Morlock guards were slain in melee combat this Chapter avoids melee combat at all costs as they see it as an emotionally charged affair devoid of the logical calculations that their fighting style demands. Fighting from range with cold ballistic calculations is seen not just as a superior tactic but as the purest and most perfect expression of a true son of the Gorgon's state of being.

>> No.49397854

Not just a model, they said that he was not going to be in 30k, period.

Probably because he wasn't even a sergeant during the Heresy.

>> No.49397867
File: 594 KB, 187x294, unnamed (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>FW said that they were not going to make Bjorn, anon.
Oh, well, a pity, let's see what GW give us instead.

>> No.49397884

I can't find them. What line are they on?

>> No.49397909


Storm Shields make them pretty durable, put an IH one in front of Grav Cents and a Librarian Conclave for Endurance and watch the bullets bounce off.

>> No.49397940
File: 49 KB, 449x700, Catachan CQC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah IG CQC

>> No.49397944


I also like to use them to make Grav Bombs out of normal Grav Cannon Devs in a pod, much easier to fit in a Gladius than a pod for Cents.

>> No.49397954

Cool. Then I'd recommend doing more vehicles than walkers still, but if you want Dreadnoughts then just a regular one with an Assault Cannon/Lascannon stuck smartly in cover can be rather annoying to kill and do decent damage as well.

>> No.49397957
File: 108 KB, 600x620, 99800101027_RagnarBlackmane360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Ragnar when?

>nobodies like Njal get a new model
>Logan goes from having a fine model to santa claus
>Ragnar still looks like RT trash

>> No.49397972

>Grav Cents
>Grav Devs
this does not help my usual strategy of "move forward and stab the cunts"

>> No.49397979


Have we had any updates at all regarding ragnar in the stories?

>> No.49397980

What psyker should demons take besides malediciton?

>> No.49397986
File: 524 KB, 497x1591, img56c26714eea16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Visit /WIP General/ and make your own.

>> No.49397988


Any ideas on what the famous marine character will be for the wolves then anon?

>> No.49397997

>Logan goes from having a fine model to santa claus
To be fair Logan is awesome as long as you don't use the horrible sled.

>> No.49398000

He's going to be killed in the next Curse of the Wulfen book

>> No.49398002


Captain Barkus McJiffenbone

>> No.49398015


These trips better fucking lie.

>> No.49398030


But you -are- stabbing them, with gravity!

You don't even have to move forward as far, thus leaving more time for stabbing.

>> No.49398032
File: 976 KB, 266x199, 1463236398258 - copia.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blonde Ragnar
This triggers me more than it should.

>> No.49398052

Probably weirdbane, or none, just a generic wolf guard.

>> No.49398061


>they are going to kill your wolfbando

This is bait

I have been gone for a while and this is the only new thing I see on the lexicanum, have not read any of the wulfen codex/supplement whatevers

>Later during the Hunt for the Wulfen, Ragnar fells upon Dragos, battling Daemon-haunted jungles to recover their former 13th Great Company brethren. After rescuing the Wulfen, Blackmane rescued Mechanicus personnel stranded on the planet

>> No.49398062

It's not our fault you guys wield short-range hand axes while our standard infantry mount their knives onto reach-increasing long rifles. If you want I3 or better you either need some performance enhancers or a halberd. (Contact your local dok or mek respectively. Actually, probably best to just contact the mek.)

>> No.49398068


>> No.49398076
File: 64 KB, 445x331, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ragnar Blackmane
>no black mane

>> No.49398087


>> No.49398088

>How would one make Kommandos good?

Fluff-wise they're supposed to be excellent at laying traps and waiting in ambush, so I'd explore that aspect. Any terrain piece that they start the game in, or occupy for at least a turn, counts as dangerous terrain for all models except Kommandos. Any objective marker that Kommandos claim that is then taken by an enemy unit counts as a Sabotaged! result on the Mysterious Objective table, and goes off each turn on a 1, 2 or 3.

For ambushing, if an Ork unit assaults an enemy unit within 12" of a unit of Kommandos, the Kommando unit may elect to also charge the same enemy unit, regardless of other restrictions. This charge succeeds automatically, and in the first round of combat that a Kommando unit makes an Ambush Assault, they reroll all failed To Wound rolls and count as having the Fear special rule.

>> No.49398092


>> No.49398103
File: 5 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Le yiff meme
>Mom I did again! the post
Very funny anon

>> No.49398120

>999.M41 - The Siege of the Fenris System - After the Wulfen return Fenris itself comes under Chaos and Dark Angels assault as the future of Space Wolves itself seems in jeopardy.

>Loyalty is it's own reward.

>> No.49398135

>Dark Angels are more loyal than dogs

>> No.49398142

The last loyal dark angel was lion el Johnson and he was glass jawed to modern 40k by Luther a traitor dark angel captain.

>> No.49398150

What did he mean by this?

>> No.49398159

> Loyal to themselves

>> No.49398165


At least there was no mention of getting Really fired up![/Spoiler] or some other nonsense.

>> No.49398166

He meant that you go to aosg______________ to get them

>> No.49398168

What's an easy army to get into fairly cheap? Tau and tyrannids look really cool but I know very little about 40k. Can they make kill teams?

>> No.49398187
File: 813 KB, 754x887, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have a ritual where they recognize the Emperor as their true leader. Plus, I thought you miserable spergs hated the Wolves anyway.

>> No.49398194
File: 55 KB, 625x262, this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play Tyranids, Tau is shit. All the factions can make Kill Teams though.

>> No.49398209
File: 89 KB, 600x450, 1449179170976.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Killing a whole black Templars crusade to prevent news of the fallen escape
>Killing hundreds of regiments of guards to keep secret
>Hundreds of inquisitors
>Killing their own astropats
>Even his own chapter descendants
>Abandoning whole crusades to their fate and putting at risk whole sectors because of this
>Abandoning imperial citizen for one unconfirmed rumour of their own traitors

>> No.49398228

>Plus, I thought you miserable spergs hated the Wolves anyway.

Wolves are literally the only acceptable loyalist faction of space marines

The rest are literal heretics like the dark angels, on the cusp of dying/heresy like BA or a bunch of by the book nancies in blue with sticks up their butts.

Unless they are masochists in yellow.

Bunch of limped dicked faggotstartes around here, can't even get it up for a pretty gal anymore.

>> No.49398229

Any army can make kill teams. Cheap armies are mostly low model ones like Deathwatch, Grey Knights, and Harlequins. But Dark Eldar, although in a pretty bad spot right now, are actually decently cheap.

And in contrary to >>49398194, since they're probably one of the zealous Anti-Taufags. Tau CAN be brokenly good on the tabletop, but if you're not slapping triple riptides/double stormsurges on the table, you're probably good to go in the non-WAAC department. Tyranids have some lists (Flying circus) which can perform decently well. If you run Tyranids, you're better off sticking to a Kaiju build. That is, more of the bigger bugs with smatterings of small ones.

>> No.49398232

Why are tau shit? Aren't they the best at dakka? Also their walkers look cool. (Although imperial knights might actually be the coolest models in 40k imo)

>> No.49398236

The Wolves hate us after the Lion stole a marked kill from Russ, the two fought for days before the superior primarch (Lion) knocked the inferior primarch (Russ) fuck out cold and bailed.

The wolves never got over the fact they are forever beta.

>> No.49398250

>Tau and Tyranids look cool
I'd say Tyranids, but if your FLGS isn't a casual environment, you're not gonna have a good time, except against Orks. Wonderful models though.

If you pick Tau, you will be hated. That's all I'm going to say.

Any army can make a kill team, except the Inquisiton, funnilly enough. Due to not having any troops or fast attack choices.

>> No.49398268

every army can make killteams.
Tyranids are rather..hard to play atm.

And the killteam box comes with a rulebook AND a squad of tau firewarriors. If you sell the marines, you might get a very cheap start.

What you also need are the 3 templates (cheap on ebay) a couple normal dice (called d6 for six sided) and a special die for grenades. (also look on ebay, people sell the content of the start box dark vengeance all the time)

>> No.49398271


>ignoring the image

>> No.49398276
File: 25 KB, 270x339, 1466893009891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>superior primarch
>Send to a permanent comma by a possessed Luther
Sure thing anon.

>> No.49398282

>the two fought for days before the superior primarch (Lion) knocked the inferior primarch (Russ) fuck out cold and bailed.

>fight stops
>superior Primarch begins laughing at the entire situation
>inferior heretic closet homo of the secret emo legion sucker punches a man as he is laughing and clearly done fighting
>slinks away to masturbate to hardgay in space


>> No.49398296

Inquisition henchmen are elite choices so they can make kill teams just fine.

>> No.49398307

>The rest are literal heretics like the dark angels
Sorry, wolf man but that's wrong. To really remind everyone here the Dark Angels have land speeders, drop pods that don't eat people, and can actually get out of their armor unlike some Edgelord marines. Looking at you Death Guard. Eat a salad.
>cusp of dying or heresy
Nigga, you don't know your lore too well. BAs do not not take betrayal well and are pretty fanatical to Emps. Plus they can't die out. Nids and Chaos suck.
Now you're just being stupid.

>> No.49398318

I play sigmar, most of the people at my flgs play both so I wanna get in on it. A friend plays orks, it's fun bashing on how hodgepodged they are, but if nids only fare well against that.... winning isn't everything but it's fun to NOT get instagibbed at deployment

>> No.49398328

Not him, but while their walkers are kinda cool, Tau just don't really fit into the setting, in my opinion, and I hate the emphasis on mecha they have now, as I liked them back when they were a conglomerate of Xeno races working under/with the Tau. Which is far too understated now.

Heck, rules-wise their walkers aren't even walkers, which is stupid.

By them not fitting into the setting, I mean this for a couple reasons. They're NobleBright in a GrimDark setting, and literally every faction outnumbers them except Space Marines, but that's because there are only a million of them. The Tau are the smallest faction lore wise, with a single hive world outnumbering the entire Tau race. The Tau are too small in the setting, iirc, there are minor xenos empires that are larger than the Tau.

>> No.49398342

Hard to pull with just 12 dudes.

It gets more fun and inquisition-y when you house rule inquisitors in and make Henchmen troops. And/or allow scion squads as elites to be stormtroopers.

>> No.49398353

>wanna start 40k
>Like the looks of ad-mech

Please tell me the rumors that they're getting a transport is true cause I wanted to play something along the lines of a mechanized army.

If not I really either wanna play a infantry spam list of nids or maybe blood angels.

>> No.49398358

What is grimdark and noblebright? I've never heard these terms except on 40k boxes about "the grim dark future"

>> No.49398369

I dont play nids myself so I cannot help ypu there. Tau just have a bad reputation because some I_need_to_win people use their broken shit.

For tau, the start collecting box is a splendid deal, and together with the killteam dudes willget you a solid start

>> No.49398374

>Sorry, wolf man but that's wrong

>teaming up with chaos to attack actual loyalist legion

>abandoning the imperium so that you can hide your gay porn so daddy does not see it

>BAs do not not take betrayal well and are pretty fanatical to Emps.

Until they start eating the Emperors citizens

>Plus they can't die out.
>begging for tithes from successor chapters after getting raped
>not dying out

>BAs always moving closer and closer to black rage
>dying in battle
>only gain like 50 marines every generation

>> No.49398375

Eh it's not that difficult once you factor in the transport and wargear.

>> No.49398386

You should just play whatever army you like best. The Tau models do look good, read up on their ethos and fluff and if you like it, go for it. Grab a "Start Collecting" box and build from there.

If you're going to care what other people think in a gw store, you're going to have a bad time. The biggest cunts I've ever met in my 30 years have all been fellow local regulars.

Also, cheap and GW? Pick one.
You can hunt around on ebay or buy proxies (may exclude you from some comps).

This vid may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbSkZ73Shuk

In short, play whatever you want, fuck everybody else and kiss your disposable income goodbye.

>> No.49398413

If you are new to 40k heres your problem:
GW is notorious for not giving out info on what will be released soon and rumors are not vey accurate either.

If you do not want to wait, you could ally in a few Imperial Guard and model them more tech-guard looking. The fact that you have spare tech-bits helps alot here.

>> No.49398417
File: 104 KB, 800x800, greater-good-resting-sniper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tau are only good for blue bewbie sluts

>> No.49398433

>What is grimdark and noblebright? I've never heard these terms except on 40k boxes about "the grim dark future"

Grimdark is an abbreviation for everything goes to shit.
Noblebright is the opposite, aka heros save the universe stuff

>> No.49398441

Who has the drop pods? Dangles. Who doesn't? Chaos. That's a sign of loyalty mate.
>eating the civilians
Well, maybe if the Emperor did not make these civilians so tasty Captain Drac wouldn't have eaten them. Maybe the Emperor thought it would be an act of mercy for these people to be eaten by BAs than something else. It's a marine eat dog galaxy, Wolfy. As for that other stuff that's just a fumble. Everyone is having those these days. Bad times all around the galaxy.

>> No.49398445

Oh I've already burned my money on plastic crack. And I see just how expensive this shit can be. But my sigmar stormcast army is fairly strong and didn't cost me an arm and a leg so I was hoping for something similiar. And bummer that stormsurges are apparently faggy, the model is stellar.

Yes I've learned to tell people to piss off after an opponent gave me shit for using a knight vexillor (instant deep strike that does damage) and judicators (lightning archers) , claiming that "Those models are op and you're just fishing for wins"

>> No.49398447

I need thoughts on Predator tanks. I'm still fiddling with this Pz.IV idea, and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile sacrificing sponsors to maintain the gorgeous lines of the tank. How do you think a Destructor with a Havoc Launcher would fare? Plus side being it's dirt fucking cheap.

>> No.49398464

>Who has the drop pods?
The Dangels pretending to be loyalists that are still receiving supplies from the imperium

>Who doesn't? Chaos
The other half of the dark angels whom are outright following chaos

There might also be more outright followers of chaos than "loyalist" dark angels at this point

>> No.49398472

Hey guys,
Blood Angel noon here with a quick rules question:
How do Death Company marines get 5 attacks? Their base attack state is 2, and they get another 2 from Rage, so that should be 4, right? Everywhere I've read says that they get 5 attacks.
Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I'm still new to the tabletop.

>> No.49398481

furious charge

>> No.49398484

I would leave the havoc launcher
Small hint, you can only fire one gun when moving, the rest has to snapshot.

>> No.49398497


>> No.49398513

1 attack for üistol + melee weapon.

What I toatlyl forgot, two problems
-Blast and template weapons will hit multiple tanks
-Barrage weapons always hit side armor, and some aarmies are mobile enough to simply outmaneuver that

>> No.49398514
File: 40 KB, 600x620, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not liking sponsons
>Not liking the glorious WWI Aesthetic of IoM vehicles
Meh, most 40k SM vehicles don't have Russ-like sponsons though, which saddens me.

>> No.49398516

Yet their equipment doesn't eat them. If your metal box eats you I think I know which side your on. Which brings me to your equipment, wolf boy. Why so much wolf? Don't you think that maybe three wolves are enough?

>> No.49398524

Okay, that makes sense. The way it was phrased, I thought it was 5 melee attacks on the charge on top of the pistol.

>> No.49398530
File: 377 KB, 801x1600, 55adc166f3619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Which brings me to your equipment, wolf boy. Why so much wolf?
Phil Kelly


>> No.49398537
File: 197 KB, 1024x1024, daww.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Don't you think that maybe three wolves are enough?

one doggo is enough tbqh

>> No.49398538

Does anybody know if the last batch of Repressors have been and gone? I didn't realize I wanted one until I couldn't get one. Read that they were putting up the last batch but not sure if I missed it.

>> No.49398579

Three should be the maximum wolf level. You guys really need to throw off the shackles of the Overwolf, and reach proper wolf levels.

>> No.49398589

New sisters of battle when?

>> No.49398602

Yes. The 3rd party company that made the arch for them have gone out of business, iirc.

>> No.49398612

Next February.

>> No.49398614

its tzeenchs curse, they change ever so slightly ever more to a wulf´, similar like the thousand sons. If they want to remain marines and not becoming half-furries with a need for expression-dancing there will be a price to pay. Soon. The Wulfen are the warning of what they will degenerate into.


>> No.49398627

It's explicitly spelled Daemons in every single written product of 40k.

It's like spelling Orks "Orcs" or spelling Eldar "Elder".

>> No.49398634

huh? isnt that an FW model. they bought stuff externally?
What arch?

>> No.49398640

Probably never because GW thinks nobody would buy them and are probably right

Unless they make them QTAF bolter bitches nobody is going to buy uggonuns again

They literally became like that from the Warp warping their geneseed and making the beast more prominent from 10,000 years in the warp.

the wolves outside have had it under control for 10,000 years.

>> No.49398645

It's the Overwolf. Kill Kelly, and you break the Overwolf.

>> No.49398655

Sorry, I'm thinking of the Sisters of Batlle vehicle whos name I can't remember right, apparently.

>> No.49398663

Immolator with that transparent window thingie?

>> No.49398671

That's it, I think.

>> No.49398676
File: 41 KB, 650x320, 1447306498785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new sisters

you got a better chance of catching a cold tomorrow or the lottery

>> No.49398684



>> No.49398691
File: 49 KB, 578x318, pjpz4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like sponsons, but they don't really work on a Panzer IV chassis. Pic related.

>> No.49398701
File: 334 KB, 723x766, 2016-09-18 01_48_17-BATTLE SISTER SORORITA WITH YOUNG PROGENIUM – Wargame Exclusive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>loli SoB

>> No.49398716


But anon I have cold now. Is that a good portent?


That's a shame. I thought their lore was cool.



>> No.49398742 [DELETED] 
File: 360 KB, 633x683, 2016-09-18 01_52_27-BATTLE SISTER REPENTIUM WITH CHAINSAW-SWORD – Wargame Exclusive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this not appeal to your SoB itch?

>> No.49398745
File: 604 KB, 684x692, book of lorgar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fluff-wise, in a Word Bearers force (and any other armies of chaos undivided) will you see different marks of chaos or none at all? If there are several different types of marks why aren't those troops hating/fighting each other since their patron gods are at war?

Might you also see cult troops like berzerkers or plague marines? And if so will their armor be in Word Bearers colors or colored appropriately for their god?

>> No.49398764


Hot... but I really would like a whole new lineup or something for the sororitas.

>> No.49398765
File: 472 KB, 3024x4032, 6l0gUcr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ive never played, do not own any codex's.. Every so often i go to reddit 40k for amusement. Picture related Should I keep my rose colored glasses on and continue to lurk on /wip/ while i huff paint or make the leap.

>> No.49398771

there is no such thing as chaos undivided, that has been retconned
There is always a lot of infighting in a chaos warband, ommon goals and fear of brutal reprisal from the chaos lord is what keeps them together

>> No.49398783
File: 27 KB, 375x363, 1471935560326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.49398790

Would it be silly to snap shoot the Autocannon and slap down blasts as the primary shooting? The idea of a highly maneuverable Predator that isn't wasting points on snap-shooting sponsons has me intrigued, now that I think about it. 12pts for some anti-infantry template will earn itself back the moment I fire it.


>> No.49398793

The game isn't nearly as bad as people say. It depends way more on your local meta regardless

>> No.49398798


Meant it sarcastically.

>> No.49398806

No such thing as Chaos undivided now, in perhaps the worst retcon of all time.

We'll have to see if GW mentions what they do with the WB. Do they still wordhip Chaos as a pantheon, or no?

But anyways, the WB punish excessive worship of a single deity. They are a pantheon, and are to be worshipped equally.

>> No.49398820
File: 867 KB, 998x753, 2016-09-12 03_09_57-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5_ Vento Aureo 3 - Read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure P.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should probably try not to be sarcastic on the internet without some sort of meme image to convey your tone.

>> No.49398836

If you read the Iron Warriors Omnibus, you'll see varying units who have embraced a certain patron God and others who completely renounce them.

As for the Word Bearers, I believe almost the same would be applicable (save for the lack of worship- that's double Heresy). You could see units with different marks, as they're just believers who are under a different denomination. You could also see not a single mark, as to worship one would offend another and that's a paddlin'.

Dembski-Bowden puts it best in the following link, definitely worth a read.

In the end, each force varies depending on how your fluffy Word Bearer force is lead.

As for the Cult Troops, I imagine they would still be their original colors, as perhaps a patron unit offering their service to the Word Bearers. Otherwise, they could very well be akin to an extremely blessed marine of their patron God and be painted in the Word Bearers scheme.

The classic "Your Dudes" argument is what I always vest myself in.

>> No.49398846

The havoc launcher is way too weak.


What I totally forgot:
-Blast and template weapons will hit multiple tanks
-Barrage weapons always hit side armor,
-some armies are mobile enough to simply outmaneuver your AV13 wall, eldar scatbikes for example will fly over your tanks and shoot in the rear

>> No.49398853
File: 355 KB, 1237x1635, Marduk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Codex: Chaos Space Marines 3.5 had rules for Word Bearers that said your marines must be unmarked. You are allowed, and encouraged to take every flavor of daemon though.

There was a squad of raptors in the Word Bearers trilogy that felt the pull of Khorne but the rest of the legion saw that as a failure.

Ultimatley it's up to you. Check out some project logs on the Bolter & Chainsword for inspiration too.

>> No.49398861

edit: since when the fuck was chaos undivided retconned? Please respond

I've heard rumors, but is there any official release against it?

>> No.49398878


Sorry bruh.

>> No.49398892

6th ed csm-codex does not allow to buy an unmarked demon prince, you can however become one due to champions of chaos
AFAIK the whole dex does not mention the words chaos undivided, neither does the current chaos daemon codex. But you should check them to be sure

>> No.49398910

On it. With the champion of chaos roll, you must pick a mark to take once being ascended.

Will return with sauce in hopes of my dreams not being dead.

>> No.49398945

You paint for tournaments, not for army.

If you knew what you were taking in your kill team ahead of time you should just paint those.

>> No.49398958

So watchers in death anyone?

>> No.49398988

Good explanation btw cheers.

>> No.49399014

then let's just retcon it back

Undivided is awesome, and lots of religions set aside their differences to fight atheists, which is what loyalist SM are supposed to be anyway.

>> No.49399036

Do that shitty fury things still exist? They were undivided.

>> No.49399043

First army? Eldar, tau, or nids?

>> No.49399061

A Noose so you can kill yourself.

>> No.49399063

Eldar if you want to win, nids if you want cool models (and to loose) and Tau if you like weeb.

>> No.49399083

Chaos Undivided as a discrete thing is being removed from all Chaos works, but worshipping Chaos as a pantheon is still totally kosher and still results in blessings from the gods.

Word Bearers will have marked dudes, although it's discouraged. They wouldn't have the cult marines.

>> No.49399094

It's ok, not terrible.

Consider stern guard with a grav cannon, give it reaping volley, set up in cover overlooking an objective(s) within 24"; proceed to drink your opponent's tears of blood.

For maximum faggotry, give a grav gun or second cannon relentless

>> No.49399109


Nah, I'll still be here so I can piss fags like you off.

>> No.49399113
File: 1.83 MB, 1587x868, Emperors_Thirst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am wanting to start a Imperial Guard army, but I have no idea were to begin, any suggestions? I like infantry, not a big fan of mechanized or tank spamming.

>> No.49399128

Okay, that makes a little more sense, but still doesn't work very well with the Word Bearers being organized around preachers who are, ostensibly, preaching Chaos Undivided. Whatever, fuck GW.

On a more crunchy note, would it be faux pas to use "Black Legion" or "Crimson Slaughter" formations when fielding a Word Bearers force on the table top?

>> No.49399165

How broken do you think custodes rules are going to be?
Will you allow them in normal 40k?
Will motherfucking Constantin Valdor be included in the box?

>> No.49399186

Just get the Black Crusade book. I fucking love it for how awesome and applicable it is for Word Bearers.

Black Legion is iffy, Crimson Slaughter perhaps for a "Khorne" pulling Host.

>> No.49399209

1. Not too broken, really. Probably going to be a small model count, but powerful nonetheless army.

2. Why wouldn't I? Do you mean as a regular 40k army? Then no. As a 30k army, then yes.

3. No.

>> No.49399239

eh, they're probably gonna be like grey knights; extra special marines but not that powerful on their own. also not 40k legal

..i'm now thinking about what would have happened if the 1k sons fought the space wolves and custodes without the sisters or primarchs fighting as well. perhaps they could have beaten them back

>> No.49399241

Probably 2+ w/t Inv save, Those spears are +1 Str Ap 2 which attack that strike at initiative and can parry 1 attack a combat phase. I would probably say they will be WS and BS 5 and they might be 2 wounds each.

>> No.49399277
File: 157 KB, 1000x494, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm personally thinking they're gonna be 3+/6++, with their Termistodes being 2+/5++.

Betting you that their spears are gonna have different stats, and likely for the better.

>> No.49399295

>will you see different marks of chaos or none at all?
That would be heresy and heresy is one thing WB do not tolerate
>And if so will their armor be in Word Bearers colors or colored appropriately for their god?
Cult marines will have the colors of their own legion

>> No.49399345

The fuck is happening in that picture?

>>Guardmen feels the same way probably.

>> No.49399346

finally someone else says this

>> No.49399354

>allow them in 40k
As I'm a lore junkie, no.

The custodes haven't been seen outside of the imperial palace since the emperor was interred.

>> No.49399391

They're probably be sacrifice to the Golden Throne

>> No.49399542
File: 138 KB, 1024x717, 1473993483144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just don't unstang, teegee.

>Missile Launcher firing Flakk missiles at a flier at BS3
>50% chance of hitting (25 pts)

>2 Autocannons snap-shotting at a flier
>66.667% chance of hitting (20 pts)

I mean, I guess you're paying for versatility, but that's a lot of points on a T3, 5+ model that will undoubtedly be targeted before a flier hits the board

>> No.49399573

Uh, it's a 33.33% chance to hit with both rounds of the autocannon anon, the flak missile is more reliable.

>But then again, you could be using an Exterminator or Hydra instead of flak missiles

>> No.49399589

*33.33% chance to score a hit, rather. Not both hits.

>> No.49399598

An autocannon is Heavy 2. Two autocannons is 20 pts (10 each). (1/6)*2*2 = 66.667%

>> No.49399616

My apologies, I misinterpreted the 2 autocannons as the two autocannon shots.

And yeah, basically noone ever takes flak missiles, ever. It's way too expensive.

>> No.49399618

missile launchers are more versatile though.

>> No.49399756


Well it's not exactly the most unique pose.

>> No.49399867

Yeah, GW should just make it standard, Krak, frag and flak as standard isn't game breaking.

>> No.49400104

>Occasionally useful guy collection

>> No.49400177

I've looked through that entire archive and it's not there.

This is a ruse.

>> No.49400209

dok fixed big E up real good

>> No.49400222
File: 233 KB, 737x980, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe you need to look harder

Or maybe I pasted the wrong line, it's
Line 39

>> No.49400223

Citadel llc is a hedgefund/investment management company that has nothing to do with GW.

>> No.49400257

thanks for owning up to your mistake because line 39 totally isn't ">Occasionally useful guy collection"

Thanks for leading us there eventually. The hero /40kg/ needs.

>> No.49400455

orks in the lore should really be strong enough to not just have their wrist "caught"
i thought that was their thing

>> No.49400475

They are.

This is imperial propaganda from an imperial propaganda website, full of bullshit to inspire guard to be brave in their job and make them think they can achieve anything.

>> No.49400513

I know what you mean

>suggest killteam to get friend into 40k
>he is dead set on kroot
>he has nothing but kroot
>there's like 30 of the fuckers
>I have 5 dudes in my team

>> No.49400525

Occasionally useful guy collection has only AoS.
You are an asshole.

>> No.49400541

It's line 39 dude, he was wrong about useful guy collection.

Trying to convert them from the SHIT SHIT SHIT epub format to PDF files now.

>> No.49400554

Thank you anon

>> No.49400584

Well since it's a guardsman and not an ork, he hits with S3 which means that it's an even match

>> No.49400607

Epub is king as long as you aren't using outdated readers.

>> No.49400625

Orks and guardsmen are both strength 3 but the Ork is only >I2
I would say it's pretty accurate.

>> No.49400645
File: 486 KB, 2246x1118, Anatomy of a Bad Epub.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Epubs are great so long as they aren't made lazily.

>> No.49400654

So a bad epub is one that behaves like... a PDF.

>> No.49400682

That's not how probabilities work, morons. It's a ~52% chance that one or more of the Autocannon shots hits home.

>> No.49400692
File: 458 KB, 1365x767, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, like a bad pdf. Imagine if each page of pdf was the image in one tiny part of a huge canvas, and you had to scroll through all the blank to reach the next. Pdfs also don't fuck up their fonts.

A pdf with a full bookmark index is vastly superior to shitty epubs.

>> No.49400701

Why would I care about hitting it only once when firing multiple shots? I'd rather know how many average wounds I'd be inflicting every volley.


>> No.49400702

A Pdf with separate text, image and page layers sure.

>> No.49400714

Yes, and?

>> No.49400777

i.e. a not-shit one. Bad PDF's are just as terrible, but it's not hard to make an acceptable one out of scans for minimum effort, just as long as the text is legible.

>> No.49400799
File: 1.52 MB, 427x240, 1462429750432.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I just prefer to open all my codices in Adobe Reader
>Call epubs "SHIT SHIT SHIT"
>Thread derailed.

>> No.49400859

Can I get some feedback on my Kill Team?

Inquisition Henchmen Warband (200)

4× Acolytes w/ storm bolters
3× Acolytes w/ Meltagun
3× Crusader
2× Heavy Bolter Servitors

Dedicated Transport Chimera w/ double Heavy Bolters, Psybolt ammo and Dozer Blades (65 pts)
Total 200

Special weapons and probably Servitors will stay in the Chimera. Specialists will probably be one meltagun with Eagle Eye, a Crusader with Killer Instinct and one other TBD.

Should I take combi-melta or meltagun on my special weapons?
Should the special weapons have Flak armour or Carapace?
Does mindlock render the Servitors useless or will I get good fire out of them?

>> No.49401096

Jumping on that 'ePubs are shit' bandwagon.

>> No.49401163


I much prefer ePubs on my phone. Still haven't found one for daemons yet.

>> No.49401245

Speaking of epubs, can someone please post 'Watchers in Death', the new Beast Arises novel. I can post the previous book but I really want to read this latest one (and I'm obviously poor). Please help a poorfag out.

>> No.49401247

Your servitors have a 50% chance every turn of doing fuckall, no moving,shooting,running or charging. The only thing they could do in that turn is fight if they are already in combat

>> No.49401272

So I should just have regular Storm Bolter Acolytes? I have two for a bit of redundancy.

>> No.49401277

Grab a monkey if you want heavy weapons.

>> No.49401302

Monkeys are 35pts each, though, and that's a lot in Kill Team. And they are only BS3

>> No.49401322

You say that like you think the Crusaders are somehow worth more. They are only useful in squads because they give the squad a 3++ ablative wound. That isn't the case in killteam, you want dakka, and bodies, and preferably a way to avoid having your army run like pricks when half of them die.

>> No.49401419

Fair point, but none of the possible Henchmen choices have a leadership over 8, and the Crusader will nearly always win combat with MEQs, and there are a lot of Deathwatch and Blood Angels in my FLGS.
I can see I might just want more Servitors or Acolytes now.

>> No.49401473

Old Predators had them, but FW had to be fags and make their own.

>> No.49401544
File: 329 KB, 1024x1463, IMG_1818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KDK Killteam (191)

8x berzerker w/ chainaxes & meltabomb

-berserk fighter
-muderous blows
-feel no pain

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