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>Question of the day
How many cards can we make the Corp draw during a single turn with Fisk?

>What is Android: Netrunner?

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ (post-MWL), Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>NAPD Most Wanted List

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:
https://github.com/shyndman/ono-sendai (You’ll need to build it yourself)

>Deckbuilding Resources:
http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/netrunner/android-netrunner-deck-builder (not recommended)

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

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With Equivocation, I think we might be getting some support to Amp up Fisk a little bit.

I'm counting a maximum of 9 drawn cards from a single turn.
3 from Fisk Investment Seminar.
3 more from 3 Equivocation.
2 more from Eden Shard.
1 more from Fisk ability itself.

That's peak point. But can be regularly be forced to draw at least 4 cards every turn with Equivocation and Fisk, while dropping the act to steal any agenda he glances with Equivocation.

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Mind full of fuck right now, so question, when you play your first Exclusive party, do you get one credit and and draw a card, or do you just draw a card?

>How many cards can we make the Corp draw during a single turn with Fisk?

Fisk ability + 3 cards from seminar + 2 cards from Eden Shard + possibly Woman in the Red Dress

I think that's it.

On a similar if not directly related note: I really wish System Outage was a Criminal current. In conjunction with CBI raid and Gordian Drip, you have an interesting new archetype that tries to keep slow dow the corp and hurt it when it wants to get up to speed.

Still missing pieces for now, and two influence a pop for that current is way too much (also only *mandatory* start of turn draw should have been exempt from the tax really... would have balanced it nicely).

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Oh, god, yeah Equivocation could to become such a cool card for Fisk.

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Has the new spoilers appeared yet?

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>Mind full of fuck right now, so question, when you play your first Exclusive party, do you get one credit and and draw a card, or do you just draw a card?

Just the card. The Exclusive Party gets trashed after you fully resolve it.

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And speaking of which, holy crap that Ark Lockdown.

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You tease.


Remembered right. Good. Would have bothered me to cheat that other player of his credits.

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So, last pack of the cycle is going to be called Quorum, uh?

That's ominous.

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Spoonfeed please.

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Ark Lockdown Haas-Bioroid Operation:
1credit ••

Name a card. Remove all copies of that card in the heap from the game.

"If you live off-site, please consult the building AI for temporary housing. We regret that your off-site family cannot join you here while we are in lockdown..."

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I'm in love. Making all those heap plays suddenly a potential liability/risk really appeals to me.


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Giving it a bit more though, is this going to be one of those "impacts the game yet rarely sees actual play", or an actually played card?

I'm thinking I would love to import that in one of my old Underway Renovation builds. The new Jinteki and Weyland IDs might actually totally dg that.

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Hard counter to current plays with Paperclip (e.g. overdraw, discard paperclip, install just if needed)

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Also a lot of the Same Old Thing/Clone Chip shenanigans - Parasite recursion!

I quite like that Paperlip has another downside/risk attached when compared with Corroder.

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Its pretty much an auto-include for biotic/Jeeves FA HB decks, especially if they can bait out the clot first to purge+ArcLock. Still good even if one has to do it twice.

The question is whether NBN FA can find the inf for that as well.

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Given's Weyland supposed link to construction, I'm kinda amazed we didn't get some ID with recurring econ for rezzing Assets.

Would have probably been too much or not enough (one cred not enough, two far too much)....

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Who knows what fun things will appear there?

Good way to introduce New Angeles though.

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Ignoring click shenanigans, there's also Data Breach and Doppelganger.

I'd love to have it as a 1-of in my BoN deck, but influence is damn tight. It'll see play in decks that have free influence + HB I'm guessing, especially since you don't need tags, isn't a Double, not Terminal, etc., just a straight remove from play. Could be good for getting Jeeves for free too.

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I like it, I like it a lot. Could really hurt if they plan a SOT Levy

Theme's also pretty cool, which is important to me, HB sealing themselves away from the chaos outside

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Nobody mentions it but is yet another card that hurts Exile. The guy never gets a break.

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What's the Ark that they're referring to by the way? A general term for arcologies?

Also I just noticed, but the guy in the foreground looks a little bit like the mech suit(?) from Project Ares.

Here's to hoping he gets something nice in faction this cycle, though I haven't a clue how without strengthening recursion for other runners.

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Problem with Exile is that his ability works best during the mid and late game, with programs in the heap, but when he needs the ability is as early as possible.

I remember drawing aggressively with Quality time and Diesel and then using Freelance Coding Contract to trash and get credits. It was still too slow. And it was hard fitting 20 programs AND all the recursion cards (test run, clone chip, scavenge).

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Possibly? It might be a specific one, or it might be colloquial - we know Haas does have Arcologies, they already have Haas Arcology AI.

On the map of New Angeles in Worlds of Android Manta is where the Haas Arcology (as in, the one with the AI) is in NA, so I guess it's by the coast looking at the unique region (Jinteki also have a unique region, spotted in a card fan, translates as 'Japan Town'), which might make 'ark' parallels easy

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Wouldn't be surprised if that ends up as a full bleed in a future champ deck. Hope they do a better job for it though.

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Looks alright to me, if a little fuzzy - definitely get the sense of the Arcology being sealed off and partying inside while New Angeles decends into riots.

And yet again it's proven that the heap isn't just your memories

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Thought the heap is essentially more a physical location where trashed things end up rather then memory per se. Chronos Protocol could be making the runner forget where said places are.

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There's also the fact that all of the 'install program from the heap' cards are only one shot, and that for a rarely triggered ability, drawing a single card just isn't that great.

A more abstract representation might be more fitting; if clicks represent time and the grip represents options, the heap could represent misses opportunities or options that were discarded in favour of better ones (missing a chance to ask for help from Mr. Li in favour of more Professional Contacts, or missing an interview for a Day Job). A lockdown basically erases any chance of salvaging that opportunity because you've been blocked from any sort of access to it any more. Still fits with the 'Chronos Protocol makes people forget about it' thing too.

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Any guess what fun insane stuff the runner spoiler will be?

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I'm going to bet on Criminal Hardware.

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Another problem with Exile is how few cards trigger his ability.

Clone Chip, Scavenge, Test Run for in faction (last one will cycle out).

Retrieval Run, Pawn, Paperclip and Black Orchestra out of faction (with first two to cycle out).

Compare with Andy or Geist. It's also hard to build for him because there's so few options. And obviously they can't just go too lax on recursion power, so they're in bind.


Yeah, I don't think the drawing cards to draw cards approach is going to offer great results, at least not by itself. Dumpster Gamble had the right approach with trying to maximize profit from trashing things. Problem is this will suffer comparison with Geist for the time being0 If only superficially.

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Going with the name, I like to think of the heap as the place where what you've thrown away ends up; the broken gear storaged, the connections discarded or lost, the program idea that never materialized for one reason or another, the con tactic you used once to great effect and could be repurposed to a new target... it's not far, not our of reach, still part of your life. Not in any way usable without effort though.

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So are there any good Jesminder lists? Her ability and Hardware interest me.

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*Still* haven't played her myself (what can I say? I'm really not into that ID). What I've played against always seem to fall back to the Account Siphon/Vamp abuse plan, with variation on the flavor of shaper that goes along (stealth, silver bullet recursion, big breakers, etc...).

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I thought it was a C joke. The stack is "managed," for you by the game, so you can access the stuff there relatively easily and quickly. Also, it's a physical stack of cards.

The heap is slower and takes more work, because now you have to use a recursion card (like how you'd have to use a pointer variable).

I'm sure this analogy falls apart somewhere, there's no way it could be that simple, but I don't know enough about programming to know where.

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I like her console a lot, but I've only used it along with Dorm Computer in Criminal to harass R&D and send economy cards and combo pieces to the bottom of the deck.
I tried building a deck for her, but nothing interesting came up. I was using Code Siphon to look for Panchatantras.

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Yeah, if I ever end up building something for her, it's definitely going to be because of her console. Such a cute piece of gear.

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How do you see this ID?

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Looking to get in to netrunner is it necessary to get 3 core sets to be competitive in tournaments

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Using my eyes, mostly.

>> No.49406411


I really like how it allows you to out-Weyland's ability to rez a remote out of nowhere, so to speak. Any early attempt to R&D lock give you free rein into securing other servers for cheap... which is gracefully balanced by the Bioroid requirement.

Potentially very powerful middle/late game. Needs a way to funnel and hurt early runs.

>> No.49406627


Not as good at ETF. Whenever I have to compare HB IDs to ETF, I remind myself that ETF's ability is essentially "gain 1 credit every turn". This is unlikely to save you more credits than that unless you're playing a full suite of Bioroids, and even then you have three fewer influence to spend. That being said, I'm digging this whole set of corp. ID's that are trying to breathe new life into overshadowed deck types.

>> No.49406713


We'll keep saying this until the end of the game I guess, but EtF is fucked up and should be put away on the side when comparing (HB) IDs.

But, yeah, agreed about the under-represented archetypes. I'm liking how this cycle is basically trying to be a core 2.0-light on some respects, on top of preparing rotation. I'm betting next one is going to be a continuation of that.

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Been playing a Professor Deva deck recently, and while it's fun and fairly interesting how it changes the way you approach the game, I really wish there was some way to make it valuable instead of just interesting.

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File: 419 KB, 355x497, 2016-09-18 22_20_29-Captura de pantalla 2016-09-18 22.17.48.png - IrfanView (Zoom_ 1719 x 1074).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got this screenshot from the Southern Megacity Circuit Championship Invitational stream. twitch tv/dodgepong

This is nuts. Thank god it's unique.

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Smoke continues to be best girl.

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So ANG I got the first box a while ago but never had any people to legitimately play with and now, all of a sudden, I do! Is it to late? How screwed would I be to start now?

>> No.49408398

Just play with a single core set until you get the hang of it. It's what I did, never got last place in our local (admittedly <25 people max) tournaments.

>> No.49408469


I don't know how I feel about this one... powerful, obviously, but was stealth in need of more free money for doing what it was going to do anyway?

I guess I find it too narrow and powerful at the same time, which I tend not to like in a support card. And I don't find the 3 cost balances it back much.

I may be alarmist, wait and see in testing how it performs. Once per *run* does seem potentially huge though.

>> No.49408478

To clarify, I've never used proxies or bought any data packs (no cash). All of my cards are either core set, won in tournaments or from the first draft set.

>> No.49408500


This >>49408398. Unless you're going all out competitive, the game is pretty good and playable with a single core, just expand as wanted.

>> No.49408526

>Once per *run* does seem potentially huge though.
Basically a Desperado, exchanging the successful run condition for a usable stealth credit condition.

>> No.49408764

>Basically a Desperado

IF you spend the stealth. That's a significant difference. Desperado in huge in no small part for its ability to help turn runs into net positives as long as there is no protection or at least no cost incurred.

Imagine against an asset spam deck with little to no ICE, this is of little use while Desperado would still be as powerful.

But yeah, this looks like it could be a monster of a card.

>> No.49408850

It can also turn Ghost Runner credits into real ones + they are still stealthy, or into cards. Just, very slowly.

>> No.49408907


Yeah as a Nasir Stealth fan, I'm hopeful.

>> No.49409490


Depends on which factions you want to play as, but most of the time you can get by with 2. Sometimes even with 1.

>> No.49410357


Well, if it can trigger from itself, it essentially becomes a desperado anyway with the cred being recycled.

>> No.49410435

You could probably run and pump an icebreaker using an unused stealth credit to move it to Net Mercur even if you don't encounter any ice, so there's that.

I think the card's balancing point is actually 'whenever you spend atleast 1 credit', which means if you can get the runner to spend more than 1 from Net Mercur, preferably outside of a run, then it's going to empty out pretty quickly. It's going to be terrifying if it has 10+ credits on it though.

>> No.49410590


Oh, yeah definitely, scratch what I was saying, had forgotten that ruling which allowed you to pump money into your breakers even if you couldn't technically use them... they might have to go back on that one I guess.

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I was going with anarchist and maybe shaper for runner and i dont know what corporation yet

>> No.49412162


Well, if you are going HB, you can easily make do with a single core if you are getting the champion deck. Jin and Wey could survive on one as well arguably.

The only corp that 'might' need that third core (if proxying or borrowing is not possible) is NBN for the SanSan, but even that is not as important compared to before.

>> No.49413149

So Shapers are going for the "keep out of the radar, broadcast it to the world" angle, what are the Criminal and Anarch factions going for? Criminals looks like they're trying to profit from a bad situation (Cortez and his schemes, bounty hunting with Temujin, Barricade Runners selling water/resources), but the Anarchs don't seem to have anything immediately obvious. Ruining the value of credits maybe?

>> No.49413265


Making the chaos happen in the first place (NULL, Keung, System Outage) enjoy and expending on the ongoing chaos (Rumor Mill, Credit Crash).

>> No.49413582


Shaper and chaos cultists can easily go with a single core as well. The runner champ deck is not quite as useful, but there are lots of alt arts that can fill in some gaps.


>Just As Planned!

>> No.49415237

Null and Keung's motivations seem weird, since the insert implies Null tried to prevent it by telling Keung, who then posted about it on the net (possibly including how, which would be how the informant in Mainframe knew about the 23 seconds) either because (a) it was intentional and he wanted it to happen, or (b) he's senile and didn't think someone would make it happen. Hopefully the insert for Escalation will enlighten things, but I'm betting it'll focus on the Water Tower Massacre instead.

>> No.49415273

That's damn good, Stealth Smoke getting a fair bit of support right from the start.

Really hope Khan gets similar support in the cycle and that just haven't seen it yet

>> No.49415593

Speaking of which, you could use Net Mercur to get further discounts when installing any programs with Khan's ability.

>> No.49416279

I suppose, but it's 3 inf.
Stacks with Kate's though, as long as you install during a run

>> No.49417399

Null's analysis backed up Keuring's theories - the exact how will probably remain a mystery

>> No.49417899


Suddenly I'm in the mood to start playing again.

>> No.49418250


Not to mention its something that can't exactly be tutored out easily in crim either, compared to say Beth K-C via hostage.

>> No.49418967

You wanted to go through your entire deck and then SoT that Levy?
Too bad.

Yeah, it looks good. Fits Haas pretty well mechanically and thematically too, can't complain too much, even if every spoiler so far has had me crying out for something good for Weyland

>> No.49419428


Don't forget Crims, they really need the love.

Not to mention, the Khan puzzle is driving me mad.

>> No.49420740

>The Flashpoint Cycle of Data Packs for Android: Netrunner has been full of desperate and violent Corps. Now, at the cycle’s conclusion, the U.S. government threatens to strip New Angeles of its privileges as a special commerce zone, and Quorum gives us sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) that focus on getting back to business as usual.

>That means you’ll find Runners being Runners while the Corps invest in their futures, deploy advanced new economic operations, bribe powerful and highly connected politicians, and layer their servers with the world’s newest and most bleeding-edge ice.

Looks like it sets up for New Angeles and the federalist question while still maintaining the status quo, like the assassination did for Mumbad

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I just really like how I don't have to use clicks anymore to install icebreakers with Khan. I don't even plan a deck around it. 4 icebreakers and go. Savoir Faire got me dissapointed on how expensive it was to install the whole suite. Khan saves me 4 credits and 4 clicks. Not much but enough for me.

>> No.49422006


4 breakers?

And the puzzle part for me really comes from the "pass" thing. The need to get through ICE to get a breaker... you can probably make use it, but capitalizing on it? I have a hard time.

Granted we have a few bits of the puzzle already with Golden and GPI Net Tap...

>> No.49422294

Zul, Mongoose/Golden, Paperclip, Gingerbread is my go to.

Khan benefits from taxing rezzes too, making the Corp think twice if rezzing or not: Cortez and his chips, Bribery, etc. It's hard to fit anything in 40 cards though.

>> No.49422504

Also DDoS, but I'll never find the influence for a couple of those.

>> No.49422523


Tangential, but I'm so glad to see Gingerbread having it's time in the spotlight.

>making the Corp think twice if rezzing or not

That's the thing though, I find early game it help force the corp to rez to prevent you geting your free click and credit... which is a double-edged sword.

>> No.49422543

Gingerbread and Panchatantra saves my ass all the time. Plus at least half the ICE I see every day is tracer.

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File: 110 KB, 640x421, 13889993447_6c7ca61a95_z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49422810

Khan Temujin + Mercury + Golden (+Silencer to help I guess)...

Is it me or is he runner getting way too rich at the moment?

I'm kinda disliking how Mercury cripples the possibility of hurting a runner sitting on lot of liquidity before it ever had a chance to come into fruition.

Maybe it was just a silly hope.

>> No.49422860


>> No.49422887

He means Net Mercur.

>> No.49423022


Yeah, sorry, Net Mercur.

I should probably take new corp cards into account more, certainly Net Mercur is powerful, but in a meta where Scarcity of Resources and Financial Collapse exist, it's probably a bit riskier than it looks at first sight.

>> No.49423282

Just Foxfire it.

>> No.49423317


Shame! Don't you know Foxfire is a *bad* card?

>> No.49424417

Worst part is, the Runner can just use Mercur credits to beat Foxfire trace.
"You can use this credits for anything" bullshit.

>> No.49424544


Made me re-check, for some reason I though the money had to be spent during a run too, but no, not even. Only if you cant to trigger the refill.

Not to forget, another thing I probably seriously evaluated poorly at first glance, the draw power boost flexibility. Going to be *huge* for classic Stealth decks. Slower set up was their price to pay, they won't even have that now....

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File: 1008 KB, 1087x783, Red-Woman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49427704

Kinda a shame Net Mercur is rather expensive inf wise for crim stealth decks, especially when they have to import cloaks in the first place.

>> No.49427897


I'm thinking the worst issue is you can't tutor it.

Even if not playing Stealth breakers as I was saying upthread, Silencer/Ghost Runner (can you imagine, you can turn it into three credits and any combination of 3 credits/draws for the cost of one credit with Mercur on the table) could be enough to make it more than worthwhile... provided you can get it early enough.

>> No.49428384

Is it me or is Escalation late?

>> No.49428389

Looks like a new FAQ is out.

>> No.49429184



Any earth-shattering change yet?

>> No.49429545

It is, new packs are usually out during the middle of the month. Wonder if they're involved with the Hanjin ships thing.

Can't say. Obvious stuff are the World's Queen's Gambit got errata'd, Raman Rai works as intended now I think, bunch of clarifications for multi access, ordinal events, hosting, etc. New stuff about Open, Derived, and Hidden information.

The BoN effect gets moved to 'the first time an encounter ... ends' instead of being on encounter, which means bypasses still fire the ability. This makes me wonder if hitting an ETR on an ice with a token on it still pings you with a damage or not though, but I 'm guessing no for the same reason 'on access' effects on agendas don't fire with Film Critic. On the plus(?) side, if they run again that damage is still available.

Corp side gets the 'when a card is trashed, the game state is assumed to have a copy of the card in Archives' thing, basically the same thing that lets you Scavenge an installed D4V1D to refresh power tokens. Example used was Allele Repression, where you can use it to swap Allele back into your hand instead of leaving it in Archives. Wonder how relevant this will be in the future.

Clarification that you can't gain clicks during the Discard Phase, so no longer floating clicks into your next turn with that one card. Updates to the timing structure too.

>> No.49430088

How do me and my friend learn how to play this game. It always feels like the Corp is always behind scrambling to keep the runner off them so obvious that we aren't playing right I think.

>> No.49430162

Practice practice practice. Go on netrunnerdb and try out the high-rated decklists. Talk with your buddy about what you're doing. Experiment with weird ideas and cool combos that you find.

Odds are that you are actually doing it right. Out of the box with two new players, the game is definitely in favor of the runner. The corp relies pretty heavily on being able to A) bait the runner into making the wrong call, and B) noticing an opportunity and acting on it. When you're brand new to the game, those are often hard to do.

>> No.49430351


FWIW, assuming you are just learning via the core set, the arguably best pairing is HB vs Kate. Jin is pretty poor in core only, which may make things a tad hard when learning the ropes.

>> No.49430394


The econ in the core *is* a bit tight for the corp. Which is a good thing. As >>49430162 says, it makes the runner just a slight better than the corp, which is a good position for learning the game, given the runner is (almost) the only one that can initiate interactions between the players.

That being said, don't overspend as the corp. Take calculated risks. Learning when you can afford not to rez and when it's a good investment helps.

On that note, something about the timing that is not necessarily immediately apparent to new players: you can rez cards at the end of the runner's turn. What this means is that you can, for example, leave a PAD Campaign naked on the table unrezzed. If the runner comes after it, you've only lost the click for install. If it stays on the table, you can rez it at the end of the runner's turn, and get your first credit off it immediately as your turn begins.

Helps tip the balance a bit more in your favor.

>> No.49430559


I don't know about HB - it's good because it's straightforward for sure, one problem I noticed with new player is often they had a problem getting off the EtF econ crutch.

That ID is just too damn good.


I've seen someone do that with Allele... cute as hell I found.

I'm guessing the Salsette Slums bit might make some small waves...

>> No.49431256


With a champion deck thrown in, HB is still the easiest way for new players to get into game in terms of corps, regardless of whether they want to go glacier or FA.

>> No.49431899

Whoever had that idea of Exclusive Party in Apex: that's genius.

Exactly what I was looking for.

>> No.49432792

>That ID is just too damn good.

>> No.49433230

Since the core decks are usually geared to a particular play style, one way to get a new player to try a different Corp would be to play it while they are the Runner. I've had a few friends get interested in a Corp after particular fun plays against it, usually Jinteki since it rewards the Corp the most for the Runner making a mistake and "wait, you mean I'm dead? Neat" moments.

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File: 102 KB, 250x239, Capture du 2016-09-20 14-29-30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any speculations on the unreleased new mini factions cards ?

Apex seems to be pic related. Something about trashing installed cards.

We don't know what Adam will get, but a lot of people (including me) are hoping for a new directive, which would allow some kind of sideboarding.

>> No.49433490


Core NBN and Weyland can do the kill combo as well, especially unwary runners who turn 1 install expensive crap then run.

>> No.49433688

True, though by core decks I was referring to how the default decks (when you mix all in faction cards and neutral cards into a deck, without imports) are built, my bad for not being clear on it.

>> No.49433714


Well for core W at least, they do have tagging ice which could potentially leave said unwary runner ripe for exploding.

>> No.49433822

Yeah, but without any Corp turn tagging cards Weyland can be pretty dull, and misplays are a lot more punishing (which could be a good thing, but encouraging a new player to stick to the game is a tad more important). Posted Bounty -> Scorched is pretty damn exciting though, both me and a friend playing Runner broke into a cold sweat during the turn I attempted it.

>> No.49434047


I don't know, but a 2-cost Apex program that does something "the first time you trash a card", whether each turn or each run, will have to do something really good to find its place in a deck.

Given the name, I'm wondering about it being a reverse Wasteland. So "the first time each turn you trash an installed card, the corp loses one credit".

Which sadly would be more amazing out of Apex. But at least would combo with Ixodidae I guess.

>> No.49434092

Actually i'm hoping for in faction card draw.

"The first time you trash a card each run, draw a card" doesn't really sound too bad.

>> No.49434115


I would really like that, but with a name like Reaver, doesn't seem to fit.

Wouldn't be the first time theme/mechanic don't mesh gracefully though

>> No.49434121

It's gotta be "each run" no matter the effect, else the designers are dumb. For one, Apex needs help badly, and Apocalypse exists, which needs 3 runs and a way to recover afterwards.

>> No.49434154


"The first time you trash an installed card each run, you may install 1 card from your hand facedown."

>> No.49434406

I don't think Apex needs MORE installed cards, it needs draw and econ.

>> No.49434755


That one was meant as a joke.

I guess it made sense to me...

That being said, I'm now wondering how impactful this could be:

"The first time you trash an installed card each run, you may install the top card card from your stack facedown."

Given Hunting Ground, really seems not needed. But then could fasten that early aggression a lot?

>> No.49435396

Would be interesting if it was some sort of recursion affecting the trashed card (you may put the card into your grip instead), though I guess it might be too strong out of faction with Aesop and the power counter breakers. It's almost definitely a supplement to Endless Hunger though, since Heartbeat gives just enough MU to install them together, though draw/econ is good too.

>> No.49435867
File: 60 KB, 300x419, boom!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any delightful Frenchies wanna spoil Escalation right about now?

>> No.49435930


Released in France?

>> No.49436841

http://forum.stimhack.com/t/flashpoint-cycle/7403/1274 Dude claims France has the scoops.

>> No.49437201


They'd be stupid to break their NDA right now that they're the number potential suspect.

Time for false flagging.

>> No.49439232
File: 498 KB, 1050x836, 1433969663486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49439283

It's over at >>49433375

>> No.49439344
File: 679 KB, 700x587, adn41_fan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Habemus Quorum

>> No.49439366
File: 221 KB, 300x419, adn41-bryan-stinson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5 cards spoiled. All 5 in the fan, what a waste.

>> No.49439397

Only 4 cards are spoiled. Peace in our time wasn't.

>> No.49439403
File: 228 KB, 300x419, adn41-encore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't find them particularly interesting. Bryan "ignore all costs" Stinson effect is hampered by the 6 credits clause. Maybe Encore provides more interesting plays.

>> No.49439411

You can read Peace in our time right there, in the fan.

>> No.49439449
File: 177 KB, 300x419, adn41-nasx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NASX doubles the amount of credits you spend on adding power counters to it for a click.

>> No.49439469
File: 213 KB, 300x419, adn41-violet-level-clearance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably the last color level clearance. Ends your turn, net 3 credits and 4 cards.

>> No.49439476



So, we went from Notoriety to Encore (and you can combo both really with all of Shaper's click shenanigans)... I'm not too sure about that.

I was liking Stintson before noticing he was an upgrade, now I'm loving it. Certainly something Weyland could use.

That's all I have to say about it.

Peace In Our Time is vicious in its wording. Powerful, but it certainly is no free money.

>> No.49439490


We're really gong to have to start talking about power creep.

>> No.49439514

What power creep. I've seen nothing like this card before.

>> No.49439546

It's a PAD campaign+, for one. And there are quite a lot of "click, trash to gain boatloads of money after letting it grow for a bit", this being by far the strongest.

>> No.49439568


It's a PAD campaign with additional ability.

Unless you're planning on using a PAD factory, I really don't see why you shouldn't switch one PAD campaign for one of those (given it's unique). At worst it does exactly what PAD campaign does. At best you get to use its secondary ability to make more money/force bait a run.

>> No.49439643


Helium-3 Deposit target... still not worth it.

>> No.49439715

>I really don't see why you shouldn't switch one PAD campaign for one of those

Giving it more thought... Rumor Mill maybe?

>> No.49439722

As it happens, it's also unique, making it a beast on its own. You'll need the PAD Campaign (or something else) to activate its ability (it doesn't trigger from itself).
In short, you can't replace PADs with this since it doesn't stack. Its ability makes it obvious that it's a bait, and its passive ability is there to return the first credit you lose when you activate the ability off the PAD campaigns.

I see where you are coming (1 clickless credit, 4 trash, 2 rez), but I really don't see the power creep, the card is completely different in purpose and action.

>> No.49439779

>In short, you can't replace PADs with this since it doesn't stack.

Not all of them, but as I said *one*, certainly. At worse it does the exact same thing. At best it has additional uses.

>> No.49439809

Unrelated to all the efficiency talk... I *really* love the art on Encore. That smug mug.

>> No.49439833

Smoke continues to be best girl.

>> No.49439847

Talking of Rumor Mill, one stupid way of rule-layering I hadn't thought about: does a card whose text is blanked out has a trash cost?

>> No.49439875

Trash cost is like the install/rez/play cost: it has it's own icon, and is therefore not in the text box.

>> No.49439925


Gathered, it's just the kind of question you have to deal all the time with rule lawyers... kinda surprised no one asked me yet.

So, Stinson-ing a Violet level clearance... 4 draw and 8 credits for a click... not half bad. Not to mention Election Day to fasten your deck while keeping transactions available for later use...

>> No.49440046

How does Stinson interacts with Paywall Implementation?

The current stays until trashed and then it is removed from the game?

>> No.49440183

>I don't find them particularly interesting. Bryan "ignore all costs" Stinson effect is hampered by the 6 credits clause.

I'm conflicted about it, clearly the effect needs balance, but this looks like it could hurt low econ decks way too much now that I think about it.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see if dedicated stealth+Mercur builds will bother keeping over the 6 line to prevent this from firing. I would have expected them to stay in low liquidity mode most of the time given most of their money is on the table.

Apocalypse+Encore has a delicious theme to it. I'd want to play that just because.

>> No.49440520
File: 744 KB, 1192x1000, port-ill-sherlock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to reliably trash a resource as the runner during a turn rather than at beginning of turn?

Working on a dumb as fuck Black File/Political Graffiti deck with my housemates to wind up the tryhards in our local meta.

Game plan would be to let the corp get pretty high on points, slow them down as normal, but in the late game switch to Graffiti-ing them down below 7 points, trashing the black file and then recurring it to refresh the counters before the corp can purge. Eventually milling them out, or stalling long enough to sneak 7 points.

>> No.49440640


It's gloriously stupid concept. I love it.

First thing that comes to mind is Heartbeat or Endless Hunger.

>> No.49440667


Stupid me: Independent Thinking. Only one influence.

>> No.49440679

We looked into both, but the problems is that unless we can find a reliable source of damage, or an exposed "end the run" sub there's little we can do about it

and Free card draw, sweet. thanks anon!

>> No.49440742


At worse - in case you need it for other reasons - you can always self-damage with Cybernetic cards.

And you're welcome, hope you can make it work decently well. It's a cool idea.

>> No.49440766

Cheers, the only hard counter we can think of atm is a Cyberdex Virus Suite during the refresh, but we're packing councilman to deal with it and Trope to recur our recursion

>> No.49440808
File: 148 KB, 300x300, shat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any0ne has "The Worlds of Android" in pdf?
I know how /r/ this is but we both know this kind of request wouldn't work there if its not some japanese tits.

>> No.49440895


Would need to get my copy first before I can scan it. Still waiting.

(insert picture of skeleton of your choice here)

>> No.49440903
File: 1000 KB, 1100x700, 23_window.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Quetzal: Free Spirit

Event (22)
3x Déjà Vu
2x I've Had Worse
3x Independent Thinking ●●●
3x Political Graffiti
2x Retrieval Run
3x Rumor Mill
3x Sure Gamble
3x Wanton Destruction

Hardware (2)
2x Turntable

Resource (11)
2x Councilman
2x Kati Jones
3x Same Old Thing
1x The Black File ●●●●
3x Wyldside

Icebreaker (4)
1x Eater
2x Faust
1x ZU.13 Key Master ●●

Program (6)
1x D4v1d
2x Keyhole
3x Trope

9 influence spent (max 15-6=9, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)

Got my first draft going, time to test and improve

>> No.49440911
File: 398 KB, 1024x1399, sadskeletor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49440996


I'm thinking the biggest issue of your deck at first sight is getting that Black File out reliably enough (nothing worse than having *that one card* at the bottom of your deck). Good luck with the testing.

>> No.49441375

Lacking econ too, switched out the Wantons for Liberated so far

>> No.49442609


No hot clone (or fembot) booty there?

>> No.49443786
File: 549 KB, 792x612, 5a54da10285105.56b4351875dfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49444740


That's a pretty good way to snipe breakers/programs in combination with Ark Lockdown

>> No.49444905

Interesting that it's number 118, which means 2 more unknown neutral cards. Unless they pull some silliness like with System Outage.

Would it really be power creep if most of the time it acts like the card that it's creeping on though? Sure you could replace a PAD for a single copy of NASX, but with only one you'd have a hard time getting it in time to benefit from your economy cards. If you have two, then the second one is useless while the first is on the table. Then there's Rumor Mill, the danger of getting trashed before getting to play it, having the leeway and credits to use the secondary ability, etc.

Sure NASX is strictly a better PAD Campaign, but there's plenty of aspects to consider before putting it into your deck, which is always a good thing. Compare to Plascrete, or I've Had Worse which are almost always a solid include if you can fit them in.

Why Quetzal, especially without any e3 Feedbacks to benefit? Maybe switch to Reina since her ability would fire more consistently?

>> No.49445953


Okay, THIS is nice. Restructure from 0? Yes please. And he's not even an asset?

>> No.49446003

On the guy who does the UFAQ's word, that's 'up to two' not 'up to as many counters as credits you gained'

Still a PAD campaign with a bonus ability though

>> No.49446551

Ark Lockdown + Aggressive Secretary might be fun, lockdown might make program trashing an actual threat

>> No.49446838


It would most certainly be *very* useful in a trap HB deck that is making the rounds.

>> No.49447180

Not even any influence, looks really good, albeit power creep when compared directly to PAD

>> No.49447681


His usability assumes the runner is somehow that poor against W.

>> No.49447750

I'm linking Bryan Stinson as a form of early game pressure: if the runner wants to set up lightning fast, he has to enable it. Interesting way of slowing down the runner that plays into a potential kill strategy, but doesn't have to be one. Something Weyland didn't necessarily need, but it's cool to see the faction expand that way.

While I'm at it: Mumbad Virtual Tour in the Temujin meta... Still not enough?

>> No.49447970

SEA Source to scare them out of their credits first, then using him seems like a plan. Gives the runner the terrible option of taking a tag against Weyland or losing most of their money. He's pretty neat.

3 Tours is only 15 against Temujin's 60 potential credits, so probably won't be enough. Definitely slows them down though.

>> No.49447980

Yo /ang/, how do you play against 24/7 News Cycle?

>> No.49448676

>3 Tours is only 15 against Temujin's 60 potential credits

48 credits - you still have to pay for those Temujin.

If anything, that's when I'm picturing Virtual Tour to be of use if you can put the runner in a position where credits have to be gained from other sources before being able to run the Temujin server (or installing the new Temujin) and get the machine going again, then you can make yourself a window.


Turntable? What particular you use of 24/7 do you have in mind?

>> No.49448756

>What particular you use of 24/7 do you have in mind?

>> No.49448798

Yeah, I'm dumb, 15 out of 48, which isn't half bad come to think of it. You probably wouldn't intentionally install it on a Temujin server, but it would serve as a good tempo hit during regular runs, which can help deter successful Temujin runs in the first place.

>> No.49448873


So, the Making News variant I gather? New Angeles City Hall ?


And then there's all those new anti econ tools to make things harder... If only Scarcity of Resources/Financial Collapse.

>> No.49448896

>So, the Making News variant I gather? New Angeles City Hall ?
I'm mostly up against Haarpischord, so the endless 1-pointers are a counter to NACH.

>> No.49449195

Financial Collapse has the 'Runner may trash a resource to prevent this' line though, which makes it pretty unreliable. At best you get to force a terrible decision, at worst you trash something they'll install a second copy of next turn. Though I suppose there are enough useful resources that trashing any of them could be hurtful.

Scarcity of Resources is a lot more narrow in use, though I guess it's fine as a cheap current if you're HB or Jinteki, though both of them have pretty good ones they'd rather play.

>> No.49449300


I was more thinking Weyland: we now have a card that needs the runner to be poor to make you money. Plenty of Neutral cards to make money and keep the runner poor. Indian Stock Exchange to make (more) money out of those cards.

Probably a silly idea, but I've been contemplating something similar it since Lunar. Will make it shine one day.


Film Critic? I also love NACH + Dr Lovegood maybe too combo-y, doesn't fit in just any deck.

>> No.49449382

I just realized there's no limit to how many credits you can put on Net Mercur.

1) if the Corp somehow manages to trash all your other Stealth cards (or Cerebral Static Smoke), Net Mercur can trigger itself as long as you have at least one credit left over from last turn.

2) It can provide niche protection against Closed Accounts, or any self-draining effects like Nasir's.

>> No.49449490

I think I've seen a few Neutral Weyland decks around, seems like a good plan. Plus Financial Collapse can turn into a gain 3, trash resource/make the runner lose money card with 3 ISEs up, which is pretty funny.

And ooh, NACH + Dr. Lovegood sounds pretty good for Corp turn tag avoidance.

>> No.49449725

>Why Quetzal
Quetzal was a hat pull, I'm not sure on reina with corps being so rich at the moment, did think about whizzard to slow the corps even more and throw them off my trail a bit

>> No.49450499

>corps being so rich at the moment
Are they? Sure feels like the opposite sometimes, though that could just be due to Temujin.

If the ID doesn't really matter then the 1 Link Runners can probably make Traces hurt less. Reina's can stack up in the long run, Edward can knock off operations you might find, maybe free up RnD for a second run. Null can help discount some icebreaking attempts, atleast for Eater and Zulu. Whizzard will probably be the most useful out of the bunch though, especially for those must trashes.

>> No.49451486

Btw, if it can be used for anything, it also means that, just like Ghost Runner, Tollbooth and Mumbad FUN Tour drain credits from Net Mercur too.

>> No.49451642

Ooh, I wonder if Financial Collapse gets in on this? Or if it's restricted to actual credits instead?

>> No.49453256
File: 191 KB, 900x693, strongbox_by_albino_z-d6m5msd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49453791

Nope. Effects above read "pay" not "lose".

>> No.49454762
File: 240 KB, 300x419, adn38-omar-keung.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Release date: October 6th.

>> No.49454784

Spoilers usually come one or two weeks, right?
Still above half a pack to go

>> No.49454971
File: 255 KB, 300x419, adn38-obelus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got a deck already for Keung/Obelus? I lean towards the classic Joshua B./WNP/Paparazzi to get tags, but without DLR. Trying to maximize Medium Runs.

>> No.49454987

He doesn't even need Paparazzi with Obelus. Just draw up to a 15 card hand.

>> No.49455499
File: 128 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160922_001603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Art from Quorum. No title or artist.

>> No.49455970

Hmmm... Crim or Anarch?


Damn, so basically end of cycle postponed till January. Or I guess we have to expect two data packs to get shot back to back.

>> No.49457021
File: 1.37 MB, 1103x700, adn16_8587_blackat_courtneyhowlett_final_by_howlseage-d809s65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49457729

Psychic Field is going to be pretty satisfying against those decks. Maybe pack Guru Davinder for it?

I'm leaning towards Crim due to the guns.

>> No.49458004


>inb4 another support card for Geist.

>> No.49458125


I'm thinking it's going to be even more difficult than usual to bait a run on a remote with Keung, who's so good at hammering centrals.

Definitely an amusing idea.

I'm thinking Liquidation can be an amusing idea also in some decks that use ambushes like Psychic Field, that actually have a trash cost: runner is hardly ever going to pay for them if accessed installed... meaning they'll stay on the table for later cash infuse.

Even more amusing with Space Camps - bait runs, put free advancement counter, send to Archives from which they can fire in exchange for credits.

>> No.49459138

Speaking of Liquidation, I wonder if we'll get support for destroying the ice landscape late game, then quickly rebuild. As is removing ice just weakens what may already be vulnerable servers, and you still need to pay for the rez cost, not to mention losing the ice you trashed. It's possible, especially in HB with Shipment to Mirrormorph, but takes too long that it'd be better to add on ice rather than start from scratch.

>> No.49459427


Security Sub-Contract? Hardly sees any use to say the least.

>> No.49459752

That's even slower than Liquidation honestly, though probably good for trashing 1-2 cheap ice like Quandary or Pop-up.

>> No.49460361

>then quickly rebuild.
>As is removing ice just weakens what what may already be vulnerable servers
>HB with Shipment to Mirrormorph

I'd love to see some rebuilding/reconstruction themed way for Weyland to get ice from archives (seeing as they have a lot of ways to trash ice/their cards in general), but I'd be worried it'd impinge on HB's archive stuff, and possibly MirrorMorph if it was multiple ice.

When the first cycle rotates names might be re-useable, though they might not be to make a 'legacy' format easier

Operation 2c, Weyland 2?inf
Install and rez a piece of ice from archives, paying all install costs.

Network Reconstruction.
Operation 3c Weyland 3 inf.
Install and rez up to 3 pieces of ice from archives, paying all install costs

>> No.49460904

Looks cool

>> No.49461242

Yeah, it's bothersome that HB had the "do more stuff per click" mechanics, plus Jinteki has the "rearrange/change ICE" too, despite Weyland being the "pay a price to do something else" faction helping the Corp set something up to begin with. Would be better if they had higher influence count too.

Maybe something like an operation that does "trash x cards from HQ/RnD. Install x ice from archives (paying all install costs". Alternatively, an agenda that when scored, "may install ice from archives, and may rez at a 2/3 credit discount, ignoring costs", keeping in theme with how Weyland's ice helps them not lose tempo.

>> No.49461946


I suspect anything Weyland gets that is game changing is going to involve bad pub. Possibly a whole lot of them.

>> No.49462035

Don't seem very balanced since the current wording actually let's Corp ignore rez cost of ICE. Do you really want cost 2 and 3 Curtain Walls and Januses around?

>> No.49462843


I don't think it does land you free rezzes, given there's no mention of "ignoring all costs". That is rezzing the ICE is an imperative of the process, but you don't get to do it for free. That's how I read it at first anyway.


Operation 2 credits
"Install a piece of Ice from Archives, ignoring rez cost. Gain one Bad Publicity."

That way no Agenda free Archer for one.

I was thinking of an added clause, something that could be fun to play with (and in which case maybe reduce the operation cost?): "Install the operation on that piece of ICE as a hosted condition counter with the text 'When your turn begins, trash the piece of ICE if you have 3 more more Bad Publicity'"

>> No.49462873

>Operation 2 credits
>"Install a piece of Ice from Archives, ignoring rez cost. Gain one Bad Publicity."
Overpowered as all hell.

>> No.49463119

Still need to pay install costs?

I notice that even though it allows you to ignore rez costs, it doesn't actually let you rez, so you'd need to have something else in play that actually lets you rez the ice (like Amazon Grid).

Were those intentional? If so, taking bad pub for what's usually an interns for ice that you still need to pay to install seems a bit steep, especially since the ice will self-trash later.

Nice attempt, I like how you made the recursion feel Weyland-flavoured rather than HB.

>> No.49463212

Actually, rather than getting punished for getting Bad Publicity, Weyland would probably benefit from it more than any other faction. Something like "Play only when you have atleast 3 Bad Pub. Rez a piece of ice, ignoring all costs. Gain one Bad Publicity."

>> No.49463503


I'm conflicted about the idea of giving effects to Weyland for having more bad publicity.

I really like the idea of slowly raising the stakes, but the balance of it must be very tight. I thought BOOM! Was a missed opportunity on that front. One tag BUT bad publicity requirement would have made it interesting - card has to stay in HQ and risk being trashed until you can play it. One trouble is that if they start giving Bad Pub requirements, they probably need to expand the bad pub-dishing cards in other factions first.

In that specific case I like that it allows you to rush, but one of your other rushing tools - bad pub tied burst econ - makes it a liability, as the ICE will eventually get trashed. Interesting balancing I think - probably not good, but a concept worth digging.

>>Still need to pay install costs?


>it doesn't actually let you rez

My bad, too many revisions of the text, erased by mistake.

>Overpowered as all hell.

You think so? Especially with the bad pub clause? I mean compared to oversight AI, I guess making it a Double event might help balance it a bit for rush play. I don' see people complaining that you can get a free Archer turn one/two behind which to score.

>> No.49463570

>I don' see people complaining that you can get a free Archer turn one/two behind which to score.
Being trashed after breaking the subs is a very big deal, and you have to have the ice installed already. Bad pub is worth ~5 credits up front, most of the time.

>> No.49463589

>I don' see people complaining that you can get a free Archer turn one/two behind which to score.

But then, yeah, to answer myself, program tutoring has become so ridiculous over time it makes it more a liability for the corp than the runner.

>> No.49463619

>and you have to have the ice installed already.

Yeah, hence why Double. You still have to lose that click early game. By that time it matters.

>> No.49463735

It's fine if Weyland keeps the 'required Bad Pub' and 'gain Bad Pub' mechanics mostly to themselves I think, I think there are only like 1-2 cards in each of the other factions anyway. Plus it's not like the other factions don't have any mechanics that they keep to themselves.

Required Bad Pub would probably balance itself out I would think. 2-3 free credits per run is no joke, and even if you did have something to remove it like Elizabeth Mills or Witness Tampering, they're basically dead cards until you get enough to make using them worthwhile. Boom with a required Bad Pub would've been pretty interesting, and would mostly stop NBN from stealing it and let the other factions play with it too.

Also a note, the "trash the piece of ICE if you have 3 more Bad Publicity" clause can basically be ignored if you don't put any Bad Pub cards in the deck, which means it's basically an Oversight AI with no drawback.

>> No.49463996

>Also a note, the "trash the piece of ICE if you have 3 more Bad Publicity" clause can basically be ignored if you don't put any Bad Pub cards in the deck

If you don't put any *other* bad pub. By which point it's an Oversight AI that costs 2 more and doesn't negate additional costs. Meaning if you have three of them in your deck, you have one dead card if no BP removal.

But yeah, that's definitely one issue, though I'm thinking another round of runner-dishing bad pub tools is overdue - and given Spin is going to rotate, I'm expecting next cycle to revisit that. Hopefully.

>> No.49464319
File: 1.45 MB, 682x846, Riga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate these fresh OCs:

>2 influence
>Operation: Double
>standard double text
>Rearrange all ICE, no server can have more ice than the deepest one had before playing this.

>4 influence
>ICE: Barrier
>1 STR
>2 "End the run" subroutines
>When you rez this, gain 1c for each ICE after it.
>When the runner encounters this, lower the STR of each Icebreaker by 2 until the end of the run.
>1c trash cost.

>> No.49464465
File: 44 KB, 200x295, netrunner-new-blood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm having a really hard time figuring where I'd want the first to land balance-wise given Escher and Sunset (warts in wording and all, I really wish they hadn't lessened ONR's version of it; used to be one of my favorite cards).

What cost do you figure for that ICE?

>> No.49464492

>I'm having a really hard time figuring where I'd want the first to land balance-wise given Escher and Sunset (warts in wording and all, I really wish they hadn't lessened ONR's version of it; used to be one of my favorite cards).
Me too. Might need to cost a lot more.
>What cost do you figure for that ICE?
Oh, forgot to write that. 4c.

>> No.49464531

The Operation kind of needs some sort of additional cost I think, or maybe just bump it to 4c. Looks alright, lets you install any ice you find in new servers while you build a 3-4 deep one, then play this to rearrange everything into what you need while ignoring install cost. On second thought maybe a 2c double is fine, would probably take too long to set up ideal conditions.

For the Barrier, what's the rez cost? I'm guessing 2 or 3 due to the strong on encounter effect, while still being an easy Parasite target and needs to survive RnD lock. A different version to consider would be a 3/4 to rez 3 strength ice with a single ETR.

Ehhh... I'd skip it, gets trashed too easily to be worth it.

>> No.49464592

I'm trying to build a Silhouette deck around Eureka!-ing Blackguard with spy cameras to control when to install it. But the whole setup it's expensive enough for it to be not worthy if that's the only card I'm planning to install. I guess Femme Fatale can also be added.
What else?

>> No.49465707


You don't have much choice sadly - most other options in that price range are consoles (Toolbox, Nexus, Monolith).

What remains is Torch, Morningstar and Rachel Bekman I think...

If you go down to 7 credits, there's Garrotte and the shards... but then at 3 credits a pop for a double event, I'm not sure that price range is really worth it.

>> No.49465743

Only if you've got tag avoidance, but that shouldn't be hard

Any shard would do, program-wise there's garrote, torch?

>> No.49467031
File: 151 KB, 919x869, netrunner___the_hours_tick_by_by_macarious-d74y6pg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49468648

Thanks, I guess Torch and Beckman should do it. I don't particularly like Garrote, Mongoose and Golden in tandem works quite well.

>> No.49470164

Stupid idea of the day... Tennin deck. NeoTokyo City Grid unprotected (or barely protected) remote. Install a Junebug and let it (or make it) grow. Back Channels.

Once the runner is used to the routine, put some agenda in there.

I don't know. Stupid plan, but I've been itching for some Tennin, and I'd rather play something new.

>> No.49470358


Maybe spam mushins while doing that? Most runners would hesitate at running a 3-4 advancement card.

>> No.49470434


Mmmhhh... might be a fun way to asset spam...

To go overboard with the completely ridiculous... You can advance the Tokyo Grid itself using Tennin.

Now I kinda want to make that deck just to look at the reactions at the other side of the table.

>> No.49470691

Opinions on if BoN's new ability triggers if the Runner hits an ETR? I'm thinking no, since according to the timing structure the encounter only ends if they pass the ice, while hitting an ETR results in 'you're no longer encountering the ice', which might be different?

Strategies like that makes me wonder why Guru Davinder isn't more popular yet for hitting Snares and Junebugs. Guess the influence hit is kinda hard?

>> No.49470831


Well that and a) you probably have to find some way to get him out fast, and b) being able to afford his services, which can really ramp up if facing 1k cuts.

>> No.49470848

Persistent rumors of a core 2.0 actually being in testing. I wonder...

>Strategies like that makes me wonder why Guru Davinder isn't more popular yet for hitting Snares and Junebugs


>Opinions on if BoN's new ability triggers if the Runner hits an ETR?

I would say yes myself.

>> No.49472369

Against 1000 cuts I'd probably only use him if the corp tries to go for the kill, though you're going to need a serious credit advantage if you only have 1-2 cards in your grip and the corp rezzes 2 bio-ethics, flips brewery, and scores philotic.

>core 2.0
Always a good thing if true I suppose, wonder what it'll have.

Oh yeah, forgot about that, despite having emergency Infiltrations myself.

>> No.49472833


Expose, the forgotten mechanic.

>> No.49473638


>exposes a psy field

It's not as if expose needed any nerfs to begin with...

>> No.49474773


If core v2 does appear, would that essentially invalidate core v1?

Still, if that is what it takes to get in new blood, i'm all for it.

>> No.49475527

It'll either be the same exact cards, updated and maybe only one or two new ones, or it'll have mostly new cards, with the default decks playing differently enough from the ones in core 1.0 to make purchasing both worth it, and maybe some key cards from 1.0 like SanSan or Scorched. It'll likely be the latter, since that seems to be how they did the two X-Wing core sets.

>> No.49475560

How could I get into this game without physical cards?

>> No.49475570

Jinteki.net to play
Netrunnerdb.com to make decks

>> No.49475606

Thank you I think I will try it out

>> No.49476199

My Tennin was Crisium Grid centrals (thanks /tg/ for the idea), junebugs and plan B, and Back Channels for the return investment. NeoTokyo CG wasn't worthy the deck slot, that single credit per turn (MAYBE) was too slow to return any real value.

>> No.49476248

Why wouldn't I just stick to running centrals?

>> No.49476442


Hopefully, because that's where the protection is.

>NeoTokyo CG wasn't worthy the deck slot

I'm a sucker for underdog cards. Not to mention, making it so it can fire both on your and the runner's turn is another cool building challenge. And we have some more tools now.

>> No.49476826


I know it's Wikipedia, but I'm going to guess it has something to do with this:


The relevant part here is Bergelmir and his wife according to Norse legend escaped a deluge of blood caused by Ymir's death by hiding out in... Well basically a giant wooden box which may or may not have been a boat. Many have likened it to Noah's Ark, and given HBs apparent hard-on for Norse mythology along with the fact that the "Ark" in question was to keep its occupants safe from copious amounts of bloodshed, I think it fits.

>> No.49478448

That's pretty cool, yeah.
The regular ark people think of is cool too, but a norse one is really nice for HB, especially with references to bloodshed

>> No.49479838

I'm buying it.

>> No.49479863


That a *really* cool connection to make, but unless we actually get something to make a link, I'm thinking you're stretching a bit too much on that one.

Still, pretty cool.

First hing that comes to my mind really is the Renraku Arcology Shutdown.


>> No.49481331

Why are the vanilla IDs, like HB EtF and Kate, so much played? Their ability doesn't create a way to win games, like Noise, Leela, or Kit. Just pure tempo.

>> No.49481399

Pure tempo is good.

>> No.49481536

Good question. I hope this helps:

Tempo's a big deal in Netrunner because of the weak snowballing. You have to give up board position to accomplish your win condition (points) but points are hard to spin back into board position directly.

For example, points don't innately help with getting your credit count back up. Important: for things like corporate sales team, that's the effect of the agenda giving cash and helping you snowball, the points themselves aren't giving you cash.

This is where economy ID's come in. They help smooth over the tempo hits that come from scoring. More cash on hand also means you're better able to threaten a score or a steal, giving you opportunities that might've otherwise not been there.

>> No.49481682

From a conversation on French forums:

>The Coreset 2.0 is going to remove some cards deemed too powerful ( (Desperado, Yog, Astro, Parasite, etc) and some deemed not good enough ( (Matrix Analyzer, Akitaro and other useless stuff), to replace them with some good stuff rom the two first cycles (Ash, Bako, Caduceus etc).

>That and Etf, Noise and Kate are removed from the format and replaced by Stronger Together/Reina Roja/Chaos Theory).

I don't know how much credibility this has, but well, we'll see.

>> No.49481722


On the runner side, setting up takes time, which means more leeway for the corp to score and agenda scored are a better board position all around that can often demand for even better set up. Setting up more quickly and easily is no small feat.

>> No.49481746

I'm going to say 0 credibility based on 2 reasons:
>Stronger Together as core id

>> No.49481766


Well, it's Calimsha posting, he's Belgian, but I see your point.

>> No.49481780


Well I was going based on the use of the term "Ark". Given that it's HB I figured there was a good chance it there would be some reference to Norse mythology, and I thought I recalled hearing about an Ark in said Norse mythology so I Googled it on a whim.

>> No.49481783

>Matrix Analyzer
Not buying it until there's official news.

>> No.49481841


Yeah, not putting much trust in it myself, but since I the rumors keep coming back in my circles, I found it interesting to see something similar in other places.

>> No.49481850

After all these years, Akitaro is still the only card with Unorthodox subtype.
Is there other cards like that?

>> No.49481860


Would he really be Unorthodox if anyone else was?

>> No.49481871

Hah, touche.

>> No.49481955

>Stronger Together as core id

The more I think about it the more I like that actually. Would certainly level the HB ID playing field.

Not to mention the desperate howling to the moon from some players.


As I said, I'm really digging the connection, but unless we manage to put a bit more meat on this, we're really reaching a bit too far on the speculative spectrum.

But I sure would love it to come true.

>> No.49482556

That's not why I mention it. I find it unlikely for ST to be a core ID because its passive ability. It's like saying to new players "Here is HB, they do bioroid ICE. BUT WAIT, the printed strength in the card is not what the runner encounters! Bioroid ICE gets a +1!" It's a bit confusing when you are learning how to beat Ice.
Meanwhile current core Ids require action from the players. Install cards, steal/score cards, play cards. It's proactive in that sense. ST is backwards, it waits for the runner to encounter ice to be relevant. This also applies to CT and RR.

>> No.49483244


I feel like there's something doable with him with an Aesop's/Wasteland/Paperclip and/or Orchestra setup. Obviously you have to be wary of Blacklist, but beyond that Aesop's and Wasteland make you back your money for the reinstall, so you basically have a clickless draw whenever you run without risking most of the heap-hate cards, and out of Shaper you're probably only running what? Once a turn anyway with most builds? I mean even if you go out of faction for your breakers and Wasteland pretty much everything else you need is in-faction anyway, right?

>> No.49483275


I don't see how that applies to Chaos Theory. All she has is a smaller deck size and +1 MU, and the MU encourages you to install more programs, which I would think IS proactive.

>> No.49483315


I suppose I misunderstood. But given that the relevance of the term "Ark" is probably going to be a background/flavor thing, there's no guarantee the origin will be explored beyond that. We can *maybe* hope to see it references in a flavor insert, but that's still just a maybe, so it seems like all we really have to answer that question is speculation.

>> No.49483490


While I like the idea, that 's a heavy set up for something that in the end compares unfavorably to Geist + Tech Traders.

Granted, being in green is its own advantage.

I do think Paperclip and Black Orchestra look like steps in the right direction for Exile.

>> No.49485060

Hmmmm... Scrubbed/Prey...

>> No.49485733


If true, it is interesting to see that Reina didn't get killed like poor Whiz.

Unless he managed to get an emergency self-construct or something.

>> No.49486743

Anyone considered using Sub Boost to toughen up high strength non-ETR ice? Something like Gutenberg or Checkpoint, definitely not the multi-subs like bioroid ice due to Paperclip. Turns a previously strong but playable around ice into a slightly cheaper must break.

>> No.49487115


Prototypical target to Boost for me has been Grim. High-ish ETR/One Subroutine, becomes a complete non-issue if it fires and the runner has no more programs. Makes it become useful again.
Other opportune target has been Bailiff. Double up the tax, double up the gain. Not bad at all.
Lastly, Bioroid make for pretty decent targets. Especially those that have 3 subroutines already.


I can picture it, the Church of Whizz, all praying and waiting for His return, all wearing a power glove to honor his memory.

>> No.49487234



>> No.49487275


Whi... Whizz?

Is that me, or have you put on a little weight?

>> No.49487294


Damn it! I meant

>High-ish strength, non-ETR.

>> No.49487693

Bioroids makes a lesser target since you can get through either with clicks (which is good for different reasons), or since it now has the Barrier subtype, <=5 strength bioroids can be broken for 4 credits or less by Paperclip, though it taxes other fracters a good deal more. Besides, bioroids usually hit hard enough that they merit breaking anyway.

Come to think of it, isn't Whiz a popular enough gamer that he might have a following in the event he actually dies? And I wonder what Andromeda's up to, she's the only Genesis Runner unaccounted for I think.

>> No.49487973

How do you mean 'unaccounted for'?
As in we've seen Wiz and CT on cards, where's Andy?

If she follows the theme of her Genesis-Cycle compatriots she'll be in some deep trouble - like CT she's in Mainframe

On the other hand she's also a (somewhat former) riste, so she may have enough of her old protections left that she can ride out the storm

Either way I look forward to seeing her

>> No.49488170


Andy's last appearance was on Windfall iirc, so she still seems alright for now at least. And presumably the runners in Mainframe managed to get out enough loot for those rainy days (so yes CT *does* have lots of somethings to make her troubles go away).

>> No.49489078



>> No.49489121
File: 206 KB, 300x419, 11039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, her, Nasir and Silhouette iirc.

I don't know they all managed to get out with a ton of loot, and it's entirely possible that the meddling CT did as she romped through Titan's servers caused her some of her dads' financial trouble, either directly or indirectly.
And by the look on her face she knows it

I still think it's funny that cards that show really bad things happening to CT are neutral

>> No.49489218


Can't really say for sure if Sil (with a 'fro?) and Nasir are really the other two in windfall without seeing their full visages though.

Besides, all those trillions (or even a small fraction of it) conveniently disappearing must have turned up somewhere.

>> No.49489646

Possibly, but I think it said some data was lost outright - both debts wiped clear and fortunes erased

>> No.49489788

In the category "totally unsubstantiated", it's funny to imagine Whizzard was actually fighting Apex when the big W finally got to him.

>> No.49490390


A good way for Andy to regain her fortune and retire I suppose. Perhaps to reappear as a tem-level connection for other poor crims in the far future.


Would be hilarious if APEX gets an alternative 'ID' that is suspiciously similar to what Whiz had.

>> No.49490621

Can I use recurring credits from public terminal and ppvp to pay bribery cost?

>> No.49490893

I'd say yes, since X is the cost to play the event, not an additional cost.

>> No.49491685

You're right, though you can't use discounts or 'reduce the cost of whatever by Y' effects to pay for X costs

>> No.49493226

Is there really any purpose of using BlacKat over Corroder?

>> No.49493704


If you were somehow running a dedicated Stealth rig out of Anarch it becomes pretty efficient, especially with Datasucker support. Out of Crim I don't know, but Shapers are getting Houdini, so they've got no real reason to run it anymore.

>> No.49493751

BlacKat is more efficient at breaking any barrier at strength 5 or less with stealth credits. But there is the setup cost (as with any stealth breaker) and barriers over if you're not Quetzal or using D4v1d.

>> No.49495378

Why ask for Corroder over Paperclip?

>> No.49496450

I fucking love the set of breakers inspired by operations and conspiracies like Paperclip and Black Orchid.

>> No.49496523

Black Orchestra, I misremembered.

>> No.49497034

To be honest I forgot about it, haven't had to time play in weeks.

>> No.49498389
File: 831 KB, 1140x1000, port-ill-hostage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49498518


Blackstone, you mean? Houdini is the decoder.


I'd find it deliciously amoral if Whizzard went M.I.A, Chaos Theory stopped running (at least for a while) because of the realization of the very real consequences her actions - game that they are to her - can have, and Andromeda quietly hit it big and just won. She got her life back. No need to go running. That's what poor people do.

>> No.49498680


But even decently well off fellas like Iain Stirling continue to run because they can.

>> No.49498722


The biggest one right now I guess is Spiderweb.

With stealth credit on the table - say a Dyson Fractal Generator - BlacKat breaks it for free. Paperclip breaks it for 2 (3 minus the recurring credit).

Heimdall is interesting. Natively, Paperclip break it for 6. BlacKat breaks it for 9.
With one stealth credit we go to 5 and 6 respectively. With two to 4 and 3.

>> No.49498737


Yeah, but it's been his job from the start (retired spook and all that). Andromeda had no job but being shamefully rich. She might enjoy the thrill of it I guess, but if she got back to the kind of money she used to have, I gather she won't have much reason for running.

>> No.49499701


Yes. Blackstone is the one I meant. Thank you.

>> No.49501096
File: 102 KB, 1000x833, 11174532_1007225505967977_7715432023264599243_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Stupid me, didn't count Paperclip's native 1 STR. Disregard, time for bed.

>> No.49502463
File: 231 KB, 300x419, adn40-misdirection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will this card be used?

>> No.49502467

I want CT as a Weyland sysop. No idea how she would work though.

>> No.49502749
File: 94 KB, 500x400, Stimhack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's probably sat on a board or two, having literally no job makes time kind of hard to fill up

Hard to say - if shapers get more tagging things then yes (also good for Jes), if multi-tag becomes more prevalent than it is now then yes - HHN is close to justifying it, but not quite enough IMHO

>> No.49502795

Yeah, right now it's like slotting Paper Tripping. Best case I see is along Maya, but for that Dorm Computer is free.

>> No.49503210
File: 971 KB, 1250x1000, Notoriety art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could see Shapers getting a few runs that give them tags - showing off is their thing (though funiliy enough that's an anarch card), and Smoke actively casts, so I'd say it's definitely a posiblity

>> No.49503988

Good point.

>> No.49505404
File: 85 KB, 500x400, Accelerated Beta Test.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CT as a kid, or CT when she's older?

>> No.49506401

I don't think Netrunner does time skips, so as a kid. She wants to help out her dads so she tries to earn some money by working for the corp that she harmed during the 23 Seconds. Possibly anonymously or by using some sort of handle. Maybe Dino gets to be a piece of ICE?

>> No.49507904
File: 800 KB, 3264x2448, D&D Flavour 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she tries to earn some money by working for the corp that she harmed during the 23 Seconds. Possibly anonymously or by using some sort of handle.
I could see that, maybe, and it opens up some interesting thoughts: CT, feeling bad about what she's done, semi-anonymously becomes for Weyland - but what happens when other runners finds out?

>Maybe Dino gets to be a piece of ICE?
Dino as a piece of ice would be cool as shit... Hmm I've got an idea of the theme too - combining the amazing processing power of even one Dinosaurus (pic related) with the idea of the USAF's Condor Cluster (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_3_cluster) to make either really

>> No.49507964

>what happens when other runners finds out?
Most runners don't even know each other.

>> No.49508109
File: 958 KB, 3264x2448, D&D Flavour 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not in-person, certainly, but they know of each other - in the flavour inserts there's a runner chatroom (DINO CHOMP FAKE FEEDS), there's one in the other D&D flavour, and in a more recent one from Worlds of Android:

-10anbaum: Hey Smoke
- Smoke: Yo
- Vigilan.T: you hear about Whiz?
- Smoke: Even if I did, should I care?
- Vigilant.T: how about shouwing some respect?
- 10anbaum: He got traced and someone took out his pad with a rocket.
- Vigilan.T: it was a missile
- 10anbaum: How many times I got to tell you? Unguided is a rocket.

>> No.49509362

So now that we're getting a Smoke ID, any chances we'll get a g00ru ID?

>> No.49509483

Yep. Quorum.

>> No.49509520

It wouldn't be cool. The entire point of his character is to be a precursor and wise man, not a player. It's like FastJack in Shadowrun.

>> No.49511204

Played with new neighbors today, new to the game. Single core set non-optimized decks. I'm finding it sanitary. Cleanse your palate.

Interesting exercise after that: swapping identities published later to play those decks. Really gives you a different perspective on them.

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