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Whats everyone favorite 40k artwork? 40k art thread.

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I always found the Golden Throne to be pretty impactful.

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What helmet is on his chair arm? Is it pretty gud?

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I've got enough to fill three threads.

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He has gifted us with holy quads!

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I'm not sure about which piece of art is my favorite. But something about Erasmsus Golg's art is just really nice.

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John Blanche is the heart and soul of Warhammer as far as I'm concerned. Adi Smith is a close second.

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Blanche's shitscribbles define Warhammer more than any codex or army book.

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The fuck is this, dubs the thread?

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I remember getting platinum mad when an acquaintance stated his belief that Blanche should be shot because sisters of battle had boobplate

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I know it's a pretty small point, but I absolutely love the damage details on that Riptide. Shield generator or no, something that big isn't going to look remotely shiny or untouched after a minute on a battlefield.

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>dat one nigga usin a cup

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>not smashing motherfuckers with a pim cup

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hahahahh... what ?

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The full piece that this belongs to. Its my favorite picture of 40k and so perfectly shows what the setting is about.

It is killing me that I can't find it.

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Here you are anon. Its one of my favourite pieces too, ever since it was on the second White Dwarf I ever got. Karl Kopinski, Adrian Smith and Paul Dainton are the defining Warhammer artists for me.

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Thank you Anon. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

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>>49345452 brings back memories of me buying my first models in battle for macrage, gws best starter set imo

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this one. shows nurgle as actually being jovial as opposed to just gross. so many people fuck up that aspect, though granted it's not very easy to look euphoric during the heat of battle without a huge cheesy grin, which tends to just look psychotic.

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This is an old piece but I fucking love it just gives you the feeling of being a Catachan.

Also took me fucking years to find that genestealer in the back

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So they wear armor but always seem to be barefoot.

I dont know just kinda bugs me

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I actually like the Scions fight me.

their lore is garbo doe

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I don't mind the Scions or their lore, the latter is just pretty bland and not even grimderp done right.

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>gws best starter set imo
A squad of marines and some genestealers?

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I dont know if this counts but its from the best 40k comic

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I've always adored this one, since it captures the regal and predatory aspect of Incubi so well.

Out of curiousity, was it because of "muh realism" or "muh misogyny"?

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source name?

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>genestealer in the back

Holy shit, I never noticed that.

Catachans vs genestealers on a jungle map would be a hell of a Kill Team game. Or hell, really small kill team vs a lictor on a jungle map.

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The Redeemer

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Black Templars always seem to get shit done

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I always wondered where they got plasma and meltas from

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Bolt Thrower inexplicably plays in my head everytime I see that image.

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Praise be!

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>that one servitor guy just beating nids with hammer in the middle

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This picture made me paint my entire 3k tau list in Vior'la scheme

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Why don't contemptors ever show up in 40k novels/fluff?

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cool scenarios plus terrain and only $50

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I've always been especially fond of art work portraying a more "human" side of Space Marines

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>Legion of the Damned
>More "human" side

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Never really liked Blanche's art, but damn right

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This image got me into 40k

Though it was the "YOU SEE HERE IT SAYS YOUR A FAGGOT" edit

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>an albino nigger

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>[Fortunate Son Intensifies]

Outfits are fine. Concept is fine.
Removing Commissar Cain is garbo.

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>there will never be a decent resolution of this picture

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lorgar is beauteous both in spirit, truth and visage

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>Bolt Thrower inexplicably plays in my head

I feel sorry for you, anon. Those guys are are the quintessential example of Speed Metal. Would not want that in my head!

The original version of their album Realm of Chaos, however, featured a wraparound version of John Sibbick's famous Crimson Fists painting that wa also the cover of both the First and Second Edition roolz.

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That's one of the most power Living Saints to pop up. I think she's OK being barefoot.

Also, I never realized she was barefoot.

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>My Lord Inquisitor, I found it in the back of the fridge, behind the mayonnaise.

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I wish my tabletop games looked like this

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>I wish my tabletop games looked like this

Yeah, too bad it all takes place in your imagination, huh? It's still the coolest game ever.

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Apothecary! I am wounded!

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I take comfort from the fact that no matter what new depths of fuckery GW sinks to next, we'll always have some kickass artwork

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Good luck, loyalist cucks.

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Bring it on.

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I guess you had to melt the landspeeders and thunderhawk down for spikes?

This is why everyone makes fun of you, chaos.

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Here is a larger version.

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>Tau exists for other armies to beat

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Pic related might be my all time favorite.

I hate too pretty Sisters. Albeit the models are too ugly. I guess I'm just a picky motherfucker.

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Sister fanart is overwhelming shit. Everyone goes for the anime look.

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I don't mind pretty sororitas. No more than pretty boy space marines you saw with Blood Angels and pre-Heresy Emperor's Children. And Ultramarines if you want patrician manliness.

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Shit wrong image

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>that red robed dude behind the reliquary
>"For Emperor's sake, run, he's right behind us!"

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anon is there something you want to tell us

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My first thought was that I have now seen a Nurgling's asshole, but upon further consideration regarding Papa Nurgle's size, that's probably a Great Unclean One.

>I've now seen a Great Unclean One's asshole.

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Is there a piece of art in where they aren't getting their asses handled to them? I fucking love their battlesuits though.

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Pretty is fine, I guess, but they're always so skinny. Plus, I'd like more scars. Warriors have scars.

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Where do you want me to start, doc? With lolicon, demon rape, incest, or bara?

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>That fire warrior about to use a knife

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I really like this image, even though I actually ended up using it as art for an Inquisitor in Dark Heresy rather than a SoB.

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Sisters should look like THIS. The problem is whoever made those pretty sisters just has that generic digital art softness style. Probably is suffering from same face syndrome too

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Some people are just pretty, though.

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I like her too. Something I've always loved about the warhammer-verse is that women get to be just as scarred and creepy as men.

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yes, the point I was stabbing vaguely at is that a sororitas being pretty isn't necessarily the problem. But that soft style is good for drawing a commissioner's OC donut steele and r34 porn for your patreon, but its not great for battle sisters. Nuns with guns should look like badasses, even when they're pretty, not like some animu waifu garbo.

I'm being hyperbolic but I hope you get what I'm saying.

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No, I totally get it. I really enjoy the battle hardened look of them. The other anon posted the classic picture from the C:WH, which has always been my default image of them.

I like this, too, though.

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is it because it looks like three strong independent sororitas who don't need no man are about to fuck you?

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good post brother

>> No.49350076

>Spirit, truth, visage

Sort your shit out.

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It's actually the way the armor is done. There really aren't many good pictures of Sororitas armor.

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Don't come closer!, he's tricking you!

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Billy would make great spahe mahrine

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>hey freshman, give us your lunch money

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I pity anyone who's first exposure to 40k was through this shit-heap.

>> No.49350275

this picture/story is what made me want to play Imperial Guard.

>> No.49350368

Colonel Sanders really went downhill

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Maybe Farsight teached him?

>> No.49350559


That's amazingly true h

>> No.49350746

Mostly because Comtemptors didn't exist until (relatively) recently in the lore

>> No.49350801

I have no idea what this is supposed to be (Tzeentch aligned heretek?)

All I know is I like it

>> No.49350946


Almost looks like the Changeling shifting

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>> No.49351947

Just a techpriest probably.

John Blanche was a little more out there than most 40k artists.

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Do people have any info on the various art books BL has put out? I've seen Emperor's Will and Might, The Gothic and the Eldritch, and Inquis Exterminatus. Will and Might seem to be all about Blanche while Gothic and Eldritch is Jes Goodwin's work. BL site says Inquis Exterminatus is assembled by Blanche.

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Covert Ops Johnny!

>> No.49352311


It's a good example of it


I never noticed it in that piece of art either.

>> No.49352510

>genestealer in the back

I don't see it

>> No.49352534

top right, between the fire and the tree lit up by the fire

there's actually two there

>> No.49352580


Not sure I ever noticed it either, it's a nice detail.

>> No.49352586


The commissar is female

You see these fucking images posted constantly and you learn something new

>> No.49352620

Anyone have a full version of the pic they used for Titanicus?

With the Slamanders up front and a few warlord just towering in the background

>> No.49352653

This stuff is pretty cool. Where should a newbie begin reading the 40k novels?

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>> No.49352689

Why doesn't that right image get passed around more?

>> No.49352724

Ciaphas Cain is a bit more light hearted but gets formulaic.

The Ultramarines novels are good, as are the Space Wolf novels

Eisenhorn is less war stories and more detective work, also good.

The first 3 Horus Heresy novels do good for the backstory (Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy In Flames) others are hit or miss

Titanicus is a good introduction the the Adeptus Mechanicus. And giant stompy robot action.

Gaunt's Ghosts is also pretty good

>> No.49352727


Ciaphas Cain

>> No.49352731

I used to have a small poster of that on the inside of my locker back in high school.

>> No.49352748

thanks mate, how do you feel about poetry?

>> No.49352755


Ciaphas Cain

Ultramarine novels

Dont believe the memes Ultras are shit but the MC in the books Ventris is based

Ghaunts Ghosts

Last Chancers

Deathwatch: Xeno Hunters

>> No.49352796

Everyone's focused on the colored "I... am the Emperor" version because memes.

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>> No.49353129


The only problem with Eisenhorn is that Abnett plays loose with the tone of 40k.

>> No.49353142

holy shit, how did he manage to end up knee deep in warp/daemons?

>> No.49353171

This is great.

>> No.49353344

He's trying to be Kaldor Draigo

>> No.49353390

Chaos cultists, renegades, and mooks are some of my favorite shit.

It's entirely too bad there isn't more art that focuses on them.

>> No.49353417

>how did he manage to end up knee deep in the dead?


>> No.49353613

>> No.49353811

That's weird. In the original, that is not an IH dread. Although I think the artist did do 2 renditions, but I thought it was on another image.

>> No.49353932

it's probably a photoshop

>> No.49354258

>That lewd tongue.

Every time.

>> No.49354300

This is it, bruh
thats the one
thats the warhammer I see in my head

>> No.49354365

Shes already dead, and floats.
Da fuq she gonne need shoes for?
To protect her pedicure?
Incase she decides to step on a heretic instead of using her foot flail?

>> No.49354384

>Legion are emprah demons.
>Demons are the embodiment of an ideal.
>Emprah is humanity.
Qed legion are embodiments of humanity.

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Aren't these the guys from the CSM Codex where some Imperial commander sends some assassins to waste these guys knowing full well that they're not gonna make back alive?

>> No.49354594

I remember when some of this shit was codex art. Simpler times.

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>> No.49354715

Amen and dark greetings to you my brother.

Personally, I love chaos mooks. They have very imaginative looks to them, you get a real sense of the individual when you see a picture like that. Like, he's most certainly a creep, but you can tell he's been through all sorts of crazy weird battles and picked up different pieces of gear and modded his armor over time. You can see some of the remnants of what he used to be, and what he's maybe in the process of becoming. It's really fun.

>> No.49354773

I like the less ornate, more functional looking pics that are more sci fi than fantasy.

I'm not a very good 40k fan.

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>> No.49354787

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>> No.49355219

>consider the following

>> No.49355978


Probably doesn't happen a lot because CSM and Daemons are more popular and thus the only time cultists and such are going to shine is in the beginning stages or when there are very few of the aforementioned.


That last one may not be so bad

>> No.49356290


There's also the fact that there's less art of the non militant branches, and I don't assume that those are always young or super fit. Would really like to see more non militant Hospitallers for instance

>> No.49356331

>> No.49356335

But... thats a lore thing, stylizing the femining nature of the Sororitas and showing off the no 'MEN' under arms thing. Its ecclesiarchy 101.

>> No.49356341

Is that new?
Never seen it before.

Pretty awesome actually, but the helmets look strange.

>> No.49356350


Promo material for the upcoming Space Hulk Deathwing video game.

>> No.49356355

Ah right. I remember the game. Thanks.

Time to add it to my steam wishlist so i won't miss it.

>> No.49356363

Eaglecaste has some pretty gritty and realistic portraits

>> No.49356365

Someone has to make sure the wounded ones stay down anon. And it saves the Astartes, who are very busy with the still fresh ones, the trouble.

>> No.49356409

Nah, they existed since RT (same as the deredeo), but were quitely forgotten about/ignored for ages, as Boxnaught replaced them because easier to sculpt/model. FW then had retro-renaissance and boom! Its back.

>> No.49356428

To be fair, skullface mcchaplain-naught doesn't really suit the Iron Hands earlier look. I was confused as hell when they went with it anyway.

>> No.49356451


I think in his case it was muh realism, although some of the people agreeing with him were more in the misogyny camp.

Amusingly, in the context of the LARP system they were discussing I've got far more sympathy for the misogyny crowd. I can understand not wanting to wander around a field in titplate and stilettos far more than I can understand someone making a LARP system for 40k, a setting wherein the hideous impracticality of most equipment designs is a deliberate choice to reflect the decaying nature of the setting, and then try to make it tacticool.


According to him that's a waste of their potential because 40k is a serious setting where only gritty tactical realism should prevail.

>> No.49356490

Well... Sure why not. I disagree with him on principal, because the Sororitas as basically the equivilant of the catholics swiss guard, they have a 'look' to show off thier history and nature.

He doesn't have to like it, but there is a reason for stuff being as it is in 40k, and even with boobplate, 40ks counter arguement is 'fuck you space metal ignores the weakness of the design.'

>> No.49356500

Finally some REAL Warhammer art and none of that shitty "cutesy" fan art garbage.

>> No.49356559

Hello, two official black guardsmen!

>> No.49356579

I don't really like this new digital art. Looks soulless and too clean for me.

>> No.49356757

>> No.49356836

Agreed, it lacks expression.

>> No.49356838


>> No.49357092

>Also took me fucking years to find that genestealer in the back
what genestea...oh shit

>> No.49357207


Always loved the sense of scale this artist has.

The amazing backgrounds

>> No.49357362

Not anything special, but it is a SoB without a boob plate.

>> No.49357398

> It's always Pimms O'Clock

>> No.49357473

Pretty sure that's a Paul Dainton piece. I think he also did this one of another group of Explorators meeting the primitive Tau, before they teched up, which I really like.

One of the things I really like about the Necrons one is the contrast between the baroque grunge of the doomed Explorators and the cold, clean, uniform lines of the Necrons. Especially the architecture - compare the perfect symmetry of the tombworld to the crazy cathedral with the big flying buttresses in the background here >>49357092. They're both monstrous edifices, but the Necron one is so much more alien because its so simple yet alien. To my mind, anyway. I suppose the newer Necrons with all the greebly bits all over them are more fun to paint, but I really liked the strong, simple design philosophy the first release (or second, I suppose) had.

>> No.49357496

>little did they know the other orks in that patrol had painted themselves and their vehicles purple.

>> No.49357881

i don't know what he feels about poetry but i like it, what you got in mind?

>> No.49357991


>> No.49358032

awesome thread guys, thanks to everyone that has contributed. great to see a lot of art that i haven't seen since childhood. i'll be printing and framing some of these, especially that boss catachan one. you guys rule!

>> No.49358108

I couldn't agree more. I got pulled into the 40k series because of it being a future setting without all the overkill of holograms and neon lights everywhere. Thats why i hate the Tau so much, it's Japanese mech bullshit.

>> No.49358807

well, that's certainly a more sensible design.

>> No.49359130


What did he mean by this?

>> No.49359178

I like this one.


>> No.49359243

Rogue Trader crew.


>> No.49359258

I've always liked that picture.
It captures the elegance and arrogance of the Eldar so well.
This one too.

>> No.49359409


Nah, those are these guys. Chosen of Abaddon.

>> No.49359458

It's a reflection of GW's present state. Unless something radically changes over there we'll continue to get something but shit.

>> No.49359622

And a lot more boring in my opinion. It just looks like a slightly more ornate Arbites.

>> No.49359659

Pre-heresy Death Guard and World Eaters are among my favorite Space Marine designs. I guess I love boring marines.

>> No.49359728

I love these guys. Someday I'm gonna run a campaign about them.
I like this look too. I'm not against boobplate for the Sisters, they're very open about being feminine after all, but I think this gear looks practical while clearly showing that the wearer is a lady.

>> No.49359977

That's some of the best GW art I've seen.

>> No.49359999

Its from FW though.
Their art is generally good

>> No.49360176

Same, some of it does look good but a whole lot of it is just missing that...something, ya know?

>> No.49360198


With all the flashyness of 40k, I guess we find calmer color schemes apealing.

Nothing wrong with flashyness tho, that's what 40k is about, among other over-the-top things.


I was thinking about doing a series of scenario battles for my friends about thwarting the plans of these guys (heh, these guys). Was supposed to be 12 battles as there ware 6 of them back then. It didn't catch as nobody wanted to play so many battles against 3.5ed Chaos.

As a Chaos player since 3.5 I don't blame them.

>> No.49360237

Muh Blood Angels

>> No.49360239

Unfortunately FW doesn't do much artwork. Most of their pictures are photos of their models put through photoshop.

Which, granted, still looks twice as good as the digital garbage BL and GW are churning out.

>> No.49360275

There we go, I saw the guy with long horned helmet and thought it may have been these guys.

>> No.49360333

>that really tiny left arm
Just put the objective out of his reach on the top shelf.

>> No.49360448

Actually he said "truth" as one and "spirit and visage". Note the lack of second comma.

>> No.49360482

>Mariachi intensifies

>> No.49360547

It was at that moment that Brother Michaelangelo knew, he fucked up...

>> No.49360593

It looks like the armor is actually inhabited by a marine.

>> No.49360594

>this mission requires going in sneaky beaky like
>should I bring the giant battle banner?
>of course

>> No.49360607

Get that rob liefield shit outta here

>> No.49360628

>sneaky beaky

He's /WIP/'s hero for a reason.

>> No.49360647


This Picture made me paint my Vostroyans in their traditional scheme.

>> No.49360690

a little small, but still my favorite by far

>> No.49360817

I used to love the expressions on the faces of Paul Bonner's orks and gretchin. He really captured the childlike enjoyment they got from violence.

>> No.49360838

That's Slaaneshi, right?

>> No.49360844


>> No.49360959


What's with the fucking bee banner?

>> No.49360986


Well, I see no symbols of Slaanesh, but the esthetic is there, and they bear the colors of the Emperor's Children, so my guess would be yeah, Slaaneshi marines. Chosen or Champions even, considering their ornate armour, weapons and general bearing.

>> No.49360987

>> No.49361023

>> No.49361054

This is autistic.

>> No.49361067

fire wasps


>> No.49361142

That old-school Thunderhawk looks like the dropship from Aliens, or the Hunter Killer from The Terminator.

>> No.49361866

>That old-school Thunderhawk looks like the dropship from Aliens, or the Hunter Killer from The Terminator.

I agree that it does, but it's not actually a Thunderhawk. This was back before the Dark Age of Technology, when sometimes the artists were allowed free reign to show or design things that didn't exist, like that ship, the Stormbird. Some of the other tank designs that never happened crept into or inspired the Forge World line.


>> No.49361885

You know, albeit in a fucked up way, that's actually kind of cute.]

>> No.49361899

>other tank designs that never happened

Pic related.

>> No.49362071


>a 5'6 skinny guy trying to knife a 8' muscly guy with arrmor

>> No.49362116

even before that

>"teaching" him to use his sword with a reverse grip

>> No.49362140


Still looks silly tho

>> No.49362226

Khorne Feeds on your Fanboy RAGE

>> No.49362270

It's not MUI, it's MUT

You know, Kill The Mutant, Burn the Heretic, things like that.

>> No.49362392

Is that Rutger Hauer?

>> No.49362475

>Ends being and engine of rage
>Ends having a problem with blood
>Ferrus Manus
>Ends having both hands covered in metal
>Ends looking like the grim reaper

>> No.49362531

>> No.49362624

>ending thread with best chapter

Not bad.

>> No.49362732

>FW's pet chapter

>> No.49362909

Degenerate geneseed detected.

>> No.49362944

Ultramarines have the purest geneseed.

>> No.49363098


Funny thing how during the Great Crusade it was Iron Warrior who's geneseed was purest, cleanest and most adaptable.

>> No.49363232

Clearly he's attempting suicide by space marine.

>> No.49363517

The world eaters hh book has one

>> No.49363821

Gotta love their commitment to being the Russian themed army. Massive fiery volcano world and they're still wearing arctic hats and coats.

>> No.49364011

The answer stars with Ciaphas and ends with Cain.

>> No.49364275

We have intentionally trained him wrong, as a joke.

>> No.49364315

New bread?

>> No.49364823

Love the filename.

>> No.49364846

It's one of the better drawn White Scars faces, too.

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