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Spooky Edition

>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v3:

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>Old Thread

Are you preparing for the upcoming Halloween season in your games?

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>Are you preparing for the upcoming Halloween season in your games?


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Bladelock are viable

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>Are you preparing for the upcoming Halloween season in your games?
Of course. I'm going to dress up as homebrew related.

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As much as I'd love too, I won't know for a few more weeks at least if the game will have space for a Halloween arc. I might just run Tomb of Horrors, the group is all newbies.

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Shut the fuck up.

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Make sure to give them One shot characters

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I've always thought chainlock is the best way to go with the warlock. Otherwise you just end up as a shitty wizard or a shitty fighter. Chain pact at least gives you an original ability that can be exploited quite a bit.

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*sigh* cat girls again?
(clicks lt like an idiot)
Yep. Hardly surprised.

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Tome is also great.

Got 'em!

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As far as writing goes, agreed.

But if you're just looking for fun value, any of those can work in the right hands. I enjoy a good elder god-tier villain, but sometimes it's just great to take down a Skeletor.

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That has nothing to do with 'evil', it's just an opinionated chart judging the motivations of antagonists.

If we're continuing this shitposting, we need to discuss the motivations for morally impure, corrupt, or damaged individuals who become protagonists along with more upstanding allies.

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Arbitrary and meaningless.
A quality of villain relates to how deftly they are handled and how well they are written, not your personal preferences in a villain. That's called a subjective opinion.
I would argue basically ALL of the villains on your chart are good ones because most are handled fairly well, excepting perhaps the dragon from Dragon Age which is basically a dragon because all fantasy video games made after 2000 apparently require you to fight a dragon as the last boss, regardless of actual context.

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>thinks that image constitutes a point

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I know this is meant to be bait, but I'll respond only because I want to talk about how balanced/imbalanced the race is.

40 ft. base move speed is pretty busted, I'd limit it to 35 ft. like Wood Elf. Being potentially immortal is also bad, just have them live as long as High Elves (so 500-700 years).

Gaining proficiency with Perception I'm actually ok with, same with normal darkvision distance. Advantage on saves vs. being knocked prone is situationally very strong, so I'd probably just change it so that if you ever get knocked down it only costs you 5 ft. of your move speed to stand back up.

Enthrall spell should be 1/long rest because of it being a 2nd level spell. I don't agree with 'only good' alignment restriction, would probably just remove it entirely, and just talk about how they tend to fall in the 'good to neutral' alignment scope, ranging from playfulness to lack of caring, but occasionally you find "bad apples" amongst their race. And it should be +1 Cha., +1 Dex. because of how back-loaded the rest of the class is, and they need to give up power somewhere.

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>I know this is meant to be bait, but I'll respond only
The beginning of your sentence invalidates everything you say afterword.

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Where would Darkseid fit on this list. He's the god of evil and tyranny. He wants to reshape reality in his image.

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Agreed. There must be balance. Taking on an Ozymandias (and to a lesser extent even a Mr. Freeze or a well-played Magneto) can be very draining. You've gotta have a few good whacks at a Sauron or Green Goblin every now and again to recharge the ol' hero batteries.

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It was just a threadly reminder due to some last minute shit posting on previous thread.
I love me almost all villains and evil playstyles or characters.

It was more to show the variety of villainry.
What are some reasons you'd think?
I'd throw out necessity is a huge one. Hiding amongst good will make them less questioned by common society, although you can see evil in D&D so this might be slightly null, and they may see the group as having something they lack.

Try harder.

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Doesn't matter.
It's a pretty arbitrary list.

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The 40 ft extra movement is the main racial strength. I used the differences and traits of aarakockra and wood elf as my measure of if it was alright or not. I decided it was, given what other features I gave them.

The age thing is an obvious joke, as is the alignment thing.
Enthrall is a shitty spell, so I thought it was perfectly fine to just throw that on top for giggles.
I actually think the race is pretty mechanically balanced.

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Not to familiar with Darkseid. Why does he want to do this? He'd go on a lower scale but being a god of evil and tyranny it just might be in his bones.

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His reasons are not stated (whenever he is questioned on it he usually responds with something along the lines of "DARKSEID IS", which tells you a bit about him), but generally he seems fairly uncomfortable with even the basic concept of free will.

He wants to make a universe where everything is orderly and functioning and neat. Not even because he wants everyone happy (because in places where he has accomplished this he quite literally turns them into hell on earth), but because he just fundamentally dislikes the idea that anyone anywhere should get to choose to do anything then what he wants them to do.

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>show the variety of villainry.
Villain is a bad word for this discussion. Players are protagonists, and villain can mean "person of despicable nature" or "antagonist".
Sure, occasionally a player can take the role of an antagonist briefly- Being coerced into joining the enemies, whether by magic, blackmail, gold, power, or any number of motivating factors. And while these may be present upon character creation, such as a rogue's greedy streak, a wizard's taste for power, or a paladin's love of their family above victory at the cost of them, a player should not intend to antagonize the party often, or they should be dealt with as any enemy and replaced with a cooperative character.
A well played evil PC is one that cooperates with the party as necessary to drive the game, while happening to be ruthless and not personally care for the trappings of morality.

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That's a tough then. So the orderly and neat bit might even come off as elder god tier, but it's does seem to fit in lower scale. However, I'll nip the bud and say this isn't really 5e related.

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So, imagine the aspiest aspie to ever aspirate, then make him a god?

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It's not, at all.
Though when Asmodeus shows up even by proxy in my games I generally make him into Darkseid in temperament and disposition.

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>A well played evil PC is one that cooperates with the party as necessary to drive the game, while happening to be ruthless and not personally care for the trappings of morality.

I agree with all of that. However, villain can fit in. There are points where an entire parties motives could be considered antagonistic so you're essentially doing a villain campaign. Still, very rare to think of the PCs as villains.

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Not really. He just doesn't get along with people very well I guess.
He's not wildly emotional or erratic, he doesn't feel sad if he gets misunderstood or surprised when he discovers people's feelings are hurt by what he does, he's not conflicted about himself and what he does, he never wishes he's anything else.

He states it pretty clear; he does what he does because it's who and what he is. He was made for it and born to it.

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Come on now, taking joke stats seriously and fixing them is fair and proper. It's not the same thing as starting an argument over being obviously taunted into it.

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The latter half of the entire last thread was consisted of trolling and maybe one or two people who simply refused to stop responding to the troll.
No. If you have to do it at least do it on your own thread you made so it shits up nothing except stuff you're involved in.

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I feel like it's always the same persistent and salty autistic anti-weebs who just can't let a single thing go, and feel the need to bitch and moan about everything in every thread. Oddly enough, they sound a whole lot like you and how you write.
Gotta be a coincidence ;)

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>while happening to be ruthless and not personally care for the trappings of morality.
The problem with this is, even when done with a stone cold or cruel intent really tends to be a neutral alignment. D&D alignment represents actions more than anything else, you need to earn that evil alignment somehow.

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I've actually never felt particularly strongly about the Warlock thing.
Maybe if I get around to wanting to play one I'll start caring but I'm not quite there yet.

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Again, this was just stats. It had no similarly to any of those arguments.

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One action doesn't define a character. Certainly, an "evil" character doing a lot of good doesn't make them evil anymore. Just doing one good thing, to further evil, could still be seen as an evil act and not really sway them to the other side.

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I think of alignment entirely as a mindset.
If someone lives their life plotting the eventual demise, betrayal, and subjugation of every other living soul yet only does things that seem to help other people out until he dies one day when he's not expecting it, that character was not good - he was evil. The fact that no one ever realized it because he only ever seemed like a nice person who wanted to help does not change that he was evil.

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If you say so. I've always felt it was a bad habit to fall into, even if it's just a little light feeding.
Arguably a person's actions define them in real life too.
To whit; nobody REALLY cares about your super-secret inner self reasons for doing things or how your soul is wounded and in need of healing or any of that stuff, honestly.

People in real life just care about what you do and how it affects the world around you. Everything else is basically just private thoughts, and most people you meet aren't particularly interested in what someone was like privately because their private moments don't or didn't affect them at all.

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Not one action no, but the overall weight of your influence on the world surely matters.

But then again, it's not like there's one interpretation of alignment nor one settings metaphysics to rely on. Still, it seems to fit with how it usually plays out.

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What people think is irrelevant to how you actually are though. And alignment denotes how you really are. You may have the demeanor of a good or neutral character, but what you *nature* is - which is what alignment denotes - can be simply evil.

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....honestly, that seems like an edgelord without the real balls to ever be edgy.
Like Wolverine in any X-Men animated series he features in; people will talk about how "hardcore" and "out of control" he is, but the G-rated format of the thing he's in means he'll never be able to say or do anything really edgy at all, just scowl sometimes.

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Yeah, I don't like how D&D almost makes it seem like how you have to be. Agree with literally everything you just said.

If you do good you're entire life, to further evil, definitely you'll be seen as good. Just, sort of imagine the dissonance between the guy doing good all of a sudden just murdering half the population and the trail leads from all the good acts.
If you die, it doesn't matter.

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No - it could be that the person really was just biding their time, waiting for the right opportunity to strike, and just never had a good enough opportunity that they thought was worth blowing their cover for.

>> No.49304533

>What people think is irrelevant to how you actually are though. And alignment denotes how you really are.

Your "reality" is the sum of your actions.
Your inner thoughts are private, basically affecting nothing at and nobody at all. They provide motivation sure, but ultimately if you spend a life not acting on inner thoughts even in small ways you aren't really Good because all you did was sit there and do nothing, but you aren't Evil either, again because all you did was sit there and do nothing.
Like it as not, you can't deny that carbon-based complex life forms don't really give a toss about your "feelings", just what you do and how you do it. We are physical beings who deal with physical problems that affect physical reality, and thus it's kind of "this is real life" type problems that we care about most.

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God, Tibalt a QT
And yeah, but two of them browse here regularly and I don't want to spoil it.

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No, I am who I am. Other people's opinions of who I am are irrelevant to my actual character and nature.
If a man is framed for every evil some other man committed, despite *actually* being a good and honest man, how other people perceive him is irrelevant to the truth. That person could be tried and executed for things he never did, with no one on earth having known his real character - it would not change the truth that he was a good person. People's opinions are irrelevant to truth.

>> No.49304557

I suppose that's true.
It's hard to judge though as it's not really something that happens in real life, though in fiction it totally does happen.

I'd probably label the character True Neutral or Neutral Evil I guess.

>> No.49304564

It could happen, and it actually might happen - if it did, you'd never know by virtue of the scenario itself unless you *were* such a person.

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Here's why the extra 10 ft. move speed is busted: pretty much any class that gives extra movement as a bonus action or via class features (Rogue, Barbarian, Monk) will be able to chase down almost anything in the MM that doesn't have a way to change the battlefield in their favor (flying/hovering, digging/tunneling, phasing into and out of walls, teleportation), and most of the things that can do that stuff only show up in higher levels when the party should have more access to ranged attacks (stronger ranged weapons, better spells, etc.)

This doesn't let DMs threaten the possibility of a foe retreating to come back and fight the party another day, when they are better prepared for the group's tricks and power level.

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Sorry, I didn't mean people's opinions.
I meant more like the consequences of your actual actions, rather then how people see them or anything.
Like, there's a thousand people working at groups like Greenpeace or whatever for absolutely selfless reasons, but nobody will ever really know their names or what they did publicly because nobody really pays all that much attention to that sort of thing.
But if their actions and lives are spent actively trying to alleviate suffering and make things easier, they'd be Good even if they aren't famous because what they spent their lives doing and tried to do with their time was only dons because they wanted to help people or make their lives a little less difficult.

Actions, not opinions, I suppose?
BTW, good talk. Can never have an even halfway rational discussion on the subject on /tg/ it seems to me, but here we are doing it.

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That didn't really address what he says. A framed man is not evil in the original argument. His argument is actions define alignment, therefore the framed man may be seen as evil but he never committed an evil act. Your argument seems to be feelings and motivation define alignment.

You could had 2 alignments if it makes you feel better. Emotional Alignment and Action-based Alignment.

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Aarakockra get 20 extra move and a z-axis bruh.
I know it's good - it's literally the main racial feature. If you look at the others, you'll notice none of them are actually that impressive or regularly relevant.

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Asking again

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>"Congrats! You are now going to Lawful Good Heaven!"
>"But I'm Evil. My whole life I've been Evil."
>"Really? Hrmm....no, your file says that you did only Good acts. Flirted with Neutrality here and there early on, but then you upheld the Law and did Good."
>"For Evil reasons though!"
>"Look, if you want to protest the ruling take it up with upper management pal, I'm not your case worker."

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I can't remember but if it has a somatic component, you need a hand free. Which, you can do a whole thing of stashing a weapon, buffing one, stashing that one, pulling the other, buffing, and then drawing both.

>> No.49304620

I'm also going to get Warcaster feat.

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Brb, making a tiefling warlock named Tibalt.

>> No.49304635

I'm a deontological ethicist m8.
We've got fundamentally incompatible views, based on axiomatic commitments that are irreconcilable.

I think intent and what a person actually wills is what ultimately matters when it comes to morality.

Yeah, I know - I just don't agree at all. I think intent is what matters. The thing about trying to split alignment along those lines is that what your action actually accomplishes isn't relevant. If a would-be murderer shoots a man who he thought was his target, only to find out it was a man that was *also* about to kill his target, that action is not good simply by virtue of what it happened to result in.

>> No.49304641

Then yes, you can do it.
However, I had a DM that argued I couldn't do that, since he deemed it "broken". Just with a different spell, can't quite remember.

>> No.49304649

I believe God judges by intent, not by results =/
If I rush to save someone, trip, and fall on top of a hidden nuclear launch button on the floor that ends up killing hundreds of thousands of people, God's not going to hold that against me.

>> No.49304661

>We've got fundamentally incompatible views, based on axiomatic commitments that are irreconcilable.
The benefit of living in this world is that we don't actually need to agree to get along or have pleasant and rational conversations on the subjects
Though lots of people will claim otherwise I suppose.

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I believe that you don't need both hands to hold onto a 2h weapon, just to attack with it.

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Anyone here play a favored soul in 5e?

I am playing a Favored Soul (from that one UA) and it's pretty not good

besides for the extra spells known, which is pretty great, I think draconic bloodline would be better in every way.

I just don't see the point of getting an extra attack when you only have simple weapons proficiency + light/medium armor, effectively cutting you off from being str based while cutting you off from any decent dex weapons.

like assume I'm level 6; why would I not just firebolt for 2d10 instead of attacking twice in melee with like a fucking dagger?

It's pretty disappointing; Favored Soul was awesome in NWN2

>> No.49304691

I think draconic sorcerers are better, yes.
It's just kind of an okay archetype. Better than wild mage I think, not as good as draconic or storm. I would still play one for the right character though.

>> No.49304692

I'd agree with that, though I guess I dunno about the God part.
I guess my beliefs are too simplistic to really involve a complex philosophy discussion about them. To me, action matters as much as intent because action tends to stem from intent, and negative things are things that remove or take away things that benefit the whole without really leaving improvements or doing it for reasons that particularly matter. I don't just mean major actions either, little stuff like how you treat other people and random strangers, positive feelings and emotions you leave behind.

I apologize, it seems I'm not very good at explaining it. Sorry.

>> No.49304693

Looking for ideas, group is scaling the tower of a corrupt paladin order, don't want to have it just fight after fight, any ideas of how I can diversify a bit?

>> No.49304704

Is the "The wood of a club or quarterstaff you are holding is imbued with nature's power." line just flavor text or do I actually need a wooden weapon?

>> No.49304713

Yea, the only reason I'm not miserable with the character is that I am really lucky with my rolls + have got some cool magic items.

I think I will eventually be outperformed by literally everyone in the party. I basically don't get any worthwhile archetype features until the special snowflake angel wings at level 14

you need a wooden weapon, either a club or a quarterstaff.

It's a druid cantrip.

>> No.49304726

kek I just realized that draconic sorcerers get the exact same level 14 class feature. Favored Soul sucks man

>> No.49304728

It's important to remember that thinking beings aren't going to just sit in another room when there's trouble they become aware of to wait for to enemies to come to them unless it's part of a plan.

When the PC's first attack the group's first inclination would likely be to send everyone they had to overwhelm them at once, not line up in nice groups like dominos waiting to fight whoever comes up the stairs.
If they start to loose too many people they might change tactics and retreat to a more hardened position farther up the tower.
And actually, making use of positioning and the construction of a tower itself can change a fight entirely.

>> No.49304734

Nah, you sound like a normal consequentialist. I'd imagine you could likely be described as a pragmatist as well.

Very incompatible with my own beliefs, but a much larger portion of people in the world probably fall closer to you than to me. I think there are more problems in those views, and inconsistencies between people who say they commit to such beliefs and what they actually find acceptable, but it's not an incomprehensible view in the least.

I'd wonder if you think there ought to be a distinction between things like murder and manslaughter though - the result of the action, and the physical components of the action itself, can be completely identical, but most people do hold that there's still an important enough distinction between the two that one carries one duration of sentencing and the other a different one.

>> No.49304742

Access to domain spells is pretty good tho.
Having bless, cure wounds, spiritual weapon, revivify, mass cure wounds and raise dead as a *sorcerer* is pretty handy.

>> No.49304745

like I said the only good thing is the extra spells.

Unfortunately I kinda got stuck with picking Light domain, so I don't really have anything that I couldn't have got as a regular sorc

>> No.49304750

It's also a movement type that can be shut down entirely by the environment and carries some risks when used. Pure land speed is more powerful, even when it's not quite as fast.

>> No.49304758

>Pure land speed is more powerful

>> No.49304763

i just finished my first session eve AND my first time as a DM!
my players had fun! and aside from soe hiccups on getting them all to the same point i think it went really well

>> No.49304765

>Light domain
Yeah that sounds shitty =/

>> No.49304770

How useful is the light cantrip in OotA?

>> No.49304771

Better than it is in most campaigns.

>> No.49304774

depends. got darkvision?

if so, not useful at all really. if not, pretty useful.

>> No.49304777

Look at it another way: does a kind and we'll intention person, who never does anyone a kindness our of fear or follows up on those good intentions deserve to be counted amongst the good and serve in heaven? Or would they be consigned to the fate of the other weak hearts of neutrality.

>> No.49304783

Also, fuck typos. I swear this phone makes me even sloppier.

>> No.49304784

Was stuck on weather I should take it or Lightning lure. t. Great weapon eldritch knight

>> No.49304786

Even with darkvision it's pretty handy in OotA. If enemies are outside your darkvision or sensitive to light, you can light them up with a lit arrow or something.

>> No.49304792

Word of warning, eknight kinda sucks until level 7, post level 7 it's finally a gish but still meh

I would take lightning lure honestly. Think to yourself; when will you ever use it as opposed to just hitting someone with your greatsword

>> No.49304798

>I would take


>> No.49304805

>I'd wonder if you think there ought to be a distinction between things like murder and manslaughter though

I do, actually. The intent is important there. Intent isn't irrelevant, just a bit more complex then "good" or "bad".
Stuff like death and killing I have difficulty reconciling with my personal beliefs in a lot of ways, especially given my professional life choices I think.
Like, I agree that life is extremely precious and the removal of something mentally unique is pretty bad, but also that needing to employ lethal force at times to prevent your OWN uniqueness from being removed is necessary.

I mostly disagree with the death penalty though, as the reasons for it's employment in my country have nothing to do with law or the crime and largely to do with feeding an emotional need for revenge on the part of the accuser and populace rather then anything rational at all.

>> No.49304814

I mean, I'd rather have 10 more land speed than 10 more of flight. Having flight period is a massive advantage, of course.

>> No.49304815

I was making a joke, really.
The opposite of "doing one good thing doesn't undo a lifetime of bad things", I guess.

>> No.49304824

>when will you ever use it as opposed to just hitting someone with your greatsword
Can't reach the guy, or at least not without consequences. After they're close you commence the beatings.

>> No.49304835

Right right, but the argument I've been making is one of action versus nature. If ones nature on the good or evil axis isn't reflected in one's actions, either by opposition or simple absence, then the universe should consider them a neutral being. Same with any other conflicted alignment situation.

>> No.49304845

That makes some sense I think, the universe balancing out your intention with your actions.

>> No.49304847

I made a homebrew favored soul some time ago for a campaign that never got started. Still based on the Sorcerer, but gradually getting the features from a single Cleric Domain, aside from Channel Divinity. When a later feature requires Channel Divinity, it can be used once per short rest instead. Oh and you also get wings like the Draconic Sorc.

>> No.49304866

I'm also reminded of that one guy who committed a sin so egregious he spent generations of good deeds to make up for it and he was still destined to hell over it. I forgot who that was though, he was in some game I never played.

>> No.49304869

Is anyone starting a new game soon?

>> No.49304877

That'd have to be pretty bad.

>> No.49304896

I think it was never spelled out. I suspect it was something along the lines of introducing entropy to the multiverse.

>> No.49304937

where were you when you realized bladesinger is the best arcane tradition?

>> No.49304940

What's a good spell list for a 5th level Sorcerer with the blue draconic bloodline? We're mostly looking for damage at this point, but utility isn't bad obviously.

>> No.49304955

Levels 1-6

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File: 56 KB, 732x950, c84c08beffa61ec7314cfab671745669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could you guys recommend me a Character creator or any apps to manage a character (preferably with both Windows and Android support but I'll settle for either). I played D&D for the first time yesterday as a guard who joined an existing party and I want to make Gart the guard into a full fledged fighter for the next time I'll join this group (hopefully next friday).

>> No.49305030

Adobe Acrobat Reader

>> No.49305056

Obviously I already got myself some PDF files. I just want to know if there are any apps that make creating and managing a character easier for someone who knows very little about D&D. I've already found some for Android but I'd like to know what /tg/ recommends.

>> No.49305090

Would you guys let an EK make a shield one of his bound weapons?

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So I'm trying to make a monster which is essentially a great eye inset into the side of a mountain, with 2-4 large tentacles that sprout up out of the ground to guard my dungeon of the week.

Does anyone know an appropriate stat block for a CR5 thing I could use for the tentacles? This is my first time trying to homebrew a monster and I'm a bit unsure what to do.

>> No.49305172


>> No.49305277

What homebrew is recommended?

>> No.49305309

So I've got to run a one-shot for some kids in a couple days as part of a program at a local library. The kids are between the ages of 13-18.

I was thinking of having them start at level 5, just to have them get a feel for how the game plays out at a higher level. I plan on encouraging them sticking to the main 4 classes (Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard), but will let them pick another class if they see something they really like.

I was reading through some of the published adventures, and think that taking the Triboar section from SKT might be a good introduction, having them arrive a few hours beforehand after helping guard a shipment of goods over the past few days from another town west-southwest of Triboar.

Any other ideas of an adventure I could run for them?

>> No.49305357

Those aren't kids anon, those are the average posters on /tg/

Just run a normal adventure, a few will probably know and will probably have roleplayed before.

I mean we were doing campaigns with like 900 pages of GM notes when we were 14.

>> No.49305379

Isle of Dread.

>> No.49305388

i think most people would recommend mercer's stuff. It's nothing necessary or too game changing really, but it's balanced pretty well.

Run LMoP and start them at level 1. Nothing turns people off more than having to read up on all sorts of shit and that's what they'd have to do if you started them at level 5.

My first time players started at level 1 and still didn't remember shit they could do. That's in a private setting with friends; imagine kids in a public setting playing with strangers.

how old are you anon?

I'm 20, the vast majority of people I know in my age group and younger have never touched DnD or tabletop in general and their only concept of an RPG is skyrim or fallout.

>> No.49305418

Watching Acquisition Inc. Perkins triggers me when he fails to rule correctly. Also Kurtz is a fat fuck who cheats shamelessly by pretending to misunderstand rules.

Mile and Pat are bros

>> No.49305420


My whole friend group has played it since grade 8.

The head of the group has been GMing since he was like 10, but then he was legitimately a genius with an IQ of (not exaggerated) 170.

When we did play, we did it properly, we followed the rules, did all the math, created our own maps and character backstories, created proper personalities etc.

Maybe it was because it was a gifted school, I'm not sure, but most boys there played and enjoyed it. You don't need to dumb things down for kids, they will rise to it.

>> No.49305428

don't even try to deny land speed isn't more consistent

flight requires room to maneuver, can be really bad news if subjected to sleep, hold or stun, is usually subject to armor restrictions

>> No.49305570

So when's the next UA coming? Later today?

>> No.49305591

Later today, supposedly.

>> No.49305667

I look forward to the inevitable bitchfest. I mean, I'm still hopeful about it but we do have a track record.

>> No.49305688

I think they learned that people want an animal companion and very few, if any, highly situational things, plus using spell slots for something that is practically required for the class to succeed (Hunter's Mark). Or at least I hope they've learned. We'll see I guess.

>> No.49305731

Are these the races introduced in 5e officially or am I missing something?


>> No.49305756

only 1-9 are in the PHB

10-12 are EE

idk about the rest

>> No.49305772

Minotaur is UA Waterborne Adventures
Changeling, Shifter and Warforged are from Eberron

>> No.49305786

Aasimar are in the DMG

>> No.49305817

They aren't a playable official race though, no?

>> No.49305830

african americans

>> No.49305844

Neither are any of the UA races like Warforged or Minotaur. At least the Aasimar are in a published book.

>> No.49305856

Why aren't they playable?

>> No.49305892

UA are not official, they are for playtests and feedback. Until they are in a book (or the EE Player's Guide), they are not considered "official."

>> No.49305893

Why firebolt when you could GFB with a quarterstaff you're two-handing?

>> No.49305896

It's in the DMG, they are official.

As a DM you can choose whatever the fuck you like to include or not include in your campaigns. That is the only official that matters.

For Adventure's League though the only official Races are those from the PHB (including Variant Human), SCAG and EE player's companion. Aaracokra are the exception because they can fly.

>> No.49305929

So when the next book coming?

>> No.49305932

Volo's Guide comes out in November and apparently has a number of new official races and some other things in it.

>> No.49306019

Merfolk, Goblin, (kinda) Vampire and Kor from Planeshift Innistrad

>> No.49306028

Meant Planeshift Zendikar

>> No.49306056

I use Hero Lab and it's been really nice and useful so far. Remember to get the 5e Community Pack too.

>> No.49306058

Jesus Kor are disgusting.

>> No.49306144

I just had to walk away from my first table /5eg/
>Playing as charismatic pit fighter who made a deal with a merc group to get them more popular
>Secretly he wants to kill the head of the company because they wiped out all of his people's tribes
>DM allows our second level wizard to cast dimension gate in an attempt to summon some famous healer to save the captain of our ship
>My bodyguard (another player at the table) and I are helping clean the deck after a fight
>The dragon born healer steps out of the captain's quarters, my bodyguard rolls a perception check to gauge if this person is a threat to me
>Rolls a 5
>DM tells him that this guy seems like a serious threat to my life and needs to be eliminated
>He charges forward to attack
>Gets put into death saving throws in one round because the captain and healer are level 25 DM favorite NPCs and are giving no mercy
>My character runs over and stabilizes my bodyguard, no longer trusts anyone in this barbaric merc company, very disappointed in his bodyguard
>Disembarks at the next port with no intent of coming back, the rest of the party sans my bodyguard has no interest in bringing these warmongers into line
The icing on the cake is that in a 2.5 hour session, I made less than 10 rolls and said less than 10 things, same goes for my bodyguard, while the other two players at the table basically ran the whole session, the DM put such a high priority on what they were doing. You know it's a bad session when if my bodyguard and I didn't show up to the table, it probably would have ended better. The bodyguard said he's also leaving the table.

I'm hoping to reuse that character in someone else's campaign, I really enjoyed roleplaying him.

>> No.49306200
File: 41 KB, 374x374, 1472446046062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49306209

You need War Caster to use Shillelagh with both hands occupied, and you need to use clubs since you can only dual wield with light weapons without a feat.

>> No.49306228

Yes. I like the feat based bladelocks. Take all the interesting weapon feats you can, and enjoy always having the right tool for the job.

>> No.49306242

i had the right tool for your mama's job
hint: my penis

>> No.49306315

A player chose the charlatan background. He said that the false identity feature was awesome. I asked him what his false identity was, and he told me he didn't care.

What am I supposed to do with that?

>> No.49306344
File: 244 KB, 1150x383, elephant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New DM here looking for some help
I'm running Phandelver for my players, and our ranger wants to have an Elephant pet, we discussed this with the other players and they are cool with it because of shenanigans, as long as i tone down the stats a little bit.
I don't really care for the Challenge Rating because fun>rules but I don't want it to be overpowered as fuck for a level 3 party

How would you stat a "young elephant"?
Should it still have trampling charge?

>> No.49306403

trampling charge is fine. you need to lower the ac a tad, lower the hp to at least 40s and gut the damage on its attacks.

>> No.49306420

so should i just nerf the damage, charge and hp while keeping the stats the same?

>> No.49306492

Rate these houserules, /tg/.

>Bond/pact weapon can be used as a spell focus

>Patron spells work like domain/land spells and are granted for for free instead of just being added to the list

>Can smite with ranged weapons, but the damage dice are lowered to d6s when doing so

>> No.49306500


>> No.49306530

Pretty fucking nice mate.

>> No.49306534

I give you three thumbs up.

>> No.49306583


>> No.49306584

Here's my bladelock houserule.

Your can make ranged pact weapons.
Making a pact weapon it changing it is a bonus action.
When making it changing a pact weapon, you can choose one magical weapon you are attuned to. The pact weapon gains the magical bonus and effects of that item.

>> No.49306596
File: 2.17 MB, 1920x1076, sweating intensifies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2+ years campaign
>60+ seshes under our belts
>story has become a convoluted time-travelling, multiverse spanning mess

Can I go back to when they were hunting a monster for a village, slinging off little dinky spells and doing one attack per round?

>> No.49306597
File: 73 KB, 1600x900, 1437289305246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My party just killed Strahd. We took a total of like 24 damage from his legendary actions before the wizard got close enough to dispel his invisibility. Every spell he tried to cast had to go through four counterspells, nothing did. Then one of our two gishes ran over and critted him with a level 4 smite off a sunblade for 78 damage. The rest of the party then cantripped and he died.

I didn't even get to hit him with my sword.

Never have I been more disappointed with a fight.

>> No.49306636

Did you fight him in his castle? If you did the DM fucked up by not making use of his lair actions properly.

>> No.49306682

I'm gonna be running curse of strahd soon. Are there any good resource/advice for doing so?

>> No.49306699

Expect your session to go ham.

>> No.49306724

fought and killed him in his tomb. Combat took three rounds, first lair action was to seal us in, I don't remember what the second and third were

>> No.49306730

daily reminder heroic campaigns are gay and the only good stories are ones that simply about your character where nothing is forced cancer

>> No.49306734

>Strahd fighting 6 people head on when one was a paladin with the sunblade and there were 4 full casters
DM played it way wrong, he should have separated and picked you off.

>> No.49306735

Ask him why he thinks the false identity feature is awesome. I would guess he wants to use it to get away with murder

>> No.49306759

It was five of us, we were all casters, the paladin was a weird, half-caster multiclass, something like Pally 2, Warlock 4, Rogue 2, so he was also rolling sneak attack dice on that crit. We also turn 1 banished the four vampire spawn and never lost concentration on it, because we counterspelled every attack targetting the warlock, and the wizard who threw up daylight.

>> No.49306762
File: 66 KB, 600x382, 1473479582881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw i cast a spell and it gets counterspelled so i counterspell back and i get counterspelled by another enemy

>> No.49306771
File: 11 KB, 408x408, 1447034891673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>daily reminder heroic campaigns are gay and the only good stories are ones that simply about your character where nothing is forced cancer

The best campaigns are ones where everyone's having a good time.

>> No.49306772

This is what happens when the dm isn't smart enough to run his supposedly intelligent characters.

>> No.49306775

kids needs to off himself

>hurdurr im a warlock/paladin/rogue xdddd hurrdurr it totally makes sense that my character is like this hurrdurr

>> No.49306866

I'm playing a fighter/favored soul build right now, full gish mode.
I use spells like Mirror Image to avoid getting hit to compensate for my low hit die, and the gishy things I can do with quickened spell are insane.

>> No.49306872

>caring about the D&D fluff
>not just using it as mechanics
You need to off yourself if that's your justification.

When most of the session is rolling dice and fighting things, use the mechanics to make that as fun as possible, then justify it for the roleplaying.

Why are character classes even a thing people are aware of in universe? NPCs don't use them.

>> No.49306880

It sounds like you're literally building a giant roper. I don't think it would be too hard to modify that.

>> No.49306899

A thief makes a bargain with a demon for more power, but over time becomes a true believer and converts to actual worship of the demon.

That seems like a compelling character arc to me.

>> No.49306930

A man of faith needs more power and turns to a demon to fill it, but grows afraid of drawing on more power from it, becoming dependent on it, and starts relying on his own grit and skill to get stronger.

>> No.49306968
File: 309 KB, 306x531, 1459697765696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pally 2/Warlock 4
>Level 4 smite
>2 first level Paladin spell slots, 2 second level Warlock spell slots

>> No.49307047

I don't remember his build man. I'm not the DM. It might have been Warlock 5 (which I believe gives level 3) with booming blade

>> No.49307111
File: 35 KB, 293x636, 1b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Regardless, the DM had Strahd challenge you all directly without an escape route, didn't charm anyone, didn't prepare for the spellcasters he knew were his enemies...Bad DM playing the villain wrong.

>> No.49307213
File: 17 KB, 236x333, 354d87111a3a054f5af241d6a7878be3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I sell the premise of a legendary soldier capturing / freeing my adventurers from a life of meaningless servitude to nations that don't care about them, and giving them the arms, training, and the means to be a part of a independent nation?

Basically, how do I empower and glorify their murderhoboness?

>> No.49307228

post his stat block

>> No.49307254

Is there any reason a Shield Guardian wouldn't be able to use wands? Obviously it wouldn't be able to use the ones that require spellcasting.

>> No.49307728

>trying this hard to justify minmaxing so you can be the coolest dice roller ever

>> No.49307739

throw npcs at them that you know will annoy the players

>> No.49307751

Minmaxing is fun and only a terrible DM gets upset about it.

-a forever DM

>> No.49307775

i dont get upset at it because i dont play in games where its allowed.

its funner to minmax with a single class itself and making due with what you have instead of taking a dip in everything and snagging the goodies from certain classes.

>> No.49307803

When everyone minmaxes, no one is minmaxxed, because the DM just goes "lol, alright, CR just went up five levels"

>> No.49307811

>its funner to minmax with a single class itself and making due with what you have instead of taking a dip in everything and snagging the goodies from certain classes.

In 5e, you're generally right, but I just let people multiclass so they will learn that on their own. If I allow the multiclass but ask them to justify it, at least they're starting to think about their character as more than just a collection of abilities.

There are some objectively good combinations though if you play a long enough campaign. Past 2 classes, you're giving up more than you get unless you started as a ranger.

>> No.49307816

>its funner to minmax with a single class itself
It's also more effective. So... what's the problem there exactly? Levels in 3 classes is verboten because you all think the character concept is a bridge too far?

>> No.49307834

I'm running Curse of Strahd right now,
what I did is, I took inspiration from each PC's ideal from his character sheet and using Strahd to corrupt it.

The Rogue wants to become a noble, so I had the mists give him a vision about Baron Vallakovich being some forgotten twin, so he would help Lady Wacther to take over the town (and hence serving Strahd).

The Drow Sorcerer, I've given him a lot of visions involving "Lolth", treating him like shit and telling him to know his place and bounding him in chains but then having Strahd appear and breaking those chains and telling him "I declare you a free man".

The Cleric, I want to make him believe Strahd is actually a servant of his god, Helm, who's testing his faith, also he's offering him the promise of inmortality, so he can "serve his god for all eternity"

One of them is going to bite the bait, I took a lot of liberty with the visions, because the Dark Lords of Ravenloft can do whatever the fuck they want.

I haven't come up with something for the Bard, but he's clearly playing a joke character, so it's hard to come up with something serious.

>> No.49307892

Speaking of >>49307213

Thinking of throwing this in as a future story arc:

> Evil Wizard named Babel is working on a spell that horrifically [maims, kills, transforms, etc] everyone it effects.
> Goal is to gain the attention of other gods and become a god himself yadda yadda
> Only takes effect when said person speaks common.
> Will eventually spread to other languages
> PCs are allowed incrementally harder CON saves to resist when they speak Common, or the effects are milder for them, but grow worse if they continue to speak it.

Good idea or bad idea? Suggestions on how to flesh this out more? What effect would this have on my game?

>> No.49307893

Sun soul monks any good?

Yes, I am aware that it is in fact not open hand

>> No.49307908

there was a movie like this but they turned into zombies instead

>> No.49307929

Did you run a module or do a homebrew?

>> No.49307947

I am new to any rpg and I am dm for 6 people also playing their first time. Its been lots of fun even though we are limited on pieces, I'm making up a shitty campaign in my own made up world I'm terrible at backstory for, and its generally a bit haphazardly done.

I've been running a combat with some hand drawn grids, paper squares and chess pieces because only 2 players have a mini and I have none for the enemies, but for the next session I plan for a Kuo toa archpriest to flood a room and have a boss fight Underwater. I have ideas for breathing mechanics and saving throws and stuff, but with my shitty set up how could I run 3d combat? I'm not sure how to do that with grids, and to try and run things accurately without them seems really hard for a large group of inexperienced players.

>> No.49307963

They're alright. The extra options aren't too expensive for what they do. The range isn't as useful as you probably want to believe.

The only feature that's really great is searing sunburst.

>> No.49308026

My rogue comes from a thieves guild supported by fey nobles. Under their tutelage he has become a competent trickster, but his independent streak caused him to seek some magical tricks all his own.

Does my backstory justify fey chain warlock 3, conjuration wizard 2, arcane trickster X in your eyes?

Really, I picked it because those early features seem like so much fun.

>> No.49308056

Taking 1-3 levels in one other class is worth it in a lot of cases. (2 Warlock for sorcerers, 2 or 3 fighter for most other martials, and i'd personally argue 3 bard for paladin are the main notable ones)

Aside from that, you almost always give up more than you gain from a minmax point of view from MCing so people who complain about it "breaking the game" always make me roll my eyes.

>> No.49308107

Which chain? Familiar or star chain?

What level are you starting at? What do you want the conjuration thing for?

>> No.49308131

Familiar chain.
Starting at level six. (Previous character died)
Conjuration for summoning keys, jars of ball bearings, other hazard types.

>> No.49308148

>2 Warlock for sorcerers
I'd even debate that one in a long-running game. At level 17 the straight sorcerer can just drop a meteor swarm and say fuck your optimized cantrip.

At level 20 the straight sorcerer has 2 extra disintegrates to use that say fuck your optimized cantrip.

>inb4 no one plays to 20
Doesn't matter, eldritch blast isn't worth being behind a spell level IMO.

>> No.49308179

Strahd has infinite bats in that encounter. I mean cmon

>> No.49308235

Lightning bolt is a classic

haste and fly are really strong

>> No.49308363

Ok so my lvl 5 party consisting of Thief Rogue, Divination Wizard, Knowledge Cleric, Hunter Ranger and Ancient Paladin is going to try and bring down a mansion full of cultists of Orcus. Shit is full of them, have at least 4 cult fanatics, 50 skeletons and a vampire sleeping at the top.
Any advises on how to proceed? We have to kill every cultist since last time we killed only 1 fanatic and he came back as Vrock on our second try.

>> No.49308400

Is there any good homebrew out there for a crafting system that isn't too complicated?

>> No.49308489




>> No.49308503

What are you trying to do?

>> No.49308524

You should realize a majority of almost all games don't go much past preteen levels if that.

There's theoretical level 20 shit and then there's what actually happens. That is why most of these minmax multiclass builds aren't built around 20.

>> No.49308541

why and how do you know how many enemies are in this castle if you're a player? is this a module? are you cheating?

>> No.49308583

Mostly alchemy. Making simple poultices and poisons and such using Alchemist's tools. Maybe some ideas for plants that have different qualities, so people with proficiencies with Nature, Survival, or the Herbalism kit can do a little more.

>> No.49308600 [DELETED] 


I just mean that the crypt has 2d4 bat swarms per 5 foot square

I wrote up half of something for the dungeon masters guild, before one of my players metagamed really hard and made me swear to never run Adventurer's League again. I'll share it here, a lot of people are talking about running curse of strahd. It's fun, it's worthwhile. Some game philosophy, some Things which i dislike with strahds build, and so on. hope y'all enjoy.

>> No.49308615

Alright, at level 9. Would I rather have Eldritch Blast with invocations, or would I rather have earlier access to Cone of Cold, Dominate Person, Hold Monster, Telekinesis, Wall of Stone, etc. and have one more ASI?

At that level, Eldritch Blast's damage is only worth an extra Cha modifier compared to a dragon sorcerer's Fire Bolt.

>> No.49308637

already went there once at lvl 4. Cleared out the basement and some other stuff but raised alarm forced us in retreat. Tried again at lvl 5 but a well placed trap killed the teleport, separating the party cue another retreat to regroup with the ones left behind. Killed the vrock and some giants bats while we were at it. Now we are standing in the forest close to the mansion. Rested and with everyone together. Wondering how to clear this without losing due to action economy

>> No.49308647

>Party has an evocation wizard at level 8 with nothing better to do than fireball and let other people counterspell

>> No.49308686

Here. I got really really into curse of strahd, and then a player metagamed really hard and made me never want to play Adventurer's league again. yes i got buttblasted.

here you go though. I was going to post this on the DM's Guild, but screw that. Here it is for free since i don't care and am never going to finish it.

>> No.49308766

try setting it on fire and running away

>> No.49308833

Alright, yep, the DM did a pretty shit job

I guess he was just running out of obligation to finish the campaign and was really tired of it. Shame.

>> No.49308869

This might be slightly off-topic, but do you guys happen to know where I could find cheap miniatures for combat? The store I play at provides monsters and stuff but I want to buy a mini for my own character at least. Preferably a store that ships it across the globe for free.

>> No.49308871


THere a series of guides for all the published campaigns including CoS on DMs guild


>> No.49308886

Reaper Mini sometimes has some pretty cheap ones. I got my friend one for her first character for $3

>> No.49308903


>> No.49308905

>Preferably a store that ships it across the globe for free.


>> No.49308910


You only really need one attacking cantrip. I'd take Booming Blade or Green Flame Blade personally. the last one should be utility.

If you want more cantrips go for magic initiate.

>> No.49308982

LOL same, I just wrapped Strahd last week at a store and ran an autistic metagamer who read the book and spoiled plot, encounter, all of it with a grin on their face the whole time. 3 players leave citing this player as the reason, but get replaced next week bc it's a big city.
After 3 warnings, problem player refuses to cut it out, store won't let me boot them bc they're shitting their pants about a bad Yelp.

Loved every minute of massacring the party in Ravenloft, entirely playing RAW just not running Strahd as a retard.

Guide looks great, thanks for writing it - I agree w what I've read so far.

>> No.49309051

Also re: the bat swarms in the catacombs, Strahd can order them to attack, he doesn't need to use the fireball trick you mention. I'm referencing a line in the description of the bats that says they don't attack unless ordered to by S, or take dmg. As to how many swarms he can muster by yelling "GET EM" it's up to you, but being in the catacombs during daytime should basically be a tpk.

>> No.49309091
File: 2.96 MB, 854x480, Unicorn_Launch_Novel.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick questions, new to 5e, and dnd in general. Can the champion subclass chain crit go off on opportunity attacks? Also our dm started off a character with 2k platinum, is that normal/ok? Additionally, are there any more prestige classes that the single one in unearthed arcana, and any improvements to witch hunter class? Is multiclassing a meme?

>> No.49309099

You'd think thered be at least some games that start at level 20 and burn out fast. Has anyone seen or heard of these?

>> No.49309127

>5 players at full strength fight Strahd solo in his tomb
This is the worst DMing imaginable. There are bats and vampire spawn in the tomb, traps outside it, and it's a fucking trek to get there without encountering Strahd's hordes beforehand.

>> No.49309150

My players expressed interest in establishing a home base.

> One session they find a deed to a plot of land as part of loot.
> Later they find a castle on said plot of land that happens to be haunted.
> They clear it of undead (about 3 sessions total).
> It's in a pretty dilapidated state, but the foundation is still good, built with it's back to a mountain so good defensible position. The haunted wood around it is already starting to liven up.
> Over the next 3 sessions they rescue a whole company of dwarven smiths. Repay them with a favor. Players, say "Ugh" because of no money and move on.
> Currently players are complaining about not having found a good place to use as a home base. Currently living in a basement of the owner of a thieves den because they have a mutual contact and have the same enemies.

Are my players retarded, or am I getting too caught up in making things happen organically?

>> No.49309152

with the addition of the teleporting wights and the shadows which strahd should have acquired throughout the castle

>> No.49309204

>Can the champion subclass chain crit go off on opportunity attacks?

>Also our dm started off a character with 2k platinum, is that normal/ok?
Not normal, but is OK if it makes sense for the character. There's a pretty hard limit on what you're allowed to buy with gold in 5e, so gold isn't as useful.
>are there any more prestige classes that the single one in unearthed arcana
and any improvements to witch hunter class?
That's a homebrew class, so if you want to improve it, just homebrew it.
>Is multiclassing a meme?
Not really. A lot of annoying little kids talk about trying to hack the game by making unintended multiclasses, but just as many people take a couple levels of fighter or roll up a rogue/barbarian without it being a big deal.

>> No.49309238

Definitely retarded

>> No.49309267

How to describe machine sounds (droids) to someone in a medieval era?

>> No.49309306


"It sounds like a whole lotta clangin' and bangin', brother!"

>> No.49309343

Like pieces of sculpted metal clanking against one another in rhythmic fashion. There's almost a soothing harmony to it. The sounds continue not randomly, but almost as if in a pattern like someone designed it that way.

Hissing of steam / scraping of metal optional.

>> No.49309393


Why aren't they just adventuring for treasure to buy or earn land and build a stronghold.

>> No.49309401

New Ranger revision is out.


Kinda bummed we didn't get more than just the ranger but I think I like the revision. The new subclass seems cool.

>> No.49309422

The Ranger UA is posted

>> No.49309455

Can't wait to read through it!

>> No.49309468

bumping from last thread

What are your rules for In-Game magic crafting?

Level 6 Bard trying to make a magic armor for ghost npc to haunt here.

>> No.49309478

Half the guys "want to explore their backstory", and requested a more rp focused / cohesive overarching story as opposed to sellswording / random disjointed adventures.

The problem is they only go anywhere or do anything when I say "Go to X. Do Y".

Bard wants a more political intrigue style plot or more instances to use diplomacy. Any time there's a female NPC, he rolls to seduce.

Ranger wants to be the captain america / leader of the group in battle; constantly wanders off on his own and *attempts* to sell magic items that are no use to him but might benefit others in the group. Oh yeah, he doesn't care for gold, but somehow ended up with more gold and magic items than everyone else.

Barbarian hates *paladins* for some reason.

Rogue, I feel, kinda gave up because the party failed to kill the main antagonist of his backstory after tracking her down for 8 years (in game, the party just helped with the last year or so) and she got away. Now his character has a death wish for some reason.

Sorc has been true to his guns since the beginning: "I just want to fight stuff. Fireball, I guess."

>> No.49309483

>>49309401, >>49309422
The pet-based Ranger doesn't get Extra Attack.

>> No.49309503

Thanks, my character has his reasons for hunting down a specific tiefling, and after the party encountered her and just barely managed to kill one of her clones that had just fought an entire warband of orcs, our party of 10 just managed to survive after 9 others survived death rolls, and I crit for 500 to kill her clone.
Gave our party some time to do serious soul searching as to where we wanted to go from there.
Also anyone else cook food for their d&d groups? I make chorizo potato soup weekly and they like it a lot

>> No.49309566

Needy, lazy and stupid. Great.

>> No.49309587

And the creature has to use its reaction to attack. Still seems very weak, but at least the pet won't die to a stiff breeze.

>> No.49309633

Since it involves time traveling and multiverse traveling, it can easily be reset back to the good old adventuring days.

>Party is continuing to travel through time and space
>Party arrives somewhere that looks a lot like their home universe material plane
>Party finds a small village that is being terrorized by a BBEG's goons.
>Party saves village.
>Village tells party of a powerful BBEG archmage who is trying to become a lich and is gathering sacrifices. (Hint that he probably has a massive treasure hoard from previous failed heros and adventurers.)
>As the party travels to his tower to kill him and loot his hoard, they encounter the same type of monster they were hunting back in the simpler days.
>It attacks them and they kill it. (Thisis integral)
>After that things proceed as normal for a while. They get to the archmage, kill his undead and other minions, and defeat him.
>However, shortly after victory, they begin to fade.
>They learn that they accidentally traveled to their past and changed an important event in their early adventuring career.
>They revert back to their past selves, with all the gear they had from their past but all the class levels and whatnot they gained through adventuring. They bear no memory of their time hopping adventures.
>The treasure hoard is filled with equivalents or improvements of their old gear.

>> No.49309645

More limited in it's choice of Favored Enemies, but it applies to broader categories too.

>> No.49309649

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of flexing too much DM Fiat; I try to keep everything fair. I've had a few opportunities come up where they were in precarious situations.....but their brute force strategy is usually successful because the dice gods love them and love to torment me.

I want to murder them one by one some nights.

>> No.49309711

The Reaper Bones series are cheap, quality is okay. Just avoid miniatures with long weapons or other potrusions they tend to bend.

>> No.49309832

Am I the only one who's really mad at this whole "patching" and revising classes and that sickening focus on "party balance" that's been plaguing D&D since 3.0?

It's hurting 5e and it really dissapoints me because I thought this was supposed to be the edition to bring back the grognards and to bring back new players...and this revision's a fucking mess.

>> No.49309841

The pet gets its own full turn AND can take a reaction attack when the ranger does.

The player still gets some pet damage even if the ranger uses his action to cast.

>> No.49309847

I think I'm willing to let the ranger of our group try it (9th level). Anyone else think this looks good?

>> No.49309857


I like the new beastmaster. They get a psuedo 3 attacks by using their pets reaction, that seems totally fine. Especially when that beast gets ASIs too and proficiency bonus to damage.

>> No.49309877


I like it. I'd probably play it.

>> No.49309895

I don't think it looks good but it looks better. The Beast Conclave has a reason to keep taking ranger levels after 8th to keep the companion scaling, but the Hunter and Deep Stalker could play almost exactly the same way and gain better stuff by multiclassing with fighter and rogue after level 8.

>> No.49309917

Well, it's only UA right now.

>> No.49309923

I'm only mad that they didn't put proper forethought so that fixes wouldn't be needed. A little imbalance is fine, but the Ranger is just disappointing.

I don't see anything else having much of a problem, though.

>> No.49309994

Yes, you are the only one that's mad, because they're ONLY revising ranger, and ONLY because a ton of people are dissatisfied with it and regularly post about it. It's not hurting 5e and isn't being done for any other classes.

>> No.49310044
File: 127 KB, 719x1111, 1427321547645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This might come as completely retarded but I want to make a fistfighting paladin. Any ideas how can I do that without turning the character into a complete joke?
Failing that, a punching cleric?

>> No.49310061

Yeah, I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with it. I've got a player itching to play it.

I'm gonna add back in favored terrain, because always advantage on initiative is just a little too much.

>> No.49310107
File: 16 KB, 280x248, George_bush_scratching_his_head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm going to be playing Storm King's Thunder next week but I still have no idea what I actually want to play. I browsed through all the different supplements and UA and nothing seems to be grabbing me. I mean I thought maybe I'd play as a "Warforged-but-not-really" that was one of many built by the dragons during their war with the giants (and just so conveniently is the only one that is no longer scrap), but I don't even know what class I'd play were I to go that route. We've already got a Barb/Sorc, a Rogue, and a Wizard by the sound of things.

>> No.49310173

It isn't necessarily FISTfighting, but the Minotaur has horns that deal 1d10 damage. If you dash, you can attack with them as a bonus action, and if you attack, you can use a bonus action to shove them. Plus you can smite with your horns. It's fun as hell.

>> No.49310194

I'm annoyed that they reduced the raw selection of animal companions to the most boring shit imaginable. If I want to use the otherwise excellent beast master new features, I have to play mother may I with the Dm to get an interesting companion.

Still, very interesting. Also, beast master could be an interesting way to play a crappy skill monkey now. Maybe even a literal skill monkey.

>> No.49310223

I think Troll & Toad ships minis for free if you order enough of them. I don't know if that applies to international shipping, though.

>> No.49310225


I'm kind of disappointed you can't get a big bird. There's not as many cool options.

>> No.49310228
File: 54 KB, 600x415, 1456140300642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There ain't no rule that says you can't teach your animal persuasion or knowledge (nobility).

>> No.49310279

Some ideas off the top of my head:
>A Hunter Ranger that's been training to fight giants
>A bard that's collecting all of the lore he can about the ancient wars between giants and dragons (or a valor brad learning about their greatest battles)
>A war cleric that wishes to fight at the dragons' side once more

>> No.49310287 [DELETED] 

Don't be a tit. Always on advantage is on 2 uncommon magic items, one of which doesn't even require attunement.

>> No.49310302

Bahamut Worshipping Paladin.

>> No.49310303

It's 5gp of th cost per day. So a 100 gp item takes 20 days of eight hours to work a day.

>> No.49310323

Exactly. I'm going to teach my boar sleight of hand and deception, and let it perform card tricks for coin.

>> No.49310329

Weapon of Warning - uncommon, requires attunement
Sentinel Shield - uncommon

Two magic items give out advantage to initiative with other effects at uncommon. You might be over-reacting.

>> No.49310381

A clerid tempest/war dwarf who is looking for the runes shit.
Fucking war clerics are crazy at lvl 5 man..

>> No.49310416

Only slightly. However, those are magic items. While they are uncommon, they're not going to be everywhere.

The ranger's always-on initiative advantage is; no worries, though. Easily enough fixed, and it provides a bit more fun to it.

>> No.49310420


Ok, what if I already have all the materials and a cobbled up ritual thanks to campaign RP'ing, and all that I'm missing is putting all this shit together?

>> No.49310452

Every day you can roll a dice pool. If you're proficient, the dice pool is a number of dice equal to your proficiency bonus, otherwise one die.

Type of die is based on quality of tools, which are graded just like magic weapons. A non magical set of tools is rolling d8s. Every plus increases the dice grade all the way up to d100s, the max.

Whenever you roll, you add the result to the total of all previous results for this craft so far. When the total meets or exceeds the item's value, you craft it.

Magic items require a magical person singing or incanting during the long rest the crafting is happening in.

Also you need supplies of course.

>> No.49310454

Bump. Need help fleshing this out and it not completely screwing up my world.

>> No.49310459

Go full tank. War Cleric/fighter, even.

>> No.49310463

How to nerf Rope Trick and Leomund's tiny hut?

>> No.49310471

Your punches get great at level 11 for d8 radiant damage per weapon attack, but anything fancy is gonna require magical items or multi classing. Otherwise I guess tavern brawler with 1+Str damage each hit.

>> No.49310483

Leave it as is with the caveat, "this is playtest stuff so I might change it" and see if advantage on initiative is really as powerful as you think it is.

(It's not)

>> No.49310501

Why do they need nerfs?

>> No.49310534

For supplies, it's pretty simple. If you're in a city, you can buy the supplies for half the value of the item.

If you can't buy the supplies, you can double the price of the item for crafting purposes.

>> No.49310539

I'm happy with it. But I'm still of the opinion that ranger spell slots should be regularly swappable.

>> No.49310555

What stat is used for most instruments?
What about gaming sets?
Mostly interested in Flute, Pan Flute, Lyre, Lute and Playing Cards.
Is it DEX for those instruments and one of WIS, INT or CHA for playing cards?

>> No.49310619

Well, I'm actually basing it off playtest; I had a player that was lucky enough to get a weapon of warning as random loot in a game, and it really changed the dynamic of initiative; at least, IMO, anyway.

Coming from a different direction, it also reinforces the wilderness aspect; the ranger is used to the terrain, used to what inhabits it, knows when to be on their guard. Putting back in Favored Terrain and tying it to Natural Explorer just makes it more flavorful to me. Odd, that.

>> No.49310630

It just sucks to have a single class clearly outmatched. They're not going for pure balance between all, just a change or two to get them on par or near par. The ranger was so bad it had to get revised.

It sucks but it is hard to foresee. Very few games come out perfectly, but the ranger seems to just be a pile of bad that could've been avoided. Now it's alright though, if you use the revision.

>> No.49310632

It gives clear rules to adding additional beasts, I doubt getting a bird will be an issue with any halfway reasonable dm.

>> No.49310633

Tools use any ability score relevant to the situation at hand.

>Playing cards
Int to card-count and predict odds if you're playing poker
Dex to shuffle and stack the deck
Wis to get a read on the opponent (if you don't have insight)
Cha to bluff the opponent (if you don't have deception)

>> No.49310641

Charisma for musical instruments.

>> No.49310674
File: 408 KB, 850x1133, 1466451617966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They use an often overlooked stat known as DM Fiat.
Want to memorize and perform a classical piece? Int.
Want to lay down a very complex and quick riff on your lute? Dex.
Want to play that saxophone as sensually as possible while shirtless on a tavern table dry humping the air? Cha.
Want to belt out an incredibly sharp, loud, and long call on a horn? Con.

>> No.49310680

Optional rules. Just like any homebrew, you have to ask your dm.

>> No.49310709

And with a level or two in monk, would It help? 'm not versed in dnd but I don't hear anything good about monks.

>> No.49310754

I always use Dex for instruments

>> No.49310763

Monks are the bread and butter of punching things. They make your punches d4+str, and it will give you a bonus action to punch, which is great cause you need as many attacks as you can cause of the low damage. Just to confirm with you you won't be destroying the competition but you will be punching and smiting which is what I assume you want. The only other thing I can think of are magical items but that's it

>> No.49310768

Well, with the UA modifications to Ranger it looks like I can allow my player to play that Rexxar guy he's been wanting to play.

>> No.49310801

Why do that when you can have Harambe for a companion now?

>> No.49310828

Kick him. Nothing good can come from playing with someone who still can't let go of Warcraft lore.

>> No.49310902
File: 410 KB, 529x611, 1461115252356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chiming in.
If you want to have unarmed strikes that deal more than 1+Str as a paladin, your only option (short of DM fiat, like letting you use gauntlets as 1d4 weapons) is to take Tavern brawler, which makes you proficient with improvised weapons, makes your unarmed strikes deal 1d4 + Str, and enables you to grapple a creature as a bonus action after you hit it with an unarmed or improvised strike. Monk isn't good for paladin multiclassing. Firstly, you'd need 13+ in Str, Dex, Wis, and Cha. Then, you'd need to be unarmored and not wearing a shield to benefit from Martial Arts at all.
I'd say to take Tavern Brawler and use a shield and empty hand, then either dueling or defensive fighting style for damage or AC respectively. Bash things with your shield and grab them with your off hand. 1d4 is only 2 average damage less than 1d8, so you'd not be too far behind your standard sword and board user, and your free hand could prove quite useful.

>> No.49310934

This guy has it right I forgot tavern brawler. If you really want to punch things and smite this is the way to go

>> No.49310952

Forgot to note that TB also gives you +1 Str or Con, so that's nice, especially if you take it as variant human at level 1.

>> No.49310960

no it doesnt? it acts under the ranger's players control on its own initiative step!

>> No.49310962

He's never played WoW actually.
He stopped after they stopped making RTS games and hasn't payed attention since. He basically just wants to make a half-orc Ranger with two axes and a bear I guess.

>> No.49310988

Make it a smallish room with few obstacles?

>> No.49310997

It's cool, I corrected myself here >>49309841

Sometimes I lose stuff in my first reading when the feature is very wordy.

>> No.49311005

Does natural explorer look bloated, or is it just me?

>> No.49311016
File: 135 KB, 808x1066, 1431317090534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wolf Totem Barbarian/Ranger and his Wolf companion taking down foes together
I hope I can feel this feel eventually.
I lie, it'll be a halfling in Eberron with a raptor totem and companion/mount.

>> No.49311032


You can take a level in monk or just take Tavern Brawler and get the same benefit without multiclassing exclusively for a single feature.

>> No.49311046

Your spoiler is much cooler.

>> No.49311054


This >>49310680 is my only real problem with it but I guess in the realm of Unearthed Arcana it's all "ask a DM" anyways.

>> No.49311110

It's not you. It feels like it has way to much going on for a single level, let alone the first level of a class. It provides the benefits of an optional feat, plus way more.

It'll be like Warlocks, where you would dip for 2 and then go with a real class. In the case of Variant Ranger it is dip for 1 and then go with a real class.

>> No.49311184

Anybody have the one page 5E rules from DMs guild they could share. Thanks

>> No.49311246

You can fly in 5' by 5' corridors. So the an aarakocra has 50' speed literally anywhere that someone with a land speed has their normal movement, with extremely infrequent exceptions imposed by the DM (not by the rules) such as perhaps in cases where people are squeezing through a crevice or something.

>> No.49311260

So does that mean the previous playtest version is ded

>> No.49311272


>> No.49311289
File: 775 KB, 820x1165, 1461978637125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think it's bad.
>Ignore difficult terrain
Good for you, you have a bit of extra mobility in combat when something partially blocks your allies or enemies. Useful, but it's a reactive bonus, only good when you'd otherwise be debuffed.
>Advantage on initiative
As others have said above, initiative isn't the biggest advantage in a game as long as you can't end the encounter in one turn. And if you could, simply getting a surprise round would do that and more.
>Difficult terrain doesn't slow group travel
Cool, you can dig wagon wheels out of the mud, for that one time in the campaign where you need to travel quickly and not be bogged by bad terrain and not have access to teleportation, flight, or regular roads.
>Can't become lost except by magic
Good, you can't wind up starving in the woods because of a few bad rolls, and don't need to waste carry weight on a sextant.
>Remain alert to danger
Too bad your allies don't. But hey, at least you can gather berries and watch for bears.
>Stealth at normal pace
But it's only you, not your allies, so it'll barely get used. Totem barbarian gets this at level 6, and a bit more as well.
>Double forage food
Because your party already finished that 1d6+2 pounds of berries.
>Tracking bonuses
So just a set in stone recognition of things you'd be able to know when you roll well and DM informs you anyways.

This stuff is fine, it mostly just gives the ranger a bag of skillmonkey that helps with survival, and doesn't even overlap with the Outlander background.

>> No.49311312

My wife and I played a game where we were Elf brother / sister. She went Wolf totem barbarian, and I was a Bladesinger with an Owl Familiar.

Background was soldiers, so between the two of us, bonfire shenanigans, and Owl's Flyby, we pretty much wrecked face.

>> No.49311317

I dunno, sure it's a lot of stuff but it's pure exploration. It's nice to have but it doesn't really change the balance of the character option much.

Scaling effects wouldn't have hurt though, I suppose.

>> No.49311376

So Mearls has hinted about making changes to base ranger - probably not in any actual book but very possibly in a UA or something.
Do you think they'll offer the same mercy to base sorcerer, who, while usable, still pale in comparison to the wizard?

>> No.49311407

Sorry should have said mostly. Terrain avoidance and initiative bonus is nice enough but not enough to consider the class frontloaded.

>> No.49311417

I like that you can resurrect your old animal companion, rather than just getting a new one.

>> No.49311431
File: 21 KB, 321x223, ss+(2016-09-12+at+02.19.27).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From this tidbit, sounds like a no.

>> No.49311446

Published and posted to the thread already, try to keep up.

Not sure what can be done about the sorcerer, it isn't that much of a difference to make significant changes.

>> No.49311456

That tidbit also goes against tweaking ranger though, and it does seem they are indeed tweaking ranger.

>> No.49311458

Who is spending 50gp calling a mule from the wilderness?

>> No.49311506

It doesn't, because as the article continues, ranger has shit power AND satisfaction ratings, including "individual features [that] also filled the top-ten list of lowest-rated individual character features."

>> No.49311507

I could fix sorcerer in very short order.
It doesn't take significant changes - all it takes is tweaking sorcerery point recovery, modifying their spell list, and maybe adding a metamagic or two.

>> No.49311520

>Start a Campaign at lvl 1.
>Someone wanted to play a Cat Girl.
>Proceed to have the first encounter kill him outright.

No weebs allowed.

>> No.49311529

>That DM

>> No.49311557

Passive aggressive much? You really think that was the best approach?

>> No.49311571

>That DM who everyone loves cause he makes all the weeb and cat girl characters die horrible, painful deaths.

Weebs crying is like music to my ears. It takes a lot of restraint not to drop my pants then and there and jerk off.

>> No.49311578

>Am I the only one who's really mad at this whole "patching" and revising classes and that sickening focus on "party balance" that's been plaguing D&D since 3.0?

it's been "plaguing" D&D since 1st edition AD&D, when they started altering classes for that explicit purpose.

>> No.49311583

Sounds like you've got brain problems m8!

>> No.49311585


>> No.49311644
File: 1.36 MB, 260x260, wow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not being mature and simply saying "no"
>wasting everyone's time on pointless encounter
>making one player roll two characters in one session and wasting even more time on that

Yer a fucking idiot

>> No.49311660

I do. It's not normal wanting to rub one out on a greasy, fat, neckbeards face while he cries like a walrus because I just had the goblins pull out his cat girls entrails while she still lived. I should be able to keep myself under control until I get home, then I can let the seed free.

>> No.49311686

I see no issues with the Natural Explorer ability for the Ranger class. I have an issue with the ability when combined with other classes for multiclassing purposes. The ability, with no limitation or downside, is front loaded and that is the problem with it.

Spread the difficult terrain, advantage to foes, and advantage to initiative over multiple levels and/or bring back favored terrain for those benefits to apply towards. Make it so a level 15 ranger will have all terrains favored, but at level 1 they have one terrain favored, level 3 they have two terrain, level 5 they have three terrain, etc.

Going first and having advantage is a huge benefit for any nova damage class or battlefield control class. Ranger/Cleric, Ranger/Rogue, etc. Going Ranger/Rogue pretty much gives you the solo purpose of going Assassin, so now you can go Thief/Trickster with no qualms.

>> No.49311701

Anti-weebs in a nutshell bois!

>> No.49311717 [SPOILER] 
File: 17 KB, 250x250, 1473705516094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can say no, but why? They sweet cries of their sadness is so much more fulfilling to my ears. And besides, it wastes no ones time. The encounter is always there, they just do their best to kill the cat girl and always the cat girl. And it's not like I pause the game to let him write a new character.
Also they don't tend to make a new character. So far they just run out of the shop crying, probably going back to their anime pillows to cuddle.


All these cunts defending cat girls.

>> No.49311748

Nah, you're both shit.

>> No.49311765

>tfw SWAG specifically says God-King Gilgeam counts as an Undying Patron, and you want to play the loyal soldier of your Righteous Immortal Lord sent out to see the wider world but can't into theorycraft to make the Bladelock viable.

>> No.49311769

Back to playing (Human Rogue) after a really long hiatus, is it true there's no such thing as critical fails in 5e?
We're playing Elemental Evil and just about surviving with some really crappy rolling on our part, but I remember critical fails being fairly amusing - any homebrew tables?

Firing into a melee, getting a critical fail and not hitting a party member ruins my suspension of belief.

>> No.49311774

> All these cunts defending cat girls.

>Start a Campaign at lvl 1.
>Someone wanted to play a (THING I DON'T LIKE)
>Proceed to have the first encounter kill him outright.

I mean honestly you sound like a cunt. Don't like catgirls and don't want them in your game? That's 100% okay, you're the fucking DM. But don't go wasting everyone's time over this shit.

>> No.49311776
File: 42 KB, 964x250, complaining about weeaboos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49311782

New ranger is actually good, and the animal companion no longer sucks.

>> No.49311786

They're not defending catgirls, they're affirming you're an asshat.

I could give a shit what race people play, and hate weebs, but that doesn't stop you from not being an asshat.

>> No.49311801

You sure that's a good idea?
I'd flip a coin to decide, personally.

>> No.49311808

Critical daily are a terrible idea and you should be ashamed for entertaining it.

>> No.49311810

We all had a good laugh after the weeb ran out of the shop. M8's gave me a pat on the back and dubbed me a mad cunt.

>> No.49311821

Gotta teach my phone important words, still.

>> No.49311831

>social affirmation by my fellow retards means it was fine
Lol. Collectivists are fucking hilarious.

>> No.49311839

Unless you're talking about a tabletop campaign, sounds like Planescape: Torment.
Like Planescape itself, it's awesome except for all the parts that aren't awesome, and you can really tell when it was made.

>> No.49311847

So you're edgy just for the sake of being edgy and you pick up on weaboos because they are the easiest target.

That makes you a child with some sort of complex.

Your story says nothing about your victim but a whole lot about you

Assuming It's real, of course

>> No.49311859


stop responding to obvious bait.

>> No.49311879

Even with the internet, the likeliness of a particular generation of kids in a given community getting 'plugged in' to tabletop rpgs remains staggeringly random.

>> No.49311892

I don't keep up with opinion polls - mostly because I don't care about other people's opinions. When comparing power discrepancies, sorcerer is weaker than wizard more significantly than ranger is weaker than the other martials, at least if you're comparing hunter ranger.
How people feel ought to be irrelevant to the sheer statistical facts of the matter - but if you disagree that's fine. I've got plenty of homebrew.

>> No.49311905


Maybe although some classes like Monk and Barbarian still suffer from this.

I kind of wish there was a way to change your favored enemies a little bit. Especially since you learn the features so early, it'd suck to pick something and then NEVER fight them. I guess Abberations, Humanoids, and Dragons all seem like pretty great choices.

>> No.49311918

Nah m8, the weeb just couldn't handle the bants and was being a silly cunt.

>> No.49311938

Ranger was notably considered to be the weakest class in the game though.

I havent see many, if any sharing the same view of the sorc. (Though I wouldn't mind seeing it being tweaked for a bit more power.)

>> No.49311952

As a DM, if you have an NPC that is lying to your players, do YOU prompt Insight checks normally, or do you just continue on until a PC asks to make an insight check?

Do you do passive insight as well?

>> No.49311963

Why is Trump in that list?

>> No.49311989

A natural 1 on an attack roll is always a miss, but no, there are no negative effects added on top of that. All the fumble charts from previous editions should still work if a psychotic DM wants to use them, though.

What ruins suspension of disbelief for me is when the greatest swordsman in the world still does something embarrassingly stupid on 5% of all attacks he makes.

>> No.49311995

I don't prompt insight checks, because mystery and intrigue are a big part of my games. Players should be paying attention for inconsistencies.

>> No.49312014

New Thread

>> No.49312028

"Considered" is that key word though.

Wizards have:
- 92 more spells to choose from than sorcerers
- can know literally every spell a sorcerer can
- can cast *more spells per day* than a sorcerer *EVEN IF* the sorcerer converts *EVERY SINGLE ONE* of their sorcery points into spell slots (lol) due to arcane recharge at most levels
- has access to disgustingly good archetypes like divination and illusion, with portent from divination being objectively better than any heightened spell and the level 14 illusionist feature being arguably the best battlefield utility and control feature in the entire game
- signature spell and spell master are simply better end-game capstones than any of the last sorcerous origin features or sorcerous restoration (lol)
- wizards memorize *more spells in a single day* than sorcerers *EVEN HAVE KNOWN* at any given level
- ^ what the fuck
- access to ridiculously good spells in particular that sorcerers don't get like wall of force, foresight, maze, imprisonment - the list goes on and on.

- certain twinned concentration spells (great)
- heightened save or sucks (neat but portent does it better)
- quickened spells + cantrips for slightly better sustained damage over the course of a few rounds than wizards can usually manage

The discrepencies between sorcerer and wizard are greater in sheer mechanical weight than rangers vs, say, monks.

>> No.49312047

In the games I've played, usually the DM doesn't have us do a roll unless we're trying to do something. So if there's some mystery or someone's lying, we're not gonna know unless we actively try to figure it out.

>> No.49312078

Luckily the game is player vs. system not class vs. class, and sorcerer does well vs. the system.

Also sorcerer gets Enhance Ability and that's not on the wizard list.

>> No.49312087

I can't believe they still haven't fixed the typo on stalkers spells...

>> No.49312099

It depends.

Most of the time I don't do passive checks until I know I can afford It.

Like, the PCs believe in a liar for several session and no one calls for insight until shit is close to going down and then I say
>but something is not right. Something in his words...
Which obviously makes everyone roll. Should they succeed or not, It's still a pretty big "oh shit" moment for them and that's what counts.

>> No.49312102

Putting aside the catgirl snuff fetish, is it normal to describe a character's torturous death in detail like that?

>> No.49312130


I think Sorc would be perfect if all bloodlines got bonus spells (5 seems like a good number) and if they got some spell points back on a short rest.

They'd be totally fine then, imo.

>> No.49312135

Ah yeah that's it. Upon research his sins didn't seem quite like I imagined. I'll have to use that idea for something else some time.

>> No.49312144

Oh shit - you found 1!
Can you find another?

I don't think it's a terribly tall desire that classes be mechanically comparable.

>> No.49312150

What did you guys think of Adventures of middle earth PG? Whas away from a couple of days and did not read tg.

>> No.49312153

>if they got some spell points back on a short rest
That's their level 20 ability. It should have been a lower level ability that scales up. I'm thinking of adding it in at level 3 and making the number recovered equal to proficiency bonus.

>> No.49312174

Yeah - they're really not difficult to bring up to par.
It's incredibly easy to do so actually.

Their capstone sucks, and is far too little far too late.

>> No.49312176

This is a mixture of great things and pandering to the lowest common denominator. Berserkers and Way of the Four Elements always had more issues than the Ranger.

What I like:
>simplified favored enemy classifications
>generic natural explorer (but what about dungeons/castles?)
>primeval awareness is a vast improvement
>Fleet of Foot
>resurrecting companion
>companion traits/flaws
>support/defense focused companion
>taking extra attacks from companion/ranger

What I dislike:
>bonus attack and damage to favored enemies
>companion on its own initiative
>spending money to call a new companion
>companion acting entirely independently
>companion saves being so good
>stalker is a not very interesting underdark rogue

>> No.49312188

Don't get bent out of shape bro, I get where you're coming from but it's not like sorcerers can't fuck shit up. The wizard just conquers the galaxy while the sorcerer conquers a planet.

>> No.49312212


I know, it just comes WAY too late.

That sounds good to me honestly.


Yup. unlike the ranger who needed an entire rework and several months of unearthed arcana.

I quite like this version though. Maybe I'll play it one day.

>> No.49312236

Sorcerors just need sorcery points to refresh on short rests up front. It's literally their only weakness.

>> No.49312242

I never said sorcerers can't fuck shit up. I said wizards are too much better, and that's gay.

>> No.49312256

So they made primeval awearness usefull while divine sense is still the second most useless ability right after oath of the ancient channel divinity

>> No.49312275

I want their spell list expanded, but then again making one's own spells isn't hard to do (at least for me).

>> No.49312283

>as a rule of thumb creature must have 15 or less hit points, also challenge 1/4 or less
>lists black bear which is challenge 1/2 and has 19 hp

>> No.49312284

The ranger didn't need an entire rework, just a small buff - which is what they got except for favored enemy which is just pandering to the worst type of player.

>> No.49312290

Looks good. I'd add a few more things specifically for the warlock, but I have a huge boner for the class anyways:

>Pact of the Blade Warlocks automatically gain Thirsting Blade and Lifedrinker at the relevant levels. They do not count against your invocations known.
Bladelocks are the only quasi-martial class that does not get an extra attack automatically - even Bladesingers get it. Lifedrinker is just icing, and gives you something to sort-of compete with the free war magic that EKs and Valor Bards get.

>Warlocks start with one spell slot, gain a second at level 2, a third at level 5, a 4th at level 10, and a 5th at level 15.
Truthfully, I was just salty that, considering 2 encounters per short rest and 2 spell slots for most of my career, I'm expected to cast nothing but Hex to keep up with the rest of the party.

>> No.49312315

You can just allow full ranged smites.

>> No.49312324


Wolf totem barbarian is SO FUCKING GOOD. My group has one, and the advantage on melee attacks for your whole crew is a game changer.

>> No.49312344

>wizards are too much better
That's where I disagree, because sorcerers do some stuff via class features that wizards can't do. That gives them a reason to be played even if wizards are stronger.

I think I'll give it at level 3 and word it based on sorcerer level so multiclassed characters don't improve the feature with non-sorcerer levels. Something like:
>Sorcerous Recovery: You regain 2 expended sorcery points when you take a short rest. The number of sorcery points you regain increases to 3 at 5th level, 4 at 9th level, 5 at 13th level, 6 at 17th level, and 10 at 20th level."

>> No.49312383

I can do virtually anything as a wizard that a sorcerer can do better than the sorcerer except twin a concentration buff.

I don't think this list >>49312028 is unclear in the discrepancies.

>> No.49312400

Can you grow wings that don't go away if someone dispels them?

>> No.49312430

Yes, because wizards get true polymorph and sorcerers don't ^_^

>> No.49312443

3 levels later than the sorcerer. Sucker.

>> No.49312448

Great comeback!

>> No.49312475

Can you fuck over your own party unintentionally with a random table for the lulz?

>> No.49312499

>that guy

>> No.49312514


I both like and dislike favored enemy. They were really behind in damage (IIRC) so a damage boost doesn't seem uncalled for.

I just think that with Study and time you should be able to change your favored enemy from one type to another.

>> No.49312559

Favored enemy damage buff has been a thing for a long time, why is the damage boost for the worst kind of player?

>> No.49312576

Alright, a real one that's kinda nifty.

A sorcerer can concentrate on something like Telekinesis or Sunbeam and then quicken Lightning Bolts, Cone of Cold, etc. Takes a turn to set up, but it's useful. How do you do that on a wizard?

>> No.49312593

They should lose favored enemy entirely and get something like Studied Combat from the Pathfinder Investigator. Take an action to study an opponent, then gain bonus damage against that opponent until it's dead.

>> No.49312603

I think they call that Hunter's Mark.

>> No.49312617

Make it a class feature and not a spell and you're on the right track.

>> No.49312635

Spells are a class feature.

>> No.49312645

You know what I meant.

>> No.49312665

At-will, no resource cost?

>> No.49312673

Maybe twice per short rest, but yes.

>> No.49312676

Contingency ;)

>> No.49312737

That would be kinda silly to lightning bolt yourself, and you couldn't do that for multiple consecutive rounds.

>> No.49312747

The problem with using a spell as a class feature is that danger of balancing around the spell as always in use.

Designing the Ranger to always have Hunter's Mark on or the Warlock to always have Hex on creates discrepancies when those resources are not available. This is especially noticeable in the case of the Warlock where until level 11 they have two spell slots a short rest and Hex takes up one of those slots.

>> No.49312769

Hex gets long enough durations that you can still be concentrating on the same Hex through a short rest after level 5 iirc.

>> No.49312808

They didn't, technically.

Read it again carefully. It makes it fairly clear when it says the word NORMALLY that you can have things outside of that list. So you can do whatever you want, but expect that list to become law in adventure league play.

>> No.49312817

It requires you to maintain concentration. That is a huge downside for long term usage as it eliminates the ability to effectively use any other concentration based spells until the moment you are ready to 'waste' another slot on hex afterwards.

>> No.49312890

Nah man, you just cast globe of invulnerability, put your spell focus outside the globe, face your back to the enemy, and trigger the contingency - bam; lightning bolt and globe of invulnerability online in the same round ;)
Wizards are better bruh.

>> No.49312901

On top of having to worry about it every time you stub your toe.

>> No.49313429

Yeah, their own description is a little bonkers, but it makes more sense when you remember that multiattack is removed so it has just a basic attack and more HP as opposed to panther and wolf which have other effects and benefits, like speed, pack advantage, and save-or-prones.

>> No.49313521
File: 300 KB, 1100x618, 5641796_orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Play Beast Conclave, get something that lets you reliably knock enemies prone often (Shield Master, 2 in moon druid for dire wolf form, 3 in Battlemaster for tripping attack, etc)
>Knock your enemies prone as you attack them
>Have your panther pounce on them and get a bonus action attack that isn't multiattack still

>> No.49313595

That sounds really fun actually.

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