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How far do you think players should be allowed to go in fighting one another, before the GM has to step in stop them by force?

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until someone dies

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Until it starts ruining the fun of one or more other players in the game.

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Do you mean players or player characters?

Because the second two players fight is when they're getting thrown out.

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what >>49255645 said
if your players are cool with pvp let em have it
if your players start beating the shit out of each other you start taking bets before throwing a knife on the ground between them

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When weapons are pulled, then the GM has to call the cops.

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>these fucking gaylords
I bet you're the kinds of pussies that insult a man on the street and expect not to get beat

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>stopping fights


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And this.

If your players are cool with it, let em kill eachother. If someone asks them out-of-character to stop, it's time to be the adult and tell the offender to stop ruining the game for other players, or else risk getting kicked from the game. DM's word is law here.

If they ever start fighting for real and it gets physical, kick them both. You don't need to deal with that shit.

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