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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Friendly reminder to tell us what 3pp your game allows if you need character building help.

Has your party ever run into a major summoning of a demon?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/iYhDNSTq

Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warriors playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dX4UYdtwTQKhY71Q45IHLtcu193zq1ZO5jHQ5_PnTl8/edit

Bloodforge: Infusions playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit

Legendary Vigilantes playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hrk1hl8uXVHazaiPOCvWsFUHX3PB6fQVd13tzguJTgE/edit

Old thread: >>49230013

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I want to marry a Lunar Oracle.

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What did that melon do to deserve brutal murder via demon?

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Is that some sort of watermelon-splitting going on in that picture? Does the Abyss have red watermelons?

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Reposing from last thread

So, update from my end folks. Been grappling with terrible writer's block lately, and after long periods of time staring at blank documents and hating myself, I decided that sanity is for the weak and wrote a base class to try and break my way through it.

And now the bossman has an interest in that class, so I'm announcing the beginning of formal playtesting for the Malefex, hopefully to see an October release!


Malefexes are curse-themed skillmonkeys with a strong 'street smarts' subtheme. They're big on the idea of learning from experience, the competitive urge, and the connections you make with others through hostility or rivalry.

As always, this is a live document and subject to change without warning.

Still on the agenda is writing more malefactions at all levels, getting archetype ideas that I don't immediately hate, and testing some of the abilities that have proven currently controversial (including Skin Of My Teeth).

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We didn't run into a demon summoning, but one of our party members did release a demon from a binding. We need to get around to killing that thing eventually...

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You awaken to the sound of panic and frantic footsteps. You see the crew of the ship on which you've boarded passage, preparing for battle. Upon reaching the deck you look over the port-side bow, and see a ship approaching. A chill shoots up your spine when you see that its crew is made up entirely of....

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Ignore that reply marker :\

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It's a blood-shard.
Setting specific.

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Howdy all, that one homebrewer anon again

Still looking for Critique/criticism/comments on the Platinum Gestalt

Also, for people who want the other homebrews, before you ask for them, consult this doc

Once again, please don't be afraid to completely RIP AND TEAR and be as honestly harsh as possible in the critique.

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How does this make you feel?

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>made up entirely of...


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I have a problem with wrack being always on using the Malefactions that have no saves like Censure: Succor. Though an extra couple d4s isn't a ton of extra damage it adds up.

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>its crew is made up entirely of...



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>crew is made up entirely of....
Party will thank you for the free experience

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Pic related.

Hrm. Wrack's math is an ongoing thing for me; some folks feel it's low, others felt d4 on SA progression was too high. I'll keep an eye on it.

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The entire crew are animated cannons.

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maybe make it slower progress but use a d6. I hate rolling d4s fiddly little bastards.

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Speaking of animated objects, they're not used nearly enough.

What are other good ways to incorporate animated objects into settings?

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Yeah, because NPCs operate off the same expectations as PCs.

Hope you enjoy all those Precise Strikes.

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If my group is anything to go by, Lolis

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Maybe make it a static modifier, like getting DEX to damage or getting to treat your weapon as if you were two-handing it instead of one-handing it (since you gotta keep a hand free for your somatic components)?

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>Interdiction: Sorcery
I've wanted something like Guild Wars 1 backfire for a while. This is neat.

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>Hope you enjoy all those Precise Strikes
and I hope they enjoy the Magus's shocking grasp, a Barbarian tanking then outdamaging them with a greatsword, and the Bard doing both buffs and CC on their assess.

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Oh yeah I'm so impressed.

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>. At fifteenth level she may choose to learn Gaesa, and at twentieth level she may select a Malediction.

I think this may be either some mistyping or a typo

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What typo?

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How about this then?

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Okay genius, tell me, what advantage do Swashbucklers have over a full party of T4-3 classes? Or are you just baiting?

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Bad Penny could probably use some work. What happens if the item is broken? Is it still one item or does it become however many pieces it is not in?

What if it's destroyed by some other means (like disintegrate) and you still try to summon it? Corpses are objects, aren't they? What if I make a corpse my penny and have the corpse raised?

What if I have as my penny, say, a lump of metal that gets forged into multiple different things?

What if, say, I pick a weapon and then the party wizard uses it as the target for Emblem of Greed?

I like the idea of it but on the whole it seems like it has problems. I'm also iffy on the fact that you can make your item something valuable, then sell or trade it off, and simply recall it. I know the GM could use that as a plot hook but I don't like the idea of having to balance it that way.

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The fact that it was talking about a 15th level ability in a list before a 12th level ability, meaning either the abilities are out of order, the numbering is out of order, or something like that.

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Commenting as I read:
I think Bitter Experience making things with no save have a flat save DC of 20 makes the problem swing in the other direction: I don't know if any higher level word trigger spells exist, but the fact that they go from very strong effects for their level due to no initial save to potentially weaker effects for their level due to other spells having a higher DC now feels weird. Maybe it's okay? Maybe it's not.

Know It All could as read raise your ranks in a knowledge skill past the limit if you already had ranks invested in it.

Skin of My Teeth does feel a bit too strong. That's almost paladin level saves, considering Will is already wisdom.
Having something that boosts fortitude that much doesn't fit thematically, either. If you feel they really need the good Fort, tying the boost to something more situational like Schadenfreude activating is a step in the right direction.

The Boogeyman's trick has great flavor, I like it even though it's just a ribbon.

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I'm saying they serve a different function as an enemy as to a PC, you goit.

PCs are less likely to have immunity to precision damage, and Precise Strike is a very nice damage boost. Plus, PCs are far more concerned with survival than NPCs are.

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Name a spell that is more useful and also more situationally hilarious than Paladin's Sacrifice

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It says twentieth level, anon. Not twelfth.

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Soften Earth and Stone

So underrated.

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So, as soon as Paladin's Sacrifice is cast, you drop the protected person off the nearest cliff, and get two kills?

What if the Paladin is immune to fall damage, do their bones still shatter?

>> No.49245064

>situational hilarious

>> No.49245078

you can use Soften Earth and Stone to destroy castles, if used appropriately.

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Hey have you ever been the odd guy out?
Everyone else has some shit to do and going on their own little mini adventure in the "magical floating city located between planes" and you're just sitting quietly for over an hour?

Okay so we're in this place bit of a political discourse going on between two factions. "The Keepers" and "The Arch Mages" We came there to warn them about one of their ancient creations coming back to this place to destroy them.

The Keepers are vampires but they're good vampires apparently..

One character is the mind controlled slut of one of their other creations and is trying to "smash her urn of creation to unleash her full power"

So, when we were sleeping one night one party member decided to go about it himself and throw himself to the Keepers saying he needed power to keep this magic floating city safe.
Not only that but he had a plot hook with seeing a spirit of his ancestor to tell him about the status of his father and fiance.

One party member is now stabbing us in the back by telling the rival faction everything... Because player above became a vampire.

Finally we have the oracle. Who is actually a good character who is empowered by a douche bag fey who surprise surprise is imprisoned underneath this floating city. Now the oracle must figure out a way to trick the party into freeing him without actually mentioning it to them. (Oracle stuff)

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>Embargo: Alacrity
Jesus christ, this kills a few classes if they fail the save. Harbingers and warlords stop being able to recover things ever, all initiators can't counter or boost, some firearm users can't reload, and a bunch of other things. Shuts down other Malefexes, too.
Essentially a save or suck for them.

Maybe make it so something under this effect can use up their move action to do anything they could with a swift? Still crippling, but not completely shut down.

>Cleansing flame
Does this make an immune enemy both resistant and vulnerable to the same element? Mechanically it works, but is it intended?

Worries me a bit because I've made characters with dump stats of 6 or below before, this also becomes a save or lose for things like that, especially when it lasts the whole battle, and I don't think it can even be healed by things that heal ability damage.
It would feel a bit better if it couldn't penalize a score to below 1, if its save or lose potential isn't intended.

>Oath of Exile
Pick positive energy plane, Save-or-die about everything. I guess this one is more intended.

>Wrack and Ruin
Strange that they get this feat but no malediction that bypasses bleed immunity.

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I'm making a Juju oracle, dm and I are tweaking the Craft Juju Fetish a bit.
Craft Juju Fetish (Ex): You can craft juju fetishes as if you possessed theCraft Wondrous Itemfeat. All juju fetishes you create are treated as being CL +1. If you possess this revelation andCraft Wondrous Item, all juju fetishes you create are treated as being CL +2.
Changes to:
You gain Craft Wondrous Item feat, and craft juju fetishes at +2 CL.

The issue we're mulling over is what a Juju fetish is. There were only 5 examples ever given (http://archivesofnethys.com/MagicJujuFetishes.aspx) and Ganji Dolls were reprinted in occult adventures as same stats and costs but permanent.
Thinking about making juju fetishes all have fragile quality and a non-permanent existence for x% discount on creation cost? Maybe only fragile quality? Not really sure.
Any advice/thoughts?

>> No.49245361

fragile but permanent seems good.

>> No.49245465


The idea that every single Malefaction is resisted by a will save does make sense thematically, but leads to kind of polarising rock-paper-scissors situations.
Enemies with very high will saves just laugh at the malefex and ignore it, and enemies with weak will saves are just fucked repeatedly more than having a weak will save already fucks you.

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>mind controlled slut

>> No.49245484

The name is awful, they still should not have the Arcanist's progression or spell list, and they should have something else to the class, because honestly, it is a couple levels of dipping.
It also needs a sidebar on how it's progression deals with multiclassing.

>> No.49245502

You have a weird situation that demands story time.

>> No.49245503

Playtest update

>Talented Tactician's analysis has been updated
>New TT talent, Canny Defense
>New TT talent, Int to damage with weapons as long as they're holding their spellbook (kinda feel this is a little weak, would full out precise strike be too good here?)
>Over Analysis made into a feat
>Improved Familiar made into a general vigilante talent (they keep speak with animals of its own kind, making it boss for archetypes)

Still have questions about if the symbiotic slayer effectively having 50% extra hit points is balanced out by them having a vulnerability to an element, but I think the talented tactician really came into its own in these last few round of changes.

>> No.49245546

>Canny defence could have been a general talent that used Cha instead of Int, but could be swapped via Genius/Wise Vigilante
>It can't be a general talent anymore because Noble Soul and Dread exist

So close to The Dream.

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Where do you lot go for urban environment maps?

>> No.49245554

Post a youtube video that describes your character

>> No.49245604

What a turboslutmage.

>> No.49245681

>A chill shoots up your spine when you see that its crew is made up entirely of....

/pfg/ players who are all playing kitsune trap boys.

>> No.49245687

A sad day, indeed.

I'm hoping that the spellcasting for the TT is more clear now, it's basically an arcanist with the magus list, which is one of my fave things about it.

Why you gotta be like this?

>> No.49245696

Something else will shoot up a different body part if I saw that crew

>> No.49245705

>9th level casting
>6th level maneuvers
>Scribe Maneuver

Into the trash it goes.

>> No.49245749

TO be fair man, that's a pretty damn turboslut outfit.

>> No.49245772

ITT people can't detect satire

...It's satire, right?

>> No.49245780

You find a Belt of Giant Strength +4 and put it on, and then you get genderswapped.
What does your character do?

>> No.49245803

Abandon whatever I was doing and instantly become a turboslut.

That's what people do in these sort of bland, blatantly fetishistic scenarios, right?

>> No.49245815


But she's a slut for one man!

>> No.49245838

For the Plague Scion, is there any chance they could get an ability that lets them "infect" an object causing the next person(s) to come into contact with it to save or be infected with their sickness?

That seems like something that they should be capable of (handing someone a blanket corrupted by their disease or diseases a pot of food before someone eats it), but right now their methods of infecting people tend to be more "brute force" than subtle.

>> No.49245841

You must be a riot at your sessions

>> No.49245853

There's no reason not to become a turboslut if you can be one, so yes.

>> No.49245857


>> No.49245860


But I've already got a +4 Belt.

I guess my character becomes Brunhilda, the mightiest Ulfen south of the Ironbound Islands!

>> No.49245868


Genderswap is worth maybe a chuckle or three before figuring out how to fix it.

That curse is a detour, not a plot development, it's the filler of an anime season.

>> No.49245885

>Genderswap is worth maybe a chuckle or three before figuring out how to fix it

I wish my group thought like you.

>> No.49245976

What does 1pp and 3pp stand for?

What page in the rulebook tells me what all the parts of the character sheet do and how to fill them in?

>> No.49246000

You can swap genders with alter self, not like this is something super unique to items. By 5th level, you can extend alter self to 10 minutes with metamagic without any kind of other CL boosters, and it just be me, but I can do anything I'd do as another gender in 10 minutes.

>> No.49246015

>"Hey, I didn't do it this time!"
>"Well who else does this kind of thing, Wizard? Who else does this?"

>> No.49246039

>I can do anything I'd do as another gender in 10 minutes.

>> No.49246045


>> No.49246070


Am I the only one that's come to despise the idea that Wizards are insane sociopaths?

>> No.49246225

most bad guys are insane sociopaths, wizards just get the spotlight because of their capabilities

>> No.49246227

Roland gunslinger here:

Trench Fighter 3 Is allowed. Also I have 1.5 WBL to use.

My current plan was to dual-wield revolvers. Apart from spending 4+ feats or some class levels it doesn't' look like I will be able to have fully continuous fire, but I think I am ok with spending 1 turn ever 3 reloading my guns. I was thinking of making the 12 shots I have really count.

My current feats:
1: Rapid Reload, point-blank shot, Precise shot
2: Two weapon fighting
3: Weapon focus
4: Weapon specialization
5: Quick draw
6: improved two weapon fighting
7: ?
8: Greater weapon focus
9: ?
10: ?
11: Greater Two Weapon Fighting
12: Greater weapon specialization
13: Improved Precise shot

What do you think?

>> No.49246241

1st party publisher (Paizo)
3rd party publisher (Everyone else)

>> No.49246362

>mfw there are people right now IN THIS THREAD who have played with the kind of people who would get legit upset with a gender or bodyswap scenario
>not reasonably uncomfortable, but a full on fit of rage that someone would dare do such a thing
>mfw they also tend to refuse to acknowledge that it costs barely anything to undo, and is a mild inconvenience at best

>> No.49246413

I'm playing a paranoid paladin and just found out that a party member is evil. I found this out out of character. My character was planning on smacking someone with smite evil to discern their alignment. I don't normally have detect evil cause of the archetype and I was wondering if A) The ring of mind shielding would protect against that ( My guess is no) and B) Does this seem unfair. I was playing the paladin before he made the evil character and my character would not allow any "Taint" in his flock of sheep.

>> No.49246419

Probably have a blast playing out reactions to it and low-level dysphoria until the curse gets removed.

>> No.49246443


Ditch gtwf in favor of rapid shot

+1 attack at highest bonus and -2 to every attack is better than one more attack at -10

>> No.49246490

To be fair, genderswapping is both an incredible IC shop that rails incessantly against your sense of identity (a linchpin to your sanity) and OOC treads incredibly close to forcing changes to a core pc concept that is asinine at best. It mightily infringes on player agency in a way that is fundamentally disturbing, not to characters, but to players.
Stop it, you dolt. If you had no reason to suspect before, and you traded away detect evil like a dunce AND never put it on your spell list, then you are obligated to continue as you have prior.
You clearly didn't suspect the character, or you wouldn't have to be justifying your blatantly metagaming bullshit to yourself and others.

>> No.49246514

>To be fair, genderswapping is both an incredible IC shop that rails incessantly against your sense of identity (a linchpin to your sanity) and OOC treads incredibly close to forcing changes to a core pc concept that is asinine at best. It mightily infringes on player agency in a way that is fundamentally disturbing, not to characters, but to players.

Yeah, that's a fair point. I feel like genderswapping, overall, is a thing that's gonna be group-dependent. Some groups and players will be all for it, some will be hurt because it fucks with their fun in a very vulnerable way.

It's like targeting someone's items. It's not the norm, it's not expected, and it hurts more than targeting a character.

>> No.49246535

My character checks everyone by smiting on them and beating them to check if he gets a bonus or not. (He doesn't know that yet because I have done it in private so far)

>> No.49246553

>My character checks everyone by smiting on them and beating them to check if he gets a bonus or not. (He doesn't know that yet because I have done it in private so far)
Kill yourself.

>> No.49246600

Yeah she's basically charmed to do her bidding.
She mentally communicates to her. She's one of the 101 Kauravas.... I'll explain what that is in the reply below.

Well a long time ago this place that I mentioned was part of Golarion and they created beings known as the Kauravas (there are 101 in total.)

They were created in urns and breaking the urn unleashes the true strength of the Kaurava born from it originally. (Originally they were at their true strengths but the original arch mages enchanted their urns for the sake of irony I guess?)

After which they teleported their city to some place between planes of existence.

>> No.49246624

You stole my words, wizard.

I demand you cease this at once.

That said...
What the fuck is wrong with you? Is this bait? Please be bait...

>> No.49246629

How do you use a very limited resource like Smite marks to check "everyone"?
You don't, you haven't, you are fishing for a reason to do this.
No, you chump, stop it. You are doing dumb shit and you plan to do dumber shit, and when the table calls you out, you will inevitably bleat "it's what my pc would do!" as tho it is a defense.

First and last point: You HAVEN'T DONE THIS TO THE PC IN QUESTION ALREADY. Which means you had no reason to suspect him before, and no reason to suspect him now or later on.

>> No.49246762

>my character would not allow any "Taint" in his flock of sheep.
You are not the main character of the game. The other PC's aren't one of your followers, they're your teammates. You should probably start acting like a team member and stop metagaming to pick fights.

>> No.49246763

He's being introduced next session.

>> No.49246778

No excuses.

You're everything that everyone hates in a player, if you're legitimately going to be like that.

Don't be That Guy.

>> No.49246787

>use one of the precious smites on random pc
>smite in no way tells you what you are dealing with, it is expressly shown that you can declare smite on anything
>cheerfully willing to metagame
Kill yurself, my man.
Also, >>49246778.

>> No.49246829

Wasn't the paladin in Order of the Stick able to tell someone wasn't evil because their smite didn't 'work' against them?

>> No.49246858

That is order of the stick, a parody webcomic.
It means nothing in this situation.

>> No.49247222

Biggest problem:
You finally get to the bridge and one of them's an Arma.

One of the cannons is actually *hot*

>> No.49247349

Where are Arma from? I noticed an fcb for them in gonzo, but I have no clue where to find them.

>> No.49247384

I can never remember which book it is but here

>> No.49247411

What would a cannon arma look like?

I'm imagining a BBW black trap for some reason.

>> No.49247461

You meta gaming little fuckshit.

>> No.49247481

Don't worry, they're just fishing.

>> No.49247590

The idea is that wizards are so incredibly unbalanced that only an extreme sociopathic munchkin would derive any fun from playing one.

>> No.49247610

Update: Dumbass didn't pick up ring of mind shielding. I decided to show mercy and tolerate him cause greater good. Second I turn my back he tries to blind-ness deafness me. He is dead now. Apparently he has some vandetta against me cause my character was better recieved then his dickass rogue that stole from everyone last session (After we realized he stole 30k from us we decided to tell him we won't travel with him anymore, the gm and him agreed and he made a new pc.)

>> No.49247679

>Humanoid form is just mimicking another race

What a fucking waste.

>> No.49247705

Update: I don't believe you for a second.

You're lying to try to pretend you weren't being an absolute shit.

>> No.49247718

The entire thing is obviously bait.

>> No.49247735

>20 minutes between posts
Which either means you're lying(Probable) or you're so much of a That Guy you are on the fucking PC during game, and probably lying anyway.

Load gun, gun to head, pull trigger plz.

>> No.49247755

Roll20 games are a thing.

>> No.49247927

Luckily at higher levels you can leave that behind with the intelligent weapon abilities (flight, TK, etc) and run around as a weapon all day. Well.Float.

But yah it is kinda sad when it could've been a little more varied. A beany humanoid makes sense for a spear and the like though.

>> No.49247995

I can at least defend other people using their PC during game... Roll20 aside even some RL groups have like 6 laptops around a table because character sheets and everything on PDF (like I've got 4 tabs in foxit open for my PoW character, and the GM has far far more).

When people start taking ten minutes a turn trying to figure out what to do with said turn DESPITE THIS, it's kinda natural you avoid frustration by keeping a bit busy elsewhere. Many of us do it.

Those in roll20 games do it even more, because fuckit, it'll be half an hour before this combat round even gets back around to the enemies that MAY require you to pay attention because the bard can't understand his fucking class.

>> No.49248045

>> No.49248068

>shield that argues with its wielder

I want it.

>> No.49248103

What's the problem? Spell spam could be done before by other means.

>> No.49248129

Probably the cheap infinite spells.

>> No.49248142

Question: If you were a level 20 mythic wizard, and discovered that you're going to have a daughter, and had a Artificer offer you to make a artifact for your daughter, destroyable by only you.

It can have up to one million gp worth of enchantments on it- What do you add to your daughters dress?

>> No.49248191


>> No.49248203


>> No.49248222

>Roll20 games are a thing.

Speaking of Roll20 campaigns, anyone have some fun stories (nightmare or not) about games they found there?

>> No.49248252

I did have a game in which one of the guys was clearly abusing his wife during.

None of us knew how to handle it.

>> No.49248268

Call the cops?
Tell him he's an asshole?

>> No.49248284

Two seperate people have had sex/foreplay during my roll20 games. Was creepy. I do have alot of good stories cause I play almost exclusively roll20 now. I'll type them up in a bit.

>> No.49248323


>> No.49248464

post about the lewd first, you tease

>> No.49248481

I feel like that might not end as simply as you're suggesting.

I hadn't intended to imply or require a hand free. Again, they're /very/ simple gestures.


Not seeing a typo?

I'm fairly certain most of this falls under the penny being destroyed but I'll get some wording in tomorrow to clarify. The selling thing is just gonna have to happen; restricting it would get rid of the utility aspects of the ability entirely, which is not something I want.

I'll keep an eye on Bitter Experience.

Know-It-All will get reminder text that you can't punch past the normal skill rank limits.

I've gotten a lot of conflicting feedback on Skin Of My Teeth. Some folks say it's too strong, others say restricting it to just Reflex or otherwise putting conditions on Fort is useless. On my end, I've seen a lot of cases where getting lucky could affect a Fortitude save in film, comics, stories, my favorite being a giant snake piercing all the way through a guy's arm and squirting its venom uselessly into the air.

Mostly marking these so I can come back and read them later; I'm at a friend's house to enjoy some gaming time.

Mm. You have a point, I'm just not sure what I wanna do about it.

So! I'm at a friend's house to get some gaming time in. However, got some feedback from a source that would rather not post here directly, so I'ma leave this pastebin as part of the discussion here

Feedback: http://pastebin.com/m8fXEEgp

>> No.49248492

That's interesting. This shield is best for casters with limited spell selection like Bards or Sorcerers. It gets less and less useful for classes that know lots of spells - it would be completely useless on a Schrodinger wizard who knew every spell the game, since the chances of any particular spell appearing on the shield go down the more spells you know.

>> No.49248504

First one was a dude who would regularly give his very loud wife erotic massages mid game. He often forgot to mute his mic. We switched to teamspeak so he would push to talk. There was once when he left mid session for 45 mins.

The other dude just fucked on skype. Once. He hasn't shown up since.

>> No.49248544

I understand the second guy not showing up since but telling that other guy you heard his wife multiple times must've been a hoot!

>> No.49248657

Have you ever made a character that was a genuine monster hunter? Not just some adventuring schmuck that plundered tombs or went on whacky quests, but someone who legitimately hunted down beasts for contracts or their parts for the market?

>> No.49248704

>On my end, I've seen a lot of cases where getting lucky could affect a Fortitude save in film, comics, stories, my favorite being a giant snake piercing all the way through a guy's arm and squirting its venom uselessly into the air.

That's getting lucky though, not an always-on fortitude save booster.
The feel of being someone who occasionally survives things they shouldn't, and someone with a permanent extra boost of toughness is pretty different.

>> No.49248720

he and the gm were good friends and he thought it was funny. Everyone else, including the gm, thought it was awkward

>> No.49248743

My current character is a Promethian Alchemist. She hunts down and kills rare monsters in order to use their bodies to craft unique flesh-golems which she then sells to important clients.

>> No.49248753

If it helps, the bonus was originally a luck bonus before someone reminded me about Fortune's Favored.

>> No.49248756

>Know-It-All will get reminder text that you can't punch past the normal skill rank limits.

I'd recommend giving it the new clause Paizo used in places like Weapon Master's Handbook, where you can immediately retrain any existing ranks you had in the chosen skills to other skills.
Otherwise you end up with lategame bard Versatile Performance issues.

>> No.49248783

It does say that you have to choose two Knowledges you have no ranks in, anon.

>> No.49248853

(Sorry, it didn't really help. It's still an always-on boost to toughness)

>*Glued Boots:* If your movement speeds are halved you can't take 5-foot steps anyway.
That's not true.
Difficult terrain halves your movement speed and you can't 5 foot step in difficult terrain, but having halved movement speed does not automatically stop you taking 5 foot steps.

>> No.49248883

But it's what people are going to build for, since otherwise they 'waste' ranks in a knowledge skill by taking Know It All for them.

I don't see why it's a quality of life boost even paizo has started to offer and it somehow doesn't fit here.

>> No.49248915

I want to call upon the Cosmos to aid me in battle. What's the best way I can do this?

>> No.49248927

I just wanted to make sure that was understood since it seemed like you might not have realized this.

>> No.49248952


Heavens Oracle.

>> No.49249051

what would be the best class for a monster hunter for hire?

>> No.49249098

fighter, barbarian, inquis, slayer, ranger, anything with full bab.

>> No.49249114

Looks like they misremembered it as "any hampered movement."

>> No.49249158

>none of these people have any knowledge of monsters

>> No.49249188

then play a fucking wizard

>> No.49249211

>monster hunter

>> No.49249216

>Knowledge Dungeoneering
>Knowledge Local, to deal with local threats.
>Can trait arcana

>> No.49249229

You can still hunt monsters with spells.

>> No.49249234

abjurations (dungeoneering) arent exactly the most common monster, local isn't monsters and arcana isn't most monsters, you want nature planes and arcana

>> No.49249243

I cast magic missile

>> No.49249245


Knowledge (Dungeoneering) and get a trait to make Knowledge (Nature) a class skill.

Hey look the Slayer is a monster hunter now, and a damn good one too!

>> No.49249247

a wizard requires a party
a monster hunter for hire implies you are somewhat competent alone

>> No.49249253

>Not being the one providing vital information and magic items to your Full BAB meat shields while you sit safely away from the danger of the monsters you hunt.

>> No.49249256

Demons aren't common either.
>Local Isn't monsters
Local threats and legends nigga.

Besides, nature is even easier to trait into and Barbarians get nature.

>> No.49249272

>implying any monster hunter merc is always with a party
wizard mercenaries barely make sense already let alone in this way

>> No.49249274

>Needing a party past like level 5

>> No.49249289

wizards get powerful at 6 and even then arent even close to capable of surviving alone against actual threats
I'd like to see your level 6 wizard fight a cyclopse or any other giant for that matter

dont fall for the wizards are op meme that hard anon

>> No.49249329

You don't even have to be with the merc, just provide info and stay in the base safely crafting magic items to make sure the merc stays alive long enough to pay you for your information.

>> No.49249331

>Points into Dungeoneering
>Trait into Nature
>Keep a tome around to study planar threats

Blammo, instant monster hunter, a dude or woman that's competent at handling local/fantastical threats while able to understand just what a devil is.

Remember, Demon Hunters and Monster Hunters are often different things.

>> No.49249370

thats true
i didn't even consider that
I was going for a general monster hunter idea, remember a lot of the time going into the job you might only have a loose idea of what you're going to fight

>> No.49249489


Wyrm Hatred (Ex)

Beginning at 1st level, a dragon hunter must select dragons as his favored enemy, granting him a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures of the dragon type. He also gains +2 bonuses on weapon attack and damage rolls against them.

These bonuses increase by +2 at 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th level).

is this a typo? it doesn't say that you can't select other favoured enemies at later levels but you automatically gain the bonus damage and to hit against dragons

>> No.49249500

That's not true at all.
You have an extremely high idea of what it is you're going to fight unless of course you've never heard of your new target before.

What you can't be sure of are variables like "but what if another monster shows up", and even then you're usually warned there might be more bosses in the area before you leave.

But 99% of the time, when you head out to get yourself some silver 'los rubies, you're going to get... a whole lot of scales and plates and bones and GODDAMNIT GREED SENSOR

>> No.49249533

>some guy has had his farm fucked with by some monster
>is able to save enough money to hire you
>has never seen the thing
how do you know what you're fighting again?

>> No.49249570

>how do you know what you're fighting again?

You investigate the damage caused on the farm and come to a conclusion based on the gathered data?

I mean, there's going to be tracks, claw marks, possibly scorches and other telltale signs of something.

>> No.49249595

and you're simultaniously strong enough to solo fight monsters on a regular basis and also smart enough to recognize EXACTLY what monster did those things from claw marks and tracks?
and thats ignoring the fact that you could encounter the thing while you're investigating

>> No.49249597

Read the boxes under that one. It strips your other favoured enemies. Dumb formatting is all.

>> No.49249642

>You have an extremely high idea of what it is you're going to fight
half the missions have question marks in their description. "unstable environment" or whatever.

>> No.49249655

>and you're simultaniously strong enough to solo fight monsters on a regular basis and also smart enough to recognize EXACTLY what monster did those things from claw marks and tracks?

Lycanthropes are some of the nastiest "common" monsters you'll be fighting and they're only CR 2, a professional monster hunter could easily solo one or two.

Furthermore, you're acting like it's somehow impossible to get a good idea of what you're up against through claw marks, tracks and other bits of data. Modern hunters do it all the time, it ain't hard to figure out if a bear or big cat or wolf got to a carcass, to say nothing of what you might find from a monster hitting a settlement.

>and thats ignoring the fact that you could encounter the thing while you're investigating

That just makes the monster hunter's job easier, he doesn't have to track the thing down now.

>> No.49249714

>it ain't hard to figure out if a bear or big cat or wolf got to a carcass
except in pathfinder there are 10x as many possibilities than in the real world and lots of them have incredibly similar bite/claw marks
how are you going to tell the difference in bite/claw marks of a manticore from a lion if the manticore didnt leave any spikes behind?
how are you telling the difference between the bite/claw marks of a dragon vs a dinosaur if the dragon didnt use its breath weapon

and if you encounter the beast while investigating you don't have time to prepare for what you're encountering is my poinT

>> No.49249803


Manticores are smart, right? Same with dragons, if there's an obvious rhyme to their reason in the pattern of events you're figuring out at the scene than you can rule out the dumber creatures. Furthermore, it would strike me as odd to find a manticore that never used their spikes or a dragon that never used their breath attack, but they do have something dinosaurs and lions don't, wings. You know how loud large, leathery wings can be? Anyone hiding would hear them take off or land.

>> No.49249833

>dragon wasting his breath weapon on sheep when he can just bite them and leave
there are also very similar dinosaurs and wingless drakes and all types of lizards
the point is even in real life all you're getting out of tracks is "this is a cat" not "this is a lion"
in pathfinder there are countless possibilities

>> No.49249836

How cool is your kitsune?

>> No.49249864


>> No.49249874

in monhun, the guild tells you what the mission is.
and they have dedicated scouts, like the Elder Dragon Observation Team

and instances where a new thing just shows up with no warning, very often will not go named until after the mission, or in the case of the gore magala, several missions because the guild had absolutely no record of such a thing til you faced one.

>> No.49249908

>the point is even in real life all you're getting out of tracks is "this is a cat" not "this is a lion"

You're going to find a lot more than just tracks, anon, you're going to find shit like scales or little bits of fur or things to estimate size and weight.

More importantly, you can always use that handy-dandy Knowledge (Local) to find out if the locals have been trouble with monsters, and what sorts typically live in the area.

If you find a burning village and find out in another that a Red Dragon moved in, you can probably rule out an ornery Gold Dragon or a demon.

>> No.49249915

Would a Jian be a rapier, longsword, or duelling sword?

>> No.49249916

Oh, I like that one.

>> No.49249935


>> No.49249957

>these clues will always be there
what world do you live in
murders go unsolved all the time and we have fingerprinting, dna, etc
just looking around wont always tell you what was there and sometimes it might be as simple as "everyone who went into the forest went missing"

>> No.49249969

>Would a Jian be a rapier, longsword, or duelling sword?

It's basically a longsword, anon.

Treat it like a longsword.

>> No.49249991


But it is used with weapon finesse. You can't finesse a longsword, anongsk.

>> No.49249992

Would anyone happen to have the playtest for the Grimoire of Lost Souls?

>> No.49250000

>just looking around wont always tell you what was there and sometimes it might be as simple as "everyone who went into the forest went missing"

You're not working on tabletop logic, which states that a DM will always place just enough breadcrumbs to get you on the trail, as long as you're persistent enough.

If the professional monster hunter starts investigating that forest he'll learn pretty quickly if he's dealing with Fae or monsters.

>> No.49250017

>But it is used with weapon finesse. You can't finesse a longsword, anongsk.

How about the critical range? If it's 19-20/x2 than it's just a longsword you can finesse.

>> No.49250036

Literally a longsword you can finesse, why is that difficult?

>> No.49250049

I figure that it's kinda got to be that way.
Wizards have to have some reason for not improving/conquering the area around them, and generally a bit of disconnect from reality with a few strange hobbies does the job.

Otherwise you have intelligent wizards crashing economies, removing scarcity of resources, and enslaving outer planes for the greater good of -insert wizards race or political faction here-.

>> No.49250066

But that's just the thing. A longsword you can finesse is an exotic weapon, duelling sword, which makes it an incredibly terrible weapon that should not be used under any circumstances.

How do we reconcile this?

>> No.49250103

I dunno, how do we reconcile a crossbow that reloads itself so a peasant can use it easily being exotic?

The Jian gets placed in the fucking martial table instead of exotic, and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

>> No.49250141

His adopted younger sister thinks he's the best older sister someone could ask for.

He's not particularly happy with this arrangement.

>> No.49250161


>Older sister

You know what this means, anon.

Slut it up.

>> No.49250175

If you really can't justify refluffing a fucking longsword or rapier, I don't know how to help you.

It's a style of sword, it doesn't do something particularly special unto itself except in wuxia movies.

>> No.49250179

I want some help reverse engineering a sheet cause someone at my table is playing a character I don't think is legal and refuses to share the sheet. (The gm looked over it but this si his first game and knows nothing, when he said he'd send it to me the other player through a hissy fit)

He's a 12th level druid and his animal companion is an evil stirge with 11 inteligance. I Am at a loss for how he got it that high.

He's actually playing as the stirge who controls the body and he's doing it so poorly and noone at the table can stand it cause it seems so awkward.

>> No.49250208

If he refuses to share the sheet, fucking talk to him and explain that cheating makes the game less fun for everyone else

>> No.49250222

I can't do that, his sister thinks she's a pure, perfect maiden!

tl;dr on it is he was wounded and took the form of a small child as he stumbled into a village, hoping for sympathy points. He was stuck there while he recovered, then stuck there for unrelated reasons, and eventually just kinda started liking living there because it was relatively peaceful.

Still adventures on the side, though. Most recent job has the younger sister tagging along as another PC, thanks to an ill-made promise. He is NOT happy about this at all.

>> No.49250414

whats a good ioun stone wayfinder combo for a wizard that can craft them budjet of 3160 gold

>> No.49250433

wtf was i thinking

>> No.49250479

Hey /pfg/. I noticed some vagueness and contradiction.

PRD states "All outsiders are at least partially composed of the essence of their home planes" and "Most outsiders are beings native to a plane other than the Material Plane, or mortal descendants of such creatures."

AP84 states "Some [petitioners] might become higher forms of outsiders--so dubbed because they are "outside" the progression of soul to petitioner and back again" and "These beings [outsiders] are sentient embodiments of their realms' alignment, ethics, ideals, and objectives."

AP108 states "Outsiders do not reproduce sexually, and have existences that transcend the understanding of mortals."

There are numerous outsider monsters that contradict this. Genies, gloomwings, xills, and vargouilles all reproduce sexually and were never petitioners.

The outsider types seems to be indiscriminately applied to several completely different things: anthropomorphic personifications of alignment made from petitioners (celestials, fiends), anything else from the other planes that was never a petitioner (genies, mortals, immigrants), anything descended from either of the above (planetouched, emigrants), and undefined nature spirits (kami, manitou). This is particularly redundant because we already have the extraplanar subtype; although it should really be a condition given how the rest of the rules work.

Why are the rules so garbled and inconsistent? Why is such important information explaining what the rules actually mean located outside the PRD?

>> No.49250548

Why does it matter?

>> No.49250580

Don't forget this.


An undead that's actually an outsider.

>> No.49250581

First of all, I can't find anything that allows a stirge to be used as an animal companion in the first place.

Assuming he took the Monstrous Companion feat, he either didn't read or deliberately ignored the rather specific list of magical beasts that can be chosen to replace the original companion.

As for the intelligence score, he's either lying outright or doesn't understand how the companion feature works in the first place.

Basically, unless he's playing a druid archetype that boosts the companion's stats and also allows for a stirge companion, there's some fuckery going on with his character.

>> No.49250595

Call it a combination of the two.

Souls from the Material migrate to the outer planes upon the mortals death, slowly becoming infused with that planes energies and eventually going native and becoming an Outsider. Sometimes that just requires that the parent race gets it on while there is an available soul coming from the material plane.

>> No.49250652

I figured it out after getting the gm to give me his sheet just now. He's a blight druid with improved familiar. Which explains the int. Both me and the gm are on the same page that it can't talk and needs a serious rewrite cause nothing is giving it speach. That player left in a huff.

>> No.49250805

That's stupid. The entire cosmology is poorly thought out and contradictory. For no apparent reason, anything from other planes are outsiders, anything from fairyland are fey, and anything from space/underground/??? are aberrations. It's a theme park centered on Golarion that can't do any other setting especially Planescape which it liberally rips off but is the exact opposite of in every way.

You know how the dragon type includes both "true" dragons and "dragon-kin" under one umbrella? Outsider is like that.

True outsiders are anthropomorphic personifications of alignment, immortal and sexless. Outsider-kin are mortal and reproduce.

Blame Paizo trying to be backwards compatible with a stupid broken ruleset they refuse to critically examine.

>> No.49250964

Stick it in her pooper.

>> No.49251298

Can somebody post the PDF od Strange Aeons 1?

>> No.49251490

Yeah. As per the Speak With Master ability that Familiars get at level 5, the stirge could talk to his character and his character could talk to the stirge, but nobody else would be able to understand them.

>> No.49251541

>Time available (Incl. Timezone)
Sunday evenings PST
>Voice or Text
Text Only
>Method of playing (Roll20, IRC, Skype)
>Contact info
roll20: Dangly Deever
email: [email protected]
Steam: Dangly Deever (preferred)
Discord: Dangles#3796
>Additional information
Brand new campaign. We're looking for 3 more players (total of 4 players + 1 GM). Basic Pathfinder game, level 1 start (maybe negotiable?), 20 point buy, Paizo only, core races only.

Is anyone interested?

>> No.49251561


Anal isn't a good way to solve anything, especially when fucking someone with a perfectly good pussy.

>> No.49251566

Is this going to include any erping? Because if it does, I might be very interested.

>> No.49251575


>> No.49251576


>Paizo only
>20 PB
>Level 1

You're gonna have to sell us on the campaign.

>> No.49251583

>Anal isn't a good way to solve anything

It's an easy way to solve the problem of getting her pregnant if you fuck her pussy.

>> No.49251607

Rather than mock or the usual you could expect I'll actually ask an honest and reasonable question/request for those interested:

>Paizo Only
What about if they're interested in being a Kineticist, and the only hope they have of not being either shit or taking an archetype to become worse than shit (lol overwhelming soul) is 3pp?

>> No.49251625

Well I was rather thinking that if she's too young to get pregnant you might as well go anal.

>> No.49251632


Between pulling out and contraceptives, it ain't hard to bang the natural way and not get the woman pregnant.

Anal should always be a rare kinky treat, not the go-to method of sex (unless she's a butt-slut.)

>> No.49251639

I kind of just want to stick to the core stuff. Last time I was looking for players, I got swamped with furries and people who wanted to use characters from weird 3rd party supps.

>> No.49251668


Tell us about the furries!

>> No.49251702

I didn't mean races, just purely some archetypes. Let's face it, some classes need a fuckton of help.

I don't actually disagree with your worries in regards to races, and sometimes the "classic set" can make for a more comprehensive world.

>> No.49251779


And to think, you almost had me.

>> No.49251814

MapTool has come a long way.


>> No.49252115

No, it really hasn't.

>> No.49252219


What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.49252417

i want to do a mario gimmick with a friend

what class/build would be the best to do so? i'm thinking monk since all of those acrobatics bonuses

>> No.49252769

Has Paizo said if they're making Starfinder APs?

>> No.49252924

Monk ordinarily isn't best for anything, but I can actually see it for this. What did you want to do specifically? Just jump on heads, or more of a Smash Bros Mario type deal?

>> No.49253004

Update: "Path of War Expanded: Subscription - PDF / Pathfinder" in the Open Gaming Store is still the outdated fucker with none of the fixes.

>> No.49253033

I am pretty sure they said they would. But on a separate release schedule than the Pathfinder APs.

>> No.49253060

Hey /pfg/ is there any way to add the evil descriptor to a spell, or the change it to evil? Anything 3pp is allowed.

>> No.49253272

Why wouldn't theygiven good sales? That'd be more money for them.

>> No.49253402

Probably Bladecaster 10, make a Black Seraph maneuver ride on the spell through Arcane Assault?

>> No.49253576

What is the best build for having two of?
That is to say, 2 characters that are mechanically identical.
What about 3?
Something where having multiple causes a meaningful synergy and not merely going with the line of reasoning that x class is good, 2 x class is twice as good.

>> No.49253605

mostly jumping on people/maybe bros attacks if we can figure out how to work that in with teamwork feats


>> No.49253615

Identical build? Because if the build is identical, down to what spells they have, I'm not sure. Maybe 2 Fighters with an enforcer build?

>> No.49253897

why did you guys fuck up the trove?

>> No.49253999

I sent you a request over discord, although I'd really like to hopefully use a 3p archetype from the legendary vigilantes playtest going on now.

>> No.49254166

People talked about genderswap shit here hours ago
Man to woman is lot easier to swallow than woman to man
Man it would be awkward if the female character was also girls character

>> No.49254388

You forgot one.


>> No.49255007


How does one stat the Strong Man?

The Hercules? The Samson? The man who slays the dragon not with the magic sword, or the spell, but with a Marble pillar that they use as a cudgel?

In short, A martial (or something you can disguise as a martial) that focuses primarily on overt feats of strength, and improvised weaponry.

(Paizo material has priority over 3rd party. But if its impossible please list your sources. Possibly with links to the SRD if available. doesnt have to be optimal at all, just has to fit the theme)

>> No.49255016

Concept does not work in 1pp pathfinder. At best you will have what is functionally an NPC warrior with big stick.

>> No.49255027

Does someone have the Horror Adventures album link? I forgot to save it from the older threads.

>> No.49255044


Well the only thing that comes to mind is hulking hurler. but that was from ye olden times. So if it is supposedly impossible, what DOES work?

>> No.49255053

Anyone have a picture or link to Oracle's Shadow Mystery (from Blood of Shadow)?

It isn't on d20pfsrd for some reason.

>> No.49255065

Incompatible with Paizo. The closest you could conceivably get is that one improvised weapon monk archetype, but you will be absurdly underpowered and almost completely nonfunctional in addition to being weaker than a regular fighter at doing the same thing.

Pretty much that. You bring in the hulking hurler, or we dive into 3pp.

Consider going with one of DSP's monster race-classes, which give you a lot of ability score bonuses and could conceivably make a strength build worth it. You could also bring a normal build like this(brawler, that monk archetype, ect.) but then fight enemies 1 or 2 CR below your level, so fighting with a crippling disadvantage isn't something you feel.

>> No.49255116

2 Wizards. There many spell that can be use to "combo" each other (Spike Pit + Hydrolic push for an example).


is fun too.

>> No.49255153


The 3pp Marvel PrC isn't too exciting, but its main deal is having huge STR and being able to throw huge rocks at enemies.

>> No.49255187

>Be 8th level Unchained Monk
>Have 29 AC
>Literally get hit by everybody
>Meanwhile nobody seems to hit the AC 16 Wizard who doesn't cast mage armor, shield, teleports or whatever when enemies enter in close quarter combat with him
My GM is fudging rolls hard, he denies it and it's infuriating. 6 Sessions in where my character falls unconscious every fucking time and the wizard is untouchable, at least the Barb has enough HPs to stop a train even when they hit him as much as me

>> No.49255263

Wow. I understand the occasional roll fudge but thats stupid. 29 AC is good at that level too.

>> No.49255350

So I know this is a pathfinder general but I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with a question concerning prosthetic limbs and grafts concerning 3.5. Messing around with a character idea and I can't seem to find anything concerning prosthetic limbs in the regular books and I'm trying to avoid third party content since my DM is iffy on that stuff

>> No.49255364

Tell him that if it gets to the point you can't trust him any more as a GM, then it makes you lose faith in the game itself.

Alternately, offer a compromise: you're okay with the fact he fudges rolls at times, but you just want to see him roll openly so you know when he does it.

>> No.49255446


>> No.49255507

Is he perhaps eyeing your girlfriend?

>He's just not very good at the game I guess. Why don't we work on your character a little more together after the game, see if he screwed up while trying to help you?

Is something I have actually heard an extreme assburger actually try to use as a pickup line.
It didn't work, obviously, and we don't play with him anymore, but it was one of those "but that only happens to people I'll never meet on the internet" moments

>> No.49255633

Is that one ghoul... eating her out?

>> No.49255634


It's *literally* eating her out, anon.

>> No.49255642

That was the joke.

>> No.49255652

So guys my Mesmerist is doing well. I'm running wild with the flamboyant stage magician theme.

>Call myself the Great and Powerful
>Give my title as Sorcerer Supreme
>Alternatively go by Entertainer EXTRAORDINAIRE
>Giggle as I tie people to the ground with their own shadows and stare at them so hard they shit themselves
>Poke strange animals with my cane
>Perform stand-up comedy at the local club

So guys what's been your most flamboyant character?

>> No.49255674


Qadiran Brawler/Steelfist Commando written as a Turkish oil wrestler.

He's got the bulging muscles, vague homosexuality and intense mustache. He's also loud, extroverted and loves touching people.

>> No.49255709

The Great Gama?

>> No.49255790


That's the one!

>> No.49255801

This happen to my party too. Except that my GM gave up trying to hit my Sorcerer after I use Emergency Force Sphere on him a few time.

>> No.49255851

Half-orc Transmuter wizard with unchained barbarian multiclass, played with a Ron Swanson voice.
Literally /fit/ incarnate, powered it up to get as many str buffs as possible while fighting barehanded and flexing. My spellbook was called The Book of Fitness and other characters believed I was a mere barbarian doing odd tribal rites before buffing up.

>> No.49255865


How many scoops?

>> No.49255930

Your character triggers a trap, and a thick smoke envelops them
When it clears, the rest of the party sees that your character has been genderbent

What does your character do?

>> No.49255948


We have a couple chuckles about my character's new figure before spending a session figuring out how to get back to my old body (gender dysphoria sucks, dude.)

The only reason I'd actually be semi-okay with this spell is because I've always been curious to see what a "female version" of my character would look like, or vice versa with a woman.

>> No.49255960

Revert to her preferred form, since Shapechanger subtyped creatures may do so as a standard action.

Your magical realm is weak.

>> No.49256092

Playtest question, for psychic powers do you all prefer Dreamscar press Psionics or Occult adventures from Paizo. Trying to run a Dark Sun ish game and was wondering which would play better mechanically.

>> No.49256129

There's a heavy amount of psionics bias on pfg.

While I don't /hate/ vancian magic, I do think that psionics is a more elegant system and also one with less potential for breaking things in general.

They can both be used in the same setting and be called different styles of doing the same thing, and currently in a playtest that recently finished are a number of psychic-themed archetypes of psionic classes, and vice versa.

My suggestion? Allow both. If it has to be one or the other, go for psionics.

>> No.49256140

OA isn't even close to psionics mechanically OR flavour-wise. It's just vancian casting with a similar name.

>> No.49256189

OA is just renamed Vancian with a shitty paintjob.
DSP Psionics are the real deal.

>> No.49256232

Thanks for the speedy reply. I haven't tried Dreamscarred yet just that they did psionics, I'll give them a look up. Though I will be using some of Paizo's occult creatures.

>> No.49256237

Don't forget to check the Trove in the OP for DSP stuff - the pfsrd tends to be woefully incomplete on them.
Well, either that or buy books if you feel like it.

>> No.49256271

The problem with our wizard is that he doesn't cast shit to defend himself, and the more the GM fudges rolls to artificially endanger me but not him the more he thinks he doesn't need to cast to shit to defend himself, rinse and repeat.

>> No.49256357

How do you apply to be a pfsrd editor now?
There's that google doc floating around saying you apply by sending the owner and email and I haven't gotten a reply for weeks.

Is there a new trick to it?

>> No.49256773

You've probably gotten things like this a lot, but...
I find the way the Malefax is wisdom based a mix of really weird but also fitting.

I read through all the fluff at the start and up to about the background and race section I'm still thinking this is obviously a charisma class, and then I get to the end of all of it and suddenly I think 'hmm, maybe wisdom does fit'.

I think the main part of this dissonance is that the fundamental class power, channeling bitterness, ambition and innate ability, is absolutely a Charisma-based skill.
However, everything else about the class' fluff and abilities, the street smarts, the intuition, using Wrack to best take advantage of curses they placed, the general insidiousness of it, feels soundly Wisdom-based.

I can accept it being wisdom based, though I think because the class is presented as 'It inflicts powerful curses, and also it's street smarts', people expect it to be Charisma first, and expectations might change it was somehow presented more like 'It's street smarts and intuition, and therefore it gets curses'.

>> No.49256844

are witches really as unbalanced as I think they are?

>normally I'm the GM in our group but I finally got the chance to play a character myself (one of the players decided to try on the GM hat)

>I decided to play a (male) witch, witcher?, because I've never seen one played before and got intruiged by the class features.

long story short:
everything fell apart. the boss fight got buffed multiple levels to remedy the power difference ... but to no avail, he got 'coup de grace'd' to death

I didn't even optimize my build other than getting +5 INT to start with. This however let my hex DCs go through the roof and taking the slumber hex was simply a "90% chance the fight is over, no matter who you are" button.
The barbarian (having a x3 crit multiplyer greataxe) was standing ready to 'coup de grace' anything I slumbered

I kind of felt bad for playing the character - since it obviously derailed a lot of the adventure

what's going on here?
slumber doesn't even have a target hit-die limit

the spell list is equally ridiculous.

peacebond is such a strong spell it's not funny anymore ... especially coupled with some preparation (for example disguise or charm person). pretty much any enemy relying on a weapon can be dealt with this way
what do you guys think of witches?
do they get more balanced as the levels progress?

also - are witch-like archtypes (hexcrafter for example) similiarily strong?

>> No.49256893

As unbalanced as Wizards, Clerics and Druids, if you allow the later I don't know why whouldn't you allow the former.

Hexcrafter is good, not unbalanaced strong.

>> No.49256905

They're one of the weakest T1 classes.
Slumber is a fun gimmick, but nothing more.

>> No.49256918

Gareth just hates Charisma, that's a well-known fact.

>> No.49256931

Nah, he just hates people going "it uses emotions so it must be cha"

Because that idea is retarded (just as retarded as Paizo's "faith is not an act of intelligence" standpoint).

>> No.49256942

But faith is the result of lack of intelligence.

>> No.49256951

Spellburst Savant is the hardest class to swallow as being wis-based
It feels like both INT and CHA would have fit the flavor better

>> No.49256981

So... you're using two people's actions to remove one enemy per round, assuming they fail a saving throw and aren't immune? I'm fairly certain you'd be equally effective in removing enemies if you were both playing moderately optimized barbarians, with the additional benefit of not running into trouble the first time you face undead or anything else immune to mind-effecting.

Don't get me wrong, witches ARE strong, but slumber-coup de grace combo doesn't strike me as particularly overpowered.

>> No.49257008

Charisma is all about willpower (I'm looking at you, wis-based will save) and projecting either your will or other aspects of yourself on others and the world in general.
That fits curses pretty damn well.

>> No.49257040

Wisdom is defensive willpower: knowing yourself well enough to not get messed up by dangerous foreign mental influences.
Charisma is offensive willpower: being able to -yourself- at other things hard enough to /be/ the dangerous foreign influence.

>> No.49257100

Ideally, spell DC's should be CHA-based for all classes while prepared casters get bonus spells/day from another mental stat, meaning they'd only need CHA if they want to use stuff with saving throws, so, say, a conjurer wouldn't need much CHA and would focus mostly on INT.

>> No.49257117

>Make the casters using the weakest strategies super MAD, make the casters using the broken ones SAD

>> No.49257125

This affects mostly T1 casters, who are bullshit anyway and this would be purely a nerf for them. Spontaneous casters would be as SAD as always.

>> No.49257131

Where's that rule? I thought I saw something like that, but i can't seem to find it.

>> No.49257150


I kind of disagree

3x (auto-hit!) dmg from the strongest melee character - that will work on anything not having high will - is a great deal for two character actions

>> No.49257194

Belluspex when.

>> No.49257582

also there's a high chance of instant death and you're possibly denying the enemy his/her action depending on initiative order

>> No.49257635

Coup de Grace is a full-round action that provokes AoOs. And the barbarian should be dealing enough damage to kill an enemy every two rounds ANYWAY against anything short of a boss.

>> No.49257645

When it becomes interesting.
At the moment nothing separates its fluff or identity in my head from a Pathwalker who traded their manifesting for full initiating and some other minor tricks.

>> No.49257713

sure, but that either requires two barbarians (or other meatheads), which lacks a lot of versatility - or two full rounds of combat that would allow one or even two actions for the enemy.
also ... it's "should" kill

this way you "will kill" it (pretty much guaranteed, as long as it's not having high will) and having an arcane caster on board is much more versatile. if you're lucky (witch acts before the enemy) you can even do the combo without the enemy getting to do a thing.
it also ignores any AC barrier that might be a problem

... obviously there aren't many problems that can't be solved by throwing enough barbarians at it - but it's nice to have alternative approaches that allow for more versatility and roleplay
(unless you're playing a full on barbarian party - in which case ... where can I sign up)

>> No.49257775

Yes, it's situationally better than having two barbarians. But considering that you're playing a t1 class, you really should be able to do better than that. And enemies that are immune to mind effecting are pretty common in most campaigns.

>> No.49257800

But the witch can do the slumber trick ALL DAY! It must be broken! :^)

>> No.49257926

Yes and no
Either he saves or not you can't try again
Against multiple enemies is less useful because they can wake up the dude

>> No.49257972

The Shadow Hearts version?

>> No.49257990

Ironically, Sleep spell is equally vulnerable. A handful of pebbles wakes all the victims up.

>> No.49258005

Look. While you and your Barbarian friend are taking down Enemy A, Enemy B is tearing up your team mates.

Your best bet is to Slumber hex Enemy A, then the Barbarian and you attack Enemy B. For all intents and purposes, Enemy A is already dead - they're out of the fight. You guys should focus on taking down other enemies and prevent them from hurting you or your team mates. You can coup de grace your sleeping enemy after the battle.

>> No.49258095

Is there a PoW discipline that focuses on hitting multiple enemies at once?

>> No.49258124

No, but most disciplines have AoE/cleave maneuvers, even if only one.

>> No.49258156

Not particularly. Many disciplines give you the ability to hit multiple enemies though.

Mithril Current has several maneuvers that let you attack people nearby. Shattered Mirror has one where you create a temporary clone to attack another enemy. Piercing Thunder has one that lets you charge and hit everybody in a line.

>> No.49258189

Well, I've been looking to make a sunder initiator who has an adamantine sword. But I can't seem to think of a good class/archetype for the build.

I prefer my character to be mobile, so generally warder is out.

Any recommendations?

>> No.49258205

For sundering, grabbing Sleeping Goddess' 2nd-level maneuver Twofold Assault. It's an attack and a free combat maneuver, and you can burn psionic focus for a second free combat maneuver.

>> No.49258220

Make an archetype that hunts fey and other casters, focused heavily on ferrous weapons and tools to target their weaknesses. Iron swords, iron armor, iron everything.

Call it the Femalefex

>> No.49258229


>> No.49258262

don't do it, you missed your chance. this is why you're not supposed to give IC information in OOC

>> No.49258324

So which of you /pfg/ guys actually showed interest in this?

>> No.49258334

Pretty much noone because
>Paizo only
>Core races only (not that bad unless coupled with the other things

>> No.49258358

I imagine it depends on what the DM meant.
>Core only clause applies to races, 3pp allowed
Will pick up a small handful of interested players.

>1pp only
Maybe will get some desperate people if it's lucky.

>Core rulebook only
Everyone will run unless they're a non pfg regular who happened to be passing by.

>> No.49258362

Core races only =/= core only

>> No.49258370

What's so wrong with Maptool?

>> No.49258409

Compare it to roll20. That is all you need to do to know what's bad about it.

>> No.49258415

That's why I didn't assert that he meant that.

>>49251639 could be taken as meaning core only, though it's probably just bad wording.

>> No.49258445

As someone who has used Maptools but not Roll20, what's so great about the latter?

>> No.49258451

Dunno, last time I used Maptool (two years ago?) it was clunky as hell but so is r20.

>> No.49258459

I'm gonna play a suave but dubious devil sort of character, The problem is most tiefling art I find is too far on the side of demon to do it properly, Anyone got some good (male) only slightly demonic tieflings?

>> No.49258485

Roll20 has more accesibility, more features, and is all around alot les convoluted in it's control schemes.

It's just objectively better.

>> No.49258489

So are there any interesting PoW class/archetypes from both the original and expanded that feels mobile?

>> No.49258513


>> No.49258542

>that feels mobile
Define "mobile", because a Stalker or Monk of the Silver Fist with Veiled Moon and/or Fool's Errand could work.

>> No.49258549

Harbinger is all about mobility. Strike focused, extra move speed, extra movement modes, and AC/reflex bonuses for moving.

The Edge Lord archetype in april augmented throws teleport class features in and adds Mithral Current support, which is also a very mobile discipline, but you trade away your hitfixing which is steep.

>> No.49258565

>unironically suggesting the April Fools day joke
Why do people do this?

>> No.49258635

Everything in there is viable despite the silly fluff.
The ambu-lancer is included in the official Medic playtest, and Elric's kingmaker campaign had an Edge Lord as part of a miniboss encounter. Whether the NPC actually acted like a proper edge lord is unknown

They're as official as you want them to be.

>> No.49258764

Hmmm, the Harbinger has the issue of very limited resource and the most fucking situational recovery method I've seen.

Mobile, as in they can dash in and out of combat, with decent repositioning skills.

>> No.49258781

Imagine that a long time ago you fucked up and made a Dex monk...imagine that you're picking that character again to continue that old game. How would you fix it? My GM allows me to go Unchained but still my damage (even with PA) is far from decent.

>> No.49258821

Deadly agility would let you do damage while focusing dex. Or an agile amulet of mighty fists if it has to be 1pp only.

>> No.49258873

1pp only and there isn't a magic item market, so I would have to find it or loot it and the chances of that are almost null.

GM recommended me Dragon Style but my Str is literally shit to make use of it.

>> No.49258878

If your GM is nice, he might let you change your character to the 3pp Unchained Ninja/Monk in order to get Dex to Damage. Being able to add Dex to damage will make up for the loss of 3 levels from unarmed damage and flurry. Plus you could pick up a ninja trick like Invisibility or Forgotten Trick to add a decent amount of versatility to your character.

Otherwise, ehh, you're kind of fucked.

>> No.49258892

New thread: >>49258889

>> No.49258912

I want to post about a campaign i'm in but it isn't inherently funny or anything I just want to tell people about it, should I do it?

>> No.49258963

You can't choose your magic items and you're one of the most magic item dependent classes. Just tell the DM to kill your character off now.

>> No.49258990

Jabbing style??

>> No.49259170

is it interesting?

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