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Ever had one of those disgustingly sweet loveydovey couples at your table?

If so, how did you deal with them?

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Only time that happened was when it was the DM and his girlfriend. I just ended up leaving those games.

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Speak with them about how it disturbs their peers and ask them to tone it down. If it doesn't disturb their peer, shut the fuck up about it.

Alternatively, fuck the guy gay 'till the bitch cries and leave.

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I waited a week and they broke up.

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You should probably go home alone and cry.

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>Hey, knock it off.
>It's cool you love each other but swat spit in private not at the table please
>Thank you

Literally all you have to say.

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If they are literally stopping the game for make-out sessions then talk to them.

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>tfw you're that couple

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I find it those couples really cute.

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They're super cute until they overdo it and its all get a room.

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I didn't have to "deal with them" because I'm not an emotionally stunted manchild that can't stand to see other people happy.

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Rolled my eyes and focused on the other players to give them privacy. Ruled that they would lose turns gazing lovingly at each other eyes so as long as they didn't pay attention or mind losing turns. Worked pretty well. They also broke up some moths later, but that is unrelated.

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not at my fucking table

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yes, and I used my words like a human being

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I dated a girl I gamed with for a while, we kept poker faces during gaming sessions becuase nobody else in the group knew we were together. The moment we walked away from the table though, oh lawd.

>go to kitchen to nuke a hot pocket or something while IC discussion is taking place amongst dm and other players
>grill follows me in a moment later, instantly start making out like we hadn't seen each other in months while microwave whirrs
>go back into the living room, act like nothing happened and keep playing

i miss her ;_;

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I don't have any. Everyone is married or working PhD jobs and shit. So instead they made NPCs into a lovey-dovey couple. Worked out ok by me..

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I smiled at how cute it was and let them be. Of course, they weren't all over each other all the time, it was just an occasional sweet smile and nice gesture in game.

It was a kind of mature love, not infatuation. They were happy to merely be nearby each other.

I really need to call those two, catch up on old times.

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Yes. Girlfriend stopped showing up because she realized she didn't like the game and all she did was more or less heal her bf instead of the party.

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>we were one of two couples at the time
>she asked questions about what was happening out of interest
>most intimate thing was a brush of hands and I occasionally asked how her blood sugar was
she's diabetic

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I hate when you fucking normies rub your happiness in everyone's face

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The group was already too big, so it didn't really have that much impact. She didn't even take up an extra chair because she was always hugging on the bard.

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>i miss her ;_;

Did she die?

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Personally I just hate it when they waste game-time for it. I spent hours prepping for this game and scheduling everything, not to mention driving all the way down here. They can make out any damn time they want. If they really are the stable happy wonderful couple they claim to be, then they can wait the six to eight hours tops, for the session to be over before they start sucking face.

>had this couple happen
>they broke up weeks later
>now they talk about how awful their relationship was

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A campaign started out like this. They made characters who also shared a kind of relationship with one another. Then they broke up and things got awkward. Eventually she left the group and he rolled a new character, and we went on to have one of the best campaigns I've played in.

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Use the game to set their characters against each other on a moral level. It inevitably makes things personal if they stay in character and the bickering bleeds over into real life.

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We told them that they have to share the love with everyone at the game table.

She ultimately left, but he became the conductor of our group's man train.

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I've fortunately never had this happen in an RPG, because the couples I play with are actually adults.

However, this DID happen to me once in an Arkham Horror game. The two of them had to stick together, even though they were playing similar archetypes and didn't complement each other's abilities at all. This led to quite a bit of delay because we had two strong combat characters running around like idiots instead of keeping the streets clear. In the end, we just needed to seal the two gates left on the board, but rather than go into them separately they both went into the same one. And then got lost in time and space because of it, and because we were facing Yog-Sothoth, they both got devoured. If they'd gone into the two gates rather than sticking together, we probably would've won.

Much raging. Very unhap.

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>guys, c'mon.

Things are easy when you don't sperg out.

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what do you mean by 'disgustingly sweet?'
cause my bf and i called eachother 'babe' on occasion and one of my friends would lose his shit at it. ended up cutting him off a while back.

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>what do you mean by 'disgustingly sweet?'
If you're not an inept autist you know what he means by that.
>my bf
Fuck off fag.

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>assuming it's a guy
>being a homophobic /pol/tard in 2016
>"hurr autism is why u r wrong xD"

How about you fuck off, kid? :^)

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Well good for you Mister I didnt have a horrible highschool experience

you want a medal or something?

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I think he died inside. That's why he is here.

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Whip it out and just spray a load all over the girl's face. When they get upset say 'Oh I thought we were shooting a porno in here from the way you two were acting.'

Bonus, you get to cum on a girl's face, which rocks.

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As a lovey-dovey, kind and caring person who likes living in big cities because I'm closer to more living beings?

I honestly wish I had one of those at the table. I enjoy seeing lovers together and as a touchy feely shoulder-to-shoulder person myself I don't mind intimacy around me.

So long as they pay attention to the game and don't hold shit up I'm happy.

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>Allowing girls at your table
>Especially someone's gf
>Especially the DM's gf
What did you expect would happen

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Isn't this just the same bullying that most of this board grew up receiving?

The abused become the abusers...

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i watched that picture for three minutes anbd still cannot understand what the fuck is wrong with his nose

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Post yfw you realized "bullying" is actually a form of social control.

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Gotta take out my passive aggressiveness on someone. Since most of my bullies from high school are either dead in accidents or homeless at this point, it's easier to just abuse some ugly af kid.

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Holy hell, it's Mr. Potato head

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>If so, how did you deal with them?
Talked to them. Had everyone block them on their phones when they re-offended. Best decision of my gaming career.

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>not to mention driving all the way down here
>not making your players come to you

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>She LITERALLY gets paid to hug lonely nerds
>She still has the guts to complain about "happy couples"
Does she realize she's only one step away from being a base whore?

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I used to be in a group that had a couple in it, someone else in the group used to share a house with them and complained they were also too loud when they banged.

Later I and another in the group had to share a place woth them for a week, we both said up front that we don't give a shit how loud they are because I can sleep though it and the other guy is a literal cuckold and it was used to it. Didn't hear a peep from them all week.

If you look like you're enjoying it they'll soon stop.

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You deserved then and they deserve it now. The cycle must continue.

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>miserable lonely person who makes money by dealing with other miserable lonely people somehow hates people who aren't miserable and lonely

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>tfw being bullied forced me to reevaluate who I was and what I was doing, ultimately leading to becoming a better lifestyle

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Nah, we were both in college at the time, she a few years older and ahead of me. I was a local kid but her home was basically on the other side of the country so when she graduated she moved back home and that was that.

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It looks like there's something medically wrong with his sinuses, they're so swollen he must get nasty headaches.

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Jap girls are weird like that. No matter who they are all they want out of life is to get married, have kids, be a housewife and lead a normal average life.

The poor, the rich, the pure, the lewd, the smart, the dumb, the pornstars, the yakuza prostitutes, the idols, the olympic athletes, the police officers, the actresses, the pro-wrestlers, the executives, the teachers, the doctors, even the fucking emperor's daughter.
It's like genetically built into them.

>> No.49239846

Your talk of yakuza prostitues has reminded.me.of just.how attracted.I am to bleach blonde, tattooed japanese sluts.

Drawfag, make Waniko one of those.

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You mean gals?

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You can absolutely make-out midsession so long as you stop for your turns. If you're so thirsty of a person that simple kissing means you have to stop everything you're doing and watch then complain you don't have any self-control you probably shouldn't be in public let alone around people.

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Making out
At a table
With other people at the table

Is not ok. Speaking as someone with a girlfriend so I'm not "thirsty", it's just not socially decent.

>> No.49239988

>putting time restrictions on love
>they can wait
You probably wouldn't know this but sometimes you CAN'T wait. Your body just sort of flies on autopilot and both of you are already throat deep in the eachother before your brain turns back on and you gain control like some sort of pressure release valve where some crazy and horny just seep out to prevent blowouts.
Like if you both had the shittest day at work and you both tell yourselves just hold it together till later cause thats when you get to see your other half and the second both of you are in the same room and making eye contact its like 2 super magnets being put in close proximity. Worst of all is any barrier in th way is destroyed so you learn quick to not wear shit clothes if you're first home.

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Sorry you have issues with expressing love for your SO. Honestly i'd be insulted if my partner felt it was wrong to express love in front of other people as that just says they think somethings wrong with what we have or me personally.

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They held it in at the table and at most expressed it when they got up to leave at the end of the game and their body language made it clear what the first thing they were doing was once they got home. Was pretty rad desu, I like seeing my friends happy.

>> No.49240072

>You probably wouldn't know this but sometimes you CAN'T wait. Your body just sort of flies on autopilot
I've never experienced that before. Is this common for non-autistic people?

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Yes, even girls like these want the housewife life

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It's like the 1950's American Dream never disappeared and we just imported it overseas.

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Ask if they'd like to put on a show for the group because you wouldn't mind seeing the girl chugging a jizzload from her bf.

You'll either get a show or they'll be so creeper out, they'll leave. Win win.

>> No.49240115

It's about consideration for other people. Everyone knows that two people expressing affection in public makes everyone else uncomfortable. It's not about you or her, it's about everyone else. You're both comfortable with seeing your dick, but is everyone else? No, so you put it away. Treat public affection like public indecency. Stick to hand-holding.

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Sometimes. Usually its when one or both of you are understress and you're a couple that enjoys physical contact like cuddling, hugging, etc. and it just ends up being a go too reaction for stress release. If you're withheld types who just enjoy being in general proximity it doesn't happen too frequently.

Personal hypothesis: you always hear how kissing and hugging releases dopamine in your brain, right? So, like adrenaline junkies, you get sort of addicted to that. So when you're understress or go for a long time without your fix your brain just sort of throws your body at the source the second it's in sight like a crack whore to dealers cock.

>> No.49240150

>No matter who they are all they want out of life is to get married, have kids, be a housewife and lead a normal average life.
That's not just Nips though, all women want that because they're biologically hardwired to want that. Hence the declining happiness of Western women since the 1970s compared to today even though they're more free and more equal than they've ever been.

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You're equating snogging with sex. One's perfectly fine for public showings the other is illegal for display outside certain jurisdictions, educational purposes, and various other niche legalities.
It sounds like you're just goalpost moving to cover your irrational issues.

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My relationship with my partner started like this. Even though it's not a secret any more I like to try and keep the feeling alive, and I dislike PDA anyway.

Either when we get a moment away from the game table alone together or, as we work in the same office building, I'm occasionally lucky to get a quick make out session if we're the only ones in the elevator.

>> No.49240317

What do you mean, "deal with them"?
Reee fucking normies get out etc.
People have relationship, deal with that instead.

>> No.49240379

Women that hypthetically post on /tg/ don't have boyfriends.

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>I often visit poor African villages with lots of supplies, then I pour out clean drinking water and burn the food and destroy the medicine right in front of them.

How dare they be uncomfortable to hostile. It was my stuff.

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That dream is still alive and well, just not in white girls.
Black girls, asian girls, hispanic girls, indian girls, muslim girls are all great options, rare as they are native american girls too.

I prefer latinas, got myself one and wouldn't change her for the world, but it's up to you to get out there and find your favorite flavor.

>> No.49240448

What the fuck is wrong with you? I have a girlfriend of 6-7 years, and never once have I done this or felt this. You're underaged, right?

Me and my gf just act like normal goddamned people at the dnd table. Another couple doesn't, and everyone resents them for it.

>> No.49240476

Is that working with the assumption that women in relationship don't have time to shitpost or that women who shitpost are undateable?

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>or are you claiming that girls who shitpost are undatable?

We have a group chat for our tabletop group, and the two female players in the group hang out there: the one dating the GM occasionally links cutesy cartoon fanart art from her tumblr and talks about how much she loves her dog, and the one who's single greentexts all day about how much she hates elves and posts about how much she wants to have sex with monsters from horror films.

It's antecdotal, of course, but I'd say there's something going on here.

>> No.49240752

sounds like poor self control m8

>> No.49240824

Shes the youngest at 25. I suppose neither of us lost that sense of love in out younger like most seem to do nowadays.

>> No.49240872

Well i suppose being a pureblood native and frequently visiting pow-wows will pay off someday then.

>> No.49240914

I'm not so sure but then again maybe i've just been exposed to bad examples as around 30ish out of the 43 couples i know/known did much the same from time to time. Likes drawn to likes etc.

>> No.49240924

>allowing anyone to do anything to the point of disruption

So, do you think a boss would just be an angry manchild if the couple were macking instead of working? Is he unable to see people be happy?

>inb4 not a parallel
Not a perfect one, but lemme boil it down to closer to the bones.

>couple pda to the point of disruptive behavior
>they went to place to do thing
>their current shenanigans are preventing them from doing thing
>other people at place are expectant/reliant on then preforming thing to some capacity
>other people may struggle to also preform thing because of couple's behavior

>> No.49240991

Not that anon, but you can make out anywhere, and you chose to do it during the game?

I don't care if it's decent, lewd, or anything else. It's disrespectful. I don't allow mobile games or laptops at the table, what makes you think swapping saliva during the game is any better or less distracting to other people?

>> No.49241007

Start by not letting them sit next to each other.

>> No.49241030

I am that happy couple. We also have a baby.

>> No.49241041

We've been over this. Only between our turns or on breaks and most people have enough self-control to ignore or make background noise of phone games or laptop tapping same as kissing.
Lemme guess me holding someone's would also be disruptive just because it's within eyesight and your general proximity as well. Am i dropping my dice too loudly for your constitution? Did I accidentally say crap and offend you?

>> No.49241058

Congrats. Use melatonin for sleep and turn the baby monitor up. You won't get more sleep but the sleep between the crying you do get is more restful.

>> No.49241076

>Single ca/tg/irl in your social circle with whom you have regular contact
If she's not ugly or a bitch then what the fuck are you waiting for anon, you gay or some shit?

>> No.49241079

>equating lust to love

>> No.49241097

Showing love isn't lust and withholding that affection definitely isn't love.

>> No.49241102

get out of here stalker

>> No.49241112

you and your sloppy make out sessions aren't convincing me of anything except your carnal lust

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you've got to be shitting me, kiddo

>> No.49241122

You read like the type of cunt I would hate to game with, so I feel like I'm doing myself right here

>> No.49241126

-T. Angry and unsuccessful Duty Guard

>> No.49241135

anon, there is no easy way to say this...

>but deep down all girls want this on some level.

>> No.49241143

A kiss or hug is fine. If you're making out at a social group where you're expected to talk with others and pay attention to the game, then you're not only going overboard with expressing your love in public, but you're ignoring and annoying the the other players and their feelings.

You say makeouts are okay as long as you stop for turns, but think about all the other things that we don't like people to do even if they stop for their turns - texting, playing videogames, distracting other players.

>> No.49241146

It has nothing to do with how free and equal they are, it has to do with expectation that they are all feminist lesbo "dont need no man" wymen... if you cant see the difference between having the right to choose or the "responsibility" to choose the thing you were always allowed to do anyway then you will become unhappy... its that simple

>> No.49241150

Yeah i fucked that last bit up.
Learn to wear shit clothes at home. Best case spills and stains are on clothes people won't see and worst case you won't mind them getting torn.

>> No.49241165

I don't mind any of those so long as they keep their ears unstoppered just like i do. Kissing doesn't make you go deaf nor does texting.

>> No.49241175

heck i feel even some mouth to mouth eating or spitswapping for a couple seconds or a deep romantic hug etc with kissing is fine.

But then do it once, and enough to get it out of your system for the rest of the night...

>> No.49241199

As mentioned earlier: for some people its ALWAYS in your system and ignoring it tends to make issues.

>> No.49241200


No, it sounds to me like you're just completely lacking in the ability to notice you're making everyone else uncomfortable, or you're too self centered to care. Either way, fuck you and the 19th century romance novel you came from.

>> No.49241312

And the whole table would feel insulted if a couple started making out during the game.

It's not about 'expressing your love', a quick kiss would be ok, this is about respecting your friends'time - it's game time, get your head in the game, if you don't want to play just say so, nobody is forcing you, you can go make out in a corner, but you are out of the game.

>> No.49241499

How is the baby at Shadowrun?

>> No.49241559

Oh sure, like when you're kissing or texting you don't focus on either of those more than anything else around you. If you're making out in a movie theater, you probably won't remember half of the movie when you get out.

The point I was really making, however, was that if you think that you only really have to pay attention or do anything during your turns, you're going into TTRPGs with the wrong mindset.

>> No.49241634

I've watched and remembered plenty of movies during movie makeout sessions, especially after the local theatre installed those couch seats for 2. I wouldn't pay that kind of cash otherwise.

>> No.49241650

*just like I wouldn't invest that kind of time or travel expense in a game I wouldn't be paying attention to.

>> No.49241653

I had a couple in my game. One was the GM, and his girlfriend was only partially interested. She would get upset because she would play skill intensive roles, but then she was useless in combat. There was a lot of tension, until we just gave her a barbarian to play. Now she is happier, though she does spend a lot of RP time on her phone.

>> No.49241826

>tfw no shitposting gf

>> No.49241933

That's genetically built into 98% of humanity.

>> No.49242182

I'm surprised how many if you guys believe this.

>> No.49242254

My girlfriend and I are the disgusting couple outside of sessions. We have one roommate who absolutely hates how snuggly we are. That being said, out of our (rather large) group, we take TTRPGs the most seriously so we try very hard not to get all lovey-dovey during sessions. At most we might hug while our That Guys are looking up rules.
Also we made our characters siblings, so there's no chance of our relationship bleeding over into roleplay.

>> No.49242294

Siblings bang all the time. Especially in non-modern times.

>> No.49242395

We're also a half-orc and a half-elf and my half-orc already has a gnome back in town that he's banging.

>> No.49242420

Polygamy was also a thing before modern times.

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>tfw that's me and my gf
>tfw whole group is all these couples
>except lonely That Guy
Feels Good Man

>> No.49242970



I say you cannot accurately judge if you love someone or not until at least 3 years of dating. You have to get past the honeymoon stage.

>> No.49243055

Do you think he's a That Guy because he's lonely in a game filled with couples, or that he's lonely because he's a That Guy?

>> No.49243145

Jesus i wish i had your group. Everytime i bring mine everyone spends 80 minutes chatting her up before pregame can even start.

>> No.49243166

My wife has been in the group for 3 years now and that never happens. All but the DM have a significant other though so that maybe.

Also because my wife acts like a dude

>> No.49243237

>Do you think he's a That Guy because he's lonely in a game filled with couples, or that he's lonely because he's a That Guy?
Yes. Viscous cycle. He's lonely because of that-guy-ism, which scares people away, which makes him lonelier, which makes him that guy harder

>> No.49243268

they usually deal with themselves. Something will piss one off which requieres the other to be some fucking submissive groveling of "yes dear of course dear" or high school levels of "dont talk to them that way!". People learn quick you dont stay in the honeymoon phase forever. You turn into partners or you dont continue. They limit there own roleplay so much so that they are afraid to talk to the tavern wench and shit. One slip up, its over. If I have these types of people in my groups, I will not make anything story centric with them till further notice. highest flake rate is couples, and sometimes that could be half the group.

I regularly play pnp games, player and GM, with my girlfriend and the outcome is usually just "we can have better banter/arguments in character and throw some backstabs at each other without hard feelings". We know each other enough to not take it personal. Thats a serious flaw alot of people have at the table.

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>tfw your parents are that couple
It's so fucking cringy, for as long as I remember they've been like gomez and morticia

>> No.49243497

I've never seen this post 20ish. Most just let others deal with it like humans and i've never been swatted for visiting brothels.
Are you sure you're not just playing with children or immature people?

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>Alternatively, fuck the guy gay 'till the bitch cries and leave.
That's hot, anon.

>> No.49243514

They know how to stay young. That's rare these days, feed their happiness.

>> No.49243533

Last I checked most chicks would stay and watch, not cry and leave.

>> No.49243547

It is entirely ok.

>> No.49243572

This guy gets it. The other guy is just sad.

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>I say you cannot accurately judge if you love someone or not until at least 3 years of dating
And even relationships that last past the honeymoon stage frequently break down. Face something our ancestors have known for centuries: eros is inherrently selfish, it's a "need". If the source of that need disappears, so does the love. It can literally happen overnight, and a decade old marriage can break down for the most retarded of reasons.

That's the problem with seeing marriage as a romantic connection rather than a sex-for-money exchange or a contract that binds one partner to raise children for the other.

>> No.49243626

Post yfw a bunch of social retards in high school didn't understand that not being bullied is way better for your confidence and self esteem and that most bullies are just idiots who aren't even respected by "the cool kids", that are mostly fucking with other people because they're too dumb to find any other way to spend their time.

>> No.49243661

>tfw no fujo gf to roleplay homoerotic dudes with

>> No.49243671

I guess my area just has some really baisic bitches. Most of the time its "I want to get my girlfriend into my hobby!". So since shes not the center of attention princess, she trys to get all cuddly and fidgety and demands attention. So the slightest hint that these attention starved beasts arnt the center of his romance (even in a fictional brothel), it turns sour.

Worse yet, his girlfriend will be the incharcter whore. That shit gets awkward. Story time:
>One of my first campaigns ever
>all of us between 18-25
>2 other guys, and a that girl with her incredibly shy boyfriend, and GM
>They had been playing before I joined, so GM lets me introduce my character
>That girl: So is he hot?
>What? I just said hes scared up pretty ba-
>TG: Well my character likes a guy whos been around. I have my female dancing bard give him a lap dance, ect
>Shits awkward quick
>Apparently she's done this to the others as well
>Can tell her boyfriend dosnt like it, but cucks it up
>later on, the GM has the boyfriends follower of odin meet a valkyrie, he asks for her blessing with a kiss on his forehead
>His girlfriend immedietly pulls him outside, the yell ensues. They come back, he retcons it
>another girl joins the group, she immedietly pulls him and her out, saying the GM was creating an environment bad for them

It got pretty graphic at times. She was really on my dick the first couple sessions till I directed all banter at the two other guys exclusively.

>> No.49243686

Yes. Both were at least 300 pounds. And the girl was not the cleanliest person I have ever met. They were dedicated though, and made a bunch of tiles and brought in a bunch of miniatures for the game. The girl clearly was actually really into RPGs rather than just being someone who clung on.

>> No.49243727


Sounds like you haven't seen a lot of successful, long-term marriages and don't know how they work. Cynicism isn't sophistication.

>> No.49243783

The more a country moves away from a traditional model and to a feelings-based marriage system, the higher divorce rates are. The only Western country with halfway passable divorce rates is Ireland, the ultra-Catholic country that opposed the EU Constitution out of fear that the EU would "kill their babies and grandparents".

>> No.49243876

This meme needs to die. We're not scared of it, we just know that they're abominations and wrong.

>> No.49243918

That just sounds like a whore among younger types. Hopefully that's not the only example you have of what women bring to relationships cause thats not a relationship it's a death trap.

>> No.49243938

This. We also know they can be cured just like any other mental illness.

>> No.49243942

let them be happy you sad fuck

>> No.49243943

Race traitor

>> No.49243968

Doesn't mean feelings based marriages aren't possible and long-term applicable. Personally it seems like they just implode when they personally don't take a mental accounting of the actual feelings and strength of relationship BEFORE thinking of it as a marriage-going-to-happen.

>> No.49243987

>Doesn't mean feelings based marriages aren't possible and long-term applicable.
Just like it's not impossible to literally kiss your own ass. That doesn't mean it's possible for most people or even advisable to try.

>Personally it seems like they just implode when they personally don't take a mental accounting of the actual feelings and strength of relationship BEFORE thinking of it as a marriage-going-to-happen.
Yep, everyone except you is stupid. Literally 70% of Belgium is fucking retarded.

>> No.49243995

He's not wrong though. White women are the worst choice for marriage. You'd get more want of love than want of money from ghetto-tier blacks.

>> No.49244025

>no one should try anything because there's a chance of failure

>> No.49244062

I get the feeling you're a college student at a large public university. I'm here at a private small institute and white girls are actually perfectly fine. It's the "I'm here because I'm a minority" girls that are trash.

>> No.49244091

It's more that the chance of faillure is too big, the risks attached to failing too big (from a male perspective) and the rewards negligible (again, from a male perspective).

But I'm derailing the entire thread so I'll stop here. You're free to create a thread on another board and link me to it if you want to take this outside.

>> No.49244105

Nah. It's across the board. You might just be getting less than better off white chicks who tend to value actual emotional value over monetary value in partners.
Generally speaking thats usually how it goes for people from less than great beginnings as they'll value stability instead of cash.

>> No.49244127

>be born with defect
>no balls yo
>no hormones taking the wheel
>legit asexual
>Am practically a robot when it comes to relationships
>End up as confidant for friends in love
>Relaionships end in horror 99% pf the time
>dream of knowledge and immortality
>and money
>and power
>Crave power
>might try politics
>Realize this might be a bad thing

>> No.49244144

Again. Just don't marry until its a guaranteed 100% success chance. If that means 20 years of waiting then there ya go.

>> No.49244164
File: 64 KB, 374x374, 1399578805883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no balls yo
How's that turning out for you? Are you on hormones or something? Is sex physically possible for you? I remember reading somewhere that eunuchs can still get erections and ejaculate, but being born without balls isn't exactly the same as being a eunuch.

>Might try politics
Do it. Crash this degenerate civilization with no survivors.

>> No.49244170

You should probably be on pills. and not for testosterone, last thing we need is a jacked robot in a place of political power.

>> No.49244186

I'd agree except for the fact that this school costs over 60k a year.

>> No.49244202

Different anon. Last i checked unless the dude has taken testosterone from birth than the answer would be 'no' as the mechanism never developed. Could be wrong though as i'm only working from experience with one person.

>> No.49244217

Shit. Maybe rich dads raise them better after that wave of 80's movies where suburbanite rich chicks bang chads 24/7 or something. Don't suppose you're not in the midwest or coasts are you?

>> No.49244237

That was just a story of an awkward time.

And the thread is super lovey dovey shit where peoples attention cant stray away from one other person. Its not just the women, that was just the example (though men tend to wait till the end of game to give a verbal beating. They mostly stay quiet and moody during.). The problem isnt so much the gender, as it is people with insecurities that stem from very high contact, very needy emotions.
Maybe it just stems from personal experience. I have had and played with:
>The above story of the chronic ingame diddler women
>A game where a guy had his girlfriend there specifically so she could make his character cooler
>A game where if another female was in the same fucking LGS, she would become quiet and hawk eye her man to make sure he wasnt looking
>A game where a couple had schedual conflicts where if one couldnt make it, the other would not even consider playing a session with out her
>A couple who was completely attached at the lips
>A couple who would swing so there would be random ass people on their laps who would dirupt the game and one would say "dont judge our life style!" like sexual preference had any fucking baring how bad it was interfearing with games

And my favorite:
>The couple who talks down to others who dont "share their love" and think people need to "get laid" because we dont want the extremely graphic, ingame sex between their characters who just so happen to latch onto each other first session of meeting.

It also dosnt help I live near hipster central where genders are made up and the courses are womens studies.

>> No.49244272

That just sounds like bad people giving relationships a bad name.

>> No.49244331

I've had good relationships around (including my own), but the majority focus on themselves, as opposed to the group. Too many times people will forget whats in character and whats out. You can be a very happy, loving couple, but know you are here as a group. tone it the fuck down a bit and enjoy some socialization, not extended romantic date night.

>> No.49244426

Maybe, wouldn't know.

I actually am in the Midwest. Not in a large city though and also not in Illinois.

>> No.49244461

Damn. Midwest is liberal central and usually carries the kind of chicks that those families make.

>> No.49244741

Seriously? It's still got a fair number of conservatives. South Dakota only has one non-red county.

>> No.49244856

Meant in the colleges and the like.

>> No.49244878

Especially the Uni's.

>> No.49245352

Because liberals tend to be younger than conservatives. No wonder there's a bunch of college-age liberals.

Even then, there are still a number of religious schools and such in the Midwest.

>> No.49245397

You ever been to them? They're still pretty liberal. Hell half go cause of the scholarships i swear.

>> No.49245400

I've got a thicc brown qt that loves to cook, loves to fug and loves me. She calls me "mi rey" and "papi".

What do you got?

>> No.49245547

>"Curing" mental illness
Assuming they are mentally ill, we as a species do not have the ability to "cure" mental illness. Mental illness is something that people struggle with their entire life. There is no cure for schizophrenia. There is no cure say, cerebral palsy or downs syndrome. There is no cure for PTSD. There is no cure for pedophilia or homosexuality, and all of these are under the general header of "mental illness."

Anyone who tells you otherwise is about to con you out of a large sum of money, and possible torture your loved one.

>In before dont feed the trolls

>> No.49245635

Man, Varys really is the Flash. He used the Speed Force to travel forwards in time to a period when Westeros had the internet.

>> No.49245734

Only one case when we do our commander night.

>bruh, she'd got 100 life, no flyers yet and if you don't swing she'll start spitting out angels like crazy
>I don wanna
>i need blockers in case you guys swing at me
>nah, I wont. pass turn
>a few turns later she kills him

>> No.49245785

have a song to cheer you up

>> No.49245830

A qt3.14 athletic native girl who's daddy is a casino owner and both love me for being full-blooded which essentially means i'm the only legitimate option left.
You don't know what love tastes like until you've woken up to fresh frybread in the shape of a heart from a girl who's only attire is an apron.

>> No.49245856

>don't feed the trolls
While i know that means I shouldn't reply to you i think they meant the clinical sense of "cured" a lot of those things can be clinically cured with the proper application of medications and therapies.
>in b4 hurdur pills are sugar and mind control nanobots you pay them to give you cause gubment

>> No.49245886

Honestly, I think they meant curing them by means of lethal injection

>> No.49245893

>>Realize this might be a bad thing
No, this is the mightiest idea. You are the chosen one. You're the non-binary, you're the unprivileged. You're the anti-rapist. Your time is now. You shall climb upon the pile of tumblrinas, you shall channel the incoherent rage of SJW, you shall become herald of nu-males. And you shall surf them like a tidal wave to the office.

And then, once you take the rule, you shall look down upon them, upon those that helped you to power, and you shall laugh. And they will not understand what happened, because after raising as one of them, you shall do the one thing they truly can't comprehend. You shall rule with reason.

Now go, fulfill your destiny!

>> No.49245900

Great now i have to make an english style sitting room just for handholding and cutesypieing.
I suppose any future possible children will just have to bunk up.

>> No.49245911


Something something about living long enough to see yourself be the villain.

>> No.49245927

Possibly. Either way saying mental illness is an uncurable cancer is patently false and we know PTSD can legit go away entirely.
It's one of the few that can go away entirely.

>> No.49245934
File: 18 KB, 174x200, 5915009+_d64fc0acb1210e7eb30e646c4b7c884e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I have one, and she really enjoys tabletop

>> No.49245946

Technically he's still male and possibly white which means he's vastly more privileged than females even if said females are white.

>> No.49245953

that's me actually

sorry guys

>> No.49245989

if you were really sorry, you would have contained yourself

>> No.49245991

I avoid those now. Can't trust them not to pull out a strap-on. Main issue was all she knew was that men are like women and you just stick it in and we don't need prep like an enema or lube for a 12 incher. Second you point that out you can tell the magic of it dies cause it's the antithesis of spontaneous.

>> No.49246016

>Your body just sort of flies on autopilot and both of you are already throat deep in the eachother
Silly anon, girls that can go throat deep in other people don't exist outside /d/.

>> No.49246020

Not necessarily. We can regret that our actions may hurt others doesn't mean we'll contain it let alone stop doing so and taking vastly more enjoyment than your minor discomfort would warrant stopping.

>> No.49246037

it's more of a sorry not sorry really

>> No.49246048

Oh, so the formal sorry, not the heartfelt sorry. Got it.

>> No.49246058

I meant more your faces were essentially inside eachothers throats though you're also false on the implicated action. Plenty can you just have to teach them and coax with treats like chocolates and those pills that make your jizz taste like chocolate.

>> No.49246087
File: 118 KB, 790x591, formal_apology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the sake of clarity, could you please specify in terms of attached form?

>> No.49246094

Heartfelt sorry's follow the same layout. Just because you're legitimately sorry doesn't mean you'll change your actions.
Ex: alcoholics who feel super fucking shitty and legitimately sorry for the pain their actions have caused. Still doesn't mean they'll instantly turn over a new leaf and quit the bottle.

>> No.49246107

Whatever makes you and your "girlfriend" happy, we're not judging or anything, faggot.

>> No.49246146

I know the naked apron, I wake up to it and huevos rancheros two or three times a week.

So we're both delicious brown lovers? What are arguing for?

>> No.49246155
File: 42 KB, 544x400, 1374737062153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was that lovey dovey couple at the table until we broke up. We're still friends though and still arrive to game every week.

>> No.49246182
File: 521 KB, 688x526, 1443936495582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You will be lucky to know such love and to have it returned to eagerly.

>> No.49246207

i'm legitimately not sure what your grievance is you've been all over the board here
Enjoy my time
Again, unsure
Snog quieter?
Stop blowing up something so inconsequential and act like other adults do around PDA's and realize its a legitimate nonissue
Player/GM depending
Both technical and heartfelt depending on what line you're currently reading
There is no excuse it's a legitimate and unhurting action and requires none
Better now
Not enough options as 'Grow more as a person' isn't on there

Additional Notes: Application sheet seems onesided to appease you and your ego rather than allow actual dialogue that both parties can benefit from and seems made to force others into your views and ways of thinking which you assume is the only and correct way.

>> No.49246238

Well mexican sucks and latino's tend to be...attitudey? I'm not sure the word for it but their cultural view of how women should act unless she's a homegrown mexican tends to be that. Native girls are like japanese traditionally raised types where the husband is a man and the wife a women and both know their roles. Its as close to 50's america living as you can get.

>> No.49246243

>We're also a half-orc and a half-elf and my half-orc
Wow their mom must've gotten around

>> No.49246265

Mexico* sucks.

>> No.49246274

>Much raging. Very unhap.
>that picture

fuckin cringe

>> No.49246294


>> No.49246310

>can't trust them not to pull out a strap on

I don't understand this sentence.

>> No.49246381

Last one i dated like that liked the idea of men being the submissive party and fancied they could be the top.
She pulled out a dildo and had a face i had trouble saying 'no' to.
She only read shitty yaoi that never explained the kind of prep anal required and just assumed you can willy nilly stick shit up assholes.
She didn't know enema's or lube were a thing nor that stretching is polite foreplay so all we got out of it was an ER visit, messy sheets we had to burn, and nice scar thats a future fissure in wating if i crap a little too hard.
If you're going to date one sit them down and have The Talk 2: Anal Boogalo. For your sake if anyones.

>> No.49246423
File: 762 KB, 790x591, apology.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh sure

>> No.49246436

I agree with your warnings, and sympathize with your trauma.

I've been lucky in that my girlfriend does not come from a yaoi obsession background, but rather from a long history of BDSM. She understands the importance of lube.

Also stretching.

>> No.49246497

One thing i realized as i became a man. Always stretch before ANY activity. ALWAYS.

>> No.49246510

So what you're saying is that, they give love a "bad name?"

>> No.49246539


>> No.49246591

I knew it was just a matter of time once i actually sat back and read it.

>> No.49246636

You're thinking of girls from Puerto Rico and yes those are giant ballbusting cunts, like drow women.

While not at the top of the demure nip waifu scale, mexican girls are pretty high up there. At worst they're just sassy, but they worship the ground their man walks on, they expect him to work hard and provide and they're proud of being his woman, they live to please him(mostly but not exclusively with food and sex), they're very family oriented trying to set up big family gatherings every other weekend, proud of their cooking, proud of their ancestry and their religion and they fucking adore the USA.

I think we can agree that for fa/tg/uy standards we both have it pretty good.

>> No.49247141

>Hey guys, focus.

If it continues to be too distracting, remind them how hard it is to get people together to game.

>> No.49247192

Right? Now accept their behavior as acceptable within that parameter as shoving 2 off for such a minor thing means losing possibly half your players cause you can't grow up.

>> No.49247454

Could you motherfuckers cut it out?
Some of us had to settle for a white girl and you're really bothering us.

>> No.49247542

You could just get rid of her. Maybe go shopping beforehand just in case.

>> No.49247568

Uhm no he's absolutely right. I'm sorry you're one of those degenerates who feels the need to make everyone watch them feel up and make out with their partner in public, cause it's fucking pathetic and embarrassing. Glad I started seeing it a lot less when I left high school and people stopped being so insecure.

a quick kiss? Absolutely. Long kiss with no tongue? Fine for special occasions, maybe it's at an airport and you haven't seen each other in awhile. Straight making out? Unacceptable in public and dickish around friends unless the circumstances are extraordinary ie an orgy

>> No.49247672

>sucking facs in public
>lel ur insecure!

>> No.49247699

Face* damn these flat thumbs.

>> No.49247719

t. fat virgin

>> No.49247768
File: 208 KB, 500x533, 1469210047425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I put them in a situation where they had to decide which one of them had to die. Best 15 minutes of my life where they tried to decide who is going to get the antidote. Eventually the person who didn't get the antidote turned into a horrible monster that tried to attack the party. It was a pleasure to watch the rest of the group not even hesitate for a second to put the beast out of its misery.

>> No.49247810

We'd just do what we always do.
Flip a coin. Heads i lose, tails she wins but i get some tail as an apology later.

>> No.49247817

I would also like to add that the way I set up the situation made it seem that both of them being affected was pure coincidence and could have happened to anyone in the group. I rolled a dice a couple of times in the background. I didn't fudge it, the dice itself was meaningless.

>> No.49247861

>Heads i lose, tails she wins
damn, son

>> No.49247865

Good for you. I managed to ruin relationships with my routine. One of my players actually immediately tried to sexually assault the character of another player after one of these deaths. Most uncomfortable semi I ever had in DnD.

>> No.49247885
File: 101 KB, 932x651, 1410311552790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Most uncomfortable semi I ever had in DnD.

I can't fucking breath

>> No.49247922

I mistyped a bit. "Heads i lose but i get head."*.
I find functioning relationships are built on minor compromises that make everyone happy in some way even if each party also makes a small sacrifice.
She gets to be a princess rescued by her knight and i get her to show her appreciation of such gestures behind closed doors.

>> No.49248189

nice trips.

>> No.49248274

>in a /tg/ group

I only play with masterrace single greybeards whose entire life is tabletop games.

>> No.49248368

Anal rape

>> No.49248443
File: 34 KB, 560x381, Trial-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49250380

>h-hey look everybody! I'm kissing my girlfriend/boyfriend and grabbing his/her ass! W-we fuck all the time! Am I cool yet?!?

People who are secure in their relationship don't go out in public places and hit second base in front of everyone. They have the self control and enough respect for each other as individuals to save it for an appropriate time.

>> No.49250503

We have enough respect for each other not to feel embarrassed of doing shit with each other in public.
Just like someone who's secure with themselves doesn't act shybat a nude beach.

>> No.49250542

Seriously, you sound pathetic.

>> No.49251158

stop having self imposed aspergers and talk to them like humans
now take that advice and apply it to the rest of your life

>> No.49251304

Doubtful. Op is a perpetual beta who can't get an SO so he'll get offended when others present him with something thats out of reach. It's sad but sadly unavoidable at this stage. The most he can do is push people away.

>> No.49251344
File: 100 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_o934uxRubs1t0c32s_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except tabletop rpgs are the opposite of a high stakes thing. You should be having fun casually with friends in a pretend world. Ideally with alcohol and snacks and general chat.

If you're gonna tell me that your fucking roleplay sessions are srs business, either you're the problem, or you have a shit group.

>> No.49251369

Actually while they're holding hands and being all sweet to each-other they're fucking murdering each-other and selling the body parts in-game.

It's rather surreal

>> No.49251385

he's probably just 16 and dumb like all 16 year olds are. he can still grow out of it.

>> No.49251447

I feel like that image's message is greatly harmed by the lack of an X in "I was hungry", given the rest.

>Yeaaah, I was feeling kinda peckish at the time too

>> No.49251517

See this shit OP? This is and every other contradiction to your shit worldview in this thread is how actual couples function. I bang a brothel whore and she bangs that bard. No upset or hurt feelings cause we know its a CASUAL and FUN thing we're doing. None of this "oh! They're crashing my game into the dust!" Bullshit you seem to assume happens.

Now i ask you as one human being to anothe, hopeful that you're just trolling: Have you EVER tried to grow as a human being from your teenager years and left this aweful and childish way of thinking behind or do people as sad and pathetic as you actually exist in this world?
I ask simply because the idea of the latter is even a thing depresses and saddens me beyond words and i hope beyond hope such pathetic beings don't actually exist.

>> No.49251551

Yeah a lot of couples use the games to let off some steam with each-other. Shit gets ELABORATE sometimes when they've been stressed.

>> No.49251596

Yeah but its not strictly meant as petty and childish strikes at each other, right? People wouldn't be that petty.
I'm not even joking here when i say that people as disassociated as OP and people as petty as what he describes make me depressed and worried enough with the world to drink more than usual.
Surely this isn't what "functioning adults" passes for.

>> No.49251643

Real talk, we're on 4chan. What do you think the over under on them being an adult is? Why wouldn't you assume they're a teen who isn't getting help for their mental disorder?

>> No.49251645

Nah, it's all in good fun, and each gives as good as they get. They're married now, with two kids 9 and 11, if that's any indication of how it's gone over the years.

>> No.49251681

For certain pornographic values of "teen" maybe

A 23 year old assburger who decides to one day be 'trans' as the excuse to why they're complete dickwads and who bitches and moans about everyone with a life less pathetic than they've made their own is certainly not a functional adult...

.... but I'd say "manchild" before I say teen.

>> No.49251710

dog where the fuck did you reach this conclusion from

>> No.49251730

He's either projecting or jerking off

>> No.49251734

Well first off this is 4chan, there's a lot of folks in this hobby that are well over 20 as well.

Third, well, like most times someone goes that specific without thinking too much about it, that there be a coworker of mine.

>> No.49251788

Not quite.

We had a promising campaign die after a single session because two of the players broke up and the DM was worried it was going to be awkward.

>> No.49251878

Well i'm not sure what to believe after all that.
OP, you should see a counselor or something this isn't a healthy way to be thinking let alone living.

Other anons that seem to have actual life experience, thank you for the insight that not everyone going into the world is like OP.

I'm going to go drink myself into a coma with my girl at her advice and hope I don't remember any of this come morning so i can hopefully keep some faith in humanity.

Good luck and good bye.

>> No.49251888
File: 935 KB, 448x215, HQh54AC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> You're the DM/boyfriend
> One of your players keeps trying to touch your girlfriend
> Leaning over to look over her shoulder, poking her, etc.
> She always looks uncomfortable but it doesn't go quite far enough for either of you to call him out on it

>> No.49252000

Tell him out of session alone and with both of you present. If he tries to make excuses tell him BOTH of you know what he's doing and if he does it again he's gone.
Worst case he sounds like a crazy bringing it up to others best case he stops it altogether.

>> No.49252025

Lucky you. I just lived in a town so small the only pass times were video games hockey and excessive bullying.

>> No.49252087

"Get a room, you fucking nerds/dorks/losers/whatever."
They usually stop, and we all have a laugh about it.

>> No.49252095

Bully the bully's.
Hung mine off the 3rd story stairwell with a straight shot 4 floor down to the basement naked. Showed everyone i knew and more and we all laughed at his sorry naked ass.
Suddenly i'm eating with the jocks and varsity and doing strength training and well on my way to varsity myself.
Anyone can change, anon. Just do it.

>> No.49252121

You've never been around other well adjusted human beings, have you?
Not even once in your entire life. How the fuck do people like you even exist?!

>> No.49252136

>she's diabetic
No shit, why else would you be asking about her blood sugar.

>> No.49252185

Awkward attempt at cutesy? People do weird shit in relationships, anon. Don't judge.

>> No.49252288


>> No.49252348


>> No.49252376
File: 214 KB, 350x310, 1470105648686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>post yfw this shit has become a meme now

/tg/ we've had some stupid memes over the years and I've put up with all of them. Can we just let this one die, please?

>> No.49252411

Its been an excess of 10 years since Ive lived there. I wish I did do something though. I try to prank people these days. Its hard because you have to make it personalized for each one and still not get caught. Another life, maybe I'll have more backbone

>> No.49252443

What? The FACT your lifestyle is so toxic to humanity that your lifestyle requires an individual to step up and subconciously to try and change your pathetical life for the better or the fact you think it's acceptable to live as such despite the societal inbuilt response to beat your ass down to try and save humanity as whole in the longrun?

>> No.49252452

Sounds like a pretty typical eunuch to me.

>> No.49252476

It has nothing to do with thirst or prudishness, or any other bs you want to make up. It's distracting and it's inappropriate for the social setting. You don't make out around your friends while you're playing a game. I'm sorry you're too much of a social waterhead to understand that.

>> No.49252506



Don't be a pussy.

>> No.49252549

Okay. MAYBE it's not "okay" among YOUR social group but among every group we've ever been around its a non-issue and and MAYBE your expose is that limited or expansive.

>> No.49252572
File: 1.66 MB, 480x270, tumblr_inline_o3mktlxu301rkgrm8_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're trying so hard. Has it really come down to this? A beta loser trying to pretend the fact that his lame ass got bullied is somehow relevant or important in any manner? Not even that, pretending that it's relevant enough to be a good thing.

>> No.49252592

Just trying to empower the powerless, anon. What good have you done with your life recently?

>> No.49252672

I'm not actually seriously insulting them, you know that, right?.
Do you actually think I'm not joking when I call someone a nerd while we're playing pretend? What kinda friendships do you have that you're always proper and respectful to each other?

>> No.49252715

I've never understood why hippies and conservatives hate each other so much. They're both against government control, right? Seems like they'd be two peas in a pod.

>> No.49252716

It's unnecessary. The two of you have all of the time in the world to be face fucking each other in private, why must you do it when surrounded by other people who are trying to play a game with you? Hell you can even do it in public it really makes no difference to me. What upsets me is when you're doing it in the middle of a social gathering that requires you to pay attention because it distracts everyone at the table.

>> No.49252722
File: 39 KB, 558x800, sour_GWAPES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49252726
File: 34 KB, 299x281, ss+(2015-06-02+at+02.43.42).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Says the guy posting on fucking /tg/, wow I can't believe I nailed your unwarranted self-importance so dead on.

Geeze, good luck with that.

>> No.49252759

I was new and never saw eRP in person before, so I was stunned at first. It was hard distinguishing character from person and realized i just wanted them both to fuck off. convinced the guy to quit off since he didn't give a shit, and once i had people to replace the girl, I did.

>> No.49252772

Watch your edges there you enormous faggot. The meme is a load of edgy bullshit and everyone knows it, I'm just tired of seeing it in every fucking thread.

>> No.49252776

I just worry about people from time to time, y'know?
It's like the social norm is slowly declining from actual norm to depressing and i worry that it's indicative of humanity as a whole.

Even if people lie on the internet i just ask because MAYBE they're telling the truth just this once.

>> No.49252817

Anon "social norm" is such a nebulous non statement, you do understand that, right? In twenty years the norm you know won't be them norm and in twenty more the norm they know won't be the norm. Clinging to it is futile, you don't have to embrace it just understand.

>> No.49252821

Gaming is a luxury that is often difficult to schedule and/or rare. It's disrespectful to your GM and your fellow players to not be interacting with them during the time they've set aside for the game. It doesn't matter if you're sucking face or playing candy crush on your smartphone; don't be an antisocial asshole in a social game.

>> No.49252834

You, uh, haven't answered my question there, anon.
What good have you done with your life recently?
I spread what i can where i can. If i reach ONE life it's worth my efforts.

>> No.49252877
File: 879 KB, 500x400, 1470974257862.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been with my girlfriend for 10 years, we're both incredibly happy and we're still cute together, but we would never just sit there and make out in front of people, thats just rude. Also, we don't just wait for each other to come home and wait for the other to get home and fuck. I got laundry and shit to do. We have sex often, and the sex is good, but sex isn't that much if a priority as you get older. I don't know, whatever, I'm ranting now. The point is, don't be a fucking weirdo.

>> No.49252895

I'd be so fucking pissed if my gf tore my clothes

>> No.49252905

Hey now, i'll tell you word for word what happened during my snogging if it makes you feel better. Why? Because i pay EXTRA attention during times where my attention MIGHT be divided just in case.

>> No.49252932

It happens just like occasionally furniture or fixtures take the hit during relationships.
End of the day? Better them than you.

>> No.49252943

Also, love, like anything else your body does, is just a chemical reaction. Your brain gets used to it and "love" doesn't feel the same, it takes work, mutual cooperation, and occasionally, compromise. Honestly, I'd never know what a wonderful person she was if we just fucked all the time

>> No.49253111

Literally bubblegum rules.
If you're bringing it to the game, there has to be enough for everybody.
It's a group activity. If you make it a part of the group activity, expect to share with the group or don't do it.

>> No.49253290

Yes, it was me and my girlfriend. Sometimes we add even more lovey dovey to troll people.

>> No.49253337

So...lets say we were into that as a couple. That means it's okay, right?
Like this isn't some bluff to make us conform to your narrow view or something.

>> No.49253366
File: 47 KB, 172x196, 1428113650669.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Group is all friends
>I'm the only one in a relationship, she's a player
>Ever letting that stuff that we have time to do in private several times a week interfere with the limited game time we need to fight tooth and nail for to have weekly if we're lucky
Although, I do need to break up the old pair of friends that are 'big gay bear' and 'shitty flamboyant but not actually gay twink' from gnawing or laying on each other.

>> No.49253379

>we have to do
Anon, you should probaly have a talk with your SO.

>> No.49253397

Not to mention that every teenager gives every other teenager shit; the 'bullies', 90% of the time, are just half-baked memories of the ones who dished out better than we could take.

>> No.49253460

Anon, most other anons won't view the shit as the corrective measure it
To them it was just cruelty they can't and didn't understand.

>> No.49253516
File: 1.32 MB, 500x375, hotline pepe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Destruction of their happiness becomes my primary goal.
Their happiness makes me angry, thus I will see them be made as miserable as I am.

>> No.49253627
File: 1.33 MB, 640x360, NORMIE.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49253654

Roast in hell, you degenerate pile of shit. You personally. I direct my statement at your person and your lifestyle, specifically. You are worthless.

>> No.49253785

Very simple, we have all taken time to come together and play the game. You have ample time to face suck any other day. Have a little self control, pay attention and show that you are paying attention, then go home and fuck the shit out of each other. Even people in well adjusted relationships typically dont want to see that.

>> No.49254167

I can't go insulting people's looks, that's vain, petty and about things he can't change. Now fetishes and waifus, that I can call out.

>> No.49254208

Oh look there he is. Posting overused meme text cause edge means it's fact.

>> No.49254348

Better a fag than a /pol/lock

>> No.49254368

The girlfriend's PC gets raped in game and the guy has to watch it. He doesn't get resolution.

>> No.49254372

((([Current Year])))

>> No.49255001

I ran a romance focused game specifically for the two of them. It was pretty cliche and tropey, but it was still one of the best campaigns I've ever been a part of, if not the best.

Admittedly, they weren't disruptive with pdas during any of the other campaigns, just did couple-y things and usually made characters that were or quickly became romantically involved with each other.

>> No.49255739


>have all my autistic nerdy interests
>don't speak to anyone I don't like
>don't get bullied and everyone likes me because not social retard

Feels good man, probably spent too long blaming your hobbies instead of learning how to not drop spaghetti.

>> No.49255772

>corrective measures

Yea I'm sure it "corrected" you into underachieving, having little idea how to pick up on nuance in conversation, and spending most of your time here in an effort to find a semblance of social activity in your life. The only difference between you and the bullies are that the bullies are bigger. Never met a decent person who belonged to either group, but I was on good with them all.

>> No.49256064

You cut your mother with that edge you enormous faggot?

>> No.49256091
File: 73 KB, 250x164, na2mA2KHgt2z0mUl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT OP's social retardation brings out the edgy "trolls" who perpetuate the worst meme since DJ Phylactery

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, this thread should have been pruned 100 posts ago.

>> No.49256578
File: 808 KB, 400x304, 1451863555525.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I got rejected by two juicy latinas this week.

What foul sorcery has doomed me and my lineage to homely and unshapely wan women for the rest of my wretched days?

>> No.49256676
File: 2.26 MB, 1920x1070, 1456475986742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Kek, your parents didn't let you ruin their love.

>> No.49256826

>implying communists care about """racial purity"""
that's real funny anon, that's about fifteen years gulag funny

>> No.49256860

you've got an ugly face and spent too much time on pol for another human to talk to you

>> No.49257262

>being embarrassed about your parents loving each other
You must be 18 or older to view or post on this site.

>> No.49257346

Do lower divorce rates really mean happier people, though?

>> No.49257707

You're either too white or not white enough

>> No.49258188


Dating a Guatemalan girl right now.
The guy knows whats up.

Shes a feminist in all the ways a sane person ought to be.
Willing to pay for shit. Also willing to let me pay for shit.

And dem thighs

>> No.49258236


As someone who grew up an incredibly Conservative background and hangs out with crust punks this is one of my favorite subjects of conversation.

I've been defending working class and encouraging punks to find ways to work with them.

I mean shit. The Proletariat should be a concern of the left, yeah?

>> No.49258527

There are a lot of crossovers in US politics where both liberals and conservatives are pro things that would normally be against the traditional values of those parties.

>> No.49259366

>tfw people keep saying stuff like "isn't this the same bullying you guys got?" and shit

What the fuck?
I've never in my life been bullied.
Why do you feel that it's such a common thing?

The only kids that got bullied when I was in high-school were greasy autists; not normal folk.

>> No.49259559

>TFW I have never experienced that kind of love.

I honestly feel like giving up. I've tried and tried and improved myself and taken risks and all it ever gets me is at the very best "just friends" in the end.

And I've somehow had 7 girlfriends. What the actual fuck.

>> No.49259666

Spray bottle worked for me.

Filled it with vinegar and water.

>> No.49260231

I guess, I would do nothing, just only think about, how lonely I am...

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