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There is no reason to pick one god over worshipping them all you won't suffer the side effects of being dedicated to only one and the argument that you won't get as many favors means fuck all when you realise that the post powerful chaosfags - Archaon and Abbadon are Undivided.

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>won't suffer the side effects of being dedicated to only one

You'll suffer just as many side effects, though, simply of a more Unaligned nature, you cannot predict whether or not this will turn out better or worse for you.

>the argument that you won't get as many favors means fuck all when you realise that the post powerful chaosfags - Archaon and Abbadon are Undivided.

They are special cases, unless you're explicitly high enough on their lists in order to have them consider sharing you, you won't be getting any gifts from the Gods 'directly' without invoking or dedicating yourself to one.

tl;dr, enjoy turning into a Spawn because you were arrogant enough to think you were worth anything and decided to go the Abbadon route.

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Be'lakor closed the path to Undivided forever. Unless you are "one in eternity figure" like Abaddon and Archaon, then are out of luck because the Chaos Gods will not even look at you as a group.

The fluff of AoS outright says that only Archaon, among all who serve Chaos, carries the blessing of the four Gods of Chaos.

Furthermore, I want you to open the rulebooks for both versions of "Path to glory". In AoS and 40K, it's the same. There are only four paths open to the servants of Chaos and only four ways to daemonhood. There isn't a fifth one.

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That just means you get space aids, hedonic burnout, insane murderous impulses AND trapped as a helpless pawn in an impenetrable scheme.

You dedicate in particular if you identify one of these in particular that you're more or less "okay with".

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Lorgar says you're full of shit.

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So what's the point of being Undivided now? Should Word Bearers be retconned?

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So far as my very limited Chaos knowledge goes, there are only 4 people to ever earn the blessing of all 4 Chaos Gods in 40k. Those being Be'Lakor, Horus, Lorgar, and now Abaddon.

However, there are a huge number of people who have earned the favour and blessings of just one Chaos God. Therefore, you're probably wasting your time if you don't just pick a god to dedicate yourself to. You've got a much higher chance of achieving Daemonhood if you put your eggs in one basket, as it were.

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>side effects

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Pretty much yeah. It's one of the reasons present day 40k fluff is so garbage.

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Do you remember when Undivided Mark of Chaos and Undivided Daemon Princes were a thing? Realm of Chaos remembers.

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The point is that you have to be a truly exceptional individual to gain the favour of all the four at once

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This is your best hope for chaos undivided. At least in the current fluff. Becoming a daemon host. It does suck that undivided got gimped and lore raped.

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My rpg campaigns remember.

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Funnily enough the iron warriors, word bearers, and black legion. Have managed to keep their shit together for longer. Proving chaos undivided is better for keeping a cohesive force together.

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>mfw I still allow characters in black crusade to become unaligned daemon princes
The Fantasy 5th ed book was glorious, what with daemons and warrios in the same book. Fluff was incredibly different as well, with the statements that Greater Daemons are just puppets with no will and that Undivided princes are not only a thing, but strong enough to be the only ones allowed to have daemons of all alignments with them.

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Autists hate him!

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Because only Archaon/Abaddon are allowed to be Undivided, to make them speshul.

Go Malal. You get to faceroll all the other assholes, do what you want, and he won't lie to you about being a pawn that will eventually be discarded.

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Lorgar is not Undivided.

>So what's the point of being Undivided now?

Nothing. There is no point in it.

>Should Word Bearers be retconned?

No, like all religious folk they believe in pointless things.

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I fucking hate this retcon of Undivided being invalid.

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Well if you're not autistic you could always ignore it. Even homebrew it back into the game if your buddies are up for it. If you play the RPGs it's even easier, especially if you're the GM.

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Then what does he worship? Necoho?

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Can't I just worship Lorgar? He's a crazy fanatic, but at least he does nothing worthwhile.

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Greater daemons and daemon princes do get worshipped.

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Necoho is fantasy.

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Screw the lot of them when you can become a daemon yourself if you are a psycher.

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>There is no reason to pick one god over worshipping them all

Of course there is, HERETIC!

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Isn't that technically one of them claiming you?

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The whole "undivided isn't a thing" is fucking dumb. They really just painted themselves into a corner with it since there are clearly legions that aren't dedicated to any specific god.

For what it's worth they should've just separated tabletop/fluff stuff into
>Revelation (Chaos as a belief)
>Results (Chaos as a side-effect)

That way you could have both the WB be their own blend of chaos creed abilities and let the NL/BL/IW have their own "we get some advantages for dealing with this stuff often even if we don't really give a shit besides SLAUGH-REVEN-SALT!" benefits.

It really depends on the condition by which you let them in. Gal'Vorbrak are full mortal/daemon fusion, Modern Possessed can range between almost full fusion to "werewolf tier" barely keeping control, and a lot of other possession is pretty much the daemon using the wearer like a meatsuit.

I'd say since most psykers tend to stumble on daemons without full awareness of what they're getting into... most end up as puppets.

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How DO the Gal'Vorbak work? I don't know shit about 30k and it makes me very curious.

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Except there's tons of instances of a patron god punishing their follower(s) for starting to worship another god in the books.

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>undivided isnt a thing

Then what the fuck do the word bearers, night lords, black legion, and iron warriors do now? Have to choose patron gods?

Nah fuck that shit. That's fucking dumb.

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>Nah fuck that shit. That's fucking dumb.
Welcome friend, to post 4e/5e 40k.

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So Lorgar is starting to explore the whole "getting down with Chaos" thing after Big E sent Bobby G to smash the most Emperor loyal planet ever.

Eventually he finds proto-Cadia and learns that the people there worship the same gods as Old Faith on Colechis. He decides that even if said gods are worshiped here as well that he needs actual proof of existence.

Lorgar realizes that he can't take time off from the crusade to fully pursue this and sends one of his best chapters, the Serrated Suns, into the Eye of Terror to see what's up.

They go in and it's basically like Event Horizon right down to a lot of crazy, the chapter serfs dying, and a daemon killing all the marines except not really. Then they get shown the birth of Slaanesh aka how the Eye of Terror that they're currently in was created. So they're stuck in there for 7 months and end up having to "Donner Party" it to survive

Eventually they exit and Lorgar is all "whoa you just left a second ago" because time is fuckey in the warp. Lorgar honors them for learning more of the truth, names them the "Blessed Sons" or Gal Vorbak, then virus bombs proto-Cadia clean.

The Gal Vorbak start hearing things and try to meditate on the whole deal. After awhile they begin to mutate into daemons becoming fused into a astartes/daemon/armor hybrid.


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The fusion proved to be extremely powerful because they became much stronger and faster than the astartes they were before.

The daemons functioned more like a "friend in your head that was invested in the same stuff you since they're basically you too" rather than the "kill kill them all you're totally not a meat suit for me" that happens a lot in 40k.

One issue that the Gal Vorbak couldn't actually remove their armor because it fused with their bodies. They basically looked normal most of the time but their "armor" was effectively their skin now right down to feeling with it. When they fought though they could go "yo neverborn bro, let's fuck up their shit" and transformed themselves into better versions of modern Possessed complete with inbuilt weaponry. They could revert this process and go back to looking normal with a little effort though.

Later they make more Gal Vorbak but they weren't as higher quality due to a number of possible factors like process, the marines themselves, and the favor of the dark gods.

tl;dr first gen Gal Vorbak are Possessed but better in (just about) every way

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So OG possessed are actually a mutual symbiosis, like the suits from Spiderman sort if, but later ones are just shitty meat puppets and Forsaken by they're traitor peers?

What caused them to be unable to merge as well as the Gal Vorbak did?

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Different anon, but if I had to guess, it was to demonstrate how powerful they could be.

"Hey, Chaos is awesome. Look at these guys."

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W-what the fuck happened anon...


allow me to chock up another reason for word bearers being the coolest traitor legion.

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I used to hate them because of Kor and Erebus, especially Erebus, but Lothar and all the other Word Bearers have grown on me a lot.

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For the most part yeah.

The OG Gal Vorbak were Lorgar's proof of concept of Mortal/Neverborn relations. They went into it with no preconceived notions, had faith that it would work out, and spent a lot of time before transforming. This is why I believe they integrated the best of all when compared to later "unions".

Some argue that the second gen didn't work because the daemons felt like they didn't have to prove anything and/or the second gen marines weren't the best but the official fluff isn't really clear why the second gen was weaker apart from speculation.

The Word Bearers Omnibus (set in 40k) has examples of Possessed who are better than most but not quite OG tier. The WB Possessed are visibly daemon influenced but the daemons are for the most part simpatico. They influence towards certain actions, "yo transform and eat that dude c'mon do it", but they can be rebuffed with a bit of focus.

Kinda like dogs really i.e. they will make it clear that they want to go on a walk, you get to choose to let them out or not, and while they're out they might pull too hard but they're still on a leash.

The issue comes when Possessed Marines sorta stop putting enough effort into keeping in control since a leash on a dog doesn't really help if you're not holding said leash.

Additionally the later Possessed are still respected by other WB but more from a "warp presence" level. A Possessed WB would likely have more warp presence than a regular WB Marine due to the daemon. However Dark Apostles would likely have more warp presence than Possessed due to the favor of multiple daemons.

Finally the WB Possessed that can't control themselves aren't as respected since an inability to reign things in is seen as a weakness/liability.

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