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The only rule is rule of cool edition

>Rules databases

>FAQ’s and Errata (outdated but official)

>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).

>Forgeworld Book index

> The Black Library

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scoria is a sexy beast

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Stormhawk or Stormtalon?

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>no dreadnoughts in a Kill team
what's the point

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The resurgent Eldar Empire has been claimed by Slaanesh's big meaty cock

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>Not 'CSM must always be shitty the lore says so' edition

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Post your planned kill team lists/models. Please, I'm a curious cat.

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So who has joined the Kill Team master race?

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>dread claws which, in some ways, are better than regular drop pods.

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5 breachers
5 fire warriors
Hazard suit with a gun drone

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Aquila Killteam
4 asscannons, 4 Frag cannons, libby for invisibility, one poor little veteran with a storm shield to stand in front

Not sure now to deploy this onto the board or make it work. Suggestions?

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intradesting. what's your plan?

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I have a Fire Raptor now, what other Astartes flyers should I get to compliment it?

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Kill the enemy

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Already built them and played two games on Saturday with them,
6 sternguard
Sergeant with power sword and bolter/bolt pistol
Vet with HB
2 vets with combi weapons
1 vet with special
1 vet with bolter

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I don't want spikey C:SM
I dont care if my guys cost twice as much, I just want them to be effective to those costs

I dont care so much that normal marines get the best and newest stuff. I just want the rates of change to be about equal. I want a chaos land raider that eats enemies and gains hull points back. New and weird and wonderful. I want the lord of change to get up off his ass and change things

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Won't get any argument for me. I've nothing against CSM, I'd love for them to be playable. But it seems many people want it to be solved by making them vanilla marines with chaos, which is pure bullshit.

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I'd like upgrades not to have a balancing act of OH YOU PAY POINTS FOR SOMETHING THAT HAS ITS OWN INTERNAL DRAWBACKS TOO.

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*from me

Except there's nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem when the drawbacks outweigh the benefits by an inordinate extreme.

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I've recently gotten the Eldar start collecting set (already play BA). I think they're neat. They have a neat look to them, and their backstory is interesting to me. They also have a lot of mobility, and I like that.

I also got a War Walker, because I think they look really cool too.

So two issues:

(1) Which Craftworld should I paint them for? I like Biel-Tan because they're elf fascists who just want to protect the Exodites and destroy the barbarians. But I also really like Ulthwe, because I also hate Chaos and I like the idea of a society that is always on the brink of destruction, kept going by its leaders' ability to forecast the future and make key gambits. Eldrad seems like a cool dude.

I also like that Ulthwe doesn't have a lot of Aspect Warriors and keeps a standing force of Guardians. I'm mostly interested in the Eldar war machines anyways (Fire Prisms, Walkers, Jet Bikes) and with a few exceptions those are all piloted by Guardians, anyways.

So I'm leaning towards Ulthwe, but I also like the Biel-Tan color scheme.

Second, I'm probably going to magnetize the walker and any of its siblings, but what's the best way to field them? Just load up on scatter lasers and zap infantry to death? Or should they try to keep their distance with Bright Lances and Missiles?

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What sense does it make to have upgrades have drawbacks other than cost and opportunity cost? (Ie, if you buy this, you can't buy something else.)

Does any other army have to deal with that, other than w/ plasma weapons?

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>Returning Thousand Fluffson
So wait, with all this Killteam talk...could I actually play my Thousand Sons and stand a chance in Killteam, or is there a "no psyker" rule or something..

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Bumping my question to the new thread.

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Thats what im talking about with effective for the points cost. Let demon blades be free with drawbacks, or cost with no drawbacks, or have minor drawbacks but be super powerful. Like give chaos super swords that reduce BS for the character and any unit he joins, but shoots WS through the roof

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Orks with every single infantry unit and many of their other options, too.

Any psyker unit.

>What sense does it make to have upgrades have drawbacks other than cost and opportunity cost?

It makes total sense. You're paying X points, some of that is discounted (theoretically) because it might not work out in the way you wanted.

And, thematically, for Chaos that works pretty well.

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how did they do? 6 seems like it might have problems vs higher model count kill teams? Though I plan on having 6 guys in mine as well..

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Biel-Tan's color scheme is more interesting than Black and Bone.
Use war walkers to make up whatever your army lacks in firepower. If you've got lots of anti-tank give them scatter lasers, if you've got enough anti-infantry give them bright lances.

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Playing 1k Objectives. Ultramarines vs Khorne Marines and Daemons.

Which of these two lists is better?

List A: Demi Company
Cato Sicarius

Dreadnought (Assault Cannon, Power Fist with Stormbolter)

>Fast Attack
1x Landspeeders squad with 3 Landspeeders (each one has 2 HB)

2x Tac Squad 5man (Rhino with dozer blade, plasma gun)
1x Tac Squad 9man (Rhino with dozer blade, flamer)

1x Dev Squad 5man (4 Missile Launchers)


List B: CAD
Cato Sicarius

>Fast Attack
3x Individual Landspeeders (each has 2 HB)

2x Tac Squad 5man (Rhino with dozer blade, plasma gun)
1x Tac Squad 5man (Rhino with dozer blade, flamer)
1x Scout Snipers with cloaks, 5man

1x Dev Squad 5man (4 Missile Launchers)
1x Vindicator with Dozer blade


So the advantages of each are:
List A has a Dreadnought and a 9man Tac squad for Cato to join. Also it is a Demi Company, so I get obsec on everything and an extra tac doctrine.

List B has a Vindicator, a scout sniper squad, and the 3 landspeeders are individual instead of being in one squad.

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So in theory if I wanted to convert something to look like the Doom Marine, what would be a better conversion base, militarum temptestus or marines? Also any other converting suggestions for it. I'm alright but not great with greenstuff

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Won both games, but thqt was probably due to luck and a better understanding of the game, still rule of cool trumps all others

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eldar are such a cool looking army. i wish their lore wasn't defined entirely by the birth of slaanesh. they feel like tolkien elves in space with a bunch of extra shit thrown on that doesn't fit

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The size should be the same. I use IG plasma pistols for my CSM and people can't tell the difference

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Marines would be a better start since Scions have those backpacks that don't fit Doomguy and their armor is more medieval than futuristic

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eisenkern stormtroopers by dreamforge games

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Oh right, cool.

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Except they dont have the added benefit that outweighs their drawback that they should
And saying team A doesnt need help, because Team B (That also needs help) also has problems, doesnt seem to make much sense
Yes taking a psyker could possibly backfire on you and summon a Bloodthirster turn one. But the potential benefits are massive so its worth the rare drawbacks

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There's also an element of control over the drawbacks for a psyker. It's ~possible to play one in such a way that they'll never perils, by being Eldar, or taking a Librarius Conclave, or just throwing single dice at it rather than multiple.

Daemonic Possession has no such control element (Which is the upgrade I was originally talking about.)

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>Biel-Tan's color scheme is more interesting than Black and Bone.

Yeah, it is, and the thorn motif is pretty neat. Still, given that I'd probably be focusing on vehicles and bikes more than aspect warriors I'm not sure how well it would fit with the Biel-Tan theme.

Could do Yme-Loc because they like tanks and such.

>Use war walkers to make up whatever your army lacks in firepower. If you've got lots of anti-tank give them scatter lasers, if you've got enough anti-infantry give them bright lances.

How would fire prisms count for that? They've got a fine anti-tank weapon, but they're better at mulching infantry, right? The prism cannon only fires one shot at a time. A war walker could carry two Bright Lances -- squadron of three and that's 6 lance shots, hopefully into something's sides or rear.

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Shamelessly jacking your post to ask how to run KDK Kill Team.
I do not own any Rhinos.

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what combi weapons did you take if you don't mind me asking

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I'm this Anon.
What do you guys think of 8 Bloodletters, 5 Bikes? All as normal.

>> No.49176711

15 Secutarii Peltasts

It's gonna be cool

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Alternatively I could do 3 Bloodcrushers, 8 cultists. The cultists have autoguns.

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Inquisition list, made more for fun and cool factor:

Ministorum Priest
-Leader: Been There, Seen It, Done It
-Feel No Pain
-Power Armor
-Plasma Pistol
Death Cult Assassin
-Exploit Weakness
Death Cult Assassin
-Hit & Run
-Killer Instict

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Eh, as someone who owns a box they really wouldn't be great at all. Chestpiece has a collar, pauldrons are completely different, and the helmet is nothing alike.

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We have a scan of the new kill team rules yet?

I'm ready to head down to my LGS and play a couple of games.

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Hopefully someone puts it in the OP next thread.

>Use Redium

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Thinking about it more, I could also do something for Yme Loc like the Biel Tan thorn: Maybe a chain theme, since they're connected to Vaul and Vaul was chained (by Khaine) to his anvil. That might be fun on the bikes and tanks.

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Do 11 bloodletters and 9 cultists with autoguns. From playing HoR Kill Team, I can attest that more bodies is usually better than superior units.

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I use this

Crusader Squad (5)
3xBP+CCW (Murderous Blows and the other with Infiltrate)
Sword Brother w/ Combi-Flamer
1x Missile Launcher (Expert Shot or Relentless)
Rhino w/ 2x Storm Bolters

Attack bike w/ Multi-melta

Everyone stays in the rhino and infiltrates and the Missile guy either stays inside the rhino or deploys on a vantage point.

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Not him but what about Daemons? Assuming Tzeentch/Slaanesh rather than Khorne/Nurgle ('cause that's what I have)

i'm thinking 15 horrors, 5 seekers? upgrade 1 of the seekers for the last 5 points

>> No.49177248

I am thinking to use a couple of Ravenwing knights. Not sure how I'll handle swarms, but eh.

Still sad that I can't have my 5 deathwing terminators against a swarm of enemies.

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Pink Horrors don't actually do anything in Kill Team. Brotherhood of Psykers doesn't work.

>> No.49177370

the horrors are daemonettes then i guess lol

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Will Cadia finally fall or will it be bypassed as the Eye of Terror completely opens?

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Trying to come up with a Killteam is surprisingly difficult. Most of the armies I have (Genestealers, Wraiths, Necrons) aren't very Your Dudes friendly. Maybe I'll do up some more Death Company, they seem like they'd be pretty good.

>> No.49177447

yeah thats the thing with the "take a squad at a time" rule. a lot of armies have to take like 20 models of generic dudes from the same unit with no customization and it loses a lot of the appeal

>> No.49177451

Horrors lose their psychic powers, so you're better off with Daemonettes.
Could do Flamers and Screamers though.

>> No.49177487

Four vanilla Skyweavers.

>> No.49177505

Yeah, and now looking at my elite customizable units, they soak up so many points that I can't do anything interesting without going way over 200. So now I'm looking at 5 DC marines that with a really basic spread of gear are already maxing out my points.

>> No.49177535

I see a ton of possibilities with Genestealers and a small group of something else. Lots of single model elite choices too.
Just pick out some fitting Specialist abilities, and make your specialists look 'battlescared', or even grab some Genestealer cultists models and run them as normal stealers.

>> No.49177536


Hit and run handles swarms; devastate them with shooting, get your 4 attacks on the charge, then run away on their turn so you can do it again.

>> No.49177559


Toying with a bunch of possibilities.
-Flanking Pathfinders with rail/ion and especial drones.
-Flanking Kroots
-Firewarriors with turret + Breachers.
-Crisis Bodyguard with characteristic systems.

>> No.49177574

Is there look out sir! in Kill Team? Can you go to grown?

>> No.49177587

Genestealer cults work nice too!

Favoured Disciples, 85
Faithful Throng, 110

28 models, with 4 special weapons. Not bad.

>> No.49177607

No Look Out Sir (as it would require models to be in the same 'unit', but in KT they're individual units), but you can Go to Ground.

>> No.49177657

How do you use markerlights in KillTeam? Is it just for individual soldiers or for the whole team firing at a single model?

>> No.49177682

Grav, was fighting marines

>> No.49177687


10 Marauders, 1 Brute
-Sniper w/ increased range of 54''
-Stubber w/ re-rolls on 2 wounds
-Brute w/ FNP

3 Sentinels
-3 heavy flamers

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Since we're ALL talking about Kill Team;

11 Plaguebearers (1 Plagueridden)
3 Nurglings
1 Beast of Nurgle.

Alternatively, the Nurglings and 1 Plaguebearer can be cut for 2 Beasts of Nurgle.

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Marker lights are expended after a unit uses them, so only individual models can use them as they are a unit unto itself.

>> No.49177715

New to Warhammer 40k
Which one is the most powerful species/civilization right now ?

>> No.49177721

A single model is a whole unit. So markerlights are generated on single dudes, and consumed by single attacks. Just imagine a single model is a whole blob of dudes condensed.

>> No.49177738

you're gonna wanna play tyranids
get shit tons of boxes of hormagaunts and swarm your opponent in them
get an allied detachment of orks and get lots of ork boyz as well (they're good for swarming too)

>> No.49177765

Fluffwise? Imperium, tyranids arent a civilization and the Necrons and Eldar are dying even harder than the Imperium.

>> No.49177772

my kill team list is so good

itll do really well


8 berzerkers

champion has axe of khorne and meltabombs

watch out guys, cheese coming through

>> No.49177778

You talking in theory
or in the game?
You talking physical strength, ability to exert power? Need some guidelines here?

>> No.49177798

>no rhino
ur fucked kid

>> No.49177799

Illegal. Marauders can only be taken if you have an HQ with Master of the Renegades special rule.

>> No.49177801

Tyranids and Orks

>> No.49177828

with KDK, the Goredrinker ruling is inconsistent in different sources. the Battlescribe says that the Goredrinker needs to be used for it's effect, while 1d4chan and Codex says no.
I'm curious to what is the current ruling for Goredrinker?

also I find it funny that in 1d4chan it says that duel-wielding powersword/Goredrinker is the way to go, when you can replace the sword with L.Claw for the same price.
>AP3 with shred on a Chaos lord for 15pts? yes please.

>> No.49177843

KillTeam 66 Conscripts.

Am I doing it right?

>> No.49177856

The codex is the only source you should be using.

>> No.49177866

Yes, but only if you name and write a backstory for each and every conscript.

>> No.49177873

>hey, this entire army's existence is based around this gimmick
>let's just remove it entirely instead of spending fifteen seconds thinking up an alternate tithe table for them to use
It's disgusting that people are getting so excited for such a lazy, poorly designed, piece of shit.

>> No.49177881

>the Goredrinker ruling is inconsistent in different sources
Then why are you checking form second hand sources?
>I find it funny that in 1d4chan it says that duel-wielding powersword/Goredrinker is the way to go, when you can replace the sword with L.Claw for the same price.
You will lose an attack when you finally start using the axe if you go with a claw

>> No.49177887

Sure, you can come over and fight my 66 plague zombies. It'll be a blast.

>> No.49177899 [DELETED] 

>get an allied detachment of orks
All sarcasm/joking aside, that's actually illegal.

>> No.49177916

Negative. Marauders are taken if your leader has no devotion to chaos. As I do not have a commander, I do not have a devotion to chaos for my army, therefor they are available. Taking any other option, such as devotion to nurgle, precludes the availability of marauders.

As per local store ruling. We've emailed FW to confirm this line of thought.

>> No.49177935

I'm not being sarcastic or joking. I am dead fucking serious.
Do not confuse the newbie. Orks are DEADLY.

>> No.49177946

The people telling you play Tyranids and Orks are trolls. They are among the weakest codices right now. Eldar, Tau and Space Marines are the best these days.

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>A chance to roll on a chart to get +1 attack or strength, *if* your one character happens kills the other guys one character.
>How dare they remove this rule

>> No.49178015

>May only be selected through the use of the Master of Renegades special rule
>If the Primary Detatchment of the army includes an Arch-demagouge as its Warlord then certain additional units are available for use in the army based on which Chaos Covenant has been selected.
No Arch-demagogue, no Marauders.

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>being this bad at 40k

>> No.49178022

A, when it's the closest thing to a army special rule that a faction has, it sucks to completely remove it when most other factions keep their rules just fine.

B, that's not even the right faction, dumbass. Why don't you shitpost somewhere else?

>> No.49178034

>Then why are you checking from second hand sources?
I have read the Codex but I do not know if there was an errata for KDK thus my confusion when Battlescribe says differently.
Was there an errata for KDK?

>> No.49178047

My bad, I thought you were bitching about Champion of Chaos. I saw Zerkers and jumped.

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File: 72 KB, 876x119, FUCK GW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its not like the blood tithe table wasnt just a big fuck you to us anyway

>here khorne player, we know how much you love CSM being focused on demons and cults, so heres a shitty codex that forces you to spam demons and cultists
>see, watching your own units get raped to death is fun, everytime they die you get a point that can be used to give your berzerkers great bonuses like rage and furious charge, which they totally dont already have
thanks gw

>> No.49178075

Well, having to charge the target of your shooting phase is a problem, as a combined shooting + charge with a Corvus hammer seems a tad overkill. All 4 attacks will go on my target, after all.

>> No.49178093

kdks not a shitty codex if you mean power
summonings pretty good

>> No.49178162

Insatiable Bloodlust is kinda neat since it gives each subfaction the USR that the other one gets by default...except both sides already get pretty widespread access to both rules anyways.

>> No.49178174

KDK is only good if you want to spam dogs and cultists, and summon demons.

that big angry red space marine on the cover doesnt actually benefit from the book at all

>> No.49178286

What is the battlefield role of the Dark Artisan formation? You deep strike it in the enemies face, then what? Go for warlords/HQ's? Or what?

>> No.49178358

Does tactical doctrine apply when overwatching?

>> No.49178440

Haven't had a lok at the updated rules but figured I'd try to emulate the DoW 2 crew, and then fill in the rest.

>> No.49178477


>> No.49178592

>You will lose an attack when you finally start using the axe if you go with a claw
I've considered what you said. While true, it doesn't seem as too much of a loss.

KDK Chaos Lord is already getting a +2A because Rage, and I plan on biking him so he gets that extra HoW (+bike squad). Also, I don't see myself using the Axe unless it's a Vehicle/TEQ where the axe is more effective but suffers to Unwieldy, which makes the loss of a single melee attack doesn't seem too important since I'm striking last with it anyways against TEQs, whereas the L.Claw will give me more wounds to inflict in early game assault to buff the Goredrinker effect.

which reminds me of another question I have
>if you get one of the higher tier effects from Goredrinker, do you get the lower ones too at the same time?

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File: 156 KB, 1489x536, 3e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tyranids are my favorite due to my love of the Alien movies. Since childhood, I would watch any movie that had outer space alien seeking to kill and reproduce in mass numbers (Predators are also cool). Those aliens in starship trooper were also cool.

>> No.49178714

Movie Bugs a shit.

>> No.49178732

How's this KT look?

>Deldar Kill Team 200pts

Wyches x7
>Dirty Specialist - Exploit Weakness
Wych w/Hydra Gauntlets

Scourges x5
>Weapon Specialist - Sharpshooter
Scourge w/Blaster
>Indomitable Specialist - Relentless
Scourge w/Splinter cannon
Solarite w/Splinter pistol + Venom blade

>> No.49178771

i'd rather run warriors over wyches

>> No.49178776

Blood Angels

Tac Squad with Plasma Gun

Assault Squad with 2x Plasma Gun

Tac squad stands in line of sight to soak wounds and provide intervening models cover. Plasma gunners kill shit, assault squad dudes charge at dangerous things with HoW and ties them up in combat.

All three plasma gunners are specialists, one with FNP, one with Master Crafted, the other will also get some sort of re-rolling buff if I can get it.

>> No.49178795

That is to say:
Stormboy Nob
Tankbusta Nob (No lootas sadly)
Kommando Nob

>> No.49178942

Probably. I like having Rending on the Hydra Gauntlet, though. I didn't see a specialist option that Kabalites could use that the Scourges aren't already using.

>> No.49178985

Man, why are there people out there that hate fun?

I don't play R&H but I can't imagine those marauders are THAT good that people need to sperg out over them. What happened to rule of cool? The sentinels are the scary part.

>> No.49179056

combination of, or exclusively, crisis suits, stealth suits, drones and/or pathfinders
would run breachers but fucking devilfishes arent allowed in KT for some dumb fucking reason...

>> No.49179076
File: 21 KB, 370x119, YoureWrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If they wanna run that list, more power to em. The game is hardly 'balanced'. I could 'legally' run 66 conscripts. So what should I give if something is 'legal'

But to be like 'Ehem, no, my list is perfectly legal', when its blatantly not, is fucking stupid. That rule requires zero interpretation. Its not 'sperging out' to just post the rule verbatim.

>> No.49179127

Devilfishes are fine. 33 armour on the nose, not more than 3 hull points. I fail to see how it's illegal.

>> No.49179167

wasnt there a list of allowed units in the new kill team? devilfishes werent on there for tau

>> No.49179173

Got my 3rd game going on today, 650pts of my Eldar vs Necrons. I know he's got Orikan, whom I hear is a bugger to kill, so my plan is to load up on shuriken cannons and drown him in rends whilst my Scorps and Avengers hold down any other threats. Am I boned?

>> No.49179184

He is right

>> No.49179201

No. There was a blurry picture posted without context. Has nothing to do with kill team. The book has no restrictions aside from
>No more than 33 armour
>No more than 3 hp/wounds
>No flyers
>0-2 Troops, 0-1 Elite, 0-1 Fast Attack
And a spattering of special rules changes.

>> No.49179228

Orikan doesn't care about ap, you want volume of fire or a D weapon.

>> No.49179250

oh cool
nvm then breachers in d fishes hooo

>> No.49179324

Well I'm not taking D weapons until 1500pts, so I guess switch out the shuriken cannon jetbikes for scatbikes? I hear they are OP, but are 3 of them ok against a high-tier army like Necrons?

>> No.49179325

>Starship Troopers

This nigga knows

>> No.49179349

It kinda depends on how hes using orikan. If he's just used as a super cryptek in support of warriors cannons will do fine. Otherwise yeah, scats are a good idea, especially as you'll be able to outrange pretty much everything necrons have.

>> No.49179389


I keep on trying to think of an Ork kill team list, and I honestly can't think of anything. Everything just seems way too crippled to work.

>> No.49179432 [DELETED] 

Grots and 3 killa kanz.

>> No.49179457

Boys, Kommandos, and Stormboys. Bodies is key in Kill Team.

>> No.49179474

hrmn. how good could a kill team of sicarian ruststalkers or infiltrators do?

>> No.49179525

Not great, considering you're getting 5-6 dudes that are T3. Infiltrators maybe though, they're pretty good, I bet flachette blasters preform well in kt.

>> No.49179548
File: 316 KB, 1073x1226, Abaddon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Abaddon's thirteenth Black Crusade threatens to be the greatest war ever to engulf the Imperium (and that's saying something!). For years, the Despoiler has been poised to make his move. And now, it begins.

>Traitor's Hate' is a brand new campaign book that details the first strike in Abaddon's latest campaign, as the forces of Chaos descend upon an Imperial world with Khârn the Betrayer at their head. The Blood Angels stand against them and the scene is set for an epic battle.

Remember when people disagreed with the fact that the 13th Black Crusade was larger and greater than the HH? They got BTFO.

The forces Abaddon commands dwarf anything Horus ever commanded. And on his sides he has mighty legends like Doombreed, Be'lakor. and the Daemon Primarchs/

What does the Imperium have? Nothing. The Loyalist Primarchs are long gone. The Emperor is dying. The Eldar slit their own throats in Death Masque. The Dark Eldar are undergoing their own apocalypse. The imperium sealed the Tau behind a wall of fire. The Necrons have gone silent on a galactic scale. The Orks are smashing into the Imperium.

The imperium stands alone and it won't stand for long.


>> No.49179560


But we're talking 6+ or, at best, 4+ saves. It just feels like even bolters are going to rip any Ork specialist apart.

>> No.49179602

And that's why bodies are key. 5 bolter toting marines can only kill at most 5 orks in a turn. 20+ orks could potentially kill 5 marines faster. Also think cover (and a pretty big lack of 'Ignores Cover'), since you wanna play on a dense board. Infiltrate for objectives, tarpit things with stormboys, and throw dice at them with the boys.

>> No.49179641

Yeah, careful about relying too much on a few models with 5+

Relying on cover gets you killed when people seem to spam flamers. Or that tau guy who had 3 crisis suits with double airbursting fragmentation blasters. Large blasts with ignores cover and AP5 is brutal against armies relying on cover.

At least orders are weaker here, unlike in HoR, where the local IG faggot have all but forced cover ignoring shenanigans, thanks to pushing in the Tau bros who accepted not to bring markerlights at all, into spamming them anyway. Him using a ton of high S, how AP guns with the ignore cover bubble was just plain bullshit, and he was tabling pretty much everybody. Not enough Los blocking terrain, sadly.

>> No.49179664

It's not quite as bad as you can spread out a lot more to avoid templates.

>> No.49179689

But when you only have like 10 models, you are kinda fucked when the enemy hits even 3 of your dudes with flamers. They'll pretty much just drop dead without much chance of surviving.

>> No.49179703

Yeah, but we have Drop Pods.

>> No.49179722




I think Scourges have more potential than Reavers in KT because of the 4+/6++, plus the weapon options. I'm tempted to swap the relentless Canon for a relentless Dark Lance because they're only going to be shooting one model.

>> No.49179778

Illegal list. You can only have 1 elite choice at max.

>> No.49179789 [SPOILER] 
File: 410 KB, 500x372, 1473058095307.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Way ahead of you. I mean, a formation of 48 old Berzerkers? I can fucking wait!

>> No.49179817

Why can't Berzerkers look like the FW world eaters...

>> No.49179878

5 Rustalkers with omni mask. Or maybe something with grotesques I'm not sure yet.

>> No.49179903


>Bigger than the HH
>Going to get stopped by one chapter and some beep boops

Not seeing it.

>> No.49179936


You can play them in kill team, just be aware that unless you roll doombolt you won't be able to reliably deal with enemy transports.

>> No.49179947
File: 727 KB, 600x826, Kharn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Traitor's Hate is the first strike/first blood of the war. It's fitting that Kharn will draw first blood in the war that will end the Imperium.

>> No.49179965

>Eight skulls of each world eater leftover commander after HH

If not for the derpy face that pic would be perfect.

>> No.49179982

>5 Breachers
>5 Fire Warriors
You just said 10 Fire Warriors.

>> No.49179985


200 pt SoB kill team

Celestians x5
>Specialist - Relentless
>Specialist - Rending
Superior w/Bolt Pistol+Chainsword

Dominions x5
Melta x3
>Specialist - Eagle Eye
Veteran Superior

10 3+/6++ bodies, 4 meltas(one 18"), a flamer, and a relentless multi melta seems pretty good I think.

>> No.49179986

>The Necrons have gone silent on a galactic scale
because they manipulated abadababdabaddon into taking the talismans of vaul out of imperial protection to be more easily destroyed when he overextends on cadia

>getting hype for a watered down and likely butchered re-telling of something that was quite good

>> No.49180002

>CSM are as insufferable, whiny and entitled as always.
Seems about right.

>> No.49180005

I count 7?

>> No.49180021

>why do csm want a playable army?
>*spams grav*

>> No.49180038

Da fuck.

>> No.49180043

Go play Eternal Crusade. Chaos is OP as fuck in that.

>> No.49180055
File: 37 KB, 487x465, The Deceiver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because they manipulated abadababdabaddon into taking the talismans of vaul out of imperial protection to be more easily destroyed when he overextends on cadia

You mean the C'tan known as the Deceiver manipulated Abaddon into causing the Gothic War in order to remove the BSF from the board.

This goes into the trash now because it's Oldcron fluff and the C'tan are sharded. The Blackstone Fortresses pose no threat to the Necrons.

The Newcrons disappeared from the scene in end of 999 41K. They might be planning something or maybe they decided to wait out the Apocalypse. We don't know.


Basically, it ended with nothing achieved and no meaningful change to the setting. It was a failure.

>> No.49180072


>> No.49180129

It's a warhammer game that's in alpha right now. Full of bugs and terrible balance. Chaos is OP as fuck because literally every single dev is a Chaos-fag.

>> No.49180149

>Basically, it ended with nothing achieved and no meaningful change to the setting.
>chaos didn't win so nothing happened
you're hilarious

>This goes into the trash now because it's Oldcron fluff and the C'tan are sharded.
It's chaos fluff. It's imperial fluff. It's eldar fluff. The gothic war remains unchanged, and we know shards can still do things behind the scenes. That's why newcrons are so paranoid about actually using the things.

>> No.49180158

Does quantum shielding count for the AV limit in Kill Team?

>> No.49180213

Yeah, nothing changed. Status quo was preserved which is the worst thing ever. So new fluff will automatically be better.

>It's chaos fluff. It's imperial fluff. It's eldar fluff. The gothic war remains unchanged,

No, it has changed. The C'tan involvement is no longer mentioned in any GW retelling.

>nd we know shards can still do things behind the scenes.

Don't tell a Necronfag about his own fluff!

The C'tan shards are mostly feral and dumb. They don't have the brain power to plan huge wars or anything. There is ZERO fluff of C'tan shards being anything else but dumb weapons of war.

>That's why newcrons are so paranoid about actually using the things.

They are cautious because there is a small chance of C'tan shards being freed from their bonds and murdering everything around them.

>> No.49180220

>Zoanthropes are Brotherhood of Psykers
>Ignore Brotherhood of Psykers for KT
>GW batrep for KT has Zoans using powers

Does this mean that each model is its own psyker?

>> No.49180251

Technically no.

>> No.49180264

There are 2 possibilities
>GW fucked up
Coulda put the White Dwarf out before Kill Team was in print.
>Zoanthrope simply has the power regardless.
Like a Broodlord, it *does* say that the Zoanthrope has the power, instead of saying it has to generate it.

So, since that's GW's stance, yeah, every Zoanthrope is a psyker.

>> No.49180269

Shut the fuck up and buy more Zoanthropes!

>> No.49180271

If I run Skitarii solo, am I totally boned?

>> No.49180287

Is a five-man DC squad a bad idea for KT? I feel like I'm gonna get blown the fuck out for having such a small team. Individually they're pretty killy, though.

>Jump packs
>Thunder Hammer, Bolter
>Power Sword, Bolt Pistol
>Chainsword, Hand Flamer
>Chainsword, Infernus Pistol
>Chainsword, Plasma Pistol

I feel like I've got an okay spread there, I'm just worried about being overwhelmed by bigger teams.

>> No.49180306

Forgot to add that thinking C'tan shards would go after the Blackstone Fortresses is incredibly dumb. What sharded and killed the C'tan were the Necron super weapons. If the C'tan shards were intelligent creatures, they would hunt the tombs that hide these weapons or pursue the Silent King who hid them.

The Blackstone fortresses play no role in the Newcron lore. The C'tan shards caring about them is nonsensical. It's like caring about a needle lost in a haystack when your mortal enemy has a chainsaw on standby.

>> No.49180324


>Pink Horrors are Psykers
>22 horrors is 198pts
>each is a psyker
>1d6+22 warp charges

>> No.49180348

Tweaked my list a bit from the last thread

200 pt gk kill team

7 Purifiers:
1 knight of the flame, halberd
2 purifiers, falchions (one with killer instinct, one with machine saboteur)
3 purifiers, swords
1 purifier, psycannon (relentless)

>> No.49180367

Then fuck that shitty game.
Already locked me outta heavy support where half my wortwhile shit is.

>> No.49180368

>Yeah, nothing changed. Status quo was preserved
you're just precious

>chaos losing so hard the eye recedes is just the status quo
>cadia actually getting so thoroughly destroyed its people have to completely evacuate and become nomads is business as usual
>orks setting up fortress worlds in the cadian gate to prove a point is nothing out of the ordinary
>dark eldar saying "fuck putting us on the evil side, GW" and kicking ahriman out of the webway is standard behaviour
>necrons revealing they'd been playing abaddon like a damn fiddle for years and blowing up his toy is nothing special
>eldrad getting killed because he's a dingus happens every day
You just don't like it because it's plot advancement that doesn't favor chaos.

>No, it has changed. The C'tan involvement is no longer mentioned in any GW retelling.
It hasn't changed. The "retellings" are point for point the same as they always were. It's not until eldrad and the talismans themselves show up around cadia that the readers are informed that the necrons have been planning something.

>They are cautious because there is a small chance of C'tan shards being freed from their bonds and murdering everything around them.
They are cautious because there is a chance the C'tan shards will break free from bondage and start trying to rule them again.

>> No.49180378

>bigger than the HH
Uh, source?
I mean, even disregarding the fact that Chaos seems to have eaten all the good gear from back then I cannot see how half the *legions*, a good third of the mechanicum and the imperial army and all the daemons ever can be any less than what Abby has now.
Nevermind how the traitors are also saddled with ten-thousand years of betrayal, deceit, petty vengance, civil war and other shit.
But I guess author fiat is a thing, so it's probably true.

>> No.49180399

Why aren't those dreads armed with chainfists on both arms anon?

>> No.49180438

Does Abbdons forces number ~a million marines?

Sons of Horus - Between 130,000 and 170,000
Iron Warriors - 150,000 to 180,000
World Eaters - 150,000
Word Bearers - 100,000 to 150,000
Night Lords - 90,000 to 120,000
Emperor's Children - 110,000
Death Guard - 95,000
Alpha Legion - 90,000 to 180,000
Thousand Sons - 10,000.

>> No.49180441

Got a question about Necron cheese. What are the units you should ideally avoid to give your opponent a fighting chance and how many of them would be cross the threshold from "strong but fair" to "Get the fuck out of here"?

Or is everything ok as long as you run a CAD?

>> No.49180446

Yes, nothing changed. Cadia has a massive invasion every hundred years and then gets rebuild.

What the Orks did was of no value.

Ahriman fails as usual.

And C'tan manipulating the scenes and the Warmaster was known since their codex release and the Gothic War storyline.

The only thing that might be counted as a change is Eldrad fate but it was hinted that he not be dead.

Yeah, nothing changed. Everything was going back to the way it was.

>It hasn't changed. The "retellings" are point for point the same as they always were. It's not until eldrad and the talismans themselves show up around cadia that the readers are informed that the necrons have been planning something.

Wrong, wrong. We were told that the C'tan were involved in Codex Oldcrons.

Newcron fluff mention nothing of that or on top of that Eldrad new story has him focusing 100% on Chaos and not focusing on the Necrons at all.

>They are cautious because there is a chance the C'tan shards will break free from bondage and start trying to rule them again.

Come don't be an idiot.

Name a single freed C'tan shards that attempted to take control over the Necrons? You can't.

Necron shards who get freed destroy the Necrons and escape every single time.

>> No.49180448


>> No.49180481

>Uh, source?

-The Night Lords Omnibus.
-The Traitor's Hand ad announcement
"Abaddon's thirteenth Black Crusade threatens to be the greatest war ever to engulf the Imperium"
-The Black Legion supplement

Posting Night Lords quotes in a few minutes.

>> No.49180486

Pretty much yeah.

>> No.49180495

Most of the power comes from the decurion and fast attack units.

>> No.49180503

Please don't, carnac

>> No.49180505

Also it was shown that C'tan shards are too dumb to beat the security protocols of Necron systems in the Shield of Baal.

>> No.49180514

That's a shame cause I love the Wraith models and wanted to run at least a squad of 3 to mop up remnants from my 2 parked Doomsday Arks.

>> No.49180527

>be called Thousand sons
>have 10 times more marines
Sneaky wizards

>> No.49180533

It's out of my hand now.

>‘I wanted to know something before you died, Ruven. What did you gain from that first betrayal? Why did you turn from the Eighth Legion and wear the colours of Horus’s Sons?’

>‘We are all Horus’s sons. We all carry his legacy with us.’ Ruven couldn’t help the edge of passion creeping into his tone. ‘Abaddon is the Bane of the Imperium, brother. His is the name whispered by a trillion frightened souls. Have you heard the legends? The Imperium even believes him to be Horus’s cloned son. And he bears that legend for a reason. The Imperium will fall. Perhaps not this century, and perhaps not the next. But it will fall, and Abaddon will be there, boot on the throat of the Emperor’s bloodless corpse. Abaddon will be there the night the Astronomican dies and the Imperium – at last – falls dark.’

>‘You still believe we can win this war?’ Talos hesitated, for this was something he’d simply never expected. ‘If Horus failed, what chance does his son have?’

>‘Every chance, for no matter what you or I might say, it’s a destiny written in the stars themselves. How much larger are the forces in the Eye now, than those that first fled after the failed Siege of Terra? How many billions of men, how many countless thousands of ships, have rallied to the Warmaster’s banner in ten millennia? Abaddon’s might eclipses anything Horus ever commanded. You know that as well as I. If we could refrain from butchering one another for long enough, we’d already be pissing on the Imperium’s bones.’

-Night Lords Omnibus

>> No.49180542

A single squad won't ruin anyone's day.

>> No.49180556

Neat. Any advice then? I can already tell the lack of transports will hurt.

>> No.49180561

What factions do Kill team well and which suck at it?

>> No.49180563

>play Killteam against spess muhreens
>bring tyranid warriors and a bunch of 18 gaunts
>tabled turn 3 because relentless heavy bolter murdered one of my warriors each and every turn, and a third of the gaunts died each turn
Same old, same old

>> No.49180576

I'm glad to hear that, I don't want to shit on anyone's parade with my chosen dudes.

>> No.49180581
File: 138 KB, 620x877, Daemons_WH_art_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who needs marines, when you have daemons?

And Fabius has gone to work all these years.

>> No.49180621


Except he didn't. Those numbers represent the legions at full strength. About 1/3 of the traitor legions were culled for being potential loyalists plus even more men wasted on pointless seiging and keikaku plans.

>> No.49180646

Literally came to ask for Tyranid advice on Kill Team, because I've always loved them but never enough to do a full army.

So far I was thinking:

Warrior Brood (2x Deathspitter, 1x Lash/Bone) - 120

Hormagaunt Brood (13) - 65

Spore Mine Cluster - 15

Probably going to be absolutely minced though.

>> No.49180660

>Learn to love the crab tank
>Vanguard + Sicarian infiltrator charges are fun
Seriously, i've forgotten to use them so often. I still win most of the time though.
>It's nice to have a few ballistari at the back line with lascannons or auto cannons
>Omnispecs thingy on rangers is nice
>Utilize LoS blocking terrain

the first couple of tips from my play time. Do take it with a pinch of salt since i dont play competitively (because honestly, what twat wants to voluntarily participate in that fuckfest)

>> No.49180671

Also found another one from the Eldar dex. Seems like the 13th Black Crusade is the largest Chaotic invasion the galaxy/real space ever seen


>Abaddon the Despoiler launches the greatest invasion of realspace ever seen. Ulthwé has waited long for this moment, and leads the craftworlds to war. The Eldar cause horrific damage to the Chaos Space Marine Legions on dozens of worlds, suffering untenable casualties in their turn as the minions of the Great Enemy fight back. The death toll rises ever higher, with no end in sight.

>> No.49180693

Still way more than whatever ravaged remnants fleeing to the eye of terror with a couple of scrub-tier renegade chapters.
And it's not like Abby doesn't have his own share of pointless wastes of troops and keikaku nonsense.

>> No.49180709

>Still way more than whatever ravaged remnants fleeing to the eye of terror with a couple of scrub-tier renegade chapters.
nice headcanon, too bad all of the fluff, even old fluff, disagrees with you.

>> No.49180718

>it's not like Abby doesn't have his own share of pointless wastes of troops and keikaku nonsense.

Actually, he doesn't. Each invasion and each war has paid back gains that made the Black Legion grow larger and stronger.

>> No.49180731

It's implied that none of his crusades failed, the objectives he needed to achieve were achieved.

>> No.49180744

Are infiltrators actually worth the points cost? I wrote them off since 185 points in a 1000pt army is a big deal.

From recollection: 2 5-man Ranger squads with 2 arc rifles each, 2 10-man Vanguards with 3 arc rifles each (I like arc rifles.), 3 Sydonians, 2 Ballistarius, 3 Dunecrawlers, the last three all bare. Might have had something else in there. Warlord in one of the Vanguard squads.

Omnispexes, I'll consider, but I'm still waiting for my next box to come in, and I've already made the Omnispex base model up as a ranger with a rifle.

>> No.49180808

Can someone explain the kill team list making to me please?

Do I have to buy the min squad or so I just buy the single model for it's add on to the base squad cost?

>> No.49180810

Actually, speaking of Abbadon, does anybody actually like him?
I mean, I play CSM and I consider him boring as sin and highly uninteresting when compared to all the colorful nutcases in the traitor lineup.
I mean, I get it, he's the 40k version of Archaon and needs to be hyped up as the ultimate bad guy, but unlike Archaon (who was already pretty bland outside a few novels), there seems to be nothing compelling at all about Abbadon.

>> No.49180821

Read the fucking pdf. It's not that hard.

>> No.49180847

I can't find the pdf you goddamn kike.

>> No.49180848

They're squishy, agreed. At a first glance they seem mediocre for their cost.
But with doctrines + TaserGoads/Flechette + their various special rules makes them scary on the charge.
>Infiltrate gets them where they need to be.
>Dunestrider makes them bretty fast
>Actual FnP helps even though they're still t3
>stealth helps them surviving jumping from cover to cover
>The Taser/Flechette combo is superior against pretty much all targets.
>Neurostatic aura is just great
They are very much a skill=reward unit.

>> No.49180856

How do you even remember to breathe? Shouldn't you have accidentally drowned yourself staring into rain years ago?

>> No.49180858

Hey guys,

Playing 40k with a bunch of my friends tomorrow. One of them hasn't played since like 3rd edition and the others will all be new so I threw together a one page cheat sheet to go with Arbitons reference sheet. Tell me what you think and if there are any changes that need to be made. Thanks in advance.

>> No.49180874

>Never played before
>People discussing kill team locally
>Join the general to ask for tips
>Get autisms screeching at you when you ask a question

And you wonder why people play Warmachine instead.

>> No.49180900

Infiltrators are nice to have if you can spare the points. Don't splurge too much on them they are good enough as MSU, maybe with a 4++ on the princeps.
Never ever take them with stub-carbines and powerswords, those are a trap.
Between Scout, Infiltrate and Dunestrider these guys can be where you want them to be in a hurry, spreading their debuff und harassing units. Either have them make a nuisance of themselves by hunting backline support and the like or send them into the thick of it and force the enemy to deal with them right now to get rid of the debuff bubble in the middle of his army. Either way your opponent will need to devote troops to handling them, which will leave the rest of your forces with less enemy attention.

>> No.49180960

The rules have already been posted in this very thread, tardlord.

>> No.49181022
File: 49 KB, 250x250, Grammar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This spells the end for Ulthwe, as they throw themselves on the pyre weeping "We Wuz Kangz!" while minions from the Warp are literally endless.

>> No.49181026

In epub form.

>> No.49181040

Crusader Squad
Sword Brother with Power Sword, hoping for the seize the initiate warlord trait or Been There, Seen it, Done it to get killer instinct.
Initiate with plasmagun - Weapon Specialist (Ignores Cover)
Initiate with multimelta - Indomitable Specialist (Relentless)
Two bolt pistol & chainsword initiates

Tactical Squad
Sergeant with stormbolter because this is the only place it might do okay, not even great, and I want to finally use the sword brother model I built with one.
The Imperial Space Marine - Guerrilla Specialist (Preferred Enemy)
Three tactical marines.

>> No.49181055

>imperial space marine
>in kill team
suck a horse dong, faggot

>> No.49181063

>Thousand Sons - 10,000.
False, the thousand sons book mentions that only a thousand survived and were transported to the planet of warlocks and many of those thousand became rubicae after Ahriman's fail attempt to stop the flesh changes

>> No.49181069

He is more interesting in the early Horus heresy novels. In 40k he is just a Saturday morning cartoon villain. I'll get you next! Mwhuhhahuh

>> No.49181108

>there seems to be nothing compelling at all about Abbadon.

Have you read the novel "Talon of Horus"?

You got it wrong.

Necrons are cartoony villains. Abaddon is the dark savior of mankind. Basically, the anti-hero of 40K.

>> No.49181112

A termi weapon specialist equipped with an assault cannon with the ability that lets you fire at multiple targets would have been fun really

>> No.49181156
File: 1.65 MB, 1328x952, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really tempted to do these:
>Sicarian Infiltrators
- Infiltrator Princeps (leader; conversion field, flechette blaster & taser goad)
- Infiltrator (guerilla specialist: preferred enemy; flechette blaster & taser goad)
- Infiltrator (weapon specialist: machine saboteur; flechette blaster & taser goad)
- Infiltrator (dirty fighter specialist: exploit weakness; flechette blaster & taser goad)
- Infiltrator (flechette blaster & taser goad)

>> No.49181157

>The Imperial Space Marine

>> No.49181159

Thats what I'm saving for tau crisis suits and eldar wraith lists I'm going to see anyway :^). I'm probably just going to take some sternguard in a razorback otherwise.

>> No.49181165

Mankind ill needs a savior such as armless.

>> No.49181176

The Emperor failed, Abaddon is the best they got.

>> No.49181185

Don't jet packs move 6" in the movement phase?

>> No.49181190
File: 814 KB, 300x225, 1462763241502.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying they're in a worst situation than dark eldars, Tyranids or Orkz
>Implying they don't have any support >ignoring FW, daemons, daemonkind
And dataslates.
As a DE player I don't have any pity or compassion for the likes of you.

>> No.49181199

I was already making a HoR team right before the new rules were announced so I have a bunch of Skitarii Vanguard and a couple of Sicarian Infiltrators ready to go. Its a shame I cant use my Dominus in official KT though

>> No.49181207


Yep you're right, good eye!

>> No.49181233


There aren't really any elves like them. I fucking hate elves in every setting except 40k. There are so many interconnected aspects (pun intended) to them that you can't really say there's nothing beyond Slaanesh.

>> No.49181245

WS chart is wrong.

>> No.49181248
File: 179 KB, 220x487, Shas'La Shash'ka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I see you're Pretty Good
>I'm Pretty Good myself

>> No.49181264

Dark Elda, come on! They can convert up some Eldar jetbikes and wraith whatever with spikes and bam they are OP. CSM can't really model demons as chaos space marines.

Orks are fucked I agree though. They got their mek guns tho

>> No.49181301
File: 282 KB, 1920x1080, chaos-space-marines-codex-warhammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to make the Chaos Space Marine squad not suck? I feel they get expensive wat to quickly for them to be an effective unit.

>> No.49181307

>Implying they're in a worst situation than CSM, Tyranids or Orkz
>Implying they don't have any support
>ignoring FW, CW Eldar, Corsairs
>And dataslates.
As a Ork player I don't have any pity or compassion for anyone but Tyranids.

>> No.49181312

>the ability that lets you fire at multiple targets would have been fun really
Holy shit.

I am making a crisis suit with dual burst cannon. Charge him straight into the middle of the enemy team, and then 360 noscope 8 models around him.

And then die because I didn't kill anything, but fuck it, I need to make this happen.

>> No.49181316


Fuck, thanks man. I forgot you need more than double to be 5+.

>> No.49181362


>Dark Eldar totally have the same modus operandi as CWE, just use their codex!
>If only spikey marines had a top tier equivalent...

Nigga, are you for realzies?

>> No.49181366

So, I wanna get back into 40k using Black Templars. Nothing competitive (maybe later down the road) just wanna play some games with another friend who's getting back into it (he's fielding CSM). What would you guys recommend?

I was thinking something like:
HQ (Chaplain probably)
2x Crusader Squads (40)
Land Raider Crusader
2x Vindicators

Also, I've got a couple land speeders still in shrink wrap from way back when. Not sure if I'll use 'em.

>> No.49181394

Ignoring your retarded hypocrisy in telling CSM players to just ally in a superior codex when Dark Eldar are butt buddies with CWE, Dark Eldar are better than Chaos Space Marines.

>> No.49181415

Why didn't they just make knights and astra Miltarum codexes able to ally battle brother with chaos and imperial? Why make unique chaos rules? Seems pointless

>> No.49181430

Give them Stubborn. Keep Mark prices roughly the same but improve them. MoN goes to FnP and +1 T, Mark of Khorne goes to +1 A and Furious Charge, Mark of Slaanesh goes to +1 I and Fleet, and Mark of Tzeentch does something more than +1 Invuln (and goes back to 5++ base). Add cost-effective cult equipment. Noise weapons, Khorne chain weapons (probably doing the 30k +1 S thing or giving them Shred or Rending), Plague munitions, magical shit for Tzeentch. Icons that aren't ass and work as Deep Strike homers.

Getting them into position will still be an issue. Drop Pods would be an easy solution, but Rhinos are pretty much fucked as transports for elite units. They could use a new middle ground assault transport.

>> No.49181432

Well good because you can't do competitive with Black Templars, prepare for the CSM guy to still moan every time you win with crusader squads in Land Raiders though because 'Codex SM' OP.

Also if you aren't running named characters your go-to HQ should probably be the Emperor's Champion and those Land Speeders would make decent tank poppers, which is something you can't do very well with the rest of your list.

>> No.49181437

any link to the new withe dwarf pdf?

>> No.49181444

If you're just going to be playing non competitive for now I'd suggest not asking here and just taking what you want to start with. You'll only get shit for picking Black Templars or competitive advice.

>> No.49181445

Black Templars are still better than Codex: Tactical Marines without ATSKNF or Chapter Tactics. Stay mad.

>> No.49181561

See what I mean.

>> No.49181576

And .pdf at some stage over the last two or three threads, but what's wrong with .epub? Just dl a reader dingdong.

>> No.49181599

This >>49181444
You'll get nothing but min-maxy nitpicks here, just take what you like. Especially against CSM, both of you are running what are considered subpar/overcosted in the current ruleset/meta, so you should be able to just have fun without one of you really being too OP over the other.

>> No.49181613

War of Sigmar says:
>Blood angel supplement is on the way : Angel Blade
>This was expected are they are the main "good guys" against Kharn

>this is from grot ordrely:

>So this week we will hear about the new Supplement for Blood Angels, called Angel's Blade. It will involve Chaos Space Marines invasion on some planet (of course). 9 new formations, 2 new detachments as well as Death Company relics and tactical objectives, wargear upgrades and 3 new missions to top it all of.
>New Blood Angel Termie Captain DC Chaplain and updates to Assault and Devastator squads.

>Angels' Blade (supplement) - 30GBP / 39EUR
>BA Death Company Strike Force - 80GBP / 105EUR
>BA Archangels Orbital Intervention Force - 80GBP / 100EUR
>BA Chapter Ancients - 65GBP / 80EUR
>We will also get new boxes for Blood Angels Vanguard, Assault, Sternguard and Company Command.
I thought the Blood Angels' thing at this point in the timeline was making sure their homeworld doesn't get eaten by nids, but apparently they've got spare troops to send against chaos.

>> No.49181656


I actually meant using the current codex

>> No.49181680

epub isn't displaying text for me in 2 different epub readers.

Any chance you have the PDF?

>> No.49181694

Put a min squad in a rhino with special+matching combi, it's not the most competitive unit but it does the job.

>> No.49181725

Maybe it's set a few centuries ago.

>> No.49181729

Devilpede Siege Crawler- 125 Points

4 3 6 13 12 11 4 4 3 Vehicle (Walker, Transport)

Two Havoc Launchers

>Special Rules
Siege Crawler (Adds 3" to all movements. The first time this vehicle suffers an Immobilized result, it instead loses a hull point and this special rule.- Maulerfiends, and Defilers both get the same ability.)

Daemonic Possession (Gains the Daemon rule, reduces its Ballistic Skill to 3, and Snap Fires its weapons at full Ballistic Skill.)

Assault Vehicle

>Transport Capacity
Twelve models- May not transport Terminators)

The XXXXX Siege Crawler may replace both of its Havoc Launchers with one of the following options-
-Gunnery Deck (Adds a firing port for four models on the top of the model. Models firing off the Deck have Relentless as long as the Crawler does not run.).........Free
-A single Ectoplasm Cannon............+10 Points
-Pair of Reaper Autocannons (R: 36" S:7 AP:4 Assault 3, Twin-Linked)........+25 Points

May be taken as a Dedicated Transport for Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Chosen, all Cult Marines, and Chaos Havocs. May also be taken as a Fast Attack choice.

>> No.49181736

Ah, then no. You can't. Just run Codex: Space Marines if you want to be able to run MEQ's that aren't ass.

>> No.49181741

>Can't include terminators in your Kill team
Why live?

>> No.49181742

is there an optimal loadout for the tau crisis suits?

>> No.49181751

>stupid enough to use GW's half-assed pathetic excuse for a release instead of just using the free and superior HoR fan release
Why live?

>> No.49181775

Why does the OP image read "of far future" as opposed to "of THE far future"?

>> No.49181807

How would this do in Kill team

10 Guardians + Warlock leader
Heavy weapons platform scatter laser
2 Striking scorpions

>> No.49181810

5 Flamers of Tzeentch
3 Screamers of Tzeentch

>> No.49181818

You new or something? It has always been like this.

>> No.49181825

>As a Ork player I don't have any pity or compassion for anyone but Tyranids.

As an Ork player my compassion and pity for Tyranid players is somewhat limited thanks to the guys who start pulling six Flyrants out of their cases.

>> No.49181830

Are Demons, CSM and SM all Battle Brothers?

>> No.49181840

Same can be said fror multiple klawstompas and a Buzzgob.

>> No.49181847

That doesn't answer the why.

Only adds another.

>> No.49181875

Varies with the job

>> No.49181893


It was an error from the start, and despite hundreds of revisions, it stuck around. At some point, it just became part of the (admittedly derpy) charm.

>> No.49181951

Only reason i didnt kill it was because i lacked the knight template

>> No.49181957

I had thought kill team would be more casual...

>show up with my usual marines for kill team.
>someone asks if I want to do kill team
>no idea what to do, so I just take 14 vanilla tactical, no upgrades, to fit inside the limit of 200 points
>he fields 3 walkers and some chaos marines with t5
>I tabled him turn 2 because he had like 5 models on the table
>cue massive whining about powergaming

I play Raptors, and have for like 3 years, but come on man, is there really a point to going full sperg because of this mode? Just play something normal instead of going full cheese, and if you have to do it anyway, at least be a good sport about it when you lose.

He didn't have fun, and I didn't have fun, so what's the point? Why do people do this? Or is it some sort of "I can't have fun unless I win" mentality?

>> No.49181963
File: 149 KB, 873x627, Space_Hulk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This pisses me off so much.

It's not like terminators are known for being part of kill teams or anything.

>> No.49181979


>> No.49181994

Is it just me or are the Black Library scans in the OP fucked up?

A lot of them lack any quotation marks and apostrophes.

The Ciaphas Cain novels especially, with random size changes in the font, blank pages, etc.

>> No.49182005


That has no bearing on anything. If you're swapping out codices it doesn't matter what BB status is. SM has more overlap with CSM than CWE with Deldar.

>> No.49182026


Or stop using the epub format.

>> No.49182028

This a fanmade thing you've done, or a rumour from somewhere?

>> No.49182047

Have you read the Storm of Damocles novel? It features a Fourth Company White Scar compant making its way home to defend the White Scar homeworld from Huron's massive Chais invasion that's happening in 999 41K.

The company was tricked by the Deathwatch to make a storm and raid a Stormsurge training facility.

What this means that just became it's said that companies are being called back home, it doesn't mean that all of them will make it in time. They are far off and they might get distracted.

>> No.49182051

It's not intended as straight swapping, the idea with the DE thing is you can easily take a core of DE, add CWE allies, and it only takes a handful of plasticard spikes to make them blend in.

Jetbikes are jetbikes, t3 space ninjas are t3 space ninjas.

>> No.49182059

Can I ally a kill team with my normal army? I mean it is a list.

>> No.49182071

No more than you can ally in a warmachine list.

>> No.49182077

Exactly, and it's not as if you can't crack a couple of termies.

>> No.49182106

Its a CSM assault vehicle and a walker, so fanwank.

>> No.49182149

Yeah, probably, I suppose. It was the fact it's a transport that comes with daemonic possession by default that confused me, making a new transport that eats the unit it carries is easily within the bounds of GW's chucklefuckery.

>> No.49182151

I'll be hunting down some Tau with my CSM next month. Guy will be bringing mostly old school stuff, no mecha. I'm mostly scared of pathfinders and crisis suits. So what should my havocs use, missle launchers or autocannons?

>> No.49182194
File: 16 KB, 600x260, 5dce96fd984081e21dddc19d53f2e587[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Mob Rule is ignored in kill team

Now what do I field?

>> No.49182221

Mob rule wouldn't do anything anyway.

>> No.49182245


Honestly trying to figure out if it's a buff or a nerf. At the very least it would give a model a 1 in 6 chance of not running when losing close combat.

>> No.49182252

Missile launchers. Krak can take care of any hard targets and frag is blast and will ignore pathfinder armour save.

>> No.49182266

Mobe rule states 'if they fail a leadership test'.

It's a post-fail. Not an instead-of-Ld.

>> No.49182269


If You're mostly interested in the eldar war machines, try craftworld yme-loc, I've always loved the colour scheme and EVERYONE picks either saim hann or ulthwe

>> No.49182288
File: 987 KB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dominion squad 4 Storm bolters and a plasma pistol.

Battle Sister Squad with power sword heavy bolter and Storm bolter.

The storms durp about shooting stuff and the heavy sits at range sniping.

Also they are being painted like this for some reason. I probably shouldn't as it looks nothing like the rest of my army.

>> No.49182302

>Break and run from absolutely anything eith no safety net.

Fearless units, so put everything in trukks or warkoptas.

>> No.49182305


I fucking wish it said when failing a leadership test. Then it might actually be fucking useful. I lost an entire 30 man Boyz mob on the weekend when they were tank-shocked, failed their Leadership test, then subsequently were charged and failed their test again, and were wiped out automatically.

>> No.49182315

Yeah. That's the point I'm making. Mob Rule doesn't do anything in kill team.
Definite buff. My orks won't attack each other anymore. Also:
>close combat
...are you fucking insane?

>> No.49182322

So ordnance weapons- if an egde of the template scratches my rhino its full strength and two dices for armor penetration, right?

>> No.49182324


Yeah, well, I keep living in hope that my Orks will one day be decent in close combat.

In the meantime I never leave home without my Ork Barricade Aegis Line.

>> No.49182329 [DELETED] 
File: 1.94 MB, 2382x1121, 1343728459750[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lest we forget the greatest agents of the hivemind

>> No.49182337

It's kill team dude. Can't take a leadership test if you're already dead.

>> No.49182351


>> No.49182411


So one is fucked if an enemy brings template weapons?
Im thinking of getting a hell drake to attack ordnance shit from the flank but I think the model is rather silly. My friend fields renegades and fields these ST 6 mortar batteries, not sure how to counter it when ordnance is that effective.

>> No.49182418

I thought 2d6 for penetration was for melta only?

>> No.49182449

2d6 pick highest. Melta is 2d6 add together.

>> No.49182453

Ordanance is 2d6 pick highest.
Melta is 2d6 additive at half range
Armourbane is 2d6 additive at any range

>> No.49182454

A defiler has equal ordinance power to a Leman Russ.
Just use that.

And Armorbane.
All ordinance is roll two and pick the highest.

>> No.49182497

Just brainstorming on what a mid-size assault transport for CSM could look like, as well as some fixes for shitty units/rules/upgrades.
The DPossession there doesn't eat people, and FW's Dreadclaw is a transport that comes with DPossession. It's especially fun and thematic when it eats the Helbrute inside.

>> No.49182521
File: 276 KB, 966x1926, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49182530
File: 186 KB, 1475x1000, 1hADO4N.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, not even converting the files from epub can fix the fact that you have these massive blank spaces every other page.

>> No.49182531
File: 129 KB, 264x264, 1472090147466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>BA getting their 4th plastic Termie Captain in as many years

>> No.49182553

Do you guys remember when the Tau were about grav tanks and alien auxiliaries as well as suits? I feel bad for oldTaufags who've been forced to watch their faction be turned into a shitty Gundam knock-off.

>> No.49182583

I thought the nids had been repelled ?

>> No.49182590
File: 2.44 MB, 950x700, 1443944217703.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Suits (and anime) sell

>> No.49182638

I remember when Becrons were space-terminators

>> No.49182669


Meh, Riptide variants and Supremacy are cool enough. I only really begrudge the Stormsurge existing.

Well, and Kroot having shit rules, but then again they're T3 infantry in the escalation to giant models edition.

>> No.49182706

I miss my ork kroot that were allied to my chaos marines. T4, rapid fire weapons and +1 attack in close combat. 4 melta gun shaper council HQ didn't hurt as well.

>> No.49182725

It's not even the cool kind of Gundams that fly around with a giant laser sword, they just sit at the back of the board shooting.

>> No.49182731


Yeah, Kroot already have four kits, plus I think about three discontinued FW kits that could prolly be redone in plastic with less work than designing from scratch. That's enough that they could give them a mini-codex if they could be assed doing so, maybe fold in Vespid/some second Vespid kit for variety?

>> No.49182734

Shit taste detected.

Guns for range and pile drivers for CQC.

>> No.49182736
File: 260 KB, 900x1272, latest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck Chaos... BA are getting an update?

>> No.49182747

A starter set style 2w shitty character at best.

>> No.49182757

I wouldn't mind them so much if they didn't have designs that would make an ork mek blush.

Like, weapons are just tacked on haphazardly.

A fucking missile pod with attached missile pod and attached missile pod that has attached laser cannon with attached markerlight(or something)

>> No.49182773

Hey /tg/

Two questions;

Is CSM players still arguing against fluffy+crunchy+FUN KDK / NurgeDK / TzeentchDK and Daemon/Renagade allies because they want to field squads of boring vanilla bolter CSM with the addition of ultramarine drop pods and rhinos ?

Second question; Anyone tried the new Kill Team rules yet ? I've played the fanmade version a year back. Does the new killteam rules have SQUADS or is every model individual? Cheers.

>> No.49182775

I don't care, I just nee more shit to paint.

>> No.49182782

It seems like a weapon like that would just be enough to be classed as strength D, along side the shadowsword.
These days strength D is doled out like free mints to whoever is currently getting an update, they're going to have to work harder just to make a big gun impressive.

I'm guessing this thing is going to be 400-500 points, single shot, strength D apoc blast?

>> No.49182788

You kits for every unit. What fucking more do you want?

Droppier and poddier drop pods?

>> No.49182800


That's kind of a ridiculous exaggeration dude. They just want to be able to take a core of power armoured troops and specialists without them being a tax. To be able to build the typical lists a legion themed warband might field without fielding something fuck awful.

>> No.49182803

Single shot D blast is really shitty.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tau is getting a "Hurricane" style'd D or Rapid Fire D.

No faction in the game would willingly pay for a singleshot blast at the cost of 500+.

The shadowsword for example is useless against things, including superheavies. It's only good for wasting blobs of vehicles with lucky scattering or footslogging TEQ.

>> No.49182813

Not even if they could make it apoc with ignores cover?

>> No.49182820


It's really hard to say what this will be.

The default gun for this mech is SD 7 inch blast for 600 points, and the swap out guns are for free so far.

This is more of a single shot weapon though, and trading a blast D for single shot D is transparently inferior, so they'll prolly do something weird with it.

>> No.49182821

Updated characters man. Dante, Mephiston and Corbulo are hurting.

>> No.49182831

Yes, but you want to do that without formations, allies or themed HQ's. Also without knights, also without "death stars".

You basically want your 3+ bolter guys to be the stars of the show

Everytime you nuts speak up you always end up crying about Drop Pods.

Forgive me if I'm wrong about you, but I've had CSM players get red in the face with rage across me on the table when talking about CSM drop pods.

>> No.49182832

that would require effort and interest which GW lacks for kroot and most of their models not meqs or battlesuits

it's kinda funny that the anti psyker god has to use psykers and sorcery these days

>> No.49182861

In other words. You want to run CSM with only rhinos and boring vanilla bolter guys.

Gotta love that spiky armor.

When did CSM players start hating their gods ?

I swear if there was a "Nurgle Daemon Kin" armybook coming out you would bitch too.





>> No.49182890
File: 2.94 MB, 1280x720, Shitposts loudly.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice straw man brah

>> No.49182894

No, you need a whole platoon. You can't just take conscripts

>> No.49182900

Single shot, S:D, Beam, Super Penetrator: Ignores void shield.

>> No.49182902

You can easily kitbash improved models of those, you big baby.

>> No.49182903

"it's kinda funny that the slow and purposeful god has to use bikes and assault units these days"

HAHAHA CSM idiots are never happy. If nurgle turned out to be an "assault army" because of some unintentional rule or formation then they would moan too.



Just trying to think like the regressive CSM players is making me laugh like a fucking donkey.

>> No.49182917


>> No.49182934

Prove me wrong then.

If you take up the challenge, I can swear to you that the conversation will slide/derange into Drop Pod demands as more CSM players are butting into the conversation.

You don't know your own playerbase.

Go back to 5th ed if you want to run rhinos and vanilla CSM boltguns with some deep striking obliterators.

CSM may as well (positively) be called Codex: Adapt or Die.

>> No.49182945

Formations are the cancer killing the game.

And wanting out equivalent of Tactical Marines to be at least close to par with the loyalists' versions is not an unreasonable request.

Marked, unmarked, it doesn't matter how many points you dump into them, the loyalists versions are superior at the same intended role you'd kit them with.

>> No.49182948

>I sit alone at home laughing at things in my head

>> No.49182949

How is it's beam going to hit anything other than the target from up there?

>super penetrator
Just stop - IIRC the only thing going through voids are c'tan phase blades. Space-borne railguns more massive and powerful than some jumped up crisis-suits railgun are shrugged off by Imperial navy voiding.

>> No.49182962

chaos is self loathing and self destructive (to say nothing of malal). i'm not really for or against it; i min/max my chaos daemons and use multi god all the time

>> No.49182981

On that note, I wonder if anyone would be interested in just homebrewing Nurgle daemon kin or Slaanesh daemon kin.

>> No.49182983

Not quite, they're Codex: Die. It doesn't matter what formations you run you will never beat a properly min-max'd army.

You seem to be forgetting that chaos undivided exists. You know, word bearers and the like? CSM should be forced to be the bitch boys of any one god, they're their own thing but they have the freedom to take marks if they choose.
If you want god specific armies why not just play daemons?

>> No.49182991
File: 1.93 MB, 540x300, Himouto_umaru-chan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49182994

I still find it ridiculous marines have better statlines than Bloodletters desu.

>> No.49182996

If you asked around here. Nurglekin would be reduced to Plague Drones and Plague Marines.

Slaneesh would be just Noise Marines and Disco Dreadnoughts.

Not because those units are OP. But because CSM players are afraid of change.

"Muh power armours :- ("

>> No.49183000

Some anime shit, its a good webm mind.
I mean, what do you want? CSM could have a nice, well formed list, with a desent power level, instead we are left with shitty 195 defiler (for example)

>> No.49183021


>> No.49183042

perfect pretty fashion model gamer grrl hikkomori skinship sister waifu.

>> No.49183047

Why don't you take it up to task instead ?

First off, it's not reasonable to compare ANY CODEX to "min max" eldar and tau.

Chaos have a lot of things that are unique to them. Not just Helldrakes and 5th ed obliterators.

Just like any Imperial army can field Inquisitors to fill in gaps in their armies, so can Chaos.

Uh oh, did I already poison the well by mentioning Chaos allies ?

Especially the most unique ally in the whole game, Renegade and Heretics ?

Oh fuck, sorry. I just to blow my load early. Fuck.

Chaos Undivided exists in the books.

It's called 70% vanilla CSM + 30% R&H Purge Detachement Ordinance tyrant artillery.

>> No.49183060

>Chaos Undivided exists in the books.
>It's called 70% vanilla CSM + 30% R&H Purge Detachement Ordinance tyrant artillery.

That's not Undivided, that's just Iron Warriors.

>> No.49183064

Point adjustments would be great.

But when players whine about their books, it's never about point costs. It's always about the units themselves.

The book is lacking in option when compared to their loyal brothers, but splat formations and unrestricted allies fill the gap just nicely.

>> No.49183075

You say it like it's a bad thing.

We're getting closer to the crux of the problem here. A few more replies and you'll end up talking about the viability of Vanilla CSM troops with bolters and Rhinos.

Then you're just aching to bring up Drop Pods.

Had this conversation a million times before.

>> No.49183081

Bitch I would kill for a formation.

Seems like the absolute best way to fix the whole 'only picking one god is competitive suicide' thing.

1 Chaos Sorceror
0-1 squads Terminators
2-6 squads Rubrics
2-6 squads cultists
1-3 possessed
0-3 warp talons

Chosen of Tzeentch - All units must take MoT.

Acolytes of power - Terminator Champions, Aspiring Champions and Cultist champions are all ML 1 psykers.

Took me 30 seconds. Get amongst.

>> No.49183091

I don't know what you're talking about, my dude.
Have you ever considered buying chaos space marines only to buy daemons instead?
Yeah, exactly.

>> No.49183102

If I can get my hands on the older tau starter box, is that a good buy? is there anything different in the box that isn't in the new releases?

>> No.49183121

>Play R&H.

Fuck off with the 'forgeworld fixes everything' shit already.

You bring R&H. They bring >>49182521

>> No.49183127

>You say it like it's a bad thing.

>We're getting closer to the crux of the problem here. A few more replies and you'll end up talking about the viability of Vanilla CSM troops with bolters and Rhinos.

>Then you're just aching to bring up Drop Pods.

What legion does that? BL? No they spam chosen.

Hell noone would want that, because WE HAVE vanilla CSM with bolters and Rhinos, what we don't have are infiltrators and snipers for AL, no terror troops for NL, no skimmers or attack bikes which Crimson Corsais and everal other legions are famous for.

>> No.49183136

>Just bring a superior forge world army!
My store doesn't allow forge world.
Now what?

>> No.49183137

there are some odd choices in the CSM book: a lot of it feels like a lot of missed potential. all the new supplements are basically khorn or Black legion. This is doubly pain ful after Angles of death did almost all the major chapters, giving them warlord traits and relics.

>> No.49183139

>'only picking one god is competitive suicide' thing.
Nurgle disagrees.

>> No.49183147

Tau aren't based on Gundam you pleb. The designs are based on Valkyrie from Macross/Robotech.

>> No.49183152

>But when players whine about their books, it's never about point costs. It's always about the units themselves.
Some people would just like to field good units instead of spamming cheap mediocre ones.

>> No.49183154

Just give them something like the chaos warbands in Ever chosen. A bunch of generic mortal units (in this case chaos space marine units) that all get a mark and some special bonus I.e. the tzeentch one gets psychic unit leaders for free.

>> No.49183155

I summon daemons all the fucking time with my Cyclopsia cabal.

I often screen with fleshhounds in my lists. I own over 40 of them. It's both fluffy and terrifying effective on a point per point basis.

When Khrone demonkin came out I retooled a large portion of my CSM armies to combine with the Bloodletters, fleshhounds and Thirsters.

If NurgleDaemonKin comes out I will have to start investing in Plague Heralds, more Blight Drones, nurglings and a Nurgle Prince or two.

Tehnically I've spent more on Daemons. You wanna know why? Because quitters like you are selling your CSM models cheap. It's always the extremely well painted Rhinos and vanilla CSM footsloggers with boltguns.

What's the problem ?

>> No.49183161

>hurr they arnt based off a mecha anime, they are based off a mecha anime, get your facts right

>> No.49183162

>This is more of a single shot weapon though, and trading a blast D for single shot D is transparently inferior, so they'll prolly do something weird with it.
Planet rending shot: this shot does not use BS. Pick a direction and draw a line from the firing point to the table edge. All models touched by the line suffers an automatic S:D hit. This ignores cover. If a model has void shields, all void shields are hit along with the protected model - it gains no benefit of the shields.

All models must reroll successful invulnerable saves, and you add +1 to the result on the destroyer table.

>> No.49183170

>FW is OP meme


Allies, formations, tactics and knowing your scene fixes everything. AKA actually playing the fucking game.

>> No.49183172

Are you this retarded? Someone bitched it's based on Gundam but doesn't act like Gundam. It's based on Macross and they act like Macross. It's bitching about how oranges taste when you're eating an apple.

>> No.49183181

KDK, Black Legion. You still got a the usual CSM double CAD "spam" armies as well.

>> No.49183183

>AKA actually paying the fucking game.
Fixed that for you there.

>> No.49183185


You pretty much play daemons with a few token CSM units and then ask what's the problem?

>> No.49183188

What if... I didn't want to use daemons?

>> No.49183194

>are you retarded? its clearly based of these mech designs, nothing like these very similar mech designs

>> No.49183195

I grant you that. Wow. It took so long to hear reason from someone. I congratulate you without irony.

Now what would be a nice solution ?

Without dragging up "make rhino + troops boltguns viable" and drop pods

>> No.49183196

Yeah, whatever weeb.
It's based on your Korean children's cartoons and I don't give a shit which one.

>> No.49183205

Use renegades instead. Buy 5 wyverns, use 10 mutants as your troop choice and convert 5 guys to be your ally HQ. Bam, nice allied contingent

>> No.49183211


Why are we not allowed to make power armour troops good?

>> No.49183214

They're nothing alike, it's like comparing Eldar to Space marines because they both have chest plates.

>> No.49183216

I'm giving you the benefit of doubt here.

Listen child.


I apologize if I blew your mind.

In case you missed it; R&H is the cheapest fucking army in the game.

>> No.49183217

What if we... this is revalutionary I know but stick with me here.

what if

What if we gave CSM good units that could stand up on their own merits?

>> No.49183223

Its like comparing dogs to cats because they both have nipples

>> No.49183227

Hey, fuck you, I picked Altansar. Everyone just calls it Saim Hann because they look damn near the same.

>> No.49183228

What if I don't want to use allies at all?
What if I just want to field a good army with units out of the book I bought like all my friends do?

>> No.49183233

Because the meta is currently about raping power amour ?

Terminators are paperthin right now. What chance does +3 have ?

Sometimes I wonder if people actually play this game.

(Also; You're getting dangerously close to the PLZ drop pod fixed everything argument)

>> No.49183235

no, its comparing a piloted mech suit to a piloted mech suit

>> No.49183237

Making CSM marines as good as loyalists, let them have daemonic special weapons, veteran skills, some sore to Contempt psychology that lets them stay in combat vith "puny" enemies, shug off pinning.

Hell give them special weapons if they are marked.

>> No.49183245

There are plenty of warbands that don't do summoning of daemons.

Just because you don't give a shit about fluff nor codex balance doesn't mean that CSM isn't a poorly designed codex. Nurgle bikers being decent tactic doesn't resolve the other issues.

>> No.49183249


But SM are top tier army and its not because they have inquisition or IG allies.

>> No.49183251

Then you will need to house rule. GW has as much chance of a satisfactory codex as Abaddon has of reaching Terra in the 13th codex.

>> No.49183254

Man. I wish there was a Tzeentch Daemonkin book out.

That is the way forward. That is the solution.

Yet CSM players keep begging for drop pods instead of embracing the new content.

>> No.49183257
File: 1.36 MB, 300x165, avin a giggle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Listen child.
nice work twat.
what if i want to play CSM not chaos guard?

>> No.49183264

CSM should be better than loyalists but cost more. Make them an elite space marine army that has demons for medium infantry and cultists for cheap infantry.

>> No.49183268
File: 16 KB, 372x355, 1472917746162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>buy 5 wyerns!
>buy 40 fleshhounds!

>> No.49183279

>Yet CSM players keep begging for drop pods instead of embracing the new content.

I'll stop when GW stops mentioning drop pods as part of CSM's tactics and equipment.

>> No.49183281

Luckily I love the combined forces chaos armies. Why would a chaos marine put himself and not some brainwashed good in the enemies gun sights?

>> No.49183285

SM is a 7th edition army. With all the cheese that comes from 7th ed codex like free transports and all-inclusive decurions/formation/

CSM can at least fight SM, but you have to use either some 7th edition splats like Black Legion or KDK, or Daemonic incursion.

(waiting for you to beg about free drop pods soon)

>> No.49183286

IDD, give up a revamp of Deathwatch really.

Legion marines were supposed to have been equipped with a shitload of the early anti-marine rounds anyway.

>> No.49183288

Please, no.

Formations are what helped drive 40K balance to suicide.
Just remove them all, don't add more or stoop to their level.

>> No.49183301


But your armies don't have any Chaos marines.

>> No.49183308
File: 79 KB, 800x800, SORORITA-SISTER-WITH-HEAVY-FLAMER-AND-GAS-MASK-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone buy anything from wargame exclusive before i just bought this sickass flamer bitch cost less than if i bought the same on ebay or gamesworkshop

>> No.49183314

The poorfag was griping about PAYING now playing "chaos guard".

If you want to play CSM get ready to get chaotic and invest in some Khorne Daemonkin or Sorcerers, or ANYTHING nurgle.

COMBINE THEM with your standing CSM army. Don't replace. COMBINE.




You dont need to only take one or the other. COMBINE.

>but I wanna be unmarked :(

Shut up.

>> No.49183319

>but you have to use either some 7th edition splats like Black Legion or KDK, or Daemonic incursion.
>Daemonic incursion
You... do you CSM and daemons are two different codexes, right? Never mind the fact that BL/CS supplements are shit and KDK are, again, technically a different codex.

>> No.49183331

But I wanna be unmarked :(

Why should I have to play with marks? I wanna be chaos undivided!

>> No.49183337

Fine. We'll settle it there.

You're blindly begging for drop pods because you want Vanilla CSM boltgun marines to be viable.

I'm in the other camp saying that CSM is on the way to becoming more and more viable as they release more and more info about Chaos God specific CSM.

I'll keep raking in the wins.

You will keep getting owned by KDK and eventually get reamed by NurgleDemonKin and TzeentchDemonKin

>> No.49183344

>New content

Blood table, woo hoo. Such new and interesting content that only serves as a means to summon daemons without sorcerers.

Daemonkin book just makes it slightly easier to build a monocult list of CSM and daemons, easing up on the required amounts of troops and HQs in return for having no access to other cults.

>> No.49183347

if your playing undivided bring a little of each mark

>> No.49183351

>what is non-khorn mono-armies
>what is slaneesh at all
sorry why do i have to rely on other codex as a crutch to fix my shitty codex?
your the only one talking about pods now

>> No.49183362

>You're blindly begging for drop pods because you want Vanilla CSM boltgun marines to be viable.

No, I want drop pods like it says my legion still uses extensively.

>> No.49183365


Are you serious ?
Y-y-you mean that the D-d-ark eldar players are borrowing W-w-wraight Knights from ANNOOOOTHER CODEX ?? AS BATTLE BROTHERS ??!?!?! NO SHIT ??????????

Wait wait.. All this time when my Guards army is screening with Skull Servitors to keep my opponent White Scars army from scout-raping me I'm actually using units from another army?


HOLY SHIT I'VE GOT TWO CODEX IN MY ARMY ?????????????????????


>> No.49183374

But KDK isn't the same thing as CSM...?

Surely the easiest way to make a strong 'CSM' army would to just ally in eldar? You could fluff them up as crone world eldar or enslaved souls or something, it would be fluffy and more powerful than what you're using.

>> No.49183379


what's wrong with that? it's the whole point behind the Iron Warriors and Night Lords

>> No.49183387

Not really, there's a guy that's literally saying that he wants pods everytime I post something. Even in the comment you JUST NOW replied too.

He's not kidding either, he's actually holding the accepted majority opinion.

Think of that, please. I urge you. Think of what he's actually saying.

>"I want drop pods, every other solution is disregarded."

>> No.49183392
File: 81 KB, 350x350, 1418015879958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Easy fixes to make your CSM stand a chance
Drop pods not needed.

Start with taking 5 points of the base cost of every squad with a Champion in it, with the exception of Chaos Havoks.

Cultist Champions may upgrade to Rouge Witches, gaining Psyker 1 and losing 1 attack and LD, for 20 points.

Give Forgefiends and Maulerfiends a "Quadruped" rule that lets them re-roll immobilization results.

Havok Champions have a piece of Wargear called Occulum Mors. It lets his unit fire at full ballistic skill, when normally they would be snap shooting, once per game.

Rhinos and Land Raiders may take vehicle wargear, called Warp Rifts, that allows units to enter from reserves from the vehicle, as though they were disembarking; effected by Assault Vehicle, and similar rules.
The vehicle cannot actually transport units if this upgrade is purchased.
25 points.

While we're on vehicle wargear, Daemonic Possession doesn't eat models on a 6, but you can sacrifice one model inside during the movement phase to restore a hull point.

Raptors down to 16 per model.
Warp Talons down to 27 per model.
Possessed down to 23 per model.
Terminators down to 29 per model.
Khorne Berzerkers and Champions gain 1 attack.
Thousand Sons down to 22 per model.
Warpsmiths down to 100.
Dark Apostles down to 90.
Chaos Lord down to 60.
Daemon Princes down to 140.

VotLW grants Hatred (Imperials) instead of Hatred (Space Marines).
Icons of Vengence go down in price by 5 across the board, to a minimum of 5.
Terminators are Fearless.

>> No.49183394


As opposed to your:

>"Buy an IG artillary company, every other solution is disregarded."

>> No.49183397

You COULD technically ally with eldar, but they're not battle brothers.

I doubt it would be more powerful than KDK though.

I find it funny how you think for a second that Khorne Space Marines aren't CSM.

You guys are really going into the "religiously stupid" territory.

>> No.49183402
File: 64 KB, 284x297, 1471246131098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I do also dislike dark eldar allying in regular eldar.
But I do also dislike guard allying in a single naked inquisitor to exploit servo skulls.

>> No.49183407

>but you can sacrifice one model inside during the movement phase to restore a hull point.
Make it also work for units killed by tank-shock and Walker CC.

>> No.49183408

Just add a few Medusa, Basilisk and Wyverns from R&H then.

PERFECT Iron warriors army. People will be shitting bricks.

Efficient too, and CHEAP.

You'll have at least 75% points invested in your regular CSM but now with artillery units as support.

Holy shit you just solved the problem ! Iron Warriors VIABLE 2016.

>> No.49183411

I'm a 3rd part watching this argument and I'm being unnecessarily picky here.

Night Lords would be your atheists

Iron Warriors make extensive use of demonically possessed war machines

What about Mutilators?

>> No.49183421

Did you try tying up the Marine in CC with your hordes of gaunts?

>> No.49183432

>eldar aren't be more powerful than KDK
Wew, that statement sounds religiously stupid to me!

>> No.49183433

Buy artillery company, or actually read the good stuff from Black legion, or combine forces with KDK, or play double CAD to get the good CSM stuff.

You know. Actual solutions. Instead of drooling over what the 7th edition smurfs have.

(ps, even if you got drop pods you wouldn't be able to do shit with them since you don't got grav guns.)

What's next, gonna beg for grav guns?

>> No.49183437

nigga yo dumb

>> No.49183441

Let's not.

Give them their own rule, Fearless might as well be Stupidity with the "wut r retreat" and "wut r ducking?"

>> No.49183451
File: 5 KB, 215x234, 1472597130738.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's next, gonna beg for grav guns?

Well now that you mention it...

>> No.49183459

>PERFECT Iron warriors army.

>"Iron Warriors assaults begin with an intense orbital bombardment, followed by a rapid aerial landing. As the Iron Warriors secure their landing zone"

Unless it offer this, not perfect.

>> No.49183465

Dude, if you're so buttblasted about how shit your army is why don't you just play daemons full time?

I run pure daemons, never even looked at CSM, and they're way better than any space marines any day.

>> No.49183470

My inquisitor isn't naked, and she and her henchmen are my warlord "squad", but that's besides the point.

If you dislike Battle Brothers (or similar) allying with each other you've got a gripe with a basic mechanic in the rules.

It's not about Chaos/KDK anymore. You've got a problems with the RULES.

I can't reason you to change your mind about the RULES, since I'm sure you've got a logical reason for disliking rules as written.

>The "I wunz footslogz Kaos Spaehz mahruni 2 be viauble xD"
Isn't reasonable though and can only be exterminated with logic and facts.

>> No.49183486

>gibe me orbital bombardment or I riot


>> No.49183491
File: 71 KB, 545x545, 1401676620014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>"The Iron Warriors assaults begin with an intense bombardment by Renegade Wyvern companies, followed by countless packs of Fleshhounds. The Nurgle Daemon Prince overseeing this smiled to himself."

>> No.49183495

Is it PERFECT Iron Warriors or not?

>> No.49183507

You keep bringing up LE EBIN FOOTSLOG as if the CSM book doesn't have issues with infantry transports.

>> No.49183508

My army is GREAT, every dollar spent I've gotten back in enjoyable wins (and losses)

I'm the guy saying Chaos Space Marines are FUCKING GREAT and AWESOME. I just wish other people would see it.

The guys crying and whining like kids for CSM troops to be viable footslogging options, or drop pods are the one that have no clue what they're talking about.

CSM are great. The only thing they need is more books like KDK and to a lesser degree more splats like Black Legion.

That's IT. Fixed.

If KDK and Traitors is any indication of what 7-8th CSM codex will be like, we're for a hell of a cool treat !

>> No.49183531

>problems with the rules
Problems that only come up when people run pure CSM/Orks/DE most of the time. I wish I had a GOOD codex like vinilla space marines, they way I wouldn't have to mess around with allies.

Have you ever heard the saying "That's so 'chaos space marine army with one chaos space marine'"?

>> No.49183535

It does have issues with Transport. GLARING ONES.

So does every other faction that doesn't have OP 7th edition transport fail-safes. Or drop pods.

So how about you grant a solution besides drop pods for what you'd like to see in the next CSM codex ?

Perhaps some cool Dameonic Possesion thing on rhinos ? Perhaps a new Transport Entirely?

Or you just going to say "Gibe drop puds"?

I'm actually VERY curious what could be done with CSM transports, but the conversation always gets hijacked by ignorants that shout about drop pods.

>> No.49183539

>The guys crying and whining like kids for CSM troops to be viable footslogging options
Like who? You seem to be attacking some kind of strawman I'm not seeing in this thread.

>> No.49183540

CSM 'no transports allowed' formation when?

Muh footslog. Reroll all armor and invul saves if you didn't shoot in the previous turn.

GG let's talk about drup puds.

>> No.49183549

think i had the fastest match ever last night

1850 points Tau vs SM grav spam

I brought the Eight and filled the rest of the points with a small CAD that had stealth suit unit in it along with some obsec kroot

my only large unit was O'vesa, but because the eight makes him an IC he joins the stealth suit team, granting him stealth and shrouded for 2+ cover, but still T6 majority thanks to his drones

SM spends his first turn unloading all of his grav into o'vesa and fails to do a single wound,

SM rage quits

>only bring a single riptide and no GC, vehicles or FW units against someome bringing grav centurions with grav bikes
>he gave up because its not fun to play against cheese

>> No.49183558

I don't see the problem at all.

Dark Angels don't run terminators anymore. Does that mean that they are wrong somehow ?

Space Marines run VERY FEW tacticals, but they have devastators and Centurions instead.

Are Centurions and Devastators not "space marines" ?

Same thing with CSM: Perhaps you don't got the troops (unless you go Noise/Plague marines) but you've got tons of other dudes in power armour running around.

I can't believe we're having this whole argument because of troop selection.

>> No.49183560


CSM 'Basilisk squadron' formation when?

Muh IG artillary. Automatically get first turn when your army includes more Basilisks and Wyverns than Chaos Marines.

GG let's talk about Daemonkin

>> No.49183569

>in b4 fresh bread "Can I get scan of traitor's hate?"

>> No.49183576

Every single time it comes down to it, they bring up that "Space Marine Troops" aren't viable.

Then they say that drop pods are the only solution. (which is obviously not a possibility)

So they want tons of CSM power armoured troops, they don't want to put them in transports. ??? Where does that leave us.

How is that anything else than what I said ?

>> No.49183584

You seem obsessed with those pods man.
4 mentions in a single post.

>> No.49183597

Because everytime this argument arises the bad CSM players never come up to an actual soltion.

How about you actually say something that doesn't slipper dipper slop into the D-word.

I'm waiting.

>> No.49183603

>Don't want to put them in bad transports.

>> No.49183606

So being a Monstrous Creature doesn't affect the IC ability to join units? Awesome.

>> No.49183607

Posting just to say Chaos Space Marines need drop pods to be COMPETITIVE.

Please note that I managed to caps lock on at least one word in my argument, as appear to be the new standard in this THREAD.

>> No.49183620

Alright, I'm curious. So what transports would you put forward instead?

>> No.49183623

Have heard formations, allies, new units, better special weapons, more bonuses on marks.
>Have not heard drop pods.

rito mat

>> No.49183636

>But but . . . CSM players never ask for drop pods.

>> No.49183640

Giant rhinospider obv.

>> No.49183651

I'm sure I wrote all those posts which you categorize as "constructive".

It's funny how you mention "more better marks" as currently in the thread people are arguing about playing completely unaligned CSM and they are being serious.

>> No.49183653

Can you still take a Heavy Destroyer in Kill Team if you upgrade a Destroyer Fast Attack Choice?

>> No.49183654

What ABOUT mutilators?

>> No.49183657

the wording on the rule is

>ICs can join otehr units, they cannot however join units that contain vehicles or MCs, they can join other ICs though

so O'vesa can join other units, provided that there isnt another IC in that unit, as this would break the rule of ICs joining MCs, but there is nothing stopping o'vesa joining a stealth squad to get stealth and shrouded, or a bodyguard squad to get hold of ignores cover and twinlinked (although twinlinked isnt so useful as you already have preferred character)

>> No.49183658

I am one of the guys arguing for CSM being buffed
we dont NEED drop pods you fucking tard, stop poisoning the water

>> No.49183663

Possessed are typically trash.
Chosen are Havocs with tax.
Havocs are decent, no one argues this.
Raptors don't do their job well
Warp Talons are awful.
Bikers are also decent.

With Loyalists, it's less about those mentioned options being statistically viable and more of them just being the easy-thinking superior option.

>> No.49183667

You mean don't come to a solution you approve.

>How about you actually say something that doesn't slipper dipper slop into the D-word.

D... Assault p.. Crafts! Assault Crafts.

>> No.49183668

I honestly thought you were just trolling but you seem to be honestly buttblasted about this whole thing.

What about a rhino with it's top ripped off to make it open topped, 20 points DT for CSM infantry. 10 points for daemonic possession to give it a 5++ and a 2+ roll to ignore shaken/stunned.

>> No.49183705

The moment I started asking for SOLUTIONS to the (strictly outdated) codex problems that CSM have the thread posting rate dropped to near 0.

It's like this everytime. You pinpoint the problem. You bring solutions. You bring up the facts. You show them results.

Then you ask them for solutions and they run away with the tail between their legs.

>Chaos Space Marines in KDK and Black legion are not real space marines.


With that I leave you, goodnight everyone.

And to the 2-3 people that actually saw through the bullshit; I saw you. Keep spreading the good word.


>> No.49183706

>So does every other faction that doesn't have OP 7th edition transport fail-safes. Or drop pods.
You do realize the vast majority of armies don't have good tranports, right?
Vehicles are shit, unless it's something like eldar. Hell even most SM vehicles are shit. Only reason drop pods are good is because it's deep strike with a few less dangers.

>> No.49183710

Maybe... assault rails,
Something something world eaters, later adopted by others, upgrade that lets marines treat rhinos as open topped for purposes of assault but in exchange also theat it as open topped for flamers No Escape.

>> No.49183725

It's almost like you're saying that CSM isn't the only codex with problems !

It's almost like there's some powercreep/meta shift going on

Watch out, don't let them hear you !

>> No.49183729


daemonic possession DOES NOT give 5++,

just 2+ to ignore shaken, -1BS and randomly eats people

>> No.49183737

Fuck off buddy, no one wanted you here

>> No.49183761

Jokes aside sounds fluffy. Convert the hounds into cyber wolves or something, fluff the nurgle prince as extra bionic and you have a fluffy ironwarriors list.

>> No.49183762
File: 172 KB, 960x1280, 1456067461291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And to the 2-3 people that actually saw through the bullshit; I saw you. Keep spreading the good word.

What did he mean by this?

>> No.49183763

>SM rage quits
Every marine player ever.

They are somehow WORSE than Tau when it comes to this.

I play Necrons, and the Tau players all love tried to open the can that my army is. It is great watching them poor so much combined fire dakka into a single unit, and see who the dice favours.

The relentless grav spamming faggotmarines use a few units to shoot at me, realize he cannot kill the entire unit on turn 1, and then gives up, before declining all future games with me.

Fucking neckbeard manchildren. But at least they save me the hassle of finding a polite way to turn down games, with the boring and predictable players, who are invariably marine players.

>> No.49183770

I think I'll call you guys D-baggers in the future.

You really love those Drop Bags.

>> No.49183776

Fresh Bread.

>> No.49183778
File: 2.09 MB, 375x471, 1405579019337.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pro-tip: i was one of the guy arguing for a balanced dex without the pods, you fuck stain

>> No.49183779

I saw no solutions.
Just a spergbaby having a tanturm because someone put a pod on his plate of renegades.

>> No.49183780

When can chaos get assault crafts. Space marines have so many assault crafts its not fair.

>> No.49183786

I want him here.
It does get really tiring to see CSM players whine and whine about how they aren't just spikey loyalists. Why the fuck should space marine players like me have to end up in the postion that chaos is currently in: the power armor codex with less options?
It seems like most chaos players don't want chaos solutions, they just want marine stuff. In that case, why not just play C:SM. People like al'kaps are little bitches who need to fuck off. If he wants pods and marine stuff so much, just play loyalists. If he wants chaos, then ask for fucking chaos solutions, not loyalist ones.

>> No.49183794


>> No.49183801

Would it be considered distasteful if I wanted to use Huron Blackheart as my Night Lords commander (appropriately modeled ofc)? Infiltrating D3 infantry sounds too good to pass up

>> No.49183814


People want Chaos Marine solutions for their Chaos Marine armies. They don't want to shop in the Astra Militarum section of the GW online store when they ask, "What do I need for a good army."

>> No.49183816

The LR, the LS Storm and then each chapter -Da's flier?

>> No.49183838

i was even nice to him on his first turn, he tried to target the kroot first as he knew o'vesa was in 2+ cover, but when i told him he can only wound kroot on 6+ because of graviton he had a bit of a panic, even though he already declared he was shooting (and already rolled to hit) the kroot, i gave him the offer of shooting o'vesa or ob'lotai (the rest of the eight were deepstriking), he chose o'vesa

>> No.49183852

>People want Chaos Marine solutions for their Chaos Marine armies.
Really? I didn't realize grav and drop pods were chaos solutions? Pods have absolutely no mention AFAIK in the most recent dex, and grav, not graviton, is distinctly loyalists. Moreover, marines rely on superfriends to win tournaments. If loyalists can do it why not chaos?

>> No.49183861

they dont want chaos daemon solutions either. or khorne space marine solutions, or Black Legion psyker solutions, or CAD fuckery solutions, or Nurgle solutions

>> No.49183877

Yeah, well, why don't we change that?

Give them actually good upgrades and stuff?

>> No.49183894
File: 1.99 MB, 248x207, 1401605246157.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll never understand why people are against weak codices getting more options. Or any codex getting more options for variety for that matter.

Everyone takes it as a personal affront.

yer a strange bunch

>> No.49183895

Paint him black, for obvious reasons

>> No.49183952

Plus with nids for Their cultists
Although no knights probably

>> No.49184021
File: 50 KB, 680x449, 1472757721589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First of all, no one has mentioned grav at all except as a throwaway "hurr what else will you chaosfags steal from us loyalists"
Second of all, grav existed during the horus heresy
Thirdly, the most recent chaos marine dex is nearly 4 years old at this point; and there are multiple mentions of chaos using drop pods in books, lore, older codexes, white dwarf...
Fourth, chaos marines can't even do superfriends because of the daemonic instability special rule preventing them from joining their non-fw battle brothers (and what utility would you get from putting t3 humans in your chaos marine units?)

And in my opinion, chaos should get grav. But it shouldn't have the same rules as SM grav. it should be special warp corrupted grav that instead of the wounds on armor save does more hits against bigger guys to help CSM actually do something against monstrous creatures.

>> No.49184036

You'll find the CSM-is-fine defenders often field Nurgle

Nurgle hates change, loves stagnancy.


>> No.49184272

Yes, I want a warp rift land raider that eats enemies

>> No.49184777
File: 188 KB, 950x682, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So noob question, I'm going to be working on a dune crawler today, is there rules for the dude with the machine gun on top? I can't seem to find mention of it in the rules. Also how is Icarus array against ground targets.

>> No.49185104

hes just part of the heavy bolter on top, as someone should be manning it

>> No.49185137


Where is the option for the heavy Bolter listed? I'm not seeing that option in the codex

>> No.49185157

*heavy stubber

>> No.49185305

does any one have trators hate

>> No.49185764

it comes out in 5 days
so im guessing not

>> No.49186049

nearly whole Deathwatch was leaked in detail 2 weeks before the preorders. But it's SPACE MARINES, so yeah.

>> No.49186136


You heard it here folks, traitors aren't REAL space marines.

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