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Ching Chong Fox Edition


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

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EDH players are autistic and should all neck themselves

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Modern thread is that way --->

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>EDH players are autistic
Yup, that sounds about right. You need to know on average 65 unique non-land cards per deck, various interactions and like 12 different cards that all do the same sort of thing for similar mana. Modern and standard couldn't into EDH to save their lives.

>and should all neck themselves
Isn't that slang for make-out? We should kiss ourselves?

What decks do you play anon?

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Jk. These suck in edh

>> No.49156486

Thank fuck, these incomplete land cycles were driving me fucking mad. Still annoyed they are in different sets, tho.

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Filigree Familiar
Artifact Creature - Fox
When Filigree Familiar enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.
When Filigree Familiar dies, draw a card.

>straight into meren

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I was really expecting them to complete the BFZ lands first.
I really wanted them to complete the BFZ lands first.

>> No.49156545

why do wizards take so goddamn long to have enemy colours get colour fixing? and then they give the shittiest ones?

yeah, we all want more fetchables.

>> No.49156563

I wanted it for Standard too, these are gonna be clunky as fuck with the existing landbase.

>> No.49156615

What the hell are we supposed to do with this

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Any thoughts on a R/G landfall deck?

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they are just clunky as fuck in general. you want more in your deck to increase likeliness of having it in your opening hand, but that also increases your odds of drawing it later on, which you don't want. They are just very awkward lands

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There's only so many ways to dual lands though, eventually they need to go through the more mundane variations and just sort've hope they find a home.

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Anyone here build original Teysa?
I'm thinking of her as the first EDH deck I actually build, but I'm having a rough time thinning/honing my decklist.

>> No.49156801

what do we do with this

>> No.49156806

There are two Teysa decks: ones with Darkest Hour and ones that don't. Which one do you run

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I have a foil one and have yet to build a deck with it, since she is my cardfu I'm afraid to make it up to her

>> No.49156817

Go for it

Angry Omnath would be a better fit than Mina & Denn

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You know that Bant blink deck that one guy at your LGS runs? The one everyone hates? Well guess whose happy about this...

>> No.49156841

The one with, though I'd like to think of it as not being essential. I haven't included any tutors at all since I feel it kind of diminishes the idea of the format in the first place though.

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Wait, really?

The life-gain is a pittance, the stats are chump-blocker garbage, the only synergy it has is a simple card-draw upon death, and it doesn't even have a self-sacrifice ability.

It's garbage.

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You know nothing about Golgari

>> No.49156931

I don't think anyone is saying it's playable. But it is cute.

I've played against plenty of Golgari decks and there are certainly a lot better 3-drops than this.

>More like pooharmonicon amirite xd

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No creatures allowed.

>> No.49156944

Then educate me. What's so fancy about this creature.

I get more than enough card draw in my Meren deck without needing to take up card space with a small 2/2 which only grants the card when it dies.

>> No.49156955

>But it is cute.
True dat

>> No.49156975

please, because I am stupid.

Would creatures with etb effects have a doubled ETB?

>> No.49156986

>guy in my group answer to anything is to copy it

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>> No.49157008

Yep. At least, I think so.
I mean, they are permanents when they ETB.

>> No.49157015


As long as they don't need you to do something that you can't do more than once, yes.

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They should've just reprinted the enemy check lands from og innistrad. Yes i know that wizards refuses to do reprints in blocks now but still check lands are where it's at

>> No.49157020

cheap creatures with an etb and death tigger are great in meren, especially with the fox, since you don't have to wory about colour fixing. not that you should have any real problems with colour fixing in a gb deck, but there is always a possibility you will have trouble casting spells in a multicoloured edh deck. And repeatedly farming those triggers is amazing. you don't know what you're talking about

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>guy in my group answer to anything is to copy it
just don't play any permanents.

>> No.49157049

And get bitched at for being a combo player? No thanks

>> No.49157050

>don't play the game

>> No.49157102

Dude, my deck is full to the brim of cards with ETBs and Death-Triggers. What I'm saying is that the ETB is shit, the trigger is minor, and I have ditched cards which would be more useful to me.

Plus any non-mass reanimation ability will almost certainly have a better target in your bin.

It's not that it's horrendously shit.
It's that it's not good enough given the competition

Also I have only once had issues with colour fixing in my Meren deck, and that was after I dropped Contamination.

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Had to read it a few times but correct me if im wrong

>you play a card
>if it triggers an etb of a card you already have in play twice (eg newzuri's add a counter thing)

Its not
>when anything you cast with an etb effect triggers twice

The first sample is correct yes?

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Last thread I mentioned trying to make a Feldon EDH where you utilize hasty creatures with high power when they're in your yard with double damage effects like Dictate of the Twin Gods.


It's extremely janky and needs a bunch of fine tuning, but the thought of the deck is pretty fun for 1v1 edh.

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Creatures that have entered the battlefield are part of the permanents that it allows to trigger twice.

>> No.49157199

>A Creature or Artifact you control enter the field
>As a result of this, a triggered ability of a permanent you control activates
>The Artifact copies the triggered ability

Creature's etbs are triggered abilities arising from permanents you control entering the field, so it should work fine.

>> No.49157248

Ok thanks, this is good news

>> No.49157307

I was a bit confused at first too. It's just worded oddly.

>> No.49157318

>purphoros now does 4 damage per creature
Oh mama

>> No.49157359

Only time I've been against a purples deck was a friend of a friend who barely understands the game and just plays mono red all the time.

Felt kind of bad for her.

Also she got lupus and is more or less confirmed to die some time in the next decade so I feel even worse.

>> No.49157391

Did you help her make a balls to the wall papa purph deck so she can have fun with it before she passes? yet?

>> No.49157428

So Iona chooses 2 colors now?

>> No.49157436

Looks prety fun. Have you played it?
Oh. If she can't catch up in magic, how about using lower powered decks when she is playing? That way she can also have fun.

>> No.49157438

I think the last time she even played was like Fate or something.

>> No.49157448

Landfall just went full retard

>> No.49157457

I don't ever really play anything high power and I think the other guys were doing calmer stuff with her too.

>> No.49157505

Oh... Oh no.

>> No.49157542

nope. The difference is the word "as" and "when". ETBs are "when" the creature enters, iona chooses a colour "as" she enters.

>> No.49157595

Well that's a relief.

>> No.49157639

It doesn't trigger landfall. It only counts triggers that look for creatures and/or artifacts.

>> No.49157651

>suddenly my brago stax gets way WAY stronger
Hello mulldrifter for 4 cards every single flicker. I don't even need to flicker it infinitely anymore with strionic resonator.

>> No.49157660

artifact lands :^)

>> No.49157668

Creatures dont have landfall?

>> No.49157676



>> No.49157702

It only triggers off of creatures (and artifacts) entering, not lands.

Sadly, I wanted double landfall as well.

>> No.49157716

Technically not landfall.

Creatures have all the landfall they want, but they're not going to get another trigger because those landfall triggers aren't based off creatures and/or artifacts entering the battlefield. Read the card again.

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>> No.49157738

I assumed the aether revolt would ust be machines rising up but since there's an entire race of aetherborn I'm guessing that's going to play in too.

>> No.49157742

And just like that, purpheros is worth $20.

>> No.49157907

So do Aetherborn just die really fast or something? What's their deal?

>> No.49157928

Possibly. I actually assumed some sort of scheming against them like they're a second class citizen or something.

>> No.49157934

>No double landfall
>No double constellation
Why even bother?

>> No.49157964

>Aetherborn came into being spontaneously as a byproduct of the aether refinement process. Their bodies are in constant flux, as the aether residue they're made of gradually dissolves and is reclaimed by the aethersphere. Thus, their lives are short. But rather than despair, they savor each fleeting moment, squeezing out every last drop of enjoyment.

>> No.49157965


Doubles with enchantment creatures.

>> No.49157966

We can't have it breaking TOO MANY thing now, anon.

I really do want double landfall though holy fuck

>> No.49158005

Sure, but there are only so many good enchantment creatures.

>> No.49158010

Sounds kinda cool if its done well.oh wait, this is modern Wizards. It's going to be shit
I wonder how long it is. 5 years? 20 years? 50 years?

I guess worst case is they become equivalent to the Necrons in 40k with the whole "I'm pissed off that I die fast, time to kill everyone because I'm mad about elves"

>> No.49158015

I love the art and flavor text on die young I want both in foil just for the heck of it.

>> No.49158045

Surprisingly touching for Black.

>> No.49158060

No, I just brewed it up tonight. I had a Kiki-combo deck that has most of here cards in it that I took apart so I'm on gonna use that.

Anyone got any tips on it? Any good secret tech for the variant of Feldon I'm running?

>> No.49158077

Kind of want to build this guy. But that would involve every relevant fetch ever and would probably end up being rather expensive

>> No.49158083

What do I do with a player that spergs if I attack or disrupt him at a multiplayer table?

I removed his graveyard and he sperged even though he was clearly in the lead. I had an instant kill combo on the table that only he was vulnerable to at the time. I just skipped it and attacked some other guy because I wasn't in the mood to hear it.

Probably just gonna keep killing him now. I don't really want friends.

>> No.49158113

yes it is. a land entering the battlefield causing an ability to trigger is landfall. if it's an artifact land it will trigger the landfall and be able to be copied by the g. orrery. the additional types just make it interact with more cards, not make it "not landfall". how retarded are you?

>> No.49158121

He is entirely the wrong color to build a landfall deck around.

>> No.49158156

Jesus tittyfucking christ I'm in love

>> No.49158159

I know. Omnath is a dime a dozen though, I see the fucker everywhere and the special snowflake in me wants to try something different.

>> No.49158169

99 swamp

>> No.49158170

Be adults and confront him about it, and if he doesn't want to stop being a poor sport just kick him out of the group.

>> No.49158243

he is cool, play boots and darksteel plate with him tho he draws a lot of hate. liliana of the dark realms is also good.

>> No.49158247

Laugh at him. Like actually literally laugh out loud at him.

I do this whenever someone at my LGS spergs out about something. Public shaming works wonders. The only reason people act like this is because people are too polite to treat them like the children they are.

>> No.49158265


>> No.49158425

Clock of Omens or Unwinding Clock?

>> No.49158470

option C: Voltaic Key

>> No.49158484

Depends on the deck and the artifacts in question but Unwinding Clock is the better of the two in most situations.

>> No.49158534 [DELETED] 

I like it when we do these. Post your commander deck theme's


>> No.49158645

I usually hate foxes and the like because of how gross furfags have made them to me, but somehow I don't completely hate this one. Plus its a pretty cool backup sad robot.

>> No.49158655

Derevi prison


>> No.49158671

Godo turbo-combat


>> No.49158682

Nekusar Chaos

>> No.49158712

Iroas, Weenie Rush

>> No.49158713

Kemba voltron


>> No.49158732

I'm not a huge fan of metal but the soldier aesthetic fits.

>> No.49158762

Narset and Shu Yun


>> No.49158765

Sen Trips

>> No.49158781

>I like it when people shit up the thread with youtube links that have nothing to do with the thread
Modern plz go

>> No.49158787

this is by far the worst song i've ever heard.

>> No.49158812

Oh sweet, we finally have "good" Black this block?

>> No.49158829

One of the themes from a Dark Souls boss.
Fuck if I give a shit. Metal is overplayed, Death Grips doesn't fit with magic, and Jhoira goes well with Infiniti by Grimes

>> No.49158874

Captain Crankypants over here

>> No.49158884

>Death Grips doesn't fit with magic
Govt plates is nice background music while playing imo.

>> No.49158910

I guess Beware fits with my Orzhov deck, at least aesthetically. Manson quotes and control/stax decks go well.

>> No.49158943

Honestly I just run both, Clock of Omens for shenanigans on my turn and Unwinding Clock to untap Grim Monolith and Mana Vault for free.

>> No.49158985

Karona 5-color spellslinger control (wrath.dec)


>> No.49158997

Mines easy.
Hazezon Tamar


>> No.49159059

Are you just upset because your decks suck?

>> No.49159060


>> No.49159160

The fuck does that mean?

>> No.49159279 [DELETED] 

Exactly what it means (You) fucking peckerhead. (You) just can't handle that your decks suck too much ass and can't think of a good theme song because they are so garbage.

>> No.49159298

I need some way to offset all the lifeloss I get from my Marchesa's deck draw. Sign in Blood, Read the Bones, Greed, all this shit bleeds me hardcore.

Any ideas? The only thing I have right now is Blind Obedience.

>> No.49159335

A tad on the expensive side but it can be reanimated.

>> No.49159377

Just run Repay In Kind.

>> No.49159419


they are both great and both very different and they go great together

unwinding clock is just stupidly strong, i really dont understand how people can even entertain the thought of clock of omens being better or somehow replacing it

but you should have both because clock of omens is good too

>> No.49159429

>youtube links having anything to do with, edh or magic at all
sounds like an off topic ban to me, enjoy your holidays
This is not /b/ there are rules to follow

Other than that what is tg opinion on the new walker? Will R/B artifacts be viable or are we still waiting on a legendary?

>> No.49159449

Unwinding Clock is good for long-term value

Clock of Omens is good for "oops I win" on-the-spot value

>> No.49159484

muh rules

>> No.49159494

>discussing deck themes has nothing to do with mtg

Kindly fuck off back to your hole and R/B artifacts are shit totally knew your decks were/are shit

>> No.49159532


>> No.49159553

That's so janky and situational that I love it.

This though feels like trash.

I've been thinking of changing up my Marchesa deck and make it more creature focused so I can reanimate more, but some effects are so expensive on creatures. I'm not paying 6 mana for a 4/4 with Sign in Blood. I -might- pay 4 for a 2/3 flier, but ehhh.

>> No.49159554

Haha meant R\U the new walker seems bananas with that ultimate

But hey the new daretti isnt that bad either

>> No.49159576

First off, that makes no sense. Second, you sound like a huge twat.

>> No.49159618

In my most tutor-heavy deck, I run 2 sources of life gain: Invincible Hymn and Beacon of Immortality. Either one can gain you 20-40 life on their own, or 50-100 life when used together. That's usually enough to get me out of range of aggro decks for a few turns

>> No.49159623

As far as I'm concerned, if you're not running all three of these you're wrong.
Oh boy, I've got a few of these.
Jor Kadeen
Vish Kal
That card that redistributes life totals from Kamigawa. Something something Sands.

>> No.49159633


I think its past your bedtime kiddo.

>> No.49159646

What the fuck, they have shadowlands and tangolands to finish still, why finish the mirrodan cycle?

>> No.49159675

I hate when people judge walkers off their ultimates, multiplayer games the walker rarely stays up long enough to matter. That aside her +1 isn't as powerful as it could be but it does filter, -2 is ridiculously stronk though. New daretti was printed in wrong colors imo but it may work in Lord of Riots

>> No.49159680

Because we've been waiting for off color fastlands for longer than we've been for off color whatever the newer dual lands are called.

>> No.49159701

So, after checking edhrec to see the consensus of how best it is to play New Marchesa currently, it seems that the gist of her as a commander is to have W/B pillowfort while B and R/B dish out damage correct?

Her monarch ability certainly helps draw power for sure.

>> No.49159704

It just seems like an odd choice to start two new cycles, then not finish either.
Unrelated, but I'm stuck with my Ghave deck. I have the resources to make it a full combo deck, but I'm not sure if I want to. I don't want to make a deck too strong for my playgroup, but I do want to win games more often, wat do?

>> No.49159760

Putting this shit in allies for the lolz

>> No.49159783

Run the combos, but don't fire them off until the critical moment. Hold out as long as you can. Just keep edging until you're on the verge of death and then release.

>> No.49159807

Eh, the Returned were "good" black. I'm assuming Zendikari Vampires don't count since they were mostly thrust into a protagonist role rather than being just generally "good".

>> No.49159836

I've been building her as WRB control with literally infinite removal, both targeted and mass. I only ever need to bring her down once, everything that is ever pointed at me dies and I keep my crown forever. Things like Thalia and Blind Obedience keep hasters down and I eventually win through some combo or just bleeding them out slowly.

>> No.49159849



>> No.49159865


Yeah seconded to stick with Omnath. But put Mina and Denn in the 99. Its a fun deck.

>> No.49159872

I have never once built with green. I like cheating things into play and going tall. Who should I build?

>> No.49159884

If building for Brisela, Bruna, the Fading Light is the preferred commander over Gisela, The Broken Blade right? Any tips for building that? I'm not sure where to start tbqh.

>> No.49159895


You'd also need a lot of protection from people taking control of it.

>> No.49159897

>the Returned were "good" black
I thought they were mindless zombies

>> No.49159898


>> No.49159918


>> No.49159948

Yisan is everything you just described. Build him.

>> No.49159955

No, the Returned were actually sapient. They were basically people who gave up their identity and their memories, symbolized by taking a new identity with the golden mask. They otherwise live like normal people though not among them but in their necropoli, but sometimes long for the things they did in their past life but could no long remember what they want. In short, they're effectively a body without spirit, with their lost memories and spirit taking the form of eidolon.

>> No.49159969

>They were basically people who gave up their identity and their memories
To escape from the underworld

>> No.49159992

I'm looking for inspo on mono white that isn't too much coin; I've never built mono white and would like to give it a shot. Any commanders people enjoyed? White weenie doesn't interest me.

>> No.49160006

How much is too much?

>> No.49160016

Eight-and-a-Half-Tails hatebears/voltron

>> No.49160033


You realize that the mirrodin cycle is superior for every format but edh right?

Everybody else would've complained about bfz and SOI lands getting the cycles completed before mirrodin

>> No.49160045

Tribal Angels.

It's fun and very durdley. But it's fun.

Run a bunch of angelic cards and stuff that affects angels plus white cards like the small creatures that net lands, land tax, and tribal stuff like cryptic gateway and urzas incubator.

Also don't forget all dat white reanimator stuff.

>> No.49160055

I understand but I don't like it.

>> No.49160059

It's for Kaseto.
I know I'm not original.

>> No.49160072

Eh... I guess I should have specified. I know it's not going to be the best deck ever but I do like to make my decks as tuned as possible given the commander. I don't know if an angel theme deck is where I'd want to go for that.

>> No.49160104

He looks cool. My only concern would be falling into the trap of tutoring the same stuff every game.

>> No.49160111

Add enough competitive cards and I'm sure you could tune it enough to be very good. Unfortunately, Bruna specifically is designed for an Angel theme given her ability.

You could try mono white stax.

>> No.49160133

I know her ability reanimates any angel but there's lots of strong angels that i'd probably play in mono white anyway, plus humans. I got the impression you meant just playing a lot of random angels to fit the theme.

>> No.49160134

Bruna, the Fading Light rips any angel out of the graveyard. Including Reya Dawnbringer, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, etc.
It's the way to go.

>> No.49160144

Just Green? Or two color? If so, go reanimator with Meren.

If not, build Azusa. It's effectively cheating when you have 20 lands on turn 5.

>> No.49160154

Just build Hokori and make everyone hate you

>> No.49160175

I'll probably play Hokkori in the deck since I imagine playing a lot of artifact ramp.

>> No.49160187

Most angels are very good. Mine has maybe 3-4 that aren't super competitive, like the one that lowers damage dealth to you by one and the one that cheap one that regenerates.

Most angels are nasty. Baneslayer, Exalted, Akroma, Reya, Linvala, the list goes on. Most angels now are designed to be busted.

Only really bad Angel in my deck is Serra Angel. I only have it in there because the artwork is beautiful on the from the vault version.

>> No.49160226

I'd be playing a few but I just meant I wouldn't be playing very many that I wouldn't normally play anyway. Like I'll probably be playing Karmic Guide, Linvala, Iona, Avacyn, and probably Twilight Shepherd and Angel of Jubilation, but I'd probably skip out on Reya, Akroma, Baneslayer, and Exalted, for example. But that also depends on whether there's enough good discard for mono white to actually make it a subtheme reanimator deck. If there's enough good discard I might play some tuff like Reya and Akroma.

>> No.49160238

I have Tamiyo's Journal to try and fish Gisela out.
White doesn't get good creature searching. Even so, I only get Brisela out maybe one in five games. If you're playing Bruna as your commander, don't expect to meld with any regularity.
So, play to Bruna's strengths, which is angel recursion.

>> No.49160258


I am a real person with a job, but I also understand I am paying money for cardstock with ink on it. If you go to high I'll proxy until its done being playtested.

>> No.49160274


That actually looks amusing.

>> No.49160329

White has a few things outside of weenie.

Soldier/Angel/Human/Cleric Tribal
Lifegain and Win
A few voltron commanders

Look into white edh commanders and see what fits your style.

>> No.49160366

>Cleric Tribal
>not Orzhov
Just doing it wrong

>> No.49160368


How is soldier or human tribal not a "weenie" deck?

Cleric is too really

Angel isn't but Angel tribal doesn't really make sense anyway

>> No.49160397

Eh, you don't have too. Most of the best cleric cards are white. Black just adds a bunch of other choices.

I don't consider a tribal theme as weenie. Most weenie decks don't care what they put in as long as ita cheap and easy to play.

It depends if you want it to be competitive or not. If you do, Stax or Weenie. Only real choices.

>> No.49160420

>Eh, you don't have too. Most of the best cleric cards are white. Black just adds a bunch of other choices.
Ayli is perhaps the best cleric and she's Orzhov.

>> No.49160496

I prefer Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, honestly.

>> No.49160521

Eight and Half Tails isn't a cheaper Legacy Weapon.

>> No.49160543

this and starlit sanctum are reasons to add black. and maybe pontiff of blight. maybe.

>> No.49160549

What were they thinking with this art

>> No.49160566

i hope you are also running citanul flute

>> No.49160568

>implying people won't be wise to your life gain shenanigans and keep you below 40

I've played Ayli. You don't have friends if her you play her. No mercy.

>> No.49160582

Rotlung Reanimator
Vizkopa Guildmage
Withered Wretch
Cabal Archon, maybe?

>> No.49160591


Soldevi adnate is a very strong black cleric

>> No.49160616

>Vizkopa Guildmage
That's a wizard, not a cleric.
Good for Ayli, but does not help the tribal.

>> No.49160691

Start the reactor quaid

>> No.49160706


Anything I should change? Opinions and shit.

>> No.49160813

>Soldevi adnate
holy shit that card is amazing

rotlung is really cool
wretch is really cool and I might start running it in non green black decks that need a shitty scooze
archon is also really good

>> No.49160822

How expensive is a decent Cleric tribal deck? I'm sitting on a Kaya and a foil moon Edgewalker and I'd love to use them.

>> No.49160876


lots of cleric tribal cards exist from way back when and they are all .25 cents

The deck won't be very good without some powerful staples though, so it's not THAT cheap to make a good cleric tribal deck, but certainly cheaper than many strategies

>> No.49160877

Building a budget tymaret deck to play against lower power level players, what would you recommend?

I want to utilize that second ability and only send him to command zone as a last ditch effort.

Grafted exoskeleton, maybe a way to give him lifelink? What else is cool?

>> No.49160912

Do you have a decklist that I can work off of? Just so I don't miss anything really important.

>> No.49160946

I've been thinkin about doing this for a while (before ayli was spoiled I was gonna do lady evangela) and every time the decklist ends up too expensive. getting everything else good to work around the reasonably janky clerics.

also anyone looking to build cleric tribal: sin collector.

>> No.49161014


No but here's some decent cleric tribal cards off the top of my head

Blind zealot
Whipgrass entangler
children of korlis
Profane prayers

>> No.49161105

does kraj see competitive play or his gameplan literally "lol so randumb"

>> No.49161147

The randumb commander is Maelstrom Wanderer.

>> No.49161196

For Feldon. Mournful, but enduring.

>> No.49161200

>he doesn't play a fine tuned maelstrom deck that can steamroll most other decks

>> No.49161235

You do. It's boring.

For generals with cheat that have green in them, you might consider Intet or Mayael.

>> No.49161255

mayael was seriously hurt with the change to vancouver mull and no partials
intet is trash. so are all the other wedge dragons.

>> No.49161265

>Break out Voltron Ruhan
>As un-interactive as it gets
>Pop in headphones
>Blast Power Metal as I either murder everyone with an unstoppable juggernaut or get controller to oblivion
>Still have a great time.

Gloryhammer honestly makes everything better.


>> No.49161273

I mean, I have a Kraj deck. Basically I use him as utility and doubling up on value. Today, I was using him with a fatty and ulvenwald tracker, and fighting 2 creatures a round to good effect when I couldn't punch through the soup. Then I noticed a Mina and Denn on board that could give my fatty trample, and I pack lands that can tap for any color, like vivids.

It's basically a simic counter synergy deck, but I like it because it has a highly dynamic experience, with new options depending on what your opponents are playing.

I would up winning by soft locking with glen elendra archmage + master biomancer and 2 fights/round to control creature based threats.

>> No.49161294

They let Avon do something besides lands.

>> No.49161295

In this context, it means, "to stab oneself in, or to slit, the neck."

He wants EDH players to slit their own throats.

>> No.49161312


You can have a great time with Mayael if you don't go full tryhard. It's always annoying when someone Mayael's for an Avacyn or an Elesh Norn.

Especially when you can get TITANTIC BULVOX and KROSAN COLOSSUS as well as GRUUL RAGEBEAST

The best Mayael decks are the beast tribal ones.

>> No.49161324

>doesn't like rage baby
who hurt you?

>> No.49161326

I didn't realize that part of the criteria was high levels of competitiveness.

I suppose the newly spoiled simic elf is a pretty good top deck cheat machine that could be pretty potent. Rashmi, Eternities Crafter.

>> No.49161340

Christ, what the shit.
That art of Liliana is great, though, it's one of the few where she looks cute.

>> No.49161356



No not in the slightest

kraj was designed to make interesting board states and weird combos, not to be powerful

>> No.49161371

I watched an athreos? Deck on youtube a few weeks back, guy had all the clerics and that zombie mage guy who makes zombies when humans die and the vampire guys who make people lose life when creatures die, your opponent has to choose between taking a shitload of damage or you making tones of zombies and returning all your creatures to your hand to cast again

Names have totally escaped me, ill have to look for the link

>> No.49161397

This guy


>> No.49161484

the problem is not which specific creatures you run (also elesh norn can't be put on the field with mayael. norn has 4 power), but that you need to run a certain number of them for you to be able to likely hit one per activation. This would be fine, if the cards she's looking to hit aren't timmy cards, and usually high cmc. Green doesn't have the right library manipulation to make the activated ability worth it if you just run a few of the biggies, and then keep everything else relatively low cmc. If you run the amount of high cmc creatures you need for mayael, then it decreases chances of good opening hands (for the obvious reason that you don't want high cmc shit in your opening hand). before it was acceptable, you were able to partial away the fatties, and hopefully draw lands/cheaper spells, but with vancouver mulligan your openers are never going to be as strong as they were.

also, no, i can't have a great time with a non try hard deck. my entire meta is try hards. not doing so would be the least fun.

>> No.49161590


I built Marchesa Superfriends and its pretty fucking sweet. If they want to kill my walkers, I get to keep the monarch, if they hit me, I keep my walkers.

>> No.49161601


>my entire meta is tryhards

Fuck man. Thats the worst. We only have one and he only plays against those who havent played against him yet. Since everyone else avoids him. Honestly, I value his deck (Easily at least $1500) more than I value him as a person. I would save his deck of cardboard shinies from a burning building.

>> No.49161648

Honestly, when everyone can build tryhard decks, the games are really fun.

>> No.49161723

It's actually not bad. games are generally faster than before everyone understanding what constitutes as good deckbuilding, meaning you get more games in. I just hate it when people do things like cast armagegdon with no means of winning. You've just prolonged the game for no good reason. Also a lot of chaos cards are very annoying. I've got one friend whose decks are generally pretty good, but his pet card is possibility storm, which can be really fucking annoying. but otherwise, it's what >>49161648
said. Games get much better the more people are invested.

>> No.49161763

So if i worst fears somebody with this out, can i crack an opponents fetch, pay two life get two shocklands and then double the untap trigger and pay it to hit them for 10?

>> No.49161791

Scratch the pay two get two lands thing i reread its when it enters

>> No.49161793

how do you read a card so fucking wrong?

>> No.49161795

Did you read the card? Did you read the thread? It's like nobody actually understands it.

>> No.49161797


>> No.49161825

too fukin slow m8s

>> No.49161832

Even if their lands were creatures for whatever reason, the shocklands don't have triggered abilities.

>> No.49161852

it only has a replacement effect for when creatures and artifacts enter.
cracking a fetch is an activated ability.
further more if that player had something like a rings of brighthearth to copy the ability, they would not pay 2 life, because that is part of the cost, and you don't repay costs when you copy things.
shocklands don't have an etb. its an "as this enters" effect where you may pay 2.

>calls someone too slow
>has zero fucking reading comprehension
that doesn't mean you still got way more wrong than you should have, you retard.

>> No.49161859

What do you guys think?

>> No.49161921

needs a days undoing

>> No.49161958

You mean time twister

>> No.49161982

Time Twister for sure, but Days Undoing during my opponent's turn from Orrery or Leyline...

>> No.49161993

>playing Nekusar
>game goes back and forth nobody manages to really establish a board position since everything gets blown up as soon as it hits the field
>first the Oloro dies to commander damage from anafenza cuz he couldn't get his pillosfort going
>next Anafenza scoops after getting his combo pieces exiled one by one
>me and Savra, Golgari Queen remain
>savra has 3 creatures, phyrexian altar and a few mana rocks
>I have mana rocks and Wheel of Fate suspended with 3 counters
>my turn, Wheel goes to 2, cast Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, -2 to bounce Savra, cast Jace's Archivar, pass turn
>savra player attacks Jace killing him, casts dreamstone hedron and flashes back Sever the Bloodline targeting Jace's Archivar, then passes
>I cast Ward of Bones and Nekusar, now he can't cast creatures anymore
>his turn, he takes ages to make a move but finally sacs one of his creatures to cast Savra
>tries to figure out a way to remove both nekusar and ward before his turn ends, but doesn't manage
>my upkeep, Wheel hits the field and Nekusar pings him for 7
>cast Sorin Markov, -3, follow it up with molten psyche
>still tries to figure out a way to survive, now he handles Nekusar with Savra and tries to gain enough life to survive molten psyche which is on the stack and about to hit him for 14
>takes him about 5 minutes to realize no matter what he dies he is dying this turn
Wouldn't even have been surprising if he managed to survive molten psyche, I got lucky

>> No.49162026

Just kill your opponents faster than you kill yourself.

>> No.49162040

I heard she'd see legacy/vintage play from a knowledgeable friend of mine, but she's not as strong in EDH. Still really good, but she needs a deck to fit in.

>> No.49162053

>the anti draw commander and the draw commander have exactly the same strategy
how did this happen

>> No.49162059

I going under the assumption you're not gonna buy a time twister.

>> No.49162073

>playing nekusar
>stopped reading

>> No.49162091

He probably will proxy it, trust me one more wheel matters when thats how youre trying to win.

>> No.49162110

>anafenza combo

also nekusar is cheap and boring and you basically told a story about how every fucking nekusar deck wins. git gud scrub

>> No.49162140

>f3 Post 'em
>no results

>> No.49162194

How does the new grenzo play out as a commander?

>> No.49162253

If it gets down to 1v1, odds are he loses. But my grenzo deck which is made exclusively of junk cards I had lying around and an m15 chandra manages to successfully draw aggro of everyone else at a 5 man table and still be fine because until someone gets an infinite army, it just keeps everyone goaded. His exile top card effect is cute, but usimg tiny evasive dudes to make everybody else's board your aggro arsenal is where it's at for me.

>> No.49162268

Are you using the skulk key for maximum goads?

>> No.49162284

>Anafenza Combo
Yup. Anafenza is there for abzan colors, as an early bester and to stop opponent's graveyard shenanigans. The deck aims to generate value through sacrifice and reanimation while assembling it's combos. It does both extremely efficiently and reliably.
It's a wonderfully crafted deck with an extremely low curve, so it's very fast without being a glass cannon.
Very strong in multiplayer, even stronger in 1v1.
>git gud scrub
lol, I'm most likely a way better player and deck builder than at least 90% of people posting here judging by what I read on a daily basis

>> No.49162299

This really triggers me

>> No.49162306

buy a torpor orb then...

>> No.49162329

Yes they only live six months to a year max.

>> No.49162336

They are basically flies.

>> No.49162357


Fits the deck fucking perfectly.

>> No.49162372

Does Cultivate, Tempt with Discovery, Boundless Realms or New Frontiers trigger this card?

>> No.49162378

Next to Omnath for RG, the best landfall deck is probably Karametra in GW. You lose Omnath, but gain Emeria Shepherd, Admonition Angel, Emeria Angel, and Knight of the Reliquary, as well as a powerful and resilient landfall enabler in Karametra. The two decks are very different in playstyle but both are lots of fun and lots of ramp.

>> No.49162386

"play" means use their land drop(s) for the turn. It doesn't trigger on lands entering the battlefield.

Courser, Mul Daya, etc that give you extra land plays will trigger it.

>> No.49162394

No, no, no and no. Playing a land is only the once per turn action where you take the land from your hand (usually) and put it into play during your turn. It works with Exploration, Azusa, Mina and Denn, Gitrog, and Rites of Flourishing though.

>> No.49162413

Mycosynth Lattice?

>> No.49162447

Wow. I love that I can continue to learn of new cards all the time. I am going to find a place for this in at least one of my decks.

>> No.49162461


Shoe - Egg

It was my first deck I built during a pretty rough time in my life. My roommate dragged me out to play MTG and DnD with his group. For the first while I didn't know if I would keep doing it. I didn't know how to handle being in a group where people wanted me to be there. Eventually the fun of the game and the companionship won out. MTG and Kemba made my life significantly better. I'll never destroy my Kemba deck and will always have it.

>> No.49162490

Naw, but I did finally break down and order a Berserker's onslaught for it. It'll be its first card I went out of my way to put in, and in retrospect, while I was ordering I should've ordered a bedlam as well. But every creature, or nearly every creature, has a built in evasive keyword, so between everyone at a table, at least one guy is gonna fail to block menace, one will fail to block intimidate, one will fail to block a landwalk, and so on and so on.

>> No.49162529


>> No.49162536


Kytheon Human Tribal in a meta of Zur, Kalia, Kharn, Eldrazi Tribal, Derevi, and Jehoira.

>tfw I actually win
>tfw Kalia player wont talk to me for an hour while he power smokes his rage away.

>> No.49162541

Made a lot of changes. What do you think of my decks?

>> No.49162582


>> No.49162602

This was unnecessarily hard to put together with my broken ass mouse.

>> No.49162635

are you planning on putting this guy in your Bird tribal?

>> No.49162649

4 mana 3/3 is above the curve as Birds go, so yes. The ability is an upside. I not so jokingly call the deck Draft Unplayables.

>> No.49162694

I am thinking of building a deck with her as the commander. Do you think there will be enough Dwarves and Vehicles in this set to pull it off?

I already love the so far spoiled vehicles.

>> No.49162698

highly recommend against dromar. the mass bounce is going to hit himself a large amount of the time. as for wort, she's okay, but the RG wort is much better. Almost as redonk as krenko.

>> No.49162702

I just love this podracer.

>> No.49162707

I've got a Dwarven Vehicle for you right here.

>> No.49162717

Didnt knew about this card, this is definitely going into the deck.

>> No.49162721

Really can't wait to power up my Muzzio deck.
I think this set might push that deck into my top 3.

>> No.49162769

>the mass bounce is going to hit himself a large amount of the time
Oh, I know. And I don't care. He's still the best option for the deck, because he fits the theme. I don't want to use some generic, powerful Esper general just because Dromar's kinda wonky. I think that's the fun about this format. I'm also gonna gonna stick with R/B Wort, simply because I want access to the Llorwyn goblins and Grenzo. As said, I don't really care about powerlevel. Our playgroup isn't that cutthroat, for which I am eternally grateful.
And thank you for the advise, nonetheless.

>> No.49162791

I just love casual playgroups, because you can play dumb tribals and wonky commanders.

>> No.49162812


Reanimator Pepe

Tazri Allies

Dead Daxos


Queen Marchesa

Ulrich Werewolves

>> No.49162869

how about merieke ri berit? it's still kinda janky, but she does some cool political stuff, which is waaay more important in casual games (i find at least)

>> No.49162923


What red evasion creatures? I threw together a pile of ass with a bunch of extra combats and tokens, but I like your idea.

>> No.49162947

Theme is still way more important to me than powerlevel. That's pretty much the name of the game in our group. I think we're a bit of an outlier in that respect. We're all good players, we all own a ton of very powerful money cards, but we all choose to mostly play goofy decks. I've got my Roon and Ghave decks, if I want to try hard. But when one of my buddies takes out his Cromat all charms deck, I wanna play something equally goofy and/or thematic.

>> No.49162979

that cromat deck sounds pretty charming

>> No.49163024

>have a friend who likes commanders like jeleva, derevi and nekusar
>play rakdos, lord of riots against him
>he calls my heartless hidetsugu "stupid and boring, he just deals a lot of damage"

>> No.49163076

is jeleva really a problem in anyone's meta, tho? also, does the person just play c13 decks?

but yeah, fuck them , stick the hidetsugu up their asses.

>> No.49163140

Just junk I had laying around. Look for menace and intimidate mostly. Low drop dragons <whelp, hatchling, slumbering> help too, since people still forget flying exists, it seems. I'm at work, so I can't really whip out a deck and load it into tappedout until about seven hours from now, sorry.

I actually built grenzo to tune it down after my group, which is at an armistice like >>49162947 , said hidetsugu was too degenerate. Like, he doesn't even affect board state or disrupt plays, he just cuts play time in, like, half. People have a hard time understanding how in most situations, your two relevant life totals are >1 or 0. Outside of paying life for effects, most cards function just as well when cast at 10 life as when casted at 100.

>> No.49163151


My jeleva is a problem. I don't play storm or anything, but I can (and have) start going off as early as T3.

>> No.49163154

Ashling Voltron/Blowup

>> No.49163203

Time Spiral is also super worth it. It's usually better than Timetwister imo, although the ability to use the card multiple times is pretty good.

>> No.49163327

>mono red
>he can't even run army of allah!

>> No.49163402

kill yourself

>> No.49163558

>> No.49163561

>pop in headphones
This is the only thing I've never been able to handle. I can deal with the people with pungent aromas about them, the rotting teeth i've seen, cheaters, people with vicious personalities, people who straight up started calling other players fags (in a tournament setting). But whenever I've done drafts with people who put in headphones, I couldn't handle it. I'd be fine if they put their headphones on during draft/deckbuilding, but these people literally put them on FOR the match. why the fuck would you cut off one of our primary modes of communication in a game multiplayer game? Is it to put your opponent on tilt? I will straight up call a judge in draft if they even start to put the earbuds in, hoping that the judge will side with me (as it is up to the judge to forbid electronic devices). In edh I will refuse to play with that person. You disgust me.

>> No.49163664

You're not alone. There's like 3 people who play with headphones on constantly and it's annoying as fuck. They're also constantly missing triggers because the retards don't hear anything and try to interact with things too late because they're listening to music and won't pay attention to the game.
Worst is when I fucking have to repeat everything I say, since they're just shifting the headphones from their ear and go "huh, what was that?"

>> No.49163681

Might as well for my main 4
alternatively, https://youtube.com/watch?v=ktv_12gzg-g

>> No.49163816

So it's a worse Solemn Simulacrum.

>> No.49163868

Way worse. Better way to look at it is a colorless Exultant Cultist with insignificant lifegain tacked on.

>> No.49163888

honestly, you should refuse to play with them if they are going to do that. it's extremely rude and harms the game. They are not going to get as much out of it, you're not gonna get as much out of it. No half measures, walt.

>> No.49163892

but it doesn't have the wizard subtype like cultist, making it infinitely worse

>> No.49163936

So my lgs is holding a tiny leaders event next friday and since ddh is dead at my lgs (too many modernbabbies) I thought about building a deck around new Olivia
Anything I need to pay attention to while constructing the deck aside from no card above cmc 3? Is there like a banlist?

>> No.49163938

Nah, the lifegain can still matter for things like Ajani's Pridemate or Serene Steward. And a 2/2 replacing itself is decent enabler. I'd run it in every lifegain deck. It's just that the lifegain on its own is pretty piddly.

>> No.49163998

Expect to run into a ton of Leovold's. Hope your deck can deal with being in topdeck mode while your opponent has a full grip.

>> No.49164069

Not >>49163936 , but leovold is just begging to be milled. Kinda makes me wanna build just walls, counters, and mills.

>> No.49164087

>tiny leaders
what a shitty format. It was made as a "cheaper (money), faster alternative" to edh. While it is faster, it's not enjoyable to play. That and why would they think the decks would be cheaper by limiting options available? And why would they think that cmc 3 or less is a good choice to make the format less expensive to get into? Like, did they not realize modern is a thing? idk how much legacy and vintage care about low cost things, i get the feeling the fast mana available in those formats means cmc is less of a worry? but low cmc is almost always good soooo idk

>serene steward
>ajani's pridemate
who the fuck would run those shitty cards? Even in a dedicated lifegain deck, those are meh. Pridemate is borderline playable, the steward is not worth running in pretty much any deck.

>> No.49164088

Counters are shit when you can't replenish your hand.

>> No.49164121

All mill and walls behind her, I guess? Damn I actually wanna brew for a dead format now because walls are hella fun.

>> No.49164138 [DELETED] 

All mill and walls behind her, I guess? Damn I actually wanna brew for a dead format now because walls are hella fun.

>> No.49164141

Archangel of Thune and Drogskol Reaver then. Those were just the ones off the top of my head that just cared about life gained and not the amount.

>> No.49164160

All mill and walls behind her, I guess? Damn I actually wanna brew for a dead format now because walls are hella fun.

>> No.49164253

there are good lifegain decks. idk if I'd put it into a deck with drogskol, because that deck would have access to a much wider selection of cards, of which many are absolutely amazing. idk if I'd have the slots for a filigree fox. But with thune in monowhite? beautiful. Monowhite needs all the draw effects in can get and this one is decent for white, because of low cost means it can be reanimated by sun titan, mine excavation and open the vaults hits it, tutorable by enlightened tutor (not that you wanna waste a tutor on the fox, but the option is nice)

>> No.49164265

mah newBruna nigga
Here's mine though: https://youtu.be/YrhYhI3L32c

Also, for my oldSigarda Equip-Voltron

>> No.49164310

Sadly, no one but autists do that.
That said, if they miss something because of the headphones, they're not countering the spell that they missed. If they're not paying attention, I'm not gonna care if they want something. I don't play much 1v1 or at all against them at least, so I don't mind that much. It's not like they're the only people to play against, and I'm not gonna play against all 3 of them at same time.
I hate people who have attention span as shitty as that they must be listening to music at all times.
Sadly, I usually have no heart to tell them off and doom myself to a shitty game. Guess I just wish that they'd learn someday.

>> No.49164359

How do y'all feel about annihilator?

>> No.49164404

If I had to choose for my new bruna, it would be https://youtube.com/watch?v=hfOgz72-wJs

But my new Bruna deck is self-mill until it chains a shitton of reanimator effects.

>> No.49164413

>Sadly, I usually have no heart to tell them off and doom myself to a shitty game.
aren't you dooming yourself to a shitty game by letting them do that? either way you're gonna be mad. I would just get it over with. You don't even necessarily have to show the rage boiling beneath the surface caused by their tinny tiny speakers, you can be the better person and by kind and considerate, despite your blood pressure levels rising.

Building a deck around annihilator? meh, would prefer to just go stax. cards with annihilator as an added bonus like the old Titans and Artisan? fooken luv em m8

>> No.49164424

>mono W self mill with renimator chains
please boss, I'm gonna need a list

>> No.49164443

Build Doran wall tribal.

>> No.49164504

Since I plan to build B/R I'll be well prepared for topdecking either way

It is, but I don't play modern or standard and edh events at my lgs are bound to fail because no one seems to fucking play edh at my lgs, while the modern events are flooded, a lot of the modern players have tiny leaders decks though because it's pretty close to modern and I just want to play

>> No.49164530

As I said I aim to build new Olivia. It's going to be aggro vampire tribal.

>> No.49164691

My deck's at home, and I'm at work, and have my lgs 's edh day once I'm off, so I'll be a while if you want a proper list. But here're some cliffnotes, and do mind it's still a bit of a WIP.

Mesmeric orb
Grind clock
Keening stone
Sands of delirium
(Peace of Mind?)
(Memory Jar?)

Emeria shepherd
Emeria sky ruins
Sun Titan
Reya Dawnbringer

Make sure you mill dudes, not lands:
Journeyer's kite
Fetch lands, even suboptimal ones, you're gonna be slow anyway, since it never pops before, like, turn 9

Durdle support:
Norn's annex
Ghostly prison
Angel of Jubilation
Gheist honoured monk + gift of immortality
Holy day clones

Mesmeric orb is a VIP but my deck's only reason to pull aggro before it starts dropping angels. But once my yard is stuffed, it's normally Bruna into emeria shepherd, crack a search plus land drop, into reya and sun titan into a fetch I just cracked, crack for a random angel because emeria shepherd. Afterwards, I start res-ing 2 to 4 dudes a turn between sun titan (every attack) reya (every upkeep) emeria shepherd (every land / plains) emeria ruins (also every upkeep). I do also run some white res-y stuff like whichever one rebounds, but I typically never use 'em.

>> No.49164768

Hello friends, I've been in the process of making a new kind of deck I saw online and I was wondering if I could get any suggestions.

It's Abzan, with Anafenza at the head for the moment, and it aims to be completely indestructible.

>Privileged Position + Sterling Grove + Old Avacyn + Old Sigarda

Is the basic shell I have of it now. Basically just overlapping layers of protection for a boardstate that can only be dealt with through mass bounce, toughness reduction or exile, with a whole bunch of tutors to get me there.

Any help on something like this? I'm not one for Pillowfort decks but I thought I'd try something new.

>> No.49164774

Yeah, I do, but at least they realize at some point that they're playing in a bad way after I have accumulated pretty much insane boardstate because they haven't responded to anything I do. If I recall, one headphone fag has completely stopped using them during games, and I hope that others do that too, since at some point they're gonna realize that it hinders their game, but not mine.
If they're not reaponding because they do not hear me, I'll assume that they're not gonna respond.

>> No.49164790

I like him, but I can't think of what I actually want to DO with him. Mine effects, obviously, but what's the win?

>> No.49164841

Psychosis crawler and its ilk, I guess?

Also, wheel effects to really shut players down. Dawn-whatever chimera and alhammarrets archive will make you virtually immortal. Put in any sort of stax, and you've got yourself a zur who also incorporates beefy dudes. Kinda.

>> No.49164850

Doomsday combo, straight after a wheel, so no one can respond to it

>> No.49164878

I think he's just a good control commander. More BUG good stuff control/combo that makes 1 sided wheel effects (throw in Teferi's puzzlebox and other nekusar shit) and then win with big BG creatures or however else BUG wins.

This too

>> No.49164926

the ghirapur orrerry is going to be amazing in leovold.
>people empty their hands faster, putting them on the backpedal faster

>> No.49165071

i get the feeling that deck is gonna be artifact heavy. you should run open the vaults and mine excavation. The new science fair land will be really good too as an added tutor to grab mesmeric, because enlightened is not enough. if you wanna get really durdley you can add a salvaging station package (not sure how good monowhite will do that salvaging station, tho. i used to run it in a WB deck to make the doomblade machine gun with executioner's capsule). weathered wayfarer and expedition map to tutor the fair and emeria sky ruin?

>> No.49165100

>Privileged Position + Sterling Grove + Old Avacyn + Old Sigarda
You're already most of the way there.
I tend to put this kind of stuff in nearly every deck I make that has GW in it, and those 4 are the base.
I also include Greater Auramancy as a 2nd Sterling Grove, and creatures like Palisade Giant (or the Conspiracy2 card Protector of the Crown), or cards like Sphere of Protection and Norn's Annex to protect myself and my Walkers, and of course Wheel of Sun and Moon for anti-mill, and Leyline of Sanctity for general protection from things like Bribery or Acquire.

>> No.49165116

Forgot, but also Pariah's Shield if I don't get Palisade Giant out, and Darksteel Plate for the Pariah/Giant if I don't have Avacyn.

>> No.49165123

As we dwindle towards 404:

Post yfw guy at your table starts asking "response?" after every move.

>> No.49165151


>> No.49165156

Somebody suggest a fun R/G(/X) commander, I've got a mono-B and W/U deck and I want to have all the colors covered at least once. I'm not looking for anything specific, just ideas.

>> No.49165180

A couple that I've always wanted to make were
Thromok the Insatiable and Ulasht the Hate Seed.

>> No.49165205

I helped an old roommate brew and build Ulasht one time, it was pretty silly.

However, now that you mention Thromok, I've always really wanted to do something cool with him too, I might just look into that, thanks.

>> No.49165229

Hell, you could use both in the same deck, since they both work really well with mass token making.

>> No.49165403

Do you run Deal Broker? It smooths out your draws and dumps your big stuff into the raveyard. Looters are never bad to have.

>> No.49165425

Sultai Elves, baby. All the best green ones, plus Shaman of the Pack, plus Edric, plus Coiling Oracle, plus Ezuri, throw in Meren while you're at it.

>> No.49165438

Scion of the Ur-dragon, Wort the Raidmother, Marath, Yasova, Atarka, other Atarka, Surrak

>> No.49165466

I run a couple of discard outlets, but not deal broker specifically. It's a good card I just didn't have an extra of, and my current amount of discard actually feels a little excessive as it is.

I do fuckin' love it in Animar, however.

>> No.49165476

Hey that concept is cool and all but how are you trying to win?
You can protect your boardstate all you want but if you focus only on that you will lose

>> No.49165513

Not him, but if you can guarantee you /don't lose/ you can, eventually, secure quite a few ways to /technically win/. See: stax.

>> No.49165664

Gotcha boss. You play Profound Journey? It's big mana, but the impact is neat i find.

>> No.49165725

But stax also aims to hinder your opponent playing the game by taxing his spells, taking away hia resources and attacking his boardstate, it may not actually target the player but it definetely does more than just protecting itself.

>> No.49165732

I play it, but I find it disappointing that it only applies to your grave. It'd be cool if I could use it to steal from opponent's grave as well.

>> No.49165807

white usually only deals in your own grave, black is less picky about who owns the grave

>> No.49165835

I'm not calling it a direct counterpart, I'm just comparing somewhat relevant courses of action. If you can prevent progress against you, ways definitely exist of durdling out a win-con, despite never seriously aggressing anyone else.

>> No.49165855

>implying taxing opponents spells isn't a way of protecting yourself
how can i get hurt if now one can pay the toll to hurt me?

>> No.49166037

My point is with shroud/indestructible etc. you only protect your boardstate. Stax protects itself while also protecting it's important permanents.
If you only protect your board state you still get hit by direct damage and unblockable creatures. There's also edict effects though he propably aims to play Linvala (is it?) to counter those.
Stax is a way more efficient and powerful than what that anon is planning to do though as I said I like that concept he just can't rely on it in order to win

>> No.49166191

Hopefully through a Hexproof Blightsteel Colossus + Novablast Wurm to one shot people, wiping the board clear of defenders each swing. Or a hexproof Avacyn lamming home after the field has been wiped. It'll run a lot of tutors for the enchantments and creatures I want, and I'm gonna run a lot of wraths before and after I get my setup online, since I can wrath away all the threats and mine are fine because of Avacyn.

I want to run some of self exiling spells like Sudden Disappearance or Eerie Interlude as well, then cast the big, hard sweepers like Merciless Eviction or Great Aurora so I get all my creatures back on the battlefield after everyone restarts essentially. Seems like it would be fun.

>> No.49166268

Magus of the wheel and Temur Sabertooth might be nice for you. They combo with each other to wipe every other turn

>> No.49166289

Pariah effects with indestructible stop you from taking damage and let you not care about being attacked.
Old Sigarda stops any and all effects that would cause you to sac anything.

>> No.49166468

Some chucklefuck started a new thread and didn't link it so here you go


>> No.49166549

Either of the mass exile spells still kill all your shit.

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