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Now this is Podracing Edition


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

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>mfw slowly awaiting more Vehicles for Karn, Silver Podracer

It's going to be so awful and I'm going to love it

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I need the good targets for Feldon

Help a brother out

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None of the vehicles will be EDH relevant since they all seem to be vanilla creatures.

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Alternate name
"The silver surfer "

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Vehicle Tron will be a thing, you heard it here first.

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Can you show me your competitive edh trophies? Are you in the profesional edh pro tour? No? All cards are edh relevant you insuferable faggot, go play your $6500 zirilian deck, cunt

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>Tron being a thing in EDH
Back to Modern general with you

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Fucking kill yourself m8

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So how many vehicles will this set need to fuel a dwarves&dragracers deck?
Will aether revolt also have vehicles?

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Hey, what's wrong with my nigga Zirilan? I built a deck around him from <$100 and it's fucking fun.

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Vehicles I believe where implied to be a new mechanic that they'll use in multiple sets. They've called attention to the border being plane neutral by design.

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>$6500 zirilian deck
In what the fuck kind of awful timeline does Mono_Red_Hasty_Dragons.dec cost $650

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Im guessing about a mix of at least 30 dearves/vehicles, it seems fabricate might be a U/W mechanic but we can hope for W dwarves

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oh god I hope not, I don't mind this kind of stuff on 1 plane but if it becomes common place in the multiverse It'll ruin the flavor af magic

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I think stuff like chariots, wagons and siege weapons could be used to decent effect. Not in every set but it could have it's place as a recurring mechanic.

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How expensive do you think this will this be? Between 5-10 $$$?

My new enderek sahr deck NEEDS this

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Dwarves in Kaladesh are white; rather, I don't know if we'll see red ones aside from Dapolo

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I'm excited as all hell to play Depala but I'm worried that Dwarf/Vehicle support is either going to land in the limited trash bin or overly pushed pile. Please God let them have come to a good middle ground so I can play the coolest commander of all time.

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Wanted to build marduchesa prison so bad then ganesh spoilers come out 2 weeks later and shit all over that idea, thanks wizards, saved me a bunch of cash

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Probably $1, there are many easier ways to cheat in spells

Faced a competitive version of this

Holy shit does this end games if its unanswered

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Probably 10 if not higher. Affinity will probably find some way to mess with it.

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oh shit, I haven't been following the previews. DWARVES AND ARTIFACTS?? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP FOR THIS BLOCK!

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It will see 0 play in standard or modern so it will be $1.50 3 days after release

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The dawn of the Value Frog has begun

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>Faced a competitive version of this
>a 5CMC general with a 1CMC activated ability
He is slow as hell, man. I play the fucker and he's uncomfortably slow

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>not sure if trolling
>100% sure didnt understand the question
>just incase

Verbal and nonverbal communication Symptoms of Autism may include:

>Problems taking steps to start a conversation. Also, people with autism have difficulties continuing a conversation after it has begun.

>Difficulty understanding their listener's perspective. For example, a person with autism may not understand that someone is using humor. They may interpret the communication word for word and fail to catch the implied meaning.

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Hmm, maybe its because I was playing a casual budget Wanderer deck against it.

So while I had a lot of ramp I could not compete with a Crypt/Vault start

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>I could not compete with a Crypt/Vault start
Most commanders cannot compete with a Vault/Crypt start. All that mana on T1 is gross as fuck.

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>game is usually over turn 3 or 4

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I had given up on standard, a part of me wants some sort of hilarious fast'n'furious deck to take route. I want the top of the curve being bigger vehicles that are piloted by cheaper higher power/low toughness lightning elemental style vehicles.

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Here's to hoping. This thing next to smokestack and endrek, Being able to cheat in huge creatures, getting 6 or 7 thrulls, ticking the smokestack up to 5.

Also, remind me if I'm right, when a token dies, it "touches" graveyard before being exiled, yes?

I'm really excited for this deck

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Sorry, not trolling, just excited to have freaking dwarves back in magic. It feels like ages since we've had proper dwarves (I don't count the Lorwyn dwarves.) And I'm a sucker for artifact-heavy sets.

>> No.49144651

Hmmm, might just grab that for more Meren degeneracy.

>> No.49144664

Yes, the token touches the GY so you will get an energy counter

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I'm just hoping mono-W gets some new toys.

>> No.49144723

Dwarf podracing is the future

>> No.49144725

Hell yeah.


>waiting for endrek to ship in mail
>ashnods alter, ancestral statue, endrek
>mfw infinite mana, infinite death triggers
>this with blood artist/ zulaport cutthroat/ grave pact/ dictate of erebos

Post yfw you're playtesting and you find an infinite combo you didn't know was in the deck

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Talk about speculation.
Dwarven recruiter foil were less than a dollar a pop just 3 hours ago.
Kudos to that dude who said he bought 23

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Starting to get my Aura deck into a decent place. It's not super competitive by any means but it's fun to see the types of godlike creatures I can build. Has won most of the games in my group during the last few go arounds. Just ordered my copy of Eldrazi Conscription. Can't wait for the salt at my table the first time I drop that one.


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Im going to need an anakin alter on Derplala, where is alteranon?

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I love how Kaladesh went from "India. .. with technology?" To "NOW THIS IS PODRACING" overnight. Thank you wizards.

That's not me, is it? I painted the enderek, mimeoplasm, daxos (no face), Karlov( hypno) lazav (ditto), etc.

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I haven't played standard since the last mirrodin set. Whelp, time for podracing.

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which one of you fuckers bought it

>> No.49144845

Sold out everywhere even ebay
We missed the boat

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There's also /tg/ Proxy Guy, his e-mail is [email protected]

He makes alternate arts of cards, he's making pic related for me right now. He usually does borderless stuff, if that's what you're into.

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Muh dick

>> No.49144913

I'm the Alteranon behind ditto lazav, no face daxos, hypno karlov. I use acrylics to alter cards. I can prove that it's me.

I was thinking of doing sebulba on depala, but I can do annie as well

>> No.49144924

I took that pic right when I posted it, so someone actually just bought that

>> No.49144928

Oh yes. Soul Sisters, meet your new meatshield.

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>what is Yoked Ox

>> No.49144948

Only mildly retarded!

>> No.49144951

8/8 Trample for 5. Seems legit

>> No.49144952

Not a single poo has been seen on the street

>> No.49144961

You must be joking

>> No.49144962


No though seriously I play Kitchen Table so cheap and new are exciting to me.

>> No.49144968

>inb4: swamps are designated streets

>> No.49144974


I will paint this, keep an eye open in the edhgenerals when this set releases.
It won't look great, but I'll paint it for the sake of it existing

>> No.49144979

>People speculating on the fact there will be multiple legacy staple dwarves released in the next 2 sets
Wew lad

>> No.49144986

The one swamp we've seen is a functioning sewer

>> No.49144993

God amongst mere mortals

>> No.49145000

I was talking about the camel, but that's for calling yourself out.

>> No.49145019

Using small turds made of clay for my energy tokens

Now this is poo racing

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Origins gave us four Legacy/Vintage staples, Oath gave us an entire tribe of Modern/Legacy/Vintage staples, and Innistrad 2 gave us Spell Queller and Tamiyo.

It's not impossible really.

>> No.49145054

Well, I guess Fusion Elemental is outclassed as fuck.

8/8 Trample with upside for 5.



>> No.49145059

HAH now I get it

And ow. If I had that image of Khaled saying "you played yourself" I'd watch it. But I don't.

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Proof that I am >>49144913

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>> No.49145090

I don't know why you thought that was necessary.

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Painting the cards, or proving it was me? Someone asked if I was here, >>49144739 , so I proved I was here.
I like being recognized, I guess.
It's nice seeing people react (whether good or bad) to me painting commanders. I want to get good enough to consistently make someone really happy with a unique commander.
I'll quiet down, sorry !

>> No.49145158

Go ahead and tell me that
Hangarback Walker (featured in every MUD deck)
Baby Jace
Vryn Wingmare (admittedly I think this one has dropped in usage in D&T)
Dark Petition (which created an entirely new Vintage Storm deck)

Thought-knot Seer
Reality Smasher
Endless One
Eldrazi Mimic
Matter Reshaper

Aren't staples of their respective decks. Since you seem to be retarded I'll give you some links.


And my bad, I forgot Insolent Neonate and Prized Amalgam which is silly because I even built dredge. Prized Amalgam sees Vintage Dredge and Legacy Manaless play by the way.

>> No.49145216

What do you guys think of gonti?

>> No.49145223

Literally revolutionary. I can already see Aetherborn tribal shaping up because of this guy.

>> No.49145231

And what do you guys think about rashmi?
Is she waifu material?

>> No.49145232

Triggers on entering and only entering in mono black means it's basically garbage.

>> No.49145258

Another really good and fun commander for UB.
Rest in peace RW.

>> No.49145265

>Divining Top -> cheating various Suspend and Pacts into play

>> No.49145277

everything ruins magic.

>> No.49145302


I'm getting some different vibes here.
Sure it's a little tougher to blink him in blacks color identity, but we have conjurer's closet!
I think the "you may spend mana as if it were of any type" bit is really where it pushes him into playable as a commander in edh territory
Plus, he looks cool. And has a cool name.

I like the boros podracing dwarf. It actually REALLY bothers me that all of EDH general whines and moans about every boros legendary being combat based, until we get one.
I mean seriously, depala may need to become untapped for her ability, but you can build around that.

>> No.49145309

BW prison with flickers, yes please
>cant attack me but i can attack you
>with your own creatures

>> No.49145340

**until we finally get one that isn't combat based

My bad

See pic related, there are some pretty cool old dwarves

>> No.49145344

Best ways to draw cards in Gruul colors, specifically with Wort the Raidmother? Currently I've got these cards in mind:
Very likely: Harmonize, Shamanic Revelation, Collective Unconscious, Slate of Ancestry, Tireless Tracker, Regal Force, Tamiyo's Journal, Skullclamp
maybe: Tormenting Voice, Magmatic Insight, Wild Guess, to hopefully copy for value
Are those red discard to draw spells worth running?

>> No.49145345

would be fun to use in an edh with dragonlord silumgar ss the commander with the theme of stealing shit.

>> No.49145354

The issue for me isn't that they are combat based, but because they are fucking garbage.
I love turning my creatures sideways and beating face.
If they made a RW commander based around Renowned I'd be really into that. Like, "Creatures you control have renowned 1." + "Whenever a creature you control becomes renowned, draw a card." and/or "Renowned creatures you control are indestructible."
She seems interesting but I just don't think a real deck will function. I imagine it'll either be changelings.dwarf.dec or not-darettie.dec . I hope it gets strong though.

>> No.49145358

Sylvan Library.

>> No.49145375

There's only Hypergenesis and Ancestral Vision to cheat and they dilute the deck when you could just run cards that aren't bad if they find their way into your hand like Show and Tell or Preordain.

I can't imagine who would want to cheat a Pact into play when you could just play it.

Gonti is complete trash.

Depala might be fun.

That too would be fucking garbage.

>> No.49145424

>Gonti is Cabbage
Wew lad

As a commander he is meh, in the 99 he is pants
With flicker he is op
They dont even get to shuffle their deck when you drop their shit in the bottom, even if you dont cast anything you exile you can send all the lands to the bottom and have just denied them mana for the rest of the game if you can flick him each turn

>> No.49145462

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D5uGBCqeiI

>> No.49145463

Ashnod's altar + corpse dance should do it.
But if that's what you're doing, you could just throw him in MB sidisi

>> No.49145479

>With flicker he is op
You're fucking retarded dude.

Gonti puts all other cards on the bottom, you can't selectively deny them mana at any larger than an interval of four cards even if you flickered Gonti the prerequisite roughly TWENTY times to go completely through their deck. Do you even understand how the game works?

Not to mention that in these twenty flickers you could've just won the game with Siege Rhino, or fetched twenty lands, or received 140 tokens off of Avenger of Zendikar, or just played something besides flicker trash featuring black like a real deck.

>> No.49145563

>you can't selectively deny them mana at any larger than an interval of four cards

I hope you play ommath having 60 lands in your deck

Dont forget to take your pills before bed grampa, time for people who use cards made after 1998 to play the game

>> No.49145587

I realize you cannot actually think but did you read Gonti?

>> No.49145646

I read it, did you?

See previous posters post about autism
You may need to get yourself checked, and i do apologise for not understanding your mental issues, but please stop posting

>> No.49145664

Why are you even here?

Go shit up the quest threads or something.

>> No.49145681

>shitting up threads
I have a feeling you were the one doing the shitting, mostly from your mouth, you still have abit on the corner you might need to wipe off

>> No.49145814

>target opponent puts the top 4 cards of his library on the bottom of his library
>"yeah of course you can deny opponents mana like this. youre obviously retarded if you need to ask how"
Anyway gonti could be pretty cool in lazav

>> No.49146165

Just a reminder that dwarves are for faggots.

>> No.49146203

Or not? They are still going for 0.17usd on tcgplayer.

>> No.49146308

To be honest, he's pretty good. He's a decent wincon in command zone, and you win with infinite mana

>> No.49146344


What? He doesn't do shit with infinite mana.

>> No.49146578

Well, infinite mana and a sac outlet.

>> No.49146582

i havent built sheldon but i'm guessing all you really need is looter effects and some big ass draygons

>> No.49146583

I think implying ways to win with Gonti that don't actually work is a meme I can get behind. Although to be fair, he does go infinite with eldrazi processors which is neat.

>> No.49146603


>> No.49146615

What's your favorite card in all of magic?

I don't actually use it, it's limited fodder.

>> No.49146640

I like this one. I just wish I could afford a 5-color deck.

>> No.49146645

Hands down. Its literally everything I want to do in magic. My favorite play style is to just let you do your thing as hard as you can then take it away from you. If I could I would make a whole deck of nothing but balance effects to punish my opponent for playing his deck as hard as he can and not holding back.

>> No.49146676

This cool cat. Saves creatures from removal and board wipes, evades commander tax, reuses etb abilities, blocks like a champion, looks cool in foil. Not to mention how much he ramps in Karametra. And I discovered him in FRF draft when he cemented his status as mythic uncommon.

>> No.49146724

Grave Pact. It's simple, effective, and fun. You can throw it in pretty much any black deck and you'll get value out of it. It's efficient and extremely dangerous if not answered, and it has a lot of combo potential. It's pretty much my benchmark for well-designed MTG cards.

>> No.49146813

Still my BAE.

>> No.49146830

Got him in a box for free that got me into magic. He was also my first Commander and even though the deck was crap I love him.

>> No.49146920

I pepper a darksteel myr in whenever I can.

>> No.49147101

So, I was looking up intet decks and almost every one is dragon tribal primarily tribal goodstuff decks.

I can't tell if I'm just missing decklists but when I brewed mine, it was mostly counterspells in blue, double strike in red, land ramp in green, and interspersed scry plus a really conservative number of flying fatties for blockers or not to waste any of my multiple double strike providers, if I get a stack of 'em. My plan was to mulligan down to just green ramp in my opening hand, get out as much land as possible and scry to have Intet keep free-to-cast counterspells under it. Just keep my double-striking commander safe using 'em and win by commander damage, y'know?

But I feel like I'm missing a glaring point because of how far and away builds I saw were. Any advice /tg/?

>> No.49147142

isnt this like very broken?

>> No.49147173

I don't get it. There is almost no synergy between Karn and vehicles. Xenagos has more synergy.

>> No.49147266

Gonti is now my new commander.

>> No.49147420

>mythic uncommon

>> No.49147437

So just a bunch of clone and flicker artifacts, or?..

>> No.49147515

Guys, what are some good self-recurring 3-drops in golgari? I'm working on this Skullbriar deck for duel commander.

Currently my preferred chain looks something like 1drop -> Strangleroot/Bloodghast -> ??? -> Vengevine/Brawn -> 5drop

I've thought about Geralf's Messenger, it might be hard to cast him tho if I draw him, so some alternatives would be cool to hear

>> No.49147548

Just put cards in that you think are fun and work well, honestly. EDH is a casual format and should be treated as such. There's no "missing a point" with a deck. You're the one making it.

>> No.49147561

Black does sac and reanimation better than it does blink.

>> No.49147575

Stinkweed Imp and Undead Gladiator are the best ones I can think of. There's obviously Haakon, but he needs a bit more work.

>> No.49147602

Marshall and Luis at LR use this to mean uncommons that are about as impactful as a mythic to a normal game of limited. Other examples would be the white giant that taps a guy in Magic Oranges, or Duskwatch Recruiter in SOI.

>> No.49147718

Get your eceleb shit out of here.

>> No.49147863

"Dies to naturalize" is the rationale people are using

>> No.49148054

well having the slightest idea about limited magic would also help with infering the terms meaning but since /tg/ evidently sucks at magic it helps to explain and refer to a source doesnt it

>> No.49148078

Why would you play this? Do you have brain damage? What's wrong with you? Why would you give me the keys to my own deck? Someone needs to save you from yourself.

>> No.49148148

>playing a timmy deck in a table with 2 control players

>> No.49148172


>> No.49148179

i guess it works best in a combo deck where most cards are disruption and the elf chick helps turbo out your wincon. Pretty sure new sidisi has made her obsolete though.

>> No.49148183

Play Timmy Khan

>> No.49148193

hot diggity that is beautiful

>> No.49148265


>Implying Ob will get to do damage more than once before someone just uses their search to find an exile spell so he fucks off forever

>> No.49148322

>there are some pretty cool old dwarves
Not really, I had fun with Bomb Squad, Duergar Hedge-Mage is useful, if dwarf tribal become a thing Dwarven Bloodboiler and Dwarven Recruiter may be useful but I doubt it, Dwarven Driller is especially bad in EDH...
What I am missing? Dwarven Thaumaturgist?

>> No.49148387

I want this to be real because I want it for so many green decks, but at the same time I don't want it to be real because it's a strictly better version of so many other big green dudes. He's got trample, he can go big on his own, or he can buff your other guys. Fucking hell, Wizards.

>> No.49148425

He's real

>> No.49148434

He's going to be amazing in Mazirek

>> No.49148446

I get why you would want this for other formats, but it seems lackluster in edh

>> No.49148462

It was an old combo commander
>play maralen
>search ad nauseum
>play ad nauseum
>draw your entire deck
>Play every non land card (it was full of 0 cost artifacts and land)
>cast sickening dreams
>discard your deck and deal ~60 damage to each creature and player and half the damage to yourself with dark sphere
>never play the deck again because people now know to hold a counter for ad or sickening dreams

>> No.49148476

It's just the fact that he's an easy to ramp into big dude who goes to work fast. I could likely consistently field this guy on turn 3 in most of my decks that feature green. An 8/8 trample on turn 3 puts some stress on the board, but yeah, he's nothing more than a good beater in EDH. I could use him in other formats as well.

>> No.49148489

Didn't it run boseiju? Also, glacial chasm instead of dark orb.

>> No.49148499

Gimmie my coils back

>> No.49148533

Big eldrazi. big dragons, big artifact creatures.

>> No.49148563

they weren't doing counterspells, just sitting most turns with manas untapped with instant removals ready to go

i actually didn't get a single attack off that except for one, and that was from a hexproof creature that got wog'd next turn anyway

>> No.49148647

Try this?

>> No.49148685

>implying that this card doesn't go in every Vorel or ExKraj or any UGx flicker cancer deck with creatures.

>> No.49148729

>5 mana to potentially make a 8/8 or buff up dorks and others at the cost of his own

He's nice but I don't see him making much more of an impact than serra ascendant

>> No.49148994

>artifact typing means easy tutor (unfortunately also easier destruction)
>works at all stages of gameplay
>can flicker to pump other creatures
I could see some uses. Most obvious is just to help out Skullbriar senpai.

>> No.49149040

YES! Soon the Camel Deck will be a reality!

>> No.49149051

>cool art
>good abilities
>cost effective

I made an infect modern deck around this guy because I loved him so much.

>> No.49149225

is magiccards.info kill?

>> No.49149250

>Camel Deck
Run Smokestack, when anybody asks say it's the other kind of Camels.

>> No.49149260

Overwhelming Denial might be a strict upgrade with better art, but it doesn't have the harmony between name, flavor text, and effect that I adore so much from this.

>> No.49149267

>Magic Oranges

I prefered James and The Giant Peach tbqh

>> No.49149304

Seems to be

Use magidex.com

>> No.49149309

I got foils coils and it's insane how powerful that shit can get. It was definitely the MVP with Shirei

>> No.49149312

That art looks so Muh Anime.

>> No.49149321

Sadly, even with the new camel, there's only ever been 3 camels printed. And one of them is a "beast" which seems to have been errata'd into a camel beast.

>> No.49149324

No. Stop it

Delete this thread and make another. Let's ignore this meme edition.

>> No.49149342

Post them

>> No.49149358

pic related for Feldon deck.

>> No.49149361

How? The tokens are exiled

>> No.49149372


>> No.49149374

probably $$ (money counters)

>> No.49149389

thanks bro

>> No.49149403

a 1 mana, 6/6 flying lifelink working at early/mid game looks better.

>> No.49149422

Nobody's saying Serra Ascendant is worse but compare like to like you fuck. There's not a lot of creatures as efficient as Serra Ascendant so why compare it to a 1CMC?

>> No.49149426

Doesn't matter, since I always got shitload of them. When I'm saccing and reanimating 4-7 creatures a turn, that shit does some work even if I can't keep them tokens.
That card always resulted in massive alpha strike

>> No.49149445

Thankfully we got pic related

>> No.49149446


Once I find one it is really hard to avoid tutoring for it.

>> No.49149451

>go to order a bunch of cards for my zombie tribal
>debit card expired, have to wait for new one in the mail
>paypal won't accept my credit card
>TCGplayer won't accept discover cards
ffs I just want to spend money on cardboard.

>> No.49149454

Anon, Serra Ascendant is a forced meme. Like Scarred Puma before it. He's fucking with you.

>> No.49149461

>instead of putting your own ascendant in the game

>> No.49149475

>be behind other players
>one player about to win with combo or something
>muster up my cards and mana in a last-ditch effort to get lethal on the guy
>the combo guy has his mana tapped and can't counter it
>about to swing for lethal
>some other retard instant speed kills my shit because he thinks the 20/20 creature is scarier than the fully assembled combo on the other guy's board
>next turn the combo guy wins

why does this keep happening

>> No.49149477

Hey asshole that wasn't even me you replied to. All I'm saying is why he's good he won't exactly make that big of an impact

>> No.49149480

Yeah you're right bro airships would totally ruin the established flavour of Magic.

>> No.49149483

Because then i can Reanimate yours

>> No.49149484

I hate that feeling man. In my Sliver EDH deck it's hard not to tutor for Sliver queen when I hit training grounds/mana echoes/gemhide Sliver

>> No.49149501

Because you're playing with retards.
In a same way all six other players took the bait in tempt with discovery

>> No.49149522

I really wish more counterspell flavor text was like this. It's still kind of condescending, but it doesn't sound dumb like "ha ha I'm so smart =DDD" which a lot of them are.

>> No.49149547

Thats.. less two cards

>> No.49149646

Any Melek players here? I'm interested but have questions. Do you guys tend to run many creatures other than him?

>> No.49149728

I run him, he is fun. I run 5 creatures including him, the deck doesn't really need that many if you build it right.

What questions did you have?

>> No.49149795


How quickly do you want to bring Melek out? He's the centerpoint of the deck but are his abilities something you want to take maximum advantage of or is it just something you bust out for the winning turn?

Is Melek a commander that *needs* some of the really expensive cards to work properly, or can he be built fairly budget-y?

>> No.49149799

I have tried running my Nokia Lumia deck with him, and it still worked well, aside from few gimmicky spells.
Both decks are supposed to run next to no creatures.

>> No.49149801

Izzet spellslinger decks are the deck that 90 percent of people looking to be unique and special try to make. It's fun for all of five games.

>> No.49149818

Can I memnarch an equipped godsend from another player?

>> No.49149835


You can, but it stays equipped until you equip it to something else

>> No.49149885

Which is precisely why I run a TEMUR spellslinger deck.

>> No.49150054

I run a few, I think I end up with around 10 counting Melek. Off the top of my head;
Young Pyromancer
Disciple of the Ring
Dualcaster Mage(Combo with rite of Rep.)

>> No.49150106


You forgot Echo Mage

>> No.49150181

Echo Mage is pretty bad though

>> No.49150189

>Nokia lumia

>> No.49150203

Actually, I'm >>49147101 . My play group is currently in armistice so nobody brings competitive decks, and everyone just brings whatever's gimmicky and/or fun. It encourages a more lighthearted environment and helps bring new people into our lgs, since it's easier for new players or people who've missed out on some power creep to join in.

>> No.49150235

Heh, I suppose it's worth asking: so are Izzet spellslinger decks like Melek only fun "for all of five games"?

>> No.49150262

Oh shit yeah this is awesome. Thanks for the recc!

>> No.49150331

He's won me a few games, I wouldn't say he's bad

>> No.49150394

I'm a life gain fag.

>> No.49150426

>My favorite play style is to just let you do your thing as hard as you can then take it away from you.

>> No.49150542

Some anon like 2 threads ago asked for Brion so here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/brion-stoutarm-the-basketball-player

>> No.49150665


>> No.49150728

Thinking about building my next deck with this guy. Is the basic idea just to bring in a bunch of scarecrows/shapeshifters and then flicker to wipe the board?

>> No.49150744

Propably a slow, not all to complicated deck that likes to shoot itself in the foot.

>> No.49150750

>that alter
While I appreciate the opaque text box, why did you cut off the creature type?

>> No.49150780

Oh, this one. This one for sure. It just synergizes so well with everything I run, and it basically reads "remove me before I attack or you're in for some shit." Blightsteel would come in as a close second.

>> No.49150783

Oh yeah, the old dwarves are half the reason I'm excited for Depala. I'm just worried the rest of the support will be either Minotaur tier or Ally tier. All I want is somewhere around Dragon or Human tier. Playable but not busted enough in other formats to make the EDH deck too expensive.

>> No.49150837

It's a joke name for Tibor&Lumia. I'm finnish and so was Nokia originally, if that makes any sense.
Unlike Nokia Lumia, the deck is pretty good though.
Sure, everyone has their experiences, but I think he's super underwhelming, just like all level cards, except for maybe Lighthouse Chronologist, but even him I have never ever seen being played.
In my experience, the level cards are not worth it, since they require really much mana in order to actually do something, not to mention that he has to live a round to use his ability.
Depends on the meta, really.
Limited Resources is SWEEET. I wanna see that being unbanned.

>> No.49150855

I didn't make it, just found it on Google and picked it because it was the largest pic of the card.

>> No.49150860

>5 colors
>Hastey beater
>Supports ANY tribe
>Enables bullshit interactions with some cards: The Vows, Homeward Path, Grappling Hook, Laccolith Rig, Gruul Charm, Orzhov Charm, Armadillo Cloak, Spiritual Link and Vampiric Link

I know people hate it but I fucking love Karona

>> No.49150872

Pretty much do that. Buff them and then swingly dingly as you are wiping

>> No.49150881

>not arming Karona with Assault Suit
While you're passing her around anyway...

>> No.49150906

Of course I run Assault Suit anon, I'm no dummy. It's just not as spicy to me as denying people turns with her. Playing Karona is like being a very stingy pimp.

>> No.49150933

you can make them into creatures by paying 1 instead of tapping dudes.

>> No.49151067

There's a new mini-Vow if you missed it.

>> No.49151085

So now that players get energy counters, does that mean we will get a "remove X number of counters from target player" card?

Can the experience counter commanders be actually interacted with?

>> No.49151098

More likely you won't get to touch another player's energy counters. They didn't include interaction with poison counters in New Phyrexia either.

>> No.49151104

Energy counters are not experience counters.

I suspect we will get a token card to help keep track of our own energy counters.

>> No.49151112

Well, thankfully we already have Leeches against infect :^)

>> No.49151114

>forgetting Finest Hour

I found Assault Suit too expensive for its value, and leaving myself open if someone destroys the suit is not my idea of a good time.

I use one vow (flight), Homeward Path, and Maze of Ith to protect myself from Karona. I've found the most effective way to use her is to OHKO opponents with token armies or Finest Hour. Even if it takes 2 hits, a hasty 8-power beater is a quick clock

>> No.49151115

Interesting, will cut a Link for it. The Links are cute but they don't prevent planeswalker attacking or commander damage. Thanks anon.

>> No.49151139

Vehicles are something very common in every single place, almost all flavors have some kind of transportation. I'm in for some horses that are vehicles and not simply creatures. It is an adapation of "can't attack or block alone".

>> No.49151171

>xenagos has more synergy
yeah, but why the hell would xenagos use an artifact? the guy is party incarnate.

karn on the other hand...

>> No.49151177

Check my wording. I said counters.

That card is a catch all for poison/energy/experience

>> No.49151256

If you know that then you should already know your answer then.

>> No.49151297

It's a game within a game. It rewards skilled players and punishes unskilled. At worst it nets you 3 cards for easily splashed 4cmc at instant speed, or the best card in your top 5. Puts cards in your graveyard for even more shenanigans.

Fortune's Favor is slowly becoming more of my favorite though since it's more fair and even more fun to cast/split.

>> No.49151344

I really wish Fortune's Favor had been 5 cards. It would have been just.. fucking... perfect. It'd be at the right power level and be closer to the orginal fact or fiction mechanically.

>> No.49151395

Fortune's Favor immediately turns into a mind game at my table so it is way more fun to see.

>> No.49151542

Build it around mirror gallery and clone effects.

>> No.49151583

>passing her around
She likes to go around that slut.
Maybe I should make her into a commander. She sounds fun to use.

>> No.49151599

What's a good Blue commander for mind games and choice cards, like Fact or Fiction and Fortune's Favor? I haven't made any blue decks yet, so I figured it was about time. It doesn't have to be monoblue.

>> No.49151611

I have a question about this guy: Say I tutor a Bogardan Hellkite with Zirilan. Since it's my turn, can I stack the triggers so the Hellkite does damage to Ob Nix before I have to sac something?

>> No.49151626

>I haven't had the chance to play edh for 3 weeks
>during that time I built a blue-hate memnarch deck
>keep fucking around, buying assorted $1 jank cards, seems too impractical to be fun
>go out last night to test the deck out with my playgroup
>first game ends when I get infinite mana and steal everything on the entire board
>second game ends when I drop blightsteel turn 3 and slap a blade of selves on it
>third game ends after a long drawn out archenemy clusterfuck with various durdle bullshit, but eventually Kederekt Leviathan wipes the board, Memnarch steals a Jitte, and coretapper + voltaic key wins the game
>Memnarch is now banned from my playgroup
>but infinite turns Narset is fine

>> No.49151635

Gatherer holds the answer.

>The first triggered ability won’t be put on the stack until after the spell or ability causing the opponent to search his or her library finishes resolving. Notably, if that spell or ability causes any other abilities to trigger (for example, if the opponent searched for a creature card and put it onto the battlefield), those abilities and Ob Nixilis’s triggered ability will go on the stack together. The active player puts all of his or her abilities on the stack in any order, then each other player in turn order does the same. The last ability put onto the stack this way will be the first to resolve, and so on.
So almost certainly not. Being your turn, your ETB will hit the stack, then your opponent puts Ob's on the stack above it.

>> No.49151643

How will narsetfags ever recover?

>> No.49151653


>> No.49151672

Tell them to get the fuck over it.

>> No.49151704

Jalira master polymorphist
Braids conjurer adept
Mishra artificer prodigy
Riku of two reflections
Zedruu the great hearted

>> No.49151732

Kek. Do you have a decklist? You got me curious. I want to see what got them mad.

>> No.49151735

>Mind Games
Ixidor Morph tribal

>> No.49151756

Hi! Sorry, quick question (if I'm in the wrong place, sorry!), I'm browsing the Steam store looking for a MTG game, and don't know which one I should buy? Are they all just different versions, or expansions on one base game? Which one should I buy for the most authentic MTG experience? I'm totally new and never played before but eager to learn! But to save money I'm going to trying the online version first. Is this even a good idea?


>> No.49151768

Zedruu is the best

>give out a Steel Golem, Grid Monitor, Aggressive Mining and Illusions of Grandeur
>play Tragic Arrogance
>make everyone keep your terrible Christmas presents
>drop Armageddon and lock the guy with Aggressive Mining out of the game

I have yet to win off of Barren Glory with this strategy but I am still trying

>> No.49151802

Easier said than done. I live in a small town, and I'm a complete sperg with very few friends. The main problem is that the Narset player is a giant pile of ass, and two of the players, the Oloro and Gaddock Teeg ones, are his butt buddies. According to their logic, "since Narset is T1, if he's not winning the majority of games, than you're playing some broken bullshit". I didn't even have a darksteel forge or a mycosynth latice, let alone a mox anything...

I don't have a decklist, but what specifically got them mad was running cantrips.They didn't mind me stealing permanents on a curve, they didn't really mind me generating an obscene amount of mana with stupid artifacts, but busting out ponder/preordain/brainstorm/top in addition to all that turned them into convulsing morons.

>> No.49151817

>Oloro, Gaddock Teeg, and Narset players all agree to ban memnarch
does not compute

>> No.49151830

>Teeg, Oloro, and Narset want to ban Memnarch
>over the use of topdeck manipulation

You are playing with toilet people

>> No.49151839

None of those are actually "The online version". Magic Online is a separate game not found on the steam store, thought if you really want one of those, I recommend the 2014 one

>> No.49151855

Magic Duels, it might also be called Magic Duels: Origins. Release date was last summer, and it's free to play

The developers aren't great, but it's a decent game and they include most cards from each new set. I've been playing MTG for about 10 years and I still find that it scratches the itch to play and not spend money on the MTGO version

>> No.49151952

it's also busted as fuck. Also zero support for windows 7, which matters if you desperately cling to the past like me.

>> No.49151972

Magic Duels is a decent f2p alternative to mtgo.
It can be decently fun, but has lots of issues and bugs. It also doesn't have any formats, you just build a deck with as many cards as you want.
It's pretty fun for building and testing standard decks since all available cards are standard legal.

>> No.49151989

Keep playing your memnarch as long as the other player keeps playing Narset.

>> No.49152027

>It also doesn't have any formats
>It's pretty fun for building and testing standard decks

It has a format unique to itself, based on rarity: you can only have 4 of each common, 3 of each uncommon, 2 of each rare, and 1 of each mythic.

So it's proooobably not the best for testing Standard either

>> No.49152234

Oh I'm well aware. I think the exact turn that did it was this magical christmasland bullshit:
>I have nothing but rocks and a gauntlet of power on the field really late game everyone has 10+ lands, my hand is a pile of ass and a fabricate
>blightsteel is exiled, myr battlesphere and wurmcoil really aren't going to win me anything
>top deck ponder, see brainstorm a few cards down, draw it, then play it
>see top the card below the ponder trigger
>grab it, play it as well
>use fabricate to tutor Rings of Brighthearth into my hand and give my deck a shuffle
>use Top, pop it, Brighthearth it, see doubling cube, grab it and the top
>keep drawing cards for a silly amount of time while I'm using my insane amount of mana
>sculpt the perfect hand for infinite mana with palinchron, deadeye and a few counter spells
>steal everyone's permanents with Memnarch the turn afterwards
>narset is literally glowing with rage, gaddock teeg fucked off half way through my 10 minutes of dicking around to have a smoke, and Oloro is loudly talking about pokemon GO the whole time I'm doing this bullshit
>before the start of the next game, shuffle my deck the same thorough way I always do, all three players are making snide comments about how I cheat, and each takes a turn shuffling
>the next game I magical christmasland into blightsteel turn 3 a sol ring, kuldotha forgemaster, strionic resonator, and a blade of selves
Neither of those scenarios are really practical, but they happened, and the stupid spergs in my group lost their shit about it, immediately attempted gangbanging me as hard as possible the following game. I wish I could play magic with some nonfaggots, just once.

>> No.49152297

Depala will never be usable. Munda never had enough substance between all 5 colors and 5 sets. The fuck will Depala get? 2 usable rares for dwarves and 2 for vehicles and then a bunch of janky 3cmc 2/2 shit.

>> No.49152317

Maybe with a lot of things that would benefit from having tapped creatures. I couldn't imagine there's anything like that.

>> No.49152321

will go into Grand Theft Grixis
now I need a grixis commander that steals shit

>> No.49152348

Probably. I'm planning to use vehicles with someone else as the commander.

>> No.49152367

I don't know why people keep comparing to Munda. You know Munda only stacked your deck right?

>> No.49152379


>> No.49152385

Depala has 15+ dwarfs(and changelings) that don't completely suck, before any spoilers.

1 of the spoiled vehicles thus far is very good.

No other dwarfs as of yet, but there will surely be a few.

With 25 vehicles and dwarves, the deck is ok, and presumably there will be dwarves and vehicles in the next set too. This also brings back dwarves as a useable subtype; in all probability, we will from now on be periodically getting good dwarves again.

She ain't half bad and is just gonna get better. Like any reasonably powerful fringe tribe lord, really. Look at Eldritch Moon spider mom.

>> No.49152399

That was actually quite comforting.

>> No.49152410

As hesitant as I am to the energy mechanic, I like that card.

>> No.49152425

I just like that this guy's name is Demon of Shady Schemes.

>> No.49152436

I'd also like to throw in that vehicles themselves seem like a reasonably powerful mechanic. They dodge creature removal. Kind of feels like Champion but a little cleaner and stronger.

>> No.49152455

Sadly, it will probably be named Dark Schemes, but one can hope

>> No.49152491

>that feel when the localized english version will have a stupid edgy name like Scheming Darkness Demon, or Demon in the Darkness

>> No.49152506

If it keeps shady or scheming in it I'll be happy.

>> No.49152536

This. Either is sufficiently hilarious and will remind me of Always Sunny.

>> No.49152558

>pack your deck full of mana rocks and bounce/reanimate effects
It's like I don't even need win cons! I can just take my opponent's!

Marchesa the Black Rose maybe?

>> No.49152570

True. Vehicles in RW have good board wipes and good ongoing token sources.

Rout on the turn before your's, then use some assemble the legions tokens for crew to beat down for like 15 with a few vehicles.

It's actually pretty potent, particularly given the strength of reanimator in RW.

>> No.49152615

All I want is a new wincon based on getting really fast with vehicles.

>> No.49152617

Chainer and Massacre Wurm had a kid? Nice.

It's different than either one, but you don't see that sort of reanimation ability often. It's a shame it'll take a lot of Energy to get that off two or more times.

>> No.49152668

>it's an "a player on the table hasn't played anything besides removal, lands and counterspells" episode

oh my god make it stop he just sits around countering every creature i play because i guess theyre scary, yet he leaves the other 2 players alone

>> No.49152674

How does a Feldon deck with the strategy of playing cards like Ball Lightning and Thunderblust with that Phyrexian alter to make to mill cards?

Like you play rocks, hit them with cards like Ball Lightning and the sort along with Dictate of Purphoros/double damage effects then sac them with the alter to mill cards for more Feldon targets.

I just never saw many reasons to use cards like Ball Lightning in EDH and thoutht this would be kewl.

>> No.49152700

The ball lightning deck should probably be Angry Omnath but honestly I think feldon is better played as some sort of reanimator deck with an etb trigger leaning

>> No.49152703

There's like 3 good dwarves; Hedgemage, Recruiter and Miner. Everything else is limited fodder, if that.

None of the vehicles right now look even remotely exciting for EDH, since they're just 'efficient' beaters and if I was doing that, I'd rather play Xenagod.

Yes, she will get better, but it'll take her forever to get to a point where she's not complete shit.

>> No.49152704

Make them pitch their hand and steal anything that managed to be cast.

>> No.49152705

>How does a Feldon deck with the strategy of playing cards like Ball Lightning and Thunderblust with that Phyrexian alter to make to mill cards?

the fuck are you even saying

>> No.49152709

what borders aren't plane neutral?

>> No.49152726

Run tokens and sacrifice them ez pz.

Cough Meren cough

>> No.49152752

I never even considered how great vehicles are at ducking RWs removal. Depala is also excellent at restocking your hand after a wipe. You could ramp with a bunch of mana rocks, drop vehicles, board wipe and use Depala to reload faster than anybody else. The older dwarves usually destroyed or limited enemy lands as well so you could really outrace people. Add in RW's abundant artifact support and I'm dying to build this crazy gal.

>> No.49152756

That was terrible sentence structure, my apolgies.

I mean a Feldon EDH deck that utilizes those high power, low toughness hasty creatures alongside other effects to benefit feldon and the damage being dealt.

>> No.49152763

You have a point. It'll most likely be a casual edh. At least I'll have a deck to use for fun or against people who don't play cut-throat style.
I guess he said to reanimate creatures like ball lightning while sacrificing the tokens to altar of dementia for mill. Sounds like a fun idea.

>> No.49152788

this sounds a lot like what you're looking for.
It hasn't been updated in a while, I intended to remove a lot of the "chaos" cards like warp world, and put in some new conspiracy stuff in it.

>> No.49152801


>> No.49152837

Enchantment creatures/artifacts

>> No.49153016

Pic related.
I always include it in any decks I make that have W, just as a random "oh, you kill me? how about not" thing.

>> No.49153101

Hope you weren't planning to put anything on top of your library

>> No.49153123

Jeleva, nephalia`s scourge my dude

>> No.49153192

That would fuck me stupidly hard. Like unreasonably hard in my Maelstrom. Why don't more people play it?

>> No.49153291

Best commander for mill as an alt wincon?
Thinking of going for Sidisi with altar of the brood and psychic spiral, but looking for advice before I dive in.

>> No.49153320


>> No.49153331

Because countering the handful of topdeck decks isn't enough to warrant a slot in a format with so many archetypes. It's 2nd effect is also too expensive.

>> No.49153347


>> No.49153376

UB God from Theros with a bunch of Walls to help keep you defended.
Can even include the new B Tree from return to Innistrad, swap your life with it (if you feel safe), and then use it with the God to mill people for 40 a pop.

>> No.49153395

Er rather swap an opponent's life with it.
Got the new tree confused with the old one.

>> No.49153406

I consistently win with topdeck bullshit. I order up my card draw, and abuse the shit out of it. The only things I fear are being milled, and now that card. The unflappable confidence that comes from knowing your next 5 draws is hard to beat.

>> No.49153419

>UW mill
Explain yourself you mad man

>> No.49153431

has anyone built a good Kalemne giant tribal deck?

>> No.49153476

Eh, I think i'd rather just go mimeoplasm in that case
Might be cool, but that looks like mill as a primary wincon. I think I'd rather run it in the 99 of sidisi.

Elaborate? It could be cool but I just don't see it working crazy good.

>> No.49153487

With the exception of cards like Sensei's Diving Top, non-blue players aren't going to be ordering up their card draw.

I can tell you that most people I've played with don't order their deck too heavily unless they are playing Jeleva or Maelstrom.

Is your deck built around topdeck bullshit? Then it would be one of many ways.
Sure, UGx might have soothsaying and stuff, but it's often just better to draw tons or directly tutor than organizing the top of your deck (unless you're scrying as a side effect).

>> No.49153532

>strionic resonator
>a mana rock
>something without a cost that lets your opponents draw a card, either through haste creatures being tapped repeatedly, infinite mana shenanagains, archeomancer infinite turns, or sphinx tutelage + mulldrifter

>> No.49153569

>It's 2nd effect is also too expensive.
It's the only way to get back a card of any type from the GY outside of green (and sometimes white), and since I don't play green out of spite it's my best alternative.

I make an effort to play as many Flashback-type effects as I can. Playing out of the GY is just too damn useful.

>> No.49153983

>get a hand with 2 lands and 5 really good cards
>"oh boy all i need is a couple more lands in the early turns and i'll do great"
>13 turns later
>still at 3 lands

what the fuck

>> No.49154017

Welcome newfriend

>> No.49154029

>surviving that long with only 3 lands

Your meta must be shit

>> No.49154150

Sometimes people just have pity on people and leave them in. It's not like someone like that is much of a threat, and they're usually set up to be taken out when they look like they're going to come back into it a bit too hard.

>> No.49154167

i had a bunch of mana dork type stuff that kept me in the game for a while, but then they got removed and i just had to make do with 3 lands

>> No.49154327

>having mercy

>> No.49154553

>> No.49154620

A staple for Boros decks? Considering mana ramp and card draw are the main weaknesses in those colours, this rewards vomitting your hand more.

>> No.49154666

I approve of this

>> No.49154862

that's a cool variation on a howling mine effect

>> No.49154964

I like it.

>> No.49155109

I wouldn't be too sure about that. The effect is symmetrical so it has a higher chance of backfiring on yourself. Granted if you're playing with other people who can't empty their hands fast enough you might be able to play catch up with card draw, but land ramp and other aggressive decks may very well appreciate the extra boost you're providing them as well.

>> No.49155139

why does derevi exist

like how did someone at wotc think "wow i wish there was a commander specifically designed to extract the most tears out of people using winter orb"

>> No.49155216

just don't play with derevi and/or don't let your play group play derevi

ever person I've talked to banned her after like a month

>> No.49155289

This is going in Azusa. hahah

>> No.49155332

>having 20 lands before turn 5 will soon be meta


>> No.49155539

Leovold is gonna have a field day with this thing

>> No.49155661

So Vehicles are going to be pure garbage, right?

>> No.49155672

Probably in EDH yes. In other game types, not sure.

>> No.49155931

Doesn't Leovold empty your opponents' hands for them? So they can benefit from the 3 cards per turn?

>> No.49156064

Completely wrong my friend.

>> No.49156381


New Kitsune

>> No.49156863

iktf bro.
>tfw i'm always ganged up on at the table because when i win, i win big
>nevermind the fact that i rarely win, but my big wins are enough to stick in everyone's memory and convince them to team up on me

>> No.49156872

Looks like they got tempted

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