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Babbies be cryin' edition

old thread >>49056093


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface. (Outdated)

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Repostan' right at the beginning, in an attempt to preserve the quality of this thread:

Here are helpful ways to fix up these threads so they don't constantly devolve into shit:

>To that one guy who spergs everywhere about various things that aren't done his way, kindly fuck off. Yes, you have autistm, and you're probably mad about things beyond your control, but don't take it out on us. Whether it's proxies or stax or what-have-you, clearly you're always the same guy, if someone makes you mad on the internet, just go do something else.

>To that one guy who can't post properly, stop. Seriously, read a book or some shit. It looks like you're a sentient computer with a tentative grasp of the English language, and your insistence on spamming up these threads is awful. It's okay to have different opinions, just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean that explaining it over the course of 10,000 posts is going to help. You also don't have to reply to every single post, unless you have something meaningful to contribute.

>To that sub-sect of contrarian assholes who like to argue about established facts to piss that sperg guy off, stop it. You can shit up the modern thread all you like, but /edhg/ is a nice place full of nice people. I can't make you leave, but it would be nice if you didn't trigger all these new posters who have never seen the ol' "painter's servant should be unbanned"/"oloro is totally fair and balanced"/"you should ban sol ring" arguments before. While it is possible to have stimulating conversation on these topics, it won't happen, ever.

>To the rest of you, ignore these three groups of people, and these threads will improve remarkably. Giant, angry paragraphs, poorly formatted individual lines of text, and blatantly obvious shitposting should be ignored.

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>inb4 people argue about this

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How many sac outlets is too many for Alesha? First draft of my next deck has 12 which I feel like is too many, along with some spot removal, but I want to be consistent with good reanimation targets and ETB triggers.

>> No.49066044

You clearly give too much of a shit about internet forums

>> No.49066045

I think your strategy is a little screwy. Run 6-10 good ones if you want that to be a focus, but in those 6-10 sac outlets, make sure that you have a diverse range of effects generated from using them.

>> No.49066048

Can we talk about how this is the worst fucking flavor text on any commander? Like, custom card-tier bad.

>> No.49066049

What sac outlets are we talking about here?

>> No.49066053

post your list
there is no such thing as too many as long as they're the right ones

>> No.49066056

My Alesha deck runs 9 sac outlets, 4 of which are on creatures that can be reanimated by her ability. That way, I can usually always get at least 1 back if I need to.

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Who is the best commander for MacGyver shenanigans?

>> No.49066065

That's fucking hilarious. That's like EM superfriends fluff bad.

>> No.49066072

>Got a field full of cheap creatures and cannon fodder plus a key line of anticipation.
>Burn guy casts blasphemous act
>Flash in Vigor
>Suddely have a board full of massive threats with no other creatures on the field
>My turn I just stampede two players and kill the last one next turn.

>> No.49066080

You're no less tolerable than they are.

>> No.49066082

Dralnu, maybe?

>> No.49066085

Here is my draft:

This is a fuck-around deck, but like one of you said, I feel like the sac effects aren't diverse enough.

>> No.49066090


Ima continue posting how I please, but thanks for your input

>> No.49066094

>MacGyver shenanigans
I'm not sure what you mean, pulling wins out of your ass? Building something out of what looks like nothing? I don't really get it.

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>> No.49066125


Go on. Why Slobad over, say, Daretti?

>> No.49066136

Holy shit, do you wanna get hacked?!

>> No.49066137

My Karador Rebels deck usually has a solution in the graveyard or the deck, especially if Conspiracy is in play. Karador Hatebears will generally have a hard-to-permanently-get-rid of tool box.

Kaho's basically a built-in toolbox, and in a Legacy environment blue has almost everything.

>> No.49066145

>no greater gargadon for off-the-board-sacrebleu

>> No.49066152


Not that guy but I could see how Slobad fits the macgyver theme since you can protect your key artifacts by sac'ing tiny Jank ones that may or may not have already given you their value

And isn't macgyver known for making something from what seems like irrelevant pieces?

Daretti is probably a good choice too though

>> No.49066161

Why are you trash talking custom card threads people for no reason? Fuck you too

>> No.49066180 [SPOILER] 

Not all of them are bad, but the ones who post off-thread usually are awful.

>> No.49066207


ive seen worse

this card just has way too much going on, but at least he tried to balance it with the sac a million things on etb clause

>> No.49066223

Sac a million things to cast, rather. You can cheat it in any other way without penalty.

>> No.49066258

>play nekusar and have a slow start because no artifact ramp in starting hand
>t1 land + bloodchief ascension
>become the target immedeatly
>ascnension gets removed , everyone starts beating down at me
>drop Lil's Carress turn 3 spiteful visions turn 4
>t5 I'm at 12 life while everyone else is still at about 40
>drop land into mana wault, into gilded lotus into clever imprtsonator targeting lotus and drop reforge the soul
>whole table takes at least 20 each while I go down to 4 because of spiteful visions but have a hand that wins me the game and 12 mana next round but no board position aside from carress and spiteful visions
>next player blows up my enchantments and both gilded lotus
>player after that swings at me for lethal

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oh good point

yeah a lot of the custom cards are pretty silly but if you've ever read one of those threads, a good majority of the posters are actually pretty conservative with their designs

>> No.49066287

Got the thread off to a shit start there fucko.

>> No.49066305

Oh shit I have a couple of those. I feel like I need more spot removal for my opponents' stuff, I'm in some of the best colors for it.

Maybe cut a couple sac outlets?

>> No.49066333

Daretti also paints an immense target on your forehead right when people see him across the table. They know what you're up to. Slobad, in my experience, can fly under the radar until he goes off.

Until people get wise to your shit and start blowing him up without a Mycosynth Lattice out.

>> No.49066341

Pretty good compared to these

>> No.49066346

thats always fun

>> No.49066352

>I've seen worse
That's why.

>> No.49066371

>that +1 ability
>give all your shit haste forever

>> No.49066392

Holy shit


>> No.49066393

what the fuck am I looking at here

>> No.49066412

Give me a Callandor for Heartless Hidetsugu immediately. Holy shit.

>> No.49066428

Sweet fuck on toast, those are awful. Really really awful. Particularly those "prevent all the damage this creature has ever dealt" clauses. That artifact, which looks like the most balanced, is clearly the most busted. Also, that roll 2d6 thing is hilariously stupid. On average, when that hits, you're going to give everything +7+7. Also, that half mana is stupid as hell.

>> No.49066443

I'd cut:
>blasting station
>carnage altar
>altar of dementia
they're just to weak 'cept for blasting station and you're missing a combo piece for that
I'd also exchange one of your boardwipes for Planar Cleansing to hit noncreature permanents too.
I'd also advise you to throw in Elesh Norn and/or Always Watching and Sidisi, Undead Vizier because she's just good and swap Burial Rites for Dread Return so you can sac while you're reanimating and I think Goblin Sharpshooter would look good in your deck too.

>> No.49066518

Based conspiracy 2 making Beast Within, Phyrexian Arena, Burgeoning and Ghostly Prison hella cheap. EDH staples over 10 bucks are a cancer.

>> No.49066553


were those all over 10 bucks before?

time flies

i got my burgeoning for $12 but the other ones were $3-$5 like a year ago

conspiracy 2 really ended up being a better eternal masters than eternal masters, even modern got better reprints

>> No.49066559

New Recruiter makes me wish I still played.

>> No.49066562

Thanks dawg

Why Sharpshooter? Just curious

>> No.49066563

Maybe. Add diabolic intent. Ditch anklebiters since their effect triggers when you declare attackers and not from recursion. For sure throw in that recruiter from conspiracy.

>> No.49066587

Why'd you stop, anon?

>> No.49066594

>spending 12 mana to affix an ability
Fervor is more useful 99% of the time.

>> No.49066596


not him but goblin sharpshooter is really good with sac outlets

>> No.49066617

I'm running a Pathfinder campaign with the same kitchen table bros and we're all way too busy to do both.

>> No.49066633

the Damnation reprint will happen next right? it must doesn't it? pls?

>> No.49066636

>mfw me and a friend drafted at our LGS and got bitch queen and arson goblin
we're building decks already. I'm doing a Monarch deck and he's slapping Grenzo into his Krenko deck

>> No.49066640 [SPOILER] 

>see all these custom cards
>start looking through the few that I made
>find this
Fuck, I wish that was actually a thing. I would run the shit out of that commander.

>> No.49066654

>Draw opening hand
>Bojuka Bog is one of your only lands

>> No.49066667

Thats what bounce lands are for :3

>> No.49066674

those give me a headache.
they were bad enough when they were in ccg, dont post them here.

>> No.49066675

Literally bought a Phyrexian Arena for 10 bucks a month ago for my Gisa deck, just bought 4 for 3 bucks a pop. Conspriacy 2 was a love letter to commander players.

>> No.49066682

>Draw opening hand
>Cabal coffers is your only land in hand

>> No.49066692

Yeah the recruiter and new Grenzo have to find a spot. Ankle Shanker is something of a pet card but I'm not overly attached to it.

>> No.49066702

Naw, but a few of them were nearing 10 and all of them were over 5 dollars. It just makes them easier to obtain on a budget.
I really want that one for my Nahiri EDH.
>30 dollars
I should have expected this.

>> No.49066747

exactly what he said >>49066596
if you swing with all your weenies and bring you to like 3 life and you have sharshoter and a sac outlet you can just finish the job and don't need to wait for your next turn and you can even do it at instant speed

>> No.49066763

Meekstone, peacekeeper, retribution of the meek, are good ways to control.
>attack with alesha + goons
>recur peacekeeper
>no one can attack at all until you sac peacekeeper
>sac it on your turn or right before it

Priest of the bloodrite also seems kinda neat. Bring him in, get demon (interacts with flameshadow conjuring or strionic for a second demon), sac it before upkeep.

>> No.49066768

I want it for like four decks. Karador Rebels... Opal-Eye control-hatebears... nuSigarda humans...

>> No.49066769

>30 dollars
>I should have expected this.
just wait a few weeks. he'll drop once enough of the set has been opened after all this is not bullshit masters set with a limited print run

>> No.49066811

whats some spicy tech for Xenagod?

>> No.49066825

>draw opening hand
>four lands
>three nonlands
>entirely mismatching colors

>> No.49066833

Hopefully. I am seeing some for actually like 15 bucks right now on ebay and I'm tempted but I really dislike paying that price for a single. I only did it for Stoneforge Mystic and like 2 weeks later the price shot way the fuck up because speculation of being unbanned in modern.

I also kind of want to see what my LGS lists their price as when they throw it up on their site.

>> No.49066837

>tfw the tracker says my new cards got to the post office at 3 AM today and still haven't gone out for delivery

Also rate my deck


>> No.49066840

aggravated assault + savage ventmaw?
xenagos doesnt really have spicy tech beyond your usual red/green spices

>> No.49066841

Why, I'm sure glad you asked. Outside of the normal malignus/heartless hidestugu/vexing shusher stuff, I`d recommend xanthid swarm, price of progress, and this spicy bastard.. I usually run an anti-nonbasic land ramp sort of thing just to piss people off.

>> No.49066862

>Draw opening hand
>4 lands
>3 cards with matching colors and CMC <4
>No lands for 10+ draws and several cards that cost more than 4
That's when you know you fucked up

>> No.49066912

Untill someone breaks it at a legacy event (lol) that gets coverage (lolx2) it will continue to drop and settle around $5 then someone will buy it out and it will spike, till then wait a week or 2 the entire set will only get cheaper its a huge print run

>> No.49066922

Wouldn't Meekstone fuck with Alesha though?

>> No.49066941

Yes it would, he propably meant something else.

>> No.49066958

Can't think of what though. Only other thing I can think is Crackdown and that's for non-white creatures

>> No.49066998

I'm retooling my first EDH deck from baby Teysa to Ayli and I'd love some help figuring out the last few cuts, or what terrible cards I put in that need to go. I would like to stay as lifegain/control/aristocrats.

Please no Exquisite Blood or Felidar/Test, heading to new playgroup on Friday and I don't wanna risk coming off as terribly cheesy. Tree of Perdition going in as soon as I can trade for a copy.

Decklist here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ayli-aristocrats-1/

Give it to me straight /tg/

>> No.49067023

what do you think about Leovold on the helm of Glissa the Traitor artifacts?
I want to build Glissa but I also want to abuse green's etbs with deadeye and since Leovold is a savage by himself I think it could work.
also anyone got some picy green cards for an artifact deck? I haven't build green in edh before.

>> No.49067046

Just chuck the super-ramped fuck once you're done with it.

>> No.49067061

me neither. maybe he meant meekstone after all but forgot that Alesha is reliant on creatures with power 2 or less

>> No.49067247



>> No.49067256

Leovold with Teferi's and discard effects
then use Maro and were-maro to smack 'em down

>> No.49067265

Where would you slot this silly neato card?

>> No.49067300


>> No.49067360

I might try Cleric Tribal later if I don't find Lifegain/Control fun. I'd love to use Preacher and Edgewalker. But you got anything for what it is now?

>> No.49067382

This guy is just calling my name

I already have a Voltron deck but a 2-drop commander in a battlecruiser meta that just gets more huge as time goes on could really fuck shit up

>> No.49067540

nah that's not what I'm looking for.
I want to flicker Avenger with Phyrexian Altar out. I want value, mad value. and artifacts, though I'm considering since I'm in green to just go tokens

>> No.49067545

>>Not being able to play this in a King Macar deck
>>Why live

>> No.49067565

probably zada

people will most likely ignore you for the most of the game because lol mono red, allowing you to win the game in a dumb idiotic manner

>> No.49067588

I got a Skullbriar counters-all-day-long deck that is pretty effective, but I got kinda tired of it since it's always the precisely identical "swing with Skullbriar" strategy and I don't play EDH for that.

>> No.49067634

Yeah, I do get the vibe that he would be fun for about 2 games, and then you're left with an incredibly one-note deck. I do want to build something fast though. My group needs to speed shit up, myself included, but I don't want to start an arms race because I know it would just obliterate everyone.

>> No.49067675

Does it make sense to have Mwonvuli Beast Tracker if you only have 4 targets for him?

>> No.49067682

I have a friend who built a Skullbriar deck around Ghoulcaller Gisa. A lot of reanimation, bringing back Skullbriar not from the graveyard (and Command Zone when out of reanimation), and building a gigantic horde of zombies.

>> No.49067690

Depends how much you need one of those 4 targets.

>> No.49067710

MBT is borderline playable depending on whether you abuse ETB effects. Do you?

>> No.49067714

They're all pretty useful and one's a combo piece.

>> No.49067731

sup EDH gen I need some help

recently put together my first Creatureless Deck but i'm worried that it won't work, so before I invest some dosh how about some friendly pointers?

This is the list so far but...it really need work

>> No.49067732

I do.

>> No.49067764

somehow i forgot to post the link


>> No.49067770

Then yeah you're never likely to get away with more than two or three activations anyway.

>> No.49067876

Ok then I'll leave him in especially since I can grab him with Recruiter of the Guard of I decide to ditch Ranger of Eos for him.

>> No.49067927


Ranger of eos seems better than Mwonvuli beast tracker, unless you also have a really low number of targets for it

>> No.49068001

Nah I mean ditching Ranger for Recruiter of the Guard.
Recruiter gets the same targets as Ranger and more but Ranger gets me 2 targets at once.

>> No.49068022


Oh gotcha

I guess I still think that if you're keeping 2 out of 3, you want recruiter and ranger

>> No.49068041

How many noncreature spells do you guys run in animar? Which ones do you run? I'm seriously considering moving up to as many as 6, and I'm kinda anxious about having so many.

>> No.49068045

I'm persuading some friends to get into EDH with their old cards, what are some must-have cards for a UW Daxos deck and a Niv-Mizzet deck?

>> No.49068069

There are dudes there making entire sets, it's actually pretty impressive

>> No.49068128

I actually think Recruiter and Tracker are better for me
Ranger'd get me Mother of Runes, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Brown Ouphe and Birds
Tracker gets me Hornet Queen, Soul of the Harvest, Woodfall Primus and Acidic Slime.
Recruiter gets me the same targets as Ranger + Witness, Farhaven Elf, Karmic Guide, Reclamation Sage, Solemn Simulacrum, Academy Rector, Aven Fogbringer, Kiora's Follower and Raven Familiar.

>> No.49068146

Any suggestions for a new commander deck?
I play pic related and it'd be nice to have one more.

>> No.49068183


the difference between 2 to hand and 1 to the top deck is huge

but the problem is, birds and pilgrim arent great targets for ranger because he costs 4 so 1 mana dorks are not really what youre looking for after you cast a 4 drop

so i think youre right that recruiter and tracker would be the better pair

>> No.49068318

I'm thinking about cutting pilgrim anyway since I should have more than enough ramp already.
Thanks for your insight. It's nice to engage in a conversation that's not a flame war for once.

>> No.49068320

I don't know Kruphix all too well but I know he likes his mana. I was gonna suggest Maelstrom Wanderer because it seems fun and you don't have a Temur deck. Might be expensive though

>> No.49068322


its hard to recommend something because you have such a nice selection of colors and strats here

maybe 5-color?

>> No.49068412

mono-white lifegain or sakashima clones

>> No.49068420

is Gisa zombie tribal?

>> No.49068485

You don't seem to have an artifact deck yet. Build Sharuum. She can be very toolboxy and extremely fun. I love playing my Sharuum deck, it even stole the top spot from Nekusar

>> No.49068509

Is there any possible way to play Gisa other than zombie tribal + black anthems?

>> No.49068516


>> No.49068530

>Monolith 51 bucks
Fuck the reserved list it's only this high because of it right? Or is it played in Legacy?

>> No.49068565

2 buyouts in 5 months on a Reserved List card will do that to the price

>> No.49068614

MUD and Eldrazi both use it.

>> No.49068633

How many times are you going to post this goddamn deck holy shit

>> No.49068636

It's zombies w/ some good stuff and lots of drain to stay alive.

>> No.49068643

Not a terrible use of money at all, Grim Monolith is a staple and Metalworker is solid. What are you hoping to build?

>> No.49068711

Slobad or Sydri

Most likely Slobad

>> No.49068757

He is $13 on tcgplayer.

>> No.49068811

I hate fantasy archetypes so much. So dwarves are going to be in the new set. Why are people so enamored with fucking midgets? Its bad enough I have to suffer elves constantly. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they print a fucking artifact squirrel just to make me quit playing.

>> No.49068836

I have Behind The Scenes in there to be able to connect, I don't know if Elesh would be a good include because turning a bunch of 1/x and 2/x creatures into 3 or 4 power creatures wouldn't do so hot for me.

>> No.49068844

>legendary artifact squirrel
I would totally make a squirrel tribal.

>> No.49068849

Family, I got you.

Most of the voltron stuff for the deck is pretty bad, but when there's some explosive stuff, it really gets out of hand.

Star players include
>lotus petal
>elvish spirit guide
>chrome mox
>mana vault / dark rit x golgari signet
Basically, if you can get this guy out turn 1, he's a nightmare. Turn 2, people will start laying down durdly chump blockers, and even Sac Elder can slow down your game plan. But if you can power this asshole out asap, he's already getting big and grinding up his power.

Then there are the power outlets.
>Nightmare Lash
>Grafted Wargear
>Grafted Exoskeleton
Ironically, all the Mirrodin equips that got shifted into Phyrexianized versions of themselves are insane in Skullbriar.

Because your gameplan requires low committal to anything but playing skullbriar, you can run a decent number of tutors for otherwise inneficient cards, like urborg, and urborg lets things like Lashwrithe and Nightmare Lash get out of hand quick.

More importantly, they cost life instead of mana, which is invaluable when every little spell matters.

Then, there's the card draw. Believe it or not, skullbriar can give you insane value. Cards like
>Momentous Fall
>Greater Good
>Life's Legacy
>Disciple of Bolas
All give you amazing ways to bounce back and fill your hand with resources.

The rest of the deck is just pumps, evasion, good equips, trample outlets, and HARDENED SCALES. Turn 1 scales into turn 2 Skullbriar is fucking DEVASTATING.

Good luck my dude.

>> No.49068879

>Draw opening hand
>No land
>it's the 3rd friendly mulligan

>> No.49068886

>So dwarves are going to be in the new set


>> No.49068896

Oooh nigga you may have sold me. Shit.

Gonna start planning.

>> No.49068938

You can also ambush people with winter orb and infernal darkness effects to make sure nobody is playing stuff while you make your rounds beating the shit out of everybody.

Hero's Blade is also extremely effective.

>> No.49069030

Of course you would you fucking cock sucking faggot.

>> No.49069104

Not dwarves, artificer elves and merfolk, dwarves have enough cards already and UG need more synergy

>> No.49069203

jhoira or medomai for time walking shenanigans

>> No.49069308

You'll get someone.

>> No.49069350

lrn 2 pile shuffle, nerd

>> No.49069417


Mana weaving isn't allowed

>> No.49069437


Medomai sounds more interesting but jhoira would be more powerful

>> No.49069449

>got kicked from lgs for playing Oloro Life Gain

Had about 200 life by turn 5 mfw

>> No.49069472

How did you gain 160 life in less than 5 turns

>> No.49069539

So I'm building Nylea, God of The Hunt. The deck is pretty much just ramp, big dudes with value etb's, and card draw like elemental bond and greater good along with some artifact/enchantment hate. Will I just get wrecked by competitive players? Has anyone played mono green good stuff with no combos or land based shenanigans? Like the best "combo" I have is regal force + temur sabertooth.

>> No.49069564

ITT: things that never happened

>> No.49069566

This is not a serious post

>> No.49069590

I'm also curious. The most I could see in Esper Colors is ramping Ayli and Tree of Perdition and eating it 4 times. Jesus what would that even look like. Swamp -> Soul Ring -> Signet -> Ayli, then turn 2 Untap Land + Tree, turn 3 tap Tree and sac it to gain 40, now you're at 80, Play Mortuary Mire to get it back. Play it again. Turn 4 eat someone else for 120, play Beacon of Immortality, you're at 240 life more or less? Jesus, I really need a Tree in Ayli...

>> No.49069604

Is this a Vedalken?

>> No.49069607


Should be fine, I would recommend having a couple answers for creatures in there too though in case there's one with a nasty ability you need to kill

Green's best options there are beast within, of course, then I think fight effects next

>> No.49069624

I was kicked from my state for playing a turn 1 serra ascendant, a 6/6 flying lifelink for W, everyone had a mental misstep but they didnt play it because serra ascendant is a much better card

>> No.49069663

Doesn't quite look like it. Veldalken have noses so flat that it's basically two nostrils on a plane. And their skin has more ridges.

>> No.49069723

I was kicked from my country for playing with full art foil proxies because im not wasting money on cardboard for a childrens card game

>> No.49069793

You guys have it easy, I was banned from my hemisphere for a first turn sol ring.

>> No.49069795

I was kicked from the earth because i said laughed when someone used the term "competitive edh" and i informed them that the only 2 competitive formats of magic are standard and modern

>> No.49069817

I was literally fed into a black hole for owning a sensei's divining top.

>> No.49069848

I was teased by my playgroup for playing without sleeves.

>> No.49069867

Vedalken do not have ears.

>> No.49069875


You are scum.

>> No.49069911

Given that most races look different on each plane, it could be?

>> No.49069937

Oh shit maybe it's a djinn

Even though Tarkir just had those

>> No.49069946

According to that absolutely amazing story, yes.

>> No.49069957


... Vedalken are frog men without a standard generic look, beside being blue and froggy.

Giving them ears isn't that weird.

>> No.49069964

Frogs don't have ears either.

>> No.49069982

Corn has ears, why not frogs

>> No.49070083

He is


He is also a planeswalker

>> No.49070085

What's some good instant speed card draw in black? Specially cheap stuff. Succumb to Temptation seems like the only thing right now and that's kinda mega eh.

>> No.49070114

tainted strike.

>> No.49070127

What are some thematic "mob rules" cards for QM? Not necessarily good but thematic in style and flavor. Past that what are some good bully cards that will let me say "Don't attack me, attack him instead and I wont X you?"

I'm got about half a deck going so far with cards like larceny and agent of the fates. But I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Its really hard to search for cards based of theme alone.

>> No.49070200

That picture is in poor taste, god rest his soul

>> No.49070225

It's not a squirrel, but I hope it's close enough to make you rage more.

>> No.49070231

Shivan harvest
"You took my crown? Cool ill sac a token erry turn and destroy your non basics"

>> No.49070329

Mob Rule

>> No.49070346

Fuck meant to reply to >>49068811

>> No.49070360

You have Exsanguinate without Extrasaguinate aka Debt to the Deathless.

>> No.49070401 [DELETED] 

Not "mob rules" but if you wanna feel like royalty and have any means of advancing your board state repeatedly off of one card (token makers, repeatable deck searchers) you should run pic related. No one can take your crown as long as it's out and monarch draw offsets its upkeep cost.

>> No.49070573

HA! That's exactly the type of stuff I'm looking for.

Hmmm. That is defiantly an option. If I can get other card draw as well it wont even matter. It kinda goes contrary to the deck idea though. I dont want to make it so they cant do something just that if they go against my will they will suffer greatly for it.

I know its almost always a bad idea mechanically but I love making an opponent chose something. I love choice cards and effects.

>> No.49070593

Wait. Dwarves are coming back? FUCK YES

>> No.49070648

Looking for feedback on my Oloro control/combo deck. Been out of the game for a long time. Not adverse to spending some money but trying to keep a reasonable budget. No $20+ cards for me.


>> No.49070680

what are the best red spells for pumping creatures? looking for something like berserk. double strike or an effect that lasts another turn are a bonus

>> No.49070704

Fatal Frenzy is berserk but 3 mana and red.
Rush of Blood is the same but without trample.

>> No.49070740

Burning sands is somewhat diplomatic
They sac a land for each creature that dies, threaten boardwipes if you have no creatures or flicker your own

>> No.49070742

Blazing shoal, assault strobe, and claws of valakut come to mind immediately.

>> No.49070765

Temur Battle Rage

What are you building?

>> No.49070858

Better to do it now than to wait and have that waiting bite you in the ass

>> No.49070882

This sounds silly and fun. Got a list?

>> No.49070970

Kruphix is an amazing general. You can float mana and save up for really greedily-costed spells at the same time. People don't understand that I'm not durdling. It's beautiful.

Stay deadpan the whole game, and make the occasional comment about inevitability. Everything will be fine.

You can stick with really, really greedy hands as long as you can hit 5 mana.

>> No.49071003

>dwarves have enough cards already

>> No.49071255

In that case, use Damia. Using Leovold will bring a ton of hate, so if you aren't abusing him, you're better off using a different BUG commander

>> No.49071319


>> No.49071385

It's boring. You're using a precon commander with staples and very tired strategies, I'm not sure what you're expecting people to comment on.

>> No.49071386

inkmoth + part the waterveil or any backup combo to deal lethal. someone in my group whined about infect and it was raised to 15

>> No.49071422

My friend who works at an LGS just gifted me a very nice signed foil of this from FTV: 20.

Is there anything that can be built around them?

>> No.49071432

If they bring dwarfs back I want some interesting mechanics. Shit like "Whenever you play X search your library for a dwarf / create dwarf token" Sort of a reverse of everything else. As you become more wealthy / accumulate power / land your dwarf empire grows. Don't have anything? No dwarf will work for you.

>> No.49071437

It is kinda boring, yeah.

>> No.49071441

Rat tribal. Its a pretty good deck.

>> No.49071446

Thrumming Rats.

>> No.49071573

Black typically gets sorcery speed draw versus blue's instant speed so there isn't a lot of options. Succumb to temptation was a big deal from a design perspective. Maybe try greed or Erebos or something.

>> No.49071763


>> No.49071781

There's also Necropotence and Yawgmoth's Bargain.

>> No.49071830

is there any fun way to build zur or just like the dick way.

>> No.49071876

The fun way that then tunes into the dick way.

>> No.49071926

Every thread until I get feedback, of course

>> No.49071980

Give me your spiciest Sidisi BT cards

>> No.49071996

There is only Zur, and bad Zur. You can choose to build bad Zur but much like bad Oona and bad Sharuum, you will be hated out of the game.

>> No.49072002

Run her in the 99 of Marrow-Gnawer. Shit's hilarious.

Run Conspiracy so the shit you steal are rats. Play plenty of relentless rats too.

>> No.49072109

What's the ultimate target for a shitton of floated mana with Kruphix? Like, the one thing that would be sweeter than any other to pull off in a 4-5 player EDH game.

>> No.49072146

Either this or drawing your library out

Or make all your opponents draw their entire library out

>> No.49072190

Hurricane for x
All games end in a draw every time you play, no fun is had by anyone

>> No.49072197

God, I hate how blue has a monopoly on god damn flat card advantage. Everyone else has to jump through some hoop, but not blue, no boys, blue can do that.

>> No.49072291

Black has the best card advantage in the game.

>> No.49072376

Thats pretty much blues thing, it draws cards

>> No.49072462

The dick way. Zur has suck so much animosity built up around him the second they see him you will be hatefucked hard.

Zur has been elevated to a 3 vs 1 commander because the second he hits the field everyone else will gang up against you.

>> No.49072477

>tfw you price your deck and find that its fallen completely into pauper territory

Still my favorite deck though even if 90% of the cards are barely worth the stoke they are printed on.

>> No.49072623


Ehh I mean it has mana efficient draw, and if you look specifically at necropotence, Yawgmoth's bargain, and ad nauseam, it has a few of the most powerful card draw spells, but I'm not sure that that means that overall it has the best card advantage

>> No.49072642

I'll give you feedback next time you post it.

>> No.49072650


Some kind of convoluted combo involving repeatable spell copying and untapping that lets you copy eternal dominion enough times to put everybody's decks into play under your control

>> No.49072689

Strionic Resonator

>> No.49072721


Since the mana is colorless, I kinda like the idea of using Mindslaver over and over to make your opponents kill each other while you sit there contemplating the mysteries of the universe and shit, you know, kruphix stuff

>> No.49072830

I have eleven. The ones I run:
mox diamond
lightning greaves
worldly tutor
leyline of anticipation
cloudstone curio
swan song
stubborn denial

Some of those could probably be cut but there are a few other noncreature spells like survival of the fittest that I'd like to get in there eventually. I don't think it's a bad idea to go that high since you want some backup to prevent getting BTFO by something like torpor orb, not mention that if you're aiming for consistency you'd naturally want some redundancies like impact tremors and warstorm surge instead of just Purphoros.

>> No.49073129


To be completely honest this looks more like a Kemba deck to me.

>> No.49073247

neither is 3 friendly mulligans

>> No.49073307

You can run both in experience counter daxos, flavorwise it sorta works too.
(Gold mask)

Auraification is an all star in my daxos deck

>> No.49073346

He was my first deck, honestly left alot to be desired after you got the feel of the deck. Honestly, unless you only play red and are trying to expand your horizons, stay away from old SB as commander if you can.

But if you're sure, he has gotten better since the tuck rule change.

The only tech I got for you is pestilence + rite of passage + skullbriar = B: do one damage to each creature and put a +1/1 counter on each creature you control

>> No.49073361

Crown of doom is great and hella thematic too.

>> No.49073374

I gave you feedback last thread, looks good, try running Kemba in 99, or as commander if you ever want to completely change the feel of the deck by only swapping one card

>> No.49073393

the flavor of alara block is pretty lame in general to be quite honest. Like it all tries really, really hard to be super duper cool and serious.

>> No.49073401

>tfw your manabase costs more than the rest of your deck combined


>> No.49073415


You bastards better pray for that izzet legendary artificer, if we don't get one now I don't think we will get one for a very, very long time.

Part of me thinks that because the new girl planeswalker is red/blue, we aren't going to see an izzet artificer legendary until aether revolt

>> No.49073451

To people just wanting to play another EDH deck with no particular preference in mind, I always recommend Lazav clones. Just play with other people's stuff and see what dumb shit happens. No two games are the same that way.

>> No.49073459

What deck is it?

>> No.49073476

Orzhova with Teysa as the commander.

Only cards with the Orzhova watermark are in it.

>> No.49073507

Pic related is my commanders. Right now I'm torn on what to build next and I'd like some opinions on the following commanders if anyone's maybe got a recommendation for anything:
>Toshiro Umezawa, killing stuff in monoblack and not sure how I plan on closing out the game, but at least I'll find a home for all my sweet monoblack payoff cards like mutilate, kebab coffers etc that I've got leftover from my old Chainer deck
>Queen Marchesa, filled mostly with cards from conspiracy 1&2 that fit the flavor and relate to monarchy, and of course some stuff to ping with deathtouch
>Grenzo, Havoc Raiser, having to strike a delicate balance between token production, evasion, ramp and a plan B because I don't know how to monored
>Wait for the new 4c commander products and spend my time and money on something more productive than children's card games until then

>> No.49073520

Wait for 4c.

>> No.49073525

>tfw 5 cards make up 95% of the cost of your deck

fucking moat spike. Why did it have to happen.

>> No.49073536

Wait for kaladesh spoilers for the legendary creatures, they're starting Friday.

2nd choice, queen marchesa

>> No.49073542

You use hatred to close with Umezawa via commander damage. Great in duels, not as great in multiplayer sadly.

>> No.49073557

Yeah hatred was my first thought too. Flashbackable with Toshi which is pretty cool. I guess those equipments that pump for each swamp you control must be pretty nice there too.
How does Monoblack deal with Animar though? I've got an Animar player in my group and that guy's protection is a pain in the butt, as all of my decks have either white, black, or both in them. Edict effects before he dumps his hand? Executioner's Capsule?

>> No.49073589

Edict effects and general black control. My Umezawa is a jailhouse / stax kinda thing, but its built for french. The unsung MVP of monoblack is Corruption. If you aren't creature heavy you can't rely on it long term, but even the short term advantage it can give you over the course of 2 turns is devastating.

>> No.49073613

Can't find Corruption on mc.info, you've got a picture?

>> No.49073628

I think they mean Contamination

>> No.49073635

oh my bad, its late here. They are right I meant contamination.

>> No.49073645

Boy that's a nasty card. Also a bit more expensive than I like to buy cards for, and my metagame has a looooot of black.
But I'll keep it in mind.

>> No.49073673

>tfw your group allows one proxy and if you replaced it it would triple the price of your deck

>> No.49073695

Min Avg High
$1,724.49 $2,798.94 $6,405.82

Not including bulk or whats in my sealed packs I'm saving to draft with.

I rather like TCGPlayers new collection tracker. Takes FUCKING FOREVER to slot in all the cards though.

>> No.49073785

Post playgroups.
Rate players in groups.

>> No.49073790

>He spends 6 grand on colored cardboard
Keyp it up kid

>> No.49073795

jesus, how did you pay for all that?
how did you justify paying for all that?

did you get them all at once? over a long period?

>> No.49073816

Long period. 6 years now? I also dont buy singles. I just go to drafts and prereleases and trade cards around. I'm really good at finding the cards people really want and are willing to do a bad trade to get letting me trade up.

If I had to guess I spend around 300 a year of events and products like the commander products.

>> No.49073828

shit, I'd honestly just sell it off and get myself a new used car or some shit damn. What's the list?

>> No.49073850


The problem with selling it is there are actually very very few big price cards. A lot of whats in there are 0.15usd cards that are in my various EDH decks. Who the hell are going to buy those? Bulk commons/uncommons are only worth like 20usd for 10000. Bulk rares which a lot of my stuff is aren't much better.

>> No.49073866

>Through the Breach
Now that's a spicy meatball

>> No.49073900

Capsule is black.

>> No.49073932

What's the best way to shuffle?
Usually I pile shuffle into six piles, if I have had several same cards in my hand I had in last game, afterwards mashing for couple of times.
If pile shuffling means putting cards into separate different piles on the table. What's the name if the bad shuffling thing, where you take cards from bottom of your library and put them on the top with few at the time?
My explanation is bad, but maybe someone knows what I'm talking about.

>> No.49074007

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get one at all. Red/blue artifacts would lend itself to some degenerate shit

>> No.49074040

Not sure where to ask so:

Does anyone know of a directory for the card frames only of the Magic Set Editor?

I don't want to download the whole thing when all I want is just some frames.

>> No.49074052

Statistically, pile shuffling doesn't randomize, and you need to mash 9-11 times to randomize a 100 card deck. I usually just mash 5 or so times, I play Sisay so I have to shuffle faster.

>> No.49074152

Can I get some feedback on this deck please?

I was considering swapping Urborg/Coffers out for basics since they didn't really do anything so far.
Also I could use some suggestions for Artifact creatures that fit the deck because Scarecrone doesn't have to many targets either.

>> No.49074172

>swapping Urborg for basic
For what purpose? Cabal Coffers I can see, but why would you ever pick a basic swamp for Urborg?

>> No.49074254

True. My thought proccess was to put both in another deck, but come to think about it I don't really need them in any of my other decks.
Guess it's time to build a mono black deck in the near future to have a place for coffers.

>> No.49074518


Where de Wurmcoil Engine?

>> No.49074782

>Draw opening hand
>Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Trinisphere, Great Furnace, Squee, Trash for Treasure, Darksteel Forge

>> No.49074864

I want to build Lazav chaos. Not chaos in the lolrandum Xd kind, but chaotic.
Ever since one of my friends won solely from getting Whispering Madness to stick on his Lazav I've been intrigued.

Also, one of the flat neighbours is playing some wind-instrument and it sounds like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w-58hQ9dLk
It's really funny

>> No.49074920

>wake up to a recurring nightmare about bullshit jobs
>my cats ignored me
>plop on the couch to try and catch some sleep in another room
>fuckers down the street start using a chainsaw and woodchipper
>they've been using it for exactly an hour, from the earliest possible time they could start without getting a fine for a noise violation
>and this is the 10th fucking time this has happened this year
>start sifting through cards in an angry haze
>turns out I lost my ob nixilis unshackled from my Ayli deck
>can't find my Urabrask in my Maelstrom
>can't find my Strionic Resonator from my Brago
>last I remember having them, I was getting blackout drunk at my sheisty friend's house
Oh, so it's going to be like that today.

>> No.49074980

Bumping this query, I'm not sure what advice to give my friends that are getting into Commander.

>> No.49075001

Couple of questions for you:

>What's their budget?
>Do they have any key cards they're running?
>Is the same person playing both decks?
>What sets did they start with?

>> No.49075021

So with Omnath + Rite of Replication is it 10 triggers for 50 damage or 20 triggers for 100? Do the clones die all ay the same time or one by one?

>> No.49075046

That's the dream, nigga


>> No.49075052

That sucks, man. Good thing it's $15 of cards and not your entire collection like that other anon

>> No.49075059

whole table scooped

>> No.49075065

At the same time.

>> No.49075077

They all enter simultaneously, and the legend rule makes 4/5 of them die simultaneously (depending on if you control the first Omnath).
If you control the first omnath, you get 6 omnaths seeing 5 elemental deaths each, for 90 damage.
If you do not control the first omnath, you get 5 omnaths seeing 4 elemental deaths, for 60 damage.

I think.

>> No.49075079

So is that 10 triggers or 30 triggers cause each omnath sees the others for 25 triggers and then the original omnath sees the clones for an additional 5 triggers?

>> No.49075104

Should be 30 triggers, which is 90 damage, not 100.

>> No.49075125

I'm just glad he left my Jin, Vorniclex, Elesh Norn, Blightsteel and Demonic tutor. I think I'm going to take out my expensive cards, proxy them, and just bring my binder next time.

Urabrask hurts though. I traded like 10 Dismembers for two New Phyrexia packs at a flgs in my old home town. I cracked him, a puresteel paladin, and a gitaxian probe, so I was pretty happy. I also got a lost leonin as an alternate wincon in my white weenies deck. I'm surprised how few decklists I see them in considering how much work it and Priests of Norn put in.

>> No.49075143

Are you going to confront him about it? You should.

>> No.49075179

don't know.
what would it do for me though?

>> No.49075194

Whup his ass next time you see him

Use the buckle end of the belt

>> No.49075212

Have you read the card?

>> No.49075226


I mean, you asked for artifact creatures to hit with Sharuum and Scarecrone.

Wurmcoil engine is THE Artifact creature, especially for decks that don't mind it dying or that can get it back.

>> No.49075228

Not today guys, not today. I'm frothing with rage at the moment, and I'd rather not sperg out at a person in real life, again. I'm just going to get morning drunk, re-watch trailer park boys for the 10 millionth time, and wallow in it for a bit.

That being said, I should probably confront him at some point. That shit's not cool, particularly since it was nothing super fancy, but I could have just gotten too drunk, spilled some cards, and just forgot to grab them before I left. It sucks because he's literally the only person I play magic with, and my flgs is undergoing renovations for the 5th month in a row, so there are no free tables that aren't filled with standard/modern chafe.

>> No.49075239

Didn't vedalken used to have four arms too?

>> No.49075293

sorry, guys I didn't read the card before replying and accidentaly confused it with batterskull
Wurmcoil of course is a great suggestions, I'll be looking to get my hands on one soon

>> No.49075346

Who would you guys say is the best commander for being the Fun Police? Obviously UWx is involved

>> No.49075504

Oloro, Zur.
As a dedicated Daretti nofun stax player, Daretti is also pretty fucking mean
refer to >>49074782

>> No.49075508

Why is it 90? Isnt 5×30=150?

>> No.49075516

The price of fun has been increased.

>> No.49075518

>re-watch trailer park boys for the 10 millionth time,


>> No.49075523

>that land base
Yup, good call, swap in some basics for urborg and coffers since you only have 2 basic swamps, and generally urborg backfires almost as often as it works. Gemstone mine is very meh, vivids might be more up your alley. I don't really like any of the bounce lands, or 1T: UB lands, but that's more personal preference.

Now, with regard to your deck, there's a couple of things irking me. It looks like you took a brago artifact deck and slapped in some black just for Sharuum. If that's what you want, whatever man, but in general, it's not stax-y enough to take advantage of your commander, it's not control-centric enough to benefit from all the board wipes, and it doesn't really utilize black effectively. I don't really know what you're trying to do, it's like some weird pseudo-combo shell with board wipes. Do you play in a heavily multiplayer meta?

There are also better choices for counters, if that's really what you want to use as non-wrath removal. I'd recommend Daze, Dismiss, Force Spike, and Grip of Amnesia. Spell Contortion can also be pretty spicy if it's late game. I like your card draw package, but that's about it.

>> No.49075532

>Isnt 5×30=150?
The math is technically right, but where is the 5 coming from? Ragenath pings for 3.

>> No.49075538

Haha oh woops i remembered it wrong

>> No.49075539

Budget it honestly pretty damn low, probably sub $100 until they really get into it. The Daxos of Meletis guy started playing this year and got Daxos in a booster with a deckbuilder's toolkit, the other used to play back when Ravnica was out and hasn't gotten any new cards since then.

>> No.49075554

For niv mizzet you gotta have Psychosis Crawler. Also enter the infinite is pretty awesome for a game ender

>> No.49075611

Oh man, they're going to have a bad time. Assuming they have enough aggregate cards in the same colour to build a commander deck, I seriously doubt they're going to have the staples they need to build something with synergy. I'd honestly recommend one of the precons, but it's a shame that no U/W product came out this year. For your Niv Mizzet friend, tell him to get the Mizzix precon. He'll get a lot more bang for his buck than just buying a few staples, and from there he can tweak it however he'd like, particularly if he has an aetherling hanging around.

With the Daxos guy, all I can really recommend is super unfun prison style lockdown cards. Daxos is good, but better in the 99 if you want other players to have fun. U/W doesn't really ramp as well as it should, which means you're almost never going to use his effect. Maybe get him a suite of cheap counters, a couple of assorted rocks, a pixis of pandemonium and a bunch of anthems with weenies? In hindsight, the Teferi precon might be a good place to start because it comes with a lot of neat cards I was thinking about recommending in the first place, and out of the box it can be piloted very well.

>> No.49075626

>mfw i accidentally mistype "Huntmaster of the Fells" as "Huntmaster of the Feels"

>> No.49075668

>use Grab the Reins on xmage
>wording on the spell is "Sacrifice a creature. Grab the Reins deals damage equal to that creature's power to target creature or player."
>the first thing it asks you is what you want to damage, not what you want to sacrifice
>you can't revert your choice after you click your creature

these xmage devs sure are funny

>> No.49075743

btw i lost the game because of this

just fuck you xmage

>> No.49075752

>Metalworker is $30
>Monolith is $50
Jesus Christ fuck this game

>> No.49075816

/what are some dank cards I can put in a Ulrich Werewolf Midrange deck?

>> No.49075869

A different commander

>> No.49076008

Xenagod at the helm.

>> No.49076013

Ay man, you see this you need to let me know of you got the goods, alright? Should be showing up anytime.

>> No.49076118

my brother used to run this guy. I don't know why he took him apart he was really powerful.

>> No.49076174

Deck list? Been wanting to build a fat Teysa deck.

>> No.49076280

Thanks for your in depth feedback.
In regards to the landbase. I really like the Ravnica Bouncelands. They're not very fast and it really hurts if one gets blown up but I can bounce me Gemstone Mine, Temples and Lifelands to abuse their etbs.
I only run 2 basic swamps because play very little black as you have noticed. I also seem to have enough color fixing, since it didn't backfire so far.

>Do you play in a heavily multiplayer meta?
Not really I usually play 3 player games with two other friends who've been playing for very long I'm quite new myself though. Our lgs holds EDH events from time to time,but it's mostly frequented by modern or standard players so you have to get lucky to play a round of edh there without bringing a friend who plays.

It was actually never a Brago deck, I just ended up with very little black after putting this list together and it doesn't really bother me so far. Black is mostly there for support and once I get my Hands im Mikaeus I might slam him in there too.
I have various ways to abuse and recur Sharuum as you can see, but what other cards would you recommend?
I run this many boardwipes because my meta is very creature heavy and the board gets flooded real quick, that's why I also run ghostly prison, propaganda, blind obedience and aura of silence, they are lifesavers in my meta.
>Daze, Force Spike, and Grip of Amnesia. Spell Contortion
these don't really work in my meta, except maybe for Spell Contortion but the reanimator and aristocrats decks that wouldn't want their graveyard removed don't have problems with recurring stuff from it so it's rather meh. Dismiss might be worth testing out.

>> No.49076318


I run Omanth as a general and run blade of selves. Its much more fun if I get Darksteel plate on him, since I can do it over and over again.

>> No.49076533

Anyone have their Daretti, Stax lists on Tappedout? I want to compare any with mine.


Deck description is still a work in progress.

>> No.49076552

>playing by yourself


>> No.49076620

I've just transferred to a new university and really don't have anything better to do ay 12 am. Playing by myself is a pretty accurate simulation of an actual game anyway.

>> No.49076627

On mobile rn, I'll post my Slobad list when I type it up. After a cursory glance you need Lodestone Golem.

>> No.49076636

O-oh. I was just trying to be funny because it was obvious you were playtesting... Now I feel bad...

>> No.49076638


If you're not afraid to venture into the deep, terrifying recesses of Reddit, I believe there's a really in-depth Slobad primer in there.

Found it! https://www.reddit.com/r/EDH/comments/29vq8u/my_first_primer_slobad_goblin_tinkerer/

Anyways, pic related. What are some auto-includes in Karametra? I have the obvious assortment of landfall dudes but I'm stuck on enchantments and artifacts that play well with her ability.

>> No.49076644

>12 am
Are you in Aussieland

>> No.49076665

Yeah, I need to but that fuck back in. I remember when I turned oned him against a 5 color storm deck.

>> No.49076685


A (you) out of nowhere! Thanks, I'll take a look at it.

>> No.49076705

It's ok, it was funny.
Nah, Burgerland. I took that last night for some reason. I wanted a relevant pic for my post.

>> No.49076815

The deck list is literally every orzhova watermarked card + lands. Its not good and not expected to be good. There are just enough cards to make a deck.

>> No.49076889

Attack Callandor to Nekusar. Everybody cries.

>> No.49077332



I was thinking of switching out Armory of Iroas for Silent Arbiter instead

>> No.49077351

Callador+Grafted Exoskeleton+Temple Bell+Nekusar=Tears for Days

>> No.49077389


Playing timestop after someone plays enter the infinite (and winning the inevitable countering battle that follows) would be a level of shenanigans I can get on board with.

>> No.49077493

Can someone post The Great Snake Mistake? I want to build something similar.

>> No.49077916



>> No.49078162


>> No.49078226

Assuming you own the OG omnom, 6 Omnaths see 5 Omnaths die, so 30 triggers. 90 damage, in increments of 3.
If you copy the opponents omnom, 5 Omnaths see 4 die, so 20 triggers. 60 damage.

>> No.49078256

Berserk. You like quadruple damage, right?

>> No.49078262

Question: Is the only advantage of Grim Monolith over Basalt Monolith that the former costs 1 less to cast? The latter's a hell of a lot cheaper if so, which suits me and my less-than-competitive meta just fine.

>> No.49078344

Targets are chosen as the spell is cast. The creature you choose to sacrifice is chosen when the spell resolves. Don't throw a bitch fit about a spell working as the rules intended.

>> No.49078415

Looking for adivce on what to switch out/in


What i want to put in:


Mana Leak

Sword of Feast and Famine

Mystical Teachings

Mask of Riddles


Fact or Fiction



Riptide Laboratory

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Sunken Ruins

Dimir Aqueduct

Strip Mine

Underground River

Darkwater Catacombs

Dreadship Reef

Secluded Glen

Tectonic Edge

Darkslick Shores

Temple of Deceit

Sunken Hollow

>> No.49078490

>Daretti player threatens me with physical harm for exiling his Blightsteel

>> No.49078514

>WAAH why won't you allow me to win on turn 4-6

jesus christ...

>> No.49078662

What did he say exactly?

>> No.49078834

How shitty is this deck besides the fact that i'm using Meren? I had the precon laying around and tried to do something with it


>> No.49078938

things xenagos loves:

this should be easy to figure out
your deck will obviously be high cmc so get ramp, 9-14 cards is about fine imo
>cheating fatties into play
garruk caller of beasts, selvala's stampede, see the unwritten, genesis wave, tooth and nail, elvish piper. rapacious one and to a lesser extent, savage ventmaw, are also really good since they give you free mana for casting more shit. getting an extra blocker or a utility spell out with those creatures helps a ton. rapacious one also combos with ibex
simple pump spells can be incredibly clutch. just make sure they're mostly cheap so you can play a creature as well as a cheap pump spell. generally, the best pump spells are the ones that exponentially increase your damage, like double strike or +x/ power where x is the creature's power. soul's fire and chandra's ignition are good since they double as removal. don't bother with pump spells that cost more than 2 or 3 though, because of the next thing
>extra combat phases
holy shit you can use xenagos to buff dudes up multiple times in a single turn and kill everyone. a 6/6 can deal 14x of its normal damage with just seize the day and xenagos (12 first combat, 24 second combat, 48 final combat, 84 total)

excellent cards for extra combats:
>godo, seize the day
okay cards for extra combats:
>relentless assault, world at war, hellkite charger (creature tutorable and has a body, but costs a ton of mana)
imo you should stay away from Aggravated Assault since it's a big, mana eating telegraph that tells everyone to instantly fuck you up. even 1 or 2 extra combat phases is enough to kill everyone on the board, so having a reusale enchantment for it seems overkill imo

>> No.49079090

>for a UW Daxos
A better commander to start.
I've never seen a Daxos actually do anything in a game and I have never heard of having a good time with him

>> No.49079095

Godo is really only useful for himself. Unless you're running samurai, in which case I have to ask holy shit why are you running samurai

>> No.49079131

Can you post glissa famalam?

>> No.49079154

>UG need more synergy

>> No.49079198

Doesn't look bad. Really not much you can do wrong with Meren as long as you utilize her ability which is incredibly easy to do in so many ways.

Here's mine if you'd like to compare:


>> No.49079260

Take out:
>Ashnod's Altar
>Venser's Journal
>Bident of Thassa
>Borrowing 100000 Arrows
>Abyssal Persecutor
>Psychosis Crawler
>Phyrexian Reclamation

>> No.49079266

Raid and pillage your way over here

>> No.49079290

Cremate has always been my pet favorite
1 card 1 mana AND situational grave hate? Sign me up

>> No.49079324

xenagos decks don't rely on filling the board with fatties though, so that really isn't a problem. if you don't see why godo is godlike on xenagos (i didn't until recently) then let me explain it to you

>play godo
>attach the artifact of your choice to him, loxodon, batterskull, whatever
>with loxodon, your godo is now a 6/6 trampler with lifelink
>begin combat, buff godo with xenagos
>swing for 12
>ability activates, another combat, buff with xenagos
>swing for 24

so basically, godo swings for 36 damage on the turn he comes out as long as you have xenagos. and he heals you for the same amount. godo's pretty good

>> No.49079719

Looks like that vedalkan Planeswalker will either be blue or red/blue artificer

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