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Dark Heresy Edition

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame. Not Chapter Master. Or Space Hulk.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things formerly listed individually on this post.

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.45.160417), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Now containing some of the DH2 content up to the first supplement.

Fear and Loathing (Ver 1.5.2) and The Fringe is Yours (Ver 1.6.0), /tg/ made Rogue Trader homebrew supplements for playable xenos, Knights, Horus Heresy gear, and other things. Now found in the Homebrew Megafolder.

Mars Needs Women! Rampage of the Nerds! (V1.0.0), a new /tg/ made Only War supplement for playing as Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus, and joyriding an Ordinatus!

Old thread: >>49025917

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How specific is too specific specialization when it comes to lore skills?

For instance, there is forbidden lore (xenos), which can be or is broken into eldar, orks, necrons, etc., but then what about past that?
Things like specific craftworlds or ork clans.

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Sup /40krpg/

I'm the guy who threw together a barebones mechanics framework for Free Companies and mercenary regiments in Only War. For reference, here's the PDF.

I'm currently experiencing another creative fit of autism/boredom and was wondering if there are weird niche interest or possible campaign ideas within the setting you'd like someone ELSE to throw together mechanics for. I'm game, as I have nothing better to do with my time, and I am autistic as fuck.

Please, give me ideas, suggestions, and random shit to do with my free time. I'll do damn near anything.

>implying I'll do anything

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I would say that for specific Craftworlds or Clans, or details about them, just use the normal specialization and apply like a -10 or -20 (depending on how secretive and obscure the information would be in-setting) penalty to the roll.

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When it comes to handing out exp, do you make sure everybody is equal or do some get more or less than others?

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I tend to be really averse to minute record-keeping.

This results in everyone being equal.

There are flaws with this.

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What are the flaws?

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Namely, the players rapidly become aware of the fact that certain things they do might or might not warrant extra XP. The standards for what constitutes bonus XP for, say, good roleplaying, or maybe a particularly daring and ballsy move that saves the day, become very different the instant the players realize you're simultaneously enforcing uniformity among their XP budgets.

In other words, if the whole group is nebulously benefiting on the XP front from certain people taking center-stage to do stuff, there becomes less incentive to actually step up to the plate and pull something completely hype. They hedge their bets and play it relatively safe, with few daring heroics.

To be absolutely fair to my players (with whom I give everyone the same amount of XP), the mechanics also encourage this line of thinking in terms of investigative approaches (we play Dark Heresy 2nd Edition) and tactical thinking during combat. There's very few reasons to do a thrilling death-or-glory run on their own initiative unless the GM has artificially crafted the scenario to essentially require one.

Now, upsides to this: For one, absolute certainty that there is no XP discrepancy among the party. No one can pull any bullshit and claim they've spent X00 experience on a talent they wanted which should've been outside their budget. I've had this happen before. If you keep track of what EVERYONE has with absolute certainty, the odds of anyone being able to pull a fast one drop.

Furthermore, it becomes way less confusing. Sessions run for hours at a time, lots of tiny details get mixed up or missed in the shuffle of constantly rolling dice, combat encounters, interrogation of captured heretics, etc. You lose track of stuff, up to and including who's getting what XP. Simply cutting that factor out might have a negative impact on the way the players approach things (at least, I consider it negative), but on the other hand, the less the GM needs to track, the better.

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I tend to have a baseline (500xp ish for a decent session) and I'll usually award an extra 100 or so to specific players for good RP, especially if staying in character did them more harm than good.

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This is a decent rule of thumb. I dial it back to 300-400 for the sake of my campaign style. I like my players to progress more slowly per session, but we play fairly often.

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how the dicks do you make a viper scout sloop work?

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It's an NPC or Exploration vessel.
Either used as a scout vessel for an NPC's fleet, or purchased by players who want a horrendously small, but freakishly well made vessel.

Exploration based missions where you're only there to grab a few samples of native life, or to scan a planet or create a star map, you don't need a big ship, and if you run into combat, you turn tail and run as fast as you can.

I can certainly see it fitting a certain style of play.

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I found this Deathwatch homebrew for Scythes of the Emperor. Has anyone used this in game?

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But that fluff is wrong

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Are there any statlines and rules for 'basic' Eldar? I know there's some for NPC ones with stats, but I just need some troop and elite ones for Deathwatch.

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Koronus Bestiary has stats for Guardians and Aspect Warriors.

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I've been trying to work out a home base system for DH Ascension, where you use XP, Influence and thrones to build one up and staff it. Would love to see someone else's take on that, assuming it interests you.

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I don't understand, what changed

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Does Energy Cache in DH 1e work on the Lathe World talents? Flare, Surge and Shield? I know it only says Charge, Shock and Blast but two of the Lathe world ones are just upgrades.

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Describe your current character, party or situation in one picture if you can.

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I would think they do if the talent modifies one of the original three. The talents just mod the base talent. It can be excused since Energy Cache was released before the new stuff was even considered. So, Flare and Surge would be affected, but not Shield.

Though RAI MAY allow all Luminen talents to fall under that. Need to discuss with your GM.


The Scythes of the Emperor are Ultramarines, who were in the Second Founding. They were the 199th "Aegida" company of the Ultramarines, and fought bravely against the Night Lords in the Battle of Sotha, to defend the Pharos Lighthouse. Rowboat honored them with the emblem of two crossed scythes, representing their defense of the farmers of Sotha.

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Pic and filename related.

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Found this. It's too appropriate.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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You got a navigator cheat sheet for going through the warp in RT?

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/40krpg/, How do I make combat in any of the games interesting? Most of the time I try, my players get bored in between their turns, doing something else until I remind them. How do I make combat more engaging?

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>[mariachi intensifies]

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Make the situations they face actually dangerous, put their characters at risk.
That should get them more invested.

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We're investigating a murder mystery. The victim was the Inquisitor's pet, a Jokaero named Harambe.

I fucking hate my GM. I want off.

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Make them think tactically.

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They're walking into a trap, and they know it.
They also left their combat servitors behind.
For some reason.

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Being heretek is fun until some people lose body parts. Then it gets real hilarious.

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Things can only go badly from this point on

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Did you get your dicks out in his honor?

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So I've been out of the loop for years, past around the time Black Crusade came out. Kinda hard to want to pay attention to systems when everyone you can scrap up to play something goes "Let's just do D&D/Pathfinder" every time...

Is it true that they just suddenly ended Black Crusade and Only War support halfway through their supplement runs? I flipped through them and not only was one of the BC books obviously combined with another unreleased book but one of the Only War books seems riddled with errors and badly moved about regiment options that have no errata. Should I even bother with DH 2e if they might just drop it?

BC's end bothers me the most, as someone rather bored with the Imperium-focus of most everything.

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Not gonna lie, all of these pictures have been the various ways my group has played DH.
Every single time has been amazing.

>> No.49064966


Correct. There are no more official books. The only releases now have been the /tg/ books in the OP.

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All this, but basically... put the characters in a situation where they have to use cover and be wise about their actions or they'll have their head taken off by a sniper. Strand them in dangerous territory and make them conserve ammo.
Alternatively, if turns are just too long, take some of the load of figuring out bonuses and stuff off of your players, I guess, or play a smaller group. DH combat should be pretty easy and fast.

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They've stopped support for the entire 40k line.
Gotta rake in those sweet, sweet Star Wars bucks.

>> No.49065083


Was there ever a reason given? Hope it wasn't poor sales... but it probably was. 40k fans and their not putting money where their mouth is when it comes to non-imperium/spess mehreen stuff.

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>Roll an Challenging (+0) Agility check to get your dick out

>> No.49065093

Well, I already compute all of the modifiers for them, so atleast I got that down. As for the ammo conservation, it's a rather hard task to do with lasguns, seeing as how they can be recharged in the sun. I suppose I'll go and make the nasties tougher.

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Citation needed.

And no saying "it's GW" doesn't count. Need a citation for that too before express my lack of surprise.

>> No.49065152


For me it was a matter of expense. The one time I did run Dark Heresy, it fell apart. The books also needed errata and cleanup, so why not wait for a second printing?

That didn't exactly pan out.

>> No.49065212

No official reason no, but the common speculation is that they're making so much goddamn money off of star wars its by far their best interest to just focus on that. Could also be poor sales, or even just a licencing thing with GW which we'll never be privy to. Could be all of the above, or none of them.

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Really up the nasties, let someone die. Only then will they understand that they have to pay attention and bring their A-game to have everyone survive.
It helped my players in previous games, in the 40k systems the players aren't entitled to beeing called heroes.
They have to pay for it, in blood.

>> No.49065486

How do you balance the death with anger, though? I don't want to make any of my players quit on account of a death.

And when they do die, how do you bring new characters into the game? Do you scale XP and thrones or leave them fresh?

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So if one is being accurate to lore is it completely impossible to play an Eldar, Dark or otherwise, in Black Crusade? Like, the moment you gain corruption Slaanesh can reach over and snatch your soul right out of it's body? I've completely forgotten how the relationship between Eldar and Slaanesh works.

We're rolling up a snowflake-only party for my game, so far got a corrupted Salamander who refuses to wear power armor, a centauroid and multi-titted prostitute/assassin mutant, a Loxatl psyker, and I think I'll go with a DE and somehow be the straight man of the party.

>> No.49066189

>is it completely impossible to play an Eldar, Dark or otherwise, in Black Crusade?

It is not impossible as ther ARE canon Chaos Eldar.

However, Chaos Eldar are extremely rare, and will almost overwhelmingly be in service to Slaanesh. Furthermore, as they're psychic as fuck, they're much more sensitive to the Warp and its corruptions than other races are, so mutations and corruption would run through them quite easily in the event of catastrophic mental failure.

In addition, Eldar of all factions go far out of their way to kill any and every Chaos Eldar they can. An Eldar in service to the Dark Gods is a marked Eldar, and entire craftworlds will devote themselves to the elimination of this singular individual.

TL;DR Yes, but you're gonna have to be super-fucking-careful and you're most likely gonna get ate by Slaanesh.

>> No.49066252

I think it depends on what you mean by lore accurate. A DEldar working alongside chaos worshippers as a mercenary, or to suit their own ends? Not likely, but not impossible. Just use the corruption mechanics they've got laid out for them in the Soul Reaver and you should be set, just be super wary that corruption is always going to be a bad thing for you when the rest of your party is going to want to wrack it up.

A DEldar actively worshipping the chaos gods? Nope, that fuckers dead. Or at the very least can't truly be classed as a Dark Eldar anymore, and there's so little lore on chaos eldar you'd be making pretty much everything up yourself. If you're groups okay with that of course, feel free to go for it.

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I was told by GW staff themselves that it's a licensing issue, not that either side wanted to discontinue the RPGs. Take this with a grain of salt however.

>> No.49068055

Can anyone recall which DH2 books have profiles for filthy mutants?

>> No.49068177

You might try the Core Rulebook, and Enemy Within.

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need some suggestions, our Rogue Trader group has found themselves in a bit of a pickle

Our captain wants to stop an Imperial Hive World signing on to the Tau Empire. They've been cut off from Imperial Support for a couple of years now, and the planetary governor is about to sign the planet over to the Tau.

the Tau have a small fleet of ships in orbit, and another small (we hope) fleet arriving soon.

we have: one frigate that can't run for shit, a large-than-normal crew due to a recent recruitment drive, a teleportarium with a one-hour cooldown after use, two vortex grenades, five imperial knights (which will not fit in the teleporter), contacts in the local anti-tau rebellion, stupidly large quantities of wheat, and the advantage that the tau think we like them.

problem is, I can't really see how we can save the planet with the resources we have, as impressive as they are.

>> No.49069838

Further details, anon.

How big is the Tau fleet in orbit, and how many ships are on the way? What kinds of ships make up both groups?

Is the GM aware Tau ships at large are generally inferior to human designs, particularly in terms of sheer firepower? (This is canon - the Tau are still relatively new to space warfare, and they haven't quite 'figured it out' yet as well as they have ground wars.)

Stats on your frigate? Full layout - all components, all weapons, crew quality, anything at all noteworthy.

How big is the anti-Tau rebellion in terms of manpower, infrastructure, intricate networking, weapons, ammo supplies, access to good armor?

How big/skilled/well-equipped is your crew and private army? Your armsmen, your shipboard security? How effective are they at combat or boarding actions?

What's your party composed of? Full assessment on skills, stats, talents, and personal gear. A single ship with a very, VERY good officer corps can potentially turn back entire squadrons of equal-sized or smaller ships, and depending on the space combat situation, you could feasibly take on a much larger vessel.

And most importantly:

Have you considered the prospect of hit-and-run attacks with that teleporter?

>> No.49070100

excellent questions. Still waiting to hear back from our GM on most of those fronts.

We do know our ship is better than a tau one of similar size, but we also know we're out-numbered.

We have a very charming/intimidating Trader who is a dab hand with a plasma pistol, but she's also got rubbish S and T.

The galaxy's buffest Priest, who sermons like a saint and has an inquisitorial anti-psyker force sword (which is going to be of no special use against Tau).

Our voidmaster also kind of doubles as an arch-militant, favours the use of a bolt pistol or grenade launcher from behind his looted inquisition storm shield.

I'm the Seneschal. Melta-pistol and stealth is my thing. And, as evidenced by this post, planning stuff for everybody else (with the Voidmaster's help).

Hit-and-run with the teleporter is very possible. We've ascertained that the Tau we're dealing with don't know much about the technology, so their shields won't block it, but we can only use it once an hour, so if we send a boarding party, they'd have to hold out for an hour before we could pull them back.

we also have a thunderhawk gunship I forgot to mention (a present from the salamanders to a previous captain).

>> No.49070125

fuck, I always forget how to reply directly to posts. See one post above.

>> No.49070254

how freakishly well made can a viper sloop get?

>> No.49070425

Alright. Get the rest of that information - in ranking order of importance.

>Tau fleet numbers

>Estimate time of arrival, and composition of, Tau reinforcements

>Find ways to fix that once-per-hour glitch in the teleporter if at all possible

>Covertly meet with and coordinate the anti-Tau rebels on the ground - get recruitment going en masse, get the troops armed, single out anyone fanatical enough to die for the cause at the drop of a hat

>Offer to take them onboard for a trip through the teleporter so they can pay a visit to the Aloha Snackbar

>Shipboard security, armsmen, any private armies or mercenaries onboard - get them quietly to battle-ready status

>Frigate stats - figure them out - anything your ship can mechanically do

>Remember - one round of space combat is a half-hour

>Local system defense fleet (most high-tech worlds have orbital docks, and a local shipyard putting out non-Warp-capable voidships that are usually lightly-armed and armored - often, they can be enough to turn a local space battle around) - figure out how loyal they are to the governor or the Imperial cause; anyone you can ferret out who might be wiling to defect to the anti-Tau rebellion, get them to do so

>In particular, you want to get local nobility, and any elements of the local PDF, any Imperial Guard garrisons, the Adeptus Arbites, etc. on your side quietly.

>> No.49070666

How many Inquisitors is too many Inquisitors for a sector? I'm making a homebrew and I was thinking that it would have as many as 1000 Inquisitors at any given time, though at least 500 of them would just be passing through the sector and not actually based in it.

>> No.49070716

Keep it nebulous. The Inquisition at large is a very secretive organization, even to itself. This is what leads to the Radicalism vs Puritanism arguments and subfactions that make the Inquisition what it is.

The number is most likely in flux, but that doesn't change the fact that a few hundred is probably enough - and each one has dozens or hundreds of acolytes and other agents working for them, either directly or indirectly. Enough to keep tabs on most inhabited planets in a given sector.

>> No.49071265


Mutant Background is in Enemy Within.

>> No.49071514

Just let them burn a fate point. Lost limbs can always be replaced using bionics. No need to remove a character from play.

>> No.49071642


Seems a bit high. Calixis has about 200 that we know about and apparently that sector is well regarded for its high inquisition presence. Unless its exceptionally important or populated, you should tone it down a notch.

>> No.49072009

It's very high. Dial it back to 200, 250 at max.

>> No.49072656

I seem to remember there being a cybernetic implant that let you take any lore test even if untrained in it. Am I remembering wrong or what is it?

>> No.49075383 [DELETED] 


>> No.49075427

Not in DH2 but there's a talent that makes all lore (with the exception of Forbidden) known to the character called Infused Knowledge. Very useful IMO and it had another lore related benefit

>> No.49075428

All components at Good/Best can save a freakish amount of room and power.
More than enough for all the Supplementary components you'll want.

Let's face it, you're not buying a Sloop to engage in straight combat, or haul cargo.
So why not focus on the stuff you ARE good at. Like exploring.

>> No.49076138

>that colour scheme

>> No.49076446

So what does a Navigator do outside of navigating in the warp? Just sit around being a WMD with his lidless stare?

>> No.49076516

In my experience? Well you got your bunch of Lore skills on top of a decent intelligence, for startes, and given that you probably have an high score in Willpower you'll take command of interrogation and the like. You are not going to run if daemons pop in,a s well, so the others will rely on you in case of any failure of the gellar field that doesn't outright kill the whole ship. And you are a fucking navigator, the imperium doesn't literally run without your folks, so you got a certain weight when it comes to political situations as well.

>> No.49076792

>So what does a Navigator do outside of navigating in the warp?
Roams around the ship and spooking the other to death with his 3rd eye?

>> No.49077353


The one I played a few times would take environmental readings and soil samples with his swarm of servo skulls for his collection, research the charts ahead of time for bonuses, be the nobility liaison whenever that came up, and never talk to or acknowledge any non-RT/nobleborn non-manservant/servitor PC/NPC ever which is surprisingly fulfilling.

One time the party was planetside and there was a combat involving tyranids going on and my character was all the way back in the ship, messaging instructions to a butler to bring to the chefs for the evening meal. I had a turn slot for this, with rolls.

>> No.49077446

>combat involving tyranids going on
>instructions to a butler for the evening meal
>I had a turn slot for this
>with rolls

How can one character be so based?

>> No.49077867

>Battletech cartoon screencap

Well played.

Honestly, I would give you shit if you just blew the bugs off as not a problem.

But bravo, sir.

>> No.49080252

Is the order of our martyred lady mentioned at all in dh 1e? I've got a palyer who's doing a militant of the order and I want to know if they have any holdings or anything in calixis or even if they appear at all so I can figure out where she came from

>> No.49081912

I am in Black Crusade but the DM is willing to allow gear from other books on a case by case situation and wanted to run it by him if the implant existed and I remembered right.

>> No.49082004

How can I make a world, whose main population is around a sort of renaissance era, feel more daunting to a small group of Inquisitors? One player is worried that a pre-industrial planet's government and population would be too pliable in a social sense and too fragile when dealing with cults and hereteks, and I've been racking my brain since.

It's DH2E of course in a pretty high level campaign, so it's not like too many things should be unsolvable for the group, except for maybe finding new equipment on the isolated continent.

>> No.49082100

How well integrated into the Imperium is the planet?

>> No.49082164

the challenge doesn't come from the limits that the general tech level of the population places on what the inquisitors can do

you want to identify a suspect? Good luck with that with no dna or thumbprint records, census records are generally taken decades apart, and the closest thing to information gathering available to local enforcers is to grab a suspect and shake him shouting "DIDJA DO IT? DIDJA?"

Want to get a message out? Congratulations, you're getting the fastest transport available. A guy on a horse. Give it three days and if the weathers good the message will be received and you'll get a reply back in another three.

The people might be unable to match your weapons tech but ou better hope like hell you have more bullets on hand then there are rioters because there's no way to get more once you hit empty

The inquisitors can work around this of course, by setting up their own supply lines and means of communication, but it'll mean stretching their resources thin

>> No.49082190

It's hard to go wrong with an angry mob wielding torches, pitchforks, and muskets.

>> No.49082208

feudal worlds are, by default, clannish and much more likely to hold offworlders and their tech in a mixture of suspicion and awe

much easier to break cover when you're literally the only person in town who's not someone's cousin

>> No.49082226

It's a quarantined world, but the administratum and ecclesiarcy were able to set up before shit went down. They've been trying to increase their pull, but they're mostly just tolerated since they don't fit into the Oligarchy, quite yet, and they haven't had much of a force to back them up.

Thanks, guys. Good stuff

>> No.49082685

What if it's a chapter homeworld or houses a recruitment station? That means they're on a timer until stories of the highly advanced strangers reaches their masters and some friendly power-armored marines with bolters are going to start asking questions.

Or the world is very insular with a lot of societies that decide your role and purpose in life, which makes fitting in really hard.

>> No.49082726

what's the way to use las-burners on ships?

>> No.49082744

My RT party and I were investigating what was left of a pre-imperium human settlement and we found, among other things, an entropic accelerator. My character is an archeotechnologist and I was super stoked to find old working tech but the moment we knew what it was, our RT claimed it and put it into his personal vault. I don't dispute that it's his right to do so as captain, but I am extremely jelly.

I guess that's it. Best story ever.

>> No.49082798

Ohh...a recruitment world...from a chapter whose loyalty is questionable is a great idea. They definitely wouldn't like the Inquisition poking around certain anomalies of the planet and would give a great reason for the party to stay covert. The only problem is that it's a quarantined world.

>> No.49082875

What if the world was quarantined while the station was on it, they've been stuck down there for a while and are -really- frustrated.

>> No.49082994

"They occasionally send teams from their already dwindling chapter to deal with the situation that's planetside. Truly heroic"

Meanwhile they amass huge chapter numbers using questionable methods with divergent religious opinions. They're probably gonna be vietcong based as well considering the nature of their homeworld.

>> No.49085052


>> No.49087615

Lets post Only War guard regiments you've made.

Ambolt 4th Super-Heavy Tank Company “Rustning Gud Vakt”
(4) Feral World
(2) Choleric
(7) Super-heavy Armoured
(3) Warrior Weapons
(-4) Honour Bound
Total: 12
(5) Upgrade Sword to Good quality
(5) Add Chainmail to kit
(10) Upgrade Chainmail to Best quality
(8) Add Micro-bead to kit

Basically via chance and convenient mechanus in need, a viking-esc culture was turned into the honour guard and field operators of a bunch of Baneblades. Which sounds awesome until you realize how many PCs and their comrades you have to devote to operating the thing. Still, hell of a visual image.

>> No.49087910

what are some good motivations for a chaos cult? Besides wanting to kill everything or summon a demon and gibber?

>> No.49088186

Anyone have any systems or rules for running solo games in Deathwatch? Maybe like Battletech/Megamek Against the Bot campaigns? I want to play with my group, but I want to get a feel for it first,

>> No.49088417

>what are some good motivations for a chaos cult?

Liberty from the crushing weight of living in the Imperium, especially if this cult originates on a Hive or Forge World.

Funny thing about the "freedom" they want is that it always has a cost...

>> No.49089205

Which book outlined the Adeptus Arbites? I want to play as pic related.

>> No.49089241

Didn't going there work out really well for the Blood Angels?

>> No.49089271

they're in dark heresy core

>> No.49089311

Book of Judgement

>> No.49089465

Just so newbies don't see that and get scared off...Note that the Lex Imperialis is frequently reinterpreted or outright rewritten to suit the needs of an individual region, planet, or even time period, depending on local stability, the whims of the local Precinct head, the whims of the Sector Lord(s), and an individual group's grimdark preference. By an absolutely literal reading of the Lex Imperialis, one would soon run out of dissidents to execute, and, indeed, peasants to work to death. The Imperium doesn't really do standardization very well even within the Adepta, so groups should feel free to change things to their individual tastes.

>> No.49091505

How good is the flame quality on melee weapons? From how it looks, it would be incredibly strong as each hit has a chance of lighting the target on fire.

>> No.49092094

>Rustning Gud Vakt
That Google Translate is pretty obvious, anon.

What's the meaning you're looking for? Does the god bit refer to the Baneblades, and the guard in a regimental sense? In that case, you're looking for "Gudapansargardet" or "Gudapansarvakten", if the connotation is that they're guarding the god-tanks. If you provide an explanation, I can help you with a translation.

>> No.49092311

To wit, all of those apply to arbitrators who are working as arbitrators, not seconded to the Inquisition, where your inquisitor is the first and last word on orders and you are not actually working as an agent of the arbites.

>> No.49092339

does any one know where i can find the pdf's of the first edition dark heresy books, the .ru lib only seems to have the second edition books

>> No.49092611

Read the damn OP, anon.

>> No.49093001

The change in DH2e from treating every wound once to one medicae attempt per 24 hours is biting harder than I thought it would.

>> No.49093257

Are you GM or player? Depending on the circumstances, I'm not sure of the intent of your statement.

>> No.49093304

>post Only War guard regiments you've made.


NATO 1st Mechanized Infantry

Homeworld: Frontier World
Commanding Officer: Phlegmatic
Regiment Type: Grenadiers
Doctrines: Vanguard
Regimental Drawbacks: Iconoclasts
Total Cost: 12 points

Regiment Rules:
Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to any two of Agility, Ballistic Skill, or Perception; +3 Ballistic Skill, +3 Toughness, -3 Perception
Starting Skills: Awareness, Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (War), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface), Survival, Tech-Use
Starting Talents: Combat Sense or Quick Draw, Bombardier
Independant Operation: Comrades count as being in Cohesion within 15 meters.
Distrustful of Authority: -20 on Fellowship Tests with unfamiliar figures of authority, and vice versa.
In the Shadows of the Ecclesiarchy's Light: -10 penalty to all Interaction tests with members of the Ecclesiarchy, and vice versa.
Wounds: Generate wounds normally.
Regimental Favored Weapons: Automatic Grenade Launcher, Mortar
Standard Regimental Kit: 1 uniform, 1 set of poor weather gear, 1 lascarbine w/ 4 charge packs or 1 combat shotgun w/ 4 clips (Main Weapon), 1 auxiliary grenade launcher weapon upgrade w/ 3 frag or krak grenades, 1 frag grenade, 1 krak grenade, 1 smoke grenade, 1 knife, 1 light carapace armor, 1 rucksack, 1 deadspace earpiece, 1 photo-visor, 1 gas mask, 1 micro-bead, 1 combi-tool, 1 data-slate, 1 9-70 entrenching tool, 1 anointed toolkit, 1 mess kit and 1 canteen, 1 blanket and 1 sleep bag, 1 rechargable lamp pack, 1 grooming kit, 1 set cognomen tags, 1 infantryman's primer, 2 weeks rations, 2 automatic grenade launchers per Squad w/ 3 clips of 6 frag or krak grenades, 1 lascutter per Squad, 1 siege auspex (Best Quality auspex w/ 100 meter range that can penetrate walls up to 1m thick) per Squad, 1 Chimera armoured transport per Squad armed with turret-mounted autocannon, hull-mounted heavy flamer, pintle-mounted heavy stubber, as well as dozer blade and camouflage netting.

>> No.49093507

Basic backstory is that modern-day Earth suddenly appeared in 40k for no apparent reason (probably some sort of DAoT archeotech- or warp-related bullshit), a Rogue Trader discovers them, opens up some trade, and after the =][= a bit of purging of the more corrupt and heretical elements of our governments (i.e. the kikes and Freemasons that go and perform mock child sacrifices to 40-foot-tall concrete idols, and "joke" about sacrificing chickens to Moloch), they promptly get integrated into the Imperium, with these guys representing a regiment drawn from the best soldiers the planet has, equipped with the best equipment that they can give them.

America, Fuck Yeah! In Space likely ensues, even as they struggle to deal with the immense size and callous brutality of the Imperium.

>> No.49093784

How do you guys find games to play in?

Seems like the gamefinder thread is always people wanting to play some kind of homebrew or ERP, and Roll20 is usually devoid of 40k games.

>> No.49093922

By making pacts with the dark gods.

>> No.49094035

Uni for the most part. Uni/college is fucking amazing for finding games.

>> No.49094122

>Welcome to the imperial guard, turn in your 2 kg rifle and here is your 5 kg PoS
>T-thanks, quartermaster.....

>> No.49094448


It's really good, provided that fire can harm the enemy. Even then, stacking fatigue is good.

>> No.49094645

LOL. Here's another one:

23rd Lordran Varangians "Git Gud Scrub"

Homeworld: Feudal (3)
Commanding Officer: Circumspect (2)
Regiment Type: Close Assault Regiment (3)
Doctrines: Hardened Fighters (2), Combat Drugs (2)

Regiment Rules:
Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to Weapon Skill, Strength, or Toughness, +5 Weapon Skill, -3 Intelligence
Skills: Athletics, Common Lore (War), Dodge or Parry
Fluency: Are not literate, but can still speak Low Gothic
Starting Talents: Champion or Double Team, Foresight, Street Fighting, Lightning Reflexes
Suspicious of Machine Spirits: -10 to Common Lore (Tech), Medicae, and Tech-Use unless trained
Wounds: +1 Wounds
Regimental Favored Weapons: Meltagun, Heavy Flamer
Standard Regimental Kit: 1 uniform, 1 set of poor weather Gear, Either 1 Great Weapon, 2 1-handed Low Tech Weapons, or 1 Combat Shotgun (Main Weapon), 3 frag grenades, 2 krak grenades, 1 Knife, 1 suit of Best Quality Feudal World Plate, 1 sling bag, 1 set of basic tools, 1 mess kit and 1 water canteen, 1 blanket and 1 sleep bag, 1 rechargable lamp pack, 1 grooming kit, 1 set cognomen tags, 1 illustrated instructional devotional, 2 weeks combat sustenance rations, 1 melee weapon upgraded to Best Quality and given the Mono upgrade, 1 inhaler w/ 3 doses frenzon or 5 doses stimm

Combat Drugs because Stimm is the closest thing the game has to pic related.

>> No.49094843

Lasguns can actually do more damage than autoguns do, thanks to their alternate firing modes, unless the autogun's loaded with alternate ammunition (which is much more expensive), in addition to its logistical benefits thanks to being able to recharge the ammo packs.

Also, Las Carbines, which are what unit are equipped with, are only 2.5 kg, at least before you start strapping underbarrel grenade launchers onto them.

>> No.49095010

I could believe that
I would imagine there's all sorts of games running in a uni environment . Sadly I'm not in Uni and I live in a country where they don't speak English

>> No.49095047

Any tips for roleplaying an Explorator? I've never touched a 40k RPG before but I'm acquainted with the lore to an extent. Read the wiki to death but no novels or anything.

>> No.49095056

>Read the wiki to death
What wiki? This is important.

>> No.49095105

why? should i check the lexicanum?

>> No.49095360


That always bugged me. As someone said it's an obvious sloppy edit of what used to be a regiment option in development, and the amount of grenades given to each troop is lower then that of Line Infantry which seems wrong. Though perhaps I just forgot to account for the aux grenade launcher starting with ammo.

On that note, when calcing starting ammo for weapons does the weapon come with ammo loaded? Like, if the book tells you it gets two reloads then is that two or three mags?

>> No.49095447


If you arnt a know-it-all, you arnt playing a tech priest.



>> No.49095515


Explorators are expected to be a Sage, Seeker, and Desperado all at once. Ones assigned to unknown space are specialized to pursue tech archaeology in small groups or independently largely disconnected from the mechanus administration, and thus are likely to be more dynamic and adaptable, and less rigid in their dogma and rituals. Their role requires them to dance on the edge of going full heretek, just as RTs are often on the edge of heresy and treason.

>> No.49097046

Any recommendations for the starting acquisition in RT? I'm mostly curious about Astropath Transcendent, Navigators and Seneschal. Any other class acquisition is fine as well those three are just the ones I might be playing soon that I only have iffy ideas about.

>> No.49097053


Lexicanum cites its sources better, but 40k wiki is often copy-pasted out of the novels themselves.

>> No.49097493


A good weapon like a melta or volkite gun, or, best of all, a shield of some sort. Refractor on the cheap, conversion if you can spare.

>> No.49097756

When it doesn't straight make shit up though.

>> No.49098557


Here's one my group is using for our game. We're gonna start next week. They're an Admech explorator force.

Homeworld: Graia (3)
Commander: Sanguine (2)
Type: Explorator Force (4)
Special Equipment: Cyber Enhanced (3)

Regiment Rules
-Characteristics: +3 Willpower, +3 Agility or Perception, +3 Intelligence, -3 Strength
-Starting Skills: Common Lore (Tech), Linguistics (Low Gothic, Tech Lingua), Awareness, Navigate (Surface), Security
-Starting Talents: Die Hard, Iron Jaw
-Vanguard Explorators: May reroll failed Navigate (Surface) tests.
-Wounds: -1 Starting Wound
-Favored Weapons: Dataspike, Graviton Imploder
-Standard Kit (per person): Uniform, lamp pack, rucksack, cognomen tags, two weeks' rations, instructional handbook, microbead, grapnel, chrono, smoke grenade, anointed maintenance toolkit, two common-quality cybernetics OR one good-quality cybernetic
Standard Kit (per maniple): One macrocarid explorator with augury web, one auspex.

Some anon helped me plan a rough plot to start with a few days back. We're all really excited to start the game now. The whole open-ended exploration aspect is starting to grow on me.

>> No.49100222

What powers would a fragment of the Emperor's armor have? Assuming it's the size of a grain of sea salt, floating in a reliquary tube.

>> No.49100462

It wouldn't have "powers", it would have "physical and chemical properties".

Repelling demons and hazardous warp emissions. In one 40k novel a warp rift swalowed a ship whole but spewed out a document on that ship because it had Emp's blood on it.

>> No.49100477

They're the non marine

>> No.49100517

I just noticed. Isn't the heretic guy holding a melta on that picture? If so, it's the GK who should rethink his choices in life at that point.

>> No.49100553

Hard to tell, could be a bolt action bolter for all I can see.

>> No.49100558

>Dodge or Parry
I see what you did there.

>> No.49102049

Not sure what speaking English has to do with it?

>> No.49102181

>Not sure what speaking English has to do with it?

He may only speak English.

>> No.49102202

Ah right, but that would be silly. That's like the Asians who come here and only speak chingchong, like motherfucker please if you're living in a country learn the language.

>> No.49102653

40th Shifter Rifles

Homeworld: Mining Colony (3)
Commanding Officer: Circumspect (2)
Regiment Type: Gurilla Regiment (4)
Training Doctrines: Close Quartars Battle (5)
Regimental Drawbacks: Cloud of Suspicion (+3)
Special Equipment Doctrines: N/A

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to any two of the following
Characteristics–Agility, Perception, and Toughness. +3 Perception, –3 Fellowship
Skills: Awareness,
Common Lore (Tech), Linguistics (Low Gothic), and Tech-Use. Stealth
Starting Talents: Foresight, Ambush, Enemy (Outsiders), Paranoia.
Acclimated to Darkness:
Mining colony characters can choose to start with one
of the following Talents: Darksight and
Resistance (Cold) or Resistance (Heat) or Resistance (Poisons).
Tunnel Rat:
Mining colony characters gain a +10 to Awareness and
Navigation (Surface) when underground.
Unaccustomed to Light: Unfortunately, their subterranean
lifestyle makes them incredibly sensitive to bright light, and
they suffer a –10 penalty to all Perception and Awareness
Tests made in full daylight or bright artificial light. This
penalty can be mitigated with goggles or other types of eye
protection at the Game Master’s discretion.
Members of regiments that specialise in Close
Special: Quarters Battle gain an additional +10 bonus to all Ballistic
Skill Tests made at Point-Blank Range.
Starting Wounds: +1 starting Wound.

Standard Regimental Kit: 1 lascarbine OR lascarbine (Main Weapon) with the Compact modification) and four charge packs and 2 blind grenades per Player Character, 2 stun grenades per Player Character, 2 frag
grenades per Player Character. per, 1 mono knife per Player Character, 1 suit
of light carapace armour per Player Character.


>> No.49102766


Additional Standard Kit: 32pts.
Tinted Blast goggles: Common 5pts
Preysense trench magnocular set. Average 8pts
Integrally Silenced Manual Operated, Hand-cannon carbine:
Type: Basic, Range 52" S/-/- 1d10+4 I Ap2, Clip 5, 2 full, Reliable, Accurate, Integral Silencer 10pts
- Integral Silencer; Rather than the usual -20 to attempts to detect noise from this weapon, the test increases to -30.
Combat shotgun & 4 clips 10pts


So this regiment is a collaboration with a few people i GM'd for a loong time ago. But it was so good i thought i'd retell the story. Their idea was basically a mashup of the guys from STALKER and Riddiks eye surgery. So basically they all have darksight from working in the mines, but they cant stand sunlight and have to wear tinted blast goggles. They also use this advanced sight with their preysence magnoculars, which stand on a tripod. Lasly, they are foremost a close quartars fighting unit that prefers to ambush their target. Their signature weapon is a pistol-carbine modelled off the de-Leslie carbine, its short ranged, accurate and almost silent and can use special ammo types like dumdum. Their basically viewed with suspicion by other regiments because they like to ambush at close quartars at night where the enemy least expects it.

>> No.49102807

>That's like the Asians who come here and only speak chingchong, like motherfucker please if you're living in a country learn the language.

That takes time, especially if you're trying to get to fluency. It's usually a few years before somebody becomes fluent enough to have normal conversation with no problems.

>> No.49102826

I'd figure the suspicion would come from their mutant eyes

>> No.49102859

You can tell with these guys that they aren't even trying though. They stick to their Asian precincts of the city and purely speak chingchong, or walk around in throngs that are all gibbering away, that's not how you learn a language.

>> No.49102885

That too.

Although it was never outlined, the eyes were treated more like an adaptation, like an abhumans.

>> No.49103450

Looking for some nice black crusade plot hooks.

>> No.49103933

What's the party like? In BC, context is everything.

>> No.49104313

Plaguemeister, qsal magister and apostate the face undivided. Currently like 0,2 the First session since one of the players can like play two hours.

>> No.49104631

I feel like making an adventure out of this.

>> No.49104734


Having abnormally good eyesight isn't really a "mutation," especially if it's a useful one like this one is. This falls more under the line of "adaptation," especially if the population was isolated for a long period of time from the rest of humanity before the Imperium showed up.

There are canon humans that have things like webbed digits and hollow bone structure. Good night vision wouldn't be viewed negatively except by the most hardline extremist Inquisitor, and even then he'd likely be overruled by other Inquisitors telling him to chill the fuck out.

"Mutation" in 40K is like having a third arm or scaled skin or horns.

>> No.49104913

The average person is going to see a bunch of weirdos. If they hide their eyes maybe they got some other things hidden away too.

>> No.49104969

Black Crusade plot hooks generally follow a few specific patterns
>Strike against the Imperium
>Engage in Chaos v Chaos strife
>Form an alliance with a Chaos faction
>Seek a powerful weapon/resource
>Seek the favour of the Dark Gods

Find out what they want, and then introduce a plot hook which can accomodate some, or most of those desires.

>> No.49105028

>If they hide their eyes maybe they got some other things hidden away too.

They do have large, thoroughly comprehensive genetic tests that determine whether a population is genetically stable. These tests do allow for a wide amount of variance, so long as they adhere to the basic human form and don't have any extreme abnormalities (such as extra limbs or tongues a meter long, for example). People who can see well in the dark that live on a mining world would almost certainly be ruled as being within acceptable parameters, and the Munitorum would jump on the chance to make use of their skills.

This is, again, assuming they have no other major mutations.

>> No.49105961

You try learning Japanese in a year with a full time job. It's not easy. It's not like I don't respect the culture. I'm learning, but these guys are playing Magic the gathering and other card games, not Warhammer

>> No.49106325

Fire damage leads to energy crits, though. Trust me, I speak from experience when I say you don't want to be in melee range when the enemy's ammo explodes.

>> No.49108624

Not the anon you replied to, but that's exactly why our GM ruled power weapons dealt Rending crits. Otherwise, you give an enemy four frags and a melta charge whenever you want your players to die.

>> No.49109180

What are some good plot hooks for a Line Infantry party in Only War?

>> No.49109247

Do you know what's pictured there?


>> No.49109379

Take an area, then hold it until it can be fortified sufficiently for the party to be relieved.

>> No.49109544

On the subject, there's the example of House Delaque from Necromunda. They're universally pale and pale-eyed and have problems with bright lights, hence their constant use of goggles.

>> No.49109869

Your regiment's been ordered to attack a city. Welcome to block-by-block warfare.

You were being flown somewhere in a Valkyrie, when it gets shot down in the middle of enemy territory.

Your regiment gets assigned to attack an enemy beach to establish a beach-head. Try not to get killed by artillery and machinegun fire.

Basically, take any historical combat situation from WW1, WW2, Vietnam, or what have you, and put it into 40k. Take them from historical battles like D-Day, Stalingrad, Operation Iraqi Freedom, et cetera, or from war movies like Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, and the like.

>> No.49110028

LOL. It's a part of their Regiment Type doctrine, I swear!

>> No.49110822

I honestly just don't understand why you would move to a country that mainly speaks a foreign language with intent to live there for longer than like 3 months, without already being near fluent in that language.

>> No.49111096


True that. Plus,since you can only have one gun, you don't have that much less available space for additional components. With some good quality components (or, even better, a modified plasma drive) , you will likely be able to squeeze in a few moneymakers like a GQ cargo hold/lighter bay,a luxury passenger quarters and a trophy room. You will also have energy to spare for an empyrian mantle or the like.

I can definitely see it as a ship for smuggling, blockade running or the like.

>> No.49112040

It takes some balls but people do it all the time. Fuck, you've never seen people in your country that aren't fluent in English? We live in a global world. People work abroad for all sorts of reasons.

>> No.49112680

so rather than being a pencil pushing nerd in the grimdark future, i need to be more like an action movie character? i got you

any cool gadgets i could have, lines i could use ... how should i speak etc

>> No.49112923

Speak divorced of your humanity, despise your flesh and praise your implants.

>> No.49115129


Buy all the cybernetics

All of them

>> No.49117411


>> No.49117835

Honestly, I don't even remember what the hell happened last session, where we are, or what our mission is. All I remember is that I killed three dudes with a bar table.

Also I'm basically a combat servitor.

>> No.49118132

our DM says our upcoming campaign is going to very Dune-influence with lots of politics and transhuman themes (whatever that second bit means)

what would be suitably dune-influenced to play? a navigator? or like an astropath or something
or a techpriest
one of those 3 seems the coolest

>> No.49118321

I mean, pick a death-world arch-militant and you've got either Fremen or Sardaukar right there.

>> No.49118391

If I'm an astropath, how exactly do I send messages? Can I only send words, or can I do pictures or video, and do I need any special equipment to do so?

Can I just plug myself into a monitor for a quick skype call?

>> No.49118519

yeah, cool idea
use your imagination
i'd imagine you can send ideas/feelings in addition to words

>> No.49118522

Check navis primer.

>> No.49118612

As for Navigators, they were pretty much based off of Dune's Navigators, with a little bit of Lovecraft Deep Ones thrown in, so that should be relatively easy to do.
And don't be constrained by the idea of the David Lynch fetus vagina-mouth creatures. All it says in the book is that they float in tanks and are elongated with webbed hands and feet.

Seneschals seem tailor-made for Mentats, too.

>> No.49118938 [SPOILER] 

Can't exactly put my finger on why, but reading Kill Six Billion Demons puts me in the mood for playing Black Crusade.

Probably because BC facilitates batshit insane supernatural buggery the best

>> No.49119181

I'm aiming for a BG kind of character
I could see a techpriest having that kind of mental power, and navigators can always be fluffed out as being able to "see" into the hearts of men if you took a little bit of liberty with the lore. And Astropaths are telepathic of course so they make sense too

>> No.49119406

What would you say is the best ship in each class?

>Sword for personal ship, Firestorm for NPC escorts
>Dauntless I guess, light cruisers aren't good
>Tyrant, Dictator's cool, but I prefer the extra weapon of a battlecruiser for carriers

>> No.49119593


>> No.49119603

Except, you know, Stormtroopers.

>> No.49119834

I think I asked this in the 40k general. My bad if I did.
How does the Adeptus Mechanicus recruit on worlds that aren't Forge Worlds? What is their organized presence like there?
As someone who knows little about Rogue Trader, can someone explain the process by which a fleet gets their warrant to explore? How thorough is the paperwork (ie, how hard is it for a character that is already a criminal to make it on onboard one of the fleets)?
Thanks in advance, I'll post some art

>> No.49119873

So I'm making a Champion-style for one-on-one duels character in Deathwatch and I'm wondering - is being an Assault Marine a must or can you get the talents from elsewhere ?

Also are there any good Deeds for duellists beside Toe to Toe ? The Chapter will be either Storm Wardens, Dark Angels or Salamanders.

>> No.49119880


>> No.49119912


>> No.49120640


>> No.49120673

Admech is everywhere, they have the right to pull prospective students.
Warrants of Trade are signed by the Emperor and the high lords.

>> No.49120703

Be a goddamn ass marine.

>> No.49122766


The Champion specialty actually works best when you're NOT an assault marine - the Champion becomes redundant when taken by an assault marine, but grants essentially assault marine skills to any other specialty.

>> No.49123563

Anyone got any good Black Crusade stories? Seems like every story I've seen here or elsewhere is DH or RT related.

>> No.49123887


Friends don't let friends play Black Crusade.

>> No.49125550

Hey tg, does anyone have any tips on how to run an SoB char, what bonuses the power armour should grant (should it be like deathwatch armour, slightly less, a whole lot less) anything different than a nun with a gun?

>> No.49125938

Which game line.

>> No.49126255

Deathwatch, my sister wants to try 40k after a long history of pathfinder, so I was planning on letting her be a seraphim, because dual pistols is something new, but I dont want to make it too easy on her. Fluffwise shes been attached to us by the inquisitor that requested our presence, so that he can gather data,without getting nibbled by the nasties

>> No.49126380


>> No.49126388

Hm. She'd be powerful, but not the equal of a Space Marine because she just isn't a Space Marine.

>> No.49126527

well, everything went tits-up. Turns out the rebel contact was lying to us, and had no backup. The planet is firmly in Tau hands now, and we're wanted criminals.

Although I feel like the Tau don't really care about us trying to liberate the planet. Not compared to how angry they are that we kidnapped an Ethereal and fled into unexplored space with him.

>> No.49126556


>> No.49126607

So like drop armor values, but make her more agile, so about the same power level, just shuffled slightly

>> No.49126823


Dropping armor values is only going to kill her faster, also non-astartes power armor is about on par with Astartes power armor AP-wise. So no, don't do that. In fact i'm not sure why you want to make it more difficult for her, Sisters already do not have the Unnatural Strength and Toughness bonuses that Astartes have, nor any of the other myriad of bonuses they posses, nor the same amount of starting Wounds.

Seems counter-productive to me. I'd be buffing her in places so she doesn't get obliterated by Astartes-tier foes on the first outing.

>> No.49127337

>you've never seen people in your country that aren't fluent in English?
Can't you read? This is exactly the kind of thing I'm complaining about.

>> No.49127384

Why not just have her play an assault marine then?

>> No.49127649

Mantle of Ophelia and Cloak of St. Aspira should fix any survivability issues a SoB could have.

>> No.49127981


>> No.49128011

Extract all information you can from the Etheral and/or sell/hand gim over to an Inquisitor or whoever wants an Etheral, then get reinforcements and liberate the fuck out of the planet. To gain the trust of the citizens of the planet you could reveal to them that the Tau would probably have just sterilized them all and used them as conscripts and slave labour

>> No.49128078

we're intending to pump him for information and/or dissect him if he dies (we're going to try to avoid killing him because we like it when the tau can't safely target our ship)>

We'd love to hand him over to the Inquisition for a massive reward, unfortunately due to stuff we have two sectors of Tau space between us and the nearest proper Imperial authority - which happens to be the Damocles Crusade in full swing (we're playing a little back in the timeline). We're actually heading into unexplored space in the hopes that the Tau will send their (much slower) ships to chase us, and we'll be draining resources away from them fighting the crusade.

Sadly, by the time we found the planet, it had been in contact with the Tau so long they wouldn't believe us. Also, the fact we engineered the death of their governor and might have fired some lance weapons at the surface probably wouldn't make them like us much by this point. Oh well.

Before we left we did remind them that the Imperium would probably exterminatus their asses when they finally get here, using an official Inquisition Rosette on our signal (admittedly, we looted that from the daemon-wracked corpse of an inquisitor we mercy-killed. But they don't know that). Maybe they'll have come around by the time the Imperium proper arrives.

>> No.49128102

introducing the Slaaneshi champion of the week

>> No.49129312

i think it would be cool to play an eldar craftworlder who has been "stranded" on a rogue trader's fleet and has no idea how to get back. farscape style

would you allow it in your game?

>> No.49129627


No. Xenos characters were a mistake.

>> No.49129680

I have a sorta short one on how we went from being stuck in a prison cell to storming the bridge of the same prison ship through mass possession and using the "Fake Microsoft support"-bluff?

I'd reverse that. You ONLY play Black Crusade with the friends you trust to make it work. It has numerous issues, but with the right setup and people it'll work.

>> No.49129910

That's interesting. She's gonna meet the angels of the Emperor, in all their glory but also their failings.

Sororitas armor offers bad protection compared to SM armor in the RPGs.
Advantages are : Light weight, in-built targeter (+5BS), auto-stabilized (that makes you better at shooting heavy weapons than a SM, by RAW.
You can add some wards and pious overlays, or even a Rosarius or relics if you want her to have a higher power level.
Books including Sororitas ranks or gear (DH) : Inquisitor's Handbook, Blood of Martyrs, Heresy Begets Retribution. All are available in the mega link in the OP.

Things you can add, since they don't rely on implants or black carapace :
>Auto-senses: Give Dark Sight, and Heightened Senses (Sight and Sound) that stacks with implants. Immune to photon flash and stun grenades. Called Shot only takes a Half Action. Only applies while wearing helmet.
>Life Sustainer: With the helmet on, the armor is sealed and can maintain an adequate oxygen supply for X hours.
>Vox-Link: Serves as a standard vox-caster.
>Bio-Monitor and Injectors: +10 to all tests resisting the Toxic Quality or similar. 6 doses of pain suppressant allow him to ignore the effects of critical damage for 1d10 rounds; if stunned, negate it in 1 round.
>Magnetized Boots: Magboots in sole of boot. Can be switched on and off.
>Recoil Suppression: Provides the ability to fire Basic weapons one-handed without penalty.

Areas where you're supposedly better than a Marine:
>human interaction
>discretion and use of normal sized items
>knowledge of imperial creed and society
>miracles of faith
>possibly dealing with psykers, heretics, and deamons, depending on previous experiences.
Tbh, balancing it will be be bit of work and t&e.

Look up the life of Joan of Arc, it got some excellent anectdotes for a Sororitas (like her breaking a sacred sword on the back of a prostitute because her soldiers were getting bed-ridden by venerel

>> No.49130116


Yeah, that should do it. Plus if she's at the same starting XP value as Astartes (13000 iirc?) that's a lot to work with. Wise purchases should make for a strong enough character..

>> No.49130163

I think they're cool and allow people to go out of the box with what they wanna roleplay (with maybe the exception of the Dark Eldar, who I can't really see getting along with a RT fleet anyway).

>> No.49131005


Well, the Secutarii are out now. I guess MNW is gonna be updated. If they follow the tabletop as guide, then they are going to be really fucking good.

>> No.49131715

It looks like you'd be able to coming pretty close to making the Peltasts as an Only War regiment easily enough.

Homeworld: The Lathes (4)
Commanding Officer: Fixed (1)
Regiment Type: Grenadiers (4)
Special Equipment Doctrines: Cyber-Enhanced (3)

Spend your Standard Guardsman Kit points to swap their Lascarbines for some Integrated Lathe Las-Rifles, and which are then given their underbarrel grenade launchers loaded with the 40k equivalent of flash-bang grenades. They then take Integrated Weapons as their Regimental Favored Weapon, so that the Weapon Specialists can take the bigger integrated weapons to do the heavier shots. Then, spend the rest of your points for each of them to have Subskin Armor to represent their force-field generators, and drop the two stand-alone grenade launchers per squad to cover the fact that you're 5 points over budget.

>> No.49132377


I think I'll just wait for the book to update with them instead of trying to stretch rules and use "counts as." I have faith it will be accurate, and model the full range of Secutarii abilities as listed.

>> No.49132481

The other ones are basically just guys with shock lances, luminen charge implants, and refractors, as well.

>> No.49132623


I think it's the subtle stuff like the "shock lance" being able to shoot, the peltast "ammo", the squad-size based bonuses, all things that counts as has difficulty handling. I'd prefer to have something definitive than, "well, if I just use this combo of x, y, and z, I can SORT OF have what I want. Almost..."

>> No.49132719

How much ammo is used when firing on semi-auto or full auto?

>> No.49132759

It's explained pretty clearly in every game line.

>> No.49132768

>I think it's the subtle stuff like the "shock lance" being able to shoot,

Luminen charge implant.

>the peltast "ammo"

Lathe Lasrifle for the regular shot, an underbarrel grenade launcher for the grenades, and another Integrated Weapon for the heavier shot.

>the squad-size based bonuses
They grant the same bonuses as cybernetics for smaller squads, IIRC, and the larger ones are +1 Toughness. You'll never get a direct 1:1 conversion, anyway; just giving them a couple of points of Armor seems close enough for me.

>> No.49133260

>Dark Eldar, who I can't really see getting along with a RT fleet anyway
The adventure in TSR is mostly garbage, but it did establish why specifically the Dark Eldar are there:

The Dark Eldar aren't part of the Trader's retinue; the Rogue Trader is a deniable asset for an Archon's scheme. The supplement goes so far as to say the Dark Eldar characters are unlikely to stick around after the endeavor, however it turns out.

>> No.49133570 [DELETED] 


lol i did it again

>> No.49135386

Well, it's old fluff (I think) that every Crux Terminatus has a fragment of the Emperor's armor in it, and that fragment provides protective power. IIRC, that's where the shield roll on Terminator armor in Deathwatch comes from, so you could just use that.

>> No.49135886


Yeah, I'll fix it over the weekend or something.

>> No.49139475

Why are techpriests so op?

>> No.49139944

Dice apparently have machine spirits in them. I have a techpriest who just fucking rolls so fantastically it's not even funny. He doesn't have armor, yes he just runs into everything and wins. Gun servitors? Victory. Tau? Victory. Daemons? Victory.

It's uncanny.

>> No.49140024

>every Crux Terminatus has a fragment of the Emperor's armor in it, and that fragment provides protective power.
And if you gathered up a sea salt grain sized piece from every Crux Terminatus in the galaxy, you could build a battlecruiser out of them. Later fluff on the Terminator force fields actually says it'a because Termie armor is just that tough and things tend to hit the strongest spots and glance away harmlessly. Even the occasional blast wave from an orbital strike, apparently.

>> No.49141703


Because they get more mechanics unique to them then all other specialties do combined.

>> No.49142550

Does the Rosarius and other fields like that apply to psychic attacks?

>> No.49142859


Is it like a psychic bolt / spray / something with an external projectile? Then yes, since they're treated like normal semi / full auto attacks. Mind controlling a dude or debuffing him? Best hope you deny the witch with that one talent, cause your shield ain't saving you for shit.

>> No.49142907

Will I blow my own head off 3 sessions in if I play a Psyker? IE, is RT 2e like 1e?

>> No.49143717

>3 sessions in
It is good that you're optimistic!

>> No.49143759

Every book after Dark Heresy 1e massively increased the reliability of psychic powers.
There's roughly about a 2.25% chance of Perils of the Warp every time you use your psychic powers.
Even then, you can still mitigate that with talents, and use Fate Points to reroll doubles on focus power tests.

Of course it goes up dramatically if you push your powers, and drops to 0% if you fetter them.

So don't act like an idiot, and you'll be (mostly) fine.

>> No.49143801

2e doesn't have fettered for whatever reason.

>> No.49143869

It's there, it's just in different, and less "locked down" terms.

Every point you increase your Psy Rating by, you decrease success chance and increase psychic phenomenon chance by 10%. Opposite thing happens if you decrease your Psy Rating.

So all you need in order to ensure no Perils of the Warp, is to drop your effective Psy Rating by 3. Which is... Vexing.

>> No.49143893

Yeah, it is a really bizarre change from OW.

>> No.49143918

Have you considered an Imperial Navy spin on Only War.

Likely just a mixmatch of mechanics between OW and RT but it might be interesting.

>> No.49143932

to keep myself entertained, I'm writing a "dramatic re-telling" of the rogue-trader campaign I'm playing in. Would there be much interest in posting something like that on TG?

>> No.49144001

I'd read it

>> No.49144051

I want this really badly.

Is there a good game for simulating 40k space naval actions without using BFG? Maybe something a bit more detailed; roleplaying game level?

Go for it mang.

>> No.49144129

might be because fettering was being overused for no-risk casting?

>> No.49144218

Probably. That being said, Fettering is still low-power, with purportedly a lowe chance of success.

>> No.49144682

Huh? Where do you get this from? Decreasing your effective PR has no effect on your phenomena or perils rolls. You have the same chance of blowing up the party if you manifest at full or minimal power.

>> No.49145207

Not that i've been able to find.

RT is st ill best bet.

>> No.49145610


>> No.49145652

I have not considered an Imperial Navy spin on Only War.

Honestly, a major component of that is, it'd need to be 'Ace Combat: Only War', or focus a lot on boarding actions, because the starship combat mechanics from Rogue Trader are REALLY boring in my experience, and I can't think of many other ways to make the idea sound cool.

What makes Only War a good game in my opinion is that you can do all of the following, depending on player preferences when building their regiment (and even later on, if you really wanted to):

>Trench warfare!
>Mechanized warfare!
>Commando operations!
>Paramilitary spy operations!
>Daring raids!
>Any infantry engagement from WWII onwards!
>Convoy escort missions - or convoy driver missions!
>Assassination missions!
>If you want to chill out and be an artillery gunner, you can do that too!
>Paratrooper missions!
>Scouting missions!

And fuck knows what else that comes to mind for you guys.

A game focusing on the Imperial Navy would need to fixate on a few very specific things: Space combat, air combat, and boarding actions (unless anyone can think of other ways to make the concept more flexible - you COULD play the rank-and-file of a pirate crew I guess, but that's not so military-themed, and at that point, you might as well play something closer to Rogue Trader). And not only are those all really mutually exclusive, but there's only so much you can do with any individual option, and that strikes me as incredibly boring.

If you have ideas to make this idea a bit more flexible for roleplaying purposes, by all means, hit me. I'd be game to put it together.

I could do this, I suppose, but really, if you need a home base, you can just get one with Influence and then work with the GM to build it up, can't you? It can't be that hard.

>> No.49145694

I had considered that, but I hadn't thought of them as mutually exclusive. ie: space combat, air combat, boarding actions all at the same time. Or near enough.

I mean, at that point it would contain mechanized warfare (IN SPACE), commando operations (IN SPACE), daring raids (IN SPACE), even Convoys, assassination, artillery, paratrooper, and scouting can all be done.

Maybe im just too hopeful though

>> No.49145720

Yes, but not with my current group. Eldar are hard to portray correctly, and none of the players I have right now grasp the concept of subtlety, so letting any of them play an Eldar would mean three sessions of "Fucking humans! You're all so stupid! Look at how awesome I am! I'm a fucking space elf!" before another PC blows his brains out.

>> No.49145750

Tell me about pskyer powers in Dark Heresy 2nd ed /tg/, which powers should I take? Which should I avoid?

>> No.49145827

Big reason it'd be mutually-exclusive is that the larger-scale naval battles that define space combat take literally a half-hour in-game per round of combat. It's way too abstract and large in scope to be to my tastes. 40k isn't Star Wars where the big ships can bring their big guns to bear in the span of maybe a minute or two - you commit to a Naval engagement in 40k, you will be there for HOURS.

As for boarding actions, there's ways to make them as varied and interesting as ground wars, but you'd need to get awfully creative. Different kinds of ships, do your best to mix up the layouts and setpieces inside. And really, you can replicate a starship's armsman contingent with the regular infantry units in Only War vanilla or the regular sourcebooks, and some relatively minor tweaks. You can definitely do commando raids (IN SPACE) and regular infantry engagements (IN SPACE), assassinations (IN SPACE) and depending on the layout of the ships you're fighting in, mechanized warfare, scouting, and daring raids are all viable, if a bit tricky to finagle.

The air combat stuff is a bit more specialized and specific. In vanilla Only War, your tank can strike a mine by way of bad luck, and force the players to fight outside of their element to complete their mission. In an air combat scenario, you lose your plane and get shot down over enemy territory, you are FUCKED, Jack. Good luck in that Chaos POW camp, you're gonna need it.

The biggest and most interesting kind of scenario in that vein would be if everyone was part of one aircraft's crew, survived the crash landing, and had to work their way back to friendly lines on foot through hostile territory, but that's the kind of gimmick the GM can only really get away with once in order to keep it interesting. And the rest would be dogfights, bombing runs, the occasional escort for a Drop Trooper regiment's Valkyries, and a few other things of that nature. Air combat units would be a very particular type of game.

>> No.49145948

oh well. It sounded good in my head.

>> No.49146516


so, I started posting stuff up here (god emperor, please let this work):


>> No.49146924

Pretty sure that the psy rating chosen for the test has no effect on the psychic phenomenon chance. You either test within your natural psy rating and roll for psychic phenomenon every time you roll doubles (10% of results) or you push beyond that and roll for psychic phenomenon on any roll that isn't doubles (90% of results). Pass or fail the Focus Power test, it doesn't matter, those are the RAW for when psychic phenomena occur.

>> No.49148604

>It's way too abstract and large in scope to be to my tastes.
Funny, that's exactly why I love it to pieces.

>> No.49148703

Consider the following: Only War MASH at a medical camp or billeted hospital.

>> No.49149276

>Space combat, air combat, and boarding actions (unless anyone can think of other ways to make the concept more flexible)
Hunting parties (both ways. The prisonner has escaped somewhere in the cargo hold, or we got a genestealer infestation)
Warp stuff
Exploration parties (planets and wrecks/space hulks
Dealing with smuggling and black market
Infiltrating crew brotherhoods
Ceremonies and galas
All kind of fun enviromental conditions (0-G, failing life-support systems, fire...)
Assaults on space stations
Training with IG in simulated environments.
Survival on an ennemy ship
Mechanized and trench warfare when one regiment in the mass conveyor decides to rebel
All the spectrum of terrorist attacks

Navy prevosts would double as customs and police officers.

>> No.49150464

>would be a very particular kind of game
That I'd be willing to do, at least. I can't speak for everyone else here, but what you just described all has enough variety to it that I'd personally be willing to play it.

>> No.49150479


>> No.49151113


That's what makes Only War my favorite system. The missions are a lot more guided and simple than Dark Heresy but you can give players freedom in how they do it. Unlike DH which is investigative in nature and can get easily fucked up if they screw their information gathering.

>> No.49151741

What do you guys think about giving the campaign a "main character?"
There's a psyker in my group and I have some plot ideas for the campaign that involve basically making him Chaos Jesus. Or the Anti-Christ I suppose. Either way he becomes important

>> No.49151930

Depends on your group.

I've played with one group where it was kind of expected that one of us would be the "main," hero, but that's because one or two of us were just more charismatic and tended to play our characters more than the others did. The others were just there for the beer, pretzels, and combat, and were okay with more-or-less watching the story.

I've played with one where we split it, and the main character switches depending on the arc. More involved players tend to get more arcs, and we're all okay with that so far as I'm aware.

I've played with another where if someone was being treated as the main character, the others would have called bullshit because it's just not fair for them.

Gotta play your crowd, mang.

>> No.49152175

>making him
There's the problem to me, the main character should evolve naturally from roleplay

>> No.49152313

This (>>49152175) is actually a good way of saying it.

In my (>>49151930) first group, we never really decide who the main character is. Whichever player is the most into his current role that happens to flow the most with being a main character of the story tends to get it, but we always start with even chances to gain the role, so to speak.

Between the two guys that tend to get main character stuff, they've both been playing character that, at the time, weren't really the stereotypical hero, but the game wound up having circumstances where that person could stand up and really take a stand in their own way and earn the main character title. It all comes naturally, and that's the point of it with that group.

With the second one, the GM plans each arc with the intent that one character or another will be more important because of the circumstances, but it's up to that player to step up to the plate when it's time. If they don't, then the arc might get picked up by another if it's possible or, and this has unfortunately happened once or twice, the arc just doesn't really get that fun and we don't discuss it much when it goes by.

Either way, the players need to respond to the call, so to speak. It's a two-way street, and if you want to do this Anti-Christ plot (which sounds neat, to be honest) then you need to make sure that whoever is playing the psyker in question is a player capable of handling your story.

It will be really cool if it works, but you need a group and players that can accommodate your want without you coming off as a railroading shit. Unless your players are into that kind of thing, of course. If they're into it, you're not "a railroading shit," you're just a dude telling a story with some friends who want to experience that story.

>> No.49152369

RT GM here, generated a large (size 41) Ork ruin on a planet, any ideas for ork shit or orkified stuff from other factions that I can cram in there for my party?

>> No.49152389


>> No.49152482

Cool story.

>> No.49152521

I don't think they're quite at THAT power level yet.

>> No.49153010

Looted mining machinery

>> No.49153091

I can't find that cloning/body building thing in the books to save my life? Does anyone know which book has the service that allows someone to bring their character back through a cloned/'re-built' body?

>> No.49153103


They have a starship. Orbital Lance Strikes are a thing.

>> No.49153146

really good input guys thanks

>> No.49153156

Inquisitors Handbook, Cybernetic Resurrection.

>> No.49153221

Keep us updated on how it goes. I'm curious, and the plot sounds interesting enough.

Is this Dark Heresey? Only War? And are you planning on using it as a reason to get them into Black Crusade if the player goes with the Anti-Christ plot, or is your plan something else?

>> No.49153236

Thank you very much, Anon.

>> No.49153317

it's a rogue trader -> black crusade thing
the group is already criminal/renegade
right now they are more or less stranded on a feral world and i wanna do a thing where there are prophecies surrounding the players perpetuated the natives and they end up being true to some extent by machination of the chaos gods

>> No.49153362

Expect some kwisatz haderach jokes, but otherwise that sounds pretty neat.

>> No.49153510

i've shamelessly stolen many bits from dune for my campaigns so it's expected at this point

>> No.49153975


Nah. It's much fluffier to say SM Librarians and IG Battle Psykers have the years of hard training (read: ass-beatings) to learn how to fetter their powers that way. Astropaths and emergent other party members of an Inquisitor's retinue don't get that luxury, as a flavor for how they're only so similar to lifetime military members.

Also, it's fun as shit when ou've got a merged OW-DH game and the battle psyker can constantly antagonize the non-IG psykers about not having to worry about a perils event.

>> No.49155011

I'm pretty sure that in modern parlance grenadiers are more like shock troops, a bit more focused on superior firepower but otherwise not too different from regular grunts.

>> No.49155044

>i've shamelessly stolen many bits from dune for my campaigns
You too? I go out of my way to make Navigators creepy and call heavily augmented loremasters Mentats, among less obvious gags. Every RT and DH party seems to want to acquire and/or become a mentat ASAP.

>> No.49156093

Isn't augmenting them against the point?

>> No.49156133

I'm a new fag and am looking to get into roleplaying. Which 40k rpg is the easiest to learn?

>> No.49156175

Only War is my suggestion.

>> No.49156314

well, amongst other things, there are nootropic wonder drugs (which the navigators need), most the campaigns are politically focused, and i have a kink for messianic figures in the desert

>> No.49156348

I'm about to stark GMing my first 40k rpg (Rogue Trader), and I'm looking for some general tips and advice. I've only ever been a player before.

My general thoughts are that I should try to make the game more about exploration, discovery, and politics than combat focused. Because of the high power level RT operates at its pretty hard to put PC's in a situation where they can't just throw another 100 armsmen at the problem and/or orbitally bombard it until it goes away. Don't get me wrong, there will be fighting, but I don't want to put the players in a contrived situation to artificially increase the stakes. Rather, I want their role-playing decisions and interactions with the factions they meet to be the core of gametales lay and tension with combat mostly as a climax.

Do you guys have any thoughts or advice?

>> No.49156392

... to be honest i should just run a dune campaign
it's honestly a little high brow for my friends though. and i mean that with all due respect to them

>> No.49156393

DH for freedom.
Only War for simplicity.

>> No.49156402


Hit them with gribblies. Alien monsters, stuff with the Fear effect, bad guys that have abnormal abilities - gribblies. Use them, abuse them, love it when you do it, and fuck the police.

>> No.49156519

Honestly, the only real piece of advice I can give other than "be familiar with the setting and make sure you all have the same idea of what it is to you," is to keep doing what you're planning on.

Some GMs, one of my own as well, has this problem where they make you really powerful and high level and then try to treat you like you're a low-level person by making *every fucking encounter* something more dangerous than you. If you're an important, heroic, and high-level, then you should have a deal of your encounters be more social and puzzling than actually frustratingly hard, because you're supposed to be the bunch of dudes that people are afraid of.

This doesn't mean let them steamroll everything, of course. But if they're a high-level (relative to the world, as even a basic-level RT party are supposed to be bad enough dudes) group, then they shouldn't feel like they're overshadowed by perfect foes every encounter.

I'll give you an example from a game of Shadowrun I ran. My team was taking on the Russian mob (and the Irish one for a bit, but that's not as important), and there are three fights that stick in my mind.

The first was a fight where one Russian hit-squad was being sent to a Lone Star cop's house in a quick smash mission where they were trying to send a message. The 'runner team got there in their very heavily-armored van, and the Russians fought back. Now, if I wanted to make it arbitrarily hard, the Russians would have had RPGs. But they didn't, they had less powerful frag grenade launchers. Why? Because they were trying to kill this Lone Star lady quick and dirty by basically demoing her house in an explosion drive-by. Large-blast but low-penetration explosives like grenades are good for that, while the low-blast but high-penetration RPGs would have sucked. And the Russians didn't expect a heavily-armored van full of 'runners to come barreling down to save this cop. So there were no RPGs to do heavy damage to the van. (cont.)

>> No.49156620

Needless to say, the 'runners did well and their van let them fight the Russians pretty effectively because the goons didn't think to bring RPGs with them.

The second fight, they went after the Russians in one of their warehouses. A lot of things happened, but the point I want to make is that the Russians were really well-armed and had a lot of RPGs with them to kill the van and a lot of full-calibre assault rifles to fight back instead of using pistols or SMGs. Why? Because it was the Russian mob's fucking warehouse. There were weapons stashed in a lot of places. The fight was tougher, and it made sense why, it didn't feel like I was arbitrarily cranking up the difficulty. The first fight actually happened *after* this one, chronologically speaking. So the easier fight came later because the kind of thing that would have made it harder didn't make sense without it feeling like I was just making the fight harder because.

The third fight was the 'runners trashing a meeting between the Russian and Irish mobs. Now, these mob guys were *really* heavily armed and armored, and if the 'runners had a stand-up fight they'd have been trashed. But they didn't. They played sneaky, set up an amazing ambush while the two mob parties were talking things out, and did an amazing hit. I let them get away with that scott-free because it was well-planned, had separate plans for mob-oriented RRTs, and good evac routes.

The last fight is another point I want to make. Don't have every mission go to shit because drama. Let some of them go perfectly well. You'll be tempted to fuck with the characters, but let their plans (if they're good ones, plan realistically and let their plans work as well as they plan them) go right sometimes if they planned well. That way, when things *do* go wrong for the sake of drama, it's immersive. Your players don't feel frustrated because "Well of *course* it was going to go wrong, they *always* go wrong."

(only a little more cont.)

>> No.49156678

My above-mentioned GM has a bit of a problem with that. Every plan goes wrong. Like, every one. Granted, we tend to have some fun times, but it's really, *really* frustrating to play with him when, no matter how well we seem to plan, something always fucks up so we can have an unplanned encounter or some fresh drama pop up. Reward your players. Let the natural successes be natural successes. Let the really good plans be really good plans, and if there's some mess-ups, let them be for actual plot reasons or for actual fun-times, not because you felt like fucking with them for the third time in a row.

Sometimes the unplanned changes don't even need to be plan-shattering, they can be fun, small things that introduce a challenge but don't ultimate mean the party *has* to think fast and re-do their entire plan from scratch. I guess make it feel immersive and engaging, but without being the kind of engaging where your players are always paranoid and worried about how you'll fuck them next.

>> No.49156712

>its pretty hard to put PC's in a situation where they can't just throw another 100 armsmen at the problem
Armsmen are slow, stupid, and get minced in combat.

They die in droves, and leave your ship without dozens or hundreds of its crew, spend in a meat grinder for seeming the Captain's amusement, which has a catestrophic effect on morale. Plus, it's hard to blame it on someone else. While that might not seem so big a deal, those people will be sorely missed when the crew get restless.

Furthemore, in crisis situations you'll want the job done right the first time, quite probably with a degree of competency and skill which your poorly trained stub-automatic bearing space-men won't have.

Furthermore, if your crew is just orbitally bombarding every problem, then it wasn't a fucking problem in the first place. You don't challenge a Rogue Trader group with an enemy encampment. You challenge them with an enemy encampment in a hard-to-reach location, with is on the top of a priceless cold trade dig.

With regards to your social situations problem?
Make sure you know full well what every NPC wants, map out their interests.
Also give your players plenty of hints (you know a lot, they know very little), be very familiar with the setting, and give your players plenty of bargaining chips. There are some really powerful individuals and groups in 40K, don't go easy on your players if they choose a stupid direction, tell them the risks, and perhaps hint at another more profitable route they could take.

>> No.49156760

Man, I wish there was a way to get the Horus Heresy Audiobooks for free or something.

>> No.49156818


Thanks. This seems like really solid advice. Not every fight needs to be a life or death struggle and it's nice to be the big dogs sometimes. If something goes wrong I definitely want it to be due to a consequence of their actions.

And even in 40k they can't just throw resources at a problem and expect it to go away without consequences. If the Pc's risk themselves they get morale advantages for being "heroic" too. I like your advice also about mapping out npcs resources and goals (which I've already started to some extent).

>> No.49156888

>If the Pc's risk themselves they get morale advantages for being "heroic" too
Also you know, the experience you get for actually succeeding over challenges.

>> No.49156905

I need to figure out good ways to run boss fights that don't get murdered immediately, without spontaneously turning into bullet sponges. Help.

>> No.49156941

Add puzzles. Gimmicks. Or make the "boss fight," just as much about getting to the guy as anything else. If the fight itself is really short, then that can be okay as long as the struggle to get to that fight gave it an epic and heroic air.

>> No.49156988

Kind of related to the pic I'm responding to, the boss fight in XCOM:EU wasn't all that difficult, relatively speaking. But what made it engaging was how you got there.

When you boarded the ship you had brief but intense fights with each type of alien while the Uber Boss Xeno spoke in your mind about the history of that alien and how they were a failure of what the xenos are trying to do with humanity, and how humanity is being successful. During these brief but intense fights, your chosen one gets to show off their new power, proving the xenos right but also helping to clear your way to them.

Finally, the chosen one has to stay behind and make a heroic sacrifice after you get the head xenos, are talked at for a bit, and have an epic struggle where you kill an entire xeno council, effectively.

The fight against the boss was not a large portion of what I just described, but it was an epic encounter that served as a great way to cap off a great game. Make the build-up and the atmosphere just as memorable as the foe himself, and make your players feel rewarded with things like revelations and tremendously epic scenery to remember forever.

>> No.49157006

Yes that too, of course.

Please excuse some spelling errors in a few of my earlier posts. I'm on mobile.

Thanks again for all the advice. It should be really helpful.

>> No.49158051

Any tips for a first time Navigator? Good requisitions, gear, and powers? I've heard good things about... Stacking the deck I think its called?

>> No.49158172

Don't use The Lidless State if there are people in front of you that you don't want to kill.
Stacking the Deck is exceptionally helpful in ship-to-ship combat, especially as a Nomadic House Navigator.
If you have a choice, go fat rather than tall and thin, it provides some benefits, the others only costs.
Get some decent armour, you're not going to be Dodging or carrying anything heavy, so it doesn't matter if it has an Agility penalty or it weighs a ton. If you don't mind wearing something unfashionable, I'd suggest Augmetic Engine Plate. Then add some robes and stuff to it to make it look neat.
If you go fat, learn how to use a Jump Pack, your normal speed will be a waddle and you'll die in escape scenes.
You only have a small amount of Toughness Bonus, don't waste your fatigue. Also invest in Drugs which boost Willpower temporarily (like White Void), or allow you to negate or ignore levels of fatigue.
Your utility is mostly in your Perception and your ability to steer the ship. Talking to people is hard, especially after a few mutations, and your combat prowess bar powers is nothing good.
Be economical with your power purchases. Some utility powers are highly niche, and won't get too much use.

Also come up with a good backstory, theme and a few rituals for your house.
I've still not been able to play my Egyptian themed "living mummies who think they're chosen by the Emperor" Renegade House Navigator.

>> No.49158366


I dunno, aren't there rumors that GW is gonna Age of Sigmar 40K's line if it sells well? Maybe GW asked them to stop so they could have time to do their reboot.

>> No.49158433

Haven't been paying attention, but didn't they just announce something that sounds suspiciously similar to that?

>> No.49158886



>> No.49159013


We're pretty much Bad Company. It's pretty solid.

>> No.49159058


Used Roll20 and found my current game on the second go.

>> No.49159142


I heard that there's new lore about how the Mechanicus is cutting backroom deals with he Dark Eldar to help keep the Throne running, and it's probably not got much longer.

Maybe when the Throne Fils, that speculation about the thing in the warp growing being the Emperor slowly forming as his body dies will come to fruition, and a new God of Humanity will be born and something ala Age of Sigmar goes down.

>> No.49159170

What's a good way to start a Rogue Trader game for people with little familiarity with 40k RPGs or the setting in general?

I'm thinking I'll make them preset characters and then start with their ship under attack- I'll begin with it being boarded by enemies and having the players repel them before they attack the opposing ship the boarders came from

>> No.49159190

The pre-generated adventures tend to be good baselines.

>> No.49159229

>newbies going straight into RT

What is with this phenomenon?

>> No.49159318

they want to play pirate explorers in space

>> No.49159336


More fun premise, more flexibility, more personal power and wealth.

>> No.49159347


My first game was actually as a Daemon, and the Only War. Lots of Only War. And now Deathwatch and Rogue Trader.

I've never actually played bog standard Throne Agents.

>> No.49159351


>My bro rolls a psyker as his new character for the next mission in an ongoing campaign.
>Perils of the Warp comes up on the first attack of the first encounter
>Fate Point
>Gets burned alive by a warp horror the next turn

Forget the odds. Psykers, not even once.

>> No.49159372


>not being bound by the Emperor's light
>pushing on your powers, ever

You get what you deserve, unsanctioned witch.

>> No.49159405

Okay, that's kind of a problem. Being piratey against xenos is all well and good, but if they want to be piratey against other human ships, ports and/or settlements, that's a death sentence. Make sure they understand that.

Do any of them want to actually play the RT as well?

>more flexibility
I dunno, DH is super flexible. We had like three sessions where we ran off and basically Saint's Row'd our way into the underhive of a particular hive city, totally screwed with the GM's plans but got to where we needed in the end through our own planning and means.
>more personal power
Well, I wouldn't say that for people playing like navigators and other such ship roles.

>> No.49159470

It's not a death sentence if they cover their tracks, do some networking, and generally do everything in their power to ensure nobody busts them.

Even if they get found out? Keep the piracy on the Koronus side of the Koronus-Calixis line. Nobody can call you on your bullshit then. Lore precedent exists that they can't prosecute you for it, even if rival Rogue Traders can come gunning for you on the same basis you go robbing them.

>> No.49159485

>cover their tracks
>against the Imperial Navy
Might as well just play Black Crusade from the get-go.

>> No.49159930

Hey, they published the Hostile Acquisitions sourcebook for a reason, anon. They expect players to try and pull this anyways.

Play it like Smooth Criminals and you're good. No need to go full heretic.

>> No.49159998

I'd like to add something, if you don't mind. I have a GM who thinks that every session needs a fight or an encounter, and things like intimidate checks that ordinarily would have worked didn't because the GM wanted to get his "encounter quota," filled. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time and the group doesn't like it much.

I have another GM who understands that sometimes people just don't want to fight. Beat a guy up in a bar because he's getting uppity, and the others are probably going to listen to what you have to say unless they really liked that guy you hit or something. We've had entire sessions go without combat, and still had a good time. Whereas the first GM would have taken the same "sucker punch in a bar," scenario and gone to initiative because "well he has a few more hitpoints, that wouldn't have knocked him out."

I've had the same first GM take my trying to slit a dude's throat for a roleplay-potential sneaky entrance, but it didn't work because "the dagger only did like 4 damage, dude."
>but he was unsuspecting, I was trying to slit his throat
"Yeah, well, it doesn't work like that."

Don't be afraid to let something cinematic happen. Your players want to sneak in and do a bit of garroting? Well, why not let them if they manage the sneak check well? A knife to the neck kills, despite what hit points have to say on the matter. Or why not let a sucker punch knock out some uppity bar patron if it will have the potential for a neat roleplayed intimidation scene?

Yeah, don't be afraid to let something cinematic happen. The way I see it, if I'm in a game, and it were turned into a TV show, I'd want to watch that TV show.

>> No.49160195

That's actually largely why I'm trying to run the game relatively combat light. Not every encounter with another faction needs to end in a battle, and I really want my PC's to be thinking about character rather than just winning fights.

My view is that they're powerful enough that the potential fights they don't instantly win or be able to intimidate their way out of should be meaningful and not merely for the sake of an encounter. My style, to take your throat slitting example, would be to allow them to kill that character, but have a chance a family member or lover will swear a blood oath to harm the PCs (ala Inigo Montoya) or have the sudden loss of power (if the killed guy is important enough) create a power vacuum they can either exploit or be put in danger by.

Of course, not everything these guys do needs to have major consequences, sometimes the characters just get to be cool. I like how you described it as cinematic (although I generally perfer books myself).

Thanks for the advice/support.

>> No.49160316

Here's a fun thought experiment lads.

A single Chaos marine with a krak missile, a launcher, and a good init faces down an imperial knight.

Who wins?

>> No.49160328

Right, but...
>for people with little familiarity with 40k RPGs or the setting in general
This is the part that worries me. Not only that, but these people want to pirate, which, as a RT, if it's not done with the utter most care in covering tracks and being politically stealthy, will turn the game into Black Crusade. Now I could be totally wrong, but I feel like this group, being 40K newbies, will not be able to carry that out.

So why not just play BC?

>> No.49160340

Speaking of black crusade, whats the best way to handle corruption gain (and how much and often) and properly balancing it with infamy gain?

>> No.49160357


Krak Missiles would lack the Pen and damage output necessary to one-shot the Knight. Initiative or no, the Knight would smear him across the ground.

>> No.49160371

Are there any rules in Rogue Trader, either in core that I'm missing or in some third party, for having colonies in the same system supporting each other? I'm thinking have having an agriculture colony supporting a manufacturing colony for food etc.

>> No.49160384

You might extrapolate based on the colony rules in Stars of Inequity. I don't think there's mechanics specifically aimed at that, but it's something you can absolutely work out with the numbers presented in there.

>> No.49160403

is that your final answer?

>> No.49160426

Krak missiles by RAW wouldn't kill a Leman Russ tank. How the hell is it gonna kill a Knight?

>> No.49160446

I said who wins, not who gets blown up.

search your mind, consider the possibilities, or do you want me to just give you the answer?

>> No.49160468

Well, what's the statblock on the Knight and its pilot as opposed to the Chaos Marine, if we're going by that criteria?

It also depends on which iteration of the mechanics we're playing by. Certain talents and weapons function very differently across different versions of the 40k RPG system, I guess, if we REALLY want to get granular.

I'm still betting on the Knight.

>> No.49160514

this is black crusade with some only war stuff thrown in for vehicles with some knight conversions from their codex etc.

alright, here's a clue, the chaos marine is a lucky motherfucker, and the knights pilot could have stood to have higher toughness

>> No.49160579

The Fringe is Yours has ork advanced careers. But where are the rules for playing basic ork stuff? All the advanced careers claim to be based on a "Freeboota," career. Where can I find this?

>> No.49160596

Well, at least my suspicions the games seem to veer disproportionately in favor of the PCs are confirmed. RIP Knight.

Rogue Trader: Into the Storm.

>> No.49160601

How are you playing the Knight? Fear and Loathing/The Fringe is Yours rules, or [CHIVALRY INTENSIFIES]? Granted, I'll probably go for the Knight either way, but no harm in asking.

>> No.49160644

We're playing a few of everything.

>> No.49160647


>> No.49160656

In which case it depends on how nice the GM is about letting the Traitor Marine aim for weak points.

It could end up like that scene from Matrix: Revolutions. Or it could end up with a Traitor-sized blood stain on the ground.

>> No.49160678

I'm not playing the knight, I was a player, ok what happened was basically, the krak missile was a crapshoot "fuckit maybe it'll distract it" shot, zealous hatred happens, cool, 1 damage gets through, oh wait, concussive (3) takes effect, oh wait, they botched their toughness test super hard.

Que the the party spending the next bunch of turns getting up to the cockpit and cutting the pilot out while they're still stunned.

Sometimes a plucky world eater with a rocket launcher does wonderful things, and that's how we stole our SECOND imperial knight. (the first one was more of a metal-gear-esque base sneaky shit, also a heretek playing with implants)

>> No.49160715

WE, you and I both know that his character changed as of entering that Knight.

>> No.49160721

Technically speaking, concussive doesn't do anything to the crew of a vehicle.

>> No.49160722

Huh. Neat. Good shooting.

>> No.49160769


I guess? I don't know super much about concussive rules in relation to vehicles and honestly we're all a bit new to 40k games but hey we're winging it a bit.

back in that more sane attempt to steal one while it was parked at a resupply base, we learned (after slaughtering many guardsmen) that a single guardsmen with a specialist weapon can be rather dangerous

spend all day shrugging off lasguns and blowing away entire squads and one guardsman with a meltagun oneshots your thousand son sorcerer...

>> No.49160788

It's a dangerous game to play. Get unlucky and you can get pretty toasted if you're not careful. Even mighty post-human warriors need fear the term "heavy/special weapon."

>> No.49160804

To my credit, my world eater found it absolutely hilarious.

the sorcerer was on fire for several rounds too.

>> No.49160811

Unnatural Toughness saved his Ass.

>> No.49160906

So he wasn't actually one-shot, or he was one-shot in the sense that one shot took him out of the fight?

>> No.49160961

Technically he was two shotted, the first one merely knocked him straight into crits and then he was on fire at the same time, a plasma gun I believe was responsible for that.

The melta strictly speaking was just insult to horrible death.

>> No.49161020

I personally don't expect proper guardsmen to act any other way.

But then, out of all of these games Only War is my favorite.

>> No.49161148


A lot of people like to give the Imperial Guard shit, but you need to remember, even the conscripts are decent shots, and the veterans are in no way fucking around.

>> No.49161167

shame that entire squad died from a very very poor horribly botched roll against our party face whipping out his "Icon of Blasphemy"

He expected to fear stun them for a round.

most of them promptly had a heart attack.

>> No.49161180


>> No.49161184



"They all drop dead."

>> No.49161195

Yeah, your average guardsman is putting up with some serious bullshit on a regular basis, but a lot of people don't realize what you can get done with robust Imperium kit and some good 'ol human-quality elbow grease.

>> No.49161325

DM Here, It was a Platoon.

My Reaction. I double taked when I saw the result on the shock table.

/tg/, they all failed the Toughness test, ALL 50 OF THEM.

>> No.49161353


>> No.49161361

Sounds like they needed a commissar to shoot their fleeing hearts.

>> No.49161422

he was a casualty around the time we sabotaged the bases communications, he mostly shot some guys our sorcerer had mind controlled into being fall guys for said sabotage.

>> No.49161445

sounds like you guys have some fun Black Crusade stories.

Also, new thread when

>> No.49161503

who knows? here's another fun story from that same SNEAKING MISSION.

Our heretek was hiding our at the medicae's, having smothered all the patients and was just putzing around looking for implants to hopefully use in the imperial knight we were stealing, when suddenly a squad of guardsmen burst in and start barricading the place, as the rest of us were.. not succeeding at being subtle (my world eater was frenzying and wiping out squads around this time)

Our heretek attempts to bluff his way out of this situation, it works for a little while until the guardswoman sergeant notices the patients she wants to move are a bit dead.

Our heretek falls on plan B, and whips up his plasma arm cannon (mutations!) and shoots her straight in the face, her headless on fire corpse stumbles around, and panicks all the nearby guardsmen shit kicks off, he dives out a door and proceeds to just throw lots of grenades in the door, before he notices a certain world eater coming straight at him, he gets the fuck out of the way and what few scraps are left in there get thoroughly chainaxed (a heavy bolter team and a couple loose guardsmen by this point)

>> No.49161647


>> No.49161789

DM Here, I just wrote up the whole Imperial Knight Base Story, gonna call it 'Lieutenant Betty's Burning Bunker". I'll post in in the new thread.

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