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Autocannons > Heavy Bolters

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Not against hordes.

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Heavy Flamers > Everything else

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Melta > Plasma

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>no neoplasma

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I don't know shit about the wargame, but if I remember right from Dark Heresy first edition if you can find a character that can actually carry around an autocannon you'll basically kill anything in one round so long as you don't go insane

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statistically speaking, autocannons are the superior choice against everything above T3, , can hurt vehicles, and have superior range, and in a straight fight would be a better choice

but heavy bolters are more common, presumably because they are easier to maintain and supply, and are a lot easier to get a hold of, and are cheaper, and use mroe common ammo types

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Shooting is for faggots.

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That doesn't make any sense, a space marine grade autocannon could theoretically be built today, there simply isn't any reason to because there are no space marines. We can assume that a heavy bolter is about as difficult to build as a regular bolter, but autocannon ammunition is significantly easier to build than bolt rounds.

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>autocannons rare
Aren't autocannons a guard weapon? So are heavy bolters, I know.
Shouldn't both be super easy to maintain and supply?

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I may not know the exact stats, but the one that fires faster and makes deeper Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump sounds wins.

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Faggots are for shooting

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Bigmek in the house.

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Chainglaive > Chainaxe > Chainsword

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What is a Trump sound?

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Chaingang >>>>>>>> Chainglaive

Cause that's the sound of the man working on the chain, gang.

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That's not how you spell Chainfist.

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Is that a bolter with an underslung Autocannon?

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Any Catachan Blade>chain glaive

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Either way, muh dick.

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that curzefag who fucks shit up > drunk interrogator chaplain > newfags > the rest of us

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Namefags <<<<<<<<<<<<< Anons

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Jesus that is a big knoif

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The sword sly marbo uses is apparently considered a knife among Catachans

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Catachan veterans have done so many crunches that their abs grant a 4+ armor save.

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what? trump?
what does trump have to do with autocannons?

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Appearantly an Adeptus Astartes Combat Blade is considered a knife among Catachans

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Every u.s. citizen should be allowed to carry a reaper autocannon for protection

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What isant considered a knife among them?

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I remember when there was at least a semblance of effort you had to put into shitposting for it to work.

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Surely you mean Combi-Cannon?

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I think this is a pretty good thread

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Anything smaller than one of their knives

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>Call Chain swords chain knives

Why wont GW expand on Catachans anymore?

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Rambo films are dead

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Well that's a very true statement almost as if it were common knowledge. But wait....that's not a reaper autocannon!

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>tfw you thought the ogryn was an ugly Catachan
>tfw you thought the Catachan trooper was a handsome ogryn

Oh god. The commissar is a babbyman.

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Catachans are the only regiment who treat ogyrn with respect id say

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>Warsmith Holk'var, I come to you with an idea for a weapon to expand our arsenal in the fight for the Great Crusade

>Speak, Brother Daurvan

>Warsmith, you know of how effective an Autocannon is in the hands of an Astartes, correct?

>You know I do, Brother. Get to the point

>Well, do you know what is better than an Autocannon in the hands of an Astartes?


>TWO Autocannons in the hands of the SAME Astartes.


>...You're a fucking genius, Battle-Brother!

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While there's no actual documentation on the subject, I'd imagine that Catachans would respect the fact that Ogryns, like them, are fucking tough as balls, even if they are amazingly stupid. They can find a use for a dumb slab of muscle that REALLY likes to kill for the Emperor.

Honestly, Catachans are a really under-developed race of humans in 40K. I really, really wish they'd expand more on them.

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Living on a high-gravity world, being biologically inclined to produce a shit-ton of muscle, and dealing with the fact that your home is trying to violently dismember you on a 24/7 basis breeds some mean motherfuckers, anon.

IIRC, Catachans are roughly halfway between Base Human and Space Marine when it comes to strength and toughness, because they're simply that fucking hardass and big. You can also apparently automatically identify a Catachan because of his size and musculature, even if he's not wearing any identifying markers.

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>Daurvan and Holk'var were later decimated when the experimental TL Autocannon underperformed, accounting for only 33% of all enemy casualties in the following siege of Luhl.

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I think unfortunately they dont live long enough on their home world to develop much of a culture. It sounds like their living pretty animalistically

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IIRC, Catachans are actually relatively civilized; as civilized as you can be in a world where everything is trying to kill you. In other words, they'd be pretty well adjusted if you hurl them in a more mundane setting, and one can assume that there are cities on Catachan that are stable enough to support industry and all the things required to support things like their heavy flamer use and the ammunition needed to kill that megafauna; probably loaded with big-ass artillery pieces to deter the more obvious kaiju from knocking them down.

Where's that one story about the Cadians talking to some Catachan scouts in a jungle?

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Daily reminder that lasguns > literally every other infantry weapon.

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If there is one, I want to read it.

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Funny thing is Iron Warriors were legitimately this retarded/cruel to eachother during the GC and HH

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Somehow I doubt even a marine can carry enough ammo to run into barrel overheating

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Isn't that 'Stonetooth' Harker?

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The Autocannon is better against anything with a Toughness value of 4 and higher, better against vehicles in general, and has superior range.

Unless you're facing a MASSIVE pile of GEQ, bring AC's. And if you ARE, bring AC's and blast weapons.

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Back in 3ed, before everything had to be AP2 or a heugmech, autocannon armed Havocs ware awesome.

It was OP as fuck, but Iron Warrior autocannon havocs with Tank Hunter veteran rule ware dealing 8 S8 AP4 shots a turn, making their guns pretty much automatic rocket launchers.

Then again, I am talking about 3.5ed IW, so yeah...

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The commissar is head height with the ogryn.

Ogryn average at 3m tall.

That commissar is a big boy.

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Catachan is so deadly they can only survive with supply shipments and regular migration.

They also require immigrants to keep their population sustainable.

That's what happens with a 75% death rate before adulthood.

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Isn't the commissar female, though?

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She's a big girl then.


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Catachans have the universes smartest Ogyrn "Nork Dedogg" to the point if I recall he achieved one of the highest ranks an ogryn has ever gotten.

The story was about Cadians struggled in a random death world only to run into a Catachan squad with the Catachan leader joking around about how safe this death world was and how it was nothing like Catachan.

and to be fair compared to the other regiments Catachans actually have gotten alot of backstory but they do need more its just odd how GW made all this notable characters for them only in recent times just forget they are there.

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I can kind of understand kira since I have a foot fetish and like having a normal life

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Wrong thread idiot.

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This is correct.

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Judging from the proportions on them, the Commissar is standing on an elevated position compared to the Ogryn (which is pretty likely seeing as how they're in a jungle). She's probably still tall for a human, but she's nowhere near Ogryn size.

For comparison, Ogryns are bigger, tougher, and stronger than Space Marines.

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My nig marines

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>autocannons are the superior choice against everything above T3
The cut off is T4 not T3
2 autocannon hits get 10/6 wounds on T4
3 heavy bolter hits get 2 (12/6 to keep everything over the same base) wounds

(vs T5 it's 9/6 vs 10/6 so it isn't a big drop for the bolters)

Which makes heavy bolters better than autocannons against almost everyone's troops units, muhreen and ork bikers being the exception, which is what they should be really.

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I have always seen that image and have never thought that was a girl

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Was Vulkan a negro or did he just wear blackface?

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Literally burnt.

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He was a reverse albino. Can't remeber the term for it though.

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RE-vitaligo, th' opposit of what Michael Jackson got, lucky nigga.

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Vulkan just had black skin.
Nocturnians are black (as in African) who get extra black + red eyes after going through the transformation into Astartes.

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meant to reply to >>49027846
Also Vulkan's features (apart from skin colour) probably resembled Big E.

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Every gun is the best when you outnumber the enemy infinity to 1

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Is it wrong for me to equip my command Chimeras with Autocannons?

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Volkite > Everything else

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maybe she's in heels

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Nocturians just have black skin and red eyes, it's never said what races they are, if any.


Lorgar supposedly most resembled the Emperor.

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Lorgar canonically was the one who resembled the Emperor most.

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and Lorgar looks the most like Vulkan.

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>encouraging namefaggotry
thats even worse than being a namefag.

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source on that? I can't even begin to fathom someone who's as much a fag as Lorgar being compared to Emps

>> No.49035271


They do have something of a resemblance.


The First Heretic

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Lorgar had Emp's face but he had golden brown skin and had the lectitio divinatus tattooed with gold in tiny, tiny script all over him. Any HH book dealing with him mentions it.

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You're a gigantic faggot.

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Trump is a piece of shit from JEW YORK CITY he gonna say and let the illegals do whatever the fuck they wanna do to get VOTES

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>Nocturians just have black skin and red eyes
Part of the gene seed reacting with Nocturnian DNA.
And Nocturnians are descriped as dark skinned but not "true black like Vulkan's skin" in a scene of Vulkan reminicing about his adoptive father (either Primarchs or Vulkan Lives, not sure).
Granted, this could mean caucasian features with dark skin, but I doubt it.

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All my chimeras use autocannons.

best 5points upgrade

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Brother Uncle Ruckus(No Relation), for the last time, you are not ACTUALLY an Ultramarine with a skin condition.

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Actually, Ultramarines are pretty diverse, owning to the size of the segmentum Ultramar and frequent interplanetary travel within, prior to the heresy.

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Crassus Armored Transport > all other heretical means of armored transport

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Autocannon 48", S7, AP4, Heavy 2
Heavy Bolter 36", S5, AP4, Heavy 3

Additionally the Autocannon is +5 points for an LA:AoD Heavy Support Squad. Against anything AV there's simply no need for comparison as the Heavy Bolter extra shot never balances out the S7. I'm including Imperial Fists since I play them and I care.

BS 4 means that the marine hits with 0.66 out of 1 attacks.

Autocannon gets 1.33 hits
Heavy Bolter gets 2 hits. (An Imperial Fist using a Heavy Bolter however does get 2.5 hits.)

Against T4 (Most guys):
Autocannon gets 1.11 wounds
Heavy Bolter gets 1.33 wounds (An IF gets 1.6 wounds)

Against T5 (Bikers):
Autocannon gets 1.11 wounds
Heavy Bolter gets 1 wound (An IF gets 1.25 wounds)

Against T6 (Buncha primarches):
Autocannon gets 0.89 wounds
Heavy Bolter gets 0.66 wounds (An IF gets 0.83 wounds)

As you can see the Heavy Bolter is more effective at mowing down the rank-and-file infantry (part of the reason that Heavy Bolter Marksman Veteran Tacticals are so good), but the Autocannon's superior range (both in terms of inches and threatening vehicles and higher toughess characters) makes them a great choice for Heavy Support Squads but...

The real question is where the hell do you take autocannons? Vet Tacticals can't take them and I'm not wasting important Heavy Support slots on autocannons when I can take a Fire Raptor, Medusa Battery, a Deredeo, or Laser Vindicators. Vet Tactical Marksmen with Heavy Bolters can still glance AV13 to death the same way as Autocannons.

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Nork isn't actually native to Catachan though. He just got attached to the regiment because a Commissar needed a bodyguard.

>> No.49041954

Nork isn't from there, he is from a planet populated almost completely by Ogryns and a few Imperial Functionaries. He eventually retired and became the Imperial Governor.

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Throughout the Horus Heresy, Lorgar is always described as the most handsome and charismatic of all the Primarchs (which is completely fitting of his character), and all of them acknowledged that he seemed to resemble the Emperor physically the most of all - it wasn't just his looks, but his raw charisma and force of personality.

He was also an extremely empathetic person, which is what left him open to corruption by Erebus and Kor Phaeron (who didn't have the common courtesy to die like a normal father should) after the Emperors gross overreaction at Monarchia.

>> No.49044721

>spend two centuries telling your son to knock that shit off
>find out that not only has he not stopped, he's decided to start converting worlds to the faith and not incorporate them into the Imperium

Lorgar directly violated the fundamental tenet of the Crusade in order to further the religion the Emperor had explicitly told him not to proselytize. He should have been glad he wasn't executed.

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Do Lasguns and Lasweapons fire single bursts of light or rays that you can direct while firing? Old DoW makes it look like the first but DoW3 has Lascannon ray guns that get stronger the longer you press the trigger.

>> No.49045463

Yeah, but only true citizens of Macragge get to be Ultramarines.

>> No.49045598

>spend two centuries telling your son to knock that shit off

The Emperor was completely silent on the matter except for two occasions. The first time he rebuked him, all he said was "Start capturing more worlds, you're falling behind." The second time he rebuked him was Monarchia. All other criticisms came from his brother Primarchs, though some of them claimed they also came from the Emperor indirectly.

>find out that not only has he not stopped, he's decided to start converting worlds to the faith and not incorporate them into the Imperium

The worlds he brought into the Imperium were more loyal and more devoted to the Imperium than the overwhelming majority of other worlds, because they fundamentally believed in the Imperium and the Emperor at the most basic level. To say, "They didn't join the Imperium" is grossly ignorant.

Annihilating Monarchia and then psychically bitch-slapping an entire legion and humiliating all of them, then saying, "Look at your rivals. They're better to you in every way. Why aren't you better sons like your brother?" And he didn't think this would cause a crisis of faith and identity in the Legion because he's an autistic man-child-god. Then, to top it all off, the Ultramarines didn't even care about what happened at Monarchia - to them it was just a job.

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I sort of have doubts about being most handsome considering Sanguinius and Fulgrim and Horus for charisma, but it's has been a while since I read HH.


It was an overreaction and perhaps one of the premier examples of how the Emperor didn't care about the personal desires of the Primarchs, just what he wanted them to do.


I've never heard of lasguns being held down and getting stronger. They seem to have a means of increasing the strength of the lesser with the trade off that it sucks more energy out of the power pack and thus you get less shots.

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Pay no attention to DoW3.

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>getting 1/3 kills in a battle with only 2 Marines and a twin-autocannon

Don't know bro, seems impressive enough.

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>tfw no Conversion Beam

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it was three-on-three battle and fucking 2 marines with autocannon killed just one smurf, while their captain had to duel and kill two at once

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You mean a reaper autocannon don't you anon?

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I love how half of the Guardsmen on the picture lost their morale.

For a good reason, too. Those two Dreadnoughts are going to have a field day smashing, stomping, tearing them apart and burning their shit.

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It's such a sexy, sexy beast.

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I miss the old fluff.

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In my Alpha Legion army, I take a squad of Iron Havocs armed with Autocannons and Augury Scanner. It's a very easy way to add solid AT coverage since Havocs get Tank Hunter (also freeing up a potential Mutable Tactics usage - my other Infantry would never benefit from TH that I'd otherwise want on a Heavy Support Squad).

>> No.49057339


The base game is never gonna have that, because it is a bitch and a half to implement void ray style attacking (the closest you will get is something that gets better the more you focus fire multiple units into one attack.)

Note: Adaptation change can get ported to the base game (see DoW1 making two handed thunder hammers a thing for Space Marine HQ choices in power armor.)

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